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  1. Independence Day has come and gone and we're still struggling to free ourselves from our inner demons. Well that may take time but men, if you're struggling to be a free bird in your relationship from the tinniest, annoying nitty gritties your girlfriends puts you through, it's time to address these issues with them so they realise that there are bigger things in life to complain about, other than small inconsequential stuff !` We asked some men to tell us about some annoying habits their girls have, they truly need freedom from and here's what they had to say: Nagging Nagging really gets the better of every man. What is nagging? Well to be honest it's an art women have perfected over time and use it to get things done the way they think they're supposed to be done. It's beautiful really but not at the cost of pissing off a man who really doesn't deserve it. So the next time your girl nags you about a pair of your shoes that have been lying in the living room for four days, tell her they're furniture now. © Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images Indecisiveness Not about let's set the date and get married but more about where and what to eat. The indecisiveness is almost palpable! If this is an eternal issue with your girl then it's time you take charge and start making concrete plans and stick to them and make sure she does too! Directions! Why Bother? Most women have an inherent need to navigate. If they're not doing it in bed, they're surely doing it on the road! If a man knows where he is going, he probably knows best, so it's best to leave it to that. Unless of course he's lost and confused; leave him be even then. He'll figure it out eventually. Unless of course the girl is driving, then it's all sorted. © Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images The Office Hour Calls Gotta Stop Most men complained about the fact that their girl calls them every one hour during office hours. While that's truly endearing it's also annoying. If there is a lot of work at office no one really likes entertaining calls that are not important to the hour. Maybe a long conversation after work gets done can sort this dilemma out. © Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images The ‘Nothing' Game This is one of the most pressing and nerve wrecking issues men have to deal with. It takes a while to get to know a woman. So when they get to know her eventually and make an effort to ask her if something is wrong (when something actually is wrong) they always get an inevitable ‘nothing' out of their ladies. Maybe the women want their men to coax them into telling them the real deal but that's really not how it should work. Being straight up with the problem any woman has is really quite a relief for most men. Answering A Question With A Question! Is that even a thing? Well to most men it is. Men hate it when their questions aren't answered and then the question game is played, probably picked up from the popular show ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway'. For instance, if a man asks his woman what she would like to eat, hearing “what do you like to eat” back is really not a field trip for most men. Just answer the question and move on with the finer things in life! It would be so much simpler if women understood these annoying habits and curtailed them but that's what makes them irresistible too and men really come around and learn to deal with these things knowing they have annoying habits as well. But if your girl does any of the following more than once a day, it's time to address the issue immedietly.
  2. source: NASA NASA is seeking suggestions from the public for a message to beam far, far out into space to the probe Voyager 1 in time for the 40th anniversary of its launch. The US space agency wants input via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media, and the public will vote on what short message we on earth should send to the intrepid, overachieving little space traveler. NASA said on its website that people have until August 15 to make submissions of a maximum of 60 characters. NASA, its Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Voyager team will cull them, and the public will vote to pick the winner to send toward Voyager 1 on September 5. That probe is now almost 13 billion miles from Earth. It is the most distant human-made object ever. And it is the first spacecraft to enter what is known as interstellar space. NASA defines this as beginning where the sun's flow of material and its magnetic field stop affecting its surroundings. Voyager 1 was launched on September 5, 1977, and a sister ship, Voyager 2, actually went up about two weeks earlier. Both traveled on Titan-Centaur rockets. The mission of both was study the solar system's giant, gaseous outer planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Voyager 2 went up first because its trajectory was a longer, slower one. It is now almost 11 billion miles from home. The resumes of both on a project that was never designed to last so long or reap so much treasure are simply eye-popping. For instance, NASA says Voyager 1 was the first spacecraft to detect lightning on a planet other than Earth. It was on Jupiter. And both Voyagers found suggestions of an ocean beyond Earth. This was on Jupiter's moon Europa. The list of other achievements is long.
  3. Sometimes diving head on towards a commitment of a lifetime takes away the basic nuances of understanding if you're ready emotionally and mentally for it. Marriage comes with a lot of thought-provoking questions and sometimes people delve into the monetary aspect of it and forget the emotional bandwidth they need to commit to someone for a lifetime. Hence without realising, certain realisations set in at earlier stages of marriage that need to be quantified with various validations like – how am I ever going to spend the rest of my life with just one person? Because let's face it, some people can't settle for just one. Thinkstock Photos Webster's defines open marriages as a marriage in which both partners agree that each may have sexual relations with other. So if someone walks in to a marriage with a mind that's fickle and realises they probably want something more voracious out of it, is it fair to talk about or experience an open marriage instead? Do open marriages need to be normalised just like monogamy? How do you broach the topic of an open marriage with your partner? Thinkstock Photos Here are some thoughts people shared with us, on their idea of an open marriage. Rattika, 31 I have been married for over five years and my husband and I are quite happy together, sharing what makes the two of us happy. The concept of an open marriage never occurred to us because we didn't feel a void that needed to be filled both physically and emotionally. Sure open marriages can be normalised in society but only if both the people in the marriage are as open to it as the definition for it goes. Anonymous, 30 For some couples an open marriage is a commitment too. You commit to have your share of fun but come back home to your partner at the end of the day. Maybe you want to experience the thrill of another sexual experience like strip clubs or have an orgy, as long as emotionally you're still connected with the person you married, I see no issues at all, so yeah, maybe its normalcy. Thinkstock Photos Aparna, 28 Both the people in the marriage have to define what counts as ‘open' first off. What do you want to experience in an open marriage is vital for discussion. My husband and I have encountered various sexual experiences but together. For us the sanctity of an open marriage is to experience things together, with other people. Rehan, 32 It's very easy to bring up the topic of open marriage with your partner, if you're both on the same page and open with each other. Usually you would just talk about your likes and dislikes and if they match then you can talk more about it. Sometimes open marriages can be very healthy and can bring two people closer together because the openness is a big aspect for bringing two people close together. Anonymous, 32 The concept is confusing to me actually. Marriage to me only makes sense if you stay with one partner, otherwise why bother going through paperwork ordeal when things can be simpler with an open marriage. Pratik, 27 Open communication is the key to an open marriage. Of course it should be normalised, only if both parties have equal say and consent. Sometimes my wife and I talk about it and we usually don't reach a common ground, so it's redundant for us really. Both partners have to be in agreement. Thinkstock Photos Payal, 29 I believe in the sanctity of marriage and there is no place for a third person between two married people. So no, it should not be normalised. Jaskiran, 30 I think all relationships should be normalised. Wether it's open, monogamous, homosexual or heterosexual. Times they are a'changing. Shivani, 28 It's important that we are allowed to design our marriages the way we want to. Two consenting people enter this institution and if they consent to having emotional/sexual relations outside of marriage, why not. Parikshit, 30 I don't see the idea of it lasting too long. What if your partner falls in love with someone? How much trust is too much trust? If I am having *** outside of my marriage, I am bound to get attached with the people I am sexually involved with. Trust is a very thin thread in this case. Thinkstock Photos An open marriage, from what we gathered, could be a complex experiment to follow through. If you're open to something and your partner isn't, they might think they're not enough. If you both are ready to experiment outside of your marriage it could probably draw you closer with the trust you share or you could fall apart tremendously because you are treading on thin ice as well. So the best thing to do, if you want to normalise an open marriage with your partner is establish some ground rules, have a very open conversation with them about the idea and the concept behind it and trust each other to the fullest and involve each other in as many experiences you can figure, together.
