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  1. After their fairytale wedding in a medieval Tuscan villa, the blockbuster couple Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are off to their honeymoon, and it?s nothing less than ?heavenly?. The Bollywood actress shared the couple?s first official honeymoon picture in a European winter wonderland. Her caption ?In heaven, literally? does not seem to be far from reality at all, since the place truly looks like a heaven on earth. Kohli and Anushka tied the knot in a private ceremony in Tuscany, Italy on December 11, which was attended by their family and close friends. The couple on their wedding day The couple will host a reception in New Delhi for relatives on December 21, followed by a celebration in Mumbai on December 26 to be attended by Bollywood stars and cricketers. They will then leave for South Africa where India will play the hosts in a series, before moving into their new home in Mumbai, the cradle of India´s multi-billion-dollar Hindi film industry.
  2. It is highly unlikely that you haven't seen at least one of the movies from the 'Ocean's' trilogy and it is also highly unlikely that they didn't make it to your favorites list. Warner Bros Seventeen years ago, George Clooney along with ten of his very handsome friends took down three Vegas casinos in 'Ocean's 11' and we were all blown over. Now, we have an all-female cast all set to do something similar. And that all-female cast has got some of the most talented and beautiful actresses- Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Awkwafina, Rihanna and Helena Bonham Carter. If this doesn't equal sheer epicness, we don't know what does. Sandra Bullock would play Debbie Ocean, the sister of George Clooney's Danny. After getting out of jail, she recruits the other seven women to help her pull off a jewellery heist at the annual Met Gala in New York. To give us a little sneak-peek, Warner Bros. released the first poster of the upcoming 'Ocean's 8' with the star-studded cast and it is slick AF. Clad in coats and stunning sunglasses, this poster has made us pretty sure about the fact that a gang of thieves has never looked this good. Have a look: Warner Bros The poster comes up with what might be the best tagline of the year- “Every con has its pros”. Simple and genius! If this still doesn't excite you, then here's more news. Reportedly, apart from the already brilliant line-up, the cast is also set to include Olivia Munn, Dakota Fanning, Richard Armitage, Katie Holmes, James Corden, Adriana Lima, Kim Kardashian, Hailey Baldwin, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner and Anna Wintour. Phew! So what's better than seeing 8 gorgeous women pulling off a top-secret heist? Seeing so many gorgeous women coming together on screen. Also, the movie would feature Matt Damon, reprising his role as Linus Caldwell, with Carl Reiner also said to have a cameo as his Ocean's Eleven character. Twitter And quite expectedly, as soon as the poster came out, Twitter users went crazy. Seeing the Ocean's 8 poster got me excited and makes me believe that 2018 will be better than 2017 but then there's #NetNeutrality so.... ð¤·ð½ — Kluh â¡ð¥ (@bluesKLUH) December 15, 2017 THE OCEAN'S 8 CAST IS BEYOND INCREDIBLE !!! C'MON STRONG ND EMPOWERED WOMEN !!! — daniela ð (@virgomattel) December 15, 2017 honestly ocean's 8 is my fav movie of 2018 already — • (@gab00bie) December 15, 2017 In the midst of what's going on in the government, let's just take a moment and appreciate how badass the female Ocean's 8 is going to be ðð¼ðð¼ — Estibaliz Romeo (@es_tah_ba_leez) December 15, 2017 In the midst of what's going on in the government, let's just take a moment and appreciate how badass the female Ocean's 8 is going to be ðð¼ðð¼ — Estibaliz Romeo (@es_tah_ba_leez) December 15, 2017 If Ocean's 8 is our reward then shitty 2017 was absolutely worth it! — Jules ð»ð¦ (@JuliExplores) December 15, 2017 First impression: Ocean's 8 sounds gimmicky and unnecessary. Hears cast list. Second impression: Take my money now. — Kate Kompas (@mskatekompas) August 10, 2016 My reaction to the Ocean's 8 movie poster! Come on ladiessssssssss!!!!!!! — Wendy A (@WendyAnnia) December 14, 2017 While the exact release date of the movie has not yet been revealed, it'll be released across the world in the summer of 2018. We absolutely cannot wait to watch what this stunning group of thieves have in store for us!
  3. This NASA FILE photo shows an artist's rendition of the Kepler space telescope. MIAMI: A solar system with as many planets as our own has been discovered with the help of NASA?s Kepler space telescope and artificial intelligence, the US space agency said Thursday. "Our solar system now is tied for most number of planets around a single star," NASA said in a statement. However, none of the planets are expected to be hospitable to life. The eight-planet system -- the largest known outside of ours -- orbits a star called Kepler 90 some 2,545 light-years away. "The Kepler-90 star system is like a mini version of our solar system," said Andrew Vanderburg, an astronomer at the University of Texas at Austin. "You have small planets inside and big planets outside, but everything is scrunched in much closer." The newly identified planet, Kepler-90i, is a rocky planet like Earth, but orbits its star once every 14.4 days, meaning a full year there is the same as two weeks on Earth. "Kepler-90i is not a place I?d like to go visit, though," said Vanderburg. "Its surface is likely far too hot." NASA calculated its average temperature at about 800 degrees Fahrenheit (426 Celsius) -- as hot as Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun. Artificial intelligence Scientists found it by using machine learning from Google. The process involved teaching a computer to scan a trove of 35,000 possible planetary signals collected from NASA?s Kepler space telescope for search for signs of planetary transits. Transits are the dimming of light when planets pass in front of a star. The Kepler space telescope launched in 2009, and has scanned some 150,000 stars. Astronomers have already confirmed the existence of some 2,500 far-away worlds using Kepler data. "I became interested in applying neural networks to astronomy when I learned that the Kepler mission had collected so much data that it was impossible for scientists to examine it all manually," said Christopher Shallue, a senior software engineer with Google?s research team. "Instead scientists selected the strongest signals, which are the most likely to be actual planets, to receive the most attention." Shallue likened this process to "looking for a needle in a haystack." "Machine learning really shines when there is too much data for humans to examine for themselves." More planets are expected to be found, because researchers plan to apply their neural network to Kepler?s full set of more than 150,000 stars. "There is a lot of unexplored real estate in the Kepler 90 system," said Vanderburg. "It would almost be surprising to me if there weren?t any more planets in around that star." One day, artificial intelligence might even be used to search specifically for more Earth-like planets, which have proven difficult to pin down. "For the first time since our solar system planets were discovered thousands of years ago, we know for sure that the solar system is not the sole record holder for the most planets, and we have just scratched the surface," Vanderburg added. "Maybe there are systems out there with so many planets that they make our eight-planet solar system seem ordinary." The findings are published in The Astronomical Journal.
