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Found 70 results

  1. Workers stand next to a wreckage after a train crash near Hennenman in the Free State province, South Africa, January 4, 2018. REUTERS JOHANNESBURG: More than a dozen people were killed and hundreds were feared injured after a train struck a lorry, derailed and burst into flames in South Africa on Thursday. Footage from television news showed fire engulfing one of the train?s carriages after the accident, which occurred as it traveled between Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg. Transport Minister Joe Maswanganyi said the train, which was carrying 700 passengers, jumped the tracks after hitting the truck, which was attempting to negotiate a level crossing. He said preliminary investigations suggested 12 people had died in the crash and 268 were injured, including four critically. Emergency services said 14 people had died, and dozens were hurt, calling the minister?s injury estimate premature. ?I have been briefed that the accident was the result of a truck that was driving through a level crossing... You can see for yourself the truck driver was taking chances,? Maswanganyi said on the news channel of national broadcaster SABC. He said the driver had survived and police were investigating. Emergency services and rail officials were not immediately able to confirm the circumstances of the crash. South Africa has the continent?s largest railway network, but it has been plagued by mismanagement and under-investment that has seen train use dwindle despite it being the cheapest from of public transportation. In a recent report, the government?s Rail Safety Regulator (RSR) said that, in the 2016/17 financial year, 495 people lost their lives in the country?s railway environment and 2,079 were injured. The death toll was up 5 percent increase from the previous year.
  2. As often described, life is undeniably a big hurdle race wrought with obstacles at every point. No matter how hard you prepare or train yourself for it, the satisfying finish line of the great hurdle painfully extends with every milestone. And, the life of a budding athlete is no different, especially in a country like India. The world of Indian sports has been witness to inspirational stories of prominent stars whose perseverance and sheer will to succeed propelled them from their humble origins to the pinnacle of the sport. Milkha Singh is a prime example in athletics, MS Dhoni in cricket, Deepika Kumari in archery and Mary Kom in boxing, amongst many others. In this day and age, these stories of overcoming personal struggles can go a long way in boosting morale, notching up inspiration levels and giving people that very thing called hope to go that extra mile. The latest story of Nisar Ahmed - who survived the worst to break new ground - is no different. © BCCL Sitting by the railway tracks in the Bada Bagh slums of Delhi's Azadpur area, a tin shack with plastic sheets and a few sparse bricks for a makeshift space - Nisar calls home - trembles each time a train passes by. But, despite the mighty train setting the ground rumbling, the tin shack stands it ground and refuses to collapse. That's probably where this 16-year-old gets his motivation from. Given the condition of his residence, it's not really surprising to hear that Nisar's father is a rickshaw puller and mother is a housemaid. With a combined monthly income of a mere Rs 5000, there is little doubt that the family finds it difficult to put food on the table. But, Nisar, despite his tough life, didn't give up. “There are a lot of things that worry me, but when I am training or running, they stay out of my mind,” he told the Indian Express. So what's his dream? The answer is another question: “Who would want his mother to work at someone's home?” © BCCL Channelling his anger and frustration into something more meaningful, Nisar found solace in athletics. He began running bare-foot in school competitions before his physical education teacher saw the potential in the scrawny boy and realised he needed proper training. With limited funds at their disposal, Nisar's family didn't shy away from spending most of their monthly income on the needs of their son. Thereon, slowly and steadily, Nisar went on to excel in the field and bagged first-place finishes in national and school championships. In November 2017, the youngster rewrote the under-16 national record in the 100 metres after clocking 10.85 seconds at the 33rd National Junior Athletics Championships. He also eclipsed the existing 200 metres mark of 22.11 seconds after recording the national best at 22.08 seconds. © Twitter But, all of his hardships and struggles have brought him to this moment, where an unknown slum dweller from Delhi is on the verge of training with the world's best sprinter, Usain Bolt. Nisar is among 14 budding athletes chosen to undergo a month's training at the hallowed Racers Track Club - home of Bolt and his coach Glen Mills - in Kingston, Jamaica. In a first partnership of its kinds, athletes in the age group of 15-18 years from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand, Odisha and Delhi were selected under the initiative undertaken by the Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL) and Anglian Medal Hunt - a sports management company. The Kingston club assessed the applicants on their capabilities and potential before agreeing to a four-week training programme. "Some friends, whom I train with, occasionally invite me to their big houses. I never bring friends home because there is no place even to seat them. I cry sometimes because God has given me a very tough life. But it is my poverty that has inspired me to work hard in the face of such challenges," a brave Nisar told TOI. © BCCL "I am very excited to travel to Jamaica for training. I will learn there and one day will win a medal for the county," he added. A four-week training programme might not seem much for the cynics, but for someone like Nisar, the minuscule opportunity is nothing short of an achievement, gained on the back of hardwork and the sheer will to break new ground. Just like his 10x10-foot tin shack that continues to defy the trains passing by, Nisar has also managed to stand his ground and refused to collapse even as life burdened him with great challenges and hurdles which are arguably capable of uprooting anyone's confidence, let alone a 16-year-old.
