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Found 18 results

  1. Uh-oh, angry Twitter rant is coming. Looks like someone played an extremely perfect prank on US President Donald Trump. A giant inflatable chicken with a little too familiar features on the Ellipse between the White House and Washington Monument in DC yesterday. Trump may be out of town, but no worries, someone is keeping a beady eye on his home while he's away. © Twitter There was also a live stream of the 30-foot-tall chicken right outside the President's residence, and apparently, it looked like it was staging a ‘coop'. It turns out that the balloon was set up by documentary filmmaker Taran Singh Brar as a way to protest the president “being a weak and ineffective leader.” Taran Singh Brar says he bought it for $1300. It's a visual protest. "Trump is too chicken to release his tax returns, to stand up to Putin" pic.twitter.com/JLohv0yl82 — Philip Lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) August 9, 2017 While talking to Huffington Post about Trump, he said, “He's too afraid to release his tax returns, too afraid to stand up to Vladimir Putin.” He also added that Trump is “playing chicken with North Korea”. Obviously, anything related to Trump always catches Twitter's eyes, here are some of the best reactions. Trump will never be a part of Mount Rushmore but he'll always have #trumpchicken — S.O.S. USA (@DeliaMacD1) August 10, 2017 Approval rating: trump: 33% COVFEFE, the #trumpChicken: 95% â¤ï¸ pic.twitter.com/Hr3HDLJvyW — Ricky Davila (@TheRickyDavila) August 10, 2017 Republicans - Haha these libtards cry over everything! Also the republicans - *rages on Twitter over a deflatable chicken* #TrumpChicken — Sierra Dearns (@SierraRambles) August 10, 2017 The cost of #TrumpChicken: $1,300. The cost of seeing it outside the White House: priceless. pic.twitter.com/SyARthjiCY — AJ+ (@ajplus) August 9, 2017 Betcha anything Melania would rather be with #TrumpChicken — Deep State Todd (@OrangeWindSock) August 10, 2017 The #TrumpChicken has better hair than @realDonaldTrump pic.twitter.com/5kvBNGvc9H — Scott Dworkin (@funder) August 10, 2017 Quite the metaphor for this presidency. @realDonaldTrump #TrumpChicken pic.twitter.com/TqnkuoaSW5 — Julie Sledjeski (@julie_dots) August 10, 2017 Now we have a real President. #TrumpChicken pic.twitter.com/9ZOveqPmfV — Eugene Gu, MD (@eugenegu) August 9, 2017 "Trump Chicken" stood tall, had a crowd in Washington that loved him, and didn't say a word. He already had a better 2017 than Real Trump. — Tony Posnanski (@tonyposnanski) August 9, 2017 #TrumpChicken deserves some type of award pic.twitter.com/p3RcNgpPWf — â»ï¸ Christopher Zullo (@ChrisJZullo) August 9, 2017 Trump was nowhere to be seen, but that didn't stop ‘Chicken Trump' from its organic, free range protest.
  2. The troops were on patrol as part of Operation Sentinel, in which the army deployed 10,000 soldiers across France to protect civilians after the attacks in Paris in January 2015. PHOTO: AFP PARIS: A car slammed into soldiers on patrol outside Paris on Wednesday, injuring six people, two of them seriously, police said. The vehicle took off after the incident, which took place at about 8am (0600 GMT) in the northwestern suburb of Levallois-Perret. Police described the incident as an "apparently deliberate act". France has been under a state of emergency since November 2015 and has seen a string of attacks on security forces who have been regularly targeted, particularly those guarding key tourist sites. An 18-year-old with a history of psychological problems was arrested on Saturday at the Eiffel Tower after brandishing a knife. He told investigators he wanted to kill a soldier, sources close to the case told AFP. In February, a man armed with a machete attacked four soldiers on patrol at Paris´s Louvre Museum, while in April another extremist shot and killed a policeman on the Champs Elysees. In June, a 40-year-old Algeria doctorate student who had pledged allegiance to Daesh attacked a policeman with a hammer outside Notre Dame cathedral.
