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Ever since the release of ‘It', it seems like Pennywise is the only thing everyone can talk about, everything from his terrifying smile to his disturbing backstory.

But, someone came up with a genius way to make the creepy clown a little less creepy, and will probably help people who are scared of Pennywise to sleep a little better at night.

A Twitter account, appropriately called Pennywise Dancing, is all about finding humour in horror. Remember that terrifying scene from the movie where Pennywise the clown (Bill Skarsgård) dances in an attempt to terrify one of the main characters, Beverly (Sophia Lillis).

Pennywise From ‘It' Dancing To A Bunch Of Random Songs

Someone saw that clip of him dancing and just ran with it. It turns out that Pennywise's unique dancing can work with just about any work, and this account has all the proof you need.

1. Better than Taylor Swift, tbh.

Shake It Off! pic.twitter.com/hp1VSTKxHv

— Pennywise Dancing (@Pennywise_Dance) September 21, 2017

2. Well, he's blue.

I'm Blue #ITMovie pic.twitter.com/YIeoyy4QoR

— Pennywise Dancing (@Pennywise_Dance) September 12, 2017

3. Life is plastic, it's fantastic.

Barbie Girl #ITMovie #ItMovie2017 pic.twitter.com/VCpyDx3GW6

— Pennywise Dancing (@Pennywise_Dance) September 12, 2017

4. Crazy Frog, obviously.

Crazy Frog pic.twitter.com/gUmUASlJLt

— Pennywise Dancing (@Pennywise_Dance) September 14, 2017

5. Take him on.

Take On Me #ITMovie pic.twitter.com/ssZi3jUqMB

— Pennywise Dancing (@Pennywise_Dance) September 14, 2017

6. Can you?

Can you feel the love tonight? ... pic.twitter.com/aInfOQE1Kt

— Pennywise Dancing (@Pennywise_Dance) September 12, 2017

7. Obviously, he can dance to the Village People.

YMCA #ITMovie pic.twitter.com/Q5bA1fJ8Qo

— Pennywise Dancing (@Pennywise_Dance) September 12, 2017

8. Cotton Eye Joe, for sure.

Cotton Eye Joe pic.twitter.com/nCiSk4c2Iz

— Pennywise Dancing (@Pennywise_Dance) September 12, 2017

9. Even Come On, Eileen.

Come on, Eileen! #ITMovie #IT pic.twitter.com/gBpZyleKvV

— Pennywise Dancing (@Pennywise_Dance) September 12, 2017

10. Pharrell would be happy with this. Maybe.

Happy! #ITMovie pic.twitter.com/8inH70AIcP

— Pennywise Dancing (@Pennywise_Dance) September 21, 2017

11. What happens when you touch It.

Everytime We Touch #ITMovie #IT #ItMovie2017 pic.twitter.com/oZrFSh46eQ

— Pennywise Dancing (@Pennywise_Dance) September 12, 2017

12. And, he can definitely dance to The Macarena.

The Macarena! pic.twitter.com/LZ4AOhRddi

— Pennywise Dancing (@Pennywise_Dance) September 21, 2017


Let's get this straight—unibrows are wrong. Very, very wrong. You could be handsome, a clotheshorse or even gold digger's fantasy–but with bushy soldiers up there, your braggadocio holds invalid. And however manly a hirsute situation may seem, it makes you look shabby, scraggly and well...not very attractive. All we're trying to say here is that, whatever said and done, brow-caring is easy: trim, pluck and sculpt them down. After all, it's also about hygiene, aesthetic and most importantly, the what attracts the opposite ***. And really, your brows do count.

How To Tweeze Your Eyebrows Like A Man© MensXP

But that's just the start. Bigger questions here: what should your brows look like, how to trim them (or shave them?), should I pluck/tweeze or what's the best way of doing it all. For starters, let's define the most superior brows in male anatomy. In ideology, the ends of your brows should coincide with the corner of your eyes and their starting points should begin at the nose line. But the big difference in male species (as opposed to your mot), is that you should keep a bit of the bush intact. Men should look like men, not precisely cut gemstones. But that doesn't take away the million-dollar truth—we all need to tame our brows anyway.

But should you trim or tweeze?

Well, to be honest, you need a combination of two. Start with trimming first and shorten the length of the strands you intend to pluck. And then, turn to plucking the hair from the roots, instead of just snipping them to a length (otherwise, they'll grow back quick anyway). With the basics in place, time to prepare for some pain (and gain).

What You Need:

1. Eyebrow Comb/Clean Toothbrush

2. Short Blade Scissors/Moustache Scissors/Nail Scissors

3. Tweezers (angled ones that narrow up the front)

4. Moisturizer

How To Tweeze Your Eyebrows Like A Man© MensXP

Step 1: Take a hot water shower.

Begin with opening your pores up and loosening the strands you're going to be pluck. Simple solution: a hot shower. But in case you're against this idea, use a wet cloth dipped in warm water instead. Place it on your brows for 2-3 minutes!

How To Tweeze Your Eyebrows Like A Man© MensXP

Step 2: Comb your brows, in this manner...

Bring that eyebrow comb/clean toothbrush out of your caddy, and comb your eyebrows straight up. Begin with the starting point (near the nose) and comb outwards, until you reach its endpoint near your temples.

Step 3: Your first round of trimming feat. a pair of scissors. But mind you, not your craft-class scissors.

Holding the hair on your brows upwards (keep using the comb, as and when required), snip off the desired length first. But not too much—start things slow. Now, while carefully examining the shape of your brows, slyly trim all the excess strands above the top line of your brows. Cut every strand that's hanging' a little way out of brow territory. Now take a U-turn, comb your brows downwards and check for visible strands outside the bottom line of your brows.

Step 4: Time for pain!

In case you've been too dumb to notice, it was all child's play till now. Time for the real deal—plucking every flyaway right from its root! Start with combing your brows naturally, towards your temples. Now, bring out your tweezers and pluck out all the strands that are growing out of the brow line. In particular, check for the ones that are growing independently and far away from your brows. Repeat the same procedure below your brows!

How To Tweeze Your Eyebrows Like A Man© MensXP

Step 5: Tada, unibrow!

If you've been bridging your brows all this while, time to grow the f-ck out of that nonsense, too. Pluck the strands in the center first and then move towards the brows (one brow at a time). How much should you pluck? Place your thumb in the center and pluck anything that falls right under it. Remember: don't aim at a bald patch in the center, you might end up losing out on your masculine arch.

Step 6: Finish off with a moisturiser!

You've trimmed, you've plucked and really gone awry on your brows. Time to pamper them with hydration! Post achieving a well-groomed pair of brows, apply some body milk/moisturizer on the area. And using your fingers, bury it into the skin.

How To Tweeze Your Eyebrows Like A Man© MensXP

Final words: as per requirement, repeat the process as often as needed. 


College fun, drama, that sarcastic guy, your first crush, the chilled out dude, old memories; these thoughts and more will all be brought back to life, but only if you scroll down. Do you want that? We know you do. If you are still reading this, it means somewhere in your heart you do want to revive and relive all those beautiful but long gone memories.

Here is your chance to experience that time again. Have an awesome time, fresher.

1. Go Goa Gone

Bollywood Movies That Prove Male Trios Are A Recipe For Success© The Indian Express

So you think you know what happens when three friends decide to visit an isolated island for a rave party in Goa? No, you don't. What if the next morning you find yourself not only stranded but also surrounded and hunted by flesh-eating zombies. Yeah, I know that was a quick synopsis, unless you have already watched the movie. Don't read that again. Instead, watch the movie. And before you do that, that listen to this awesome track - BABAJI KI BOOTY.

And you know what? Saif is there to rock the party as well. He is the real deal. Watch it, is I am saying.

2. Delhi Belly

Bollywood Movies That Prove Male Trios Are A Recipe For Success© Wikipedia

It is a black comedy by Aamir Khan Production and if you have already seen the film you know what I am going to talk about. Bhaag D.K. Bose, Switty Tera Pyaar Chaida, and Jaa Chudail are some of the tracks that might have made their way to your eardrums at some point.

Long story short, it is the story of three strugglers who are also roommates. They unknowingly become the target of a powerful gangster when they misplace his expensive diamonds. Watch the film to see what happens to thse fools! You won't regret it, so make sure your headphones are plugged in or your family is at least 100 meters away from you.

3. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Bollywood Movies That Prove Male Trios Are A Recipe For Success© Bollywood Hungama

Hrithik, Farhan, and Abhay? What else can you ask for in a single movie? A better storyline, maybe if you are a victim of the age old, love story scam in Bollywood. Yes, the movie's storyline is good enough to keep you on your couch for 2 and ahalf hours, without a doubt.

A bachelor's road trip that becomes an opportunity to mend fences, heal wounds, fall in love with life and combat their worst fears. Did we forget to mention Katrina Kaif? Yeah, she is in here too, looking fine AF.

4. Dil Chahta Hai

Bollywood Movies That Prove Male Trios Are A Recipe For Success© Gaana

Again it is Farhan, but this time he's directing the movie. You can say that this film is one of his masterpieces. 

It is a story about three friends who share a deep bond but are separated due to their different approaches towards relationships. Sounds boring? Maybe you could blame my style then, but the movie is brilliant, that we can guarantee. And guys, we're heading back to Goa for this film. 

5. 3 Idiots

Bollywood Movies That Prove Male Trios Are A Recipe For Success© Wikipedia

You do not share the same world as we do if you haven't seen this movie. One fact: It is the highest grossing movie in Bollywood and we swear that it is not just some other Bollywood nonsense. It is genuinely good.

If we talk about the storyline, it is not something you've never seen before. Although, it may sound quite the opposite when you hear words like college days, passion, drama, essentially the same stuff. But wait, there is so much more than that. You just gotta watch this one if you decide to watch only one today.

6. Pyaar Ka Punchnama

Bollywood Movies That Prove Male Trios Are A Recipe For Success© Wikipedia

If you are one of those guys who feel like their girlfriend is dominating them, then this is your watch for the day. You won't need a smoke to chill out after you are done watching this movie. You will see all your frustration melt away when you first hear the 15-minute monologue delivered by one of the victims in the movie. 

Just watch it. Trust us!

7. Kai Po Che

Bollywood Movies That Prove Male Trios Are A Recipe For Success© The Asian Cinema Blog

Whatever one may say about the writing skills Chetan Bhagat possesses, movies adapted from his books are all Bollywood hits. Writing skills? Really? Don't ask me. I am not asking you to read his novels. I am just suggesting you go and watch 'Kai Po Che', a work based on his novel. It is a good movie.

