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Found 650 results

  1. How often do you come across stories that make you get off the couch and do something productive? This would be one, I bet. While your gym membership bites the dust as you are 'oh-so-busy', this man built a gym all by himself from nothing but garbage. Why? Because he and others like him in his town couldn't afford a gym membership. © Youtube Alcindo Soares was interested in sports since he was a child but never had resources to get started. He lives in a small country known as Cape Verde, in the African continent. His town is that of Santa Maria, a small beach island housing a couple thousand people only. The only source of income to the island comes from the tourists it attracts. Since clean beaches attract more tourists, Soares was always concerned about keeping the beaches clean. And like at any other tourist beach, Santa Maria beach also had lots of trash around the shores. Soares made up his mind to do something about this trash so that it can be used for the benefit the community as a whole. © Youtube © Youtube Another problem in the small town of Santa Maria was that there were no 'affordable' gyms. Only the rich could afford whatever gym did exist. He wanted to create a gym that can be afforded by common people of the island too. Soares was a painter by profession but was also interested in bodybuilding. He knew others like him who wanted to train themselves in the gym but couldn't do so due to lack of facilities around them. After all you need some form of equipment to properly train yourself. © Youtube Soares found a common solution for both the problems and decided to build a gym using the garbage on the beach. As strange as it may sound but he succeeded in building his own version of 'The Muscle Beach Gym' on the shores of the island. All the equipment in this gym has been built by Soares himself. The open air gym has dumbbells, pull up bars, benches and barbells. It's an open beach gym and is absolutely free for anyone who wants to workout. It just doesn't end. Soares wants to make a better version of this gym by adding more equipment. Not only did Soares find a solution for his training needs, he offered the same to the community for free. Now that's what you call 'building from the scratch'. Motivational, isn't it? About time to utilize your gym membership. Anuj Tyagi is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Sports Nutritionist and Therapeutic Exercise Specialist From American Council on Exercise (ACE) . He is the Founder of the website where he provides online Training. Though a Chartered Accountant by education, he has been closely associated with Fitness Industry since 2006. His motto is to transform people Naturally and he believes that the secret formula for Fitness is Consistency and commitment towards your Training and Nutrition. You can connect with him through Facebook and Youtube.
  2. “If no bill, your food is free.” Well, we aren't assuring you about anything; this is what the Indian Railways is saying. And if implemented properly, it can actually make for a good strategy to deal with overcharging. Indian Railways, a journey that started roughly around the nineteenth century, has today become one of the world's largest railway networks and a beautiful memory from our childhood that we are slowly losing touch with. We might have switched to road trips or flights, but even today a small packet of 'jhaal-muri' makes us nostalgic as we reminisce the good ol' days of travelling in a train. Pexels However, all those memories went down the hill, when reports of degrading quality of food, overcharging of food and poor services started making the rounds. But now the Indian Railways have turned the tables and put an end to the problem of overcharging. In a great move, the Indian Railways decided to introduce a policy to protect the passengers from paying extra to the train caterers. Instagram/ Window Seat Project Railway Minister Piyush Goyal took to Twitter to share the news with everyone and said that all the passengers who are not given a bill, can take away the food for free. By March 31, the policy will be implemented in all those trains, where food is served on payment basis. IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) has already started publishing the message on their official website. No food bill, no payment: Railways targets overcharging.https://t.co/TgDxnrDiLs — Piyush Goyal (@PiyushGoyal) March 20, 2018 In fact, IRCTC has also hired inspectors, who will make sure that the process is fair and running smoothly, and that a bill is issued even for a small cup of tea. According to a report in Indian Express, M P Mall, chairman and managing director of IRCTC said “We have readied 120 officials to man the trains and in some time we are going to put in place more people on inspection duty to gradually man every train during food service time. They will ensure proper service and billing.” Overcharging is one of the biggest problems that Indian Railways is struggling with currently. Hopefully, Goyal's policy will come as a respite to all the passengers.
  3. Warning – This video and article are not for the faint-hearted, and it might cause a lot of pain. Imagine watching one of your most prized possessions being destroyed, and there's nothing you can do about it. Whatever it may be, it always hurts. Now think about the guy who had to see his beautiful Ferrari 458 Spider supercar get crushed by a bulldozer. I can honestly feel his pain, especially considering that the car is worth almost Rs. 2 crore. If it was my car, I would have literally climbed on top of it, and if getting crushed along with my baby was the way to go, then fine. So basically, the car belonged to Zahid Khan, a millionaire from UK, before the poor car was taken away by the police. Apparently, Zahid had parked his 458 Spider on the pavement outside Birmingham Crown Court during a trial he was taking part in. The car was seized by the police because they suspected it was stolen. They claimed that since there was no valid insurance, it was a Category B vehicle, meaning it suffered serious damage in the past, thus making it unroadworthy. But, Zahid insists he was the rightful owner. Sharing the footage of his car being destroyed on YouTube, he wrote, “I was the owner. They went behind my back and removed a court order that was imposed on the car without notifying my self or my legal team.” He also said, “I saved my ass off to buy this car and it was a sentimental car to me and my family. The police had no right to do what they did. It is very sad, as this money could have gone to a good cause, as a Ferrari broken in parts is worth more than the car itself. We pay our taxes for officers who act like this in a public office.” While we don't know exactly what will happen to him, just watch this video because it honestly is quite painful.
  4. Your pair of shorts may be the undisputed kings of Sunday summer dressing, but it's their length that makes them 'shorts'. But that's just us — men of earth, who care about appropriate lengths and with the knowledge that thighs aren't entities of public display. And unless you're down for a dip in the pool (for which swimming shorts exist); don't allow your pair of shorts to be wardrobe let-downs. Saif Ali Khan on the other hand, comes from a completely bizarre school of thought. He's a royal lad, after all; who dresses to impress beautiful Kapoors (later marries them) and post the knot, subjects them to supremely-short apparel sights. Let's take a step back from the beating-around-the-bush situation for now, for really, Khan's shorts don't need a description here: © Viral Bhayani One thing's for sure, the actor's undeniably a ballsy guy. From his choices at the movies, scripts he produces to his absolute dad-like gear — he's an epiphany of cult laid-back dressing. Having said that, he cleans up quite well too. But that's besides the point, let's look at another image reference for now: © Viral Bhayani And, take another one: © Viral Bhayani Though, it goes without saying: to each his own, it's hardly a world-accepted thought. There are conventions involved in every global process and rules to take you from A to Z. While what route you take is your sartorial decision, you can't go the wrong way. For a fact-check, your pair of shorts must end maybe an inch or two above your knee caps and that's the only way they can look sane. © Viral Bhayani Clearly, if there's anything in the world that excites Saif Ali Khan, it's his sharp-toed brown dress shoes and his A&F shorts, that have always been a little too short in life. And whether he must continue wearing them or stop, is an answer we're hoping is not in his hands.
