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Found 81 results

  1. Abracadabra…and it's clean. Now, splash some water, pat dry and instill hydration back into the skin (with a moisturizer). But well, wiping the desert clean isn't the biggie here, you see. The process, (depending on how hairy you are and what's on your mind), that involves the right tools, a firm hand, tested angles and a knack of trimming sensitive skin, is the actual test of your manscaping skills. Which, at an amateur level, leaves cuts, boils, burning sensations or worse—a bloody mess, sometimes. Speaking of genital mowing and its sporadic repercussions, these 5 men here have a few personal horrific tales to share with the world. © Marie Claire 1. "When pulling back my foreskin wasn't fun anymore" - Vishesh, 27 "Just a normal night, man…I was home alone, nothing to do, so decided to shave my cave. You know the drill. The dick was in my hand and I was moving a brand new razor over my foreskin, slowly approaching the head of my *****. I'm not circumcised, by the way. Then what? I got cut, dude—right below the gift wrapping tip of my foreskin. What I first saw as an ordinary abrasion, ended up oozing out a few drops of blood. It was burning like fire and for the next few days, well…I couldn't jack off for the next few days." © Enki Relations 2. "Balls are like (your) Adam's Apple. Very, very sensitive" - Sagar, 23 "So, I'm not the guy who usually shaves his balls. I just shave my dick and areas around it (never the balls). I've actually just been very fearful of shaving them—they look wrinkly, so appear very sensitive. But this one day, I gathered some courage and decided to trim them with my electric trimmer anyway. A very, very bad decision (obviously), that eventually called for antiseptic intervention and a band-aid for a week. Besides being painful, it felt weird having something stuck up my balloons." © Hemophilia Federation of America 3. "Skin tags are a reality. Even down there" - Anish, 26 "I've been trimming since I was 16. I'm 26 now and believe that I've mastered the art of manscaping. But until a few months back, I wasn't aware of one big thing that can happen down there—skin tags. So here's what happened—I noticed a bump on my taint a while back. What looked like just a random boil initially, turned out to be a skin tag (a term I stumbled upon when I started to google). With time, it grew bigger and started to pain even if I walked. Just three days later, for the first time as a grown-up adult, I found myself flashing to a doctor—who removed my skin tag with a laser. Casual!" © Telegraph UK 4. "Grip is good but it can let you down" - Yohann, 24 "Sometime around Diwali last year, I was snipping every long strand off my balls. I was holding them straight up and tight (for more grip) and cutting them very close to the root. You see, the terrain of your sack skin is weird anyway, right? I got very impatient this one second and snipped my skin along too. Of course, the skin didn't fall off, my jaw did." © Very Smart Brothas 5. "If you're gay and manscape your bum, you've nicked your hole at least once in life" - Shantanu, 25 "First off, it was my first time doing it. And two, I didn't have a hand mirror with me. I was standing awkwardly, bent over, in front of my bathroom mirror, hoping for a seamless arse-trimming experience. Of course, I misjudged while trimming around my hole (maybe because I was even panicking with paranoia), I ended up nicking my hole. TBH, it wasn't as painful as I thought it would be and I applied antiseptic instantly. But I really had trouble pooping for the next few days. Plus, I'm a bottom, so no *** for a week. Ugh."
  2. If you have been following the standup comedy scene in India, you would know Sumit Anand. We came across a fairly recent standup gig he performed on being an engineer, working from home, and dealing with your maid when you are all of the above. Talking about his lazy routine, he confesses the most difficult part of his job is dealing with the maid. © YouTube/Sumit Anand It has its perks though: © YouTube/Sumit Anand Watch Sumit Anand talk about being lazy in a world where everybody is running to finish first. Since you already have your headphones out, you cannot not watch this hilarious gig by Abhishek Upmanyu on breakups and respecting your elders. We all have that one friend who brings up his breakup in every conversation: © YouTube/Abhishek Upmanyu You can't miss his trademark ‘masooda' joke! If you have watched his live gigs, you'd know the ‘masooda' joke is the highlight of many a show. A rather uncommon joke about gums, it's even more hilarious with Upmanyu's live antics. Say "I got ‘em nice masoodas" in the comments section below if anyone has ever commented on your erm…masoodas.
  3. French theatres are set to break a major taboo and show adverts before the curtain goes up. In what they claim is a world first, 12 privately-owned theatres in Paris will in November begin apeing cinemas by showing ads as well as teaser videos for their forthcoming productions. Five playhouses outside the capital have also signed up with up to 30 other theatres -- including subsidised public ones -- for talks to follow suit. "Theatres are caught in a double bind: how to promote their own plays and how to make up for falling receipts and subsidies," said Alexandre Vernier, who heads ODW Regie, the agency behind the move. His company will screen four minutes of ads before plays start, two minutes of normal advertising with the rest of the time given over to promoting upcoming plays. "The idea is not to irritate theatregoers but to give them something to watch while they wait for the play to start," Vernier told AFP. "Theatres are prestigious places so the advertising will be high-end, for cars, jewellery and perfume," he added. Theatres are already trying to drum up interest in new productions with video clips posted on social media, while cinemas in the French capital regularly show ads for new plays, ballets and stand-up shows. Do we need more ads? Karine Marchi, who co-runs four theatres in central Paris, said showing adverts in theatres themselves was an obvious next step. "The fact that we can promote our own plays is really something for us. We do not have the crazy sums you need to drum up publicity," she said. Marchi argued theatres had been missing a trick for decades by not copying cinemas. "When I go to the cinema the trailers really make you want to go see those films and I hope the same will be the case for our audiences." But many theatre owners remain sceptical. Jacques Mailhot, who runs the cabaret theatre Les 2 Anes (The Two Donkeys) in the French capital, said, "We are already being bombarded with advertising everywhere, do we need to add any more?" He also claimed that the idea was not new -- theatres used to project crude written adverts for their productions in the past. And Bernard Murat, who owns the Edouard VII theatre in Paris and heads the private theatre union, said chasing after advertising money was an "expression of disarray". "I think we should be looking at other ways of getting the means that we should have, notably from he state because of our public service," he added. And he insisted that letting in advertising might lead to "ridiculous" scenes. "I hope that we won't end up with adverts between acts or actors having to stop before their deliver a quip for an ad."
  4. No marks for guessing. What do you do when you're alone?
  5. Growing up as in Indian kid in the UK during the early 90s, I noticed a lot of emphasis being placed on the notion that we brown people (collectively) smell. It was made painfully obvious that our skin was dark, our accents were thick and our body hair was even thicker. No hard feelings but times were different, and my parents' generation was probably working too hard to notice the overwhelming fumes of tadka emanating from their clothes. As a result, I became conscious of my own smell and vowed to squash any personal contribution to the negative stereotypes surrounding Asians in the west. Fast forward to 2017 and I now find myself living in India, writing articles for a reputed men's website that focuses on educating the Indian man on what it means to be ‘suave'. When asked to discuss whether or not straight men should shave their pits—I thought it was an absolute no-brainer. In my opinion, all men of any orientation should have clean armpits for the sake of basic hygiene. In a country that sits among the 5 hottest in the world today, you would expect hairless armpits to be enforced by law. And who could possibly find a furry cesspool attractive? Obvious, right? … Wrong. I began my research, expecting the general opinion to align with mine. I picked the brains of friends, family and co-workers, a gay flatmate, a straight housekeeper and a driver whose preference remains a mystery. All shared their perspectives on this all important subject. To my surprise, I discovered that opinions on men's underarms were stronger than I expected and they varied immensely. Even the all knowing Internet led me down a dark and dangerous path, exposing attitudes influenced by culture and religion to name a few. As a result, my only conclusion was that there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to the hairy subject of pits-n-bits. © Instagram/Francisco Lachowski As it happens, some people find body hair extremely attractive. Both men and women revealed that a hairy man is rugged, primal and sexy - think Hugh Jackman, Tom Selleck or our very own Anil Kapoor. An image of the strong, brooding alpha male comes to mind. Additionally, it is debated that armpit hair helps in several ways such as naturally removing moisture and sweat from the skin as well assisting in ventilation. In contrast, others swear that a hairy-pitted man equates to a smelly man—an absolute turn off in the sack. The same side argues that the appearance of scraggly strands of hair has an immediate detrimental effect on the libido. There is, however, a well sized middle group who maintain that armpit afros are both necessary and attractive, providing they are kept under control. This view states that totally clean armpits can cause friction if not layered up with copious amounts of talcum powder, and are still prone to sweat and body odour. In the end, the decisions made about your body hair rest upon the preferences of yourself and your partner. Do what works for you—just be considerate and try not to stink out the place whichever way you go.
