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Found 27 results

  1. When it comes to filming action movies, it's nothing new for the actors to have a stunt double. However, there are some actors who prefer to put their own lives at stake and perform certain dangerous stunts on their own. Probably this is what makes us fall for them over and over again. One such actor is Hollywood's heartthrob Tom Cruise. Honestly, we will totally believe that Cruise is a vampire (and quite a handsome one at that), if someone claimed him to be. Or the actor is secretly sipping from some magical anti-ageing potion. The point is, even at 55, this man can easily give any actor half his age a run for his money and we guess we're going to say this even after 20 years. © paramount pictures Cruise is possibly the only actor in Hollywood, who can perform extremely dangerous big-ticket stunts and then walk away like it's nobody's business. However, things turned nasty when the actor crashed into a wall and got injured during a stunt where he was trying to jump from one building to another. It was because of that injury that the makers had to halt the shoot for several months. © youtube star news Well, now the actor is back with a bang and these pictures of him performing stunts in London is proof why he deserves all the respect in this world. Londoners were in for a surprise on Sunday and traffic was reportedly brought to a standstill, when they saw a helicopter flying over the Blackfriars Bridge and a man in black running along the rooftop of the bridge. That man is none other than Tom Cruise and these pictures will surely fill you up with jealousy and make you want to move to London already. © youtube star news Now that we got our hands on these pictures, we honestly can't wait for the sixth installment of 'Mission Impossible' to release and watch Ethan Hunt in all his glory as the badass IMF Agent Hollywood has ever seen. © instagram But, for me, the stunts and Cruise aren't the only reasons to watch 'Mission: Impossible 6'. Honestly, we are dying to see Henry Cavill and his ubercool mustache, which cost Warner Bros. $25 million to digitally remove it for 'Justice League'. Directed by Christopher McQuarrie, the movie also stars Rebecca Ferguson, Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, Alec Baldwin, Michelle Monaghan and Sean Harris. Here's a glimpse of him performing the stunt. While, travelling to London to get a glimpse of Cruise will be a bit too much, let's just settle for gorging on these pictures, before the movie hits the theatres on July 27.
  2. Some of the technologies used in autonomous cars have been adopted in products unveiled at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Photo: AFP LAS VEGAS: Self-driving cars may take a while to arrive, but the self-driving suitcase is here now. Some of the technologies used in autonomous cars have been adopted in products unveiled at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, to help travellers with the weighty problem of dealing with baggage. The "robot suitcase" from California-based startup Travelmate can be controlled with a smartphone app and can roll alongside its owner at speeds up to 11 kilometres (6.8 miles) per hour, navigating around obstacles. "This is really a robot which follows you around," said Travelmate founder and president Maximillian Kovtun. Travelmate designed the device -- which integrates elements of artificial intelligence -- to roll at a pace that matches that of the user, or it can be directed with the smartphone app in the same manner as a drone. Priced at around $1,100, it is slated to roll out in February for the US market, and later in Europe and Japan. A competing offering from ForwardX, a Chinese startup with offices in California, is designed to be used with facial recognition, without the need for a smartphone application. "It uses computer vision and a driving algorithm to have a clear path," said founder Nicholas Chee, who showed a prototype at CES. The ForwardX suitcase also has gesture control technology and can be immobilized to protect against theft. Chee said he expects the launch in mid-2018 at a price under $1,000. Both Travelmate and ForwardX say their devices comply with US safety regulations because their lithium-ion batteries, banned in checked luggage, can be removed. Also shown at CES was an auto-following suitcase from China-based 90FUN, which has been available in the Chinese market and is soon coming to America. It uses self-balancing technology from the personal transport maker Segway. And finally, for the weariest of travellers, a luggage product called the Modobag, which lacks artificial intelligence but offers a sizeable perk instead: as a ride-on suitcase which can carry its owner along with their clothes.
  3. Whether it's Xmas or the New Year, you have got to get in your workouts. Always remember that! Since most of y'all would already be cheating on your diets, try to squeeze in a workout anyway. If you are short on time because of the festivities and hangovers, we have got your back. This here is a complete chest workout that will barely take you 30 minutes to accomplish and trust us, those 30 minutes will be well worth the sweat. Let's get right into it. Exercise Selection 1) Incline Dumbbell Press © YouTube 2) Pec-Deck Fly © YouTube 3) Low Pulley Cable Fly © YouTube Workout Progression The main focus here will be to proceed into the workout in a circuit. This means that you will first do the incline dumbell press, immediately followed by a Pec-Dec Fly and then a Low Pulley Cable Fly. Perform one after the other and rest only when you are done with all three exercises. Weight Selection, Repetition Tempo, Sets And Rest Periods While working on a dumbbell press, for the first set, select the optimum weight with which you can perform 6-8 reps with 70% of your max effort. There will be a total of 4 sets and for the next three sets select the weights you can do 6-8 reps with 80%, 90% and 100% of your max effort, respectively. 6-8 will be the reps range. On the pec-deck and low pulley fly, select the same reps and weight scheme. Both of these exercises are more 'feel the movement' rather than pushing really heavy plates. So be aware of what you are doing. Rest only for a minute and a half after completing one round of pressing, pec-deck flys and low-pulley cables flys. Maximum Time Under Tension: Squeeze And Hold This entire workout is tied around the logic of maximum time under tension. This isn't CrossFit, so don't rush your reps. Make it a point to feel each and every repetition. Squeeze when on top and control the lowering phase on all the three exercises. The more control and squeeze you have, the better will be the muscle recruitment and hence, stimulation. There you go guys, a short and painful workout for the holidays. Happy getting jacked in 2018.
  4. Using pick-up lines is possibly the most underrated concept in dating, at least that's what some people like to believe. I mean come on, doesn't it burn you boys up a little watching a suave guy at a party just making his way across the room smooth-talking with the ladies and blowing them away with nuclear lines? But, remember there is a thin line between being a sleaze ball and a man who knows his game too well. Thankfully, the latter remains on the heavier end of the scale and these pick-up lines are proof of the same. So, if you too want to smoothly transit from the former to the latter without looking like a douche, then take notes from these tried and tested pick-up lines that can help you make that ice-breaking conversation efficiently. Today is Diwali and while some are crying over the cracker ban, let's take a moment and realize that most of us happen to be single as well. So, let's set our priorities straight and focus on something that is the need of the hour – crackers or crackling pick-up lines. 1. Forget discounts, you are the best deal I've seen this Diwali. 2. When I wear ethnic clothes, every second girl falls for me…one and you. 3. Hey have you ever played Teen Patti? I am a Teen Patti champ. Do you wanna try your luck with me? 4. Hey, can you suggest me a good doctor? I am hurt because every time I see you, I fall for you. 5. You like wearing a saree right? Well, trust me you won't feel saree if you go out with me. 6. Hey are you smog? Because every time you're around, you take my breath away. 7. Hey, is your name Laxmi? Because you are the bomb. 8. Hey, is your name Fuljhadi? Because you're the spark that I have been looking for. 9. Hey, do you believe in love at first sight? Or should I walk by again? 10. I think you need to pay the rent for all this time you have been living in my heart. The amount is one date.