  5. Is it time already to take it to the next level in your relationship? Well, there are many levels in a relationship but the most daunting one, for men especially is meeting the girl's parents. Don't you agree with me? © Universal pictures There are many situations you can be caught in when you're making your first appearance at you GF's folks place. For instance, a very popular story doing the rounds on the internet talked about a guy who'd gone to meet his girl's parents. At some point in time, he needed to use the loo. When he was done making number 2 (grave mistake) in her parents' loo, he tried to flush the remains but to his horror, the offending content just wouldn't go down the flush! (yes, that's a possibility if you don't chew your food well!). Well, what he did next was as unpredictable as the Mumbai weather! He took a wad of tissue and picked up his poo and flung it out the window and very nonchalantly walked out to the lawn area where dinner was being served. Little did he realise the glaring eyes and red faces of her parents. Turns out, the piece of sh** he had thrown out the window had landed right in the middle of the lawn. Of course, the guy was mortified for life and that was the first and the last impression the supremely offended parents had of him! © Thinkstock/Getty Images Yeah, don't be THAT guy! Here are some lesser known dos and don'ts you can be wary of, to avoid any faux pas, if you're meeting your girlfriend's parents for the first time! Do's -Be On Time There is nothing more annoying than being late, while they're all ready and set to meet you! Punctuality tells the parents that you're responsible and considerate, something they look forward to seeing in their daughter's boyfriend! Wear a watch and be on time! © Thinkstock/Getty Images -Dress To Impress You don't have to be perfect but be close to it! If you plan on going formal, make sure your shirt is ironed and your shoes are polished. If you just want to go casual, don't look sloppy! © Thinkstock/Getty Images -Address Them Appropriately I remember one of the guys I was dating had come to meet my family and he addressed my father as sir. Not only did he make a first great impression, he sounded endearing too! Now, I am not saying you have to be that formal in this engagement but if you do have an uncouth side to you, keep it under wraps! Ma'am and sir work fine if you want to address them, and so does aunty and uncle! -Have Good Table Manners If you don't know what that means, then I suggest you do a crash course in learning some fine table manners. The elementary stuff is easy to remember- close your mouth while you chew, keep your elbows off the table and don't stretch out to the other end of the table to get things. Other than that, everything should just come to you naturally! © Thinkstock/Getty Images -Consume In Moderation Be it food or alcohol, don't go overboard. It tells them how needy and inappropriate you are! Everything is good in moderation, just like your eagerness to please them! © Thinkstock/Getty Images -Show Respect To Their Daughter Don't ignore your girlfriend while you're conversing with her parents. Involve her in conversations. This tells them a lot about how much respect you give her in general. -Leave On time Don't linger around longer than you should. If you're done with dinner and dessert, start wrapping up the evening on your own. Don't wait for them to hold the door open for you to leave! Don'ts -Don't Be Too Obsequious Although being rude is a big no no, so is extra and unusual flattery. Just be yourself, let them see you for who you are! -Don't Make Number Two! Didn't you read the beginning of the article?? © Thinkstock/Getty Images -Don't Curse That's a heavy turn off, especially for parents who expect you to be polished and knowing! Cursing in anyway and any form is just uncool! -Don't Boast It's alright to have aspirations and share them but don't go about telling her father that you're going to be the next CEO of Google. He's a lot older and wiser and he will catch you on your BS! © Thinkstock/Getty Images -Don't Complain About The Food Or anything for that matter! If you want to criticise something, maybe do it later with your girlfriend? Remember, it's your first meeting and you need to just observe instead! -Don't Get Drunk! Unless they're pouring drinks down your gullet, learn to handle your drink! Because who knows, you might just start telling her parents what a fireball she is in bed! © Thinkstock/Getty Images At the end of the day, meeting the parents comes down to common sense. These are some simple dos and don'ts you can keep in mind if the big meet is in order. Ps: You'll do just fine!
  6. When Apple unveiled its latest iPhone flagships back in September 2017, the company flaunted a number of their most impressive, and highly-anticipated, features — among the most significant and long overdue ability to charge up sans the cord via the universal Qi wireless charging standard. The iPhone X and iPhone 8's wireless charging feature has a dark side though. While it's extremely convenient to charge your phone without a cable, it looks like wireless charging drains your battery. ZDNet contributor Adrian Kingsley-Hughes found out that when he switched from cable charging to wireless charging the number of recharge cycles on his iPhone increased. © Apple Back in January, ZDNet blogger Adrian Kingsley-Hughes “became suspicious” that charging his iPhone wirelessly “wouldn't be good for the long-term health” of his battery, noting how after just four months of ownership his device had reached 90 recharge cycles and just six weeks later it reached 135 cycles. According to Apple, iPhone's “battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity at 500 complete charge cycles” beyond which point the Li-Ion battery pack is considered worn and should be showing signs of degradation. “That means that in 18 months I should be at 450 recharge cycles, and will break the 500 mark after another two months,” he said. He previously “would have expected an iPhone to make it closer to the 36-month/three-year mark before hitting the 500 recharge cycle.” © Apple In other words, his battery isn't getting a break and appears to be burning through recharge cycles at a much faster rate due to switching from the cable to a wireless charger. The wireless charging feature employs magnetic induction to charge your phone which is why it's also known as inductive charging. On its website, Apple warns users that the phone might get hotter when it's charging and that if it gets too hot, the phone will automatically restrict the battery from charging above 80 percent to prolong the life of the battery. Last year Apple was in hot waters for restricting iPhone's performance via software upgrades. In their defence, the step was taken to prevent sudden shut-downs caused due to the inadequate supply of power coming from worn out batteries. But the issue wasn't taken well by the consumers and Apple is already facing dozens of lawsuits.
  7. This year is clearly amazing for Marvel fans, with MCU coming up with one superhero movie after another and each one looking more promising than the previous one. The year started with 'Black Panther' that entertained viewers worldwide and is still making huge bucks at the box office. And now comes the most awaited film with all our favourite superheroes in 'Avengers: Infinity War'. The movie trailer has already left everyone excited as we get to see all the superheroes coming together to fight Thanos, whose ultimate goal is to get the infinity stones and rule the entire universe. And now we've got our hands on some stunning images of superheroes in action mode from the movie. It's incredible to see Iron Man and The Hulk coming together to work with Wong and Dr. Strange, killing us with just a still. (c) Marvel (c) Marvel (c) Marvel And Thanos totally makes for a terrifying villain. (c) Marvel (c) Marvel Another highlight is the picture of Black Panther teaming with Winter Soldier and Black Widow. So you can just understand why we are so excited. (c) Marvel (c) Marvel Tell us whose team are you on? (c) Marvel (c) Marvel P.S. Don't miss Spider-Man, as he is saving the world too but has just not made a public appearance yet! 'Avengers: Infinity War' is slated to release on April 27, 2018, and the second installment of it will release on May 3, 2019. We know you are excited too.
