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Found 146 results

  1. A year ago Donald Trump ceded control of The Trump Organization to his adult sons, but refused to divest his assets, sparking a furious backlash from political opponents and ethics experts. Photo: Getty Images1 NEW YORK: A year ago Donald Trump ceded control of The Trump Organization to his adult sons, but refused to divest his assets, sparking a furious backlash from political opponents and ethics experts. Today his golf clubs in Florida and New Jersey, where he spent more than 80 days in 2017, provide a backdrop to his presidency. His opponents complain bitterly and lawsuits have mounted up against opaque ties between the White House and the company. A prime example of this contentious cocktail of business and politics is the Trump International Hotel in Washington, a six-minute drive from the White House. If some doubted whether transforming Washington´s old post office into a luxury Trump hotel would spell success, today its rooms, restaurants and conference rooms swarm with foreign diplomats and lobbyists. "The hotel is kind of a separate White House where you can buy a $27 Margarita and where you can talk to people who will talk the next day to the president," says Austin Envers, executive director of American Oversight, a non-profit bankrolled by Democratic donors to expose ethical violations of the Trump administration. "It´s a way to get access to people who work in the administration that regular Americans don´t have." Stays by Saudi and Malaysian delegations were questionable, says Envers, so too an event held by a group representing e-cigarette makers. A little while later, the administration froze a regulation requiring stricter oversight of the sector. Trump´s habit of making surprise visits to his properties, which has continued in office, has handed them only greater publicity and captivated guests. "Exceptional service," wrote one recent guest from Australia who gave his name only as David in an online review at "The extra bonus was when POTUS and FLOTUS showed up standing a couple of feet in front of my wife and me." POTUS bonus But neither is the presidency necessarily an automatic meal ticket either. The Trump Organization refused to comment to AFP, but in a recent interview with The New York Times, Eric Trump said the company had decided to focus on existing properties, which include 16 golf courses, a winery, seven hotels and commercial real estate. As part of the deal made public before the inauguration, the company vowed not to seek new foreign deals while Trump was in office. In New York, the group has also cut ties with Trump SoHo, which had been boycotted by celebrities and now operates as The Dominick Hotel. According to US media, several properties in Democratic majority cities such as Chicago and New York have suffered declining interest. Prior to the 2016 election, the company said it was launching a slightly more affordable hotel chain Scion, a name notable for its lack of obvious connection to Trump. The first is due to open in Cleveland, Mississippi, a Republican town later this year. But growth or not, there is a problem, opponents of the president say. 'More we don't know' The sheer fact that Trump could profit from his presidency and that foreign governments could patronize The Trump Organization to curry favour, is enough to create innumerable conflicts of interest, said Evers. In a lawsuit filed in June, nearly 200 Democratic members of Congress cited examples of favours accorded by foreign governments to the Trump Organization, including long-sought trademarks approved in China. They demand that any foreign income or contract should be submitted to Congress for approval, in keeping with the emoluments clause of the US Constitution. "If President Trump believes that his receipt of foreign emoluments raises no corruption concerns, he simply needs to present them to Congress -- which his party controls -- and get approval before he accepts them," said Connecticut´s Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal, who spearheaded the lawsuit. "The fact that he has refused to take that step -- thumbing his nose at the Constitution -- raises serious questions about what he is trying to hide." The Trump Organization is a family firm, is not listed on the stock exchange and as such does not release its earnings. Trump has also always refused to release his tax returns, meaning that much is unknown about deals and finances. Disclosures published in June by the Office of Government Ethics showed that Trump brought in around $600 to $650 million in assets and income over the last year. His income at Mar-a-Lago, his Florida private members club nicknamed the "Winter White House," was up from $30 to $37 million. "There is every reason to believe there is much more we don´t know about, and it is probably the things we don´t know about that are the most troubling," said Blumenthal.
  2. Nowadays, our life has become more active on our timelines, than it is otherwise. Even though most of the interactions take place behind the small digital screen, and we may call it 'quality time' but it's still a far cry. Amidst all the facade and commotion, we've forgotten what it's like to be human. We survive behind a macho display picture, and say things which we probably aspire to be someday. To call out this particular shift in the millennial generation, Fastrack is reaching out to the youth in the country to 'Shut The Fake Up'. Seriously, if somebody asks us today to narrate the story of our life, what's going to be the first trail of thoughts that will run through our mind? Let me give you a trailer for the most predictable scenario: Is this picture worth getting me likes? Which hashtag should I use? Is this filter okay? Can I find a better caption to get more likes on this picture? Oh c'mon, why isn't anybody liking or commenting on my post? Did I post it too late? Looks like people are too busy right now to notice...or maybe they unfollowed me! Urgh. Sometimes our FOMO gets to such levels that we forget to enjoy things as they're actually supposed to be enjoyed. We forget to be real and start living a poster-fake life. Instead, what if we focused on experiencing life without qualms about what a thousand other people might think? What if we started living REAL? It's going to make so much of a difference. Don't you think? This video by Fastrack perfectly captures a millennial's social media-frenzied life story. And, it gives us an awesome twist to show us how the REAL STORY could be only if one chooses to stay honestly real. Seriously, if only we take a real resolution to get our life sorted! Watch and let us know if you agree too.
  3. I was always into sports. As grew up and work replaced leisure, parties made me forget about one of the most important component of life – Fitness. The 9-5 got me stuck in the same routine for years in a row. I was a slave to the living life on the weekends. The realization kicked in sometime around December 2014, when I stepped on weighing machine. I weighed about 72KG at 5' 6”. To worsen the case, I was skinny fat and pretty weak. Of course I was called names and body shaming was definitely one of the reasons I stepped into a gym. Initially, I was just a weekend warrior. I went in and did almost nothing fruitful. Training for a goal never happened. In 2015, one of Greg Plitt's video made me realize that there's so much more to life than just making a living. © Jatin One year later on 1 Jan 2016, I started my fitness journey. The approach this time was different- only weights and no Cardio. I had got my share of bodybuilding knowledge from extensive reading and research. © Jatin Till February 2016, I made good progress and lost around 5 kg but I knew that my diet wasn't on point. I was still lagging behind in terms of completing my protein requirements. I didn't want to add more scoops of whey protein and being a vegetarian by birth, eggs and chicken were a taboo for me. Realizing that most of the vegetarian protein sources come along with carbs, it was tough for me to maintain my low carb-high protein diet consistently. I decided to give my body whatever it needed and added chicken and eggs to my diet routine and I never looked back since then. © Jatin So far into my entire fitness journey, I am pretty much injury free. Whenever I feel that a workout is taxing my joints, I switch exercises. In April 2017, I participated in a competition of running and covered 800+ Km in 30 odd days for my team. Though I didn't lose any weight in this period as I was eating close to 6000 calories/day but my overall body composition changed drastically. Post competition, I realized that I had lost a considerable amount of strength and muscle in my lower body and gained a bit of fat. I restarted the body construction from ground zero and got shredded again by June 2017. © Jatin In 2017 I decided to pursue my Passion along with my 9-5 Job and completed a Certification of Sports Nutrition Specialist. To me, training is one of the most important aspects of my life. It keeps me goal oriented and boosts my self-confidence when I crush goals. Before I started with my fitness quest, I was an impatient guy. I always use to look for all in or all out approach and lacked long term discipline. Fitness taught me the art of discipline. They say – Be Persistent- You'll achieve it .Be consistent and you'll keep it. It's true for anything in life. The Goals Ahead I am currently trying to be the leanest I can ever be, naturally. Following a caveman's diet is one of the strategies that have worked for me. Eggs and chicken are my staple food for protein while rice and potatoes complete my carbohydrate intake. Fats are taken care of by yolks, coconut oil and animal fat from meat. Veggies come without cost of calories and I eat as much as I can to get all the fiber and vitamins I need. On Supplements- I try to keep things very basic – whey protein with glutamine. I also take caffeine pre workout for energy. Fish oil to avoid excess inflammation and keep immunity in check and multivitamins to avoid any dietary pitfalls. In 2018, one of my personal goals will be to maintain a six pack all year round while gaining as much muscle mass as possible. Let's see how that goes!
