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Found 80 results

  1. If you're not paying for it, you're the product. Don't roll your eyes or accuse us of being paranoid. That oft-repeated aphorism is actually a rather apt description of our social-networked, digital-everything age. From Google search to Instagram and Twitter, freeloading users (that'd be all of us, this writer included) aren't customers. We're the product - to be followed, examined, analysed and divvied up into silos before being sold to marketers. Of course, this has its benefits - we get to use a lot of neat apps and services for free. But at what cost? Google usually gets a bad reputation for being an omniscient, omnipresent overlord that probably knows more about us than even our closest family and friends. But the search giant isn't the only behemoth that wields so much power. Facebook, our modern-day nukkad, a drawing room for the digital age, has just as much insight into who we are. No, not who we like to imagine ourselves as, but who we really are, unvarnished and untainted by facade we put up when in public. Facebook *Knows* That ex you sometimes look up on Facebook; the guilty-pleasure Bollywood gossip page you read; the furtive searches for entertainment stars you wouldn't want your grandma to find out about; the hate-spewing politician you'd never publicly admit to voting for; the 'Like' on your friends' posts; and where you live, where you hang out including the articles you click on - all of that gives Facebook an astonishing level of insight into who you are. And as a corollary, it helps Facebook roll out ads for products and services you're more likely to be interested in. Ever wondered how a simple visit to a web page, or a Facebook search, or a look at a product on sale at your favourite online store results in ads for similar and competing products - ads that follow you around Facebook? That's also Facebook's ad-targeting at work. How Does Facebook Ad Targeting Work? © social adstool Like we said, anything you do on Facebook's site (or in the app) is used to draw up a picture of you as a customer. Your likes, your interactions with your friends, the check-ins and the searches - it all lets Facebook 'sell' you (albeit in an anonymous form) to a marketer. Clicked 'Like' on a lot of heavy metal band pages? Or on fan pages for a cult movie? Don't be surprised when you find ads selling merchandise cropping up on your timeline. And then there's the magic of how Facebook 'follows' you around the web. Here's just one example: You're searching for, say, a bag for your new DSLR and you check out quite a few online camera gear stores, but can't find anything you like. But behind the scenes, Facebook (and any other ad network you encounter - Google, Amazon…) goes, “Hmmm, this chap might have bought a new DSLR. Why else would he be searching for a camera bag? That means he'd probably buy more camera gear if we can persuade him.” And that's when you start seeing ads for camera accessories, lenses, bags, and pretty much anything camera-related each time you go on Facebook. They've Got The Tools To Track You Really Closely © Facebook If you're an advertiser, Facebook is your best friend. They'll let you choose the target audience for your ads based on location, age, gender, language, app users, page followers, mobile device, the apps people use and what they click on. But wait, there's more - you can even upload 'Customer Lists' with email addresses and phone numbers if you've got a database of your own. And that's not it - Facebook will even let you target 'Lookalike Audiences' - users similar in profile to those in your Customer Lists. But that's all on Facebook. Where things get really spooky (okay, not so much for the savvy user, but a lot of people might think of it as black magic), is when advertisers start using Facebook Pixel - a tracking, measuring and ad targeting tool. In a nutshell, advertisers place a tracking pixel on their website, which lets Facebook (other ad networks do it too) identify you, building up an accurate picture of what you do online. Getting back to our camera store example, an online marketplace you've visited can use Facebook Pixel to track visitors to their website, serving them ads on Facebook - following them around, showing off other gear they might wanna buy, hoping they'd cave in eventually. And finally, there's Facebook's secret weapon - the Facebook Audience Network - an Internet-wide ad network (think of it as a rival to Google's ad network) that serves up ads on sites other than Facebook, letting advertisers extend their reach beyond Facebook and their own websites. For advertisers, it's a way of tracking and targeting users even when they're away from Facebook, for app developers and publishing partners, it's a new revenue stream, and for Facebook, it opens up the Internet beyond their own sites and apps. And as for you, the user, it just makes it even harder to escape Facebook's steely gaze. Try as much as you can to avoid Facebook, but you won't be able to (ditto for Google or Amazon). It's Not All Bad News For The Shopping Addict © Thinkstock For most users, this is a win-win situation. Just like ads on any other platform, allowing your web and app habits to be monetised means you get to use a lot of stuff for free - from ad-supported apps to news websites, you don't have to pay anything to use these not-cheap-to-run services. And of course, as a savvy shopper, you can't be complaining about seeing ads that are more relevant to you - think of the many impulse purchases you have made just by seeing an ad for something that just happens to call out to you. But Still, Creepy Eyes Follow You Around The Web © YouTube But there's a dark side as well to the tremendous reach of Facebook's ad tools - they know all about you, perhaps even more than you'd care to admit to yourself. Yes, the process is automated, you're assigned an ad-tracking ID which keeps your real identity safe, there's no nosy neighbor of yours getting to pore over your sometimes-embarrassing online habits, and it'd be safe to assume that Facebook's developers know a thing or two about keeping your data safe from hackers. Still, you're a rather stout-hearted soul if the prospect of a giant corporation knowing so much about you doesn't unnerve you. That's because all the data Facebook has - from your activities on their sites and in their apps, from tracking pixels, and from your activity on sites that are part of the Facebook Audience Network - can draw up a detailed, highly personal picture of who you are. In fact, a few years ago, researchers at Cambridge University published a study showing how they could draw up an uncannily accurate profile of users simply by analysing their public, open-to-all activities in Facebook. They analysed a dataset of 58,000 volunteers and found that they could use their 'Likes' to predict 'highly sensitive personal attributes' such as 'sexual orientation, ethnicity, religious and political views, personality traits, intelligence, happiness, use of addictive substances, parental separation, age, and gender.' The Cambridge study even “correctly discriminates between homosexual and heterosexual men in 88% of cases, African Americans and Caucasian Americans in 95% of cases, and between Democrat and Republican in 85% of cases”. Spooky, isn't it? Now that's only from your public actions on Facebook. Think of how much can be gleaned about you from the other actions which you assume are private? While your stuff's probably safe with Facebook (or that's what we'd all like to believe), imagine what could happen should there ever be a data breach? Or what if you manage to annoy a powerful government, which somehow manages to arm-twist Facebook into handing over everything it knows about you? You might also find it interesting that a couple of years ago, privacy activists accused Facebook of being in favour of a controversial law from the US - the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, which critics said would encourage data sharing with the government on the pretext of information security (Facebook denied the allegations). Or what happens if you've been searching for something you'd rather not have anyone else know about, but are given away when ads start appearing while checking Facebook at work? But even if nothing untoward happens, do you really feel comfortable knowing Facebook's tracking your every move - not just on its own site, but pretty much all over the web? Fighting Back And Reclaiming Your Privacy © Facebook All's not lost, of course. You can install ad-blockers (like Disconnect or uBlock Origin). But that has its pitfalls - lots of sites completely break, and publishers - who serve up loads of content for free - lose out. Instead, the best option is to head over to Facebook's ad preferences site, where you can see what 'interests' (everything from hobbies to brands) Facebook associates with you, select personal attributes (marital status, employer, school…) which are used to personalise ads, and turn off interest-based ads, and make yourself invisible to the Facebook Audience Network (select 'No' for the Ads on apps and websites off of the Facebook Companies setting).
