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  1. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Shafqat Mahmood on Wednesday hit back at former premier Nawaz Sharif for terming PTI non-democratic and insinuating that it has links with dictators. In a statement, Mahmood said that Nawaz, who is also the chief of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, has turned his guns towards PTI to conceal his crimes. ?This day had to come when Mian Sahib is accusing [us] of relations with dictatorship,? he said. PML-N itself doesn't seem like a democratic party from any aspect, the PTI leader said, adding that the party has a dictatorial style of politics and Nawaz?s leadership style is elitist. ?The whole country has seen the true face of the Nawaz?s democracy,? Mahmood said. Nawaz Sharif came down hard on PTI, the ruling party's harshest critic, and the opposition Pakistan Peoples Party on Wednesday. Nawaz Sharif lashes out at PTI, PPP for being anti-democratic Former PM speaks to the media after attending hearing of three corruption cases against him in an accountability court Speaking to the media after attending the proceedings of the accountability court which is hearing three corruption references against him, Nawaz said, the "dictator?s black laws were rejected on the floor of the house yesterday". He was referring to the rejection in the National Assembly on Tuesday of the Elections Amendment Bill 2017, which sought to restrict disqualified parliamentarians from heading a political party after 163 members voted against the proposed change in the legislation. Talking about the PTI, Nawaz said there is nothing democratic about the party, adding that the PTI is not even a political party [due to its link with dictators].
  2. Saad al-Hariri, who announced his resignation as Lebanon's prime minister from Saudi Arabia arrives to attend a military parade to celebrate the 74th anniversary of Lebanon's independence in downtown Beirut, Lebanon November 22, 2017. REUTERS BEIRUT: Saad al-Hariri attended independence day celebrations in Beirut on Wednesday after returning to Lebanon for the first time since resigning as prime minister in a broadcast from Saudi Arabia. Hariri, whose sudden resignation on Nov 4 pitched Lebanon into crisis, flew into Beirut late on Tuesday. He stood alongside President Michel Aoun and Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri at a military parade in central Beirut. Lebanese state officials and senior politicians close to Hariri say Riyadh forced him to quit and held him in the kingdom, which Saudi Arabia and Hariri have denied. The resignation took even Hariri?s aides by surprise. Saad al-Hariri, who announced his resignation as Lebanon's prime minister from Saudi Arabia reacts as he talks with Lebanese President Michel Aoun while attending a military parade to celebrate the 74th anniversary of Lebanon's independence in downtown Beirut, Lebanon November 22, 2017. REUTERS A long-time Saudi ally, Hariri cited fear of assassination in his resignation speech, and attacked Iran and its powerful Lebanese Shi?ite ally Hezbollah for sowing strife in the Arab world. The resignation thrust Lebanon to the forefront of regional tussle between the Sunni monarchy of Saudi Arabia and Shi?ite Islamist Iran, which backs Hezbollah. Hariri?s return to Lebanon followed an intervention by France. It is not yet clear if he will stick by his resignation or rescind it. Ahead of his arrival on Tuesday, Hariri said he would declare his ?political position? in Beirut. Saad al-Hariri, who announced his resignation as Lebanon's prime minister from Saudi Arabia attends a military parade to celebrate the 74th anniversary of Lebanon's independence in downtown Beirut, Lebanon November 22, 2017. REUTERS Aoun has said he will not consider Hariri?s resignation until he returned to Beirut and delivered it in person. Hariri is expected to meet Aoun at the presidential palace later on Wednesday. Hariri left Riyadh for Paris at the weekend. He journeyed back to Beirut on Tuesday, stopping in Egypt and Cyprus. The resignation shook the power-sharing deal that brought him to office last year and resulted in Aoun, a Hezbollah political ally, becoming head of state. Hezbollah, a heavily armed military and political movement, is part of the Lebanese government.
  3. BEIRUT: Saad al-Hariri returned to Beirut on Tuesday for the first time since he resigned as prime minister in a statement delivered from Saudi Arabia that plunged Lebanon into crisis. Hariri?s sudden resignation on Nov. 4 thrust Lebanon to the forefront of regional tussle between the Sunni monarchy of Saudi Arabia and Iran, whose powerful Lebanese ally Hezbollah is part of the Beirut government. Hariri, a long-time ally of Saudi Arabia, cited fear of assassination and meddling by Iran and Hezbollah in the Arab world in his resignation speech. The move caught even his aides off guard, and Lebanese state officials and politicians close to Hariri say Riyadh forced him to quit and held him in Riyadh. Riyadh and Hariri have denied this. Lebanese President Michel Aoun, who dispatched envoys to urge foreign states to secure Hariri?s return from Saudi Arabia, has refused to accept the resignation until he returns to present it in person. Hariri drove straight from Beirut airport to read a prayer at the grave of his father, Rafik al-Hariri, whose 2005 assassination forced him into politics. Asked if had a message for the Lebanese, who have largely united in demanding his return, Hariri said: ?Thank you?. Hariri is expected to take part in Lebanese independence day celebrations on Wednesday. Earlier, Hariri met Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in Cairo, saying after the meeting that he would announce his ?political position? once he got to Lebanon. It is not yet clear if he will stick by the resignation or rescind it. In a Nov. 12 interview from Saudi Arabia with a TV station that he owns, Hariri said he would return to Lebanon to confirm his resignation. But he also held out the possibility of withdrawing it if Hezbollah respected Lebanon?s policy of staying out of regional conflicts, notably Yemen. Following an intervention by France, Hariri departed Riyadh for Paris at the weekend. He flew into Beirut from Cyprus where he stopped for a 45-minute meeting with President Nicos Anastasiades. In his meeting with Egypt?s Sisi, Hariri said he discussed Lebanon?s stability and the necessity of keeping the country out of ?all regional politics?. Aoun warns arabs not to push Lebanon towards ?the fire? Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, who also called for Hariri?s return, said on Monday his group was open to ?any dialogue and any discussion?. Nasallah also issued his clearest denial yet of any Hezbollah role in Yemen, where a Saudi-led coalition is fighting Iran-allied Houthi forces. If Hariri affirms his resignation, Aoun will consult MPs on their choice for the next prime minister. He is obliged to nominate the candidate with the greatest support. Political sources expect Hariri to be nominated prime minister once again. Following Hariri?s resignation, Saudi Arabia accused the entire Lebanese government - not just Hezbollah - of declaring war against it. Western governments including the United States have struck a different tone, however, affirming their support for Lebanon and the stability of a country that is hosting 1.5 million Syrian refugees - equal to one-in-four of the population. ?We stand firmly with Lebanon and will continue supporting your country?s efforts to safeguard Lebanon?s stability, independence, and sovereignty,? US President Donald Trump said in a national day message to his Lebanese counterpart. In his Nov. 12 interview, Hariri warned Lebanon was at risk of Gulf Arab sanctions because of Hezbollah?s regional meddling. He indicated the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Lebanese in the Gulf could be at risk, as well as trade, vital to the stability of the Lebanese economy. In a speech on the eve of independence day, Aoun told Arab states that dealing with Lebanon required ?wisdom? otherwise the country would be pushed ?towards the fire?. Aoun?s warning followed an Arab League meeting on Sunday whose closing communique condemned Hezbollah for ?supporting terrorism? and noted that it was part of the government. ?My message to the Arab brothers: Dealing with Lebanon requires a lot of wisdom and rationalism, and the alternative to that is pushing it towards the fire,? Aoun said.