  4. EDINBURGH: Scotland?s government said on Thursday it will raise taxes on higher earners and increase public sector pay, using powers to levy higher income tax rates than the rest of Britain for the first time since it was given its own parliament 20 years ago. The budget, set out by the pro-independence Scottish government, aims to draw a contrast between Scotland?s policies and those of the national government in London, which has kept tight controls on public-sector pay to hold down deficits. Despite imposing top rates 1 percentage point higher than in the rest of Britain, the Scottish government said 70 percent of Scottish taxpayers will not pay more than they previously did, and 55 percent would pay less than elsewhere in Britain. ?The 2018-19 budget will demonstrate beyond doubt where the Scottish government?s priorities are: stopping UK cuts, protecting public services and unlocking Scotland?s economic potential,? finance secretary Derek Mackay said. London granted Scotland more powers to set its own income tax rates last year under a law passed to fulfill a promise made to woo voters on the eve of an independence referendum in 2014, when Scots voted to stay in the United Kingdom. Last year the Scottish government set income tax earnings thresholds that were slightly different from those elsewhere in Britain for the first time, but kept the same overall rates. The Scottish administration hopes to show voters that it can manage the country?s economy while setting different priorities from London. That would burnish the case for independence, still the long-term goal of the Scottish National Party that runs the Scottish government. Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said a new independence referendum should be held after Britain voted last year to leave the European Union while most Scots voted to stay. She is not pushing for a quick new vote after the SNP lost support in a national election in June. Thursday?s budget plan offered public sector workers such as nurses, firefighters and teachers earning less than 30,000 pounds ($40,242) a year a 3 percent pay rise, and those earning more than that a 2 percent pay rise. The proposals were more generous than a recent relaxation of a public sector pay cap announced by Britain?s government. LITTLE ROOM Scotland still has little room for maneuver on spending. Forecasts published with the budget showed it is set to grow at a much slower clip than Britain as a whole. Annual growth in Scotland is due to reach only 1 percent in 2022, according to the Scottish Fiscal Commission, an official forecaster independent of the Scottish government. It cited waning oil and gas output as well as slow productivity growth which is a problem for the overall British economy. Britain?s government said it was ?deeply disappointed? by the tax hikes. ?By making Scotland the highest taxed part of the UK, the Scottish government risks damaging, rather than growing, our economy,? said David Mundell, who serves as the Scotland secretary in the British cabinet in London. Mackay said his income tax changes would make the tax system in Scotland fairer. The top two rates of income tax will be raised by one percentage point to 41 and 46 percent. The United Kingdom comprises England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Scotland was given some spending powers in a devolution process that began in the 1990s, and has slowly been given powers to raise its own funds. But the lion?s share of its finances are still set by the UK government in London. The Scottish Chambers of Commerce said it was worried the tax changes could hurt investment. ?Our continuing concern is primarily with outside investors? perception of even slight increases in tax rates, on the overall costs of doing business here against the rest of the UK,? it said. The Scottish Fiscal Commission also underscored the risk of economic weakness derived from Brexit, a weaker outlook for global trade and an aging population straining public services. ?In combination, this means limited increases in average earnings and a more modest outlook for employment growth in the coming years compared to the recent past,? it said.
  5. French-Tunisian fashion designer Azzedine Alaia will be honoured by London's Design Museum with a major exhibition next year following his death on November 18 at the age of 77. "Azzedine Alaia: The Couturier" will run from May 10 to October 7, showcasing more than 60 pieces personally selected by the iconic designer. "Azzedine Alaia was recognised throughout his life as a master couturier who expressed the timeless beauty of the female form in the most refined degree of haute couture," the museum said. "The Design Museum will now present this unique exhibition planned by Alaia himself, exploring his passion and energy for fashion as he himself intended it to be seen." Alaia was born to a farming family in Tunisia in 1940 and studied sculpture at the fine arts school in Tunis before working at a modest neighbourhood dressmaker's shop. He rose to fame in the 1980s, refusing to march to the beat of international fashion weeks and instead releasing his collections in his own time, with scant concern for publicity. He became known as the King of Cling for his form-fitting gowns. "I like women," he told AFP in a 2013 interview. "I never think about doing new things, about being creative, but about making clothing that will make women beautiful."
  6. Foreign Office building in Islamabad, Pakistan. Photo: Geo News file ISLAMABAD: The Foreign Office on Thursday said that Pakistan does not agree with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson?s recent statement about Pakistan. In a town hall meeting with the employees of the US State Department, Tillerson had said that he does not enjoy the task of dealing with countries like Pakistan and North Korea. "We do not agree with the comments and perception of Secretary Tillerson," Foreign Office Spokesperson Dr Mohammad Faisal tweeted. He further said that Pakistan has undertaken largescale operations against terrorists and their safe havens across the length and breadth of the country with notable success. "These operations are being carried out in our own national interest and Pakistan is determined to rid its soil of the scourge of terrorism and extremism." Do not enjoy dealing with Pakistan: US Secretary of State Tillerson?s statement was made during a town hall meeting held with employees of the US State Department According to the US Secretary of State, relations with Pakistan which he termed an important and valued partner had drifted and had to be brought back to one of common interest. Tillerson visited Pakistan in October and held meetings with the country?s top political and military leadership. "Pakistan is important regionally to our joint goals of providing peace and security to the region and providing an opportunity for greater economic relationship," Tillerson was quoted as saying during his meeting with Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi. The US Embassy, in a statement released, said the secretary of state reiterated President Trump?s message that Pakistan must increase its efforts to ?eradicate militants and terrorists operating within the country?. ?The Secretary outlined the United States? new South Asia Strategy and the vital role that Pakistan can play in working with the United States and others to facilitate a peace process in Afghanistan that can bring stability and security to the region,? said the statement from the US embassy. During the meeting, Tillerson also expressed appreciation for Pakistan?s sacrifices in the fight against terrorism. ?The Secretary also expressed his gratitude to the Government of Pakistan and the Pakistani Army for their cooperation in securing the release of the Boyle-Coleman family from captivity,? added the statement.
