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The Best Boxers For Men To Improve Your Innerwear Game With

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No matter how stylish your outfit is, it's almost impossible to be truly comfortable if the layer you're wearing closest to your skin doesn't feel quite right. Just because it's meant to be hidden out of sight, doesn't mean that your underwear doesn't deserve the same attention you devote to the rest of your wardrobe! 

Uncomfortable underwear can ruin your day in a variety of ways - whether it's unwanted itchiness, excessive sweating, uncontrollable movement inside your trousers, or something else altogether. In short, underwear matters! And you really should put a lot of thought into finding the right pair(s).

With the wide variety of underwear styles to choose from, there's a lot to consider before you find the one that offers a comfortable, supportive and flattering fit. While each style comes with its own set of positives, boxer shorts are the ideal choice if comfort is your number one priority. Not only do they offer maximum breathability, but they also complement every body shape and even happen to be the perfect attire for those days you choose to spend lounging around in the summer heat. 

You can hardly go wrong with a great selection of boxers in your wardrobe, which is why we've put together this list of the best boxers for men for you to choose from.

Guys, Enhance Your Wardrobe With The Best Boxers For Men 1. US Polo Association Men's Printed Boxers

Best Boxers For Men© Amazon

If you were looking for boxers that were both functional and flamboyant, then these ones exhibit the perfect combination of the two. What sets these apart from most other boxers is the fact that they have pockets located conveniently at the sides, which means you even have a bit of extra storage space! On the fashion side of things, the rich red colour makes for a welcome change from the plain hues we're all used to. The subtle black checked print also adds another layer of class, enhancing their aesthetic appeal. After all, who said your boxers can't have a bit of flair?

Fabric Composition: Pure combed cotton

MRP: Rs. 552

Buy It Here

2. Hanes Men's Checkered Boxers (Pack of 2)

Best Boxers For Men© Amazon

Even though greying underwear is usually a sign that you need to go shopping, there's nothing dull or drab about this pair of stylish grey boxers from Hanes! They're made of a superior combed cotton fabric that gives them increased softness, which means they're extra comfortable. They're also designed very cleverly, as the fit is form-fitting and yet the reinforced side vents at the things offer enhanced ease of movement. Continuing on the theme of clever design, the side pockets, as well as the longer leg styling, makes these the ideal dress option for a relaxing day spent at home.

Fabric Composition: Pure combed cotton

MRP: Rs. 591

Buy It Here

3. Calvin Klein Men's Printed Boxers

Best Boxers For Men© Amazon

One of the most recognised brands in the world when it comes to men's fashion, Calvin Klein also curates some of the best boxers for men. Their range of comfortable and unquestionably stylish boxers includes this funky camouflage print variant, which takes printed boxers to a whole new level. The slim fit design even ensures that they won't bunch up annoyingly underneath your trousers, a problem that plagues boxer enthusiasts incessantly!

Fabric Composition: 60% cotton, 40% polyester

MRP: Rs. 1,199

Buy It Here

4. The Souled Store Batman Logo Printed Boxers

Best Boxers For Men© The Souled Store

You've probably seen people sport the Batman logo on their t-shirts, bags, phone covers, and other personal effects, but only true fans of the Caped Crusader will rep their favourite superhero on their boxers as well! You can't help but feel like a crime-fighting superhero when the Bat-Signal is emblazoned proudly across your boxer shorts. The black and yellow colourway is extremely stylish, and the regular fit is super comfortable, making these the ideal superhero costume for when you're spending a chill day at home. Who knows, maybe even Bruce Wayne wears these on his days off! 

Fabric Composition: Pure cotton

MRP: Rs. 399

Buy It Here

5. Marks & Spencer Men's Checkered Boxers (Pack of 3)

Best Boxers For Men© Myntra

Although buying boxers in bulk is a fashion faux pas a lot of men are guilty of, it's an opportunity that's too good to be missed when it comes to a superior brand like M&S. This three-pack of stylishly checked boxers will definitely improve the style quotient in your underwear drawer, adding a welcome dash of colour and style. The cotton fabric is soft and comfortable, while the elasticated waistband ensures that they won't be uncomfortably tight around your waist either. 

Fabric Composition:Pure cotton

MRP: Rs. 1,349

Buy It Here

6. Tommy Hilfiger Men's Plain Boxers

Best Boxers For Men© Amazon

Taking a break from all the patterns and the prints, plain men's boxers also make up an essential part of a man's wardrobe. These navy blue ones from Tommy Hilfiger would be the perfect option, delivering across all fronts, whether it's style, comfort, or practicality. They're designed for ease of movement using a highly breathable fabric, while the colour is a classic option that you can never go wrong with.

Fabric Composition: Pure cotton

MRP: Rs. 1,218

Buy It Here

7. Hanro Elias Men's Boxers

Best Boxers For Men© Amazon

If you're a fan of printed boxers and are looking to go beyond the micro print options and the numerous funny printed boxers for men, then this offering from Hanro is the ideal choice for you. This contemporary underwear offers a range of fun and fashionable prints which will add a whole new level of suave to your underwear options, making bedtime a classy affair! The available options vary from ornamental print, paisley print, and a couple of nature-themed options featuring flowers and leaves. They're still super comfortable as well as being incredibly functional, with a trendy no fly pouch.

