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21-Day Lockdown: Here's Why PM Modi's Latest Decision Is A Blessing In Disguise For Us



A month ago, everything was normal and I was used to the hustle-bustle of my fast-paced life in the city. There was a scheduled routine in place when it came to my office and my daily chores, however, everything, suddenly, came to a grinding halt, owing to the Coronavirus outbreak.

No one would have imagined that something, which started in Wuhan, China, would alter their very course of life in another country altogether. And no one, even in their worst nightmares, could have thought of being stuck in their own homes, just like Rajkummar Rao in Trapped (those who have seen the movie would relate to it).

But, we have no other option, do we? As Coronavirus continues to claim lives by the day, the only way right now to prevent this contagious virus from getting to us, is staying home with no connect, whatsoever, with the outside world.

Two weeks ago, I got a mail from my office stating that from now on, I will have to work from home. Initially, it looked promising as I didn't have to waste my time getting ready or travel all the way to work. I could work in my pyjamas without being judged and not give a hoot as to how I looked. Simply put, I was in my comfort zone. 

Why PM Modi's Latest Decision Is A Blessing In Disguise For Us© Google; Representative Image

One of the upsides of staying at home was that I got to spend more time with my parents, who had only one complaint, saying that I was never hung out with them, thanks to my taxing job.

And so, a new routine began. After getting through with my daily quota of writing stories, I enjoyed some quality me-time along with chilling with my parents over a card game of rummy.  

Why PM Modi's Latest Decision Is A Blessing In Disguise For Us© Google, Representative Image

As days passed by, I started to feel like I am running out of options for things to do and boredom started creeping in. I did hit a saturation point and that was when I started introspecting in an attempt to know myself better and get closer to the person I was.

Now that I had all the time in the world, I started to get to know my inner self better and even made sure that I start engaging  in my hobbies, something that I had not done in a while.

Well, I even gave writing poetry a shot. Here's one of the couplets that I wrote:

Zamane Beet Gaye Ghar Baithe,

Zamane Beet Gaye Kuch Apne Aap Se Guftugu Kiye Ho,

Zamane Beet Gaye Apno Ke Saath Shatranj Ka Khel Khele,

Ab Waqt Mila Toh Bhi Kaise,

Waqt Bitana Hai Par Darr Hai Ki Kuch Bikhar Na Jaye...

Par Kehte Hai Na Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai,

Aur Har Raat Ke Baad Subah,

Phir Aayenge Wo Din Jab Baithenge Hum Apno Ko Saath,

Aur Tab Denge Har Insani Rishte Ko Ahmiyat,

Ki Dobara Na Kehna Pade,

Zamane Beet Gaye Apno Ke Saath Shatranj Ka Khel Khele...

Every day after getting done with my work, I started investing my time in things that I wasn't getting the time to do earlier, because of my rigorous schedule.

Of course, the underlying fear of the Coronavirus outbreak is always circling above our heads, but panicking and constantly worrying about it won't help us in any way. Rather, it's better to use that time to introspect.

Just yesterday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a lockdown for 21 days and I think, I am now mentally prepared for this challenging time period,

Yes, things are getting tougher as there's no domestic help around now. I am also cooking, cleaning dishes and even managing work at the same time but during this self-isolation period, I have realized that I can handle tough days with ease. 

Even after doing all the chores, I still have the time to watch movies that have been pending in my watch-list for ages. I have been trying to cook different dishes at home and eventually, in this course, I have realized that cooking is therapeutic for me. 

Why PM Modi's Latest Decision Is A Blessing In Disguise For Us© Google, Representation Image

Well, this lockdown might look a monster to you but it's actually a blessing in disguise. At times, seeing the positive side of a trying situation can help you sail through the storm.

Now is the time to cherish all that you have at your disposal, to finally sit back and introspect.

Earlier, when we wanted to work from home, I am sure it wasn't an easy task to get it approved by the bosses, but now that you finally have the precious time that you were craving for, use it well.

It's time to meet your own self and I am sure, just like me, you haven't met YOU in ages.

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