  3. Whatever allegations PTI has levelled are wrong, otherwise, they would have provided evidence had those allegations been correct. They have not provided any evidence till date, neither have they given any evidence in the past. They do not appear in the courts. They allege that God forbid we were involved in rigging. They have been consistently accusing us but those allegations did not even reach the court. Those allegations are absolutely false. We are preparing cases against their allegations and PTI will have to come to court to answer. They should face the courts and not run away from them. The matter should be cleared in a couple of hearings. We issued them a notice four years ago, but it was decided that we should not pursue the notice and hence a committee was formulated. Our three to four journalists and a few members from PTI were included in the committee so that both parties can meet. I myself met Imran Khan thrice and requested him to call a committee meeting and prove all the allegations that they levelled upon us and all this was documented. He, himself said many times that he will call a meeting but he never did, hence we are preparing to file a fresh case. As you all know that we won a case in London which had multiple allegations and Imran Khan was present in all those programs. When we went to courts in UK, ARY`s lawyer had to concede that they do not have any evidence against us. ARY had accepted this and they were punished severely. This was a unique decision in UK`s history, so if anyone, including Imran Khan or anyone who alleges a media group, should also back it with evidence. Question: Your media group is accused of supporting the government?s propaganda, what do you have to say about it? Remarks have been revealed about your biased attitude, your inclination toward the government is obvious, do you want to say something about it? Answer: I just want to say that whoever is saying that our inclination is towards the government is a slave of his own thoughts or he must be in a hateful relationship with the government or Nawaz Sharif. Nawaz Sharif and his supporters, Imran Khan and his supporters, do not want to see any news which is published against them. They do not want to see if we show Imran Khan?s wrong doing. They don?t want to see the other side of the story. Because we are the only channel which is showing the other side of the story. It might be that they don?t like our policy, but we show both sides of the story. It does not matter if its Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan or the People`s Party, no one wants to see anything published against them. This is the real situation. Question: Does that WhatsApp story have any evidence? Answer: I have presented the case of the entire media today in front of the court. Our editors, as well as our legal team, are of the opinion that most of our published news have been correct except for one for which we have apologised. Mistakes can occur in journalism, but the correct thing is to accept the mistake and apologise. Our team works hard. Our news is not supposed to look after JIT and ISI. I have repeated several times that even this story, and also other stories are true till now. I have requested the honourable judges to take action if the story is wrong. Till now the action has been taken against one matter and which was misreporting. I even stated this in the court room and all the newspapers and channels also aired wrong headlines. It happens. Question: It is not written in the decision that the JIT has been given in ISI`s control, do you want action to be taken against you? Answer: I have said this several times, and also in front of you, why was action not taken against us if we are wrong? If we are wrong, then it should be exposed in front of everyone. Question: Sir, can you tell about the advertisements? Answer: Related to the advertisements, I have complained to the judges with respect and also revealed my pain to them regarding the matter. It was said that judges have given remarks and in my opinion, the remarks which are not present in the order sheet have zero value. So if the remarks of honourable judges have no value in the order/decision, then it has literally no value. We media people, which also includes us, build it as a 1000 floor building and also put marble on it. We also put wonderful black glasses and then polish it but eventually, it has no value. First time ever I have felt that we do wrong by valuing it too much and I realised this after today`s remarks. We have done the same mistake in the past and we are doing it again. I said one thing when talking regarding the remarks and everyone started criticising. I gave an example to them that If my colleagues who work hard with me, ask me on whose behest am I publishing this news, then I can ask in return ask on whose behest are you asking me this question? So I can answer them if they ask me. But I cannot give the same answer to you all, everything should be backed by evidence. As far as the advertisements are concerned, Mr Imran Khan started this and may Allah guide him towards the right path and may Allah guide us as well, Imran Khan talks without evidence. I have told him several times, and we have published and aired this in channels and newspapers, that he, Imran Khan visits the UK too and if these allegations are true, then he should try and accuse us in UK as well. We have given our stance openly in the newspapers and on the channels. I am not talking about all the channels but a few channels in our industry edit programs when they broadcast in London. The law is the same for allegations throughout the world. This practice in journalism of blaming is only seen here; they all edit their content elsewhere. As far as the advertisements are related, the KP government comes on top in giving advertisements to us. We also get more advertisements from the private sector. Readership and viewership are high, which is why we get more business. Same is the case with the government, whichever channel has the highest viewership and whichever newspaper has the highest readership will be given more advertisements so the argument that I am providing is very logical and they have asked for an entire table from the government. I have also asked requested the honourable judges to give us an opportunity to provide our data and they have agreed to it. We weren?t asked to present it at first but the government was and probably the government has not provided it yet. We want to provide our data and wanted to bring it today, but it wasn?t complete and it will include all the things which I have mentioned. We have more market share. The government has been unfair to us, as we have been saying for quite long that we should