  7. File photo/Reuters PARIS: A train collided with a school bus outside the town of Perpignan in southern France on Thursday and emergency services were at the scene, a local official said. ?All emergency services have been mobilized and a crisis coordination unit set up,? an official at the local Millas townhall told Reuters. There was no immediate word on casualties. The Pyrenees-Orientales prefect confirmed the accident in a statement on Twitter.
  8. Britain's Prince Harry and his fiancee Meghan Markle visit a school in Nottingham, December 1, 2017. REUTERS LONDON: Prince Harry?s fiancee, American actress Meghan Markle, will join Queen Elizabeth and other senior Windsors for their family Christmas celebrations in what commentators said was a break with royal protocol. Last month, Queen Elizabeth?s grandson, the fifth-in-line to the British throne, and Markle, who stars in the US TV legal drama ?Suits?, announced their engagement with the marriage to take place at Windsor Castle in May next year. The queen and her close family usually spend the festive season at her Sandringham estate in eastern England and Buckingham Palace said she and the other senior royals would attend the service at the local church on Christmas Day as they have done for many years. However, in a break with tradition by which royal partners must wait until they are married before being invited, Markle would also be joining Harry?s elder brother William and his wife Kate, the prince?s office Kensington Palace said. ?You can expect to see the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry and Ms Markle at Sandringham on Christmas Day,? a spokeswoman said on Wednesday. British media said it was unprecedented for an unmarried partner to join the royals at Christmas and that Kate was not invited to Sandringham after their engagement was announced in 2010. However, William also did not attend as he was working as an air ambulance pilot in Wales at the time.
  9. KHYBER AGENCY: More than 500 tribal elders held a grand jirga on Thursday and rejected the possible merger of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The elders, hailing from the tribal areas, were of the opinion that FATA should be given the status of a separate province. The jirga also announced to hold a protest on December 23 in Islamabad. The issue of the merger of the FATA with KP is one of the pending matters for the incumbent government and has dominated the political discourse of the country in recent weeks. Earlier today, the members of opposition parties staged a walkout from the National Assembly (NA) in a bid to press the government to introduce the FATA Reforms Bill. The recommendations to bring the tribal areas at par with the rest of the country were approved by the federal cabinet on March 2 but the matter has been delayed since then. Opposition Leader Khursheed Shah said the government wanted to sideline the FATA reforms and the area's merger with KP. Demanding FATA reforms, opposition walks out of NA PPP's Naveeed Qamar said the government is being blackmailed to not present the bill in Parliament On Dec 11, Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) began its long march from Khyber Agency to Parliament in Islamabad to press for the merger with the province. Imran Khan also demanded the government to immediately table a "full package of FATA reforms", which should include the abolition of the Frontier Crimes Regulation, extension of the Supreme Court and Peshawar High Court's jurisdiction to FATA and an amendment in Article 106 of the Constitution to allow an increase of seats in the KP Assembly to accommodate representatives from the tribal areas. The KP Assembly had adopted a resolution on December 14, 2016 in favour of merging FATA with KP that would help rehabilitate and reconstruct the infrastructure including roads, communications, power lines, water supply, education and health facilities. Almost all the political parties support the demand of merger of Fata with KP, including Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Awami National Party (ANP), Pakistan People's Party (PPP), Qaumi Watan Party (QWP) and Jamaat-e-Islami (JI). It is pertinent to mention here that FATA is being governed by the British-era law called FCR Act that legal experts say is a violation of universal human rights and contradicts the 1973 Constitution. Sources said the merger of FATA with KP would extend the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court and the high court to the tribal areas by amending the Article 247 and other relevant laws, so that those who want to protect their fundamental rights can do so like any other citizen of Pakistan.
  10. PM Theresa May. Photo: Reuters LONDON/BRUSSELS: British Prime Minister Theresa May will urge European Union leaders to approve an agreement to move Brexit talks on to a second phase on Thursday, just hours after an embarrassing parliamentary defeat at home that weakens her hand. At the beginning of a dinner in Brussels, May will repeat her case for unlocking talks to unravel more than 40 years of union to allow for the discussion of future trade relations, which she sees as crucial to offering certainty for businesses. The 27 other EU leaders are all but certain to approve the deal to move to ?phase two? on Friday, after May has left Brussels, launching a new stage of talks that could be hampered by divisions at home and differences with the EU. ?The prime minister will say that reaching the agreement on phase one has required give and take on both sides but a fair outcome has been achieved,? a senior government official told reporters. After days of often fraught diplomacy, May rescued the initial deal last Friday, easing the concerns of her Northern Irish allies over the wording to protect a free border with EU member Ireland without separating the province from the UK. Then, EU negotiators said the talks had made ?sufficient progress?, a recommendation that will, barring accidents, be blessed by the leaders of the other member states. Her success has won her some respite at home from political infighting between enthusiasts and skeptics of Brexit in her ruling party, and has reduced the prospect of a disorderly departure from the bloc. But there are hurdles still to negotiate. May and her cabinet are due next Tuesday to hold a discussion of senior ministers? competing views on Britain?s future outside the EU ? to remain close to the bloc or forge a new path. The EU is willing to start talks next month on a roughly two-year transition period to ease Britain out after March 2019 but wants more detail from London on what it wants before it will open trade negotiations from March. Pro-Brexit lawmakers are concerned by a fall-back promise in the initial deal to have ?full regulatory alignment? with the EU if there is no overall agreement on future ties, and fear that their desire for an independent Britain is being undermined. Parliamentary defeat In a blow to May, already weakened after losing her Conservative Party?s majority in an election in June, parliament voted on Wednesday in favour of an amendment that requires a meaningful future parliamentary vote on any final Brexit deal. Up until the last minute of an often bitter debate, May?s team tried to convince lawmakers in her party to block the measure, which the government fears will weaken its hand in Brexit negotiations. But enough conservatives rebelled to carry it narrowly by 309 votes to 305 in the 650-seat lower house. ?This defeat is a humiliating loss of authority for the government on