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  1. It was a good couple of days without Virat and Anushka, but they're back again. Keeping their wedding a secret, they managed to get married without any disturbance from the fans and media. The couple hogged all the attention when they finally released their much-awaited wedding pictures. Today we have promised each other to be bound in love forever. We are truly blessed to share the news with you. This beautiful day will be made more special with the love and support of our family of fans & well wishers. Thank you for being such an important part of our journey. — Anushka Sharma (@AnushkaSharma) December 11, 2017 Today we have promised each other to be bound in love for ever. We are truly blessed to share the news with you.This beautiful day will be made more special with the love and support of our family of fans & well wishers. Thank you for being such an important part of our journey. — Virat Kohli (@imVkohli) December 11, 2017 Ever since we got the pictures from their fairy-tale wedding, everyone was just speculating about their honeymoon plans, and finally the wait is over. Anushka finally shared the first picture from her honeymoon, and it is better than what we could have expected. Actually, the caption is better than the picture – “In heaven, literally.” Yes, Anushka we can see that. In heaven, literally ðð A post shared by AnushkaSharma1588 (@anushkasharma) on Dec 15, 2017 at 12:25am PST Even with the beautiful and snowy background, Anushka's intricate mehendi and that huge wedding ring on her hand completely stand out. There were rumours that both of them were in Rome for their much talked about honeymoon, and then they were supposed to fly down to South Africa, but going by the picture, it seems like they are in Switzerland. While we don't really know where they are, and that was there exact intention, we sure can see that it really is heaven on earth, as Anushka said. Virat is yet to update his 17.8 million followers on Instagram about his honeymoon, but we're patiently waiting. Will he also post the same caption as he did with the first wedding picture? We can just wait and see.
  2. Two astronauts, from the US and Italy, and a Russian cosmonaut on Thursday landed in Kazakhstan after almost five months on the International Space Station, footage from the Russian space agency showed. American Randy Bresnik, Paolo Nespoli of Italy and Sergey Ryazanskiy of Russia landed on the Kazakh steppe at 2.37pm local time (0837 GMT) in a Soyuz MS-05 spacecraft. Over 139 days in space the three men "have supported hundreds of experiments in biology, biotechnology, physical science and Earth science aboard humanity?s only microgravity laboratory," NASA said in an earlier statement. Bresnik took part in several spacewalks to fix a robotic arm that latches onto incoming spaceships packed with supplies, while all three men were involved in a live video chat with Pope Francis from the space station. On Sunday Scott Tingle of NASA, Anton Shkaplerov of Roscosmos and Norishige Kanai of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency will blast off from Kazakhstan's Baikonur cosmodrome to replace the returning astronauts and cosmonaut. The space travellers will join three other crew members currently on the ISS. In October Russia's space agency said a manned Soyuz rocket had suffered a partial loss of pressure as it returned to Earth from the ISS in April this year. The incident did not put the lives of the crew in danger, Roscosmos said, but it was the latest in the string of glitches to hit the country's space programme, which this month extended to a failed satellite launch. NASA stopped its own manned launches to the ISS in 2011 but recently moved to increase its crew complement aboard the ISS as the Russians cut theirs in a cost-saving measure announced last year. The ISS laboratory, a rare example of American and Russian international cooperation, has been orbiting Earth at about 28,000 kilometres per hour (17,000 miles per hour) since 1998.
  3. No alien signals have been detected from an interstellar, cigar-shaped space rock discovered travelling through our Solar System in October, researchers listening for evidence of extraterrestrial technology said Thursday. The object, dubbed Oumuamua, was spotted by several Earthly telescopes two months ago. Given its weird trajectory, surprised researchers immediately concluded it was from beyond our planetary system -- the first interstellar object ever identified in our midst. The rock is thought to be about 400 metres (1,300 feet) long, and thin -- only about 40 m wide, a never-before-seen shape for an asteroid. After its discovery was announced last month, a project called Breakthrough Listen, dedicated to finding signs of extraterrestrial intelligence, said it would study the rock for artificial signals. "No such signals have been detected" by its network of telescopes, the project said Thursday, adding: "the analysis is not yet complete". Oumuamua is a Hawaiian name meaning "messenger" or "scout". This scout may have been travelling through space for hundreds of millions, even billions, of years. Prior to its discovery, none of the 750,000-odd known asteroids and comets in the Solar System were thought to have originated elsewhere. "Oumuamua is most likely an asteroid, ejected from its host star in some chaotic event billions of years ago, and finding its way to our Solar System by chance," Andrew Siemion of the University of California Berkeley told AFP. He heads the Breakthrough Listen laboratory. According to NASA, the object is travelling at about 38.3 kilometres per second relative to the Sun. It is about 200 million kilometres (125 million miles) from Earth. It passed Mars' orbit in November, and will pass by that of Jupiter in May next year, before exiting beyond Saturn's orbit in January 2019.
  4. EDINBURGH: Scotland?s government said on Thursday it will raise taxes on higher earners and increase public sector pay, using powers to levy higher income tax rates than the rest of Britain for the first time since it was given its own parliament 20 years ago. The budget, set out by the pro-independence Scottish government, aims to draw a contrast between Scotland?s policies and those of the national government in London, which has kept tight controls on public-sector pay to hold down deficits. Despite imposing top rates 1 percentage point higher than in the rest of Britain, the Scottish government said 70 percent of Scottish taxpayers will not pay more than they previously did, and 55 percent would pay less than elsewhere in Britain. ?The 2018-19 budget will demonstrate beyond doubt where the Scottish government?s priorities are: stopping UK cuts, protecting public services and unlocking Scotland?s economic potential,? finance secretary Derek Mackay said. London granted Scotland more powers to set its own income tax rates last year under a law passed to fulfill a promise made to woo voters on the eve of an independence referendum in 2014, when Scots voted to stay in the United Kingdom. Last year the Scottish government set income tax earnings thresholds that were slightly different from those elsewhere in Britain for the first time, but kept the same overall rates. The Scottish administration hopes to show voters that it can manage the country?s economy while setting different priorities from London. That would burnish the case for independence, still the long-term goal of the Scottish National Party that runs the Scottish government. Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said a new independence referendum should be held after Britain voted last year to leave the European Union while most Scots voted to stay. She is not pushing for a quick new vote after the SNP lost support in a national election in June. Thursday?s budget plan offered public sector workers such as nurses, firefighters and teachers earning less than 30,000 pounds ($40,242) a year a 3 percent pay rise, and those earning more than that a 2 percent pay rise. The proposals were more generous than a recent relaxation of a public sector pay cap announced by Britain?s government. LITTLE ROOM Scotland still has little room for maneuver on spending. Forecasts published with the budget showed it is set to grow at a much slower clip than Britain as a whole. Annual growth in Scotland is due to reach only 1 percent in 2022, according to the Scottish Fiscal Commission, an official forecaster independent of the Scottish government. It cited waning oil and gas output as well as slow productivity growth which is a problem for the overall British economy. Britain?s government said it was ?deeply disappointed? by the tax hikes. ?By making Scotland the highest taxed part of the UK, the Scottish government risks damaging, rather than growing, our economy,? said David Mundell, who serves as the Scotland secretary in the British cabinet in London. Mackay said his income tax changes would make the tax system in Scotland fairer. The top two rates of income tax will be raised by one percentage point to 41 and 46 percent. The United Kingdom comprises England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Scotland was given some spending powers in a devolution process that began in the 1990s, and has slowly been given powers to raise its own funds. But the lion?s share of its finances are still set by the UK government in London. The Scottish Chambers of Commerce said it was worried the tax changes could hurt investment. ?Our continuing concern is primarily with outside investors? perception of even slight increases in tax rates, on the overall costs of doing business here against the rest of the UK,? it said. The Scottish Fiscal Commission also underscored the risk of economic weakness derived from Brexit, a weaker outlook for global trade and an aging population straining public services. ?In combination, this means limited increases in average earnings and a more modest outlook for employment growth in the coming years compared to the recent past,? it said.