  4. Saif Ali Khan has not only managed to carve a niche for himself as a mature actor over the years, he has done the same in terms of men's fashion in the country. He has only grown more and more sophisticated over the years, doing justice to the expectations out of his regal lineage. We have seen him transform into one of the most fashionable actors in the recent years. Staying true to his ever-evolving style statement, his latest airport look has broken the biggest stereotype that we were labouring under till now. For the longest time, the 'classic, vintage Indian gentleman' look has been ignored, because it was not perceived to be fashionable enough by the B-town. Enter Chhote Nawab with his 'I wear what I like' vibe and bam! The 80s is back with his classic outfit, minus the kitsch. © Viral Bhayani When was the last time you saw someone famous wearing a cotton shirt, tucked inside a pair of vintage, pleated, high-waisted trousers? Saif not only wears it, but he manages to give it such a statement edge that we can't help but marvel at it! © Viral Bhayani The blue and white Gingham pattern of the relaxed fit shirt goes perfectly with the cocoa-brown trousers. One thing that we must focus on is the fit of those trousers and the (higher-than-usual) waist. We bet no one else will dare put on their trousers at a level where Saif has fastened it. He justifies not having to always sport a slim and trim waistline, and somehow even makes it desirable using his impeccable sartorial sense! The pleats and fall of the trousers have an extreme high fashion edge to them, and they look like they will effortlessly blend in on a runway in Milan or Paris. © Viral Bhayani We love how he has accessorized his look, keeping it super casual and understated. The absence of a belt is a very clever move because it helps us focus on that impeccably tailored pair of trousers. Add to that the smart Oxfords in faded tan and that statement silver watch, and we get a look that spells utter sophistication. The bold blue-tinted 70s style sunglasses complete his look. © Viral Bhayani Well played, Mr Khan!
  5. Egyptian security forces keep position outside the Nativity of Christ Cathedral in Egypt's new administrative capital, near Cairo, January 6, 2018. AFP/Khaled Desouki NATIVITY OF CHRIST CATHEDRAL: Coptic Orthodox Christians packed Egypt's newly built Nativity of Christ Cathedral on Saturday for a Christmas Eve mass after a bloody year for a minority repeatedly targeted by extremists. Police had bolstered security around the country's churches for days, especially at the cathedral east of Cairo where President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi came to pay his respects to the ancient community. He walked in alongside Coptic Pope Tawadros II and took to the altar amid ululations and cries of "we love you". "We love you too," he responded. "You are our family, you are from us, we are one and no one will divide us." Sisi said the cathedral ? in a new administrative capital Egypt is building ? was a "message to the world, a message of peace, and a message of love". Military and political officials also attended the mass, conducted in a mix of ancient Greek and Coptic. "It really is excellent... I love him," said church volunteer Sandy Atef. "I love him because he saved us from the Brotherhood," said Hedy Elwahsh, an Evangelical Christian who attended the mass, referring to the 2013 overthrow of president Mohamed Morsi by the military, led by Sisi. Since then, security forces have sought to quell attacks led by the Egypt branch of Daesh, which has increasingly targeted Christians. Tightened security around the cathedral and other churches were a testament to fears of another attack. Police set up barriers around the church and spread out on the street leading to it while congregants took pictures before a Christmas tree outside. Within the church, some congregants had small Egyptian flags and used cellphones to take pictures of public figures as they entered. Daesh extremists have taken aim at other civilians, including more than 300 Muslim worshippers massacred at a mosque last November. But they have focused on the ancient Coptic community ? the largest Christian group in the Middle East. In December 2016, a Daesh suicide bomber killed almost 30 worshippers at a church in Cairo located in the Saint Mark's Cathedral complex, the seat of the Coptic papacy. In the Sinai Peninsula ? where Daesh is based ? hundreds of Christians were then forced to flee after a wave of assassinations. Daesh extremists killed more than 40 people in twin church bombings in April and, a month later, shot dead almost 30 Christians as they headed to a monastery. The year ended with a Daesh extremist killing nine people in an attack on a church in a south Cairo suburb. Copts ? who make up about 10 percent of Egypt's 96 million people ? have long complained of discrimination and intermittent sectarian attacks.
  6. The next frontier for Mobile Communication is 5G and we've already seen dozens of field tests and experiments on what this technology can achieve. Companies like Nokia, Samsung, Ericsson, Huawei, Intel and more have been very active in conducting tests and flaunting the results online. While this technology is widely expected to be consumer available by 2019, AT&T seems to have a better trick up its sleeve. It's sure that this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is going to be all about 5G and its applications and we can't wait to see what lies ahead of us. © 3GPP AT&T just unveiled plans to launch spec-based mobile 5G to everyday consumers in 12 cities by late 2018. It's not specific about where those markets are or which devices will be the first to adopt the faster speeds, but the arrival of the 5G spec has kicked off the start of hardware development. © Reuters AT&T's announcement comes shortly after the first 5G new radio standards were finalized last month by international cellular standards body 3GPP, enabling hardware, chip, and device designers to start bringing standards-compliant products to market. “5G will change the way we live, work and enjoy entertainment,” said AT&T technology and operations president Melissa Arnoldi. “With faster speeds and ultra-low latency, 5G will ultimately deliver and enhance experiences like virtual reality, future driverless cars, immersive 4K video and more.” By comparison, AT&T's rivals have each committed to smaller or later 5G rollouts. "In addition to plans for offering mobile 5G to consumers this year, we expect to trial 5G technology with businesses of all sizes across industries to help them to transform business operations and create more engaging experiences for their customers." the statement said. © Ericsson Press Conference at MWC 2016, Picture by Reuters Getting carrier support for 5G in place is only the first step. It's unlikely that there will be many devices with the necessary 5G radios ready to take advantage of the service in 2018. The first ones will probably be mobile hotspots and special devices created to AT&T's specifications. On the other hand, T-Mobile announced its 5G deployment on Jan. 3, the same day that Verizon announced that it had selected Samsung as the builder for some of its 5G network equipment, primarily home routers. Verizon is focusing its 5G development on fixed wireless hotspots that could be used in both urban and rural settings. The fact that 5G speeds are going to become a reality by the end of 2018, we can expect it to come to India shortly after. As of now, there is no word as to when the technology will be available to use in India, however, the future looks rather bright.
