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Found 39 results

  1. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairperson Imran Khan. Photo: File KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairperson Imran Khan has criticised Pakistan Peoples Party chairperson Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, alleging the latter does not know how a hardworking person in the country earn bread and butter. Speaking to the media after his arrival in Karachi, Imran said Bilawal has made tall claims in multiple statements recently but is unaware of the actual issues faced by the people. About the issues pertaining to the citizens, Imran mentioned those pertaining to water saying that water supplied for irrigation had sewage mixed in it. The PTI chairperson also said that the chief justice of Pakistan would not have had to give a week?s time for Karachi to be cleaned had there any work been done in the city by PPP, the party which has been in power in Sindh for long. ?In the 10 years of their government, what work have you [the PPP government] done for Karachi and interior Sindh,? asked Imran. CJP gives one week deadline to clean up Karachi Don't want to see trash on streets of Karachi anymore, remarks CJP Mian Saqib Nisar The PTI chief was referring to Saturday's statement by Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar, who expressed anger over the heaps of garbage dotting Karachi. During a hearing of the Supreme Court?s Karachi registry, the CJP said Karachi?s cleanliness situation has deteriorated with time. ?I don?t know how but clean the city. I don't want to see trash on streets of Karachi anymore,? he observed. Heaps of garbage have clogged drains while trash piles are seen everywhere, he remarked, questioning whose job it was to clean the city. He reasoned that it is the job of Karachi Mayor Waseem Akhtar.
  2. A commitment is something you keep like your life long savings. Or that's what one's supposed to do with commitments. A commitment is an act of loyalty towards someone or something that, in all probability, lasts a lifetime. Phobia, on the other hand, is a fear or an extremely strong dislike for someone or something. Combine commitment and phobia together and we get a person who likes to run towards the hills, every time he or she's asked to make a lifelong decision about something. (c)New Line Cinema Let's talk about commitment in relationships. Does committing to one person for the rest of your life make you want to die a horrible death or leave the planet altogether? If someone asked you if you rather get married or have your 'manliness' infested with leeches what would you pick? If you chose the latter, you my friend are a serious commitment phobe and here are some devilish signs about your commitment phobia! Having A Label Freaks You Out You're okay to date people but when they give a name to the relationship you almost shit in your pants. You detest being called someone's boyfriend or don't want to call the woman you're dating your girlfriend, like ever! (c)Giphy Future Talk Scares You Every time your partner starts talking about the future, you cringe like a madman. You can only hold future talks, if she's talking about what position you two are gonna have *** in tomorrow! Every time she brings up the future, you either change the subject, start making out with her or leave the room! (c)Giphy You End Relationships For Very Stupid Reasons While there are a million reasons to break up with someone, you actually break up with people a lot over really minor issues. She could be having a bad hair day and you'd break up with her. The actual fault is your fear of a long-term relationship. (c)Giphy You Usually Don't Finish What You Start If you start a serious project, at work or personally you often find yourself leaving them midway. This tells you you're not cut out for something long term as long-term commitments either bore you or put you off. (c)Giphy Meeting Your Partner's Family Or Friend Is A No-Go You'd do anything to avoid meeting your girlfriend's parents or her friends. For you that's heading towards a serious commitment and you don't like being pressurised at all. You often find yourself making excuses every time your GF mentions dinner at her folks' place or going over to celebrate her friend's birthday with her. (c)Giphy All said and done, you don't want the relationship to change and everything is good for you. You detest change of any sort, especially in a romantic liaison and you rather just have everything spelled out and easy. All you have to do is, just be honest about your commitment phobia. If you don't want to commit to someone in a relationship, there is no point leading them on and making them think there's a future. If you and your partner are on the same page, then it makes for a more civilised and loving relationship. And remember--there is nothing inherently wrong with being commitment phobic! It's absolutely okay to do things at your own time and pace!
  3. Let's be honest, our plans get cancelled more often than the frequency of the Mumbai locals. Whenever there's a group of friends planning a trip to somewhere, there's always one moron who will cancel AFTER you've booked your train tickets. If only they would allow someone else to travel on that same train ticket! Turns out you can. Indian Railways lets you transfer your train ticket to someone else in case your travel plan has changed. All you need to do is to submit a written request 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure of your train. The ticket can be transferred to any family member i.e. parents, siblings or spouse. The statement by IRCTC says: “Chief Reservation Supervisor of important stations are authorised by Railway Administration to permit the change of name of a passenger having a seat or berth reserved in his name.” If the passenger is a student, the head of the institution is required to submit a request 48 hours before the train departure and get the name changed on the ticket. IRCTC also allows a marriage party to transfer tickets, the rules being the same – submitting a written request 48 hours before departure. However, the change is limited to only 10 percent tickets of the entire group. Interestingly, this rule was introduced way back in 1990 and was modified in 1997 and 2002, but there is little knowledge about it. Just like the luxury lounge at New Delhi Railway Station we did not know about! Here's how to transfer your train ticket: © IRCTC H/t- TOI, IRCTC
  4. The deal of a lifetime is here. While we keep hearing about Cryptocurrency millionaires and billionaires, we don't even have a single unit of this really expensive currency. But, if you want to change that, there might be a really cool and inexpensive way. A new game has come out recently, and the makers are ready to award the first person to beat it one whole Bitcoin. Just to make things clearer, a single bitcoin is priced at â¹7,11,490 at the time of writing this. Wow, that's a lot of money but there's an easy (kinda) way of getting your hands on it. © MonteCrypto You just have to beat the PC game 'MonteCrypto: The Bitcoin Enigma' to get that one single Bitcoin. Now, this is what we call incentive! The game developers, Gem Rose Accent, humorously claim “this game must be amongst the hardest you've ever played.” It's basically a puzzle game where players have to navigate through a maze and solve 24 'mind bending' puzzles. Okay yes, puzzle games like this can get quite frustrating, especially for impatient people, but with this huge price money waiting at the finish line, who wouldn't want to give it a try. Moreover, you don't have to play alone as well, as the players will be able to leave clues for others once they've entangled one piece of the puzzle. But, you can play it smart as well, and leave fake clues to misguide the competitors. The game is available on Stream and is priced at â¹85, but people can get it for just Rs. 51 till 27th Feb. So basically, that means spending less than 100 bucks can get you upwards of 7 lakh bucks. I don't think I even have to say what a cool offer that is, it's just understandable. Here you go, start the game and win that one single Bitcoin.
