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  2. ?????? #Nauratan_Sharbat (Color full Milk Drink) ??? Veryyy Eye Catching & Very Delicious Drink ??? Too Much Hottie Days In Karachi Drink Juices & Refresh Your Mood & Body ?? _________________________ Nauratan Sharbat Recipe, Recipe By Dua Fasih Ingredients, Milk, Half Kg Full Fat Milk Powder, 1 Cup Condensed Milk (Optional), 4 to 6 Table Spoon (as per taste) Colored Vermicelli, Half Cup (boil in water and drain) Rose Water, 1 Table Spoon (you may use half tea spoon kewra water as well) Jelly (Cook & set), 1 Cup Mix Color (2 to 3 color, cut in small cubes) Sugar, As Per Taste (only add when don't have condensed milk) Soaked Basil Seeds, 3 Table Spoon Almonds, 3 Table Spoon (Chopped) Pistachio, 3 Table Spoon (Chopped) Saffron (Optional), A Small Pinch (Note if you don't have powder milk then you can replace with Half Cup Of Fresh Cream) Method, Take a jug add Chilled Milk , Powdered milk (Or Cream), condensed milk (or sugar), Rose water & mix well. Add soaked basil seeds, Jellies, colored Vermicelli, Almonds, pistachios & saffron & mix well & serve. Or make a simple glasses as per your mind direct.. I prepared milk first, so i take jug add milk, powdered milk rose water & condensed milk and mix. Then i added color vermicellies in empty glasses then add milk, then basil seeds, jellies , almonds, Pistachios & few saffron stands.
  3. ????????? ??? #Shahi_Beef_Daleem ??? Just Because I Didn't Use Any Grinder Or Blinder That's Why, Its too much Smooth With Full Shredded & Thready Meats Which Makes Daleem More Delicious ??? ____________________________________ Shahi Beef Daleem Recipe, Recipe By Dua Fasih Ingredients, Beef, 1 & Half Kg (With Some Extra Bones Half Kg) Wheat Grain, 2 Cups (Soaked in lots of water) Barley Grains, 1/3 Cup (Soaked in lots of water) Rice, 1/4 Cup Split Bengal Gram (Dal Chana), 1 Cup White Lentils (Daal Maash), 1/4 Cup Split Green Lentils (Dal Moong) , 1/4 Cup Red Lentils (Dal Masoor), 1/4 Cup Onion, 2 Big (Sliced) Ginger Garlic Paste, 2 Table Spoon Salt, To Taste Red Chili Powder, 2 Table Spoon (Or as per taste) Turmeric, 1 Table Spoon (Heaped) Dry Coriander Powder, 1 Table Spoon Garam Masala, 2 Table Spoon Black Cardamom, 2 Bay Leaf, 1 Cinnamon, 1 Stick (2 Inches) Cloves, 4 Crushed Black Cumin, 1 Tea Spoon Green Cardamom Powder, Half Tea Spoon Nutmeg & Mace Powder, 1 Tea Spoon (level) Citric Acid, 1 Table Spoon (Less Or More) Oil, 1 Cup Temper Ingredients, Onions, 2 Big (Slice) Oil, 3/4 Cup Serving Ingredients, Fried Onion Ginger Mint Green Coriander (cilantro) Green Chilies Lemons Chat Masala Method, 1) Wash & Soak wheat & barley in lots of water for 6 to 8 hours, Then boil together till fully done (Mushy). Now Mash them with masher. 2) Wash & Soak Rice, & all Lentils in together in a pot, boil till fully done (Mushy) Now Mash them with masher. (i use Wooden Spoon Masher {Daal Ghotni} ) Boil meat with lots of water salt & cloves at least for 2 to 3 hours in normal flame. Take out meat and shred them with hands then use wooden masher to mash them properly..... 3) Now Take a big pot, Heat Oil add Bay leaf, black cardamom cinnamon & onions n fry till brown then add ginger garlic paste saute, add all Spices Salt, red chilies, turmeric, coriander powder and half quantity of garam masala, and mix, add shredded meat fry them 2 minutes then add beef stock (discard cloves) Cook for 10 minutes. 