  4. Things have been going pretty well for the mother of the dragons lately, barring the moment Drogon is shot. Everyone is rallying behind her and Cersei is left with practically nobody. With 3 dragons and a Dothraki army, there's nothing much that can baffle you. But if fan theories are to be trusted, then there's some tough times ahead for Dany. © HBO According to the prophecy that was made for her in Qarth, Daenerys would be betrayed 3 times : once for gold, once for blood, and once for love. She was betrayed for blood when a Dothraki witch takes revenge for her people's blood by killing Daenerys' son on the pretext of saving Khal Drogo's life. © HBO Then she was betrayed for gold when it is revealed that Jorah Mormont had been sent by Robert Baratheon to spy on her. Of course, Jorah comes around and becomes her biggest protector later. © HBO So, that leaves being betrayed for love, which she hasn't been yet. It is speculated that it might be Jon Snow – they are already falling in love – who will have to sacrifice her to fulfill the prophecy of Azhor Azhai. Considering he will have a whole kingdom to protect from the White Walkers, it might be the only way. But Jon Snow is no Stannis, and he could refuse to do the unthinkable. © HBO If not Snow, it could be Tyrion too. His sympathy towards his brother Jaime was well evident during the battle scene in ‘Spoils of War' when he is desperately wishing for the latter to flee. The mother of dragons has been ignoring her Hand for far too long now and Tryion's role has been pushed to the background. The character is being under-utilised and we think the reason could be a future betrayal. © HBO Another close ally whose betrayal would affect Daenerys is Missandei. There has been some character development for her and her conversations with Ser Davos about her hometown subtly push towards a sub-plot that may unfold in the future. The girl is in love with Greyworm and she is also sure that if she were to leave Daenerys, the queen would be perfectly okay with it. The lure of starting a family and settling down in her hometown could be greater than serving a queen.
  5. Bahraini Foreign Minister Sheik Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa speaks to media after the foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt meeting to discuss their dispute with Qatar, in Manama, Bahrain July 30, 2017. PHOTO: Reuters DUBAI: The four Arab countries that have cut ties with Qatar said on Sunday they were ready for talks to tackle the dispute if Doha showed willingness to deal with their demands. The foreign ministers of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates met in the Bahraini capital, Manama, to discuss the crisis that has raised tensions across the region. The Saudi-led bloc cut ties with the Gulf state on June 5, accusing it of backing militant groups and cosying up to their arch-foe Iran, allegations Doha denies. Diplomatic efforts led by Kuwait and backed by Western powers have failed to end the dispute, in which the four states have severed travel and communications with Qatar. "The four countries are ready for dialogue with Qatar with the condition that it announces its sincere willingness to stop funding terrorism and extremism and its commitment to not interfere in other countries' foreign affairs and respond to the 13 demands," Bahrain's foreign minister, Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed al-Khalifa, told a joint news conference after the meeting. They announced no new economic sanctions on the Gulf state. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Bahrain previously issued a list of 13 demands for Qatar, which include curtailing its support for the Muslim Brotherhood, shutting down the Doha-based Al Jazeera channel, closing a Turkish military base and downgrading its relations with Gulf enemy Iran. Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said Qatar was not serious in tackling the countries' demands. "We are ready to talk with Qatar on the implementation of the demands, on the implementation of the principles, if Qatar is serious, but it has been clear that it is not," he said. The four countries have also listed "six principles" they want Qatar to adopt. Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani dismissed Sunday's statement from the four countries and said sanctions were violating international laws. "There isn't a clear vision (from Manama's meeting), there is only a stubborn policy from the blockading countries and refusal to admit that these are illegal actions," Sheikh Mohammed told Al Jazeera TV channel. Earlier on Sunday, al-Hayat newspaper said, citing unidentified Gulf sources, that the four countries "are expected to impose sanctions that will gradually affect the Qatari economy." Saudi Arabia has closed its land border with Qatar, while all four countries have cut air and sea links with Doha, demanding the gas-exporting country take several measures to show it was changing its policies. Turkey and Iran have stepped in to provide fresh produce, poultry and dairy products to Qatar instead of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, with Oman providing alternative ports to those in the UAE. The four Arab countries added 18 groups and individuals they say are linked to Qatar to their "terrorist" lists last week.
  6. Nawaz Sharif. Photo: Reuters file Following the much-awaited Panama case verdict announced by the Supreme Court early Friday, legal analysts expressed their opinions on the decision to disqualify Nawaz Sharif as the prime minister. Speaking to Geo News, barrister Salahuddin Ahmed said the SC?s verdict based on Sharif not declaring his United Arab Emirates (UAE) company FZE Capital?s income in his nomination papers was puzzling, as this was not a legal basis to dismiss the premier. ?Basic accounting principles dictate that company?s use the accrual system whereby all income ? whether received or not ? is declared,? Ahmed explained. ?However, individuals use the cash-basis system, which allows them to not declare any un-received income.? Based on accounting principles alone, the SC?s judgment holds no legal ground for dismissal, Ahmed said. He further added that all misdeclarations can?t be grounds for disqualification from holding public office. [embed_video1 url=http://stream.jeem.tv/vod/722c3935453921ebbaac2fb47f97cf8d.mp4/playlist.m3u8?wmsAuthSign=c2VydmVyX3RpbWU9Ny8yOS8yMDE3IDk6MzI6MTggQU0maGFzaF92YWx1ZT1qOTlIMnoxMk0rTkNqakpaMk5OR0d3PT0mdmFsaWRtaW51dGVzPTYwJmlkPTE= style=center] Adding to the analysis on the Supreme Court?s verdict based on article 62 (1)(f), constitutional expert and senior lawyer of the Supreme Court of Pakistan Abid Hassan Minto expressed his disappointment on the decision. ?It is disheartening to see how things are being manipulated,? Minto said. ?Since judges of the country?s highest court are on the deciding end, it leaves no room for contesting or appealing for the defendant.? In response to a question if Sharif could challenge the lifetime ban on holding public office, the seasoned lawyer said that the more pertinent question was where would the former premier challenge the decision of the country?s highest court. ?The constitution says an individual can?t be disqualified for life till a legal provision to do so is present,? Minto stressed. The lawyer added that contradictions in the judgment are ?upsetting legal minds.? Weighing in on the SC?s decision, barrister Masroor Shah said the ?Supreme Court has picked a very dangerous sword in its hands i.e. article 62.? He added that fair trials throughout the world give the defendant right to one appeal including Pakistan?s constitution as per article 10-A, however, the SC has opened a ?Pandora?s box by disqualifying the prime minister on a ground as vague as article 62.? Discussing articles 62 and 63 ? that became the basis for Nawaz Sharif?s disqualification in the Panama case decision -- human rights lawyer and social activist Asma Jehangir highlighted the contradiction in the said parts of the constitution while speaking on Geo News? program Naya Pakistan with Talat Hussain. ?If you are convicted on moral grounds, the disqualification remains effective for a few years, but when 62 (1)(f) becomes the basis of disqualification i.e. you are not Sadiq and Ameen, then the disqualification is for life and the individual can only be a political party?s leader and not member as per the constitution.?