  6. WASHINGTON: A cholesterol drug reduced by 28 percent the mortality rate among men who had high cholesterol but no heart disease, according to new research out Wednesday. In the longest such trial to date, spanning 20 years, researchers at Imperial College London found that 40 miligrams daily of pravastatin reduced deaths from heart disease in participants by more than a quarter. The patients, 5,529 men, had high cholesterol levels but not heart disease. Senior author Kausik Ray from Imperial's School of Public Health said that "for the first time, we show that statins reduce the risk of death in this specific group of people who appear largely healthy except for very high LDL levels. This legitimises current guidelines which recommend treating this population with statins." Researchers found that giving pravastatin to men with very high LDL levels reduced 20-year overall mortality rates by 18 per cent, the study published in Circulation found. Statins also reduced the overall risk of death by coronary heart disease by 28 per cent, and cut the risk of death by other cardiovascular disease by 25 percent among those with very high LDL cholesterol. "Our findings provide the first trial-based evidence to support the guidelines for treating patients with LDL above 190mg/dL and no signs of heart disease. They also suggest that we should consider prescribing statins more readily for those with elevated cholesterol levels above 155 mg/dl and who also appear otherwise healthy."
  7. A professor during my college years once quoted, “if the rape is inevitable, enjoy it”. He silenced the classroom with what he through was a half witted metaphorical remark. His words pierced through our morale like a wisely crafted, shapeless dagger and we gave each other a questionable look, unlearning what we always thought was right…or wrong. What did that statement even imply? He came from a fairly staunch army background and he used the statement as a metaphor to denote the existence of helplessness and stagnancy in society. But was there any literal truth behind his fastidious statement? The statement, if taken literally could indicate the repugnant thought process behind most heinous crimes committed in today's day and age, rape being at the frightening brink of it. The callousness with which a rape crime is dealt with today is appalling and breeds contempt in our otherwise highly moralistic society, ironically so. Cultural superiority shown by the men in our society, condemns any act of forced sexual violence in a marriage as rape in today's day and age and there is nothing women can do about it. Nothing. © Thinsktock Where does this superiority stem from? Is it believed to come from thoroughbred conditioning, where a boy sees or hears his mother being forced into vile sexual acts by his father, against her will and normalcy prevails in the household a minute later, for the boy to deem the experience as ‘normal'? Or has been engraved in our psyche through Bollywood movies, that showcase the idea of marital rape as ‘just another scene to fill irregular voids in the film'. I mean we all remember these movies well. There was Raani Mukherji displaying her angry goddess avatar in 'Mehendi', when she was raped and beaten up and asked to bring dowry from her father if she wanted her status as the ‘bahu' restored, in her in-laws house. The film didn't talk about bringing in the ‘laws' that surround these crimes, when they were committed on her. It didn't talk about what the law says for crimes like marital rape and emotional abuse. It just had Mukherjee seeking vengeance and physically beating up the entire family to pulp, for whatever they had put her through. Marital rape is real and legal and according to United Nations Population Fund, 75% of Indian women suffer through it everyday, behind closed doors. A committee set up by justice SC Verma after the Delhi gang rape recommended marital rape to become a punishable offence under IPC but the government showed deterrence towards bringing this recommendation to life. The government in fact stated that marriage inevitably presumes consent and there is no question of forced sexual violence. So in a “progressive” country like India, if a women is married at the 15 and above, and she is subjected to forced sexual violence by her husband, it doesn't fall under the realm of a crime committed. If she is younger than 15 and raped by her husband, it's only then that the act is a punishable crime, which also brings to question the hypocritical duality of underage marriages in our society and the government's weak stance on it. After these recurring arguments whether or not martial rape should be criminalised in India, I was curious enough to ask 19 young Indian married/unmarried men what their opinion was on this age old draconian law and most men had some severe standpoints and felt strongly about rape in general. © Thinsktock Here's what the youth had to say: Parakram Kakkar, Lawyer & Public Policy Expert Age: 27 The recent court rulings discounting marital rape are disconcerting. My opinion is the same as any reasonable liberal. The build up of a narrative against criminalizing a marital rape based on the notion that doing so would destabilize the institution of marriage should get the award for being the most draconian legal argument of 2017. While the Supreme Court is taking a stand on issues like privacy and triple talaq- the establishment is drilling holes in this progressive and liberal approach. Tamseel Hussain- Millennial Expert Age: 30 Let's get our terms correct, marital rape is the act of sexual intercourse with one's spouse without the consent of the spouse. Consent which is a term that struggles to breakthrough our social norms, spouses in this context are mostly women who are the victims. It's outrageous that India still doesn't have a law that protects women from marital rape. Data suggests that most rapes take place within the confines of home. Most of the developed world has penalised marital rape, surprisingly yet, there is no law to protect married women against marital rape in India- we still don't understand consent and gender social norms it seems. Anonymous Age: 38 Without question the issue of marital rape must be addressed and is being so by the courts. A decision in favour of accounting for marital rape would have significant and positive ramifications. But that's the obvious part. What maybe required though is to see this entire step as major reform of archaic and more often than not patriarchal institutions. If this is truly being seen as a reform then the resistance in terms of concerns like ‘saving the institution of marriage' is but natural, no matter how absurd that may sound. After all, reforms in society have met with similar resistance. The reformers of the past were clever though, the likes of Raja Ram Mohan Roy's and Annie Besant's adopted a bottom up approach to bring awareness of the need for the reforms at grassroots level. The point being, that even if the court gives a favourable verdict, which seems logical to assume, there is need of building more and more awareness of why this reform is so crucial to Indian society, all over India. We should not find ourself in a situation where a section of society is at odds with generational practices and a law they may not fully understand. There is a need for patience and perseverance, to dispel archaic notions as much as, as it is important to modernise the legal system. Nipun Bhalla- Sports Marketing Professional Age: 28 Let's get one thing straight from the get go; rape is rape and as such should not be shrouded under the garb of a particular type. Rape is one of the few words in the English language which in today's world, especially India is no longer subjective and its centre lies the agreement of both individuals, i.e. consent. If both people involved in the act of *** are not in agreement, the act itself should be termed rape and treated as a criminal offense. Marital rape is no different. The holy bond of matrimony as per a piece of document certifying marriage does not give either person the right to engage in any activity constituting intercourse with the other, without consent, including any and all instances of inebriation. India unfortunately has too many closed doors and very little conversations regarding what constitutes rape. We as people are either too afraid and the consequences or bound by the shackles of judgement by our peers and our society to speak the truth or hold people accountable for their actions which make terms like harassment, rape, sexual abuse subjective. Anonymous Age: 31 Marital rape should be illegal and the legal system should offer foolproof protection on the same but the governments stand that it will negate the institution of marriage is bullshit and this decision panders to the Hindu conservative base just like the triple talaq pandered to the Muslim women base. No is no, marriage or no marriage. Amitesh Singhal – Filmmaker & Entrepreneur Age: 35+ I believe there is no difference between marital rape and normal rape. Its about consent. It has to be criminalised because women should have control over their own bodies and men need to stop looking at them as possessions. © Thinsktock Anonymous Age: 34 Marital rape exists whether judges in the SC believe it or not. That criminalising marital rape will “destabilise the institution of marriage” is an inane statement to make. You shouldn't be married to one another if you have force yourself on the other person. That too for ***. Having said that, there is a lot of misuse (on both sides) of the law. I also think a completely new/different set of laws should be drafted. Amending a 100-year-old law makes no sense whatsoever. Shubham Jain – Entrepreneur Age: 28 According to me, *** without consent under any circumstances, with a guy or a girl is considered as rape, using any kind of force, physical or mental. I also believe