  2. When was the last time you got knots in your stomach from laughing too hard while watching a Bollywood comedy? How many times have you fallen off your chair doubling up with laughter at the antics of the characters? If your mind goes back to 'Andaz Apna Apna' from 1994, or further back to 'Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro' which was released in 1983, it's clear Bollywood is living under a comedy crisis and we haven't had a good laugh in a long time. While we have romance and action dramas by the bulk every year, the number of good comedies can be counted on the fingers. © NFDC If you are a young millennial and haven't binged on the classic old comedies like 'Jaane Bhi…', 'Chupke Chupke', 'Gol Maal' (the original one by Hrishikesh Mukherjee) and the like, there's rather scanty fodder for your comedy-craving soul. Out of the more contemporary lot, Priyadarshan has single-handedly given us the bulk of comedy on the silver screen. 'Hera Pheri' was a rare classic in the genre in recent years, and here's counting the year 2000 as recent because good comedy is as rare as a unicorn. © AG Nadiadwala Well, good comedy is hard to make. You'd think that to evoke a few good laughs from a population that's largely middle class, has an entertainment budget of one movie per week, and is looking for excuses to be happy, it should be rather easy. These are people who come to a theatre to have a good time, they buy popcorn and cold drinks and sit down in the hope that they'll feel good today, that they'd escape the drudgery of their daily lives. They will laugh easily, you think. But it's not so. Making people laugh is difficult. It's easier to make them cry, fall in love, feel pain. A good comedy is a collective effort. Situational humour is as much dependent on the people in the frame as on the script. It requires a certain suspension of the self and a focus on the team. The iconic dialogue “Teja main hoon, mark idhar hai” has not yet found a successor. 'Gogo-ji ka ghaghra' is also hanging by a thread in some old cupboard, looking for someone to patch it up and wear it again. © Vinay Pictures And that's where contemporary Hindi cinema draws the line. It doesn't go beyond the formulaic love stories, the star presence and the item numbers. The focus remains on letting the film ride on the star's shoulders. The narcissist obsession with six-pack abs, hourglass figures and postcard perfect locations always wins. Bollywood is not to blame for this. The viewership has shifted too. We want to see Bahubali break boulders, we want to see Ranveer romancing Deepika in 'Bajirao Mastani', we want to see people fall in love. There has been a shift in the genre too. Slapstick has given way to plots that are more character- and situation-based. Dibakar Bannerjee's 'Khosla Ka Ghosla', with its subtle everyday humour about middle-class existence, brought comedy to our drawing rooms. It made for excellent family viewing. Whether it was the shrewd estate dealer played by Boman Irani (the man is a genius actor but I digress), or the humble middle-class patriarch Mr Khosla (played by Anupam Kher), we all know at least one character from the film. © UTV Motion Pictures 'Bheja Fry', which was a remake of French film 'Le Dîner de Cons', did fry our bhejas but in a way we didn't mind them being fried. The film, despite its low budget and minimal characterization, found decent success at the box office, proving Indian audiences still craved good humour. Of course, there is a lot of good content in other genres and filmmakers are merging comic elements beautifully. But in the past two decades, only a bunch of mainstream films have come close to the mark – 'Hera Pheri', '3 Idiots' (barring the 'balatkar' joke, which was in rather bad taste) and 'Munnabhai MBBS', that are great examples of perfect comic timing and good storytelling. © Vinod Chopra Films Many others like 'Bhool Bhulaiyaa', 'Hulchul' (both by Priyadarshan), and even the first of the 'Golmaal' series have managed to tickle our funny bones. Tanuja Chandra's 'Qarib Qarib Single' was a mature love story peppered with a generous dose of situational humour. So was Vikas Behl's 'Queen'. The audience was left in splits when Nawazuddin's character Chand Nawab struggles to record his reportage without anyone photobombing him in 'Bajrangi Bhaijan'. These moments of perfect comic timing in contemporary Hindi films are, well, just moments. While the romance and action genres find enough takers, the comedy genre has been pushed into being just a moment in a film. Where are those comedies of errors that left the theatre audiences holding their stomachs laughing, tears in eyes, throat sore from guffawing too hard? Where are those films that were so universal in their humour that we could go to the theatre alone and not feel alone, finding an unsaid camaraderie with strangers by laughing at the same jokes? Where are the Tejas and Gogo Masters of Bollywood, where are the films that left us with characters to laugh at even after the show was over. Bollywood sorely needs a comedy revolution and I hope some filmmaker out there is itching to make a classic comedy that will give us more reasons to laugh this year.
  3. [embed_video1 url= style=center] Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are currently in South Africa where the India cricket team will play a series. The couple has been exploring Cape Town and pictures have been popping up on social media. Brand Virushka has an earning potential of INR 1,000 crore in the next two years, so you would expect the two to be shopping at designer stores. However, this is not the case. A picture shared widely on social media showed the couple shopping at a 50% off sale. Video or Virat and teammate Shikhar Dhawan showing locals how the bhangra is done also went viral. Let's hope the couple keep on sharing more pictures of their experiences in South Africa.
  4. Arguably the most complete batsman of his generation and the most worshipped cricketer in the world, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar holds just about every batting record worth owning in the game. He ruled our hearts with his great batting display and his calm and composed demeanour earned him a ton of respect from every corner of the globe. The Little Master might have retired from international cricket but his down-to-earth nature and humble approach towards life continues to rule our hearts. On New Year's eve, while pretty much everyone was letting their hair loose, Tendulkar, for the man we all know, was cooking for his close friends. The 44-year-old shared a video on Twitter where he is seen going about his culinary activities with a great deal of concentration and exhibiting the same level of excitement he displayed on the playing field. It was a pleasure to cook for my friends on New Year's Eve. I am glad all of them enjoyed and are still licking their fingers ð Hope you all had a great New Year's Eve as well. Wishing you all a fantastic 2018. Stay blessed always. — sachin tendulkar (@sachin_rt) January 2, 2018 “It was a pleasure to cook for my friends on New Year's Eve. I am glad all of them enjoyed and are still licking their fingers. Hope you all had a great New Year's Eve as well. Wishing you all a fantastic 2018. Stay blessed always,” Tendulkar wrote in his message accompanying the video. Thanks @sachintendulkar for the lovely night was great fun ' âð¼#monster Agarkar ð¹ A post shared by Yuvraj Singh (@yuvisofficial) on Dec 30, 2017 at 5:32am PST Apart from Tendulkar, Yuvraj Singh - who is currently struggling to make a comeback in the Indian team - also shared a photo of himself in the company of Tendulkar and former Indian bowler Ajit Agarkar. "Thanks @sachintendulkar for the lovely night was great fun #monster Agarkar," he wrote on Instagram. Tendulkar, a Taurus by birth, has stayed true to his sun sign and harbours a penchant for food and new cuisines. Back in 1998, he cooked baingan ka bharta for his Team India mates at Ajay Jadeja's house. © Instagram An adventurous foodie, he also happens to be a huge fan of Japanese cuisine. In fact, the Indian cricket legend enjoys sushi and sashimi so much that he is even credited for having introduced Suresh Raina to Japanese food. After entertaining us all with his exemplary batting skills for 24 years, it seems that Tendulkar has now set his eyes on wowing his fans with his culinary skills.
  5. Serena Williams of the US serves during her Women's singles third round match against Nicole Gibbs of the US during the Australian Open at Melbourne Park in Melbourne, Australia, January 21, 2017. REUTERS/Jason Reed/Files Serena Williams was pleased to get back on the court despite losing what was her first match in almost a year ? against Jelena Ostapenko ? at the Mubadala World Tennis Championship in Abu Dhabi on Saturday. It was Williams? first outing since winning her 23rd grand slam singles title at the Australian Open in January, while pregnant, before taking time out to have the baby. But she failed to fully rediscover her rhythm and quickly dropped the first set 6-2 to the Latvian Ostapenko, the French Open champion. The 36-year-old American roared back to win the second set 6-3 before losing the decisive tiebreak 10-5 in the exhibition match. Williams admitted her mind wandered to Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. ? her child ? during the match. ?Motherhood is phenomenal. "I was a little worried out there and I looked at my camp and I was like ?Is Olympia ok?'. But it?s really good,? she said in her on-court interview. ?I?m excited, it?s good to be back on the court. This was such a good time for me. ?It?s my first time playing in Abu Dhabi so thank you guys for the support. First matches back are always super incredibly hard, especially after having a baby but it was great, I?m glad I could do it here.? Williams has registered for the Australian Open, which begins on January 15 at Melbourne Park.
