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  1. GENEVA: Rohingya Muslims remaining in Myanmar's Rakhine state and other communities in the violence-racked region are so terrified of each other that life has basically ground to a halt, the Red Cross said Wednesday. More than 620,000 of Myanmar's Muslim minority have fled across the border to Bangladesh since late August when the Myanmar army launched a sweeping crackdown on Rohingya rebels in northern Rakhine state. The Red Cross, the only international aid organisation with broad access on the ground in Rakhine, estimates that only about 300,000 Rohingya remain in the entire state. But Dominik Stillhart, director of operations at the International Committee of the Red Cross, said the number should be taken with a "big pinch of salt" since a proper count has so far been impossible. Speaking to reporters in Geneva after a three-day visit to the area, Stillhart said the situation in Rakhine appeared to have "stabilised", with few incidents of violence. Yet people are continuing to flee, with around 300 still crossing the border each day, mainly because of fear and anxiety for the future, he said. He said he was especially struck by a lack of people on the roads, in the markets and out in the fields. "Life has stopped in its tracks... There are hardly any people moving around and you can really see that life has come to a halt," Stillhart said. 'Scale of destruction' While it was no surprise that the remaining Rohingya are living in fear, he said it was striking that Buddhist populations in neighbouring villages also appeared to be frightened. "You really get a sense that both communities are deeply scared of each other," he said. The United Nations has warned that abuses against the Rohingya in Myanmar could amount to ethnic cleansing. Stillhart refrained from commenting on the abuses, but did say he had personally seen several burned villages. "You really see on both sides of the road, villages that are completely destroyed. It just gives you a bit of a sense of the scale of destruction," he said. Meanwhile, Red Cross staff in the area had not seen many wounded people in the hospitals, and surprisingly few people appeared to have been rounded up and detained, he said. "Apparently there wasn´t a huge wave of people arrested. The wave is out to Bangladesh, and not into the detention centres." Stillhart also said the area did not seem heavily militarised at the moment, and there was no indication troops or police were restricting people´s movement. Rather, it appeared that people were restricting their own movement, he said. "People are deeply traumatised by what has happened and they are full of fear and anxiety," he said, emphasising the need for "a very clear message from the authorities that it is fine" to move about and that all communities "will be protected". Until then, any large return movement from Bangladesh is unlikely. Myanmar and Bangladesh signed a repatriation deal last month, but so far, Stillhart said, basically no Muslims have returned home. There has been concern that Myanmar is planning to build camps to house returnees, as they did in central Rakhine state after a 2012 outbreak of violence. More than 100,000 Rohingya have been trapped in those squalid camps ever since. "One thing that we definitely don´t wish to see is people being in camps," Stillhart said, saying the camps in central Rakhine were "clearly not a model to follow."
  2. The new Tongan island of Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai is shown on June 5. Photo: AFP WELLINGTON: The world's newest island -- formed during a volcanic eruption in the remote Pacific three years ago -- may offer clues to how life potentially developed on Mars, NASA said Wednesday. The island of Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha´apai rose from the seabed about 65 kilometres (40 miles) northwest of the Tongan capital Nuku´alofa in late 2014-early 2015. Scientists initially expected the island -- created when vast quantities of rock and dense ash spewed from the Earth´s crust -- to wash away within a few months. But NASA said it had proved more resilient than expected, possibly because warm sea water combined with ash during the volcanic explosion to create a concrete-like substance known as "tuff". While the island -- which initially measured one kilometre wide, two kilometres long and about 100 metres high -- has undergone significant erosion, it is now expected to last anywhere from six to 30 years. Jim Garvin, the chief scientist at NASA´s Goddard Space Flight Center, said it was a rare chance to study the life cycle of a newly created island. He said Mars had many similar volcanic islands that appeared to have been surrounded by water when they were created. Garvin said such spots may be prime locations to look for evidence of past life because they combined a wet environment with heat from volcanic processes. Examining how life gained a foothold on the Tongan island could help scientists pinpoint where to look for evidence of life on Mars, he said. "Islands like this might have worked on Mars two or three billion years ago -- lakes and small seas filling depressions, persistent surface waters," he said. "(It´s) stuff we really strive to understand because it could have produced the conditions necessary for microbial life." NASA´s studies on the island were presented at a meeting of the American Geophysical Union in New Orleans this week. It comes after US President Donald Trump on Monday directed NASA to send Americans to the Moon for the first time since 1972, in order to prepare for future trips to Mars.
  3. At an age when kids meet new people and make friends at school, Tennessee middle schooler, Keaton Jones is afraid to go to class or even go for lunch. Reason? Because Keaton was constantly bullied by other kids at school. Keaton's mother, Kimberly recently posted a heart-wrenching video, where Keaton broke down in tears while narrating the pain of being bullied at school. In the video, Keaton talks about how other kids poured milk on him during lunch, threw food on his clothes, and mocked him for being who he was. Why? What joy does anyone get by bullying someone? Even as kids, mocking or targeting someone is not okay. Keaton's mother Kimberly shared this message along with the video, “My kids are by no stretch perfect, and at home, he's as all boy as they come, but by all accounts he's good at school. Talk to your kids. I've even has friends of mine tell me kids were only nice to him to get him to mess with people. We all know how it feels to want to belong, but only a select few know how it really feels not to belong anywhere.” © Twitter Ever since the video surfaced, Keaton has found enormous support from across the world, with more and more people using the hashtag “standwithkeaton” to stand in solidarity with him. Especially our Hollywood actors and celebrities are going all out to support Keaton. Captain America aka Chris Evans too tweeted in support of Keaton and invited him and his mother for the Avengers premiere in LA next year. Stay strong, Keaton. Don't let them make you turn cold. I promise it gets better. While those punks at your school are deciding what kind of people they want to be in this world, how would you and your mom like to come to the Avengers premiere in LA next year? — Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) 10 December 2017 Captain America's superhero comrade Hulk i.e. Mark Ruffalo too tweeted in his support and wrote, “Keaton, will you've my guest at the premiere of #InfinityWar too? I think you are about one of the collest kids I have ever seen! Can't wait to meet you in person, pal. Forget those ignorant kids. One day, very soon, they are going to feel pretty stupid for this.” Keaton, will you've my guest at the Premiere of #InfinityWar too? I think you are about one of the coolest kids I have ever seen! Can't wait to meet you in person, pal. Forget those ignorant kids. One day, very soon, they are going to feel pretty stupid for this. — Mark Ruffalo (@MarkRuffalo) 11 December 2017 It's an incredible gesture from Evans and Ruffalo. They turned out to be superheroes in real life as well. Soon enough, other stars too started coming out in support of Keaton. Hailee Steinfeld posted this video and invited Keaton to the premiere of 'Pitch Perfect 3'. Hi @Lakyn_Jones, could you pass this message along to Keaton? ⤠ — Hailee Steinfeld (@HaileeSteinfeld) 10 December 2017 Hip Hop Cardi B also tweeted in support of Keaton. I can't get that boy Iï¸n that video out my mind ðªI wish i can give him a hug and beat the shit out them kids that pick on him .I don't care if they kids ðð½ðð½FUCK YOU !! — iamcardib (@iamcardib) 10 December 2017 UFC President Dana White too tweeted in support of Keaton and said he wants to bring him Vegas and hang out at the UFC Headquarters. Meet Keaton Jones a very smart little boy who is being bullied at school. This video is heartbreaking!! I want to bring Keaton to Vegas and hang out at UFC Headquarters. If anyone knows how i can reach the family please let me know. Thank u everyone — Dana White (@danawhite) 10 December 2017 Here's how other celebrities reacted. @DonteStallworth @Lakyn_Jones hopefully my video and the tweets that Keaton have been getting brings awareness to bullying and how serious it is in our school system — Delanie walker (@delaniewalker82) 9 December 2017 Keaton, this is so accurate. Why do people do this? I think your sooo cool Keaton! I wanna be your friend ( but srsly) ur freakin awesome â¤ï¸ — Millie Bobby Brown (@milliebbrown) 9 December 2017 Let's take care of this kid's college tuition. The world's dumped enough on his plate. Click and blast past the funding goal on this one, guys. Thank you. — Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) 10 December 2017 I #StandwithKeaton. Keaton baby, just know you're not alone. There are so many people who come out of bullying so much stronger and you will be one of them!! God bless you sweetheart. — Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) 11 December 2017 Say lil Man U gotta friend in me for life hit me on dm so we can chop it up love is the only way to beat hate ðð¾âð¾ A post shared by snoopdogg (@snoopdogg) on Dec 10, 2017 at 7:50am PST Listen to Justin Bieber's heartfelt message on Instagram for #KeatonJones who was bullied. Keaton's message has now gone viral bringing awareness across the world. #StandwithKeaton — Glitter Magazine (@glittermagazine) 11 December 2017 This broke my ð today. Please be kind to one another. #standwithkeaton — KATY PERRY (@katyperry) 10 December 2017 Despite being heartbroken and upset with bullying, Keaton tried to encourage others who were being bullied similarly. He said, “People that are different don't need to be criticized about it. It's not their fault. But if you are made fun of, just don't let it bother you. Stay strong, I guess.” We just want to know, what exactly are we trying our kids? That it's fine to bully your classmates in the name of 'fun'? Folks, bullying is NOT ok, not today, not as kids, never.