if the husband or the wife doesn't want to have *** they should be allowed to get a divorce on the basis of that decision, without any form of alimony. But other questions arise out of this situation such as the husband or the wife seeking divorce on the grounds of “*** not being allowed” should he or she be entitled to any kind of compensation? This is directly connected to marital rape because if the guy is asked to give alimony to his wife on the basis of false accusations of marital rape made by her, then it's wrong. There are cases like that too. Rohan Raj – Sports Editor Age: 27 Consent is very important, not just in a marriage but also in a relationship. Basic human rights cannot be overlooked in the name of culture, even if it comes at a cost of people losing their faith in the institution of marriage. Abhinav Rajpal – Managing Director, Indian Surgical Equipment Company Age: 29 It comes down to how consent is defined in India today. Everyone has a right on their body which cannot be violated, even when you're married but if the law is not clearly defined, it can be taken advantage of, for sure. Shriram Srinath – Marketing Proffessional Age: 29 I think there should be laws recognising and criminalising marital rape but there should be deterrents against pressing false charges as well. Nishank – Musician & Marketing Professional Age: 29 I am totally against it. No one has the right to inflict mental ( and possibly physical) trauma to anyone. Sikandar Kamal – Marketing Professional Age: 30 Marital rape has been a prevalent stigma that haunts our society even in the 21st century. It is imperative that this should be treated as a criminal offense with a case in point being dowry and most importantly proof of innocence should rest with the accused party. Avinash Bajaj – Advertising Professional Age: 29 I feel it's a ridiculous practice! But, it goes much deeper than just the surface level. There is dissatisfaction or an inherent problem (either of too much libido and not enough outlets, or not getting enough *** at home or not having healthy, open conversations about the same or addiction to too much porn). Sometimes, it is one party's refusal to *** altogether. Other times, generally more prevalent, it is the fact that people don't discuss these things or don't respect each others boundaries. I feel, not having enough conversation and not understanding the other party's need is the problem. Conversation, empathy and understanding is what we lack. And it leads to non-consensual *** from either side. © Share Your Essays Alok Yepuri – Creative Director Age: 31 There is nothing like marital rape. Rape is rape, whether it's by a known person or an unknown one. Just because you're officially sharing a bed with someone, doesn't give him or her right to invade your body without consent. Unfortunately, most illiterate women don't even know the meaning of it, or the fact that they are being raped. They think that's what marriage and life is about. Shantanu Prasher – Health Editor Age: 26 If you think the recent government ruling on marital rape is justified, your understanding of marital rape is just like your erection. Weakand limp! Pranav Kapoor – Entrepreneur Age: 30 Be it marriage, or without, the punishment should be the same. Life imprisonment or death. You can't treat it differently just because it happens in a marriage. Harsht Jain – Audio Engineer Age: 26 Marital rape should classify as a criminal offence. Any form of rape should be treated equally. Saurabh Sharma – Entrepreneur Age: 35 I personally believe that there is nothing worse than legitimizing crime. Marital rape is an example of this. I can't think of what is worse than rape, as it not only ensues safety of the oppressor (thereby encouraging them) but also not legally supporting the victim which silences and torments them further. I request everyone to support and spread awareness about the evil of marital rape to ensure we have legal support for the cause. What I gathered from these heartfelt responses was that rape really shouldn't be categorised or bracketed. If that be the case, we would incorporate it under any circumstance or occasion even. Rape is simply, rape and it takes terminological form when there is absence of consent. The government fails to recognise the nuances of this brutal crime and the hegemony or the lack of it present to make stricter laws against such crimes, simply loses faith, altogether. I'm going to leave you with a quote from Om Prakash Chautala, the former chief minister of Haryana, “Girls should be married at the age of 16, so that they have their husbands for their sexual needs, and they don't need to go elsewhere. This way rapes will not occur”. Are you as astounded by the classless and distasteful “intellect” and crass hypocritical stance by our “leaders”, as I am?
  8. An activist of the Socialist Unity Centre of India (SUCI) holds a poster during a protest against the recent gang-rape of a woman in a moving car, in Kolkata, India, according to local media, May 31, 2016. REUTERS/Rupak De Chowdhuri NEW DELHI: Criminalising marital rape could "destabilise" marriages and make men vulnerable to harassment by their wives, said India's government in response to a plea in the capital's high court. Victims and rights groups are seeking to change the law on marital rape, but the government said husbands risked being falsely accused of rape if the change were to go ahead. It compared the proposal to outlaw marital rape with India's tough anti-dowry law, which men's rights groups say women are misusing to settle personal vendettas. "It has to be ensured adequately that marital rape does not become a phenomenon which may destabilise the institution of marriage, apart from being an easy tool for harassing the husbands," said an affidavit filed in the Delhi High Court. Tuesday's statement by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's right-wing government also said that the country should not blindly follow Western countries that have criminalised marital rape, as illiteracy and diversity make India unique. Sexual violence against women is widely reported. Stories abound of girls molested en route to school or at home by relatives, or of women picked up by men in cars and gang raped. The 2012 murder and gang rape of a 23-year-old woman on a Delhi bus triggered protests, forcing the government to set up a panel to amend laws related to violence against women. While India's parliament passed some of its recommendations, such as criminalising stalking and making acid attacks a specific offence, it did not agree with the panel's proposal to outlaw marital rape. More than 50 countries, including the United States, Nepal, Britain, and South Africa, criminalise marital rape. In India, conservative and patriarchal norms make it difficult for victims to speak out about sexual violence by their husbands, activists say. As a result, there are no accurate figures on marital rape. More than 40 percent of married women aged 15 to 49 experience domestic violence, according to government data, rising to 70 percent among child brides. Activists want India's rape law ? which provides an exemption for sexual intercourse by a man with his wife if she is more than 15 years old ? to be declared unconstitutional as it discriminates against married women and girls. The court hearing before a two-judge bench continues. ?via Thomson Reuters Foundation
  9. Well, why not? Who doesn't like a little bit of fictional crush on the side? Especially when the men of the show look like a million dollars, can swing swords like knives, weave words like poetry and kiss with the passion of a thousand blazing suns. When the Dothraki men ride the horses, it's like watching art come alive. © HBO It could go on and on - that's the beauty of the men on 'Game of Thrones'. But as we slowly come to an end, most of the characters have been well sketched out for us to rank them as boyfriends! Here are the top 6 men on Game Of Thrones ranked as boyfriends - from best to worst! 1. Jon Snow © HBO No guesses about this one. This man proved himself a great warrior, lover and ruler. He was loyal to his girl even after her death and he sure knows how to fight! He may be a tad bit too brave for his own good but we ain't complaining as long as it keeps him alive. With looks like those and the power to unite the North, he is certainly at the top of this list. Also, wasn't it so hot when he refused to bend the knee in spite of having witnessed the dragons and being on the Queen's land? 2. Tyrion Lannister © HBO He drinks. He knows things. And he isn't afraid to take up arms when needed. The smallest but the smartest man on the show would make a terrific boyfriend, thanks to his quick wit, wisdom and bravery. Remember the time he was married to Sansa? That's one great gentleman! 3. Grey Worm © HBO Smouldering looks and tricks with the tongue--no surprises why he made it to the list in spite of his "shortcomings". He is a valiant warrior and the silent lover and that is hot as hell! He is also a loyal subject and sure knows how to be a loyal lover! 4. Gendry © HBO Well, okay. He just made it back to the show but have you seen him swing that thing? Also, let's not forget that he did survive the boat ride with little experience and almost no resources! Something tells me he is going to be an amazing boyfriend! 5. Jaime Lannister © HBO Well, no points for guessing why he's down here. Apart from having a relationship with his own sister, he is also a man who pushed a kid down a tower for his own benefit. Even though he has changed a lot over the seasons, it still takes a lot to make him see things in the right light! 6. Theon Greyjoy © HBO He betrayed Robb! Also, before he became the brooding victim, he used to be the guy who slept with anyone at every given opportunity. He did try to turn over a new leaf, but it's already too late. Besides, not everybody has Greyworm's tricks!