  3. Authors of self-help books are still struggling to find the most generic statement that instantly guarantees success but all of them agree that performing an action consecutively for 21 days makes it a habit. As it turns out, they made this claim by doing as much research as a five-year old who decides that his dream is to operate elevators professionally. What Does Science Have To Say About The Myth of 21 Days? © Thinkstock In his book "Making Habits, Breaking Habits", Jeremy Dean, a certified psychologist, cited research carried out at University College London and summarised the results, "There are all sorts of stories explaining its origins (the 21 day rule), most of them standing on science-free ground. On average, across the participants who provided enough data, it took 66 days until a habit was formed. And, contrary to what was commonly believed, missing a day or two didn't much affect habit formation.” The time it takes to form a habit depends on the person and the nature of the habit. If your aim is to have a glass of water before breakfast then the 21-day rule works fine. If you aim higher, don't be surprised if you find yourself naked on the street on the 22nd day of being sober. Why Bother With Understanding Habits Think of your brain as a computer. Either way, each habit is a little autopilot program that you can load into your brain and then perform automatically in the given context. Most people use the autopilot software created randomly by the events and environment of their lives. If you ordered a large pizza the first three times you binge-watched a TV series, odds are that you will order one for the fourth series you watch as well. © Thinkstock Habits have three important characteristics. Firstly, habits come under the purview of our subconscious mind. We raise our hand to turn on the light when we enter a room even during a power cut, out of habit. Secondly, it happens automatically in response to a context (that of entering the room). Habits are strongly rooted in context and environmental stimulus. Lastly, because of their repetitive nature, they provoke little emotional response by themselves. Which means, if you start listening to your favourite song every day on your way to work then soon enough, it won't be your favorite. Pro tip: Want to get over an annoyingly catchy Honey Singh song? Make it your alarm tone! The Trick To Forming Good Habits Habit formation requires patience, determination and other qualities that no one has by default. It's a struggle but the catch is that it gets easier with repetition because it provokes no emotional response. Here are 6 things to keep in mind before starting your journey: 1. Make sure the ultimate goal is achievable The first thing is to truly believe that the ultimate goal is worth achieving. To determine whether a goal is worthy of effort, force yourself to think about the negative aspects of your goal and the obstacles you will face. Proceed further only when you're sure that the probability of success is high. 2. Don't visualize the end result Visualising the end result fools the mind into believing that it has already reached its goals. Instead, visualise the process of working towards the goal. Imagine yourself sweating profusely in the gym and women covering their faces or taking wildly roundabout routes to avoid your treadmill. This is a much more realistic and practical image of how the habit formation process is going to feel like. © Pexels 3. Don't break the chain Jerry Seinfeld, a famous American comedian, came up with a simple way of keeping track of one's progress. He wanted to inculcate the habit of writing jokes every day. He bought a huge wall calendar and he would strike off the date on the calendar by making a big cross if he wrote a page of jokes that day. Then, his only aim was to simply not break the chain of crosses. 4. It's fine if you skip a day, don't be so hard on yourself Another aspect of habit formation that the self-help authors miscommunicated is that skipping a day or two doesn't have a major impact on the process. As long as you keep bouncing back for progressively longer stretches of time, you are on the right track. So, if leg day was too rough then don't strain yourself the next day. That's your deceitful brain trying to get you injured so that you don't have to go to gym altogether. 5. Layering Don't bite off more than you can chew. It's easier to approach tiny specific goals. Returning to the example of exercising daily, start with doing cardio once a week, then twice, then thrice and so on and so forth. Similarly, add strength training gradually to your exercise routine. Breaking down habits and layering them is the only way to achieve automaticity for a complicated and physically gruelling task like exercise. This process is for creating a strong habit and not designed for building six packs in one month. For that, you need a genie in a bottle. © Pexels 6. Implementation intentions It helps to use the if-then format to create specific goals, also called implementation intentions. For example, suppose your aim is to be healthier, your implementation intention can be, 'if I'm about to get in the car for a short trip, then I should walk.' Implementation intentions can be used to shield your weak habit from adverse thoughts. For example, 'if I feel too tired to practise the piano after work, then I will first listen to some inspirational music to help motivate me.' or 'if I'm about to troll celebrities on the internet, then I will get a life first.' How To Break A Bad Habit Breaking bad habits is simpler in theory but much harder in practice. It is recommended to consult a psychologist or counsellor and the support of a family member is often necessary to phase out bad habits. As an overview, here are the three main points that one should remember: 1. Practise mindfulness. Recognising when, where and how the bad habit is triggered is the first step to breaking it. 2. Willpower is a limited resource, use it but don't rely on it. Instead, try to use the pre-commitment strategy. If you're tired of pulling down your Twitter timeline every 5 seconds, add a browser plugin like StayFocusd that irreversibly blocks social media sites after a certain period of time. Since habits are rooted in context, if you get rid of the trigger, your willpower will have an easier time. © Pexels 3. Focussing on suppressing bad habits leads to constantly thinking about the bad habit. This is counterproductive. Research suggests that the solution is to replace the bad habit with an alternate habit. If you are visiting adult websites too often, start playing blitz chess online. Have you ever seen Viswanathan Anand act inappropriately? No because it's impossible to be aroused while playing chess. Try it! Conclusion The fact that we can rewire our neural pathways to live better lives is impressive and inspirational. As the old saying goes, “The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master.” So, get out there, upgrade your brain and build that six pack! With inputs from: “Making Habits, Breaking Habits” by Jeremy Dean
  4. BHAKKAR: Multan-bound Mehr Express collided Friday night with a trailer truck carrying sugarcane produce here near the city's Shah Alam area, rescue officials said. Two of the train's bogies, as well as its engine, consequently derailed, causing the 128 down track to be halted for railway passage, rescue sources explained. At least four people ? three passengers and the train driver ? were injured during the accident, with an emergency medical aid team dispatched immediately. The train had departed from Rawalpindi and was on way to Multan, rescue officers mentioned, adding that the collision occurred when the trailer carrying produce got stuck at the railway track.
  5. Workers had cleared all the wrecked train cars blocking a major West Coast highway by Wednesday morning, two days after the Amtrak train derailed in Washington state while speeding onto a bridge, state transportation officials said. It took about a day longer than hoped, but crews had carted off the biggest chunk by the afternoon: the 270,000-pound (122,470-kg) locomotive involved in the Monday morning rush-hour crash in the city of Dupont, which killed three train passengers and sent about 100 people to hospitals. The affected southbound stretch of Interstate 5, which runs from the Canadian border to Mexico, will remain closed indefinitely, the Washington State Department of Transportation has said. Workers were clearing debris and may need to make repairs to the road surface, the department said. Federal investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) are seeking answers about the crash?s cause in interviews with the train?s engineer and a trainee conductor who were in the locomotive?s cab. NTSB members say they are focused on whether the engineer was distracted, but are timing their interviews with the crew this week around their recuperation from injuries. Investigators are also examining the wrecked train cars, which have been taken to a nearby US military base. ?The debris is being taken to the same place where all the rail cars are and I am sure it will be inspected just as if it is evidence,? Washington State Patrol Captain Dan Hall told a news conference. ?There is still some debris down there that is significant in size.? The accident occurred during the train?s inaugural run on a new, slightly quicker route between Olympia and Tacoma, with 86 people aboard, 80 of them passengers, Amtrak said. It was traveling at 80 miles (129 km) per hour, more than twice the speed limit for the curved portion of track leading to the bridge. NTSB investigators have found that the train?s emergency brakes were automatically activated during the derailment rather than being engaged manually by the engineer. They also said a safety system known as positive train control, which automatically slows trains if they go too fast, was not installed on the rail line. Congress had extended a mandatory deadline for having the system installed on all passenger railways to 2018. The derailment placed Amtrak, the country?s main passenger rail service, under renewed scrutiny following a series of fatal incidents. At least two of the three people killed in the derailment were transit enthusiasts who wanted to ride the inaugural run along the new route. The Pierce County Medical Examiner?s Office identified the third victim through fingerprints as Benjamin Gran, 40, of Auburn, Washington, on Wednesday afternoon.