  8. Apple is finally letting third-party companies manufacture cables that were highly required for the iPhone. Ever since the company removed the headphone jack, it caused dilemmas for many iPhone users who upgraded to the iPhone 7/8 or X. Apple has now updated the specs for its MFi accessories program that now lets companies put USB-C ports on licensed devices as well as 3.5mm to Lightning cables for the first time. © Apple It's a great move for Apple as many of their users would benefit from the new update, especially when the company adopts USB-C ports on their laptops. Third party companies can now build accessories like battery packs, speakers and controllers that can use USB-C charging. The move to allow 3.5mm to Lightning cables means that users will now be able to use the latest iPhones with older headphones and speakers. This will allow users to directly connect iPhones to 3.5mm aux inputs without ever having to use the dongle. © Apple However, not all is peachy as Apple is limiting a few things such as USB-C ports cannot be used for pass-through charging or sync iPhones. This means that third-party manufacturers Lightning to USB-C cables cannot be used for fast charging or sync data with Apple's current MacBook laptops. © Apple At the moment, the only way you fast charge your iPhone is by using the official Apple USB-C to Lightning cable that costs a bomb. Currently, the cable is not available in countries like India that adds more insult to injury. Third party cables are known to be cheaper alternatives to Apple's official cables and it seems like we won't be seeing them anytime soon. Nevertheless, at least you can now use the AUX cable in your car to listen to music or at a friend's party. Source: 9to5Mac
  9. If you are reading this, you clearly understand the importance of basic hygiene. You should pat yourself on the back just for that to start with. What we are discussing in this article is so touchy as a topic, that most men choose to ignore it completely, rather than making an effort to actually learn the process. For those of you who are asking, "Why should I shave my butt anyway?", the basic answer is twofold. One, you instantly become way more hygienic, and two, your *** life gets better - way better than before. You like a clean playing field in bed, right? That really turns you on. Why not step into your partner's shoes for a moment and look at it from their perspective as well? A clean butt is attractive. Period. Plus, it's just better than a hairy butt when it comes to the ease of maintaining basic hygiene. You know that super clean feeling you get after shaving your pubes? It's just like that, only better. © MensXP However, it is one of the most obscure areas of men's grooming that doesn't get talked about enough, amidst the beard and hairstyle clutter. Shaving your butt can be one of the most challenging things that you have ever done in your life. For those of you with experience, you already know what we are talking about; and those of you who have never tried it before, it's time. Trust us. Basically, there are two ways to get rid of your butt hair (apart from waxing of course, ouch). You can either use a razor or a trimmer. Here, we are guiding you step by step for both the procedures. Process One - How to shave your butt using a razor: © MensXP 1. Take a shower with warm water. Use a good shower gel and work up a generous amount of foam in that area. Wash it off. This will ensure that your butt is clean before you start off with the process, decreasing the chances of infection. 2. Use a generous amount of shaving gel and work up a good amount of foam all over your butt - on the cheeks as well as in the crack. 3. You will be needing two NEW razors. Use the first razor on your cheeks in a bottom to top motion. Be very patient and gentle. The razor is new and the slightest clumsiness can turn into a painful mess. Every time you glide the razor on, wash the hair off under the tap. 4. For the next step, you will be needing a shaving mirror and the second razor. Place the mirror on the floor and squat over it. You can adjust your viewing angle as per your requirements that way. © MensXP 5. Take the second new razor (the first one must have gone all dull by now, so don't use it again) and get to work. Concentrate super hard, and make sure you work smoothly around the hole. This task requires ninja-level precision - and we are not exaggerating. One small nick in that soft area around your hole - and you would jump the highest while screaming the loudest in your life. 6. Once you're done, clean the area off with a gentle antiseptic soap. Be very gentle, because the skin is at its most vulnerable state now. 7. Pat dry. Yes, PAT, and DO NOT rub the towel impatiently. It's extremely important. © MensXP 8. Use an antiseptic leave-on lotion all over. It might sting a little, but you'll do just fine. And voila! Process Two - How to shave your butt using a trimmer/body groomer: © MensXP 1. Take a warm shower and clean your butt thoroughly, just like the first step of process one. Dry your butt well. 2. Make sure the entire moisture is gone before you start the process. Take your trimmer and trim the cheeks first. 3. Squat over the shaving mirror and trim your crack hair and the scruff around the hole. Again, please be extremely careful. This is a very potent electrical device around one of the most vulnerable spots in your body. One small nick and you're in for a world of pain and discomfort for the next few days. 4. Once you're satisfied, wash your butt off with a gentle antiseptic soap and pat dry. 5. Finish off by applying a leave-on antiseptic all over that will prevent any infection while moisturizing your butt effectively. And you're done! Pro tip: We suggest you use a trimmer, as shaving might give rise to rough, coarse hair in between your cheeks - just like a stubble - and that is the most uncomfortable feeling ever. Good luck!
  10. Yes, it's true. Bisexuality is a thing and if not all, most women have experienced it or are experiencing it in their life. It's not a decision one takes over casual banter or during a biology class. It's a completely healthy orientation which makes sexuality even more malleable than before. So if you've just scored yourself a girlfriend who loves the company of other women, that can be both interesting and challenging at the same time. Interesting, because you never know what adventure she embarks on, and challenging because you'll have to live up to her extra adventurous *** life (which really isn't a bad thing!). The point to remember though is that not all women who like the company of other women are bisexuals. They may just love hanging out with the feminine energy but are pretty much straight, sexually. (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images So if you think you've found someone who loves to experiment with her orientation but isn't too open about it with you, these are some signs you can look out for, if you think your woman is bisexual. She Experiences Attraction Towards The Same Gender, Often Women appreciating other women is quite common. The way they look, what they wear, how their hair is done up or how flawless their skin is-everything is admired, sometimes even more than men admiring women. But admiring a woman for the way she looks is way different from being attracted to her. If your girl talks about how she's attracted to another woman's body or personality, there might be a chance she'd like to experiment further with her inclination. (c)Giphy She Initiates The 'Threesome' Talk Normally, a threesome is a very common sexual fantasy and it's mostly brought up by men when they discuss their favourite fantasies. If your girl gets super enthusiastic about having a threesome with you and has no qualms about having *** with another woman, that can be a sure shot sign that's she's comfortable in her skin and likes to experiment with her sexuality. Most women, who have never been with another woman or aren't really attracted towards the same gender will never bring up the threesome talk, unless they're curious! (c)Giphy Watch Her Body Language Body language is an easy giveaway. If you notice someone's body language often, you figure out things that have never been said to you, by them! If your girl is into other girls as well, she'll be very different around the ones she finds attractive. Her body will play a pivotal role in defining her interest in a particular woman or women, especially when you two are out for the evening and she's dressed to kill! Always keep an eye on her! (c)Giphy She Talks About Her Sexual Past Openly Women who aren't afraid to experiment are also not afraid to openly talk about their sexcapades! So if she talks about her sexual encounters often enough, pay attention to the details. She may have mentioned hooking up with a girl or her 'having a small little crush on a girl in school' in passing. These are subtle things she tells you so you're comfortable with the idea that she's been there and done that! (c)Giphy She Likes Girl-On-Girl Porn More Than You Do It's not like she's obsessed with lesbian porn but she likes to watch it more than regular porn and maybe more than you! This does not mean she doesn't enjoy other fetish porn, it's just something that turns her on more. She may enjoy threesome porn too since she swings both ways. (c)Giphy Her Setting On Dating Sites Is For Both Genders Sometimes dating sites give you an option to look for both genders to date. There are apps for exploring other orientations. If she's signed on to those apps in the past or is still on them, then you know where her interests lie. If you see her swiping right on the ladies, as well as on the men, she's definitely expanding her horizons. (c)Giphy She Has Gone Out On Dates Or Dated Other Women Before The biggest sign to determine whether or not your girl is bisexual is her dating history. If she's gone out on dates or has dated or even been in a relationship with a girl in the past, then you know the right questions to ask her. Bisexuality is not a switch. Just because she's dating you now doesn't mean she's lost interest in dating other women or being attracted to them. It's her decision if she wants to end up with a man or a woman. But whoever she ends up with, she will not stop experimenting with her sexuality! (c)Giphy Being bisexual is not necessarily being gay. It's very different from homosexuality and a bisexual woman is attracted to both men and women and is fairly proud of it!