  10. Men, how many times have you heard phrases like ‘man up', ‘stop being a pansy', ‘men don't cry' or even ‘are you a girl, dude?' Isn't the insignificance of your emotions so palpable through these words? Many people, women mostly believe that men don't feel a thing; that since prehistoric time's men have learnt to deal with their emotions and they cannot afford to feel repressed at all. Well, these are just theories paved out of solid stereotypes the society has built to make one gender stronger than the other. Not just physically but emotionally too. But the stark reality is, men do feel. They feel the pain, the pinch, the heartbreak, the loss and the guilt as much as women do. They just sweep their emotion under the rug and let the toxicity or the negativity of that emotion plague their mind, for life. Well, that's absolutely alright if that's your coping mechanism but if there are some things you wish to do to heal yourself better, without letting the world know you're hurting, you can indulge in these things instead and probably heal in a healthier way. Get A Good Fitness Regime Going We can't stress enough on how exercise releases some happy chemicals in the brain. It also distracts you a great deal from whatever problem you're facing in your personal life and gives you zeal to fight it. Have an active fitness regime going for yourself. Pick a sport or some form of exercise and ace it. © Thinkstock/Getty Images Talk About It It's an age old myth that men don't talk about their feelings or they aren't supposed to. Let us tell you, that's highly unhealthy and a load of crap! The healthiest habit to have is to release all the thoughts and emotions though an active conversation with someone about how and what you're feeling. If you can't relate to anyone you know, going to a therapist is not a bad idea at all. As long as you're sharing, it's a good healing sign. The more you share, the more you shed! © Thinkstock/Getty Images Music, The Great Communicator! Music is a soulful way to heal. You can communicate through music while music communicates with you. Music is a great healer and the more you listen to it, the more feel good factor settles in. Listen to what your heart desires. Could be classical or jazz or some soulful nature tunes or heaviest of metals, music has the cure! © Thinkstock/Getty Images Adrenaline Rush Give yourself an adrenaline rush from time to time. We don't mean jump off a building. We mean indulge in some adventure sports often enough. A good adrenaline rush is great for healing. It gives you chance to see the bigger positive emotional rushes life has to offer. Figure what your adrenaline rush is and kill it! © Thinkstock/Getty Images Get Visual Visual entertainment is a good way to lure yourself towards healing. You could be indulgent with video games and Play Stations or following a show ardently, daily, or just watching a movie often enough. Visuals help a great deal letting go of all the emotional trauma held up inside of you. Next time set your eyes on a screen for sometime everyday. © Thinkstock/Getty Images Get Creative Creativity lets you release your emotion through your thoughts and ideas. If you like to paint, write, sing or create, it's a good sign to make paper balls out of your emotions and throw it into whatever you create. Let all the pain and guilt come out through some of your creative work. © Pexels Introspect and Talk To Yourself Take some time off from your busy schedules and spend some lonesome time. Space just for yourself is very important to heal. You can chose whatever you want to do in this time you have for yourself. Spend some time thinking about why the pain persists or how you can deal with it better. Think about what triggered it and how you can let everything go. Maybe stare at a blank wall and scream your lungs out or scream in to your pillow to let the frustration out. Whatever you do, do it with sincerity and think about every aspect that will help you heal better. © Thinkstock/Getty Images Men take the same time to heal, sometimes even longer than women. So take some time out from your daily schedule and give yourself a chance to embrace your emotional baggage.