  4. WWE Live just finished and there is so much to talk about that we can't cover everything here. But, the highlight of the show has got to be Triple H doing bhangra with Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers in the middle of the ring. It took two Pedigrees for The Game to defeat Jinder Mahal, Jinder didn't have to ask twice before Triple H agreed to dance in the middle of the ring. It began with Triple H dancing with Jinder Mahal. Then he started dancing with one of the Singh Brothers. That wasn't all, he also danced with the other Singh brother. But, it's pretty obvious how this was going to end, right? A Pedigree. Of course. Check out the full video here:
  5. AMSTERDAM: Nearly half of humans believe in alien life and want to make contact, a survey in 24 countries has found, in what researchers said helps to explain the lasting popularity of the ?Star Wars? franchise 40 years after the first movie was screened. On the eve of the release of ?The Last Jedi?, researchers published findings that 47 percent of more than 26,000 respondents believe ?in the existence of intelligent alien civilizations in the universe?. An even greater 61 percent said ?yes? when asked if they believe in ?some form of life on other planets?. Roughly a quarter said they do not believe intelligent life exists beyond Earth, researchers at Glocalities said. Among those who believe we are not alone in the universe, 60 percent said we should try to seek contact with alien civilizations, it found. It was not the first survey to collect views on extraterrestrial beings - questionnaires in Germany, Britain and the United States have found similar rates - but researchers said this was the largest poll of its kind with such global reach. ?The high score on the belief in the existence of intelligent alien civilizations and the distinct profile of these people partly explains the immense popularity of space movies such as Star Wars,? said research director Martijn Lampert. ?People who believe in the existence of intelligent alien civilizations are not a marginal minority,? he said. The most believers in intelligent alien life were in Russia, at 68 percent, trailed closely by Mexico and China, with the down-to-earth Dutch bottoming out the list at 28 percent, the poll found. The interviews were conducted in 15 languages between December 2015 and February 2016 in countries representing 62 percent of the world?s population and 80 percent of the global economy. ?The Last Jedi,? the eighth installment of the blockbuster ?Star Wars? series, debuts in theaters next week.
  6. There are people who love Dan Bilzerian and love to follow whatever he does, which he religiously documents on his social media accounts, and there are people hate him for being sexist. And, then there are people who honestly don't give a **** about him, like me, but the fact is that he can't be ignored, something he has proven time and again. With over 23 million followers on Instagram, this self-proclaimed 'King of Instagram' sure knows how to catch everyone's attention. Actually, it's quite simple – he is constantly surrounded by beautiful women, fast cars, stacks of money, huge guns and is always partying, which is apparently a dream come true for any guy, and that's why everyone follows him because they're jealous of his life, and aspire to live like that one day, probabaly. But, whatever said and done, his life seems pretty cool on Instagram, and the carefree lifestyle he has is actually an inspiration for many. On the occasion of his 37th birthday, here are 37 times he probably made you jealous of him, and hate your life a little bit. 1. He gave an appropriate tribute to Hugh Hefner. #RIP Hugh Hefner, you always were a big inspiration, rest easy legend A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on Sep 27, 2017 at 9:24pm PDT 2. His caption says it all. The formality before fucking A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on Oct 29, 2017 at 1:28pm PDT 3. He takes a vacation whenever he wants. Exploring the island A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on Aug 23, 2017 at 9:03pm PDT 4. Okay honestly that looks really fun. â¬ï¸ Swipe Left ð ð·: @brendononeal A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on Aug 21, 2017 at 1:01am PDT 5. Just swimming with sharks, no biggie. Look kinda like wolverine A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on Aug 16, 2017 at 1:48am PDT 6. When is he away from the beach, though? Roof was made for jumping A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on Aug 13, 2017 at 5:14pm PDT 7. Oh right, when he's doing this. A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on Jul 20, 2017 at 4:04am PDT 8. When is it coming on Netflix? The plan is to do a TV show on me running a weed dispensary open to the public in Vegas, been in meetings all week A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on Jun 26, 2017 at 10:54am PDT 9. Is that even safe? Nailed it A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on Jun 11, 2017 at 1:23pm PDT 10. What happened to the good ol' pizza and a movie? Going on a date A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on May 26, 2017 at 2:51pm PDT 11. His way of celebrating Women's Day. It's #internationalwomensday be thankful A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on Mar 8, 2017 at 9:51am PST 12. Very casual, everyday thing. ð¢ A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on Feb 22, 2017 at 10:27am PST 13. Oh, just playing video games with Steve Aoki and T-Pain. Battling @steveaoki @tpain A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on Jan 6, 2017 at 11:04am PST 14. Living the good life. 80 degrees in November, feelin good A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on Nov 12, 2016 at 3:44pm PST 15. Literally. Livin @frenchmontana @aquaamarina @caitlin__oconnor @corinjamieleeclark @panktibarbie @kaseyreiss A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on Oct 30, 2016 at 4:33pm PDT 16. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas? To Vegas A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on Oct 29, 2016 at 4:05pm PDT 17. Okay. If you like drinking, bad decisions, *** with strangers and gambling come to my @blitztv launch party at @marqueelv pool on oct 30th #dayclubdome A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on Oct 18, 2016 at 5:23am PDT 18. Again, his caption says it all. My team said to post more conservative things so we can get big money from brands, but **** that, imma just keep livin A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on Oct 11, 2016 at 12:43am PDT 19. Just chilling. Wet w @steveaoki @aquaamarina @missyolivares @laurenblakeee @mariatuleeva A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on Oct 9, 2016 at 10:30pm PDT 20. What is this obsession with turtles, though? More turtles A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on Sep 30, 2016 at 1:37am PDT 21. Why can't I go on a vacation whenever I want? Flying to Lake Powell tomorrow, all these board meetings got me needing a vacation A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on Sep 27, 2016 at 11:13am PDT 22. A regular Friday for him, I assume. It's Friday, great A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on Sep 23, 2016 at 6:04pm PDT 23. Okay, Dan. Not bad for not sober A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on Sep 5, 2016 at 10:46pm PDT 24. Don't any of them have any jobs? Watermelon on the water A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on Sep 4, 2016 at 3:08am PDT 25. Like seriously, how? Breaking in my new slippers A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on Aug 20, 2016 at 5:03pm PDT 26. The only way to have sleepovers. Thanks @toddphillips1 for the @wardogsmovie screener, great movie, tell Warner Brothers don't worry, I watched it solo like they asked #WarDogs #Ad A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on Aug 17, 2016 at 4:30pm PDT 27. Oh wow, no girls for a change. Good times with @bambam0069 and the Purple Heart combat vets @rogue1_muscle @beards_and_bandanas @cameronjstuart @jrey_4 . Give them a follow & thank them for taking a bullet or shrapnel so you didn't have to A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on Aug 10, 2016 at 10:24am PDT 28. Oh wait, they're back. Wakeboarding A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on Jul 11, 2016 at 5:13pm PDT 29. Yes, everyone was just focussing on the fruit, Dan. This is some good fruit A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on Jun 27, 2016 at 10:25am PDT 30. Flying to different country just for food. #LifeGoals? The food in France sucked, so we flying to Milan because they have good beef carpaccio A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on Jun 23, 2016 at 8:57am PDT 31. You drunk call your ex, he drunk wins half a million dollars. Okay, now I might be a little jealous. Came in hammered after the club and beat these old bastards for over 1/2 million in an hour A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on May 29, 2016 at 6:09am PDT 32. Well, he's still surrounded by *****(cats), though. My life isn't always crazy A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on May 22, 2016 at 3:09am PDT 33. Is he compensating for something? Just here waiting for someone to try and jack our car stereo A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on May 10, 2016 at 5:29pm PDT 34. Just a really cool picture. Swimming ð¸ @ryzphoto A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on Apr 12, 2016 at 11:34pm PDT 35. Back to the beach. Life before my bicycle bet A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on Feb 25, 2016 at 4:20pm PST 36. So fancy. Headed to Big Sur to write some more scripts for my cartoon w @_andreeacristina A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on Feb 11, 2016 at 6:23pm PST 37. So basically, **** you Dan. Hey look at me, I'm with girls A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on Feb 6, 2016 at 7:42pm PST
