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Captain Marvel Movie 2019

IMDb - 6.3/10 Rotten Tomatoes Description: Captain Marvel gets caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races. Initial release: March 8, 2019 (USA) Directors: Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck Budget: 152 million USD Music composed by: Pinar Toprak Screenplay: Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck, Nicole Perlman, Geneva Robertson-Dworet, Meg LeFauve, Liz Flahive, Carly Mensch
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Alita - Battle Angel 2019

IMDb: 7.6/10 Genre : Action, Science Fiction, Thriller, Romance Director : Robert Rodriguez Stars : Rosa Salazar, Christoph Waltz, Ed Skrein, Mahershala Ali, Jennifer Connelly LANGUAGE: Hindi (Cleaned) – English Quality: 720p HD-Camrip PLOT: Six strangers find themselves in a maze of deadly mystery rooms, and must use their wits to survive.
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    صرف ایک شمع سے ہزاروں شمعیں روشن ہو سکتی ہیں اور اُس شمع کی لو کم نہیں ہو گی.. خوشی کی شمع بھی ایسے روشن ہوتی ہے۔ بس، خوشی بانٹو...!
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    میرا عشق ہو...- تیری ذات ہو...- پھر حُسْن عشق کی بات ہو...- کبھی میں ملوں...- کبھی تو ملے...- کبھی ہم ملیں ملاقات ہو...- کبھی تو ہو چُپ...- کبھی میں ہوں چُپ...- کبھی دونوں ہم چُپ چاپ ہوں...- کبھی گفتگو..- کبھی تذکرے...- کوئی ذکر ہو...- کوئی بات ہو...- کبھی حجر ہو تو دن کو ہو...- کبھی وصل ہو تو وہ رات ہو...- کبھی میں تیرا کبھی تو میرا...- کبھی اک دوجے کے ہم رہیں...- کبھی ساتھ میں....- کبھی ساتھ تو...- کبھی اک دوجے کے ساتھ ہوں...- کبھی صعوبتیں...- کبھی رنجشیں...- کبھی دوریاں...- کبھی قربتیں...- کبھی الفتیں....- کبھی نفرتیں...- کبھی جیت ہو...- کبھی ہار ہو...- کبھی پھول ہو...- کبھی دھول ہو...- کبھی یاد ہو...- کبھی پھول ہو...- نا نشیب ہوں...- نا " اداس " ہوں....- صرف تیرا عشق ہو......- میری ذات ہو...............!!-
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    Version 4.3.6


    This is a security release and we recommend all clients upgrade as soon as possible. Key Changes This is a maintenance release to fix reported issues. Additional Information Core - Members & Accounts Added ability to use bulk mail subscription status as a filter for group promotions. Fixed profanity filters applying to account usernames during registration. Fixed following a member not updating the follow button correctly. Fixed filters when creating a bulk mail or downloading a member list not working in certain combinations. Fixed inability to manually set a member's reputation count less than 0. Core - Search & Activity Streams: Improved performance of indexing content when using Elasticsearch. Improved the phrasing of the description on search results page when a custom date range has been chosen to sound more natural. Fixed some Elasticsearch queries not working on very high traffic sites. Fixed an issue where content that had been restored after being deleted would not be reindexed correctly. Fixed an issue with Elasticsearch where content that had been hidden or moved would not be reindexed correctly. Fixed filtering by specific members when using Elasticsearch. Fixed various issues with activity streams not behaving correctly. Core - Posting & Post Content: Improved message when embedded content is not available to indicate if the content has been deleted or the user doesn't have permission to see it. Fixed some Emojis rendering incorrectly. Fixed broken TED Talks embeds. Core - Clubs: Fixed pagination of the list of members in a club not working. Fixed some moderator permissions not applying correctly within clubs. Fixed paid clubs being able to be created with $0 fee. Fixed granting permission to create specific types of clubs via secondary groups not working properly. Fixed content rebuild task not running on custom fields for clubs. Core - Sitemap Fixed some items not included in the sitemap. Fixed error generating the sitemap when entering zero for the number of items to include. Fixed sitemap not generating on some PHP versions. Core - Redis: Added ability to use Redis as a data storage method if is also being used as the caching method. Fixed online users older than 30 minutes showing when using Redis. Fixed uncaught exception that may occur when using Redis and clearing caches. Core - Misc Added a warning to the AdminCP dashboard, and when editing the login handler, if Facebook login is enabled but site is not using https. Also changed the Facebook login setup process to not allow new setups if site is not using https. Added an option to use a different Facebook application for social promotion (opposed to the Facebook application used for login) so that Facebook login is not affected while your Facebook app is under review. Added logging any time the support tool has been run. Improved session handling performance. Improved performance of viewupdates task. Improved performance of queue task. Fixed announcements being shown before the start date. Fixed error when deleting the node being viewed in AdminCP node trees. Fixed copying some node settings in the AdminCP not working. Fixed replacement tags not working in bulk mails within URLs. Fixed lost image style attributes in bulk emails. Fixed Acronym Expansion page in AdminCP not line breaking correctly for very long values, breaking the page layout. Fixed profile field management checking wrong AdminCP restriction. Fixed CSS and JavaScript files not being deleted when recompiled on upgrade or when running the support tool. Fixed false warnings from the database checker when using MySQL 8 and in certain other edge cases. Fixed error after changing cache or datastore settings in certain PHP configurations. Fixed link to the setting for allowed characters in usernames (which shows when setting up