  5. The story of Jack Ma's life is truly an inspirational one. He was turned down by Harvard 10 times and when the KFC franchise entered China, he was the only person being rejected out of 24 candidates who had applied for the job. But his story did not end here. After college, he applied to 30 jobs in his home city of Hangzhou and he was rejected by every single one of them. The lesson here is not that he was not smart enough for anything, but that he never quit trying even after facing back to back rejection. © Reuters Usually, after so many rejections one loses his power to believe in his abilities and goes into an abyss of negativity, but Ma did not. He tried and persevered. He had to be useful at something. He got a job as an English teacher and earned only $12 a month teaching at a university. That was just the beginning and today, he is the richest man in China and founder of the Alibaba Group. The question is how did such a person, who was considered incompetent by the rest of the world, end up accomplishing so much in life? He knew he was not the smartest man in the room, but he was a fighter and a had good eye for people who were smart. He also had the ability to bring them together to build something big. Ma says, "At first, I knew nothing about technology. I knew nothing about management. But the thing is, you don't have to know a lot of things. You have to find the people who are smarter than you are. For so many years, I always tried to find the people smarter than I am. And when you find so many smart people, my job is to make sure the smart people can work together." © MensXP His Condensed Formula For Success Looks Something Like This: 1. Always hire people who are smarter than you. 2. Focus on getting them to work together. That's exactly what managers do and so did he. This is why his style resembles more to a manager than just a leader. Now, the problem is that managing smart people under the same roof is not an easy task at all, as they come with their ego's attached to them. A manager must know how to build trust among his team while being aware of their strengths and weaknesses at the same time to make it work. One key take away from this is that you might not always be the smartest person in the room, but you should definitely acquire this ability to bring the smart people together working for a single big purpose and you will become successful.
  6. Nobody better get in my way today, because honestly, I have no idea what I am capable of doing. This day gives people a sudden sugar-rush and an inexplicable need to BE with another person, which for the life of me I will never understand. via GIPHY I mean, you begin the year saying you are a strong, independent sonofabitch who doesn't need anyone. And then all of a sudden, one fine day, that very person will be found sighing around like a dying asthma patient! (God! I'm so angry right now that I'm being a jerk!) via GIPHY Anyway, I am sure I'm not the only one walking around with the need to go on a murderous rampage, and I'm pretty sure there are a lot of you who feel the same way I do; which is basically a need to unleash their inner Hulk! via GIPHY So, here are 10 thoughts, which I'm pretty sure every other person who despises this sickening day, thinks about on February 14th. (Ugh, I can't even say it out loud) 1. I F*****G Hate Red via GIPHY Not that this colour has done anything personal to you. At any other point of time in the year, the colour red would not bother you that much. But there is something about Valentine's Day that just makes you despise this colour that much that you want to kick puppies. 2. I Will Kill Anyone Who Asks Me To Wear Red via GIPHY I swear to God, back in college, my classmates and I were asked to wear “something red” and I was seriously considering cutting my arm off and staining my shirt with blood. That would be “something red” indeed. Things have not changed much since I started working. You will always find that one annoying idiot who is like “Guys! Let's wear red, no?” 3. It's Like A Blood Bath! So Much Red & Pink! via GIPHY Everywhere you go it's like an explosion of red. Men, women, and sometimes even roadside beggars get in the spirit of Valentine's Day. But what really drives me up the wall are those God forsaken heart-shaped red balloons. EVERYWHERE! Wanna walk around with a pin and just pop every single one of those nasty things. 4. Aaj Hi Mila Pyaar Dikhaane Ke Liye Kya? via GIPHY Personally, I find the whole concept of celebrating your “eternal love” for just one day in a year, really sad. Dafuq kind of love is it if you go guns out on splurging oodles of money on making this one day so special? STUPID! 5. I Better Not See Any F****G PDA Today via GIPHY No matter how much I chant this in my head, I bloody KNOW for sure that I'm gonna see an obscene explosion of hand holding, kissing, hugging and every other possible way two people can make contact without fornicating in public! What's worse is when you have FRIENDS in love. Then you can't even say anything! 6. I Can't Breathe, The Air Is Filled With Too Much Happiness via GIPHY The overwhelming presence of smiles and hand-holding and honeyed voices can often make one feel like…a Dementor is sucking the soul out of them. 7. Where Can I Sign Up To Join The Bajrang Dal? © Bccl, Reuters I have half a mind to join them and go beat up people. Of course, I won't do it. I mean WTF. But if I had a choice…. 8. One More Person Says The Word 'Cupid' & I Swear To God… © Flickr I love babies. I do. But looking at images of those tiny, fat cherubs with wings…I just want to shoot them back with their own damn arrows. 9. I F*****G Hate February via GIPHY Especially those annoying AF people who hop around like Duracell bunnies, when this God awful month begins. I hate this month and I hate everyone who likes this month! 10. F*** This Shit, I'm Buying Myself Chocolates via GIPHY I don't need anyone to buy me free stuff! I will buy all the candy I want MYSELF because I'm a badass mofo!
  7. Pretty sure the title of this story got you hooked for obvious reasons. What is photography if you don't have the eyes to see what you are capturing? Enter Pranav Lal, who is here to prove it to you that photography is much more than just capturing what you see. Pranav suffered from Retinopathy of Prematurity at birth which resulted in him being completely blind ever since. However, this didn't stop the man from pursuing all that he was about passionate about. © YouTube The child in him was always fascinated with science and technology and so, working in a related field came naturally to him. With his determination and immense knowledge, he went on to become a professional cyber security analyst. However, that wasn't enough to push his creative and visual boundaries and so he decided to take up photography. Obviously, it didn't come easy to him until 2001 when he discovered a technology that changed his life for good. He found 'vOICe'. © YouTube 'vOICe' works as an artificial eye, and helps visually impaired people with navigation. The software converts the sights around you to sound and the image gets broken down to three attributes- panning the sound from left to right tells you the placement of objects in the horizontal plane, the higher the pitch of the sound, the higher is the object and the volume of the sound represents the amount of brightness. The person listens to these sounds through specially designed bone conduction headphones, and then uses a second camera to click photos. © YouTube But it isn't just for photography that Lal uses vOICe. He uses it for everything from navigation to designing web pages. However the software cannot recognise facial features yet, so Pranav focuses on capturing landscapes, nature, buildings, and machinery and we have to say, his photographs are truly beautiful. © Techesoterica © Techesoterica © Techesoterica Apart from photography, he also loves to travel and has journeyed extensively in India, including trekking to the Himalayas. © Techesoterica He also is a regular blogger and can be followed on his blog, www.techesoterica.com (http://techesoterica.com) which focuses on sensory substitution. The world has recognized his talent and he has been invited to speak at different events including a TED talk. You can listen to his story in his own words here: Constant support from his parents and new-age technology were exactly what Pranav needed to pursue his passion, and to prove to the world that if you are bent upon doing something, you will eventually find a way.
