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Found 86 results

  1. CHARSADDA: Yet another policeman was killed in an exchange of fire with proclaimed offenders in Charsadda on Saturday, in which two of the suspects were also killed. According to details, an assistant sub-inspector was gunned down in an exchange of fire with the suspects. Two of the suspects were killed in retaliatory fire, police said. The deceased suspects were identified as Imtiaz and Iftikhar. Seven policemen among 14 killed in suicide car bombing in Quetta Nine policemen said to be among 21 injured; investigations under way Four policemen martyred in Karachi gun attack Policemen had stopped at a local eatery for Iftar when the attack occurred A fresh wave of terror attacks started on Friday, primarily targeting police officials across the country. Seven policemen were among the 14 killed in a suicide car bombing near the office of the inspector general of police Balochistan on Gulistan Road, Quetta. Later on Friday, four police officials were killed in a gun attack by unknown assailants in Karachi's SITE area.
  2. Confused by the headline, are you? Don't be, you heard and saw right and no one is pulling a spell on you. British author J. K. Rowling revealed some extremely mind boggling details in one of her latest posts on Pottermore which has got the entire HP fandom in a bit of a tizzy. Warner Bros. In her post, Rowling decided to dig into the Potter family tree to reveal some of Harry's lineage to fans. And, according to her, the Potter family tree is said to have started with one particular wizard named Linfred of Stincmbe who is supposed to have invented Skele-gro—the same potion that repaired Harry's arm in 'The Chamber of Secrets'. She goes on to reveal that Harry's great-grandfather's name was Harry Potter, too! To his close friends, he was simply ‘Harry'. And according to more details, Harry Potter Senior is said to have been quite the rebel himself. He is said to have publicly condemned Archer Evermonde, the then the Minister of Magic for stopping the magical community helping muggles during the First World War. Warner Bros. This, in turn, caused the Potters to have been excluded from the list of the Sacred Twenty-Eight—the 28 British families that were still "truly pure-blood" by the 1930s. Turns out, Harry wasn't really like his father so much as he was like his great grandfather!
  3. PESHAWAR: At least two police officers were injured, while three terrorists were killed in an exchange of fire between police and terrorists near Chamkani area of Peshawar, in the wee hours of Saturday. According to police, three terrorists were killed during a raid near grid station of Chamkani area. Terrorists opened fire on police while the raid was being conducted, as a result two police officers were injured.
  4. Two holdout jurors prevented comedian Bill Cosby from being found guilty on two of three counts in his sexual assault trial and deliberations were so tense that jurors burst into tears, a jury member told ABC News in a report on Wednesday. Only one juror thought the 79-year-old entertainer was guilty on the third charge, the jury member said in describing the 52 hours of deliberations that ended in a mistrial on Saturday. Cosby is facing a second trial for allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand at his home near Philadelphia in 2004. The case is the only criminal prosecution to emerge from dozens of similar allegations against him. Two jury members were "not moving, no matter what" on the first and third counts of aggravated sexual assault, said the juror, who spoke to ABC News on condition of anonymity. The juror declined to identify the holdouts or detail how any jury member voted. On the second count, that Constand was unconscious or unaware during the incident, the vote was 11 to one to acquit, the juror said. The jury member told ABC News on Monday that jurors initially voted overwhelmingly in a non-binding poll to find Cosby not guilty on all counts. The jury deadlocked after 30 hours of deliberations and there was no movement after that, the juror said, adding that the tension was heightened by the size of the tiny deliberation room. "People couldn?t even pace,? the jury member said. ?They were just literally walking in circles where they were standing because they were losing their minds. "People would just start crying out of nowhere, we wouldn?t even be talking about (the case) - and people would just start crying.? On Wednesday, Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas Judge Steven O'Neill released the names of the jurors and set strict limits on what they can tell the public about the deliberations. One of the six alternate jurors has told a Pittsburgh radio station he would have voted to convict Cosby. The original jury was brought across the state from Pittsburgh to Montgomery County, outside Philadelphia, out of concern about the amount of pretrial publicity the case generated.
