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Found 34 results

  1. [embed_video1 url= style=center] ISLAMABAD: The Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb on Monday refuted all rumours and speculations surrounding the Sharif brothers? visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). ?Nawaz will share the visit?s purpose with the nation on his return if he deems appropriate,? Aurangzeb said, adding that some circles are trying to defame the former premier. ?I emphatically reject the speculations and rumours surrounding the visit of Nawaz Sharif and Chief Minister of Punjab Shehbaz Sharif to the Kingdom,? she said in a statement. ?The opposition?s efforts to create conflict are evident,? the federal minister said. ?If Nawaz were to make a deal, he would have done it to save his seat [when he was disqualified from holding public office].? Reports of Nawaz-Saudi deal ?baseless?: spokesman The statement said that Nawaz has had long-standing relations with the country and there is no truth in these reports Earlier today, Nawaz's spokesperson had condemned ?baseless? reports and claims by politicians that the former premier was in contact with Saudi Arabia to escape accountability. He had said that Nawaz accepted the court's verdicts and is facing cases. The statement said that the Pakistan Muslim League - Nawaz (PML-N) president has had long-standing relations with the country and there is no truth in reports about a possible 'deal' to escape accountability. Nawaz has even used his personal contacts for national interest, the spokesman had said. The Sharif brothers' multiple visits to Saudi Arabia have resulted in criticism by opposition parties. Both Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) have questioned the reasons behind the visits.
  2. India?s favourite couple Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are in South Africa. Indian cricket captain Kohli, who was away from the team due to his wedding, has rejoined for the series against South Africa and his wife Anushka accompanied him on the tour. On his Instagram account, Kohli shared a picture with Anushka wishing everyone a Happy New Year. The couple left for South Africa after hosting their reception in Mumbai. Prior to departure, Kohli was asked how it feels to be back to cricket post the marriage celebrations. ?Not difficult at all, I was away for something (marriage) which is much more important. That is a period that will always remain special for both of us," said Kohli. The 29-year-old batsman said cricket runs in his blood. "Switching back to cricket is not difficult at all because it is in my blood, like it is for every other team member and the team management as well, so getting back to professional front is not difficult at all.?
  3. دل دے اندر خانہ کعبہ، ساڈا ہویا گھر وِچ حَج آپ اِمام تے آپ نمازی، آپے بانگاں دیواں اَج نیڑے آ کے ویہڑے ساڈے وَسنا ای تے وَس چمکاں مار نہ دُوروں سانُوں، اینویں نہ پیا گَج تیرا اِک علاج میں دَسّاں، جا کے شِیشہ ویخ اپنا کُجھ تے نظر نہ آوے، سانُوں دَسنا ایں بَج آپے لاوے عِشق عدالت، آپے پھائیاں پاوے آپ وکیل تے آپے مُلزم، آپے بَنیا اپنا جَج لَے میں پنجواں بال کے چَلّی، رکِھیں میرِیاں شَرماں تُوں لجپال سداؤندا واصفؔ، پالِیں میری لَج
  4. ﮐﺒﮭﯽ ﯾﺎﺩ ﺁﺅ ﺗﻮ ﺍﺱ ﻃﺮﺡﮐﮧ ﻟﮩﻮ ﮐﯽ ﺳﺎﺭﯼ ﺗﻤﺎﺯﺗﯿﮟ ﺗﻤﮩﯿﮟ ﺩﮬﻮﭖ ﺩﮬﻮﭖ ﺳﻤﯿﭧ ﻟﯿﮟ ﺗﻤﮩﮟ ﺭﻧﮓ ﺭﻧﮓ ﻧﮑﮭﺎﺭ ﺩﯾﮟ ﺗﻤﮩﯿﮟ ﺣﺮﻑ ﺣﺮﻑ ﻣﯿﮟ ﺳﻮﭺ ﻟﯿﮟ ﺗﻤﮩﯿﮟ ﺩﯾﮑﮭﻨﮯ ﮐﺎ ﺟﻮ ﺷﻮﻕ ﮨﻮ ﺗﻮ ﺩﯾﺎﺭِ ﮨﺠﺮ ﮐﯽ ﺗﯿﺮﮔﯽ ﮐﻮ ﻣﮋﮦ ﮐﯽ ﻧﻮﮎ ﺳﮯ ﻧﻮﭺ ﻟﯿﮟ ﮐﺒﮭﯽ ﯾﺎﺩ ﺁﺅ ﺗﻮ ﺍﺱ ﻃﺮﺡ ﮐﮧ ﺩﻝ ﻭ ﻧﻈﺮ ﻣﯿﮟ ﺍُﺗﺮ ﺳﮑﻮ ﮐﺒﮭﯽ ﺣﺪ ﺳﮯ ﺣﺒﺲِ ﺟﻨﻮﮞ ﺑﮍﮬﮯ ﺗﻮ ﺣﻮﺍﺱ ﺑﻦ ﮐﮯ ﺑﮑﮭﺮ ﺳﮑﻮ ﮐﺒﮭﯽ ﮐِﮭﻞ ﺳﮑﻮ ﺷﺐِ ﻭﺻﻞ ﻣﯿﮟ ﮐﺒﮭﯽ ﺧﻮﻥِ ﺟﮕﺮ ﻣﯿﮟ ﺳﻨﻮﺭ ﺳﮑﻮ ﺳﺮِ ﺭﮨﮕﺰﺭ ﺟﻮ ﻣﻠﻮ ﮐﺒﮭﯽ ﻧﮧ ﭨﮭﮩﺮ ﺳﮑﻮ ﻧﮧ ﮔﺰﺭ ﺳﮑﻮ ﻣﺮﺍ ﺩﺭﺩ ﭘﮭﺮ ﺳﮯ ﻏﺰﻝ ﺑﻨﮯ ﮐﺒﮭﯽ ﮔﻨﮕﻨﺎﺅ ﺗﻮ ﺍﺱ ﻃﺮﺡ ﻣﺮﮮ ﺯﺧﻢ ﭘﮭﺮ ﺳﮯ ﮔﻼﺏ ﮨﻮﮞ ﮐﺒﮭﯽ ﻣﺴﮑﺮﺍﺅ ﺗﻮ ﺍﺱ ﻃﺮﺡ ﻣﺮﯼ ﺩﮬﮍﮐﻨﯿﮟ ﺑﮭﯽ ﻟﺮﺯ ﺍﭨﮭﯿﮟ ﮐﺒﮭﯽ ﭼﻮﭦ ﮐﮭﺎﺅ ﺗﻮ ﺍﺱ ﻃﺮﺡ ﺟﻮ ﻧﮩﯿﮟ ﺗﻮ ﭘﮭﺮ ﺑﮍﮮ ﺷﻮﻕ ﺳﮯ ﺳﺒﮭﯽ ﺭﺍﺑﻄﮯ ﺳﺒﮭﯽ ﺿﺎﺑﻄﮯ ﮐﺴﯽ ﺩﮬﻮﭖ ﭼﮭﺎﺅﮞ ﻣﯿﮟ ﺗﻮﮌ ﺩﻭ ﻧﮧ ﺷﮑﺴﺖِ ﺩﻝ ﮐﺎ ﺳﺘﻢ ﺳﮩﻮ ﻧﮧ ﺳﻨﻮ ﮐﺴﯽ ﮐﺎ ﻋﺬﺍﺏِ ﺟﺎﮞ ﻧﮧ ﮐﺴﯽ ﺳﮯ ﺍﭘﻨﯽ ﺧﻠﺶ ﮐﮩﻮ ﯾﻮﻧﮩﯽ ﺧﻮﺵ ﭘﮭﺮﻭ، ﯾﻮﻧﮩﯽ ﺧﻮﺵ ﺭﮨﻮ ﻧﮧ ﺍُﺟﮍ ﺳﮑﯿﮟ ، ﻧﮧ ﺳﻨﻮﺭ ﺳﮑﯿﮟ ﮐﺒﮭﯽ ﺩﻝ ﺩُﮐﮭﺎﺅ ﺗﻮ ﺍﺱ ﻃﺮﺡ ﻧﮧ ﺳﻤﭧ ﺳﮑﯿﮟ ، ﻧﮧ ﺑﮑﮭﺮ ﺳﮑﯿﮟ ﮐﺒﮭﯽ ﺑﮭﻮﻝ ﺟﺎﺅ ﺗﻮ ﺍﺱ ﻃﺮﺡ ﮐﺴﯽ ﻃﻮﺭ ﺟﺎﮞ ﺳﮯ ﮔﺰﺭ ﺳﮑﯿﮟ ﮐﺒﮭﯽ ﯾﺎﺩ ﺁﺅ ﺗﻮ ﺍﺱ ﻃﺮﺡ !!
  5. Israel's Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General Gadi Eizenkot delivers a speech during a Strategic Dialogue Conference in Netanya, Israel March 21, 2017. Photo: Reuters DUBAI: The Israeli army?s chief of staff told an Arabic language online newspaper that Israel was ready to share ?intelligence information? with Saudi Arabia, saying their countries had a common interest in standing up to Iran. Lieutenant General Gadi Eizenkot told the privately Saudi-owned Elaph in what it said was his first interview with an Arabic newspaper that Israel had no plans to attack Lebanon?s Hezbollah group. Saudi Arabia has ratcheted up pressure on arch-foe Iran, accusing Tehran of trying to expand its influence in Arab countries, often through proxies including the Lebanese Shi?ite Hezbollah group. Increased tension between Tehran and Riyadh has fueled speculation that shared interests may