  11. As we speak, tons of famous men are getting dressed for the concluding day of Lakme Fashion Week. Some are actors, models, designers, stylists and a few are just famous for their social circles. But let's not forget, there are also a select few who actually buy what's walking the runway. But among this diversity of fashion achievers and movie biggies, there lies a connecting thread—their ability to make people's heads turn and stare. Maybe their genes or their salon-level home grooming regimes, these men are doing something right. TAKE A LOOK... 1. Gaurav Khanijo, Menswear Designer ©Siddharth Batra Let's just say, he's made jumpsuits for men and Shahid Kapoor wears them. 2. Jackky Bhagnani, Actor ©Siddharth Batra Meet Mr. Bhagnani, lover of bright-hued suits and an impeccably-skilled groomer. Perfectly blow-dried mane and a well-contoured beard! 3. Mayank Anand, Actor/Designer ©Siddharth Batra Dill Mill Gayye's Dr. Rahul is good looking, blessed with brilliant eyes but primarily, has a design aesthetic that's completely unparalleled. 4. Elton Fernandez, Hair And Make Up Artist ©Siddharth Batra The #1 reason why Aditi Rao Hydari looks flawlessly pancaked. 5. Neeraj Gaba, Show Director ©Siddharth Batra If there are 6 fingers and 100 supermodels in a room, Mr. Gaba has each one of them on his fingertips. 6. Jim Sarbh, Actor ©Siddharth Batra He's famous, sure. But at Fashion Week, he was grabbing every eyeball for the 'art' on his forehead. 7. Pranav Mishra, Designer ©Siddharth Batra Huemn's co-founder and designer, Pranav is someone you can't help but notice at every Fashion Week. His rough (but trimmed) beard is his signature! 8. Rouhallah Gazi, Model ©Siddharth Batra Mr. Gazi's handsome, clicks very well (so of course, is a model) but most primarily—is some great, great company. Bonus? His personal style is extremely relatable. 9. Sidharth Bhardwaj, VJ/Actor ©Siddharth Batra He's been on episodes of Roadies and Splitsvilla, so we're assuming you know what he's famous for. But besides that, his grooming game is absolutely on point! 10. Akshay Tyagi, Celebrity Stylist ©Siddharth Batra If we may, Varun Dhawan looks his best when styled by stylist extraordinaire, Akshay Tyagi. Who himself, is no less fashionable either. 11. Arunoday Singh, Actor ©Siddharth Batra Taller than half the population of India and usually a man of sartorial classics, Mr. Singh has great taste in monochrome classics. 12. Sikandar Kher, Actor ©Siddharth Batra In person, Sikandar's very humble, and really knows how to hold a good conversation. But not sure if it's a skill or his acting genes, but his instense stare almost shattered our lens. Just kidding. 13. Sanjay Kumar Dauhaliya, Costume Stylist ©Siddharth Batra If there's someone who has Alia Bhatt as his 911, it's celebrity stylist Ami Patel's right hand—Sanjay Kumar. And yes, his calls never go unanswered. 14. Rabanne J, Model ©Siddharth Batra Though, last spotted at Fashion Week in a set of earthy colours, Rabanne's mane is something that caught our eyes first. Plus, kudos to him for walking in heels at the Manish Arora show! 15. Meiyang Chаng, Actor/Singer ©Siddharth Batra Wearing one of India's coolest homegrown labels, Antar Agni, Mr. Chang came to our notice because of himself, before anything else. His personality just can't go unnoticed! 16. Sushant Divgikar, Model/Actor ©Siddharth Batra Mr. Gay India 2014 and ex-Bigg Boss contestant, Sushant is a complete laughter riot. Plus, his 'do was just extremely well done! 17. Amit Hansraj, Buyer/Blogger ©Siddharth Batra Blogger at Indian Dandy, fashion buyer and owner of impeccable designer pieces—Amit Hansraj can basically be touted as a real fashion OG. 18. Asa Kazingmei, Designer ©Siddharth Batra From Hrithik Roshan to Salman Khan, Asa has dressed actors with varied sartorial aesthetics. And if you happen to pass by the man himself, his fierce footwear choices will come to your notice. 19. Arjun Dutta, Model/Footwear Designer ©Siddharth Batra The face of a number of brand campaigns, Arjun's knack of wearing tailored pieces is as good as the Brits. 20. Abhishek Paatni, Designer ©Siddharth Batra As you read this, the man's probably busy working on his mighty guns. Or maybe, basking in the glory of his highly-appreciated recent collection. 21. Nikhil Mansata, Stylist ©Siddharth Batra Wearing a classic white shirt, jeans and New Balance trainers—Nikhil's style was quite easy-going at FW. And, the quiff on top just added to his simplictic brilliance.
  12. Independence Day has come and gone and we're still struggling to free ourselves from our inner demons. Well that may take time but men, if you're struggling to be a free bird in your relationship from the tinniest, annoying nitty gritties your girlfriends puts you through, it's time to address these issues with them so they realise that there are bigger things in life to complain about, other than small inconsequential stuff !` We asked some men to tell us about some annoying habits their girls have, they truly need freedom from and here's what they had to say: Nagging Nagging really gets the better of every man. What is nagging? Well to be honest it's an art women have perfected over time and use it to get things done the way they think they're supposed to be done. It's beautiful really but not at the cost of pissing off a man who really doesn't deserve it. So the next time your girl nags you about a pair of your shoes that have been lying in the living room for four days, tell her they're furniture now. © Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images Indecisiveness Not about let's set the date and get married but more about where and what to eat. The indecisiveness is almost palpable! If this is an eternal issue with your girl then it's time you take charge and start making concrete plans and stick to them and make sure she does too! Directions! Why Bother? Most women have an inherent need to navigate. If they're not doing it in bed, they're surely doing it on the road! If a man knows where he is going, he probably knows best, so it's best to leave it to that. Unless of course he's lost and confused; leave him be even then. He'll figure it out eventually. Unless of course the girl is driving, then it's all sorted. © Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images The Office Hour Calls Gotta Stop Most men complained about the fact that their girl calls them every one hour during office hours. While that's truly endearing it's also annoying. If there is a lot of work at office no one really likes entertaining calls that are not important to the hour. Maybe a long conversation after work gets done can sort this dilemma out. © Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images The ‘Nothing' Game This is one of the most pressing and nerve wrecking issues men have to deal with. It takes a while to get to know a woman. So when they get to know her eventually and make an effort to ask her if something is wrong (when something actually is wrong) they always get an inevitable ‘nothing' out of their ladies. Maybe the women want their men to coax them into telling them the real deal but that's really not how it should work. Being straight up with the problem any woman has is really quite a relief for most men. Answering A Question With A Question! Is that even a thing? Well to most men it is. Men hate it when their questions aren't answered and then the question game is played, probably picked up from the popular show ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway'. For instance, if a man asks his woman what she would like to eat, hearing “what do you like to eat” back is really not a field trip for most men. Just answer the question and move on with the finer things in life! It would be so much simpler if women understood these annoying habits and curtailed them but that's what makes them irresistible too and men really come around and learn to deal with these things knowing they have annoying habits as well. But if your girl does any of the following more than once a day, it's time to address the issue immedietly.
  13. We asked some Indian men to list out the annoying things women do in bed. Here's what they came up with.
  14. Our favourite show ‘Game of Thrones' is back with its 7th season and so is our obsession for watching it before everyone else. To avoid spoilers and ruin it for everyone else, the fastest option seems to be the pirated and leaked versions floating online. Well, when half the world is watching it, why shouldn't we, right? But, ever wondered what happens to the source who leaks it? They get arrested by the cyber cell before they can even get to see the ‘leaked episode 6'. If Monday wasn't bad anyway, it turned worse for these four men who saw the real life White Walkers aka Mumbai police, walk into their lives and arrest them for leaking an episode of ‘Game of Thrones' online. © HBO Three employees of Prime Focus Technology and a former employee have been accused of leaking the show's fourth episode online. Reportedly, the complaint was filed by the company. It processes the series for online streaming service Hotstar and a Mumbai court remanded them in police custody till August 21. Yes, we are talking about ‘The Spoils of War' and apparently the leak of this episode was separate from the HBO hack that stirred a storm on the Internet. © HBO The company that is said to have the season's airing rights lodged a complaint after they found the low quality video of the episode on the internet, before the official airing. They caught hold of the culprits because they saw the channel's watermark on it. According to Hindustan Times, the people accused are Bhaskar Joshi, Alok Sharma, Abhishek Ghadiyal and Mohammad Suhail. They have been booked under section 408, 34 of IPC for breach of trust with common intention and sections 43 and 66 of IT Act for penalty and compensation for damage to computer and computer-related offences. ‘Game of Thrones' has already become the most pirated show on television and has compelled half of us to wait for the leak, more than the actual airing of any episode. While, we are losing our sh*t over the leaked episode 6, please beware before sharing anything because ‘cyber cell is coming'.
  15. We asked women what they thought was the hottest parts of a man's body.
  16. [embed_video1 url=http://stream.jeem.tv/vod/f51dcf27c2e215ba7920d19da96fff68.mp4/playlist.m3u8?wmsAuthSign=c2VydmVyX3RpbWU9OC84LzIwMTcgMjoxMjowOCBQTSZoYXNoX3ZhbHVlPUhLQjBMNDNZSUpoZExZUkV4Z2NudVE9PSZ2YWxpZG1pbnV0ZXM9NjAmaWQ9MQ== style=center] SEHWAN: A group of influential men thrashed a police official stationed at the Lal Shahbaz Qalandar shrine after he asked the men to stop harassing women at the shrine. According to SP Sehwan, the official was in the CCTV room where he saw the women being harassed in the CCTV footage. He then proceeded to stop the men, who in turn thrashed and tortured the police officer. The police officer sustained injuries and is under treatment in a hospital. Twelve suspects have been identified using the CCTV footage while one Yaseen Rind was presented in Anti-Terrorism Court today after a case was registered against him. Inspector-General Sindh has taken notice of the issue and has sought report of the incident.