  7. <p>Sexual violence has claimed another life in the country, this time a boy's. A 13-year-old boy from Mumbai has died after consuming rat poison after he was raped by 4 men. The class 8th student died of multiple organ failure. He had been sexually assaulted, allegedly along with his 10-year-old friend who has also died. The parents of the 10-year-old boy didn't even inform the police and quietly buried their child's body.</p> <p>The older boy had been admitted to KEM Hospital where he told his parents that he had been raped multiple times by the 4 men. His rapists had threatened to kill his entire family if he told anyone about it. And he didn't. He had probably seen rapists being pardoned by the society, girls being told to not venture out at night to avoid rape, victims being blamed for the assault. He found death easier. </p> <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-full" title="13YO Boy Dies After Rape By 4 Men" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/13yo-boy-dies-after-rape-by-4-men-740x400-1-1501164658.jpg" alt="13YO Boy Dies After Rape By 4 Men" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/13yo-boy-dies-after-rape-by-4-men-740x400-1-1501164658.jpg" />© Thinkstock/Getty Images</p> <p>Reports said there was severe sepsis due to the rape. "The nature of the injuries on the boy's private parts suggests he was sexually assaulted many times. There is evidence of forced penetration," a forensic expert told the ‘Mumbai Mirror'. </p> <p>Yes, it's not just women who are at the receiving end of the violence; men too bear the brunt of rape culture. And the worst thing is they don't know who to tell. Male rape is laughed at. Why? You are not man enough to protect yourself? This skewed definition of masculinity has fucked up an entire country, literally. </p> <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-full" title="13YO Boy Dies After Rape By 4 Men" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/13yo-boy-dies-after-rape-by-4-men-740x400-2-1501164689.jpg" alt="13YO Boy Dies After Rape By 4 Men" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/13yo-boy-dies-after-rape-by-4-men-740x400-2-1501164689.jpg" />© Thinkstock/Getty Images</p> <p>And what kind of a society is ours where a young child finds death easier than talking about a horrific thing that happened to him? Young girls and boys, infants, newborns even – no one has been spared from the bestial face of our society. And it doesn't stop. A hundred candle-light marches, heated newsroom debates, political jibes, online petitions, night vigils later, and it still continues. </p> <p>The victims keep getting younger and the crimes heinous. One of the accused in the Nirbhaya case showed no regret and still believed it was the girl's fault. We thought the hills were safe but the recent Shimla rape case jolted us out of our delusion. </p> <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-full" title="13YO Boy Dies After Rape By 4 Men" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/13yo-boy-dies-after-rape-by-4-men-740x400-3-1501164703.jpg" alt="13YO Boy Dies After Rape By 4 Men" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/13yo-boy-dies-after-rape-by-4-men-740x400-3-1501164703.jpg" />© BCCL</p> <p>How many more cases will happen before we can finally and truly blame only the rapist for the crime? It is not a mistake men make, as some politicians have claimed in the past. It is not pardonable when it happens as revenge, nor when the rapist is drunk. Rape is non-consensual ***; it is a crime, period. </p> <p>It is a crime even if the victim is walking naked on the road, even if the victim is drunk, if he/she is mentally unstable, if he/she is the son or daughter of your biggest enemy. A victim is never part of the blame.</p> <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-full" title="13YO Boy Dies After Rape By 4 Men" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/13yo-boy-dies-after-rape-by-4-men-740x400-4-1501164748.jpg" alt="13YO Boy Dies After Rape By 4 Men" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/13yo-boy-dies-after-rape-by-4-men-740x400-4-1501164748.jpg" />© BCCL</p> <p>It is not a matter of shame for the victim; it is a matter of shame for the criminal. Shaming a rape victim is almost approving of the criminal's action. “Oh what did she expect going out that time of the night”, “She shouldn't have taken a lift from him” – it's ironic how readily we accept and oversee the rapist's fault and jump to shift the blame to the victim. We shrug our shoulders with a ‘men can't help it, but she should have been more cautious' approach. Men are not animals; they should be able to ‘help it'. </p> <p>To all those who shout #NotAllMen every time a man is blamed for rape – before you jump to defend men, take a look at what rape culture has done to your society. Not all men rape, of course, it's a given. But every woman, child, girl or boy faces the threat of rape in their daily life. I'm a man and my blood boils every time a sister or a brother is raped. Their gender doesn't matter; their plight does. I am not so concerned to defend my gender than I am to see a safer society. </p> <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-full" title="13YO Boy Dies After Rape By 4 Men" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/13yo-boy-dies-after-rape-by-4-men-740x400-5-1501164788.jpg" alt="13YO Boy Dies After Rape By 4 Men" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/13yo-boy-dies-after-rape-by-4-men-740x400-5-1501164788.jpg" />© Thinkstock/Getty Images</p> <p>Every time you told your daughter to not go out, should you have told your son the same? Every time you ask your teenaged boy to go out and buy ice cream from the market at night, will you be scared? Or do you want to see the rapists blamed squarely and punished without mercy? How many friends and family members will you protect?</p>
  8. Don Ingabire (L), 16, and Audrey Mwamikazi, 17 ? members of a teenage robotics team from the African nation of Burundi, reported missing after taking part in an international competition and later spotted crossing the United States border into Canada ? are seen in pictures released by the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, DC, US, July 20, 2017. Metropolitan Police Department/Handout via REUTERS WASHINGTON: Two members of a teenage robotics team from Burundi who went missing after a competition in Washington last week have been located and are safe, the city's Metropolitan Police Department said on Tuesday. The teens, Don Ingabire, 16, and Audrey Mwamikazi, 17, were spotted last week crossing the border into Canada. The Metropolitan Police Department would not say on Tuesday where or when they were found, citing department procedures for missing persons. "The others are still missing, so the case is still under investigation," police spokeswoman Karimah Bilal said. Four boys and two girls from the African nation were last seen on July 18 after the FIRST Global Robotics Challenge concluded. Organisers have said the disappearance may have been "self-initiated" because the students' hotel keys were left in a chaperone's bag while their clothes were taken. Burundi teenage robotics team goes missing after US contest: police The four males and two females were last seen late Tuesday afternoon when the robotics contest ended Police have said they did not suspect foul play. The Burundian embassies in Ottawa and Washington said they were unaware on Tuesday that two of the students had been found. The other missing Burundians have been identified as Nice Munezero, 17; Kevin Sabumukiza, 17; Richard Irakoze, 18; and Aristide Irambona, 18. High school students from more than 150 countries took part in the FIRST Global competition. An all-girl squad from Afghanistan drew worldwide attention when President Donald Trump intervened after they were denied US visas. Burundi has long been plagued by civil war and other violence. Fighting has killed at least 700 people and forced 400,000 from their homes since April 2015.
  9. The Moon, long thought to be a dry, inhospitable orb, hosts surprisingly large sub-surface water reserves, which one day may quench the thirst of lunar explorers from Earth, scientists said Monday. "We found the signature of the lunar interior water globally using satellite data," Shuai Li, co-author of a study by scientists at Brown University in the United States, told AFP. "Such water can be used as in situ resources for future exploration," said Li, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Hawaii and Brown PhD graduate. Li noted scientists had believed the Moon to be "bone dry" until about a decade ago, when scientists found evidence of water -- an essential ingredient for life -- in pebble-like beads brought back by Apollo missions. The Brown findings show numerous volcanic deposits distributed across the surface of the Moon contain "unusually high amounts of trapped water" compared with surrounding terrain. They say discovery of water in the ancient deposits, which are believed to consist of glass beads formed by the explosive eruption of magma from beneath the Moon's surface, boosts the idea that the lunar mantle is surprisingly water-rich. "The key question is whether those Apollo samples represent the bulk conditions of the lunar interior or instead represent unusual or perhaps anomalous water-rich regions within an otherwise 'dry' mantle," said Ralph Milliken, lead author of the new research, published in the Nature Geoscience journal on Monday. "The distribution of these water-rich deposits is the key thing," Milliken said. "They're spread across the surface, which tells us that the water found in the Apollo samples isn?t a one-off," he added. "By looking at the orbital data, we can examine the large pyroclastic deposits on the Moon that were never sampled by the Apollo or (Soviet) Luna missions," said the associate professor at Brown's Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences. "The fact that nearly all of them exhibit signatures of water suggests that the Apollo samples are not anomalous, so it may be that the bulk interior of the Moon is wet." Scientists believe the Moon formed from debris left behind after an object about the size of Mars slammed into the Earth early in solar system history. They had assumed it was unlikely that any of the hydrogen needed to form water could have survived the heat of that impact. "The growing evidence for water inside the Moon suggests that water did somehow survive, or that it was brought in shortly after the impact by asteroids or comets before the Moon had completely solidified," said Li. The volcanic beads contain only tiny amounts of water but the deposits are large and the water could potentially be extracted. "Other studies have suggested the presence of water ice in shadowed regions at the lunar poles, but the pyroclastic deposits are at locations that may be easier to access," said Li. "Anything that helps save future lunar explorers from having to bring lots of water from home is a big step forward, and our results suggest a new alternative."