Fabric Composition: 92% cotton, 8% elastane

MRP: Rs. 13,349

Buy It Here 

8. Derek Rose Men's Mayfair 74 Boxer Shorts

Best Boxers For Men© Amazon

As mentioned before, boxer shorts offer the most comfort out of all the various underwear styles out there, and these ones from Derek Rose reinforce that statement. Made from a lightweight open weave cotton fabric that's incredibly soft, they have a two-button waistband that you can adjust as per your preference, a feature that you only find in the best boxers for men. The waistband is fabric-covered to ensure softer contact with the body, while twin needle stitching also offers long-lasting comfort. As for the design, vertical stripes are a rarity in the world of men's boxers but these subtle blue and white ones are a definite winner.

Fabric Composition: Pure cotton

MRP: Rs. 9,595

Buy It Here

9. MeUndies

Best Boxers For Men© MeUndies

You've heard of subscription services for newspapers, magazines, television, and even shaving equipment, but have you ever heard about one for your innerwear? Well, that's exactly what the good folk at MeUndies provide you with. While you can order prints that you like right from their website, a membership gives you access to their special designs as well as fresh underwear every month at reduced rates. 

Their boxers are available in a whole host of colour and design variants, from classic solid colours to more bold options, and a third range of adventurous prints. The fabric used is touted to be three times softer than cotton, with durable flatlock stitching and a soft, flexible waistband that will make you want to get a membership right away!

Fabric Composition: 92% MicroModal, 8% elastane

MRP: Rs. 1,703

Buy It Here

10. Gildan Men's Woven Boxer Multipack

Best Boxers For Men© Amazon

Here's another great value-for-money deal on boxer shorts for men that you should definitely look at making use of - this multipack from Gildan contains four or five (as per your choice) offerings in a variety of colours and patterns. This includes solids, checks, and an attractive polka-dot design in purple or navy blue tones. As for the design, they're made from a moisture-wicking fabric that keeps you cool and dry, while the plush waistband ensures an easy fit.

Fabric Composition: 55% cotton, 45% polyester

MRP: Rs. 3,450

Buy It Here

11. Jockey Men's Boxers (Pack of 2)

Best Boxers For Men© Amazon

When we think of innerwear brands, Jockey is probably the first name that comes to mind for most people. That's why no list of the best boxers can be complete without a mention of Jockey boxers for men, and this pack of two is a prime example of their quality products. Available in assorted prints and varied colour combinations, they're made of soft cotton fabric and cut so as to fit your body contours in the most flattering manner. 

Fabric Composition:100% mercerised combed cotton

MRP: Rs. 738

Buy It Here 

12. Tommy John Relaxed Fit Boxers

Best Boxers For Men© Tommy John

For those who favour a more relaxed fit when it comes to their boxers, Tommy John is the brand to go for. They're put forth a modern take on the classic boxer shorts for men with an offering that's ideal for lounging around. The fabric combination is breathable and moisture-wicking, which means their boxers keep you cooler and also dry much faster as compared to regular cotton boxers. The contour pouch and the Quick Draw fly means that there's no need to keep adjusting your junk throughout the day, and you even have quick and easy access when nature calls. The waistband is also specially designed not to allow the boxers to ride up but also doesn't leave any marks on your waist. 

Fabric Composition: 86% pima cotton, 14% spandex

MRP: Rs. 2,195

Buy It Here

13. United Colours Of Benetton Men's Printed Boxers

Best Boxers For Men© Amazon

We all associate Benetton with their classy range of casuals and their boxers also follow the same 'brief' when it comes to style. The nautical theme is all the rage these days, with smart shirts being paired with coloured shorts and boat shoes to create a stylish ensemble. UCB has taken the theme forward with these nautical-print boxer shorts, which feature a navy blue background with white details. If you plan to soak in the sun on the beach or on a boat somewhere, you should definitely be sporting these!

Fabric Composition: Pure cotton

MRP: Rs. 679

Buy It Here 

14. AEO Classic Stretch Boxer

Best Boxers For Men© American Eagle

Another option that's just as stylish as it is comfy, American Eagle Outfitter's classic relaxed boxer is made from cool stretch cotton that offers unmatched comfort and breathability. The bright red offers a nice pop of colour, and the white eagle pattern serves as a superb visual contrast. Even the waistband stretches out, making for a really easy fit. To sum up: these boxers are comfortable, cool, and extremely lightweight, which should propel them to the top of your summer shopping list.

Fabric Composition: 97% cotton, 3% elastane

MRP: Rs. 641 

Buy It Here

15. Fruit of the Loom Men's Printed Boxers

Best Boxers For Men© Amazon

When it comes to choosing the best boxers for men in terms of value for money, then Fruit of the Loom is the first brand that comes to mind. This particular pocket-friendly option showcases a subtle black and white print with splashes of colour as well as other attractive features. One such feature is the Intellifresh Technology, which adds odour control, intelligent freshness and protection for fibres to the mix. The relaxed fit of the boxers finishes well above the knee, with side slits at the bottom for easy movement. The micro nylon stretch jacquard waistband makes for a trendy look, and the functional front placket, as well as the side and back patch pockets, add to the look.

Fabric Composition: Pure cotton

MRP: Rs. 449

Buy It Here

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