  4. Nothing screams strength quite like a wide and thick back. Sadly though, most gym bros don't do more than lat pull-downs and some conventional form of rowing for their back. Remember, exercise variation is equally important as progressive overload. Add these movements in your training regimen and stimulate new growth in your back muscles. 1) Weighted Chin-Ups © YouTube Everyone does chin-ups but rarely do they add any extra weight to it. This exercise alone is capable of hitting your entire back, from your lats, rhomboids, to your middle traps. Not to forget the strong stimulus your biceps and forearms get. The greatest advantage is that it allows you to progressively overload and the strength to carry you over will you help you lift more in other pulling movements. Sets: 3-4 Reps:4-8 2) Cable Lat Pull Ins © YouTube The added advantage of this movement over regular lat pull downs is that it allows you to efficiently apply force aligned with the orientation of the lat muscles. If you look at the anatomy of your back musculature, you will find the majority of lat muscles run diagonally. Thus, this exercise perfectly simulates the lats, leaving it sore. Make sure to perform it one side at a time and concentrate on developing the mind and muscle connection with a controlled tempo. Don't apply the 'go hard or go home principle' here. Sets: 3 Reps: 12-20 3) Single Arm Cable Rows with Elbows at 45 degrees © YouTube Cable rows are an absolutely must do movement for building a thick back. However, applying these tweaks will make it way more effective. First, perform it unilaterally as this allows you to equally stimulate muscles on both sides of your back, avoiding muscle imbalances. This also increases the range of motion slightly and enhances lat involvement. The second thing is to keep your elbows slightly flared out at an angle of 45 degrees. This creates a much safer position for your shoulder joints, allowing you to pull more weight without the risks of injuries. Sets: 3-4 Reps: 12-20 4) Single Arm Rope Pull Overs with Lateral Flexion © YouTube One muscle group which is often overlooked in back training is the teres major, which rests just above your lat muscles. The cable-pull over does this job pretty well. It fires up your lats and teres major. Perform it with one hand at a time and as you pull the rope down, bend slightly sideways (spinal lateral flexion). The lat muscles also contribute to spinal lateral flexion, and doing this enhances the engagement of your lats. Focus on quality and controlled reps. Sets: 3 Reps: 15-20 5) Meadows Rows © YouTube Popularized by strength coach John Meadows, this unconventional variation of rowing helps you target and stretch the lower lats (normally a difficult area to target). Make sure to wear a lifting belt while performing this exercise and using a little momentum is alright here. Sets: 3-4 Reps: 6-10 Yash Sharma is a former national level Football player, now a Strength Coach, Nutritionist and Natural Bodybuilder. He also runs a YouTube Channel Yash Sharma Fitness via which he aims to educate all the fitness enthusiasts to maximize their gains by methods that are backed by science and applicable easily. Connect with him on YouTube,, Facebook and Instagram.
  5. Federal Minister for Railways Saad Rafique on Saturday criticised attempts to ?engineer? politics in the country, saying attempts to bring back former military dictator Pervez Musharraf as an alternate leader will fail badly. In a series of tweets, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader said that the ?hobby? of forming and breaking political parties needs to end. ?Merger of MQM-P and PSP was an engineered merger. It failed in 24 hours,? he tweeted. Pakistan Awami Ittehad formed under Musharraf's leadership PML-N and the PPP are destroying the country and the people should be rid of such forces, says former president Former president Pervez Musharraf, after the formation of a new political union under his leadership, said pn Friday if elections do not solve the issues facing Pakistan, then other measures need to be taken to bring the country 'on track'. The former president further added that the army and Supreme Court should only be concerned about Pakistan. The Pakistan Awami Ittehad was formed on Friday under the leadership of former president and army chief Pervez Musharraf. An office of the new political alliance has been opened in Islamabad, said Musharraf while adding that he and other leaders of the alliance would be among the people and work for their betterment. Musharraf said the PML-N and the PPP are destroying the country and the people should be rid of such forces. He added that the PPP has been finished in Punjab. Speaking during the teleconference with the leadership of the new political alliance, the former president said that support should be mobilised in the rural areas of Sindh in order to defeat the PPP in the province. Musharraf, who left for Dubai in March 2016, claimed that he was ready to come back to the country and face the cases registered against him. The former president and army chief also expressed concern at present situation of the country, saying he did not want to create more confusion with regards to the upcoming elections.
  6. Hypebeast superstar and stoner-dressed-human, Ranbir Kapoor just stepped out in something that might tickle Ms. Padukone's interest. Or in Fall/Winter language, Winter 2017's first ever groundbreaking hoodie. Here's the thing: when off-duty or emerging out of his Rover at airport terminals, he literally resorts to looking for F's to give. However, on most occasions, he ceases to find them. But considering he's one of Bollywood's menswear mavens today, it's safe to say that his sartorial laziness is certainly in-sync with his stars. Which to be frank, has always kept from looking like a slob. We're not saying there's no effort involved in his menswear, he wears the best of fashion like he doesn't really care. And that's what makes him a sartorial winner. Taking this theory forward, here's him playing Viral Bhayani's muse once again. © Viral Bhayani To to honest, there's only one thing amiss in this paparazzi shot—a Hollywood street and Drake/Kanye West. Who have since have wagged their tongues at the sight of an iconic Champion hoodie and been snapped in them over and over again. But looking at the brighter side, Ranbir Kapoor's style is now rubbing shoulders with the best-dressed men on the globe, you see. And since Ms. Padukone has now entered foreign waters and clearly digging Holly-acclaim, it seems like Mr. Kapoor could have a chance (once) again. Founded in the year 1919, this Hollywood-approved (now Bollywood too) brand, happens to be a big chest-rubber on global celebrities and the world's biggest influencers. Why? It's iconic athletic wear done right. © Viral Bhayani And if clips from Mr. Kapoor's lazy life of badass dressing are any indication, it was about time he was spotted in a hoodie like this. Having nailed Athleisure, the 70s swing and celebrations of neo-Indian aesthetics in the past—this Champion leather-pocketed hoodie moment is a great one for him. And while he may have paired it with jogger and trainers, you could opt for slim-fit jeans or chinos for a more refined (but equally chill) appeal. And, if you're headed for an evening 'do and need added refinement—throw on a suit blazer over the hoodie. Try it, you'll cry with joy. © Viral Bhayani Biggest takeaway? Hoodie season is officially here!