the eve of the European Council meeting,? opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said in a statement. ?Theresa May has resisted democratic accountability. Her refusal to listen means she will now have to accept parliament taking back control,? he said, co-opting a Brexit slogan. Divisions have split not only the governing Conservatives but Labour and the wider country ? which voted narrowly for Brexit 18 months ago. Before dinner on Thursday, May and her EU peers will discuss the bloc?s plan for closer defence cooperation with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg. Long blocked by London, the plan now has backing from Britain, which as one of Europe?s main military powers, wants to keep ties with the EU on defence. Over dinner, leaders will discuss their response to the migration crisis from Africa and the Middle East, and lingering deep divisions over how to share the load. They will confirm a rollover of sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine crisis and are likely to reaffirm their opposition to US President Donald Trump?s move to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
  11. Dwayne Johnson has been accepted into the Hollywood establishment with a Walk of Fame star LOS ANGELES: He´s been named "sexiest man alive" and "world´s highest paid film star" -- now Dwayne Johnson can celebrate being accepted into the Hollywood establishment with a Walk of Fame star. The 45-year-old football player turned wrestling pro and then actor sported a sharp black suit and was joined by longtime partner Lauren Hashian and their almost two-year-old daughter Jasmine at the ceremony on Hollywood Boulevard. "I didn´t want to write anything down. I figured this is such a monumental moment and significant time for me it´s probably best I just speak from the heart and from my gut," the Herculean father-of-two said. He told cheering fans the 2,624th star on the Walk was the result of years of hard work, voicing gratitude for the opportunities he´d been afforded and the friends and family who´d helped him along the way. "This moment is so significant because it´s full circle. 2018 will mark 18 years in Hollywood and that is a very long time of blood, sweat and earning respect," he added. Johnson announced Monday on Instagram that he and Hashian were expecting a second child, hours before they stepped out for the premiere of his latest movie "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle." 'The Rock' Tom Rothman, chairman of Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group, paid tribute to the actor, who has entertained the possibility that he might run for president in 2020. "Dwayne said he would use me as a bar bell if I didn´t show up," Rothman joked, before describing his friend as a "global superstar with hundreds of millions of fans and billions of dollars in box office." Johnson´s recent work includes "Baywatch," "The Fate of The Furious," "Central Intelligence" and "San Andreas," as well as the HBO comedy "Ballers." Reputed to be one of the hardest-working stars in Hollywood, he has been in 14 movies in just four years, including previous installments of the "Fast and Furious" franchise, "Hercules," "Snitch," "G.I. Joe: Retaliation," "Empire State," "Pain and Gain," and "Moana." Born on May 2, 1972, in the San Francisco Bay Area and raised in Hawaii and Pennsylvania, Johnson grew to six foot five inches (196 centimeters) and weighs 245 pounds (111 kilograms). He played defensive tackle at the University of Miami and went on to a stint on the practice roster of the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League in 1995. Johnson became a professional wrestler in 1996, following his father, Rocky Johnson, and grandfather, High Chief Peter Maivia. He would become an eight-time World Wrestling Federation/World Wrestling Entertainment champion. Nicknamed "The Rock" due to his strength in the ring and roughhewn features, he was declared "sexiest man alive" by People magazine in November 2016. It was a good year for the actor, who was also named the world´s highest paid film star by Forbes magazine.
  12. Are you alien to Bollywood and the humungous list of movies it has in its bag? Are you someone who has barely watched a handful of Hindi movies? Well, even if you have ticked the above boxes, there are certain names you will remember no matter what and Karan Johar is one such name. From making a cameo appearance in 'Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge' to becoming one of the most sought after and successful directors in Bollywood, Karan Johar or as some call him KJo, has come a long way. © Dharma Productions Even if you don't remember most of his films, there is no way on earth that people will forget his directorial debut film! It was a movie which gave us a character no one else can ever dare to recreate – the one and only diva 'Poo'. Yes, we are talking about 'Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Ghum' that completed 16 years today. Do you feel old already? We surely do. #I6yearsofK3G....a film that is exceptionally close to my heart....have the most beautiful memories...thank you @SrBachchan @iamsrk @iHrithik @kajol #jayaaunty #kareena #rani for making my experience so special.... A post shared by Karan Johar (@karanjohar) on Dec 13, 2017 at 10:50am PST Even today, the wave of 'K3G' rules our minds, thanks to the ensemble cast, brilliant acting and of course an over-the-board script that struck the right chord with the audience. © Dharma Productions And now that very movie has completed 16 years and its proud director KJo shared an amazing series of pictures that took us right down memory lane. He posted pictures from behind the scenes and brought back all those amazing memories attached with the film. #16yearsofK3G......the age of innocence A post shared by Karan Johar (@karanjohar) on Dec 13, 2017 at 10:51am PST Who do you think did it better? Karan Johar or Kareena Kapoor? Me overacting trying to teach KAREENA what to do!!! ð#16yearsofk3g A post shared by Karan Johar (@karanjohar) on Dec 13, 2017 at 9:51pm PST Watching over the emotional climax reunion #16yearsofk3g A post shared by Karan Johar (@karanjohar) on Dec 13, 2017 at 9:52pm PST We can already imagine Karan Johar saying (in Poo's style) “You're so P.H.A.T…Pretty Hot And Tempting”. It seems I was obsessed with Poo!!!! #16yearsofk3g A post shared by Karan Johar (@karanjohar) on Dec 13, 2017 at 9:54pm PST And we found another reason to go and watch 'Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Ghum' again. Last minute adjustments #16yearsofk3g A post shared by Karan Johar (@karanjohar) on Dec 13, 2017 at 9:55pm PST While we were swimming in the pool of nostalgia, it was Kajol who stole the limelight with her hilarious reply. After Karan posted the picture, Kajol was quick to recollect that it was the same shot that was taken when she broke her finger and was on painkillers. © Dharma Productions As we were containing our excitement after reading their replies, Farah Khan too jumped into the banter and started a separate hilarious discussion altogether. © Dharma Productions From Amitabh Bachchan playing a typical patriarch, Shah Rukh Khan playing his obedient son who falls in love with a free-spirited Kajol and leaves the house when Amitabh disapproves of her, to Laddoo's insane body transformation and the self-obsessed Poo; every character made the movie a memorable affair for all Bollywood fans. But if at all there was a K3G sequel to be made, we would want a movie solely focusing on Poo's life.