4) Then add all rice n lentils mixture & Wheat & barley mixture into the meat pot add remaining garam masala, Citric Acid, nutmeg & mace powder, green cardamom powder & crushed black cumin and mix well (Check Salt & Spice, If needed add more) and put on simmer flame to cook more after every 5 minutes stir. (now discard bay leaf & other whole garam masala) 5) After 30 to 40 minutes make temper, Heat Oil add onions and fry till golden brown and pour temper on the daleem. Cook more 30 to 40 minutes.. (But Don't forget to stir in every couple of minutes) Serve With Serving ingredients, Enjoy
  4. ?????? Mooti Biryani / Kofta Biryani ??? A Best & Yummilicious Treat For Those Who Likes Kofta's ?????? ______________________ Mooti Biryani / Kofta Biryani Recipe, Recipe By Dua Fasih Ingredients For Mooti (Kofta) Fine Mince, Half Kg Ginger Garlic Paste, 1 Table Spoon Salt, To Taste Red Chili Paste, 1 Tea Spoon Garam Masala Powder, 1 Tea Spoon Onion, 1 Medium (Chopped) Green Coriander, 2 Table Spoon (Chopped) Poppy Seeds Paste Or Almond Paste, 2 Tea Spoon (Optional) Gram Flour, 2 Table Spoon (Dry & Roasted Chickpea Powder) Oil, 1/2 Cup Method, Add all ingredients & mix well, Make little or big Balls (as desire). Heat oil add half batch of meat balls in oil & fry in normal flame just 2 minutes only. Ingredients For Biryani Masala Onion Sliced, 3 Normal Size Tomatoes, 4 to 5 Ginger Garlic Paste, 1 Tea Spoon Salt, To Taste Red Chili Powder, 1 Table Spoon Turmeric, 1/4 Tea Spoon Coriander Powder, 1 Tea Spoon Crushed Red Chili, 1/2 Tea Spoon Green Chilies, 5 to 7 Yogurt, Half Cup Mint, Half Bunch Fresh Green Coriander, Half Bunch Tamarind Paste, 2 to 4 Table Spoon (optional) Soaked Dry Plum, 5 to 7 Nutmeg & Mace 1/4 Tea Spoon Roasted Cumin, 1/2 Tea Spoon Star Aniseed, 1 (Make Powder) Green Cardamom Seeds, 4 (Make Powder) Black Cardamom Seeds, 1 (Make Powder) Cinnamon, 1 Inch (Make Powder) Oil, 1/2 Cup (remaining balls fried oil) Method, Heat Oil add onion & fry when onions are brown take out half for Simmer layer (Dum k waqt Teh) Add ginger garlic paste & saute. Take blender add tomatoes yogurt green chilies mint & coriander and blend...Now add in fried onions pot and add salt, red chili powder, garam masala, turmeric, dry coriander powder & cook till oil comes out, Then add 1/4 Cups Of water, & add meat balls, soaked dry plums, Aniseed powder, cinnamon powder, green cardamom Powder, black cardamom powder & nutmeg & mace Powder and cover the led cook 10 to 15 minutes. Switch of the flame. (Note. Adjust Chili & sour Flavor As your taste buds) Ingredients For Layering, 3/4 Done Rice, 750 Grams Fried Onion, Half Cup (Which Separate when frying the onions) Saffron Color, 1/4 Pinch (mix with 2 table spoons of kewra water) **Meat Balls Masala Method. Take a wide pan add half rice then add all meat balls masala now add all rice then add Saffron color & fried onions. & Put it on Simmer (dum). Serve with raita & salad (Note. you can fry meat balls in very low flame with very little oil till meat balls full down...Then you can layer it on biryani masala when biryani goes to simmer.)