  5. Since the start of this month, we have been witnessing the kids of Derry, Maine being haunted by a bloodthirsty clown who will stop at nothing to make them his meal. Yes, we are talking about our beloved villain, Pennywise, who has redefined fear for this entire generation (although the brave hearts think otherwise and aren't scared of him). But, it seems that kids aren't the only ones who are frightened by his deadly charm. Gotham City's protector, Batman, seems to be intimidated and is suffering sleepless nights because of him. While we could not have imagined this even in our wildest dreams, a die-hard fan sure did and created a kickass trailer where Batman aka Ben Affleck gears up to wage war against Pennywise aka Bill Skarsgard in an epic showdown. © YouTube Fan theories of any show are possibly one of the best things to watch out for, even better than spin offs. But things get a little more interesting when someone takes it a notch higher and creates a fan trailer, which is so good that we start hoping for someone to make it happen for real. This ‘Batman vs IT/ Pennywise' trailer is one such masterpiece and the entire credit goes to the YouTuber Adeel of Steel. Taking stills from ‘Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice', ‘Suicide Squad' and ‘It'; this guy has created an insane trailer focusing on the psychological impact that Pennywise has on Batman, which originally were scenes of Affleck coping with nightmares of his parents' death and fighting with Superman, among others. We are honestly in love with this guy's editing skills, which makes the trailer look so flawless that we now want someone to make a movie where Pennywise plays Batman's nemesis. While Stephen King did a great job with the novel, Andrés Muschietti did a fabulous job in resurrecting Pennywise's terror. So much so that the movie became the highest grossing horror movie of all time, beating ‘The Exorcist' in the US. Well, we hope that the ‘It' sequel gets only bigger and better than this. Dealing with clowns isn't anything new for Batman, but if both Pennywise and Joker mess things up for him, then even Bruce Wayne will be pushed to the limits and will lose his mind! So, who else wants Batman to go head-to-head with Pennywise? Well, we definitely want this to happen.
  6. While the West has the likes of Ramsay Bolton or Gordon Ramsay, we at one point had something deadlier than them – The infamous Ramsay brothers and their epic collection of horror movies. Terms like cringeworthy, bizarre and sleazy don't even begin to define these iconic horror movies, which at one point were the only source of entertainment for us. Although our film-makers have come a long way from where they began, back in the day we loved to watch a white saree-clad pyaasi chudail in some shady puraani haveli, taking revenge from some lustful zamindaar who possibly murdered her. But, we have to give the 80s or 90s movies some brownie points, because they didn't have any of the latest technology or VFX to f**k things up, they just ruined these movies solely with their acting along with baseless and senseless scripts. We agree that some films were truly amazing and way ahead of their time, but then these movies were released and we lost our hopes in Bollywood (in making good horror movies) all over again. While others would talk about ‘The Exorcist', we were scratching our heads deciding which DVD to burn, ‘Amawas Ki Raat' or ‘Khoon Ki Pyaasi Daayan'. But we can't be selfish and keep all these golden movies to ourselves. Since life is all about sharing, we would like to make your souls cringe as well with these hilariously shitty horror movies from back in the day. Feel free to send in your suggestions to add to this list. 1. Do Gaz Zameen Ke Neeche - 1972 A disloyal wife and her boyfriend kill her rich husband and bury him 6 ft under the ground. So is the key to the locker that has all the cash, which they desperately wanted. The man now returns as a zombie to avenge his death. Don't even try to find any logic here because it was buried with that man. © ramsay productions 2. Dak Bangla – 1987 A man moves into a mansion as a caretaker along with his wife, and suddenly finds himself being haunted by a mummy in the dungeon with a dark past. Don't look around for a man wrapped in white toilet paper, because Indian mummies don't follow dress codes. The guy with the red face is ‘mah man'. © ramsay productions 3. Mahakaal – 1993 Archana Puran Singh, known for her *ahem* ‘subtle' laughter, is the lead actress constantly under the attack of a man wearing steel claw gloves. Yes, this one is apparently based on the American horror film ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street'. They tried copying the West but then the Ramsay brothers saw the Bollywood signboard and rerouted the script to fit in magical snakes, sacrifices and a bloodthirsty evil magician, Shakal. © ramsay productions 4. Papi Gudia - 1996 Who needs Annabelle when you have a ‘Papi Gudia' at your disposal? The gist of the movie is that a black magic practitioner transfers his soul to a doll, which then starts to walk, talk and kill people. We bet even Karishma Kapoor will not remember being a part of this film. © aum films 5. Purani Haveli – 1989 Call it budget constraints or love for underground dungeons, but Bollywood seems to be fascinated by purani havelis and the various victims it draws to the monsters locked in there. Add a tinge of a soppy love story and a spoonful of a lustful butthurt loser plotting against the main leads and there you have the recipe for a classic, f**ked up horror movie. © Sarvodaya studios 6. Khoon Ki Pyaasi Daayan - 1998 A tantric tells a man to sacrifice two girls to improve his *** drive and manliness. Again don't ask us about logic, we just lost it at the baseless connection between killing women and improving one's *** life. It's like charging your friend's smartphone in hopes of getting a full battery for yours. © madan enterprises 7. Pyaasa Shaitan – 1990 Literal translation – thirsty Satan! We understand some men are thirsty, but you don't really have to make it obvious with such crappy movies. The film tells the story of a demon who sacrifices young women to attain immortality, just like the directors wanted us to sacrifice our brains before watching this insanity! © Hargobindha films 8. Khooni Panja - 1991 We know people are possessed by ghosts, but this movie is special because here a girl gets possessed by the scary hand of a woman who was murdered by her in-laws, hence the name panja. The woman then seeks revenge against those who killed the owner of that ghost hand. *Facepalm* © Talwar International 9. Phir Wahi Raat - 1980 Who wants to celebrate their birthday with their friends, when you can celebrate one in a haunted house in the countryside? Well, at least Asha and her boyfriend Dr. Vijay consider it a ‘killer' birthday plan. Quite literally, because Asha is soon haunted by a grotesque woman, who wants to kill her. Sounds fun! © Esquire Electronics Ltd 10. Khooni Murdaa - 1989 What's worse than an obsessive lover? A dead, obsessive lover who comes back to kill his murderers one by one. We hope Bappi Lahiri's music can help us sit through this one. © MKB Films Combines Other honorary mentions are Purana Mandir (1984), Bandh Darwaza (1990), Amawas Ki Raat (1990), Andhera (1975), Dahshat (1981), Aur Kaun? (1979) and Sannata (1981). Now you can you go and tag your friends and ruin the horror genre for them.