  17. Welcome to the era of the saturated undercut. A hair trend, that's spreading like wildfire even today, but in our opinion, has run it's course. F*ck your hair stylist's opinion and what B-grade actors have been sporting, it's time you move past the over-done David Beckham cut. Just like Akshay Kumar, who was the first one to receive our cue. His version of the cut, AKA a polished military cut, is basically a high ranker off the Grooming Royalty club. Supremely neat, polished and with minimal use of pomade, the regulation cut on Mr. Kumar is what you absolutely need now. But holla, broesphs—we're not just here for a recommendation. Here's literally all you need to know about the cut! © Viral Bhayani A 'do that requires trimming the top of your hard and tapering sides, lucky for you, even lets you decide the appropriate length for yourself. Basically, it's on you to show off the right amount of skin. Pros: it's low maintenance and requires minimal effort. Cons: it calls for a regular trim. But c'mon, that's nothing. If the cut lets you pass off as stylish at any occasion, you'd rather pay the barber a few more visits. © Viral Bhayani And the procedure for the barber is simple too. In case you're looking at instructing him yourself, hear us out. First off, begin with trimming your top to a #4 or #5 (you can go lower, as per preference). Once you arrive on your desired length, turn to tapering the sides—to a number lower than the top. Or maybe, two numbers lower (again, as per choice). Opt for a slight fade towards the lower-half of your mane i.e. the area around the burns. Reason being, your face needs definition. © Viral Bhayani And that brings us to the question: how do you style it? Point 1, you don't need a blow dry for this. Unless of course, your length is too long. Two, you just need minimal pomade/wax to style. Take a minuscule amount on your fingertips and pull the hair back in the direction of your parting. Talking of the parting, that's crucial here too—most men part at the point where your brows conclude. However, you can do as you please. © Viral Bhayani Basically, this cut is a easy one to achieve. Plus, it's brings polish along. And if you've been obsessing over the undercut for a while, hope we've turned the pages for you.
  18. SYDNEY: Australian police said two men have been charged over terror-related offences involving plans to place an improvised explosive device on a passenger jet flight leaving Sydney, and, separately, to build a device to release poisonous gas. Australian Federal Police Deputy Commissioner National Security Michael Phelan told a media conference on Friday that the men had assistance from Islamic State in Syria over the plot targeting an Etihad Airways flight. The explosive device was taken to Sydney's airport but the plan was aborted and the bomb did not breach airport security, he said. "This is one of the most sophisticated plots that has ever been attempted on Australian soil," Phelan said. "The explosive was a high-end explosive...I don't want to be specific because it's still under examination for the exactness of it, but high military grade explosive." Phelan said in a separate event, the same men attempted to create an improvised chemical device, although he said there was no evidence to suggest that would be used in a plane attack. Police arrested four men last weekend in raids across Australia's biggest city of Sydney. One man has been released while another is being held without charge under special counter-terror laws. Etihad said this week it was assisting police with its investigation.
  19. <p>“No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care”</p> <p> - Theodore Roosevelt</p> <p>There isn't anything worse than silence of a man when he's in a relationship. That silence could stem from his own drawbacks to find the right words or the irrational lack of emotional intelligence or EQ. We can't stress how important it is to develop your EQ, not just for your relationships but to enhance some qualities within yourself too (specially emotional intelligence).</p> <p>To start with, a man with a balanced level of EQ develops self awareness at a very early age. He is aware of his feelings and uses them to understand and perceive other people's thoughts, feelings and perceptions. He knows the extent to which he should invest in a situation and when do withdraw, to protect his own interest. A man who is self aware will always craft his moves in accordance to how secure he is about something and trust us, emotionally intelligent men are seldom insecure.</p> <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-full" title="What Men Need Most To Succeed In Life" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Aug/what-men-need-most-to-succeed-in-life1-1501654122.jpg" alt="What Men Need Most To Succeed In Life" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Aug/what-men-need-most-to-succeed-in-life1-1501654122.jpg" />© Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images</p> <p>He will always be empathetic or try and develop empathetic skills towards anyone who needs an ounce of empathy. Not only will he understand the situation better but he will always try and put himself in other people shoes. A man who is in touch with his emotional self will never say words like ‘it, alright, things like these happen, get over it' or ‘don't be sad, there are worst things in life'. Instead his emphatic self will delve in to the problem and find solutions, while understanding exactly what the other person is going though.</p> <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-full" title="What Men Need Most To Succeed In Life" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Aug/what-men-need-most-to-succeed-in-life2-1501654152.jpg" alt="What Men Need Most To Succeed In Life" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Aug/what-men-need-most-to-succeed-in-life2-1501654152.jpg" />© Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images</p> <p>Positivity is his life mantra. He might be exposed to bad news or situations on a daily basis but that does not deter his spirit to hold the ground positively. Instead of focusing on the problem he will always look for solutions with some inspirational advice to follow. It's because his EQ helps him understand that there isn't any point going in to a black hole of negativity and finding nothing there.</p> <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-full" title="What Men Need Most To Succeed In Life" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Aug/what-men-need-most-to-succeed-in-life3-1501654164.jpg" alt="What Men Need Most To Succeed In Life" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Aug/what-men-need-most-to-succeed-in-life3-1501654164.jpg" />© Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images</p> <p>A man with his emotions in place will usually feel out of energy most days. It's because he is expending a lot of energy in dealing with his emotions and the emotion of others. The best way to balance this emotional cycle is to deflect all the negative emotions he may come across and absorb just the positive ones. This could take time, if you're naturally emotionally sound. The process of holding on and letting go is tedious and needs some amount of introspection to get it right. Once he has found that balance, his level of energy will rejuvenate him and not tire him out, mentally or emotionally.</p> <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-full" title="What Men Need Most To Succeed In Life" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Aug/what-men-need-most-to-succeed-in-life4-1501654174.jpg" alt="What Men Need Most To Succeed In Life" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Aug/what-men-need-most-to-succeed-in-life4-1501654174.jpg" />© Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images</p> <p>Setting boundaries when you're an emotionally intelligent person is important. Learning when to say no to something or engage in another is directly proportional to how intelligence works when you emote. Demonstrate politeness, congeniality and a high regard for situations around you but also stay firm at the same time and learn when to say no.</p> <p>A man with a good level of emotional intelligence goes a long way. He connects rather easily with people around him and has successful, intimate relationships and never shies away from commitment. If you're looking to build your EQ right now, get on a spree of introspection, go inwards and re-connect with yourself. Trust us, women are always on a lookout for men who are emotionally sound and stable because emotional intelligence is the new sexy!</p>
  20. <p class="MsoNormal">Fun fact: Men can be pretty annoying too! We hope you're watching this and make amends. </p>
  21. <p>Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad. Also, don't take it personally. We're with you. </p>