Its storyline is a combination of different subjects like people realizing their goals in a turbulent city, religious disparities, politics, riots, and earthquakes.

8. Hera Pheri

Bollywood Movies That Prove Male Trios Are A Recipe For Success© YouTube/Goldmines Hindi

This film is a true classic. Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty, and Paresh Rawal are at their best here. Not much to say about the storyline but if you are smart enough there is a catch in the name and that's all the story is about. Do not miss this one.


It looks like it's going to be a sad weekend for Bollywood buffs as none of the films that have been released today have managed to impress us. After ‘Haseena Parkar', ‘Bhoomi' seems to follow a path of disappointment as well. Rape and retribution are Bollywood's latest filmy trend. This year, we have already seen ‘Maatr' and ‘Mom' and now we've got another story with the same narrative. Sigh!

Plot: Arun Sachdeva (Sanjay Dutt) is a shoe-smith who loves his daughter Bhoomi (Aditi Rao Hydari). Everything is going well in their little world until one incident shatters their lives. Bhoomi is raped by Dhauli (Sharad Kelkar) and his gang. Arun and Bhoomi are both affected by this shameful incident and he plans to take revenge and deliver the justice her attackers deserve.

A Review Of Sanjay Dutt's Bhoomi© Tseries

First things first, Sanjay Dutt is a badass in the film and we totally love his demeanour. There are very few actors who have that impact on viewers and despite being away from the silver screen for a very long time, Sanjay have totally nailed it with his angry-man avatar.

Omung Kumar's ‘Bhoomi' is an 80's rape and revenge saga that we have seen over and over again. The story is trite, and though the director tried to add a feminist angle to the film, he fails miserably at delivering a moving story.

A Review Of Sanjay Dutt's Bhoomi© Tseries

Things are pretty obvious. The girl is consistently shamed for being who she is. You have cops who are not cooperative at all, a public prosecutor whose sole motive is to embarrass the victim for being raped in the first place. And we've also got the typical courtroom drama where questions about Bhoomi's virginity are raised. Wow!

Because everything at the end of the day is about your virginity, right? Looking at this cliche drama, all you want to do is scream out in frustration. After all, how much nonsense can we stomach?

A Review Of Sanjay Dutt's Bhoomi© Tseries

Omung tries to change the narrative but if you truly intend to do that, one needs to be very careful about the screenplay and dialogue being delivered on-screen. You'll often hear viewers giggling and laughing at the stupid courtroom fiasco. It's an absolute shame that the script reeks of staleness. 

‘Bhoomi' is filled with social messages which make no impact on you or your soul. You have lessons being thrown at you from every direction about gender discrimination, woman rights, respecting women, and the double standards our society often follows when judging a male or a female, which leaves you incredibly annoyed. 

A Review Of Sanjay Dutt's Bhoomi© Tseries

Talking about Aditi, who plays the titular character, she is seen sobbing and grieving through most of the film but she isn't strong enough to fight back. Her character lacks the strength that could have moved the audience and made a serious impact. Sharad Kelkar, on the other hand, tries to be the quintessential villain but you don't really like his presence onscreen anyway. 

Despite the film falling apart and going haywire, it's good to see Dutt representing his character flawlessly. His acting really affects you. You feel his happiness, helplessness, hurt; it's all too evident and natural. You may not like the way he beats the living daylights out of a bunch of people, but you truly won't be able to get over his larger-than-life persona. Watch ‘Bhoomi' just for Sanjay Dutt! 


It's that time of the year again when beer drinkers unite to make merry and chug down beer like the world and their lives depended on it. Oktoberfest—the German beer festival—is one of the most popular festivals in the world, thanks to its connection to beer, the drink that most men love. 

Why Indians Love To Celebrate Oktoberfest, The German Beer Drinking Festival© Pexels

And it goes just as well for Indians, too. Over the past few years, celebrating beer and beer drinkers during this time has become a tradition in most metropolitan cities of the country. Cafés, bars and pubs across the country come up with new and innovative ideas to attract beer lovers to chug to glory. “The fact that Oktoberfest comes at a time in India where people are wrapped up in festive vibes and celebrations are at large. Good food, beer and happiness are what the fest is all about; especially in metropolitan cities where we see an amalgamation of different cultures. It serves as a very good time for restaurants to roll out promotional activities, special deals and offers to attract the crowd with interactive concepts,” says Priyank Sukhija, Owner, CEO and MD of First Fiddle Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. 

We decided to talk to a few of these bar and pub owners about the importance of Oktoberfest in India and listed out some of the best places to enjoy your beer, this Oktoberfest. Prost! 

Why Indians Love To Celebrate Oktoberfest, The German Beer Drinking Festival© Express UK

“As Indians, we just need a reason to celebrate. So, with the love for beer as a beverage accompanied with scrumptious food in a country like ours, we could celebrate it every day. Oktoberfest just gives us a good enough reason to legitimize our obsession with beer,” says Arjun Raj Kher, Business Head, Hitchki, Powai. “India's tropical weather is actually what also makes it a perfect destination for beer lovers. And for us, October marks the start of festive season which gives us all the more reason to drink,” quips Dhairya Sethi, Owner of Branch. 

Why Indians Love To Celebrate Oktoberfest, The German Beer Drinking Festival© Unsplash

“The young Indian is a global citizen, and youngsters need no prodding to celebrate another occasion to have a good time! Oktoberfest is as good a reason as any to pull out the stops, have a premium dining experience, and join in on global conversations,” Ashish Thadani, CEO, TI Absolute Concepts (Ciclo Café) seconds. “When it comes to drinking beer, the growth rates in India are very healthy thanks to young and increasingly affluent consumers, as well as changing cultural attitudes,” Thadani further explains. Jaspreet Maadaan, Owner, The Classroom, in Gurgaon agrees and informs that the venue sees a distinctive increase of customers by a good 20 to 30 percent. 

Why Indians Love To Celebrate Oktoberfest, The German Beer Drinking Festival© Pexels

“Oktoberfest is now pretty much a worldwide celebration of everything brewed, the heart of which of course, lies in the German tradition and love for beer. It's mostly a great time for pubs and bars in Delhi, the weather demands a fantastic cold brew, the festive season is hanging around and everyone wants a piece of the world's most popular beer festival closer to home,” quips Rachit Goel, owner of the newly opened Bar Cat, in South Extension-II, New Delhi. “Indian bars and pubs mostly though make it a discount-based drinking session of beer, rather than a community drinking experience and I think that's what is essentially missing in the F&B industry in the country. Discount driven events don't have a heart and soul, and you can call it Oktoberfest or what you like, but the fun of it is not in the name but the concept,” he further opines.  

Why Indians Love To Celebrate Oktoberfest, The German Beer Drinking Festival© Beer-y Sausages & Crusty Pretzel at The Irish House

Mr. Sanju Arora, General Manager, The Irish House tells us that the venue sees an increase of approximately 10-15% in their footfall during Oktoberfest. “There's a great amount of planning and effort that we put into curating a great ‘German' experience for our guests at all our outposts across India. We take care of all aspects to recreate the same vibe – right from themed décor, photo booths, special food menu, drinking games, live band performances, and of course, lots of beer with great deals on a range of domestic as well as international brands (both, bottled and craft varieties). We also do our bit to promote safe drinking through partnerships with popular cab service brands. We go all out to bring the best of the biggest worldwide beer drinking fest and try to keep it quite authentic – the décor (similar to the traditional white and blue draped tents with lights); hanging gingerbread hearts; our servers wearing suspenders & caps; German dishes like pretzels, kartoffelpuffer, apple strudel, sausages, etc; maximum variety of draught beer (both local craft brews and international brands); fun drinking games; and even live band performances paying tribute to popular German rock bands,” Arora elaborates. 

Why Indians Love To Celebrate Oktoberfest, The German Beer Drinking Festival© Kaitlyn's Beer Garden, Mumbai

Another prominent venue that goes all out during this time of year is The Beer Café which is the country's largest alco-beverage chain. TBC comes up with they like to call the ‘Okotbrewfest'—an innovative spin-off for the German beer festival. Under this annual initiative, The Beer Café makes the largest collection of authentic German beers and cuisines available to its patrons in India—Delhi, Gurugram, Mumbai, and Pune—between September 16 and October 31. Premium brews such as Eichbaum, Erdinger Weissbier, Erdinger Dunkel, Schneider Weisse, and Hofbräu Weisse are made available across cities, as are authentic German cuisine such as bratwurst, krakauer, and bockwurst sausage platters. Rahul Singh, Founder & CEO, The Beer Café, says, “When it comes to beer, nobody does it quite like the Germans do. Why, they've even got an entire festival dedicated to it! It is to recreate the spirit of Oktoberfest for Indian beerophiles that we have decided to celebrate our own Oktobrewfest. We will be serving premium German brews and authentic Deutsche cuisine across all outlets in select locations. Moreover, through in-store collaterals, we are giving our patrons a chance to really immerse themselves in the beery festive fervour without having to go all the way to Germany!”

Why Indians Love To Celebrate Oktoberfest, The German Beer Drinking Festival© The Classroom

“India being a new beer drinking country with people ready to explore new tastes and flavors in both Food and Beverage, Oktoberfest brings in great opportunity for many to enjoy and experience Global cuisine with varieties of  Wheat, Lager, Klosch, Ale and delicacies from Bavarian, Thuringian and Lower Saxon Cuisines of Germany,” reasons Hukum Shekhawat, Mixologist, Radisson Blu Atria Bengaluru. “In, general, the consumption of beer is high during Oktoberfest from September, 16th  to October, 4th for the Radisson Bengaluru property. “We have tried creating an ambience by getting some really authentic Bavarian delicious like cheese hedgehog, Sauerkraut and potato, chorizo and mushroom tapas and so on, paired with wheat/lager beers. We gear up in suspenders and Alpine hats along with melodious German music,” Shekhawat says. 