  5. Most of us hardly get enough time to watch a movie during the week. Our jobs keep us so preoccupied that by the time the week is over, we don't have energy to do anything except stay at home. Then there is someone like Elon Musk. He is running two multi-billion dollar companies at the moment and still finds time to travel around the world and, more importantly, find time for his girlfriend, Amber Heard. © Twitter While there's no denying the fact we would want to spend all the time in the world with our girlfriend too, if she was Amber Heard, we don't see that happening unless we work our asses off and build up that bank balance. Back to Iron Man, uh, we mean Tony Stark, we mean Elon Musk. The man once said, “If other people are putting in 40 hours in a week, and you're putting in 100, you will achieve in four months what it takes them a year to achieve.” Words to live by, wouldn't you say? © Reuters But, working almost 15 hours, 7 days a week is not going to be the ideal way of life for most reading this article. Yes, there are few who want to slog and get to the top faster, but then there are others who are perfectly satisfied taking the long way. Perhaps all of us can benefit from a couple of tips from Batman, uh Bruce Wayne, we mean Elon Musk. Dammit, that's the second time now. Sorry Elon. © Reuters In 2012, while speaking to Mashable, Musk said: “I think it's very important to have a feedback loop, where you're constantly thinking about what you've done and how you could be doing it better. "I think that's the single best piece of advice: constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself." © Reuters But, those are just words. They don't really mean anything do they? We don't get it. If we understood what he were saying we probably wouldn't need any help in the first place. So here's the breakdown, in a bullet-list: Break your day into smaller segments. This helps boost productivity. Musk uses 5-minute increments throughout the day. He avoids phone calls. He prefers methods of communication that let him respond at his convenience. Hello WhatsApp. Sleep between six and six and a half hours every night. Now that you know what one of the most innovative minds in the world does to make the most of his time, perhaps it's time you changed the way you did things too?
  6. Model and fashion student, Sherwin Court exudes IDGAF. He's as crazy as crazy can get. He wears two jeans at once, slips into gigantic footwear and passes it off as his sartorial sanctity. He's quite the cool kid, but without even trying. So much so, that the next time he's spotted wearing a twig as a headband, we won't be judging. But as reality strikes, very few can carry off his sense of style. Because truth be told, a lot of us don't possess the bodies to experiment with. But, how Mr. Court make his personal style radical and right? For '30 Days of Denim', he talks about denim and what brings him to it, every single day... Your first denim purchase? Quite late, actually—when I was 17 and in Indonesia. I was in boarding school, so my everyday wardrobe was just my uniform or track suits. Your relationship with denim, described as a song track... Paparazzi by Lady Gaga. Dark or light wash? I'd say, medium to dark wash. It compliments my skin tone best! Ripped or distressed? Ripped—even though you can see it all, it doesn't look trashy. Love or hate skinny jeans? I'm all about the skinnies. Love them! Your go-to denim outfit? Light wash jeans + a block-patched denim jacket. Your take on frayed hems? I love them. I always say, keep it simple but throw in some personality. Ever screwed up while wearing denim? I once distressed my jeans and went a little over board—the placements were completely wrong. I really learnt a lesson! If you had to dress Superman in denim... People would say, I'd turn his jocks into denim. But for me, I'd leave him the way he is. Denim brands you love? Lee and of course, Levi's. A denim hack you're aware of? To prevent my denims from wearing out easily, I wash them in cold water and vinegar. But just in case they do, I sketch or paint on them to revamp. ‘30 days of Denim' is a social experiment of sorts, or in layman terms, the ultimate Denim guide, on how to inject your personality, and inherent sense of self into, say, a basic-ass pair of jeans. Bonus: It features the finest men in the capital, all with very distinct style sensibilities, but primarily, each having an innate love for all things denim. Fashion Editor: Santu Misra Stylist: Siddharth Batra Assisted by: Sharmila Sharma Photographer: Kunaal Bose Make-up: Shallu Chandla
  7. Indian troops take positions outside Srinagar on February 21, 2016 during a gun battle. Photo: Reuters SRINAGAR: Indian troops martyred two more Kashmiri youth in Baramulla district of Indian Occupied Kashmir on Wednesday, the Kashmir Media Service reported. The victims, identified as Gulzar Ahmed and Basit Ahmed and said to be members of Hizbul Mujahideen, were martyred during a siege and a search operation at Pazalpora in Rafiabad area of the district by Indian forces. Ever since the death of Burhan Wani, a top commander with Hizbul Mujahideen in July last year, Kashmiri freredom fighters have increasingly met Indian forces in armed encounters across the valley. Indian troops martyr 11 youth in Indian occupied Kashmir: KMS The deceased included a top Hizbul Mujahideen commander On June 11, Indian troops martyred a Kashmiri youth in Bandipora district, raising the number of killed in fake encounters in the territory to seven since June 9. The Kashmiri youth was martyred by Indian troops during a military operation in Bandipora?s Gurez area. The troops had killed six youth during a similar operation in Uri area of Baramulla district on June 9.
