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  1. تری خوشبو نہیں ملتی، ترا لہجہ نہیں ملتا
    ہمیں تو شہر میں کوئی ترے جیسا نہیں ملتا

    یہ کیسی دھند میں ہم تم سفر آغاز کر بیٹھے
    تمہیں آنکھیں نہیں ملتیں ہمیں چہرہ نہیں ملتا

    ہر اک تدبیر اپنی رائیگاں ٹھہری محبت میں
    کسی بھی خواب کو تعبیر کا رستہ نہیں ملتا

    بھلا اس کے دکھوں کی رات کا کوئی مداوا ہے
    وہ ماں جس کو کبھی کھویا ہوا بچہ نہیں ملتا

    زمانے کو قرینے سے وہ اپنے ساتھ رکھتا ہے
    مگر میرے لیے اس کو کوئی لمحہ نہیں ملتا

    مسافت میں دعائے ابر ان کا ساتھ دیتی ہے
    جنہیں صحرا کے دامن میں کوئی دریا نہیں ملتا

    جہاں ظلمت رگوں میں اپنے پنجے گاڑ دیتی ہے
    !!!.... اسی تاریک رستے پر دیا جلتا نہیں ملتا

  2. application

    Version 1.0.4


    Members Shop This application will add a members shop and a built in point system to your site, where your members can earn and spend their well earned points they gained ( or brought if you have IPCommerce installed ) from this app or you can intregrate it to run along with Points by Anatik Main Features Points Earning System Forums Allow members to earn points for starting topics Allow members to earn points for replying to topics Allow topic starter to earn points for replies to their topics You can set different amounts of points for each category of the forums Downloads ( IPDownloads must be installed for this feature but is not required to run / use the app ) Allow your members to earn points for uploading files Allow the file uploader to earn points for each download received from their file You can set different amounts of points for each category in the downloads section Reactions Allow your members to earn points for receiving reactions from their content ( If a user removes the reaction it will also remove the points awarded ) If you are using evox_points then this feature will not show / work, as points has its own reputation system Clubs Award users for joining a club Remove points from users for leaving / getting kicked from a club Bonus Points Award bonus points based on a daily basis ( Members will need to login at least once in that time period ) Award bonus points based on a weekly basis ( Members will need to login at least once in that time period ) Award bonus points based on a monthly basis ( Members will need to login at least once in that time period ) You can enable or disable any of them features Award Points Award points to your selected members or user groups via the ACP Users Profile Adds a section to the users profile showing the amount of points they have and a link to donate ( Read below ) Donations Select what user groups can donate their points Set the minimum and maximum amount of points allowed to donate per donation Shows a page in the ACP with a list of all donations / who donated / who received the donation / the amount and the time & date of the donation Points Format All points are formatted with decimals for the users to read / understand easy ( example 1,000 10,000 10,000,000 ) Members Shop Items ( Allow your members to spend their well earned points in the shop ) Each item can be created unlimited times and you can select different prices and permissions for each user group for each item giving you unlimited options to pick from Create categories to place the items in All random amounts ( LIke mystery boxes, random post count etc ) can be set by the admin in the shop items menu from the minimum amount to the maximum amount they can receive from redeeming the items Set a stock amount on each item with a unlimited option ( How many you have in stock ) After a user purchases a item it will store the rewards for that purchased item, so say they buy multiple and store them away, then at a later time you change the rewards for that item in the ACP, they will still receive the rewards set when they purchased the item, as that's how they bought it All items use their own code, Example, if you have selected say the member group to not be able to upload avatars in the ACP member group permissions, the avatar item will still allow them to upload one if they redeem it, if you gave them permissions to buy that item or they got the item sent to them Each item can have its own permission matrix to select what usergroups can view it / buy it / send it DEFAULT ITEMS LISTED BELOW ( These can be added unlimited times giving you unlimited rewards to choose from ) Open a random post count mystery box Open a random reputaion points mystery box Change their username Change their member title Add or edit their signature Upload a avatar Steal a random amount of reputation from another member Will also send a notification to both users saying that they stole X amount of reputation Open a mystery points box Reset their warning points Allow members to go browse anonymous until their session ends ( Session means till they logout ) View a password from a password protected forum Play Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock ( Basically Rock, Paper, Scissors but the extended Big Bang Theory's version ), Users can double up their points if they win, Get their points back if they draw, Or get nothing if they lose, You can also allow users to increase their bet by a selected maximum amount you will set in the ACP item settings Allow users to pin topics for a selected amount of days ( Topic's will automatically be unpinned after X amount of days ) Allow members to feature files for a selected amount of days ( Files's will automatically be unfeatured after X amount of days, IPDownloads must be installed for this item ) Upgrade your usergroup for x amount of days, months or years, ( Members will automatically move back to their original user group after X days, months or years ) Gamble to win a random trophy from Trophy's & Medals ( Trophys & Medals must be installed for this item ) Guess the number ( You will set a maximum amount to generate and the members will guess from 1-X and if they get it correct they will win their stake multiplied by your chosen amount ( Each item will generate a different number this is not one where you remove the wrong answers from the equasion, if you buy one and guess number 20 and it is wrong then it still could be nu,ber 20 in the next box ) CUSTOM ITEMS ( You can add unlimited custom items