  13. Ishaq Dar - File Photo ISLAMABAD: An accountability court resumed hearing of the corruption reference against Ishaq Dar and was presented with details of the accused?s bank accounts. Dar, a serving senator, is accused of possessing assets disproportionate to his declared sources of income. The case was filed by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in light of the Supreme Court's July 28 verdict in the Panama Papers case. Dar has been declared a proclaimed offender in the case owing to his continuous absence from the proceedings owing to the medical treatment in London. As the hearing resumed on Thursday, Lahore-based bankers Faisal Shehzad and Muhammad Azeem, appeared before the court. The court had also re-summoned Masoodul Ghani and Abdul Rehman Gondal but later allowed the witnesses to leave as their statements were already recorded. However, Azeem submitted details of accounts of Dar and his family. He informed the court that NAB had asked for the details in August this year. He said Dar?s first account was operated from 2001 to 2012, second from Aug 2012 to Dec 2016 and third from Jan 2017 to Aug 2017. The witness also presented details of Hajvery Holding Company?s account in court as well as the record of the locker operated in Dar and his wife?s name. As the hearing went underway, the court was informed that Shehzad was unable to appear in court due to the wedding of his sister. Later, recording his statement, Rehman provided the income records of Dar from the years 2005 to 2017. The court then adjourned the hearing until December 18, when it has summoned five more witnesses: Cabinet Division Deputy Secretary Wasif Hussain, Commerce Deputy Director Qamar Zaman, former NADRA official Qaboos Aziz, National Assembly Director Sher Dil Khan and private bank official Faisal Shehzad. The court also ordered Dar's bail guarantor, Ahmed Ali Qudoosi, to appear before it at 12:30pm today and submit the Rs5 million surety bond as it now stands forfeited due to Dar's absence. As Qudoosi failed to appear in court, the judge ordered the investigation officer to gather details of his properties and assets to submit in court. Failure to submit the surety amount results in confiscation of the guarantor's assets and properties. The NAB?s prosecution team has submitted a list of 28 people as witnesses in the case, and have up till now recorded statements of as many as five witnesses in the case. On November 23, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi accepted Dar?s request to be relieved of his duties as the finance minister, reported Geo News. Dar was relieved of his three roles, including his portfolio in the finance ministry, and was informed of the decision. Sources had said Dar would remain a federal minister as a leave of absence of three months has been granted to him.
  14. Old days: The lethal pair of Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis The ?Swing ka Sultan? Wasim Akram recently shared a golden picture of his reunion with former cricketing greats, transporting us back to the good old days. The former captain reunited with fellow former pacer Waqar Younis, spin legend Mushtaq Ahmed, former wicket-keeper Moin Khan and current selector Inzamam-ul-Haq and tweeted a memorable picture of the occasion. ?It was really amazing to see my old team mates buddies and Pakistan?s cricketing greats @waqyounis99 Inzi, Moin and @Mushy_online # memories-forever#goodolddays,? Wasim posted. Nostalgic fans were quick to share their thoughts. ?3 bowling greats from Pakistan having 2051 International wickets among them.. 1705 between the 2 deadly fast bowling Combo of all time..? tweeted a fan from across the border. ?Legends of Pakistan cricket in one frame,? said another. ?Our pride,? one fan put it simply. Another fan thanked the legends for the memories.
  15. Baby survives after being born with heart outside her body. Photo: The Guardian A baby girl, Vanellope Hope Wilkins, survived being born with her heart outside her body, in a first of its kind case reported in Britain, according to The Guardian. The doctors revealed to Wilkins? parents that she was suffering from ectopia cordis, in which heart and stomach grow externally, during a nine-week scan. The parents, identified as 31-year-old Naomi Findlay, and 43-year-old Dean Wilkins, were told that ?termination? was the only option. Three weeks after her premature birth, Vanellope has survived three operations to move her heart inside her chest. The operations occurred at Glenfield Hospital, Leicester. The couple shared that first 10 minutes of Vanellope?s birth were crucial as they would determine her ability to breathe. ?But when she came out and she came out crying, that was it. The relief fell out of me,? said her mother. Her father said: ?Twenty minutes went by and she was still shouting her head off ? it made us so joyful and teary.? About five in eight million babies are born with this condition with a less than 10% chance of survival. Branko Mimic, the lead surgeon at the East Midlands Congenital Heart Centre, said: ?Cases such as Vanellope?s, where everything else appears essentially normal, are even rarer, and whilst it would seem more hopeful she will do well, it is therefore almost impossible to be confident of this.?
  16. Heard of the phrase 'hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'? It holds true and probably dates back to Biblical times where men spent their time making women happy! A woman probably loses her cool more often than not but there are very simple ways you can bring her back to the green zone, in a matter of minutes. No, I mean women don't really have a switch but if you align with their thought process a bit, it's easy to get her out of the red zone! Learning how to make up with your girlfriend means stepping lightly and treading slowly! Well, unless you've been unfaithful or disrespectful towards her, there is every possible way in which she will calm down. Women are very predictable creatures, contrary to popular belief. All they really need is a bit of pampering, acknowledgment and a bit of remorse from the man who did dare do her wrong! Here are 5 quick and easy ways to make up with your girlfriend. Yes, thank us later! Don't Second Guess The Problem You already probably know why she is upset and if you don't then ask her straight up. If she goes on a string of 'nothing is wrong' give her some time to come around BUT don't ignore her! That'll make it worse and she'll probably go on a 'you don't care about me or my feelings'. (c)Giphy Acknowledge The Problem By this I mean acknowledge her feelings. Women want to be acknowledged. From their hair and make-up, to even their thoughts and feelings, they like being acknowledged, especially by their men. So if you know she's upset about something you have or have not done, acknowledge it and talk to her about it. You can probably start by saying you are sorry if you're in the wrong and go on to explain your side of the story, calmly. (c)Giphy Hug Her Tight If she has smoke coming out of hers ears, fret not. Try this tried and tested formula. Go give her a big tight hug when she's fuming. Either she'll melt and hug you back or she will calm down, for sure. (c)Giphy Let Her Be Sometimes women need their space to come around. If she's really mad at you and a hug isn't working, neither is you asking her what's wrong, then maybe she needs some time and space to process her anger. So give her that time and space but let her know you are giving it to her. She will appreciate the maturity in you, even in her anger and definitely come around. (c)Giphy Do Something Nice For Her I mean, you can buy her a diamond after every fight but women usually like something more organic than men do. Like a gesture or an act of love. You could take her out to her favourite place or be creative and make her something she loves. Women never forget gestures and if you do one every time she's upset, that'll surely overpower the reason she was upset in the first place! (c)Giphy These 5 ways are a sure shot way to kill the anger that's brewing in the pits of her stomach, for sure. In case it doesn't, step out and bring her some ice-cream or her favourite food and that should sort you out for a while!