push Saudi Arabia and Israel to working together against what they see as a common Iranian threat. Saudi Arabia maintains that any relations with Israel hinge on Israeli withdrawal from Arab lands occupied in the 1967 Middle East war. Asked if Israel had shared any information with Saudi Arabia, Eizenkot said: ?We are ready to share information if necessary. There are many shared interests between us.? He said US President Donald Trump?s election on a platform that calls for increasing pressure on Iran has provided an opportunity for new alliances in the Middle East. Both Saudi Arabia and Israel view Iran as a main threat to the Middle East. ?A major and general strategic plan must be prepared to stop the Iranian danger, and we are ready to exchange expertise with moderate Arab states and exchange intelligence information to face Iran,? he said, according to Elaph, which said the interview was conducted at Eizenkot?s office in Tel Aviv by an Israeli Arab journalist. Earlier this month, Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri announced his resignation in a surprise move that had plunged Lebanon into a new political crisis. Hariri?s resignation thrust Lebanon into the front line of a regional struggle between Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shi?ite Iran that has also buffeted Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Bahrain. It also raised speculation about possible military action against Lebanon by Israel, which sees Hezbollah as a strategic threat. Responding to a question on speculation that Israel may launch a military operation against Hezbollah, Eizenkot said: ?We do not have any intention initiating any offensive against Hezbollah in Lebanon and reaching a (state of) war. But we will not accept a strategic threat against Israel.?
  6. Chelsea and AS Roma served up a rip-roaring 3-3 draw at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday as both clubs stayed firmly on course for a place in the last 16 of the Champions League. Edin Dzeko scored twice on his 100th appearance for Roma in an enthralling contest as the Italians stormed back from 2-0 down to lead 3-2 with 20 minutes remaining, only for Eden Hazard to salvage a point for Group C leaders Chelsea with a header. The goal flow began in the 11th minute when David Luiz?s curler put Chelsea ahead and when Hazard doubled the home side?s advantage in the 36th, it looked like being a routine night for Antonio Conte?s side. Aleksandar Kolarov fired Roma back into contention before the interval though and Dzeko?s double in the space of six minutes, the first a scorching volley, looked to have earned Roma only their second win in 16 attempts on English soil. Hazard?s equaliser kept Chelsea top with seven points from three games with Roma on five -- three ahead of Atletico Madrid who were surprisingly held to a 0-0 draw by Qarabag. ?It is a good result for both teams but when you are 2-0 up at home you must win the game,? Hazard said. ?Now we have to play in Rome but we will try to win the game. After two defeats it?s not easy to bounce back.? Chelsea, reeling from successive Premier League defeats, spent much of the first half on the back foot but were clinical when it mattered as they moved into a 2-0 lead. The hosts went ahead when Luiz, playing in central midfield in place of the injured N?Golo Kante, produced a stunning curler from 25 metres past Roma keeper Alisson Becker. Radja Nainggolan and Diego Perotti wasted gilt-edged chances for Roma and those misses looked terminal for Roma?s hopes when Chelsea struck again with a 36th-minute counter-attack. Alvaro Morata and Hazard combined before Morata?s cross spun off a Roma defender and into the path of Hazard who rammed home his side?s second. Conte said he never felt his side were ?in control? and the tide began to turn Roma?s way when Kolarov was allowed to burst into the area before firing a shot that nicked off Andreas Christensen on its way past Thibaut Courtois and into the net. Roma began the second half full of purpose and Dzeko looked poised to tap-in Kolarov?s low cut back only to see the ball diverted off his toes by the alert Courtois. A disgruntled Luiz was replaced by Pedro but Roma had taken a stranglehold and levelled in stunning fashion as Dzeko belted an unstoppable left-foot volley beyond Courtois. Six minutes later Dzeko took his tally for the season to 12 goals in all competitions for club and country, the Bosnian hitman left unmarked to head in Kolarov?s free kick. Roma?s lead lasted only four minutes though as Hazard glanced in Pedro?s cross with a superb header. There was still time for both sides to win a classic encounter, the best falling to Dzeko who inexplicably headed wide from point-blank range. Roma coach Eusebio Di Francesco praised his side?s character. ?We were two goals down after two individual mistakes but we had 70 percent of the ball in the first half,? he said. ?We tried to win with the right mentality.?