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  23. <p>Fat loss is one of the most common goals that the majority of the population chases. Ask people why they have joined a gym and without thinking twice, they'll say “fat loss”. From people who are obese and need to lose weight for the sake of health, to people who chase aesthetics, everyone's on the same boat. This process is simple but not easy and yes, we all make mistakes. But today's article will focus on mistakes people make while trying to lose weight, which can be avoided. For those of you out there who are doing some of these, this piece is for you.</p> 1) Thinking That You Know More Than Your Coach <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-full" title="Common Mistakes Men Make On A Fat Or Weight Loss Diet" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/common-mistakes-men-make-on-a-fat-loss-diet-740x400-1-1501152864.jpg" alt="Common Mistakes Men Make On A Fat Or Weight Loss Diet" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/common-mistakes-men-make-on-a-fat-loss-diet-740x400-1-1501152864.jpg" />© Thinkstock/Getty Images</p> <p>A lot of people, just after a single visit to the nutritionist, start thinking that now they can take control of their diets. I have had a few clients who are very dedicated with their diet and motivated enough to follow what is asked to. However, over a short period of time, regardless of whether they are losing weight or not, they think it is alright to reduce their quantity of food intake to increase the effectiveness of the diet. To me and to science, this is a very bad idea. Most people worry too much about the number of calories consumed, rather than being concerned about where the calories are coming from. Dear people, please don't starve and try not being oversmart.</p> 2) Uncontrolled Mid Night Binges And Mistaking Thirst For Humger <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-full" title="Common Mistakes Men Make On A Fat Or Weight Loss Diet" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/common-mistakes-men-make-on-a-fat-loss-diet-740x400-2-1501152914.jpg" alt="Common Mistakes Men Make On A Fat Or Weight Loss Diet" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/common-mistakes-men-make-on-a-fat-loss-diet-740x400-2-1501152914.jpg" />© Thinkstock/Getty Images</p> <p>While on one hand, portion control for a heavy exercising individual is a big no, sleep walking to the fridge like a zombie at 3 AM to munch on a snack is not a great idea either. Although I do support the idea of eating whenever you are hungry but chances of a person on a fat loss diet grabbing a protein-rich meal after 12 in the night are lean. It's got to be something you aren't allowed to eat. Eating multiple meals does increase your BMR (Basal metabolic ratio), but it won't really cause any damage if you didn't wake up at 3 am to have your next meal. The human body often mistakes thirst for hunger, so the next time you feel hungry in the middle of the night, just reach for a bottle of water next to your bed.</p> 3) Giving Too Much Importance To Fat Loss Diet And Ignoring Muscle Building <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-full" title="Common Mistakes Men Make On A Fat Or Weight Loss Diet" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/common-mistakes-men-make-on-a-fat-loss-diet-740x400-3-1501152930.jpg" alt="Common Mistakes Men Make On A Fat Or Weight Loss Diet" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/common-mistakes-men-make-on-a-fat-loss-diet-740x400-3-1501152930.jpg" />© Thinkstock/Getty Images</p> <p>The key to fat loss is increasing your BMR. There are different ways to increase your BMR, such as HIIT programs and having multiple meals a day. However, people fail to realize that the rise in BMR has to be at its top level all throughout the day and not only while you bust a few moves in the gym. The only way to make sure your BMR is kept this way is by increasing your lean muscle mass. The more lean muscle you have, the better will be your BMR. The better BMR you have, the easier it will be for you to lose fat. If you want to stay fit and be a fat-burning machine, you need to look at the big picture. So make sure you eat not just to lose fat but also to gain muscle. A combination of good first class protein and complex carbs would do just great.</p> 4) Getting Your Emotions Involved <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-full" title="Common Mistakes Men Make On A Fat Or Weight Loss Diet" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/common-mistakes-men-make-on-a-fat-loss-diet-740x400-4-1501152942.jpg" alt="Common Mistakes Men Make On A Fat Or Weight Loss Diet" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/common-mistakes-men-make-on-a-fat-loss-diet-740x400-4-1501152942.jpg" />© Tnation</p> <p>Every other time I train or consult my clients, I get requests asking if they could eat some comfort food because of a messed up day at work. While having a cheat meal is okay, but having comfort food is really more on the dangerous lines. This will not only derail you from your plan but can also become a habit. Feeling sad, happy or bored seems like great reasons to drink and binge eat, but doing it too often can really hamper your fitness goals. While it is just human instinct to be emotional, having a one track mind about your goals can take you a long way. Try restricting your comfort food or drink as much as possible if you are serious about your fat loss goals.</p> 5) Wanting To Look Like That Fitness Model On Instagram <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-500" title="Common Mistakes Men Make On A Fat Or Weight Loss Diet" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/common-mistakes-men-make-on-a-fat-loss-diet-740x400-5-1501152955.jpg" alt="Common Mistakes Men Make On A Fat Or Weight Loss Diet" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/common-mistakes-men-make-on-a-fat-loss-diet-740x400-5-1501152955.jpg" />© Instagram</p> <p>People literally worship Instagram fitness models. They look up to them so ardently that they want to look just like them. Things go really wrong right here! Please know the fact that most of the IG models are on steroids and don't look ‘ripped' all year long. Though we can blame the beauty or fitness modeling industry for setting such goals for us but god has given us a brain. Moreover, the models you like haven't become like that over a year or two. Most of them have been training and eating right for decades. While most images are photoshopped to make them look perfect, some people still go through drastic measures to look like them. Excessive cardio, crash diets, starvation and steroid abuse are a few from a long list. If you want to look like a Greek God on the cover of a magazine, make sure you do it by eating healthy and exercising regularly. Make your goals realistic.</p> <p>Helius is one of Mumbai's most promising fitness professionals and part time kettle bell lecturer. His knowledge on nutrition and trainer soft skills management is well recognized. To know more about him <a href="https://www.facebook.com/PersonalFitnessTrainerAntiAgeingSpecialist/?fref=ts" target="_blank">CLICK HERE</a>, and mail your queries about fitness to heliusd@hotmail.com.</p>
  24. <p>I am not going to give you thirteen reasons why this is important, because this isn't your tape. Think of this as your awakening.</p> <p>My relationship with straight men has always been complicated and awkward, just like my relationship with protein supplements (How do they work? When am I supposed to have them? Is one scoop enough? Should I have it with milk or Greek yoghurt?). When I was younger and a less self-aware man, I remember getting nervous sweats every time I was introduced to a straight guy, in case they dissed me or disliked me. Instead, I would scuttle over to their sisters, girlfriends, and mothers – and talk about the latest episode of Gossip Girl, or which bar made the best cocktails in town. Honestly, I didn't want them to think I was trying to hit on them. What if they thought I was looking at their biceps, their abs, or worse, their crotch?</p> <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-full" title="Dear Straight Men, We Need To Talk About How You Feel About Gay Men" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/dear-straight-men-we-need-to-talk-about-how-you-feel-about-gay-men1-1500997550.jpg" alt="Dear Straight Men, We Need To Talk About How You Feel About Gay Men" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/dear-straight-men-we-need-to-talk-about-how-you-feel-about-gay-men1-1500997550.jpg" />© Unsplash</p> <p>Almost never, boys; almost never. It strengthened a bit over the years, this confused relationship with straight men—where I would occasionally guffaw over Sunny Leone's vital stats or nod my head (a little too energetically) over a football reference, but that was it--my girlfriends' husbands and boyfriends were just that, husbands and boyfriends - men who I always shared a degree of separation with. No life long bonds were formed; only ‘this-was-fun-we-should-do-it-again' plans were made.</p> <p>Plans that were never followed up, just like most alcohol-induced plans never are. Why did I not try? Could I have made an effort that went beyond telling them their choice in women was impeccable (Sunny Leone included)?