  17. While Virat Kohli was busy getting married in Italy, his dear friend and teammate Rohit Sharma had the onus of leading the Indian team against Sri Lanka in the first two One-Day Internationals (ODI). Though he failed to save India from a devastating loss in the first game, Rohit left no stone unturned in the second match to help India level the three-match series 1-1. The right-handed batsman played one of most memorable knocks of his career, scoring a blistering 208 off 153 balls including 13 fours and 12 sixes. It was the third double hundred of his career which propelled India to 392/4 and eventually ensured a 141-run triumph for the hosts. BCCL His masterful innings surely got the Indian cricket fans excited as wishes flowed in from every corner of the country. But, even before he enthralled everyone with his brilliant batting display, Rohit's heartfelt gesture to help a Sri Lankan fan before the second ODI shows he is more than just a good cricketer. According to a report in Mid-Day, Gayan Senanayaka, Pubudu and Mohamed Nilam were in India to support the Sri Lankan team. They had arrived at the start of the three-match Test series. However, during the final Test in Delhi, Nilam had to rush back to Colombo to be with his dad, who was diagnosed with throat cancer. Nilam and his friends had planned to stay for the entire duration of their team's tour, which included the limited-overs series, which will end on December 26th. So, they had booked their return tickets after the final T20I in Mumbai. BCCL With his father set to undergo surgery, Nilam had no option but to fly back home immediately. However, a price of a last-minute ticket was a tad too much for him to handle. And, just when Nilam appeared out of options, Rohit came to the rescue and did the needful. Rohit was informed about Nilam's plight by none other than Indian cricket superfan Sudhir Gautam - who has been a well-known follower of the great Sachin Tendulkar. "Rohit called me to the team hotel and gave me the (Rs 20,000 approx) ticket," Nilam was quoted as saying by the Mid-Day from Colombo. BCCL "My father (after surgery on 9 December) is much better now. The surgery went well. I was disturbed when I heard about my father's health, but Rohit has a big heart and he immediately arranged for my return ticket. He is a gem of a person. He even asked me whether I need any financial help for the surgery, but I refused to take any money. I am grateful that he arranged for my ticket," he added. Apart from Rohit, Nilam also revealed that Kohli, who was in Italy for his marriage, also offered his help. "When Virat bhai came to know about my father's health, he too messaged me and asked if I needed any help. I congratulated Viratbhai on his wedding. I feel blessed and lucky to get so much love from Indian cricketers. They have always been very helpful in arranging match tickets whenever we come to watch them," he said.
  18. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation (EU 2016/679) that is intended to strengthen and unify data protection for EU residents from 25th May 2018. How can Invision Community help? While Invision Community enables you to collect and store information, it's important to note that you as the site owner are the data controller. If your site is hosted in the EU, then we recommend that you research your responsibilities. We have introduced several new tools in Invision Community 4.2.7 to help you with compliance, and we'll run through them and the relevant sections of the regulation in this blog. Individual Rights (More information) Right to be informed Invision Community has an area for you to edit your own privacy policy. This is found in the Admin CP > Settings > Terms & Privacy Policy. Guidance on what the policy should contain can be found here. Right to erasure (More information) Invision Community allows you to delete a member from the Admin CP. If the member has left posts or comments on your community, you can elect to delete the content, or keep it but remove the author's details thereby making the content anonymous. Lawful bases for processing (More information) Consent (More information) Invision Community now features a setting to not automatically opt in to administrator emails such as those sent by the bulk email system often used for newsletters when registering a new account on your community. This feature is found in the ACP > Members > Registration Settings Part of the consent regulation is to record when consent was given. The consent to opt-in for administrator emails such as bulk emails sent via the Admin CP is recorded at registration, and each time they change the setting. This record can be found in the member history log when viewing a member in the Admin CP. If you change the Terms & Conditions, or the Privacy Policy, you can request that members accept these changes when they next log in thus giving their consent for those changes. Cookies (More information) Invision Community stores a small amount of data in cookies. These are used to authorize you when you re-visit a community. Other cookies are used to provide a service at the user's request, such as changing a theme or using Commerce's cart. We have added additional features for Invision Community 4.2.7 to permit acknolwedgement that cookies will be set, and a brief page outlining the types of cookies that are set. Invision Community has a feature that shows a small message to new visitors to the community. This is found in the Admin CP > Terms & Privacy Policy page. We have pre-configured a cookie acknowledgement message using the short-tags {cookies}. This will display as follows: This links to a new page showing brief information about the types of cookies that Invision Community stores. Although at the time of writing this blog entry, the regulation states that there is no exact information that you need to show on the cookie page, you can edit it to add more detail if you wish. Summary We hope these new tools available with Invision Community 4.2.7 make it easier for you to seek compliance with GDPR if you choose to do so. It's worth pointing out that we are awesome at making community software and know a huge amount about making communities successful, but we are not experts in EU regulation. We offer this blog entry as a way to assist you in seeking compliance but you must do your own research and are responsible for your own community. Invision Community 4.2.7 is currently in beta testing. We're aiming to release it early next week. We hope this is a good starting point for you!
