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  1. FBR obtains information regarding immovable properties owned by Pakistanis in UK/ file photoISLAMABAD: Under a newly-signed agreement, Pakistan will have access to the information about its nationals? assets abroad, it emerged on Monday. The...
  2. Father of Naqeebullah Mehsud, Mohammad Khan Mehsud, while addressing a news conference at Karachi Press Club on May 28, 2018. ? PPI FILEKARACHI: The father of Naqeebullah Mehsud, who was killed in a fake encounter by former SSP Malir Rao Anwar,...
  3. Addressing FBR employees at the Tax House, FBR chairperson said mostly Karachi and Lahore residents availed the scheme and the response from Central and South Punjab was disappointingLAHORE: Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR) Chairperson Rukhsana...
  4. Football, being the wonderful sport that it is, remains a contact sport despite a few denying this fact. With all the adrenaline rush that goes on, tempers often soar high and lead to unsavory incidents on the pitch. While this World Cup may not have had too many such incidents, footballers do not always manage to keep their composure. Teammates, coaches, opponents and even referees have gotten involved in such untoward instances, which have etched their name in infamy. Here are some of the most heated fights that have taken place on the football pitch: 1. Arsenal Vs Chelsea (2007) © Twitter Let's be honest, nobody cares about the League Cup anymore. However, in 2007, it was a significant moment as Arsenal came up against Chelsea. The two teams had had quite a few feisty encounters at the time, and their managers Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho constantly had a go at each other. Chelsea scored a late goal and led 2-1, and with the match deep into injury time, the ball broke free in midfield and Jon Obi Mikel and Kolo Toure both tore into each other to get the possession. Before we knew it, Toure and Mikel were at each other's collars. Players from both teams got involved and it soon became a street fight, resulting in both the alarmed managers invading the pitch in an effort to calm things down. The match ended with Mikel, Toure, and Adebayor being sent off. The FA wasn't going to let this slide and handed out massive punishments to both the clubs. All the suspensions were held, with Adebayor and Eboue being suspended for four instead of three games. The clubs were fined GBP 100,000 for failing to control their players and both the managers were reprimanded for their ungraceful remarks about the officials. Overall, it was a total shit-show. 2. Kieron Dyer Vs Lee Bowyer (2005) © Twitter This one is actually quite funny. It was 2005 and Newcastle's glory days were few and far in between. In a regular Premier League match against Aston Villa, Kieron Dyer and Lee Bowyer, who were both midfielders for Newcastle at the time, decided to revisit their school days. The pair got into an argument about passing the ball to each other and in a split second, they were at each other's collars. Punches rained from both sides as they had to be separated by the opposition players and their own teammates. In the fracas, Bowyer had his shirt ripped and didn't look like he was done with Dyer. Consequently, Newcastle lost the match 3-0 and ended the game with 8 men, as Steven Taylor had been sent off before the incident. Both players were handed out massive fines and suspensions by the club and the Premier League. This was as hilarious as it was shocking! 3. Portugal Vs Netherlands (2006) © Twitter It's not really a football match when the entire match is a brawl. In the Round of 16 match between Portugal and Netherlands at the 2006 FIFA World Cup, 16 yellow cards and 4 red cards were handed out, as both sides ended the match with 9 men. Cristiano Ronaldo was kung-fu kicked by Khalid Boulahrouz and was forced off through injury. Luis Figo headbutted an opponent and was elbowed in the face sometime later. Even the benches of both the teams got involved. Portugal, eventually, did emerge as winners at the end of what seemed more like a Royal Rumble. 4. Sergio Ramos Vs Barcelona (2010) © Twitter How could we leave Sergio Ramos and El Classico out of this? In 2010, Barcelona were 5-0 up against Real Madrid. With Messi going on one of his trademark runs deep into injury time, frustration got the better of Ramos as he kicked Messi to knock him down. As Messi's Barcelona teammates aggressively surrounded Ramos, he shoved Carles Puyol, his national team captain in the face, exchanged a few words with Gerard Pique, kicked off a brawl which involved all players and supporting staff and on his way to the dugout, shoved Xavi Hernandez along the way as he nonchalantly entered the tunnel, leaving others to clean up his mess. Yes, he's always been a moron. 5. Manchester United Vs Arsenal (2003) © Twitter Matches between Arsenal and Manchester United have always paved the way for exciting duels. But, in 2003, the football madness - generally offered by these two sides - was shockingly complemented by some absolute shithoussery from the likes of Roy Keane, Patrick Vieira, Paul Scholes and Martin Keown. In one such match at Old Trafford, Ruud van Nistelrooy acted to perfection and got Patrick Vieira sent off. With the tempers flaring, Manchester United were awarded a penalty which van Nistelrooy missed. As the final whistle blew, five Arsenal players surrounded Van Nistelrooy and pushing, shoving and verbal tirades followed. The match ended in a draw and Arsenal went on a 49-game unbeaten run. A year later, Manchester United ended that run and a sour Cesc Fabregas threw a pizza at Sir Alex Ferguson for it. Those were the days!
