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New Show ‘Cruising Legends’ Is The Virtual Travel Adventure We Needed This Month



As we struggle to pass time at home, MX Player has brought viewers an award-winning adventure series that promises to transport you to the beautiful Arunachal Pradesh, but from the safety of your homes.

BMW Motorrad Presents Cruising Legends: Dawn Patrol, Powered by Castrol Power1 Ultimate and Associate Sponsor GoPro is one such initiative that sees 4 powerful brands join forces to narrate a unique tale of new beginnings and inspiration when it comes to travel in India.

The adrenaline-pumping show is a small 4-episodic series that showcases 4 biking legends quench their thirst for wanderlust and witnessing the country’s first break of dawn.

Each episode takes us behind the scenes with different renowned bikers and travel enthusiasts. These 4 bikers include Harsh Man Rai, the co-founder of Helmet Stories, Garage 52, Rolling Stone India, and Man’s World magazine (wow!). 

Another name on the list is Candida Louis, a biker who is on a mission to educate the world about the importance of travel. Ouseph Chacko, a no-holds-barred adventurer is the third rider along with Vir Nakai, who is known all over the globe as the face of Indian motorcycling.

Cruising legends on MX Player, new show on MX Player MX Player

With 4 distinct personalities, one picturesque terrain, and a whole lot of adventure ahead, Cruising Legends looks like a promising ride from the word go! Produced by TheVibe Studios, the show explores the local food, culture, and people of Arunachal Pradesh, making you crave for a good ol’ vacation.

Ready to jet-set on this virtual ride? Hop on to MX Player and start cruising through all 4 episodes for free! 

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