  8. Researchers Neil Gandal, JT Hamrick, Tyler Moore, and Tali Oberman have written a fascinating paper on Bitcoin price manipulation. Entitled “Price Manipulation in the Bitcoin Ecosystem” and appearing in the recent issue of the Journal of Monetary Economics, the paper describes to what degree the Bitcoin ecosystem is controlled by bad actors. The authors report that most instances of price manipulation were possible simply because cryptocurrency markets were 'very thin' — meaning they had few buyers and sellers. The authors explain that despite the huge increase in capitalization these markets experienced, they remain very thin. Since the period of the study (2013), the number of cryptocurrencies increased from 80 up to 843 today, and the majority of markets remain thin and “subject to price manipulations”. © Twitter/ExQuanto Researchers examined Mt. Gox transactions over a ten-month period from February to November 2013, and found that approximately 600,000 bitcoins, valued at $188 million, were “acquired by agents who likely did not pay for the bitcoins.” The team found that a single account named “Markus,” which was missing location data, seemingly never paid transaction fees and paid random prices for the bitcoins. "Markus likely did not pay for the bitcoins he acquired; rather, his account was fraudulently credited with claimed bitcoins that almost certainly were not backed by real coins,” the researchers wrote. The Markus account bought a total of 335,898 bitcoins, worth $76 million, over the course of 225 days. It gets weirder. Another 49 accounts that were also missing important data, grouped by the researchers under the name “Willy Bot” for their habit of purchasing exactly $2.5 million in bitcoins before stopping, bought 268,132 bitcoins over the course of 65 days. © YouTube In other words, what he did is create an economic bubble, artificially inflating the cost of a certain commodity and turning a huge profit by selling it. Eventually, the prices soar too high for anyone to want to buy — and the ones who purchased it last have to foot the bill and, effectively, pay for the profits of those before them. The whole market became a pyramid scheme. In other words, it's important to keep in mind that the largely unregulated world of cryptocurrencies is potentially vulnerable to market manipulation. If someone wants to pump and dump, well, they probably can. While decentralization is supposed to replace regulation it's clear that there is still a way to go before it can be truly taken seriously. “As mainstream finance invests in cryptocurrency assets and as countries take steps toward legalizing bitcoin as a payment system (as Japan did in April 2017), it is important to understand how susceptible cryptocurrency markets are to manipulation. Our study provides the first examination,” write the researchers. Source: Journal of Monetary Economics
  9. If there's a hot potato topic that you're better off avoiding if you hate Twitter flame wars, it's got to be Aadhar. India's biometric-based 'universal identification' was first conceived sometime in 2009, and in less than a decade, it seems to have become one of the most controversial projects ever attempted by our government. These days, if you hear of Aadhar in the news (and you do, a lot), it's usually for creating more trouble in the lives of those it was supposed to benefit. Why Aadhar? © Twitter Why do we even need a universal ID when it's not even a proof of citizenship? The government initially proposed Aadhar in the hope of improving the efficiency of welfare schemes – that a biometric-based ID should, theoretically, reduce corruption and diversion of benefits away from those who are eligible. And which government (or banking system) doesn't like an ID that would be difficult to fake and would enable a more rigorous 'Know Your Customer' process? Other uses that have since emerged include identity verification at airports (just getting off the ground) to reducing tax evasion. All boring, practical stuff, we know, but that's usually the case with the most critical bits, isn't it? The Tech That (Apparently) Makes Aadhar Secure But hang on, we hear you say. If the Aadhar is a one-ID-to-rule-em-all thing-amajing, won't things get worse if it's not as secure? Think of it, we all know how easy it is to get a driving license, isn't it? But that's why the Unique Identification Authority of India, which manages the Aadhar project, went in for biometric authentication: Fingerprint authentication and even iris scanning was hailed as a '100% guaranteed way of ensuring that people couldn't fake this as easily as other government IDs. National IDs Are Often More Trouble Than They're Worth © BCCL India's not the first country to look at a universal ID for its citizenry. The US has its famous Social Security Number system, which has suffered its own share of controversies over identity theft (the US SSN doesn't use biometric information and it's easy to steal someone's identity if you know their 9-digit SSN). Meanwhile, in the mid-2000s, the UK had okayed a biometric-based national ID but later scrapped the project - it was turning out to be too expensive, while privacy and human rights campaigners said it could have many unforeseen consequences. However, there's at least one national ID project that seems to have worked as intended - Estonia's digital ID system. Aadhar Has Always Been Plagued With Controversy Reports of how the Aadhar has made life difficult for Indian citizens keep cropping up every few days - Insurance companies have been accused of refusing coverage, people have allegedly starved after being denied access to subsidised food, some hospitals are reportedly demanding Aadhar cards before admitting patients, leprosy patients have missed out on treatment after authentication errors, while many citizens have complained of being locked out of their accounts by banks and mobile companies. Meanwhile, people have managed to get Aadhar cards for their dogs (no, we're absolutely serious), while some cards have photos of chairs and trees! If you read the news, you'd naturally assume our Aadhar project is as epic a fail as anything the Internet as seen. And you might not be that far off the mark. A Data Security And Privacy Fiasco In The Making? © Twitter The latest controversy to hit Aadhar is whether our data is safe enough (in fairness, people have been asking this ever since the project was started). Recently, a journalist from The Tribune managed to get access to the Aadhar database by paying just Rs. 500 for an account used by Aadhar data collection agents. She also discovered that there could be around one lakh people with illegal access to this database! While the UIDAI has denied the allegations (and has for some reason, filed a complaint against the journalist who uncovered this scandal), it does make you think if our data is really safe. Even if biometrics has not been compromised, it's a safety, security and privacy nightmare in the making. But there's more - French infosec researcher Eliot Alderson says the Android mAadhar app (which you might have installed on your phone) stores sensitive data on your device without really locking it down - if you lose your phone, a savvy hacker could dig out stuff. Big Brother Is Watching © Anation Don't accuse us of going all 'Black Mirror' on you, but there's loads that can go wrong with a faulty national ID system. What if the biometrics has also been compromised - will that enable any scammer to fake your identity to take out a loan? You can't exactly change your fingerprints, can you? Or consider what happens if a bug (or even a malicious act by a government official) gets you 'locked out' from daily life - bank accounts frozen, phones blocked, not allowed to get on to a flight and so on. And finally, there's the simple expectation of privacy - by linking all your activities using a single ID, it's possible for someone with access to the right data to build up a picture of your daily life - where you go, what you buy, the apps you use, the websites you visit… You might be tempted to dismiss this as an exaggeration, but what if a bug in the system gives this access to 'cybercriminals'? To make matters worse, you, as a citizen, can't even complain - the Aadhar Act makes the government and the UIDAI immune from prosecution! What Can You Do For starters, lock your biometrics on the Aadhar website - this makes sure that no one can carry our biometric-based authentication till you go unlock these. Apart from this, some say you should hold off on linking Aadhar to services unless absolutely necessary - You might still need to do so for a financial service but there's no need to use your Aadhar as ID elsewhere. And finally, there's some good news (took their time, didn't they?) from the UIDAI, which is working on a Virtual ID - a 'temporary Aadhar' number that can be used for verification without having to reveal your actual Aadhar number.