Why Indians Love To Celebrate Oktoberfest, The German Beer Drinking Festival© Pexels

At Kaitlyn's Beer Garden, in Bandra, Mumbai, the Oktoberfest enjoys an almost legendary status worldwide and more and more in India. Several pubs and microbreweries are trying to recreate the magic of the fest, by offering special menus, music, a Bavarian setup and thousands of liters of beer. The traffic especially on weekends are a full house. In India, it also depends on how the restobars promote their offers on beer and food for the weekdays as well as the weekends. Navin Mittal, Founder & Partner, Gateway Brewing Co. tells us, “Last year, we brewed two additional German-style beers apart from our flagship German style White Zen (hefeweizen) and German style Doppelganger (dunkelweizen). Both these, along with the Vienna Style Lager and Oktoberfest Lager, sold out very quickly at our client bars and restaurants across Mumbai and Pune. So much so that we hoped we had brewed a lot more. If last year is an indicator of the interest in Oktoberfest, we anticipate immense excitement this year as well. We are not only brewing the Vienna Style Lager and Oktoberfest Lager again this year but are also supplying to the IGCC Octoberfest event that is being held early this year in October. In addition to this, we are celebrating Oktoberfest at the Gateway Taproom, in BKC, Mumbai and while not an Indian festival, it is loved by one and all.” 

Why Indians Love To Celebrate Oktoberfest, The German Beer Drinking Festival© Pexels

“India does not have its own drink fests, apart from some annual wine festivals which are now becoming a ritual. Oktoberfest therefore, is a drink pilgrimage for us. With Indians travelling more, exposure from all media channels and easy availability of beers have together contributed to making Oktoberfest global as much as it is German,” explains Ajit Balgi founder of The Happy High is a wine, beverage & food consulting and experiences firm which curates wine dinners, whiskey degustation, and more bespoke events. 

Why Indians Love To Celebrate Oktoberfest, The German Beer Drinking Festival© The Oktoberfest Trip

Even a city like Chennai, being laced with numerous German companies like Daimler, Bosh, B-Braun Medical and Durr India, their strong presence allows for the German expats and employees to join in and commemorate the festival; their place of choice being majorly Leather Bar, at The Park Chennai. Keeping in mind the festive spirit of the festival, the décor of the bar is themed around Oktoberfest. The Leather Bar also has a Dirndll dress photo booth where guests can pose with beer that's served only in the beer mugs during this festival. The festival sees chefs curating authentic Bavarian Fare like Spiedine, Lockig Currywurest, Hühnchen Bratwurst and Apple Strudel.

Why Indians Love To Celebrate Oktoberfest, The German Beer Drinking Festival© Loaded Kartoffelpuffer at The Irish House

Oktoberfest is easily as popular as the Navratras, Pujo and Diwali celebrations in the country with people even combining the festivals. It does make for a very cosmopolitan feel in the country, no doubt. And the hype around the beer festival is only increasing with time, as more homegrown beer labels sprout; not to mention the many restobars and pubs opening up and giving ready consumers something new to try almost instantly. What's not to love, I guess? Just fetch yourself a beer of your choice and celebrate the German spirit! 

Why Indians Love To Celebrate Oktoberfest, The German Beer Drinking Festival© Tomatina at Hitchki, Powai


You may have heard the phrase; 'a dying man never lies', maybe that's why their words count so much. When someone is on the verge of life and death,their words generally resonate with you. Here is a compilation of memorable last words spoken by some famous people 

1. Sir Isaac Newton, mathematician, astronomer, and physicist

The Last Words Of These 15 Famous People© Open Culture

He said, “I don't know what I may seem to the world. But as to myself, I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the seashore and diverting myself now and then in finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than the ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.”

2. Leonardo da Vinci, an Italian Renaissance polymath whose areas of interest included invention, painting, sculpting, architecture, science, music, mathematics, engineering, geology, astronomy, botany, writing, history, literature, anatomy, and cartography.

The Last Words Of These 15 Famous People© Unique Life

He died saying, “I have offended God and mankind because my work did not reach the quality it should have.” 

3. Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States

The Last Words Of These 15 Famous People© The Philanthropy Roundtable

As he lay dying at the age of 84, his daughter told him to change his position in bed so he could breathe properly. Franklin's last words were, “A dying man can do nothing easy.”

4. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, British writer best known for his detective fiction featuring the character of Sherlock Holmes

The Last Words Of These 15 Famous People© Goodreads

He died at age 71 in his garden. He turned to his wife and said, “You are wonderful,”. He clutched his chest and died.

5. T.S. Eliot, British essayist, publisher, playwright, literary and social critic, and "one of the twentieth century's major poets" 

The Last Words Of These 15 Famous People© Paris Review

 He was only able to whisper one word as he died: “Valerie,” the name of his wife.

6. Ernest Hemingway, American novelist, short story writer, and journalist

The Last Words Of These 15 Famous People© History Cooperative

Before he committed suicide, he told his wife Mary, “Goodnight, my kitten.”

7. Sir Winston Churchill, served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945 and again from 1951 to 1955. 

The Last Words Of These 15 Famous People© ITV

His last words were, “I'm bored with it all.”

8. Steve Jobs', co-founder of Apple Inc

The Last Words Of These 15 Famous People© EWAO

According to his sister Mona, the Apple founder's last words were, "Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow."

9. Archimedes, Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer

The Last Words Of These 15 Famous People© Steemit

He said, "Stand away, fellow, from my diagram!"

He was killed during the Second Punic War. According to historians, a soldier came up to the mathematician and told him to go with him to Marcellus. Archimedes refused to do so until he finished the problem he was working on. Enraged, the soldier killed him.

10. Eugene O'Neill, American playwright and Nobel laureate in Literature

The Last Words Of These 15 Famous People© Beaming Notes

His last words were, “I knew it! I knew it! Born in a hotel room and, goddamn it, dying in a hotel room.”

He was born in a room at the Broadway Hotel on what is now Times Square. He died at age 65 in a Boston hotel. 

11. Napoléon Bonaparte, French military, and political leader:

The Last Words Of These 15 Famous People© Getty Images

His last words were, "France, the army, the head of the army, Joséphine."

12. Charles Darwin, best known for his contributions to evolutionary theory:

The Last Words Of These 15 Famous People© YouTube/ C0nc0rdance

Just before dying said, "I am not the least afraid to die."

13. Thomas Edison, inventor, and businessman:

The Last Words Of These 15 Famous People© Bio

"It is very beautiful out there."

Right before his death, as he came out of a coma and opened his eyes, he reportedly said the above quote to his wife. He was probably referring to the view outside his window.

14. Bob Marley, musician:

The Last Words Of These 15 Famous People© EWAO

"Money can't buy life."

15. Ludwig van Beethoven, composer, and pianist: 

The Last Words Of These 15 Famous People© YouTube/CloudBiography

Though his last words are not confirmed but some say the composer, who was deaf by the end of his life, said:

"I will hear in heaven"

while others say he said:

"Plaudite, amici, comedia finita est" (Applaud, friends, the comedy is finished)

And some others say that after a publisher brought the composer 12 bottles of wine, his final words were:

"Pity, pity, too late!"


Abracadabra…and it's clean. Now, splash some water, pat dry and instill hydration back into the skin (with a moisturizer). But well, wiping the desert clean isn't the biggie here, you see. The process, (depending on how hairy you are and what's on your mind), that involves the right tools, a firm hand, tested angles and a knack of trimming sensitive skin, is the actual test of your manscaping skills. Which, at an amateur level, leaves cuts, boils, burning sensations or worse—a bloody mess, sometimes. Speaking of genital mowing and its sporadic repercussions, these 5 men here have a few personal horrific tales to share with the world.

Guys Reveal Their Most Painful And 'Bloody' Manscaping Stories© Marie Claire

1. "When pulling back my foreskin wasn't fun anymore" - Vishesh, 27

"Just a normal night, man…I was home alone, nothing to do, so decided to shave my cave. You know the drill. The dick was in my hand and I was moving a brand new razor over my foreskin, slowly approaching the head of my *****. I'm not circumcised, by the way. Then what? I got cut, dude—right below the gift wrapping tip of my foreskin. What I first saw as an ordinary abrasion, ended up oozing out a few drops of blood. It was burning like fire and for the next few days, well…I couldn't jack off for the next few days."

Guys Reveal Their Most Painful And 'Bloody' Manscaping Stories© Enki Relations

2. "Balls are like (your) Adam's Apple. Very, very sensitive" - Sagar, 23

"So, I'm not the guy who usually shaves his balls. I just shave my dick and areas around it (never the balls). I've actually just been very fearful of shaving them—they look wrinkly, so appear very sensitive. But this one day, I gathered some courage and decided to trim them with my electric trimmer anyway. A very, very bad decision (obviously), that eventually called for antiseptic intervention and a band-aid for a week. Besides being painful, it felt weird having something stuck up my balloons."

Guys Reveal Their Most Painful And 'Bloody' Manscaping Stories© Hemophilia Federation of America

3. "Skin tags are a reality. Even down there" - Anish, 26

"I've been trimming since I was 16. I'm 26 now and believe that I've mastered the art of manscaping. But until a few months back, I wasn't aware of one big thing that can happen down there—skin tags. So here's what happened—I noticed a bump on my taint a while back. What looked like just a random boil initially, turned out to be a skin tag (a term I stumbled upon when I started to google). With time, it grew bigger and started to pain even if I walked. Just three days later, for the first time as a grown-up adult, I found myself flashing to a doctor—who removed my skin tag with a laser. Casual!"

Guys Reveal Their Most Painful And 'Bloody' Manscaping Stories© Telegraph UK

4. "Grip is good but it can let you down" - Yohann, 24

"Sometime around Diwali last year, I was snipping every long strand off my balls. I was holding them straight up and tight (for more grip) and cutting them very close to the root. You see, the terrain of your sack skin is weird anyway, right? I got very impatient this one second and snipped my skin along too. Of course, the skin didn't fall off, my jaw did."

Guys Reveal Their Most Painful And 'Bloody' Manscaping Stories© Very Smart Brothas

5. "If you're gay and manscape your bum, you've nicked your hole at least once in life" - Shantanu, 25

"First off, it was my first time doing it. And two, I didn't have a hand mirror with me. I was standing awkwardly, bent over, in front of my bathroom mirror, hoping for a seamless arse-trimming experience. Of course, I misjudged while trimming around my hole (maybe because I was even panicking with paranoia), I ended up nicking my hole. TBH, it wasn't as painful as I thought it would be and I applied antiseptic instantly. But I really had trouble pooping for the next few days. Plus, I'm a bottom, so no *** for a week. Ugh."


For anyone and everyone associated with the film industry, winning the Academy Award aka the Oscar is the ultimate goal. The Indian Film industry obviously doesn't like lagging behind either.  Every year, The Film Federation of India appoints a committee to choose one film among those released that year to be submitted as India's official entry to the Academy as the nomination for the “Best Foreign Language Film” category.