  7. Delhi is more of a gas chamber and less of a city right now. Doctors have declared a state of health emergency and even asked people to evacuate the city if possible. Considering the pressure that the government has right now to take immediate action, the odd even scheme of driving cars on Delhi roads is coming back starting 13th November that will last all week.">#BREAKING | Delhi government to implement odd-even scheme from November 13 to 17 in Delhi: Times Now"> — Times of India (@timesofindia)">November 9, 2017 Within minutes of the implementation being announced, there was a traffic jam of opinions on Twitter. Not sure if">#OddEven has any effect in controlling Air Pollution but it does bring sense of responsibility and our contribution in Clean Air. Welcome Move — Manoj Kumar Sahu (@ManojSahuG)">November 9, 2017 Serious Monitoring & Analysis Must Be Done To See If Odd-Even Really Improves Air Quality. Otherwise,">#SmogInDelhi Might Disappear On Its Own By 17 Nov & They'll Give Credit To">#OddEven.">#Smog">#SmogDelhi"> — Sir Jadeja (@SirJadeja)">November 9, 2017 People were quick to bash the failure of the state government in doing anything until now. Ho gaya drama shuru!When all else fails,& they don't have the spine to address real issues like crop burning etc,fall back option on">#OddEven BS.Tokenism at it's worst.Politics at it's worst.For shame">@ArvindKejriwal!"> — Smita Barooah (@smitabarooah)">November 8, 2017 Odd-Even, if implemented between the 13th and 17th, will have a limited impact unless 2 wheelers are also included. Not happened before. Will things change now?">#OddEven — Vishnu Som (@VishnuNDTV)">November 9, 2017 Some people are confused about how this will actually help the smog situation. Executed">#OddEven once then dropped">#OddEven then Fire Crackers Ban Still lot of">#smogindelhi So what next ? get">#OddEven back What a solution !! ð½ð½ð½ð½"> — Freaky ~ DRaval (@_DRaval)">November 9, 2017 Stunning failure of governments to respond to emergency. Again, token steps like">#OddEven, sprinkling water on trees. Construction goes on unchecked, MLAs burning crop stubble, trucks run unchecked, netas pass the buck. Depressing — Abhijit Majumder (@abhijitmajumder)">November 9, 2017 Obviously there were jokes about this one as well. Pic 1: During Normal days. Pic 2: During">#OddEven days."> — Raj (@rajivv1390)">November 9, 2017 No way just">#OddEven will help husbands in any way"> — à¤à¥à¥ निà¤à¤¦à¤¾™ðµ (@aayushsaran)">November 9, 2017 And then there was some more name calling. Plz take an effort to remind Modiji, Yogiji and fellow Andh Bhakts that COWS are dying due to air pollution. That will make sure they don't provide unnecessary interruptions in">#OddEven scheme — Mohd. Anas Khan ð®ð³ (@anaskhandx)">November 9, 2017 Delhi Public : Sir We are chocking! AK is doing">#OddEven you should do something against">#DelhiSmog too! Modi :....."> — Rofl Indian (@sab_subh_hai)">November 9, 2017 All things said and done, the city is in a terrible state, and let's not ignore the fact that being the capital city, millions of lives are affected directly and even indirectly. Let's hope this move helps in controlling the immediate damage and brings the pollution level down and gives the government a chance to think of a solution for long term damage control.
  8. There is literally not one person on this planet who hasn't grooved to Sia's 'Cheap Thrills'. It was on repeat for the better part of 2016. Be it pubs, the disco or a house party, this song was played at each and every occasion. And people couldn't help but shake a leg to the song's peppy beats. But unlike other popular singers, Sia doesn't want to be famous. However, she is a well-known name and a respected figure in the music industry. Believe it or not, this is one of the reasons why she often hides her face. You may have noticed that she doesn't feature in their videos nor is she seen socialising much. Whenever she is spotted out, she is seen donning her famous wig, which has now become her signature style. You won't find Sia anywhere without it. Well, it does make us wonder why she doesn't want to be famous despite being so popular in the industry. On #SpiritDay we stand against bullying and show support for LGBTQ youth. Go purple now and join in ð - Team Sia A post shared by SIA (@siamusic) on Oct 19, 2017 at 8:01am PDT For Sia, everything is about making good music and she tries her level best to stay out of the paparazzo's reach. She is camera shy and anyone who follows her is well aware of this fact. Looking at this trait of hers, an imposter decided to gain some leverage from the situation. Apparently, he found or clicked her nude pictures and threatened to leak them. But the imposter didn't realise that Sia wasn't someone who will deal with this nonsense. The sensational singer took to her Instagram and shared a nude picture of her, giving it back royally to the man. She captioned the picture, “Someone is apparently trying to sell naked photos of me to my fans. Save your money, here it is for free. Every day is Christmas!” Someone is apparently trying to sell naked photos of me to my fans. Save your money, here it is for free. Everyday is Christmas! A post shared by SIA (@siamusic) on Nov 6, 2017 at 6:44pm PST Her fans totally loved the way she didn't fear anyone and supported her for her bold move. One of the users commented saying, “Amazing genius!!”. Another one wrote, “Hahaha I totally love your action !! brilliant move Sia !”. Her fans went gaga over her move, supporting her firm and bold act. Many even went on to say that they are truly proud of her. The girl has definitely got some swag!
  9. You can always trust Diljit Dosanjh to take things up a notch with the kind of stuff he has to offer to his huge fan base. Gud Nitaan ð A post shared by Diljit Dosanjh (@diljitdosanjh) on Oct 31, 2017 at 8:00am PDT Insanely good fashion choices, an amazing set of songs, wonderfully crafted videos and a string of great upcoming movies, what do we not like about this dapper boy? After rocking the world with his latest hit, 'El Sueno ' ( please tell me you have heard it) Diljit is gearing up for some interesting projects on the silver screen. #ElSueño VIRAL GANA ð¥ Respect Mere Fans Laið Video Link in Bio. keep Supporting FOLKS ðð DOSANJHAN WALA A post shared by Diljit Dosanjh (@diljitdosanjh) on Oct 21, 2017 at 12:45am PDT He recently wrapped up a shoot for a war movie in London and was all over the place with the vintage look that he has not just been sporting, but actually rocking very hard . Film Based on #Worldwar1 ð Releasing Early 2018 ð Photo - Sukhbir Singh Ji A post shared by Diljit Dosanjh (@diljitdosanjh) on Sep 18, 2017 at 5:48am PDT His upcoming movie also features Kriti Sanon playing the role of a journalist and it looks like the film will be a comic caper. This one's gonna be a mad fun ride!#ArjunPatiala ..Larger than Life!ð» Cant wait to start rolling! @diljitdosanjh #dineshvijan @MaddockFilms — Kriti Sanon (@kritisanon) November 6, 2017 The movie is titled 'Arjun Patiala' and has got nothing to do with his hit number 'Patiala , incase you were wondering. Staying true to his style , he's already started throwing excitement bombs at his fans in true 'Dosanjh' style! Acha... Tu..Selfian Ley La Svere Svereð» Chakkar Ki Aa Dosanjhan Waleya...ð #ArjunPatiala #kritisanon #MaddockFilms #DineshVijan LARGER THAN LIFE ð¥ #MrGucci Fadlo Bhoond Dian Lattanð A post shared by Diljit Dosanjh (@diljitdosanjh) on Nov 5, 2017 at 8:48pm PST Hass La Hass La.. Khul Ke Dosanjhan Waleya..Avi Sanggi Jaanað» #ArjunPatiala #MaddockFilms @kritisanon #DineshVijan ð LARGER THAN LIFE A post shared by Diljit Dosanjh (@diljitdosanjh) on Nov 5, 2017 at 11:44pm PST In an interview, Dinesh Vijan, the brains behind the project said , “The Hindi film audience has already experienced Diljit's intensity, now it's time to laugh with him. Kriti is moving from Bareilly to Patiala to deliver another small town surprise and this time she is holding a pen.” In the meantime, Diljit is already preparing for his role as the great hockey player, Sandeep Singh. So you have three projects to look forward to and knowing Diljit, there will definitely be a new song coming soon.
