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  1. On most days Ranbir Kapoor spends his time wrapping up the much-awaited film of 2020, Brahmastra that he's shooting along with his co-star and rumoured girlfriend Alia Bhatt. Spotting him outside is a rarity since he has a rather busy shooting schedule. However, occasions like a scheduled football match are days when Ranbir makes it a point to free up some time from his tedious schedule to show up on the field and play the game. It is on these occasions that we catch hold of him. For the uninitiated, Ranbir loves to play football and going by how often he is spotted on the football field, he probably has a section in his closet set aside to store the precious football gear that he has collected over the years. He only gets to use this gear whenever he gets time to play football. However, this time around, more than playing, Ranbir was in the mood of goofing around. So, throughout the match, he was seen holding a banana in his hand. What's interesting is the fact that when he was asked to pose for the media later after the match got over, he used the banana as a prop moustache. Take a look here: © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani But if you look at his goofy pose, you can also see that he's wearing a regular tank top along with shorts and tights to go underneath. This look can easily come under regular football gear. © Viral Bhayani However, what piqued our interest was the pair of shoes that he was wearing. The pair was a regular football silhouette with orange and white colourways and a black Nike swoosh on either side of the shoe. © Viral Bhayani In case you're wondering, the pair is called Nike White & Orange JR Legend 7 Club FG Football Shoes. They come for the cost of Rs. 3,695 and are usually on sale. Ranbir's shoes, as it turns out, are surprisingly quite affordable. View the full article
  2. While some people pave their careers, do well in life and while working hard to fulfil their dreams, don't get enough time to help the needy, there are others who despite having all these challenges, have the will and time to help others in need. No, don't get me wrong. There is no judgement here but we do have a living example of hope and goodwill living amidst us and we should take our time and talk about this honorary gentleman. Yogi Aeron, an 82-year-old plastic surgeon from Malsi, Dehradun was recently awarded the Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award, for treating patients who are below poverty lines with burns and disfigured faces, for free, for the past 25 years! According to a report by India Today, 118 people are awarded the Padma Shri this year, who've contributed in various fields such as arts, music, medicine, social work, sports and education. But what Yogi Aeron is getting the award for is definitely worth a mention. © Facebook/ReSurge Yogi Aeron, a dignified and established plastic surgeon, has been conducting a two week camp, twice a year since 2006, in which patients below the poverty line are treated for disfigured faces, lips, cheeks, nose and any other part which needs treatment from major or minor burns. The man conducts almost 500 surgeries for free for these patients, with the help of 15 other US-based doctors. His list of patients sometimes exceeds 10,000 but even so, he makes an effort and time for each and every name on the list. Yogi graduated from King George Medical College in Lucknow and then went on to specialise in plastic surgery in the United States. We all know how lucrative a field plastic surgery really is but to use the advantage for the downtrodden is another, completely different aspect of it and we're really grateful Yogi does his best to help those in need. He seeks help from different NGOs and his friends from the United States and India for funding the plastic surgeries he does for people who can't afford them otherwise. Along with that, he's also established a 4-acre campus, which he has turned into a 'science park', which is practically a learning space for children of all age-groups. He's now looking to convert it into a treatment facility for people below poverty lines, for whom he performs the plastic surgeries. © Facebook/ReSurge There are people who live through life with severe burn marks and disfigured faces and body parts. Acid attack victims especially, who are mostly from the lower strata of society have to live with a constant reminder of the attack. If there is someone who can help them overcome their fears of looking into the mirror, then this world is definitely becoming a better place to live in. We truly hope Yogi Aeron is successful in this benevolent practice and it continues for years to come. View the full article