certain login handlers) not highlighting the setting. Fixed possible error when creating the default English language when running the support tool. Fixed AdminCP dashboard warning about failed tasks showing for disabled tasks. Fixed browsers potentially keeping a cache of outdated JavaScript files. Fixed JSON-LD data for ratings in several apps. Fixed some widgets not limiting results correctly which could cause performance issues. Fixed a possible technical error message (rather than a graceful error screen) showing if a very low-level error (such as database server offline) occurs in certain circumstances. Fixed a missing warning when the hooks.php file was not writable before application and plugin installations and upgrades. Fixed an issue when using profile complete and forum specific themes. Fixed uncaught exception if manually going to a specific URL to try to promote something which cannot be promoted. Fixed an unnecessary redirect in the applications upgrade process. Fixed some minor language string inconsistencies. Removed logging of notices that a template was requested to be rebuilt while already rebuilding. Check to ensure that https is used before allowing Facebook to be used as a log in handler. Fixes a read/write separation issue with unhiding Forums Fixed moderator permissions for posts. Fixed an issue where moving archived topics from one forum to another did not update the forum counters. Fixed an issue where posting a hidden post causes the forum to indicate a post pending approval is present. Commerce Added an option when refunding a transaction which was paid by a PayPal Billing Agreement to also cancel the Billing Agreement. Added support for AUD, CZK, DKK, HKD, ILS, MXN, NZD, NOK, PHP, PLN, RUB, SGD, SEK, SEK, CHF, and THB for PayPal card payments. Fixed automatic recurring payments for subscriptions not re-subscribing members correctly. Fixed subscription upgrades/downgrades not being available at all to plans which are set to only be payable by particular gateways, or whose base price is modified by the chosen renewal term. Fixed missing language strings in member history when upgrading subscriptions. Fixed missing tax on purchase reactivation. Fixed not being able to remove product discounts. Fixed incoming emails being saved as blank replies. Fixed incoming emails from certain email address formats, including emails using new domain extensions. Fixed the link to print an invoice that gets sent in the email not working for guests. Fixed missing language strings in the email advising a user their support request will automatically be marked resolved. Fixed invalid referral banner image URL shown to users. Fixed broken referrer tab in AdminCP customer profile. Fixed broken images when viewing a purchase of an advertisement in the AdminCP. Fixed advertisement purchases created by generating an invoice in the AdminCP. Fixed possible text overflow when viewing shipping order in AdminCP. Fixed support requests not showing assigned staff member in preview. Pages Fixed the page BBCode and editor button which allows content to be split over multiple pages. Fixed incorrect sorting of number database fields. Fixed search permissions when changing the "User can see records posted by other users" setting for a database. Fixed an error occurring when editing a comment that is synced with a topic that has been hidden. Fixed numeric database fields which use more than 2 decimal places in the value. Fixed an issue where using a custom field validator with a unique field would mean the unique check is skipped. Gallery Fixed broken redirect after deleting an album and moving images in it to a category. Fixed broken promote form for images within an album. Fixed missing watermark when a file was inserted via the "Insert other media" feature. Downloads Fixed screenshots that have been imported from a URL missing from embeds. Blog Fixed blog cover photo being used when sharing entries on social media even when the entry has its own feature photo. Fixed broken Blog Embeds. Fixed link to the last Blog Entry inside the Blog Embed. Calendar Fixed cover photo offset not copying correctly when copying events. Fixed venue not saving from ical upload. REST & OAuth Fixed OAuth setups refreshing refresh tokens more often than they should. Fixed OAuth setups not properly supporting implicit grants. Converters Added support for redirecting direct post links for Vanilla. Improved performance of conversions. Improved description of minimum version for vBulletin 3 conversions. Fixed error with login after conversion. Fixed extraneous breaks in content converted from vBulletin. Fixed personal conversations from Vanilla. Fixed Gallery albums being converted with no default sort option. Fixed issue with converting Calendar Event attachments. Fixed issue where some code box content may be broken after conversion from phpBB. Fixed vBulletin 3 redirects no longer working if you converted prior to upgrading to 4.x. Upgrader Added UConverter support to the UTF-8 Converter for sites with mixed character sets. Fixed an issue where announcement widgets may not get removed when upgrading to 4.3. Fixed possible SQL error when upgrading Calendar from 3.x. Fixed how sharedmedia BBCode gets converted to embeds for Gallery albums when upgrading from 3.x. Fixed an issue where converting to UTF-8 prior to upgrade can throw an error in some situations. Fixed Gallery sitemap showing incorrect date for images upgraded from 3.x. Third-Party / Developer / Designer Mode Fixed album embeds when in developer mode. Fixed errors adjusting sitemap configuration preferences when using developer mode
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    ہر آرزو فریب ہے ....! ہر جستجو سراب___! مچلے جو بہت دل------! اسے سمجھا دیا کرو........