  11. Loose trousers, but good trousers. Your gonads may be despising slim-fit apparel (girlfriends need space lol), but your skinny/muscular legs can't ignore them. And while the runway is glorifying oversized/relaxed fits right now, in case you're a 63-year-old movie star like Kamal Haasan, there's hardly a chance you're game for them. Much like the actor's recent #AirportStyle, you're probably all about slipping into a shirt with trousers and being at absolute ease. But 'loose is better' isn't a style slogan for famous men. After decades of measuring their fans across the globe, they better be aware of their responsibility: representing only the best version of everything. For example, of how to be a humble (and modest) movie star and dress like one, without appearing lousy. Haasan, every South Indian man's role model, is clearly here to fulfill his social responsibility! © Viral Bhayani In all honesty, these aren't the best-fitted trousers we've seen. Look at Sidharth Malhotra, Varun Dhawan and you'd know what a great fit of trousers looks like. But let's leave this discussion for later. As of now, Kamal's trousers are appearing quite big to us, but in all the right ways, man. To be frank, this is a great blend of relaxed and slim-fit trousers we're seeing here. Something, that if given a chance, we'd be glad to wear all day, every day, you know? They'd neither hinder the movement of your legs, will look absolutely sane and won't drive you down a worst-dressed lane. Plus, if carefully looked at the bottom, Kamal has avoided bundles over his footwear as well. Bravo! © Viral Bhayani Broken down: 1. Kamal's trousers may be appearing loose, but not baggy at all. In fact, neither too skinny. They may be a little too relaxed, but we're hardly finding a mistake in them. That's the fit he was going for. 2. The seam lines are falling very clean and without the presence of any creases/wrinkles. 3. The trousers may not be ending right at the ankle, but at least there's no fabric bundle-up involved. 4. Visually, since the trousers are well-fitted around the crotch drawer as well, they won't be baggy on the rear either. © Viral Bhayani All thanks to Haasan, this is clearly the right way of wearing pants right now. Relaxed, but not pyjama-relaxed.
  12. No matter how many smart phones come on the market with great cameras, matching up to the quality of a DSLR is always going to be tough. So when we hear about a so-and-so camera costing lakhs and crores, we aren't that surprised because we know the quality would be unparalleled. But the camera that we are talking about today will leave you bewildered. A 95-year-old Leica camera recently fetched over Rs. 19 crores at an auction in Vienna making it the world's most expensive camera. © WestLicht Auction No points for guessing that the Leica 0-series no. 122 is one of those rare, limited edition cameras and is in fact, fully functional. The bid for the Leica 0-series started at a price of 400,000 Euros which sounds nominal given the amount of money it fetched in the end. Quickly, the bid rose 6 times higher and a private collector from Asia emerged as the winner when he bought it off for a record price of $ 2.9 million. © WestLicht Auction Now if like us, you are wondering what is so special about this camera in particular then let us enlighten you. According to a statement by the WestLicht museum, the camera dates back to the year 1923, two years before the first Leica was introduced to the market. © YouTube/WestLicht & WestLicht Photographica Auction The camera was manufactured by Ernst Leitz who produced only 25 of these and out of those, only three are known to still be in their original condition. The camera only weighs 135 gram and had an aperture between f/3.5 > f/12. This record was previously held by another 1923 Leica-O series camera which was auctioned off for 2.16 million euros in 2012. Considering the bidder was willing to spend a bomb on an old (though rare) camera, it's safe to say people's love for vintage things can go to any extremes. Watch the bidding here:
  13. The trailer of 'Ávengers: Infinity War' met all our high expectations and in fact, was even better than we expected. But you know how Marvel works right? They'll always leave you bewildered by the sheer epic-ness of their trailers while revealing the plot in a 'just enough' manner and also keeping you in the dark about one or two aspects. If you haven't watched the trailer yet, what are you even doing in your life? Isn't it magnificent? It sure is. But if you look closely, there is one person missing from the trailer and in fact, he is one of the original Avengers. We are talking about 'Hawkeye' who is played by Jeremy Renner. via GIPHY When the trailer came out, fans were surprised by his absence and thought they might just get to see him in some promotional material but nope, that didn't happen either. And the reason behind the same might just be in the comic books. First things first, in 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron' we saw him taking retirement in order to spend more time with his family. Then we did see him make a brief return in 'Captain America: Civil War. © Marvel Studios But the 'Ávengers: Infinity War' Prelude comic book reveals what happened after the events of 'Captain America: Civil War' and shows where each hero goes after being freed. According to the same, Hawkeye went back to his retirement phase and his family while others continue with their work as superheroes. Have a look at this comic panel: © Comicbook.com Now it all makes sense as to why he is missing from the trailer and other promotional material. But the good news is that we will, in fact, see him in the movie but with a different identity, as 'Ronin'. He'll PROBABLY return from his retirement if Captain America talks him out of it again. But obviously, this is Marvel we are talking about so basically anything and everything is possible and to get concrete answers, we will have to wait until April 27, 2018.
  14. Let's be honest, our plans get cancelled more often than the frequency of the Mumbai locals. Whenever there's a group of friends planning a trip to somewhere, there's always one moron who will cancel AFTER you've booked your train tickets. If only they would allow someone else to travel on that same train ticket! Turns out you can. Indian Railways lets you transfer your train ticket to someone else in case your travel plan has changed. All you need to do is to submit a written request 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure of your train. The ticket can be transferred to any family member i.e. parents, siblings or spouse. The statement by IRCTC says: “Chief Reservation Supervisor of important stations are authorised by Railway Administration to permit the change of name of a passenger having a seat or berth reserved in his name.” If the passenger is a student, the head of the institution is required to submit a request 48 hours before the train departure and get the name changed on the ticket. IRCTC also allows a marriage party to transfer tickets, the rules being the same – submitting a written request 48 hours before departure. However, the change is limited to only 10 percent tickets of the entire group. Interestingly, this rule was introduced way back in 1990 and was modified in 1997 and 2002, but there is little knowledge about it. Just like the luxury lounge at New Delhi Railway Station we did not know about! Here's how to transfer your train ticket: © IRCTC H/t- TOI, IRCTC
