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Found 47 results

  1. ISLAMABAD: The production of jeeps and cars witnessed an increase of 5 percent during the first ten months of the current fiscal year (2016-17) compared to the corresponding period of last year. As many as 160,650 units of jeeps and cars were manufactured during July-April (2016-17) compared to the production of 159,202 units during July-April (2015-16), according to the data of PakistanBureau of Statistics (PBS). The production of motorcycles during the period increased by 21.20 percent by going up from 1,698,410 units last year to 2,055,542 during the ongoing fiscal year. As many as 961 buses and 6,235 trucks were manufactured during the first ten months of the current year compared to the production of 866 buses and 4,478 trucks last year, showing an increase of 10.97 percent and 39.24 percent respectively. The production of tractors also increased by 66.46 percent by growing from 26,615 units last year to 44,303 units during the ongoing year. However, the production of light commercial vehicles (LCVs) witnessed decrease of 34.77 percent by declining from 31,516 units last year to 20,559 during the current year. Meanwhile, on a year-on-year basis, the production of cars and jeeps increased by 7.78 percent by going up from the production of 15,514 units during April 2016 to the output of 16,721 units this year. As many as 212,442 motorcycles were manufactured during April 2017, compared to the production of 181,225 units during April 2016, showing an increase of 17.22 percent while the production of trucks increased by 38.66 percent by increasing from 538 units to 746units. The production of tractors also increased by 36.21 percent by growing from 4,673 units to 6,365 units. However, the production of LCVs and buses witnessed decrease of 9.37 percent and 43.33 percent respectively. The LCVs production decreased from 1,989 units to 1,922 units while the production of buses decreased from 120 units to 65 units. It is pertinent to mention here that the country's overall large scale manufacturing (LSM) sector has witnessed a growth of 5.58percent during first 10 months of the current fiscal year. The highest growth of 4.4 percent was witnessed in the indices monitored by ministry of industries followed by Provincial Bureaus of Statistics (PBOS) with 1.08 percent and the indices of Oil Companies Advisory Committee (OCAC) with 0.10 percent. On the year-on-year basis, the industrial growth increased by 9.72percent during April 2017 as compared to April 2016, however, on monthly basis, the industrial output decreased by 17.88 percent during the corresponding month as compared to March 2017.
  2. Photo: Geo News screen grab LASHKAR GAH: A powerful car bomb on Thursday struck a bank in Afghanistan´s Lashkar Gah city when civilian and military government employees were queuing to withdraw their salaries, causing multiple casualties, officials said. At least 50 wounded people were rushed to hospital, government spokesman Omar Zwak told AFP, with another official warning of multiple fatalities. No group has claimed responsibility for the latest in a series of brazen attacks during the month of Ramadan, but it comes as the Taliban ramp up their annual spring offensive. The insurgents control large swathes of Helmand province, of which Lashkar Gah is the capital. "Around 12 noon a car bomb exploded at the entrance of New Kabul Bank," Salam Afghan, police spokesman in the city, told AFP. "It happened at a time when civilians and officials had lined up outside the bank to collect their salaries." Washington is soon expected to announce an increase in the US military deployment to bolster Afghan forces, who are struggling to contain the Taliban insurgency. American military commanders in Afghanistan have requested thousands of extra boots on the ground. US troops in Afghanistan now number about 8,400, and there are another 5,000 from NATO allies, a far cry from the US presence of more than 100,000 six years ago. They mainly serve as trainers and advisers. The Afghan conflict is the longest in American history, with US-led forces at war since the Taliban regime was ousted in 2001.
  3. Photo: File Paris police on Monday said they were dealing with an incident on the Champs Elysees in the city centre as a Reuters witness saw officers cordon off an area near the avenue and close to the presidential Elysee palace. The announcement on a police Twitter account advised the public to avoid the area, and came after people took to social media to report that a car had caught fire in the area.