  10. Anushka with her adorable pet dog/Instagram Bollywood actress and the newly-wed wife of Indian skipper Virat Kohli is making headlines again ? this time for her love of the furry friends. Anushka Sharma has been named ?Person of the Year? by animal rights organisation PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) for her efforts to protect animals from cruelty. Her recent initiatives include launching her cruelty-free NUSH clothing line, visiting an animal shelter and promoting its work on her social media platforms. She has also been lauded for helping to protect dogs from fireworks and advocating for horses who are forced to pull carriages in Mumbai. ?Anushka Sharma is a proud animal rights proponent whose kindness and initiative know no bounds,? PETA Associate Director Sachin Bangera said in a statement. ?PETA is calling on everyone to follow her lead by eating healthy plant-based meals, helping community animals by speaking up when they are suffering, and always keeping an eye out for new ways to help animals,? Bangera added. Anushka, who married cricket star Virat Kohli earlier this month, was also named PETA?s Hottest Vegetarian Celebrity in 2015. The ?Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi? star is known for sharing adorable moments with animals on her Instagram. She also has an adopted dog named Dude. Keep up your good work, Anushka!
  11. We've all gone through our share of heartbreaks and often wondered what it would be like to be loved unconditionally, without agendas and watermarks that establish a union. Finding the right person to be with for the rest of our lives is one of the most fundamental features of living in harmony and companionship. Sometimes it so happens that the baggage and hurt from previous relationships gets carried forward to newer associations and one may feel burdened to hold on to things until they become irresolvable or redundant. But if you find the right companion to share these burdens with, it becomes a lesson; something that helps you grow through the power and understanding of love. The concept of finding 'the one' has become overtly overrated. We aggressively go on a lifelong search to find the right fit, until we settle for what seems good for us. The concept of finding the one person has always been forced down our throat through fairytales and tales of yore and we set standards so high to find that one person, we seldom forget the intricate truth about finding what we actually need- to grow and learn from the right person who comes your way. Because if you're in love with the right person, you'll grow beautifully as an individual, as the best version of you will be harnessed through this relationship. Your Age Old Emotional Healing Will Be A Lot Clearer When you're loved the way you want to be loved, all your baggage starts to make sense and that's when you start letting go of everything negative you've been holding on to. That's because when you find the right person, you'll be accepted in your truest sense, gaining back that confidence you lost somewhere along the way. They may not feel the intensity of what you're feeling while letting go but just their sheer presence will make a huge difference. (c)Giphy Your Negative Thought Process Will Change We gather some negativity from the past that didn't suit us one bit. The negativity surrounds us and makes us doubt a lot about ourselves. If you're coming from a negative place, from your past experiences, new love will make you see just the positive, letting go of all that negative that's been dwelling for a while. If you felt negatively about certain aspects about life, you will begin to see only positivity and that is the most perceptive change ever you'll notice. (c)Pexels You Will Love Yourself A Lot More Than You Did Stronger relationship teaches us the value of self worth. Agreed, weaker ones challenge self worth but a strong, real relationship will help you love yourself a lot more than what you did before. That's because the person you're with will make you realise how important you are as an individual, not just to them, but as a whole. It's true you don't need anyone to make you realise your self-worth but sometimes when we falter and doubt ourselves, we need that one push to honour who we are as individuals. When you begin to love yourself enough, there is a lot more you can give back in return, leading to a symbiotic, happier association for life. (c)Pexels Your Dreams And Goals Will Always Receive The Highest Regard When you're in love with the right person, they will always put your happiness, dreams and goals as their top priority, along with theirs because they believe in equality. You will learn to do the same because that's what you learn from the right person. They will challenge your aspirations and encourage you to do your best. Not just that, you will be highly encouraged by them to do what you love, every single time, making you realise that there is a great deal of learning in that act or gesture. (c)Pexels You Will Learn Things You Haven't Before A lot of learning goes amiss in toxic relationships and half hearted associations. The idea of compassion and caring usually gets lost. When you find the right person, all the basic elements will come knocking at your door. You will learn how to care for another human being without any strings attached. The idea of honesty and non-judgement will seem natural to you. Trust will be re-established and will not feel stifling but something more innate and natural. It's like re-learning all the right things with the right person! (c)Pexels You Will Learn Never To Settle For Anything Toxic For You The most important learning out of finding the right person is to never settle for anything painful or toxic. The right person will always give you a sense of hope and help you unwind from everything toxic from the past. This will up your benchmark to recognise the good and bad for you and make you see life differently. (c)Pexels If you go looking for the right person and find them, it can turn your world around. You become resilient to life's troubles and find it in yourself to conjure the strength to fight anything. True and actual learning only comes about when you find the right kind of love that makes you realise both, your strengths and weaknesses.