  5. BRUSSELS: European leaders applauded British Prime Minister Theresa May for her work so far on Brexit, assuring her at a summit in Brussels that sufficient progress has been made to allow Britain to move on to the next stage of leaving the union. A day after she suffered a defeat in parliament over her blueprint for quitting the EU, May told her peers that she was on course to deliver Brexit and urged them to speed up the talks to unravel more than 40 years of membership. After updating her peers on progress, and telling them that Britain?s departure was ?in the best interests of the UK and the European Union?, they offered her a brief round of applause. ?She is our colleague. Britain is a member state. We are not only trying to be, but we are polite and friendly people,? European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said. As she left to return to London -- she will not join the other 27 leaders for further discussions on Brexit and the euro zone -- May said she was eager to move on, once her peers give the formal green light to trade talks on Friday. ?We?ve had very good discussions,? she said. ?I?m looking forward to the discussions coming out of tomorrow on the future trade relationship and security relationship.? A British government official said the prime minister was approaching the next phase, which will discuss a transition period as well as the terms of the future trading relationship, ?with ambition and creativity?. German Chancellor Angela Merkel gave her stamp of approval, but cautioned time was running out. ?We made clear that Theresa May has made an offer that should allow us to say that we have seen sufficient progress,? she told reporters. ?Nevertheless, there are still a lot of problems to solve. And time is of the essence.? Summit chair Donald Tusk will call May on Friday to update her after leaders have discussed their next moves on Brexit. May, weakened after losing her Conservative Party?s majority in a June election, has so far carried her divided government and party with her as she negotiated the first phase of talks on how much Britain should pay to leave the EU, the border with Ireland and the status of EU citizens in Britain. But the next, more decisive phase of the negotiations will further test her authority by exposing the deep rifts among her top team of ministers over what Britain should become after Brexit. Acknowledging the difficulties ahead, Tusk warned EU leaders that only the unity they had displayed so far would deliver a good deal on trade -- an issue on which the member states have different interests: ?I have no doubt that the real test of our unity will be the second phase of Brexit talks,? he said. HURDLES The EU is willing to start talks next month on a roughly two-year transition period to ease Britain out after March 2019, but has asked for more detail from London on what it wants before it will open trade negotiations from March of next year. The deal almost fell apart last week, when May?s Northern Irish allies rejected an initial agreement for fear that a promise to protect a free border with EU member Ireland could separate their region from the rest of the UK. After days of often fraught diplomacy, May rescued the deal to meet the EU?s requirements for ?sufficient progress? but the last-minute wobble by the Democratic Unionist Party, which she depends on in parliament, and the defeat in parliament on Wednesday, underline the tightrope she is walking. During Thursday?s discussions, she was again keen to show that Britain remains an active member of the bloc for now, committing to staying in the Erasmus university exchange programme until the end of 2020 and taking part in talks on the bloc?s plan for closer defence cooperation. Over dinner, leaders also discussed responses to the migration crisis from Africa and the Middle East, and lingering deep divisions over how to share the load. They confirmed a rollover of sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine crisis and reaffirmed their opposition to US President Donald Trump?s move to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
  6. Funeral prayers of Turbat victims ? APP ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court directed on Thursday the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) director general and the Balochistan government to submit a report on human smuggling. A three-member bench headed by Chief Justice Saqib Nisar heard the suo motu case regarding the killing of 20 people being smuggled to Europe via Iran. Turbat Turbat ? In November 2017, twenty bullet-riddled bodies were discovered in Turbat, Balochistan. The victims were residents of Punjab who were attempting to reach Europe illegally via Iran. During the proceedings, the FIA chief informed the court of lack of resources and tools to investigate such crimes, to which the chief justice replied: ?If you do not have the resources, accept that you cannot do anything. Should we remain silent after hearing complaints of lack of resources?? The chief justice remarked that the FIA DG should admit failure over human smuggling. ?Preventing a crime before it happens is the real skill,? the chief justice asserted. Chief Justice Nisar asked him to provide assurance that such an incident won?t happen again, adding that the judiciary was ready to lend its shoulder in support. According to the FIA DG, the 20 individuals were killed by a terrorist outfit on the basis of their ethnicity. He added that an international human smuggling gang was operating in Pakistan, Iran and Turkey. CJP takes suo motu notice of Turbat killings, seeks report in three days Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar has sought a detailed report on the incident from IG Balochistan and DG FIA The chief secretary of Balochistan informed the apex court that all agencies were in contact over human smuggling and due to their efforts the militants had been confined to two districts. The court then directed the provincial government and FIA to submit new reports on the issue. The hearing of the case was adjourned until the first week of February.
  7. Bringing an end to what has been a notable year of marriages in sports, Virat Kohli tied the nuptial knot with his long-time girlfriend Anushka Sharma in a private ceremony in Italy on the 11th of December. The Indian captain ended his bachelorhood at 29 and joined the likes of Zaheer Khan and Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who got married earlier this year. For quite some time now, Kohli was considered one of the most eligible bachelors in the Indian cricket team until he got married to Anushka. His popular Team India mates including Ajinkya Rahane, Cheteshwar Pujara, Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja have all settled down quite early. And, with Kohli embarking on a new innings in his personal life, there will be plenty of advice flowing in after his marriage. However, amid all the tips regarding life after marriage, Kohli seems to trust no one but India's trusted batsman, Rahane. Congratulations @imVkohli and @AnushkaSharma !!! Wishing you'll the very best for the new journey ahead and Welcome To The Club Captain! — ajinkyarahane88 (@ajinkyarahane88) December 12, 2017 The Mumbai batsman, who got married to Radhika Dhopavkar in 2014, congratulated his captain and welcomed Kohli to the "club" of married cricketers. "Wishing you the very best for the new journey ahead and Welcome To The Club, Captain," Rahane tweeted. Thanks Jinx, looking forward to some tips from you. ð — Virat Kohli (@imVkohli) December 13, 2017 Soon, Kohli replied back saying, "Thanks Jinx, looking forward to some tips from you". While Rahane might have struggled to find a place in the Indian team, he sure seems to be in the good books of skipper Kohli.
