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  1. KASUR: Chief Minister Punjab Shehbaz Sharif visited Kasur on Wednesday to review the progress of the seven-year-old Zainab?s murder and rape case. While speaking to the media, Shehbaz urged the people in Kasur, especially those residing near Zainab?s house, to cooperate with the Joint Investigation Team and come forward with any information they might have. ?Please come forward and help the team,? he said assuring the people that they will be provided security and that their names will remain confidential. ?You will be provided security, you should not fear anyone,? he remarked. On the progress of the case, Shehbaz said that there have been some developments. The scientific pieces of evidence have helped the case move forward, he added. He shared that some evidence has revealed that there might be a possibility of an accomplice as well. ?We have not left any stones unturned. Comprehensive efforts are being taken by police, intelligence and law enforcing agencies in this regard.? He further said that suspects will be arrested but I can?t give a timeframe. ?The criminal will be arrested and taken to task as per law.? He shared that he is personally monitoring the situation and asked the people to refrain from speculating on the matter. ?Our efforts will bear fruits.? When asked about the Pakistan Awami Tehreek protest on Lahore?s Mall Road, he said: ?everyone will be held accountable.?
  2. “So how long did you stick to your New Year resolution?” is a common question we hear during this time of the year and it hurts, doesn't it? Most people have given up on making them altogether. The rest don't stick with them for too long because they've been led to believe that failure is inevitable. This is unfortunate because the idea of a New Year's resolution, albeit shrouded in pessimism, is a positive one wherein we recognize the need for self-improvement. Instead, the fault lies in our approach and the solution lies in Kaizen. Kaizen, which is Japanese for “change for better”. © Thinkstock/Getty Images What Is Kaizen? Kaizen is a Japanese business philosophy that promotes “continual improvement” as the mindset to achieve long-term goals. It is accurately captured in the following saying by Lao Tzu, “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” It encourages the practitioner to take small steps in the right direction every day, regardless of the magnitude of the task at hand. Taking small, slow steps may sound like an impractical, lazy or wasteful method but how many times have you paid for a gym membership, only to abandon it in a couple of weeks? A gym membership is a huge commitment – a big step – and gym owners are not even thankful when they receive your unwise charitable donation. Instead, Kaizen advocates that you start going for a 10-minute brisk walk every day for a couple of weeks and then start gradually adding a portion of salad to your meals and then, once you've trained your brain to be a bit more disciplined, you purchase the gym membership. This gradual build-up to a steady program is the exact opposite of the usual pattern. © Thinkstock/Getty Images Getting Better At Getting Better Clearly, this is not the way to build a six pack in six days because the essence of Kaizen is that setting goals like “six pack in six days” is a bad idea. Kaizen is more of a mindset, less of a productivity tool. It's not result-based, it's process-based. For example, it will not help if you just hit deadlines. Trust me, I've tried and the MensXP editor wasn't very happy about it! Nevertheless, it can be used to review the process of working towards hitting a deadline so that next time, I can make a small positive change to my writing process and improve. When practicing Kaizen, it's never about the final result because there's always room for improvement regardless of success or failure. Kaizen is a journey, not a destination. In fact, Kaizen advocates for continuously upgrading your destination as you get better. Why Does It Work? Based on evolution, we have three brains although Bollywood makes a strong case for us having none. These are the cortex, the mammalian brain and the reptilian brain. The cortex is the part that makes humans unique – civilization, music, creativity, all reside in the cortex. The mammalian mid-brain has the amygdala which controls the fight-or-flight response. When faced with an imminent threat, the body is prepared to act reflexively which leads the thinking part – the cortex – to slow down or shut down altogether since the ability to do calculus is not a priority when being chased by a tiger! The problem is that the amygdala gets activated whenever we deviate from routine. For the amygdala, safety comes first even when I'm sitting comfortably in my chair, imagining about taking over the world or any other obscenely big step. © Pexels Fear is the immediate response to anything new and it's a normal part of our lives. Yes, it's normal, embrace it. When we decide to take a big step, the amygdala comes into play, thus restricting access to our cortex. Small steps are a way to bypass the amygdala so that one can harness the complete powers of their cortex. Thus, Kaizen encourages taking steps that are so small that they're painless to follow through. This changes the focus from the staggering task at hand (say, learning how to play the guitar) to just being a little better than your previous self (“Let's learn how to play the first 4 notes of the DDLJ tune.”). The Toyota Way A classic example of Kaizen in action is The Toyota Production System. Any worker in Toyota's manufacturing units can stop the assembly line to fix a minor defect. This goes against the conventional idea of mass manufacturing which translates to, “never stop the line, we'll fix errors at the end of the line”. Taiichi Ohno, a manager influenced by the idea of “small, continual improvement”, noticed that fixing errors at the end was a time-consuming, expensive process. He trained his workers in Kaizen. They were trained to identify small problems and carry out small actions that could fix the problem then and there. As a result, contrary to conventional manufacturing and management wisdom, Toyota's production soared. © Reuters They took it one step further when they opened up the suggestions box to everyone. While doing their job, anyone who took the effort to ask small questions, like “What if there's an Excel function that does exactly what I'm doing by hand?”, could put in suggestions for the upper management to review. The good ones were rewarded appropriately. This practice gave every worker the incentive to find Kaizen opportunities at every stage of the production pipeline and it worked. Today, Toyota prides itself on being a reliable, good quality, affordable brand and they consider Kaizen to be instrumental in their success. You Can Do It It's important to note that Kaizen and innovation (a radical change, by definition, i.e. a big step) are not mutually exclusive. The emphasis is on continual improvement and more often than not, it's easier to make a miniscule change than it is to innovate. Even right now, imagine you're asked to innovate, and then imagine that you're asked to make the smallest improvement in your routine. Irrespective of the actual work, doesn't the latter have a soothing effect on your brain unlike the former that feels like a tough, elaborate 'Roadies' task? Kaizen is all about ease of adoption. It'll guide you to move at a slower, relaxed pace to achieve lasting change. In his book 'One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way', Dr. Robert Maurer says, “If you hit a wall of resistance, try scaling back the size of your steps. (...) The essence of Kaizen is an optimistic belief in our potential for continuous improvement.” © Thinkstock/Getty Images Conclusion There's the age-old debate between hard work and talent. Talent is inherent skill (like being good at guessing the meanings of words from the context in which they're used) and hard work requires rigor (like completing a book with several tough words in it). For the bigger goals in life, talent tends to fall short and hard work needs to be done over a long period of time, the results of which come even later. Hard work always trumps talent but people rely on the latter because performing consistent hard work for weeks without seeing the desired results is a scary proposition. The process is plagued with questions like, “What if I never make it? Should I have listened to my parents and stuck to a regular job?” In such dire circumstances, the Kaizen philosophy is like a friendly pat on the back telling you, “There's always light at the end of the tunnel. Eventually, these small improvements will add up. They surely will! Don't be intimidated by the horizon, just look down and put one foot in front of the other. You can do it.” References: “One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way” by Robert Maurer, PhD
  3. They say, "Nothing beats a crisp white shirt". Now, as you know, we don't agree with a lot of things people say, but this one stands out on its own right. It's true. A white shirt is one of the biggest classics when it comes to fashion. The fact that it is one of the safest choices, makes it incredibly versatile as well. Don't know the dress code and don't want to risk it? Wear a white shirt! This iconic piece of garment is a favourite when it comes to important meetings (like interviews!), and with good reason. Here, we have compiled a list of ten incredibly stylish white shirts that your wardrobe will thank you for. 1. Koovs Satin Muscle Fit Shirt With Metallic Buttons This shirt will fit you like a dream. Made from a cotton-lycra blend, this shirt has a spread collar and short hem, along with super sleek and understated metallic buttons. Price: INR 1499/- © Koovs Buy it here 2. Ajio Slim Fit Striped Shirt with Speckled Effect Featuring a striped pattern blended with a speckled effect, this cotton shirt with a patch pocket is the epitome of uber-cool fashion. We love the texture! Price: INR 1699/- © Ajio Buy it here 3. GlobalRang White Striped Casual Shirt For Men Crafted from a super comfortable linen fabric, this shirt will not only fit you well, it will also make you look slim and trim, courtesy the vertical stripes. Price: INR 599/- © Amazon Buy it here 4. Varkala Shirt - White Long sleeves and a round neckline make this shirt an unwavering classic, while the slightest hint of a check lining on the shoulders gives it the edge. Price: INR 3600/- © Nicobar Buy it here 5. The Classy Observer Cotton Shirt This sharp cut formal shirt, made using premium fabric will ensure optimum effect during office hours and even after you are out of the office. The minimal black detail is to die for. Price: INR 1599/- © Mr. Button Buy it here 6. The Classic Supima White Shirt This Classic white shirt is crafted with the finest 100% Supima cotton. This relaxed fit, styled with a tucked-in look teamed with black pants, make for a perfect formal attire. Price: INR 1399/- © PostFold Buy it here 7. Blue Seal Elegant. Sharp. Contemporary. Here's a print shirt that will work very well as a business shirt as well as an evening dress shirt. Price: INR 3890/- © Andamen Buy it here 8. Arrow Collar Shirt Tailored in regular fit using Oxford fabric for unmatched comfort, this white shirt has contrasting black buttons that will give you a dapper formal look. Price: INR 2000/- © Bhane Buy it here 9. John Players Men's Printed Casual Light Blue, White Shirt This shirt has a playful but understated appeal because of the light blue print on the white base. Feeling a little adventurous? Go for it! Price: INR 1039/- © Flipkart Buy it here 10. Flying Machine Striped Slim Fit Shirt Cut from light cotton in the brand's slim fit, this shirt is a knockout, with a forward-point collar and long sleeves with barrel cuffs. Price: INR 1080/- © Nnnow Buy it here
  4. Chinese Foreign Ministry?s spokesperson Lu Kang. Photo: Chinese media BEIJING: Chinese Foreign Ministry?s spokesperson Lu Kang on Monday said the Indian army chief's negative remarks about China and the Donglong border area were against the consensus reached between the two countries. ?Unconstructive remarks by the senior Indian official not only go against the consensus reached between the two heads of state, they also do not conform to the efforts made by the two sides to improve and develop bilateral relations,? spokesperson Lu Kang said during his regular press briefing. According to the Indian media, on January 12, Indian army chief General Bipin Rawat said at a press conference that China is a powerful country, but India is not a weak nation, and that India should shift its military focus to the northern border. He had said that the Dong Lang area doesn't belong to India and that Indian soldiers did cross into foreign territory during the standoff. Kang said that the Indian army chief's remarks will not help to preserve the peace and stability of the border areas. He asked the Indian military to learn lessons, abide by the historical conventions between the two countries, and earnestly uphold peace and stability of the border area, in addition to creating a sound atmosphere for the positive development of bilateral relations between the two countries. Lu Kang remarked that China-India relations had witnessed some twists and turns in the past one year and said in the BRICS leaders? summit meeting in last September, the two heads of state had reached some important consensus to properly handle the differences and promote bilateral relations back to the track of sound and steady development. Recently, the two sides had enhanced dialogue and consultations and the bilateral relations had shown sound momentum of improvement and development, he added. Terming China and India as important neighbours, he observed that both the countries were at the critical stage of national development and rejuvenation. ?The two countries should enhance strategic communication, eliminate strategic doubts and conduct strategic cooperation,? he added. Kang urged the Indian side to follow the important consensus reached between the leaders of the two countries and do more things to preserve peace and stability on the border areas and refrain from doing things that may complicate the situation. He also called upon India to constructively handle the relevant affairs and promote sound and steady development of the bilateral relations. ?This is in common interest of the whole region and also serves the interest of Indian side," said Lu Kang. The spokesperson also pointed out that the remarks of the Indian army chief once again showed that the illegal trespass of the Indian border troops was clear-cut in nature. He, however, made it clear that the Donglong area belongs to China and Sikkim section of the China-India boundary had been delaminated by a historical convention. ?Donglong is China?s territory and China will continue to exercise its sovereignty rights in Donglong area in accordance with historical conventions and steadfastly uphold its territorial sovereignty,? he added. ?As I said just now, we hope India can learn from it and avoid the recurrence of some incidents that took place last year,? he added. He said the relations between the two sides had also shown signs of improvement in overall development for some time. ?I believe everybody can feel that against this background, the remark made by the top Indian military official is inconsistent with the spirit of the important consensus reached by the leaders of the two countries and the current efforts of both China and India to improve the general trend of the relations between the two parties and the promotion of strategic cooperation is also incompatible,? he added. ?We believe such remarks are not conducive to the joint efforts of the two countries to maintain peace and stability across the border and to India itself,? he concluded.