  6. Delhi Metro has changed the lives of the citizens in the national capital. But over the past few years, it has attracted quite a lot of negative attention due to a number of reasons. Whether it was delayed trains or the rise in fares, people have jumped onto the opportunity to criticize the service and now they've got another reason. The inauguration of automated trains running on the Magenta line of Delhi Metro is supposed to take place on 25th of December this year. So naturally, the authorities were running some trials just days before it. But what happened next might change the entire schedule of DMRC. As a trial of the driverless train was being carried out, the train failed to stop at the desired station and crashed into a wall at the Kalindi Kunj Depot. Delhi: Empty metro train on trial run, breaks through boundary at Kalindi Kunj depot. Matter being probed. — ANI (@ANI) December 19, 2017 Apparently, it was because of the fact that the person responsible did not check the brakes before the trial run which lead to this mishap. And luckily, no injuries were reported. But by now, we know folks on Twitter can turn anything and everything into a meme and this incident was a no-brainer for meme generators and trolls. Have a look: 1. Too enthusiastic! She : Come over, nobody's at home He :#delhimetro — Rohit Sharma (@imWrong45) December 19, 2017 2. Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi was supposed to inaugurate, this makes perfect sense. Modi on the 25th of Dec be like — Anirudh (@anirudhdg) December 19, 2017 3. Salman jokes were obviously expected. Whose spreading the rumour that Salman was driving the metro.#DMRC #Metro #MagentaLine #SalmanKhan #TigerZindaHai — Maanvir (@MaanvirMinhas) December 20, 2017 4. For God's sake, do not break boundaries like this! Is that what you mean? #DelhiMetro — Rohit Sharma (@imWrong45) December 19, 2017 5. 'Sab kuch hi todh diya'. Tere liye hi toh signal tod taad ke Aaya Dilli wali girlfriend chhod chhad keðð — Abdul Mustafa (@abdulmustafa01) December 19, 2017 6. Delhi women will relate to this! muze delhi pasand nahi he ! me to chali delhi se bahar — Om (@ohokohokok) December 19, 2017 7. Uh-oh! A driverless #MagentaLine #DelhiMetro crashes into boundary in Kalindi Kunj! This is the second accident caused by a vehicle being operated without a driver... First was Salman Khan's SUV!! — Being Oblivious (@TheOneDhawan) December 19, 2017 8. Apply aloe-vera to treat the burn A driverless #DelhiMetro crashes into a wall. This is also the story of congress. — Mr. Bun (@MrFunyMan) December 19, 2017 9. We need Smriti Irani to comment on this. Dekhoji, you don't understand a bit. Just by crashing we have created job for 1000+ to build the place again. #DelhiMetro — Rose Mondy (@Rosmondy) December 19, 2017 10. Inspired by Delhi guys! Metro signal : sir YeH dead end hai sir aap ko rukna padega . Delhi metro : abey tujhe pata hai mera Baap Kaun hai ?!#sadone #iknow #DelhiMetro #delhimetrocrash — Neelesh P (@docpaps) December 20, 2017 11. Spider-Man, where you at? The only person who could've saved the #MagentaLine #DelhiMetro today... — Being Oblivious (@TheOneDhawan) December 19, 2017 12. Amubja Cement FTW! #DelhiMetro should have used Ambuja Cement for constructing the wall, deewaar ka tootna naamumkin hota — Italian Bahu (@ItalianBahu) December 19, 2017 Keeping the memes and jokes apart, we hope that this incident is taken seriously and that nothing like this ever happens again.
  7. Safety investigators hope the engineer of an Amtrak passenger train that careened off a bridge onto a highway in Washington state can help explain why his locomotive was going more than twice the speed limit when the deadly derailment occurred, officials said on Tuesday. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) officials said they plan to interview all the crew members in the next two days, once they sufficiently recover from injuries suffered in the wreck, including a conductor-in-training who was in the locomotive cab with the engineer at the time. Safety board member T. Bella Dinh-Zarr told reporters that NTSB investigators would seek to determine, among other factors routinely examined, whether the engineer was distracted while driving the ill-fated train. She also said investigators had determined that the train?s emergency brakes were automatically activated while the derailment was occurring, rather than engaged manually by the engineer. In addition, she confirmed that a safety system known as positive train control (PTC), which automatically slows trains if they are going too fast, was not installed on the section of track where the wreck occurred. None of the crew, all of whom are believed to have survived, has been identified, and were hospitalized, Dinh-Zarr said. Three people aboard the train were killed in the Monday morning wreck near the town of DuPont, in which all 12 carriages and one of the train?s two locomotives tumbled off the rails, officials said. Another 100 people were taken to hospitals, 10 with serious injuries. Some motorists on Interstate 5 were among the injured, though nobody on the highway died. The accident occurred as the train was making its inaugural run on a new, slightly quicker route between Seattle and Portland, Oregon, with 86 people aboard, 80 of them passengers, Amtrak said. Recorded data recovered from the rear locomotive showed the train was going 80 miles (129 km) per hour on a curved stretch of track where the speed limit was 30 mph (48 kph), National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) officials said on Monday night. The board said it was investigating whether other factors besides speed were involved. Speaking at an afternoon news conference on Tuesday, Dinh-Zarr said that a conductor ?who was getting experience and familiarizing himself with the territory? was present in the locomotive cab with the engineer. NTSB spokesman Peter Knudson described that second Amtrak employee as a ?conductor-in-training.? Dinh-Zarr said it was not unusual for conductors who are learning a new train route to ride in the cab with the engineer. She said another conductor was posted in the passenger section of the train at the time. The derailment placed Amtrak, the country?s main passenger rail service, under renewed scrutiny following a series of fatal incidents.