  6. Winners and runners-up with CEJ-IBA Director Kamal Siddiqui. Photo courtesy: CEJ-IBA KARACHI: To acknowledge good journalism conducted in the field of humanitarian reporting, the Centre for Excellence in Journalism at the Institute of Business Administration (CEJ-IBA), Karachi and the International Committee of the Red Cross organised the Humanitarian Reporting Award 2017 ceremony on Friday. According to a statement issued by the centre, the awards were given in three categories ? mainstream broadcast (Urdu), mainstream print and online (Urdu) and mainstream print and online (English) for news stories published between November 1, 2016 and November 9, 2017. The winner in the mainstream broadcast (Urdu) category was Khawar Khan from Geo News for his story on medicines without cold chain management. The runner-up was the category is Umar Farooq from Voice of America Urdu for his story on issues of to the school for Sikh children. In the mainstream print and online (Urdu) category, the winner was Islam Gul Afridi from Akhbar-e-Khyber for his story on increase in the number of AIDS patients in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Federally Administered Tribal Areas. The runner-up in the category was Fariha Fatima from ARY News for her story on the Robinhood Army?s fight against hunger. The winner in the mainstream print and online (English) category was Shazia Hassan from Dawn Media Group for her story on the ghosts of Gadani, while the runner-up was Ghulam Dastgeer from Herald Magazine for his story titled ?Walking the line in times of conflict?. The ceremony kicked off with a welcome note by CEJ Director Kamal Siddiqi, who shared some details of CEJ?s collaboration with ICRC that began with workshops on humanitarian reporting and concluded with these awards. ?We received more than 200 applications for a workshop of 20 journalists, which shows the overwhelming interest in the media for humanitarian reporting,? he said, adding that CEJ and ICRC decided to conduct two workshops and hold these awards to acknowledge good journalism in humanitarian work. ICRC Pakistan Communications Coordinator Najum Abbasi said their institution recognises the efforts of CEJ-IBA for its relenting efforts in making this initiative a success. ?The collaboration with CEJ will continue in 2018 in an effort to continue inspiring and encouraging media to write, talk, and debate on humanitarian issues in an objective and non-partisan manner by keeping the interests of those affected by such issues at the heart of its reporting,? he said. There were 185 submissions received for the Humanitarian Award 2017 and the winners were shortlisted by a panel of distinguished journalists, including Aaj Television News Director Aamer Ahmed Khan, Executive Producer at Geo News Munazza Siddiqui and The Express Tribune KP, FATA Bureau Head Iftikhar Firdous. On the occasion, Firdous spoke to the audience about the casualties and importance of humanitarian reporting. ?There is frustration in people when disasters or aspects of disasters are not covered properly,? he said. ?Some of the most interesting stories came from Baluchistan. They were not big stories but were based on everyday struggles.? Unfortunately, he added, they could not be selected due to weak editing and failure to meet the criteria. Pleased and excited to have won an award, journalist Islam Gul Afridi talked about the difficulties in gathering data due to the stigma attached to AIDS. The security operations and sectarian issues mean they find it harder to access the medicine, a hindrance that proves to be fatal, he said. The ceremony concluded with a speech by the chief guest, Shehzad Roy, who shared his experiences of working in humanitarian and disaster-hit areas. He appreciated the importance of acknowledging good journalism and stressed that there is still a long way to go. ?We have freedom of speech but not freedom after speech,? he said.
  7. Good nutrition plays a significant role in improving one's quality of life and of course, physique. What you eat reflects directly in how your body looks. The choice of foods you consume decides whether or not you will be able to achieve your goal of getting a better physique. While calories are and will always be king, the calorie source also plays a monumental role in body re-composition. Here we have divided 20 food items on the basis of macronutrients that must be a staple in your diet in 2018. Macro Nutrient: Protein Primary Function: Helps in cellular/muscle repair and recovery Caloric value: 4Kcal per 1gm RDA: 0.8-1g per kilogram of body weight For advanced lifters: 1.5g-2.5g per kilogram body weight Best Sources Of Protein 1. Chicken/Fish/Mutton (20-25g per 100g) 2. Whole Eggs (6g in one large egg) 3. Whole Milk (8g in 250ml serving) 4. Paneer (15g per 100g) 5. Whey Protein Powder (20-25g per scoop) Note: For vegans, I recommend pulses, lentils, quinoa, peas and soy protein in order to match their protein RDA. Macro Nutrient: Fats Primary Function: Supports vital hormone production, organ insulation and energy supply Caloric value: 9Kcal per 1gm (Highest among all) RDA: 0.4 – 0.7g per kilo of body weight (0.7g is for people following a low carb diet) Best Sources of Fat 6. Desi Ghee (14g per 1 tablespoon) 7. Olive Oil (13g per 1 tablespoon) 8. Coconut Oil (13g per 1 tablespoon) 9. Natural Peanut Butter (8g per 1 tablespoon) 10. Nuts (15-18g per 1oz) 11. Flax seeds/Chia Seeds (9-11g per 1oz) Note: I also highly recommend you incorporate an Omega3 supplement ( Consume 2-4 soft gels per day) Macro Nutrient: Carbohydrate Primary Function: Energy Supply Caloric Value: 4Kcal per 1g RDA: 2-4g per kilogram of body weight (4g is for the advanced athletes practising high-intensity training) Best Sources of Carbohydrates 12. Oats (30g per 50g) 13. Quinoa (34g per 50g) 14. Sweet Potato/White Potato (16-18g per 100g) 15. White Rice (38g per 50g) Macro Nutrient: Fiber Primary Function: Aids in digestion, nutrition absorption and intestinal health. Caloric Value: Though fiber comes under a carbohydrate category, it does not spike blood glucose. Therefore, calories from fibre are not considered as only the net carbohydrate value creates any difference in the energy balance. Net Carbohydrate = Total Carbohydrate – Fiber RDA: 35g per day for males and 25g per day for females Best Sources of Fiber 16. Green leafy vegetables (2-3g per 100g) 17. Broccoli/Cauliflower (2-2.6 per 100g) 18. Beet Root (2.8g per 100g) 19. Peas (8.5g per cup) 20. Berries (8g per cup) Pro Tip: Since it is difficult to eat large quantities (3-4 servings) of green vegetables, I recommend you try a Green Vegetable Shake (Mixture of spinach/kale/broccoli/berries/beetroot and lemon) on a regular basis. This not only will help you complete your fiber intake but will also give you essential minerals like potassium, manganese and so on.
  8. Old days: The lethal pair of Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis The ?Swing ka Sultan? Wasim Akram recently shared a golden picture of his reunion with former cricketing greats, transporting us back to the good old days. The former captain reunited with fellow former pacer Waqar Younis, spin legend Mushtaq Ahmed, former wicket-keeper Moin Khan and current selector Inzamam-ul-Haq and tweeted a memorable picture of the occasion. ?It was really amazing to see my old team mates buddies and Pakistan?s cricketing greats @waqyounis99 Inzi, Moin and @Mushy_online # memories-forever#goodolddays,? Wasim posted. Nostalgic fans were quick to share their thoughts. ?3 bowling greats from Pakistan having 2051 International wickets among them.. 1705 between the 2 deadly fast bowling Combo of all time..? tweeted a fan from across the border. ?Legends of Pakistan cricket in one frame,? said another. ?Our pride,? one fan put it simply. Another fan thanked the legends for the memories.