  5. 2018 wasn't exactly off to a good start for UIDAI. With 'The Tribune' exposing a major security breach in the protection of our Aadhaar details followed by an FIR by UIDAI against the newspaper, the authority was in the news for all the wrong reasons, attracting major backlash from across the country. While UIDAI dismissed The Tribune story as a case of misreporting, they still had a lot to answer for. Tribune's Story “Rs 500, 10 minutes, and you have access to billion Aadhaar details” is a case of misreporting. No biometric data breach @thetribunechd @rsprasad @ceo_uidai @timesofindia @firstpost @IndiaToday @ZeeNews — Aadhaar (@UIDAI) January 4, 2018 And now, they have started working towards pacifying the citizens with a new feature. In addition to the fingerprint and the iris scan, UIDAI has now introduced face recognition as a new method of Aadhaar authentication. Dr Ajay Bhushan Pandey, CEO-UIDAI took to Twitter to make the announcement. @UIDAI introduces yet another landmark technology for authentication - Face Authentication. #AadhaarFaceAuth will help all elderly or others facing issues with fingerprint authentication. Service to be launched by 1 July 2018. — CEO UIDAI (@ceo_uidai) January 15, 2018 This new feature which will be launched by July 1, 2018, has been developed mainly to help the elderly and others who are facing issues with fingerprint and iris scan. While the motive behind this step sounds excellent, everyone is now concerned about its successful implementation. And Twitter has a lot to ask and say on this (as always). 1. The Most Important Question. What if you happen to have an evil twin? — Derick Thomas (@derick_thomas) January 15, 2018 2. This Man Is Not At All Happy. Body odor, voice and lips too biometric. Please collect them too. — Raghuraman L.N. (@raghuynt) January 15, 2018 3. They Definitely Should Take This Into Consideration. Aadhar to introduce Face Authentication feature. It could create problems though...!! — LolmLol (@LOLiyapa) January 15, 2018 4. 'Dadang' At UIDAI HQ - "Sir, Aadhaar hasn't been doing too well." "Ok. Let's try Phase 2." "Face too? Okay sir." ⬠DADANG ⬠Aadhaar to support Face Authentication.#SelfThoo — Ramesh Srivats (@rameshsrivats) January 15, 2018 5. Can't Wait For This To Happen. UIDAI: "Guys, guys. Listen. Guys. Your Aadhaar details are more secure with face recognition." Sajid Khan [holding Farah's aadhaar in hand] "Kya mazaak hai yeh" — Akshar (@AksharPathak) January 15, 2018 6. LOL Roger Federer will also get an Aadhar card now. Thank you Arbaaz bhai! — H. (@ThatLocalGuy) January 15, 2018 7. Is That You Tim? First, fingerprint. Now, Face Authentication. Have started strongly suspecting that the real person behind Aadhaar is Tim Cook. — Ramesh Srivats (@rameshsrivats) January 15, 2018 8. Once Again Aadhaar Face Authentication Really?? Have you really thought it out @UIDAI ? ð — Rosy (@rose_k01) January 15, 2018 9. Ummm…. Waiting for iPhone X users to scream 'privacy of individual is in danger' with face authentication option in Aadhar mechanism. — Vivek Shukla (@tweetfromVivek) January 15, 2018 10. Do You Recognize Yourself In Your Aadhaar Card Photo? *sigh* they just allowed Face authentication too ð¬ Don't know how well it will work with the kind of photos they took. — शिशिर (@sheksis) January 15, 2018 And just when we thought it'll all calm down, we came across this parody account of UIDAI and whoever runs this account has got no chill. Have a look at the hilarious tweets: Dhiraj, If face authentication fails, we will collect DNA, we will deactivate your aadhaar till you voluntarily give DNA and pay us a meager 5000 rupees DNA extraction fees. Jai Hind. — Aadhaar Chand (@uvidai) January 15, 2018 Thanks Sushovan, we will go for DNA extraction once face authentication fails, there is no plan to do genital authentication as it will be obscene. Jai Hind.@narendramodi @arunjaitley @rsprasad — Aadhaar Chand (@uvidai) January 15, 2018 Sushovan, do not get too excited, we already know face authentication will not work, which will pave the way to DNA authentication, which will always work. Jai Hind. — Aadhaar Chand (@uvidai) January 15, 2018 While all these reactions are hilarious, we really do hope this new step is indeed implemented successfully.
  6. It?s time to empower your children to be brave and safe. Talk now to help prevent child abuse. The brutal rape and murder of seven-year-old Zainab in Kasur is not a one-off incident. Child sexual abuse statistics paint a grim picture of our society ? as many as 11 cases of child sexual abuse are reported from across Pakistan every day, according to data collected by non-governmental organisation Sahil. Children are most vulnerable, least powerful, and least likely to be able to protect themselves from abusers. Child abusers often know how to emotionally manipulate their intended victims, gaining their trust well in advance of the actual abuse. [embed_video1 url= style=center] Here are some simple, every day actions that you can take as parents to help prevent child abuse: --Accompany your children outdoors, or ask a trusted member of the family to accompany your children in case you cannot. --Keep an eye out for your children, monitor their whereabouts. --If you have a caretaker/domestic help at home, don?t leave your children alone with them. Submit details of the caretaker/housemaid to your nearest police station as a precaution. --Designate a place for the children to play in. Make sure a parent/guardian of at least one of the children is present at the venue and keeping a watchful eye. Also, set a particular play time for the children. If they want to play for longer, make sure a trusted individual is present with them. Photo taken from Tabeer, a not for profit organisation with a mission to create awareness on health and social issues in the community, to the literate, semiliterate and the illiterate individuals alike and through conventional, unconventional and innovative means. --Don?t allow your children to enter strangers? houses, including neighbours you don?t know. --Don?t allow strangers inside your house/area/locale. --Don?t send your children to the shops/markets alone. --Talk to your children about abuse. Teach them about the good touch and the bad touch. --Tell your children to report any inappropriate touch to you immediately. --Tell your children to shout and say ?Don?t touch me!? if they feel uncomfortable with any touch. According to the latest numbers released by Sahil, an organisation that works on child protection with a special focus on sexual abuse, a total of 1,764 cases of child abuse were reported from across the country in the first six months of 2017 alone. Of all cases, 15 percent of the crimes were committed at the victim's own place, while 12 percent were said to have taken place at an acquaintance?s place. Also read: Child *** abuse statistics in Pakistan Statistics from another social awareness organisation Aahung show that as many as 47 per cent of child sexual abuse incidents are perpetrated by the relatives of the child. Around 43 per cent of the perpetrators are acquaintances of the child, while only seven per cent are strangers. It?s time to empower your children to be brave and safe. Talk now.