  5. Last night the entire world was divided into parts of cheerleading squads. One which was supporting France and the other which was rooting for Croatia. However, seems like Big B was in another zone and while every world cup has its own anthem, the playlist over here was stuck on Shakira's 'Waka Waka' because he tweeted that finally Africa won the cup. T 2868 - Thats it then ... AFRICA won the World Cup 2018 !!! — Amitabh Bachchan (@SrBachchan) July 15, 2018 To give more perspective to the statement of a learned man, he shared a tweet by another user stating that how the French team was actually a majority of African origin players. Thats it then Africa won the World Cup 2018 https://t.co/jXd7nXuIaQ — Amitabh Bachchan (@SrBachchan) July 15, 2018 Now if we get into the technicality of this debate, then we can say that maybe he was right. However, twitterati refuses to agree on this and were actually amazed that how there was no credibility given to France here. Africa ko caps me likha hai kyu?? Wo caps me likhke Highlight karna jaruri tha kya? pic.twitter.com/TBuILvL9az — Rheað¥ð¥ (@iRheasingh) July 15, 2018 With all due respect to you, that was an uncalled for statement. May be their forefathers were African, but they all were FRENCH. Scientifically even our forefathers were AFRICAN as that's where Homo sapiens evolved 300,000 years ago. Thanks, A big fan of yours. — Kshitij Mohan (@MohanKshitij) July 15, 2018 It's wrong for you to be saying this. There are several other players born in France with roots in African countries who went back to play for their own country. They won as a team, lost as a team. They're French,not Africans. — Ameya Raje (@ameyaraje) July 15, 2018 Amidst this whole debate of nationalism and integrating immigrants in a nation, some users did laud his thought and statement, but by and large majority of his fans were not amused. They could only win because they consider France as their nation. Why r we dividing them ?? Let us keep the spirit of game and not these divisions ..... — anisha (@Anishakapoor90) July 15, 2018 Your messages in public domain clearly tending to a certain ideology. And hope we can know the truth some day. For now, it is unfortunate that instead of admiring a nation for wholly integrating refugees and migrants, you have made fun of them. T2868 is definitely in bad taste. — Rajesh Soundararajan (@rajeshsound) July 16, 2018 On that note, if you were also humming Shakira's anthem, here's some nostalgia alert for you: In Shakira's melodious voice, 'This time for Africa'! (oops, France we mean).
  6. MIANWALI: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairperson Imran Khan remarked on Monday that the nation is paying the high price of political leaders' corruption in the country. Lashing out at his political opponents while addressing a rally in Piplan...
  7. ?Had Khattak done anything in the past five years he would have talked about that, and not hurl abuses,? Chandio said-Photo: FileKARACHI: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Maula Bux Chandio on Monday slammed Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)...
  8. Fifteen people were injured Monday at a public rally for Narendra Modi after a tent collapsed on the Indian prime minister´s audience, police said. Photo: TwitterKOLKATA: Fifteen people were injured Monday at a public rally for Narendra Modi after...