  7. What's worse than a gruesome murder or an evil clown that loves to feast on kids? A murderer being haunted by his wife's spirit inside a house full of deadly rats! This is not a story that we are cooking up, this is the basic premise of the upcoming Netlfix crime-thriller, ‘1922', which is based on Stephen King's novella of the same name. Imagine the nastiest and scariest of sh*t in the world – something that can make you pee in your pants out of fear – and you can trust Stephen King to already have something prepared on that. We are not complaining, we are actually in love with the various forms of phobia that this man introduces us to, with his bizarre imagination. If you feel bored after watching ‘It' and looking for something spine-chilling, then this one is for you. © Netflix Netflix recently released the trailer of the ‘1922' which revolves around Wilfred James (played by Thomas Jane) who loves his farm and his home a little too much. For him “A man's pride was a man's land.” But his wife Arlette (Molly Parker) wants to move to the city. When James refuses, she asks for a divorce and tells James that she will take their son with her to the city. Tensions aggravate to an extent where James conspires with his son to kill his wife. However, things don't end there. The real action begins when the wife's ghost comes back along with an army of rats to haunt the sh*t out of James. The trailer looks eerily creepy and teases us with an open ending, leaving us confused as to what will happen to James. ‘1922' has been directed by Zak Hilditch who is known for making movies like ‘These Final Hours' and ‘Transmission' and by the looks of the trailer, Hilditch has done a fabulous job in keeping the fear and mystery intact in the movie adaptation. Pick any movie adaptation of Stephen King's work and they will speak volumes about the talent this man has in instilling fear among people, with his firm grip on horror, supernatural fiction, suspense and fantasy genre. Having said that, we also can't resist ourselves from coming back to his work again and again and probably that's the charm of King's books and the adaptations inspired by it. Well, life Arlette says, "Life is rarely fair", and here even the darkest of secrets don't stay buried for long. So get set to unravel these dark secrets on Netlfix on October 20th, but if you can't wait that long then don't worry, the premiere of Stephen King's ‘Gerald's Game' is just around the corner.
  8. While professional quadcopter racing is not a very well known sport, if you attend an event you'll be talking about nothing else for the next few days. That's for sure. India is nowhere on the scene as far as quadcopter racing is concerned but there are many professionals around the world who make a living from quadcopter racing alone. © Drone racing league Today we're talking about FPV (First-Person View) quadcopter racing which involves hardcore neon tracks with some tight turns and enough obstacles to give even the best pilots a run for their money. Here's a video of a drone navigating through a race track. This is what the pilot sees: While this is all pretty cool, it's probably going to be years before we can expect anything like this in India, right? WRONG! In fact, you can expect all of this and much more at the Big Boys Toys Expo 2017 (MMRA Grounds, BKC, Mumbai) from the 22nd to the 24th of September 2017 where you'll get to see real quadcopters competing at the FPV Quadcopter Racing Championship. If you've dreamt of flying high-powered quadcopters just like in the movies then there isn't a better chance than this. Get your tickets here.
  9. If there's anybody who knows how to put on a show with class, it's Ralph Lauren. You can trust the fashion marque to achieve the impossible by dazzling an audience that is probably jaded from watching couture craftsmanship one fashion show after the other. This time the power fashion icon did it by hosting an audience of near about 300 people in his garage situated in New York. Take a look at some of these Twitter and Instagram captures of the show, we bet you'll be asking yourself the same question that popped in our heads-- who are the real models in this Fall 2017 collection, the men and women clad in his new fashion wear that swiftly passed by vehicles or the schematically lined up automobiles that have a net worth of over $300 million? Arguably the best show space this New York Fashion Week, Ralph Lauren hosted the Fall 2017 fashion show in Ralph's Garage in New York #ralphsgarage #RLRoadToRunway #nyfw #ferrari #classiccars #fashionweek #fall2017 #newyork #carcollectors #ferrari A post shared by William Loughran Ltd (@williamloughran) on Sep 12, 2017 at 11:13pm PDT Ralph's Garage transformed for the Fall 2017 Fashion Show in New York #ralphsgarage #RLRoadToRunway #NYFW #ferrari #leferrari #fashion #carcollectors #classiccars #supercars A post shared by William Loughran Ltd (@williamloughran) on Sep 12, 2017 at 11:09pm PDT Place settings for the post-show dinner at Ralph's Garage last night. #RLFall2017 #NYFW A post shared by Ralph Lauren (@ralphlauren) on Sep 13, 2017 at 8:55am PDT @JessicaChastain wears a Ralph Lauren Collection custom cream peak lapel suit against a backdrop of timeless automotive design at the #RLFall2017 fashion show. #NYFW #RLIconicStyle A post shared by Ralph Lauren (@ralphlauren) on Sep 13, 2017 at 7:46am PDT These are Ralph's toys and the runway show will wind around them @RalphLauren #NYFWSS18 — @Booth (@Booth) September 12, 2017 Now downstairs for seated dinner in #RalphsGarage #NYFWSS18 — @Booth (@Booth) September 13, 2017 Check mates #RalphsGarage @RalphLauren #NYFWSS18 — @Booth (@Booth) September 12, 2017 OK, so I'm (unsurprisingly) completely in awe of @ralphlauren's fashion show in his garage. I mean. I can't even with these 4. ð #ralphlauren #ralphsgarage #ferrari #250 #250lm #250testarossa #250berlinetta #mclarenf1 #yesthatisamclarenf1inthebackground #jalopnik (ð¸ via @bryanboycom) A post shared by sebulous (@sebulous) on Sep 12, 2017 at 11:36pm PDT Last night at Ralph's Garage . . . . . . #ralphsgarage #carcollection #exoticcar #ralphlauren #automobile #nyfw #fashionweek #luxury #scarcilife A post shared by SCARCI RESORT WEAR (@scarciresortwear) on Sep 13, 2017 at 9:17am PDT Sleek and fast #ralphsgarage A post shared by L O U I S N A V A R R O (@louisnrr) on Sep 13, 2017 at 10:52am PDT McLaren F1 LM3 ð¥ 1:1 Scale Nothing will top this night - it's all down hill from here. #RalphLauren #rlroadtorunway #nyfw #McLarenF1 #McLaren #F1LM3 #LM3 #1of6 #FashionWeek #RalphsGarage #HeritageOrange #Papaya #Billionaire #NYCars #NYC #RLX #Polo #kendalljenner #newyorkfashionweek #mclarenorange #speedfanatics #fastnexotic #LeMans #RLFall2017 #F1 A post shared by @SpeedFanatics Member (@fastnexotic) on Sep 12, 2017 at 7:02pm PDT The trending hashtag for the shindig was #RalphsGarage, so we'll label the question rhetorical. Ralph's automobile collection has been a topic of fascination and speculation for many for several years, so much so that he published a picture-book on it in 2004. This isn't the first time the collection has been open to public view either. There have been special exhibits, like the "L'Art de L'Automobile" held in Paris in 2011. If you'd like to get to know about his collection in detail, here's a link to purchase one, but of course many more fantastic vehicles have been added to his vast collection of over 80 automobiles, since. While it cannot be ascertained how many vehicles and which ones exactly, does Ralph house in that garage, we can still tell you that his collection includes some vintage motorcycles and rare classic cars that he may have even re-done to satiate his appetite for automobile aesthetics. After all, who can understand and appreciate the true beauty that is automobile design better than an artist himself? Here's a list of some of the cars you'll find in Ralph's garage. 1929 Birkin Bentley Blower image 1 1930 Mercedes-Benz SSK “Count Trossi” Roadster imae 2 1938 Alfa Romeo Mille Miglia image 3 1938 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic Coupe image 4 1948 Ford “Woody” Station Wagon image 5 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing coupe image 6 1955 Morgan +4 Drop Head Coupe image 7 (hyperlink - 1957 Jaguar XKSS image 8 1958 Ferrari Testarossa image 9 1979 Porsche 930 image 10 (Backlink - 1996 McLaren F1 Le Mans image 11 (Backlink - 2006 Bugatti Veyron image 12 (Backlink - 2010 Lamborghini Murciélago Super Veloce image 13 (Backlink -