  15. Remember the ugly sneakers our dads used to wear? The chunky, tacky monstrosities that didn't go with anything? Let alone the loose formal trousers they used to just love pairing them with for some reason? Well, guess what? They are back. © Twitter We aren't joking. It's the season of ugly dad sneakers. Why? We aren't sure, but we have a couple of guesses. One, the uglier they are, the better they feel on your feet. Those suckers are the most comfortable shoes ever, fortunately, or unfortunately. From running a marathon to mask the pain of your self-loathing to carrying the burden of the unrealistic expectations of your dad, these babies are equipped to do it all. So perhaps we have come of age and no longer subscribe to the idea of fashion being all style and no comfort? Or, it might just be a case of another avant-garde trend that is too fashion-forward for our normie brains to grasp. Anyway, the bottom line is the ugly shoes are back. © Business Insider Here, we have compiled a list of 6 of the ugliest sneakers we could find. But pair them up with the right outfit and you will be transformed into the fly-est dude ever - the Chuck Norris of style who doesn't only make ugly work, but transforms it into something beautiful. 1. New Balance Men Orange Suede Sneakers The in-your-face tacky orange to the rubber soles - this is your quintessential 'Dad' shoes that he just can't get enough of. But wear the right pair of grey fitted joggers and pair it up with a white tank top for that ultimate style explosion. Price: INR 5399/- © Myntra Buy it here 2. White Retro Sneakers By Zara The ugly, chunky white sneakers that are 'good for your feet'. But can't you just envision an outfit where these serve as the cherry on the cake? We totally can. Price: INR 3990/- © Zara Buy it here 3. Reebok Classics Leather Trainers How many times have you seen your neighborhood uncle with the orthopedic issues rock a spirited round of morning walk in these? Need we say more? But pair these up with a pair of crisp linen trousers that are cropped at the ankle and see the fireworks all around. Price: INR 8999/- © Koovs Buy it here 4. FILA '96 Quilted Fitness Sneakers Are these the shoes that helped you get through your PT classes? The pair your dad swears by till date? You know what, we say these make one of the most fashionable sneakers ever. Pair them up with a colourful ensemble and go to town! Price: INR 10999/- © Koovs Buy it here 5. GEL-KAYANO 24 By Asics If these are not the shoes you choose during a zombie apocalypse, we'll be forced to conclude that you don't really have the skills to survive. Cut out for comfort and performance, this pair here doesn't give two hoots about 'fashion'. That, however, doesn't change the fact that they can be included as a supremely fashionable piece of footwear in an outfit comprising the right pair of joggers and a cool t-shirt. Price: INR 13499/- © Asics Buy it here 6. Blaze of Glory Running Shoes By Puma These hefty black sneakers are comfy AF and will protect your feet fiercely while you go for your morning run. But will they be a part of your #OOTD? We say, YES! Experiment with your outfit and they can be an asset as far as your style quotient is concerned. Price: INR 4500/- © AJIO Buy it h#mce_temp_url#ere
  16. A watch is the ultimate accessory for men. Want to jazz up your boring outfit? Wear a funky watch, and watch it transform magically. Want to add a dash of class to your #OOTD? Go for a statement watch! Although they have become obsolete as instruments that tell you the time (thanks to the mobile phone), they are the OG articles that symbolize style in a man's wardrobe. Here, we have compiled a list of 7 super funky watches that will not burn a hole in your wallet. All of them are under INR 1500. 1. Fastrack Economy Analog Black Dial Men's Watch This super cool black dialled watch has a fun, chilled out appeal. Pair it with a white shirt and see sparks fly. © Amazon Buy it here 2. Giordano Chronograph Multi-Colored Dial Men's Watch Chronographs are sexy. This black dialled watch with yellow details will make you look like a new age watch afficionado. © Amazon Buy it here 3. Timex Weekender Analog Beige Dial Watch This beige dialled watch with white details and a swanky nylon band is sleek AF. © Amazon Buy it here 4. Sonata Analog Black Dial Men's Watch Who doesn't like an all-black watch? The black details in matte finish makes it look super manly. © Amazon Buy it here 5. Maxima Attivo Date Watch A classic masculine steel watch is a must. Why? It goes with everything. © Amazon Buy it here 6. Casio Enticer Analog Watch These sporty watches were quite the rage in the 90's. Guess what? They are back. © Amazon Buy it here 7. Fastrack OTS Sports Analog White Dial Men's Watch This white dialled watch with a red band is the definition of 'funky'. Wear it to transform a regular t-shirt jeans outfit into a cool ensemble. © Amazon Buy it here
  17. It's Women's Day tomorrow and although women don't need a day to remind them of how special they are, it's still a day to celebrate their very existence, reminding people around the world that notions such as gender equality, honour, respect and practical feministic ideologies are just not rendered as passé and they actually mean something. So in order to establish a circumstantial need for celebrating a day dedicated to the women of the world, there has to be a great way of doing it. How about making the women in your life feel more special than they already do, by giving them something special on this day? Here are some budgeted and utilitarian gifting idea's for the women you love and cherish, in your life! A Neat Collection Of Poems By Rumi The 13th-century mystic poet talks about love and happiness and that's all she needs in her life. If she's an avid reader or even if she's remotely fond of some good poetry, Rumi is the perfect gift for her. Buy the latest compilation here. © Amazon India Laptop Bag She's a working woman and she's always on her toes. How about bringing in some fun with work, for her? A funky artsy laptop bag can make any dull day bright and funky! Here's House Of Tara's funky laptop bag collection you can check out © Amazon India Bluetooth Speaker If music is the food of love, then a Bluetooth speaker is its very essence! So play on, we say! She loves her music and you love her, so why not gift her something to amplify that love even more? JBL is doing portable speakers just about right and you can choose from a variety of bright colours! Check them out here. © Amazon India Body Massager This makes for the perfect gift when she's cramping up or having a rough day. If she's lucky, you'll massage her right where she needs to be massaged and we have the perfect massager you can purchase! Check it out here. © Amazon India Menstrual Cup If she's traveling a lot or loves her sport then there is nothing better than gifting her a reusable menstrual cup. Menstrual cups also promote positive hygiene habits and make you more comfortable with the idea that women bleed 5 days in a row, every month! So go on, get her a cup and trust us, she'll love you for it. The cups come in medium and large, depending on many factors, so make sure you get her the right one. You can buy them here. © Amazon India Fitness Tracker Yes, we know you want her to stay fit or probably want her to join the gym with you but maybe she doesn't fancy the idea of a gym and would rather have her own fitness regime charted out? You can definitely help her out by gifting her a fitness tracker. She can run, cycle, swim or even walk and it will help her calculate her activity points! We've chosen Garmin as the best-budgeted bet so far. Check it out here. © Amazon India Adult Colouring Book No, it's not what you think. Although there are 'adult' colouring books, but colouring books for adults is a new stress releasing phenomena that have hit this generation hard. It's something to do with filling spaces with colours and letting go of the added stress you have. If she seems stressed out on some days, gift her a collection of colouring books so she can release some unwanted stress! Shop for them here. © Amazon India Gardening Tool Kit If she loves her plants and spends time with them often then this gift is very handy. It will take care of all her gardening needs and if she doesn't have a garden yet, she can get started by making one of her own! The toolkit includes a big and small trowel, cultivator, weeder, fork, pruning shear and gardening gloves. Buy it here. © Amazon India Polaroid Camera A bit of an expensive ordeal, a Polaroid camera really comes in handy when you want to make some instant memories. The budget is a bit steep but she'll love the gift for sure. Don't forget to buy the reel though. The reel has to be bought separately. Here's © Amazon India Amazon Gift Card Be it a spa voucher or her favourite book, she can choose whatever she wants to purchase through a gift card. If you're not sure about what she likes or wants as a gift, the safest bet is to get her a gift card. You can get them here. © Amazon India Instead of clichéd gifting ideas like clothes, shoes or make-up, we've thought of some unconventional, functional gifts you can give her tomorrow, or anytime you like really! There isn't an expiry date on the thoughts that count!