  8. The Delhi metro train services will run as usual for the rest of the day?from 6.00 am onwards on all lines and from 4:45 am on the Airport Express Line. Photo: AFP NEW DELHI: A metro train crashed through the walls of a station during a trial run in New Delhi on Tuesday, just days ahead of its inauguration by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. TV footage showed the front portion of the engine jutting out of the wall at a metro station in the Indian capital. Delhi Metro was investigating the incident which it said appeared to have been caused by human error on the new line which is intended to eventually be driverless. "A trial train was moved from the workshop without testing the brake system as a result of which, while the train was moving up the ramp for washing, it rolled back and hit the adjacent boundary wall," it said in a statement. "No person was injured in the incident." A driver was on board but there were no passengers. The statement did not say if Modi´s inauguration of the service would go ahead as scheduled on Christmas day. In the run-up to the launch officials had been touting the train´s "new age" signalling system which they said would allow it to run unmanned. India upholds the Delhi Metro -- which boasts a daily ridership of more than a million people -- as an example of its modern mass transit system on par with world standards. It has had its share of controversies though. A fatal accident happened on one of its construction sites in 2010 and in 2013 closed-circuit television footage of lovers fondling in empty coaches was leaked on the internet. In April this year commuters stopped in their tracks at a busy station when X-rated footage began playing on a large TV screen.
  9. At least three people died in the train derailment incident DUPONT, UNITED STATES: The passenger train that derailed in Washington state was traveling 80 miles per hour in a 30 mph zone, transport investigators said late Monday. Bella Dinh-Zarr, vice chairwoman of the National Transportation Safety Board, told journalists "it´s too early to tell" why the train was traveling at such a fast speed, an estimate that came from preliminary information obtained from an event data recorder in the rear locomotive. The Amtrak train -- which Dinh-Zarr said was likely carrying some 80 passengers, three crew and two service personnel -- was traveling on a new route for the first time before plunging off a bridge onto a busy highway, leaving at least three people dead. Federal investigators would be on the scene for a full day Tuesday, she said, kicking off a probe into the incident that would likely last seven to 10 days. Information obtained from the front locomotive´s data recorder, which has been more difficult to access, would potentially lend more insight into the train´s exact speed, according to Dinh-Zarr. Pictures captured following Monday morning´s derailment showed one Amtrak train car overturned and crushed on the interstate highway and others dangling from the overpass. Several other carriages of the 14-car train also ended up on the highway, shutting down a key section of the busy artery that connects the greater Seattle metropolitan area to Olympia. All but one car jumped the tracks. Officials gave no reason for the derailment of southbound Amtrak train 501, the inaugural run of a new service that promised faster connections between Seattle and Portland, Oregon. Local officials had warned only weeks ago that the track still might not be safe enough to handle trains at higher speeds.
  10. [embed_video1 url= style=center] LOS ANGELES: "Multiple" people were killed early Monday when an Amtrak passenger train derailed in Washington state near the city of Tacoma, sending cars flying off a bridge and onto a busy interstate, officials said. Pictures from the scene showed one train car overturned and crushed on the interstate highway and another dangling down from the overpass above. The train, which was carrying 78 passengers and five crew, was part of a newly expanded faster rail service along the route linking Seattle and Portland, Oregon - featuring new locomotives. It derailed during the morning rush hour at about 7:40 am, about halfway between Tacoma and Olympia, the capital of Washington state. "There's multiple fatalities," said Ed Troyer, spokesman for the Pierce County Sheriff´s Department. "It's pretty horrific," he said. Troyer put no number on the fatalities, but local media said at least three people were killed. None of the people in vehicles travelling on the highway below the train were killed, according to Troyer. Local news outlets reported that dozens of people were taken to area hospitals for treatment. "When we got to the scene, it was obvious there were fatalities and injuries, and some people were able to get off the train," Troyer said. "No fatalities on the roadway. As you can see by the large response, we have taken them out and people that were able to walk are under the tents being cared for by multiple groups," he said. Photographs posted online from the scene showed multiple cars had derailed from the train. At least two dropped onto the roadway below, a busy highway that connects Olympia to the busy Seattle metro area just to the north. The accident snarled morning rush hour traffic and officials warned the highway, Interstate 5, would be blocked in that area for a long period of time. "We had just passed the city of DuPont and it seemed like we were going around a curve," passenger Chris Karnes told local CBS News affiliate KIRO-TV. "All of a sudden, we felt this rocking and creaking noise, and it felt like we were heading down a hill," said Karnes, adding that several cars had gone off the tracks and passengers kicked out the windows to escape. "The next thing we know, we're being slammed into the front of our seats, windows are breaking, we stop, and there's water gushing out of the train. People were screaming." Karnes said the tracks were supposed to have been upgraded to accommodate higher speeds. "I'm not sure what happened," he said.
  11. At least four children were killed and seven people were seriously injured on Thursday after a train crashed into a school bus at a level crossing in southern France, police sources said. The bus, which was carrying mainly junior high school students, was struck by the train in Millas about 18 kilometres west (11 miles) of the city of Perpignan, close to the Spanish border. A rescue operation was under way. The head of security for the Pyrenees area, where the collision took place, confirmed the accident involving a train travelling west from Perpignan to the town of Villefranche de Conflent. The bus was transporting mainly junior high-school students. The BFMTV channel said it was struck in the rear. President Emmanuel Macron in a tweet wrote: "All my thoughts for the victims of this terrible accident involving a school bus, as well as their families. The state is fully mobilised to help them." Prime Minister Edouard Philippe and Transport Minister Elisabeth Borne were on their way to the scene from a meeting in the south-central city of Cahors. "It's a terrible event," Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer said, expressing "profound sadness".
  12. File photo/Reuters PARIS: A train collided with a school bus outside the town of Perpignan in southern France on Thursday and emergency services were at the scene, a local official said. ?All emergency services have been mobilized and a crisis coordination unit set up,? an official at the local Millas townhall told Reuters. There was no immediate word on casualties. The Pyrenees-Orientales prefect confirmed the accident in a statement on Twitter.