  4. Okay, so this can get a little confusing so you’re going to have to pay close attention. Now, if we were talking retail price or cost to build, we could create a list, adjust for inflation and be done with it. But no. We’re talking about the value of a car. “Value” is a very strange term. What is valuable to one person may not be valuable to another. While I could say that the HM Contessa is one of the most valuable cars in the world, you could argue that the HM Ambassador is more valuable and there would not be any way to adjudge who is right. So, for the purpose of this article, when we say “The most valuable car in the world” we are only considering cars people have put their money where their mouth is for. This means, we’re only considering cars which have been sold, at auction, publicly. Now, if you go online and search for the most valuable car in the world, you will get a few different answers depending on which site you visit. You’ll see a red 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO and you’ll see a blue 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO. You’ll also see a yellow 1964 Ferrari 276 GTB/C Speciale. What’s the difference between them then? Let’s take a closer look starting with what is, by our definition above, “The most valuable car in the world.” The 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO Berlinetta (Red) For now, this is the most expensive car to ever have been sold at auction. The auction was conducted by Bonhams on the 14th of August 2014 and the car was sold for $38,115,000. MensXP Ferrari has only built 39 of these 250 GTOs and while there are many others which have been sold for exorbitant amounts, this is the leader of the pack right now. MensXP It was constructed to contest in the 1963 FIA World GT Championship and won that year. The car has been in numerous crashes and has been repaired by Ferrari time and time again. But, it has also won numerous races over the years. This is one of the best maintained and most raced of all the GTOs ever built which is probably why it costs so much. MensXP It was constructed to contest in the 1963 FIA World GT Championship and won that year. The car has been in numerous crashes and has been repaired by Ferrari time and time again. But, it has also won numerous races over the years. This is one of the best maintained and most raced of all the GTOs ever built which is probably why it costs so much. The chassis number on this GTO is 3851GT. The first owner of the car was Jo Schlesser. The last owner of the car bought if for the rough equivalent of $33,500 and then kept it for 49 years before selling it for the huge sum mentioned above. Now that’s what you call a shrewd investment. Now, as promised, here’s a look at some of the other cars that challenge for this title as well as reasons why they aren’t “The most valuable”, for now: The 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO (Blue) This car is supposed to be valued at a whopping $56.4 million. MensXP It was listed in November 2016 by Talacrest and the only reason it isn’t “the most valuable car in the world” is because no one has bought it at that price, yet. MensXP The chassis number of the car is 3387GT and it is the second GTO ever built and the first one to race. The car has raced a total of 27 times and earned 17 podiums. The 1964 Ferrari 275 GTB/C Speciale (Yellow) This car may just end up being the first car in the world to be sold for more than $100 million. A post shared by Miami Beach Concours (@miamibeachconcours) on Mar 23, 2015 at 3:03pm PDT Again, it hasn’t been sold at that price, yet. So, it’s not the “most valuable car in the world,” for now. Instagram/LordMcDonnell The fate of the car is undecided right now since its owner, Preston Henn, passed away in May 2017. Only time will tell what happens next. The 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO chassis number 5111GT This car did sell at auction in September 2013 for $52million. So, technically, it is “the most valuable car in the world.” FerrariDatabase The only problem is, it was a private auction. So, it doesn’t qualify. The other issue is that the former owner of the car, Paul Pappalardo, refused to confirm it was sold and at what price. FerrariDatabase The buyer is anonymous as well. So there’s no way of finding out any details. Quite unfortunate.
  5. There are various devices that track your car’s movements and health but they are either too expensive for Indian consumers or not accessible to everyone due to availability issues. Four engineers from IIT designed a plug-and-play device that does exactly that. It has an inbuilt 2G SIM card to track your car’s movements and send alerts to your smartphone, in case your car is getting jacked. © Carnot It also alerts emergency contacts in case you are involved in an accident and measures your driving style with a ranking system.The device lets you stay connected to your car at all times given that your smartphone has working internet in order to be synced with the tracker/OBD manager. The device also won Qualcomm’s Design award earlier this year and here’s why we think it deserved it. How it works The Carnot device is easy to install and all you have to do is connect it to the OBD port of your car. The app lets you feed in your car details and prompts a video on how to find the port for your specific car model. The OBD port is generally below the steering wheel and one can install simply by plugging it in similar to how you connect a flash drive to a USB port. © MensXP/Samiksha Sharma After the installation, you will need to feed in your personal details, emergency contacts and other information on the official app. You will need to enter a 16-digit unique code that comes with the device and you are ready to go. Just make sure the car is parked in an open area as it uses mobile connectivity to pair with the app when setting up for the first time. © MensXP/Samiksha Sharma Once connected, you will get real-time updates about your car and the performance it is giving. I drive a Hyundai Creta and got some extremely useful information from the app. The app notifies you every time there is engine ignition and tracks the progress of your drive. You can set the app to notify you about unusual activities such as the car starting after a certain time. For example, according to my settings, if my car starts anytime after 1:00 AM, the app will send me a notification to check whether I am driving or whether the car has been stolen. The device will also track my fuel efficiency and the temperature of the coolant in case something is not in order. The device communicates with the computer on board my car and gives me a daily report about my driving style, it reports if I went above my speed limit and ranks my overall performance. Here are a few examples that might paint a better picture: Live GPS Tracking © MensXP Car Health © MensXP Driver Performance and Reports © MensXP Rash Driving tracking © MensXP Coolant Temperature Tracking © MensXP The Final Say © MensXP/Samiksha Sharma In our honest opinion, the Carnot is a device that every car owner should install. It gives you regular updates about your car’s health that you would normally never notice and adds security in terms of theft control. The device is also efficient when it comes to your driving style and suggests tips that could increase the fuel efficiency of your car. It is the one stop OBD manager that provides details about your ride. The device costs INR 5,999 and is worth every Rupee.
  6. We all seem to believe that we are car gurus of some sort, don’t we? When you hear a conversation about cars you tend to get involved right away irrespective of how well you know the people having the conversation, right? Well, we have the ultimate test for you right here. We’ve collected closeup images of 10 cars that are being sold in India right now. Do you think you’ll be able to guess which cars these are? It’s the ultimate test of your auto knowledge. Here it goes: Leave your answers in the comments and tag your friends so they can give it a shot too. What are the answers? Well, we’re going to leave that to a popular vote. You decide which cars these are. How confident are you? Willing to bet on it? Okay, we'll release a list of the answers if this post gets 1,000 comments. Have fun!