  5. ?????? Chapli Kabab (Peshawri Kabab) ???? The Famous Delicious ?? & Yummilicious ?? Chapli Kabab's Authentic Specialty Is, They Made With Raw Mince With Fats Along With Some Special Ingredients. E.G Pomegranate Seeds, Scrambled Eggs, Raw Tomato Slice Etc ___________________ Chapli Kabab Recipe, Recipe By Dua Fasih Ingredients, Beef With Fats, 1 Kg Garlic Pot, 1 (Peal) Ginger, 2 Inches Piece Green Chilies, 5 to 8 Green Coriander, 4 to 5 Table Spoon Onion, 1 Big (Chopped) Tomato Circle Slices, As Needed Pomegranate Seeds, 2 Table Spoon Salt , To Taste Red chili Powder, 1 Table Spoon Garam Masala Powder, 1 Table Spoon Roasted & Crushed White Cumin, 1 Tea Spoon Crushed Whole Coriander, 1 Table Spoon Whole Red Chilies, 5 to 6 (Or as Per Taste) Corn Flour, Half Cup (Makai Ka Aata, Not corn Starch) Egg, 1 Eggs, 2 (beat add salt & make scrambled egg) Oil, For Shallow Fry Method, Beef, garlic, ginger, green chilies, fresh green coriander & onions add in chopper & chopperised a fine mince....Now add all remaining ingredients & spices except tomatoes & mix well. Now made shape of chapli kabab and place a tomato slice into kabab & fry on Chronicles (Tawa) on normal flame from both sides. (Do Not Over Cook) Serve with salad & chatni
  6. ???? Mutton Liver Masala ??? Alhamdullilah We Paid Our Duty (farz) This Is My Eid Ul Adha's Lunch... ??? Mutton Liver Recipe, Recipe By Dua Fasih Ingredients Mutton Liver, 1 (Cut In Small 1 Inch Cubes) Mutton Heart (Optional) , 1 (Cut In Small 1 Inch Cubes) Ginger Garlic Paste, 2 Table Spoon Onion, 2 to 3 Normal Size (Grind With 1/4 Cup Of Water) Tomato Puree, 2 Cups (blend 4 o 5 tomatoes without water) Lemon Juice, 1/4 Cup (Fresh) Salt, To Taste Red Chili Powder, 1 Table Spoon Turmeric, 1/4 Tea Spoon Garam Masala, 1 Tea Spoon Coriander Powder, 1 Table Spoon Dry Fenugreek Leaves, 3 Table Spoon (Heap) Oil, 1 Cup Method, Heat Oil, add onion n fry till golden brown now add ginger garlic paste & saute then add tomato Puree and stir till oil comes. Add liver n heart and stir fry for 3 to 4 minutes and add 1 cup of water and cover led n cook 15 minutes on normal low flame but check n stir every 5 to 8 minutes. Now add dry fenugreek leaves, lemon juice & green chilies cover the led again and put on simmer to all oil comes out on surface. Then add Green Coriander mix & serve.
  7. ? ???? ? Balochi Karahi Chicken Tikka ??? Highway Restaurant Secret Recipe Which Is Not Secret At All lolx The Most Simple Tikka But Super Delicious In Taste.??? Tikka Made With Only Green Chilies With Few (2 & 3) Of More Ingredients.... & Charcoal Smoke Made More Tempting....??? ____________________________ Balochi Karahi Chicken Tikka Recipe Made By Dua Fasih Ingredients, Chicken, 1 Kg Garlic, 4 Table Spoon (Chopped) Ginger, 2 Inches Piece (Cut in Julienne) Green Chilies, 25 to 30 OR As Per Taste (12 to 15 cut length wise in center of the chilies & chopped remain chilies) Fresh Lemon Juice, 1 Cup Garam Masala, 1 Table Spoon Green Coriander, 2 Bunches (Chopped) Salt, To Taste Oil, 1 Cup (Less or more) Hot Charcoal, 1 Method, Take a wide wok add oil. Heat Oil add chopped garlic and fry till light golden. Now add center cut chilies & fry till chilies changes the color then add chicken and fry 10 to 12 minutes on high flame. Then add lemon juice, salt, chopped green chilies & mix. Fry for more 5 to 6 minutes and cover led till chicken tender properly. Remove the led & add garam masala, chopped coriander & julienne ginger & fry for 3 to 4 minutes. Now add garam masala powder & mix. Switch of the flame. Place Charcoal on a plate or an aluminium foil and add plate or foil in wok & pour 2 table spoons of oil to make smoke & quickly close the led. And Serve after 5 minutes. (Note. Recipe required half kg chilies, Half chopped half center cut. But i used less as i mention the quantity but you can replace it, if required more spicy.....And after chicken fry, you can separate the oil if you do not want so oily)