  9. Anil Kapoor is ageing in reverse. His transformation over the years legit has the potential to give rise to a full-fledged conspiracy theory, involving anti-ageing potions or pills that have already been discovered, but being hidden from the public, and him being the probable test subject. That perhaps is a long shot, so we'll settle for the fact that this man here really knows how to take care of himself, and has managed to not let old age touch his well-being. Son-in-law Anand Ahuja posted a comparison picture on Instagram a few days ago that showed the Anil Kapoor from 1984 Vs. AK from 2018. © Instagram It looks like he hasn't aged a day! Right? The reason? Along with the diet and fitness bit, superficially, he does know the fashion bit as well (that probably is Rhea and Sonam, but he carries it off like a pro). What we're trying to say here, is that he doesn't dress like a 61-year-old, and applies certain dressing hacks that do in fact, make him look like a 25-year-old at times. Let's take a look. 1. He wears the latest silhouettes that are super popular among youngsters, like long-line shirts. © Instagram 2. His accessory game is on point. His staples are statement sunnies and watches, which look dope AF, with that light-hearted and charming personality. © Viral Bhayani 3. He understands the complicated game of fitting and length. He has moved away from the typical, safe space that every Indian man finds comfort in - and dabbles in unconventional fits and lengths. The result is here for everyone to see. © Instagram 4. He doesn't do 'dad-shoes'. His son-in-law might be a renowned sneakerhead, but he knows how to play the game equally well. © Instagram 5. He has not skipped a beat when it comes to embracing 'new-age grooming'. Look at that sick fade he's sporting here. © Instagram We bow down before you, Sir.
  10. While we do our best to help you out with women-related issues, sometimes you really need more tangible advice. By tangible, I mean you need a more visual sounding board to get a fresher perspective on women each time, and although we're really good at it, written words can be lost in translation, and you might need a more talkative narration of what to do, when you're totally lost in the women department. © Thinkstock/Getty Images So, we've selected 6 'relationship and dating' YouTube channels for you to seek some advice through a dating expert, whenever the need arises. Maybe give them a listen, once a while, to gain another healthy perspective? 1. TrippAdvice © TrippAdvice TrippAdvice is a dating coach who loves to help men gain their confidence and attract women they desire, naturally. His videos usually revolve around topics like 'how to make yourself more attractive' , 'how to talk to women', 'how to spark an attraction and get them to meet you' and 'how to eventually find a girlfriend'. He does about three videos a week, so that's enough fodder to last you for a while! So, if you're confused about how to get into the game, definitely give his channel a look. Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TrippAdvice/videos 2. Dating Logic © DatingLogic Dating Logic gives specific advice on dating and managing relationships. It helps in looking at the nuances of attraction, infatuation and love and it's helpful for those who're newbies in the dating world. From understanding body language to helpful gestures, they cover just about everything. They post about 7 videos a week, so maybe try and keep up? Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/DatingSitesOnline/videos 3. Kezia Noble © Kezia Noble Kezia Noble is a celebrity dating coach and the most popular one out there to help men understand women. Her tough love methods have earned her a reputation of being the 'b***h with a heart"! Wow, I am sure she does a good job of it too. She helps men from across the board, on any dating/relationship advice they need about women, so don't hesitate to shoot her any questions. Her 'how to get a woman to think about you non-stop' is the most watched video. She posts one video a month but I am sure it covers all the questions she gets asked regularly. Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/kezia2929/videos 4. Hayley Quinn © Hayley Quinn Her mission is to get men more dates and meet women as naturally as they can. She's a TED speaker as well and she believes both men and women need to be as natural as they can, to find their better halves. She posts one video a week, so you can catch her accordingly. Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/HayleyQuinnXx/videos 5. Dan Bacon © Dan Bacon Dan Bacon is the best at giving relationship advice to modern men and tries to help you get through with the present day dating trends. He posts about two videos per week, and his most watched video is on 'how to get a girlfriend' Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/DanBaconTheModernMan/videos 6. Johnny Berba Coaching © Johnny Berba Coaching Johnny Berba specialises in coaching men who suffer from social anxiety and lack confidence when they're around women. He has helped numerous men gain their confidence back in social spheres around women, just through his videos. I believe they're worth a watch. He posts one video a week. Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Johnnyberba/videos It doesn't matter where these relationship and dating experts are from, as long as they help you out. I guess all issues concerning dating and relationships are universal, and if there is someone who gets your worries in life, it's worth giving them a listen!