  7. The 2-minute 22-second clip starts with a man decked up in a suit talking to a doctor. He has never smoked, consumed alcohol or tried drugs and yet has been diagnosed with stomach cancer. Left with just some time to live, the doctor kindly suggests him, "Whatever makes you happy, do it." And that's exactly how the roller-coaster ride of Saif Ali Khan's character in 'Kaalankaandi' begins. (c) Zee Music Company One look at the video and you just know that this is the Saif Ali Khan we have been dying to watch. The trailer of the film is finally out and it can be called anything but conventional. This thriller-dark comedy, which has been directed by Akshat Verma who also wrote 'Delhi Belly', already looks like an intriguing watch. (c) Zee Music Company The crux of the story forms after Khan is informed about his cancer. You see a suited-booted man turned into an entirely different person. 'Kaalakaandi' is about life, murder, lust, gunshots, passionate kisses, karma and everything in between. (c) Zee Music Company The film takes you through the journey of six characters on one monsoon night in Mumbai. Plus Saif's yellow fur, weird hairdo is enough to get you down with a hard case of the giggles. And a special mention to the awesome score that just perfectly adds up to all that's happening in the trailer. All set to hit the screen on 12th January 2018, the film also features Vijay Raaz, Deepak Dobriyal, Vijay Raaz and Deepak Dobriyal Sobhita Dhulipala, Akshay Oberoi and Isha Talwar in vital roles.
  8. If you are one of those pot-smoking, Instagram-browsing and Snap-obsessed 20-something millennials who cringe at the very mention of airport-style, and think that it is one of the most insane (and useless) trends fuelled by our love for all things celebrity—we would highly recommend shutting this window down. Reason? From here on, this post can easily be considered a deep dive — an investigation if you may say — into an airport-style look so extra for the actual Mumbai airport that it has made us sit up and take notice. Like what in the Gucci is going on? In a nutshell, the look is so extra that fashion queens, gays and Karan Johar's paparazzi-proof pouts will be all over it before we can say ... Boney ka Beta! Let's discuss. Kareena Kapoor's most forgettable on-screen love interest—Arjun Kapoor was spotted at the Mumbai International Airport dressed in an anything-but-boring all-black-look. The ensemble in question is actually a brilliant example of how grown men should wear athleisure. It's a seamless nod to the trend, health goth. A trend that was created by Hypebeasts, for Hypebeasts—who are only into wearing black clothing. Arjun's outfit is slimming, fuss-free and is great for anyone who is vertically challenged. The cropped black pants will definitely make one seem taller and skinnier. Isn't that what fashion is all about? The INR 100,000 (approx) Black Angry Cat 'Modern Future' Hoodie from Gucci alone is more than four months of my rent money (And I'm not even kidding). He paired his hoodie with minimal joggers, black high-tops, dark sunglasses and an almost-there pornstache. Moral of the story? Arjun Kapoor's look may be quite extra but is cool and should be tried by anyone with a tonne of spare change.
  9. Smartphone batteries don't last forever, and some devices have an almost-embarrassing screen-on time. Those big, luscious AMOLED and LCD screens and taxing apps are an obvious drain on your battery, but there are lots of things you can do behind-the-scenes to make your Android last longer. A number of factors have conspired to reduce gadget endurance over the past several years. Thinner designs with less room for batteries, larger and brighter screens, faster quad-core processors, more software that runs in the background, and power-hungry GPS radios all share responsibility. Many phones still can't make it through a day without being plugged in. This may not be a problem for you if you've got one of the Android phones with the best battery life, but many people are often left with a dead battery, wondering how they can extend battery life on their phones. Here are a few tips and tricks that'll help you out! 1. Adjust Screen Brightness © YouTube Most people choose to use the 'Auto' setting, which automatically adjusts the brightness to match the situation. As convenient as auto brightness can be, it can have a negative impact on battery life. If you really want to stretch your phone battery life, the approach that makes the most impact is to lower your screen's brightness. The display is practically the most power hungry component of a phone and lowering brightness can help you make the most out of the battery. If your phone has an AMOLED screen, use a dark-coloured background. Black wallpaper can increase battery life because AMOLED screens only illuminate the coloured pixels. Black pixels are unlit, so less power is needed to light them up. You can also further reduce the screen time-out clock. This way the screen will automatically shut down faster without manually having to power it off. 2. Shut Down Unnecessary Radios It's great that today's phones have LTE, NFC, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, but do you really need all five activated 24 hours per day? WiFi is a big one. When you're not connected to a WiFi network, your phone will continuously search for one. You've probably seen the “WiFi networks nearby” notification. Simply disabling WiFi when you're away from the places you usually use WiFi can save battery life. If you don't use a Bluetooth headset then it makes sense to keep Bluetooth always turned off. GPS can be turned off when not using the navigation feature of the phone. 3. Kill Background Apps © AndroidPit Closing the app by pressing the back or home buttons is not enough; the app may continue to run in the background and drain battery power. You should access your device's recent and background apps and shut them down manually. This will usually ensure they are not running in the background and using battery power. 4. Ditch Fancy Widgets and Live Wallpapers © Youtube Yes, we all love the attractive live wallpapers, motion sensing perspective wallpapers along with auto-updating widgets for weather, stocks or news. But while these are good to look at and make things easy for us, they also suck in a lot of background power. Internet-based widgets like weather and news frequently synchronize in the background, ultimately using up your power. When longer battery life is your priority, these shenanigans have to go. When you switch to Battery Saving mode that comes by default on Android, you'll notice unwanted animations and graphics are paused along with haptic feedback like vibration and sound. This is done so that no unnecessary power is wasted. 5. Explore Battery Saving Features Of Your Phone All ROMs, whether stock Android, OEM UIs such as TouchWiz, or custom ROMs like CyanogenMod, have various settings on the menu to help conserve battery consumption. HTC has Extreme Power Saving Mode, Samsung has Ultra Power Saving Mode, Sony has STAMINA mode and so on. It's also worth noting that Doze Mode comes pre-installed on all devices running Marshmallow and above. You don't need to do anything to use the new doze feature and basically, there are no switches or settings to activate or deactivate it. Doze mode works in the background and puts your phone in hibernation mode when it lies unused for a longer duration. BONUS - Turn-off Auto Sync © Youtube Apps such as Gmail, Twitter, calendar, constantly refresh themselves to offer the latest information. This is required if you just cannot afford to miss important information, but also takes a toll on battery life. Go to Settings - Google account and turn off auto-sync for apps you don't need constantly updated.