  8. KARACHI: Religio-political parties on Wednesday made a formal announcement for the restoration of Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA), which they said would contest the next general elections under one symbol. The decision to restore the MMA was made a month ago, which was endorsed today at a meeting of heads of various religious parties held at the residence of late founder of the coalition, Maulana Shah Ahmed Noorani. Wednesday?s meeting was attended by Maulana Awais Noorani, Maulana Fazlur Rahman, Sirajul Haq and others. Following the meeting, Maulana Awais Noorani made the announcement regarding the MMA's restoration. He said that the names of the coalition officials would be announced within a month. Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) emir Sirajul Haq said they are uniting individuals and parties on the MMA's platform, in order to resolve public issues. It has been learnt that all the coalition parties would contest the next general elections in the country under the symbol of 'book', for which they would also kick off a mass mobilisation drive in the beginning of 2018. The newly-restored coalition includes all the parties which had previously been part of it, except for Maulana Sami-ul-Haq-led Jamiat Ulema Islam-Sami (JUI-S). FATA merger However, the meeting could not reach a consensus with regard to the merger of the country's Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). Two major parties of the coalition, Jamiat Ulema Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) and Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), have differences over FATA. The JI has recently held a long march seeking FATA's merger with KP, while the JUI-F is in favour of designating FATA as a separate province. Noorani said the matter would be looked into the next meeting of coalition parties. JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rahman said the MMA has carved out a roadmap pertaining to the merger and would advance accordingly.
  9. ABU DHABI: Gareth Bale came off the bench to book Real Madrid's place in the Club World Cup final as the European champions recovered from the shock of going behind to beat Emirati champions Al Jazira 2-1 on Wednesday. Despite dominating throughout, Madrid trailed at half-time to Romarinho's opener in a match also marred by use of the video assistant referee (VAR) that ruled out a goal for both sides. Madrid's pressure finally paid off 10 minutes into the second half when Cristiano Ronaldo levelled before Bale broke Al Jazira's resistence with his first touch eight minutes from time. "It's great to get the goal," Bale told Real Madrid TV. "When you come on you want to make an impact, but the most important thing is to win and be in the final." Real will go for their fifth trophy of the year when they face Brazilian side Gremio on Saturday. Bale was making only his second substitute appearance since September due to a series of muscle injuries. But he showed what Madrid have been missing for most of the season with a calm finish after replacing the profligate Karim Benzema. "I need to be patient, I've had some problems and it takes time. I need to listen to my body," said the Welshman. Al Jazira, only invited to the competition as champions of the host country, enjoyed their 15 minutes of fame at the break after a remarkable first 45 minutes. Madrid scored five in the first half against Sevilla on Saturday and could easily have had another handful but for some exceptional goalkeeping from Ali Khaseif. The Al Jazira captain made an incredible stop to turn a deflected Ronaldo header onto the bar then got down well to parry efforts from Luka Modric and Karim Benzema. VAR chaos Benzema also had a goal ruled out for a push by Ronaldo in the build-up, but Madrid thought they had finally gone ahead when Casemiro's header deflected off an Al Jazira head and looped over Khaseif. However, after a four-minute delay for the VAR referral, Brazilian referee Sandro Ricci disallowed the goal due to Benzema being in an offside position despite the fact the Frenchman was arguably not interfering with play. "I don't like it to be honest," added Bale on the use of VAR. "Obviously they are going to try it out. For me, football is better without it but it is other people who make the decisions." In total Madrid had 18 shots on goal in the first half, but were shocked four minutes before the break when the hosts caught the Real defence cold on the counter-attack. A poor clearance from Nacho gifted away possession inside the Madrid half and Romarinho showed great composure to cut inside and curl his shot inside Keylor Navas' far post. A monumental upset looked on when Al Jazira had the ball in the net for a second time two minutes into the second half. However, this time VAR came to Madrid's rescue as Mbark Boussoufa was offside by the finest of margins before slotting home. Zinedine Zidane's men grabbed that let-off gratefully and were level eight minutes later when Ronaldo was played in by Modric and smashed a shot past Khaled Al Senaani, who had replaced the injured Khaseif moments earlier. Madrid continued to lay seige to the Al Jazira goal, but the misfiring Benzema shot straight at Al Senaani then hit the post with two other glorious chances. Benzema was eventually replaced by Bale, who an instant impact as he slotted home Lucas Vazquez's cutback to Real's relief.
  10. [embed_video1 url= style=center] ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Wednesday barred television host Aamir Liaquat Hussain from making any television appearances until further notice. The court passed the interim order of banning Hussain from hosting television shows or appearing as a guest speaker. Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui, who is hearing the petition against Hussain, ordered the federal government, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA), Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), and the television host to submit a response by January 10.
  11. It was found after the exams that more than half the questions were copied from Photo: Times of India Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) in its competitive preliminary exams copied questions from a Pakistani website, reported Hindustan Times. It was found after the exams that more than half the questions were copied from, which is a resource website for civil services examinations in Pakistan. The APPSC examinations also lifted questions from the 2008 Union Public Service Commission exams but without proper options to choose from. About 90% of questions in sociology were allegedly taken from an online discussion forum. The veterinary paper too had 60 questions taken from an online question bank Vetscan. ?Some of the questions in general studies, sociology and political science were in the context of a foreign country. We cross-checked and found they were straight out of the Pakistani resource site,? said a candidate Tapi Omo. ?As most of the question papers of the examination were photocopied and some were also tampered with, we cannot deny the possibility of a leak. Moreover, too much copy-pasting has been done while setting up the papers, which is illegal,? Nani Bath, member of a steering committee formed to demand a re-examination of the prelims, said. Bath said the committee set a deadline for APPSC to re-conduct the preliminary exams within three months. Speaking on the issue, social activist Patey Tayum remarked that making errors has become a habit for APPSC, and the state government needs to take a firm stand on the fiasco that could destroy the career of many young people. This is not the first time that APPSC has been embroiled in a controversy of this nature. In 2015, it dismissed four officials after a paper was leaked before the exams.