  10. Doesn't matter you are a diehard series fan or not, we bet you have heard of 'Sherlock'. If not, then you are living under a rock man! From dominating Emmy Awards in 2014 to making it this popular around the globe, 'Sherlock' is one of the best TV series and many would agree with me. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are mind-blowing fantastic and don't even get me started on their bromance that makes you adore these two even more. But still, there are many who are cynical about this show and fail to understand why is it so well-liked by the viewers. Believe it or not, being so skeptical can be dangerous for you, keeping in mind how crazy people are for this show. Understanding that many of you still fail to get the aforesaid points, here are few things you might want to think twice before you utter it in front of a 'Sherlock' fan. Just 3 episodes per season? That's ridiculous! (c) Giphy Ever heard of the expression quality over quantity? You know what else sounds ridiculous, you and your words. If you would have ever tried to watch even one episode of the show, you would understand why Sherlock doesn't need lavish amounts of screen time. Just a few minutes into the show and you instantly end up loving it, but then you are used to watching Ekta Kapoor drama, so it's obvious for you to say this. I hate that British accent (c) Giphy Bullshit, darling. You just don't get it, isn't it? But then have you ever heard of a thing called subtitles? They're meant for people like you! Now you get it? Sherlock's deductive skills are just so unrealistic! (c) Giphy Oh is that the thing? Have you ever heard of something extraordinary? If you so want realistic drama then just stop visiting TV series. Still, want to stick to your opinion? Then I disown you. Martin Freeman is in Sherlock! I loved him in Bruce Almighty (c) Giphy *Slow claps* You spotted Morgan in Sherlock? I am sure the makers missed that bit too. Besides their last name and the knack to express on-screen, the two actors have nothing in common. Now please get your facts straight, and then open your mouth. All the skills in the world but no money! (c) Giphy Well, you don't have either of them. So please stop talking.....right this moment! I can't believe that Sherlock won so many Emmy awards. He just spoke very fast, not really acted (c) Giphy You don't like peace, do you? Only if your intellect was straight would you appreciate that awesomeness of Sherlock and the well-deserved recognition that it is finally getting. But then you have a low IQ, not your fault! Byomkesh Bakshi is better than Sherlock (c) Giphy What is it exactly that you don't find appealing? His perfect cheekbones? His amazing one-liners? Is there anything you like except your douche face? Now, that's the door! Sherlock is simply a psycho (c) Giphy If you don't know the difference between a high functioning socio path and a psycho, God Bless you, child! Feel, the need to watch Sherlock now and understand what is this craze all about? Then watch the Sherlock marathon airing in India from 24th July and experience the fever yourself. There are high chances you might become a fan yourself and if you still can't get it...then it's all about IQ, darling.
  11. If there's something after memes that we absolutely love and can't live without, it's emojis. Nothing helps us escape conversation better than a double-meaning stock emoji. In the virtual world of social media where everybody speaks and nobody listens, it's the emojis that have helped us stay relevant. Imagine actually replying with words to a WhatsApp forward in your relatives' group. Imagine having to tell your girlfriend you love her instead of just sending her a heart emoji! :P © Vulcan Post We all have a favourite emoji. The one that we always use, changing its meaning with different contexts. No matter what the situation, you somehow always end up using the same emoji, and your friend theirs. The emojis we use say a lot about our personality and the kind of people we are. So which is your favourite emoji? Let's see what kind of person you are! 1. Jolly Good Fellow You take things easy and have the ability to see humour in life. When things go wrong and everybody around is tearing their hair apart, chances are you are already half drunk and laughing at the absurdity of it all. You are easy to be with, and have zero stuck-ups in life. You may have a hundred troubles in life, but you will still find a way to smile through it all. 2. Tongue Firmly OUT Of Cheek You are a child at heart, and a naughty one at that. You can say the most scandalous of things and follow them up with a sticking-out-tongue emoji. You are flirty, you are fun, you are experimental. You don't usually limit yourself to conventional boundaries of doing things. You are a rebel at heart. 3. The Inappropriate One You are someone who can cross boundaries and get away with it. You are a master flirt. You are quick to offend people and they don't really mind it because that's the reputation that precedes you. More than once, you've gotten into trouble for crossing the line or for giving it back to people who annoy you. 4. The Queen Of Hearts You are a loving person and a very expressive one at that. You love hugs; you are a hugs distributor. You see the world as a beautiful lovely place although you are not blind to its flaws. You just choose love over hate. You are a happy soul and know how to start the day on a happy note. People find it easy to confide in you because you know how to empathise. 5. The Escapist Monkey You are an escapist; you find it easier to walk out of a room rather than have a difficult conversation. You are the kind of person who will secretly observe all the bs in the world, stay silent and then tweet about it in the most savage way. You like to enjoy a good cup of hot chocolate rather than get involved in all the drama. 6. The Sarcastic Eye-Roll You have had enough and you don't suffer people. You are sassy and outspoken. You don't shy away from calling people out and telling them how stupid they sound. Your friends love you for your no-nonsense outlook and trust you to start a good gossip session. 7. The Crier You are tired of everything going wrong in your life. You are a victim of Murphy's Law – “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” You get bogged down easily; it's a bad day for you if your Uber guy cancelled, if your boss sent you a stinker. You are probably the crier of your group. And you love overreacting. You are most probably the youngest child in your family. 8. Too Sad A Life You are a just a step behind the crier, on your way to becoming one. You are easy to lease but easier to displease. You are an innocent soul swimming in the big bad world, trying to look for happiness in dark corners. 9. Tight-Lipped You facepalm yourself 40 times in a day. The level of stupidity around you often leaves you speechless. The world often doesn't match your wit and intelligence and there's nothing more you can do than giving them a cold shoulder. You prefer to shut up and let them expose their own stupidity. 10. Lazy And Proud Of It You are lazy; you are bored; and you are lazy. Also, you don't take bullshit. Too much work for the brain to process anything that's not useful. You are chilled out and like to breeze through life with a beer bottle in hand. Your friends love your company and swear by your sense of humour. 11. Smug As*hole Sarcasm is thy second name. Your friends and frenemies have many a times been at the receiving end of your brutal sarcasm. You do things almost to perfection and are ruthless when other people don't display the same excellence. Oh and you are allergic to stupidity. 12. Straight-Faced Knight You don't indulge people; you don't call them out. You just hit them with a savage retort with a resting b*tch face. You come up with the best comebacks followed by a straight face. A straight face is more brutal than a hundred smirks, and you know that. If Chandler had an alter ego, you are it. 13. Upside Down Smile You hide as much as your reveal, and you always hold something back. You don't believe in opening all your cards at the same time. people find you intriguing and mysterious at times, and are never sure of how you'll react. Sometimes, the target of your jokes laugh at them with you not realizing they have just been annihilated. And you love that. 14. Forever Shocked Your naivety is what people like most about you. You are so good at heart, you can never see the bad in others. You underestimate people's ability to bring the house down and they surprise you all the time. Chances are you are as vanilla as it can get. You will get along well with people who are over the top and dramatic; you complement each other. 15. Thumbs Up You are not a person of too many words and can appear cold to people even though your intentions may be good. Do you also find yourself being misunderstood a lot? People don't really get your sarcasm. 16. Anger Issues Calm the f*ck down, buddy!
  12. ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan Monday said that Sharif family has got nothing to say in its defence pertaining to the Panama Leaks case. Khan presided over a meeting of senior party members at his Banigala residence, which held consultation over today's hearing of the Panama Leaks case in the Supreme Court. Speaking at meeting, the PTI chief alleged Sharif family of speaking lies in the apex court and before the probe team. "They (Sharifs) submitted fake documents in the Supreme Court and to the investigation team." Khan said there should be criminal cases registered against PM Nawaz Sharif and his children. Panama case: Petitioners plead PM's disqualification; respondents to be heard tomorrow Strict security measures were in place at the Supreme Court in light of today's hearing About challenging the JIT report, he said the ruling Sharif family challenged the report "on the basis of assumptions". Earlier on Monday the Supreme Court held proceedings of the Panama Leaks case following the submission of the JIT. During the hearing, the counsels of petitioners - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) and Awami Muslim League (AML) - laid their arguments and pleaded the PM's disqualification. Sharif family submits response in SC, says JIT exceeded mandate The response pleads the bench to dismiss the petitions and the JIT report While proceedings were underway, Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan, who heads the bench, wondered if the JIT can trust the veracity of the documents while Justice Ijazul Ahsan asked the JI counsel to inform the bench to what extent could it implement the JIT?s findings and use its authority. Prior to the start of the proceedings, the Sharif family and Finance Minister Ishaq Dar submitted their responses on the JIT report and objected to the mode of the investigation. They rejected the JIT report and stated that the investigators worked beyond their actual mandate. The hearing of the case was later adjourned till July 18 (tomorrow), when the respondents will be heard.