  7. While #Puberme campaign is making waves in Hollywood with celebrities sharing awkward photos from their childhood, Bollywood celebs have often shared similar pictures to let fans get a glimpse of their lives. Here is a list of all the celebrities who have shared their childhood pictures recently: Sonam Kapoor and sister Bollywood?s fashionista Sonam Kapoor recently shared a picture from her childhood with her sister Rhea Kapoor. She captioned the picture as: ?They say sisters are joined at the heart, I think we're joined all the way from the hip to the heart!? Khan brothers Arbaaz Khan, known for movies such as Hello Brother and Dabangg, shared a picture with his brothers, Salman Khan and Sohail Khan, a few days back. Tiger Shroff with father Jackie Shroff?s wife, Ayesha Shroff, had shared a picture of son Tiger with husband and titled it ?Pure happiness: Bhatt sisters Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahi actress Pooja Bhatt shared a picture of her with stepsister Alia Bhatt on her birthday. She wrote ?not everyone knows that not only do we share the same star sign but we even share the same symbols.? Ranveer Singh?s fan moment with Akshay Kumar Ranveer, who will be seen in Sanjay Leela Bhansali?s Padmavati next, had shared his picture with Bollywood?s khiladi Akshay Kumar. He wrote, ?Priceless. My fanboy moment with one and only.? Katrina Kaif Ek Tha Tiger actress Katrina Kaif had shared a picture from her childhood to wish her mother on Mother's Day. She said: "my most favourite memory of my childhood was always dancing with my mother . To the strongest woman I know ..... what would the world be without you". Kapoor sisters Karisma Kapoor shared a picture with baby sister on her birthday and wrote, "Happy birthday to my darling baby sister and best friend." The sisters can be seen wearing trendy outfits from the 80s in the picture. Abhishek Bachchan Bachchan Junior had shared a picture of him hugging his father, Amitabh Bachchan, in one of throwback posts on his official account. Shraddha Kapoor Shraddha Kapoor, who was seen essaying the role of Dawood Ibrahim's sister in her latest movie Haseena, also shared a picture from her childhood as a special wish for her mother. She wrote: "My mommy. My best friend. The wind beneath my wings. My everything. I love you more than words can express. Thank you for being you."
  8. [embed_video1 url= style=center] KARACHI: Pak Sarzameen Party and Pakistan Muslim League-Functional share a similar ideology and think along similar lines, PSP chief Mustafa Kamal said on Monday. Kamal was addressing the media in Karachi, along with leaders of PML-F. During his address, PML-F chief Pir Sadaruddin Shah Rashidi said they were collaborating with PSP, not for the sake of politics, but to work together for the province. ?Mustafa Kamal has a good record,? Rashidi said. ?We want to [join hands to] serve the public.? Rashidi further added that a "grand alliance against the PPP should be formed" He added they have spoken regarding a working relationship. ?Seat and relationship are matters that would be discussed later.? While talking to the media, Kamal said there is instability everywhere in Sindh ? from Karachi to Kashmore. He added people do not have food to eat and potable water. ?But people of Sindh are our brothers.? Earlier, Kamal said that the self-exiled chief of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) was an absconder. He had claimed that many members of other parties have joined the PSP, which is a sign of PSP?s ?fast-paced progress.?
  9. Facebook has turned to its sister application, Instagram, to boost the popularity of the 'Stories' feature. The latest test feature was spotted by some of the users including Next Web?s Matt Navarra and Twitter user @mruiandre. The users noticed that they were given an option to share their Instagram Stories on Facebook. This was followed by Instagram confirming that this feature is currently being tested. Facebook also has the Stories feature but it failed to gain the popularity of the Instagram counterpart. However, the sharing option will allow the users to have their Stories available on both the social media sites. Since long, Instagram users are given the option to share their pictures and video posts on Facebook. Interestingly, no content travels the other direction. The Stories feature, which is a copy of the Snapchat feature, was added to Instagram in August 2016.
  10. As the country marks the first day of Eid-ul-Azha with due fervour today, cricket stars have taken to social media to extend their best wishes on the occasion. Veteran batsman Mohammad Hafeez wished his fans a very happy Eid. The 'Professor' also shared snapshots of his Eid preparations all the way from the Caribbean islands. Pacer Hasan Ali posted a picture of himself looking all spruced up, standing with his animal. Fast bowler Mohammad Amir was 'out and about' on Eid day in London. All-rounder Imad Wasim wished his fans a very happy Eid. Young spin ace Shadab Khan shared a selfie in his Eid dress. Pacer Rumman Raees posted a video of himself walking around with his animal. Shoaib Malik reminded everyone to help those in need on the occasion. Seamer Junaid Khan wished his fans all over the world. Batsman Babar Azam looked all debonair on Eid day. The Pakistan Cricket Board also shared a video of the cricketers sending out Eid messages to their fans.