  12. ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) summoned on Wednesday details of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)'s intra-party elections. Hearing the petition filed by the PTI's founding member, Yousuf Ali, on the alleged discrepancies in its recently held intra-party polls; the ECP has summoned details of results, candidates, and votes. Ali, a former general secretary of the PTI?s Swabi chapter, had filed the petition before the ECP and asked the commission to declare the election null and void on the grounds that the polling process had violated the party?s constitution. Verdict on Nov 28: PTI held fake intra-party polls, ECP told The ECP reserved its verdict after hearing arguments from the counsel representing the petitioner and PTI leader Babar Awan No representative of PTI appeared before the ECP tribunal being headed by Cheif Election Commissioner Sardar Muhammad Raza today. The hearing has been adjourned until December 18. The ECP has already reserved its verdict on Ali's petition. In the last hearing, the petitioner?s lawyer told the ECP that the PTI had arranged fake intra-party polls in violation of the party constitution. He said the elections were held on June 12 and the party had amended its constitution on May 13. The petitioner's counsel said that the PTI had not completed the necessary legal formalities while amending the constitution. He said the party?s constitution can only be changed if there is a two-thirds majority of the Central Executive Council supporting it. As per the amended constitution, 2.7 million voters had to decide between PTI Chairman Imran Khan or party leader Naik Muhammad Khan. No party member was allowed to choose anybody besides the two side: the Insaf panel and the Ehtesab panel. Babar Awan, the PTI's counsel, had argued that the petition could not be heard by the ECP as the intra-party elections could not be challenged via an election petition. He said that the petitioner had nothing to do with the PTI?s intra-party elections and that the elections were held in a transparent manner.
  13. NEW YORK: President Donald Trump's Oval Office style dominated US headlines in 2017, but readers were particularly perplexed by his use of the word "covfefe," in what turned out to be one of the oddest news stories of the year. A tweet by Trump in May read simply: "Despite the constant negative press covfefe". White House officials batted away questions about what the word meant and even the dictionary company Merriam-Webster drew a blank. Trump left it up to the reader to divine his meaning, with a follow-up: ?Who can figure out the true meaning of ?covfefe? ??? Enjoy!? But he was not alone in leaving readers scratching their heads. Even outside Washington, the year produced a spate of weird news, including odd pranks and poorly considered crimes. Los Angeles residents awoke on New Year?s Day to find the four-story white letters of the world-famous ?Hollywood? sign had been altered to read: ?Hollyweed.? The prank came just two months after California voters approved the recreational use of marijuana despite a federal ban. Hollywood sign changed to ?Hollyweed?. PHOTO: REUTERS Austin, Texas, police were tipped off to an illegal brothel when hundreds of condoms clogged a city sewer pipe in March. The blockage at Jade Massage Therapy was the smoking gun that led to the arrest of two people for prostitution and money laundering. US Customs and Border Protection agents were spared a spine-chilling surprise when a California man was arrested in July for trying to smuggle three highly poisonous king cobra snakes hidden in potato chip canisters. Crooks had planned the latest haul of snakes in a can after all 20 king cobras in a previous shipment died in transit, authorities said. A king cobra snake seen in a container of chips in this udated handout photo obtained July 25, 2017. PHOTO: REUTERS2 Back in the political arena, an octogenarian ex-con New Jersey politician revived her burlesque act at a May fundraiser ? although she kept her clothes on. Former Jersey City Deputy Mayor Leona Beldini, who is in her early 80s and danced as ?Hope Diamond,? performed in a gown and feather boa to raise cash for a non-profit dance company, three years after being released from prison following a bribery conviction. Animal stories also captured the public?s attention. Millions watched via webcam as April, a giraffe, gave birth to a 6-foot-tall (1.83-meter) male calf. From around the globe, her fans watched her endure the conclusion of a 16-month pregnancy at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York ? in April, of course. Months earlier, a small moth with a yellowish-white coif of scales was named for then-President-elect Trump, who wears a similar hairstyle, researchers told the scientific journal ZooKeys. The new species of insect, Neopalpa donaldtrumpi, is native to Southern California and Mexico?s Baja California and is likely capable of flying over the proposed border wall with Mexico that was a central promise of Trump?s presidential campaign.
  14. Indian power couple Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma and ace batsman Virat Kohli finally tied the knot in a private ceremony in Tuscany, Italy. Here are the top 10 pictures of the wedding festivities. 1. It?s official ? Anushka Sharma tweets and announces the couple have tied the knot, sharing a picture of the wedding ceremony. 2. Simultaneously Virat sends the same tweet but uses a different picture. 3. The couple get time to take a wedding selfie 4. Just perfect! 5. Anushka certainly made a beautiful bride 6. What did he tell her? 7. Virat acting goofy during the mehndi ceremony 8. Virat didn?t want to be left out 9. Baby ko bass pasand hai ? From the wedding afterparty 10. No caption required
  15. Reaching home after braving evening traffic, made worse by a sudden drizzle in Delhi, I slumped on my sofa thinking of what to get for dinner. As I absent-mindedly scrolled through my Twitter feed, my jaw dropped. Virat and Anushka had gotten married. In Tuscany, Italy – the most romantic place in the most romantic country. It took a minute to sink in as I forgot about my plebeian dinner concerns. After all the speculations and the public romance, chances were ripe. But that it would actually happen and so soon was something none of us would have imagined. © Twitter At 29, India's cricketing sensation and one of Bollywood's most successful leading ladies got hitched in the most picture perfect setting. Resplendent in their bright floral wedding attires, Virat and Anushka cut a picture straight from our best Bollywood fantasies. While we have grown up on larger-than-life Bollywood romances, we have also grown up to believe they are almost never true. In a world where innocent love rarely culminates in a lifelong association/marriage, where relationships start off as rumours in the media, this was a breath of fresh air. The innocent charm of love hadn't been lost yet. © Instagram_ViratKohli As I hungrily scrolled for more pictures of the wedding, I realised I did not have to work too hard to find them – it was all over everyone's feeds. Media publications competed to break the story, Twitter pundits raced ahead of each other to crack the best wisecracks using the perfect hashtags and fans devoured even the tiniest of details, going on a retweeting spree. In our dull middle class existence, this was the highlight of the day. But what was it about Virat and Anushka that has caught the fancy of the masses? Even the internet troll, who thrives by pulling down the most innocuous of things on social media, was gushing over how cute they looked. The absence of negativity has been a refreshing change in internet behaviour and makes Virushka an absolute public favourite. For a public that is so vile and unforgiving towards celebrities, this is a rarity. Both Virat and Anushka come from regular middle class families, with no association to the industry they are in. They weren't born with the silver spoon but they are eating in silver plates now – both of them are self-made individuals with humble backgrounds. And that's exactly the apsirational dream the middle class looks at as a tangible reality. © BCCL Virat was the quintessential bad boy of Indian cricket. With the right kind of aggression on the field, he powered India through many wins and gave us the kind of confidence we never had under the older more gentlemanly team. How the beloved bad boy became the dream lover madly in love with the woman of his dreams is the kind of story we only see on the silver screen or in romance novels. They found love and they didn't let the high demands of the glamour and success world ruin it for them. It was a match. © Manyavar When Anushka was blamed for Virat's poor performance on the field and received backlash from fans, the bad boy of Indian cricket came out defending his ladylove. Holding hands at airports, he steered her through the tough time. In an interview with The Mint, he spoke about how Anushka had taught him how to be a compassionate person. “I have always been fond of animals, but I never had the compassion and love that I feel now, and that's mainly because of Anushka. She has changed the way I see these things, and the way I think about animals; now I've genuinely started feeling this deep love for them,” he said. He did not hesitate to admit how she had sensitised him to women's issues and feminism as well. “People are very chauvinistic in this country,” he says. “I certainly wasn't aware of that growing up, to be honest. But I have started to see myself as a feminist,” he had said. © BCCL Virat comes from a regular middle class family in Delhi and rose to the status of a cricket star solely on the basis of hard work and talent. Anushka's story is not very different. An army kid raised in the city of Bangalore, she started with modelling and later moved on to films, eventually becoming one of the most highly paid actresses of Bollywood. When the two of them came together, it was the perfect middle class dream. It's the possibility of dreams coming true in the best way possible that has overwhelmed us as a nation. We thrive on the hope of life getting better, either ours or someone else's. In their fairytale wedding, the middle class has lived a fantasy by proxy.