  7. Season 2 of the Grand Tour is currently being shot in Switzerland. As part of one episode, Richard Hammond, was driving a Rimac Concept One, an electric hypercar, when the accident happened. Twitter/The Grand Tour Hammond managed to climb out of the wreckage himself and he appeared to be just fine. A statement was issued by the Grand Tour which reads as follows: “Richard Hammond was involved in a serious crash after completing the Hemburg Hill Climb in Switzerland in a Rimac Concept One, an electric supercar built in Croatia, during filming for The Grand Tour Season 2 on Amazon Prime, but very fortunately suffered no serious injury. Richard was conscious and talking, and climbed out of the car himself before the vehicle burst into flames. He was flown by Air Ambulance to hospital in St Hallen to be checked over revealing a fracture to his knee. Nobody else was in the car or involved in the accident, and we’d like to thank the paramedics on sight for their swift response. The cause of the crash is unknown and is being investigated.” Even Jeremy Clarkson, co-host of the show, tweeted to reassure fans: It was the biggest crash I've ever seen and the most frightening but incredibly, and thankfully, Richard seems to be mostly OK. — Jeremy Clarkson (@JeremyClarkson) June 10, 2017 He was airlifted to a nearby hospital immediately after the crash just to make sure he was alright. There he was treated for a fractured knee. Twitter/Tony Shepherd Here’s footage of the car losing control as he attempts a turn on a road which had been closed for the Bergrennen Hemberg Race:
  8. Image: Twitter (@jwbergiii) THE HAGUE: A car driver hit eight people outside Amsterdam Central Station on Saturday, injuring two seriously, after being warned about parking illegally, but police said there was no indication that the driver was carrying out an attack of any kind. "The suspect has been interviewed, and it appears not to have been intentional. But we are investigating further," Amsterdam police said on their Twitter account. The Amsterdam incident happened when police approached a black Peugeot which was badly parked, and the driver tried to speed away, according to Dutch media. Two people were admitted to hospital with serious injuries, and others were treated at the scene after the car hit the crowd and then crashed into a wall. Several ambulances and police were swiftly on the scene on the busy streets outside the station in the heart of the canal-lined Dutch capital. The driver was arrested and taken for questioning. The news came a week after three attackers in a van mowed down pedestrians in London before going on a stabbing spree, killing eight people and injuring 48. The Netherlands has been on high alert following a slew of attacks around Europe in recent months, including last month´s Manchester suicide bombing and two recent attacks in London.
  9. There's no denying it. The Batmobile is the most badass car we've ever seen in film or TV. Yes, we're even including KITT from Knight Rider. But, to be fair, not every version of the Batmobile has been perfect. In fact, there are some which have been far from perfect. We're going to rank the 6 Batmobiles used by Hollywood so far from worst to best. Here it goes: #6 As seen in 'Batman', 1966 Adam West will always be remembered as the man who brought Batman to the silver screen. His goofy take on the character was legendary, to say the least. Unfortunately, it wouldn't stand up in today's world. The same goes for his Batmobile. © Wikimedia Commons It started off as a customised vehicle that was based on a 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car. In 1954, when it was built, it cost around $250,000. It was later converted into the Batmobile for an additional $30,000. This car had a lot of gadgets including a remote batcomputer, a cable cutter blade, and an automatic tire inflation device. Before you judge, we didn't say the gadgets were cool. Just that it had a lot of them. #5 As seen in 'Batman & Robin', 1997 The only reason why this Batmobile is not dead last is because we aren't considering the plot of the movie or the number of "ïce jokes" made by Arnold Schwarzenegger, just the Batmobile. It was a comic take of the caped crusader and something we could certainly have done without. We still have nightmares about the 'Bat Credit Card'. © Flickr/FRaNKy The biggest question we have about this car? Why create a single seat Batmobile for the first movie where Robin is a primary character? His name's in the title for crying out loud. Guess, it was just so that they could sell more toys, eh? Wonder how many Redbird (Robin's motorcycle) toys were sold by the end of it? We doubt it's a large number. © Warner Bros In terms of gadgets, this was probably the most loaded of the lot. It had everything from rocket launchers to grappling hooks and even an ejector seat for some weird reason. Guess they decided Batman loved insects in his face since the car doesn't have a canopy, though. #4 As seen in 'Batman Forever,' 1995 This freaking Batmobile was capable of driving up walls. Yup, straight up walls. If that isn't cool, we don't know what is. © Pinterest/Simon Deevy One other amazing feature about the Chevrolet 350 ZZ3 which was turned into the Batmobile was its ability to lock all wheels perpendicular to the centreline and move sideways. Why did Joel Schumacher go that extra step and ruin this one in 'Batman & Robin?' #3 As seen in the 'DC Extended Universe,' 2016 The Batmobile we saw in the last Batman movie was a pretty mean machine. It was a combination of the Tumbler from the Dark Knight trilogy and the Batmobile from the earlier Batman movies. It took the best of both and what we got was a car you wouldn't want to mess with on the streets. © Warner Bros It was last seen in Suicide Squad. But, it's not going to be in the upcoming Justice League movie since Superman ripped it to shreds in Batman v Superman. We'll get our first look at the Nightcrawler in that movie. #2 As seen in the 'Dark Knight' trilogy, 2005-2012 If you ever had to get yourself out of a tricky situation where you were surrounded by tanks on all sides, this is the Batmobile you would go with. The only reason it's number two on this list is: it scores poorly in the looks department. © Wikimedia Commons It didn't lack in any way as far as gadgets were concerned, though. It had rear flaps for breaking assist, dual front autocannons, a rocket launcher, a jet engine, stealth mode, explosive caltrops, heavy armour, and a landing hook. Let's not forget it was also a sort of carrier for the Batpod. What a motorcycle that was! #1 As seen in 'Batman/Batman Returns' 1989 & 1992 This is the coolest looking Batmobile ever created. It had spherical bombs on its sides, a couple of M1919 Browning machine guns, a grappling hook for sharp turns, a Bat-disc ejector on the sides, super hydraulics, oil slick dispensers, smoke emitters, etc. We can go on and on. © Wikimedia Commons This car is so popular that there's even a replica of it in Pune. Boy, does it look fantastic! © Team-BHP So, there's our list. Which Batmobile do you think is the most badass? We leave you with Batman taking on Superman in ‘Dawn of Justice’. Do you think Batman was just pissed because Superman wrecked his ride?