  13. A train has struck and killed five elephants as they crossed over tracks at a tea plantation in northeast India. Photo: Times of India NEW DELHI: A train has struck and killed five elephants as they crossed over tracks at a tea plantation in northeast India, an official said Monday. The elephants, including a pregnant female, were part of a larger herd wandering through the plantation early Sunday in Assam state, home to India´s biggest wild elephant population, when they were mowed down by the train. "All five elephants died on the spot. A stillborn calf was later removed from the pregnant female," said Vikas Brahma, head of Assam´s forest department. Brahma told AFP it was uncommon for elephants to move through that section of Assam, a thickly-forested state famed for its tea and wildlife, and officials were unaware there were herds in the area. Railway authorities have been issuing alerts about elephant herds passing through the state to prevent accidents. But a railway spokesman told the Indian Express newspaper that no speed restrictions were in place at the time of the accident on Sunday, as the area was not a designated migratory path for elephants. Deforestation and construction activity near their habitats force elephants to stray further afield for food, often bringing them into conflict with humans. Many busy migratory routes, known as elephant corridors, have been cut by roads and railway lines in Assam and neighbouring West Bengal state, increasing the risk of accidental deaths, poaching and stampedes. Assam has 5,620 elephants according to a 2011 census, more than any other state in India. An estimated 60 elephants have died so far this year in Assam, Brahma said. Many of the deaths were caused by electrocution, as farmers erect electrified fences around their fields to keep wild animals away. Elsewhere, an elephant killed a trainer during a procession at a Hindu temple in the southern state of Kerala on Sunday. The elephant ran amok amid a large group of devotees, trampling and killing the trainer, the Press Trust of India reported.
  14. Authorities, with the help of a crane, work on trying to remove the derailed bogies of the freight train from the railway track near Shadra station, Lahore, Pakistan, December 11, 2017. via Geo News LAHORE: Three bogies of a freight train derailed Monday morning at Shadra railway station while being shifted from one track to another, railway sources said. As of reporting time, authorities are engaged in trying to remove the derailed bogies from the track in order to clear the route for other trains. Shalimar Express ? set to depart from Karachi ? has consequently been delayed. The down track, however, has been cleared, railway sources stated.
  15. A view of the construction of the project. Photo: File ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court ordered on Friday the continuation of work on the Orange Line Metro Train in Lahore, albeit with some conditions. With a majority of four to one, the five-member bench hearing the appeal against the Lahore High Court decision partially stopping the project's construction around 11 historical sites ruled that the project will proceed subject to the following conditions and directions: Supreme Court dismisses LHC order, clears tracks for Orange Line Metro Train SC had reserved its verdict in the case in April this year, after hearing petitions filed by Punjab govt against LHC's partial stay on the project 1) The appellant shall make all necessary arrangements to ensure that the monuments remain stable and undamaged in all respects during the execution of the Project as specified in the HIA and Study of Control of Vibration, Noise and Foundation; 2) Vibration monitoring shall be undertaken as a part of the monitoring plan using the crack measure devices such as Avongard Standard Tell-Tale throughout the construction period and for an additional period of 10 weeks from the date of commencement of commercial operation of the train or such further time as may be directed by the Director General, Archaeology. In case, it is found that vibration levels at any stage of the construction or operation are exceeding safe limits, construction work/operation shall immediately be discontinued and remedial action shall be taken to ensure that such levels are brought down to acceptable limits. Such actions may inter alia include use of one piece of equipment at a time, during the construction phase, adjustment of train speed, addition of buffers and such other remedial and mitigating measures as may be recommended by the experts; 3) Technical experts shall be present at the sites during the construction phase in the vicinity of the antiquities and special premises with all necessary equipment for monitoring vibration levels. In case, vibration levels exceed the acceptable limits, work shall immediately be stopped, remedial measures taken to the satisfaction of experts and further work shall not commence unless written clearance for resumption of work is given by the experts; 4) An independent and experienced Conservation Engineer shall be appointed to monitor the Project, both during the construction and operation phases. He shall submit monthly reports to the Advisory Committee which shall Lahore Orange Line Metro Train Project 112 make such further recommendations to the Director General, Archaeology as may be required to ensure that the Project as a whole is meeting all technical requirements meant to preserve, protect and conserve the antiquities or protected premises; 5) On completion of the project, the train shall be operated on experimental basis for at least 2 weeks on the entire length of the route and the vibration levels shall be monitored to ensure that the same are within the acceptable limits. Commercial operation shall not commence unless written clearance is given by the experts confirming that vibration levels have consistently been found to be within acceptable limits; 6) The speed of the Train shall be reduced while passing near the monuments as recommended by the Directorate General of Archaeology from time to time on the basis of data made available to it; 7) State of the art vibration measuring equipments shall permanently be installed at suitable places in and around the antiquities and special premises to monitor levels of vibration created by operation of the train. Records of the same shall be maintained and regularly checked by a responsible officer deputed to do so; 8) Special teams consisting of qualified experts will be set up which will periodically inspect all antiquities and special premises to detect any damage or deterioration at the sites. Proper records and logbooks shall be maintained for this purpose; 9) Any damage or deterioration shall be reported to the Director General, Archaeology in writing who shall take remedial steps necessary to ensure safety of the buildings and structures; 10) Recommendations of the Advisory Committee (already set up) shall be placed before the Directorate General of Archaeology, who shall take necessary steps to ensure that the same are complied with in letter and spirit by all concerned agencies, contractors, sub-contractors and operators; 11) Where excavation is necessary it shall be carried out in a way that it would not affect any structure or foundation of Lahore Orange Line Metro Train Project 113 the antiquities or special premises. Where necessary special arrangements shall be made to stabilize and strengthen the structure of the antiquities and special premises. All necessary safety arrangements shall be made in accordance with the best engineering expertise during excavation, construction and execution phases of the Project; 12) The executing agency shall install