This year too, the FFI nominated one movie for the category and unsurprisingly, it's the Rajkummar Rao starrer ‘Newton'.  The announcement was made by the Film Federation of India, who said the movie was selected out of 26 contenders.

The movie is a political satire and follows the story of Newton Kumar, a government clerk who is sent on election duty in the conflict-ridden jungles of the Chhattisgarh, reflecting the political reality of that area. 

The film was premiered earlier at Berlin where it won the CICAE (International Confederation of Art Cinemas) award for best film in the forum section. It also managed to win a jury prize at the Hong Kong international film festival.

However, in India the movie has just released today and has already received positive reviews from both critics as well as the audience.

The news about the nomination was confirmed by Rajkummar Rao on his Twitter page.

Very happy to share this news that #NEWTON is India's official entry to the #OSCARS this year. Congratulations team.

— Rajkummar Rao (@RajkummarRao) September 22, 2017

Director Amit V Masurkar, in an interview, expressed his joy over the news, “We are really happy. The fact that the film is releasing today doubles the happiness. We hope that people will now really head to the cinema halls to watch the film,” the director told PTI.

In a matter of a few hours, Twitter was buzzing with tweets of proud Indians who were on cloud nine after hearing the news. 

Huge congrats to my favourite actor @RajkummarRao for Newton n hope you win the Oscar ! Good luck .

— Paresh Rawal (@SirPareshRawal) September 22, 2017

#Newton is India's entry to the Oscars. The best choice in years by the federation.

— Hansal Mehta (@mehtahansal) September 22, 2017

#Newton as India's official entry to the Oscars!Congratulations @aanandlrai @RajkummarRao & team,can imagine the joy you'll must be  feelingð

— Akshay Kumar (@akshaykumar) September 22, 2017

#Newton is India's entry to the Oscars. The best choice in years by the federation.

— Pooja Malik (@PoojaMalik2206) September 22, 2017

Legendary #Newton discovered the law of gravity & @RajkummarRao is  discovering law to Oscars by his brilliant acting skills.

— Belfiore Stores (@BelfioreStores) September 22, 2017

Congratulations sir. You make every character look real and that's a very rare sight in Indian cinema. #Newton

— Ritesh (@IamRitzV) September 22, 2017

So glad to see such appreciation towards intelligent cinema. Congratulations @RajkummarRao #Newton

— Vullary Awasthi (@vullary) September 22, 2017

So glad to know it..@RajkummarRao making proud to us ,and taking an Indian cinema one level up#Oscars #Newton #indiancinema pic.twitter.com/t1eiKvWz5r

— Rajesh Jagani ð¦ (@imRajeshBJagani) September 22, 2017

Congratulations @rajkummarrao and team #Newton! Successfully putting Indian cinema on the world map! #Oscars2018

— Durgansh Dixit (@Itsreal_DD) September 22, 2017

This #Newton not gonna wait for Apple to fall but Gonna grab it at #OSCARS
"No force can stop the MOTION picture now! My best wishes ððð»ðð»

— Vishal Sudarshanwar (@Vishal_Sud) September 22, 2017

Wowwww! A phenomenal actor @RajkummarRao in #Newton makes spot into #Oscars2018
Proud moment for indiaâºï¸ https://t.co/Ykrb4v0Zbt

— Deepak Thakur (@TechDeepak7) September 22, 2017

And then there is this gem called #Newton. Pure, timely, honest, humorous, wistful and sharp. ðððð @RajkummarRao @ManMundra @Amitmasurkar

— Vicky (@sundiairlifted) September 22, 2017

#NEWTON is honest and pure! Congratulations @RajkummarRao @TripathiiPankaj @ManMundra @Amit_Masurkar

— Vicky (@sundiairlifted) September 22, 2017

Over the years, India has bagged three Academy Award nominations in the foreign-language category; first in 1957 with ‘Mother India', followed by 1989's ‘Salaam Bombay' and 2002's ‘Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India', however, the country has never won an Oscar. 

This year, Newton will face serious competition from a number of movies from across the world- Ruben Ostlund's ‘The Square' from Sweden, Fatih Akin's ‘In the Fade from Germany', Angelina Jolie's ‘First They Killed My Father from Cambodia', Sebastian Lelio's ‘A Fantastic Woman from Chile', Farhan Alam's ‘Sawan from Pakistan' and Robin Campillo's ‘BPM: Beats Per Minute from France', among others.

We've got our fingers crossed as we hope that ‘Newton' does make it to the Oscar nominations and maybe, even manages to win.


Shoulder days are incomplete without lateral raises. It's a staple after shoulder pressing exercise. There is no doubt this exercise deserves to be a staple because of its key contributions to building that 3D shoulder look. In this piece, I will be comparing the two common variations of lateral raises- lateral raises with dumbbells versus lateral raises with cable pulley. Which is the best bet? Let's find out.

Lateral Raises For Boulder Shoulders

Joint Action: Elbows abduction

Primary muscle: Medial/Lateral deltoids

Lateral Raises With Dumbbells Or A Cable Pulley© Bodybuilding

Lateral raises are an isolation movement used to target the lateral head of the deltoid muscle.  The prime function of this muscle is to laterally abduct the arm. A well-developed lateral deltoid gives a fuller and rounded look to the shoulders.  The exercise could be performed with different variations; however it is commonly performed using dumbbells.  There is another variation of lateral raises, which is performed using the cable pulley which in my opinion, is superior to dumbbells.  Below is the key difference between both the variations.

Lateral Raises With Dumbbells Vs Lateral Raises With Cable Pulley

Lateral Raises With Dumbbells Or A Cable Pulley© YouTube

Lateral raises with dumbbells are performed either in a standing or a sitting position. By keeping the elbows on the lateral sides (around side pockets of your shorts) as a starting position, it is done by raising arms sideways till it comes in line with the shoulders. Similarly, you perform lateral raises with a cable pulley with one hand at a time.  

Here is why lateral raises with a cable is a better option

Performing lateral raises with a cable pulley is always the smart choice as you can maintain continuous tension over the muscle both in the eccentric and concentric phase. On the other hand, when we perform lateral raises with dumbbells, the tension over the medial deltoids is almost nil at the starting point or at the ending point of the eccentric phase.

What Is The Benefit Of Continuous Tension?

While we train any muscle, we put mechanical tension over muscle fibers that leads to micro traumas aka muscle breakdown. These micro traumas then go into a repair and recovery process, and it leads to muscle strengthening and hypertrophy. Therefore, more the tension on the muscles, the higher will be the breakdown. Hence, it works best when muscle growth is supported by correct nutrition and sleep.

3 Common Mistakes To Be Avoided During Lateral Raises

1) Do not take your arms up above your shoulders; it could lead to shoulder impingement.

2) Avoid cheat movements aka swing movements while raising the arms. Remember, it is an isolation movement where you just have to focus on the targeted muscle rather than the movement.

3) Your arms should not be raised diagonally as this activates more of anterior deltoid and the resistance gets divided between the lateral and anterior deltoid. Always keep your arms sideways throughout the movement in order to keep the tension majorly over lateral deltoids.

So, the next time you hit the gym, try performing lateral raises with cables.

Rachit Dua is an advanced K11 certified fitness coach for general and special population (people with medical issues, old age people, pregnant women, and children) and a certified sports nutritionist. You can get in touch with him facebook and Instagram.


A sexy sleek room, well-furnished floors, a bar with the most expensive scotch, a fully equipped gym facility, a mini home theatre for your private viewing, a Mediterranean style restroom; doesn't this all sound like your own mini dream mansion? Well, for most of us this would the ideal home but for a lot of B-town celebrities, these are the must-have feature in their very own vanity vans. 

You might wonder if a vanity van can even have so many things under one roof, but when you are Shah Rukh Khan, Ajay Devgn, Salman Khan, Varun Dhawan these things are just meant to happen. These vanity vans are way more important to them than their homes; after all, they spend most of their time in this moving pad than their mansions or apartments. 

One look at their vanity vans and we bet you'll be bowled over! These amazing moving homes are so magnificent and equipped with world class features, that it's hard to believe that things like these can actually exist. 

Here's a sneak peek into the most expensive vanity vans of Bollywood celebrities that will make you feel utterly poor. 

Shah Rukh Khan:

Plush Vanity Vans Of Bollywood Celebrities© Dilip Chhabria of DC Design

When it comes to the Badshah of Bollywood, one can't expect anything less than the best for him. The actor totally believes in living his life king-sized and his van is proof of that. One look inside his 14-metre-long Volvo 9 BR and you are left speechless. King Khan has always trusted DC (Dilip Chhabria) when it comes to giving his vanity van a swaggy look. His second home has everything that one could wish for.

Costing a hefty 4 crores, his van has a meeting room, makeup room, a home theatre place with a 52-inch television screen and a huge game setup, gymnasium, restroom, living room, bedroom and an extra room. It is said to be the most expensive vanity van in tinsel town. Could it get any better? 

Ajay Devgn

Plush Vanity Vans Of Bollywood Celebrities© Twitter

His love for the automobile is no secret to anyone who knows anything about Ajay. From acting, staying in shape to customizing his personal cars, the man loves to add a touch of his persona in everything he owns. So it's not surprising that his vanity van totally describes him. As he loves to stay in shape and never skips a workout, and his van has the most amazing gym one could even think of. Customised by a Gujarat-based designer as per Ajay's taste, his van has a very different shape, consisting of 4 rooms. As he loves to eat healthy home food, he has a compact kitchen which his cook operates. Now you know what keeps Ajay healthy and fit all the time!

Sanjay Dutt

Plush Vanity Vans Of Bollywood Celebrities© Dilip Chhabria of DC Design


Sanjay Dutt's vanity van is said to be inspired by Airforce 1, as it has various features resembling the airplane that carries the President of the United States. The actor apparently paid 3 crore for his 12-metre-long Volvo van. Designed by none other Dilip Chhabria, Sanjay's vanity van is very spacious with the top most features. You have an office lounge, high-tech touch screen lighting system, a bar, two 52-inch screens, computers and a gaming console too. That's just insane! 

Alia Bhatt

Plush Vanity Vans Of Bollywood Celebrities© Twitter

Well, we all love Alia's home that she recently gifted herself, but we totally love her cheeky vanity van too. Her van is full of chirpy vibes with a vibrant contemporary interior. While most actors go for high-tech interior designs, Alia likes to keep it simple and colourful. Designed by Amrita Mahalnakani, her van has coloured walls and you can find inspirational quotes everywhere. Now we know what keeps her so motivated all the time. 