  8. Weapons seized from the terrorists. -ISPR Two terrorists were killed in an exchange of fire with security forces on Tuesday, said a statement released by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR). The statement added the terrorists were attempting an attack on a check post near Dewana Baba Ziarat, 12km north of Tank. Security forces launched a nationwide military operation 'Radd-ul-Fasaad' earlier in February, which includes broad-spectrum security and counter-terrorism operations in Punjab, and continuation of ongoing operations across the country. The operation includes a countrywide deweaponisation drive and explosive control as additional cardinals of the effort. The hallmark of this operation is the pursuance of the National Action Plan (NAP).
  9. LAHORE: Two foreigners, including one woman, were taken into custody during a raid conducted by Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) here on Wazirabad Road late Monday night, Geo News reported. The ANF also recovered contraband, comprising 3.6 kilogrammes of hashish and 300 grammes of heroin, from the two arrestees. The agency said the Nigerian woman and man were reportedly transporting the drugs to Sialkot. Karachi raid Four suspects were detained during a search operation carried out in Karachi's Jamshed Quarters area, Geo News reported. According to SSP East, weapons, contraband, and a motorcycle were recovered from the arrestees. Fire in Gadani The labourers' quarters in the Gadani ship-breaking yard near Hub caught fire late last night, police said, adding that over a dozen quarters were affected by the blaze. The fire brigade officials had reportedly doused the flames, police stated. It also said that there were no casualties in the fire incident.
  10. Two Pakistan Navy personnel were martyred and three injured when militants fired on a Navy vehicle in Jiwani city on Monday evening.
  11. Thanks to sibling rivalry, brothers have always had a war amongst themselves. Shoe flinging, royal abuses and a zit here and there aren't just terms, after all. But fortunately, a few are blessed with avoiding the formerly mentioned. Footwear designers, Pranav Sawhney and Abhishek Sharma (cc: Dameriino) are the mushiest brothers, before being co-owners of a footwear brand. Or simply put, #Bros4Lyf. Among a few similarities that are worthy of a mention, they're both primarily, the H&Ms of the denim world. Minimal, approachable, dependable but essentially, fashion-forward. They believe in plain washes, the power of metallics and invest in anything that's simple, but extraordinary. An excerpt from their autobiography (jk), 'Us And Denim'... Your first denim purchase? Pranav Sawhney: As much as I can recollect—I was probably 3, and me and my twin sister bought ourselves denim dungarees from Wrangler. I used to wear them with a blue T-shirt underneath! Abhishek Sharma: Bought a pair of jeans from Spykar, to wear to a school 'do. How often do you wash your jeans? PS: Once every fortnight, if I'm able to my balance my laundry and social life. However, I'd like to wash them more frequently. More often than not, I'm wearing the pair that needs a wash, when my laundry guy comes over. AS: Every 3 days. I personally enjoy the changes my jeans go through (mainly, in colour) with every wash. Dark wash or light wash? PS: Preferably, light wash for a distressed look. As for dark denim, I prefer them plain (not washed). AS: Light wash! Ripped or distressed? PS: I've always been a distressed denim person. But just recently, I bought myself a pair of ripped white denims and they changed my game! AS: Depends upon the occasion. So, both. Love or hate skinny jeans? PS: I can't do skinny jeans. Your nuts need ventilation! AS: Love! They work wonders for my legs. Your go-to denim outfit? PS: For summer—light wash denim shorts+printed T-shirt+leather sneakers. Through winter—dark denim+classic white shirt+high-top brogue boots. AS: Blue, light wash ripped jeans with a plain white T-shirt. Favourite denim brands? PS: Currently, GAP and Uniqlo. AS: Lately, H&M (see, we weren't kidding). Ever