accelerometers, velocity transducers, noise detectors and vibration measuring equipment near the antiquities and special premises. The appellant shall ensure implementation of additional mitigation and remedial measures as mentioned in vibration analysis report by NESPAK, Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) as well as in the reports submitted by Dr Uppal and Dr Rogers; 13) Excavation would be carried out in a way that would not affect any of the exposed or buried structure of the Special Premises; 14) In case of any adverse impact to the antiquities or special premises during excavation, construction or execution, the appellant and all other related agencies shall immediately and forthwith stop and discontinue further work, take all possible actions to protect and conserve the antiquities and special premises and in this regard, involve such experts and consultants as may be necessary to ensure that the causes and effects of the adverse impact are effectively removed; 15) A dedicated hotline shall be set up, telephone numbers whereof shall be prominently displayed in public areas around all antiquities and special premises for reporting damage or deterioration observed by members of the public or tourists; 16) In case, any information/report is received by the Director General, Archaeology the same shall be investigated within 7 days and after receiving recommendations (if any) from experts repair/renovation work shall be commenced within 30 days; 17) No building material or equipment shall be stored/stockpiled within protected area of the monuments; 18) No change shall be made in the alignment of the track which brings any part of it nearer to the monuments than the distances set out hereinabove; 19) Dust pollution during construction shall be controlled through extensive sprinkling of water on regular basis and taking such other steps including but not limited to covering the monuments with protective sheets in order to avoid any damage from dust; 20) The design of the viaduct and nearby stations in terms of colour and designing shall be in harmony with the setting and appearance of the monuments; 21) The Hydraulic Tank of Shalamar Garden shall be restored, as far as possible, to its original position and the surrounding area will be converted into a green area; 22) Structures on the southern side of the Shalamar Garden shall be camouflaged through construction of a wall in consultation with the Directorate General of Archaeology. All practicable efforts shall be made to create a Buffer Zone around Shalamar Garden as per proposal already pending in the Directorate General of Archaeology and other competent forums; 23) The decorative motifs of Shalamar Garden would be replicated on the train station near the Shalamar Garden to create harmony with the Garden; 24) The tile mosaic motifs of the Gulabi Bagh Gateway would be replicated on the nearby station of the Gateway to create harmony with the historic Gateway; 25) The area around the Chauburji Gateway would be properly attended and developed into a greenbelt; 26) The decorative motifs of the Chauburji Gateway would be replicated on the nearby station of the Chauburji Gateway to create a harmony with the historic Gateway; 27) The area around the Zaib-un-Nisa?s Tomb would be properly attended and developed; 28) The decorative motifs of the Zaib-un-Nisa?s Tomb would be replicated on the nearby station of the Zaib-un-Nisa?s Tomb to create harmony with the historic; 29) The Respondents shall in consultation with UNESCO and other international agencies prepare phase-wise plan to control and monitor urban encroachments and the process of creating buffer zone around the Shalamar garden; 30) All future projects which directly, indirectly and incidentally involve antiquities or heritage sites shall in the first instance be widely publicized through print and electronic media at least 6 months prior to proposed date of commencement of the project and public hearings shall be conducted to hear objections, if any against such project; and 31) For all future projects, NOCs, licences, approvals and permissions as required by law shall be obtained before work on the project site is commenced.
  16. The engine of Peshawar-bound Khushal Khan Khattak Express derailed near Attock City Railway Station. Photo: Geo News screen grab ATTOCK: The engine of Peshawar-bound Khushal Khan Khattak Express derailed near Attock City Railway Station, Geo News reported Thursday morning. After the engine derailed, the train was stopped and safety of bogies was ensured, said railway authorities. The train, which was carrying more than 300 passengers, had departed from Karachi, according to the railway authorities. The derailment led to delays and disruptions on the railway track near Attock. On April 17, Quetta-bound Jaffar Express derailed near Aimanabad in Gujranwala. ?The passenger train derailed from the tracks, following which five bogies overturned,? a Geo News staffer M Nadeem said. As many as 25 people, including women and children, were injured in the accident. The train's engine and three passenger coaches remained on the track while seven were derailed. Quetta-bound Jaffar Express derails near Gujranwala, five bogies overturn No casualties were reported According to railway authorities, repair work was on-going on the track since the past two days. Pakistan Army troops and rescue teams have reached the site and rescue work is currently under way. Before the arrival of the teams, the passengers had engaged in self-help activities, according to Nadeem. The railway authorities had also dispatched a train to take the passengers of Jaffar Express to Lahore. The passengers will be served food when they reach Lahore, said Pakistan Railways CEO Javed Anwar.
  17. Samsung has been working in partnership with KDDI and demonstrated realistic 5G speeds on a moving train in Japan. The engineers were able to achieve download speeds of around 1.7 Gbps on a train that was moving at a speed of 100KM/HR. The tests were carried out from October 17th through the 19th in the city of Saitama in Japan, near Tokyo. For the tests, Samsung's 5G pre-commercial end-to-end solution was used, which is composed of a 5G router (CPE), radio access unit (5G Radio), virtualized RAN and virtualized core. (c) Samsung During the actual test run, an 8K video was downloaded and a 4K video was being uploaded at the same time. Samsung used their own systems and hardware to achieve these speeds. Results from the test show that Samsung's 5G tech has low latency and can support a large number of connections to a single access point. Yoshiaki Uchida of KDDI declared, "the success of today's demonstration in everyday locations such as a train and train station is an important milestone indicating 5G commercialization is near.” (c) Youtube “The potential that 5G holds is powerful enough to transform the landscape of our daily lives,” said Youngky Kim, President and Head of Networks Business at Samsung Electronics. “The success of today's demonstration is a result of our joint research with KDDI, which we will continue to pursue as we explore next-generation networks and use cases. This will include research on diverse spectrums and technologies, as well as new business models and applications.” Samsung and KDDI hope to have this technology implemented by 2020 as current generation 4G LTE technology is restricted with low download speeds and high service costs. Implementing this technology will change how media is consumed on smartphones and will also make access to the internet easier. 5G is a technology that has been long under development and will hopefully bring high-speed internet connections to all without the limitations of current generation hardware.