  8. ???? Mutton Kunna ??? (Fully Traditional Recipe & Presentation) The Punjab's Famous Delicious and Tasty Mutton Dish With Very Few Ingredients...... And The Main Two Speciality Of This Dish Is, Kunna Always Made In "CLAY POT" (Matti Ki Handi) ??? & The Temper Of Black Cumin On Prepared Mutton Gravy Is Heart Of The Recipe ??? _________________________________ Mutton Kunna Recipe, Recipe By Dua Fasih Ingredients, Mutton, 1 kg (Big Pieces Or As Desire) Onions (Medium) , 3 (Thin Sliced) Cloves, 8 to 10 Black Pepper Corn, 8 to 10 Green Cardamon, 6 to 8 Ginger Garlic Paste, 1 1/2 (One & Half) Table Spoon Salt, To Taste Red Chili Powder, 1 1/2 (One & Half) Table Spoon Turmeric, 1 Tea Spoon (level) Garam Masala Powder, 1 Tea Spoon (Heaped) Coriander Powder, 1 1/2 (One & Half) Table Spoon Black Cardamon, 3 to 4 (Take out seeds only & crushed) Black Cumin, 1 Tea Spoon Beaten Yogurt, 2 Cup Wheat Flour Or Barley Flour, 4 to 6 (More & less as you required.....Dissolve With The Water) Oil, 1 Cup (Or Less) Knead Flour Dough, 1 Cup (for seal the pot led) Method, Heat clay pot add oil, when oil is hot add green cardamom, black pepper corn & cloves after 30 seconds add onion & stir till golden brown. Now add Mutton, salt & turmeric & fry till all mutton water's dry. Then add yogurt, ginger garlic paste, Red chili powder, garam masala powder & coriander powder and stir & cook 2 to 3 minutes (for beautiful aromatic smell of all spices) Now high the flame & Add 4 cups of water & cover the clay pot led & seal with knead flour dough. (Desi Pressure cooker is ready ) After 10 minutes slow the flame & lets cook 40 to 45 minutes. Then remove all flour dough from the led and uncover the led add dissolved flour slowly and stir spoon continuously to prevent lumps. Sprinkle crushed black cardamom seeds and cook 10 to 15 minutes to cook the flour. Then Switch Of The Flame... Now Made temper, Heat frying pan add oil, when oil is hot (not too hot) add black cumin & stir. Ready Temper pour on the clay pot of mutton kunna. Serve Hot With Hot Hot Naan (Note- Remember Kunna should runny. "not as thick as Nihari" )
  9. ???????? Peach Shake ??? (Mid Night Craving's The Best Solution For Me Its Yummilicious Chill Chill Fruit Shakes ?? ) Peach Shake Recipe, Recipe By Dua Fasih Ingredients, Peaches, 3 (peeled n sliced) Milk, 250 Ml Sugar, 4 to 5 Table Spoon Peach Ice-Cream Or Fresh Cream (Optional), 100 Ml Ice Cubes, Few Method, Add all ingredients well till sugar dissolve & floating foam on shake. & Serve. (Optional, In serving glass you can add 1 scope of Peach Ice-Cream)
  10. ?????? Chicken Zinger Burger ? With Cole Slow ? & Black Pepper Fries ? Too Much Delicious ?? & Very Very Crispy Outer & Inner Is Very Soft (No Thready Chicken at all ) The Most Famous & Demanding Burger All Over The World Make In Your Home With Full Surety Of Halal & Hygiene...?? I Am Sending, With Out Collage Some Photos Also, For Clear Pic ?????? _______________________________ Chicken Zinger Burger, Cole Slow & Black Pepper Fries Recipes Recipe By Dua Fasih ?? Chicken Zinger Burger ?? Basic Ingredients, Chicken Breasts, 2 (Whole Chicken Breast {Preferably with skin} ) Buns, 4 (Unsweetened) Mayonnaise, Half Cup (Mix 2 Tea Spoons Of White Vinegar) Cheese Slices (Optional), 4 Ketchup Or Chili Garlic Sauce, 4 Table Spoon Or As Required Fresh Ice Burg, 4 Leaves (please do not replace it with lettuce leaves, if you do not have then omit it) All Purpose Flour, As Required For Coding Oil, For Deep Frying *** Marination 1 *** Marination 2 *** Coding Batter (Note, If you want juicy zinger exact same KFC taste then please use chicken with skin) ?? MARINATION 1 ?? Ingredients, Water, 1 