had a smelly jeans moment? PS: Not really. But I discovered this one fabric freshener back in university and it changed my laundry habits and life forever. AS: I'm very particular about personal hygiene. So, no! ‘30 days of Denim’ is a social experiment of sorts, or in layman terms, the ultimate Denim guide, on how to inject your personality, and inherent sense of self into, say, a basic-ass pair of jeans. Bonus: It features 30 really cool men, all with very distinct style sensibilities, but primarily, each having an innate love for all things denim. Fashion Editor: Santu Misra Stylist: Siddharth Batra Assisted by: Sharmila Sharma Photographer: Kunaal Bose Make-up: Shallu Chandla
  12. KARACHI: Two suspects were taken into police custody during a search operation conducted here in Sukhhan late Friday night, Geo News reported. Security officials recovered weapons, motorcycle, mobile phones, and contraband from the arrested suspects, police added. In another operation late Friday night, police sealed the entry and exit points of Metroville and Pathan Colony. The search operation, which was carried out following an anonymous tip, was mainly against criminals and illegal residents, police said.
  13. KARACHI: Two suspects were arrested on Friday from Karachi airport for allegedly smuggling foreign currency worth Rs100.90 million The Federal Investigation Agency?s (FIA) Anti-Corruption Cell arrested two suspects, identified as Irfan Ahmed and Zeeshan Haider, during an operation at Jinnah International Airport, Karachi. According to the FIA, Irfan is an employee of a company which deals with foreign currency exchange while Zeeshan works for a private airline. Zeeshan was helping Irfan smuggle currency to Dubai, said the FIA. The currency was seized from the suspect and a case has also been registered.
  14. Officials of Punjab Rangers. Photo: File RAWALPINDI: Two ?terrorists? who were planning an attack on Youm-e-Ali processions and events (on Saturday) were killed in a targeted operation in Dera Ghazi Khan, the Inter Services Public Relations said on Friday. The ISPR claimed a major terrorist incident was averted in the intelligence-based action taken by officials of the Punjab Rangers as part of Operation Raddul Fasaad. Op Radd-ul-Fasaad: Punjab Rangers establish helpline to report ?suspicious activity? Punjab Rangers urge public to ?report any suspicious activity or information on terrorism in Punjab? Meanwhile, three suspected terrorists managed to flee after police launched a search operation in Rawalpindi?s Chak Beli road. SHO Basharat Abbasi said the ?terrorists? left behind three hand grenades and explosives, adding that their plan was to attack a grid station in the city. A team of the bomb disposal squad was called in to defuse the grenades and explosives. On February 22 this year, the army launched a nationwide operation titled 'Radd-ul-Fasaad', which would include wide security and counter-terrorism operations in Punjab and the continuation of ongoing operations across the country. According to the ISPR Director-General Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor, the operation?s aims include the elimination of the residual and latent threat of terrorism, consolidating gains of operations made so far and ensuring the security of Pakistan?s borders. Raddul Fasaad continuation of previous operation: COAS Speaking on the occasion, the COAS highlighted the endeavours of Pakistan against the forces of disorder and terror, over the last many years The operation will entail conduct of broad spectrum security and counter-terrorism operations by Rangers in Punjab, continuation of ongoing operations across the country and focus on more effective border security management, said the ISPR. The operation will also include a countrywide deweaponisation and explosive control as additional cardinals of the effort. The hallmark of this operation will be pursuance of the National Action Plan, it was stated further. The decision came after Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Bajwa held a high-level security meeting in Lahore.