  18. A train is seen at a platform at Joo Koon station in Singapore November 15, 2017. Photo: Reuters SINGAPORE: A Singapore mass transit train collided early on Wednesday with another at a station, injuring 25 people, authorities said, the latest incident involving the city-state?s railways. Transit operator SMRT said 23 passengers and two staff suffered light to moderate injuries and have been taken to hospital. The incident took place at 0820 AM (0020 GMT), SMRT said in a statement. It said a faulty west-bound train had stalled at Joo Koon station on the system?s East-West line at 0818 AM. A second train stopped behind the faulty train at the station at 0819 AM but moved forward unexpectedly a minute later, coming into contact with the stationary train. A photograph posted on the Straits Times website showed two trains stopped and in contact but with no major damage apparent. Earlier, the Singapore Civil Defence Force said in a Twitter post that it had been alerted to an incident at the station at 8:33 a.m. The collision comes as the country grapples with recent service disruptions on its mass rapid transit system, including a partial suspension of services during an October weekend due to flooding in a tunnel following heavy rains. The mishaps led to a rare public apology by top transit executives in a country that prides itself in efficient public service and an assurance from the government to address the causes of the various glitches. The densely-populated city-state is highly dependent on public transport. It is one of the world?s most expensive places to own a vehicle and recently announced that it will not allow any net growth in its car population from February next year.
  19. Image: Google Maps LUBUMBASHI: Up to 33 people were feared dead Sunday in the Democratic Republic of Congo after a freight train carrying fuel plunged into a ravine. The UN's radio Okapi spoke of 33 fatalities with others injured or burned in the accident that occurred in the sprawling mineral-rich province of Katanga, which is the size of Spain. "Up until now, the toll is eight dead and several injured. The toll could be significantly higher," Jean-Marie Tshizainga ? the minister of mines of Lualaba province ? told AFP. The train ? in which the victims were travelling illegally ? was running between the country's second city Lubumbashi to Luena in Katanga. The train was transporting 13 oil tankers and derailed while climbing a slope near the station of Lubudi. It fell into a ravine and the tankers caught fire, Radio Okapi said. "It's a freight train that derailed and it wasn't supposed to be carrying passengers. If there were people on board, we consider them to be illegal travellers," Sylvestre Ilunga Ilukamba ? a senior official from the national railway company ? said. Katanga has witnessed several deadly train accidents. In 2014, a freight train derailed killing 74 people and injured 163, according to officials but the Red Cross said up to 200 corpses had been buried. The national news agency a month later spoke of 136 deaths. Another train accident in July 1987 near the Zambian border killed 150 people after crashing into a truck.
  20. Despite being away from the silver screen for a very long time, Sushmita Sen is a diva who can still make a man's heart race like a horse. The gorgeous former Miss Universe is not just beautiful from the outside but from the inside as well, and is known to be nothing short of a fighter when it comes to social issues. From standing up for the right cause to breaking various stereotypes, she has been one of those individuals who has her heart and soul at the right place. You moved again Ms.Sen!!!!ððð the photographer in question tried his best to get at least one picture in luck!!!ððâ¤ï¸ all boarded...ready to fly!!!! It's #Danube #brandambassador time again #dubai ðâ¤ï¸ðð» launching #Danubehome in #sharjah ððð looking forward!!! Mmmuuuuaaah!!!!ðâ¤ï¸âï¸ A post shared by Sushmita Sen (@sushmitasen47) on Nov 4, 2017 at 3:50pm PDT At a time when raising a child alone as a woman was a feared concept, she shook off the societal inhibitions and proved that you can be the maker of your own destiny, without a partner. #postcard from #london ððâ¤ï¸ How I love this city!!!! Every corner of it!!!!ðððð â¤ï¸ðð»ð here's a beaming me wishing all of you a “Happpyyyyy Sunday” ððð»ðð»ðâ¤ï¸ð enjoyyyyyyyy!!!!! A post shared by Sushmita Sen (@sushmitasen47) on Oct 29, 2017 at 3:33am PDT The actress who can give any women half her age a run for their money, just shared a photo of her toned abs making everyone go crazy. She took to her Instagram and captioned the photo, “#workinprogress. Slowly but surely!!! I begin training again post all my travels to meet the body I want as my 42nd birthday month begins!!! let some SAY it can't be done...I'll keep it simple & just DO it!!! My body...My rules!! Every year I celebrate every it on my body or on my face!!! I have earned them!!! #celebratelife #celebrateyourself #birthdaymonth #renewal #rebirth. Yipppeeeeeee. love u guys!!!!! Mmuuuaaaaah!!!!! With her birthday just around the corner the actress is sweating it out in the gym, motivating many to remain fit and healthy, irrespective of age. #workinprogress ð Slowly but surely!!!ðªðâ¤ï¸ I begin training again post all my travels to meet the body I want as my 42nd birthday month begins!!!ðð»ððâ¤ï¸ð let some SAY it can't be done...I'll keep it simple & just DO it!!!ððð My body...My rules!! Every year I celebrate every it on my body or on my face!!! I have earned them!!!ðªððð #celebratelife #celebrateyourself #birthdaymonth #renewal #rebirth â¤ï¸ðð»ð yipppeeeeeee!!!!ððð»â¤ï¸love u guys!!!!! Mmuuuaaaaah!!!!! A post shared by Sushmita Sen (@sushmitasen47) on Nov 2, 2017 at 4:52am PDT And as expected fans went gaga and couldn't stop drooling over her sexy abs. If this is “work in progress” as she calls it, we wonder how we will survive when the work is complete. Fans praising her was one thing but the Internet went totally crazy and her Instagram was flooded with tons of marriage proposals. While many directly asked her to marry them, one of the users commented, “Tumse milke dil ka hai jo haal kya kahe.. Mesmerizing abs n Mesmerizing U. Flat for both of u, anyday.” Another wrote, “After I have seen this Only one thing come in my mind.." Mujhse Saadi Karoge "...I love you to the Moon..And ready to marry in any age..Love My Dream Girl..” and one fan wrote, “Will you marry Jaat?” We applaud the bravery of those poor souls who actually mustered the courage to ask Sushmita Sen to marry them. However, it's another thing that most of them would probably pass out if she appeared before them.