  16. You'd say that weddings call for effort. And a photographer, prolific designers and something called as 'sanskaars' in public. While you're right, some pure and pious Instagram-ing is absolutely necessary too. At least in the age of something known as a 'social media' influencer. Because nothing, we repeat nothing, can beat the joy of viewing live updates, as opposed to re-touched, professionally-shot images of an event way later. Let's begin with the most important Instagrams first—the pheras, mehendi and everything between... This video ð¹ is so beautiful. Every girl dreams to walk this path one day for the man she loves. Don't miss the last part, the way Virat holds her hands ð. Follow ð @InstantBollywood for more updates from Virushka's wedding. . Song : Famous Punjabi Wedding Song Din Shahna Da - This version is sung by Jasleen Royal. . #Instantbollywood #bollywood #viratkohli #anushkasharma #virushka A post shared by Instant Bollywood (@instantbollywood) on Dec 11, 2017 at 12:19pm PST And she leaves happily with the love of her life. Such a beautiful pic. Follow ð @InstantBollywood for more updates from Virushka's wedding. . . #instabollywood #instantbollywood #viratkohli #anushkasharma #virushka A post shared by Instant Bollywood (@instantbollywood) on Dec 11, 2017 at 10:44pm PST It seems like it rained in Tuscany, Italy. But it did not stop the celebrations. Beautiful Pic from their Mehendi. @instantbollywood â¤ï¸ â¤ï¸ â¤ï¸ . . . #viratkohli #anushkasharma #virushka #instantbollywood #bollywood A post shared by Instant Bollywood (@instantbollywood) on Dec 11, 2017 at 10:39am PST Watch Video ð¹ : How sweet Virushka's engagement ceremony. Follow ð @InstantBollywood for more updates from their wedding â¤â¤â¤ . . #virushka #viratkohli #anushkasharma #instabollywood #bollywood A post shared by Instant Bollywood (@instantbollywood) on Dec 11, 2017 at 9:11am PST What's a wedding without friends and family. Follow ð @InstantBollywood for more updates from Virushka's wedding. . . #instabollywood #instantbollywood #viratkohli #anushkasharma #virushka A post shared by Instant Bollywood (@instantbollywood) on Dec 11, 2017 at 8:48am PST Moving on to a crucial picture of Anushka with her parents... ©Anshai Lal And up next, Virat in 3 supremely happy pictures with his homeboys... #SabyasachiGroom, @virat.kohli with his #homeboys at his (very) private wedding celebrations in Italyâ¡ï¸ðªð»ð©ð»‍ð#viratkohli #anushkasharma A post shared by MENSXP (@mensxpofficial) on Dec 11, 2017 at 10:17am PST And saving the last for the least, here's the most important viral video from Virushka's Mehendi celebrations— the only Instagram superzoom that matters right now... Cuteness! Virat (@virat.kohli)& Anushka (@anushkasharma) having the meal together during their mehendi ceremony! @glamouralertofficial * * * #ViratKohli #AnushkaSharma #Virushka #LoveBirds #Married #Marriage #NewlyMarried #Wedding #Cute #Love #Traditional #Tradition #GlamourAlert A post shared by Glamour Alert (@glamouralertofficial) on Dec 11, 2017 at 11:16pm PST Thanks for existing, Instagram. Love you loads.
  17. It is very easy to sell stuff to people by guaranteeing them miracles. Like the ketogenic or the low-carb diet that has taken the nutrition world for a ride. People are promoting things like adding butter to coffee or not eating carbs as they are literally the reason we are on the verge of the third world war. On the other hand, IIFYM or 'Donut Dieting' is one such nutritional rabbit hole you can find yourself easily falling into. Here, let me give you a lowdown on the IIFYM diet. © Youtube Forget Instagram Models Eating Ice Creams and Burgers….. © Thinkstock Now, when I say it is a rabbit hole, I want to make it very clear that I, personally follow flexible dieting and my clients have a lot of liberty when it comes to eating out and enjoying the food they love. But, these IG models, surrounded by plates of ice-cream, Nutella and Snickers, trying to 'pretend' that despite eating all of this, they are still in ridiculously fantastic shape, is a major problem. You look at them and think this could work but are actually messing up your fat-loss goals. If you start practicing the EXACT same thing just because these models say so, you are will be ruined, period. Do Food Choices Matter? IIFYM Says It Doesn't! IIFYM suggests that you have daily macro/calorie targets and you hit that every day to get results. Food choices do not matter. At ALL! Maybe not for the amount of weight you lose. But it makes a whole lot of difference for your satiety and adherence to the diet. The people who actually track their macros know that this is not possible when you are eating absolute poverty macros. Or that these 'Instagram models' have been starving all day just to 'fit in' this dessert creation of theirs. If you have enough calories to consume and feel satiated throughout the day, then, by all means, fit in some junk food to hit your macros/calories. Following IIFYM? This Is What Your Plan Should And Should Not Look Like An example of what your plan should not and should look like if you plan to IIFYM: What it should NOT look like Target calories - 2000 kcals, 1 donut - 200 kcals. Total donuts I can eat - 10 donuts. What it COULD look like Target calories - 2000 kcals, 1 donut - 200 kcals. Let me eat 1800 kcals in the form of whole grains, dairy, poultry, nuts, fruits, veggies, etc. Am I feeling full and energetic? - Yes. I can have a donut to complete the 2000 kcals target. Keep Junk Food At a Minimum Keep junk food limited to about 10-20% of your daily calorie target. Make it an inclusive strategy where you INCLUDE the foods you like in moderation. Until you reach this point, do yourself a favor by saving it for later, or doing it a little less frequently. For all, beginning to eat just donuts because your favorite Instagrammer said so may leave you disappointed with your fat loss results. Be aware of such shams. Author Bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company that helps people with fitness goals right from losing weight to competing in bodybuilding shows. He is an online fitness coach who is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations. In his free time, Pratik likes to read about psychology or gaming on his PlayStation. You can download a free nutrition guide from his site which will nail down the basics for you. He can be reached at for your fitness related queries and coaching inquiries.