  18. Your first date was fantastic and you did everything right. From making her laugh with your funny one-liners to asking the right questions, you were on fire. Dinner and cocktails was a breeze and she readily agreed to go out with you again. But what now? You can't do the dinner and drinks stuff again; that's too regular. The second date is even more important than the first one, and can seal the deal for you. You don't want to bore her with a run-on-the-mill drinks date again. Here are some second date ideas besides dinner and drinks that are sure to impress her enough to date you. 1. Bond Over Your Love For Pets In A Dog Farm © Thinkstock/Getty Images Nothing wins the heart of a woman better than a cute little puppy waiting to be petted. If she is an animal lover too, take her to a dog farm and spend the day in the comforting company of your four-legged friends. 2. Go For A Stand-Up Comedy Show And Take First Row Seats © Youtube_Abhishek Upmanyu With so many new standup comics cropping up on the scene, standups are pretty common in the city. Take her to one and bask in the borrowed glory of the comic's sense of humour. If you are feeling too adventurous, take first row seats and expect to be bombarded with awkward questions about your potential relationship. This one's sure to make her look at you differently. 3. Take A Heritage Walk Across The City © BCCL Nothing spells romance better than a walk in the beautiful ruins of your city. Plus points if you live in Delhi because the city is peppered with ruins and monuments that set the perfect tone for a romantic evening. Take a walk in the Qutub complex, or go for a qawali at Nizamuddin. This can be a soul-stirring experience for the both of you. 4. Bowl Her Over With Bowling © Thinkstock/Getty Images If she likes sports, bowling can be a great way to break the ice that couldn't be broken on the first date. If you are frank enough with her, be cheeky and ask her if she likes to play with balls. Just don't overdo it and tell her you have balls of steel to offer. 5. Watch A Play © BCCL Instead of a 3-hour-long movie, watching a one-hour play can be a more exhilarating experience. There is something special about witnessing actors perform live on a stage metres away from you. Check with her about what kind of genres she likes. 6. Attend A Food Festival Together © Grub Fest Food festivals have become the life of the city. With some or the other festival round the corner every few months, you will have plenty of options to choose from. Good food is the most universal language of love and the aromatic aftertaste of kebabs will work its magic to make her like you. 7. Take Her To A Concert Or A Live Gig © BCCL Besides food, what other than music to win a woman's heart. If there's no big concert happening in your city, go for the smaller gigs which are pretty common now. A live jazz session or a dastangoi in the evening is the perfect way to spend time on a second date. 8. Attend A Workshop Together © Thinkstock/Getty Images Falling in love happens over time and finding common interest while you do so is a great kickstart to the process. Enquire about what she likes or has always been wanting to do and surprise her with a workshop of her interest. Attend a workshop – bake together, flirt in a salsa session, go for an open mic event, a DIY pottery class, an acting class even – offer her something so interesting she can't refuse. 9. Wine Tasting © Thinkstock/Getty Images You want to drink but you also don't want to steer through the crowds of the city's pubs trying to hear each the over the loud music. A wine tasting session is the best way to tease the senses and get just a wee bit tipsy. Tell us how your second date was!
  19. Have you ever wondered what would our lives be without movies? They just add the right amount of entertainment quotient to our otherwise monotonous lives. The two-hour movies that you watch on that 70mm screen might just look like a story with some good-looking actors, amazing songs, artistic location and stunning costumes, but making it requires a lot of hard work. A huge amount of team effort goes into making even a single frame of the film. Over the years, Bollywood has been rolling out some brilliant films. But have you ever wondered what goes behind the scenes to make this a big hit at the box office? Here are some of the before and after VFX scenes from popular movies. We bet you wouldn't have even guessed that this was not the real location or work but special effect. Here's your 'parde ke peeche' ka secret! 1. Remember Priyanka Chopra's fancy apartment in 'Dostana'? © RedchilliesVFX 2. Bhaijaan ke six pack ka raaz is here! Yeah, that's how he got that stunning body for 'Wanted'. © Bollywoodtabloid 3. Didn't we just love this scene from 'Kick'? © Twitter 4. And that's exactly how they filled that empty stadium for 'Chak De India' © RedChillies 5. Definitely, Bollywood has just stopped experimenting with real trains. A scene from 'Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaara!' © animationboss 6. If only VFX effect could be applied in our apartments! This one from 'Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji' © Bollywoodtabloid 7. That epic scene from 'De Dana Dan' © BollywoodTabloid 8. That beautiful romance between Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone in 'Chennai Express' looks too bland in reality! © animationBoss 9. The making of 'Bhaag Milkha Bhaag' © bollyone 10. The superhero of India 'Ra.One' that we would never want to see again © redchilliesvfx 11. The Daaru Desi step from 'Cocktail' that we totally, totally love! © Bollyone 12. And you thought doing stunts was easy? Ask Akshay Kumar when he shot for 'Oh My God!' © FWX 13. Are you 'Ready' to hang like Salman Khan and Asin? © bollyone 14. Here's how 'Special 26' team got their private plane © bollyone 15. Here how Akshay Kumar and Deepika Padukone picturised that beautiful scene in 'Chandni Chowk To China' © Prime Focus Now wasn't that definitely something? VFX is just pure magic and it entirely changes the way we look at things. And now that you have seen it, tell us which scene stunned you the most.
  20. There are two facts every man knows to be true. Fact: We love ***. Fact: Condoms suck. And I say it's a fact because, apparently, 95% of Indians #HateCondoms. And I didn't just hit my keyboard randomly and that is not a made-up figure. According to the National Family Health Survey, at least 95% people in India do not like using condoms. I mean, I get it. Condoms are weird. They cut down on making us really 'feel' it while doing it and increase the intrusion, don't they? But well, we have to do what we have to do, i.e. WE MUST USE PROTECTION. But a little rant on why we hate condoms doesn't hurt anyone, right? Especially when Durex, a company that runs on making and selling condoms, puts out a simple tweet asking men all over to share their reasons for hating condoms. The results on Twitter are in sync with what the survey found... Indian men #HateCondoms. What's happening India? 95% of Indians don't use condoms! We'd love to know why? — Durex India (@DurexIndia) March 5, 2018 Is this true? 95% of Indians don't use condoms. That would explain 1.3 billion humans! Do Indians #HateCondoms? https://t.co/6klHjcQpqT — Sorabh Pant (@hankypanty) March 5, 2018 But good news for us all! The good people at Durex didn't just ask us why we hate rubber so much. They actually found a solution for it. Welcome home Durex AiR- the thinnest ever condoms made for greater sensitivity and intimacy while still providing a high level of protection! Made of premium quality latex, Durex AiR condoms are designed to feel more natural, while the transparent ultra-thin latex helps highlight sensitivity. The naturally soft skin-like feel of the condom lets you indulge in real intimate pleasure, which is elevated by the pleasurable straight-walled fit for him, providing greater sensitivity to where it is needed the most. An amazingly lubricated condom, Durex AiR also eases friction and avoids stickiness for ultimate comfort and enjoyment for her too. What's more is that these condoms also are made to smell better which helps dodge distractions for an absolutely involving experience for both the partners. Now experience love closer than ever with the latest and the thinnest creation by Durex. Thanks for listening Durex, thanks a lot!