  15. FAISALABAD: A man allegedly killed his two sisters in the name of honour in Faisalabad?s Nishatabad vicinity late Thursday. The suspect, Allah Ditta, was taking his sisters Sidra,18, and Aliza,14, to his home from their paternal home when he strangled the women and escaped, police officials said. The bodies were shifted to Allied Hospital for post mortem. The police are on the lookout for the suspect, a local police spokesperson said. Earlier on May 8, a father in collusion with his son strangled his daughter to death, in what appeared to be a case of honour killing, in Karachi?s Kemari area.
  16. Two US Navy vessels have arrived in Doha to take part in a joint military exercise with the Qatari Emiri Navy, reported Qatar News Agency (QNA) QNA. But it was unclear if the arrival of the two warships was planned before the Gulf rift or was a sign of support from the Pentagon. Qatar, a major ally of the US and other Western countries, has been in the spotlight since four major Arab powers, including Saudi Arabia and Egypt, severed their ties with the country and accused it of supporting terrorism and working secretly with Iran, the arch-foe of the Saudis. Qatar hosts the biggest US military base in the Middle East with 11,000 troops deployed to or assigned to Al Udeid Air Base. More than 100 aircraft operate from there. The Pentagon last week renewed praise of Qatar for hosting a vital US airbase and for its "enduring commitment to regional security," after four Arab countries cut ties with the Gulf ally. The Pentagon reassurance differed from the US President Donald Trump comments that applauded the decision, via Twitter. The crews of the two vessels were received by Qatari navy officers, QNA said, citing a statement from the country's defence ministry. Turkey sent its foreign minister to Qatar as part of a drive to resolve the crisis. Kuwait, a neighbour and a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council also has been mediating.
  17. QUETTA: Two terrorists of the proscribed Baloch Liberation Army were killed on Monday in and intelligence based operation carried out by FC Balochistan, said a statement released by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR). The military?s media wing added that the terrorists were involved in attacks on armed forces, target killings, kidnapping and planting of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in the areas of Quetta, Margate and Sangaan in Balochistan. In a separate operation in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), security forces recovered a large cache of arms and ammunition from villages in the South Waziristan Agency and Dara Adam Khel. Recovered arms and ammunition include SMGs, Sakila gun, missiles, rifles, grenades, communication equipment, 82mm shells, 12.7mm rounds, 14.5mm rounds, rocket-propelled grenades, detonators and switches.
  18. Indian troops resorted to unprovoked firing with heavy weapons in Jandrot and Hot spring sectors along the LoC,according to ISPR. Photo: File Two civilians were martyred and three injured in Indian troops? unprovoked firing along the Line of Control (LoC) on Monday, according to the Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) ? the army's media wing. Indian troops resorted to unprovoked firing with heavy weapons in Jandrot and Hotspring (Tattapani) sectors along the LoC, the ISPR said in a statement. The Indians also fired mortars into the Pakistani side of the control line. Pakistan Army effectively responded to the firing on civilians. Reports of damage to Indian posts and casualties also surfaced, ISPR informed. The deceased civilians have been identified as 18-year-old Waqar Younas and 19-year-old Asad Ali. Both were residents of Bhabra village. The injured include 30-year-old Muhammad Shahbaz, resident of Bhabra village, Shumaila Khurshid, 35, and 14-year-old Hafsa Shabbir, residents of Chakrali village. Following the incident, Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned Indian Deputy High Commissioner JP Singh to record Pakistan's protest over the unprovoked firing by the Indian troops. On Saturday, a 70-year-old man was martyred in unprovoked firing across the LoC by Indian troops in Chirikot. The same day, Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa visited troops along LoC in Muzaffarabad. The army chief was given a detailed briefing by local commanders regarding the operational situation, Indian cease fire violations and response by Pakistani troops. During the visit, Pakistani troops pledged that no Indian misadventure shall go without a befitting response.
  19. RAJANPUR: On the other hand, two dacoits were killed in an alleged police encounter on Indus Highway, police sources said. The dacoits? accomplices attacked a police van in a bid to help them escape, security officials explained. Police further claimed that the suspects died as a result of their accomplices? firing. In the ensuing exchange of gunfire, a policeman was also injured. Fugitive suspect A suspect on the run for years was arrested here in Baldia?s Ittehad Town late Sunday night, police sources stated. The arrestee ? identified as Faizan ? was on the run from law enforcement agencies since 2013, security officials revealed, adding that a case had been registered against him in Ittehad Town police station. Bhakkar operation Police officials took into custody three wanted criminals and 31 other suspects during a major operation conducted in Bhakkar?s Mankera, Darya Khan, and surrounding areas late Sunday night, authorities stated. Weapons and contraband were recovered from the arrestees, police mentioned, adding that cases were registered against the respective suspects.