  18. Much like every celebrity wedding, Virat Kohli's big day with Anushka Sharma witnessed country-wide fanfare. Proving, that no matter how hush-hush your proceedings could be, nothing can save them from our sneaky eyes. However, besides our hearty congratulations to the power couple, here's another pat on the back: thanks for wearing some stellar outfits, Virat Kohli + all you privileged wedding guests. And on a side note, god bless your privacy settings on social media too, that bought us a secret raffle ticket into the impeccable menswear that dominated the scene at #Virushka's wedding. Here's a quick round up! Sighting 1: Philauri's director, Anshai Lal picked a Marsala hybrid for his homie's big night. ©Anshai Lal Sighting 2: Anushka Sharma's father opted for a well-cut, classic black Jodhpuri suit for his daughter's sneaky destination wedding. ©Anshai Lal Sighting 3: Another guest slipped into a pale white and gold kurta-churidaar/pyjama combo, and brought it to a close with a head accessory—a very close-knit, weaved version of the rug cap. ©Anshai Lal Sighting 4: Once again, Anshai picked a day hue as his outfit for Virat's Mehendi ceremony, and didn't forget his pocket square skills back home. ©Anshai Lal Sighting 5: Even the tiniest of members of the wedding entourage were seen in the most au courant menswear pieces—checked suits. Big ups, do-littles. ©Anshai Lal Sighting 6: Not forgetting the groom of course, Virat wore an ensemble from Indian designer, Sabyasachi Mukherjee—a khadi kurta churidaar, layered with a fuchsia pink Nehru jacket. And on his right, sat a guest with a wool coat and tassel slip ons. ©Instant Bollywood Sighting 7: Hues and tones of pink were clearly winners, as another turban-clad invitee opted for the colour in his own traditional way. ©Instant Bollywood Sighting 8: Lastly, Kohli's phera outfit—an ivory raw silk sherwani, hand-embroidered in a vintage Benarasi pattern, paired with a silk kota safa. Designed of course by Sabyasachi again. ©Instant Bollywood Well, safe to say: more than a wedding, this was a menswear moment in itself.
  19. Indian captain Virat Kohli and top Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma finally tied the knot in a private ceremony in Tuscany, Italy. Image tweeted by Virat Kohli Ace cricketer Virat Kohli and top Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma finally tied the knot in a private ceremony in Tuscany, Italy, on Monday making it the wedding of the year. The open-air wedding, with all the rituals, was nothing short of a fairytale. The newly-weds took to Twitter on Monday evening to share the big news along with a message for their fans and loved ones. Anushka, Virat finally tie the knot in Italy The couple thanks fans, well-wishers for their love and support While the internet is flooded with pictures of the beautiful couple, videos from their wedding have also surfaced. Here's a sneak peek into the inside ceremonies: A video from the couple's engagement ceremony shows the two exchangin rings and sealing the deal with a peck on the cheek and warm embrace. All throughout Ed Sheeran?s Thinking Out Loud plays in the background. Here's a video of Virat's haldi ceremony: Another video showed a blushing Anushka walking down the aisle. The couple was all smiles during the jaimala ceremony. Here's yet another video from the wedding. Here are a few pictures of the couple from the wedding festivities: Image Tweeted by Anushka Sharma Cricket and Bollywood worlds react to #VirushkaWEDDING The wedding sent Twitter into a meltdown, as fans, celebrities and cricketers poured their wishes for the couple. Current and former cricketers from Pakistan congratulated Kohli and Anushka on their wedding: Tennis star Sania Mirza sent in her best wishes for the couple. Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar and other former and current Indian cricketers wished the couple. Bollywood fraternity couldn't hold back its excitement.
  20. GENEVA: Warring sides must let more aid get through to 8.4 million people who are ?a step away from famine? in Yemen, a senior UN official said on Monday. A Saudi-led military coalition fighting the Iran-aligned Houthi movement in Yemen?s civil war blockaded ports last month after a missile was fired towards Riyadh. Jamie McGoldrick, the humanitarian coordinator for Yemen, said the blockade has since been eased, but the situation remained dire. ?The continuing blockade of ports is limiting supplies of fuel, food and medicines; dramatically increasing the number of vulnerable people who need help,? McGoldrick said in a statement. ?The lives of millions of people, including 8.4 million Yemenis who are a step away from famine, hinge on our ability to continue our operations and to provide health, safe water, food, shelter and nutrition support,? he added. That marked an increase from past UN estimates of around 8 million people on the brink of famine. The coalition accuses Iran of sending weapons to its Houthi allies, including missile parts, through Yemen?s main Hodeidah port, were most food supplies enter. Saudi state television said on Monday a UN delegation of experts has arrived in Riyadh to meet the coalition and the Yemeni government the coalition supports ?to prevent the transfer of weapons and rockets to Houthis?. Iran has denied supplying the Houthis with weapons, saying the US and Saudi allegations are ?baseless and unfounded?. The United Nations says food shortages caused by the warring parties blocking supplies has created the world?s worst humanitarian crisis. The Saudis intervened in neighbouring Yemen in 2015 after the Houthis advanced on the southern port city of Aden and forced President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi and his government into exile. The conflict has killed more than 10,000 people, displaced more than 2 million and triggered a cholera epidemic that has infected about 1 million people. The U.S. government on Friday called on the Saudi-led military coalition to facilitate the free flow of humanitarian aid to all of Yemen?s ports and through Sana?a airport. A senior State Department official told reporters in Geneva on Monday that the United States had provided nearly $638 million in humanitarian assistance to Yemen in the U.S. fiscal year 2017 that ended on Sept 30. ?We have called on both sides to stop the fighting and seek a political solution to the problem,? the official said. He said the United States had made its position clear to its allies to end the blockade and called on the Houthis to allow access for humanitarian supplies as ?there are shocking shortage of food, fuel and medicines that are causing great suffering?.