  7. Believe us or not, but Paris is the uncontested ruler when it comes to being the most romantic city in the world. Paris is responsible for giving birth to some of the most beautiful love stories. Paris was also the place where Kangana Ranaut wanted to go and visit the Eiffel Tower with Rajkummar Rao for her honeymoon in the movie 'Queen'. While, Ranaut had to go on her honeymoon alone and did not get to fulfil her love story, a certain Juliana Corrales got her own romantic moment at the Eiffel Tower, but with a complete stranger. via GIPHY Juliana, an 18-year-old from California, who was on a school trip to Paris, reportedly made a pact with herself that she will enjoy a kiss on top of the Eiffel Tower and she did exactly that by kissing a complete stranger. Apparently, on the last day of her trip, Juliana's friends helped her find the guy who will agree to this task. Honestly, it is stories like these that make us burn with jealousy, because forget the kiss, most of us might get thrashed for merely approaching them. Although Juliana got her romantic moment, her love story reached a dead-end because she did not get his number. via GIPHY Had this been a Bollywood movie, the girl would have possibly gone and waited at the same spot for YEARS and the camera would have zoomed in and out within seconds and then show her as an old woman. But, this is the real world and thanks to social media, tracking has become faster than expected. On days, when Twitter is not busy cracking jokes or making memes, it utilizes its time to help track down people. She took to her Twitter fam for help and wrote, “Kissed this great guy on the top of the Eiffel Tower, biggest regret is that I didn't get his number, Twitter can ya help a girl out?” © Twitter Juliana Corrales Soon Twitter flooded her with messages asking for the back story and she obliged. I need the backstory of this. — Jules. (@spycharmed) January 9, 2018 © Twitter Juliana Corrales © Twitter Juliana Corrales © Twitter Juliana Corrales © Twitter Juliana Corrales But the real star, however, turned out to be the boy's super cool mum, who urged her son, whose name is Gavin, to kiss Juliana again. Oh god, if this does not count as parenting goals, we wonder what does? © Twitter Juliana Corrales Well, soon enough Twitter tapped into its inner Sherlock and did manage to track down Gavin for her. He went to the Eiffel Tower with his mother. His MOTHER!! Girl marry him. Good luck girl. L. I'm in California but I'll ship him to you if I see him. ðâ¤ï¸ — Dee is finally seeing Harry ð­ (@Unreliable_liar) January 9, 2018 God I hope this girl find this boy, (Even though I'm jealous cause he's so freaking handsome lol) but God seriously, help this girl to find him, amen. — Miranda (@astrithMJ) January 9, 2018 IM LITERALLY LOOKING ON EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA — stevie nicks sit on my face (@signsofthehs) January 9, 2018 What day was this taken? You could find him by checking the posts on Instagram with the location tagged as the Eiffel Tower — Maha (@hometomaha) January 9, 2018 after an extensive Facebook search there was literally 6 Gavin's in Paris during this time frame and none of them are the boy in the vid ð­ — ã¤ã¤678-999-8212 (@BelieveAcoustic) January 9, 2018 sis this is his mums insta and his is gav_gavv!! — mia (@runnfromIove) January 9, 2018 THIS IS HIM HE USE TO BE MY NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR LET YOUR LOVE THRIVE — Pocahontas (@sopapilla101) January 9, 2018 Can we say that Twitter is possibly the best thing that could have ever happened to us? And probably the best detective in the whole f**king world. And we guess this person agrees with us. this thread is wild. like, I truly believe that the inspectors in this thread could collectively find & cure cancer within 24 hours if someone made a post asking for a cure. ð Y'all wasting y'all investigative talents. — ð¸ð¾ (@HairWeave) January 9, 2018 But, Twitter was in a state of shock when it realized that our hero Gavin might already be taken. when I saw he has a girlfriend — tanjil (@tanjilnewkirk) January 9, 2018 Y'all he has a Girlfriend... Men ain't shit once again. — Jules. (@spycharmed) January 9, 2018 However, Juliana was so touched by Twitter's gesture that she thanked them for helping her out and remained unfazed by the fact that he might have a girlfriend. © Twitter Juliana Corrales © Twitter Juliana Corrales Source: The Sun
  8. When people want bigger arms, they generally focus on their biceps only. That's because biceps are the most shown off muscle on the planet! But this is exactly where you are wrong. To have huge guns, you need to concentrate more on your triceps than biceps. If you don't know this already, let me tell you that around 66% of your arm is made up of triceps and the rest is biceps. As the name itself suggests, there are three muscle heads in the tricep muscle group unlike two in biceps muscle group. Today, I am going to tell you exercises which will help you get bigger and thicker triceps. The Anatomy Of Triceps Since there are three heads of the tricep muscle group, it is important that we include an exercise for every head. The three heads in the triceps are the lateral head (that makes the horseshoe shape), the medial head and the long head. While extending the elbow and straightening the arm is done primarily by the lateral and medial head, the long head is responsible for adduction along with the lats (back muscles). Now, there are various exercises that can be done to isolate the triceps but I'll tell you the 5 most effective in this article. 1) Close Grip Bench Press © YouTube This exercise is performed on a normal bench press. The movement is identical to a bench press with the only difference being the grip with which the barbell is grabbed. While in a bench press, the grip is more than shoulder width apart and the grip of arm is very close. The distance between the hands will be the distance that equals a little more than both thumbs placed together on the bar. 2) Skull Crusher © YouTube This exercise is done on an isolated flat bench. Though you can use the normal barbell, ideally, the EZ Bar is recommended because of better impact on the lateral head of the triceps. The starting position of the exercise is when your arms are perpendicular to the floor. Slowly lower the barbell towards your head till it reaches just above your face and then push it back to where you started. You can perform heavy sets as well as drop sets in this exercise. 3) Pulley Pushdown © YouTube I am sure that this exercise must already be a part of your exercise regime, if not; you've missed the Universal Exercise of triceps. Drop sets, heavy sets, partial sets, eccentric sets you name it, every form of workout can be done on the pulley machine to work your triceps. The best part is that you don't even need a spotter for it. Since the pulley and knob is in front of you, you can adjust the weights by yourself accordingly. The variation for this exercise includes various other grips like the V-Bar, reverse grip, Rope Grip etc. 4) Overhead Extension © YouTube This exercise can be performed either with help of a dumbbell or using a rope in a high pulley. This exercise concentrates more on the long head, which I've seen is generally weak in a lot of people. Since folks only concentrate on pulley down, the long head of the triceps is hardly trained. A variation of this exercise includes using both hands and single hand to lift the rope or dumbbell. 5) Bench Dips © YouTube This is one of my favorite exercises as you don't even need gym equipment to perform this exercise. All you need is two benches which are almost of the same height. Place your hands on one bench and legs on the other. Now slowly lower yourself till your arms make a 90 degree angle. This is also one of the most effective exercises for triceps. You can also add weights to your lap to increase the difficulty level. Anuj Tyagi is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Sports Nutritionist and Therapeutic Exercise Specialist From American Council on Exercise (ACE) . He is the Founder of the website where he provides online Training. Though a Chartered Accountant by education, he has been closely associated with Fitness Industry since 2006. His motto is to transform people Naturally and he believes that the secret formula for Fitness is Consistency and commitment towards your Training and Nutrition. You can connect with him through Facebook and Youtube.
  9. A woman walks past a TV broadcasting a news report on a high-level talks between the two Koreas at the truce village of Panmunjom, in Seoul, South Korea, January 9, 2018. Photo: REUTERS 1 SEOUL: North and South Korea kicked off their first formal talks in more than two years on Tuesday, with both sides expressing optimism ahead of discussions on how the North?s athletes can attend the Winter Olympics in the South despite tensions. Regardless of its narrow, primarily sporting agenda, the meeting is being closely watched by world leaders eager for any sign of a reduction in tensions on the Korean peninsula amid rising fears over North Korea?s development of nuclear weapons and defiance of United Nations Security Council resolutions. ?We came to this meeting today with the thought of giving our brethren, who have high hopes for this dialogue, invaluable results as the first present of the year...,? said head of North Korea?s delegation Ri Son Gwon. North Korea entered the talks with a ?serious and sincere stance?, said Ri, chairman of the North?s Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland. His counterpart, South Korea?s Unification Minister Cho Myoung-gyon, also expressed optimism. ?Our talks began after North and South Korea were severed for a long time, but I believe the first step is half the trip,? said Cho. ?It would be good for us to make that ?good present? you mentioned earlier.? The two sides are discussing North Korea?s participation in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and the Paralympics as well as the improvement of inter-Korean relations. Cho has said his delegation is also preparing to discuss resuming reunions of family members separated by the Korean War, which ended in a ceasefire and technically left the two Koreas still at war. Some South Korean officials are hoping the two Koreas may even march under a single flag at the Winter Games, which would be the first time in more than a decade that the two Koreas united under one flag at a sporting event opening. Pointing to his briefcase before departing for the border, Cho smiled and said, ?I have a bit of luggage,? adding, ?Everything feels slightly new as we have not had talks in a while?. Just before the delegation drove into the demilitarised zone some 20 South Koreans were seen waving a banner reading: ?We wish the success of the high-ranking inter-Korean talks?. One man was spotted waving a flag with a unified Korean peninsula. Five senior officials from each side met at the three-storey Peace House on the South Korean side of the Panmunjom truce village from 10AM. The North Korean delegation walked over the border inside the joint security area (JSA) to the Peace House around 0030 GMT, a Unification Ministry official told reporters. Cameras and microphones are usually placed in the room to ensure that officials from both sides can monitor the talks. The United States, which has 28,500 troops stationed in South Korea as a legacy of the 1950-1953 Korean War, initially responded coolly to the idea of inter-Korean meetings. ?A GOOD THING? The State Department had said Pyongyang ?might be trying to drive a wedge? between Washington and Seoul and weaken a US-led campaign to force North Korea to give up its development of nuclear-tipped missiles capable of hitting the United States. US President Donald Trump spent much of the past year deriding negotiations as useless and lobbing insults at North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, but recently Trump called the new talks ?a good thing? and said they had been prompted by his ?firm, strong? stance. Trump has said he would like to see talks go beyond the Olympics and added: ?At the appropriate time, we?ll get involved.? A spokeswoman for the US State Department, Katina Adams, did not respond directly when asked about suggestions from some South Korean officials that the two Koreas could march under a single flag at the Olympic opening ceremony and even compete as a single nation in some events, but said: ?We are in close contact with the Republic of Korea about our unified response to North Korea, including the need to maintain pressure to achieve a denuclearised Korean Peninsula. ?Diplomatic options remain viable and open and the United States remains committed to finding a peaceful path to denuclearising the Korean Peninsula.? At the same time, Adams said Washington remained ?clear-eyed about (North Korea?s) track record when it comes to negotiations? and added: ?Time will tell if this is a genuine gesture.?