Hrithik Roshan

Plush Vanity Vans Of Bollywood Celebrities© Dilip Chhabria of DC Design

His vanity van is as elegant as he is. He is a tech savvy dude and his van is equipped with high-tech interiors. Giving it an edgy look, the vehicle is mainly made of wood and glass with a monochrome combination and blue lighting. That's indeed one hell of a combination to have. There is an office, a meeting space, a bedroom, a lounge and a restroom. But what makes his vanity van different from others is the twin make-up section with are electronically controlled and can turn up to 280-degrees. It looks like this Greek god definitely loves to look at himself, all the time. 

Salman Khan

Plush Vanity Vans Of Bollywood Celebrities© Twitter

Wondering how Bhaijaan's vanity van looks like it does. It is quite a reflection of him. It is stylish, gigantic and said to be the most stylish van in Bollywood. There is a huge portrait of him in the van and you also have a spacious rehearsal room, where he is often seen prepping for his scenes and finalising scripts. Equipped with high-tech gadgets, there is also a spacious meeting room and a bedroom. There is also a door where even cars can drive in, with a help of a ramp. 

Varun Dhawan:

Plush Vanity Vans Of Bollywood Celebrities© Twitter

Within a very short period of time, Varun has already amassed a huge fan following in the industry. Varun always wanted a vanity van that made him feel at home and hence he has taken a lot of care to do up the interiors of the place. After his old van had an accident, he got a new one that he describes as the best thing ever. 

Vivek Oberoi:

Plush Vanity Vans Of Bollywood Celebrities© Dilip Chhabria of DC Design

It is no doubt that Dilip Chhabria is a B-town favourite. He is the mastermind behind Vivek Oberoi's vanity van which is known for its rock star vibe and look. From multiple flooring options to vibrant lighting, guest lounge, a spacious bedroom to revolving chair, makeup area and Jacuzzi, his vanity van is filled with luxury.


Despite of being one of the most researched supplements on Earth, creatine is considered to be a rather notorious supplement by many. The reason for that is either its misuse or misinformation about it. The truth is that creatine is completely safe to use and is one of the most widely used supplements for both sportsmen and bodybuilders alike. One of the biggest myths related to creatine usage is hair loss. A lot of people have been made to think that creatine supplementation causes baldness. Does this statement true? Well, lets dig into the details of what creatine really is.

What is Creatine Monohydrate?

Does Creatine Cause Hair Loss© Thinkstock

Before we start correlating creatine to various other supplements, let us tell you a little bit about creatine. Creatine is already available in your body and 95% of it is stored in the skeletal muscle. Being an ATP amplifier, it provides your cells with short bursts of explosive energy for athletic and short workouts.

The Creatine and Hair Loss Connection

Does Creatine Cause Hair Loss© Thinkstock

People correlate creatine with hair loss because creatine increases DHT levels in the body. DHT is short for Dihydrotestosterone, which is a potent androgen. An enzyme called 5-alpha reductase converts testosterone into DHT. Higher DHT levels are responsible for hair loss and baldness. This theory actually came to light when there was a study conducted on 40 rugby players. The players were put on creatine monohydrate supplementation for 7 days and after 7 days of creatine loading and 14 days of creatine maintenance dose. The level of DHT increased by 56% after seven days and remained 40% above baseline on the maintenance dose. This study is the only reason why creatine monohydrate is said to cause baldness in men. 

No Study To Show A Direct Relation

The study that has been discussed above shows a relation between higher DHT levels and consumption of creatine monohydrate. It does not establish a direct relationship between creatine monohydrate and hair loss. The purpose of the study was to establish the effects of creatine monohydrate on selected androgens. In fact, there hasn't been any other study on creatine monohydrate and male hair loss pattern. Another thing to note here is that in conclusion of the above study, it was clearly mentioned that further investigation is warranted before coming to a conclusion as the group was too small to establish the findings.

Creatine Monohydrate is Safe, Completely Safe

Does Creatine Cause Hair Loss© Thinkstock

Personally, I am yet to see a case where creatine usage has caused baldness. This myth starts making inroads as people started relating a study that actually was conducted for a totally different objective altogether. Hair loss and baldness has more to do with hereditary factors than anything else. If your father and grandfather had good hair growth, chances are you will also have the same, irrespective of the fact that you take creatine or not. And if they were bald, no matter how many precautions you take, chances are that you will also lose your hair. So, go ahead and supplement with creatine and don't worry about losing your hair.

Anuj Tyagi is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Sports Nutritionist and Therapeutic Exercise Specialist From American Council on Exercise (ACE) . He is the Founder of the website where he provides online Training. Though a Chartered Accountant by education, he has been closely associated with Fitness Industry since 2006. His motto is to transform people Naturally and he believes that the secret formula for Fitness is Consistency and commitment towards your Training and Nutrition. You can connect with him through Facebook and Youtube


Humans have screwed up the Earth's environment so much so that the planet's sixth mass extinction may become a reality by the year 2100. After carefully analysing all of Earth's five previous mass extinctions, a prominent mathematician has come to the conclusion that the next one is just around the corner. 

In the last 540 million years, our planet has experienced five of these devastating ecological events, and almost all of them were caused due to the disruption of the cycling of carbon through the oceans and then the atmosphere.

The End Of The World Is Near As The Next Mass Extinction Could Begin This Century© Nat Geo

The study, Thresholds of catastrophe in the Earth system, was conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) by Daniel H. Rothman, professor of geophysics at MIT's Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences.

Using a mathematical formula based on the rate and magnitude of change in the carbon cycle, Rothman identified a total of 31 events in the last 542 million years in which a significant change occurred in Earth's carbon cycle.

The End Of The World Is Near As The Next Mass Extinction Could Begin This Century© How It Works Magazine

With the study, Rothman also identified the “thresholds of catastrophe” in the carbon cycle that, if exceeded, would cause an unstable environment, which will ultimately lead to mass extinction. According to his analysis of these mass extinctions, he calculated how much extra carbon could be added to the oceans – which absorb vast amounts from the atmosphere – before triggering a sixth one, and the answer was alarming, to say the least. 

The scary figure is 310 gigatons, which is just 10 gigatons above the figure expected to be emitted by 2100 under the best-case scenario forecast by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The worst-case scenario would result in more than 500 gigatons.

The End Of The World Is Near As The Next Mass Extinction Could Begin This Century© Youtube

Explaining the conclusion of the study, Rothman said this isn't to say that a catastrophe will happen tomorrow. “It's saying that, if left unchecked, the carbon cycle would move into a realm which would be no longer stable, and would behave in a way that would be difficult to predict. In the geologic past, this type of behaviour is associated with mass extinction.”

The End Of The World Is Near As The Next Mass Extinction Could Begin This Century

Apparently, about 50% of the number of animals that once shared the planet with humans have been wiped out already, and we can expect to see even more powerful assault on biodiversity in the next two decades. Rothman said that his study highlights the imperative of controlling carbon emissions.


When the first installment of the ‘Golmaal' released over 10 years ago, no one could have predicted the amount of success it would achieve. Since the first installment managed to leave everyone in laughing fits and of course, nobody minds a good laugh, the movie went on to became everyone's favorite. So the directors and the producers decided to jump on the success by releasing more installments in the ‘Golmaal' franchise and that's pretty much what the audience needed. 

Although the next two parts didn't fare as well as the first one in the box office, fans of the series eagerly awaited the next part. The fandom is so strong that ‘Golmaal' is the seventh highest grossing film series in Bollywood.

If we talk about the gist of the movie series, the story revolves around the lives of four (five from the third film) friends Gopal, Lucky, Madhav and Laxman who some way or the other, happen to have a ton of comical incidents taking place in their life which usually ends with something dramatic and insane!

Yesterday, Ajay Devgn shared a few posters of ‘Golmaal Again' on his Instagram, putting an end to the misery of the fans as he said that the trailer would release the next day.


A post shared by Ajay Devgn (@ajaydevgn) on Sep 21, 2017 at 1:37am PDT


A post shared by Ajay Devgn (@ajaydevgn) on Sep 21, 2017 at 2:30am PDT


A post shared by Ajay Devgn (@ajaydevgn) on Sep 21, 2017 at 3:29am PDT


A post shared by Ajay Devgn (@ajaydevgn) on Sep 21, 2017 at 4:35am PDT

The posters provided us with a hint of the fourth installment being a horror comedy. And now judging by the trailer, we can see that it stands true to the film's tagline–“Iss Diwali Logic Nahi Sirf Magic”.

Starring Ajay Devgn, Tabu, Parineeti Chopra, Kunal Kehmu, Arshad Warsi, Shreyas Talpade and Tusshar Kapoor, Golmaal Again is all set to make our Diwali better.

Have a look at the trailer:

Back with its witty dialogues and star cast, the movie sure looks like a blockbuster. 

Apart from the new storyline and the cast members, there's a twist in Shreyas Talpade's character too. In the last film, his character Laxman, stammered and this time his character will be seen with a lisp. Shreyas said an interview, "Considering all of us are getting extra sensitive about little things... this time, he is not stammering. There is another quirk to his character. He's got a slight lisp."

In case you are still worried that the fourth installment might not be as hilarious as the previous ones, Arshad Warsi has promised new jokes in the fourth film. "Had they been boring I would have been fed up. Here there's no space to feel like that. This time too we have new jokes and skits." 

The wait for ‘Golmaal Again' will end next month as the movie is set for a Diwali release i.e. 20th October.


Many consider Kuldeep Yadav to be one of the best spinners around, especially among the rising young Indian players and yesterday, the man proved it yet again with an outstanding performance. During the second ODI between India and Australia at Eden Gardens in Kolkata, Kuldeep's three magical deliveries dismissed Matthew Wade, Ashton Agar and Pat Cummins.

India managed to comfortably beat the Aussies by reducing their score of 145/5 to 148/8. Set 253 for victory, they lost their last eight wickets thanks to Yadav's hat-trick. After losing the second of five ODIs, Australia now needs to win the third match in Indore to stay in the series. 

Kuldeep became the first spinner to strike a hat-trick against Australia in ODIs and ony the third Indian to pick up a hat-trick in ODI cricket. With this feat, this ‘chinaman bowler' has joined Kapil Dev (1991) and Chetan Sharma (1987) in the line of those who have picked up the elusive hat-trick. 