  11. Instagram has gone a step forward in its album option by letting users fit their photos in either landscape or portrait form instead of cropping it to the square format. According to Techweez, the company says users can now upload photos and videos in albums in either landscape or portraits format. But the photos and videos in a single album should be in the same format. That is to say, if one chooses to share photos of an event, they have the option to share the entire set in one of the modes ? portrait or landscape ? but not a mixture of both. Besides, Instagram also allows these albums to be saved as drafts if the user is not ready to share them. Instagram allows users to reply to Stories Updates aims to increase activity between users The new update is available as version 12 for iOS and Android. Recently, Instagram had introduced the option on uploading 10 photos in a single post, saving the users from bombarding their profile and their follower?s timeline with photos, usually of the same event. However, the only disadvantage was that the photos had to be cropped to the square format.
  12. After External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, if there's anyone who has managed to capture the hearts of people on Twitter, it's the former batsman Virender Sehwag. His witty one-liners, word-play, marriage problems and hilarious comments have always cracked us up and his unparalleled popularity only establishes the same. But when Viru Paji is not cracking jokes or taking jibes at people, he is busy creating awareness about socially relevant issues, which others chose to turn a blind eye towards. Sharing the inspirational story of forest conservationist Jadav Payeng, Sehwag took to Twitter to appreciate the incredible efforts of the guy who is known as the ‘Forest Man of India'. Have you heard of this incredible man, Jadav Payeng ,the Forest Man of India ? Almost 4 decades ago,as a teenager,he started planting Bamboo — Virender Sehwag (@virendersehwag) 2 July 2017 Sehwag also lauded this man for single-handedly carving out a 1360 acre forest, which is now home to tigers, rhinoceros and deer, to name a few. Payeng started planting bamboo as a teenager and since the past 4 decades, he has been working dedicatedly towards the betterment of the environment. In an area that was washed away with floods,he has single handedly carved a 1360 acre forest that is now home to tigers,rhinoceros,deers etc — Virender Sehwag (@virendersehwag) 2 July 2017 He further said, “Salute to the spirit of people like Payeng, who despite adverse situations sacrifice so much to save the environment.” Salute to the spirit of people like Payeng,who despite adverse situations sacrifice so much to save the environment 🙏 — Virender Sehwag (@virendersehwag) 2 July 2017 After Sehwag shared Payeng's inspirational story, Twitterati couldn't hold in their emotions and started showering compliments and praises for both Payeng and Sehwag. Jadhav Molai Payeng single handedly grew a forest larger than New York's central park. His simple act turned into blessing for many animals. — Phungjwa Brahma (@imphungjwa) 2 July 2017 Hatts off to this Legend. every compliment will be small to thank him for wat he had contributed to our Mother Nature. Salute Jadhav ji! — DJABHINAY (@DJ_ABHINAY) 2 July 2017 Jadav still leave in cottage after PADAM SHRI 10km deep on Bharamputra — Lion Dr Raj Phanden (@DrPhanden) 2 July 2017 We all need to be like him and create an ecological park near our homes by planting more trees. Kudos to this samanatarian✌👍👍👌 — katsram (@katsram) 2 July 2017 So proud of #JadavPayeng. He's bn featurng in al tlks by globl climte crusadrs. Thank you @virendersehwag 4 mentning him. @sarbanandsonwal — Baharul Islam (@baharul08) 2 July 2017 Heard of The power of one to move mountains ! But here is a living example #JadavPayeng .✊💪 — manju mathur. (@manjumathur1) 2 July 2017 We are extremely proud of Payeng and his story proves that one does not need Herculean strength to move a mountain; strong will and passion can do the task as well. We hope that more people get inspired by his journey and contribute to the environment, in every possible way.
  13. Bollywood beauty Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Anil Kapoor are all set and ready to share the screen soon. Excited much? The duo will be seen together after almost 17 years in Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra and KriArj Entertainment's next production ?Fanney Khan?. The Devdas actress last shared the screen with Mr. India star in the movie Taal. However, in their upcoming movie, the charming duo won?t be playing each other's love interest. According to Indian media, the co-producer of the movie spilled the beans as she said, "The team starts building the set in Mumbai next month and Anil will kick off shooting in the first week of August. Aishwarya joins him by the month-end and the film will wrap up in a start-to-finish schedule by October." When asked about Aishwarya's role, the co-producer said, "Ash was blown away by her glamorous and ?highly stylised? character. We took the script to her two months ago and she immediately gave her nod." ?Their combined energy is unparallel. Almost all of Ash?s scenes are with Anil. Her character is the complete opposite of her serious turns in ?Jazbaa? and ?Sarbjit.? In our film she is the spunky, enchanting female protagonist," she added. There were also reports of Aishwarya getting selected for this film after Priyanka Chopra turned down the script. However, the makers of the film have denied this news and said that Aishwarya had always been the first and the last choice for the film?s character. ?Fanney Khan? is the Hindi adaptation of the 2000 Dutch release ?Everybody's Famous? directed by Dominique Deruddere.
  14. NEW DELHI: India's share of world cricket revenues will increase from $293 to $405 million under a new deal agreed at a meeting of the game's global governing body in London, the Press Trust of India reported Thursday. The deal came after India protested a decision in April to divide revenues more equitably among members of the International Cricket Council (ICC) ? a move which would have cost the Indian cricket board a large chunk of its funding over the next eight years. PTI revealed details of the new agreement ahead of the release of an official statement later Thursday. It said England will receive $139 million, while Australia, Pakistan, West Indies, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh would get $128 million and Zimbabwe $94 million. An unnamed official for the Board of Control for Cricket in India told PTI that "the BCCI has agreed to the terms and conditions" of the deal. India had earlier threatened to withdraw from the Champions Trophy tournament beginning in England on June 1 unless the revenue-sharing deal was restructured. The deal drawn up in April was aimed at curbing the dominance of cricket's wealthiest nations ? India, Australia and England ? with more money flowing to minor Test nations and associate members like Ireland and Afghanistan.