  10. Are you an IT engineer or working in one of its sister domains? If you are, then do read these statistics so that you can embrace the inevitable change taking place in technology and in our lives. Today, in India, the age group ranging from 18 to 28 is happy sharing memes like this one. © Tamil Memes And discussions like, until you are from IIT or at the least from some NIT. You are no good. You are this- © And if by chance you are not from any prestigious college like the ones mentioned above, you know by now how corporates recruit IT Engineers in bulk and that too in Kgs(Kilograms). Yeah not to mention a well bargained fresher at minimal cost to the company. If you haven't noticed upto now, we have moved far away from the topic we started. That is because maybe most of us can relate to this kind of life or are habitual to it. But, the calamity does not end here. There is something new in the market threatening the Engineering brigade. Very recently, we started hearing about sudden layoffs in the IT sector in India. Some reports say that there could be as many as 2 lakh IT job cuts per year and many are blaming it on Trump's presidency. According to a consulting group, McKinsey & Company( there is some bad news out there. It says nearly half of the workforce in the IT services firms will become irrelevant over the next 3 to 4 years. So who is the culprit or the change maker? No, not a single human for sure but machines and automation that are taking our place. The Internet of Things(IoT), Artificial Intelligence(AI), Big Data, Cloud services are changing how we live and how we will live in the future. So, due to this expansion of automation, some particular jobs are decreasing in the IT sector. The present danger affects old skill or low skill employees. According to a report from Simplilearn (a San Francisco- and Bengaluru-based online professional skilling platform.), nearly 57% of the 7,000 IT professionals looking to level up had four to 10 years of work experience. Meanwhile, the number was pretty low to just 11% for those with under four years of experience. Now, the good thing is companies have decided to retain its employees because they just can't fire them and 3 lakh new job positions per year are available to be taken who are up to date with the emerging technologies. According to McKinsey India, the industry needs to retrain 50-60 per cent of the workforce as there will be a significant shift in technologies. The industry employs 3.9 million people and a majority of them have to be retrained. So these are the new job roles- © MensXP Here are a few important stats for you- -The AI market is increasing at the rate of 54% per year and by 2020 it will be equivalent to $5 Billion. -According to Deloitte, IoT market in India will be $9 billion by 2020 -According to another report, the cloud services market will be $4 billion by 2020 which currently is at $1.3 billion. -Big data is another big sector. In 2016 it was around $28 billion and is increasing at the rate of 18 % year by year. It is estimated to be around $67 billion market by the end of 2021. So, start upgrading your skills. Traditional IT jobs, like data entry and server maintenance, are on a decline and will be of no use in the coming years. These are the average salary packages per annum in India- © MensXP So, you could look at being a Security Auditor, DevOps Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Information Security manager, Cybersecurity Architect, Big Data Engineer, Big Data Architect. Better chances. Promise! So, the next question is what should you study to get there? - For AI go for Algebra, statistics, and robotics. Also, some AI based new courses are slowly trickling in some universities. -To be a data scientist go for SQL, R, Python, Hadoop, Java, Network/graph, Javascript, Ruby. -You can also take some short term courses in cloud computing. Don't worry, it's not the end of the world. It is still a two-way relationship. Companies also need to allocate larger budgets to their Learning and Development(L&D) departments to embrace the change and slowly but surely, they actually are. For you? After all, if you are an engineer. You can do everything. You will find your way out. © Twitter
  11. <p class="MsoNormal">Well, it feels like we're one step closer to digital India!</p> <p class="MsoNormal">Next month onwards, people will no longer be required to carry a smartcard or waste their time standing in long queues to buy a ticket to ride the Mumbai Metro. The Reliance Infrastructure-promoted Mumbai Metro One has plans to introduce mobile tracking in order to ensure a faster and hassle-free commute for the people.</p> <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-full" title="People Will Now Be Able To Book Your Mumbai Metro Tickets With Their Phone" src="" alt="People Will Now Be Able To Book Your Mumbai Metro Tickets With Their Phone" data-original="" />© Twitter</p> <p class="MsoNormal">This basically means that commuters can just buy tickets or monthly passes using their Mumbai Metro App, and then they just have to pay with their mobile wallets or e-wallet, which will generate a QR code, according to officials.</p> <p class="MsoNormal">And then, while travelling, the commuter just has to place their mobile screen near the gate's sensor, and the code will be scanned automatically.</p> <p class="MsoNormal">Officials also added that this new system will be the first mobile-based system to be implemented in the country.</p> <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-full" title="People Will Now Be Able To Book Your Mumbai Metro Tickets With Their Phone" src="" alt="People Will Now Be Able To Book Your Mumbai Metro Tickets With Their Phone" data-original="" />© Twitter</p> <p class="MsoNormal">“Commuters will no longer need to go to a ticket counter or to customer care to get a ticket or a pass. All you need now is a smartphone,” said a senior official.</p> <p class="MsoNormal">But, even after this new system is in place, there are no plans to stop the sale of single and return journey tokens, 45-trip monthly passes and store value passes over the counter, in order to accommodate everyone. At least, there won't be long lines anymore, hopefully.</p> <p class="MsoNormal">The senior official added, “Most popular Metros in the world such as the London underground and the New York and Singapore subways use mobility cards.”</p> <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-full" title="People Will Now Be Able To Book Your Mumbai Metro Tickets With Their Phone" src="" alt="People Will Now Be Able To Book Your Mumbai Metro Tickets With Their Phone" data-original="" />© Twitter</p> <p class="MsoNormal">Mumbai is leading right now, but Delhi and Kolkata are not that far behind. This mobile-based system obviously has huge advantages and is quite beneficial for the people and the other cities are planning to introduce it soon as well.</p> <p class="MsoNormal">Side note: In the whole Mumbai vs Delhi debate, Mumbai is winning as of now, at least in this area. Delhi, time to catch up!</p>