  10. If you have been following MensXP Health then you must have read articles about the benefits of cable workouts. Of course, continuous tension is the key benefit of any cable workout. In this piece, I will break down a different element of cable assisted workouts and that is 'Angle Variations'. To explain it best, we will look at pectoral development using cable assisted exercises. We will pick a chest workout to explain this element and also how can you target different parts of the chest using a single cable pulley machine. A Bit About The Pectoral Muscle (Chest Muscle) © YouTube The chest muscle is broadly categorized into 2 parts, the pectoralis (pec) major and the pectoralis minor. The pec major is further divided into the upper pec and the lower pec. For overall chest development, it is important to train the chest muscle at different angles to achieve optimum development. Cable Pulley Machine And Pectorals Categorized under an isolation exercise, the pulley machine is a great tool to train your chest muscles. However, by changing the pulley height, we can precisely target the different parts of your chest. 1) Low Cable Pulley Crossover Fly for Upper Pec Major The low cable pulley fly targets your upper pec major, also known as the upper chest. © YouTube To perform this exercise, bring down the pulleys to the extreme bottom of the machine. Stand in the center of the machine and grip the D handles to bring them up until your hands are joined in the front- center of your chest. 2) High Cable Pulley Crossover for Lower Pec Major © YouTube This is the most common form of a cable crossover exercise that targets your lower pec major aka the lower chest. To perform this, bring up the pulley to the top end. Grip the D handles and while standing in the center, bring your hands forward until they come together towards the middle of your chest. 3) Center Cable Pulley Crossover Fly For Pec Minor © YouTube If you want to hit the pec minor aka the center part of the chest, bring down the pulley to the center (adjust according to your height). Grip the handles and try to feel the isolation in the middle of the chest while performing the cross overfly at this angle. How Many Sets and Reps? For any variation, you can perform 8-12 reps for at least 3-4 sets. Usually, lifters perform this exercise as a finisher but you can also perform it as the first set of your chest workout. The purpose, in that case, would be to pre-exhaust your pecs You can also perform this exercise as a ladder set, which means one set at a high angle, followed by middle and the bottom pulley angle. Note: Avoid bending your elbows too much while you bring your arms together in front of your chest (In a concentric phase).
  11. A South Korean soldier stands guard at a checkpoint on the Grand Unification Bridge that leads to the truce village of Panmunjom ? just south of the demilitarized zone separating the two Koreas ? in Paju, South Korea, January 9, 2018. REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji SEOUL: North and South Korea will hold their first formal talks for more than two years on Tuesday, brought together by sport to discuss how the North?s athletes can attend next month?s Winter Olympics in the South despite simmering fears of conflict. Regardless of its narrow, primarily sporting agenda, the meeting will be closely watched by world leaders eager for any sign of a reduction in tensions on the Korean peninsula amid rising fears over North Korea?s development of nuclear weapons and defiance of United Nations Security Council resolutions. ?The talks will focus on North Korea?s participation in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and our preparations have centered around some requests made by the North for a peaceful Olympic Games,? Unification Ministry spokesman Baek Tae-hyun told a media conference on Monday. Some South Korean officials are hoping the two Koreas may even march under a single flag at a sports opening ceremony for the first time in more than a decade. Five senior officials from each side will meet at the three-storey Peace House on the South Korean side of the Panmunjom truce village, with talks to begin at 10 a.m. (0100 GMT). As previously, cameras and microphones will be placed in the room to ensure that officials from both sides can monitor the talks as they happen. The United States, which has 28,500 troops stationed in South Korea as a legacy of the 1950-1953 Korean War, initially responded coolly to the idea of inter-Korean meetings. The State Department had said Pyongyang ?might be trying to drive a wedge? between Washington and Seoul and weaken a U.S.-led campaign to force North Korea to give up its development of nuclear-tipped missiles capable of hitting the United States. U.S. President Donald Trump spent much of the past year deriding negotiations as useless and lobbing insults at North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. But on Thursday, Trump called the new talks ?a good thing? and said they had been prompted by his ?firm, strong? stance, which has included harsher international sanctions and threats of military intervention if the North does not give up its weapons program. On Saturday, Trump said he was ?100 percent? behind the talks and hoped for positive developments. He also said he would ?absolutely? be willing to talk on the phone to Kim. ?Look, right now they?re talking Olympics. It?s a start, it?s a big start,? he said. ?If something can happen and something comes out of those talks, that would be a great thing for all of humanity, that would be a great thing for the world,? he said. Trump said he would like to see talks go beyond the Olympics and added: ?At the appropriate time, we?ll get involved.? A spokeswoman for the U.S. State Department, Katina Adams, did not respond directly when asked about suggestions from some South Korean officials that the two Koreas could march under a single flag at the Olympic opening ceremony and even compete as a single nation in some events, but said: ?We are in close contact with the Republic of Korea about our unified response to North Korea, including the need to maintain pressure to achieve a denuclearized Korean Peninsula. ?Diplomatic options remain viable and open and the United States remains committed to finding a peaceful path to denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula.? At the same time, Adams said, Washington remained ?clear-eyed about (North Korea?s) track record when it comes to negotiations? and added: ?Time will tell if this is a genuine gesture.? U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson reiterated last week that any future talks between the United States and North Korea must be aimed at denuclearization and warned that diplomatic efforts were backed by a strong military option if necessary. South Korea?s President Moon Jae-in persuaded the United States to delay joint military exercises until after the Olympics in a bid to reduce tensions and possibly create room for diplomacy. The talks come after North Korea?s Kim used his New Year?s Day speech to announce he was open to sending a delegation to the Olympics as well as reducing tensions on the Korean peninsula, while vowing to never give up his nuclear weapons program. Baek said other issues aimed at boosting cooperation between the two Koreas will be discussed. Unification Minister Cho Myong-gyon has said his delegation has been preparing to discuss resuming reunions of family members separated by the 1950-1953 Korean War. That conflict ended in a ceasefire and technically the two sides remain at war. North Korea?s delegation will be led by Ri Son Gwon, chairman of the North?s Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland. Committee vice chairman Jon Song Su and Hwang Chung Song, a director, will join Ri. Ri, the committee chairman who was promoted to his current position in June 2016, is a seasoned negotiator for inter-Korean talks although his previous experience has mostly been military-related due to his career in the armed forces.
  12. In a recent survey by JobBuzz, an employer's rating platform powered by TimesJobs, results showed that nearly 95 percent of the participants believed their salaries were not as per market standards. Negotiating while accepting a job offer is not optional, in fact, it's essential. According to a recent survey held among 1,000 employers and employees, 84 percent employers said they always expect job applicants to negotiate salary during the final interview stage. Your current salary determines the future ones too. Even if you aren't a negotiator, use these tricks to get exactly what you are worth. 1. Offer Call © Thinkstock/Getty Images Use the offer call (or email) carefully. Since that is the first interaction, you are not expected to provide your salary expectation. When asked the same, politely convey that you need to study the job profile and always ask them to email you all the details. This is the perfect time to ask about other benefits in addition to salary offered by the company including vacation time, moving allowance, and signing bonus. While freshers and hourly pay employees might not get offered all of these benefits, some of the best companies do which can add up to as much as 50% of the in-hand salary. This needs to be considered. Also, moving bonuses are definitely worth bringing up if you're moving to a new city. 2. How Much Are You Worth? © Thinkstock/Getty Images Study the job description and understand the expectations. Reach out to a fellow professional with the similar years of experience as you and note down the amount they are getting paid. It is always a good practice to get in touch with an employee of the company you are applying. The simple way to determining your salary is that you ask for 15% to 30% more than what you're currently making. It is more than two promotions on average. The last factor to consider is the amount they are ready to pay. No negotiation voodoo will work if their initial offer is half your expected amount. Your final expected amount should be ambitious and realistic, backed up with data about company and facts, not second-hand knowledge. 3. Communicate Your Expectations During The Face To Face Interview © Thinkstock/Getty Images Once you pass all the rounds and sit down to discuss the final details, the ball is pretty much in your court. You will now be asked, “What are your salary expectations?” Answer this with a cross-question. “What is the standard salary range for someone in this position?” Experts suggest letting your employer quote the offer first. This will give you an idea of whether the employer is considering the amount mentioned in the initial rounds or not, and also give you an idea of the difference between his offer and your calculated amount. Chances are that the employer won't be willing to go through the entire hiring process again and instead would prefer to negotiate or even accept your offer if you can convince him that you will prove to be an asset to the company. Open with a statement like, “Given my responsibilities based on the profile, I believe we could maybe work out a slightly different amount and package- which works favorably for us both?” Your final take should be to positively lay down your well-researched offer and take special care that you are not coming off as unrealistic or too stubborn. At the end, you're going to either have to accept or decline. Either way, walk out with grace and gratitude which would tempt them to offer future opportunities to collaborate.