  9. 2017 has been a great year when it comes to films in the horror genre. Right from novel adaptations to prequels, horror films kept us glued to our seats and gave us major spooks. Where on one hand, 'It' smashed all box office records and gained immense popularity in the opening weekend, the 'Conjuring' series presented another version of the demonic doll 'Annabelle' and attracted record-breaking footfall at the theatres. Here are the top 10 horror movies, which made 2017 a historic year. It Directed by Andy Muschietti, 'It' broke all records and became the highest grossing horror film of all time. The haunting bogeyman of Stephen King's novel was devilish and spookier than the previous version of the film. The story builds up when a small boy named George disappears inside a drain while running behind his boat. The series of incidents that follow later are meaningful and scary enough to cause jitters. 'It' or Pennywise, the dancing clown made us realize that a horror movie is just not about fear but more than that. Get Out Nominated for his first Golden Globe, actor Daniel Kaluyya describes the film as a well-documented version of everyday experiences. This thriller cum horror has a plot that sends chills down your spine and keeps you glued till the end. 'Get Out' is nominated in the Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy, and star Daniel Kaluuya scored a Best Actor nomination in the category for Golden Globes. Annabelle: Creation 'Annabelle: Creation' is the fourth film in the 'Conjuring' franchise. The film depicts how the cursed doll came into being and killed many through her evil existence. The demon inside the doll possesses a teenage orphan and makes her kill others. Split Directed by celebrated director M. Night Shyamalan, the film is based on the existence of 23 different personalities inside an individual. James McAvoy beautifully carries out the role and arouses the real 'beast' in him. This is a performance of a lifetime and is worthy of many awards this season. Raw A teenage French-Belgian horror drama depicts cannibalism at its best. A young girl's taste for human skin is intoxicating and thrilling at the same time. 'Raw' has no space for criticism, but applause. Prevenge The characters in 'Prevenge' are expressive and easily make you delve into imagination, it would be better to call it a 'slasher', right on its mark. Directed by Alice Lowe, the story of a pregnant serial killer is much consuming and smartly puts the viewer in amazement. Gerald's Game Another Stephen King's story comes to the big screen with a captivating screenplay and great performances. A combo of horror and thrill, the film is based on how a *** game turns into the worst form of terror for Jessie, whose husband Gerald dies during the game while she is handcuffed. The Shape of Water Directed by Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, the film has received seven Golden Globe nominations this year. Described as a 'creature feature and a melodrama' by Business Insider, the film presents a compelling story of a mute woman serving as a cleaning lady at a top-secret United States government lab during the 1960s, when she develops a relationship with a creature in the lab. A Dark Song This Irish horror is a story of a woman and an occultist played by Catherine Walker and Steve Oram respectively, who indulge into practicing black-magic rituals and fall prey to something terrifying – A result of witchcraft. This is a powerful portrayal of how a minimum budget film yields a worth-watch affair. Mother Jennifer Lawrence tries stepping into different shoes every time, and this time her performance is noteworthy. Directed by Darren Aronofsky, 'Mother' is pretty similar to 1968 film 'Rosemary's Baby'. Though the film has been called an artist's auto-critique, Javier Bardem and Lawrence together make it a strong affair.
  10. Alright people, we know you have seen their photos and videos a hundred times already and are probably bored by now. But honestly, what can we do? With different photos coming up every other minute and setting the internet ablaze, we can't help but stare and wonder: How can a couple look so perfect? Their wedding was like a dream wedding: It was fancy but intimate, took place at an exotic and perfect location with everything and everyone just looking their magical, regal self, especially the newly-weds. The handsome groom even sang a song for his bride. How can we not obsess? First things first, here are two more pictures of the duo from an after-wedding party, looking great as always. With the DJ of virushkas wedding! #virushka #viratkohli #anushkasharma A post shared by Virushka (@anushkaviratwedding) on Dec 11, 2017 at 11:53pm PST Virat & Anushka During Post Wedding Party! â¤ï¸ð #VirushkaWedding #Virushka A post shared by Virat Kohli (@viratkohlifc) on Dec 12, 2017 at 12:01am PST Now since we have their new pictures out of the way, let's get to the good…no, great news. All these photos that we have seen till now are probably just the trailer. Because they obviously have thousands of other wedding photos waiting to see the light. And guess what? Reportedly, they would soon be in a magazine and not just any other magazine. Their photos would be published in a reputed American fashion magazine, the proceeds of which would go to a charity. A post shared by Sabyasachi Mukherjee (@sabyasachiofficial) on Dec 11, 2017 at 1:08pm PST Giving back to the society in any way and by anyone is always appreciated. We are definitely elated with this news since this is something that is extremely unique and would make their D-day even more special. Not just for them, but the rest of the world as well.
  11. File Photo KARACHI: Governor of Sindh Muhammad Zubair has asked the Swiss investors to come up with investments here as a conducive atmosphere prevails following the restoration of law and order. Zubair was talking to Thomas Kolly ? the Swiss Ambassador to Pakistan ? who called on him at the Governor House here on Tuesday. Bilateral ties and matters pertaining to investment and trade came up for discussion during the meeting. The governor spoke of bilateral relations between the two countries spanning over six decades and said these relations are growing further with the passage of time. He was of the view that the Swiss investors can invest in various sectors in the provinces and extend assistance in the realms of science and technology. Zubair informed that a very conducive investment prevails especially in Karachi after the restoration of law in the metropolis. He assured that the government on its part would extend every possible cooperation. The Governor also lauded the role of Kolly towards further enhancing the bilateral ties. The Envoy, in response, said the Swiss investors are interested to invest in various sectors. He added that enhanced ties between Switzerland and Pakistan are the need of the hour. Kolly lauded the role of the law enforcement agencies (LEAs) for their role towards the restoration of law and order. He was of the view that improved law and order has also enhanced the confidence of the Swiss investors. The Envoy said that with China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Pakistan will enter a new era of prosperity.