  3. A TikTok video of a hairstylist using fire to style his customerâs hair is doing the rounds on the internet. The video showcases a hair stylist styling a manâs hair using a bizarre fire technique and the man who is sitting on the chair looks calm. In the video, the barber uses a lighter to set his customerâs hair on fire and then further uses two combs to pull the hair back. This process is repeated until the time fire is extinguished on its own. The video was first shared on TikTok and then on Twitter. Watch the full video here- This is an origin story for a hairstyle like mine.pic.twitter.com/gBKrhr1AQH â ð¹ððð ð¶ððððð (@JoshuaGrubbsPhD) January 27, 2020 The video has over 30 million views on TikTok and has also now gone viral on other social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook. On Twitter the video has been viewed around 13 million times. The only question is why someone will want to put their own hair on fire. However, the internet is shocked and here is what the people want to say about the bizarre hairstyle technique- OMG that'd damage your hair wouldn't it not? Also How'd that not hurt him o.o â Emsha (@EmmaShosha) January 27, 2020Can you even imagine how much that must stink? â Arden Brooks (@ThatArdenBrooks) January 27, 2020I saw that at a Japanese flaming grill restaurant... â David J. Ley PhD (@DrDavidLey) January 27, 2020Once my hair reached the point of no return this is how I'm going down. â Andrew [Ëfeɪvi.É] (@andcarnivorous) January 27, 2020 pic.twitter.com/NrM0gpdVW3 â JC Murphy (@NotThat_JC) January 27, 2020Is it weird that I screamed? â Jack Arnal (@DrArnal) January 27, 2020 pic.twitter.com/ERbRYZFaP7 â Stephanie Mullins-Sweatt (@dr_sweatt) January 27, 2020We will never suggest anyone to get that done and never try doing that on your own too. Are you brave enough to try this? Let us know in the comments below. View the full article
  4. Anil Kapoor is one of the most immaculately-dressed men in Bollywood. So, it's clear that his age is just a number and doesn't affect his physical appearance at all. In fact, with age, his style game only seems to be getting better. He's also someone who constantly keeps playing around with structures and silhouettes to create a look that suits his height the best. Besides, if you'll keep a tab on Anil Kapoor's outfits, you will realise that his son Harshvardhan is definitely taking inspiration from him for building up his wardrobe. We know this because Harshvardhan Kapoor's Instagram is full of collectible sneaker posts and outfits paired with unique, snazzy pairs of sneakers. We think that Harshvardhan developed the hobby of collecting sneakers taking a cue from his father who has always understood the importance of dressing up well. And one thing that instantly lifts up an outfit is accessories. From a pair of cool shades to a functional bag and even a pair of rad sneakers, all of these can up your outfit game in seconds. Anil Kapoor understands this. Case in point, recently, when he was spotted in a stunning all-white look outside, we instantly knew that this was definitely an inspiration-worthy outfit and we had to take note. Take a look here: © Viral Bhayani Anil Kapoor was seen wearing a crisp cream white jacket with pockets that he paired with tapered linen joggers that had a unique charm to them. Especially because, the fact that they're made of linen means that they're structured and also extremely comfortable. To complete the look Anil Kapoor added a pair of Nike sneakers. © Viral Bhayani This pair by Nike is called Air Force 1 with detachable swooshes which retail for the price of Rs 7,295. © Viral Bhayani Anil Kapoor clearly looks like Harshvardhan's older brother here. Especially with that pair of shades and that sharply defined beard. This certainly proves that we can never really stop taking a cue from his outfits. View the full article
  5. People across the globe are shaken by the sad news of the demise of the NBA legend Kobe Bryant in an extremely tragic helicopter crash in suburban Los Angeles on Sunday. Kobe had an extraordinary career in the National Basketball Association (NBA) and also became one of the most popular faces. He revitalised the NBA over 20 seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers, winning five championships and two Olympic gold medals before he died in the tragic accident. View this post on InstagramMy GigiA post shared by (@kobebryant) The 41-year-old NBA legend along with his 13-year-old daughter Gianna Bryant died in the horrible helicopter crash along with seven others, including the pilot. Fondly called âBlack Mambaâ, he retired from the game in the year 2016 and Gianna was supposed to take his legacy forward. According to the New York Times, the authorities said, âIt could take several days to recover bodies from the crash site, as the helicopter crashed in rough terrain.â Daryl Osby, Los Angeles County fire Chief said, âThe crash site was difficult to access and that firefighters had to hike to the area. It was also initially unclear how many passengers were there on the helicopter or if the helicopter was overloaded.