Since folks on Twitter never miss out on an opportunity to troll somebody, they also didn't hold back in appreciating an important achievement. So naturally, the folks on Twitter gushed with pride over Yadav's performance and India's win. Here are some of the best tweets:

Kuldeep Yadav is a rare & special talent.Delighted with his progress. Great hat-trick @imkuldeep18 & a wonderful victory for India#INDvAUS

— Mohammad Kaif (@MohammadKaif) September 21, 2017

.@imkuldeep18 & @yuzi_chahal didn't just bowl well but actually spun the game in India's favour! Superb batting @imVkohli & @ajinkyarahane88 pic.twitter.com/0mUKz4tnlf

— sachin tendulkar (@sachin_rt) September 21, 2017

You won't see a better hat trick ball than that from Kuldeep Yadav! So happy for the young man.ððð#HatTrick

— Sanjay Manjrekar (@sanjaymanjrekar) September 21, 2017

3 in 3 and all of them through different modes of dismissal, that's the way to do it! Shabash, @imkuldeep18 ð Lets do a 5 for ð

— Suresh Raina (@ImRaina) September 21, 2017

Great achievement @imkuldeep18 congrats for getting a hattrick which doesn't come often #Hattrick  #INDvsAUS

— Irfan Pathan (@IrfanPathan) September 21, 2017

Kuldeep Yadav: wow! Wow! WOW! #HatTrick

— Rajdeep Sardesai (@sardesairajdeep) September 21, 2017

à¤à¥à¤² à¤à¤¾ दà¥à¤ªà¤ à¤à¤®à¤ à¤à¤¯à¤¾....well bowled, Kuldeep Yadav ðð three balls turned a forgettable outing into one to cherish for the rest of your life!

— Aakash Chopra (@cricketaakash) September 21, 2017

Kuldeep Yadav ððð.... book his 2019 World Cup ticket now! #IndvAus

— Chetan Narula (@chetannarula) September 21, 2017

My word we have witnessed history written by @imkuldeep18 . Hattrick for this young brother. History is been created. pic.twitter.com/NNv1SN8yDv

— Pawan Yadav (@pawanyashyadav) September 21, 2017

Kuldeep Yadav is hunting Kangaroos on first day of Navratri. Forgive him god! #INDvAUS

— Silly Point (@FarziCricketer) September 21, 2017

Congratulations @imkuldeep18 for taking a sensational hat trick. You are really turning the world around. Proud of you buddy. #INDvsAUS

— Unmukt Chand (@UnmuktChand9) September 22, 2017

Kuldeep Yadav right now. pic.twitter.com/rowvYC9wJZ

— mahaFundit (@Meta_Narrative) September 21, 2017

Colour of ur outfit may hav changed frm @KKRiders purple to @BCCI blue but d mystery around ur bowling remains d same....bravo @imkuldeep18

— Gautam Gambhir (@GautamGambhir) September 21, 2017

Yadav was delighted after the match. In a recent interview, he expressed his disbelief over this success, "For the first five overs I struggled to bowl in the right areas. But it happens in the game of cricket. I got hit for three consecutive sixes in the last game (by Maxwell). Here I took three wickets in three deliveries. It's absolutely special," 

The humble man however, always makes sure to credit his seniors. He revealed that he consulted Dhoni about how to bowl the hat-trick ball. "I asked Mahi what to bowl and he advised me to bowl whatever I felt best with," he said, thanking skipper Kohli for giving him "freedom to bowl as per to his plans."

Yadav might have become an indispensable part of the team now but his ride till this point wasn't easy. Back in the day, when he was a part of the ‘Mumbai Indians', the spinner didn't even get a chance to play and had to resort to sitting on the bench during IPL matches while patiently waiting for his chance. However, in 2014, he was picked up by the Kolkata Knight Riders but he only got to play for them the first time in the 2016 season.

Since then, he has come a long way and from what we can see, his future is incredibly bright!


Why is B-town so obsessed with glamorising gangsters? Why do we need a biopic about people who are nothing but criminals and gangsters? Is the world not filled with a ton of people who can actually inspire us to do some good? Does Bollywood think that millenials need such stories to lift their spirits up?

Look, we totally understand that there is a need for a projection of the deep dark world of criminals, but one doesn't need a mouthpiece promoting the propaganda of a lady don, who on one hand plays a victim and on the other, tries to be a Godmother to many. 

Apoorva Lakhi's ‘Haseena Parkar' is so atrocious that we fail to understand why this film was even made!

Haseena Parkar© SwissEntertainment

Plot: This film is a courtroom drama that gives viewers a glimpse of Haseena Parkar, the sister of India's most wanted don, Dawood Ibrahim. The film keeps switching to flashbacks to establish Haseena's character and how she was accused of heading her brother's underworld business in Mumbai. 

Today, we give you 7 reasons why ‘Haseena Parkar' is a film that should have been left on the cutting room floor.  

Shraddha Kapoor: The Biggest Misfit In The Film

Haseena Parkar© SwissEntertainment

From the first shot to the last frame, Shraddha is absolutely stone-faced. Everything looks fine until she opens her mouth to deliver her lines. As the narration proceeds, she becomes less and less convincing. 

In one of her interviews, she said that she was inspired by Marlon Brando in ‘The Godfather'. If this was her performance after being inspired, we wonder what it would have been if she wasn't inspired at all! We aren't blaming her; she truly does try her best. But all we get is a tanned actress with terrible prosthetic work. 

Apoorva Lakhi Has Hardly Done Any Homework

Haseena Parkar© SwissEntertainment

What happens when a dead director comes back to life? Well, you get a cringe-worthy film like ‘Haseena Parkar'. This saga is so futile and ridiculous that nothing makes sense. It's time the director takes some filmmaking lessons before he ends up making another fatuous film. 

Dawood Is Nothing More Than A Laughing Stock In The Film 

Haseena Parkar© SwissEntertainment

Never in the history of Bollywood has Dawood been so badly portrayed. The character is so misrepresented that Siddhanth Kapoor looks incredibly foolish, and essentially made a fool of himself onscreen. It was not worth the price of admission. Period!

An Insulting Spectacle Of A Courtroom Drama 

Haseena Parkar© SwissEntertainment

The courtroom drama is used more as a backdrop to give us an insight into Haseena's life. But sadly, the whole court proceeding is more like a clown show, which makes you laugh even at serious moments. “Kanoon saboot mangta hai”, and well, the ‘saboot' is missing throughout the proceedings. The judge presiding over the case comes across as a doofus. However, Priyanka Setia, who plays the female prosecutor, is amazing and does actually entertain you. 

An Odd Love Story

Haseena Parkar© SwissEntertainment

The director tries to add a romantic element to the film, but it's pointless. Ankur Bhatia, who plays Haseena's husband Ibrahim Parkar has done a brilliant job in the film. The man stands out for his skills, but his chemistry with Shraddha falls flat on its face. 

A Shabby, Gutless Saga 

Haseena Parkar© SwissEntertainment

The director thinks he is being clever and entertaining viewers, but in reality, it's an illusion. There is absolutely no substance in the script. Neither does Lakhia gives us proper insight into Haseena's life nor does he give us any real explanation as to why she took over her brother's empire. You have fancy dialogues but it's devoid of logic. The entire film looks unauthentic and the crime world fails to even muster up a single goosebump. You are clueless about how she became “Aapa” and godmother of Nagpada. You neither hate Haseena, nor sympathise with her, as she is someone whose story just doesn't make a difference. 

It's High Time Bollywood Stops Making Underworld Films

Haseena Parkar© SwissEntertainment

We all love watching gritty and dark movies, but glorifying someone who is a criminal at the end of the day, makes no sense at all, especially when your story holds no strong stance as to why we should even empathise with the titular character in the first place.

Verdict: Bad film, gutless script, terrible execution, stone-faced acting, adding another shoddy film to Shraddha's already ‘not so great' film career! Let's hope her next biopic on badminton player Saniya Nehwal has something better to offer than this film. 

Finally, all we can say is 'Haseena Parkar' should have been named, “Audience Yeh Par-Kar”, geddit?


Every year Apple revamps their operating system and this year the Cupertino giant has officially released iOS 11. It looks similar to iOS 10 but there are some features and functions that are different. There are some hidden features you might want to check out as well. 

I've been playing around with all the BETA builds and the final version has a few changes that you need to check out. Some of these features and hidden tricks have proven to be useful in improving my productivity. If you own an iPhone or the new iPad, here are some features you should know about:

1. Customizable Control Center

iOS 11 Tips, Tricks And Hidden Features© BCCL

The control centre on iOS 10 looks very bland and is kind of annoying as you could not customise the placement of certain features. The coolest feature on iOS 11 is the ability to customise and re-arrange things in the Control Centre app. 

If you go to Settings  Control Center, you can decide which controls you want to add or remove. I added the low battery mode and alarm settings right in the Control Center to make my life easier. You can even add the Apple TV Remote to the Control Centre so that you flip channels without actually looking for the Apple TV remote.

2. Share Wi-Fi Passwords

Instead of remembering your Wi-Fi password and spelling it out for your guest, you can automatically share the password with the tap of a button. You won't even need to share the password as it will automatically allow your guest to connect to the Wi-Fi once you've approved it.

This will only work if your guest has an Apple device that runs iOS 11 and you will receive a notification to share your password with your friend.

3. One-Handed Mode 

iOS 11 Tips, Tricks And Hidden Features© BCCL

This feature has been a part of Android smartphones for a very long time but Apple has finally caught up in this field. The iOS 11 keyboard will now let you type with one hand and the feature can be activated by holding your thumb down on the emoji icon. A box will pop up that will give you the option to move the keyboard to the left or to the right. 

4. Indoor Mapping

iOS 11 Tips, Tricks And Hidden Features© Apple

You can now see an indoor map of key locations in Apple Maps. For example, if you are at the airport, Apple maps will now give you a blueprint of your current location. This will help you find bathrooms or shops at public areas and essentially save you a ton of time. 

5. Chat with Siri 

iOS 11 Tips, Tricks And Hidden Features© Apple

Ever felt awkward trying to talk to Siri in public? iOS 11 fixes that conundrum as you can now text your queries. You will need to go into SettingsAccessibility, from there, tap on Siri, and you'll see the option to "Type to Siri." When you turn that on, you'll now be given the option to speak to Apple's assistant or type your question. This is perfect in loud environments when Siri cannot pick up your voice and will also save you a ton of embarassment. 