</p> <p>Not really, because we had nothing in common – apart from the fact that we were crazy about the same women (platonically, in my case). What would I say to them? What if they thought I was weird, what if they thought I was different, but most importantly what if they thought I didn't fit in?</p> <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-full" title="Dear Straight Men, We Need To Talk About How You Feel About Gay Men" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/dear-straight-men-we-need-to-talk-about-how-you-feel-about-gay-men2-1500997577.jpg" alt="Dear Straight Men, We Need To Talk About How You Feel About Gay Men" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/dear-straight-men-we-need-to-talk-about-how-you-feel-about-gay-men2-1500997577.jpg" />© Unsplash</p> <p>I couldn't bear to go through high school in my twenties all over again.</p> <p>I got the validation at the beginning of this year. An acquaintance once stopped me on the way to the washroom, at a bar just a few months ago. ‘I've been meaning to tell you something for a really long time,' he slurred down my ears, his breath reeking of vodka and bad choices.</p> <p>‘What is it?' I asked, keeping a polite distance. Bad choices always give off a really strong odour.</p> <p>‘I don't want this to sound rude, but…' he trailed off.</p> <p>‘But?' I asked, slightly worried.</p> <p>Was my fly open? Did I have something stuck in my teeth? Had he seen me swipe my beer coaster? Did I have ketchup on my butt? Had he managed to catch me checking the cute waiter out? Could he know about that one time in 2013 when I shoplifted?</p> <p>Fortunately, it was none of the above.</p> <p>‘Dude, you are gay, but you are so…so...normal!' he lisped out, downing his fourth (or was it fifth?) shot for the night. He made me have a shot as well, but that's another story.</p> <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-full" title="Dear Straight Men, We Need To Talk About How You Feel About Gay Men" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/dear-straight-men-we-need-to-talk-about-how-you-feel-about-gay-men3-1500997604.jpg" alt="Dear Straight Men, We Need To Talk About How You Feel About Gay Men" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/dear-straight-men-we-need-to-talk-about-how-you-feel-about-gay-men3-1500997604.jpg" />© Unsplash</p> <p>The list of dull clichés attached to being a gay man is as endless as the number of players on standby in a cricket match – we are stylish, great at whipping up Pinterest DIY projects, love the colour lilac (and know what it is), hedonistic, ***-crazed and drug-addled party junkies to just name a few. Some of these will be self-perpetuating – there will always be hookup apps, there will always be drugs, there will always be clubs – and the only reason these clichés exist is because such people exist. But there's strong resistance by anyone who even slightly lives beyond these (terribly) narrow parameters to see beyond them – it's not always Grindr, gay bars and glory holes for us gay men.</p> <p>We also love our gimlets.</p> <p>It's unfortunate, though. I get that some straight men don't get gay men, just like they don't get independent, career-driven women. But then again, there's no magical cure for homophobia – no pill that wipes off strains of hate, and strands of intolerance from the bodies of the most right-wing, misogynistic bigots.</p> <p>But it's 2017, bro (for lack of a better word).</p> <p>Now the lines are blurring, all thanks to underground music and undercover drugs. The new age gay man has become your ‘quintessential straight guy'. He likes his beer (gluten-free), trips on techno music, loves to mansplain and isn't just guilty of sending (and receiving) dick pics; but also has them for breakfast (or brunch, which is the single favourite meal of the gay).</p> <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-full" title="Dear Straight Men, We Need To Talk About How You Feel About Gay Men" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/dear-straight-men-we-need-to-talk-about-how-you-feel-about-gay-men4-1500997626.jpg" alt="Dear Straight Men, We Need To Talk About How You Feel About Gay Men" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/dear-straight-men-we-need-to-talk-about-how-you-feel-about-gay-men4-1500997626.jpg" />© Unsplash</p> <p>The modern gay dude (because that's what he is) goes to the gym, and exchanges notes on HIIT workouts and keto diets with his gym buddies. They sometimes even do the MetaShred together. This new gay guy shares dank memes and gets excited about the Marvel Universe. He follows the Wimbledon, and also has a favourite football team, which is entirely unbiased of how attractive the players are.</p> <p>The gay man of 2017 has a ‘bro'verload of emotions and adrenaline - he follows the same rules of dating as the next red-blooded heterosexual down the corner (only he's better dressed, and well-groomed), rating his potential plus ones from fantastic to fuckboy – there's no difference really, unless one has to think about who fits the bill when things are going so bad, they might probably never see each other ever again.</p> <p>And this is just the beginning, my heterosexual peers. We are officially here, and we aren't going anywhere anytime soon.</p> <p>So how about we start up a bromance and just share our beers instead?</p>
  25. A Palestinian protester holds a copy of the Koran and shouts slogans in front of Israeli security forces during a demonstration in Jerusalem's Old City on July 20, 2017. Photo: AFP JERUSALEM: Israeli police said they were barring men under 50 from entering Jerusalem's Old City for Friday Muslim prayers as tensions rose over new security measures at a highly sensitive holy site. The rare measure came after Israeli ministers decided not to order the removal of metal detectors erected at entrances to the Haram al-Sharif mosque compound, known to Jews as the Temple Mount, following an attack nearby a week ago that killed two policemen. "Entry to the Old City and Temple Mount will be limited to men aged 50 and over. Women of all ages will be permitted," a police statement said. The controversy has resonated beyond Israel and the Palestinian territories, with the United States and the UN Middle East envoy expressing concern. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has urged Israel to remove the metal detectors. He spoke by telephone with both Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas and Israeli President Reuven Rivlin on Thursday. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stressed that the metal detectors were intended to ensure the safety of worshippers and visitors and not an attempt to disturb the fragile status quo under which Jordan is the custodian of the site and Jewish prayer is forbidden. Palestinians have been refusing to enter the compound in protest at the metal detectors, and hundreds have been holding prayers outside, with clashes occasionally breaking out with Israeli police. The main weekly prayers on Fridays draw the largest number of worshippers -- typically thousands -- and speculation had been mounting that Netanyahu might order the metal detectors removed. But after consultations with security chiefs and members of his security cabinet, Netanyahu decided not to order them removed. An Israeli official said the security cabinet "has given police the authority to make any decision to ensure free access to holy sites while maintaining security and public order". "Israel is committed to maintaining the status quo on the Temple Mount and the freedom of access to the holy sites," the official said in a statement. Day of 'rage' Police said they had boosted their forces in and around the Old City, with units "mobilised in all areas and neighbourhoods". The new security measures were put in place following a gun and knife attack near the site that killed two Israeli policemen on July 14. Three Arab Israeli assailants fled to the compound after the attack, where they were shot dead by security forces. Israeli police said the weapons were smuggled into the holy site which was then used as the launchpad for the attack. Israel initially closed the compound for two days following the attack in a highly unusual move, shutting it for last Friday's prayers. It said the closure was necessary for security checks. Israel began reopening it on Sunday, but with metal detectors in place to prevent weapons being smuggled into the compound. In their Thursday conversation, Erdogan urged Rivlin to swiftly remove the detectors "within the framework of freedom of religion and worship". "Given the importance that Haram al-Sharif carries for the whole Islamic world, the metal detectors put in place by Israel should be removed in the shortest possible time and an end put to the tension," the Turkish president said. Rivlin told Erdogan that "the steps taken on the Temple Mount were intended to ensure that such acts of terror could not be repeated." The Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount is central to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It lies in east Jerusalem, seized by Israel in the 1967 Six-Day War and later annexed in a move never recognised by the international community. It is considered the third holiest site in Islam and the most sacred for Jews.