  15. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Photo: Reuters WASHINGTON: Saudi Arabia's new crown prince and likely next king shares US President Donald Trump's hawkish view of Iran, but a more confrontational approach toward Tehran carries a risk of escalation in an unstable region, current and former US officials said. Iran will almost certainly respond to a more aggressive posture by the United States and its chief Sunni Arab ally in battlefields where Riyadh and Tehran are engaged in a regional tussle for influence. Saudi King Salman made his son Mohammed bin Salman next in line to the throne on Wednesday, handing the 31-year-old sweeping powers, in a succession shake-up. Prince Mohammed, widely referred to as "MbS," has ruled out any dialogue with arch rival Iran and pledged to protect his conservative kingdom from what he called Tehran's efforts to dominate the Muslim world. In the first meeting between Trump and MbS at the White House in March, the two leaders noted the importance of "confronting Iran's destabilising regional activities." But that could have unintended consequences, said some current and former US administration officials. The greatest danger for the Trump administration, a longtime US government expert on Middle East affairs said, was for the United States to be dragged deeper into the sectarian conflict playing out across the Middle East, a danger that could be compounded by Trump?s delegation of responsibility for military decisions to the Pentagon. If the administration gives US commanders greater authority to respond to Iranian air and naval provocations in the Gulf and Strait of Hormuz, things could easily spiral out of control, the official said. US-backed forces fighting in Syria are also in close proximity with Iranian-backed forces supporting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. US military jets twice this month shot down Iranian-made drones threatening US and coalition forces in southeastern Syria. The United States also supports the Saudi-led coalition's war in Yemen through refueling, logistics and limited intelligence assistance. "If we were to witness an incident at sea between an Iranian and a US vessel in the Gulf, at a time of immense distrust and zero communication, how likely is it that the confrontation would be defused rather than exacerbated?" said Rob Malley, vice president for policy at the International Crisis Group. "If there's a more bellicose attitude towards Iran, Iran is likely to respond," said Malley, a former senior adviser on Middle East affairs under President Barack Obama. Eric Pelofsky, who dealt with Middle East issues at the White House under Obama, said the administration had "laboured pretty hard to avoid a direct clash between Saudi Arabia and Iran on the high seas," in part because it would expand the Yemen conflict and there were questions "about what the outcome of such an encounter might be." But Luke Coffey, director of the Foreign Policy Center at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, doubted Iran would retaliate in a major way. "Iran has very limited ability or options to retaliate against US forces in the region without suffering an overwhelming US response," Coffey said. "I think Tehran knows this so they will stick to low-level tactics like harassing US ships in the Gulf. This will be just enough to be annoying but not enough to be considered 'retaliating,'" he said. Close relationship MbS was the driving force behind the Saudi-led campaign in Yemen against Iran-allied Houthi rebels, launched in March 2015. He also appears to have orchestrated this month's breach with neighbour Qatar, which was accused by Riyadh and three other Arab states of cozying up to Iran, funding terrorism or fomenting regional instability. Qatar denies the allegations. "There?s a danger that his foreign policy instincts, that do tend to be aggressive, especially toward Iran, but also toward Sunni extremism, might end up distracting from what he wants to get done economically," said a former Obama administration official, referring to "Vision 2030," MbS's signature economic and social reform agenda. Malley, who has met MbS, said his attitude toward Iran "stems from his strongly felt conviction that for too long the kingdom has been a punching bag, a passive witness to Iranian action, true or assumed, in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia's own eastern province." "His view is that Saudi Arabia absorbed those blows and now there's no reason to absorb them anymore," Malley said. That dovetails neatly with Trump who has said Iran promotes evil and is a key source of funding and support for militant groups. MbS has also developed a close relationship with Trump's influential son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who at 36 is close in age to him. MbS's "desire to confront or even defeat Iran has appeal in the White House, where the crown prince has done an admirable job forging a relationship with the Kushners, who are of his generation," said the US official. Kushner and his wife, Ivanka Trump, had dinner with MbS when the US president visited Riyadh last month, the first stop on Trump's maiden international visit. Another senior administration official told Reuters that while Washington did not have advance warning of MbS's promotion, it could see it coming. "This is why the president has tried to foster good relations with him," the official said.
  16. While Anil Kapoor and Sridevi have been one of the best on-screen couples in the past, their movie my India also broke many records in the Bollywood. The duo was not only famous for their on-screen chemistry but also allegedly had an affair in the past. Anil Kapoor and Sridevi did not share the screen together after Sridevi married Anil Kapoor's elder brother Boney Kapoor. But according to Indian media sources, after almost two decades, the duo is all set to share the screen together again for the sequel of Mr. India. As per the source close to the sequel?s production, ?The idea is to take the story forward, but not just for the heck of it. We wanted a solid plot, and we have got it.? The source also revealed that Sridevi and Anil Kapoor wouldn?t be the only important actors working in the sequel. The film will be helmed by a new director and will also feature two fresh faces in the lead roles Shekhar Kapoor directed the original Mr. India and the film had one of its iconic character Mogambo, played by Amrish Puri.
  17. What is more embarrassing than staring at someone’s body? Getting caught while doing so! Usually men are blamed and tagged as creeps for ogling at women, but let’s be honest it’s never one-sided. Women too love to stare at handsome men but can get away with it because they are never caught in the action. They know their drill too well. But, for men there’s still a long way to go before they master the art of appreciating something. We get it some women are so beautiful and have this perfect body that men can’t stop looking at them, but how much is too much is what our dear men still fail to understand. At least, the instances mentioned here imply the same. In a thread that was originally shared by Whisper, these men reveal the most awkward and embarrassing instances where they were caught staring at women and their struggle is too real to deal with. The reason why most men are single. © whisper WTF? © whisper Thank god he didn’t say pimple or acne. Had he said that, all hell would have broken loose. © whisper Uh oh! © whisper Kids these days are way smarter than we could have ever been at their age. © whisper And you will now be officially tagged as a creep or a pervert. © whisper You could have taken your chances and asked her out mate. © whisper The girl had a valid concern but the guy’s cover up was really bad. © whisper Now this can turn out be a start of something new. © whisper Now that will need a lot of explanation. © whisper
  18. On the flick of a flurry of switches, a studio on a gray industrial estate in East London lights up to reveal hundreds of bright neon artworks. Owned by 43-year-old artist Marcus Bracey, the gallery in Walthamstow, called 'God's Own Junkyard', houses the collection of four generations of his family who have made, bought and displayed neon works. The pieces are accompanied by kitsch memorabilia that Bracey has collected from film sets and car boot sales across Britain, leaving just enough room for a narrow winding aisle for visitors to navigate their way through the gallery. "This is my neon emporium, my museum of light, my Aladdin's cave," Bracey told Reuters from the center of the high-ceilinged studio which runs up an electricity bill of over 700 pounds ($900) a week. Some of Bracey's works have appeared in films, including "Mission Impossible" and "Eyes Wide Shut", or decorated department stores, namely London's Selfridges, while others have been bought by celebrities such as Kate Moss. Bracey recently sold a large God Save the Queen neon sign in front of a heart-shaped British, Union Jack, flag for 58,000 pounds ($74,700) at auction to a buyer in Dubai. A replica is on display at God's Own Junkyard, which Bracey opened with his father Chris in 2008 after running out of space at home to store the family's work. The earliest pieces in the showroom, often used for film shoots, date back to the 1950s when Marcus's grandfather left his job as a miner in Wales to join a lighting company and eventually make signs for carnivals across Britain. "He left the dark and came into the light," Bracey said. Bracey's new works, which take around six weeks to make with neon moulded over 800-degree burners, now sit alongside those of his 17-year-old daughter Amber, a graffiti artist and next in line to take over the family business. Bracey, however, isn't ready to step away from his neon wonderland just yet. "The buzz, the feel, the happiness. To turn it on and see what it looks like," he said of the excitement he gets every time he flicks on those switches.