6. Camera

iOS 11 Tips, Tricks And Hidden Features© 9to5Mac

The camera has a lot of updates such as automatic detection of QR codes and other neat tricks. If you use a third party QR reading app, you can now delete it from your dashboard as the Camera app can now scan codes by simply pointing at them. 

iOS 11 Tips, Tricks And Hidden Features© Twitter

You can also activate the levelling tool by going to Settings Camera and switch on ‘Grid'. When you are taking a photo of an object, two ‘+' icons will appear. You can line the two icons up and the image will be perfectly levelled before you take a picture. 

You can edit Live Photos to add Instagram like animations i.e. Bounce, Loop and Long Exposure. You can even mute the live video or edit the length but trim it like you would on a video. You can grab the sliders from either end to make sure it looks perfect. 

7. Drag And Drop

iOS 11 Tips, Tricks And Hidden Features© Apple

This feature has already been advertised as part of the iPad iOS 11 feature, but it works on the iPhone as well. You can use this feature in the Files and Notes app among others. Not all apps support this feature, however, you can expect it to be added to other native apps real soon. 

You can now Tap and hold an app until it wiggles and you can start selecting multiple apps at once. You can drag them to a different screen or compile them into a single folder in one go. 

8. Screenshots and Screen Recording

It has become easier with iOS 11 to take screenshots while using your phone. When you take a screenshot (by pressing the home and power button, there will be a preview at the bottom left of the screen. You can draw over the screenshot, re-size the image and share it with whoever you want. You can save the screenshot or discard it in order to save space in your camera roll.

iOS 11 Tips, Tricks And Hidden Features© Apple

Apple has also added a screen recording feature for the first time. You can start by pressing the screen recording button in the Control Center and start recording your activity on the phone. You can stop the recording by tapping on the button and the video will be saved in your camera roll. 


When it comes to a relationship between two people, we tend to be so concerned—no, obsessed—with the bigger things that, we often forget about the little things. For example, we're so concerned about the fact that they didn't tell us out loud how they feel; but, we failed to see how they went out of the way to ensure that we don't feel bad about something that doesn't even effect their lives at all. It's always the bigger picture. But, we forget that what does indeed make up the bigger picture are the littler things that so often go unnoticed because they just aren't big enough.

And the sad reality is that the world is full of people who will be quick to judge someone's actions on these larger things when it's the smaller things that should really be the concern. That, my friend, is how you lose someone you love; because you didn't see how good they made that relationship. Look at it this way—and this is the most basic example I could give to you—a solar eclipse. 

Things That Help Make A Relationship© Pexels

Technically, the sun is bigger than the Earth and its moon put together. And the Earth is bigger than the moon, too. Technically, the sun matters most to Earth; more than the moon. But, for once, if the tiny little moon comes between the Earth and the sun, it could eclipse whole countries and continents for a good amount of time. See what I mean? Little things can have a greater impact on the larger scheme of things. 

The little things include, but are not restricted to… 

1. Checking Up On You 

Calling to see if you reached home safe after a long night, making sure you're feeling okay after a long and hard day and just asking you to take care of yourself. I know that it may not seem like the biggest gesture but these small things really matter, especially when it makes you feel that there is this one person who genuinely cares about your wellbeing. 

Things That Help Make A Relationship© Pexels

2. Laughing Together 

Whether it's after watching hilarious videos of things that are funny together, or secretly talking about the people around you—laughing with you and being the reason why you laugh is innately important to them subconsciously. It's like being wired to make someone else laugh and feel happy. 

3. Sharing Stuff 

Stories from the past, incidents that affected them as a person and even their food, or favourite music—if they share it with you, it's because they want to make you a part of their world. Sharing something personal—from their feelings about something particular to food, or even books—isn't something everyone can comfortably do. Their being this way with you is proof enough that you mean way more to them than they lead on. 

Things That Help Make A Relationship© Pexels

4. Pulling Your Leg 

They'll tease you, call you funny names to irritate you on purpose just to see the funny, or cute expression on your face because secretly they know it lightens you up; that it makes the two of you feel like you have an incomparable bond that lets you be complete goofballs with one another. 

5. Listening To You

They actually listen to you with the most intent and they remember every word and every instance you've ever told them. They don't even have to make an effort to do this because it's so subconsciously engraved in their minds. Listening to you gives them more insight into your life—the past, the present and the future. 

Things That Help Make A Relationship© Pexels

6. Walking You Out 

This is a lost and more underrated form of being with someone. Walking someone out is usually the last thing you'd do before you see someone off for the day, or the night. Walking someone out implies in a very subconscious way that they're not ready to say goodbye for the moment, yet but, they'll do it because they have to while seeing as much of you as they can before you go. It's about wanting to be with you for as long as they possibly can. 

7. Making Mental Notes 

Your hobbies; however silly they may be; your ideas; however random they may be and your thoughts, however fleeting they may be. They make a mental note of the kind of footwear you tend to prefer, the way your hair looks a certain way, the way you like certain foods and drinks, or the things you do when no one's looking.

Things That Help Make A Relationship© Pexels

8. Being Completely Honest

They'll be honest enough to and with you that it will hurt at some points. But, they'd want you to know anyway because they cannot lie or pretend with you. It comes from having your best interests at heart at all times. If they feel like someone is trying to trick you, they will tell you. If they feel like something is not good for you, they're going to tell you. If they feel like you're being stupid, you can be sure as hell they're not going to mince words. Simply because they know they can be that way with you; they'd have it no other way. 

9. Fighting 

Fighting with you and fighting for you; in fact, even the fighting with you is because somewhere, deep down, they're actually fighting for you. If they're fighting with you to make you understand how exasperating you are and calling you out on your bullshit; it's really not because they hate you at all. On the contrary, it's because they love and want you to know the reality of things. And when they fight for you, it's because they know that you're just worth it all and no one can change that.

Things That Help Make A Relationship© Pexels

10. Giving In 

They'll give in to your random impulses. It could be spontaneous plans that you conjure up out of thin air; or it could just be something you've been stubborn about for the longest time. It may not get them much. But, if it gets you some sort of contentment and happiness, they'll do it for that.


You know, it takes a while to perfect a master stroke. Sachin achieved it on the cricket field, Sonu Nigam as a beggar in a viral video and Salman Khan with his blockbuster, 'Dabangg'. Having said that, there's also a lot Mr. Khan hasn't achieved yet. Like the ability of holding onto a leggy lass and bringing critical acclaim to his menswear skills. Speaking of the latter, we have a lot to say. Boot cut jeans, rockstar leather jackets (the wrong ones), homely T-shirts, Bidu hand accessories and distasteful shoes are starters to his dressing inferiority. But in our opinion, his shoes always take the cake. Come thunder, rain or shine—they're paired wrong, age him horribly and represent UK 10-induced horror. If Crocs are EDM, square-toed dress shoes are Deep House, Salman Khan's shoes are as noisy as Heavy Metal. 

Salman Khan Commits One Big Fashion Crime© Viral Bhayani

Here's the thing: Mr. Khan sees himself as a dressing-up renegade. Agreed, his Mujhe Shaadi Karogi centre parting or Dabangg aviators carved a niche in style history, but those are the only examples of his life excellence. And they've all been at the movies. As seen here, he's once again dressed in a staple leather jacket over an olive green T-shirt, his 'custom-made' boot-cut jeans and plain, bizarre footwear. Casually and easily, he just broke barriers of his own personal style, also known as a strategic mess or a heinous crime in the sartorial world. 

Salman Khan Commits One Big Fashion Crime© Viral Bhayani

Moral of the story: Salman Khan just let the most iconic menswear combo down. And well, much like his apparent reckless SUV driver, we hope it's not his body double tricking our eyes here.


Located just opposite the locality's beloved Bombay Salad Co (that, according to me, can really give Delhi's Salad Days a run for their money), the Farmers' Café is making something called Skinny Pizza and Vegan cheese. I know, you're wondering what that is. We did, too. So, we dug a little deeper into the food preparation at this cosy little place that is making vegan look and sound cooler than we imagined. It can be visited alone—if you're on a food-binge mission; but with a diet plan—or with friends and family—to share the joy of healthy and delicious food with loved ones.

Skinny Pizza and Vegan Cheese Is A Thing© Facebook/Farmers' Cafe

What Is Skinny Pizza & Vegan Cheese?

Skinny Pizza is the healthier way to enjoying pizza, to put it simply. It's made with Rajgira dough at Farmers' Café and is topped with pink beetroot-flavoured hummus. Add to that some vegan cheese—this is basically cheese that is made with a combination of mozzarella and parmesan that is specially prepared at the café using skimmed milk.

So, What's So Great About Farmers' Café?

It's different from most vegan cafés in one very important sense that it incorporates a lot of Indian superfoods on its menu; something that most other outlets miss out on because they're so busy westernizing the palate with ingredients and elements like flaxseeds and avocado, and the likes. Not that Farmers' Café doesn't serve these up; just that it also has a variety of Indian superfoods to explore.

Skinny Pizza and Vegan Cheese Is A Thing© Facebook/Farmers' Cafe

We're talking about the likes of turmeric, coconut milk, rajgira and dates, to name a few. They don't use sugar or preservatives and use natural sweeteners like jaggery in their beverages. One particular drink worth trying is called the Body Booster which is made with coriander, coconut milk and ginger.

What You Won't Find Here?

You won't find salads, or lattes, or anything that is not healthy, vegan and especially crafted for the health and diet conscious Mumbaikars. You will find meal bowls, instead; and whole wheat pastas that are tossed in avocado and sauce and spinach puree. Nothing here is made from lactose, or preservatives. And everything can be turned into vegan and gluten-free preparations in a matter of minutes.

Skinny Pizza and Vegan Cheese Is A Thing© Facebook/Pumpkin Feta Risotto at Farmers' Cafe

The menu is majorly vegetarian, with very few meat options. So, in case you were hoping for a hearty non-vegetarian meal, this is not the place for you.

But, for vegans and organic food lovers, this place is paradise. Given that vegan and organic cafés are still on a very steady rise in the country, it will take a while before options for such places become more prevalent and spread out. Until then, we're glad to have cafés like these crop up, especially since people are growing more aware and conscious of the food they consume.

Skinny Pizza and Vegan Cheese Is A Thing© Facebook/Thai Farmer Pizza at Farmers' Cafe

Suggestion: You should have their Thai Farmer Pizza, the Pumpkin Feta Risotto, Vegetable Lentil Burger and the Tiramisu to finish off with.  