  20. We all dream of living in a beautiful house with a beautiful garden and enough space for our kids and dogs to play. Well, that’s the dream anyway, right? What if we were to tell you that there was a house, somewhere in this world that didn’t just allow you to do all that but also let you live in two countries at the same time while doing so? Nickelodeon Animation Studios The house spans almost 7,000 sq. ft. and is cut into 5 apartments. All currently vacant. While the structure is sound, the house requires a rebuild before you can actually live in it. The estimated cost of the rebuild is $600,000. It’s currently on sale for $109,000. Associated Press While this may seem like a lot for us, there are people in this world who deal in millions, aren’t there? We’re looking straight at you Floyd Mayweather! So, why doesn’t anyone want to buy this house? Giphy/Floyd Mayweather If you’re thinking it’s because the two countries it is a part of are at constant war or aren’t the best places in the world, think again. This house is located on the border of Stanstead, Quebec and Beebe Plain, Vermont. That’s right, it’s on the border of the United States and Canada. Why wouldn’t anyone want to live here then? Nickelodeon Animation Studios Well, ever since the September 11th terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, security on the border has been beefed up quite a bit. This is proving to be a hindrance to the senior couple currently living there. HBO Brian DuMoulin, one of the inhabitants, said that agents from both the U.S. and Canada knew him and his family but there are times when new agents are posted and they don’t recognize any of them. "That's the awkwardness," he said. "If there is an awkwardness, it's that you can't just go this way or this way, you've got to go through (the ports of entry) and then back through." Associated Press Still think it would be fun to live here? While you could say that you wouldn’t really have to worry about security since you’ll have the border patrol of two first-world countries guarding your house, the amount of freedom you get to move around, within your own house, will be restricted. Guess freedom is worth a lot more than having a house in two countries these days.
  21. Flowers are laid by an officer from Police Scotland outside the Church of Our Lady, Star of the Sea, ahead of the funeral of Manchester bomb victim Eilidh MacLeod, in Castlebay on the island of Barra, in Scotland June 5, 2017. REUTERS/Andrew Milligan/Pool British police arrested two 20-year-old men in Manchester on Wednesday in connection with last month's suicide bombing that killed 22 children and adults attending a concert by U.S. singer Ariana Grande, police said on Wednesday. One was arrested overnight when police searched an address in the city, while the other presented himself voluntarily at a police station. In total, 21 people have been arrested so far in the investigation pertaining to the suicide bombing. Twelve were released without charge and nine remain in custody. The released ones included a teenage boy and a woman arrested in the week ended May 29. Manchester attack probe: 16 people in detention Police make fresh arrest over Manchester bombing Manchester Arena blast: How it happened? Follow how the blast took place and the then-updates, directly from Manchester On the other hand, bomber Salman Abedi's father and brother are also in detention in Libya. Abedi had reportedly returned from Libya only a few days before the attack that left 22 people dead, including seven children under 18. However, police are still trying to establish the extent of his wider network.