in the store where the admin fills in the price and the name / description etc ) Each Custom Item has to be manually awarded to the members, it could be for a coupon code, it could be anything ( as long as you can manually award it that is ) Choose to receive a notification or email saying x member brought x custom item and you need to award it etc Pick what member receives the notification Pick what member will receive a email saying a custom item has been redeemed Shows a table in the ACP with all custom purchases your users have brought showing if the item has been awarded or not Click to confirm you have awarded the item to the user so that you keep the table updated letting you know what you need to do When confirming you have awarded the item you can choose to send a PM to the user with your own message saying that you have done it or you could use that to send them what you have awarded them, example the coupon code, or a voucher code etc Add a block to the ACP dashboard with the total amount of items you need to award manually Rewards & Logs View all the rewards and logs of the redeemed items in a nice members table or grid Shows the award they redeemed or received Shows what they got from the reward Statistics Pages Shows a statistics page with a graph of the global points gained on your site per day / week / month Shows a leaderboard with 3 tables under the graph mentioned above Shows a list of the members with the most points Shows a list of the members who have generated the most points via their content ( example, for the reactions they get / topics they create ) Shows a list of the members who have received the most rewards from their redeemed items and their posted content Shows another statistics page with a graph of the amount of shop items purchased globally and the global points spent per day / week / month Shows a leaderboard with 3 tables under the graph mentioned above Who brought the most items Who spent the most points Who sent the most items Shows a 3rd statistics page with a graph of the global points won using items what you gamble your points with Shows a leaderboard with 3 tables under the graph mentioned above Who has won the most points Who has brought the most items to gamble with Shows a list of the latest item redeemed rewards and the members who redeemed / won them Notifications Members will receive notifications when someone steals reputation from them Members will receive notifications if they have received a item from someone or a item has been generated from the ACP for them Members will receive notifications if they have received a donation of points with the amount of points donated and the donator You can select a member ( Admin probably ) to receive a notification when a member buys a custom item from the shop saying that you need to award it etc Other ACP Stuff Choose what points system you want to use from this apps own points or if you have installed Points by Anatik then you can select to use evox_points instead Choose what user groups can gain points with-in the forums / downloads / reaction settings You can generate unique purchases ( Of the items available in the shop ) for members and fully customize the items rewards to what you see fit ( You can charge the user for this or send it free ) Shows the shop items in a nice and clean node table giving you the ability to drag and drop them to different categories and sort them in your prefered positions Edit members points via their edit member page in the member section of the ACP Reset all members points / reset x member's points / reset all points from x usergroup Select the amount of items to show per page in the shop and my items page Choose the select to view the shop page / my items page / rewards & logs page from either a table view or a nice new grid view If you allow users to send items to others you can select a % of the value of the item to charge the users to send said item You can pick to show either a category in the sidebar of show the categories in a filter button on the table it self Add a block to the ACP dashboard showing the amount of custom items you need to award to the users IPCommerce ( IPCommerce must be installed for this feature but is not required to run / use this app ) Store And Packages Users can buy points in the store for real money ( IPCommerce store not the members shop ) You add amount of points in the packages so there are 2 ways to sell points You can just sell the points on their own You can award the points when buying x package Trophys & Medals ( Trophys & Medals must be installed for this feature but is not required to run / use the app ) Shop Items Try your luck for a random trophy ( This will generate a random trophy and award it to the member, If the member has the award already then they will lose and not gain anything, By the laws of average 10 trophys in play will work out to a 10% chance of winning ) Trophy Criteria Award trophy if user has at least X amount of points Award trophy if user has at redeemed at least X amount of items Award trophy if user has sent more than X amount of items Available Add-Ons Sports Betting App Note.. IPDownloads, IPCommerce, Trophys & Medals & Points are all intregraded to work with this app ALTHOUGH NONE ARE REQUIRED TO RUN / USE IT, If you don't own any of them apps it just won't show or allow use of them features How to install Download the .tar file and go to your ACP and applications then install the downloaded .tar file Navigate to the members shop tab in the ACP and go to categories & items then create your own categories and add the items from the little plus icon on the category header If there is anything you would like to see added to this application then feel free to visit one of the support topics and let me know your ideas, I am always happy to update my files with requests
  3. Welcome to Invision Community 4.3.0! Be sure to read our announcement for everything new... This is a beta release and you can download it in the client area. Be sure to read the full information on support and service limits that go along with beta releases. You will see this in client area prior to downloading. View the full article
  4. دل مجھے اس گلی میں لیجا کر
    اور بھی خاک میں ملا لایا