  19. If you've ever seen John Cena's Instagram account, you would know it's a piece of art that no one understands. It's just a bunch of pictures, that don't really go together, with no explanation whatsoever. And, all along that was his intention. He wants to leave it all up to interpretation, like a true artist. Or maybe, just maybe, he's in all the pictures, but we just can't see him? Wait, is that it? Have I cracked the code? I feel like no one really pays much attention to his weird AF Instagram, but a few days ago he posted one of his obscure images with no explanation that got everyone talking. Actually, it was mostly just Indians who were confused and proud at the same time. The picture in question is of none other than Rahul Dravid, along with one of his inspirational quotes, and obviously, all the desi people caught on. A post shared by John Cena (@johncena) on Dec 10, 2017 at 1:50am PST Obviously, the whole comment section started flooding with Indians appreciating how one legend is acknowledging another legend. John himself didn't say a word, but all the people in the comments are thanking him, but that's still kind of nice. Even Varun Dhawan decided to share his views, by commenting on the picture. Everyone gets excited whenever an international star like him references India in any way, and rightly so. But wait, that's not it. Johnny has posted another picture on his Instagram that has attracted a horde of Indians once again. This time it's a picture of Amitabh Bachchan and Kapil Dev. A post shared by John Cena (@johncena) on Dec 13, 2017 at 7:41am PST Well, it seems like after years of suppressing it, John Cena is finally showing his love for cricket and Bollywood through his Instagram, and we're so here for it, it's okay Johnny, we love you no matter what. Varun Dhawan is also back, but he just liked the picture this time. And now, my personal favourite comment on the picture – Lurkdaddy, I have so many questions. Who was this directed!at – John Cena, Kapil Dev or Amitabh Bachchan? Why do you want to see their 'bobs'? And, what about the vagene? Are you okay, man? Well, but one thing's for sure now, John Cena loves India as much as all the Indians love him. Finally, we're receiving some love, doesn't it feel nice?
  20. Dinosaurs, the most fearsome creatures ever to walk the Earth, were bugged already 100 million years ago by a paltry pest that still plagues animals today: the bloodsucking tick, scientists have discovered. PARIS: Dinosaurs, the most fearsome creatures ever to walk the Earth, were bugged already 100 million years ago by a paltry pest that still plagues animals today: the bloodsucking tick, scientists have discovered. Preserved for eternity in amber, fossilised tree resin, researchers have found a hard tick ? uncannily similar to those we know ? clinging to a 99-million-year-old dinosaur feather, a team wrote in the journal Nature Communications this week. "The discovery is remarkable because fossils of parasitic, blood-feeding creatures directly associated with remains of their host are exceedingly scarce, and the new specimen is the oldest known to date," they said in a statement. The well-preserved, juvenile insect was less than a millimetre in size, had eight legs, but no eyes. One of its legs was entangled in the barb of a "pennaceous" feather ? those with a central quill as sported by some dinosaurs and their modern offspring: birds. The team could not identify which type of dinosaur the feather had belonged to, but dated it to the Cretaceous period some 145 million to 66 million years ago. "So although we can?t be sure what kind of dinosaur the tick was feeding on, the mid-Cretaceous age of the Burmese amber confirms that the feather certainly did not belong to a modern bird, as these appeared much later in... evolution," said study co-author Ricardo Perez-de la Fuente of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. The fossilised tick provides the first evidence of an early parasitic relationship between ticks and dinos, the team said. And they found further evidence, though less direct, with the discovery of two specimens of a different tick ? which they named after the fictitious bloodsucker Count Dracula ? also locked up in amber. These ticks had remains of skin beetle larvae stuck to them. Skin beetles feed in nests, consuming feathers, skin, and hair. Is it a bird? "And as no mammal hairs have yet been found in Cretaceous amber," the ticks? host was likely to have been a feathered dinosaur, said the team. The pair of ticks were named Deinocroton draculi from the Greek for "terrible" (deinos) and "tick" (kroton), followed by a nod to Bram Stoker?s famous vampire. "Together, these findings provide direct and indirect evidence that ticks have been parasitising and sucking blood from dinosaurs within the evolutionary lineage leading to modern birds for almost 100 million years," the researchers said. "While the birds were the only lineage of theropod dinosaurs to survive the mass extinction at the end of the Cretaceous 66 million years ago, the ticks did not just cling on for survival, they continued to thrive." Ticks feed off the blood of animals, sometimes transmitting ailments such as Lyme disease, typhus, or tick fever. The team said whatever remained of the blood the ticks had sucked, would not have preserved any dinosaur DNA.
  21. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Photo: AFP file WASHINGTON: US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Tuesday that he does not enjoy dealing with Pakistan. Tillerson?s statement was made during a town hall meeting held with employees of the US State Department. When asked if he enjoyed his job, Tillerson replied that he was learning to enjoy it but did not enjoy the task of dealing with countries such as Pakistan and North Korea. According to the US Secretary of State, relations with Pakistan which he termed an important and valued partner had drifted and had to be brought back to one of common interest. Tillerson visited Pakistan in October and held meetings with the country?s top political and military leadership. "Pakistan is important regionally to our joint goals of providing peace and security to the region and providing an opportunity for greater economic relationship," Tillerson was quoted as saying during his meeting with Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi. The US Embassy, in a statement released, said the secretary of state reiterated President Trump?s message that Pakistan must increase its efforts to ?eradicate militants and terrorists operating within the country?. ?The Secretary outlined the United States? new South Asia Strategy and the vital role that Pakistan can play in working with the United States and others to facilitate a peace process in Afghanistan that can bring stability and security to the region,? said the statement from the US embassy. During the meeting, Tillerson also expressed appreciation for Pakistan?s sacrifices in the fight against terrorism. ?The Secretary also expressed his gratitude to the Government of Pakistan and the Pakistani Army for their cooperation in securing the release of the Boyle-Coleman family from captivity,? added the statement.