  19. Dating is a tricky business and while some men often complain that understanding women is the toughest thing in the world, the true picture can actually be the exact opposite. Well, we are not jumping to any conclusions; this is what we realized after reading these Reddit threads where men shared instances of how they failed to notice the obvious hints given by women. Trying to figure out whether a girl likes you or not is difficult, especially when they are giving you mixed signals or subtle hints which are hard to decode. But even when women’s intensions are crystal clear like the ones mentioned here, some men failed to figure it out and missed out on the opportunity of turning it into a relationship. These stories are hilarious and relatable AF. Read them and let us know if you ever went through a similar situation ever. 1. Saving water is clearly not his thing. Source: Reddit 2. And enter the road towards Friend-zone. Source: Reddit 3. He has a valid point. Source: Reddit 4. We bet he will take his browser history till his grave. Source: Reddit 5. “Well, that’s a weird coincidence!” Source: Reddit 6. She couldn’t have been more specific than that! Source: Reddit 7. “I can get moon and stars for you, but only after it stops raining” Source: Reddit 8. We won’t be surprised if he is still single! Source: Reddit 9. It took him 14 years to get the hint…Damn it! Source: Reddit 10. He couldn’t take things seriously because ‘Tekken’ came in the scene. Source: Reddit
  20. لہو کی آنکھ سے پڑھ میرے ضبط کی تحریر لبوں پہ لفظ نہ گن _____ کپکپاہٹیں پہچان ‏تیری صورت کو دیکھ کر مری جاں خود بخود دل میں پیار اٹھتا ہے ― جون ایلیا
  21. Bollywood stars Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Anil Kapoor are all ready to share screen space after 17 years. The stars, who have starred in Humara Dil Aapke Paas Hai and Taal, are teaming up for for Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra?s upcoming movie, Fanney Khan. Movie?s co-producer, Prernaa Arora, told Mumbai Mirror that ?We go on the floors by the year-end. It is a happy, slice-of-life film. We approached Aishwarya for the part and are glad she agreed to come on-board.? Fanney Khan is a comedy musical which was initially supposed to be an official remake of Everybody?s Famous!, which has been directed by Dominique Deruddere. However, it was learnt that producers are making some changes to the script. Anil Kapoor was last seen in Dil Dhadakne Do while Aishwarya?s depicted the role of a poetess in Karan Johar?s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.
  22. After the gruesome terror attack that shook London from its core, people have been under constant fear of who will be the next target of these attacks and where will it happen. In the attacks on the London Bridge and near the Borough Market and Vaux Hall, over 7 people have died and as many as 50 have been left injured. On one hand where the whole world stood in solidarity with London, the Brits had their own way of recuperating and proved that come what may, there will always stand strong – even if that courage comes wrapped in the garb of humour. After one of the American newspapers reported the incident stating that “The London attacks hit a nation still reeling from the shock of the bombing in Manchester almost 2 weeks ago”, the Brits came up with their own interpretations of the term ‘reeling’. The London attacks hit a nation still reeling from the shock of the bombing in Manchester almost 2 weeks ago — The New York Times (@nytimes) 4 June 2017 According to this guy this is what reeling means in British English. This is what "reeling" means in British English @nytimes — Andy L (@A_V_M_L) 4 June 2017 Or this… No @nytimes, this is what "reeling" looks like. We'll start panicking when we've no milk for our tea. #ThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling — Daniel (@DannyDutch) 4 June 2017 Earlier, we saw pictures of a guy who was seen running with a pint of beer in hand, while others were trying to save their lives. The tweets have definitely left us in splits. However, it will be wrong to assume from the tweets that the Brits aren’t feeling the pain or trauma, post these attacks. But, the defiance, solidarity and humour with which they are facing these attacks are truly commendable. Here are some of the golden tweets where they have explained the things which they felt would ‘really’ strike fear in their hearts. This just hit us right in the feels. #ThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling Not being thanked when you let another car through. — beth innes (@bethinnes) 4 June 2017 Happens most of the time. Biting into a chocolate bar to discover it's Hershey's and not Cadburys. #ThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling — Karen Moseley (@SFExpat) 5 June 2017 When you call for “aubergine with onions and tomatoes cooked in Indian spices” and it turns out to be ‘baingan ka bharta’. Choosing the wrong items for a meal deal and having to pay £10 for a bottle of water, a Sandwich and a twix #ThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling — Louise Annette Smith (@LouiseAsmith) 4 June 2017 Life in a Delhi metro…ugh, Tube in Britain. #ThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling finding one passenger occupying more than one seat on the tube. — Rob (@GenericZA) 4 June 2017 This happens all the time. "Unexpected item in the bagging area" #ThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling — Dave Cooper (@dcoops1989) 4 June 2017 ‘Their’ is a point. #ThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling people not using there, their and they're correctly — just me..Nic x (@1970nsj) 4 June 2017 Can we call them cookies though? #ThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling calling this a biscuit..... It's a scone for God's sake and is never ever dipped in gravy — Paul Chapman (@injumneer74) 4 June 2017 Wait, please…wait! Someone holding a door open for you when you're an awkward distance away so you have to jog a few steps #ThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling — Sam Wilson (@MrSamWilson) 4 June 2017 When I do that stupid little jog over a zebra crossing because a car has stopped for me... #ThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling — Kate Mann (@kate1978) 4 June 2017 Hi, her name is…ugh, Darling! Not catching someone's name and having to spend the next three decades avoiding introducing them to anyone #ThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling — Sarah Crook (@SarahRoseCrook) 4 June 2017 London is reeling… If London is reeling it means there must be an Irish dance festival in Trafalgar square again ;) 💃 — Mary Branscombe (@marypcbuk) 4 June 2017 When you see someone making a cup of tea and they put milk in first ☕🐸#ThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling — Amer Aka Biggie (@AmerAkaBiggie) 5 June 2017