be given advertisements many more times than our closest competitor in newspaper and TV. We get a lesser number of advertisements than we should be getting. Number two and three get more advertisements than us. Their rating is much lower in percentage than us and we have been treated unfairly. Question: The record which has been revealed shows that you got ads worth Rs4.5 billion while the others got Rs40 million worth of ads. In relation to Imran Khan, you said that you have had quarrels with Imran Khan before, your offices have been stoned and you made peace afterwards, don?t you trust the Pakistani courts? Answer: This is a good question. All the cases are also currently filed in Pakistan, also the one that we took to UK. We have filed a case against Zaid Hamid which has proceeded a bit. We filed cases against him in Pakistan four years ago and they are moving forward. As far as your argument of Rs4bn is concerned, kindly wait for the report, everything will be revealed once the report is exposed. Rubbish is being peddled on social media currently. 75pc of social media is rubbish in the world. International people term it as gutter, Imran Khan uses social media because it's free for him and for all the politicians, even for PML-N to post whatever they want. They can post 1,000 emails at once and start useless propaganda. It is a rule in Pakistan that a defamation case has to be decided in three months. It is necessary that the honourable judges realise that everything would be fine in Pakistan if decisions are made. If there is a difference between me and you, then it should be cleared because it progresses with time and then turns into a rivalry. Judgements are not made in Pakistan, while it took only 15 months in the UK to make a decision and hard work was put in the case. Question: Geo is a big name in media, especially during the PPP?s government, but after the sit-ins, a perception in the general public was that PTV and Geo have very similar news/content. What do you want to say about it? Answer: I have said this before too, we show every perspective. The perspective which is not acceptable to Imran Khan and his supporters, they dislike it and say that we are trying to save PML-N and Nawaz Sharif. But our policy is different. Someone should tell me if we have not given coverage to Imran Khan. Although he has boycotted us, we still give him coverage. We have never boycotted his coverage. Hence, his goal is to make individuals controversial by accusing them and discrediting them, making the people not believe our reporting and having them read our news with a sense of doubt. This is his game and he will never be successful in this. We have faced this in the past as well and you all know what we have been through even during Nawaz Sharif`s era when Saif-ur-Rahman was there. We faced everything when Musharraf was in power. You all know what he did to us. When Zia- ul-Haq was there, my father had to write an editorial on the first page with his signature. Ayub Khan also did a lot. Bhutto also did a lot. All the rulers did a lot to us. This is not something new for us. All the allegations that they associate with the media and the Jang Group, no one has ever proved any allegation. I request Imran Khan to please go to the courts and prove all the allegations. There is a council of complaints, PEMRA and the courts, he should go there and prove. I request you to select 10 people and tell Imran Khan to send 10 people as well and I give you permission to decide independently on whose fault is it, in order to resolve this situation. And I request Imran Khan and his supporters to approach this is a positive manner and avoid negativity. Question: What is your complaint with Tehreek-e-Insaf that you are explaining yourself so much? Why are you diving into politics? The reason why the Supreme Court summoned you is, because you are not doing journalism but manipulating and this is the only reason why you have been sent a notice. A trend has started in your organisation regarding fake reporting. Answer: Mine and your brother questioned me about PTI and that is why I answered. Secondly, I have no idea what you are talking about and about what the honourable judges have said and what they have not. With due respect, they did not prove everything then how did the honourable judges pass their remarks? And If they have said, till date, the judges, if they have said, it is wrong because no one has provided any evidence and no action has been taken yet. The proof which has been provided in front of you discusses only one news item. Why did they make a second call for Noorani Sb? On which the honourable judge said; How dare he? This is the action he has taken and he did not take any other action. All the news has been already published, no action has been taken against them which technically means they are correct. They are not wrong it means and if they do take action then court proceedings will be held on that news. Question: Today you talked about judicial remarks. However; you used to air remarks of Ch. Iftikhar with pleasure, then why do you have a problem with the remarks now? Answer: Yes, I have said this there, how my parents have brought me up and what our policy Is what I have said clearly that today we are realising this when we have been made to face it. Call the order sheet. Now, we have got to know that the value of these remarks is zero as our lawyers have told us that whatever is not in the order sheet, has zero value. And I realised that even in Chaudhry Iftikhar's era, we used to build a whole building over remarks with windows and polished it, which was wrong. It has no value and we have been defaming, which should not have been done. Every media, which includes our media group, considers remarks as if they are a very big deal Question: Have you ever met Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry? Answer: Yes, I met him after his retirement. I never met him during his tenure. Question: Justice Azmat Saeed has said that you have discussed everything related to the JIT. You said that no news has bounced. His stance was that your news was related to the JIT and the court did not make the decision which you quoted. He said it has to do with something with the stock exchange as well, what do you have to say about it? Answer: I haven?t heard this statement but if you are saying it, and if it is true, then it is a shameful statement. If I can, then I would prefer to file a case against the judge who has said this. Whichever judge said what you are saying, and if he said it then it is a shameful statement and he should not have said this about anyone. We media persons and politicians have the same complaint about these remarks which shall not be passed as defaming