  10. The incident happened after shots were fired from a pick-up vehicle at a car, which had hit a motorcycle few minutes earlier. Photo: Geo News 1 KARACHI: A road rage incident claimed the life of one person and injured three others on Sunday morning after a vehicle was fired upon at the Sea View Road following an accident. Sources said four people were on their way from Do Darya in DHA Phase 8 in a car when they reportedly hit a heavy bike from behind and sped away. A few moments later, their car was chased down stopped by a double-cabin vehicle, which was escorting the injured biker, and was fired upon by people from inside the pickup. [embed_video1 url= style=center] The men in the vehicle, after firing nine times at the car, disembarked at beat up the passengers, police said. A search for the pick-up vehicle and assailants is under way, while a forensic team is collecting evidence from the site, according to police officials. Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah has taken notice of the incident and also sought a report from the additional Inspector general of police on the incident. The deceased has been identified as 26-year-old Zafir.
  11. Dev Anand?s unique dialogue delivery, style and charm earned his the title of ?Gregory Peck of India?. During the 60s and 70s, the actor had unmatched stardom. The star is known for movies such as Guide, Jewel Thief, Tere Ghar Ke Saamne, Baazi, Gambler and Paying Guest among plenty others. Born on September 26, 1923, Anand?s real name was Dharam Dev Anand. The actor passed away in his room at The Washington Mayfair Hotel in London at the age of 88 on December 3, 2011. Anand earned Rs160 before becoming an actor The superstar spent his early years in Gharota village in Gurdaspur district in Punjab. A 20-year-old Anand, after completing his BA in English Literature, moved to Mumbai with big hopes in 1943. He started working as a clerk in an accountancy firm for a meager salary of Rs85 to make ends meet. Later, he worked at the Military Censor Office where he earned Rs160. Just after a few months, he got cast in his first movie, Hum Ek Hain. Anand idolised Ashok Kumar Anand was a huge fan of Ashok Kumar, also called Dadamoni, and it was Kumar?s movie Achyut Kanya which encouraged Anand to pursue acting. A chance encounter led to Anand meeting his idol Kumar, who then offered him a role in Ziddi. The movie went on to become the first hit of Anand?s career. Kumar had asked Anand about remuneration, to which he replied: ?My fee will be people saying that you have given the industry a star.? Anand was ?banned? from wearing black suits At the peak of his career, Anand was banned from wearing black suits in public as it led to his female fans swooning over him. There was a time when his frenzied female fans starting sending him letters written with their blood and jumping off buildings, after seeing him in a black suit. Anand?s love affair with Suraiya Dev Anand fell in love with actress Suraiya, who at the time was highest paid actress in India. During the shooting of a song for their film Vidya, the boat overturned with both the actors inside it. In a true Bollywood style, Anand rescued her leading to their love affair. Anand also expressed desire to marry the actress however the actress? maternal grandmother opposed the relationship due to religious differences. The duo have worked in seven films together; Vidya, Jeet, Shair, Afsar, Nili, Do Sitare and Sanam. Eventually, Anand married his Taxi Driver co-star Kalpana Katik, while Suraiya remained single all her life.. Anand?s ?Hail Chaplin? moment Anand, who was a big fan of Charlie Chaplin got the opportunity to meet the comedy icon in 1954. Chaplin had settled in Montreux, Switzerlan, after allegations emerged that he was involved in un-American activities. Anand along with an Indian delegation went to meet him. Upon seeing him, Anand couldn?t contain his excitement and exclaimed: ?Hail Chaplin?, after which Chaplin burst into laughter and replied: ?Welcome to my white house!? Anand turned down Junglee, Teesri Manzil The legendary actor is believed to have turned down blockbusters such as Junglee, Teesri Manzil and Zanjeer due to creative differences with the producers. Anand was the first choice for Subodh Mukherjee's Junglee and Nasir Hussain's Teesri Manzil but the actor turned them both down. Interestingly, the movies went on to become the biggest hits of Shammi Kapoor's career.
  12. The famous singer-turned-preacher along with his wife was killed in the Islamabad-bound PIA PK-661 flight that crashed near Havelian on December 7 To say that Junaid Jamshed?s music is immortal would be an understatement. The late singer left signing the ballads and catchy pop songs that made him Pakistan?s heartthrob, but the one thing he never abandoned was music. ?Music is the original, authentic language which brings together everyone together,? Jamshed can be seen saying in a new documentary released by Salman Ahmad today. The documentary is a tribute to the late singer, and ?a celebration of the life and times of a Vital Sign?. The roughly 8-minute long documentary features various video clips from JJ?s early life and his performances with a song by Salman Ahmed in tribute of JJ playing in the background. You can watch the documentary here. The famous singer-turned-preacher along with his wife was killed in the Islamabad-bound PIA PK-661 flight that crashed near Havelian on December 7.
  13. If you're someone who seriously trains for aesthetics, strength or any sort of sports performance, optimal protein intake is a must for your endeavor. As a fitness coach, I highly recommend chicken breast as a staple for protein in the diet. It's easy to cook plus it's a lean source of protein (23g protein per 100g with 1g fat & 0 carbs). Also, it is more cost-effective than consuming egg whites. The problem is that a lot of people overcook their chicken breast and end up making it hard, tasteless and dry. I will give you 3 super easy ways to cook chicken breast that is juicy and delicious to eat. It will also give you some meal ideas for your everyday diet. 1) Schezwan Chicken Rice © YouTube Take about 150g of chicken breast and dice it into small pieces. Take 50-70g white rice and after properly cleaning it, pour it into a pressure cooker along with diced chicken breast. Add 3 bowls water, ½ teaspoon of red pepper, 1 teaspoon of salt and cover the lid. Turn the gas on medium flame and let the rice and chicken cook for 12/15 mins, nearly about 4 whistles of the cooker. Once it is done, place a pan on high flame, drop around 1 teaspoon oil and stir fry some onions, garlic and green vegetables (capsicums, beans, broccoli), now pour the rice and chicken mix over the pan and stir well. At last, add around a ½ a packet of Schezwan Rice Masala (you can easily buy this from any general store) and a few droplets of water over the pan, stir and mix properly for 5, ensuring that the rice turns red. 2) Chicken Breast Sandwiches © YouTube I like to consume this meal after a workout. Take about 100g of chicken breast, cut it into medium pieces and throw it inside a grinder. Weird right? But trust me this recipe really cooks your chicken breast well. Drop some oil, salt (½ teaspoon), black pepper (1 teaspoon), grated cheese and oregano (optional). Turn on the grinder and grind it 3-4 times. You don't want to grind so much that your chicken becomes paste. Take out the weird looking mixture over a chopping pad and cut it into 2 near rectangular patties. Heat a pan on medium flame for 2/3 mins, spread some oil and place the patty over it, and cook both the sides till they're golden brown. Toast 4 slices of multigrain bread and place your chicken between them. Due to the grinding process, the chicken's texture is altered and it cooks super quick and just melts in your mouth. Enjoy this savory meal with some ketchup and mayo. 3) Microwave(d) Chicken Breast © YouTube This is perhaps is a no-brainer and you're probably already doing it. But one major mistake most people make is cooking their chicken breast in microwave mode which makes it very tough, like chewing gum. Take the chicken breast as it is and just make small cuts on top of it, marinate it with oil (5-7g), salt(1 tablespoon), curd (20g),garam masala and chicken tandoori masala.Leave it for 10/15 mins. Place it over a griller stand and put it in the microwave. Now here's the important part: use the convection + grill mode in your microwave and cook it for 18-23 minutes depending on the intensity of your microwave. The convection mode cooks the chicken breast from inside making it soft and grilling makes it crispy from the top. You wouldn't believe how delicious and juicy your chicken cooks this way in just 3 simple steps. Yash Sharma is a former national level Football player, now a Strength Coach, Nutritionist and Natural Bodybuilder. He also runs a YouTube Channel Yash Sharma Fitness via which he aims to educate all the fitness enthusiasts to maximize their gains by methods that are backed by science and applicable easily. Connect with him on YouTube,, Facebook and Instagram.