  10. If you are an ardent fan of Bollywood, then hatred for Gabbar Singh, Teja, Shakaal or Mogambo will come naturally to you. We just love to hate Bollywood villains and basically all those who play negative roles and try to bring doom upon our heroes. We thought our hatred will remain the same for Alauddin Khilji, who is being brought to reel-life by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. But, all that hate vanished when Ranveer Singh appeared in the trailer, leaving us gasping for air. © Viacom 18 Pictures With kohl-lined eyes, wild tresses, a deadly stare and a scar across his face, Ranveer portrayes Sultan Khilji with such perfection that we feel the role was meant only for him. After sporting a long mane and beard and living the lavish lifestyle of a Sultan, Ranveer has finally parted ways with Mr. Khilji. Yes, Singh is now back to the basics and by the looks of his new haircut, it seems he is all set to sweep women off their feet with this boy-next-door look. While speculations are rife about this being a 'post-breakup' haircut , we are eagerly waiting for Deepika Padukone's reaction to this chic look. Old me A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on Nov 6, 2017 at 7:12am PST The actor who believes in living larger than life recently got a new haircut, which broke the internet. If you are wondering why it's such a big deal, don't try too hard, because the person is discussion is Ranveer, who is known for doing the quirkiest of things without holding himself back. And THIS is being touted as one of the major fashion moments that has set tongues wagging. In process A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on Nov 6, 2017 at 7:12am PST Also, this question is for all you die-hard fans of Ranveer Singh. Does this new look remind you of anything or anyone? Well, for us, he looks strikingly similar to Bittoo Sharma, from his debut movie 'Band Baaja Baaraat'. Yes, it seems like he accidently got inside a time travel machine to revisit his debut days and we aren't complaining because he looks every inch dapper and swanky in this look. New me ! Voila ! ð¤ð¾ A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on Nov 6, 2017 at 7:13am PST With not even a month left for the movie to hit the theatres on December 1, all eyes are now glued to Sanjay Leela Bhansali's magnum opus project 'Padmavati'. And as fresh controversies continue to pour in; our excitement too is reaching a pinnacle. From the vandalism on the sets to the actors' first looks from the movie, 'Padmavati' has been turning several heads and how, making this wait harder for us with each passing day. After 'Padmavati', Ranveer will be seen in Kabir Khan's upcoming biopic on Kapil Dev and Zoya Akhtar's 'Gully Boy' opposite Alia Bhatt.
  11. [embed_video1 url= style=center] PESHAWAR: Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal said on Monday that Operation Raddul Fasaad has broken the back of terrorists and all state institutions are on the same page against terrorism. Speaking at a press conference, Iqbal said that before the start of military operation, Pakistan was hostage to terrorists. ?There was not a single day when five to six people were not martyred. Today the terrorists target innocent civilians in one-off incidents? he said. The interior minister said that unfortunately few people are spreading disappointment among the people of Pakistan for their political motives, adding that these people want to snatch self-confidence from the nation. ?We took the energy crisis as a challenge, and next year we will be successful in putting 10,000 megawatts of electricity in our system,? he said. ?In 2013 surveys, 70 to 80 per cent of people used to say the coming days will be worse for them, today the same people hope that the coming days will be better than the previous ones.? He said that government policies need peace and stability so we should ensure no one disturbs our law and order. Iqbal lamented that nowadays people are taking potshots at the government over corruption. He claimed that according to Transparency International, India has more corruption cases compared to Pakistan but the economic progress of the neighbouring country is due to the better security situation. ?Governments that are corrupt don?t initiate development projects [but] we have opened a university in FATA, we are going to launch 5G, and we are putting fiber optic with China to enhance our IT sector," said Iqbal, who also holds the portfolio of the planning and development ministry. He said that those who criticise Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz on making roads should know that without roads people of the country cannot have access to health and education. Iqbal called the demand to have elections on the older census ?childish?. He said that certain quarters are trying to create doubts over the next general elections, adding that, ?It is important that political parties should ensure timely elections for the transfer of power?. He also demanded the Supreme Court to a take suo motu notice of the Paradise Papers leak.