someone is not good Question: You used to put all things related to Ch. Iftikhar as a headline? Answer: Not only us but the entire media was doing it. We are also humans and not God/Allah. We accept that we have committed mistakes and we might keep on committing mistakes. We all should accept that since this world has been created, everyone has committed mistakes. We are not trying to become a party. The assumptions of manipulation are absolutely wrong and defaming. If I say, that you are saying all this because you have been bribed by someone then how would you feel? Although it will sound wrong If I say this. I am not saying this, you haven?t taken any money but I am putting forward an example, that if I say this then how wrong it will sound and should not be said. And I will also not say this without evidence Question: You have said this again and again that you have published all the right news so will you apologise? Answer: We will definitely apologise if we are wrong and why shouldn?t we apologise if we are wrong. But we have seen this in the past, we take a stand for our reporters if they aren?t proven wrong and this is the reason why we have differences with the governments and opposition, such as we have with Imran Khan. We have created differences with the opposition many a time. There have been differences with the MQM, with the government. A journalist is the one who brings in the news and our organisation stands by it, then we get punished horribly for it, an example being TV closure as everyone knows what happened in Musharaf's era and also after Hamid Mir incident. You guys bring in the news but we face the music. and you guys get the right news and if they are wrong then we ourselves take action against them. So whatever news till now we have published and our team has published, and I am proud of my team and Inshallah, whoever is claiming them to be wrong should prove them wrong and I am proud of my team because they work hard. Supreme Court should take action If they are wrong as they took action on that news. It has been over 2 months now and Supreme court hasn?t taken any action against it, I ask why? Question: Reporters are often accused of siding with Nawaz Sharif. Imran Khan quotes Ansar Abbasi on his news against the SECP and then it is said that our group also reports against PML-N. Reporters have this perception, what will you say about this? Answer: We are airing and publishing a lot of news against PML-N. You tell yourself that didn?t we give that news? This is our business and we know how to earn halaal. Why would we cause loss to our own business? Forget about journalism. How can I publish only one perspective? Today we are the biggest group with Allah's blessing.
  4. PTI, PML-N workers clash outside SC after Panama case hearing ISLAMABAD: Workers of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) on Tuesday faced off outside the Supreme Court after the hearing of the Panama case. Workers chanted slogans and later clashed after the leaders of the two parties held media talks following the hearing, prompting the police to intervene and disperse the workers. The Supreme Court bench today resumed hearing the case after the petitioners presented their arguments in favour of the Joint Investigation Team?s (JIT) final report a day earlier. Bench to review material before deciding on PM's disqualification, NAB reference At Monday's hearing, petitioners? counsels pleaded for PM?s disqualification The three-member special Supreme Court bench hearing the Panama Papers case observed that it would examine all the material and then decide on disqualifying the premier or sending the matter to an accountability court. PM's imprisonment, disqualification highly likely: Fawad Chaudhry PTI leaders lashed out against the ruling party during recess outside the Supreme Court where the defence was presenting its arguments. ?The matter seems to be going towards the imprisonment of Hussain, Hasan, and Maryam Nawaz,? said PTI Spokesperson Fawad Chaudhry, adding, ?only a miracle can save Nawaz Sharif?s family from 14 years imprisonment and 10 years of disqualification.? Panamagate about power, not accountability: Talal PML-N leader Talal Chaudhry on Tuesday declared the Panama case saga a ?game of power, not accountability?. ?Those who could not become ministers or prime ministers are sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with the court. This [Panama case] game is not about accountability, it?s about power,? said Talal, as he lashed out at opponents while addressing media on day two of the Panama case hearing. Taking aim at the JIT, the PML-N leader said the team collected incomplete and faulty material. ?The JIT itself kept violating the law,? he alleged.
  5. India?s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Photo: Reuters WASHINGTON: Kashmiri and Sikh protesters waved flags and chanted slogans against India?s Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he arrived at the White House for a meeting with President Donald Trump. "We are here today basically to raise awareness of the human rights violations that are happening in India," Jatinder Grewal, Director of Sikhs for Justice told CBN News. Over the past few years under Modi?s rule, conditions for Sikhs, Christians and other religious minorities have grown difficult. "When Modi came to power in 2014 he promised the Christians and other minorities that he would allow freedom of religion, he lied," said Pastor Rob Rotola who also protested outside the White House, "The only people that have favoured status in India are not all people, they are the Hindu nationalists. It?s the far extremist party that tends to violence. And as these groups have ramped up the violence, the police state and the government looks the other way, and is allowing it to happen." Trump, Modi call on Pakistan to stem terrorist attacks Commentators had predicted that Trump and Modi would find much in common "I am here to speak for the Indian church," said Bishop John Lutembeak, a missionary in India, "The Indians who are being persecuted by Prime Minister Modi, by a group of radical Hindus. Christians have been killed, women have been raped and Hindu is taking more part in India and it wants to turn India into a Hindu nation and this is what has brought us here to protest, to show that world that even the conversation that President Trump will have with Prime Minister Modi should put into consideration that tolerance of different religious. Let not one Hindu religion be over other religions and begin to persecute them." Trump and Modi held a meeting at the White House on Monday, and called on "all nations to resolve territorial and maritime disputes peacefully and in accordance with international law."