  10. A staff member of Cartivator checks their flying car during a demonstration in Toyota, Japan, June 3, 2017. REUTERS1 Engineers, supported by Toyota Motor Corp (7203.T), demonstrated their flying car on Saturday, which they hope will be able to light up the Olympic flame for the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Games. "Cartivator", a start-up group of about 30 engineers including some young Toyota employees, started to develop a flying car "SkyDrive" in 2014 with the help of crowdfunding. Head of Cartivator, Tsubasa Nakamura, said that while the car was still at an early stage of development, the group expects to conduct the first manned-flight by the end of 2018. During their demonstration, the current test model was able to get off and float on the ground for a few seconds. Nakamura said the design needed more stability so the prototype would be able to fly long and high enough to reach the Olympic flame. Engineers of Cartivator are aiming to make their flying car the world's smallest electric vehicle, which can be used in small urban areas, and hopes to commercialize the car in 2025. Last month, Toyota Motor and its group of companies agreed to invest 42.5 million yen ($385,000) in the project for the next three years. Nakamura said the group is working hard to improve the design, hoping to receive further investment from the company. Companies in the world have been competing to develop the first flying car or vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) vehicles. Uber Technologies Inc [UBER.UL] announced its plan to deploy its flying taxi service by 2020 in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, and Dubai. Airbus Group is also working on developing its flying car under its division called Urban Air Mobility. But makers of "flying cars" still face hurdles, including convincing regulators and the public that their products can be used safely. Governments are still grappling with regulations for drones and driverless cars.
  11. Cao Fei recently became the youngest artist ever to create a BMW Art Car. She is also the first Chinese artist to do this. She used virtual and augmented reality to address the future of mobility tackling airborne cars, autonomous driving, and digitalization. BMW Press Club Dr Ian Robertson, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG said: "We were thrilled by the decision of an independent jury of international museum directors to have nominated Cao Fei. Considered as a lucky number in China, her vehicle is the official 18th rolling sculpture of the collection. For her project, Cao Fei chose an unprecedented and immersive approach, empowering the viewer to engage with the artwork through cutting-edge technology. This is truly a BMW Art Car for the 21st century!" A post shared by Cao Fei (@cao_fei) on Jun 2, 2017 at 11:14am PDT Cao Fei commented on her BMW Art Car: "To me, light represents thoughts. As the speed of thoughts cannot be measured, the #18 Art Car questions the existence of the boundaries of the human mind. We are entering a new age, where the mind directly controls objects and where thoughts can be transferred, such as unmanned operations and artificial intelligence. Which attitudes and temperaments hold the key to opening the gateway to the new age?" 31 May World premiere of BMW Art Car 18th at Beijing mingsheng art museum #bmwartcar18 @bmwgroupculture A post shared by Cao Fei (@cao_fei) on Jun 2, 2017 at 11:01am PDT Her project, named "Unmanned" is like nothing we've seen before. Have a look for yourself: Video: Unmanned. Part of BMW Art Car #18 project, 60" traile(full length: 4'56") , music by Jamie xx, Gosh. Actor: Lv Piqiang #??? @johnlpq bmw @bmwgroupculture #bmwartcar18 #bmwartcar #jamiexx @jamie___xx A post shared by Cao Fei (@cao_fei) on Jun 2, 2017 at 5:29am PDT
  12. The abandoned car in which the children got themselves locked up. ? Geo News screengrab MULTAN: Two children were suffocated in Shujabad on Friday after they were accidentally trapped inside an abandoned car, according to rescue members. Three minors while playing in a Shujabad street entered into a car, which was abandoned for months. The children accidentally got themselves locked inside the car, in intense hot and dry weather. The minors kept shouting for help but to no avail. By the time rescue workers reached, two of the three trapped children, Ali Hassan and Shehroz, were suffocated. Fortunately, the third child was rescued and reunited with his family. [embed_video1 url= style=center]
  13. It's really hot, isn't it? There's nothing worse than having to go out on a sunny afternoon in June. Your car’s air conditioner is the only respite you can hope for at this time. But when the temperature is a constant 40 +, you need your AC working at its best. Sometimes, it can get so hot you can even cook eggs inside your car. Check out this video where a guy shows us why it’s never alright to leave your pets inside parked cars: But, is there anything you can do apart from putting the AC on full and waiting? There's a lot. There are tricks that will help make your AC far more effective. Some of you may already know all these tricks. But for those of you who don't, they can come in real handy. Before we get into the tips, let's take a look at how your air conditioner works: Now, the tips. They'll help keep your AC functioning well, so you don't lose your 'cool' while your mom nags you about your life choices on the way to the supermarket: Parking The first thing you need to do is park in the right spot. Underground parking is your best bet. Park in the shade if you can. If all else fails and you must park in the sun, keep one window slightly open (This prevents heat from getting trapped inside the car) and use the windshield sun shades. Yes, they might not block out too much sun, but it's something. © Thinkstock/Getty Images Alternatively, get a hardcore windscreen shade like this one on Amazon Recirculation Mode Ah, the feature we all pretend to know everything about. What exactly is recirculation mode? In layman's terms, it recirculates air from inside your car when it's turned on and uses air from the outside when it's turned off. © YouTube/redonKiLaus So, do you keep it on or off? First, you turn it off so that the hot air escapes through the ventilation. Help speed this up by opening all the windows. After a couple of minutes, turn recirculation mode back on and close the windows to cool your car effectively. Maintenance There's nothing like regular maintenance to keep your AC in good condition. Always get your AC checked before summer starts. Most car manufacturers offer free checkups in the April-May period. © Pinterest/Business Builder