  13. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon is the richest man on the planet. Do you ever wonder what is it that distinguishes him from everyone else out there? Yes, there are many gifts a person is born with but then it is the smart implementation and utilization of those gifts that actually matters the most. Jeff resigned from his high paying job at Wall Street with an idea as small as selling books online. He knew it would work and he believed in himself and the people who supported him to take this risk-filled journey. Together they made Amazon what it is today. Here are some of his habits which have helped him shape a business empire like no other. 1. He puts customer experience on the top ©The Business Tutor In an interview, Jeff was asked why he was willing to sacrifice company profits in order to focus on making Amazon more customer-centric. Jeff said, "In the long run if you take care of customers, that is taking care of shareholders." Thus, without outside pressure, Amazon ignored cries from investors to become profitable right away, and instead invested in customer-centric improvements. Then, again in 2014, Amazon's shares took a 10 percent hit after an earnings report showed the company was not profitable. After all this, rather than listening to naysayers, the company invested more money in building additional fulfillment centers that would allow for faster delivery. Since then, company's stock has increased roughly by a whopping 285 percent. 2. He knows what innovation can do. Jeff Bezos knows innovation can outpace anybody faster than anyone could ever imagine. That is one of the reasons he keeps an eye on innovation. Amazon has Lab126 which has developed a number of category-defining products. From the Kindle to the Echo, Amazon uses innovation to improve customer experience and to break into new markets. How many companies actually do that? Amazon Web Services provides the backbone for over 100,000 companies like Netflix and the CIA. Drone delivery is another one such bet. Thus, with the help of drones, customers will be able to receive a delivery for items up to 5 pounds, which constitutes 86 percent of Amazon's items, in less than 30 minutes. 3. He hires rigorously ©HRinDemand Jeff knows that running such a huge customer-centric company requires a lot of remarkable hands and it is not a one-man army. He encourages recruiters to hire only the best and most creative minds in the industry. The hiring standards maintained at Amazon can be understood with what Bezos wrote in his 1998 letter to shareholders, "Setting the bar high in our approach to hiring has been and will be, the single most important element of's success." 4. He spends money on what matters. It was the year 1999 when Bob Simon asked Jeff Bezos about his desk. It looked like a door with four rickety wooden legs bolted and taped together. Jeff said that the desk was a symbol of spending money on things that matter to customers and not spending money on things that don't. Even today, the employees who are able to identify areas of major savings are awarded the "Door Desk Award." This is given to encourage and in recognition of innovative cost savings that will allow the company to offer customers more competitive prices as a result. 5. He has an unyielding work ethic Seeing today's competition, Jeff clearly understands that Amazon is going through an existential battle every day. He has said, "companies have short lifespans and Amazon will be disrupted someday." Thus by developing a culture that rewards innovative minds who are willing to work long hours to tackle challenging problems, Amazon will be more capable of fending off disruption by competitors. This is what has worked for them since the company was founded almost two decades ago in 1994.
  14. South Africa's Faf du Plessis makes a run during the first Test cricket match between India and South Africa in Newlands Stadium, Cape Town, South Africa, January 5, 2017. REUTERS/Sumaya Hisham South Africa seamer Dale Steyn grabbed his first test wicket after an injury absence of 14 months as the hosts fought back against a fired-up India on an enthralling first day of cut-and-thrust cricket in the opening test at Newlands on Friday. Steyn took his career tally to 418 wickets, three behind South African record-holder Shaun Pollock, as India were reduced to 28 for three at the close having bowled out the hosts for 286 on a spicy wicket offering bounce and some sideways movement. Cheteshwar Pujara (five) and Rohit Sharma (zero) will resume on the second day as the tourists, who trail by 258, seek an answer to the venom in the pitch and the home seam attack. Steyn, who had missed the last 15 tests with a career-threatening shoulder injury, caught and bowled dangerous opener Shikhar Dhawan for 16 with a quick delivery that proved he has lost none of his paces. ?Having him back after such a long time is special to a lot of us. He has been the spearhead of this attack for such a long time,? Steyn?s fellow opening bowler Vernon Philander said. ?We wanted to get as close to 300 as possible, which I think is a lot of runs on this wicket.? India's captain Virat Kohli gestures after the wall of South Africa's last wicket during the first Test cricket match between India and South Africa in Newlands Stadium, Cape Town, South Africa, January 5, 2017. REUTERS/Sumaya Hisham India also lost Murali Vijay for one, caught by Dean Elgar at gully off Philander, while Morne Morkel claimed the wicket of visiting captain Virat Kohli, who played at a rising delivery outside off-stump and was caught by wicketkeeper Quinton de Kock for five. South Africa won the toss and elected to bat, but were soon in trouble at 12 for three as India seamer Bhuvneshwar Kumar (4-87) tore through the top order. Kumar took a wicket in each of his opening three overs as he snagged opener Elgar with the third ball of the day and then had Aiden Markram and Hashim Amla dismissed cheaply. The home side threw a counter punch with half centuries from AB de Villiers (65) and captain Faf du Plessis (62) as they put on 114 for the fourth wicket. De Villiers reached his 50 off 55 deliveries before being bowled by test debutant Jasprit Bumrah (1-73) after lunch, while Du Plessis flashed at a wide delivery from all-rounder Hardik Pandya (1-53). South Africa?s tail wagged to a degree as they put on 144 for the last five wickets, with De Kock (43) particularly fluent until he was Kumar?s fourth victim, caught behind by wicketkeeper Wriddhiman Saha. ?We started really well but lost our way. We could have bowled better and gave away 25-30 extra runs,? Kumar said. ?I just wanted to bowl in good areas. We knew the wicket would not be slow and that there would be some lateral movement.? South Africa host India in three tests this month with the next two to be played in Pretoria and Johannesburg.
  15. If you are a regular MensXP Health reader, by now, a lot of you know me as an author on the portal. Apart from this, I also own and operate Sixpacktummy, a fitness company. With this piece, I am going to detail my journey from a skinny, small boy who went on to get jacked, naturally. After getting bullied for being too thin, it was in 2007 that I decided to pick up weights. Initially, the purpose was not to get healthy or anything but was just to look good and to get rid of the bullies. Thus, began my journey. Motivated by 'Ghajini' Aamir Khan's look for the movie 'Ghajini' gave me a big push. I thought, if Aamir Khan could transform in his 40's, then why can't I? Back then, I couldn't afford a gym membership, so I bought a pair of dumbbells and started working out at home. I used to work out in the same one room apartment where I lived. Learning how to exercise through the Internet and health magazines, I was able to achieve 14 inch biceps. There were hardly any decent supplement shops, forget about authentic ones. My diet was all natural food and I would consume egg whites as the only protein source. I took my first supplement after 4 years of training. My transformation from an extremely thin guy to an average built guy was only done with the help of a pair of dumbbells and a nutritious diet. Hard to believe, but that's the truth! A Desi Trainer Almost Ruined My Progress © Anuj Tyagi Though initially, I did things on my own and was pretty happy with the results, I decided to take things to the next level by joining a good gym and training under a trainer. Since it was my first experience of working out in the gym, I put blind faith in my trainer. This trust soon came with a backlash and I suffered a back injury. He made me do deadlifts with incorrect technique which resulted in a disc bulge in my lower back. The impact was such that I couldn't do deadlifts until last year. During this period, I didn't train my lower back but made sure that I was working out the rest of my muscles. Another setback was when I tore my ACL during Kickboxing practice. It was a sports injury for which I was operated on and was on bed rest for months at end. Even while on bed rest, I made sure to work my arms. That was the kind of passion I had towards weight training. Due to this injury, I had to avoid working my legs for two years, which made them my weakest muscles. From CA to Health Coach © Anuj Tyagi Professionally, I am a Chartered Accountant. It wasn't uncommon for me to skip training because of work commitments. Sometimes I couldn't even go to the gym due to work pressure. But fitness was something that I couldn't keep myself away from. I setup a small gym in my apartment and would workout from 12 am to 2am in the night. No matter how tired I was, I made sure to still workout. By this time I had realised that this is what my passion was. I decided to follow my passion and turn it into my profession and went for my certification with the American Counsel for Exercise. Science Got Me Ripped, Not Steroids © Anuj Tyagi Like any other fitness enthusiast, even I believed that six packs are built only with the help of steroids. But the whole idea of putting a needle in my butt just didn't sound good to me. I was told by the industry experts that no matter how hard I trained, I cannot achieve a chiselled physique without steroids. You won't believe that even Mr. India's and Mr. Delhi's had the same view. After getting my certification from ACE, I realised that the fitness industry was flooded with misconceptions. The biggest one was the use of steroids to achieve a beach body. I implemented whatever I learnt during my own training and nutrition program and achieved a physique that I dreamt of. Moving from one trainer to another, from one website to the next, I ultimately and relentlessly pursued scientifically proven studies and got the results I aimed for. It took me around 6 months of extensive training and dieting and I was there. I followed a structured low carb, high protein and low fat diet. When people saw my pictures, nobody believed that I did it naturally. The problem is, since they don't know how it can be done naturally, they don't believe it. This is how our Fitness Industry is and you can't really do much about it. The Take Away The man aim of fitness is to have a balance of strength, endurance, agility, body balance and power. Today, I have fixed my lower back issues without any medicines and surgery. How? With proper training and nutrition! Trust me, that is what you need to concentrate on first, supplements will come later.