  21. The control tower, nicknamed Goldorak, is pictured at Cointrin airport in Geneva, Switzerland, May 22, 2017. REUTERS/Denis Balibouse/File Photo GENEVA: A seven-year-old girl who ran away from her parents managed to take a train to Geneva airport and board a plane despite having no ticket. The girl gave her parents the slip near Geneva?s central railway station on Sunday, then took the one-stop ride to the airport. Her parents rang the Swiss police, who tracked her progress through the airport on security videos, airport spokesman Bertrand Staempfli said. She went through the security gate and managed to pass herself off as the child of adults around her, before using her small stature to slip through the departure gate without being noticed and boarding a plane, the airport said in a statement. On her first attempt she followed a crew toward the plane and was turned back. She melted into the crowd and pretended to look for her parents. The second time, she managed to get into a plane, was spotted by an official, stopped, and handed over to police. Staempfli declined to say which airline was involved or where it was flying to, but he said it was leaving from the airport?s French sector and the destination was in France. Geneva airport straddles the French-Swiss border and passengers can leave from France or Switzerland. The airport said in the statement it would tighten safety rules and boarding procedures as a result of what it called the ?highly regrettable incident?. ?This should never have happened,? Staempfli said.
  22. A Belgian special forces police officer patrols a street during a police raid in central Brussels, Belgium, December 20, 2015. REUTERS/Yves Herman BRUSSELS: The probe into a 2015 Daesh attack on a high-speed train bound for Paris took a step forward Monday as Belgian police held four men suspected of helping the gunman in his preparations. Prosecutors said that following a series of raids around Brussels, "four people were taken in for questioning" and a judge would later rule on what further action to take against them. A bloodbath was only narrowly averted on the Thalys train from Amsterdam to Paris in August 2015 when quick-thinking passengers including two off-duty US servicemen subdued gunman Ayoub El Khazzani ? who was armed with a Kalashnikov, a pistol, and a box-cutter knife ? as he opened fire. The detentions add fresh weight to the links between Khazzani and the French-Belgian Daesh network responsible for the Paris attacks of November 2015 and the triple suicide bombings in Brussels in March 2016. Belgian media reported that at least three of the four detainees knew the men who carried out the Paris and Brussels attacks, which between them left more than 160 people dead. Those held on Monday include Mohamed Bakkali, who was already in custody charged with helping to organise the November 2015 Paris attacks, according to his lawyer. Thalys attacker Khazzani ? a Moroccan who fought for Daesh in Syria ? has told investigators he was acting on the orders of Abdelhamid Abaaoud, one of the organisers of the Paris attacks, whom he met in the war-torn Middle Eastern country. No weapons found Prosecutors said "no explosives nor weapons were found" during Monday's raids, one of which was in the gritty Brussels district of Molenbeek. The district gained notoriety as a hotbed of international jihadists after the attacks in the French and Belgian capitals. A 29-year-old man was detained in Molenbeek on suspicion of housing Khazzani as well as Abaaoud, a judicial source said. The suspect, who has not been named, was convicted of armed robbery with a Kalashnikov in 2009 alongside Khalid El Bakraoui ? one of the suicide bombers who attacked Brussels, according to the RTBF news channel. Abaaoud, the leader of the attacks on Parisian bars and restaurants, died in a shootout with police in the suburb of Saint Denis five days after the carnage that killed 130 people. Another raid on Monday netted a friend of Bakkali and Bakraoui, on suspicion of buying around 15 Kalashnikov magazines in summer 2015, according to Belgian media. "There are connections between the cell behind the Paris and Brussels attacks and the plan to attack the Thalys through Abaaoud and (Redouane Sebbar), but not enough today to say Khazzani's plot came from this same cell," a source close to the case said. Sebbar, a Moroccan currently being held in Germany, is suspected of having a hand in the Thalys plot. Last week French authorities announced they had issued an arrest warrant for him in July. The arrests were carried out by a joint French-Belgian investigating team under the authority of a Belgian anti-terrorism judge.
  23. HELSINKI: Four people were killed and several injured when a train crashed into an army vehicle during a military exercise in southern Finland on Thursday, police and defense forces said. Three of the dead were conscripts and one was a passenger on the train, they said.
  24. Railway track where the mother's body was found. Photo: Hindustan Times Four girls and their mother were pushed out of a moving train in Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, police found out on Wednesday, reported Hindustan Times According to the police two of those who were pushed off Amritsar-Saharsa express have died. Police suspected that the girls and their mother were pushed off at different locations within 50 kilometres in less than an hour. The family is from Motihari area in a district of Bihar and the girls? uncle, father and another person were suspects in the case, as per the police. Body of 36-year-old Afreena Khatoon, the mother, was found on the tracks on Wednesday afternoon. Police believed she was the first one to be pushed off the train. Afreena?s seven-year-old daughter Muniya?s body was found a day earlier, on Tuesday. On the same day, the body of a 12-year-old girl was found on the tracks at a different location. It was later established that the girl was Afreena?s eldest daughter. The two other girls who survived the fall are four-year-old Samina and nine-year-old Algun Khatoon. The survivors were admitted to the hospital. The woman and her daughters were on their way to Motihari from Amritsar, police said. According to the police, one of the surviving daughters, Algun, initially told them that her father and uncle threw them out of the train. But she later said that her uncle and his friend were behind the crime. However, police said Algun is not mature enough to provide information about the incident. She told the police they were four sisters and two brothers, but the whereabouts of the brothers were not known, police said.
  25. LAHORE: Pakistan Railways has announced to cut down fares of five passenger trains by 50%. The new rates will be applicable from November 1, according to Minister for Railway Khawaja Saad Rafique. The fare from Peshawar to Lahore in air-conditioned business class train of Jaffar Express and Khyber Mail will be reduced to Rs900 from Rs1,740. On the other hand, fare from Peshawar to Lahore in air-conditioned sleeper carriage of Jaffar Express will be Rs1,410 instead of Rs2,280. The economy class rates of Jaffar Express and Awam Express will also come down, with passengers having to pay Rs860 instead of Rs1,340 for air-conditioned standard carriage, to travel from Peshawar to Lahore. Passengers will also be able to travel from Peshawar to Lahore for as low as Rs390 in air-conditioned standard carriage of Rail Car train. The rate of the travel before reduction is Rs480. Saad Rafique has said rates of Green Line Train fares will also be reduced soon. Earlier, the railway ministry would announce reduction in rail fares on special occasions like Eid and Ramazan. A reduction of 20% in fares for all classes of Pakistan Railway trains was announced for the first 20 days of Ramazan in 2017. A similar decision was taken for Eid to encourage people to use the mode of transport.