  12. ISIS is on a decline worldwide. The extremist movement that had its roots in the aftermath of the Arab Spring has been chained by a multi-state effort involving some of the most feared militaries in the world. While that is good news for every nation, we are a long way from the terror group's total annihilation. In fact, the extremist group has heralded a new form of 'lone-wolf' attacks that are much more deadly. The 'freedom fighters' a.k.a 'brainwashed ISIS recruits' are on the rise in the West, presenting an incredibly difficult security challenge for the counter-terrorism forces. India, in perspective, has been relatively untouched by the grim reapers of the ISIS network and that is something the West needs to learn from. India has the third largest Muslim population in the world. And yet, just over 90 cases of Indians being involved in ISIS related activities have yet been registered. ISIS leaders have had India on the radar for a long time because it fits into their propaganda of reclaiming the ancient Khorasan territory which India is a part of. Apart from this, the Hindu-Muslim divide and a large tech-savvy population makes India a perfect target for ISIS activities. But till now, no ISIS related incident has yet been planned or occurred on the Indian soil. © Reuters The Indian Muslim community in that respect has been proactive and incredibly vigilant to keep the Islamic State in check. Majority of the Indian Muslim society is tolerant and easily differentiates Islamic propaganda from real Islamic teachings. No matter the noises on social media, TV channels and websites, family values and a strong cultural connect binds the community together and acts as a moral compass for everyone involved. It's complimentary to the long established fact that Indian Muslims are followers of the Sufi school of thought in Islam that is liberal and charitable as opposed to the Wahhabi and Salafist ideologies that are much more extreme. But even then, with massive financial resources and the incredible connectivity through internet, ISIS propaganda does seep through the cracks. Take for example, the sudden surge in ISIS recruiting activity in the Indian state of Kerala. Almost every ISIS connection was traced to this part of the country and that was a cause of worry for the Intelligence community, until they found out the root of the problem. A large portion of the diaspora from Kerala is settled in the Gulf region and therefore that Arab influence and money produced a harder, more conservation form of Islamic Salafism responsible for the sudden rise in extremist groups and recruitments. © Reuters Ashraf Kaddakal, a professor at the University of Kerala recently explained the issue in detail while speaking with 'The Guardian'. “It (Salafism) is a very narrow, very rigid, very reactionary kind of ideology,” he said. “And it has attracted many youngsters, especially students. These youngsters have detached from their [orthodox Sunni] leaders and started following the online Islam, the preaching and sermons of these Saudi and other Salafi scholars. They indoctrinated many through these internet preachings,” Ashraf told the U.K.-based national daily. The online preachings and influence of ISIS leaders has been on the rise especially after several successful 'lone-wolf' attacks in the West including the recent Las Vegas shooting that ISIS took credit for. But in order to understand why ISIS is so successful in executing such attacks, it's important to understand how they operate and train their fighters with the help of its single most potent tool – the internet. The recruitment process starts with online 'phishing' wherein the fighters identify people who like or comment on violent posts related to ISIS propaganda. The basic premise before demanding commitment to its evil agenda is to establish trust. Once trust is established, the selected target is groomed via popular apps such as 'Telegram' and 'WickR'. Throughout this process, the target's tendencies are evaluated and he is taught the operational expertise with ISIS' signature attack execution involving vehicles and knives. Once on the prowl, the 'fighter' looks for a crowded place to inflict heavy damage, thus fulfilling the facilitators' propaganda. © Twitter Indian Intelligence agencies, therefore, have been proactive to develop quick fix strategies to help anticipate and crush any rise in extremist activity, using social media itself as a viable channel. People gravitating towards violence and ISIS related activities are immediately put on surveillance. Their social media pages and activity is tracked 24/7 and any perceived threats are immediately neutralized. Take, for example, the arrest of 4 terrorists back in April who were caught through info traced on the app which they used for communication. Those arrests also shed some light on the activities of Abu Jaid, a resident of Azamgarh, living in Saudi Arabia and with alleged links with ISIS. Abu Jaid was caught on 5th Nov, 2017 as he landed at the Mumbai airport. This is a prime example of the Indian intelligence machinery working in sync and producing results to help rein in ISIS. India still has a long way to go in terms of reaching its potential and counter the internal security challenges that it faces, effectively. The ISIS model, however, provides some proof of concept on breaking through the terror infrastructure with de-radicalisation strategies. The madrasas and the clerics have an important role in helping de-radicalise the Indian youth. As many as 1000 fatwas were issued against ISIS in India and that has played a big role in separating it from Islamic culture and practices. Thus, ISIS and its deadly plans for the Indian sub-continent have seemingly failed to take flight, and the vigilant Indian Muslim community is to be credited for that effort. The West, with inherently different community practices, must therefore learn from India's model to checkmate ISIS.
  13. Real Madrid forward Marco Asensio scored a stunning second-half goal as Zinedine Zidane?s side put their troubles behind them by cruising to a 3-0 victory over Las Palmas in La Liga on Sunday. Casemiro opened the scoring for the Spanish champions in the first half before Asensio and then Isco scored after the break to give Real their first win in three games in all competitions. The victory took Real above neighbours Atletico, who also have 23 points, on goal difference into third spot, four off Valencia and eight adrift of Barcelona. With their title rivals winning on Saturday, the pressure was on Madrid heading into the international break after a shock 2-1 defeat at Girona in their last Liga game and a 3-1 midweek reverse away to Tottenham Hotspur in the Champions League. However, after a nervy opening period, Real?s class showed. Karim Benzema missed their best chance after three minutes when he fired straight at keeper Raul Lizoain. Nacho then went close before Cristiano Ronaldo - who has one Liga goal this season - clipped the outside of the post with a left-foot shot. Casemiro?s goal came at a good time for the home side, with the interval fast approaching, and released the tension around the Bernabeu when he stooped to nod home Asensio?s corner. From there on it was plain sailing for Zidane?s side. There appeared little danger when the ball fell to Asensio outside the box after 56 minutes but he thundered an unstoppable left-foot strike into the top corner. Ronaldo went close again and Sergio Ramos struck the bar before Isco rounded off the scoring with a sweeping move on the break 15 minutes from the end. Late on there were a smattering of boos for French striker Benzema as he was substituted. Las Palmas remain second-bottom on six points.
  14. Karachi Deputy Mayor Arshad Vohra (left), MQM chief Farooq Sattar (right). ? FILE KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) chief Farooq Sattar has tasked two key members of his party to pacify Karachi Deputy Mayor Arshad Vohra and bring him back into the party fold, sources told Geo News Friday. Vohra switched his loyalties and joined the Mustafa Kamal-led Pakistan Sarzameen Party on October 29. ?Unfortunately, I was not able to deliver to the people of Karachi,? he lamented, at a press conference as he announced joining the PSP. ?We have been quite unjust to the people of Pakistan.? Vohra's decision to switch loyalties to PSP came as a blow to the MQM-P, which remains at loggerheads with the former. Karachi deputy mayor Arshad Vohra joins PSP Vohra reached Pakistan house and addressed media regarding his decision However, Sattar is still hopeful of Vohra's return to the MQM-P. The party still has sympathy for the defected leader and it has not yet revoked his party membership. Sources said the MQM-P has not yet decided whether to bring a new deputy mayor in place of Vohra. Following Vohra's announcement of joining the PSP, Sattar had claimed that members of his party who have defected to rival political groups could be brought back. He had claimed that Vohra was worried due to the Federal Investigation Agency's (FIA) recent case against him, which was one of the reasons that he had defected to the PSP. "Anis Qaimkhani will help Vohra with the FIA case," the MQM-P chief had said, requesting the PSP leader to "take care" of his former political affiliate.