  14. Apple have been meticulously perfecting their chipsets and it's quite apparent in all their iPhones that have been launched in 2017. The three smartphones perform extremely well and perhaps, are also the most powerful smartphones in the world. The iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus all feature Apple's brand new A11 Bionic chipset and ensures great battery life and performance on the three iPhones — especially the iPhone 8 Plus. © YouTube Apple's 2018 iPhones are going to launch next year and a new report has suggested that the successor will have a brand new power management system. That means Apple is working on a new chipset or a component that will be exclusive to Apple devices. According to Nikkei, Apple will be designing their own power chips, which were earlier manufactured by TSMC. The Taiwanese company has been a long trusted supplier of silicon for Apple. © YouTube The new power management chip will control iPhone's charging, energy consumption and battery management systems. According to Nikkei, the new in-house chip “will be the most advanced in the industry, according to the sources, and could have processing capabilities that allow it to better monitor and control power consumption among various components.” © YouTube Apple is known for developing customised chips for the iPhone and iPads and we can expect the Cupertino giant to implement these advancements soon enough. Apple may be working on a new power management chip as there would be no room left to fit a larger battery. It kind of makes senses that Apple would tackle this problem and improve battery life by developing an in-house power management chip. © YouTube There is no concrete news on whether we will see these chips ready for 2018 iPhones and one of Nikkei's sources said that, “Based on Apple's current plan, they are set to replace partially, or around half of its power management chips to go into iPhones by itself starting next year.” Apple has been moving towards designing their own chips in order to save costs and cut out suppliers like Qualcomm. Over the past year, Apple has started designing their own graphics chips and streamlined the process in order to maximise profits and save costs. We are all eagerly waiting to see whether Apple will implement these rumoured chipsets next year or in iPhones in 2019. Until then, keep a look out for more news and rumours.
  15. Detail of pterosaur egg specimen ? showing eggs and bones ? are visible in this photo taken in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China, November 21, 2016. Courtesy Alexander Kellner/Museu Naciaonal/UFRJ/Handout via REUTERS1 RIO DE JANEIRO: Scientists have peered inside the largest collection of fossilized pterosaur eggs ever found, using 3D scans to reveal new insights into these flying cousins of dinosaurs, researchers said Thursday. Pterosaurs were reptiles, and the first creatures ? after insects ? to evolve powered flight, meaning they flapped their wings to stay aloft instead of simply jumping and gliding. They went extinct along with the dinosaurs some 66 million years ago. Until now, scientists had found some pterosaur eggs with remains inside, including three in Argentina and five in China. But the latest report in the peer-reviewed US journal Science is based on the biggest collection to date ? 215 fossilized eggs that were found in a three-meter (one-yard) long sandstone block in northwestern China's Hami City, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Sixteen of the eggs contained fossilized remains of a pterosaur species known as Hamipterus tianshanensis. None held a full set of pterosaur bones, likely because pieces were lost over the years due to storms and floods. But scientists did find the partial wing and skull bones ? along with one complete lower jaw ? which fill in aspects of pterosaurs' life cycle that has been poorly understood until now. Using three-dimensional computed tomography scans, they discovered intact and well-developed thigh bones suggesting the creatures "benefited from functional hind legs shortly after hatching," said the report by palaeontologists in China and Brazil. But weak chest muscles indicate "that newborns were likely not able to fly" and "likely needed some parental care." Nesting behaviour Adult pterosaur bones were also scattered across the site, a sign that they returned to the same nesting spots over time, much the same as modern day sea turtles. The massive numbers of eggs and bones point to major storms thrashing the site, submerging the eggs in a lake where they floated briefly before sinking and becoming buried alongside adult skeletons. Researchers also noted that the cracked exterior of the eggs resembled the fragile softness of lizard eggs. "All are deformed to a certain extent, which indicate their pliable nature," said the study. One of the young pterosaurs was estimated to be "at least two years old and still growing at the time of its death, supporting the growing body of evidence that pterosaurs had long incubation periods". An accompanying Perspective article in the journal Science ? written by D. Charles Deeming of the University of Lincoln ? called the study "remarkable for the number of eggs in association with adults and juvenile pterosaurs that it reports on". However, many questions remain, including whether the size of each clutch was really two as previous studies have suggested, just how the pterosaurs concealed their eggs, whether beneath vegetation or sand or soil and why so many of the eggs appear dehydrated. "Hopefully additional finds of equally spectacular fossils will help us answer such questions," he wrote.
  16. When Anne Hathaway was crowned as the princess of Genovia in the 2001 blockbuster 'Princess Diaries', we thought that such miracles are possible only in the parallel world of Hollywood, and the chances of such a thing happening in real life is like spotting a unicorn waving at cars while crossing a road. Anyway, the point is that something like this was unimaginable until Prince Harry announced his engagement with his long time girlfriend. Congratulations Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle on their engagement! His Royal Highness and Ms. Markle this afternoon visited Kensington Palace's Sunken Garden for a photocall to mark the happy news. — Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal) November 27, 2017 Prince Harry's love story is proof that fairy tales exist…even in the millennial world! And for those who think we are exaggerating, go and search the name of Meghan Markle and you will have your answer. So just like Anne Hathaway's on-screen life changed within a day, Meghan Markle too experienced something similar after she got engaged and is now all set to marry into the British royal family by 2018. © Twitter From opening briefcases on 'Deal Or No Deal' to playing senior paralegal Rachel Zane in American hit series 'Suits' and soon to become the 'royalty'; Markle has sure come a long way. © Universal Cable Productions In fact, recently, her on-screen fiancé Patrick J Adams congratulated Markle in the most hilarious way possible, which took no time to break the internet. She said she was just going out to get some milk... — Patrick J Adams (@halfadams) November 27, 2017 But, like people say “good things come at a price” the price here is to undergo a strict security training to ensure that she is prepared for even the most extreme emergency situations. According to a report published in The Independent, Prince Harry's future bride will undergo training with the SAS (Special Air Service), which will include learning to deal with terrifying scenarios, something that can be as extreme as being held hostage. © Reuters Alex Bomberg, former Royal Aide and CEO of Intelligent Protection International told The Independent, “If you can imagine her being put into a room, being treated as if she was a hostage, the room being stormed by the SAS, she will be put through that training.” In fact, Bomberg further said, “Diana and Charles went through that training. Pretty much every senior member of the royal family has been through that training. They would also receive training about how to behave without close protection i.e. what they might do if things go wrong.” © Wikimedia In fact, after becoming a part of the royal family after her wedding in May, she won't be able to roam around freely as she will have to be under round-the-clock protection. In other words, “her life now will be more of a regime.” Her life will now be charted out by the security unit to an extent that from her dentist to her hairdresser, every appointment will be taken care of with much precision. The couple will tie the knot in May next year at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle. Well, agreed that her life is going to be a lot more 'restrictive' and she may also not have the freedom to choose acting roles to her heart's desire; she is also going to be constantly under the radar and have every move monitored….but in the end, there is no price too big to pay when it comes to love. Even one's freedom.
  17. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding news continues to raise eyebrows and the development is yet to sink in for many. The real life princess story is quite movie-like actually. A beautiful actress falls in love with a man from a royal family, Cupid takes aim and the rest is history. Well, this is proof that royals can fall for commoners and their relationship can be a fairytale as well. We list out 5 such alliances when the two worlds united: 1. Grace Kelly and Rainier III- The beautiful American actress gave up her acting career when she decided to marry Rainier III, the Prince of Monaco in 1956. Their tale began at the Cannes Film Festival, eyes met, and love happened. © popsugar 2. Kate Middleton and Prince William- Kate and William fell in love when they were in college. They then had a high profile wedding and are blessed with two gorgeous kids. © extratv 3. Rania Al-Yassin and King Abdullah II of Jordan- Rania was leading a successful career and worked with many big companies before she was smitten by King Abdullah II of Jordan in 1993. The couple got married and she was declared the queen of his heart and Jordan, of course. © Pinterest 4. Daniel Westling and Princess Victoria of Sweden- This is one 'filmy'affair, if I may call it. The gorgeous princess met her now husband in the gym, because he was her gym trainer! Destinies aligned and the couple got married in 2010. © zimbio 5. Sofia Helqvist and Prince Philip of Sweden- Sofia was a commoner but a well known face on TV as a model and actress. Prince Philip, who is Princess Victoria's brother fell for the wonderful lady and married her in 2015. © people If you dream about becoming a king or queen someday then have hope. Yeah, you just need a person of royal descent to fall in love with you, that's all.