  12. Priyanka Chopra is a very busy person (obviously duhhh!), what with all the Hollywood movies and an extremely hit show. But, the biggest proof of her having no time to do anything comes from her phone. She apparently never ever reads or replies to her e-mails. © Instagram/Alan Powell 2,57,623?!?! Queue the horrified looks from everyone. If you're very particular about your e-mails and reply as soon as you get any notification, this is probably a nightmare for you. You may or may not want to say this to her. Delete your account. https://t.co/Oa92sncRQY — Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) June 9, 2016 Priyanka Chopra was exposed like this by her own co-star Alan Powell. Look how embarrassed and amused she is by this. The look of pure guilt. Guys ... guys ... don't ever email @priyankachopra ... she apparently NEVER reads it! This is is the record ... I defy anyone to beat it. #unbelievable #ithoughtiwasbad #commaplacementconfusesme A post shared by Alan Powell (@alanpowell10) on Dec 5, 2017 at 4:17pm PST Priyanka is very active on social media, so she's probably always on her phone, but why check your mail when you can scroll through Instagram aimlessly for hours. This is probably the most relatable thing about her, at least to me. Because, cute cat videos over boring e-mails, always. Look PeeCee, I haven't reached your level yet, I only have 3500 unread mails, but one day I will make you proud, I promise. But, there are so many people who are winning this game. Sorry Priyanka, people are leaving you behind in this race. Time to catch up. This guy has almost 4 lakh unread mails. How about this? ð pic.twitter.com/BjCug8r4oH — Piyush Raka (@rakapiyush) December 6, 2017 Close enough. Very much close! :-P pic.twitter.com/4ascihxSCb — Pratik Jain (@pjcooldude58) December 7, 2017 Billion? Whaa? How? This is a legit screen shot from my iPhone in 2015... 4.3 Billion unread emails... pic.twitter.com/X5ZNNDYf3N — Evans Electric (@tsport100) December 8, 2017 No, it's pretty good, we are all equally lazy. I'm not famous at all but. This isn't good is it? ð¬ pic.twitter.com/tX2F742UBG — frickin feathers (@featherfusions) December 7, 2017 Just 11k? You have a long way to go. Same here pic.twitter.com/hrNpV08JSq — Jayank Gupta (@JayankGupta) December 6, 2017 We're coming for you. Beat this... pic.twitter.com/MweC2v18ll — Ritesh Patel (@purplelight) December 8, 2017 No point in reading. That's my poor effort ðððð may read them one day, then again may not ð¤ðð pic.twitter.com/obFbP4uR1t — ðRetroï¸GamersðClubð (@RetroGamersClub) December 7, 2017 Not bad but should be more. Not a bad total pic.twitter.com/OonzvRpoUX — barrie greenhaf (@barriegreenhaf) December 7, 2017 You're getting there. close, tho pic.twitter.com/u045Xt94Ev — Agiimaa Kruchkin (@Agiimka) December 7, 2017 Oops. Oops! ð¬ (I get crap from friends and family when they see my email icon on screenshots I send them.) pic.twitter.com/yIpqReHCNA — Ashley Kleiber (@AshleyKleiber) December 7, 2017 See, movie stars are just like us. They ignore responsibilities for as long they can, and then get called out for it by their friends. Priyanka Chopra – The most relatable queen of Social Media. Yaaas!
  13. Time magazine's 2017 Person of the Year is "The Silence Breakers," ? those who came forward with their stories about being victims of pervasive sexual harassment. The Silence Breakers emerged amid a slew of allegations of sexual misconduct and assault by film executive Harvey Weinstein. The number of people who spoke up to expose dozens of sexual predators including famous individuals in Hollywood, politics, journalism, and other industries increased, as more people came forward to accuse Weinstein. The individuals who broke their silence to share their stories of victimization gave traction to the #MeToo campaign, which took off on social media and fueled a worldwide discussion on how pressing an issue harassment has been. One of the women shown only partially on the cover of the magazine is someone who spoke to the publication but "doesn't feel that she can come forward without threatening her livelihood," the magazine's editor-in-chief Edward Felsenthal said, as he revealed the cover on NBC's "TODAY" show. "The galvanizing actions of the women on our cover ? along with those of hundreds of others, and of many men as well, have unleashed one of the highest-velocity shifts in our culture since the 1960s," Felsenthal said in a statement. The photo also includes activist Adama Iwu, actress Ashley Judd, singer Taylor Swift, strawberry picker Isabel Pascual and former Uber engineer Susan Fowler who came forward with their stories. "The women and men who have broken their silence span all races, all income classes, all occupations and virtually all corners of the globe," Time said in its story about the cover. President Donald Trump and China's President Xi Jinping were named as the second and third most influential people, respectively. The magazine, for nearly a century, has identified the Person of the Year ? a person or group that has had the most influence on news. Others on the list include German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Bill and Melinda Gates. Being named the person of the year, however, is not an endorsement. The list includes Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin and Iran's Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.
  14. Mohammad bin Salman The crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad bin Salman is leading the voter of Time magazine's Person of the Year. With 13 per cent of the vote, Mohammad bin Salman is ahead of social media campaign #MeToo (6%) and former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick (5%). Hilary Clinton, Pope Francis, Vladimir Putin and Justin Trudeau have four per cent each of the vote. Voting ends on 4 December and the Time?s Person of the Year will be announced on 6 December. In 2016, US President Donald Trump was named Person of the Year and this year there was controversy surrounding him and the title. Last week, US President Trump said he turned down being named Time´s "Person of the Year" after the magazine asked him for an interview and photo shoot but did not confirm he would be chosen. He tweeted: "Time Magazine called to say that I was PROBABLY going to be named ´Man (Person) of the Year,´ like last year, but I would have to agree to an interview and a major photo shoot. "I said probably is no good and took a pass. Thanks anyway!" Time responded on its own Twitter account: "The President is incorrect about how we choose Person of the Year. TIME does not comment on our choice until publication, which is December 6." Trump has three per cent of the vote in 2017. According to the Time?s, the editor has jurisdiction over he is deemed Person of the Year but an important role is played by the reader.