  5. ، کہنے کو محبت ہے لیکن اب ایسی محبت کیا کرنی،؟ ،جو نیند چُرا لے آنکھوں سے ،جو خواب دکھا کر آنکھوں کو ،تعبیر میں کانٹے دے جاۓ ،جو غم کی کالی راتوں سے ،ہر آس کا جگنو لے جائے ،جو خواب سجاتی آنکھوں کو ،آنسو ہی آنسو دے جائے ،جو مشکل کر دے جینے کو ،جو مرنے کو آسان کرے ،وہ دل جو پیار کا مندر ہو ،اس مندر کو برباد کرے ،اور یادوں کو مہمان کرے اب ایسی محبت کیا کرنی،؟ ،جو عمر کی نقدی لے جائے ،اور پھر بھی جھولی خالی ہو ،وہ صورت دل كا روگ بنے ،جو صورت دیکھی بھالی ہو ،جو قیس بنا دے انساں کو ،جو رانجھا اور فرہاد کرے ،جو خوشیوں کو برباد کرے اب ایسی محبت کیا کرنی،؟ ،دیکھو تو محبت بارے میں ،ہر شخص یہی کچھ کہتا ہے ،سوچو تو محبت کے اندر ،اک درد ہمیشہ رہتا ہے ،پھر بھی جو چیز محبت ہوتی ہے ،کب ان باتوں سے ڈرتی ہے ،کب انکے باندھے رکتی ہے ،جس دل میں اسنے بسنا ہو ،بس چپکے سے بس جاتی ہے ،اک بار محبت ہو جائے ،پھر چاہے جینا مشکل ہو ،یا جھولی خالی رہ جائے ،یا آنکھیں آنسو بن جائیں . پھر اسکی حکومت ہوتی ہے
  6. This is a maintenance to release to address security issues. View the full article
  7. poetry

