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'Manbox: The Ultimate Grooming Kit’ That Men Need In 2022 To Fulfill All Their Personal Care Needs



Remember the cool Instagram reel trend ‘what’s in my bag’? The short video that gave people a glimpse into someone's daily bag essentials. Basically, an aesthetic flatlay instead of a lengthy video of somebody taking out the contents of their bag and talking about it.

Well, consider this article a written version of just that. The only difference is it’s not a bag but a grooming kit for men this time — The Manbox. 

A guy with grooming products © MensXP

The Manbox - A Better You Is A Box Away!

MensXP's exclusive curation of grooming essentials for urban men, the Manbox, features everything ‘beard care,’ ‘skincare’ and ‘hair care’ that men need in 2022. It consists of not one but 11 grooming goodies that are sure to help you look your best every single day. 

A collection of handpicked grooming essentials from the brands you absolutely love, this kit has everything from anti-hairfall oil and beard trimmer to face wash and face lotion. 

More so, you get a curation of 11 grooming products at a criminally reasonable price. Excited to discover what’s in your Manbox? Let's take a look at the 11 grooming products that we have inside the box — just for you.

1. BSC Anti Acne Face Cleanser

BSC Anti Acne Face Cleanser © MensXP

A face wash is the most essential product of a man’s grooming kit. Help your skin heal and glow from within with this natural, anti acne formulation by Bombay Shaving Company. 

All things antibacterial and nourishing, this face cleanser will remove all unwanted germs, excess oil, dirt, sweat and bacteria from your skin. Use it twice a day or more if you have particularly acne prone skin. 

2. MensXP Mud De-Tan Face Moisturizer

MensXP Mud De-Tan Face Moisturizer © MensXP

Give your skin the hydration and protection it needs with MensXP Mud’s newest detan face moisturizer. Introduce your skin to the goodness of Kakadu Plum & Sepiwhite that reduces sun damage and tanning. 

The lightweight and non-greasy formula gets absorbed quickly and helps you bring out your natural glow.

3. MARS BY GHC Hair Growth Oil

MARS BY GHC Hair Growth Oil © MensXP

Packed with the nutrients of five essential oils - Jojoba, Onion, Brahmi, Bhringraj and Tea Tree, this hair oil will ensure complete nourishment of your hair. It is particularly good for stimulating new hair growth and making your hair shiny.

4. MARS BY GHC Derma Roller

MARS BY GHC Derma Roller © MensXP

Thick, well-groomed hair can significantly uplift your look and confidence levels and a derma roller will only help you achieve your best look. Place the derma roller where you have hair thinning and roll it horizontally then vertically and then diagonally. 

The microneedling may help improve hair growth and hair strength by boosting nutrient-rich blood flow to the area. You can use the derma roller on your face as well to improve skin elasticity, texture and bring back your lost glow. 

5. BSC Anti Hair Fall Oil 

BSC Anti Hair Fall Oil © MensXP

Facing hair fall issues? Turn to Bombay Shaving Company’s superfood infused anti hair fall oil. oil rejuvenates your hair and scalp with the goodness of Castor oil, along with seven other oils known for improving hair thickness & growth.

6. Volcanic Body Wash

Volcanic Body Wash © MensXP

Give an energizing and refreshing start to your mornings with MensXP Mud’s Volcanic body wash. Enriched with the goodness of Volcanic Crude Clay the body wash helps remove dirt, impurities and ensures complete detoxification of your skin, while retaining the natural moisture of your skin. 

7. Hair & Beard Trimmer by Kubra

Hair & Beard Trimmer by Kubra © MensXP

French, boxed or goatee, perfect all your beard styles with Kubra’s KB-731 quick and easy-to-use trimmer. From shaping your beard to trimming your hair, grooming at home just got easier!

Its ergonomic design comes with a comfortable grip, hassle-free maintenance, and skin-friendly self sharpening blades that ensure a smooth trim.

8. Letsshave Shave Foam - Coconut Oil Enriched

Letsshave Shave Foam - Coconut Oil Enriched © MensXP

LetsShave shave foam that creates a rich lather that acts as an effective cushion between the skin and the blades that ensure that the razor easily glides across your skin, softening the hairs and making it easier to shave. Coconut oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties that are beneficial if you are prone to razor burns. It will also prevent the skin from dryness that shaving may cause. This shaving foam gives not just gentle shave but complete nourishment and intensive protection too.

9. Hair Growth Oil, 100 ml BOLD CARE 

Hair Growth Oil, 100 ml BOLD CARE © MensXP

Give your hair the TLC it needs with an all-natural solution for dry, brittle and frizzy hair. Bold Care’s hair growth oil helps in reducing hair fall and improving overall volume and thickness of the hair.

10. Flat Rs 100 off on Next purchase

Flat Rs 100 off on Next purchase © MensXP

From beard care to skincare and body care, our grooming kit has a solution to all your problems. And if you want to include more products to your grooming arsenal, retrieve your code and get a flat Rs.100 off on your next purchase of any grooming product, through the MensXP App.

11. Flat Rs 100 off on Next purchase (Brand - Mud)

What’s better than a flat 100 coupon? Well, it is having two coupons of flat 100. Choose from a wide range of MensXP Mud products and get a flat Rs.100 off on your next purchase through the MensXP App.

12. MensXP Shop Toiletries Travel Pouch

MensXP Shop Toiletries Travel Pouch © MensXP

Be it a short road trip or a last minute weekend trip, this travel pouch is all that you’ll need to look your best. Carry all your grooming essentials in this compact, minimal and spacious pouch while traveling and groom up during your escapades.

Love our handpicked curation of the best grooming products for men? 

Get the Manbox here

In case you already have a beard trimmer and should prefer a fancy beaded bracelet instead, go for our second Manbox that features a bracelet instead of a trimmer. 

*insert inside image 2 here*

Get the Manbox here

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