  15. No-Shave November or Movember is essentially a moment in time, when all men — who love to grow their beards out, get a hall pass to do so. They are, in fact, applauded in popular culture for flaunting the mug-rug. Think of it like the curious case of the 6-pack abs, but without actually working hard for it. But in reality, beards are actually hard work with all the carefully curated maintenance that goes into it. Well, not for menswear designer — Abhishek Paatni — who (if our memory serves right) has often always had a big a** beard. It's dense, well-maintained and definitely a magnet for the ladies. So how does he do it — while maintaining a model-like body, and a business that makes the coolest designer streetwear in India…? So, for our 30 Days, 30 Beards, we sat down with Mr. Paatni to decode his #bliss life and investigate the curious case of this thicc beard! © MensXP, Style Partner: Park Avenue 1. Do you think beards are overrated? Today men are trying to buy their way into the beard culture which is why I feel it's highly overrated, short-lived and will essentially be like one of those fads that'll fade away soon. 2. How has growing a beard changed your life? Growing a beard has given me a whole new perspective towards dressing up. Because putting a suit has never been more fun. It has also forced me to up my sense of grooming and create a low-key regime for it. © MensXP, Style Partner: Park Avenue 3..What made you grow it in the first place? For fashion (laughs). I grew it to get a new look for my winter suits and overcoats. 4. Do women dig the beard or clean-shaven men? Honestly, women dig a man with great personality and anything that comes along with it. 5. Ever thought of a name for your beard? Next question, please! © MensXP, Style Partner: Park Avenue 6. Razor or trimmer? And how often... Scissors and razor — once a week. 7. Beards need care. What's your routine like? My routine is fairly simple. A dope shampoo and some Johnson & Johnson baby oil. 8. Ever tried beard oils, shampoos, conditioners etc? Never. 9. Your best and worst beard phase? Always the transitional phase which is the one in between the stubble and the actual length. © MensXP, Style Partner: Park Avenue 10. The razor/trimmer you're using right now? Gillette Mach 3. 11. According to you, the most iconic celebrity beard in the world? It has to be designer, biker and all-around cool dude, Justin O' Shea. 12. What's your next big beard move? My next beard move is to not have it for a while and let my skin see some light of the day. --- Abhishek wears a blazer and jeans, all from Park Avenue. Photography: Anubhav Sood Creative Direction: Santu Misra Styling: Siddharth Batra Grooming: Shallu Chandla Location: The Jug Mug Thella Production: Anand Pratap Singh Style Partner: Park Avenue
  16. Senior Pakistan Muslim League ? Nawaz (PML-N) leader and Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah on Wednesday said that the resolution passed by the Senate today was a ?person-specific? move that was made at the behest of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari. Photo: Geo News ISLAMABAD: Senior Pakistan Muslim League ? Nawaz (PML-N) leader and Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah on Wednesday said that the resolution passed by the Senate today was a ?person-specific? move that was made at the behest of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari. The resolution states that a person who is not eligible to become a member of the Parliament or has been disqualified cannot lead any political party. Senate passes resolution against disqualified person heading political party Resolution questions the move by asking how a disqualified person can make policies for a political party ?The Senate only approved this resolution on one person?s [Asif Zardari] behest,? the provincial law minister said. Sanaullah insisted that the reason that the resolution was passed was Zardari?s wish to refute the allegations of a backdoor deal with PML-N, adding that the resolution holds no more than ?recommendatory value?. ?The very same Senate accepted the Elections Bill 2017, and it can?t now pass a resolution that negates the Elections Act 2017,? Sanaullah said while speaking on Geo News? programme Capital Talk. Defense Analyst Amjad Shuaib (Extreme left), PPP Senator Taj Haider, Hamid Mir, PML-N leader Rana Sanaullah (extreme right). Photo: Geo News Responding to a question if both, the ruling party and opposition had turned democracy and Parliament into a joke, Sanaullah denied PML-N?s non-serious behaviour in this regard, insisting that the Elections Bill 2017 had stayed in the standing committee for weeks before it was moved to the National Assembly, from where it was forwarded to the Senate and eventually approved. He questioned the opposition?s sudden ?alertness,? insisting that he fails to understand how members of the opposition failed to notice the bill all the while it passed through its due course. Pakistan Peoples Party?s (PPP) Senator Taj Haider, however, defended his party and allies? decision to pass the resolution, stating that forward-thinking demands for the house to be set in order, and till the political setup isn?t brought on track, the country can?t be brought on track either because it?s the politicians who have to ?straighten up the systems.? PPP Senator Taj Haider defended his party and allies? decision to pass the resolution. Photo: Geo News ?It is the need of time that there should be no doubts about the political leadership that is now brought forward,? Haider said. In response to a question about the opposition?s motive to pass the resolution the President of the Islamabad High Court Bar Association Advocate Arif Chaudhry said that the ?Senate washed its face and cleared a burden of off its shoulders today.? In response to a question about the opposition?s motive to pass the resolution the President of the IHCBA Advocate Arif Chaudhry said that the ?Senate washed its face and cleared a burden of off its shoulders today.? Photo: Geo News Chaudhry said that the PML-N manoeuvred and manipulated to get the Elections Bill 2017 approved, and added that courts don?t place a lot of weight on ?person-specific? legislations. ?The Elections Bill 2017 and this resolution are both person-specific legislations,? he said. ?Someone ask these parties how many people-specific legislations have been passed in the past four years.? Weighing in on the argument, Defence Analyst Amjad Shuaib said that logic fails to accept the Elections Act 2017 because a ?person disqualified from holding public office can?t be allowed to positively become the unchallenged king who pulls all the string of the civil administration.? Weighing in on the argument, Defence Analyst Amjad Shuaib said that 'logic fails to accept the Elections Act 2017.' Photo: Geo News ?The resolution passed today, by the opposition and its allies, is only a meek attempt at damage control,? Shuaib said, adding that it made no logical sense that a person who is disqualified by the court of law from holding public office can hold a designation in a political party. The Elections Bill 2017 was approved in the Senate on October 2, after it won by a 48 to 47 majority. Among other amendments, the bill (now Act) dictates that every citizen holds the right to be a part of a political party and form a party with the only exception of government employees. The Elections Act 2017 drew heavy criticism from the opposition, which termed the move as the ruling party's 'desperate' attempt to restore Nawaz Sharif as PML-N's president after he was legally barred from holding the position in the July 28 Panama Papers case verdict by the Supreme Court. In sharp contrast from the October 2 decision, the resolution against a disqualified person holding a party office received 52 votes in its favour today.
  17. ISLAMABAD: Leader of the Opposition Khursheed Shah said on Tuesday that a law was amended just to make one person president of a party, in an apparent reference to the newly-introduced Elections Bill 2017, under which Nawaz Sharif got re-elected Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz president. The Opposition leader in the National Assembly was speaking to media in his chambers. Shah, while criticising the role of the Muttahida Quami Movement-Pakistan and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, said that an investigation should be done regarding the role of the two parties in relation to the passing of the bill from the Senate. Shah said that despite contacting the PTI thrice, it didn?t suggest the name for the post of Chairman National Accountability Bureau. ?If they don?t suggest a name, I cannot keep on waiting,? he said. The Opposition leader said that the selection of the Chairman NAB will be done before October 8, adding that he would meet Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi today in this regard. The National Assembly on Monday passed the Elections Bill 2017, paving way for former prime minister Nawaz Sharif to regain chairmanship of the ruling party. The bill was also ratified by President Mamnoon Hussain. A controversial clause in the bill ? which was heavily criticised by the opposition ? allows politicians disqualified from holding public office to lead political parties.