  6. VIRGINIA: A 17-year-old American Muslim girl was beaten and abducted after leaving a mosque in Virginia on Sunday by a man who police later arrested on suspicion of murder after her body was found dumped in a pond, authorities said. The attack spurred an outpouring of grief and horror in a Muslim community that has been gathering to pray at the All Dulles Area Muslim Society mosque about 30 miles outside Washington in observance of the last 10 days of Ramadan. The attack happened early on Sunday after the victim and several friends walking outside the mosque got into a dispute with a motorist in the community of Sterling, the Fairfax County Police Department said in a statement. At one point, the motorist got out of his car and assaulted the girl, police said. The teen was reported missing by her friends who scattered during the attack and could not find her afterwards, touching off an hours-long search by authorities in Fairfax and Loudoun counties. At around 3pm, the remains of a female believed to be the teen victim were found in a pond in Sterling, police said. During the search for the missing teen, authorities stopped a motorist "driving suspiciously in the area" and arrested the driver, later identified as identified as Darwin Martinez Torres, 22. Police obtained a murder warrant that charges Torres for her death, the Fairfax County Police Department said. A police spokeswoman told reporters the attack followed some sort of dispute between the man and the girls, and authorities had not ruled out hate as a motivation for the attack. The number of anti-Muslim bias incidents in the United States jumped 57 percent in 2016 to 2,213, up from 1,409 in 2015, the Council on American-Islamic Relations advocacy group said in a report last month. While the group had been seeing a rise in anti-Muslim incidents prior to Donald Trump's stunning rise in last year's presidential primaries and November election victory, it said the acceleration in bias incidents was due in part to Trump's focus on militant groups and anti-immigrant rhetoric. In an incident in London on Monday, a van ploughed into worshippers leaving a mosque, killing at least one person and injuring several in what Britain's largest Muslim organisation said was a deliberate act of Islamophobia. Isra Chaker, a person who said in a Facebook post that she was close to a family friend of the victim in the Virginia incident, said the driver came out with a baseball bat and began swinging it at the girls, Chaker said. "She then went missing (presumably kidnapped/moved by the suspect) and was found dead this afternoon," Chaker said. An online fundraiser for the girl's family had raised $61,606 by Sunday evening. Police said a medical examiner will conduct an autopsy to confirm the victim's identity and cause of death, though detectives believe the body found in the pond was the missing girl.
  7. Photo: Twitter LONDON: Local police on Friday arrested a man at the fence surrounding the British parliament on suspicion of carrying a knife, which comes nearly three months after an Islamist terror attack in the same area. The man was detained at 11:10 am (1010 GMT) by the Palace of Westminster in central London, police said in a statement. "The man -- aged in his 30s -- was arrested on suspicion of possession of a knife. There are no reports of any injuries," the brief statement said. A bearded man, wearing black trousers and a grey sweatshirt, could be seen being held against the fence with his arms behind his back by a police officer. A parliamentary spokesman said: "We are aware of an incident outside the Palace of Westminster, which is being dealt with by the Metropolitan Police." On March 22, knifeman Khalid Masood drove into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, killing four, and fatally stabbed a policeman guarding the gates of parliament before being shot dead by armed officers. On April 27, a man was arrested across the street from parliament. Police said knives were recovered from him. Khalid Mohammed Omar Ali, 27, of north London, was charged with the intention of committing acts of terrorism engaged in conduct in preparation for giving effect to that intention. He was also charged with two counts relating to explosive substances in Afghanistan in 2012. Friday´s arrest comes on the first anniversary of the murder of MP Jo Cox, who was shot and stabbed to death in her constituency by a man with links to neo-Nazi organisations. More than 110,000 events were to take place around Britain between Friday and Sunday for "The Great Get Together" in honour of Cox, celebrating her belief that "we have far more in common than that which divides us".