  21. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan shakes hands with Russian President Vladimir Putin after a news conference in Ankara, Turkey, December 11, 2017. REUTERS/Umit Bektas ANKARA: Russian President Vladimir Putin held talks with his Turkish counterpart in Ankara on Monday for the last leg of a day-long diplomatic dash, during which he ordered the partial withdrawal of Russia?s troops from the war-torn country. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met Putin at his presidential complex in Ankara for a closed-door meeting. This is the eighth face-to-face meeting between Putin and Erdogan this year, a sign of the intensity of a relationship that had hit rock bottom in November 2015 when Turkey shot down a Russian warplane over Syria. Putin was welcomed earlier in the day at Russia?s Hmeimim airbase by Syria?s President Bashar al-Assad on a surprise first visit to the country. In a televised speech to Russian troops, Putin said he had ordered his Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu to start a partial withdrawal. "I have taken a decision: a significant part of the Russian troop contingent located in Syria is returning home to Russia," he said at the base in Latakia Province, a government stronghold. Russia first intervened in the conflict in 2015, staging air strikes in support of Assad, which targeted both Daesh and other extremists as well as rebels fighting government troops. Putin said the troops had helped the Syrian army crush the "most battle-ready group of international terrorists," apparently referring to Daesh. "On the whole, the task has been completed. And completed brilliantly." ?Our homeland thanks you? Putin said last month that efforts to end the war were entering a "new stage" as the focus shifted from military intervention to political reforms. He said both Hmeimim and Russia?s naval facility in Tartus would continue to function and warned that Russia would repel any new attacks by militants. Putin made the Syria stopover, the first by a Russian head of state since president Dmitry Medvedev visited in 2010, en route to Egypt, where he met with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, one of Ankara?s prime foes in recent years. Putin thanked the troops for defending Russia from terrorism and helping Syria remain a "sovereign independent state". He said the conflict proved that Russia?s armed forces, including intelligence officers, pilots, sailors, special forces, military police, sappers and military advisers, were on top form, and he also praised the country?s defence industry. "Our homeland thanks you, my friends," he said. ?Deep gratitude? Putin also held talks with Assad, who expressed his "deep gratitude" for Russia?s role in the conflict. "The Syrians will never forget what the Russian forces did," official Syria media quoted him as saying. Putin said he would discuss Russia?s efforts to convene Syria?s political congress with the leaders of Egypt and Turkey, and then brief Assad. While Turkey has backed the anti-regime opposition and Russia along with Iran is the main international supporter of Damascus, Putin and Erdogan have worked closely to resolve the Syrian conflict in recent months. Ankara officially remains opposed to Assad staying in power in any transition but has notably toned down its rhetoric against the Syrian leader in recent months. After talks, Erdogan said the next step to help resolve the Syrian conflict would be to hold a second summit in the Black Sea resort of Sochi "as soon as possible". Last month Putin held a summit with Iran?s President Hassan Rouhani and Erdogan in the city to discuss Syria. Putin said at the beginning of 2018 that a congress of national dialogue should be held to seek a political solution for Syria, adding that he spoke to Assad about it. Pentagon scepticism Last week Putin announced he would be standing in the March presidential election that he is widely expected to win, and his lightning visit to Syria was likely to play well with Russian voters. The commander of Russia?s forces in Syria, Sergei Surovikin, said 23 Russian planes, two helicopters and military police would be returning to Russia soon, national television reported. Asked how long the process of bringing back the contingent from Syria would take, Shoigu said: "They have already started coming back, we will see how it goes," Russian news agencies reported. The Pentagon voiced scepticism about Putin?s announcement, saying such declarations were not necessarily reflected by action. The size of the Russian deployment in Syria is not known, but Pavel Felgenhauer, an independent Russian military expert, has told AFP that up to 10,000 troops and private contractors may have taken part in the conflict. Putin had ruled out dispatching ground forces in Syria, making the air force the mainstay of Moscow?s Syria campaign. Around 40 Russian servicemen have reportedly been killed in Syria since Moscow?s intervention. The Kremlin has acknowledged some of those deaths. But the losses may be higher given the number of Russian troops and mercenaries believed to be in the country, observers say. More than 340,000 people have been killed since the Syrian conflict broke out in March 2011 with protests against Assad?s rule that sparked a brutal crackdown.
  22. The logo of the World Trade Organization (WTO) is seen at the entrance of its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, April 9, 2013. REUTERS/Ruben Sprich/Files BUENOS AIRES: The World Trade Organization opened a conference Sunday under the cloud of US hostility to multilateral trade accords. The 164-member WTO is also wracked by disagreements over China and has been struggling to kickstart stalled trade talks. The Buenos Aires meeting, which lasts through Wednesday, is the first in the era of US President Donald Trump, who has pummeled the body relentlessly since taking office, even describing it as a "disaster". The Trump administration has made the WTO a preferred target of its "America First" policy, threatening to pull the US out of the trade organization it says is hampering its ability to compete. Trump has already withdrawn the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and insisted on renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with Mexico and Canada. WTO Director-General Roberto Azevedo said Sunday he will ask US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer for "political commitment, political will and flexibility." "Without flexibility, we will not get anywhere," Azevedo said at an opening press conference at a Buenos Aires hotel. Washington has been blamed for blocking appointments of judges to the WTO´s dispute settlement system, saying it was ineffective and insisting on a more aggressive approach to defending its interests. The dispute body arbitrates international rows over subsidies or tariffs, among other things playing an important role in the standoff between US and European plane-makers Boeing and Airbus. The European Union, on the other hand, comes to the conference with a robust spirit of multilateralism. The EU and Japan announced Friday that they have finalized a major trade agreement. EU officials will also meet with counterparts from the South American trade bloc known as Mercosur to continue talks on a free trade accord. These discussions have been going on for nearly 20 years. Low expectations Expectations for any kind of a breakthrough at the Buenos Aires meeting are low. For the past decade, the WTO has failed to make progress in the so-called Doha Round of trade liberalization talks, which began in 2001. The WTO is also accused of failing to do enough to resolve problems that some of its members have with China. "There is life after Buenos Aires," said the president of the conference, Susana Malcorra of Argentina. She has said a deal was likely to end harmful fisheries subsidies, of keen interest to developing countries. Beijing, meantime, wants to be seen by the WTO as a "market economy," but the Europeans and the United States -- for once on the same wavelength on trade issues -- oppose this. Any such recognition would entitle China to preferential economic treatment under WTO rules. It is currently classed as a non-market economy. That status allows the US and others to use a special recourse to levy anti-dumping duties against China if they determine that it is selling its goods -- notably steel and aluminium -- at unfairly low prices abroad. A European diplomat in Buenos Aires said protectionist US rhetoric may actually give fuel to negotiations between the EU and Mercosur.