  18. Right now, blogger-ly known as 'I AM NKHL', Nikhil is probably downing a few beers with his buds—in Bandra, Mumbai or in and around the coolest hangs. This Saturday, he'd possibly be spinning some tunes at an upmarket pub, making the indie girls and townies groove alike. Yet, hungover as hell, the next morning, he'd be shooting his next, big sartorial series for the blog. Clearly, a juggling maverick of sorts, Kandhari lives the life of the first season of any TV series—eventful, exciting and full of twists. But amidst his trickery of joking with time, his tryst with the beard is our pick of the day. Robust, tamed and cutting his cheekbones right; there's something that gets you to notice it in public (and on his dope Instagram). Looks like, he has a zen view of what the grooming gods do. So, for our second edition of '30 Days 30 Beards', he lays down his relationship with his buddy ol' pal, the beard. © MensXP, Wardrobe Partner: Park Avenue Do you think beards are overrated? There's a reason why women say, 'Beards make men more attractive'. You either go hard or go home (without a score). How has growing a beard changed your life? Well, in a hell lot of ways—I look older than usual, feel more confident, and it has also brought the women closer to me. Besides, a lot of other things, of course (lol). What made you grow it in the first place? Name one man who doesn't want to look good? And then, a man who doesn't want to grow a beard (at least once in life). Do women dig the beard or clean shaven men? Besides my mom, every girl loves the beard on me. Ever thought of a name for your beard? It's like a part of me, don't want to name it. © MensXP, Wardrobe Partner: Park Avenue Razor or trimmer? And how often... A trimmer, every two days. Beards need care. What's your regime like? I've been using Himalaya's Men Face and Beard wash for a while now. And I must say, it's one of the best products I've used. It has completely eliminated the need of a beard shampoo/conditioner in my life. Your best and worst beard phase? I'm basking in the glory of my best phase right now—fully blown and absolutely in control. However, my days back at college were the worst ones for me. I had no option but to go clean, the beard was literally that patchy. The razor/trimmer you're using right now? Philips' Norelco Beard Trimmer. © MensXP, Wardrobe Partner: Park Avenue According to you, the most iconic celebrity beard in the world? 'Hagrid' from Harry Potter. And the worst... Ryan Gosling, with a booming beard. He looks best with a stubble! Your next big beard move? I'm very orthodox when it comes to experimenting with my beard. But for now, I'd say, I really want to try my hand at maintaining a two/three-days-old stubble. --- Nikhil wears a camouflage-print bomber jacket, classic wash jeans, knitted turtleneck; all from Park Avenue. Photography: Manasi Sawant Creative Direction: Santu Misra Styling: Siddharth Batra Grooming: Jean Claude Biguine Production: Anand Pratap Singh Wardrobe Partner: Park Avenue
  19. BUENOS AIRES: Argentina sentenced 29 people, some with nicknames like ?Blond Angel of Death? and ?The Tiger,? to life sentences on Wednesday in a trial involving some 800 cases of kidnapping, torture and murder during the 1976-1983 dictatorship. Many defendants, including former Navy Captain Alfredo Astiz and Captain Jorge Acosta, were already serving life sentences for Dirty War crimes committed at the ESMA Naval Mechanics School that was converted into a clandestine prison and torture centre. For the first time in the so-called ESMA mega-case, however, Wednesday?s sentence included convictions for ?death flights,? when people were drugged and their bodies dumped in the River Plate. ?Giving sedatives to our loved ones before or during the flight before throwing them in the river or the sea is unbelievable; it?s dismal,? said Lita Boitano, head of Relatives of the Disappeared and Detained for Political Reasons. Boitano, who lost two children during the dictatorship, was among the hundreds of people gathered outside the federal courthouse in Buenos Aires listening to the convictions. They took more than three hours to read. In addition to the life sentences, 19 people received jail terms of eight to 25 years. Six were cleared of wrongdoing, including Juan Alemann, a finance minister during the dictatorship and one of few civilians who had been accused of planning rights abuses. Human rights groups estimate Argentina?s military government killed up to 30,000 people during the dictatorship. Most of their bodies were never found. About 5,000 dissidents were held at the ESMA, and only about 200 people are known to have survived. Some of the initial 68 defendants died during the trial that started in 2012. Astiz had been convicted in absentia in Europe of killing two French nuns held at the ESMA, which opened to the public as a human rights memorial in 2007. Argentina has prosecuted many dictatorship-era crimes and last year convicted 15 ex-military officials of conspiring to kidnap and assassinate leftist dissidents as part of the Operation Condor programme. But a Supreme Court ruling earlier this year to decrease jail time for those convicted of human rights abuses spurred protests and stoked fears of backsliding.
  20. Photo: Geo News file WhatsApp for iOS has been updated with two new features that will make life much easier! The update, yet to arrive to Android devices, allows users to record hands-free voice messages, and play YouTube videos within the app. iOS users need to update their WhatsApp app to the latest version 2.17.81 from the App Store. To record voice messages without using your hands, all you need to do is press and hold the microphone icon to start recording. A lock icon will appear just above the mic when you?re recording. Swipe up to lock the recording! The much-needed YouTube feature will surely be helpful for many users. According to the latest update, you will now be able to play YouTube videos within the app itself. This means that sharing a YouTube link on WhatsApp will take you to the app for the video to start playing. While the update does promise this, the feature doesn?t work yet, reports BGR.IN. Even after updating an iPhone to the latest WhatsApp, the YouTube link still opens separately on the app and the video doesn?t play within WhatsApp as promised.
  21. Man O War may be your all time favourite Call Of Duty ammo but WWII has an array of lethal weapons that you can use to knock your opponents out! Intrigued, we made a list of 10 of the most popular CoDWWII weapons that you may be using and tracked down their original counterparts from the historic world war II era. Here is what they looked like: 1. Colt M1911A1 © legacy-collectibles This classic semi automatic seven-round service pistol was a staple in the U.S. during the second world war. It was more reliable and rapid than its Colt M1911 world war 1 predecessor. The M1911A1 had a shooting range of 20 meters and weighed a little more over a kilo. Gotta say these cadets look pretty fly with the Colt M1911A1 in 1941. © ww2db 2. MP40 © Wikipedia A pretty savage fully automatic machine pistol, MP40 was developed by Germans during the second world war. The gun weighed 4kg and could do 32 rounds within a maximum range of 250 meters. It was among the most advanced guns of its time, which is why its access was limited to only a certain class of soldiers. 3. Type 100 Submachine Gun © Wikipedia A firearm of Japanese origin, the type 100 submachine gun could do 30 rounds at a whooping 800 rounds per minute firing rate. Much like the MP40, very few had the chance to put the advanced Type 100 to the test. 4. Winchester Model 1897 © Wikipedia As if made especially for trench warfare, the Winchester Model 1987 was a popular shotgun in the U.S. army due to its close range firing capabilities. The shotgun was pretty weighty at 3.6kg and could do five rounds within a range of 20 meters. 5. M1 Carbine © Wikipedia The 2.5kg, lightweight M1 Carbine goes down in history not as the most reliable or accurate firearm but as the "most produced American infantry arm of World War II", because it allowed its wielders to carry more ammunition for refueling (because of its lightweight) and also because of its low recoil that helped eliminate fatigue. 6. Lee-Enfield No. 4 Rifle © Wikipedia A high firing rate of about 30 rounds and an extensive shooting range of 500 meters made the Lee-Enfield No. 4 Rifle a British Army favourite. How much of a favourite can be seen in the following image of sailors wielding it in a practice drill. © WW2db 7. MG 42 © Wikipedia 1200 rounds per minute within a range of 1000 metres is the damage this machine gun was capable of inflicting back in its day. At 11.6kg, the firearm may have been a tad too heavy but it still managed to fit itself among the most advanced weapons in the German Army during the second world war. 8. M1918A2 Browning Automatic Rifle © Wikipedia First light weight (7.25kg) machine gun to have surfaced in the U.S. Army, the M1918A2 Browning Automatic Rifle, or BAR gun was a trench weapon, much like the Winchester Model 1897. For a gun preferred for trench warfare, the M1918A2 surprisingly had an extensive firing range of nearly 1400m. 9. M2 Flamethrower © Wikipedia Every bit of what its name tells you, the M2 Flamethrower would turn the enemy to ashes within 40 meters of a single flame release. An American make, the weapon would constitute of combustion cylinders worn on a human back (possibly an inspiration for the character of Firefly from Gotham). 10. PPSh-41 Submachine Gun © Wikipedia A product of Russia, and highly economical, the PPSh-41 weighed 3.6kg, had a firing range of 200 meters and a capacity of 70 rounds.