Glass Salt, To Taste Crushed Black Pepper, 1 Table Spoon White Pepper Powder, 1 Table Spoon White Vinegar, Half Cup (Vinegar tenderise the Chicken) Ginger Garlic Paste, 1 Table Spoon Green Chilies, 8 to 10 Sliced Soya Sauce, 2 Table Spoon Chili Sauce, 2 Table Spoon ?? MARINATION 2 ?? Ingredients, Chili Sauce, 4 Table Spoon Red Chili Powder Or Paprika, 1 Tea Spoon ?? CODING BATTER ?? Ingredients, All Purpose Flour, 4 Table Spoon Corn Flour, 2 Table Spoon Salt, To Taste Baking Powder (optional), A Small Pinch Garlic Powder, Half Tea Spoon (Or Garlic Paste) White Pepper Or Black Pepper, Half Tea Spoon Water, As required To Make Medium Runny Batter Method, 1) Take sharp knife and separate 2 chicken breast to single, then remove all fats, & Cut each chicken breast into two fillet so u get 4 fillet of chicken. Now lightly prick with knife. 2) Mix Marination 1 in a big bowl & add chicken fillet and marinate to 2 hours for penetrate all spices flavors & for tender the chicken. (not more than 2 hours) 3) Now Take out the chicken fillet on a plate and add marination 2, rest 10 minutes more. In main while, 4) Take another bowl and mix all coding beater ingredients and make medium runny beater. 5) Now pick up 1 fillet and code with simple all purpose flour, move your hand gently, Keep moving your fingers (Like we open the tap but with slow hands) Code at least 1 minute. 6) Then dip in the batter & again code all purpose flour with same way, now take up the fillet dust the extra flour and fry in medium hot oil from both sides, (do not use spoon do not move otherwise coding will spoil) flip 1 side after 2 minutes. Cook both side 2 , 2 minutes. (Total 4 minutes of frying do not over cook otherwise zinger will not juicy) (Note, direct fry after coding if you codes all and place on a plate, your coding with flat because of moister) 7) After frying place all zinger on cooling rake or direct add on buns for assembling. 8) Toast the buns and place the ice burg, zinger, mayonnaise, ketchup or chili garlic sauce & cheese slice & cover the top of bun. (Note, You may serve Ketchup & Chili Garlic Sauce instead of adding in burger) And Serve your heavenly yummiest zinger burger....... (Note, If you do not want more crispy, You can skip the coding batter. Use simple cold water instead of coding batter...) _____________________________________ ?? Cole Slow Recipe ?? Recipe By Dua Fasih Ingredients, Cabbage, 2 Cup (Cut In Thin Slice) Carrot, Quarter Cup (Grated & squeeze all water) Salt, To Taste Sugar, 1 Table Spoon Crushed Black Pepper, 1/4 Tea Spoon Mayonnaise, Half Cup Fresh Cream, Quarter Cup Method, Add big bowl and add Mayonnaise, fresh cream, salt, sugar & pepper mix well till all sugar dissolve...then add cabbage & carrot & mix well again. (Personally i don't like raisins that's why i never add, but if you want to add you may so) ?? Black Pepper Fries Recipe ?? Recipe By Dua Fasih Ingredients, Potato, Half Kg (Pealed washed & cut as required) Salt, To Taste Crushed Black Pepper, Half Tea Spoon (Or As Per Taste) Corn Flour, 3 to 4 Table Spoon Oil, For Deep Frying Method, Boil the water with some salt & blanch the fries (remember only 2 to 3 minutes). Then strain all water and dry potatoes. After dry sprinkle salt black pepper & corn flour & toss to code each potato. Now fry in hot oil till light golden (not brown please) & take out on absorbing paper. Super crispy fries are ready (Note, Omit black pepper and make with same method. (Its taste is exactly like KFC fries )