  15. [embed_video1 url= style=center] Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Khursheed Shah said on Friday that former prime minister Nawaz Sharif should remember the day he refused a meeting with PPP chief Asif Ali Zardari. Speaking in reaction to Nawaz's comments today that Zardari is assailing him to please someone, Shah said at that point [when Nawaz refused meeting] Nawaz also wanted to please someone. "Mian sahib should say who he was trying to please then," said the opposition leader in the National Assembly. Shah asserted that it is Nawaz, not democracy, that is in trouble today. He added that Nawaz should stop democracy from being in danger, suggesting that, "Nawaz shouldn?t put the burden of his difficulties on democracy". Shah said he repeatedly advised Nawaz to take the Parliament into confidence, adding that, he saved Nawaz once to save democracy but won?t do it again. "What goes around comes around," he said addressing the former prime minister. 'Always held Nawaz's hand for democracy's sake' Later, in a statement, a PPP spokesperson said they are not trying to please anyone but trying to save themselves from Nawaz?s betrayal. "PPP always held Nawaz?s hand for [the sake of] democracy. During Musharraf?s tenure, Zardari suffered in jail for cases lodged by Nawaz," the statement added. It also blamed Nawaz for betraying PPP by becoming a party in the Memogate case. Earlier today, the former prime minister said Zardari is talking against him "to please someone". The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) president was talking informally to journalists present at the accountability court trying him on corruption charges. The PPP and PML-N appear to be at loggerheads regarding the ongoing political situation in the country. On Thursday, Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif remarked that he tried in vain to establish contact with Zardari recently. "But, Zardari didn?t answer any of my calls,?, Asif said in Geo News' show Capital Talk.
  16. There's a lot that goes around about KJo's life. But let's face it, most of it is irrelevant. People talk, haters hate and there's nothing wrong with it—humans are humans, very opinionated and such. But bringing in the discussion of our bread and butter (cc: fashion), let's quickly jump to the man's sartorial decisions, which lately and from the beginning, have been expensive and have only gotten better with time. There's no denying that his choices are bizarre to some extent (overtly embellished pieces, leopard print lace-ups), but the truth is, he's been living life his way. And that's his version of dressing to the gods. But Mr. Johar's recent acquisition isn't another costly jacket. It's his conscious (or subconscious?) decision of wearing a university/college staple—the varsity jacket. Maybe not in India, but this sporty bomber jacket is an American school essential. Maybe here its discovery isn't relevant to us, but yet it's a great transitional weather pick. © Viral Bhayani And as they say, what goes around comes around. Which, in Karan's case, is all good. To reward him for his conscious decisions to dress well in public, his apparel choices have now started to age him in reverse. In fact, even for us lesser mortals, if we're planning on copying the varsity jacket soon, it'll treat us in the exact same way. Because, the truth is, with its frat boy appearance, popper fastening, ribbed cuffs/waistband and a boxy fit—it's bound to cut your age down for you. © Viral Bhayani But the feat isn't easily achieved. Pairing the varsity jacket with gym essentials is great and so is styling it with solid-coloured jeans/joggers/chinos. To which, Mr. Johar is doing complete justice. Attaboy!
  17. Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif disembarking a plane/ file photo JEDDAH: In a series of change of plans, former prime minister Nawaz Sharif is likely to go back to London from Jeddah and meet Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz leaders, it emerged on Sunday. The former prime minister, who is currently in Saudi Arabia was expected to return to Pakistan, but now he is likely to go to London early today. Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif will leave for London, sources said. It was learnt that Chief Minister Punjab Shehbaz Sharif and some members of the federal cabinet will also be a part of the PML-N entourage gathering in London. Sources said that Shehbaz Sharif can stay in London for three to four days. The party gathering will discuss political affairs of the country. According to sources, the former premier will arrive in Pakistan at the start of November. Earlier, according Nawaz?s son Hasan, the former prime minister was to return to Pakistan on Wednesday (Oct 25) after a brief stay in Saudi Arabia. Nawaz had been in London to spend time with his wife since October 5 until October 23, when he left for Jeddah. On Oct 26, the accountability court hearing corruption references against the Sharif family issued bailable warrants for former premier Sharif in two references. Bailable warrants issued for Nawaz; hearing adjourned until Nov 3 Warrants issued with regards to Azizia Steel Mills and Flagship Investment Ltd references against Nawaz; notices sent to former PM's bail guarantor in London flats reference The references against the Sharif family pertain to the Azizia Steel Mills and Hill Metals Establishment, their London properties and over dozen offshore companies owned by the family. The hearing was then adjourned until November 3, with the last chance for the former premier to ensure his presence in court.
  18. Actress Rose McGowan raises her fist after addressing the audience during the opening session of the three-day Women?s Convention at Cobo Centre, Detroit, Michigan, US, October 27, 2017. REUTERS/Rebecca Cook WASHINGTON: Rose McGowan ? one of the first actresses to accuse fallen movie mogul Harvey Weinstein of rape ? decried Friday what she called a pervasive culture of sexual misconduct in Hollywood and urged women to fight back. "I have been silenced for 20 years. I have been slut-shamed. I have been harassed. I have been maligned, and you know what? I'm just like you," McGowan, 44, said. They were her first public remarks since levelling her accusations against Weinstein in what has become a torrent of allegations of sexual harassment, assault, and rape against a man who had been one of the most powerful people in the film industry. As the scandal snowballed, McGowan has emerged as one of Weinstein's most scathing critics. Weinstein has denied having non-consensual sexual activity with any of his accusers. McGowan alluded with the F-word to President Donald Trump's bragging in 2005 that he could grab women's genitals and get away with it simply because he was famous. "We are pure. We are strong. We are brave, and we will fight," said McGowan, who raised her left fist defiantly as the crowd at the Women's Convention in Detroit stood and cheered in support. The meeting is an offshoot of the Women's March that filled the streets of Washington a day after the Trump inauguration in January. "Women grab back. We speak. We yell. We march. We are here. We will not go away," said McGowan. The New York Times has reported that in 1997 Weinstein reached a $100,000 settlement with McGowan, then 23, after an incident in a hotel room during the Sundance Film Festival. That deal was not an admission of guilt but rather designed to avert litigation and "buy peace", said the Times, which said it had seen the document.