  16. Reza Pahlavi ? the last heir apparent to the defunct throne of the Imperial State of Iran and the current head of the exiled House of Pahlavi ? speaks during an interview with Reuters in Washington, US, January 3, 2018. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts WASHINGTON: The Trump administration should encourage US technology companies to provide communication services to Iranians as they protest their country?s clerical rulers, Reza Pahlavi ? the last heir to the Iranian monarchy ? said. In an interview with Reuters on Wednesday, Pahlavi also criticized the Trump administration?s ban on travel to the United States by most Iranians, calling it ?ridiculous?. Anti-government protests have gripped Iran for nearly a week in the most sustained challenge to the Islamic Republic?s clerical elite in almost a decade. Pahlavi has lived in exile for nearly four decades since his father ? the US-backed Shah ? was overthrown in the 1979 Revolution. The opposition to Iran?s clerical government is atomized, with no clear recognized leader. But some demonstrators have in recent days chanted slogans in favour of Reza Shah ? Pahlavi?s grandfather ? breaking a longstanding taboo. Pahlavi said he wants to see Iranians ?determine their own fate out of their own free will?, and praised US President Donald Trump and members of his cabinet for speaking in support of Iranian protesters. But he said they also should take steps to ensure that Iranians have access to communication and social media tools, which they have used to share videos and messages documenting protests and clashes with security forces. Iran ? which bars the use of major social media platforms ? also has restricted access to the Telegram messaging app, and Iranian users in recent days have reported major hurdles in accessing the internet. ?We need more than lip service. We need to see concrete actions,? Pahlavi said. ?This has to be immediate... As we speak, the regime is attempting yet again to try to shut down whatever it is, whether it?s Instagram or Telegram.? There is a precedent for this type of US intervention. In 2009, amid mass protests over a disputed election, an Obama administration official asked Twitter executives to delay scheduled maintenance so Iranians could continue to use the service to communicate. Technology experts have documented numerous examples of commercial services being denied to Iranians, often because of concerns about running afoul of US sanctions. Activists have urged tech companies to loosen their Iran policies, but say the Trump administration could expand exemptions to make clear that some services are allowed. State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said in a news briefing on Tuesday that the United States wants to see Iranians have access to social media and other tools. But when asked if Google was ?over-interpreting? US sanctions on Iran by blocking access to one of its services there, Nauert said she had ?no idea?. Asked if the State Department is urging tech companies to do more to ensure access for Iranians, a State Department spokeswoman did not answer directly but said US support for the free flow of information to Iranians ?is a key element of the President?s new US strategy for Iran?. Exemptions to sanctions The Obama administration approved exemptions to US sanctions that allowed for providing chat, email, social networking, photo sharing, web browsing, blogging, and other personal communication services. Twitter and messaging service Signal did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Facebook and Google declined to comment. ?The policies of these companies are not really clear,? Amir Rashidi ? an internet security researcher at New York-based non-governmental organization (NGO) Center for Human Rights in Iran ? said. Pahlavi critiqued the Trump administration?s decision to ban nearly all Iranian travellers and immigrants from the US as part of a broader travel ban targeting several mostly Muslim countries. ?Iranian diplomats still can travel (here) but innocent Iranians, who, in fact, work and have built this country are barred from coming,? said Pahlavi, who lives in the United States. ?Why? Because they?re under the so-called ban. That?s ridiculous.? A State Department spokeswoman said US support for the Iranian people ?is a fundamentally separate issue? from the travel ban.
  17. Hussain in a video message had requested army chief's help him with the heart transplant as it requires hefty sum-Video grab LAHORE: A 14-year-old boy was shifted today to the Combined Military Hospital after his he posted online a short video requesting army chief with help for his heart transplant. Ahsan Hussain was shifted from the Children?s Hospital Lahore, where he was under treatment, to CMH in an ambulance. In a video message shot from Children Hospital Lahore where he was being treated, Hussain had requested Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa and Lahore Corps Commander Lieutenant General Amir Riaz help him with the heart transplant as it requires hefty sum, which is unaffordable for his family. He also said the doctors have suggested he undergoes a heart transplant as only 20% of the organ was functioning. ?I urge all of you to support me and especially COAS General Qamar Javed Bajwa uncle and Lahore Corps Commander General Amir uncle to help me,? the boy can be seen saying in the video message. After the video message came to the fore, it was reported that the Lahore Corps commander visited him at the hospital, where he also prayed for the 14-year-old?s health. Hussain is a resident of Kamalia in Toba Tek Singh and is the only child of his parents.
  18. So, you speed-swiped your way through 2017 and still didn't get much action from the fairer ***. Even if you were lucky enough to pull off a match, your Tinder date probably had to 'leave the city for a family emergency', or suddenly decided to 'study abroad' after she made the mistake of sitting through a dreary date with your shamelessly unkempt ass. Sound familiar? If so, it's time to accept you need a little help. She's not the problem. You are. If your goal for the coming year is to break the cycle of being sad and lonely, make it your resolution to follow these 5 essential grooming tips to help you get a girl in 2018. Hygiene Our first hack isn't even really a hack, it's the most basic rule. Observing good hygiene needs to become your new lifestyle and not just a short-lived phase. Nobody is attracted to a man whose armpits reek of stale onions and kebabs. Make sure your teeth are clean and your breath doesn't smell like a rotting carcass. Most importantly, I implore you to understand that showering daily is paramount. A girl always notices a guy who follows the good hygiene rule. Simple tips, wash your hands after taking a leak, shower daily and maintain great oral health. This one change will help step your game up to the next level. © Unsplash Furry Ears And Nostrils If you're going for the whole dwarf from Middle Earth vibe, keep cultivating those little forests growing from your ears and nostrils. However, if you want her to nibble on those ears for dessert, take the time to clean them up! Ear and nose hair adds years to a man, coupled with the clear message that he doesn't pay attention to or give a damn about the finer details of his own body. It might be normal to you, but your hot date will take one look and vomit in her own mouth… true story. Not only does trimming nose and ear hair stop you from looking like a crusty uncle, it also subtly makes your face appear generally cleaner. © Unsplash Keep Nails Short And Clean Not only are overgrown nails unattractive on men, they're downright dangerous. You don't want your toenails to leave scars all over her body, not all girls are into that! Your nails shouldn't be longer than hers, and they definitely shouldn't be full of dirt. As far as unattractive traits go, this is on par with hairy ears and nostrils so get hold of a good nail clipper and make sure to use it regularly. If you really want to go all out and get those claws under control, the occasional manicure/pedicure is a great idea! Beautify Your Beard Beards are sexy. It's an undeniable fact and the whole world knows it. If you agree with this school of thought then make sure your beard is nothing short of brilliant. Be it long and glorious or a classic five o'clock shadow, make sure your beard compliments the shape of your face and give it the love it deserves. You'll find an array of beard care products from softening oils and lotions to combs and more online. © Unsplash Moist Cracked lips? Nah Fam. If I need to go into more detail about why this not acceptable, you need to reevaluate your life. Severely dry lips are incredibly off-putting but they're also one of the easiest issues to prevent. Men's lip gloss is generally cheap, easily available and is becoming one of the norms in today's world of male grooming. Lip gloss and balms also come in a range of flavours which will leave a great taste in your partner's mouth (pun intended). Not only does applying lip balm help with the condition of your lips, it also leaves your kisser looking irresistible. © Unsplash Note: Following these simple rules should definitely lead to positive results in your hunt for a girl to call your own. Just remember, you wouldn't want to take home a stinky, furry-faced, cracked-lipped beast with the devil's claws and goatee. If it doesn't work for you, it most probably doesn't work for her, either. So put some effort into making yourself feel, look and smell good and you'll be fighting the girls off in no time!
  19. New Year is right around the corner and so are failed fitness resolutions. The thing is, even if you know you will not stand by your resolutions, make them anyway. At least you tried and failed. There's always a way for the person who tries. If you still fail, do these 7 things and thank us later! 1) Just Be More Active Let's be honest, we are fat because of 2 reasons- first, we eat junk and second, we don't work out and have become couch potatoes. Thus, our calorie input is way higher than our calorie output. Believe it or not, but we have become a tech-slavery (not just a tech-savvy) generation. Just be more active. Do house chores more often. Take at least 10K steps daily to start with and avoid using motor vehicles for shorter distances. This will help you burn a ton of calories and won't even realize it. 2) Join a Gym and Hire a Certified Personal Trainer There is no shortcut to fitness. Hence you need to hit the gym, learn and practice weight training. Hire a certified personal trainer! Why? Well, your personal trainer will help you unleash your real potential on the gym floor. He'll motivate you to train harder and get better every day. Not only that, once you work with a good coach, you become accountable for your efforts in context to diet and workout as well. 3) Eat More Protein No, I am not being a keto zealot and will not tell you that carbohydrates are the culprit for making you unfit. In fact, this is what I want you to do- eat more protein. More than 60% of Indians are protein deficient and looking at our carbohydrate dominant food, it's no surprise. Protein will not only help you to feel fuller for longer but it will also improve your performance on the gym floor and will give you better gains. 4) Sleep Better. Avoid Using Your Phone While In Bed Ogling at your phone's screen is almost impossible once in bed. That's exactly what you need to cut out. In bed, screen time is actually wrecking your sleeping pattern and you aren't even aware. Alright, once you get to bed try to put your phone aside and just focus on falling asleep ASAP! 5) Stop Comparing Yourself To Instagram Models Instagram fitness is a lie. Well, at least most of it is. So is staying ripped 365 days a year. Chase a good physique, not that of a fitness model but the best you can become. Most of them are also on steroids and that's something you need to stay away from as well. You need to calm down and start living in the real world. Most of these models have been training for decades and more than that, the majority of them stay on steroids year round. Understand that their physique is their identity and therefore their reason for using anabolic drugs is still justified. Therefore, stop expecting to look like those ripped models within a couple of months. It takes decades of dedication to reach there. 6) Start Hanging Out With People Who Are Religious About Fitness To be successful, surround yourself with the successful people. The same principle applies to fitness- start hanging out with friends who are religious about fitness. Nothing is better than having an experienced and a knowledgeable training partner. Trust me, it works wonders! Share your resolution with your friend and simply ask him to help you in sticking to it. If your training partner is dedicated, the quality of training skyrockets! 7) Set Realistic Deadlines and Goals Setting up deadlines will help you stay on track. A lot of people fail at their fitness resolutions due to lack of a deadline. Moreover, do not set an unrealistic goal or an impractical deadline. For instance, gaining 5kg of muscle in a couple of months or losing 20 kilos within 2 weeks. Trust me, it won't work and you will fail miserably in that case. Unfortunately, you will quit your fitness goals. Rachit Dua is an advanced K11 certified fitness coach for general and special population (people with medical issues, old age people, pregnant women, and children) and a certified sports nutritionist. You can get in touch with him on facebook and Instagram.
