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A Rs 7Cr Vanity Van To Rs 2.5 Cr Range Rover, 5 Expensive Cars Owned By Allu Arjun



Pushpa star Allu Arjun is a powerful name to reckon with. The ‘stylish star’ who has millions of fans, has found a new fan base after his last release has catapulted him to become a household name in the country.

The superstar already owns a super expensive private jet of his own, and here are 5 expensive cars which find a home in his garage:

1. Range Rover Vogue

Allu Arjun has a thing for naming his vehicles, and hence when he bought home this awesome car worth Rs 2.5 crore, he decided to name it Beast.  The Range Rover is a favorite SUV amongst celebrities and the price varies from Rs 1.88 crore to Rs 4 crores.

New Car in the House . I named him BEAST . Everytime I buy something... there is only one thing on my mind . Gratitude. #rangerover #aabeast pic.twitter.com/pbhtM1iyVs

— Allu Arjun (@alluarjun) August 24, 2019

2. Falcon Vanity Van

A star needs a starry vanity van. His customized jet black vanity van is named Falcon by him and the customisation costed him Rs 7 crores. The interiors are all in black, red and white and this vanity van honestly looks like a 5 star suite!

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3. Hummer H2

Not many Indian celebrities have this giant beast in their garage, but Allu Arjun is known for his distinct taste. The car can touch up to 190km/hour and costs over Rs 75 lakhs, excluding the import and customisation.

Hummer H2 © Twitter

4. Jaguar XJL

A beautiful swanky Jaguar XJL in a classic white color is often used by the Arya star for his events and promotions. The car is priced over Rs 1.2 crore.

Jaguar XJL © Twitter

5. Volvo XC90 Excellence

This powerful car can run up to 100km/hour in 6 seconds. The star often uses the sun roof to wave at his fans as well and the car is priced Rs 1.30 to Rs 1.35 crores.

Volvo XC90 Excellence © Twitter

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