  21. Sometimes men project clingy-ness as much as women do and it can really get unbearable. There should always be a healthy balance maintained between showing affection and giving your SO some much needed personal space. If you can't distinguish between the two, then you're definable, classic 'stage 5 clinger' who needs to know when to stop! If you're less clingy, you'll score some fab brownie points for yourself and the other person too! © Thinkstock/Getty Images Here are five sure shot ways to be less clingy and enjoy a healthy relationship with your partner. Show Self Confidence Are you scared of losing them? Your insecurities may speak volumes if you're always on guard and hounding them for their company all the time. It's best to not let your insecurities overtake you so that you act clingy in the first place. Be sure of yourself because if you're confident about yourself, your partner will see you in another light, altogether. © Thinkstock/Getty Images Give Them Space! Space is a good thing. It's not like your partner will forget you if you give them space! Is that your fear? Your partner will be appreciative of the fact that you respect her space. Too much closeness in a relationship put restrictions and ruin the sanctity of it. Give her and yourself some time away. Travel with your buddies, involve yourself in different hobbies and activities and see your relationship flourish! © Thinkstock/Getty Images Put Yourself First Right now all you think about is them and somewhere you've forgotten you exist! It's time to start thinking about yourself and making YOU a priority. Because they're always on your mind you can't help but pine for their presence at all times. Give yourself the importance you truly deserve and you will see how necessary that actually is! © Thinkstock/Getty Images Resolve Trust Issues Clingy-ness also comes from unresolved trust issues. You're clingy because you fear losing this person and you don't trust the relationship one bit. It's best to sit them down and address issues of trust before they manifest into a deep dark black hole! If you don't trust your partner completely, you can never give them the space they actually need. © Thinkstock/Getty Images Admit That You're Clingy! If you're in denial about being clingy with your girlfriend then you really need to jump out of that pronto and start working on yourself. How do you know if you're clingy? If your GF hasn't voiced it out already subtly or otherwise, then I am sure her actions will tell you so. If she's maintaining a distance emotionally and physically and gets annoyed with your presence often, you know what's going on. The sooner you admit that you're not giving each other space, the sooner you can start to resolve the issues and lead a healthier life together. © Thinkstock/Getty Images These are the first and foremost signs of undoing clingy-ness, once you figure you're being clingy. It's time you put these tips into practice!
  22. Picking out the ten best graphic novels of all time is like looking for your needle in a big pile of hay! There is just so much to chose from that, naming ten isn't fair! But if you're a graphic novel novice, starting out your journey in this sphere isn't that tough. There is a lot to explore in the graphic novel universe; from North America to Japan to even Europe, graphic novels range from different regions and vary from superhero stories to horror, comedy and even drama. Graphic novels are unparalleled as they are largely free from commercial demands of other billion dollar ventures like film and television and they provide a justified creative freedom that helps you delve into some paradigm-shifting great work! Not to forget the artwork and the storyboard that goes into creating an interesting graphic novel. © Marvel Comics Here's our pick of the 11 best graphic novels you can get your hands and eyes on and who knows, become a fine graphic novel collector one day! Batman: The Dark Knight Returns If you want to start your GN (graphic novel) journey with some good 'ol Batman, there is nothing better than Frank Miller's 'Dark Knight Returns', which was released in 1986. Miller changed Batman from this laughable, innocuous children's cartoon character into the gate crusader or the hero of our times! He was no longer just another cartoon but a complete rejuvenation of the Dark Knight we know today. Batman returned with a blaze of fury, taking on criminals, most of whom were convicts from Arkham Asylum. Buy your copy here © (DC Comics Watchmen 'Watchmen' completely redefined superhero novels and re-introduced them to an adult audience instead with a tremendous and gripping script and some fine artwork. Alan Moore, the creator set the plot in the 80s, where a bunch of costumed superheroes, in an alternate universe are trying to save the world from an apocalypse. Moore created a complicated murder mystery with some unforgettable characters that delved deep in absolute power and love, and all this through a fantastically scripted and illustrated graphic novel. Definitely get your hands on this one; the movie really doesn't do complete justice! Buy your copy here © DC Comics Maus: The Complete Maus 'Maus' is a fantastic graphic novel by an American cartoonist Art Spiegelman and is mostly an autobiographical tale about Spiegelman interviewing his father about his experience as a Polish Jew and a holocaust survivor. The depiction of characters is done taking animals as references where Jews are represented as mice, Germans as cats and Poles as pigs. In short, 'Maus' is the depiction of the holocaust through postmodernist techniques, using animals as the central character. With a Pulitzer price to its name, this graphic novel is a must have on your shelf, for its sheer significance if nothing else! Buy your copy here © Pantheon Books V For Vendetta (New Edition) While I am sure you've seen the movie, have you checked Alan Moore and David Lloyd's powerful and gripping novel about loss of individuality and freedom? The character of 'V' is a lot more powerful in the GN than the movie. The story is set in totalitarian England , following a devastating war that changed the face of the planet. A revolutionary, wearing a white porcelain mask emerges with his young protégé to fight political oppression through terrorism, together. Set in a borderline anarchical world, V for Vendetta is a mind-blowing tale about blurred lines between good and evil and non existence of political and personal freedom. Definitely give this one a read. Buy your copy here © Vertigo DC Comics Batman: Arkham Asylum Gotham's under attack and this graphic novel depicts it beautifully. In this beautifully painted GN by Grant Morrison and Dave McKean, the inmates of Arkham Asylum have escaped and taken over Gotham's detention centre on April Fools Day and have demanded Batman in exchange for all the hostages. Accepting their whimsical demand, in order to save Gotham's civilians, Batman endures a series of challenges put forth by The Joker, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Two-Face and many other crazies from Arkham (I'm sure you remember them all from the movies!), risking his own sanity in turn! Arkham is a great introduction to Gotham's many psychopathic criminals and the true side of the Dark Knight! Buy your copy here © DC Comics Kingdome Come (New Edition) Set in the future of the DC universe, 'Kingdom Come' is a beautifully aggressive GN which is a superb take on modern milestones in super-hero comics. We have Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the troop defining what it takes to be a hero, in a world spinning completely out of control. What's gripping is the showcasing of tradition VS change in an intolerable futuristic dystopian world! Mark Waid and Alex Ross have really outdone themselves here. Buy your copy here © DC Comics Punisher Max: Volume 1: In The Beginning The Punisher, an anti-hero in the Marvel Universe was written by Garth Ennis, talks about a vigilante who considers crimes such as murders, kidnapping, extortion, violence and torture acceptable tools to fight crime. The Punisher's belief in tough love and brutal nature made him a novel character in mainstream American comic books, making him the ideal psychologically troubled antiheroes! Buy your copy here © Marvel Comics New Avengers: Volume 1: Breakout Brian Michael Bendis's New Avengers is a take on an all-new team assembled by Captain America, in the wake of a systematic destruction of the original Avengers! A group of heroes form a makeshift super-team to fight the rampaging villains and save the city. With super sharp dialogues, wicked sense of humour and dynamism, this GN kicks ass in the classic comics genre! Buy your copy here © Marvel Comics Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus These are legendary tales written and illustrated by Jack Kirby in 1970 (remember his other creations Fantastic Four and The Hulk?). The Fourth World Omnibus are four interlocked series that Kirby created under the DC universe and the collection include: The New Gods, The Forever People, Mister Miracle and Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen. The gripping comics reveal cosmic-powered heroes and villains struggling for supremacy in different galaxies and far-flung worlds! Get all four for the awesome illustrations if nothing else! The price is a bit steep for this one but it's surely worth the purchase! Buy your copy here © DC Comic Epileptic 'Epileptic' is David B's story of his brother battling epilepsy and it happens to be one of the most acclaimed European graphic novel of the last ten years! The novel is the author's journey into self examination of his own troubled emotions while dealing with his family's troubled history. The eventual goal is to attempt to find the final cure for his brothers epilepsy. David B's illustations are extraordinary balancing realism with astute psychological distortion! Buy your copy here © Pinterest The Sandman One of the best selling Author's of our time, Neil Gaiman's transcendent series 'The Sandman' is one of the finest achievements in graphic storytelling. Gaiman created an unforgettable narrative of the forces that exist beyond life and death by mixing elements like ancient mythology, folklore and fairytales with his own touch of visionary magic. The original series ran for 75 issues from January 1989 to March 1996! We suggest you start with volume 1: Preludes and Nocturnes. Buy your copy here © DC Comics And that's a wrap from the MensXp universe. If the idea of devouring some excellent graphic novels enthralls you even a little bit, go ahead and get your hands on the ones mentioned above!