  22. For the past few days, there has been a lot of drama surrounding the position of the Indian Cricket team's coach. With Anil Kumble most probably on his way out, the BCCI is looking for more options. As of now, we have no idea who will take the coveted position, but the race for it just got a lot more interesting. Reportedly, Virender Sehwag just sent a two line application to BCCI to put himself in the running. Since Sehwag is the mentor of Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise Kings XI Punjab, he is obviously in touch with the current pool of Indian players and has experience working with them as well. The now famous two-line application read, "Mentor and a coach of Kings XI Punjab in the Indian Premier League and has played with all these (Indian) boys before." © Twitter The amusing application has even stunned the Supreme Court-appointed Committee of Administrators (CoA), who immediately asked him to send in a proper application with a full resume. According to a report of Indian Express, a BCCI source said, “Sehwag being Sehwag has sent his application in two lines. There was no CV attached to it. We had to ask him to send his CV too along with his application. After all, it will be the first time he is set to appear for the interview.” Yes, very well known for trolling on Twitter, Sehwag was just being Sehwag and Twitter did not let it go this time. Here are the most hilarious reactions to his two line application : There were a lot of jokes about what those two lines could be Virender Sehwag just sent two lines résumé to BCCI for Indian Coach Post: - Former Indian Cricketer - Famous on Twitter — Trendulkar (@Trendulkar) June 6, 2017 BCCI: what will be your policy for Indian team as a coach? Sehwag: see ball, hit Ball. BCCI: see way, get away. — आदर्श बालक (@khurafatijaat) June 6, 2017 *Exclusive* Sehwag's complete Resume released by BCCI It says- "Lena hai to lo.. Warna kat lo..." — Nikhil (@Nykhil) June 6, 2017 Sehwag forwards two-line resume for India coach job. Must be: Play your natural game. Hit boundaries when in your 90s. — Keh Ke Peheno (@coolfunnytshirt) June 6, 2017 Some jokes about the whole situation But probably also a hashtag and some smileys. — Pavilion Opinions (@pavilionopinion) June 6, 2017 Sehwag sent 2 liner CV to BCCI. This is what happened when you got used to 1 liner jokes. — Sunil- The Cricketer (@1sInto2s) June 6, 2017 Sehwag's application for Indian cricket Team coach would be in 140 characters. — Monica (@monicas004) June 6, 2017 There were talks about what a badass move this was Virender Sehwag sent a ‘two-line resume’ to the BCCI while applying for the Indian cricket team coach’s job.#FollowYourSport #FYSFunnies — Follow Your Sport (@followyoursport) June 7, 2017 In his defense, he's valued simplicity all his life. — Shiamak Unwalla (@ShiamakUnwalla) June 6, 2017 Quite shocking two lines? All he had to do was just put his name, two words, anything more superfluous 🤠 — Iceyes (@iceyesore) June 6, 2017 That header must be 'Virender Sehwag' nam hi kafi hai..Attacking & destructive.. @virendersehwag — ㅤ (@MrKunalM) June 6, 2017 And some were quite angry as well Just cos he is Sehwag makes it fine to do comedy for a serious job application?! Making a mockery of this situation. — Chetan Narula (@chetannarula) June 6, 2017 BCCI is either extremely stupid or supremely genius to consider him. Not sure which. — cricBC (@cricBC) June 6, 2017
  23. PESHAWAR: An overnight storm in the wee hours of Tuesday broke the distressing heatwave in Peshawar and adjoining areas. According to Met Office, howling winds were recorded at up to 87 kilometres per hour. The weather turned pleasant following the windstorm, as sweltering temperature came down much to the relief of the residents of Peshawar and adjoining areas. According to rescue authorities, the violent winds have left two people injured. The Provincial Disaster Management Authority has instructed the public to stay away from trees, signboards and electricity poles during the dangerous weather.
  24. LONDON: Police on Monday named two of the three men behind a terror attack in London as Khuram Butt and Rachid Redouane, saying Butt was known to security services but there had been no evidence of "attack planning". Butt was 27 and a British citizen born in Pakistan, while Redouane was 30 and "claimed to be Moroccan and Libyan", national counter-terrorism police chief Mark Rowley said in a statement.
  25. KARACHI: The police arrested two suspected target killers in a raid conducted in Karachi?s Orangi Town on Monday. The arrested suspects confessed to killing 16 people, SP Orangi Town Abid Ali said. ?The suspects belong to Muttahida Qaumi Movement ?London. Suspects also confessed to firing at and injuring a Rangers officer, according to the police. In a separate operation conducted in near Paposh?s Khilafat Chowk, the authorities apprehended three suspects, including a drug peddler and fugitive. A wanted criminal was arrested from Mominabad and weapons were recovered, the police said. The police also raided a gambling den in Orangi town?s Pakistan Bazaar. ?11 gamblers were detained; mobile phones and cash were recovered from arrested suspects,? SP Orangi Town said.