  13. “You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it” – Robin Williams (Stand-up comedian and actor) The world almost came to a standstill when Ellen DeGeneres was chosen to host the Academy Awards twice, the 59-year-old American comedian and TV host used to perform in small comedy clubs and coffee houses much before she hit the mainstream comedy scene. At times when people ask her if she is ever going to have Donald Trump on her show, with all her poise she says, “Yes. I will because he is a bully”. While she is on the top of her game, people love her for bringing a remarkable change in their lives. Ellen is now a hero! © Reuters Much after the American comedy scene had flourished, whether through talk shows, movies or live performances, comics in India have been trying to change a scenario of ‘no acceptance' of comedy as a career choice. Some of them chose the path of Television while other believed in their capabilities of handling a stadium full of audience. We recently got into a discussion with popular stand-up comics in India and tried to know their perception about the ongoing scenario of comedy. While many of them have created benchmarks without the help of social media, budding comedians find a greater reach to their audience through building a base on various social media networks. “I think the Indian comedy scene is at a very interesting juncture. I think probably in my experience, for the first time people in tier 2 and tier 3 cities are buying tickets worth Rs. 1000 or more to watch a live show of some format. Theatre was never able to draw the kind of audience standup comedy is. Indian comedy is finding its growth in the international market also. That's the next big thing. In the next two to three years, we may witness the growth of comedy at a much faster rate. Comedians like Zakir Khan and Vir Das are giving us stadium shows. I see bright future for Indian comedy, not only in India but outside too.” – Amit Tandon © Facebook “Six years ago when the first set of comedians started off there were no references to follow for us. We were doing everything on hit or miss basis. Digital media i.e. YouTube, etc has changed the whole scenario. Now new generation of comedians is trying to get viral on digital platforms overnight rather than concentrating on their material. I may sound like an old man but the success which seems overnight to them has taken a lot of hard work and series of failures for stars of today's comedy scene. Success of stars like Zakir Khan, Amit Tandon, Kannan Gill, etc has a lot of hard work behind it. These days youngsters seem to have an ambition to be a standup comedian but the willingness to try and fail lacks. I'm very hopeful that there is a lot of talent to be identified in fresh faces but they need to pick their path wisely.”- Maheep Singh “We as comedians have loved comedy as an art form and that's what was most important to us. Just to get on stage, tell jokes, make people laugh, evoke the reaction out of them that you wish to. The fame, hype or Rockstar feel came much later. Even those who ventured into making sketches, put stuff on YouTube, primarily did it so that we'd have larger audience and people would come to our shows while we're constantly trying to improve out game, get better at it. So to all people who ask for the 'best advice to give to newcomers or people thinking of entering Stand-up'. Just think would you really want to be a stand-up comedian, if there would be no fame value attached to it. If yes, you'll love this. What a journey this will be for you. If no, then maybe it's not comedy and the Rockstar feel you seek. But best of luck anyway.” – Abijit Ganguly © Facebook While some budding comedians have something else to say. They see comedy as an important medium to communicate. “Standup comedy is the next big thing in the entertainment industry. Entertainment is need of the hour. Audience must witness something new apart from contemporary ways, in-fact nowadays movie going and clubbing is no more interesting. Standup venues are the new hangout destinations. I have been in the comedy scene since the last 3 years and it is growing continuously in terms of standup venues, organizers, and new comedians are getting more opportunities to establish themselves. Sometimes, the audience gets thrilled enough with the jokes, they later come and speak to you about the show.” – Mayank Pandey “Standup comedy has matured as an art form and is getting more accepted now. Comedy has got two aspects to it. One is the business part and other is comedy as an art form. Whilst, both aspects are doing equally good, this is actually encouraging for organizers and artists. There is now space for every genre whether it is related to stereoptypes, societal norms, people who do adult jokes and political satire. I would call it a time investment, rather than a struggle.” – Kishore Dayani The fact that stand-up comedy can also become a full time career has a lot of uncertainty. However, a few comedians had the dash to take a leap of faith, leaving their full time corporate jobs and the luxury of getting a fixed income per month, for the sake of pursuing their passion. “People like me who came into the circuit just a year back have benefitted from all the hard work done by other comedians to set the platform over past 5-7 years making our growth much faster. Comedians surely are perceived as celebrities now with their own unique audience & fan following. Coming from corporate world, I still feel embarrassed when people stop me in public places and take selfies but I must say I'm totally loving it! However I must add that the intolerant mood in the country is making people over-sensitive about everything.”- Anshu Mor (He quit his job as the India-head of Microsoft Xbox, and become a full-time stand-up comedian) A few days back we came up with a video where a comic named Pratyush Chaubey discussed about what happened after he left his full time job at a MNC. We saw how he described the pros and cons of his decision and the journey afterwards. “As my video became viral, I started getting appreciation from the industry as well as the audience. My struggle has not yet ended but yes, people have started liking my work, which motivates me to work harder,” quotes Pratyush. The above discussion takes us to a conclusion that today, social media can create role models. The power of YouTube can make someone a star overnight. However, the star value and its existence in the long term will depend on the comic's zest to make people laugh and in finding new subjects which not only become the talk of the town but also act as stress-busters, which is the real art of a comedian.
  14. ISLAMABAD: The Sharif family submitted its objections on the Panama case Joint Investigation Team (JIT) report to the apex court, sources said on Monday. The Sharif family's reply, submitted ahead of the hearing, states that the Sharif family rejects the JIT report and claims the investigators worked beyond their mandate. The response pleads that the report be nullified, sources revealed further. Sources said further that Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, one of the respondents in the case, also submitted his reply ? raising objections to the JIT report ? to the court. Strict security measures are in place in and around the Supreme Court in light of the much-anticipated hearing. Around 700 policemen, along with Rangers personnel and officials of the local administration, have been deployed for the hearing. The proceedings began a little after 9:30am. The JIT, formed in light of the apex court?s April 20 judgment to probe the Sharif family?s money trail, submitted its 60-day investigation report to the court on July 10. The report highlighted the failure of the Sharif family to provide a money trail for its London apartments and claimed the prime minister and his children own assets beyond their known sources of income. Following the report's submission, the special bench, headed by Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan and comprising Justice Ijazul Ahsan and Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed, issued notices to all parties to submit their responses. Strict security measures were also seen around the Federal Judicial Academy, that served as the JIT secretariat, which led credence to reports that the six JIT members could also be attending today's hearing. Politicians from across the spectrum arrived at the apex court ahead of the high-profile hearing. Media talks Informally beginning the day?s events, Awami Muslim League leader Sheikh Rashid ? one of the petitioners in the original Panama Papers case ? addressed the media saying the entire nation stands behind the apex court. ?I?ll first see what the court says before submitting another petition to disqualify Nawaz Sharif,? he said. PTI leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi addressing the media before the hearing. Photo: Geo News Following Rashid, Pakistan Muslim League-Q leader Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain spoke to the media. He said the Supreme Court is doing what the Parliament should have done. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi also addressed the media after Hussain. He said PTI is among other opposition parties that are demanding the resignation of the prime minister. "The government?s strategy since day one has been to delay the proceedings," he said while answering a question. Jamaat-e-Islami chief Sirajul Haq, one of the petitioners in the case, said there is no hidden agenda here, the nation only wants a corruption-free country. "Nawaz Sharif has to go now, there is no other way. We want no one in Parliament who does not adhere to articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution," he said. The JI chief said they are hopeful that after this case, rule of law will be equal for all and others named in the Panama Leaks will be brought to book as well. State Water and Power Minister Abid Sher Ali addressing the media. Photo: Geo News State minister Abid Sher Ali claimed the JIT has concoctions, not facts-based evidence. He criticised Sheikh Rashid?s political career, highlighting his role with as Nawaz Sharif?s aide before the Pervez Musharraf government. ?God willing the apex court will decide the case on merit and not on Imran Khan?s wishes,? he said, adding that despite whatever happened ?we respect the honourable judges?. PTI spokesperson Fawad Chaudhry said it is not in Pakistan?s interest for the premier to stay in office for another day. ?It seems now the resignation will not be given but taken,? he added. July 10 hearing At the last hearing, the bench also sought from the government transcripts of speeches made by Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader Talal Chaudhry, Prime Minister?s Political Secretary Asif Kirmani and Railways Minister Saad Rafique. Sources said those transcripts have been submitted to the apex court. Panama case JIT submits final probe report in Supreme Court The JIT has spent over 60 days in its probe into the Sharif family's money trail The special bench had also issued contempt of court notices to the editor, publisher and a reporter of The News directing them to submit their response in seven days. Moreover, the bench directed the JIT head Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Additional Director Wajid Zia to publicly reveal the name of the person who leaked the interrogation picture of the premier?s son, Hussain Nawaz. On June 3, a picture of Hussain appearing before the JIT on May 28 was leaked to the media. In response, the JIT informed the court that it had taken action against the responsible official within 24 hours of the leak and sent him back to his parent department where action was taken against him. The identity of the official has still not been made public. Regarding Hussain?s plea to form a commission to probe his picture leak, the court, on July 10, left the matter to the government.