  20. Possibly the best thing about Christmas, apart from the happy and positive vibes it brings, is playing Secret Santa. Whether you are in school, college or have a job, there is no chance in hell that you have never been a part of this fun little tradition. And in case you haven't, it's high time that you do. But for some people this little game brings along a little of bit anxiety too because first, it's hard to gift someone who you don't know that well. And second, it's a task to be all secretive about it. However, what New Zealand is doing this Christmas will put your little school/college/office secret Santa game to shame. New Zealand, like the past few years, is hosting a nation-wide Secret Santa where everyone can register and exchange gifts with strangers from all over the country. In fact, they even have a Twitter account for the same and a hashtag too. © Twitter (NZSecretSanta) This year, more than 3600 people took part in the NZ Twitter Secret Santa. It started in 2010 and also has Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern playing along. Here we go, @nzsecretsanta is on the way! — Jacinda Ardern (@jacindaardern) December 12, 2017 If you are wondering how on earth is it possible to conduct Secret Santa on such a large scale? Apparently, it isn't that difficult. When one registers for the game through New Zealand's postal system, they have to share their Twitter handle in order to allow their Secret Santa to 'stalk' them and understand their likes and dislikes. The official Twitter handle of this game also conducts a Q&A that participants can answer to help their SS know them better! via GIPHY Another rule of the game is that everyone must tweet pictures of their gift, which will be delivered to you by #NZSecretSanta elves! And now the hash tag is trending on Twitter, making us all envy of the thoughtful gifts that the citizens of New Zealand are receiving. Have a look at them yourself: 1. We would have gone crazy if we received this! OK here we #nzsecretsanta is officially INCREDIBLE! Christmas meringues, Christmas cookies, coffee, and a HARRY POTTER EDITION OF SCRABBLE! Amazing. This has been a bloody brilliant unboxing. My heart is full. Thank you!!! xx — Matty McLean (@MattyMcLean) December 18, 2017 2. If you gift a mug to someone, make sure it looks like this. A Paddles memorial Coffee mug - what an outstanding #nzsecretsanta gift! Thank you mystery giver Ping @FirstCatofNZ @NZClarke @jacindaardern — James O'Doherty (@jmodoh) December 18, 2017 3. Gifts with letters are the best! Wow my @nzsecretsanta absolutely nailed it! I'm in tears. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much. Thanks you and MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Btw we share the same favourite episode and I totally backed Faith and Riley was sooo annoying. #slay #NZSecretSanta — Tim Hope (@TimoHope) December 19, 2017 4. The NZ Police got some gifts too. When your @nzsecretsanta gets what we're trying to do at @nzpolice. We â¤ï¸ you #nailedit — New Zealand Police (@nzpolice) December 19, 2017 5. This is beyond adorable! OMG OMG OMG Squeee!!!!! Thank you so much, my #nzsecretsanta I feel thoroughly spoiled <3 #nailedit — Jude (@verdantmystic) December 18, 2017 6. Classic! I JUST SPAT OUT MY COFFEE MY SECRET SANTA JUST WON CHRISTMAS I WILL TREASURE IT FOREVER â¤ï¸ð (ft. The best tweet of all time) #nzsecretsanta — Alice HOWton (@Alice_Houghton) December 18, 2017 7. Memes in a frame is just what everybody needs. What happens when your twitter is 95% memes ... your #NZSecretSanta frames em for you â¤ï¸ thank you so much, merry Christmas — ellen (@louisftellie) December 18, 2017 8. You can never go wrong with coffee! Oh. My. God. I'm not just saying this to be polite: my #NZSecretSanta pressie is truly wonderful. It's an Aeropress coffee maker, to make espresso style coffee sans machine, absolutely perfect for camping! Am camping much of summer. Genuinely perfect. Thank you whoever you are! — Paul Matthews (@nzPaulM) December 19, 2017 9. That's it. We are going there right now. I GOT A FREAKING IPAD YOU GUYS. ð­ð­ thank you @ChorusNZ you are awesome ðððððð #NZSecretSanta — pass the jin ðð𤶠(@jinnee79) December 18, 2017 10. And here we are, waiting for one gift. My #nzsecretsanta gift is not one, but TWELVE individually wrapped items... Dare I guess what they are? Books?! ðð I'm going to try hold out till I get home before tearing into them. — Gavin (@gbralph) December 19, 2017 Lastly, you can see the Prime Minister unwrapping her gift. So although my #nzsecretsanta didn't quite get there this year, a #SuperSecretSanta stepped up amazingly for me. Thank you so much, whoever you are!! @nzsecretsanta — Jacinda Ardern (@jacindaardern) December 19, 2017 Now, let's just sit here, feeling all jealous and wait for something like to happen in India.
  21. Thousands of weary firefighters, battling a Southern California wildfire that ranks among the largest in state history, got a little help from more favourable weather on Tuesday amid fresh signs of their progress against the flames. As the Thomas fire rages into its third week in the coastal mountains, foothills and canyons of Ventura and Santa Barbara counties northwest of Los Angeles, officials lifted some evacuation orders, sent some visiting firefighters back home and reported improved air quality. Firefighters have carved containment lines around half of the blaze?s perimeter, but it has still spread by several hundred acres a day since the weekend. In total the fire has scorched 271,750 acres (110,000 hectares) -- more than one-third the size of Rhode Island state -- of drought-parched chaparral and brush. Increasing humidity and diminishing winds have made firefighters? jobs easier since Monday, although the area remains ?critically dry,? a coalition of agencies said in a statement. But the National Weather Service predicted a pick-up in wind speeds late Wednesday and early Thursday, with gusts of 50 miles per hour (80 km per hour) and occasionally higher. The potential for more gusty conditions will continue at least through Friday, it said. The wildfire, California?s third largest, has been stoked since it erupted on Dec. 4 by hot, dry Santa Ana winds blowing with rare hurricane force from the eastern desert. More than 1,000 homes and other buildings have gone up in flames and some 18,000 other structures are still threatened. One firefighter died of smoke inhalation and burns last Thursday near the town of Fillmore in Ventura County. There were signs of progress on Tuesday, with the firefighting force falling to 8,200 from a peak of 8,500 as officials decided to send personnel from surrounding areas back home, and the once smoky air began to clear. ?Ventura County is no longer experiencing unhealthy air quality,? the county fire department reported. ?We are at moderate and good levels.? But coastal communities such as Santa Barbara, Montecito and Summerland remained at risk as crews hurried to extend and shore up buffer zones before higher winds return. Full containment is not expected before the second week of January. The Thomas fire?s destruction is nearing that of California?s largest wildfire, the 2003 Cedar fire in San Diego County that consumed 273,246 acres (110,600 hectares) and killed 15 people. The Thomas fire has displaced more than 100,000 people, although authorities in Santa Barbara County lifted evacuation orders for some places and more communities were reopened on Tuesday. The California Department of Forestry and Fire Prevention has estimated the cost of fighting the blaze at nearly $140 million. The cause is under investigation. The Thomas fire erupted two months after a spate of wind-driven blazes in Northern California?s wine country destroyed several thousand homes and killed more than 40 people. That ranked as the deadliest rash of wildfires, and one of the most destructive, in state history.
  22. Alright, it's the festive season and everyone loves to have a drink or two. But rarely does it stop at one, or two. And also, what do you do if you are on a diet? With this piece I'll tell you about some very smart drinking hacks that will help you drink without busting your diet. Things to remember before reading this- 1) If you are well above 18% bodyfat and 'already' dieting pretty hard, stay away from drinking. No matter in what quantity, it will push you back. 2) Binge drinking is very subjective. So don't come back and blame this article! 3) Control is the key here. Just because these hacks work, doesn't mean that the alcohol you are drinking won't affect you. Alcohol consumption is detrimental for physique goals. A Little About Alcohol And How It Messes With The Body's General Working Alcohol is the fourth macro nutrient but doesn't react with the body as protein, fat and carbohydrates do. Once in the system, the body considers alcohol's presence as a threat and start breaking it down to get rid of it as soon as possible. Hence, metabolizing protein, fat and carbohydrates take a back seat for the time alcohol's present in the system. Since alcohol has empty calories, its digestion doesn't yield anything productive for the body. It's also calorie dense and adds on calories way quickly than you think. Alright man, let's get to drinking 1) First Things First, Remember The Calories Your Favorite Drink Has Drink calorie count- this is something you have to have a vague idea about. Once you know how many calories your favorite drink has, it gets way easier to keep a track of your calories. Now, unlike food, liquor isn't judged per 100ml. Instead, we are lucky to already have measurements for 30ml and 60 ml of whiskey, wine and vodka. 30 ml and 60 ml are the most common peg measurements you will get across clubs and pubs. As far as beers are concerned, calories are measured per pint. Here's an info-graphic that details calorie count for beers, wines 80 and 90 proof liquors. © YouTube 12 OZ = 350 ML 5 OZ = 145ML 1OZ = 30ML 4OZ = 120ML In short, a 30 ML peg of a usual whiskey will set you back by 120 calories. So do the math! 2) Mixers Make A HUGE Difference. Diet Drinks Are Your Savior! © YouTube Now a lot of people do watch calories per peg but forget about the calories coming from the mixer they are using. It's actually the mixer that contributes to a majority of the calories per peg, rather than the alcohol. Always choose diet sodas and water. Diet Coke, Pepsi Black and any zero calorie energy drink are the best picks. Use as much water as possible, if you like. Stay away from regular colas and juices. 3) Calculate Calories From Your Food Over The Course Of The Day Make sure about the calories you are eating from the food. Let's say you are presently on a 2000 calories diet. Now if you are very diligent about maintaining this number and still want to get in the alcohol, smartly cut out some food. Do it from fat or carbohydrates, not protein. Keep you protein intake steady. Don't starve yourself either. Alcohol on an empty stomach is a recipe for disaster. Keep ingesting at least 30 grams of protein every 2-3 hours before you get to drinking. If you consume 2000 calories from your food and then binge drink, best believe that you are way above your calorie cap. 4) How To Pick Eatables And Snacks With Drinks © Thinkstock Binge eating is very common and most people don't realize it. Stay away from calorie dense foods like peanuts and other dry fruits. I know, most people eat peanuts but that's a big mistake. Peanuts and dry fruits are calorie dense. A mere 100 grams can set you back up to 300 plus calories. They are tasty and hence, are eaten in larger quantities. In short, stay away from predominantly fat rich food. Fat is calorie dense and easily overeaten. Try and stick to baked or roasted non-vegetarian eatables. Chips and nachos are also a big no. I know this is irritating but we are trying not to blow our diet out of water here, guys! So, there you go, I have given you the tools that will enable you to drink mindfully and have a good time during the holidays. If you are too deep into your diet or are struggling to stay in line, keep away from alcohol. Happy drinking!