  22. Even though biceps muscles are a very small group of muscles, they are the most desired by all men. The reason for that is that it's a 'show-off' muscle', visible in almost anything you wear. It's like a statement that says- you hit the gym, work hard for your physique and take care of yourself. In short, big biceps are synonymous with your hard work in the gym. Today, I am going to tell you about a workout that's my favourite to get an incredible pump. Give it a try. Exercise 1 – EZ Bar Curls This exercise will be done to warm up your muscles and prepare them for the pump. You will start with EZ Bar Curls and do 50 repetitions of this exercise. Since we are doing this exercise for a proper warm-up of the bicep muscle, don't use any weights on the bar. Complete all 50 repetitions in a single go without adding any weights. Do only one set of this exercise. Exercise 2 – Dumbbell Curls Take a pair of Dumbbells that are lying around 70% of your 1RM in dumbbell curls. We are using a heavy weight in this exercise since we have already warmed up our muscles completely in the first set. The purpose of this set is to start the inflow of blood into your muscles. Remember not to lift more than 70 percent of your total 1RM weight in this exercise. Going too heavy will not let you complete the desired number of repetitions which are 15. Also, the purpose of this workout is not to build new muscle fibres but to have a good bicep pump. Do 3 sets of this exercise. Exercise 3 – The 21s Biceps Curls First, you need to perform 7 partial repetitions where you lower the barbell only till halfway and then pull it up again. Then you do 7 low range partial reps wherein you stop the barbell midway while bringing it up. Lastly, you perform another 7 full range of motion reps to finally kill your biceps muscle. This technique works on the principles of increasing the time under tension (TUT). Increased TUT eventually increases metabolic stress on the muscle which is an important factor for muscle hypertrophy and pump. You need to perform 5 sets of the 21s Biceps curls. Limit the rest between sets to only 30 seconds. Exercise 4 – Preacher Curl on Machine We'll use Preacher Curls as the finisher for this insane bicep pump workout. Though your biceps will already be pumped up after finishing 5 sets of the 21s biceps curls, Preacher curls will help you to pump in whatever space that's left to pump in more blood into your muscle fibres. You need to do 3 sets of 20 repetitions. The weight should not be more than 50% of your 1 RM in preacher curl. Now Go Kill it! It's not a big deal if you look jacked up after performing this insane bicep workout. Your guns may look bigger for the next couple of days. So, without wasting any time talking, try this workout the next time you hit the gym.
  23. The glitzy world of glamour and the sturdy world of sports have always been in the limelight as some of the most famous romances have taken place when the two worlds entwined. From Pataudi and Sharmila Tagore to Harbhajan Singh and Geeta Basra and the newly hitched Yuvraj and Hazel Keech, cricket and Bollywood have always made for a great romantic fairytale. The story of Sagarika Ghatge and Zaheer Khan is no different. All set for the evening to recognize ,reward and celebrate excellence in the field of sports in India . @zaheer_khan34. Style aid @lovedeepgulyani @rohitbal_ A post shared by Sagarika (@sagarikaghatge) on Nov 11, 2017 at 5:07am PST Little did anyone know that the 'Chak De' girl who romances a cricketer in the movie as well, would fall for a cricketer in real life. Lucky to get some winter sun #londonlove â¤ï¸ A post shared by Sagarika (@sagarikaghatge) on Oct 28, 2017 at 4:41am PDT The two have been together for a very long time and marriage has been on the cards for quite some time now. Finally, D-day arrived this morning when the couple got hitched in the court in a small ceremony. Man down!! Big fella is locked.. Sealed and delivered!! @ImZaheer god bless the beautiful couple @sagarikavghatge #ZaheerKhan #SagarikaGhatge — ANGAD BEDI! (@Imangadbedi) November 23, 2017 A grand reception will obviously happen on the 27th of this month where the who's who of both the industries will grace and celebrate the occasion. However, well wishes have been flowing their way on social media since their pictures started floating around. Zaheer Khan Ties The Know With Sagarika Ghatge At Mumbai Court. Wishing You A Very Happy Married Life. ð¤ððð®ð³#ZaheerKhan #SagarikaGhatge — Sir Ravindra Jadeja (@SirJadeja) November 23, 2017 .... And she's hitched .. â¤ï¸#sagarikaghatge #zaheerkhan â¤ï¸â¤ï¸â¤ï¸ .. — Vidya M Malavade (@vidyaMmalavade) November 23, 2017 They have officially been clean bowled by each other for life now. Here's wishing the wonderful couple a blissful married life.
  24. It's always a given that a broken heart can be mended. Modern relationships teach us to love with conditions and to leave in urgency if things don't turn out the way they are expected to. Let's face it, we're not old school anymore and we don't spend our days mending broken hearts anymore. We're the new millennial and we move on deliberately from the unpleasant situation and try and look for green pastures elsewhere. We forget to give some sort of solace to our broken heart and time to heal it with courage. Instead we move ahead frivolously, trying to look for a quick fix. One must take every break up with a pinch of salt and take time to heal. This is because each heart break teaches us a great deal (especially the one from our first love) and if we imbibe these teachings, we will surely know how to let go of the negatives. Here's what heartbreak can really teach you, if you're still young at heart. You Don't Always Get What You Want It's an understood fact that you may never get the things you ask for. When you're in love with someone, you want to spend all your time with them. You have expectations of them like they have of you. But when the love goes a bit awry, these expectations become taxing to keep up with and you wish things remain the same. Most times they don't and the person you gave your love to, starts to move on. You wish things were different and feelings remain but this is where you need to understand that you can't get what you want all the time and this is the most important lesson of all. (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images You Can't Question Free Will Free will is an individual's right to live however they want to and you really can't question someone's way of being a particular way. So if the person has decided to sever ties with you, the best thing to do is to respect that decision they have made and deal with the consequences on your own. That's the only way inner strength is nurtured. (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images A Relationship Cannot Survive On Love Alone Heartbreak will certainly teach you that sometimes to make a relationship work, you need more than love. You maybe insanely in love with each other but you can see the foundation crumble still. A relationship needs strength, understanding, stability and patience and if any of these elements are missing then it's sufficed to say, it probably won't last. A broken heart will understand this best. (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images You Learn To Be Self Sufficient When you are with someone you learn to depend on them, emotionally, mostly. You derive happiness and joy out of the one person you spend most of your time with and more often than not, it's your significant other. But when associations break, it's tough to assemble all the pieces and go about your day as if nothing happened. You don't have that person to help you though the tough time you're going through. You have to gain enough strength to be self sufficient and self reliant at this time. There is no one else who can or will understand you pain unless they've been through it. So be there for yourself and be responsible for your happiness. (c) Thinkstock/Getty Images You Body Will Ask For Healing Going through heartbreak is not just emotionally painful but physically indulgent too. Due to immense stress you take on, your body will be under constant pressure and it will give you sure shot signs to slow down. There could be weight loss/gain, body aches, insomnia, extreme mood swings, indigestion and anxiety that could deter your healing. Make sure you identify these signs and do whatever it takes to embrace the hard times. Eat right, exercise and sleep on time. It will help you heal better. (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images You Will See Your Goals Clearly Once the fog is lifted, you will begin to see what's more important in life and what should be given priority. You will begin to realise other things that needed your time but you couldn't give them as much time and you'll make way to balance your life out. (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images You Will Know What To Value In Future Relationships When you lose out on someone with whom you've planned a future with, you lose out on those dreams and plans with the person too. You go on a blame game and either blame the person or yourself for the relationship not working out. Don't do that. One of the greatest lessons a failed relationship teaches you is to figure out the missing pieces and the things you wanted from the relationship that didn't work out and apply them to any future relationship that will work out. It helps you grow as a person too. (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images You Will Gain Immense Strength That's what grief teaches us. The more we learn to fight our demons, the stronger we get. So grieve if you have to but remember by facing all your demons at once you're giving yourself great amount of strength to deal with any hardship you may face in the future. That's the beauty of healing from a broken heart. (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images You Will Learn What True Friendships Are In testing times, your family and friends play a big role. Especially when you're going through a rough break up! If you haven't made time for some friends in the past while you were busy in a relationship and they still stand by you during your heartbreak, these are real friends and you will learn the true meaning of friendship from them, when you're going through heartbreak. If they're by your side and understand what you're going through, you've learnt a great lesson from them. (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images Some Doors Are Meant To Be Shut The truth is- nothing in life is immortal. Everything will cease to exist one fine day. What we have to recognise is the ability to not let whatever ends to trouble us anymore. Sometimes it's okay for relationships to turn sour and have a negative impact on our being. What's not okay is for us to welcome the same association back into our life. Sometimes we must shut our doors completely on whatever that is negative in order to live a healthy life. So if something has impacted you in a bad way then definitely learn from the experience and move on ahead. (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images Apart from these valuable lessons, heartbreak also teaches us that no matter what, life goes on and you can only learn to embrace these situations and slowly let go of them. Take your time to heal and grieve but when you do decide to move on, don't look back and fall. Rise and take any hurdle in your stride. You will not realise it momentarily, but there is a lot you can learn through heartbreak and some learnings stay with you through life!