  7. LOS ANGELES: "Game of Thrones" is taking a year off, US cable network HBO announced Thursday, confirming the widely-held understanding that one of history´s most popular shows would not wrap until 2019. HBO did not specify when exactly the eighth and final series will debut but, regardless of the time of year, it will be the longest wait ever for fans desperate to know which character ends up in the coveted Iron Throne. The news was largely welcomed by the entertainment press, with critics satisfied that the lay-off would mean a higher-quality final season. Reports first began circulating in summer 2017 that "GoT" might skip 2018 and Sophie Turner, one of its stars, revealed in a recent interview she didn´t expect the series to return this year. "As the biggest hit in HBO´s history, one the subscription service hoped to continue for additional seasons, keeping the show around a while longer isn´t a bad thing," wrote Entertainment Weekly´s James Hibberd. "Also, with season seven contending for Emmy awards in 2018 due to its summer launch last year, HBO can focus its ´GoT´ promotional efforts on its Emmy campaign rather than launching a new season." Starring Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke, Peter Dinklage and numerous other big names, "Game of Thrones" tells the story of noble families vying for control of the Iron Throne, all the while keeping one eye on the "White Walkers" leading hordes of the undead in an invasion from the North. The show, which has more Emmy Awards than any other narrative series and pulls in more than 20 million US viewers per episode, moved beyond George R.R. Martin´s "A Song of Ice and Fire" novels in season six. Showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss announced in 2016 it would finish with 13 episodes spread over a final two seasons. A seven-episode seventh season hit screens last summer and the final run will extend over just six episodes.
  8. A child embraces a globe-shaped balloon ? ahead of the start of the 2015 Paris World Climate Change Conference (COP21) summit ? in Rome, Italy, November 29, 2015. REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi/Files This will be a big year for the Paris climate agreement. The broad outlines of the deal were figured out in 2015, but the specific rules governing what it requires countries to do will have to be written by the end of 2018. In spite of Donald Trump?s decision to withdraw the United States from the accord, the deal appears surprisingly strong. In the final months of 2017, Nicaragua and Syria ? the last two holdouts of the more than 190 nations that met in Paris ? signed on. The United States, meanwhile, will not be able to withdraw from the agreement until November 4, 2020 ? four years to the day after the agreement went into effect and, coincidentally, one day after the next U.S. presidential election. Now it?s time to figure out the fine print. The process that must wrap up before the end of 2018 is comparable to the period after Congress passes any legislation when regulatory agencies need to figure out what a given law will mean in practice. Over the course of 2018, negotiators from around the world will be working through the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the treaty that undergirds the Paris Agreement, to do something similar. At the top of their to-do list are rules for what the UN calls ?transparency? ? that is, rules for measuring countries? emissions, and for measuring their progress toward reducing that pollution. When each country signed on to the agreement, it offered a goal, or a ?national determined contribution,? stating how much it planned to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Over time, countries are expected to improve on those pledges. The Paris Agreement?s objective is that these goals will gradually add up to a large enough reduction in global emissions that global warming can be contained within 2 degrees Celsius (36 degrees Fahrenheit.) Transparency is essential to determine whether that 2-degree target is realistic. Practically speaking, the UN needs to figure out how countries will report their progress toward their emission-cutting goals. It will also need to figure out how to determine whether those reports are accurate. This will mean digging into topics that, during past rounds of negotiations, have proven to be complex and technically intricate. When it comes to reporting, ?the Paris Agreement itself essentially points to a common approach for countries but also acknowledges a need for flexibility for the countries that need it,? says David Waskow, head of the DC-based World Resources Institute?s International Climate Initiative. That ?common approach? is key, and something that U.S. diplomats representing both Republican and Democratic administrations have pushed for years. If the UN has different standards for different countries ? for instance, if it holds India and China to lower transparency standards than the European Union ? then the agreement will be weakened at a time when it needs to get much stronger. The flip side of those common reporting standards is flexibility. By allowing for some variation in the information that countries report, the UN acknowledges that not every country will be able to measure their greenhouse gas emissions with the same degree of accuracy. A national government, Waskow explains, needs ?to know basic data about not only power plants but industrial facilities, what?s happening with transportation systems and vehicles, what kind of fuels are being used, what?s happening in the agriculture sector, what?s happening with land use, et cetera. It requires government capacity not only at the national level but at the sub-national level ? the city and state and provincial level ? to be able to know what power plants and industrial facilities are in operation and at what level they?re producing and emitting.? Not every county has that capacity. The specifics of how the UN deals with the range of data available is one of the things that must be figured out in 2018. One of the goals of the Paris Agreement is that every country eventually will be able to report information with the same degree of accuracy. Initially, however, that won?t be the case. So, negotiators, this year, will have to write rules that require strong, accurate reports, but that leave developing countries some wiggle room. Negotiators will also have to figure out how the UN will measure emissions outside national borders, including those from airplanes and boats in international waters. Planes and boats together account for about four percent of global emissions, by some estimates, and both air travel and maritime cargo shipping are expected to increase in coming years. Measuring these emissions will likely involve greater use of technology, especially satellites that can measure carbon dioxide and other climate change-causing pollutants from space. A further complicating factor is the rule-writing role of the United States and China, the two countries that head the Paris Agreement?s committee on transparency and which are also the world?s top two carbon emitters. Washington has historically championed stronger transparency, but whether State Department diplomats will remain as invested in the issue given the nation?s current one-foot-out-the-door status is unclear. China, meanwhile, has at times balked at efforts to assess its role in climate change. In the past, the country has shared its own internal statistics on emissions but has refused to answer questions about how those statistics were calculated. China?s data on coal use, a major contributor to its greenhouse gas emissions, has not always been reliable and, at times, the country has dramatically revised past reports. But Chinese President Xi Jinping is trying to position his country as a global leader on climate change, a mantle the United States dropped when President Obama left office. Whether that means advocating for stronger transparency rules remains to be seen. Ultimately, if the UN ends 2018 with strong rules on transparency, countries will have greater faith in the Paris Agreement. They?ll know, with greater certainty, that what they?re doing is making a difference. Looking beyond 2018, countries will begin offering up stronger and stronger emissions-cutting pledges. Once the rules are written, those undertakings are ?the other critical task,? says Waskow. ?Those together will put the Paris Agreement fully into motion and make it a living, breathing thing with real consequence.? The transparency rules will not just determine whether the world avoids a dangerous level of climate change ? they will determine whether countries have faith in the UN?s delicate effort to protect the planet.