  15. ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leaders said on Saturday that the Joint Investigation Team in its final report to the Supreme Court failed to accuse Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of corruption or money laundering even after trying its best. The PML-N leaders were addressing a press conference, where they read out passages from the JIT final report to emphasise the parts supporting the stance of the Sharif family. PML-N leader Daniyal Aziz said the report based its findings on the phrase ?most likely?. The phrases, ?most likely? and ?it seems?, do not suffice to hold the premier responsible, said Aziz. He said that only one paragraph describes Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif?s relation to the London flat, which is also not definite as the link has been drawn from an interview. ?A short stay in the flat does not denote ownership,? he said. A media trial of Maryam Nawaz was carried out but the Supreme Court verdict did not mention anything about her. PML-N leader Tariq Fazal Chaudhry said that the party would fully pursuit the legal battle on the JIT report in the apex court and would emerge victorious. Post-JIT: Legal experts say PM likely to be disqualified JIT submitted its final probe report to the Panama case implementation bench on Monday On July 10, the JIT submitted its report, spread over 10 volumes, to the Supreme Court's special implementation bench. The JIT in its final probe report into the Sharif family?s assets held that the prime minister and his three children ? Maryam, Hussain and Hasan ? have accumulated wealth beyond their own known sources of income. The Supreme Court's special implementation bench has set July 17 as the next date of hearing in the Panama Papers case.
  16. Officials bringing in the JIT's final probe report to the Supreme Court on Monday. Photo: Geo News Leading legal experts are of the opinion that it has become nearly impossible for the prime minister to save himself from being disqualified after the Panama case Joint Investigation Team (JIT) report. Barrister Farogh Naseem claimed the premier?s disqualification is writing on the wall. ?It is better if he resigns as he cannot escape disqualification,? he said. Advocate Faisal Chaudhry said the Supreme Court cannot do anything but disqualify the prime minister following the JIT?s report. ?It was the prime minister?s mistake to not appeal the minority judgment of two Supreme Court justices in the Panama Papers case,? opined Advocate Rashed A Rizvi. JIT recommends filing of reference against PM Nawaz, daughter and sons with NAB JIT cites Nab Ordinance Sectio 9(a)(v) in its report The JIT, in its final probe report into the Sharif family?s assets submitted to the Supreme Court on Monday, held that the prime minister and his three children ? Maryam, Hussain and Hasan ? have accumulated wealth beyond their own known sources of income. The next hearing of the case is on July 17.
  17. Ever since the dawn of mankind, men have tried seeking various means to understand women and their brain - That's where astrology comes in. Albeit, Zodiac signs aren't the most accurate way to determine someone's personality, yet wouldn't it be better to at least have a rough idea about someone before you have invested way too much time in them? So here's the type of girlfriend you will find under every Zodia sign :- 1. Aries (March 21st to April 19th) © Sarcasm Aries women are known for their strong, dominant and upbeat personality. A fearless and natural leader, an Aries woman is charismatic, energetic, and dynamic. The first thing about dating an Aries woman that you will notice perhaps is that no three evenings with her will pass in the same manner. This is because Aries are constantly in search for new things to do and love to immerse themselves in action. Cancer, Aquarius and Pisces are often the most compatible and best long-term matches. 2. Taurus (April 20th to May 21st) © pinterest/the bull glyph pictogram They're hard to please, for sure. In the beginning of a relationship she will carefully examine her partner to see if they are worthy of her feelings. If a Taurus woman commits to you, then rest assured she is in it for the long haul. If a Taurus does not see a future, or think you are compatible, she will not waste of second of either of your time. A Tip - They appreciate the full spectrum when it comes to ***. Don't take them to your depressing barren room with a lone mattress and clothes scattered about the floor if you're trying to seduce them. Think out of the box! 3. Gemini (May 22nd to June 21st) © pinterest/gemini They're incredibly passionate! Although Gemini is not such an emotional sign, she is a woman first, and she will have deep emotions although she might approach them superficially. Because of their widely varying interests and ability to carry many conversations at one time, they cannot help but radiate attractiveness. Curious about almost everything, they are very good listeners and make for great conversation. If you have compatible views on art or politics, expect to be entertained for hours as your Gemini dazzles you with their smart views on shifting topics. 4. Cancer (June 22nd to July 22nd) © pinterest/glyph She is the loving and supportive girlfriend. If she runs into a partner that doesn't feel the way she does, she could easily get hurt because of her need to give everything she can to the person she loves, with no regard of her own satisfaction. They love feeling needed and actually crave the sensation. They are extremely dependable. They're vehemently protective and fiercely loyal, especially when it comes to close friends and family. When relationships go wrong, Cancer women retreat into their shell to lick their wounds, and it can take a long time before they feel confident enough to venture back out into the big, wide world. 5. Leo (July 23rd to August 22nd) © pinterest/leo horoscope Just one word- Proud. Her love is warm and passionate, she will want to fight, make up, make love and be in someone's embrace all they long, for as long as her personal liberty isn't endangered. Most Leo women are not couch potatoes. They like parties, entertainment and outdoor activities. On the negative side, they can be quite egotistical, demanding, intolerant, domineering, lazy and stubborn. They can have very high self esteem and will be dissatisfied with performing any work which they feel is beneath them. 6. Virgo (August 23rd to September 22nd) © pinterest AVirgo girl is shy. If this happens outside of a relationship, she will probably be so shy that it will become impossible for her to start a relationship at all. Sometimes a Virgo woman can be harsh but it doesn`t mean that she wants to hurt you – she is just straightforward. Don`t take all she says personally. Traditionally, a Virgo woman tends to be most compatible with a Taurus and least compatible with a Pisces man. 7. Libra (September 23rd to October 22nd) © BIRTHSTONES BY MONTH Libra girls tend to be your power-couple kind of girlfriend. When a Libra woman falls in love, she starts questioning her decision to be in love, as if it was possible to control. She has a deep understanding of the ways of the world, and her maturity is both an asset and a liability. Slow, sophisticated and seductive, she makes love both emotionally and physically, with an emphasis on quality over quantity. 8. Scorpio (October 23rd to November 22nd) © ZODIAN SIGN ASTROLOGY The good and kind girlfriend. She will show her love through actions that cannot be misleading and you will never see a Scorpio woman tease you if she doesn't want to get involved. They are intuitive and have a way of reading people, which can be very annoying, until you realize just how useful it is to have someone so inside your head that her ability to guide you in the right direction is nearly fool-proof. Despite their reputation for being emotional and sensitive, Scorpio women have a special brand of tenacity, insight, drive, and charm that makes them some of the most powerful leaders, influencers, and trendsetters of their time. 9. Sagittarius (November 23rd to December 21st) © ZODIAN SIGN ASTROLOGY They are the funny-as-hell girlfriend. She seeks romance, excitement, and adventure and will not tolerate boredom or neediness in a partner. As a social butterfly, the fun and flirty Sagittarius woman is easy to talk to, and boy does she love to talk! Even though she can sometimes push her opinions on people she doesn't even know, her intentions are good and her character positive, optimistic and strong. She will make you laugh, bring new meaning into your life and do everything she can to teach you how to be happier. 10. Capricorn (December 22nd to January 20th) © ZODIAC SIGN ASTROLOGY The old-fashioned girlfriend. Her sense of responsibility can be such a strong priority, that she won't allow herself to take any risks, always choosing the safe thing to do and the safe partner to be with. The Capricorn woman is career-focused. It's not just on the job either, she's passionate about everything she does. By nature, they are born leaders and highly self-motivated. This is why you'll often find Capricorns in supervisory or management positions (yes, at home and work). 11. Aquarius (January 20th to February 18th) © ZODIAC SIGN ASTROLOGY Highly intellectual. The unconscious fear of losing her personality to other people often makes her vulnerable to any sort of expectations and tries to turn her into something she is not. Connecting her thoughts to the *** act is vitally important (otherwise her mind quickly wanders off). Keep her brain and body turned on at the same time by telling her exactly what you want to do to her next as you make love. Passionate and understanding they have a love for exploring and experimenting with the unknown. 12. Pisces (February 19th to March 20th) © ZODIAC SIGN ASTROLOGY She's your old-soul girlfriend. As soon as she feels love, she starts acting like a little child, certain that this partner could be The One. Stress and chaos are the last thing you can expect from a Pisces. They are as calm as a river in spring. Pisces-born individuals are friendly, affectionate, easy going and good natured. Although Pisceans are not leaders, they excel in guiding others as teachers and role models.