  11. ???? Fettuccine Alfredo With Grilled Chicken ?? (Italian Dish) My Mostttttttttt & All Time Favvv ???? The King Of Italian Sauces Is #Alfredo ? Which Made With Combination Of Heavy Cream & Parmesan Cheese ......... Fettuccine? Is A Pasta Like Spaghetti But Fettuccine Is Little Smaller Than Spaghetti's & Its Flat In Shape....& Grilled Chicken ? (With Yummilicious Italian Seasoning) __________________________________ Fettuccine Alfredo With Grilled Chicken Recipe, Recipe By Dua Fasih ? Grilled Chicken With Italian Seasoning Recipe, Ingredients, Chicken, 250 Gram (2 Breasts, wash & lil hammer OR cut breast in 4 fillet {Each breast divide into two fillet}) Salt, To Taste Crushed Garlic, Half Tea Spoon Crushed Black Pepper, 1/2 Tea Spoon Crushed Red Chilies, 1/2 Tea Spoon Italian Mixed Herbs, 1/2 Tea Spoon Lemon Juice, 3 to 4 Table Spoon Olive Oil, 3 Table Spoon Method, Take a big bowl add Chicken breasts & add all ingredient and mix well and rest marination for half hour. Then Heat Grill pan and grilled the chicken from both sides till chicken tender. ? Alfredo Sauce Recipe, Ingredients, Thick Cream Or Tetra Pack Cream, 200 ML Milk, Half Cup Or More Than Half Cup (Depend the consistency) Parmesan Cheese, 2 Table Spoon (Replace with quarter quater cups of mozzarella & cheddar cheese) White Pepper, 1 Small Pinch Black Pepper, 1 Small Pinch Salt, To Taste (but remember cheese is also salty even if using parmesan then do not forget the intense flavor of permesan) Butter, 4 Table Chopped Garlic, 1 Table Spoon Fresh Parsley, 2 Table Spoon (Chopped) Method, Heat the wok add butter and garlic saute then add cream, milk, salt, white pepper & black pepper cook 3 to 4 minutes then add cheese & parsley cook 2 to 3 minutes till sauce become little thick. (dropping consistency, if needed add more milk) Switch of the flame. The Heavenly Yummy Alfredo Sauce is ready... Boil the 6 rings (300 Grams) of fettuccine with the packet instructions, drain with tap water. Plating as your mind direct with sprinkles of fresh parsley
  12. ⭕??⭕ Chicken Creamy Karahi ?? The "DAWAT SPECIAL MENU" Very Different very yummilicious from other karahi ???? Very delicious & rich in TASTE because its made from Butter, Milk & Cream ???? (i just decor with red chilies but its not spicy ?? its very mild flavor karahi ?? ) ___________________________________________ Chicken Creamy Karahi Recipe, By Dua Fasih Ingredients, Boneless Chicken, Half Kg (1 inch Cubes) Tomatoes, 4 (Small Size) Whole Green Chilies, 4 Milk, 250 Grams (Do not use tetra pack only use dairy) Beaten Yogurt, 250 Grams Cream, Half Cup Sesame Paste, 3 Tea Spoon (thick) (i always made fresh) Butter, 3 Tea Spoon Salt, To Taste Ginger Garlic Paste, 1 Tea Spoon Crushed Red Chilies, 1 Tea Spoon Crushed Black Pepper, Half Tea Spoon Garam Masala Powder, 1 Tea Spoon Crushed Cumin, Half Tea Spoon Oil, Quarter Cup Or More Than Quarter (or as per needed) Method, Heat oil add ginger garlic paste & saute, then add chicken and cover the led and cook 3 to 5 minutes in slow flame, Un cover the led and dry all chicken's water & add tomatoes & salt and mix well, then add milk and cover the led and cook in medium flame, then after few minutes stir the chicken and cover again. (in this stage the milk become khoya {cottage cheese} and all milk waters comes out) On the other hand take a bowl add cream, yogurt, sesame Paste, crushed red chilies, crushed black pepper, garam masala & crushed cumin and mix well. Now add yogurt cream n spices mixture into the chicken, and cook for couple of minutes. then add butter and green chilies and cover the led cook 5 to 8 minutes more in medium high flame. Now Un cover the led and cook in high flame to reduce all waters or till oil comes on surface. Serve hot. (Remember butter is also salty. Its a mild flavor karahi so do not add over salt otherwise you will not get the perfect taste)