  19. CANNES: He's back and this time he's even older, blinder, and more dangerous! Mr Magoo is making his television comeback nearly 40 years after the short-sighted geriatric cartoon menace was last pensioned off. The disaster-prone senior who first appeared in 1949 is back in a new, revamped series, causing just as much chaos as before because of his continued refusal to wear glasses. French animation company Xilam has revived the character first created in the United States as a subversive way of sending up mean-spirited McCarthy-era reactionaries. Magoo's bumbling brand of slapstick was just the thing to "bring families together in front of the screen", Marc de Pontavice ? the chairman at Xilam ? told AFP. And he insisted that there was plenty of life in the character yet. "He's not old, he's ageless. He is wonderfully innocent and optimistic as he goes around creating havoc", he said. Both Magoo's original creators Millard Kaufmann and John Hubley were blacklisted during the Communist witchhunts early in the Cold War and saw the wealthy yet clueless character as a way of poking fun at their tormentors. Pingu moves to the city But over the years Mr Magoo became a lovably apolitical character who won generation after generation of fans through repeats of the original series. "Mr Magoo is a hugely important figure in the history of animation," de Pontavice said. "He was the first character created by the UPA animation studio which was set up by people wanting to get away from Disney, and he set the tone for a whole new cartoon style." In the new series, the myopic old age pensioner and his faithful companion Mr Cat (who is actually a dog) tussle with a megalomaniac hamster whose dreams of greatness are forever being thwarted by Magoo's mishaps. The character last appeared in a Walt Disney live-action film version in 1997, which flopped badly despite starring Leslie Nielsen of Airplane! and The Naked Gun fame. The new 78-part series of seven-minute shows will be screened late next year, with the first episodes premiered at the MIPJunior at Cannes on the French Riviera Sunday. Sneak previews of two other rebooted classic children's series are also being shown at the gathering, one of the most important in the TV calendar. In the first, Thomas the Tank Engine is set to return in a new series called Thomas & Friends, breaking the so-called 'fourth wall' ? the imaginary barrier between the actors and audience ? by directly addressing the train engine's young fans. "In the new series, we've got Thomas talking directly to the audience, and it's a bit like he's taking the viewers on the adventure with them," said producer Micaela Winter. "That's a huge difference from previous series where we had a storyteller telling the story, a bit like a parent reading a book," she added. Pingu the penguin ? the second one ? is also in for some big changes, moving from his Antarctic village to a big city of ice in a new series from the Japanese broadcaster NHK, which has taken over the character from its original Swiss creators.
  20. Paramilitary soldiers stand guard at an entry gate of Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore/AFP file photo LAHORE: Tens of thousands of security will be deployed in Lahore on Sunday when Sri Lanka become the first major cricket team to visit Pakistan since they were targeted in a deadly ambush in 2009 -- with attack survivors among those returning to the scene. Several Sri Lankan players and officials, including their head coach, have opted out of the Twenty20 fixture, after some voiced concern about security. But Asanka Gurusinha and Hashan Tillakaratne, who came under gunfire in 2009 and are now Sri Lanka´s team manager and batting coach, will be with the squad as it is shuttled in and out of Lahore´s Gaddafi Stadium under heavy guard. Pakistan´s Ahsan Raza, a reserve umpire in 2009 who was among those shot -- and needed emergency surgery to repair a collapsed lung and damaged liver -- will also be on the field. Eight people were killed and eight wounded in the March 3, 2009 attack on Sri Lanka´s bus convoy near the Gaddafi Stadium, an incident which brought cricket tours to Pakistan screeching to a halt. Eight years later, Sri Lanka will become the first top cricket nation to play in Pakistan since the incident, accelerating a gradual resumption of international fixtures as security improves. A Pakistan army helicopter patrols over the Gaddafi Stadium during Independence Cup/AFP file photo Sunday´s game, the third and final T20 -- with the other two played in UAE -- comes after Lahore also hosted this year´s Pakistan Super League final and a one-off fixture between Pakistan and a World XI last month. Raza was wounded when Taliban militants targeted a bus carrying officials, killing the driver. Another bus´s driver was hailed as a hero after shepherding the players to safety under a hail of bullets. "It´s a great honour that I will be umpiring in the match which is bringing Sri Lanka back to Lahore," he told AFP. "They have set their every fear aside... their tour will have a great impact on the revival of cricket in Pakistan." ´New beginning´ Sunday´s T20 international is being hailed as a brave decision by Sri Lanka and a milestone for Pakistan as it attempts to end its sporting isolation. Thousands of security personnel will guard routes to the stadium, and air surveillance and intelligence monitoring is also in place as Pakistan rolls out head-of-state level measures. Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Najam Sethi called it a "historic moment", pointing out that a generation of fans in the cricket-mad country have grown up without seeing any international games in their home stadiums. "Our stadiums have remained empty. Now all that is poised to change, for the better... I foresee a full fledged restoration in the next two years," he told AFP. ?What a brave nation? - Bus attack hero hails Sri Lanka cricketers? return 'I told him nothing will happen, and if, God forbid, something happens then thousands of people like me will sacrifice our lives for you' PCB officials are already setting their sights on bringing the West Indies to Pakistan for three T20 internationals next month. But Sri Lanka´s visit was not fully backed by its players: regular skipper Upul Tharanga, Lasith Malinga, Niroshan Dickwella, Dushmantha Chamera, and Akila Dananjaya all pulled out, as did their South African head coach Nic Pothas and physiotherapist Nirmalan Thanabalasingham. Suranga Lakmal, who still carries the splinter from a bullet wound in his leg, and fellow 2009 survivor Chamara Kapugedara also stayed away. Stand-in skipper Thisara Perera, who played in Lahore last month as part of the World XI team, praised the security arrangements and said he had no concerns about safety. "I am really satisfied with the security, so no problems there," he told AFP. Thisara Perera says he has no concerns about safety Fans are also applauding Sri Lanka´s decision to return to Lahore, and this week many headed out to buy last-minute tickets for Sunday´s game. "I am very happy really, as I have purchased tickets for me and my family members," one woman said in Lahore´s upscale Gulberg neighbourhood. The country´s most famous supporter, Sufi Jalil, fondly known as "Chacha Cricket" (Uncle Cricket), who aims to attend every Pakistan match regardless of the venue, was himself on the way to Gaddafi Stadium when the attack took place in 2009. "They are welcome," he said of Sri Lanka. "What happened in the past is behind us, this match will be a new beginning and we are all united in this cause."
  21. Venus Williams produced a vintage display full of guts and determination to grind out a 7-5 6-7(3) 7-5 victory over Jelena Ostapenko in their White Group encounter at the WTA Finals on Tuesday. Both players had lost their opening ties on Sunday so were desperate for a victory to keep their future fate in the eight-woman event in their own hands and neither appeared willing to budge in a titanic three hour and 13-minute marathon. In the end, the 37-year-old Williams emerged from a bruising encounter that featured 20 breaks of serve with a victory built on her calmness at the key moments and ruthlessness when offered a chance to attack her opponent?s weak second serve. ?Sometimes you need some luck. I don?t know if I had any tonight as I had to work for every point,? Williams said in a courtside interview. ?It?s not easy when you lose the first match. Both of us were in the same situation and you have to fight, what else can you do, to live another day.? The match started with Ostapenko trying to force the pace with the high-risk strategy that carried her to French Open glory, while Williams was content to pick up free points as her opponent sprayed a plethora of attempted winners wide or long. The Latvian edged ahead in the opener, however, and even served for the set at 5-3 but the veteran American dug deep and reeled off six consecutive games to first steal the set and then move ahead in the second. The 20-year-old battled back as the pair traded two breaks apiece before Williams brought up her first match point in the 10th game that she failed to convert when she dumped a forehand into the net as Ostapenko continued to go for her shots. The pair?s inability to hold serve spilled over into the tiebreak and Williams handed Ostapenko three set points with a wild forehand and the Latvian levelled the contest on the first of them when the American netted a backhand. Four more breaks of serve followed in the decider until Ostapenko rallied from 0-40 to hold in the ninth game and the Latvian saved three more break points in the 11th before finally running out of lives when she sent a backhand wide. Williams could smell blood and a booming ace brought up three more match points and the American sealed victory on the second of them with a crosscourt backhand winner. Spanish world number two Garbine Muguruza takes on Czech third seed Karolina Pliskova in the second White Group match later on Tuesday. Both players won their opening matches on Sunday.