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    کبھی کبھی ہم ہر چیز سے بھاگنا چاہتے ہیں دُکھ سے پریشانی سے اکیلے پن سے نفرت سے حقارت سے ٹھکرائے جانے سے کسی کے نظر انداز کرنے سے مگر ہم اس میں کامیاب نہیں ہو پاتے
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    کِـسے پَـڑی ہے کِہ سـوچے تـیرے لئے اِے دِل ہَــزار مَــسئلے مُـوجـود ہــیں جَــہاں کے لئے وہ مَـطلع مِـصرعِ ثانی سَـمیت ذِہن میں ہے بَچا کے رَکھا ہے جِـس کو غُروبِ جَاں کیلئے
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    ﭘﻠﭧ ﮐﮯ ﺁﺋﮯ ﺗﻮ ﺳﺐ ﺳﮯ ﭘﮩﻠﮯ ﺗُﺠﮭﮯ ﻣﻠﯿﮟ ﮔﮯ ﺍُﺳﯽ ﺟﮕﮧ ﭘﺮ ﺟﮩﺎﮞ ﮐﺌﯽ ﺭﺍﺳﺘﮯ ﻣﻠﯿﮟ ﮔﮯ ﺗُﺠﮭﮯ ﯾﮧ ﺳﮍﮐﯿﮟ ﻣﺮﮮ ﺗﻮﺳﻂ ﺳﮯ ﺟﺎﻧﺘﯽ ﮨﯿﮟ ﺗُﺠﮭﮯ ﮨﻤﯿﺸﮧ ﯾﮧ ﺳﺐ ﺍِﺷﺎﺭﮮ ﮐُﮭﻠﮯ ﻣﻠﯿﮟ ﮔﮯ ﺍﮔﺮ ﮐﺒﮭﯽ ﺗﯿﺮﮮ ﻧﺎﻡ ﭘﺮ ﺟﻨﮓ ﮨﻮ ﮔﺌﯽ ﺗﻮ ﮨﻢ ﺍﯾﺴﮯ ﺑُﺰﺩﻝ ﺑﮭﯽ ﭘﮩﻠﯽ ﺻﻒ ﻣﯿﮟ ﮐﮭﮍﮮ ﻣﻠﯿﮟ ﮔﮯ ﻧﮧ ﺟﺎﻧﮯ ﮐﺐ ﺗﯿﺮﯼ ﺁﻧﮑﮭﯿﮟ ﭼﮭﻠﮑﯿﮟ ﮔﯽ ﻣﯿﺮﮮ ﻏﻢ ﻣﯿﮟ ﻧﮧ ﺟﺎﻧﮯ ﮐِﺲ ﺩﻥ ﻣُﺠﮭﮯ ﯾﮧ ﺑﺮﺗﻦ ﺑﮭﺮﮮ ﻣﻠﯿﮟ گے
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    ادھورے خوابوں کے خستہ کاغذ سنبھال رکھنا .... حساب هوگا
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    عکس عکس، گماں گماں، خیال سارے مُسترد تونہیں تو کچھ نہیں، سارے سہارے مُسترد🔥
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    ﺍﺑﮭﯽ ﯾﮧ ﻋﺸﻖ ﮐﻢ ﺳﻦ ﮨﮯ ﺍﺑﮭﯽ ﺍﻇﮩﺎﺭ ﻣﺖ ﮐﺮﻧﺎ - ﺟﻨﻮﮞ ﮐﯽ ﺁﮒ ﺑﮍﮬﻨﮯ ﺩﻭ ﺍﺑﮭﯽ ﮐﭽﮫ ﺭﻭﺯ ﺟﻠﻨﮯ ﺩﻭ - ﺍﮔﺮ ﯾﮧ ﺭﺍﮐﮫ ﮐﺮ ﮈﺍﻟﮯ ﺳﻤﺠﮫ ﻟﯿﻨﺎ ﮐﮧ ﻧﺎﻗﺺ ﮨﮯ ﺳﻤﻨﺪﺭ ﻣﯿﮟ ﺑﮩﺎ ﺁﻧﺎ - ﺍﮔﺮ ﮐﻨﺪﻥ ﺑﻨﺎ ﮈﺍﻟﮯ ﺳﻤﺠﮫ ﻟﯿﻨﺎ ﮐﮧ ﺧﺎﻟﺺ ﮨﮯ - ﺑﮩﺖ ﻧﺎﯾﺎﺏ ﮔﻮﮨﺮ ﮨﮯ ﺍﺳﮯ ﺑﯿﮑﺎﺭ ﻣﺖ ﮐﺮﻧﺎ ﮐﺴﯽ ﮐﻢ ﻇﺮﻑ ﮐﮯ ﺁﮔﮯ ﮐﺒﮭﯽ ﺍﻇﮩﺎﺭ ﻣﺖ ﮐﺮﻧﺎ
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    خود کو اچھا کر لیا میں نے زخم سارے کا سارا بھر لیا میں نے نظر پڑی جو کل اک مہ جبیں پر عشق دوبارہ کر لیا میں نے _______________
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    ‏دکھ تو یہ ہے خوشی کے موقعہ پر پھول بھیجے ہیں خود نہیں آیا
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    پہلے مجھے لگتا تھا کہ جذبوں کے پیمانے نہیں ہوتے آپ یا تو کسی سے محبت کرتے ہیں یا نہیں کرتے نفرت کرتے ہیں یا نہیں کرتے کم یا زیادہ محبت اور کم یا زیادہ نفرت ایسا کچھ نہیں ہوتا مگر اب مجھے لگتا ہے کہ جذبے بھی ناپے جا سکتے ہیں ....کچھ لوگوں کی نفرت ہر نفرت سے بڑھ جاتی ہے