  12. Whether it's cricket, football or even tennis, sports stars often come across situations where fans take the onus on themselves to bail the popular name out during a contest. From motivational comments to ludicrous suggestions, the so-called experts (fans) don't shy away from speaking their mind. Former WTA world no. 1 Kim Clijsters found herself in a similar situation during an exhibition game for Wimbledon's women's doubles category. The 34-year-old tennis veteran was discussing her strategies with Australian doubles partner Rennae Stubbs when a tubby heckler came up with his own piece of advice for the Belgium star. Shouting from the stands, he advised Clijsters to send her next serve "to the body". While majority of players would have ignored the heckler, Clijsters decided to take the matters in her own hands and invited him to join her on the court. Clijsters grabbed the man from the stands and took him court-side to see if he could do any better. However, hilarity ensued when Clijsters (keeping with Wimbledon's tradition of playing in all whites) rushed to her bag and fetched one of her spare skirts so the rowdy fan could cover his blue shorts and partake in the action. © Wimbledon While the commentators doubted whether the out-of-shape fan could fit in the skirt, he managed to get in, albeit with some struggle to get it over his knees. At this point, the crowd was in raptures and Clijsters was seen holding her stomach on the floor as she erupted with laughter. Clijsters and her Australian teammate were then ready to lock horns with opponents former world no. 2 Andrea Jaeger and the funny-looking fan (Chris Quinn). While Quinn was fulfilling a life-long ambition of playing at the all grass club, Jaeger's actual teammate Conchita Martinez waited on the sidelines. © Wimbledon Clijsters then sent down a relatively-slower serve which Quinn managed to return before eventually slamming his second shot into the net. Desperate to score a point, Quinn asked Clijsters to serve again before losing yet another point. After hugging the former greats and bagging a memento photograph, Quin returned to his seat as sanity finally prevailed on court. © Wimbledon Quinn later took to Twitter and thanked Clijsters while sharing his one-of-a-kind experience. "Thank you for going easy on me with the serve. You have made me a bigger hero to my 3 daughters who worship you BTW," he tweeted. Thank you for going easy on me with the serve. You have made me a bigger hero to my 3 daughters who worship you BTW. — chris (@chrisquinnirl) July 15, 2017 Impressed by Quinn's sporting gesture, Clijsters, too, obliged and tweeted: "You were awesome! Nice meeting you Chris!". You were awesome! Nice meeting you Chris ! :-) — Kim Clijsters (@Clijsterskim) July 15, 2017 While Clijsters and Stubbs went on to beat Jaeger and Martinez in straight sets 6-2, 7-5, Quinn didn't just win hearts, but is now being labelled the real star of this year's Wimbledon.
  13. A recent surge in online training platforms has given rise to more bro science, rather than eliminating it. These forums are churning out so-called ‘certified fitness experts' like Lovely professionals and Amity University MBAs. You know how they fare in the real job world. An even bigger problem is that you can't even question them, as they are so called ‘certified mentors' and ‘experts'. These mentors, instead of being open to arguments and discussions, have taken the bro science to a whole another level. The most common and idiotic advice that you receive from these mentors is that you should not eat fruits as they are nothing but sugar. They fail to understand the fact that fructose or fruit sugar is metabolised differently by the liver than simple sugar. According to them, now even dry fruits have joined the list of banned foods. Dates are being called unhealthy. So here we are, clearing your doubts about dates and to tell you how healthy they are, with science and logic. Nutritional Value of Dates Dates provide a wide range of essential micronutrients. They are a very good source of dietary potassium. Of all the dried fruits, dates are amongst the richest in antioxidants. They help in reduction of oxidative damage to the body. Dates also contain vitamins like Vitamin A, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin K. It also contains minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, and zinc. The Stupid Argument Behind Avoiding Dates And Fruit Sugar Metabolism So the argument given behind avoiding dates is that dates contain sugar, which makes them unhealthy. Well, first of all, even if they contain sugar they are not high GI foods. Department of Family Medicine in the UAE, conducted a study on this that was published in the US National Library of Medicine. The study established that dates are low glycemic index food. Also, that consumption of dates may benefit lipid and glycemic control of diabetic patients. So the logic behind avoiding dates is total nonsense. Moreover, fruit sugar is often accompanied with fibre that limits fructose's quick reaction to blood sugar spiking. Other Benefits Of Dates Apart from being a rich source of vitamins and minerals, there are other benefits of dates too. Date consumption has been studied in relation to pregnant women and labour. According to a combined study published in Journal of Midwifery & Reproductive health, women who consumed dates regularly during their last few weeks of pregnancy, it helped them in facilitating cervical dilation as well as easy labour. Dates are also a good source of dietary fibre and may also relieve from problems like constipation. It's Creating A Calorie Deficit, Not Avoiding Certain Foods Just because avoiding a food item is helping you in fat loss or weight loss, it doesn't mean that the food item is unhealthy. It's all about creating a calorie balance that will help you lose weight, not avoiding a certain food item. Your body fat and body weight will reduce even if you drink just water throughout the day. But is it the right way to do it? NO, that's absolutely unhealthy. Also, just don't focus only on the macros in the diet; a healthy diet is a combination of good macros as well as micros. So, the next time when you decide what to remove from your diet, see the whole nutritional content of the food item and don't believe what these so-called mentors throw at you. Anuj Tyagi is a Certified Personal Trainer , Certified Sports Nutritionist and Therapeutic Exercise Specialist From American Council on Exercise (ACE) . He is the Founder of the website where he provides online Training. Though a Chartered Accountant by education, he has been closely associated with Fitness Industry since 2006. His motto is to transform people Naturally and he believes that the secret formula for Fitness is Consistency and commitment towards your Training and Nutrition. You can connect with him through Facebook and Youtube.