  22. Russian cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab announced on Monday it will allow third parties to analyse its antivirus software in an attempt to rule out accusations of spying for the Kremlin. "We want to show how we?re completely open and transparent. We've nothing to hide," company founder Eugene Kaspersky said while launching what was dubbed a "global transparency initiative". "Cybersecurity has no borders, but attempts to introduce national boundaries in cyberspace is counterproductive and must be stopped. We need to reestablish trust in relationships between companies, governments and citizens," he said in a statement. The Russian-based company has been accused of being a vehicle for hackers to steal security secrets from the US National Security Agency, and was banned by all American government agencies last month. The software firm has repeatedly argued it has no ties to any government and has claimed it is simply caught in the middle of a geopolitical fight. "Kaspersky Lab will engage the broader information security community and other stakeholders in validating and verifying the trustworthiness of its products, internal processes, and business operations," the company said in the statement. "As part of the initiative, the company intends to provide the source code of its software -? including software updates and threat-detection rules updates -? for independent review and assessment." - Promise of 'transparency' - Kaspersky's software, widely respected for its virus-catching effectiveness, is used on millions of computers around the world. The company has said it will open "transparency centres", beginning in 2018, to address security issues with customers, partners and government stakeholders. Three centres will open in Asia, Europe and the US by 2020, it said. US media reports have accused the company of facilitating the Kremlin either as part of a covert espionage scheme or as an unwilling accomplice. The New York Times reported two weeks ago that Israeli intelligence had hacked into the Kaspersky network and upon detecting the Russian intrusion, alerted the United States, which led to the decision to remove Kaspersky software from US government computers. The online news site CyberScoop, citing anonymous sources, reported separately that Kaspersky as early as 2015 sought to promote its anti-virus software as a tool to track extremists in the Middle East. The report said that some US officials were intrigued by the offer, but that technical members of the intelligence community interpreted this as meaning that Kaspersky's anti-virus software could be used as a spying tool. The Wall Street Journal has previously reported that the Russian government was able to modify Kaspersky software to turn it into an espionage tool. The allegations concerning Kaspersky come in the wake of an alleged Russian-led effort to manipulate social media and influence the 2016 US presidential election.
  23. 'Kuch kuch hota hai Rahul, tum nahi samjhoge', gives us goosebumps till today. The love, the passion, the aura that Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol create together is iconic. And what makes their on-screen chemistry even more special is Karan Johar's touch, as the ace director filmmaker knows all the right spots to bring out the best from them on camera. The earlier feud between Karan and Kajol broke many hearts; after all, they were besties. But the duo has patched up and we could not be happier. And if reports are to be believed, KJO and Kajol have even sealed a deal over a film. We are flying already! (c) Twitter Talking to a leading daily, a source close to Dharma Production revealed that Kajol is definitely part of his next project. Not many know this, but since the start of his career, KJO made a promise to himself that she will be a part of all his films. However, that pact was broken when 'Ae Dil Hai Mushkil' was released and sure we saw SRK, but no sign of our beloved Kajol. But now that all is well between the two, get ready to see Kajol in Karan's next. (c) Twitter Adding more to our excitement is the fact that King Khan will be seen opposite Kajol, at least that's what the director plans to do. This film will also feature Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. Here is hoping the movie hits us hard like the Titanic and brings back the 90's feels!
  24. 'Kuch kuch hota hai Rahul, tum nahi samjhoge', gives us goosebumps till today. The love, the passion, the aura that Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol create together is iconic. And what makes their on-screen chemistry even more special is Karan Johar's touch, as the ace director filmmaker knows all the right spots to bring out the best from them on camera. The earlier feud between Karan and Kajol broke many hearts; after all, they were besties. But the duo has patched up and we could not be happier. And if reports are to be believed, KJO and Kajol have even sealed a deal over a film. We are flying already! (c) Twitter Talking to a leading daily, a source close to Dharma Production revealed that Kajol is definitely part of his next project. Not many know this, but since the start of his career, KJO made a promise to himself that she will be a part of all his films. However, that pact was broken when 'Ae Dil Hai Mushkil' was released and sure we saw SRK, but no sign of our beloved Kajol. But now that all is well between the two, get ready to see Kajol in Karan's next. (c) Twitter Adding more to our excitement is the fact that King Khan will be seen opposite Kajol, at least that's what the director plans to do. This film will also feature Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. Here is hoping the movie hits us hard like the Titanic and brings back the 90's feels!
  25. Mahendra Singh Dhoni had already established himself as one of the deadliest finishers and successful captains in international cricket. But, on 2 April 2011, those two unique qualities combined together and etched Dhoni's name in the history books. The moment he smashed Sri Lankan seamer Nuwan Kulasekara for a towering six in the 49th over to end India's 28-year wait for a World Cup title at the Wankhede stadium will always remain one of the most iconic moments in the history of Indian cricket. But, that was a long time ago. A time when Dhoni's willow breathed fire. A time when the Indian fans could lean back and count on India's No. 1 finisher to get them over the line. Sadly, that era is far gone. Reuters Today, Dhoni is 36 and no longer the finisher he once used to be. The Jharkhand cricketer has traded the finisher's role for the one of a consolidator. But, that doesn't mean he's not important or influential anymore. If the recent run of Team India is anything to go by, Dhoni has noticeably excelled in his new profile. But, then again, who doesn't miss those big hoicks over deep midwicket, right? Well, Dhoni might have mellowed down in the game, but when he's training in the nets, the former Indian captain is still seen smashing a few out of the park. A similar incident came to fore during Team India's net session ahead of the first ODI against New Zealand in Mumbai. In a video shared by the BCCI on Twitter, Dhoni can be seen stepping down the track and hammering the bowler for a massive six - similar to the one that earned India their second World Cup title. When @msdhoni hits a big one at the Wankhede Stadium, it invariably takes us back to that famous six in 2011. — BCCI (@BCCI) October 20, 2017 The BCCI captioned the video, "When @msdhoni hits a big one at the Wankhede Stadium, it invariably takes us back to that famous six in 2011." After beating India's Board President's XI by 33 runs in their second warm-up game, New Zealand will look to do just the same in their opening ODI enconter with India on October 22. Team India, who recently defeated Australia 4-1 in the ODI series, will be looking to continue their winning run against the Kiwis and reclaim the No. 1 spot in the ICC ODI rankings, which is currently held by South Africa following their win against Bangladesh following AB de Villiers' blistering hundred.