  9. Remember how the world was supposed to end in 2017, that too multiple times? I don't know what happened there and I'm very disappointed about that. But, anyhow we made it to 2018 and apparently the world is ending again this year. So yay, something to look forward to! It's a new year and no one knows what will happen in 2018, but that doesn't stop people from predicting the future. And, the best part is that some of these predictions were made centuries ago. French prophet Nostradamus has some extremely dire predictions for this year, and the only reason they are even being talked about right now is because he was apparently the one who accurately predicted the rise of Napoleon and Hitler and the 9/11 Twin Towers attacks. Nostradamus died in 1556, but not before making a lot of predictions for the future. Many researchers of the infamous prophet believe that he has correctly foretold the current barbaric acts being committed by ISIS in the Middle East including its bid to capture areas of Europe to fulfil its Caliphate. Reportedly, Nostradamus would look into a bowl full of water and receive visions of the future. He was the one to predict a lot of diverse events in history, including the 1871 Great Fire of Chicago, the rise of Adolf Hitler in the 1930s, and even the rise of President Donald Trump in 2016. And, now people are also looking at all the things his writings could tell us about what to expect in 2018, and it's not looking good. According to Alessandro Bruno, who wrote on, “Negative energy will intensify and accelerate with unprecedented intensity and speed. One of the signs is the fact that society has become ever more inequitable, fuelling the negative energy. This intensification of spiritual evil is what will provoke the destabilization of the world.” “The Nostradamus WW3 predictions have gained traction because so many people feel helpless. They sense that the world is beyond their control and they feel that difficult times are ahead. World War 3 news has become current again. That's because most people are ignoring the fact that Russia and the United States have resumed a level of tension not seen since almost 30 years ago.” Apparently, Nostradamus wrote: “A war will start between the two great world powers and it will last for a period of 27 years.” Well, if an impending world war wasn't enough, Italian volcano Mount Vesuvius will also erupt – 'shaking the earth every five minutes'. But, the year can't just have one major natural disaster, right? It also believed that an earthquake will also rock the western area of the US. But wait, there's more! It isn't just the people on Earth or the Earth itself that is a threat as Nostradamus has been interpreted as saying: “A moment of great violence will coincide with the appearance of a comet in the sky. A nuclear terrorism and natural catastrophes will destroy our planet.” Scary, isn't it? Especially considering President Donald Trump's tweet from today. North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un just stated that the “Nuclear Button is on his desk at all times.” Will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 3, 2018 He might just start a nuclear war just for the heck of it. Also, even with all the death and destruction that is apparently going to happen, Nostradamus has also predicted that people would be living up to 'at least 200 years of age'. This is just getting confusing now. We all know for a fact that all these end of the world predictions should be taken with a grain of salt, but at least they're giving us something to look forward to, I guess. We've only ever studied about World Wars, now we might just be living through it. Well, looks like we have some exciting times ahead.
  10. Badrinath star Varun Dhawan "would love to" get married in 2018 but fears the same thing every young person in love does: parents' reaction. Dhawan, 30 ? said to be in a relationship with designer Natasha Dalal ? wants to get married this year, an Indian media outlet reported, but the item may not actually be on his agenda in 2018. "I don't know how my parents would react to it. Being Punjabis, they would want to do it the traditional way. "The next step is something every individual wants to take at some point, but right now, it's not on the agenda," the Student of the Year actor told Times of India. "I have just moved into my new house, and I want to enjoy this part of life for a couple of years before I think of the next step," he noted. The couple has been seen together on several occasions, with Dalal also attending a screening of Dhawan's Judwaa 2. Prior to his latest movie, he starred in his father's project David Dhawan Badrinath ki Dulhania. Both the films were a Box Office success. The actor is engaged in a Shoojit Sircar-directed movie for October and will revert to Sui Dhaaga once Anushka Sharma returns from South Africa.
  11. We're going to go ahead and say it- 2017 was the worst. Everyone around the world was desperate for a fresh start. And this time, we saw a lucky few celebrating the New Year not just once, but twice. How, you ask? By travelling back in time, of course. via GIPHY Let us enlighten you. Passengers on Hawaiian Airlines flight HA446 got to welcome 2018 twice; first in Auckland in New Zealand and second, by flying back to Honolulu in Hawaii which was still in 2017. via GIPHY Well, New Zealand and Hawaii sit on either side of the International Date Line and the flight crossed the International Date Line on its journey from Auckland to Hawaii. Honolulu is a full 23 hours behind Auckland, so as the plane took off at just after midnight on January 1 from New Zealand, it was still 1am on December 31 in Hawaii. Flight Radar 24 took to Twitter to proudly make this announcement. Time travel is possible! Flight #HA446 just took off from New Zealand in 2018 and will land in Hawaii back in 2017! — Flightradar24 (@flightradar24) December 31, 2017 And just like us, the internet could not absorb this piece of information. — Fahad M. AlBarrak (@FMB23) December 31, 2017 — Dan (@Dan_Crampton) December 31, 2017 — Justin Drawbaugh (@jdraw8) December 31, 2017 Let's be real. You did this JUST so you could celebrate New Years more than once. — Taylor Harris (@AntVenom) December 31, 2017 This literally blew my 8 yr old's mind and made his day. He's so excited- thanks for sharing it Jess. — Jacoba Urist (@JacobaUrist) December 31, 2017 — Alexis&PeterAdam&Eve (@AlexisGreaves) December 31, 2017 — John Bremner (@johnbremner_) December 31, 2017 Although 2017 was a pretty messed up year and not worthy enough to go back to it, we have to admit that this was pretty cool.
  12. Shashi Tharoor and his English were one of the biggest highlights of 2017. Every new tweet by him was new lesson in vocabulary for all of us, and some of the complicated words he used got the meme treatment as well. But, even though his knowledge of the language is unparalleled, sometimes he is also bound to slip up, and that's exactly what happened on the first of the new year. The unthinkable has happened and Shashi Tharoo made a grammatical error on Twitter. Stop the presses! Well, it seems like a year of firsts, because we've honestly never seen Shashi Tharoor make a typo in his tweets before, and it's quite refreshing. See, he is also human. The tweet is question is: Delighted to have 20,000 live viewers for my #FacebookLive at lunchtime on New Year's Day! Those whom missed it can view it at leisure on @facebook — Shashi Tharoor (@ShashiTharoor) January 1, 2018 Showing his gratitude to people for joining him on his Facebook Live, he made a small little typo, but considering its Shashi Tharoor, it really is quite a big deal. Even though the 'huge blunder' is quite apparent, it went unnoticed by a lot of people, maybe because they were mainly focusing on the message. But, obviously when you make a mistake on Twitter, you will be called out. Correcting someone's grammar is always weirdly satisfying, especially when it comes to Shashi Tharoor, and that's why Suhel Seth made sure to make the most of it as it is such a rare opportunity. Happy New Year. And those 'who' missed itðððððð or those 'of' whom...ððð — SUHEL SETH (@suhelseth) January 1, 2018 Everyone obviously loved this role reversal and couldn't stop laughing at this rare happening. We have to enjoy with while it lasts, we will probably never get another Shashi Tharoor typo ever. Adnan Sami was quite happy about this call out. Slam dunk!ð — Adnan Sami (@AdnanSamiLive) January 1, 2018 History has been made. This will go down in history. Someone correcting Tharoorian English is the rarest sight. — Tarun Khanna (@Tarun_Khannaa) January 1, 2018 Truly. Gotcha moment ððð — Rajanish (@RajanishKota) January 1, 2018 Perfect way to start the new year. You've taken the plunge to a different level in the new year 2018 by challenging the English of non other than @ShashiTharoor ðð Wish all a very Happy, Healthy, Successful, Bright & Peaceful New Year 2018 ððð»! — Navdeep Mahajan (@navdeepmahajan) January 1, 2018 I love how he's referred to as the 'Farrago guy' now. Catching the "Farrago" guy on wrong foot - no one can do better than you. — Subhash Daga (@Rtsd1965) January 1, 2018 A rare moment. Finally there is someone who has not only understood but found mistake in Dr Tharoor's english ðð¤£ðð¤£ðð½ðð½ðð½ — C M Sharma (@CMSharmaG) January 1, 2018 Pretty sure Shashi Tharoor would disagree. Ahâ¼ï¸@ShashiTharoor 's new year's gift to @suhelseth . Have fun gentlemen 𤠗 aninda (@AninBo) January 1, 2018