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    ‏ﯾﮧ ﺑﻬﯽ ﺍﭼﻬﺎ ﮨﮯ ﮐﮧ ___ ﻫﻢ ﺍﭼﻬﮯ نہیں ﮨﯿﮟ ﻏﺎﻟﺐ ۔۔۔ ﮐﺴﯽ ﮐﻮ ﺩﮐﮫ ﺗﻮ ﻧﮩﯽ ﮨﻮﺗﺎ ﻫﻢ ﺳﮯ ﺑﭽﻬﮍﻧﮯ ﮐﮯ بعد۔۔۔!!
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    دِل جلانے کے سوا جِس کا ہُنر کُچھ بھی نہیں ہائے.... ہم نے کِس شَخص کو دِلدار بنا رکھا ہے
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    Version 3.1.2


    (BIM43) Chatbox 3.x - this is an AJAX chat application for IPS Community Suite 4.3 About This File This is very simple chat system with the basic features: Ajax chat, auto update. Display as IPS widgets, so you can place it in sidebar or top page. Sound notification. User can toggle on/off. Admins/Moderators can block users. Users can ignore some chatters they don't want to see. Load more messages when scrolling end (or top). Announcement (on Top or Tab). Support emoticons, URL, Image URL (gif, png, jpg) @mention by clicking on usernames. (If @mention plugin installed - Check my other plugins) Flood control. Time format. Display newer messages in top or bottom. Permissions for viewing, chatting & management. Edit/Delete messages.
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    Version 3.0.4


    (BIM42) Quick Search Features: This plugin provides a search form that will search for any content with autocomplete and show results with icons for applications: Downloads, Forums (Theme Sketches Required), Pages, Gallery, Videobox and Musicbox. Settings: Enable / disable the plugin. Permissions for user groups. Results Max. Find incomplete words Find results: only the titles Content | Names of publications and bodies Search mode: AND / OR The default setting is the type of global page search. Show the category, the author in the search results.