  8. Image: Twitter (@jwbergiii) THE HAGUE: A car driver hit eight people outside Amsterdam Central Station on Saturday, injuring two seriously, after being warned about parking illegally, but police said there was no indication that the driver was carrying out an attack of any kind. "The suspect has been interviewed, and it appears not to have been intentional. But we are investigating further," Amsterdam police said on their Twitter account. The Amsterdam incident happened when police approached a black Peugeot which was badly parked, and the driver tried to speed away, according to Dutch media. Two people were admitted to hospital with serious injuries, and others were treated at the scene after the car hit the crowd and then crashed into a wall. Several ambulances and police were swiftly on the scene on the busy streets outside the station in the heart of the canal-lined Dutch capital. The driver was arrested and taken for questioning. The news came a week after three attackers in a van mowed down pedestrians in London before going on a stabbing spree, killing eight people and injuring 48. The Netherlands has been on high alert following a slew of attacks around Europe in recent months, including last month´s Manchester suicide bombing and two recent attacks in London.
  9. ISLAMABAD: A man, identified as Malik Noor Awan, accosted Awami Muslim League leader Sheikh Rasheed outside the National Assembly Thursday morning claiming the politician owes him money. The incident occurred near Gate 1 of the Parliament House. The man kept insisting that Rasheed return his money and held the politicians hand forcefully. ?I will pay you very soon,? Rasheed assured the man, while trying to calm him down. ?You must promise me that you will pay up,? the man remarked. After the incident, Rasheed went into the Parliament. ?I will complain about this to the [National Assembly] speaker.? Later, Rasheed filed a case against Noor Awan at Secretariat Police Station. Awan alleged that Rasheed bought a car from him but has yet to pay him around Rs20 million for it. Speaking to the media, Awan said ?I am a very poor man and Rs20.2 million is a big amount. It?s my hard earned money.? He also claimed that I ran into Rasheed at the airport but he ignored him. ?He does not even attend my phone calls.? Addressing a press conference later, Rasheed said ?I have said before that parliament lacks security," said Rasheed, demanding the presiding officer to arrest the man. The politician alleged that the ruling party, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, is behind the incident. "If anything happens to me then they [PML-N] will be responsible for it," he added. Following the incident, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar met Rasheed inside Parliament. Nisar said that relevant measures will be taken upon the advice of the speaker. The person has been taken into custody, he added. On the issue, Opposition Leader Khursheed Shah remarked ?this is an important matter and it should be investigated.? This should be revealed how did the person enter the parliament, he said, and asked ?how did he get the permission to enter the parliament??
  10. PARIS: A French police officer shot and injured a man who attacked him with a hammer outside Paris?s Notre-Dame cathedral on Tuesday, authorities said. Police sealed off the area in front of the cathedral, where the attacker lay injured on the ground. The attack comes with France on high alert for more militant strikes after a weekend attack in London, where extremists used a van and knives to crush to death and kill seven people, one of them French. Authorities in Paris asked the public to stay away from Notre-Dame, one of France?s biggest tourist attractions situated on the banks of the Seine river in the heart of the capital. French TV reported scenes of panic during the shooting, with tourists scrambling for cover. France is under a state of emergency and on its highest possible level of alert following a string of terror attacks that began in 2015, which have killed over 230 people. In the last fatal attack, a policeman was shot and killed on Paris?s prestigious Champs-Elysees avenue on April 20, three days before the first round of the presidential election. Major attacks in France targeted the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine in January 2015 and in November that year, gunmen and suicide bombers attacked sites around Paris including the Bataclan concert hall, killing 130 people. Then in July last year, a radicalised Tunisian man drove a lorry at high speed through a Bastille Day fireworks display on the Nice waterfront, massacring 86 people. Since then there have been a series of smaller attacks, often targeting security forces.
  11. geo_embedgallery ISLAMABAD: Preparations are under way for opposition?s parliamentary session outside the National Assembly, which has been scheduled to start at 11am. For the purpose, chairs have been placed outside the National Assembly, carpets are being rolled out and fans have been also been placed at different points. The session will be on budget. On Tuesday, Opposition Leader Khursheed Shah boycotted the National Assembly session and announced to hold the next parliament session outside the parliament. The move came in response to opposition?s reservations that their speeches over the federal budget were not given live coverage. [embed_video1 url=http://stream.jeem.tv/vod/8eff96d5118f5bd5ee38dfe60ca16812.mp4/playlist.m3u8?wmsAuthSign=c2VydmVyX3RpbWU9NS8zMS8yMDE3IDU6NTM6MjcgQU0maGFzaF92YWx1ZT1ybis2R2F6Y3NjZ2V0VFlRN2NvazRBPT0mdmFsaWRtaW51dGVzPTYwJmlkPTE= style=center] Khursheed Shah had remarked said, ?Opposition is steadfast on its demand that its budget speech should be given live coverage.? Opposition announces to hold parliamentary session outside NA The move came in response to opposition?s demand that opposition speech on budget should be given live coverage. Chairman Senate has set the right example in this regard. If opposition?s speech in the Senate is broadcasted live then why not in the National Assembly? He asked. All opposition parties will gather outside the parliament tomorrow [Wednesday], he had said, adding that ?we will discuss all those issues which we are not supposed to raise inside the assembly.?