  14. At a tender of just 19, Mithali Raj had emerged as one of India's most capable batswoman with a staggering 214 against England in the final Test at Taunton back in 2002. Since that day, the right-hander, over the years, has not only become a vital cog for the Indian batting line-up, but is also one of the biggest names in international cricket. She has smashed numerous records and rose rapidly through the ranks in Indian cricket, but on the 12th of July she etched her name in the history books for a personal feat that surely establishes her reputation as one of the legends of the game. © Twitter During the all-important clash against Australia, Mithali once again led from the front slamming a gritty knock of 69 runs. In the process, the 34-year-old became the all-time leading run-getter in the history of women's One-Day Internationals (ODI). Leading India's charge in the ongoing ICC Women's World Cup, Mithali overtook England's Charlotte Edwards who was earlier leading the charts with 5,992 ODI runs to her name. The Indian captain achieved the milestone after scoring her 34th run in the innings in Bristol. A six to bring up six thousand. #MithaliRaj #GOAT #enoughsaid — Snehal Pradhan (@SnehalPradhan) July 12, 2017 Mithali took just 164 innings and 183 ODIs to reach the feat, while Edwards had taken 180 innings to get to hers. Not only did she smash past the Englishwoman's world record but the Rajasthani cricketer also became the first-ever woman to reach the 6000-ODI run mark. Starting from 7th February this year, Mithali hit seven consecutive half-centuries - a streak that eventually came to an end when she fell for 46 runs against West Indies in Taunton. Apart from this, she has also notched up the maximum number of fifties by any women's cricketer in the 50-over format. While Mithali is currently leading the batting charts, her teammate Jhulan Goswami had recently become the leading wicket-taker in the history of women's ODI cricket. The Indian seamer has bagged 189 wickets in 160 ODIs. A great moment for Indian Cricket, @M_Raj03 becomes the highest run scorer in Women's ODI Cricket History today. Champion Stuff! 👌👏 — Virat Kohli (@imVkohli) July 12, 2017 Leading ODI Run Scorers #MithaliRaj — Mogambo🇮🇳⏺ (@UberHandle) July 12, 2017 Mithali Raj becomes the highest run scorer in Women's ODI Cricket History today. Super achievement ! @BCCI @M_Raj03 — ajinkyarahane88 (@ajinkyarahane88) July 12, 2017 Congratulations legend Mithali Raj @M_Raj03 on becoming the highest run scorer in Women ODIs.All time great. Wish the team the best#IndvAus — Mohammad Kaif (@MohammadKaif) July 12, 2017 NEW WORLD RECORD! Congratulations to #MithaliRaj on breaking Charlotte Edwards' record for most runs in Women's ODIs #WWC17 — ICC (@ICC) July 12, 2017 🏆 Highest run-getter in ODIs 🏆 First Woman to 6⃣0⃣0⃣0⃣ runs 🏆 4⃣9⃣ half-centuries Some world record for #MithaliRaj — Mayanti Langer (@Langer_Mayanti) July 12, 2017
  15. Arguably the greatest footballer of our generation, Lionel Messi possesses numerous qualities that make him a cut above the rest. Whether it's his balance, control or composure; Messi has got it all. But, if there's one strength that elevates Messi above his rivals, it is undeniably his dribbling. He often takes the ball and shimmies past two or three men, operating within a kind of fermata, everything tends to slow and pause around him, and providing a reminder that he remains one of the great dribblers, master of the flip-flap, the surge, the amphetamine-crazed-millipede shift of feet. While we all have been witness to his artistry with the feet, his footwork, and this time, on the dance floor is what has got the social media buzzing. The 30-year-old Barcelona talisman was seen showing his fancy footwork on the dance floor during the reception of his high-profile wedding to childhood sweetheart Antonella Roccuzzo on Friday. While mobile phones strictly prohibited at the ceremony, some guests still managed to take photos and record the video footage of the couple. Si ella sube yo también .. tirando pasos 🙈🙈🙈 A post shared by Leo Messi (@leomessi) on Jul 3, 2017 at 6:00pm PDT The video has gone viral with 6.5 million views and almost 43,000 comments on the Instagram post so far. The ceremony, which was attended by some of the most popular names in international football, has been labelled as the "wedding of the century" by the Argentine media. It was held in Rosario, the northern port city where Messi (30) and his bride (29) met when the popular footballer was just nine years old. © Reuters Ever since that day, the two have been inseparable and also have two sons together. At the age of 13, Messi moved to Spain and has lived in Barcelona since then. Following their wedding, Messi will have some time for the honeymoon before linking with Barcelona for the Catalans' pre-season tour of America next month.
  16. What do you think of when we say, Canada? Maple syrup? Moose? Mooses? Meese? (Whatever they are called) Ice hockey? Maybe Justin Trudeau? But, one thing you certainly wouldn't think about is their special forces. Why does Canada even have an army, some might ask. They are a peaceful bunch. It's not like they are constantly in the limelight, like their southern neighbours, when it comes to war. You should know that Canada plays an active part in the war on ISIS and today, one Canadian soldier just shattered a world record. While it may not be fit to discuss world records when it comes to something as atrocious as war, the fact remains that a Canadian elite Special Forces member recently shot down an ISIS insurgent from 3,540 metres away. Thinkstock Photos The Sniper-Observer team were part of a JTF2 (Joint Task Force 2) team who are in Northern Iraq to help with sniper operations, hostage rescue, and counter-terrorism. Canadian commandos do not get involved in direct combat in Iraq since they aren't part of the Multi-National Force which consists of US, UK, Spain, Poland, and Australia's military. The skills required to take down an insurgent from this distance include math, great eyesight, intense training, and precision with firearms and ammunition. Thinkstock Photos The names of the team members were not released to the public for "operational security reasons." However, what we do know is that the sniper was using a McMillan TAC-50 sniper rifle and the bullet took under ten seconds to reach the target. This means it was travelling at a speed of 1,275 km/h. WOW! The shot helped disrupt an attack on Iraq's security forces. Instead of dropping bombs which could end up killing civilians, this "precise application of force" from a distance had the necessary impact with zero civilian casualties. The kill has been verified independently by video as well as other data. Here's some information about the sniper rifle used to make the shot: It's a world record which may never be beaten. The previous record was set by Craig Harrison, a British sniper, at 2,475 metres in 2009. Before this, the record for a Canadian sniper was 2,430 metres in 2002, set by Rob Furlong. Thinkstock Photos One last thing, Canada actually has a reputation for having some of the best snipers in the world despite the small size of its army compared to the likes of Britain and the United States. Whoever coined the term "strength in numbers" certainly didn't come up against the Canadian Elite Special Forces. Watch the full report here: (All images are for representational purposes only.)
  17. Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant denied deliberately staring down singer-actress Rihanna, a devout LeBron James fan, in the NBA Finals opener, but his glance in her direction stirred the internet. Durant scored 38 points on 14-of-26 shooting with eight rebounds and eight assists to power the Warriors over James and the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers 113-91 in game one of the best-of-seven series Thursday at Oakland. The moment that seemed to send sparks flying between the celebrity and the NBA star forward came late in the fourth quarter after the ball was stolen from James and Golden State's Stephen Curry flipped a pass to Durant, standing in front of Rihanna's courtside seat. Durant sank an uncontested 3-pointer and as he turned upcourt, swung a glance toward the 29-year-old Barbados-born Grammy Award winner. Asked about the moment, Durant said, "I don't even remember that." Told social media was buzzing about the move, Durant replied, "Really?" Curry, sitting beside Durant, interjected, "Don't get into that trap, man." "Yeah, I won't get into that," Durant said. "I'm cool. Have fun with that." Much fun was definitely had. Some reports had Rihanna heckling Durant before a free throw earlier in the game. But television replays showed it was Rihanna's long-time friend and assistant, Jenn Rosales, seated next to her, who shouted out "Brick." After making the third-quarter free throw, Durant shot a stare in Rihanna's direction, setting the stage for the later 3-pointer gaze. It's not Rihanna has not made her loyalties clear, tweeting an image of her gazing at a huge photo of James holding the NBA trophy in last year's victory celebration. Rihanna walked past television commentator Jeff Van Gundy to her seat at one stage, momentarily flummoxing the analyst. And she made her allegiance clear to spectators by bowing to James at one stage when he rushed past during the game. Rihanna also dismissed hecklers with a wave and a "dab" arm move at another stage. Durant has tweeted in the past his attraction to Rihanna, saying in 2011 he would wish to marry her. But even with Golden State's lopsided triumph, Durant's affections appear to be doomed. As she walked out of Oracle Arena past the Cavaliers locker room, Rihanna yelled, "The King is still The King," a reference to James's nickname. James is playing in his seventh consecutive NBA Finals and eighth overall, having gone 3-4 in prior appearances with Cleveland and Miami. Durant still seeks his first NBA crown after leaving Oklahoma City for Golden State last July. He reached the finals with the Thunder in 2012, only to lose to the James-lead Miami Heat. Rihanna will appear as a shape-shifting entertainer named Bubble in a movie to be released next month, Valerian and the City of A Thousand Planets.
