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Chris Gayle Channels His Inner Sunny Leone andamp Floors The Internet By Dancing To Laila Main Laila



Chris Gayle aka Gayle-Force, World Boss, Spartan, Six Machine or Master Storm is a phenomenal left-handed batsman who is known for delivering big hits on the field. Well, it turns out that our Gayle-Storm loves to hit it off the field as well… the dance floor, to be specific. And just like the cricket pitch, he is fantastic on the dance floor too and is a sheer treat to the eyes. Recently, Chris Gayle posted a video of himelf dancing on Sunny Leone's ‘Laila Main Laila' from ‘Raees' and, since then, the world officially lost its chill. We don't think there's anyone who hasn't heard this song, but if you just searched for that song on the internet, what parallel world were you living in until now? While, Sunny Leone stunned us with her mesmerizing dance moves, Gayle wasn't too far away when it came to flooring us with his footwork.  

(#CEO Chris Ever Okay) I'll give the winner USD 5000 who do the #ChrisGayleDanceChallenge 🕺🏾 the best 😊. Ladies, the challenge goes for you too...There's the video so make sure you're spot on as I am lol. #HaveFun I'll post the top 5 on my page and the viewers choose the winner. Remember to use the HASHTAG! Will announce the winner on the 24th 🕺🏾

A post shared by KingGayle 👑 (@chrisgayle333) on Jul 15, 2017 at 4:03am PDT

If things weren't already entertaining enough for us, Gayle took things to another level by challenging his fans to dance to this song. And what's the bait? USD 5000. Yes, you read it right; the winner whose dance moves manage to impress Gayle will get this amount. So folks, gear up for this #ChrisGayleDanceChallenge; who knows you might become the lucky winner?! 

As far as Gayle's moves are concerned, who do you think did a better job with the song? Sunny Leone or Chris Gayle? 


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