  12. geo_embedgallery ISLAMABAD: Opposition's parliamentary session outside National Assembly started Wednesday morning. Members of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Muttahida Qaumi Movement, Pakistan Peoples Party among others are attending the session. Earlier, preparations were made for the parliamentary session outside the National Assembly. For the purpose, chairs were placed, carpets were rolled out and fans also been placed at different points. The session will be on the recently presented federal budget 2017-18. On Tuesday, Opposition Leader Khursheed Shah boycotted the National Assembly session and announced to hold the next session outside the parliament. The move came in response to the opposition?s reservations that their speeches over the federal budget were not given live coverage by the state broadcaster ? Pakistan Television. [embed_video1 url=http://stream.jeem.tv/vod/8eff96d5118f5bd5ee38dfe60ca16812.mp4/playlist.m3u8?wmsAuthSign=c2VydmVyX3RpbWU9NS8zMS8yMDE3IDU6NTM6MjcgQU0maGFzaF92YWx1ZT1ybis2R2F6Y3NjZ2V0VFlRN2NvazRBPT0mdmFsaWRtaW51dGVzPTYwJmlkPTE= style=center] Khursheed Shah had remarked, ?Opposition is steadfast on its demand that its budget speech should be given live coverage.? Opposition announces to hold parliamentary session outside NA The move came in response to opposition?s demand that opposition speech on budget should be given live coverage. "Chairman Senate Raza Rabbani has set the right example in this regard. If the opposition?s speech in the Senate is broadcast live then why not in the National Assembly? he asked." All opposition parties will gather outside the parliament tomorrow [Wednesday], he had said, adding that ?we will discuss all those issues which we are not supposed to raise inside the assembly.?
  13. geo_embedgallery ISLAMABAD: Opposition members boycotted the National Assembly session Wednesday morning and held a session outside the parliament. Finance minister tried to deceive people, claimed opposition members, adding that fiscal deficit is more that as stated by the government. Members of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Muttahida Qaumi Movement, Pakistan Peoples Party and Jamaat-e-Islami, among others are attending the session. The session is being chaired by PTI?s Arif Alvi. Opposition not being given the right to give their opinion on television, claimed PTI?s Shireen Mazari ?This is the reason why we have kept a session outside the parliament.? Mazari then stood up to present point of order. To this, Arif Aliv responded ?there is no point of order in budget session? after which the opposition members started laughing. Alvi then started a debated on ongoing power crises in the country. JI?s Sahibzada Tariqullah started the debate. He pointed that that people in Swat are facing 14-hour load shedding daily. Continuing the discussion, PTI?s Shah Mehmood Qureshi remarked that 14 to 18 hour load shedding is taking place across the country. ?Government has failed. It is failing to provide people with electricity, gas and water.? Health and education are not even a priority of the government, he added. Earlier, preparations were made for the parliamentary session outside the National Assembly. For the purpose, chairs were placed, carpets were rolled out and fans also been placed at different points. The session will be on the recently presented federal budget 2017-18. On Tuesday, Opposition Leader Khursheed Shah boycotted the National Assembly session and announced to hold the next session outside the parliament. The move came in response to the opposition?s reservations that their speeches over the federal budget were not given live coverage by the state broadcaster ? Pakistan Television. [embed_video1 url=http://stream.jeem.tv/vod/8eff96d5118f5bd5ee38dfe60ca16812.mp4/playlist.m3u8?wmsAuthSign=c2VydmVyX3RpbWU9NS8zMS8yMDE3IDU6NTM6MjcgQU0maGFzaF92YWx1ZT1ybis2R2F6Y3NjZ2V0VFlRN2NvazRBPT0mdmFsaWRtaW51dGVzPTYwJmlkPTE= style=center] Khursheed Shah had remarked, ?Opposition is steadfast on its demand that its budget speech should be given live coverage.? Opposition announces to hold parliamentary session outside NA The move came in response to opposition?s demand that opposition speech on budget should be given live coverage. "Chairman Senate Raza Rabbani has set the right example in this regard. If the opposition?s speech in the Senate is broadcast live then why not in the National Assembly? he asked." All opposition parties will gather outside the parliament tomorrow [Wednesday], he had said, adding that ?we will discuss all those issues which we are not supposed to raise inside the assembly.?