  12. With a travel itinerary swinging between Tokyo, New York and Mumbai — Sahil Nanda obviously witnesses exquisite sights every day. Hence, owing to his forte of travelling across the sea (more often than usual), we're hardly surprised that he's always impeccably groomed (albeit with his dope hair colour). He's a global citizen of sorts and that's quite evident. That said, his beard in particular has always tickled our bones. It's like a Wildman mug, but just not as wild, yet, so well-contoured to align itself with some of the best of them. Long story, cut shorter: it's thick, nowhere close to messy, but nothing that'll pass off as craggily groomed. Clearly, only a miracle would have helped him achieve this feat. So, today, for '30 Days, 30 Beards', sneakerhead Sahil breaks down his miraculous triumph for us. ©MensXP/Style Partner: Park Avenue How has growing a beard changed your life? You know, getting random compliments from strangers is a welcome change! What made you grow it in the first place? Can I call it a professional decision? I began growing my beard when I kick-started my business, only because, since I looked very young, people just refused to take me seriously. But that was just the start. Over time, I've started to grow it because of the amount of maturity it offers and the fact that it even makes my hairstyle look better. Do women dig the beard or clean shaven men? The beard, without a doubt. There's a meteoric change in their behaviour when I have the beard vs when I don't. Ever thought of a name for your beard? Warden Freeman! I've actually thought this through. ©MensXP/Style Partner: Park Avenue Razor or trimmer? And how often… Well, a trimmer, once a week. We're still talking beards right? Beards need care. What's your regime like? Call this a religious practice, but I use a beard shampoo and conditioner every single day. Ever tried beard oils, shampoos, conditioners etc? Of course, I use the Beer Beard Shampoo by Manufaktura. Your best and worst beard phase? My best: right now — tapered on the sides, fully blown around the chin. Worst: the rough beard phase, right before it's reaching it's biggest high. ©MensXP/Style Partner: Park Avenue The razor/trimmer you're using right now? Braun's MGK 3080 trimmer, I style my hair as well as the beard with it. According to you, the most iconic celebrity beard in the world? T from Rocky or Jack Gyllenhaal! And the worst... Paul Rudd. What's your next big beard move? A clean shave! -- Sahil wears a checked blazer, neo-fit trousers, sunglasses; all from Park Avenue. Photography: Anubhav Sood Creative Direction: Santu Misra Styling: Siddharth Batra Grooming: Shallu Chandla Location: The Jug Mug Thella Production: Anand Pratap Singh Style Partner: Park Avenue
  13. US President Donald Trump on Tuesday stood by his criticism of pay TV and wireless company AT&T?s deal to buy movie and TV show maker Time Warner Inc, which the Justice Department has sued to stop. ?I?m not going to get involved in litigation, but personally I?ve always felt that that was a deal that?s not a good deal for the country,? the president said on the lawn of the White House as he left for Florida. ?I think your pricing?s going to go up, I don?t think it?s a good deal for the country.? The case will be more closely watched than other merger challenges because Trump has been a vocal critic of Time Warner?s CNN, and opposed AT&T?s purchase of Time Warner on the campaign trail last year, saying it would concentrate too much power in AT&T?s hands. Until Tuesday, he had not repeated that criticism. The US Department of Justice on Monday sued AT&T, arguing that it would use Time Warner?s content to force rival pay-TV companies to pay ?hundreds of millions of dollars more per year for Time Warner?s networks.? The Justice Department pushed back any suggestion that the decision to sue was done because of ?political considerations.? ?This is a law enforcement decision, not a political one. The DOJ has reached the end of a year-long investigation by a large, capable staff of expert lawyers and economists,? a Justice Department spokesperson said in an email comment. ?The division concluded on the merits that the merger is illegal under the antitrust laws because it will hurt competition.? AT&T has vowed to defend the $85.4 billion (£64.54 billion) deal in court. The Department of Justice?s move to block it was ?foolish? because the deal posed no threat to consumers, the wireless carrier?s trial lawyer, Dan Petrocelli, told CNBC on Tuesday. "We want to go to court as soon as possible," Petrocelli told CNBC, saying the burden of proof was on the government. AT&T will ask the court for an expedited trial next week, a source familiar with case said. The case has been assigned to Judge Richard Leon, a senior judge on the District of Columbia District Court, who was appointed by President George W. Bush in 2002. Time Warner shares went higher when Leon?s assignment was announced as investors bet the judge would be more likely to allow the deal to proceed. Republican-appointed judges are generally, but not always, more business-friendly than those appointed by Democrats. Shares of Time Warner closed up 2.1 percent at $89.56 on Tuesday, signalling that investors believe the deal has a better chance of being approved. AT&T closed down less than 1 percent at $34.33. The merger challenge is unusual since the two companies do not compete directly. The Justice Department has not successfully litigated to stop a vertical deal - where the merging companies are not direct competitors, as is the case with AT&T and Time Warner - since the 1970s, when it prevented Ford Motor Co from buying assets from spark-plug maker Autolite.
  14. When you have the green light from the doctor and are ready to hit the track, there are still some rules to keep in mind-AFP PARIS: As New York limbers up to host the world´s biggest marathon on Sunday, runners around the world will be picturing its storied finish line to push for that extra kilometre (mile). But is running actually good for your health? Yes, say experts, as long as you are careful. Running for a longer life Runners are 30 percent less likely to have a premature death and 45 percent less likely to die from cardiovascular disease than non-runners, according to a US study published March in the journal Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases. They can even expect to live for three years longer, the study found. And these benefits appear to exceed that of all other physical activities. "Running may be the most cost-effective lifestyle medicine from a public health perspective," the study´s authors said. The research analysed the data of 55,000 men and women aged 18 to 100 from a 2014 study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC). "Running has many benefits. It is good for the entire cardiovascular system, from the heart to blood vessels," sports cardiologist Stephane Cade told AFP. Running also has a positive effect on your mind. "It helps your mental health by producing hormones, endorphins, which give you a feeling of well-being," said Julien Schipman, a sports health specialist at France´s Institute of Sport and Performance (INSEP). But there are risks So running can be very good for your health, but you need to take precautions. "Someone who has never done it before should see a doctor for a check-up," said Schipman. Your age, weight, medical history and lifestyle -- whether you smoke or drink -- can all add up to make running a more risky prospect. "After 30 to 35 years, the biggest risks are heart attacks and sudden death," Cade said. "Deaths are often linked to heart disease which went unnoticed until being triggered by running." A recent example came in October, when Tunisia´s 56-year-old health minister died of a heart attack while running 500 metres in a charity marathon. Beyond heart risks, runners need to listen to their body to avoid injuries to their legs, lower back and especially their knees. "Tissues such as ligaments, tendons and cartilage are particularly at risk because they adapt more slowly than muscles to increased mechanical load," according to a Dutch study in 2015. How often do you need to run? The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends adults have 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity, such as brisk walking, or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity activity, like running, every week. But, according to the JACC 2014 study, running five to ten minutes a day could be as beneficial as a long jog when it comes to preventing cardiovascular disease. The study did not find a significant difference between those who ran 50 minutes a week and those who ran 180 minutes a week -- even if they ran slowly. "The benefit is greater if you vary the pace when you run -- it is better for the heart," Cade said. Before you start When you have the green light from the doctor and are ready to hit the track, there are still some rules to keep in mind. "Avoid running in hot weather or high pollution," warned Schipman. "It is recommended that you change your shoes every 1,000 kilometres or every year." As well as traditional shock-absorbing running shoes, minimalist shoes are currently in fashion, with thin soles to give the sensation of running barefoot. Barefoot runners tend to land on the ball of their feet first, rather than their heels. Studies have not yet conclusively determined which is better to avoid injury when running.