â View this post on InstagramLA is the land of opportunity. Itâs as big or small as you want it be. What you get out of LA reflects what you put in. Itâs the place where you can learn from the greats who came before you. And where you can continue their journey farther. Itâs where you leave a legacy for the next generation of LA greats to carry on after you. #sportchangeseverythingA post shared by (@kobebryant) Besides, as per news reports, John Altobelli, a baseball coach at Orange Coast College, a junior college in Costa Mesa, also died in the crash with his wife, Keri and daughter Alyssa Altobelli. Alyssa was Giannaâs teammate. The Sikorsky S-76 aircraft was going from Orange County to Thousand Oaks, California when it unfortunately crashed on Sunday morning. View this post on InstagramI hate seeing my #teammamba girls play against each other. This is GREAT defense by our mamba pg Alyssa Altobelli and a familiar looking fade by our 2gd the #MambacitaA post shared by (@kobebryant) There were nine people in the helicopter and none of them survived the horrific crash. Christina Mauser, 38, Kobe's girls' basketball coach was also one of the nine victims aboard the helicopter as they were reportedly travelling to a basketball game. She was a mother of three who appallingly lost her life. Her husband, Matt Mauser, posted an emotional message on Facebook upon learning of his wifeâs passing and wrote, âMy kids and I are devastated. We lost our beautiful wife and mom today in a helicopter crash. Please respect our privacy. Thank you for all the well wishes they mean so much.â Kobe founded Mamba Sports Academy in the year 2018 and Christina coached Gianna and Alyssa at the academy, and the girls were in the Los Angeles Lady Mamba Team. As soon as the news of his demise broke out, hundreds of his fans gathered at Staples Center to pay tribute to the late basketball legend despite police warnings against visiting the stadium. View the full article
  6. Although Chandrayaan 2's Vikram Lander failed to make its intended soft-landing on the moon, the mission is still considered to be a success. However, it looks like ISRO really wants to get that lander on the lunar surface, and hence the organisation has begun work on a second attempt. Earlier this month, ISRO Chief K.Sivan had confirmed the government's approval for a spacecraft and a rover to land on the Moon's south pole. The mission is scheduled to take place next year, but it looks like work has already begun. © Reuters While addressing at a space event in Bengaluru, ISRO chief K. Sivan confirmed yet again that they've started working on the third lunar mission i.e Chandrayaan 3 . The mission will see the landing on an unmanned spacecraft near the Moon's south pole. "We have started working on our third lunar mission to land an unmanned spacecraft near the Moon's south pole. The project work has gained momentum to launch the lander and rover by early 2021," he said. India's first attempt to land on the lunar surface, in case you don't know, didn't go exactly as planned. The Vikram lander crash-landed on the Moon's surface due to a velocity glitch. The orbiter, however, didn't have any issues and it continued to send valuable info back to ISRO. © Reuters That being said, the next mission will not have an orbiter. ISRO will only be sending a lander and a rover to the moon, which means the mission might not be as expensive as the last one. Still, the lander, rover and the rocket itself will cost a total of Rs 610 crores, out of which Rs 360 crore will go towards the GSLV-MkIII launch vehicle. It's the same vehicle that successfully launched Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft on July 22, 2019. Source: Firstpost View the full article
  7. One of the weirdest trends that we noticed in the sneakers arena were chunky sneakers with huge security tags on them. Earlier, we spotted Arjun Kapoor wearing such sneakers and just when we thought this is it, we spotted Sidharth Malhotra acing this trend yet again. © Viral Bhayani Recently, he was papped at Mumbai airport in what can easily be called as the best of casual outfits. While he looked super relaxed as usual, what actually caught our attention were his sneakers. And no, they are not just any pair that you might have seen earlier but they have bright orange post-its on them. Take a good look here: © Krix Virgil Abloh's sneakers have one thing in common that they are extravagant and always have an outlandish appearance. Sidharth made an undeniable statement with these sneakers. A quick tip? These sneakers are supposed to look playful and hence you can easily set a reminder also on them. Apart from being so OTT, this pair is distinctively shabby and is priced at approximately Rs 50,000. View the full article