  14. Photo: file ISLAMABAD: Opposition Leader Khursheed Shah announced on Tuesday to boycott the National Assembly session and to hold the next parliament session outside the parliament. The move came in response to opposition?s demand that opposition?s speech on the budget should be given live coverage. Khursheed Shah said, ?Opposition is steadfast on its demand that its budget speech should be given live coverage.? Chairman Senate has set the right example in this regard. If opposition?s speech in the Senate is broadcasted live then why not in the National Assembly? He asked. All opposition parties will gather outside the parliament tomorrow, he said, adding that ?we will discuss all those issues which we are not supposed to raise inside the assembly.? Budget 2017-18: Experts have their say How will the government spend your money? Geo.TV takes a deeper look at the proposed budget and records the reactions of experts and onlookers On this, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf?s MNA Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that government members are acting a bit ?foolish?. They are coming in way of their own government, he added. ?This is the same opposition leader they praised in 2014. Why don?t they like him now?? Qureshi remarked. Criticising the government, Qureshi said that when farmers take to the streets to demand their rights then they are baton-charged. Preventing the opposition from expressing its view point on budget is indicative of government?s unsuccessfulness and helplessness. Muttahida Qaumi Movement?s Sheikh Salahuddin remarked that opposition leader should play an independent role. While, Jamaat-e-Islami?s Sahibzada Tariq Ullah said that the government has once again fallen in its own trap. ?Opposition has the right to unite over one topic.? Chaos erupts in NA as opposition demands PM?s resignation Speaker adjourns session for undefined period after standoff between ruling party members and the opposition Responding to remarks of the opposition members, Minister for Defence Production Rana Tanveer Hussain said that Khursheed Shah has played an integral role in raising different issues. ?However, I don?t know what has happened that his behaviour changed over time.? Pakistan Peoples Party never broadcasted the opposition leader?s speech live then why are they demanding it now? ?We had more members then in the opposition, but we never created problems for anyone.? During his speech, the opposition members created commotion and started chanting slogans. Earlier in the assembly session, an interesting and poetic exchange between Khursheed Shah and Speaking of the National Assembly Ayaz Sadiq led to the room roaring with laughter. National Assembly session has been adjourned till 11am Wednesday morning.
  15. The man was arrested by police on The Mall outside Buckingham Palace - Photo: The Telegraph LONDON: A man with a knife was arrested from outside the Buckingham Palace just before the Queen passed, The Telegraph reported on Wednesday. The arrest came as soldiers were deployed outside the British parliament for guard duty after the government raised its terror threat level following an attack that killed 22 people in Manchester on Monday. Armed soldiers will replace police at key sites under the plan announced by Prime Minister Theresa May, freeing up police resources to pursue an investigation into a possible wider network behind the attack in Manchester.
  16. KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s workers came face to face on Sunday outside the Karachi Press Club, hours before the two parties scheduled rallies in the metropolis. A rally of the PTI was passing by, chanting anti-Nawaz slogans, which provoked PML-N workers present outside the press club. Workers of both the parties started chanting slogans and hurled stones at each other. Police reached the site of contention and brought the situation under control with the help of the local leaders of both the parties. In a video message earlier, Imran Khan called on the people of Karachi to join in the march to protest for their rights. The walk is scheduled to begin on Sunday (today), 3 pm from Mazar-e-Quaid. “I invite the people of Karachi to join me in the walk to demand their rights. The sole purpose of the march is to highlight the day-to-day problems faced by the residents of Karachi and to pressurise the government to resolve these problems,” Khan said in the message. The PTI chief added that the walk aims to bring to the spotlight issues such as loadshedding, water shortage and garbage disposal. Meanwhile, PML-N leaders are also holding a rally in Karachi’s Baldia area.
  17. NEW YORK: Bruce Springsteen recently talked about his struggle to live in the real world rather than inside the lyrical songs he has composed over his 40-year career. The Born to Run musician, who revealed in a 2016 memoir that he had struggled with depression, called rock songs "three minutes of bliss and life compressed". He told a Tribeca Film Festival audience during a conversation about his career that he had sometimes seen his music "as a life preserver and as a safe space – you think you can live there". But Springsteen, 67, said that no artist could live only within his art. "At the end of the day it's just your job and just your work and life awaits you outside of those things. ... So that took me a long time to learn that lesson – thanks Patti – and it was a tremendous struggle for me," he added, referring to his wife of 25 years, Patti Scialfa. Springsteen spoke of his early days in music in New Jersey, buying his first guitar at age 15, and being a "stone-cold draft dodger" during the Vietnam War – a period that informed much of his writing, including one of his best known but most misunderstood songs, Born in the U.S.A. Springsteen said he had come to terms with people misinterpreting the 1984 song as patriotic. It was played, without his permission, during Donald Trump's rallies during the 2016 US presidential election. In rock songs, he said, "People hear the music, the beat, then they hear the chorus, and if they have the time or the inclination, maybe they get into some of the verses." "That's the way the political rock and roll ball bounces. It's one of those things," Springsteen said.
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