    ہزاروں لوگ آتے ہیں ہزاروں لوگ ملتے ہیں کوئی دِل میں ٹھہرتا ہے کوئی دِل سے نکلتا ہے کوئی دِل میں بساتا ہے تو کوئی چھوڑ جاتا ہے مگر اِک بات ہے ہمدم کسی کے دل میں بسنے پر کسی کے چھوڑ جانے پر یہ سانسیں پھر بھی چلتی ہیں یہ دل پھر بھی دھڑکتا ہے تو یہ ثابت ہوا ہمدم کسی کے دِل میں بسنے سے کوئی زندہ تو رہتا ہے کسی کے چھوڑ جانے پر کوئی مر تو نہیں جاتا۔
  8. خزاں کی رات میں گلاب لہجہ بنا کے رکھنا کمال یہ ہے ہوا کی زد پہ دِیا جلانا جَلا کے رکھنا کمال یہ ہے ذرا سی لغزش پہ توڑ دیتے ہیں سب تعلق زمانے والے سو ایسے ویسوں سے بھی تعلق بنا کے رکھنا کمال یہ ہے کسی کو دینا یہ مشورہ کہ وہ دُکھ بچھڑنے کا ️بھول جائے اور ایسے لمحے میں اپنے آنسو چھپا کے رکھنا کمال یہ ہے
  9. ‏ﺑﮩﺖ ﻟﻔﻆ ﮨﯿﮟ
    ﻟﮑﮭﻨﺎ ﺑﮭﯽ ﺁﺗﺎ ﮨﮯ
    .. ﺭﮨﻨﮯ ﺩﻭ
    ﺍﺏ ﺗﻤﮩﯿﮟ ﻣﻨﺴﻮﺏ ﮐﺮﻧﮯ ﮐﮯ ﻟﺌﮯ
    ﻣﯿﺮﮮ حرﻑ ﺑﮭﯽ ﺧﺘﻢ
    !... ﻣﯿﺮﮮ ﻟﻔﻆ ﺑﮭﯽ ﺧﺘﻢ
    ! .. ﺩﺍﺳﺘﺎﻥ ﺧﺘﻢ

  10. ""پینے والے بھی پی کر کیا کمال کرتے ھیں '''صاحب 

    نشہ یار کا ھوتا ھے بد نام شراب کو کرتے ھیں

  11. *امتحان جامعہ کا وہ زمانہ یاد ہے* *رات بھرجگ کرکتابوں، کو ملانایاد ہے* *مسجدو دارالإقامہ اور مزار پاک میں* *ہر جگہ ہر پل وہاں رٹا لگانا یاد ہے* *بےخودی ,وارفتگی اور فکر دائم کے سبب* *مضمحل ہوکر کہیں بھی، لیٹ جانا یاد ہے* *بال, ناخن اور کپڑوں کا نہیں رہتا خیال* *ناشتہ, کھانا بھی اکثر، بھول جانا یاد ہے* *منطقی اور فلسفی پر پیچ بحثوں کے سبب* *تار ذہنی بھی کسی کا، چھوٹ جانا یاد ہے* *جبل شامخ کی طرح لگتا ہمیں جن کا نصاب* *ان کتابوں کا فقط ، پرچہ ملانا یاد ہے* *امتحاں میں جب کبھی ٹکرا گیا کوئی سوال* *اضطراری کیف میں خوشیاں منانا یادہے* *لائٹ دینے میں اگر تاخیر کردیتا شمیم* *مشتعل ہوکر ہمارا ، ہٹہٹانا یادہے* *ہم پڑھیں گے ابتدا سے اب نہ چھوڑ یں گے سبق* *امتحاں کے بعد وعدہ، بھول جانا یاد ہے* *ہے دعا نعمان کی یہ پاس ہوجائیں سبھی* *اے خدا ہم کو بھی اپنا وہ زمانہ یاد ہے*
  12. یقین توڑ کے کہتے ھیں کر یقیں میرا
    عجیب رسم نکالی ھے دوستوں نے میرے 