  13. poetry

    خواب میں منظر رہ جاتا ہے تکیے پر سر رہ جاتا ہے آ پڑتی ہے جھیل آنکھوں میں ہاتھ میں پتھر رہ جاتا ہے روز کسی حیرت کا دھبہ آئینے پر رہ جاتا ہے دل میں بسنے والا اک دن جیب کے اندر رہ جاتا ہے ندیا پر ملنے کا وعدہ میز کے اوپر رہ جاتا ہے سال گزر جاتا ہے سارا اور کلینڈر رہ جاتا ہے آنگن کی خواہش میں کوئی بام کے اوپر رہ جاتا ہے لگ جاتی ہے ناؤ اس پار اور سمندر رہ جاتا ہے رخصت ہوتے ہوتے کوئی دروازے پر رہ جاتا ہے
  14. Twitter is where the gossip is, both political and personal, where spats unfold and where breaking news is made, unfiltered and uncensored. This year was no different. Now that the tweets have been extended from 140 characters to 280, the chaos and drama is only likely to grow bigger and louder. But before that let?s rewind. Below are a few tweets from Pakistani celebrities and politicians which had our newsfeed buzzing in 2017. 'Notification is rejected' In April, Maj. Gen. Asif Ghafoor, the Director General of the Inter-Services Public Relations, diverged from his normal Twitter routine of posting about summarised military briefings to contradict an order by the civilian government. ?Notification is rejected,? he wrote regarding then-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif?s decision to fire those allegedly connected to a Dawn newspaper article that suggested a rift between civilians and the military. The tweet amassed over 10,000 retweets and made headlines, adding fuel to rumours of an institutional clash. The Pakistani military later recanted the statement, putting the issue to rest. Humaima vs Momina Last year, singer-songwriter Momina Mustehsan, named in BBC?s 100 most inspirational women, tweeted against another woman ? social media starlet, Qandeel Baloch. Baloch was later brutally murdered by her own brother. The tweet went largely ignored until September, when Mustehsan voiced her support on Twitter for actress Mahira Khan, who was being witch-hunted for leaked images. Khan and Baloch elicited two very different responses from the singer. The hypocrisy was quickly picked on by Humaima Malick, a Pakistani movie actress. Amir Khan vs Faryal Makhdoom There were allegations of cheating and greed, then there were counter-attacks, and finally the announcement of a split, all on social networking website Twitter. In a sensational public spat, boxer Amir Khan and his wife, Faryal Makhdoom, bared their personal lives to over three million followers. The two have since reconciled and are expecting their second child. Khan is now starring in a reality television show. Well, we can?t say we didn?t see that coming. Malala joins Twitter Your first couple of tweets can be boring and mundane, which largely go unnoticed. But none of that is true if you are Malala Yousafzai, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate. The 20-year-old?s first tweet racked in almost 300,000 likes. Now, how is that for a start? The tweet that saved Imran? It may be the tweet that saved Imran Khan, the leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, during court proceeding into his financial transactions. Or maybe we are just overestimating its worth. Either way, few expected his ex-wife, Jemima Goldsmith, to come to his rescue. In June, Goldsmith, who divorced Khan in 2004, announced that she has found a 15-year-old bank statement to prove Imran Khan?s money trail and innocence in court. Naeem ul Haque's faux paus In 2017, Twitter gave us the #Metoo hashtag, which brought to the spotlight nuances of sexual abuse women face around the world. Naeemul Haque confirms he ?discussed marriage? with Ayesha Gulalai In a tweet early Friday, the PTI chief's spokesman says there was no formal marriage proposal to Gulalai but that it was 'just a discussion' The same year, Pakistani politician Ayesha Gulalai Wazir accused cricket-star-turned-politician Imran Khan and another leader from his party, Naeem ul Haque, of sexual harassment through text messages. The 31-year-old was mocked, called a liar, trolled and threatened on Twitter. The allegations have been denied by Khan. But Haque admitted to sending unsolicited messages to Wazir. He has since deleted his tweet. 'We will always win' Actress Mahira Khan?s much-anticipated venture, Verna, was at first banned by the censor board in Pakistan for allegedly dealing with rape and maligning government officials. As support for the film, its subject, and the actors poured in from Pakistani Twitterati and those from across the border, Khan broke her silence and took to the microblogging site to write these powerful words. (The ban was eventually lifted after a second review). The harassment debate This one tweet sparked the debate of the year on Pakistan?s social media websites. Coming on the heels of the #Metoo campaign, it bifurcated the genders who offered various definitions of what constitutes harassment. A woman was examined by a male doctor, following which he sent her an unsolicited Facebook friend request. That woman was the sister of Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, Pakistan?s celebrated Oscar-winning filmmaker. The doctor, wrote an enraged Obaid, had been suspended after the family complained. Yet, the dispute raged on for days between those who accused the filmmaker of throwing her weight around and those who insisted this was a breach of doctor-patient privileges. Coffee wars It was a coffee-fuelled war. First up was PTI leader, Asad Umar, who tweeted an image of a coffee mug with the letters P.T.I etched into the foam. A few hours later, a Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz supporter also decided to process his love for the political party through latte art, which was snapped and shared by Maryam Nawaz Sharif.
  15. India?s favourite couple Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are in South Africa. Indian cricket captain Kohli, who was away from the team due to his wedding, has rejoined for the series against South Africa and his wife Anushka accompanied him on the tour. On his Instagram account, Kohli shared a picture with Anushka wishing everyone a Happy New Year. The couple left for South Africa after hosting their reception in Mumbai. Prior to departure, Kohli was asked how it feels to be back to cricket post the marriage celebrations. ?Not difficult at all, I was away for something (marriage) which is much more important. That is a period that will always remain special for both of us," said Kohli. The 29-year-old batsman said cricket runs in his blood. "Switching back to cricket is not difficult at all because it is in my blood, like it is for every other team member and the team management as well, so getting back to professional front is not difficult at all.?
  16. Couples take part in a mass wedding organised by the city government as part of New Year's Eve celebrations in Jakarta, Indonesia. Photo: REUTERS JAKARTA: Hundreds of Indonesian couples celebrated New Year?s Eve on Sunday night by tying the knot in a mass wedding in the capital Jakarta. Nearly 450 couples gathered in a large tent in the city centre just hours before midnight to pray with their families before signing marriage certificates. Government officials oversaw each brief ceremony. ?We wanted an unforgettable experience and we?re so happy that we decided to participate today,? said Hartiningish, a 38-year-old East Javanese bride, while a live band played a set of traditional and pop music in the background. Her husband, Ricky Rangga, 30, said the couple was grateful to the city administration for making the wedding possible. Many couples wore matching colours and colourful traditional Indonesian outfits, with some brides donning elaborate headdresses and grooms carrying traditional daggers called keris. A couple takes part in a mass wedding organised by the city government as part of New Year's Eve celebrations in Jakarta, Indonesia. Photo: REUTERS Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan congratulated those taking the plunge and said the city would now host the event every New Year?s Eve. The city government raised donation funds to pay for token gold dowries for the couples to exchange. Grooms in Indonesia traditionally present gold jewellery or money to brides on the wedding day. ?We?re planning to do this every year,? Baswedan said, after posing for photographs with some couples. A bride has her headdress adjusted while taking part in a mass wedding organised by the city government as part of New Year's Eve celebrations in Jakarta, Indonesia. Photo: REUTERS Security was tight around the event?s venue in the heart of the city, which took place just a few meters from the site of a militant attack in January 2016, when Daesh-linked radicals killed four people using guns and bombs. Tens of thousands of police and military personnel have been deployed in Jakarta and across the country to safeguard holiday celebrations as the country remains on high alert. One young pair from west Jakarta said they were looking forward to their honeymoon in the holiday island of Bali, where an active volcano, Mount Agung, remains on alert for an imminent eruption. ?If we?re together, there?s no need to be afraid of (the volcano), we will just enjoy,? Ruri Nurhayati, 22, said, just minutes after marrying her partner Andrianus, who goes by one name. The couple were accompanied by a wedding party of 20 friends and family members and joined New Year?s Eve revellers setting off fireworks in the city centre, while others left the venue in cars bedecked with flowers.