  18. If you are still contemplating your vacation plans, while sitting inside your air-conditioned rooms and wondering whether the hills are really calling you? Step outside and you will have your answer. The scorching heat and warm (read hot) breeze are reasons enough for anyone to pack their bags and head towards their favourite hill stations to get some respite from the heat. © Facebook But, before you plan your trip and settle for something substandard, here’s what you need to know. Since time immemorial, our favourite movies have been a subject of envy, primarily because of the unrealistic travel goals they set in front of us. Well, don’t be jealous since Manali is offering you the ultimate chance to tick off one goal from your bucket list – staying inside an igloo. © Facebook Don’t pinch your arm or rub your eyes in disbelief because the Keylinga Hotel in Manali has helped make everyone’s dream to stay in an igloo, come true. Travel towards Kullu Valley and you will see these igloos welcoming you with open arms, and they can easily accommodate two people. However, this is not the best part. What’s even more exciting is that you can build your own igloo and there are no points for guessing how amazing the experience will be. © Facebook The hotel’s site reads, “Enjoy a single night in an igloo with all meals. Skiiing, snowboarding and other winter activities available too.” So how much does one need to shell out for a night? Well, if you don’t want to participate in any activities, you will have to pay Rs. 4,600 and if you take up activities then it can go up to Rs. 5,600. The Manali Igloo Stay was started by Vikas Kumar and Tashi Dorje. While camping seems to be the most adventurous and wonderful option out there, do you think it can beat the experience of living in an igloo? If you are confused, go ahead and give it a try this summer.
  19. Remember Nokia 3310—the most pocket-friendly, durable and sturdy phone in history? Yeah, the phone that basically ruled the '90s is making a huge comeback in India. And some women in the country are reminiscing the good ol’ days when this innocent phone gave them the best orgasm. We can bet that Nokia (the company) didn’t know that women would use the old Nokia 3310 to masturbate, thanks to its intense vibration. Had they known this, they would have kept ‘the best *** toy ever’ as their marketing tagline. © Flickr Aman Firdaus Well, this sh*t hasn't been cooked up by us, but a website called ‘Agents of Ishq’ recently conducted a survey where women listed the old Nokia phones as one of the preferred *** toys they use for masturbation. In a society where ***-education barely finds a place, and some ignorant souls don’t associate masturbation with women; this phone clearly seems to be the safest option to trick people into believing that women don’t masturbate. While, we thought that women only settled for dildos, fingers and other common *** toys for pleasure, a Nokia phone was not there even in our wildest list. The website surveyed 100 women to find out about their sexual behaviour and Nokia phones sneakily emerged as undisputed winners and we are now short of words, partly because of the shame that a seemingly innocent looking phone turned women on better than most of us. Well, now we also realize why old Nokia phones left such a deep impact on its users as compared to their smartphones. The website mentioned “The second category was Invented. So, vibrators and *** toys. But, this pageant had a surprise winner—the old Nokia vibrating phone several appearances on this survey!” “We had no idea why that company is not the market leader after this!” it was further added. Now, using *** toys are actually subjective, but here’s how you can use it. Set your alarm at an interval of 30 seconds to 1 minute (depending on how horny you are) and put it on vibrate mode. You can thank us later!
  20. In a chilling new video uploaded to their YouTube channel, the widely known online hackers’ group, Anonymous, have issued a forewarning to the world about an increasing possibility of World War III becoming a reality. “All the signs of a looming war on the Korean peninsula are surfacing, watching as each country moves strategic pieces into place,” says Anonymous’ famous Guy Fawkes masked man. “But, unlike past World Wars, although there will be ground troops, the battle is likely to be fierce, brutal and quick. It will also be globally devastating, both on the environmental and economical levels.” © YouTube This is a real war with real global consequences with three superpowers drawn into the mix, the organization warns. The hackers claim that several military movements in the regions—US and Korea—as well as, alleged warnings that were supposedly made by Japan and South Korea about an inevitable nuclear attack from the north, only solidifying the prophecy they made in this chilling 6-minute video clip. Why Is Anonymous So Sure? If you watch the video, the following statements have been made by the legion: According to the group, South Korea and the United States’ position has been well documented—both, allied to the other. But, the devil is in the details, says the speaker. It’s the surrounding nations and their actions that are starting to give away part of the real story. The citizen will be the last to know. China has reportedly told its citizens living in North Korea to waste no time returning home. The US tested its Minuteman 3, a nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), capable of travelling 8,000 miles to North Korean shores, in a successful test launched from California this week. © AFP The Japanese have told their citizens they will likely only have a 10-minute warning of a pending nuclear strike against them; to find shelter in the most solid building they can find. Australia is witnessing a rotational deployment of its troops to Northern part of its country. The Chinese are desperate to avert a war. “The pragmatic Chinese, it seems are starting to lose their patience.” Japan, too is talking of the 2020 goal of inactive Japanese military, planning on shedding the problem of pacifism to remilitarize. Reading between the lines, the Japanese issued a warning to its citizens to prepare for nuclear attack. Sales have soared in Japan for essentials that would help to keep the citizens safe in such an event. North Korea showed this warning on May 04th 2017: In case of a nuclear war on the peninsula, Japan that houses logistic bases, launching bases of the US Forces will be put under radioactive clouds before any country. © The Sun UK The statements made by the organization are nothing short of revelatory and shocking. It makes you wonder if we’re safe at all and what is going on in the world. If Anonymous’ warnings are anything to go by, war could be coming our way sooner than we’d have expected it to.