  13. Version 2.0.2


    XenForo 2.0.2, the second maintenance release for the XenForo 2.0 series is now available for all licensed customers to download. We recommend that all customers running previous versions of XenForo 2.0 upgrade to this release to benefit from increased stability. There are a very large number of changes, most of which are fixes and many of which will go unnoticed, but here are some highlights: Admin control panel search now supports almost all content types and navigational areas of the admin control panel, and also supports up/down/enter keyboard navigation, so that in conjunction with the / keyboard shortcut, it is usable entirely from the keyboard. XenForo redirects for vBulletin (XF301VB) is a new add-on for use by anyone who has performed an import from vBulletin. The system allows seamless redirection from any supported URL generated by vBulletin versions 3, 4 and 5 including 'friendly' URLs. The add-on is easily configurable, and is fully documented in the XenForo 2 manual. In order to help us plan future versions of XenForo, including XenForo 2.1, we have also added a new process in this release to collect certain statistics from your server. At this time, these statistics include only your PHP version, your MySQL version and your XF version. These statistics are totally anonymous and cannot be used to identify any site, license or customer. If at any point in the future we change the data that it is collected, we will inform you. You will be given the opportunity to opt out of the stats collection when you upgrade to XF 2.0.2. You can also toggle it on or off under Options > Statistics and metrics. Some of the fixes in 2.0.2 include: The vBulletin importer has extensive changes, fixing issues including: Double UTF8 conversion and text handling issues are now resolved Performance is dramatically improved for the vB5 importer vB4 blog attachments are now handled (and in fact, importing from vB4 with blog into XF2 will actually recover the vB3-blog attachments that went missing when you upgraded to vB4!) Previously missed content is now fetched vB5 conversations are properly imported Improved compatibility with schema.org standards Image resizing errors fixed Improved handling of legacy user upgrade purchases Improved purchase cancellation handling Added missing code language phrases Improved keyboard shortcut handling Fixed canonicalisation of URLs under IIS Fix for webkit browsers related to h-scroller Display of attachments in quick thread fixed Fixed handling of AJAX filtering when no results are returned Fixed Tweet embed handling Fixed potential infinite loop in the colour picker system Improved IE flexbox handling Fixed reference to non-existent post_above ad position Support for setting javaScriptUrl in config.php Fixed post edit history handling Handle spam-cleaner-deleted users better Fixed error relating to moving deleted/moderated posts Added an index on xf_conversation_master.start_date for improved performance New filters zerofill() and pad() available in the Templater Twitch media embed handling improved Fixed calls to CONVERT (%s USING utf8) to use utf8mb4 when necessary Fixed invisible thread prefixes imported from XF1 to be visible Add-on releases can now include .htaccess files Fixed select-to-quote tooltip for mobile browsers Update to Froala editor 2.7.4, lots of related bugs fixed See the resolved 2.x bug reports forum for further information. The following public templates have had changes: PAGE_CONTAINER app.less app_body.less approval_item_resource_version base_custom_field_list bb_code_preview conversation_message_macros core.less core_hscroller.less core_labels.less core_tooltip.less editor_base.less forum_post_quick_thread google_analytics helper_action helper_criteria helper_user_search_criteria import_index import_step_config_vbulletin log_sitemap_list log_spam_cleaner_list log_spam_cleaner_restore member_stat_edit message.less node_list.less option_macros option_template_registrationWelcome payment_profile_paypal post_macros thread_view tools_rebuild user_title_ladder_list user_upgrade_active_downgrade user_upgrade_manual widget_members_online Where necessary, the merge system within the "outdated templates" page should be used to integrate these changes. As always, new releases of XenForo are free to download for all customers with active licenses, who may now grab the new version from the customer area. Note: add-ons, customizations and styles made for XenForo 1.x are not compatible with XenForo 2. If your site relies upon these for essential functionality, ensure that a XenForo 2 version exists before you start to upgrade. We strongly recommend you make a backup before attempting an upgrade. Requirements Please note that XenForo 2.0 has higher system requirements than XenForo 1.x. We will be updating the requirements test script in the near future to reflect this. The following are minimum requirements: PHP 5.4 or newer MySQL 5.5 and newer All of the official add-ons require XenForo 2.0. Enhanced Search requires at least Elasticsearch 2.0. Installation and Upgrade Instructions for XenForo 2.0 Full details of how to install and upgrade XenForo can be found in the XenForo 2 Manual. Note that when upgrading from XenForo 1.x, all add-ons will be disabled and style customizations will not be maintained. New versions of add-ons will need to be installed and customizations will need to be redone. We strongly recommended that you make a backup before attempting an upgrade. Once upgraded, you will not be able to downgrade without restoring from a backup
  14. theme/skin

    Version 1.0.3


    UltraFPS + Addons A beautiful style brought to mind by a foreign encoder. ATTENTION! Before installing the style, be sure to install all the add-ons in the archive. Blue Dark Gaming Theme First install add-ons, next install theme and theme editor. Dark template for paid IPS. It has changed the appearance of the chat and a text editor. Live demo (change style UltraFPS_szablonet) : Click! Add-ons (must be installed!):

    بیٹھے تھے آنکھ پونچھ کے، دامن نچوڑ کے
    اب کیا کریں کہ پھر سے کوئی یاد آ گیا

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