  23. ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif?s Adviser on Aviation Sardar Mehtab Abbasi said on Thursday that the UK Border Force have not yet given any formal information to the government of Pakistan on the presence of heroin in the PIA plane. Speaking in a senate committee on PIA, he said that the plane was earlier cleared by UK Border Force after a thorough check at Heathrow Airport, but later as many as 30 people from the agency entered in the plane with cameras and sniffing dogs. Abbasi informed that the UK Border Force took four and a half hours to search the plane and later cheif of British war crime informed the press that heroin was found from it. "We have asked our Ambassador to contact border force so that we can also investigate the case," he said. Heroin "concealed in packets" was seized from Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) PK-785 in an intelligence-based operation, UK's National Crime Agency (NCA) confirmed to Geo News on Tuesday. ?National Crime Agency officers are investigating following the seizure of a quantity of heroin found by Border Force officers onboard a flight from Pakistan at Heathrow on Monday, May 15. No arrests have been made, inquiries are ongoing,? an NCA spokesman told Geo News. Earlier, 13 crew members of PIA PK-785 who had arrived from Islamabad were detained at the Heathrow Airport. The crew members were kept in detention for five hours, and according to UK Border Agency (UKBA) sources, information had been received from Pakistan that there were narcotics onboard the flight. According to the information, there was a suspicion that the crew might be involved and that narcotics were hidden in different panels and areas of the plane. The crew was released at 2 AM (GMT) after being questioned and their passports were held by the UKBA which states that further questioning might take place. PIA station manager Sajid ullah has confirmed that the authorities have handed back the passport of the pilot, while the rest of the crew will get their passports tomorrow. Customs authorities in Pakistan begin probe Customs authorities in Pakistan have started an investigation into how the plane laden with heroin was provided clearance to fly. The authorities have begun a probe against staff responsible for giving the clearance. PIA crew alleges false information being given to defame airline The PIA crew while speaking to Geo News said that the customs authorities carried out a thorough search going through each and every thing, adding they have no clue as to why such treatment was meted out to them. The crew said the authorities also questioned them, and inquired the crew what part of the plane were they assigned to. The airline is being defamed by giving out false information, the crew alleged. In a statement, the Metropolitan police said action against PIA crew members was taken by the UKBA which is directly dealt by the Home Office. Earlier, PIA sources said that the UKBA and the NCA have yet to notify the airline about the discovery of heroin in the plane. The UKBA, however, has said that the PIA has been notified in both Pakistan and in the UK. Both PIA and the NCA confirmed that 30 UKBA agents participated in the operation last night. The agents were equipped with cameras, and conducted live filming to secure evidence, assisted by sniffing dogs who were also brought on the plane. The operation on the plane continued for three hours , after which the plane was declared clean following the complete removal of heroin.
  24. With Pakistan captain Misbah-ul-Haq and veteran batsman Younis Khan set to bid adieu to international cricket at the end of the third Test against West Indies, their current teammates shared their cherished memories with the dynamic duo, what they have learned from the pair, and the implications of their exit for Pakistan cricket. Azhar Ali "When Misbah took over as captain, it was a low point in Pakistan cricket. At that time, we were fighting to regain our very dignity and Misbah kept impressing upon us that we had to earn back the faith of our supporters. In the next seven years, we saw tough times but his leadership helped us through them. The one thing that was very important to him was that, whatever the outcome, we must give our absolute best. I personally took that advice to heart and it simply wouldn't have been possible to achieve what we did without Misbah. "His own demeanour is an example in itself. He is mentally calm and has nerves of steel. It is hard to explain in words how important he was in soothing the nerves of everyone when we were under pressure. Azhar Ali shared many robust partnerships with Misbah "Younis might appear different, but his work ethic is just exemplary. When I was starting off in cricket, I saw how he set about working on his game, how he trained, how he maintained his fitness and what he did in the nets and I thought, 'This person is worth following.' Watching him play when you're at the other end, you learn so much, but at the same town, he doesn't bombard you with advice, letting you play your game instead. Only if he feels you've made a big mistake or you're struggling badly will he come up and talk to you. And obviously his achievements speak for themselves. That's what has earned him global respect. "For us, it's hard to register that they won't be in the dressing room after this series; we can't imagine life without them. We were just so surprised at them retiring because they're still so fit, perhaps the fittest players in our squad. We are very emotional too, just the thought that the dressing room will be without them feels strange, and will do so for a while." Asad Shafiq "Under Misbah's captaincy, the atmosphere in the dressing room has always been wonderful. In situations where regular people would panic, Misbah does not, and this is his biggest strength. His behaviour with junior players is exemplary and I am lucky to have played under him. Asad Shafiq with Misbah/BPI "In fact, both Misbah and Younis' role in my career is very important. When as a junior player you come to the team, you have been watching players like Misbah and Younis for a few years. Initially, you are nervous around them, because there is a culture - especially in Pakistan - that the difference between junior and senior players is very keenly felt. But their behaviour with the junior players is exemplary. Things that I would have learned in five-six years if Misbah and Younis hadn't been around, I ended up learning in two-three years. Not just me, but all the junior players who have come into the team have benefited as both batsmen and human beings. "The experience of batting with them has also been so much fun. When I had good partnerships with them, I learned about how to mould my batting according to various conditions and the other sides' strengths. I can't say who I'll miss more, because both players' services are extraordinary. Both have won a number of matches for Pakistan. We will have to work extra-hard to fill up the space that will be left by their departure." Sarfraz Ahmed "The dressing room atmosphere was great under Misbah. I learnt a lot from him and I really like the way he leads. He reads the game in a very calm, composed manner. He is great at understanding how to take the players along with him and get the best out of them. "The experience of batting with Younis is amazing. I haven't had too many partnerships with him, but what is great about him is he rotates the strike very well, and guides you along. He keeps giving good advice and whoever bats with him say they enjoyed it. Sarfraz gets a pep talk from Misbah during 2015 World Cup/ICC "We will of course miss both of them deeply. As you can see, they have been the backbone of our Test team for the last six years. Whenever the team had difficulties, Misbah led the team from the front. Younis used to bat at No. 4, and Misbah at No. 5, so it will affect our Test team a lot when they're gone. When we came to the team, we used to learn from the way they conducted themselves, and we'll miss all of that. "They give all of us young players advice: me, Azhar, Shan [Masood], Babar [Azam], Ahmed Shehzad. They