  23. Game of Thrones has always had a magnectic effect over fans. Be it their reel life chemistry or real life partners, we want to know it all! Remember the Mountain from the show? The man who is a beast and crushes people like they are ants? Let's refresh our memory quickly: So, Hafhor Julius (yes, the Mountain has a nice name!) has been in the news lately and that's not because of the character but because of his real life romance. He has been dating a wonderful woman called Kelsey Henson. Now, they make a beautiful pair, sure. People are just surprised over the size difference between them! She is literally HALF his size. Throwback to warmer days in Spain with this guy!!! ðð»âï¸â¤ï¸ . . . . . #travel #travels #trip#instatravel #benidorm #alicante #Spain #belvedere #terrace #patio #view #city #skyline #evening #date #beautiful #love #gorgeous #myman #happy #smiles #fordays #littleblackdress #heels #blonde #tan #beauty #beast #muscle #strength A post shared by Kelsey Henson (@kelc33) on Nov 28, 2017 at 6:05pm PST About last night.... ðð¼ðâ¤ï¸ #YEG #club82 #Edmonton #Alberta #Canada #Canadian #girl #petite #blonde #curls #elbowsup #haircheck #bodysuit #denim #jeans #guess #michaelkors #crossbody #brows #microblading #contour #highlight #tartecosmetics #mirror #reflection A post shared by Kelsey Henson (@kelc33) on Sep 17, 2017 at 5:04pm PDT He is around 6'9 tall and the hot lady is 5'2! Met Hafþór ð¤, AKA The Mountain, from Game of Thrones!! ðð¡ðªð¼. #ymm #FortMcmurray #Earls #Fuelbyearls #earlsgirl #gameofthrones #GOT #mountain #themountain #strongman #Thor #massive #giant #large #largeandincharge #muscle #strong #human #nerd #sohappy #excited #pumped #fan #small #tiny #petite @thorbjornsson A post shared by Kelsey Henson (@kelc33) on Sep 8, 2017 at 10:36pm PDT Apparently they met at a bar where she asked for his autograph and they hit it off instantly. ð®ð¸ð®ð¸ð®ð¸ I had the greatest time in Iceland this past week, met some awesome people and had some great experiences! Thank you to @thorbjornsson for having me and introducing me to Iceland ðð»ð. As well as @vikingtrips for the tour! Any of my friends travelling to Iceland, I highly recommend Viking Trips if you want to tour around Iceland!! . . #weekendvibes #getaway #Iceland #kopavogur #reykjavik #trip #tour #vikingtrips #goldencircle #geysir #waterfall #axeriver #falls #winter #ice #snow #beautiful #blonde #exploreeurope #mondayfunday #travel #goodvibes #goodtimes #keepwarm #misshim #babe #instatravel #instagood #instadaily #picoftheday A post shared by Kelsey Henson (@kelc33) on Nov 17, 2017 at 10:40pm PST Obviously everyone has been noticing them because not only is he a cool celebrity, he is a real life mountain after all! The couple looks lovely anyway. The Mountain will reprise his role in the final season which will see the light of the day in 2019.
  24. Sri Lanka took over the game last night in Dharamsala and the Indian cricket team lost by 7 wickets. Barring Mahi's great innings, the match ended up giving enough fodder for Twitterati to have a good laugh. MS Dhoni today. #IndvSL — SAGAR (@sagarcasm) December 10, 2017 Dhoni haters watching him right now. #INDvSL — Pakchikpak Raja Babu (@HaramiParindey) December 10, 2017 People obviously missed Virat Kohli! #IndvSL Virat Kohli After watching the scorecard today..ð — RJ Deepanshuð® (@rjdeepanshu) December 10, 2017 *Kohli be like* Missing me already? #INDvSL — Third Manð (@imSanath7) December 10, 2017 And obviously when you talk of Virat, his wedding meme is not far behind. Sources say BCCI is ready to airlift Virat Kohli from Italy. #INDvSL — Silly Point ð‏ (@FarziCricketer) December 10, 2017 Virat Kohli must be thinking "chain se shadi bhi nhi krne denge ye log" #INDvSL — ßÑà¸É¾É Gu᧠ð®ð³ð (@BeingFlicked) December 10, 2017 And if you are wondering how elated was the SL team post the match, it must be something like this we are guessing. Reaction of South African players after seeing India's batting in seaming conditions... #IndvSL — The-Lying-Lama (@KyaUkhaadLega) December 10, 2017 Though Dhoni's feisty and crazy inning will shut his haters and critics once and for all, it was a bad day for our boys in blue eventually.
  25. Everton captain Wayne Rooney equalised from the penalty spot in a Merseyside derby that ended 1-1 at Anfield on Sunday and left Liverpool manager Juergen Klopp fuming. With the snow swirling, Rooney stepped up in the 77th-minute and sent the ball straight down the middle. It was his first goal in a match between two of English football?s greatest rivals. Mohamed Salah earlier fired Liverpool ahead with a 42nd-minute stunner that sent the Egyptian clear of Tottenham Hotspur?s England striker Harry Kane as the league?s top marksman with 13 goals this season. Liverpool stayed fourth with 30 points, 13 adrift of leaders Manchester City who were playing later at second-placed Manchester United. Chelsea are third on 32 with Sam Allardyce?s Everton moving up to 10th. While Salah?s goal was a breathtaking effort, the penalty left Klopp far from speechless with the German taking issue with the referee?s decision after Dejan Lovren was adjudged to have pushed Dominic Calvert-Lewin in the back. Lovren was still protesting with officials after the final whistle while Klopp argued with a Sky Sports television interviewer. Asked what he had said to the referee, Klopp replied: ?That I don?t understand what he?s doing. That?s what I said. I didn?t use one swearing word.? The German, who defended his decision to take off Salah with 22 minutes remaining, refused to accept it had been a penalty and said his side had been the only ones trying to win. ?The other team was not even in our box, I don?t know if they had a shot on target apart from the penalty. To give them an open door like this, in my understanding, that?s not OK,? he added. Klopp said Lovren had not even made a challenge. ?Calvert-Lewin makes a step...the hand is like this on the back, you saw it,? continued the manager. ?If you think it is a penalty do it, say it.? When told that it looked a soft one, Klopp laughed out loud. ?So, then we can stop the interview because I only want to talk to people that have a little bit of understanding of football.? He later apologised, adding: ?There are greater catastrophes on this planet than getting a point after a game like this but it feels not too good.? Klopp?s side are now unbeaten in 10 games in all competitions, and stretched their unbeaten run against Everton in all competitions to a record-equalling 15 games. But the manager?s team selection was called into question after he left Brazilians Philippe Coutinho and Roberto Firmino out of the starting lineup. Firmino eventually came on for Salah. Everton enjoyed only 21 percent of possession in the game while Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson completed more passes (60) in the first half -- than all of the visiting players put together. Allardyce said it was a huge point and had no doubt the penalty call was correct, with the referee ?very brave? in his decision. ?Our defensive shape as a team was extremely good today and stopped one of the most fluent, attacking goalscoring sides probably in Europe,? said the former England manager. ?Twelve goals in two games they?ve scored and a brilliant goal today from Salah to get 1-0 up. But I can?t honestly say they had too many clear-cut chances after that. ?While we didn?t do too much in possession, we completely and utterly shut Liverpool down from an attacking force and waited for what had to be just one opportunity.?