  23. US President Donald Trump shakes hands with Russia's President Vladimir Putin during their bilateral meeting at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany on July 7, 2017. ? Reuters FILE MOSCOW: Russian President Vladimir Putin thanked his US counterpart Donald Trump on Sunday for the CIA?s help in thwarting a planned attack in Saint Petersburg, the second time in a week that the leaders have exchanged praise. Putin spoke by phone with Trump to convey his gratitude for intelligence provided by the CIA which allowed Russia?s FSB security service to break up a "terrorist cell" that was planning attacks in Russia?s second city, according to the Kremlin. "The information received by the CIA was enough to detect, hunt down and arrest the criminals," it added in a statement carried by Russian news agencies. Putin also pledged that Russian security agencies would pass on any information received about terrorist threats to the United States and its citizens. The White House said the foiled attack could have killed "large numbers of people." It stressed that the cooperation "serves as an example of the positive things that can occur when our countries work together." The FSB announced on Friday it had arrested seven members of a Daesh (Islamic State) cell that had been planning a suicide bombing and "the killing of citizens" in crowded areas of Saint Petersburg on December 16. On alert ahead of World Cup Police confiscated a large number of explosives used to make homemade bombs, automatic rifles, munitions and extremist literature, it said. On Tuesday, FSB chief Alexander Bortnikov said Russia was on alert for the possible return of militants from Syria ahead of the World Cup and the presidential election in 2018. Russia has suffered several attacks this year, including a bombing on the Saint Petersburg metro in April that left 14 people dead. The threat of attack has increased since Moscow?s military intervention in Syria in September 2015 to support President Bashar al-Assad?s regime, making Russia a priority Daesh target. As many as 40,000 fighters travelled from all over the world, including Russia, to join Daesh in Syria after the 2014 declaration of its self-styled "caliphate" straddling Syria and Iraq. In 2015, Russian security services estimated that 2,900 Russian citizens had joined the militant group, as well as several thousand Central Asians. In a phone call on Thursday, Trump and Putin discussed the crisis over North Korea?s nuclear programme, and the US leader took the unusual step of thanking his Russian opposite number for hailing the American economy. The pair have lavished praise on each other in the past, with commentators describing their cosy relationship as a "bromance." Diplomatic ties still fraught But diplomatic ties between Washington and Moscow are still fraught, with both expelling some of each other?s diplomats in September and the US designation last month of Russia?s English-language news channel RT as a "foreign agent." Nonetheless, "President Trump appreciated the call and told President Putin that he and the entire United States intelligence community were pleased to have helped save so many lives," the White House said. "President Trump stressed the importance of intelligence cooperation to defeat terrorists wherever they may be." He then called CIA Director Mike Pompeo to "congratulate him, his very talented people, and the entire intelligence community on a job well done!" the statement added. At his annual press conference this week, Putin said allegations of Russian interference in last year?s US election had been "made up by people who are opposed to Trump so as to delegitimise his work." The two leaders met in July on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Germany, after which Trump said he "accepted" Putin?s assurance that Moscow did not meddle in the vote. "The Trump that you see on TV is very different than the real Trump," Putin told reporters at the time. "There is every reason to believe that we will be able to at least partially re-establish the level of cooperation that we need."
  24. The weight loss plateau is real. People who are deep in a weight loss diet, face this problem. You are happy that your hard work is paying off when you see your body changing every week and sometimes even every day. Sadly though, this doesn't go on for too long. After the first few weeks, you figure out that your weight is stuck at a point and no matter how many calories you cut or the amount of hard work you put in, it doesn't go down any further. This is what's called hitting a weight loss plateau. It's a situation when your body fails to respond to a caloric deficit as it thinks that you are not able get ample food. Your mind prepares itself to conserve more energy for future use as it thinks that there might be days of starvation ahead. When you try to torture yourself by going on more calorie deficit, the mind responds and makes it even more difficult for you to lose weight. How do you deal with this problem? Let us break it down for you. Why does this happen? The weight loss process works in a very simple way- the calorie intake should be less than the calories burned by the body. Due to this deficit, our body uses the excess calories from the fat tissue stored in the body. However, our mind doesn't process it like we think it should. It, in fact, tries to store whatever you are eating as it thinks that you are about to go into starvation mode. And to protect your body from starvation mode in the future, there will a need for stored energy in the form of fat tissue. Long-term calorie restriction spoils metabolism Long-term Calorie restriction leads to a slower metabolic rate. Your metabolic rate is the combination of Basal Metabolic Rate, Thermic effect of food, thermic effect of exercise and non-exercise activity thermogenesis. All these processes decrease when you restrict your calorie intake for a long time. Hormones like leptin, thyroid hormone and norepinephrine are also levelled out with calorie reduction thereby reducing your metabolic rate. Another problem with prolonged calorie restriction is that you lose muscle mass. This is not good for weight loss as muscles are metabolically active and thereby help you burn more calories. Solutions Go On A Re-Feed Week (c) If you have been on a prolonged calorie deficit diet, go on a couple of cheat days. This 'might' help you break the plateau. Including a re-feed day in between two to three weeks of your calorie restricted diet is always a good thing to do as it will boost your metabolism. Just make sure that you are still eating whatever you like, while still remaining under maintenance level calories. Be prepared to gain a few kilos if you go on a couple of refeed days but you don't have to worry about that as the weight will come off as soon as you get back to your diet and workout. Don't Do More Cardio. Lift more Weights (c) Initial cardio sessions do give you a quick boost in your weight loss; however, it is weight training that has a major impact on your metabolic rate. Also, since weight training will help you build more muscle, you will automatically burn more calories at rest. People who weight train at least five days a week tend to have a high metabolic rate. Consume A High Protein Diet (c) Studies show that following a high protein diet is effective in suppressing your hunger and also to boost your metabolism. Going on a high protein diet while in a calorie deficit, also makes sure that you don't end up losing all your muscle mass.
  25. In today's day and age, it's really difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially if you are not a fitness enthusiast. For a fitness enthusiast, his fitness is always his priority so he plans everything accordingly. But there are people, who, no matter how hard they try, can't maintain a healthy lifestyle. Call it their busy schedule or lack of motivation. They want to lose weight and get to a healthy lifestyle but don't know where to start. Here, we are offering you 4 tips as your starting point. Tip 1 – Replace Half Of Your Plate With Non-Starchy Vegetables Vegetables that contain starch are called starchy vegetables. Examples of starchy vegetables are potato, corn, beans etc. If you are overweight and want to lose weight, you want to focus on reducing your calories. Therefore, vegetables that contain starch should be avoided as they contain a high amount of calories in general. Instead, non-starchy vegetables like cabbage, carrots, eggplant, onion and radish etc should be consumed. This will also help you in curbing your appetite as non-starchy vegetables contain more fibre. If you replace half the contents in your food plate with non-starchy vegetables, it will help you a lot in reducing your daily calorie intake. Tip 2 – Replace Refined Carbs With Unprocessed Carbs Refined carbs are those which just add calories to your diet, not nutrition. A few examples of refined carbs are sugar and products that contain sugar like fruit juice concentrates, honey, pancakes, waffles and etc. They don't even have any fibre content so you feel hungry even after consuming them. Eventually, you end up eating more often and stay in a caloric surplus zone. If you keep in mind that you have to avoid refined and simple carbs no matter what, this will help you eliminate a lot of calories from your diet. Tip 3 – Replace Regular Tea/Coffee with Green Tea/Black Coffee Not only does tea and coffee act as antioxidants, they also help you in boosting metabolism. Now, the problem arises when someone who is a regular tea or coffee drinker and consumes around 8 to 10 cups daily. They usually consume it with milk and sugar, which increases the total calories in these drinks. A latte normally has over 200 calories in a single serving, whereas black coffee is caffeine minus these calories. So a smart choice will be to have tea or coffee without adding milk and sugar. Tip 4 – Snack On Healthy Food Instead Of Handy Junk Food When we feel hungry and want to munch on something, we generally choose unhealthy choices like biscuits, chips, sugary sodas, chocolates and other similar high sugar foods. These are the easy choices available at our home and at the nearest store. If you don't have them nearby, you will probably opt for a healthy and better option. For munchies, you could replace your wafers with dry fruits and biscuits with roasted grams and pulses which are nutritious. Anuj Tyagi is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Sports Nutritionist and Therapeutic Exercise Specialist From American Council on Exercise (ACE). He is the Founder of the website where he provides online Training. Though a Chartered Accountant by education, he has been closely associated with Fitness Industry since 2006. His motto is to transform people Naturally and he believes that the secret formula for Fitness is Consistency and commitment towards your Training and Nutrition. You can connect with him on Facebook and Youtube.