  25. Looking at Manav Kaul singing, dancing, playing the guy next door with Vidya Balan in 'Tumhari Sulu' is something you never thought would ever happen. Well, blame it on the roles he has played in films like 'Kai Po Che', 'Wazir' and 'Jai Gangaajal'. We have seen him playing the antagonist a bunch of times, but with this new film, he seems to be venturing into new territory. For all intents and purposes, Kaul is all set to break the mould and redefine himself as an actor. © Twitter In the 20 years since Manav arrived at Victoria Terminus in the city of dreams, he finally feels he has gotten the role he always wanted to play. “I think it was the script that made me fall in love with the film. I have been playing only negative roles for a while now. But filmmaker Suresh Triveni saw something different in me. It is difficult in the film industry to make people believe that you can do something else also and play a loveable character. I was a bit hesitant at first, but after this film, I can surely say 'Mein Kar Sakti Hai',” says Manav to MensXP. © Twitter The trailer of 'Tumhari Sulu' has already garnered a ton of positive response since its release. The film examines the dreams and aspirations of a middle-class family, giving us a touch of the cinematic genius of Hrishikesh Mukherjee's films but set in a modern and more contemporary era. “Of course, it's a film that has a slice of life and we haven't seen this kind of film in a long time. It is a very light-happy film, reminding you of Hrishikesh Da's films,” he added. While many might look at it as a film with a feminist message, as the story revolves around Vidya's character Sulu, Manav tells us why this is a film that every man should watch as well. “You have Ashok in the film and he is absolutely in love with Sulu, his wife. And the way the entire family works together and laughs together is one thing that everyone should implement in their lives. It's a love story of a husband and wife which we haven't seen in a while. Talking about the relationship, you will realise how small things matter so much in a relationship. It's not about those big things but about day to day small things that we share with each other and appreciating your partner's madness. Remember, that's how any relationship works.” © Twitter Talking about the film, Manav also gave us a sneak peek into his early life, which, by the way, would make a brilliant subject for a biopic in the future. “We shifted to Hoshangabad from Baramulla, Kashmir. It wasn't a planned decision but something that came our way. In order to earn money, I have done a lot of things, taught dancing to kids, opened a library, sold goli biscuits.” But this was just the beginning and eventually, he carved out his own path. It wasn't easy but he made sure he achieved it. 'तà¥à¤®à¥à¤¹à¤¾à¤°à¥ सà¥à¤²à¥' पहलॠपà¥à¤¯à¤¾à¤° à¤à¥ à¤à¥à¤¦à¤à¥à¤¦à¥ à¤à¥ तरह मà¥à¤°à¥ नसà¥à¤ मà¥à¤ हरà¤à¤¤ à¤à¤°à¤¤à¥ रहॠहॠà¤à¤¬ सॠà¤à¤¶à¥à¤ à¤à¥ à¤à¤¾à¤¨à¤¾ हà¥à¥¤ सà¥à¤°à¥à¤¶ तà¥à¤°à¤¿à¤µà¥à¤£à¥ (लà¥à¤à¤ निरà¥à¤¦à¥à¤¶à¤) नॠ'à¤à¤ªà¤¨à¥ सà¥à¤²à¥' à¤à¥ à¤à¤ªà¤¨à¥ बहà¥à¤¤ हॠनिà¤à¥ à¤à¥à¤·à¤£à¥à¤ मà¥à¤, à¤à¥à¤°à¥ à¤à¤¾à¤à¤¼à¤à¤¼à¥à¤ à¤à¥ सामनॠबड़ॠहिà¤à¤à¤¤à¥ हà¥à¤ 'तà¥à¤®à¥à¤¹à¤¾à¤°à¥ सà¥à¤²à¥' तठपहà¥à¤à¤à¤¾à¤¯à¤¾ हà¥à¤à¤¾! मà¥à¤ à¤à¤¶à¥à¤ बनà¤à¤° à¤à¤ à¤à¥à¤à¥ पà¥à¤à¥ मà¥à¤ à¤à¥à¤ रà¥à¤à¤¼à¤®à¤°à¥à¤°à¤¾ à¤à¥ मधयमवरà¥à¤à¥à¤¯ à¤à¤ªà¤¡à¥ लिठà¤à¤¨à¤à¥ साथ हॠलिया था। à¤à¤¬ यातà¥à¤°à¤¾ मà¥à¤ मà¥à¤°à¤¾ à¤à¤¾à¤® à¤à¤¼à¤¤à¥à¤® हà¥à¤ मà¥à¤à¤¨à¥ पà¥à¤à¥ à¤à¥à¤² दॠà¤à¤° à¤à¤¶à¥à¤ à¤à¥ à¤à¤¾à¤¨à¥ दिया!!! यह यातà¥à¤°à¤¾ 17 नवà¤à¤¬à¤° à¤à¥ à¤à¤ªà¤¨à¥ मà¤à¤à¤¼à¤¿à¤² पर पहà¥à¤à¤à¤¨à¥ वालॠहà¥à¥¤ पर à¤à¤¶à¥à¤ à¤à¤¯à¤¾ नहà¥à¤ वह à¤à¤¬ सà¥à¤°à¥à¤¶ नाम सॠसाथ मà¥à¤ हà¥à¥¤ @sureshtriveni @balanvidya @nehadhupia @vjymaurya #तà¥à¤®à¥à¤¹à¤¾à¤°à¥à¤¸à¥à¤²à¥ #TumhariSulu A post shared by Manav Kaul (@manavkaul) on Nov 11, 2017 at 10:33pm PST Coming back to film, Kaul also talks about his experience working with Vidya Balan and just couldn't stop raving about her. “Vidya is a great human being. She is such a chilled out person. And as an actor, she is such a giver. I think when your co-actor is good you tend to perform better and she knows that. She is just so good, not just to me but everyone around her. She makes sure that you give your 100 percent. I remember there was a day when I had to shoot alone but she came all way just to make me feel comfortable. She knows how to break the ice; it is because of her I could perform so well. So I feel she is just a wonderful person and it is absolutely my privilege to work with her.” © Twitter For Manav, working in films was never about money. Coming from an impoverished background, he has seen a lot in life but never gave up on his dream, which is indeed inspirational. From becoming a swimming champion to moving people with his stage performances, Kaul has carved out his own path and remains strong in his principals and ideals, which sometimes creates hurdles for him when it comes to work. He is an actor who feels something out of the box and challenging has to come his way, be it on stage or on screen, or he is fine doing absolutely nothing! Now that is one hell of a way to think, during the time when most people in tinsel town would die to get even a small role. Two decades in the industry and once can surely say that Kaul has come a very long way indeed!