  15. Bollywood actor, grooming enthusiast and all-round-charmer, Taaha Shah, talks to us exclusively about his grooming routine, ideas on body hair and the importance of manscaping as a millennial. Tell us about your shaving routine... I use steam before I shave because it makes the shaving process much smoother (and easier). I always use a moisturizer as it helps reduce the chances of dry skin or irritation. © Taaha Shah Do you trim/wax/shave your body hair? Tell us about the process. I usually always trim unless I'm required to go completely clean shaven for a shoot. And as far as trimming is concerned, the most crucial part for me is to have a clean, standard quality trimmer that'll get the job done with precision, without me worrying about any rashes, cuts, etc. And if I have to shave off body hair, the best results are using warm water before using a lather-based shaving cream. Post shave, I use a basic body lotion to keep my skin moisturized! © Taaha Shah You are basically hairless right now. How does it feel? It feels lighter and definitely less itchy. Maybe it's just me but shaving off my beard made me feel like a peeled potato. Well, at least the first few days. And then I got over it. (laughs) In a land of big beards, do you think a sleek look is still sexy? Being sexy is a state of mind. Sexy is being yourself. Stubble, big beard or clean shaven—nothing can make you look sexy if you don't find it within. © Taaha Shah Moving on, is it important for modern men to shave their armpits? I think it's a matter of personal choice. Having said that, modern or not, the idea of manscaping finally boils down to hygiene. If the growth is a major reason for body odour—it's wise to get rid of it! © Taaha Shah 5 grooming products you are using right now (and why) Moroccan Oil for my hair as it keeps it healthy (and shiny). Toni&Guy Hair Spray for a firm hold! Toni&Guy Wax for medium hold Shaver by Wahl, as it has given me best results BB Cream by Sephora as it keeps the skin hydrated
  16. There are ups and downs in everybody's life and we need to face them on our own. But, sometimes there are days that make us feel that life is truly awesome and that we should live it to the fullest. Now, if you have tolerated us so far, it is better that we come to the point directly. Here is a list of movies that can light up your day every time you watch them. Go ahead and check them out. 1. The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty © MovieTimes Ben Stiller is the writer as well as the lead in the movie. So, you can imagine how deeply connected he must have felt while playing the role of Walter Mitty. If you are stuck in a job that crushes your dreams, then this is the movie for you as it will help you look at the larger picture. It's always refreshing when you can do that. The film tells the story of a man living a dull life who dreams up romantic and action-filled scenarios in order to escape from reality. But, when his own job is threatened, it changes everything in his life which leads him down a path of self-realization. 2. The Intern © worksla This film is another feel-good movie that you can pop into your DVD player, right now. It truly is astonishing that such wonderful movies are lost in the muck while we waste our time watching utter crap. Check it out and get some wise life lessons from an intern that's 70-years-old. Yeah, don't be surprised when this film hits you with a feel-good message. 3. The Grand Budapest Hotel © IMDB How this movie works for you and the how seamlessly it flows from one scene to the next will leave you with a cinematic experience you've never had before. It is a comedy film written and directed by Wes Anderson and therefore is a must watch anytime, anywhere. The film chronicles the adventures of Gustave H, a legendary concierge at the famous hotel in the fictional Republic of Zubrowka. The story takes place between the first and second World Wars and also features the awesome Zero Moustafa, the lobby boy who becomes his most trusted friend. 4. Amélie © IMDb Amélie is a French romantic comedy movie where Amelie, a young waitress, despite being caught in her imaginative world, decides to help people find happiness. Her quest to spread joy leads her on a journey where she finds true love. Trust us, the film is truly magical! 5. Eddie The Eagle © cinema How would you feel if your coach said that you could never make it to the team for the one thing you have been preparing all your life for? It could be very disheartening seeing yourself as an incompetent person, right? Well, you definitely need to watch 'Eddie the Eagle', a biographical sports comedy-drama film based on the life of Michael Edwards, a British skier, who in 1988 became the first ever competitor to represent Great Britain in the Olympic ski jump, despite all the roadblocks he had to face. 6. Billy Elliot © Twitter Going against the norm is not an easy task and the heaviness of the load piles up, even more, when you have to fight through it during your childhood. 'Billy Elliot' is a wonderful story of a child who finds the love of his life and it surprisingly turns out to be ballet! It is an inspiring story that teaches us that it doesn't matter how old we are, we will still have the power to fight for our dreams. 7. The Internship © IMDb Two old-school salesmen, Billy and Nick, find themselves unemployed in the digital world. After several rejections, guess what happens? Opportunity knocks on their door. They get an internship at Google where they must beat some tech-savvy geniuses to move ahead. This is a hilarious film that teaches us that 'new' is not necessarily better. 8. Chef © Twitter Another well-deserved candidate to be included in this life, Chef is a true, feel-good film After losing his job at a popular restaurant, Chef Carl Casper attempts to start afresh by fixing up a food truck. Also during this process, he ends up becoming closer to his family. If truth be told, what's more important than your family? Nothing, absolutely nothing. 9. About Time © IMDB It is a 2013 British romantic comedy-drama movie about a young man named Tim who has a special ability to time travel. He tries to change his past in order to improve his future. But guess what happens? What does he realize in the end? Tim comes to realize that it is better to live each day at a time and to appreciate everything around him. Isn't that a cool life lesson? We seem to think so. 10. Garden State © Moviepilot And last but not least, we've got 'Garden State'. The film tells the story of a young troubled man, Andrew, who returns home after a decade, to attend the funeral of his mother. However, what follows ahead is a journey of self-realization that changes him forever. Please watch this film as it has some very important messages about letting go and living life to the fullest.
  17. If you thought people like Dan Bilzerian or Vijay Mallya were the first men to lead a lavish life then you were wrong. Here's a glimpse at the lifestyle of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh.
  18. KARACHI: Former president of the State Bank of Pakistan Dr Ishrat Hussain said on Wednesday that the China Pakistan Economic Corridor is a good strategic option for progress. Delivering a talk on "Economy of Pakistan; past and future" at a day-long seminar on Interplay of Economy and Security, he discussed three possible scenarios: optimistic, pessimistic and emerging through. He also highlighted the wastage of civil resources. "Anything new is glamorous and attractive but because of poor maintenance and indifference, operation of existing policies bring lots of losses in the country," he said. The seminar has been organised by the Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR), in collaboration with Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry. An ISPR statement said Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa will be the keynote speaker at the event. The seminar was earlier scheduled on 31 August but postponed due to weather hazard, according to the ISPR. Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed, in his talk, said that crafting a new narrative is the way forward. He further said that we need a collective approach and that there should be zero tolerance for corruption. Other speakers to address the seminar include Dr Ashfaq Hasan, Dr Farrukh Saleem, Dr Ainul Hassan, Dr Salman Shah and Frontier Works Organization DG Lt Gen Muhammad Afzal. ISPR DG Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor gave the welcome address at the seminar.
  19. Rebel style is one thing and 'chill' dressing is another. On various occasions in the city of Mumbai, Aditya Roy Kapoor has exemplified both these aesthetics at some point at least. When styled by The Vainglorious, he goes a little overboard with silhouettes/colours/fits and off duty, he's often seen in his Quicksilver chappals, being paired with the most casual gear. However, to be frank, the sight of the latter has never been impressive at all. But well, with this recent outfit, the actor has turned the tables for himself... © Viral Bhayani Let's get real—Mr. Kapoor has always had a bull's eye for chappals. There's no denying that. But instead of sweat patched T-shirts and oversized beach shorts, he paired his flip flops with a rather unusual combo today. Let's begin! The T-shirt, however basic it appears, is a little 'extra' for being just a solid black T-shirt. Plus, the embroidered rose over the invisible pocket is a great addition for garden-chic. © Viral Bhayani The shorts are simple, classic but also celebratory enough for the special screening of a movie he was attending. They're too casual (obviously), but at least they look great. You'd definitely spot the terrific fabric choice too, which obviously...looks extremely luxe. And thank God for the colour grey and not a safe black number! Kudos to the actor's bro-dressing skills, which are so every day, that we wish we could literally live in them. © Viral Bhayani To end it, we're not calling this a great outfit at all. It's absolutely wrong to be worn to a 'special' screening of a movie. All we're saying is—there's a lot that's different from the actor's everyday T-shirt+shorts combo here. And that's commendable!
  20. Irrfan Khan is back again and how! After entertaining us thoroughly with his exceptional performance in ‘Hindi Medium', he is all set to rock the silver screen with a quirky love story in ‘Qarib Qarib Singlle'. (c) Jar Pictures Well, this isn't your regular Bollywood love story and that's what makes it so entertaining. One look at the trailer and you know that Irrfan lays on the charm and impresses the hell out of us with his sheer acting talent. ‘Qarib Qarib Singlle' is a rom-com tale where the two leads fall for each other while travelling across India. Malayalam actress, Parvathy, is making her Bollywood debut with this film and is the perfect foil for Irrfan in every frame. This trailer is filled with fun and zany moments that promise some much needed light-hearted entertainment. (c) Jar Pictures The film's quirky caption,‘Saath jeene marne wali story nahi hai humari' clearly states that you won't get any sob tales here, which is what makes it an atypical Bollywood film. Get ready for some hearty laughs as the film is set to hit screens on November 10. Check out the awesome trailer below!