  22. Rohit Sharma scored his third double hundred in One Day Internationals in the second game against Sri Lanka in Mohali. By achieving this incredible feat, Rohit became the first cricketer with these many double tons in ODI. No other cricketer has even two double tons. © Twitter On reaching the century, Rohit Sharma acknowledged his wife who was in the stands cheering for him and team India, wiping her tears. This is how Sharma celebrated his first century: A captain's knock. @ImRo45 has looked in full flow and has marched on to a well-made century. ODI Century no. 16 #TeamIndia #INDvSL — BCCI (@BCCI) December 13, 2017 Twitter was ecstatic after another double from Sharma. Does not need any of the modern innovative shots to get these double hundreds , Rohit Sharma. Devastating yet so classical. ððððð#INDvSL #RohitSharma — Sanjay Manjrekar (@sanjaymanjrekar) December 13, 2017 Only Person On The Field With A Better Timing Than Rohit Sharma Is The Cameraman Showing Rohit's Wife After Every SIX. ðððð®ð³#INDvSL #INDvsSL #RohitSharma — Sir Ravindra Jadeja (@SirJadeja) December 13, 2017 Incidentally it was the Rohit and Ritika's second anniversary and this seemed like a perfect gift for Ritika from Rohit. A world record and a captain's knock during his wedding anniversary. And a fitting reply to those who trolled him. Captain Rohit Sharma ðð¼ — Trollywood (@TrollywoodOffl) December 13, 2017 For once, even Sehwag decided to tweet straight off the bat without any puns. Wah Rohit Wah ! 35 balls for the second hundred. So proud of you Rohit Sharma ! — Virender Sehwag (@virendersehwag) December 13, 2017 Sunil Gavaskar: Convert 1s into 2s Rohit Sharma: Convert 100s into 200s — Trendulkar (@Trendulkar) December 13, 2017 After a massive defeat in the first game at Dharamshala, Rohit Sharma and his men were under enormous pressure to score big in the second game. India gave a target of 392 to the Sri Lankans bouncing back nicely after a horrendous game.
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  24. Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) chief Sirajul Haq pictured while addressing the attendees of a long march held earlier today in the federal capital. Photo: Geo News ISLAMABAD: Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) chief Sirajul Haq on Tuesday said his party would stage a sit-in in Islamabad if the government fails to go ahead with the merger of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). "Residents of tribal areas want their rights, they want a merger with KP, and they want the abolition of Frontier Crimes Regulations (FCR)," Haq said while addressing attendees of a long march in the federal capital's Faizabad vicinity. He announced a protest in the federal capital on December 31 if the government fails to go ahead with the merger of FATA with KP. "Residents of FATA are participating in a long march toward Islamabad, particularly the National Assembly with the basic objective of love for Pakistan and hatred for a system based on injustice, oppression, and FCR," he said. The JI Amir further said that people living in the tribal areas want their offspring to be educated. FATA reforms: Opposition walks out over govt's failure to table bill in NA PM calls parliamentary leaders for meeting on Friday; opposition parties form negotiating committee The opposition staged a walkout in the National Assembly earlier today after the government failed to table a bill pertaining to reforms in the tribal areas. During the assembly session, chaired by Speaker Ayaz Sadiq, Opposition Leader Khursheed Shah criticised the callous attitude of the government regarding the bill. He remarked that the government was not serious about the implementation of the FATA Reforms Bill. "Seventy years have passed, we must work towards solving the problems of people of FATA," he said, adding ?we hope that FATA Reforms Bill is part of the assembly agenda tomorrow [Wednesday].? ?Our stance was very clear, if you don?t do this [table the bill] then it is an insult of the Parliament,? he said, adding ?we want the Parliament to be respected.? The opposition leader further said that they will continue to stage walkouts till a clarification is given for delaying the matter. FATA Reforms Bill The recommendations to bring FATA at par with the rest of the country were approved at the Cabinet meeting on FATA reforms on March 2. Once FATA is made part of KP, the province's share in the National Finance Commission will increase, as three percent will be earmarked for the region. Opposition irked by govt failure to present FATA Reforms Bill in NA The KP Assembly had adopted a resolution on December 14, 2016, in favour of merging FATA with KP that would help rehabilitate and reconstruct the infrastructure including roads, communications, power lines, water supply, education and health facilities.
  25. [embed_video1 url= style=center] RAWALPINDI: Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa on Tuesday reassured the Ambassador of the State of Palestine His Excellency Walid A.M. Abu Ali that Pakistan views the unresolved Palestine issue at par with the Kashmir issue. The ambassador called on General Bajwa at the General Head Quarters on Tuesday, the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said. General Bajwa said that both, the Palestine and Kashmir issues, have unequivocal public, moral, and political support of the Pakistani nation and the country will continue to support the principled stance on both regardless of the so-called reality of occupation. Jerusalem is eternal Palestinian capital, Palestine President dismisses US peace role In response to US President Donald Trump?s announcement that he was recognising the city as Israel?s capital Abu Ali thanked the COAS for Pakistan?s support to the Palestinian cause. Earlier this week, the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas had said that Jerusalem was the ?eternal capital of the State of Palestine? in response to US President Donald Trump?s announcement that he was recognising the city as Israel?s capital. In a pre-recorded speech played on Palestine TV, Abbas had rejected Trump?s announcement, which included a decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, a move he said was ?tantamount to the United States abdicating its role as a peace mediator.? A statement from Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi's office on December 7 stated that it is "deeply regrettable that pleas from states across the globe not to alter the legal and historical status of Al-Quds Al-Sharif have been ignored, more out of choice than necessity." United States recognises Jerusalem as Israel's capital Jerusalem is the home of the modern Israeli state, says Trump President Donald Trump on December 6 recognised the disputed city of Jerusalem as Israel's capital - a historic decision that overturns decades of US policy and risks triggering a fresh spasm of violence in the Middle East. "This decision represents a serious violation of international law and applicable UN Security Council resolutions, more specifically UNSCR 478. It is a serious setback to the rule of law and international norms. It signals a severe blow to the Middle East peace process as well," the statement from the Prime Minister's Office said. Pakistan shares the international outrage and is deeply concerned over the implications of this decision for international peace and security, especially in the Middle East, the statement said and added that Pakistan called upon the UN Security Council to take cognisance of this situation and take steps in accordance with the UN Charter. Pakistan has urged the United States to revisit its decision as soon as possible in order to avoid the potentially grave repercussions in the region and beyond."