  13. ???? Whole Spice & Smoky Mince ??(Kharey Masale Ka Dam Ka Qeema) With Puriii Parathaa ??(Shadiyun wale haha I mean layered puri) (Btw It Was My SPECIAL EID BREAKFAST {its all time fav of my family friends & neighbors } ) Believe Me Its Full Of Aromatic & Full Of Taste ?? I Ate This Mince Of My Class Fellow's (#Isma) Home In Occasion Party Of Kunday, (her mother have own catering business) That Time i was in 8th standard, the taste of minced remain in my mouth & in my mind. After few years i tried to make like same & Alhamdullilah in 2nd try i satisfied my taste buds and i achieved the same Delicioussssssss taste ?? ____________________________________________ ??? Whole Spice & Smoky Mince Recipe ??? Recipe By Dua Fasih ⭕ Ingredients, Mince, Half Kg (Hand Made Mince) Fresh Crushed Ginger Garlic, 1 Table Spoon Whole Red Button Chilies, 10 to 12 (Or as per Taste) Yogurt, 250 Gram (Beaten) Salt, To Taste Onion (Sliced), 1 (Big Size) Whole Black Pepper Corn, 8 to 10 Bay Leaf, 1 White Cumin, 1 Tea Spoon Green Cardamom, 2 Black Cardamom, 2 Cinnamon Sticks, 2 (1, 1 inches) Oil, 3/4 Cup Hot Charcoal, 1 Big Size ? Method Heat oil add ginger garlic paste and saute, then add Cumin, Green & Black Cardamoms, Bay Leaf, Black Pepper, Cinnamon & add red button chilies (crushed with hand's Fingers) and add mince and saute then add salt, yogurt & onion and cover the led cook 25 to 30 minutes and then uncover & dry all water. When oil comes on sides then switch of the flame. Place charcoal (on a foil or steal bowl) and make a space in minced pot & pour 1 tea spoon of oil on charcoal to make smoke & cover the led. After 5 minutes serve the most deliciousss & hot hot whole spice & smoky minced with puri paratha or With Layered Paratha _________________________________________________ ??? Puri Paratha Recipe ??? Recipe By Dua Fasih ⭕ Ingredients Of Dough, All Purpose Flour, Half Kg Salt, To Taste Egg, 1 Ghee, 1 Table Spoon Tap Water, As Required For kneading ? Method, All purpose flour, egg, ghee, salt mix and knead with tap water. (knead medium soft) Grease dough uper part with oil or ghee and set aside. Then make balls. 9 to 10 will make with this Quantity.and spread oil on balls and rest them. ⭕ Ingredients Layer Filling Paste (its called saanth) Egg White, 1 All Purpose Flour, 2 Table Spoon (level) Ghee, 2 Table Spoon ? Method, Mix all ingredients well. ⭕ Other Ingredients, *Dough Balls, 9 to 10 *Layer Filling Paste, 1 Bowl Oil, As needed Oil, For Frying (Deep Frying) ? Method, Take a dough ball and make a puri with oily fingers and spread layer filling paste all over the puri, then fold in square (As make square paratha) then repeat this with all dough balls, and set a side for 15 to 20 minutes. Then Heat oil in a wok. On the Other hand join square (Dough) opposite corners to make round balls. Now Grease the surface & spread the dough ball with oily fingers and make again puri (very thin but no hole in puri paratha otherwise it will not make perfect layered puri paratha) Fry Puri paratha in hot oil from both sides and press down with back of spoon & flip again n again to make perfect even color... Ready To Eat Crispy Puri Paratha (Note. Do Not Use Any Dry Flour, Only Oil )
  14. ???????? Chicken Tikka Biryani (One Of My Favorite Biryani) Full Of Flavor & Very Veryyyy Tasty Must Tryyy On Eid.....^_^ (Because Of Ramadan I Didn't Present Well (There was No Time To Take The Picture, Fortunately My Younger Bro Took Some Photos lol) & Obviously Guests Were Waiting & I Was Preparing More Things Too...) _______________________________________ ⭐⭐ Chicken Tikka Biryani Recipe ⭐⭐ Recipe By Dua Fasih Ingredients For Masala Layer, Onion, 2 (Sliced) Tomatoes (Chopped), 3 to 4 Ginger Garlic Paste, 1 Tea Spoon Yogurt, 1/2 Cup Salt, To Taste Red Chili Powder, 2 Tea Spoon (depend on your taste buds) Garam Masala Powder, 1 Tea Spoon Socked Brown Plums, 12 to 15 Green Cardamom, 1/2 Tea Spoon Nutmeg & Mace Powder, 1/4 Tea Spoon Green Chilies, 5 to 6 (Whole) Fresh Green Coriander, 1/4 Bunch (Washed) Mint, 1/4 Bunch (Washed) Oil, 