  14. The 1955 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible classic car that belonged to Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah. ? Reuters The car belonging to Mader-e-Milat (mother of the nation) Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah is being restored by the Government of Pakistan at National Museum in Karachi. A mechanic lying underneath the classic. ? Reuters The condition of the vehicle ? 1955 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible classic car ? was first brought to light in 2007 when pictures were published on Pakistani automotive websites. Technicians work on the 1955 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible classic car. ? Reuters The vehicle was taken away from the Mohatta Palace for repairs several years ago. Earlier, the vehicle was left to rot under the open sky in the parking lot of the Sindh Information and Archives department. A workman shows a worn-out part of the vehicle. ? Reuters Mohsin Ikram, a vintage car enthusiast, had taken upon himself the onerous task of restoring the vehicle to its original state. The wheel of the car. ? Reuters Technicians working to restore the vehicle to its original shape. ? Reuters In an interview with the News last year, Ikram had said that the cars had been pulled out of the garages at Mohatta Palace when the building was to undergo renovation in 1997 and parked out in the open next to the sea. It was the saline air from the sea that had been causing the rust and the corrosion.
  15. SAN FRANCISCO: Uber Technologies Inc said on Tuesday it fired the technology whiz it had hired to lead its self-driving unit, Anthony Levandowski, after he failed to comply with a court order to hand over documents at the center of a legal dispute between Uber and Alphabet Inc's Waymo unit. Uber had hoped Levandowski, one the most respected self-driving engineers in Silicon Valley, would help the ride services company catch up to rivals including Waymo, in the race for self-driving technology. Instead the hiring led to a court fight and the threat of criminal charges. Uber replaced him as the head of its self-driving car unit in April before finally making the decision to fire him. Levandowski formerly worked for Alphabet's Waymo self-driving division, which says he stole trade secrets by downloading more than 14,000 documents before he left. Levandowski is not a defendant, but his actions are at the heart of Alphabet's lawsuit against Uber. Uber said in a letter to Levandowski filed in federal court on Tuesday that it was firing him because he had not complied with a court order to hand over the documents. He has declined to cooperate, citing his Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate himself. Levandowski's lawyer did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Uber and Alphabet are battling over technology expected to revolutionise the way people use cars. Waymo claims its trade secrets made their way into Uber's Lidar technology, which bounces light pulses off objects so self-driving cars can "see" the road. Uber denies these claims. Levandowski has 20 days to comply with the court orders, according to the Uber letter. Last month, Uber named Eric Meyhofer to replace Levandowski as head of its Advanced Technologies Group. Meyhofer will continue to lead the team, an Uber spokeswoman said via email. The New York Times reported Levandowski's exit earlier on Tuesday, citing an internal email sent to employees. "Over the last few months Uber has provided significant evidence to the court to demonstrate that our self-driving technology has been built independently," Angela Padilla, Uber?s associate general counsel for employment and litigation, wrote in an email to employees, cited by the Times. An Uber spokeswoman confirmed the letter's authenticity and said the company has urged Levandowski to "fully cooperate." Waymo has said Levandowski received stock worth more than $250 million for joining Uber, along with his portion of the $680 million that Uber paid last year for Otto, the self-driving truck company he formed after leaving Google. That amount assumes certain targets would be met, and it was not clear how his firing would affect those payments. A source familiar with the matter said Levandowski had not yet vested his Uber shares. LEVANDOWSKI REFUSAL Levandowski, a top engineer on self-driving technology, has turned into a liability for Uber in court. The company has acknowledged that his refusal to testify has hurt its defense efforts. Uber has never denied that he took the Waymo documents. Asked last month why Uber did not threaten to fire Levandowski to pressure him into turning over the documents, Uber attorney Arturo Gonzalez told Reuters, "We can fire him but we still don't get the documents." Uber had argued that it was acceptable to sideline Levandowski by preventing him from working on Lidar technology, but not firing him. But US District Court Judge William Alsup criticised the company, telling lawyers: "You keep on your payroll someone who took 14,000 documents and is liable to use them." The judge theorised that Levandowski could have used Waymo's documents himself even if he did not turn them over to Uber. "What prevented him from bringing a laptop to work every day and consulting the files?" Alsup asked Uber lawyers in April. Uber has been hit by a string of departures of senior executives and other negative news. Earlier this year, Uber was caught using its technology to avoid government regulators. Chief Executive Officer Travis Kalanick was seen on video berating an Uber driver, and the company also faced accusations of sexual harassment that led to an internal probe led by former US Attorney General Eric Holder. The Holder report will be shown to the board this week, a source familiar with the matter said, adding that next week, Uber plans to speak with employees about it.