Coke Studio renditions really are out of this world. And when it's Coke Studio Pakistan, you know there's no other parallel. Started in 2008 by Rohail Hyatt, it has seen some of the best musicians, singers and composers grace its stage over the years. There is something magical about artists performing live on musical instruments. We handpicked some of the best renditions from Coke Studio Pakistan (of course, it's hard to choose just a few) that are so beautiful you'd find yourself in a hypnotic trance after listening to them on loop. Just about perfect for a balmy evening after work. 

1. ‘Chaap Tilak' By Abida Parveen and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Written by the legendary Hazrat Amir Khusrau, ‘Chaap Tilak' is a gem that has seen the best singers pay homage to its beautiful composition. It's only fair that this century's Sufi maestro Abida Parveen and Qawwali king Rahat Fateh Ali Khan‘s rendition for Coke Studio Pakistan features among the best.

2. Tera Woh Pyar (Nawazishein Karam) By Momina Mustehsan and Asim Azhar

Originally sung by Shuja Haider, this one comprises of two heart-touching love ballads – Tera Who Pyar and Nawazishein Karam. Momina's graceful singing combined with Asim's passionate vocals and the soft melody from the sitar and piano make this a truly enchanting number.

3. ‘Tajdar-E-Haram' By Atif Aslam

Originally sung and composed by Sabri Brothers, this rendition by Atif Aslam is a beautiful song in praise of the Prophet. Love for god is likened to the intoxication caused by wine, as the Coke Studio rendition creates a mesmerizing trance-like atmosphere. 

  4. ‘Muntazir' By Danyal Zafar and Momina Mustehsan

Never mind that Danyal Zafar looks like an exact copy of his brother Ali Zafar, he and Momina create magic in ‘Muntazir' which means ‘waiting anxiously'. 

  5.  ‘Ranjish Hi Sahi' By Ali Sethi

This evergreen classic, originally composed by Nisar Bazmi, has seen various renditions across India and Pakistan, and Coke Studio Pakistan's version by Ali Sethi finds a place among the best. 

6. ‘Afreen Afreen' By Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Momina Mustehsan

This list wouldn't be complete without the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's classic that has made generations after generations fall in love. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Momina Mustehsan add a beautiful layer to the song, even though the original version will always be closer to our hearts. 

7.  ‘Sammi Meri Waar' By Umair Jaswal and Quratulain Balouch

A Punjabi folk song sung at weddings, ‘Sammi Meri Waar' has been given new life in the hands of singers Umair Jaswal and Quratulain Balouch, and the house band. 

  8. ‘Aik Alif' By Noori and Saieen Zahoor

With Pak rock band Noori and renowned Sufi musician Saieen Zahoor (who shot to fame after he became the ‘best BBC voice of the year 2006') with his ektara, ‘Aik Alif' transforms into a powerful moving number. 

9. ‘Man Aamadeh Am' By Gul Panrra and Atif Aslam

An Iranian love ballad, this is a hypnotizing number made dreamier by vocals from Gul Panrra and Atif Aslam. 

10. ‘Garaj Baras' By Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Ali Azmat

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Ali Azmat, who was lead vocalist for the Sufi rock band Junoon, put together a fantastic jugalbandi in this song that was originally written by Ali Azmat along with Sabir Zafar. This track was part of the Bollywood film ‘Paap' but the Coke Studio version that was performed on the first episode of the first season still stands out. 

11. ‘Nindiya Ke Paar' By Uzair Jaswal

This beautiful song talks about escaping into a world of dreams where one can be oneself and was written by Uzair Jaswal's brother, Yasir. With Uzair's powerful voice, ‘Nindiya Ke Paar' will actually transport you into a surreal world. 

  12.  ‘Bibi Sanam Janem' by Zeb and Haniya

A smooth rendition of an Afghan folk song, this number is one of the best by duo Zeb and Haniya. Combining the features of Sufi and pop, the duo manages to turn it into a rather spirited number. 

  13.  ‘Dost' By Abida Parveen 

Sufi maestro Abida Parveen adds a beautiful depth to this kalaam written by Hazrat Baba Zaheen Shah Taji. 

14.  ‘Ishq Aap Bhe Awalla' By Chakwal Group and Meesha Shafi

A beautiful Punjabi folk song that was originally sung at weddings, it is about the song a woman sings to herself while filling water from a well because she is too shy to sing to her beloved. The Chakwal group, with their powerful voices and Chakwali music, and the talented Meesha Shafi make this song an absolute must on this list. 

15. ‘Charkha Nolakha' By Javed Bashir 

An age-old classic by Sufi poet Baba Bulleh Shah, ‘Charkha' compares the revolutions of the spinning wheel with the cycle of life and our continuous efforts to weave something meaningful out of it. The talented Javed Bashir brings his vocal expertise to the song, making it one of our favourites. 

16. Alif Allah (Jugni) By Arif Lohar and Meesha

An absolutely lovely number, ‘Alif Allah (Jugni)' is a Punjabi Sufi song that's found quite many renditions in popular culture. While most of us heard it in the Bollywood film ‘Cocktail', the original version sung and composed by Arif Lohar and Meesha Shafi remains the best. 

17. ‘Bewajah' by Nabeel Shaukat Ali

A song about heartbreak and longing, ‘Bewajah' will tug at your heartstrings and take you back to those times when you spent sleepless nights thinking about a long-lost lover. Nabeel Shaukat Ali's passionate voice makes this song a must for anyone and everyone who has suffered heartbreak. 

18. ‘O Re' By Noori 

One of the best songs by the Pakistani band Noori.

Of course, there are so many other brilliant songs by Coke Studio Pakistan but there is just so much we can include in on this list. Here are some more honorable mentions: 

1. ‘Ik Aarzu' By Jal   2. ‘Jana Jogi Dey Naal' By Rizwan and Muazzam   3. ‘Panchi' By Jal

Which one is your favourite?


With a career spanning over two decades, Oasis has released a lot of music and was Britpop's most commercially successful band in the '90s. They managed to become one of the biggest bands in the world in three short years with two critically acclaimed albums. 

Whenever someone hears the name Oasis, they automatically think of ‘Wonderwall', it's obviously their most famous song ever. But, they have released so much great music, that shouldn't be lost under that one song's shadow. So, without any further ado, here are the best Oasis songs other than ‘Wonderwall.' Check ‘em out!

Anyway, here's Wonderwall.

Just kidding.

1. Champagne Supernova ((What's the Story) Morning Glory?)

Slowly walking down the hall, Faster than a cannon ball

Even though the song's lyrics don't really make any sense, the loud and psychedelic seven-minute anthem has long been a fan favourite.

2. Live Forever (Definitely Maybe)

We see things they'll never see, You and I are gonna live forever

Noel Gallagher wrote this simple and optimistic song in response to Nirvana's ‘I Hate Myself and Want to Die' saying, “Kids don't need to be hearing that nonsense.” 

3. Don't Look Back In Anger ((What's the Story) Morning Glory?)

I'm gonna start a revolution from my bed, 'Cause you said the brains I had went to my head

This definitive no.1 single from Oasis's seminal album ‘(What's the Story) Morning Glory?' marked the first time Noel Gallagher had sung one of his own songs. 

4. Stop Crying Your Heart Out (Heathen Chemistry)

Don't be scared, Your destiny may keep you warm

This song was pegged as Oasis's return to the "long lost humanism" and is often compared to ‘Don't Look Back in Anger.' 

5. Slide Away (Definitely Maybe)

Let me be the one that shines with you, In the morning when you don't know what to do

This love song was written by Noel, on a Les Paul guitar loaned to him by Johnny Marr, about his rocky relationship with his then-girlfriend Louise Jones, but by the time it was released, the pair had split up.

6. Rock ‘N' Roll Star (Definitely Maybe)

I'll take my car and drive real far, You're not concerned about the way we are

The opening track from their record breaking debut album ‘Definitely Maybe', Rock ‘N' Roll Star quickly went on to become a fan favourite and was often played to close the band's gigs.

7. She's Electric ((What's the Story) Morning Glory?)

There's lots and lots for us to do, She is electric, can I be electric too?

This Beatles-y love song is often praised for its lyrics and Liam's incredible voice completely compliments the whole song. 

8. Half The World Away (The Masterplan)

Still scratching around in the same old hole, My body feels young but my mind is very old

Mostly known as the theme song to the popular BBC sitcom ‘The Royle Family', this slow acoustic tune expresses a desire to leave a stagnant life in a boring city.

9. Who Feels Love (Standing on the Shoulder of Giants)

I'm leaving all that I see, Now all my emotions fill the air I breath

The whole album ‘Standing on the Shoulder of Giants' was known for its psychedelic feel, and "Who Feels Love?" was held up as the most extreme example of it. 

10. Supersonic (Definitely Maybe)

No one's gonna tell her what I'm on about, You need to find a way for what you wanna say

The debut single by the band, ‘Supersonic' became a favourite song of both the band and their fans, with Noel citing it as his favourite Oasis song.


Former Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been on a roll for the past couple of days. Be it sleeping on the field or at the airport floor or slaying the Australian team in the first ODI like a true boss, you can trust Dhoni to literally do anything and proudly walk away after the victory like it was child's play. We were not even close to exaggerating when we said that this man can do anything and this video is a proof of that. Well, it seems that finishing matches with his unparalleled and impeccable skills isn't the only talent he's got; this man has got some killer shooting skills as well. 

Yesterday, this badass cricketer visited the Kolkata Police Shooting Range to brush up on his shooting skills (after the team's practice session was cancelled due to rains) and we must say we are highly impressed. Kolkata Police shared a video on their Facebook page where Dhoni is seen firing a couple of rounds and even the police officers accepted that “his accuracy is breathtaking!” Kolkata Police in their post wrote, “Our inbox is getting flooded with requests of posting a video clip of MS Dhoni sharpening his shooting skills this afternoon at our range at Police Training School. Here goes.” Check out the video here. 


Reportedly, Dhoni even had an interaction with the Kolkata Police recruits and inspired them with his words.  

According to a report published in the Indian Express, a police official was quoted as saying “It's a state of art shooting range at PTS and Dhoni shot both in the 10 m and 25 ranges.” It was further mentioned, “It's great to host Dhoni for the second time. He's an extraordinary marksman and inspired us all.” In the first ODI, India defeated Australia by 26 runs taking a lead of 1-0.