  18. Qatar's Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani (L) and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson shake hands before a meeting at the US State Department on June 27, 2017 in Washington, DC. PHOTO: AFP WASHINGTON: Saudi Arabia reiterated Tuesday that its demands on Qatar were not negotiable, as US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson held talks with the Qatari foreign minister on the Gulf states crisis. Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir, who was also in Washington, was unbudging amid attempts by US and Kuwaiti diplomats to mediate the row which has left Qatar, a US ally, isolated under a trade and diplomatic embargo set by its Gulf Arab neighbors. "Our demands on Qatar are non-negotiable. It´s now up to Qatar to end its support for extremism and terrorism," Jubeir said via Twitter. Riyadh has laid down a list of 13 demands for Qatar, included the closure of Al-Jazeera, a downgrade of diplomatic ties with Iran and the shutdown of a Turkish military base in the emirate. The United States though has cautioned that some of the demands would be difficult for Qatar to accept, asking the Saudis for a clear list of grievances that are "reasonable and actionable." Shortly after Jubeir´s comments, Tillerson met with Qatar´s top diplomat Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani. He was to meet later with Kuwait Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah Al-Sabah. Kuwait has taken on the official role of mediator in the spat. State Department Spokeswoman Heather Nauert said talks would continue through the week, but added the Saudi demands remained "challenging" for Qatar. "Some of them will be difficult for Qatar to incorporate and to try to adhere to," she said. "We continue to call on those countries to work together and work this out." Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain announced on June 5 they were suspending all ties with Qatar, accusing it of support for extremist groups -- a claim Doha denies. They have also closed their airspace to Qatari carriers and blocked the emirate´s only land border, a vital route for its food imports. The move placed Washington uncomfortably in the middle, with its close economic and security ties with both sides. Qatar is home to the largest US base in the region, Al-Udeid. Bahrain is home to the US Navy´s Fifth Fleet. The US and Saudi militaries work closely together as well.
  19. Several major companies said Tuesday they were targeted in an international cyberattack which started in Russia and Ukraine before spreading to western Europe. Danish sea transport company Maersk, British advertising giant WPP and the French industrial group Saint-Gobain all said they came under attack and put protection protocols in place to avoid data loss. "Most of our IT systems are down across all business units due to a virus. We continue to assess the situation. The safety of our operations are top of our priorities," Concepcion Boo Arias, spokeswoman of Maersk Line, told AFP. A Saint-Gobain spokesperson told AFP that the company also "is the target of a cyberattack. As a security measure we have isolated our computer systems to protect our data". WPP tweeted that "IT systems in several WPP companies have been affected by a suspected cyber attack. We are taking appropriate measures & will update asap". The three groups were the first major businesses to be hit by what is believed to be a ransomware attack of the so-called Petya type, which earlier affected Russia and Ukraine. "This is a bit like a flu epidemic in winter," said Nicolas Duvinage, head of the French military´s digital crime unit. "We will get many of these viral attack waves in coming months," he said.
  20. A Saudi family embraces as members arrive at Washington Dulles International Airport after the US Supreme Court granted parts of the Trump administrations' emergency request to put its travel ban into effect later in the week pending further judicial review. Photo: Reuters WASHINGTON: The Supreme Court's criteria for who can be barred from entering the United States under President Donald Trump's travel ban may confuse the US officials overseas charged with implementing it and trigger a new round of lawsuits, experts said. People with a "bona fide relationship with a person or entity" in the United States are spared from the temporary ban affecting people from six Muslim-majority countries and all refugees that the justices on Monday allowed to go partially into effect. "There's no precedent for something like this that I'm aware of," said Jeffrey Gorsky, a former legal adviser to the State Department's Visa Office, referring to the new "bona fide" standard. Gorsky said the standard is likely to sow confusion among US consular officials who have to make visa decisions and could require another court decision to determine what constitutes a connection to the United States sufficient to allow entry. The Supreme Court agreed to decide the legality of Trump order in its next term, which begins in October. Justice Clarence Thomas argued that the court should have granted Trump's request to implement the travel ban in full while the legal fight continues. "Today's compromise will burden executive officials with the task of deciding ? on peril of contempt ? whether individuals from the six affected nations who wish to enter the United States have a sufficient connection to a person or entity in this country," Thomas wrote, joined by two fellow conservative justices. In Monday's ruling, the court gave a few examples of connections that qualify. For individuals, a close family relationship is required. Bona fide connections to entities, it said, must be "formal" and "documented." That would include students who have been admitted to a US school and workers who have accepted an offer of employment from an American company, the court said. It noted that Trump's executive order already allowed for case-by-case waivers for people with connections to the country. On the other hand, the justices said, relationships created for the purposes of evading the travel ban will not be considered valid. For instance, an immigration agency cannot add foreigners to client lists "and then secure their entry by claiming injury from their exclusion." The March 6 order called for a 90-day ban on travelers from Libya, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen and a 120-day ban on all refugees to enable the government to implement stronger vetting procedures. Trump cited national security concerns as the reason for the order. Litigation predicted Stephen Legomsky, chief counsel for US Citizenship and Immigration Services under former President Barack Obama, said lawsuits could claim that a bona fide relationship was ignored. While Legomsky said he believes the vast majority of cases will be clear cut, courts will have to determine whether visiting a close friend or taking part in a wedding could also qualify. "In theory, you could say if somebody is coming for tourism and has made a reservation for a hotel, there's now a US interest in bringing them to the United States. The hotel is a US entity," Gorsky said. Some lawyers also said the vagueness of the "bona fide" standard was license for the Trump administration to interpret it broadly. "It's just like a green light to the government to do what it wants to do," said Kiyanoush Razaghi, a Maryland-based immigration attorney who deals with primarily Iranian clients. "Who is going to tell us what is the definition of 'bona fide relationship?'" The difficult job of judging foreigners' claimed connections could land back in the lower courts in Maryland and Hawaii that had originally blocked Trump's travel ban, said Stephen Vladeck, a professor University of Texas School of Law. "We could have dozens of these cases between now and September," Vladeck said, adding that the Supreme Court would not be likely to weigh in on them on a case-by-case basis. David Martin, a former US Department of Homeland Security official and now a professor at the University of Virginia, said the ruling was "carefully tailored" and should be manageable for officials to enact. Part of the reason, Martin said, is the case-by-case waiver process that was already envisioned in the executive order. "I think there will be some litigation over the extent of the reach of this bona fide relationship but I don't think it will be as burdensome as the dissenters suggest," Martin said.