  16. A few days ago, the most expensive car in the world was the Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita at $4.8 million or INR 31 crores. Here's Jay Leno talking about his Trevita: We say ‘was’ because on the 27th of May, everything changed. Rolls-Royce released the Rolls-Royce Sweptail, a one-of-a-kind car, inspired by their coaches from the 20s and 30s. How much does it cost? A whopping $12.8 million or INR 83 crores. That's more than what all of us together earn in a financial year. What makes it so special? Well, the name for one. What else? Check out this video: The car is a custom-made two-seat coupe with a panoramic glass sunroof. It has the classic 'Swept Tail' look which is where it gets its name from too. In the words of the CEO of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Torsten Muller-Otvos, "Sweptail is a truly magnificent car. It exudes the romance of travel for its own sake, and immediately places 'Sweptail' in the pantheon of the world's great intercontinental tourers." © Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Press Club If you are a billionaire and follow MensXP (we're sure there are a couple of you), you're probably making calls trying to place an order for one right now. Unfortunately, you won't be able to get your hands on the Sweptail. No, it's not because you don't meet the 'Rolls-Royce Standard.' It's because they made just one, to-order, for an undisclosed client. It is one-of-a-kind. Perhaps it's time you got your own custom-made Rolls-Royce? © Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Press Club For the rest of us, this video is probably as close as we're ever going to get to the actual car. Yes, it looks just as good in real-life as it did in the reveal trailer above:
  17. Afghan residents gather at the scene of a suicide car bomb that targeted a CIA-funded pro-government militia force-AFP KHOST: A suicide car bomber killed 18 people in the eastern Afghan city of Khost on Saturday, officials said, in the first major insurgent attack at the start of the holy fasting month of Ramadan. No group has so far claimed responsibility for the bombing, which provincial authorities said targeted Afghan security forces working with American troops in Khost province. The attack is the latest in a series of assaults on Western-backed forces as the Taliban step up their annual spring offensive and the insurgency expands more than 15 years after they were toppled from power in a US-led invasion. "A suicide car bomb in Khost province has killed 18 people and wounded six others, including two children," said interior ministry spokesman Najib Danish. "The target was a public bus station which was hit by the bombing. The victims were in civilian clothes and it is difficult to verify their identities at this stage." But provincial police chief Faizullah Ghairat said the victims were civilians and members of the elite Khost Provincial Force (KPF) working with US troops. "The bombing took place early morning when KPF members were heading to work," Ghairat told AFP. The brazen attack comes just a day after at least 15 Afghan soldiers were killed when Taliban fighters attacked their base in Kandahar, in the third major insurgent assault this week on the military in the southern province. The assault in Shah Wali Kot district followed insurgent raids earlier this week on military bases in the same area and Maiwand district, bringing the death toll among Western-backed troops to around 60. The battlefield losses mark a stinging blow for NATO-backed Afghan forces and have raised concerns about their capacity to beat back the resurgent Taliban. Afghan forces are beset by unprecedented casualties and blamed for corruption, desertion and "ghost soldiers" who exist on the payroll but whose salaries are usurped by fraudulent commanders. During another deadly Taliban attack on security outposts in southern Zabul province on Sunday, local officials made desperate calls to Afghan television stations to seek attention because they were unable to contact senior authorities for help. The pleas for attention, a major embarrassment for the Western-backed government, highlighted the disarray in security ranks. The Taliban launched their annual spring offensive in late April, heralding a surge in fighting as the US tries to craft a new Afghan strategy. US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis last month warned of "another tough year" for security forces in Afghanistan. The United States and several NATO allies are considering sending thousands more troops to break the stalemate against the resurgent militants.
  18. The passengers were on their way to Chilas when the car got out of control and fell into a ravine. Photo: Geo News screen grab DIAMER: A person was killed and five others injured after a speeding car fell into a ravine Friday morning. The car passengers were on their way to Chilas when the car got out of control and fell into a ravine. The injured were taken to DHQ Hospital for treatment, where their condition was said to be critical. On March 24, three people were killed in a traffic accident when a car skidded into River Panjkora, the police sources had said. Rescue teams recovered the three bodies from the accident site. Incidents such as these are common in Pakistan due to rash driving and lack of road safety measures and barriers.
  19. The passengers were on their way to Chilas when the car got out of control and fell into a ravine. Photo: Geo News screen grab DIAMER: A person was killed and five others injured after a speeding car fell into a ravine Friday morning. The passengers were on their way to Chilas when the car got out of control and fell into a ravine. The injured were taken to DHQ Hospital for treatment, where their condition was said to be critical. On March 24, three people were killed in a traffic accident when a car skidded into River Panjkora, the police officials had said. Rescue teams recovered the three bodies from the accident site. Incidents such as these are common in Pakistan due to rash driving and lack of road safety measures and barriers, especially in remote areas.
