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AIBs Snapchat Post Is Down And So Is Indias Sense Of Humour



Shri Modeshwarai Namah.

In the name of all that is holy and by royal, gujju, dictatorial decree and dikri, no person living or dead shall ever comment, ridicule, or express an opinion on our great leader unless it has been vetted by the head of the sena Mr Bhagwan himself.

Bhagwan ji shall have jurisdiction on social media, print, TV, in your fridge, in your closet, and in your bedroom (if you are in the closet) because Bhagwan is an omnipresent, shorts wearing, leg-day skipping entity.  The penalty for committing such criminal activity shall be punishable by law. The law can let you go with a rap on the hands or rape in the badlands, depending on your access to pawar.

But if your name begins with an A, ends with a B and is a journey of the self (The I) from point A to point B, not even a havan can save you. Your destiny has been pre-writ, don't fight it. Just grin and share it, only Dog can judge you now.

AIB Does a BRB, Deletes Controversial Post To Avoid The Chaddi Brigade And We Can't Blame Them(C) Facebook/All India Bakchod

Our country likes jokes only on Sardars, especially the silent type. Or Muslims, remember that old classic one from 2002? Haha, or that ridiculous PJ by stately Jaitley on GST? But you shall not take the name of the lord Modeshwarai in vain.

Especially in connection with that foreigner corrupting Indian culture with Snapchat. Calls Indians poor and only has a dog filter, hmpf. The last foreigner who criticised our beautiful country lost his deal with Snapdeal. This is how we treat those who mess with us. And what about our gau mata? Why is she not among the filters? Our great leader would have looked beautiful with horns. Snapchat, Snapdeal whatever - this is a conspiracy to draw Indians away from our holy cow. Instead of making him look like cow mother you turned him into a dhobi ka kutta, who is never at ghar, and went to the ghat only once.

AIB Does a BRB, Deletes Controversial Post To Avoid The Chaddi Brigade And We Can't Blame Them(C) Facebook/All India Bakchod

The best thing about Indian culture is never having to work at home, we have people for everything – whether it is cleaning or tweeting. On the release of this image, the troll army went into full swing looking to outdo each other to prove loyalty to their king, filing FIRs and intimidating these anti-nationals who make a living by writing jokes! Is that even a real job?!? Why don't they just join Baba ji and do some yoga in their life? It will cure all these funny ideas and then we can all be one nation.

Doesn't matter that what we can't laugh at shows our deepest insecurities; banning and arresting cartoonists, humorists, books, porn, beef shows a vice like grip on a healthy democracy. We have lots of things to respect: our mother, cow mother, dear leader, soldier, 56 inches, neoliberalism, who has time for fundamental rights?

As if colonisation and Mughal rule was not enough, now they keep quoting some old French dude in my face. What is this ‘I disapprove of what you say but I will defend to the death, your right to say it' nonsense? Go home and eat beef and then I will show you what defending to death means.

AIB Does a BRB, Deletes Controversial Post To Avoid The Chaddi Brigade And We Can't Blame Them (C) Facebook/All India Bakchod

And why are these unemployed jokers being made heroes out of? They got scared and deleted their post. This is the strength of truth in this country; it can cure you of humour. Please don't make them martyrs because you don't volunteer heroism on someone else's behalf, it comes to the fore on its own – like foreskin. I know, because I am a Hindu.

Meanwhile check out this Englishman, for shame. We would never allow for this to happen in our country and that is why India is the best.

Jai Hind.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the author's own and do not portray the website's inclination towards any specific POV. 


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