3/4 Cup Method, Heat the pan add oil and onions then fry till onions are brown now add ginger garlic paste n saute, then add chopped tomatoes and cover the led and cook for 3 to 4 minutes in low flame, then add salt, red chili powder, soaked plum, yogurt and cook till all yogurt's water dry, then add garam masala powder, nutmeg & mace powder, green cardamom powder & green chilies and cook till oil comes. Now add mint & green coriander and mix, Switch of the flame. ___________________________ ⭐⭐ Chicken Tikka Recipe ⭐⭐ Recipe By Dua Fasih ? Home Made Chicken Tikka Masala ? Ingredients, Red Chili Powder, 1 OR 1 and half Table Spoon (Heaped) Salt, To Taste Green Cardimom Powder, 1/4 Tea Spoon Nutmeg & Mace Powder, 1/4 Tea Spoon Garam Masala, 1 Tea Spoon Meat Tenderizer, 1 Tea Spoon (level) Tanduri Color, A Good Pinch, ⭕ Method, Mix all ingredients well, and you Tikka Masala is ready. (This masala Quantity is enough for 1 & 1/2 Kg chicken) ? Basic Chicken Tikka Marination ? Ingredients, Chicken Pieces, 1 Kg (i cut Whole Chicken in 4 pieces) Lemon Juice, 6 to 8 Table Spoon Hang Curd (Optional), Quarter Cup (If you use then add less lemon juice) Ginger Garlic Paste, 2 Table Spoon Tikka Masala (Home Made OR Shan Masala Its up to you) , 3 To 4 Table Spoon (It depends how spicy you like) Oil, 4 to 6 Table Spoon ? For Smoke, Hot Charcoal, 1 Big (Place in Foil or Small Steal plate) Oil, 2 Tea Spoon ⭕ Method, Wash Chicken pieces and do some cuts in chicken for proper penetration Of Spices. Take a big bowl, add all Ingredients and mix well, now add chicken pieces and message chicken with Spice (Masala) and put spice (Masala) in all cuts. And refrigerate for 3 to 4 hours or over night. ⭕ For Tikka Baking Method, Preheat the oven to 200C, Line a baking dish with foil & lightly brush with oil, Arrange the marinated chicken pieces at a uniform distance. and cover with foil (if you want JUICY tikka then plz cover it with foil to do not loose moisture of chicken) After baking 15 to 20 minutes, remove the tray, brush with oil and flip the tikka's. Brush the flipped tikka's with oil & let it bake for another 10 to 12 Minutes. Now remove the uper foil and grill for 4 to 5 minutes for both sides (for good color) The pieces should be lightly blackened . Now place all Chicken tikka and Hot Charcoal plate in a hot pot Pour oil on hot charcoal and cover Hot Pot led for delicious Smoke flavor. ⭕ For Stove Method, Heat a deep wok in slow flame. Add marinated chicken & Quarter cup of oil and cover the led. After 15 to 20 Minutes turn the chicken and cover up again. When 35 to 40 Minutes are done then un-cover the led and dry all Chicken Water's in high flame. Now place all Chicken tikka and Hot Charcoal plate in a hot pot Pour oil on hot charcoal and cover Hot Pot led for delicious Smoke flavor. Ingredients For Boiling Rice, Soaked Rice (Saila), 750 Grams Salt, To Taste White Cumin, 1 Tea Spoon Cinnamon, 3 to 4 Sticks Green Cardamom, 6 to 8 Aniseed Flowers, 2 Whole Black Pepper, 5 to 6 Bay Leave, 1 Method, Boil water in a big pot with all Ingredients (All whole garam masala's) when water in fully hot add soaked rice and cook till rice 3/4 done. Color Mixture Ingredients Milk, 2 to 3 Table Spoon Kewra, 1 Table Spoon Yellow Food Color 1/4 Tea Spoon Method, Mix all ingredients well & keep aside. Ingredients Of Layering, *Prepared Chicken Tikka (i baked chicken tikka) *Chicken Tikka Biryani Layered Masala *3/4 Done Boil Rice *Food Color Mixture Method, Take a wide pan add 1 Table Spoon Oil & 2 to 3 Table Spoon Of Water then add half rice then pour all masala then place all tikka's then add remaining rice and add yellow color mixture & cover the led tightly & put it on simmer (dum). Ready the mosttttt delicioussssssss Chicken Tikka Biryani
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