  20. This photograph taken on May 18, 2017 shows a passerby taking pictures of luxury supercars displayed inside the AutoBahn Motors (ABM) building in Singapore - AFP1 SINGAPORE: A vending machine that dispenses luxury cars to well-heeled buyers is the latest space-saving innovation in land-starved Singapore -- just don´t try to shake it if it gets stuck. Used car dealer Gary Hong has taken to displaying his wares in a glass-fronted, 15-storey building. Like choosing a chocolate bar, the buyer can see everything on display, before pressing some buttons and having their choice delivered. Hong, 45, said he got the inspiration for the new showroom during a trip with his four-year-son to buy toy cars. "From there I realised that the Matchbox arrangement is a mini version of our inventories that can be displayed and arranged nicely," he told AFP. Some of the cars on sale - AFP From the comfort of a plush sofa on the ground floor, potential buyers can order a Ferrari, Maserati or Lamborghini among other brands, all with the touch of a hand-held device. Once a selection is made, a promotional video of that car is played on a flat-screen television while the vehicle is automatically transported down by a lift. "When the customers see a car that is presented in the best way like a beauty pageant, they just decide that this is a winner, and we got a deal," said Hong, who added that sales have risen by 30 percent since the move to the new premises in December. With a population density ranked by the World Bank to be third highest in the world, behind Macau and Monaco, land comes at a premium in the tiny city-state. But Hong said his unorthodox Sg$3.0 million ($2.15 million) solution can boost land use. The company stores between 70-80 cars at its facility -- an amount that would otherwise require five times the space if the vehicles are parked traditionally, Hong said. A similar car vending concept currently exists in the United States, through online auto retailer Carvana, which was last reported by US media to have five such facilities around the country as of April.
  21. Police secure an area near a car after it plunged into pedestrians in Times Square/AFP NEW YORK: A US Navy veteran with a criminal past -- but no apparent terror motive -- rammed a car into a crowd of people in New York´s Times Square on Thursday, killing a young woman and injuring 22 other people. The midday incident sparked fear in the heart of America´s most populous city after deadly car-ramming attacks in London, Berlin and the French city of Nice, but authorities said there was no evidence the crash was terror-related. Times Square, next to the famed Broadway theater district, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the US financial capital and where police stepped up patrols in recent years after a car bomb was planted in 2010. "Based on the information we have at this moment, there is no indication that this was an act of terrorism," Mayor Bill de Blasio told a news conference at the scene. "That being said, we are reinforcing key locations around the city with our anti-terror units of the NYPD so out of an abundance of caution, major sites in the city will get additional police coverage," he added. Richard Rojas, a 26-year-old from the Bronx stopped twice in the past for drunk driving, drove his Honda onto the sidewalk at 11:55 am (1555 GMT), smashing into pedestrians for three blocks at high speed, police said. The vehicle collided with a metal pole and came to a stop at 45th Street and Broadway, police said. The vehicle flipped onto its side, smoke and flames spewing out of the hood as the injured littered the ground. An 18-year-old woman was killed and 22 other victims were injured, including the woman´s 13-year-old sister, officials said. Four were in critical condition. Witnesses spoke of fear and panic as the car hurtled through the crowd at the start of the lunch hour as people enjoyed one of the first warm days of summer in an area typically packed with tourists and office workers. "There was a maroon car just careening at high speed. It seemed like it was trying to hit everybody," witness Annie Donahey told AFP. ´Happened so quickly´ "There were people on top of the hood that were being flown over the sides and the girl who had been walking next to me... was in a heap on the ground, and she was clearly dead, and it just happened so quickly," she added. Rojas was arrested and will be tested for drugs and alcohol, police said. "The perpetrator is in custody. He´s a United States citizen and a former member of the armed forces with the United States Navy," de Blasio told reporters. New York police said Rojas was arrested for driving under the influence in 2008 and 2015, and detained earlier this month for menacing. The US Navy said he served from September 2011 to May 2014, reaching the rank of electrician´s mate fireman apprentice. He was awarded the National Defense Service Medal, and had been based in Florida, Illinois and South Carolina. Broadway announced that shows would run as scheduled Thursday but urged theatergoers to allow extra time to arrive "due to an active investigation" in the Times Square area and road closures. A pipe bomb exploded last September in New York´s Chelsea neighborhood, lightly wounding 31 people in the last terror-related incident in New York. An American of Afghan descent, Ahmad Khan Rahimi, was charged.
  22. A speeding car crashed into pedestrians on a sidewalk in New York City's busy Times Square on Thursday, killing one person and injuring at least 12, and police said the incident did not appear to be an act of terrorism, witnesses, police and news media said. A Reuters witness said one person was covered with a bloodstained blanket after the collision, which occurred around noon ET (1600 GMT) at the Midtown Manhattan tourist venue. Hundreds of thousands of people, many of them visitors from around the world, pass daily through the bustling commercial area, the heart of the Broadway theater district. The vehicle was a red Honda sedan and CBS New York Television said the driver had been removed. Television footage showed police officers restraining a man in a dark T-shirt and placing him in a police car. Witnesses said the motorist had driven against traffic and onto the sidewalk, striking pedestrians. ?Everybody was just running, everyone was concerned for their lives,? a witness told local CBS television. Seven people were being placed on stretchers, a Reuters witness said. Shoes were scattered at the scene and one person was covered by a bloodstained blanket, the Reuters witness said. AFP adds: Driver in Times Square crash was in US Navy, has criminal past The driver of the car served in the US Navy and has a criminal record, New York´s mayor said, adding authorities did not believe it was a terror attack. "Based on the information that we have at this moment, there is no indication that this was an act of terrorism," Bill de Blasio told a news conference at the scene of the incident. City authorities were nevertheless deploying extra police from anti-terror units to key locations around America´s most populous city, he said.