  21. Don't eat bananas, you will get fat. Oh, you don't eat bananas on a fat loss diet. It's not uncommon to come across such advice. And, of course, they come from people who know absolutely nothing about fat loss in the first place. Desi gym trainers and gym bros are primarily the ones spewing this misinformation. Thanks to poor advice, gone are the days when people consumed fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy diet. Some online training platforms, in fact, have started pushing people to cut out fruits from their weight loss diets. But does eating bananas really make you fat? Let's dig in and find out. Banana's Nutritional Content © Thinkstock/Getty Images Bananas are a high calorie fruit. With a 100 grams you get about 90 calories. This makes it a tremendous weight-gaining food. But mind you, that doesn't make it a bad fat-loss food choice. Bananas contain vitamins like B6, C and A. It's also rich in minerals like magnesium, copper and manganese. Fiber and antioxidants are a given when it comes to bananas. Calories from Bananas Are Not Empty! © Thinkstock/Getty Images Some people argue that since a banana has around 100 calories and they are a high GI (Glycemic index) food, they will contribute to weight gain. Well, first of all, they are not a high GI food. A bananas GI score sits at around 50. So they can either be classified as low or medium Glycemic Index food depending on their ripeness. Secondly, even if they provide around a hundred calories, those calories are not empty calories, like in the case of a sugar-based drink. The sugar from fruits is digested differently by the body when compared to processed sugar. If you observe, when you eat a banana, it gives you a feeling of satiety. That's because the calories are coming from natural carbohydrates, not processed ones. Processed carbohydrates will never keep you fuller for longer. Weight Gain Occurs Because Of ‘Overall Extra Calories', Not Eating A Certain Food © Thinkstock/Getty Images A banana or any other fruit, for that matter, can never contribute to weight gain by itself. It never happens because of a particular type of food. Fat gain is a contribution of calories coming from everything you eat in a day. Not from a goddamn banana! If you consume more foods that contain processed carbs and sugars, you are bound to gain weight, irrespective of the fact that you eat bananas or not. A banana gives you around 100 calories which is not even 10% of the total calories of a man with a 2000 calorie intake requirement. So, the calories coming from eating a couple of bananas hardly makes a dent. The Final Word If you plan your diet properly, you can easily eat a banana or any other fruit as a part of your daily diet. Having a balanced diet is a more practical and healthy way to lose weight. The body follows the calories in, versus calories out rule to function. If you are maintaining a calorie deficit diet and maximum calories come from complex carbohydrates, you will lose weight. So, go ahead and EAT FRUITS, NOW! Anuj Tyagi is a Certified Personal Trainer , Certified Sports Nutritionist and Therapeutic Exercise Specialist From American Council on Exercise (ACE) . He is the Founder of the website where he provides online Training. Though a Chartered Accountant by education, he has been closely associated with Fitness Industry since 2006. His motto is to transform people Naturally and he believes that the secret formula for Fitness is Consistency and commitment towards your Training and Nutrition. You can connect with him through Facebook and Youtube.
  22. Police said they arrested a man outside London's Paddington Station on Monday but added that the incident was not terrorism-related, a few hours after a van ploughed into worshippers near a mosque in the British capital. "Officers have arrested a man outside Paddington for public disorder and possessing an offensive weapon. The incident is not terror related," British Transport Police said in a statement. Video footage posted on Twitter showed officers restraining a shirtless man outside the station before taking him away. Police have said the earlier attack at the mosque, which injured 10 people, appeared to be a terrorism-incident which would make it the fourth such attack in three months in Britain.
  23. Salman Khan has had his fair share of controversies and trial. First, he was charged (and later acquitted) of poaching in 1998, and then how can anyone forget the infamous hit-and-run from 2002. Back in 2007, while these cases were still going on, he founded his own charitable organization, ‘Being Human’. Since the timing of it was quite questionable, he still gets accused of ‘Being Human’ being a PR stunt specifically done to improve his controversial public image. In 2016, during an interview with Mint, what he thought about him “working for a good cause being interpreted as a PR exercise”, to which he replied, “I don’t get hurt by all this stupidity. They know they’re talking rubbish. But they need the debates to go on. This has become a business and I don’t think it’s going to die down.” © Pinterest He has never actually directly addressed these allegations. Honestly, he is not usually asked about this topic and when he does, he probably evades the whole subject. But now, in an interview with Huffington Post, he was straight up asked some hard-hitting questions. When asked why people should still idolize him and watch his movies when he has such a controversial and questionable past, he said, “Everybody has a past. Does that make you a bad person for life? In my case, there is deliberate malice.” © Twitter And while taking about how some think that he got away with the hit-and-run quite easily, “Well, the High Court looked into it and they came up with a verdict which says that nothing of that sort ever happened. Ye sab galat hi hai. The courts said it. But what about the 20 years? What about it? Mere toh wo gaye na? And there's nothing to compensate for that.” Then came the most controversial question about how ‘Being Human’ is just designed to rehabilitate his image. “Do you have any idea of the amount of work we do at Being Human? We do s***loads of work on a daily basis. I haven't even put my name there, man. It's Being Human. I am not even on the Board or any of the trustees. The idea is that years from now, people should forget who even started the foundation. You have no idea, man. Do one thing: Come and live my life for one day.” And, after this answer, Salman got up and walked off. Read the whole interview here.
  24. We’re well aware of how popular the Colt M4 Carbine rifle is. We’ve seen it in countless movies. We can certainly remember it from the endless hours we spent as kids playing 'Counter Strike'. It is one of the most iconic weapons in the world. You could even go as far as saying it’s the Yin to the AK-47’s Yang. Here’s a look at the rifle in action: But today, we’re going to be talking about, what we’d like to call, India’s version of this assault rifle. The INSAS AR. Wikimedia Commons This rifle has been around since 1998 and it was only in 2017 that the Indian Army decided to phase them out in exchange for imported weapons. The reason given for this was their ineffectiveness at long range. Wikimedia Commons The rifle had a lot of problems from jamming to oil being sprayed into the eyes of the user. Here’s a video of the rifle being assembled: Users of this rifle include the Royal Bhutanese Army, the Indian Armed Forces, Indian Paramilitary Forces, Central Armed Police Forces, The Nepalese Army, and the Royal Army of Oman. Wikimedia Commons Here are some details about the assault rifle: - It comes with a chrome-plated bore. - The barrel comes with six-groove rifling. - It can fire in semi-automatic or three-round burst modes. - The rear sight is calibrated to 400 meters. - Some variants also come with folding butts. - It has 20 or 30 round polymer magazines. - It also has a flash suppressor which can accept NATO-specified rifle grenades. Here’s a look at the rifle in action: We wouldn’t want anyone looking at us through the sights of this rifle. That’s for sure!
  25. Surveys show that the gap between the two main political parties is narrowing but Theresa May's position as prime minister seems secure. Photo: INPHO LONDON: With just a few days to go until Britain´s general election, opinion polls reveal the outcome could be a lot tighter than had been predicted when Prime Minister Theresa May announced the vote six weeks ago. Although surveys show the gap between the main two political parties narrowing, May´s position as prime minister seems secure. What the polls say May surprised the country in April by calling for the snap election, seeking to increase her majority before Britain enters into two years of gruelling negotiations over its departure from the European Union. Polls initially supported her gamble, giving her Conservative Party a double-digit lead over its nearest rival, the main opposition Labour Party. However, the Conservatives´ advantage has eroded over the campaign, with pollster Survation giving the ruling party just a one point lead over Labour on June 4. Another poll, released a few days earlier by YouGov, even suggested the Conservatives could fall short of a majority, meaning they would need the support of another party to govern. Can the polls be trusted? Pollsters got the outcome of the last general election, held just two years ago, very wrong. In the months leading up to the May 2015 ballot, polls consistently put the Conservatives and Labour neck-and-neck, suggesting neither party would be able to form a government alone. But the Conservatives, who had been in a coalition government with the smaller Liberal Democrat Party, secured a majority in the 650-seat House of Commons. A year later, polls also failed to correctly predict the outcome of the Brexit referendum, expecting the "In" vote to win. "One of the things that happened in 2015 is that the polls underestimated the age difference in turnout," John Curtice, professor of politics at Strathclyde University, told AFP. That underestimated Conservative support among older voters. Pollsters have therefore adjusted their methodologies by widening their pools of respondents, asking them more questions and weighing the result with high-quality academic research done since the last election, explained Curtice. Why are predictions so tough? Part of the reason is Britain´s electoral system. "There is no automatic relationship between votes cast at the national level and seats won," because of the first-past-the-post constituency system, Curtice said. The system makes it especially difficult for smaller parties with support evenly spread nationally to increase their share of seats in parliament. But smaller parties whose support is concentrated in key constituencies -- such as the Scottish Nationalist Party -- can do very well. What will new government look like? According to Curtice, "there doesn´t seem to be any prospect of the Labour Party winning this election". But the Conservative government could end up looking very different with pollsters predicting that the party could gain anything between one and 80 seats. "That´s the difference between a prime minister returning with more latitude to achieve her objectives and a prime minister returning a wounded animal," said Curtice.