  8. It has been over nine months since Marvel Studios presented us with Avengers: Endgame and with the digital version of the film made available to us since the past couple of months, I have indulged in multiple viewings ever since. While there are a lot of people who remained unhappy with the way the final movie turned out to be, I believe that the directors did a good job concluding Phase 3, albeit the numerous loopholes and inaccuracies in the theory that the film followed. Having said that, I decided to watch the movie at one-fourth of the normal speed and it led to some really interesting discoveries that were possible if we were to watch it at the speed it was meant to watch. NOTE: The idea was based on the YouTube series introduced by The Canadian Lad â. 1. Hulk Uses A Pencil To Push Buttons On The Time Machine © Marvel Studios While this was a detail that Marvel Studios would have easily missed out on, or would not have bothered to put in but the fact that they did add this was why I love their VFX team. It would have been difficult for Professor Hulk to push the buttons, especially with his sausage-like fingers. Banner was therefore made to use a pencil for the same. via GIPHY 2. Ant-Man Shrinks To Protect Himself From Blast © Marvel Studios When Thanos travels forward in time to try and defeat the Avengers during the events of Endgame, he commands his army to destroy their headquarters. When the building was getting bombarded, there was a scene in which a blast took place right in front of Scott Lang aka Ant-Man. In order to protect himself, Langâs helmet can be seen taking shape just milliseconds before he begins to shrink. via GIPHY 3. Wasp Has A Separate, Smaller Teleportation Ring © Marvel Studios Just moments ahead of the final battle, Captain America hears the sound of Doctor Strangeâs teleportation rings being formed out of thin air. As he turns around, he finds that all the previously decimated Avengers have returned. What we couldnât manage to see during this sequence was that Hope van Dyne aka the Wasp emerges out of a different, smaller ring. This addition was made for the obvious reason that when Thanos snapped his fingers in Infinity War, Hope was in a completely different spot than the rest of the team who were either in Wakanda or on Titan (Thanosâ home planet). via GIPHY 4. Thanosâ Helicopter Blade Remember the time when we thought that the way the Mad Titan rotated his blade defied the laws of physics? Turns out, there is a logical explanation to that. Upon watching the scene in slow motion, you can see that Thanos is holding on to the handle while the blades on either sides rotate around it like a helicopter. via GIPHY 5. Pepper Fires At Nothing © Marvel Studios And the final discovery that came out of this experiment was probably something Marvel would have wanted to go unnoticed but when has anything escaped from the internet? The scene in which Pepper Potts and Tony Stark work together to form this unique looking ray-cannon, it can be seen clearly that the former fires the laser at literally nothing! View the full article
  9. NBA legend Kobe Bryantâs untimely demise has left his fans mourning across the globe as the legendary basketball player lost his life in a helicopter crash and was accompanied by his 13-year-old daughter Gianna and few other officials. An inspiration for millions and a key source of motivation for anyone pursuing a career in basketball, Kobe is remembered and missed by people all over the world and the Bollywood fraternity also came forward sharing their thoughts and prayers for the departed soul. View this post on InstagramAbsolutely devastated to hear this news today. So many childhood memories of waking up early and watching this magician doing things on the court that I would be mesmerized by. Life is so unpredictable and fickle. His daughter Gianna passed away too in the crash. Iam absolutely Heartbroken. Rest in peace. Strength and condolences to the family ðA post shared by (@virat.kohli) While celebrities like Anand Ahuja, Virat Kohli and Abhishek Bachchan are known fans of the sport and shared their tribute for Kobe, celebrities like Akshay Kumar and Karan Johar mourned the loss of a father and a daughter who left the world too soon. Speechless,the world has lost a Legendary Athlete,R.I.P The #BlackMamba of Basketball, Kobe Bryant & his daughter,Gianna. What u have done for so many kids including my niece whom u inspired to play basketball every day of her childhood,may u both comfort each other in heavenð» pic.twitter.com/qwQ8CffQ5F â Akshay Kumar (@akshaykumar) January 27, 2020I didnât follow the sport and canât claim to have known too much about him...but this untimely death of a father and daughter just breaks my heart...I hope the universes give strength to his family , friends and fans across the world....#KobeBryant #RIP â Karan Johar (@karanjohar) January 26, 2020Priyanka Chopra Jonas, who was also seen at the Grammys earlier today with husband Nick Jonas in tow, paid her tribute and honoured his memory as well. She was spotted with his jersey number â24â written on her nail as husband Nick was spotted with a purple ribbon in Kobeâs memory. View this post on InstagramKobe Bryant was my first real introduction to the NBA. I was 13 living in Queens NYC, the same age as his sweet little girl, Gianna. He ignited my love for the sport, competition, and striving for excellence. He inspired an entire generation. His legacy is so much bigger than basketball. This heartbreaking accident also took the life of his young daughter, Gianna. Iâm shook and so saddened. My heart goes out to Vanessa, Natalia, Bianka, and Capri Bryant. You are in my thoughts. Also sending my condolences to the loved ones of the other families and pilot in the accident. Being at tonightâs Grammys ceremony in his home at the Staples Center is going