keep telling us to take care of our fitness. They say we should conduct practice sessions with intensity. I always stood behind the wicket with Younis Khan in the slip cordon, and we talked about what to do if a batsman wasn't getting out. What they have taught us, we will do our best to implement." Shan Masood "We are lucky to have Misbah and Younis in our dressing room. We probably will not realise the significance of this thing but in the next four or five years, when we look back, we will feel the importance of sharing the dressing room with them. Both of them have played a big role not only on the field but off the field as well. They have helped even with the small things like managing your kit bag, managing your work ethics and how to be organised overall in training. In my career so far, I have never seen such organised players. "The [Palekelle innings with Younis Khan] is something that will remain with me for rest of my life. I would describe it as my childhood dream. It was just the other day that I was watching highlights of it and it still gives me goosebumps. When I reflect back on that particular innings, for me it's hard to describe because there was not much going through my mind in terms of emotions. I was just going along with the flow but if I look back it right now, everything that I wanted was coming off. How Pakistan was able to create history, how massive that chase was... It makes me happy that I was able to contribute alongside Younis. Shan Masood on his partnership with Younis Khan in a record chase in Pallekele, 2015: 'I would describe it as my childhood dream'/AFP "The best piece of advice Misbah gave me was prior to the Pallekele Test. I was dejected for two reasons. One, we had lost the earlier Test and two, I thought that this would be another tour where I go back without playing a game. But Misbah asked me my age. When I told him I was 25, he said at the same age he hadn't played any first-class cricket as he was completing his degree. The point he was trying to make was that I needed to trust myself, be patient and keep working as hard as possible and things would eventually fall into place. It's not a short-term thing, it's a long-term goal and you need to keep believing and keep going back to it again and again. The way he has done this is similar, he talked about a lot of obstacles in his life and he has been very patient about it and now he is reaping the rewards. "As for Younis, whatever he says is short and to the point. Overall, it's like he has given me a dictionary on how to conduct yourself as a cricketer. So he is a big influence on my short international career, my domestic cricket and, hopefully, when he fades away I can stick to those things he taught me and my performances can reflect all those things." Ahmed Shehzad "Of course they are the senior-most players in our team and we all look up to them and we all try to learn whatever we can from them. They are different individuals. If you talk about Younis, I was lucky to spend my early days with him at Habib Bank Limited in domestic cricket. He is one player I admire a lot both on and off the field. So I consider myself lucky to be sharing a dressing room with him. "Misbah, similarly, has been phenomenal. He took the team to the No. 1 position after things were so bad when he got the captaincy. Since then, the way he led the side is remarkable. Now after seven to eight years, he is saying goodbye to cricket, and that is a tough thing to swallow. His contribution will be remembered. Whenever we needed him, he would be there for us. I have learnt a lot from heart-to-heart talks with him and we are definitely going to miss him a lot. A selfie moment during 2015 World Cup "The most important advice Younis gave was to be yourself, always believe, don't try to hold back from taking risks because taking risks is something which takes you above everything. Life is all about taking risks and not being afraid. While batting, Younis never disturbs you as he wants you to play according to your own plan. He doesn't talk too much on the field but talks to you off the field instead. "Misbah always says we should take sensible decisions. Think twice before you take any call about your life or cricketing career. This is advice that I always kept close to my heart. "This series will be an emotional series for all of us because these two players are the pride of our nation. They are the two strong pillars of the Pakistan team. So I am going to miss everything they have given us, all small incidents in hotel rooms, on the field, in dressing rooms, all good and bad memories, wins and losses. Whatever we shared together all these years will be missed and remain in our hearts forever." Article originally appeared in ESPNcricinfo
  25. ISLAMABAD: Iranian Foreign Minister Dr Javad Zarif called on the Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif in Islamabad on Wednesday and discussed matters pertaining to bilateral relations and regional issues. The Prime Minister expressed satisfaction on increasing high-level exchanges between the two countries to strengthen bilateral cooperation in diverse fields. He hoped that the two sides will continue to expand economic interaction for promoting mutually beneficial cooperation in the areas of trade, investment, energy, and connectivity. He underlined the need for concerted efforts from both sides to achieve the target of five billion dollars in the bilateral trade as soon as possible. The issues of peace and stability in the region also came under discussion during the meeting. On the tragic incident that took place in the Iran involving martyrdom of 11 Iranian border security guards on 26th of last month, the Prime Minister conveyed Pakistan's serious condolences to the government and people of Iran. The Iranian Foreign Minister thanked the Prime Minister and the government of Pakistan for continued efforts for strengthening bilateral relations and enhancing interaction in all areas including trade and economic cooperation as well as border and security issues. He also conveyed the desire of the Iranian leadership and the government for continued efforts for growth in bilateral ties. Earlier, the Iranian foreign minister also held a meeting with Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan. During the meeting, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said Pakistan-Iran relations are rooted in common faith, history, and geography. Calling Iran a fraternal country, Nisar assured the dignitary that no hurdle will be allowed to come in the way of better relations between the two countries. Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said his country attaches great importance to its relations with Pakistan. The minister said that Iran believes in the unity of Muslim countries and stressed the importance of both Pakistan and Iran working together for resolution of problems faced by the Ummah. Zarif noted that the two countries also need to move forward with consensus on matters of international importance. The foreign minister is accompanied by a high-level delegation and will also hold talks with Advisor on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz. The meetings are likely to discuss the situation arising from recent terrorist attacks on Iranian border guards. Several other matters including bilateral ties, regional situation, counter-terrorism measures along Pak-Iran border, gas pipeline project and SAARC summit are also expected to come under discussion during the meetings.