  17. ISLAMABAD: Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Director General Major General Asif Ghafoor in his new year message tweeted that the jubilations and celebrations we see across the country tonight are indicative of our achievements and resolve as a nation. He added that as a nation, the country owes the achievement who gave their blood and lives for us. Remembering and thanking our ?Ghazis & Shuhada? for their noble sacrifices. Separately, Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa said that the year 2018 is of immense significance for Pakistan, both internally and externally with monumental challenges, informed DG ISPR in a tweet. According to the army chief in the new year challenges can be converted into opportunities. He has said that part of the challenges has been overcome and the remaining ones shall be done ?together?. But amid all this, ?nothing can defeat the spirit of Pakistan?. About the outgoing year, General Qamar Javed has said that it was a momentous one.
  18. Skyline was the first club in Singapore to accept cryptocurrencies when it started taking payments in Ethereum, a bitcoin rival. ? AFP SINGAPORE: A Singapore bar that bills itself as the world's highest cryptocurrency club is offering a New Year's Eve package that includes a limousine pick-up and butler service -- but it'll cost you a whole bitcoin. Skyline, on the 45th floor of a skyscraper overlooking the city-state's glittering waterfront, is promising partygoers a luxury-filled night out, with champagne and oysters and caviar. But it won't come cheap, with the price of bitcoin -- which has surged dramatically in recent months -- hovering around $13,000 on Sunday. The party at Skyline is called "Bianco", with revellers dressed in white enjoying a night of drinking and dancing before watching the New Year's fireworks display over the waterfront. While the club has run the night before, it is the first time they are offering a bitcoin deal, and customers can also pay in regular cash. Manager Subaish Rajamanickam said they had received a lot of inquiries about the package -- but no one had yet signed up for it. The New Year idea came after the bar ran other successful virtual currency-themed nights for people in the financial technology sector, which is booming in the city-state. Skyline was the first club in Singapore to accept cryptocurrencies when it started taking payments in Ethereum, a bitcoin rival. "We had a couple of cryptocurrency after-parties here, and we have also themed a night ... called Crypto Thursdays," Rajamanickam told AFP. "So that basically got the ball rolling for cryptocurrency acceptance here at Skyline." But most transactions are still in regular cash and there was scepticism among some customers about using bitcoin, due to its surging price and recent volatility. "It's too expensive to buy alcohol or (conduct) any transaction using cryptocurrency in today's environment," said Spencer Campbell, a 47-year-old financial consultant. Created in 2009 as a piece of encrypted software, bitcoin has been used to buy everything from pizza to cars, and is increasingly accepted by major companies such as online travel giant Expedia. It has surged more than 25-fold this year and hit a record of around $19,500 earlier in December. Analysts have put the recent increases down to a decision by US regulators to allow bitcoin futures to trade on major exchanges. But bitcoin has slipped back after a series of warnings from governments -- including Singapore -- and analysts, about the risk and volatility associated with cryptocurrencies. It fell more than 11 percent after South Korea -- a hotbed for cryptocurrency trading -- announced curbs on anonymous trading of virtual currencies on Thursday.
  19. Police said they did not know the cause of the crash, nor the identities of the five passengers- Reuters/ file photo SYDNEY: A seaplane crashed into a Sydney river on Sunday, killing six people on a ?wine and dine? sightseeing flight ahead of the city?s New Year?s Eve celebrations at the harbor. Police said they did not know the cause of the crash, nor the identities of the five passengers, but were speaking with several witnesses who were in boats on one of the waterways? busiest days of the year. The pilot was the sixth victim. Several Australian media reported that four of the victims were British nationals, although that was not immediately confirmed by police. In London, the Foreign Office said its officials were in contact with local authorities in Sydney. ?We stand ready to provide consular assistance,? a Foreign Office spokeswoman said. The aircraft was operated by Sydney Seaplanes, a major tourism operator in the city. Several visiting celebrities have flown on the company?s sightseeing planes, including pop stars Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith, tech mogul Bill Gates, comedian Jerry Seinfeld and actor Cuba Gooding Jnr. Police said the seaplane was returning the party of five people from a waterside restaurant in Sydney?s north to the Sydney Seaplanes headquarters in Rose Bay in the city?s east when it crashed into the water, immediately sinking. ?We have spoken to a number of witnesses,? Acting Superintendent Michael Gorman told reporters, adding that forensic police would inspect the plane to assess when it could be raised from the seabed. ?It?s too early in the investigation so we don?t know why the plane crashed.? Gorman said police were liaising with Sydney Seaplanes to identify the victims and their families would be contacted before they were named publicly. Sydney Seaplanes has been operating since 1938, originally flying from Australia to Britain, a journey that required thirty refueling stops along what became famous as the ?Kangaroo? route.