  23. Here is your chance to know how well you know your idol or the successful people you follow. How do they keep the fun going while building such big companies at the same time? Elon Musk's father Errol Musk once said, “As far as Elon is concerned, I worry, what now? What is there? I get worried that he is getting bored of sending stuff to NASA every week or two weeks. I mean this is becoming passé… He is one of those people and certainly was as a boy, if he suddenly decides it's not interesting anymore he just kind of drops it. I doubt he will though.” So, the thing is, if it is not exciting you anymore then it may be time to change the direction of your boat and venture on a new journey. Here is how most successful people keep their passion and energy alive while chasing their craziest and wildest dreams. 1. Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO © Reuters "Because no matter what happens each day, I go to bed thinking of something cheerful. Try it." 2. Stephen King, best-selling author © Detox To Rehab "I did it for the buzz. I did it for the pure joy of the thing. And if you can do it for the joy, you can do it forever." 3. Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group © Reuters "I've never really understood why so many people separate work and play – it's all living. We should be able to have fun at work and bring out the best in each other. "Fun is one of the most important — and underrated — ingredients in any successful venture. If you're not having fun, then it's probably time to call it quits and try something else." “Don't be afraid to smile and talk to each other, instead of about each other” 4. Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder © Arun Eswara "I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: 'If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?' And whenever the answer has been 'No' for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something." 5. Tim Ferriss, best-selling author © Ted "The question you should be asking isn't, "What do I want?" or "What are my goals?" but "What would excite me?" 6. Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway CEO © Reuters "There comes a time when you ought to start doing what you want. Take a job that you love. You will jump out of bed in the morning. 7. Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder © Reuters "Paul and I, we never thought that we would make much money out of the thing. We just loved writing software." 8. Michael Jordan, former NBA player © NBA World "Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game."
  24. We've said this earlier and we're saying it again, Jimmy Shergill is a style king for 40-something men. And, even if you remove the age-specific mention here, he's quite a style king anyway. We'd like to believe that a certain superpower has entered the man, spilling out badassery, one outfit at a time. Something we're terming as a 'middle-age potion'. Recently for an appearance for Veere Di Wedding, the actor whipped out another outfit-moment for the shutterbugs and landed straight into our Hall of Fame. And, while we're not shying away from proclaiming his ripped jeans as a tad bit weird, they're the good kind of weird fo'sho. © Viral Bhayani There are a lot of things that don't make sense for Shergill in life — dad-like dressing, clunky (or dirty) sneakers, relaxed/over-sized gear or anything reserved for men in their 40s. He's a new-found symbol of age-rebellious styles and nothing close to what we had earlier imagined. As seen here, Jimmy has opted for a charcoal grey denim jacket topping a white T-shirt, clear frames and crisp white trainers. A footwear style, that's been a bit of a constant for the guy. But what's with the breed of jeans we're seeing here? © Viral Bhayani Tattered, ripped, distressed, graffiti-ridden and horribly street-like — Jimmy's jeans, agreed, are quite a mess to the eyes. For men who're majorly into denim and consider it as a complete must-have, this could be a big no-no, so to say. There's a lot going on, really (including the zipper above the kicks). But if any of the style gods of Hollywood are any indication, this pair is quite a piece to own. However, something reserved only for denim-maximalists. Unless, you're eyeing the aesthetic of Jaden Smith. © Viral Bhayani All summed up, this is definitely not a grown-up way of dressing for a 40-something actor. Plus, talking of the jeans, even Ranveer Singh would probably play touch-me-not with them (they're very street, not quirky). But are we, in anyway against Jimmy's sartorial theory here? Absolutely not, sir.
  25. To be successful in life, one needs to have focus and one cannot achieve that until and unless one knows what to subtract and what to add to achieve those goals. One needs to reduce distractions and build healthy habits to have an unshakable grasp on their dreams. Here are some of those additions and subtractions you can include in your life to clear your path to success. 1. Your idea of success changes with time © Thinkstock/Getty Images When you are 18, you may think getting admission into a good college is the height of success and when you are 25, you feel like getting rich is the ultimate high. In your 40's, you may see stability as the metric of success. So, the lesson is that success changes with time and it is relative in nature. There are certain parameters by which you should define your overall success. Success is living your purpose Success finding and understanding love Success is being grateful for what you have and finding a way to give to others. 2. 'Just one more' is never a solution If you are giving yourself one more time before letting go of that bad habit of yours, then you are consciously fooling yourself and no one else. That 'one more' eventually adds up and ultimately ruins your life. Stop saying one more time to fool yourself and instead stay on the right track. 3. Saying NO often is the discipline you need to practice © Iz Quotes Saying no is an art as well as a necessity. If you do not say no to things, you should be doing so right now so that you don't lose any time working on things that are important to your life. Start prioritizing and stick to your goals. 4. Stop following the saying 'fake it till you make it' 'Fake it till you make it' works in very rare cases. Most of the time, vulnerabilities will make you strong and capable. Expose yourself to yourself! Being authentic is a better metric for success. 5. You know you are not working as hard as you can You know you need to wake up early but you are still go to bed late! That is the kind of attitude I am talking about. You know you can complete that project today but still, you do not put in that extra effort to finish it off. Stop delaying things for no reason and remember that time is limited for everyone. 6. You are not special © YouTube Stop living in a false world of your own thinking that you are very special. No, you are not! To be special, you need to be working as hard as you can to reach places others have not. No one is born special in this world. It is what they do that makes them special and nothing else. If you want to know more about this subject then read 'The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck' written by Mark Manson. 7. Honesty makes life simpler Honesty makes communication effective and your life simpler. The fewer lies you tell, the less you need to remember, period. Honesty makes you authentic and makes you who you are. 8. You are always building something You are always building something. It could be a business, a relationship, a house. If you are not building anything that means you are stagnant and not growing. Remember things that don't grow die, much like people who may seem alive from the outside but are dead inside. 9. The day you discover how you can bring value to the world. Your contribution to the world is all that matters and there is no better feeling in this world than giving. The day you find out what your gift is or what your talent is then it should become your life's purpose to share it with the world to make it a better place. 10. Be nice for no reason © Quotes Blog Being nice for no reason is a rare quality and not everybody has it. Being kind to everyone makes you live a happy life. Your little gestures, like a smile or a helping hand can make someone's day and it won't cost you anything but will make you feel more alive. 11. Doing what you say you are doing is a super-power The perfect example for this would be Elon Musk. We all know this billionaire entrepreneur who is changing this world for the better, one step at a time. He does what he thinks needs to be done and what he promises. Become a man of your words. 12. Replace your bad habits with good ones You need to subtract your bad habits and add good ones to your to-do list to make it more focused. Keep your list clean and only keep things that will allow you to have laser focus on your goal and remove the distractions around you.