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Farhan Akhtar Just Wore The Most Awkward Shoes Weve Ever Seen



We're going to be honest: Farhan Akhtar has never been on our style radar. There's nothing he's done to really stun us with his style. He's got the swerve, but maybe not enough. But just when we thought he lacked the skills, he made rounds of the airport in the most awkward shoes he owns. They're multi-coloured, athletic and most importantly, been paired with a blazer. Just wrong. But guess the heart wants what it wants.

Farhan Akhtar Just Wore The Most Awkward Shoes He's Ever Worn© Viral Bhayani

But here's why I'm seeing nothing wrong here. The look Mr. Akhtar was eyeing here, isn't too pulled-together or too casual. He was basically just not giving a damn while dressing. Not like there's no effort into it, but it all looks effortlessly perfect. Or, he was catching a flight from one gym to another. Just look at those guns!

First off, his idea of a summer blazer is absolutely spot on—it's made of linen. Even the jeans are simple, not too ripped/distressed. But the shoes...well, they're just completely awkward. So much so, they represent my moods on a Monday morning. Erratic, too random but you've got to deal with them, man.

Farhan Akhtar Just Wore The Most Awkward Shoes He's Ever Worn© Viral Bhayani

But shall we call this an interesting sartorial cocktail? Of randomness, gym fashion and basically, nothing normal.


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