to be surreal. ð #RIP #KobeBryant #ripmambaA post shared by (@priyankachopra) Priyanka Chopra is wearing a beautiful @ralphandrusso gown with a loving tribute to Kobe Bryant on her nails ð½ #grammys #RIPKobeAndGianna pic.twitter.com/PelKbD6CNh â Getting GorJess (@gettinggorjess) January 27, 2020 Golfing pro Tiger Woods too was heartbroken after hearing about Kobeâs death. Kobe and Tiger are often compared a lot because of their similar career arcs. Both became popular names in the field of sports by the age of 21. They were both passionate towards their sports who became top-10 players of all-time in their respective fields. Both had to go through controversies and scandals at a young age, too. "I didn't know until Joey just told me coming off the 18th green," Woods told CBS Sports after the round. "I didn't understand why people in the gallery were saying, 'Do it for Mamba.' Now I understand. It's a shocker to everyone. I'm unbelievably sad, and it's one of the more tragic days. The reality is setting in because I was just told about 5 minutes ago. Life is very fragile as we all know," added Woods. "You can be gone at any given time and we have to appreciate the moments that we have. I just can't imagine what his family's going through right now." Tiger Woods reacts to the news of Kobe Bryantâs death shortly after finishing his round on Sunday. pic.twitter.com/veQV7WYgE8 â GOLFonCBS (@GOLFonCBS) January 26, 2020 While Kobeâs death sent shockwaves around the globe, an unbelievable tweet from about seven years ago accurately predicting his death has surfaced online. The tweet spoke about the NBA starâs untimely death in a helicopter crash and was shared by Twitter user @dotNoso in 2012. Kobe is going to end up dying in a helicopter crash â .Noso (@dotNoso) November 13, 2012 Kobe Bryantâs untimely demise is a reminder that life indeed is unpredictable and sometimes we underestimate the beautiful blessing of leaving and coming back home safely to our families. We pray that his soul rests in peace. View the full article
  10. Ever since the 62nd Grammy Awards, people have been primarily talking about two things - Priyanka Chopra's outfit, and Nick Jonas and the spinach stuck in his teeth, which has now become a 'green legend' thanks to the meme Gods. Singer Nick Jonas and his brothers gave what his fans feel was an outstanding performance last night. However, his fantastic and 'cavity-vating', sorry captivating performance was outshined by a teeny-tiny piece of spinach that was stuck in his teeth, which was noticed by literally everyone watching him perform. Is Nick Jonas on the #GRAMMYs stage with spinach or something in his teeth?!? pic.twitter.com/BKWREj4U3l â Nicole Perez (@nicole_perez1) January 27, 2020 As expected, social media soon exploded with memes and reactions on Mr. 'Popeye' Jonas and the spinach that stole more limelight than both J brothers and J Sisters combined. He sang 'What A Man Gotta Do' and all we can say after this performance is that 'What A Man Gotta Do' is to brush teeth properly. I love the energy of Nick Jonas and his spinach teeth.. it just fits with the rest of 2020 â Daisha (@TrumpDaishaM) January 27, 2020#NickJonas has cilantro on his teeth and honestly fucking relate.. pic.twitter.com/cIZgNLPE9n â LUPE â (@guacaloopy) January 27, 2020nick jonas with spinach in his teeth is my favorite part of the whole show#GrammyAwards pic.twitter.com/fPPlX1B5wP â Heather Wismer (@happykid) January 27, 2020Is it me or does Nick Jonas have food in his teeth? #GRAMMYs pic.twitter.com/E3NzliOR03 â Amanda Jo (@AmandaJoDJ) January 27, 2020Love the Jonas brothers so Iâm not going to talk about how there was food in Nick Jonasâ teeth @BarstoolFran #Grammys â Ria (@BarstoolRia) January 27, 2020What is common between #nickjonas and Popeye? Both are proud to âshowâ their love for spinach...#GRAMMYs #grammy2020 pic.twitter.com/AjLMPz1oTA â PRIYANKA NAIK (@Drpriyankanaik) January 27, 2020Nick Jonas did have something in his teeth. It's true, I was the spinach pic.twitter.com/U7utRkdRgA â poojah what is this behavior (@BrujaCoochie) January 27, 2020#GRAMMYs #NickJonas Nick Jonasâs spinach in his teeth while he performing : pic.twitter.com/m5af2ZFgoI â yo fav (@anywayschilee) January 27, 2020Real Talk: Why Didn't Anyone Tell Nick Jonas He Had Spinach in His Teeth at the Grammys? - Joe? Kevin? PRIYANKA? There are a lot of people at fault for the situation Nick Jonas faced during Sunday night's Grammys, but the real hero is the piece of greenery that finagled its w... â effinfun (@effinfun) January 27, 2020However, Nick was a sport and turned the tables around by leaving a savage reply for all the haters who were trolling him. He took to his Twitter handle and wrote, "And at least you all know I eat my greens." And at least you all know I eat my greens. 𤪠â Nick Jonas (@nickjonas) January 27, 2020 At the 62nd Grammy Awards, the Jonas Brothers also dropped their new song 'Five More Minutes'. View the full article
  11. Shah Rukh Khan does it again with his stomach curling and laughter infusing Instagram posts
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