  21. People on Twitter have a long history of just reading the first half of something and then just blindly writing about it. First it was the confusion between Snapchat and Snapdeal, then Sonu Sood got caught up in the whole Sony Nigam drama. Oh, or maybe the most recent one when Anil Kumble congratulated journalist Sagarika Ghose, instead of Sagarika Ghatge on her engagement with Zaheer Khan. This mix up has been happening on Twitter way too frequently these days, and this recent one could be considered rather insensitive. After the passing away of legendary actor Vinod Khanna, a lot of people paid tribute to him on Twitter. But, some people accidentally tagged Vinod Kambli in obituary posts instead of Vinod Khanna. © Twitter It all started with one Twitter user who wrongly tagged Vinod Kambli while expressing his condolences. He deleted the original tweet after his stupid and obvious mistake was pointed out. Bhai vinod khanna not kambli — RajeshAdepu (@Adepu07Raju) April 27, 2017 But he wasn’t the only one! I actually can’t decide if these are genuine or not. @roflgandhhi_ rip vinod kambli — jade 'roger'dernbach (@JadeDerny) April 27, 2017 So sad to hear about the death of @vinodkambli349 ji. What a great footballer he was.His bald head was brighter than my future #VinodKhanna — Kal-IM (@___kalim___) April 27, 2017 2 minutes silence for @vinodkambli349 :( — Akash Krishnan (@akashkrishnan01) April 28, 2017 Sad that @vinodkambli349 is no more! :( — Srijan Agarwal (@Srijancse) April 28, 2017 I don’t know what would be worse – people actually mistaking Vinod Kambli for Vinod Khanna or people tagging Vinod Kambli on purpose to make a joke out of someone’s death. Even Vinod Kambli got fed up with such tweets. He took to Twitter to fend off these trolls. @TweetErrant.Shame on you people n who so ever have tweeted about Vinod khanna's death n tagged my name in their tweets.Have some. continue — VINOD KAMBLI (@vinodkambli349) April 27, 2017 @TweetErrant .respect for vinod khanna.A versatile Actor and who so ever had tweeted abt me.God will surely punished you. — VINOD KAMBLI (@vinodkambli349) April 27, 2017 This was definitely not the right time for such a mix-up.
  22. This will be the most hilarious thing you will read today and we assure you. In Turkey, the city’s public speaker is used to send out Azaan (call for prayers), but instead the residents were left in shock and how. The speakers started blasting a porn bang in the middle of the night. The incident took place in Kastamonu city in the Black Sea province and it left the city rolling down with laughter, obviously. A video posted on Reddit shows a resident in splits while the porn goes on! In a Facebook post, Kastamonu Mayor Tahsin Baba said that investigation would be launched against those responsible and called the incident as an “unmoral provocation.” Tahsin Baba wrote, “The unmoral provocation that had been conducted by intercepting the announcement system of our municipality and heard in certain spots in our Kuzey-kent neighborhood has no relation with our institution. The necessary legal processes will be launched as soon as possible for those who are responsible for this unmoral act and we apologize to our precious fellow townsmen for this situation.” The officials have launched an investigation to nab the culprit but honestly after seeing the viral video, we aren’t complaining.
  23. You’d be lying if you say if you haven’t watched Disha Patani dancing to ‘Shape Of You’! While you’re suffering from the heat and switching to SPF recovery, let’s not forget who the real dancing star is! It’s none other than her alleged, the real ‘Hero’ of her life--Tiger Shroff! Did Ms. Patani eye a dance-off or was she low-key throwing shade? We think none. Now just sit back, dance along or do what you want ‘cause these moves of perfection are going to ignite some major envy! 1. Just look at that footwork! A post shared by Paresh Shirodkar (@pareshshirodkar) on Apr 21, 2016 at 4:06am PDT 2. Movie and coffee dates are oh-so-dated, romance while dancing is the new thing on the horizon. A post shared by Paresh Shirodkar (@pareshshirodkar) on Mar 29, 2016 at 7:45am PDT 3. Tiger and his trainer, Paresh Shirodhkar, are a dream team together! A post shared by Paresh Shirodkar (@pareshshirodkar) on Oct 24, 2016 at 10:15am PDT 4. Is this a teacher-student moment happening? Because seriously Tiger, what do you mean? (Full points for spotting Disha) A post shared by Paresh Shirodkar (@pareshshirodkar) on Jan 26, 2016 at 4:48am PST 5. Tiger, is this what got you closer to Ms. Patani? A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Nov 7, 2016 at 1:10am PST
  24. Ever since the Supreme Court announced a ban on the sale of liquor near national and state highways, ironically liquor has been the only elixir that has helped us cope with the shock of this statement. Come April 1st, half of the clubs will be shut or many places will go and it was only recently that we figured out that Gurugram’s Cyber Hub too will fall under the scanner. In the recent developments, it seems that one entire city might go dry post April 1 and that city is none other than Chandigarh. © Pixabay Anurag Aggarwal, home secretary told Hindustan Times “In Chandigarh, sectors are 1.2 km long and 0.8 km wide. With all vertical roads being state highways, 500 metres on either side of the road covers the whole of the city.” Aggarwal further added, “Thus, all sectors come within 500 metres of state highways.” The road categorization is done in such a way that today all the major roads are state highways along with the one national highway that passes through the city. So technically the entire city will fall under this blanket ban of liquor sale and we can’t even express our frustration over how dry our future is going to be. © wikimedia According to an official, it was decided to declare all major roads as state highways so that the maintenance could be done by the engineering department under UT administration, but in the course of time despite the maintenance responsibility being passed on to the MC, the roads are still state highways officially. Aggarwal also said, “If nothing is done, the entire city will not have any liquor vend or bar in any hotel or restaurant. All of them will have to close down.” Aggarwal further mentioned about a committee that is being set up to come up with a solution for this. While the hoteliers and club owners in the city are panicking, we just hope that the officials come out with a solution soon. Source: Hindustan Times
  25. Yes, weed bouquets are a real thing now. Who needs flowers when you can smell weed? As this Valentine’s Day went by uneventfully for us single third world people, there were some in California who gifted their girlfriends weed bouquets. © Pinterest Among the select few marijuana shops is a Los Angeles company called Lowell Farms that has made stoner dreams come true. Offering 'weed bouquets', because why the hell not, the company is giving lovers a chance to steer away from the boring roses and chocolates routine. Of course, the bouquets cost a bomb and can go up to $400, but then you get to share the weed, don’t ya? © Leafly Marijuana was legalized for recreational purposes in California last November but since there's a cap on the amount, only those with medical marijuana cards can buy it. Of course, it's nothing as compared to the weed orgies enjoyed by the marijuana don of Instagram. I grind it out harder than anyone I know. And the harder you grind, the more you have to take care of yourself. There's nothing like an afternoon massage and a bowl of fresh herb to help me relax. A post shared by BigMike (@bigmike) on Apr 28, 2016 at 3:56pm PDT While we were living on borrowed cigarettes, lovers in California were smoking away their blues with weed bouquets. Valentine's Day is over and all we could get was a heart-shaped doughnut. Guess it's time to move to a stoner's paradise now. Or make an appeal to legalise marijuana here in India? Do you think it should be? Only in small doses, of course. Say ‘Yay’ if your agree, and ‘Nay’ if you don’t!