  20. I think we can all agree that 2017 was the worst year ever, but maybe all of us have the same feelings for every passing year. Whatever may be the case, the only thing that made 2017 actually bearable were the memes, you can fight me on this. It was such a good year for memes, both quantity and quality wise, and when everything was dividing us, memes were the only thing there to unite us. There were way too many memes that made us laugh in 2017, that it is nearly impossible to list them all, so let's focus on the most popular ones for today, and relive the year in memes. 1. Distracted Boyfriend A random stock photo of a boyfriend looking over his shoulder at a beautiful stranger while the woman already on his arm looks at him in disgust became the biggest thing on the internet. The picture in itself was hilarious, but with people adding their own twist to it, it was honestly the best thing on the internet at one point. A nap is always a good idea, though. Dis one right here — gotta$$$migraine (@gxngstawifi) August 24, 2017 Spidey always wins. ok last one — crân-buri-ghân (@bromanconsul) August 25, 2017 Ooh, shots fired. — Nate Silver (@NateSilver538) August 25, 2017 2. Kangana Ranaut One of the biggest and most talked about controversies of this year was the public spat between Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan. While I still don't know what's happening between these two, we all still got a hilarious meme out of it, because of the quotes Kangana gave during her tell-all interview on 'Aap Ki Adalat'. So expensive. When someone orders a bisleri bottle in the restaurant. — Smoking Skills (@SmokingSkills_) September 7, 2017 Sab log. Me, looking at everyone sitting in office post 6 pm — Akshar (@AksharPathak) September 7, 2017 Every mom ever. Wen me and Dad do all the shopping without bargaining Mom : — SwatKat- The dancing Rajput ð (@swatic12) September 7, 2017 3. The Trivago Guy Yes, we've all seen the Trivago ads, and we've all gotten completely annoyed by them. The Trivago guy was everywhere this year and the only way people on the internet can deal with irritating stuff is by making memes about it, obviously. Yes, please search. Relative: Humlog aa rahe hai tumhare gharpe do hafte ke liye Me: — P.R. (@pr_akash_raj) July 15, 2017 Did you notice this in the ads? These iconic people gave justice to SRK's infamous step — Angoor Stark ð (@ladywithflaws) July 17, 2017 Kiya hai? I did thisâºðð — Mayur (@shaitan_ladkaa) July 14, 2017 4. Dank Irrfan A few months ago, All India Bakchod gave us arguably the best and most versatile meme of the year featuring none other than Irrfan Khan. Turning the actor into 'Dank Irrfan', AIB recreated all the iconic memes with him, and honestly these Dank Irrfan memes are more popular than the original ones. CID over Sherlock, obviously. CID IS BAE — aditi (@oreoftziam) May 17, 2017 Loophole. CID IS BAE — aditi (@oreoftziam) May 17, 2017 Poora bik gaya. Kangana: "K. Jo is the flag-bearer of nepotism." Me: "Samajh nahi ayaa. My vocab is not great. :(" Kangana: — Imaan Sheikh ð (@sheikhimaan) May 17, 2017 5. Bald Sonu Nigam Back in April, Sonu Nigam became the most talked about person after a few tweets, and I don't think that was his intention at all. After he tweeted about being woken up by the loudspeakers at a mosque near his house, everything just escalated quickly and got out of hand. Since, apparently he offended religious sentiments, a reward of â¹10 lakh was out for anyone who shaved Nigam's head. Then he did what anyone in that situation would do (actually, no one would ever be in that situation, tbh), he went ahead and shaved his head himself. His shaved head became the newest meme, and I just feel so bad for him, the guy juat wanted some sleep, and the whole thing turned into a religious debate. How to make the most of any opportunity. Sonu Nigam: I'll get bald. Now pay me those 10L of Fatwa Money Anupam Kher: I also have problems with the Azaan loudspeakers.. — Aladdin (@Alllahdin) April 19, 2017 He's switching careers now. New fast and furious member. — Abhay (@Woh_ladka) April 19, 2017 Very bald. That's a bald move from Sonu Nigam. — Dharmesh Gandhi (@dharmeshG) April 19, 2017 6. KBC Memes Everyone loves 'Kaun Banega Crorepati', and everyone loves KBC memes even more. Adding their own twist to Amitabh Bachcan's iconic lines from the show, the internet probably got its most wholesome meme of the year with this. Oh, how the tables have turned. Me: *breaks glass* Mom: haan sab todd do. Mom: *breaks glass* haath slip ho gaya hehe Me: But... Mom: — Anurag Verma (@kitAnurag) October 13, 2017 So polite. Government officers when you go there to get something done at a lunch time. — डि.à¤à¥. (@itsdhruvism) October 15, 2017 Too relatable. Me after studying for 33 seconds — P.R. (@pr_akash_raj) October 15, 2017 7. Salt Bae Obviously, when talking about the memes of 2017, you can not leave out everyone's bae – Salt Bae. Turkish restaurateur Nusret Gökçe posted an Instagram video showing off his exceptional skills, but in interesting and rather amusing style, caught the internet's attention. Little did he know that he would become the first big meme of 2017. Twitter Twitter Twitter 8. Blinking White Guy A guy blinking and as if saying 'wow is this really happening' was probably the most 2017 meme ever. It honestly sums up the year so well, it's incredible. We've all been there. me: ill take a biology class, im smart enough for this just watch me teacher: cells me: — ini ð (@eskbl) February 5, 2017 Oh, no. Her: wow you got a good job, you single, you dont play games, and you got your own place. Like whats wrong with you. Me: I'm 5'7 Her — Unfaithful Sith Lord Nigga (@iTrap4TheHokage) February 17, 2017 Why, just why? Account balance: $100.00 Me: *spends $2.91* New account balance: $97.09 Me: — bald-headed auntie. (@PLAIDvillain) February 17, 2017 9. Roll Safe I feel like this is such a versatile meme and can be used with so many things. This came out in the beginning of the year, and truly went international. So full props to it. The world is there. You don't need to travel the world if you're at the Sharda university. — Kshitiz Bhardwaj (@ImmaJoking) February 6, 2017 Relatable. If you go to office on Sundays too, you won't dislike Monday. — The Viral Fever (@TheViralFever) February 4, 2017 Genius. — E.O.O (@Tobi_Edinbus) January 31, 2017 10. Priyanka Chopra's MET Gala Outfit Most of the time, PeeCee and her fashion choices are at point but the gown she wore at the MET Gala this year was a little questionable to say the least. But hey, it gave birth to some of the most hilarious memes of the year and in the end that's the only thing that matters, to be quite honest. It's way out of hand. — E.O.O (@Tobi_Edinbus) January 31, 2017 The secret's out. Have you guys always wondered where Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan shot the Guzarish song for Ghajini? Me too. — Akshar (@AksharPathak) May 2, 2017 Someone plan this ASAP. If everyone in India decides to wear this for one day & walk 100 metres - we can clean India in one hour #SwacchBharat — Atul Khatri (@one_by_two) May 2, 2017 11. Bol Na Aunty Aaun Kya One of the biggest examples of cringepop we've gotten this year, Omprakash Mishra's controversial “Aunty Ki Ghanti” instantly went viral. The song became so popular that hundreds of strangers in New Delhi actually met just to sing this song in public. But, after it was pointed out that the lyrics are extremely misogynistic, it soon died down. The correct way. No chance now. Please tag. 12. Covfefe A meme list will always be incomplete with Donald Trump, obviously. This year we've got a lot of cryptic tweets, but none of them went as viral as Trump's covfefe. People are still trying to figure out exactly what it meant, but everyone jumped to give their own explanations. Kaafi. Kaafi high. — All India Bakchod (@AllIndiaBakchod) May 31, 2017 Coffee is way too mainstream. #covfefe — Vishal (@vichupedia) May 31, 2017 What a realization. When you're deep in #covfefe memes but realize that the man responsible for the tweet also has the nuclear codes — Isaac Jahns (@isaac_jahns) May 31, 2017 Well, that's it for this year, I just hope for a meme filled 2018, that's all.
  21. LEFT: Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a state awards ceremony at the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia, December 28, 2017. Sputnik/Alexei Druzhinin/Kremlin via REUTERS; RIGHT: US President Donald Trump plays host to members of the US Coast Guard he invited to play golf at his Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Florida, US, December 29, 2017. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst MOSCOW: Russian President Vladimir Putin called for "pragmatic cooperation" in his New Year wishes to US President Donald Trump, the Kremlin said on Saturday. In a statement on the Russian president's New Year wishes to world leaders, the Kremlin said Putin told Trump that "a constructive Russian-American dialogue is especially needed to strengthen strategic stability in the world". According to the statement, Putin said that "mutual respect" should be "a base to develop relations" between the two countries. "This would allow us to move towards building pragmatic cooperation, orientated on the long term," the statement quoted Putin as saying. The Russian president also sent messages to other heads of state, including the leaders of former Soviet countries, France's Emmanuel Macron, Germany's Angela Merkel, and Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad. In his wishes to the Syrian leader, with whom he met during a surprise visit to Russia's Syrian air base Hmeimim earlier this month, Putin "expressed sincere hope that key changes for the better will continue in Syria in the new year". The statement added that Putin told Assad "Russia will continue to show all kind of support to the Syrian Arab Republic in order to protect its state sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity". Russia became involved in the Syrian conflict in September 2015, when it began an aerial campaign in support of Assad's military. Putin ordered a partial withdrawal of the Russian army from Syria earlier this month. On ordering the partial withdrawal, Putin praised his country's armed forces for having "brilliantly accomplished" their mission which saw Syrian government forces make major gains from extremists and assorted anti-regime rebel groups. Russia does retain a military presence in Syria, however, through its naval base at Tartus, whose expansion Moscow agreed earlier this month, as well as Hmeimim, where Russian singers performed a New Year variety show Saturday. Moscow hopes to host government and rebel group representatives at the end of January in the Black Sea resort of Sochi to push both sides closer to a political settlement of a seven-year conflict which has cost more than 340,000 lives and displaced millions more.