  21. PPP leader Dr Asim speaking in a press conference at Karachi Airport, after his return from London. Photo: Geo News KARACHI: Pakistan Peoples? Party leader Dr Asim Hussain said on Friday that the government?s clash with army leadership is not good for Pakistan. Speaking at Karachi?s Jinnah International Airport after his return from London, he said that the Pakistan Peoples? Party will react to any action taken against the armed forces of the country. ?If you don?t stop your actions against it, then you will see what PPP will do to you. We stood with armed forces before, and we are standing with them today as well,? Dr Hussain said. I will be back, says Dr Asim before leaving for London Former petroleum minister, out on bail in two cases of corruption and one of terrorists' support, was recently allowed by the Supreme Court to travel abroad for treatment The PPP leader said that he wants to tell the Pakistan Muslim League-N leader that he is not one of those who run away from the country. ?Our politics is for Pakistan. We saved the country in past and we will save it again,? adding, ?the PML-N wants to push back the progress of Pakistan.? The former petroleum minister said that that there is a difference between the actions and words of PML-N leadership. Responding over a question, the PPP leader alleged that the PML-N leadership wants to put into action, their design of ?Greater Punjab?. The Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader, who is out on bail in two cases left for London on September 10 for medical treatment, after his name was struck off the Exit Control List (ECL). Dr Asim hospitalised in London for surgery Medical reports had recommended that Asim undergo disc replacement surgery in London On August 29, the Supreme Court ordered the relevant authorities to remove Dr Asim's name from the ECL, overturning an earlier Sindh High Court ruling. His name was placed on the ECL in November 2015. Asim has been allowed to leave for abroad for one month for medical treatment and had to submit a surety of Rs6 million. Dr Asim faces trial in two cases of alleged corruption of over Rs450 billion and another of allegedly facilitating and treating terrorists at his medical facility ? Dr Ziauddin Hospital. He was released from the sub-jail at the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre in Karachi on March 31 this year after obtaining bail in all the cases lodged against him. He was initially arrested by the Rangers in August 2015 and then transferred into police custody.
  22. Last night, after what could only have been a very eventful day, I ended up crossing paths with this man—he was easily in his 60s. And from somewhere, the conversation led to fights in relationships. The man had been with his wife for over 20 odd years. I say odd because when you fight the way this man said that they did, it does seem a bit odd that two people would still be together. And mind you, it wasn't out of desperation, or that the love had gone out from their relationship. Quite contrary. I saw a kind of love in the man's eyes that comes from years of having loved one person with all of one's being; loving someone like there's no tomorrow; like life and existence depended on loving that one person for the rest of one's life. © Pexels His wife called him an idiot. But, she knew he was right. “The secret,” he said “is that you fight through it all.” The good, the bad, the ugly and the nasty. The secret, he told me, was that you fight till your very last breath. Because fighting, he said, means that you're not giving up. Fights in relationships make you realize that you don't have it figured out at all. It brings you face to face with the ugly within the both of you. And, boy is there a lot of it, or what? Fights in relationships are a test. They're one of the biggest tests your relationship can ever be put through. It determines whether or not you were built to last, or to crumble at the very first sign. © Pexels Fights aren't bridges in relationships. They're the doorways. And you're standing bang under it! And once the fight is over, you will have more clarity about whether or not, you're in or out of it. Sounds strange, doesn't it? That something that can really bring out the nasty within two people can be one of the most telling signs of whether or not two individuals also love each other. Sure, there are countless studies that say that couples who fight only ‘n' number of times are the healthiest. But, that's hardly ever true. You see, if you're fighting each other for each other, it can never really go wrong because you're always coming back to each other. You're choosing each other over each other while you're fighting. In fact, that's exactly why you're fighting; because deep within you know that you'd choose this person over and over again, countless times and so, you're going to have to fight it out. © Pexels So, you should fight; unlike what every other study, article or magazine tells you. You should fight because you love the other person. You love them through their darkest moments; their lowest days and their roughest nights. You love them enough to stick through it with them; to get them through it and to get you through it. You love them enough to tell them they're wrong and explain why because you want them to know that you're going to fucking make it—either this way, or that. And you're ready to bet on them; bet on you; bet on all that you have—including your life—that this is going to work. So, you fight. © Pexels And the key is to stay fighting. The key is to come back to the room, lock yourself in and sort it out till you're clear on the littlest matter. Then, you open the door and walk out together, vowing to come back inside every time one of you is wondering, or doubtful, or distant. Because if you don't come back, then you'll just go farther away. So, fight with all your energies, all your breaths and all you have. Fight because your love and relationship depends on it. Just don't turn around and walk away. © Pexels
  23. It is a firm belief that children form moulded opinions while growing up. Apart from learning the ways of the world in their school years, most part of their healthy upbringing is credited to the parents. So mostly, it's up to the parents as to how they shape their child and what value system they instil in him or her. Moving on to a parallel thought, if we take India into consideration, the crime rate is always on a rise and most of the crimes committed are on women. Rape being at the foremost, a woman in India is raped every five minutes. Be it rape within a marriage or otherwise, consent is an issue with most people, especially men who violate a woman's sacred space. Is it because they're programmed to commit these crimes on women? No, not really. It's mostly because they're conditioning hasn't been strong enough for them to resist disrespecting a woman or having the potential of being the ‘good son'. Everything starts from grassroots. If the foundation is strong, why would the building even tumble or collapse? So, to the proud parents of a boy they're raising in this country, there are some solid values you can instill in your son, for him to be the man every woman desires and looks for. Raising a good son is not an unachievable task. It's about functional dynamics in a household and the equation each parent shares with the son. Both the parents can have an inevitable and imperative hand behind his behavioural development and make him the man he should become. Be A Role Model The most important aspect to teach your son to be the man he hopes to become is by modelling the behaviour you hope they embrace when they become men. This is especially true for fathers. Most young boys are fascinated and enthralled by father figures. Just as a little girl looks at her father as a superhero, little boys look up to their dads as someone who will save the day. So to instil values of responsibility and the ability to sacrifice when need be is a must. Both parents can be equal participants and teach their son on how to react to certain things and instances, if put under numerous circumstances. © Thinkstock/Getty Images Teach Him To Manage His Emotions The ‘tough macho guy who never cries' is a strong notion that's been spreading its roots vividly in the minds of men and it's tarnishing basic emotions a human must have. All the macho-ness looks great on television but in real life, the good guys are the ones who know how to deal with their feelings, in the right way. According to Christine Nicholson, a psychologist specialising in adolescent therapy- “some qualities that we stereotypically think of as ‘manly', are actually repressive – being stoic and in control, not showing how you feel. If your son is upset and you say ‘buck up, it's not that bad', he learns to hide his feelings''. In this case, since women are more open and outwardly with their emotions and feelings and they can teach their sons how to chanelise and show their emotions when need be. Mothers can noticeably change notions and tell their sons it's okay to cry when they want to and its okay to express their emotions when they have to. This way, the child will develop sensitive understanding towards his own emotions and the emotions of others. © Thinkstock/Getty Images Teach Him Empathy If boys are able to understand how others feel, it certainly makes them better friends to have and better fathers and husbands in the future as well. Although research proves that kids today are way less empathetic than kids 20 years ago. This is because there is so much digitalisation in today's day and age that they tend to become jaded and numb towards others pain due to the influence of technology, gadgets, videogames and the internet in their life. Parents can teach their son to be more in tune with other people's emotions and feelings by restricting his time with these influences and involving him in things that are way more creative. © Thinkstock/Getty Images Tell Him All About Respect Respect is learning to draw the line and showing enough or more consideration for someone else's feelings. A man who respects is respected back and this is the crux of raising a good son. A man who respects will always treat a woman like a gentleman and never cross his line or boundary with her. He will hold her