  18. LOS ANGELES: At least one person was killed and another hurt on Wednesday when a rockslide from the famed El Capitan granite monolith in Yosemite National Park in California rained boulders onto a popular hiking trail, a park spokesman said. Search and rescue teams responded to the scene following the incident shortly before 2 pm pacific time and were assessing the situation, along with a park helicopter, Yosemite spokesman Scott Gediman said in a statement. Gediman said crews were working to transport the injured person to a hospital. He said no further details were immediately available. The rocks appeared to have fallen from an area near the popular ?Waterfall Route? climbing trail on the east buttress of El Capitan during an active time for hiking in the popular national park. Yosemite remained open and visitor services were not affected, Gediman said. El Capitan is one of the best-known landmarks in Yosemite and a world-class challenge for rock-climbers.
  19. WASHINGTON The US Secret Service arrested a person with firearms near the White House on Sunday morning, the agency said in a statement on Monday. Uniformed Secret Service officers were approached by the person at an intersection close to the White House, the statement said. "The encounter with the individual resulted in Secret Service Officers taking investigative action. The individual was arrested for possession of several firearms," the statement said. No further details were provided.
  20. Imagine Facebook judging you for everything you do online :O
  21. Today is World Gratitude Day. I might be the second person bothering you with this not-so-famous day. Why? Because no one seems to beat Facebook when it comes to wishing someone on any kind of occasion. But, let's hop back to the topic and talk about the significance of World Gratitude Day and how including it in your routine will lead to fulfilling life experiences. © Dancing Gratitude Let's start with its definition Gratitude: It is the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return the kindness. It was first celebrated in 1965 and was later on officially adopted by the United Nations Meditation Group. Since then, the 21st of September is recognized as a day to show appreciation for all things, big and small. Actually, if you think about it, no gratitude is small or big. It is just what it is and it feels beautiful when you do so. It could be thanking a higher power for everything you have in your life, no matter how good or bad it may seem at the moment. It could also be a simple gesture, thanking someone for a favor. Basically, it is something that makes that tune match, sync, or connect with the other person, with everyone else. Here is a quote from the influential painter, Pablo Picasso. He said, “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” © Quotefancy So we are here to share and give, that's the purpose of life. That's where the ultimate fulfillment resides. That's the state of pure happiness. The more you give back to society, the more grateful you become. Take that quote as your stepping stone if you have just found the right way or else, keep walking if you are already on the right path. Here are 5 such things to help you be more grateful: 1. Learn from other's warm gestures © Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images It is one of simplest menatl tricks out there. The next time you do someone a favor, see how they react to it. How genuine you feel the gratitude they express to you. For example, if you are someone your teammates can always count on and you are there to help when no one else is. You will receive some genuine gratitude. Learn from this example and continue the good work. 2. Practice gratitude daily © Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images You can be grateful for the air you breathe, the food you eat, the sky you see and many more things. This could prove to be a good morning start for the day ahead. But, every now and then you should be grateful to people as well. This includes your family, your close friends, and sometimes your enemies too. Start with writing 2 unique things you are grateful for today and then follow this pattern. At the end of the month, you will see a list of things you are grateful for. 3. Meditation © Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images It is the one medicine for all your problems. If you start practicing it consistently and appropriately or in other words, if you master this art, you will never need to seek answers to your questions ever again. The answers to your questions will start coming from your inner voice. If you need a change and want to live a happy life, start meditating properly and things will start taking care of themselves. 4. Connect to new individuals © Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images Some of us could be more introverted and enjoy being alone for most of the time but do you think it will hurt if you socialize a bit with real people? It's real simple. Connect with a few new people every now and then and see how they live their lives. If you follow this, you will always keep learning something new every day. More reasons to be thankful for. And, before you know it, your list will already be running up to a number sufficient enough to help you live a happy life. 5. Cultivate empathy © Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images Most of us know that it is easier said than done. And even after so many failed attempts we all still try it every now and then. Have you ever asked yourself why feel this way? Because it is natural to us. It is in our nature to understand each other better. If you start seeing an event from the other person's point of view, you are able to detach that event from that individual and you just become an observer. An observer who has nothing to do with anything that is going on and you see it like a picture played on the cinema screen. You understand yourself, you understand the person connected to you and you suddenly you become more and more grateful with each passing day.
  22. Priyanka Chopra is often seen actively taking part in creating awareness. On one hand, there is no stopping her in making it big around the globe, on another hand, she is actively seen spending time with children for some or the other cause. Cultures are so lovely.so different yet so similar. Kalam is arabic for pen and it's kalam in Urdu/Hindi too. We found that funny. Since the kids were learning English I thought Pencil may be appropriate... #MissionForChildren #ChildrenUprooted #PCInJordan #ChildrenOfSyria @unicef A post shared by Priyanka Chopra (@priyankachopra) on Sep 10, 2017 at 2:07am PDT She is a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF and was seen spending a good time with kids in Amman, Jordan. As per reports and statistics, at present, there are 1.3 million Syrians in Jordan and the education system there is trying their level best to fit these children. But this task ain't that easy. The Jordan government is in need of aids to educate these kids. Priyanka visited Jordan to meet these kids and raise awareness about the issue among others. A class full of future doctors, engineers, police officers, teachers. What breaks my heart is they can't even access proper schools as refugee kids... how will they access higher education?? These hopes and dreams.. where do they stand in the reality of their world? The government schools in Jordan have added evening classes and 200 schools to accommodate the growing number of Syrian children which is approximately 120000 children..But it's never enough. The world needs to help. We need to help. PLS GO TO www.unicef.org and DONATE whatever you can... let's make this a collective #MissionForChildren #ChildrenUprooted #PCInJordan #ChildrenOfSyria @unicef A post shared by Priyanka Chopra (@priyankachopra) on Sep 10, 2017 at 2:19am PDT Naturally, she took to social media sharing her experience