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    Version 1.0.1


    Veizor Neon this is a new template created from the first version of Veizor. Unique design in the style of cyberpunk and very simple customization. We tried to make the style lively and interesting. Maintains its own atmosphere of Noir style. A huge number of settings, effects for the slider, simple color change. Attention, the theme will be constantly updated and get new features. Click here for demo! Login and Pass: test Main Settings Backgrounds
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    Mind theme has been updated to the latest version 4.3. Basic instructions are included in the package. IMPORTANT UPDATE: A series of blocks has been included in this version, so it's recommended to use PAGES App.
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    About This File Chocolate is a dark modern theme for multiple purposes. It can be used anywhere as your community requires. Includes intuitive and easy-to-use options for you to enjoy while you work. Some features include a documentation link to improve reading/assistance. Requirements - Latest stable IPB version. DEMO User: Test Password: test 👌 Give your members a comfortable place with personality and elegance. Some features - Fully responsive - New profile view - Background image options, fixed, repeat or full width - Logo enhancement - Header posts (documentation) - Database slider (documentation) - Normal slider (add your own sliders through theme settings) - Slider fully customizable + permissions - Optional database for any purpose (documentation) - And more. ♥️ Profiles have been improved Quick navigation Choose what slider you want to show - Top forum posts built with Pages. - Normal (theme settings) - Database articles, built with Pages (documentation) Chocolate includes his own landing page You must have Pages app installed to use Landing page. - Welcome message - Latest articles (documentation) - Skills block - Team / Staff - Services - Testimonials (documentation) - Partners list ✔️ Chocolate will be constantly adding new features so there is much more to come. ✔️ No renewals ✔️ Includes a copyright that can be easily removed from theme settings ✔️ Suggestions are welcome
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    Version 4.3.4


    IPS Community Suite 4.3.4 IPS Community Suite 4.3.2 IPS Community Suite 4.3.1 IPS Community Suite 4.3.3 NULLED By Fundayforum.com Key Changes Welcome to Invision Community 4.3! This release brings numerous improvements and several new features, so be sure to read our announcement for everything new! Version 4.3.2 is a small maintenance update to fix issues reported since 4.3.0. **IMPORTANT UPGRADE NOTICE** Please note that not all third party applications and themes are yet compatible with Invision Community 4.3. If you utilize third party resources, including custom themes, please ensure they have been declared compatible by their respective authors or your site may be non-functional after upgrade. There is a new compatibility field on all marketplace resource listings. If this field is missing or does not specifically list 4.3, it is likely not yet compatible.
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    Animate is a dark, modern design and is named after the animated background effect seen in its header. The theme comes with an animated header and is perfect for any forum looking for a quick loading dark design - especially great for gaming forums! Theme Features Theme Settings Easily enable, disable or modify theme features such as background images, logos, social media links, guest messages and colors. This makes modifications and upgrades very simple since little code changes are required. Animated header This theme features two animated images in the header, powered by css animations. The effect can be customized extensively, or removed entirely if necessary. Background picker Your members can choose their own background image (or color) from a predefined selection and their choice is saved via cookies. This feature can be configured or disabled within the theme settings. Guest message The "Guest message" widget is restyled to grab your visitors attention. It can be added to any widget location: header, footer or sidebar. Social links Social links can be enabled/disabled and customized to your own URL, allowing you to easily link to your social network pages (facebook, twitter, etc) HTML logo with slogan Easily add/edit your text logo and slogan from within the theme settings. If required, the text can be replaced by an image instead. Mega Footer A mega footer with configurable column numbers and content can be enabled and customized all within the theme settings. Minimal HTML edits This theme has very few template files, which means in most cases, you will not need to install theme updates between IPS versions. Too easy! Latest Topic on Mobiles The latest topic title is visible on tablets and mobiles, allowing more convenient access to your latest content for mobile users. Global Message Display a message across the top of your site with important announcements. Once your members have seen the message, they can press the Dismiss button to remove it (until you configure a new one). Retina Ready All gradients, shadows and icons are generated using css which means your site will look great on all devices - even those with high resolution screens. Demo // Detailed list of features
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    Firaaq dekh lia aur visaal dekh lia Tumhari yaad ka hum ne kamal dekh lia Tumhain jo rehta tha is ka khayal, dekh lia Ab say milna huwa hai mahaal, dekh lia Taloo-e-subha say lay kar gharoob-e-shaam talak Tamaam din ka arooj-o-zawal dekh lia Tum is say barh kay jo chaho tau phir wo kaisay ho Jalal dekh lia hai jamaal dekh lia Usay daratay ho tum moat say bhala kyun kar Keh zindagi ka ho jis nay wabaal dekh lia
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    Woh bhi bohat hamdard thay.. Jo dard hazaron day gaye ..
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