honour in the highest regard and treat her as an equal. Not just women but he will be respectful towards everyone else too. To earn that respect he has to go through the right conditioning from the start. Parents need to teach him the basics of respect and make him wise about it. They can do that by instilling good examples and telling him the importance of being respectable towards someone else. © Thinkstock/Getty Images Encourage Him To Read And Actively Play A Sport As kids when you were growing up, what kept you occupied and happy? Mostly outdoor fun activities, indulging in a sport and picking out your favourite book and giving it a read were something's that made your day. There was no internet or a smart-phone or even videogames to take away your natural cognition. These elements contribute to long lasting relationships and good human behaviour. Encourage your son to read through pages and not so much off the internet. Actively involve him in a sport of his choice. Sports are a good way to release unwanted energy, making him patient and resilient in life. © Thinkstock/Getty Images Strengthen His Sense Of Self By strengthening his sense of self, we do not mean shower him with compliments and overlook his flaws. What we're trying to say is you should try and encourage him to build his self esteem and confidence. When a man feels good about himself, it's not egoistical but a sign of healthy confidence that comes with balanced conditioning. If you point out your son's wrongdoings and praise him for his good behaviour that balances his way of appreciating himself as a worthy human being and he develops a strong self of self, knowing the difference between wrong and right. © Thinkstock/Getty Images Don't Hold Your Affection Back When your son was little he grew up on a lot of hugs and kisses. You were constantly giving him the affection he deserved. When he hit adolescence, he probably became a bit distant and that's natural. Young boys often distant themselves from parents to find their own sense of independence but they always keep the affection they were given as kids, in mind. They dole out the same amount of affection for others, the amount they were given by their parents as kids. Even if they reach adolescence, an occasional hug is quite alright! © Thinkstock/Getty Images Teach Him To Never Shy Away From Commitment According to a research carried out by Cornell University, boys who have grown up without a father figure are usually the ones who are shy of commitment, mostly in romantic relationships. They don't want to be bound by anything and have a strong sense of independence. But that's not right. Commitment is a process to bring about stability in life. It could be commitment to work, a health regime, a relationship, a music lesson or even a meeting with a friend; a commitment should never be stalled or broken. That's one important value parents should teach their sons. A man who follows through with his commitments has his principles in place and finds stability. © Thinkstock/Getty Images Give Him The Freedom To Make His Own Choices While instilling the right values and beliefs system in your son, you should give him adequate freedom to make his own choices in life. To determine what's right or wrong should be his call absolutely. You can just guide him or set examples of right and wrongs but ultimately he gets to decide what he wants to do. A boy who makes his own life choices from childhood grows up without being dependant on anyone else and has a firm footing about what he wants to make of his life. He is very careful of the choices he makes and mostly his decisions are very calculative and smart. Parents should stop spoon feeding their sons and let him decide what's best for him. © Thinkstock/Getty Images Give Him A Lesson About Hard Work At the risk of sounding a little sexist, men do have an added responsibility of taking care of their spouse and children. Now, we're not saying women don't do the same, it's just believed that man is a breadwinner of the family, no matter what and he has to start fending for himself from an early age. Regardless of what society thinks or believes, hard work and dedication goes a long way and pays off well in the end. Teach your son true meaning of dedication and hard, honest work. Both the parents should set an example for him from their lives. A hard working man will work hard for and towards anything; be it a relationship or a job, a sport or any hobby he wants to pursue. A hard working man goes a long way and is appreciated by everyone. © Thinkstock/Getty Images Father and mother, both have different ways of conditioning their children, which is quite fair. A father probably cannot do what a mother does and vice-versa. If both impart their wisdom by conditioning their sons with the best qualities, then society at large will have men who respect, are humble and honest, commit to things they believe in, work hard for a living, treat their women right, are smart and intelligent and are confident. Don't you want a son like that? Well, this is your time to raise him just right!
  24. Firecrackers are very, very normal in the festive season. And so are Nehru jackets, Bandhgala suits, Angrakhas (cc: Shahid's Padmavati one) or for most men—long/short kurtas. However, personally, we're obsessed with the Nehru jacket. It can be dressed down, dressed up, customised in every way and can even walk parallel to its most formal cousin, the bandhgala suit. But last night, our interest in the piece was absolutely unparalleled. Reason being: Hrithik Roshan's recent outfit that featured a stellar Nehru jacket x Angrakha pedigree, left a stunner down Indian menswear for us. © Viral Bhayani From Manish Malhotra to Kunal Rawal, literally everyone's been on the Nehru jacket parade for years now. And since it's inception, there's never been a dearth of this ethnic wear staple at stores. Plus, there's velvet, silk, 100% cotton, mixed race with Angrakhas or Sherwanis, just so many interpretations the jacket comes in these days. And let's not forget, celebrities adore wearing it. But that's not what's important here, at least as far as Mr. Roshan's outfit is concerned. © Viral Bhayani If it hasn't hit you yet, there's a lot to love about Hrithik's outfit here. Let's begin with his top half—flap over detailing, a very unusual pop colour for a late evening outing, asymmetrical kurta and a small patch of fabric casually resting around his left shoulder. Phew...but great! The bottom half too, isn't far behind. His bottoms, to begin with, are neither too wide legged nor slim-fitted, but aren't looking odd at all. Having said that, the footwear pairing is our favourite aspect about this outfit! Not a very bold choice of colour, but blue oxford shoes with a pop yellow ethnic jacket is a smart choice, we must say. © Viral Bhayani Since you now know 'what to wear' and 'how to wear it' this festive season, keep your worries at bay and get back to the drill.
  25. When someone cheats on you, it breaks you in every way possible; not to forget how it makes you question just about any and everything—from your beliefs to their feelings. You feel like your world just crashed and burned and you died in it, too. It's just a terrible place to be. Sounds familiar, no? Often when a partner cheats on you, you feel like you're physically incapable of any human function. And up until now, our friends and well wishers would always put it down to the effects being completely psychological. But, how could it hurt so much? It had to be more. It had to be real. © Pexels And, as it would turn out, it is real. Being cheated on does, in fact, affect your health and wellbeing. And while we really shouldn't need any scientific proof to justify the statement, for the naysayers and non-believers, there is now a study that proves it. According to a recent study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, and conducted by the scholars at the University of Nevada in Reno, infidelity is one of the most distressing and damaging events couples face. “"The person who was cheated on experiences strong emotional and psychological distress following infidelity. We wanted to know if this emotional and psychological distress leads them to engage in risky health behaviors, such as unprotected ***, drug use, alcohol use, binge eating, or not eating at all,” says M. Rosie Shrout, the study's lead author and a graduate student. © Pexels The researchers involved recruited a total of 232 university students who had been cheated on in the past three months; out of whom, almost all participants reported having been in an infidel relationship for an average of 1.76 years. The participants were questioned on the reasons they believed infidelity seeped into the relationship—themselves, their partner, or their situation—as well as how their mental health had been during the time. The results of the study revealed that noninvolved partners (the ones who were cheated on) were more likely to blame the partner than themselves, and reported more symptoms of depression, anxiety, and distress following the infidelity. These same partners are said to have recorded more health-compromising behaviors. The most frequent were eating less, or not at all (45 percent), have used alcohol (44 percent), over-exercising (29 percent), having *** while high or drunk (27 percent) and marijuana used (19 percent). © Pexels “"The mediated effect of mental health was stronger for women compared to men,” the authors testified to PsyPost. “That is, women who reported high levels of self-blame or partner blame also experienced high levels of mental health consequences, which in turn resulted in even greater health-compromising behavior engagement following a partner's infidelity.” Shrout further stated, “We think this is because women typically place higher importance on the relationship as a source of self and identity. As a result, women who have been cheated on might be more likely to have poorer mental health and engage in unhealthy, risky behavior because their self-perceptions have been damaged.” Being cheated on affects you; it affects the way you perceive people, relationships, your own self, as well as any hope for happiness and trust in the future. Yes, it is mental and emotional to a level that does affect one's physical state of being.