and talking about the condition there. She also insisted people to do their bit and donate whatever possible to make a difference. This is Ammar(5), Ayat(8), Sulaiman (5 months) Wardshan(9) and they have an elder brother Saleh(10) who works at a grocery store to help supplement the family income, for only 2 Jordanian Dinar (that's less than $3 USD.) Their father is a day laborer. Sulaiman needs a 2nd surgery because he has a clot in his nose. The family moved from Syria to Jordan 5 years ago. When I asked their mother what would be her wish...considering the war hasn't ended, she said "if we can't go home all I want is for my kids to get an education so they can fend for themselves when they are older and help rebuild Syria. We are blessed, we have enough to survive...others have much less." They didn't even have furniture in their home. The largesse of heart and compassion she had through her tears moved me to pieces. PLS GO TO www.unicef.org and DONATE whatever you can... let's make this a collective #MissionForChildren #ChildrenUprooted #PCInJordan #ChildrenOfSyria @unicef A post shared by Priyanka Chopra (@priyankachopra) on Sep 10, 2017 at 6:20am PDT But it looks like someone wasn't happy about her work and decided to point it out. A Twitter fellow named Ravindra Gautam who also happens to be a film critique mocked the actress for her initiative and said she should focus more on Indian kids than other. He tweeted " I would request @priyankachopra that do visit rural areas of India where malnourished kids waiting for food. #MissionForChildren." I would request @priyankachopra that do visit rural areas of India where malnourished kids waiting for food. #MissionForChildren https://t.co/VTKdrRBUkr — Ravindra Gautam (@RavindraGautam_) September 10, 2017 However, this isn't the first time that she is targeted and taunted for her opinions on social media. It goes without saying that PeeCee is one tough girl and gave it back to the guy just like a boss. She replied saying, “Ive worked w/ @UNICEFIndia for 12 yrs&visited many such places. What have u done @RavindraGautam_ ?Y is 1 childs prob less imp than another?” Ive worked w/ @UNICEFIndia for 12 yrs&visited many such places. What have u done @RavindraGautam_ ?Y is 1 childs prob less imp than another? https://t.co/GaxeKyXDrK — PRIYANKA (@priyankachopra) September 10, 2017 Well, that's indeed the right thing to say and we hope Gautam is already regretting tweeting that out. Priyanka often doesn't take anything seriously when made fun of, but we totally love the way she gives it back to the haters whenever needed! At present, the gorgeous diva is concentrating on creating awareness, raising funds and supporting the children of war, in whatever way possible. Earlier she also visited Zimbabwe where she met kids who were sexually abused. After they taught me their dance moves I showed them one of mine.. it's called the "thumka" #DanceParty #EndViolence #UNICEF #thistimeforafrica #SafePark A post shared by Priyanka Chopra (@priyankachopra) on May 7, 2017 at 6:54am PDT It is obvious that she feels strongly for this initiative and is doing her best to make a difference, we believe it was the discrimination bit that she didn't appreciate at all. And we totally support her for it. All strength to PeeCee for doing such great work!
  23. NEW YORK: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos on Thursday became the world´s richest person, as a jump in the share price of the US tech giant enabled him to overtake Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Forbes magazine estimated. The magazine said its real-time tracking of personal fortunes showed Bezos with a net worth of $90.5 billion, ahead of the $90 billion for Gates. Bezos owns around 17 per cent of the equity of Amazon, which has been expanding from its original mission as an online retailer to a diversified tech firm in cloud computing, online video, computing hardware and artificial intelligence. The company also recently announced plans to acquire US grocer Whole Foods, which could help Amazon expand in that sector. Amazon shares were up 1.7pc at $1,070.72 and have risen some 24pc over the past four months, adding some $17 billion to the net worth of the 53-year-old Bezos. According to Forbes, Gates has been the richest person in the magazine´s annual rankings in March for the past four years and 18 of the past 22 years. Mexican telecom magnate Carlos Slim overtook Gates from 2010 to 2013. Among the billionaires gaining ground is Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who has an estimated worth of some $72.9 billion. While most of Bezos´s wealth is in Amazon, he also owns the private space firm Blue Origin and the Washington Post newspaper.
  24. LEFT: Ike Kaveladze. Image courtesy: NY Daily News; RIGHT: A photo, taken on January 17, 2017, shows Donald Trump Jr. arriving at Trump Tower in New York. AFP/John Moore/File Photo WASHINGTON: An eighth person who attended a controversial meeting with President Donald Trump's eldest son has been identified as a top official of a company founded by a Russian billionaire with links to the Trumps, CNN said Tuesday. The confirmation is the latest development in the burgeoning scandal over the Trump campaign's contacts with Russia after it was revealed that Donald Trump Jr. attended the June 2016 meeting during the campaign hoping to get dirt on his father's rival Hillary Clinton. Trump Jr. had been told over email that a "Russian government attorney" would provide damaging details. Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and son-in-law Jared Kushner also attended. The latest confirmed participant is Ike Kaveladze, the senior vice president of the Crocus Group ? a real estate business headed by Aras Agalarov, the Azerbaijani-Russian mogul who has done business with the Trumps ? according to CNN, citing Kaveladze's lawyer for confirmation of his identity. According to the lawyer, Scott Balber, Kaveladze is a US citizen who went to the meeting at Trump Tower under the impression that he would translate for Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, who was thought to have the potentially incriminating information. "The eighth person has been identified by prosecutors and we are cooperating fully with prosecutors as a result of the investigation," Balber told CNN, referring to special counsel Robert Mueller's probe into suspicions that Russia meddled in the 2016 US election. Also at the meeting was Briton Rob Goldstone, a music publicist who arranged the encounter. Goldstone is close to pop star Emin Agalarov, who is Aras Agalarov's son and who performed during the 2013 Miss Universe beauty competition that was organised by the Trumps. Also in attendance was a Russian-American lobbyist and Veselnitskaya's translator.
  25. KOHAT: The counter terrorism department has arrested the person involved in killing Lachi SHO in an attack on a police van late at night on May 20. According to a press release issued on Thursday, Counter Terrorism Department Kohat personnel arrested the reported target killer, Ayaz, from Warshand, Lachi in Kohat. The attack had taken place when a police team led by the killed SHO of Lachi, Khanullah, was returning from an operation carried out to arrested wanted persons in Kamal Khel. Four policemen, including SHO, killed in Kohat attack The police team was returning from an operation whey they were ambushed Subsequently, Khanullah, Additional SHO Tahir Mahmood and constables Abid and Tanvir Ali were killed on the spot. The police team retaliated but the terrorists had fled from the site. Khyber Agency raid On the other hand, the FC personnel recovered a huge cache of weapons and ammunitions Wednesday night from Akka Khel, Guli Khel and Ghaibi Nokia areas of Khyber Agency. This was stated in a press release issued by the Inter Services Public Relations on Thursday. The weapons were found during a raid carried out under Operation Radd-ul-Fasaad.