  23. A speeding car crashed into pedestrians on a sidewalk in New York City's busy Times Square on Thursday, killing one person and injuring at least 12, and police said the incident did not appear to be an act of terrorism, witnesses, police and news media said. A Reuters witness said one person was covered with a bloodstained blanket after the collision, which occurred around noon ET (1600 GMT) at the Midtown Manhattan tourist venue. Hundreds of thousands of people, many of them visitors from around the world, pass daily through the bustling commercial area, the heart of the Broadway theater district. The vehicle was a red Honda sedan and CBS New York Television said the driver had been removed. Television footage showed police officers restraining a man in a dark T-shirt and placing him in a police car. Witnesses said the motorist had driven against traffic and onto the sidewalk, striking pedestrians. “Everybody was just running, everyone was concerned for their lives,” a witness told local CBS television. Seven people were being placed on stretchers, a Reuters witness said. Shoes were scattered at the scene and one person was covered by a bloodstained blanket, the Reuters witness said.
  24. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a vending machine? Chips, ice cream, sodas and soft drinks, maybe. But can you, even in your wildest dreams, imagine a vending machine that dispenses cars? Well, unless you are living in Singapore, your answer will be no. Just FYI, we are not talking about toy cars here; these are high-end luxurious cars from brands like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche and Bentley, to name a few. Singapore is known for its high cost living and it is essentially what Mumbai is to India. But, the only difference here is that Singapore now has the world’s largest ‘car vending machine’, which will be really hard for any country to replicate anytime soon (not that there are none in the world). This gigantic vending machine, which looks like it has either been taken straight out of a comic book or stolen from a kid’s playroom, is the brain child of Autobahn Motors. It is a 15-storey, 4 column structure and can reportedly hold up to 60 cars. An advanced system manages inventory and vehicle retrieval. Customers can simply visit the place, select the car through an app and it’s delivered within minutes. Move over Domino’s fast delivery, this is the real deal. © YouTube Although it’s said to be world’s largest vending machine, it isn’t the only one. A similar concept was introduced in the U.S. a few years back. With vertical gardens and now a car vending machine that efficiently solves the space issue, it seems that the future isn’t too far. We must say, Autobahn Motors has put innovation, creativity and technology to really good use. While this kickass building looks like a replica of a kid’s Hot Wheels toy car collection, these ones are the real toys for all those big boys who love a bit of thrill and excitement in their lives. Now, why is this a big deal? Well, it’s not every day that we get to hear of such killer vending machines coming into existence and taking the world by storm. Source: Tech Crunch
  25. PARIS: “Excess" diesel truck and car emissions claimed about 38,000 lives worldwide in 2015, said a study Monday that sought to quantify deaths due to pollution that carmakers sought to hide. Four-fifths of these additional premature deaths due to nitrogen oxide pollution occurred in three regions -- the European Union, China and India, researchers reported in the journal Nature. NOx are poisonous gases that contribute to acid rain and combine with ammonia to create particles that can penetrate deep into the lungs and cause cancer, chronic breathing problems and premature death. Until recently, estimates of deaths attributable to NOx pollution was based on levels reported by vehicle makers. Since 2015, however, it has become clear that Volkswagen and other manufacturers used so-called "defeat devices" to disguise the true extent of diesel engine emissions, which are far higher on the road than in laboratory testing. The new study of 11 major car markets -- the others are Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Russia, South Korea and the United States -- revealed that diesel vehicles spewed at least 50 percent more NOx under real-world driving conditions than their makers claimed. That translates to 38,000 deaths due to "excess" emissions, out of an estimated total of 107,000 lives foreshortened to diesel car and truck fumes in 2015, the researchers found. The study focused on how NOx emissions contribute to air pollution in the form of ozone and fine particulate matter. Long-term exposure is linked to disability and premature death due to stroke, heart disease, lung cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) -- a degenerative condition of the lungs. The elderly are especially vulnerable. "The consequences of excess diesel NOx emissions for public health are striking," said lead author Susan Anenberg, co-founder of Environment Health Analytics, a policy research group based in Washington DC. Text-evading software Commercial trucks and buses are by far the biggest culprit worldwide, accounting for more than three-quarters of excess NOx output. Ninety percent was emitted in just five countries or regions -- Brazil, China, the EU, India and the United States. For light-duty vehicles -- small trucks, cars and vans -- the EU produced nearly 70 percent of global excess NOx emissions, the study found. An earlier study calculated that pollution from 2.6 million Volkswagen cars equipped with test-evading software and sold in Germany from 2008 to 2015 will cause more than 1,200 premature deaths in Europe. But defeat devices are not the only cause of additional NOx emissions, according to the new research. Others included faulty engine calibration, poor maintenance, tampering by vehicle owners, and sub-standard certification testing. To estimate damage caused by NOx emissions, the study combined data from vehicles used in real-world conditions, computer modelling of the atmosphere, satellite observations, along with health and climate models. The researchers calculated that diesel NOx pollution will cause more than 183,000 premature deaths per year by 2040. "Globally, the single-most important action to reduce the health impacts of excess diesel NOx emissions is for countries to implement and properly enforce" European standards for heavy vehicles, said co-author Ray Minjares, a researcher at the International Council on Clean Transportation, a Washington-based research group. Experts not involved in the research said it was likely conservative in its conclusions. "The study may well underestimate the full consequences for public health," said Roy Harrison, a professor of environmental health at the University of Birmingham in England.