  22. Sindh Home Minister Sohail Ahmed Siyal KARACHI: Sohail Ahmed Siyal ? the Home Minister for Sindh ? drove out to the city late Saturday night to review security measures being implemented ahead of the New Year, noting that his visit comes on the back of citizens' complaints about difficulties they are facing after containers were allegedly placed on the roads. Siyal visited various areas near the metropolis' Defence and Clifton locales, including Sea View, and mentioned ? while speaking to the media ? that he has ordered the removal of the said containers. "No containers will be placed on the roads before New Year's Eve," he told journalists, adding that none of the roads will be blocked with or without the use of containers. The minister, however, has advised police to put into effect Section 144 as New Year approaches and check if it is being properly implemented. Talking about activities forbidden on the New Year, Siyal commented that he has advised action be taken against anyone engaged in aerial firing or one-wheeling as well as those who ride motorcycles without silencers. "I, myself, will be there to monitor roads around Sea View," he commented, adding that he will be celebrating the arrival of 2018 on the roads, alongside Karachiites.
  23. As the New Year approaches, countries across the globe are gearing for celebrations, with buildings and landmarks being lit up for a festive mood. Lifesize structures of 2018 have been prepared for display in some places, while in the other, festivals are being organised to welcome yet another set of 12 months. A giant lantern in the shape of a dog is seen ahead of New Year celebrations at Xinghai Square in Dalian, Liaoning province, China December 29 ,2017. Photo: Reuters A woman sells "Happy New Year 2018" headgear at Martin Place in Sydney on December 30, 2017. Photo: AFP Pinatas representing political figures who made headlines in 2017 or referring to special events of the year are seen in Lima on December 29, 2017. Pinatas with the faces, among others, of Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski and former President Alberto Fujimori, who had been serving a 25-year sentence for human rights abuses and was pardoned by Kuczynski on Christmas Eve, will be burnt on New Year´s Eve as part of traditional celebrations in Peru. Photo: AFP People look at confetti as it's thrown from the Hard Rock Cafe marquee as part of the annual confetti test ahead of the New Year´s Eve ball-drop celebrations in Times Square in New York City, New York, US, December 29, 2017. Photo: Reuters A woman stands next to a festive decoration for the New Year in Sevastopol, Crimea December 29, 2017. Photo: Reuters People pose for a photo in Times Square ahead of New Year celebrations as a cold weather front hits the region in Manhattan, in New York, US, December 29, 2017. Photo: Reuters People walk past festive decorations for the New Year and Christmas season in Sevastopol, Crimea December 29, 2017. Photo: ReutersPeople look at confetti as it was thrown from the Hard Rock Cafe marquee as part of the annual confetti test ahead of the New Year´s Eve ball-drop celebrations in Times Square in New York City, New York, US, December 29, 2017. Photo: Reuters Thousands of biodegradable balloons are released by members of the Chamber of Commerce to celebrate the New Year in Sao Paulo, Brazil on December 29, 2017. Photo: AFP People perform the "Caluseii" (little horse) dance during a new year and winter festival during which groups from northern Romanian villages are invited to sing winter carols and dance on December 29, 2017 in the city of Vatra Dornei. Photo: AFPDressed up men take part in a new year and winter festival during which groups from northern Romanian villages are invited to sing winter carols and dance on December 29, 2017 in the city of Vatra Dornei. Photo: AFP Thousands of biodegradable balloons are released by members of the Chamber of Commerce to celebrate the New Year in Sao Paulo, Brazil on December 29, 2017. Photo: AFP
  24. Russian President Vladimir Putin called for "pragmatic cooperation" in his New Year wishes to US President Donald Trump, the Kremlin said on Saturday. Photo: AFP file MOSCOW: Russian President Vladimir Putin called for "pragmatic cooperation" in his New Year wishes to US President Donald Trump, the Kremlin said on Saturday. In a statement on the Russian president?s New Year wishes to world leaders, the Kremlin said Putin told Trump that "a constructive Russian-American dialogue is especially needed to strengthen strategic stability in the world". According to the statement, Putin said that "mutual respect" should be "a base to develop relations" between the two countries. "This would allow us to move towards building pragmatic cooperation, orientated on the long term," the statement quoted Putin as saying. The Russian president also sent messages to other heads of state, including the leaders of former Soviet countries, France?s Emmanuel Macron, Germany?s Angela Merkel and Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad. In his wishes to the Syrian leader, with whom he met during a surprise visit to Russia?s Syrian air base Hmeimim earlier this month, Putin "expressed sincere hope that key changes for the better will continue in Syria in the new year". The statement added that Putin told Assad "Russia will continue to show all kind of support to the Syrian Arab Republic in order to protect its state sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity". Russia became involved in the Syrian conflict in September 2015, when it began an aerial campaign in support of Assad?s military. Putin ordered a partial withdrawal of the Russian army from Syria earlier this month. Russia does retain a military presence in Syria, however, through its naval base at Tartus, whose expansion Moscow agreed earlier this month, as well as Hmeimim, where Russian singers performed a New Year variety show Saturday. Moscow hopes to host government and rebel group representatives at the end of January in the Black Sea resort of Sochi to push both sides closer to a political settlement of a seven-year conflict which has cost more than 340,000 lives and displaced millions more.
  25. Snow in northern Pakistan KARACHI: A new cold wave will grip Sindh, northern Balochistan and the rest of the country starting next week, the Pakistan Meteorological Department said on Saturday. Chief Meteorologist Dr Muhammad Hanif told Geo News that a fresh system of cold winds will prevail all over the country from new year's day and onwards. The cold winds will especially affect northern parts of Balochistan, taking temperatures below freezing point in Quetta and surrounding areas. The winds will also prevail over Sindh, Punjab and northern Pakistan including Gilgit-Baltistan, he added. Fog Alert Due to mostly dry weather expected in Punjab, the plain areas will experience fog daily for the next 10 days, the official said, advising motorists to exercise caution while driving on the Motorway in foggy conditions. Next 24-hours Mainly cold and dry weather is has been forecast for most parts of the country during over the next 24 hours. Foggy conditions are likely to prevail over few plain areas of Punjab and upper Sindh during morning hours, the Met Office said. Saturday?s lowest minimum temperatures were recorded in Astore (-9°C), Gupis (-07°C), Quetta, Kalam, Hunza (-06°C), Gilgit (-5°C), Dir, Skardu (-04°C).