  11. In life, if you ever find yourself having a wardrobe full of black, then know that you're absolutely not alone. Tiger Shroff too loves wearing the globally-embraced colour almost everywhere and knows how to style it too. Whether for the red carpet, a wedding party or the airport, he has time and again opted for black ensembles and proven the might of the neutral colour. Hence, today, we're letting Shroff turn into our definitive style guide, as he shows us how to wear black for 5 crucial occasions! 1. For a Formal Setting Matching my koffee cup :) A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Dec 15, 2016 at 10:50pm PST Opting for an all-black outfit for formal gathering may get termed as 'playing safe', but let's admit: it looks great anyway. Take a cue from Tiger here, and opt for a black suit with a black shirt underneath and finish things off with a pair of black dress shoes. If the setting permits, ditch the formal necktie and unbutton your top few buttons to exude ease. Else, you can never go wrong with a bow-tie or a necktie! 2. An All-Black Workout Outfit A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Dec 15, 2017 at 9:45pm PST The gym is one place where wearing all-black or at least one black coloured piece is almost like a norm. So really, here's to abiding by the norms! Turn to a solid black tank top (instead of a T-shirt to put your guns on display), throw in a slogan if you feel like and pair it with your choice of track pants/joggers. Complete the look with trainers! 3. Black For A Special Occasion? Why Not! © Viral Bhayani Though black isn't a colour that one would opt to wear to a special occasion (like a wedding), but if Tiger can wear it, so can you. As seen here, the actor is wearing a one-off ethnic wear piece on top, featuring an open front (waist-down), paired with black trousers and black oxford shoes. Not forgetting, Tiger looks lean and tall, all thanks to those vertical stripes on top. If not this groundbreaking, turn to just plain, simple kurtas and black bandhgalas instead! 4. Black For The Airport © Viral Bhayani Thanks to celebrities, it's now important to decide what to wear to the airport. Having said that, you don't need to try too hard. Keep things simple with a black zipper jacket, paired with black jeans and a pair of black trainers. Keep your comfort imperative! 5. How Can We Forget Saturday Nights? Me heading for #Avengers like @matchlesslondon A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Apr 27, 2018 at 2:48am PDT Finally, a look that isn't too formal nor too casual and hence, perfect for a Saturday night. Throw on your favourite black T-shirt (or polo T-shirt) and pair it with dark-wash jeans, while completing the outfit with black slip-ons. If the weather permits, throw on a black leather jacket and you'd be all set to drink your way through the night!
  12. Despite their superhuman strength, unbelievable goals and breathtaking display on the field, the much-decorated footballers are just as human as the rest of us. While most professional footballers die years after leaving the sport, some aren't deemed lucky enough in that regard. In fact, there have been various accidents and scenarios that have led to players dying on the pitch itself, or a few days later due to injuries suffered in those incidents. And, that's not all. Football has also witnessed some stars losing their life to gruesome murders and other bone-chilling incidents. Here's a list of footballers who tragically died and left the game too early: 1. Piermario Morosini © Reuters Italian midfield man Piermario Morosini died after suffering a cardiac arrest during a match between his club Livorno and Pescara in 2010. Morosini collapsed in the 31st minute of the encounter, made an effort to get up, but fell right back on the ground. He was rushed to the hospital but was declared dead upon arrival. Right after the death of the 25-year-old, it was being reported that if the ambulance had reached a minute earlier, the case could've been different. Although, later it was confirmed that it wouldn't have made any difference. Astonishingly, the three doctors who tended to Morosini were found guilty of manslaughter years later. All three of them were handed suspended prison time for failing to abide by the laid down medical protocol. It is also questioned as to why a defibrillator wasn't used despite the stadium having two of them. Many reputed medical experts believe that the player's life could've been saved if a defibrillator was used. 2. Daniel Jarque © Reuters The famous Andres Iniesta celebration in the World Cup of 2010 always brings back the memory of the late Espanyol defender Daniel 'Dani' Jarque. Jarque spent his entire senior career at the Catalan club after joining them in 2001. Aged 26 at the time, he was named the club's captain in 2009, but one month later, Jarque tragically passed away at the team's training base in Coverciano during Espanyol's pre-season tour in Italy. The news stunned all of Spain, and Iniesta, in particular, who was left emotionally traumatized after his close friend's passing. One year later, the ex-Barcelona man scored the only goal in the World Cup final against the Dutch. An emotionally gratified Iniesta dedicated the most important goal of his career to Jarque when he demonstrated his undershirt which said: "Dani Jarque siempre con nosotros" (Dani Jarque, always with us) written on the front side. 3. Andres Escobar © Reuters The darkest hour in Colombian football surfaced when Andres Escobar was shot dead upon his return from the 1994 World Cup. Escobar played for Atletico Nacional and Young Boys in domestic football, and also represented the Colombian national team on 51 occasions. His rise to the global stage provided a glimmer of hope to the poverty-stricken people of his hometown Medellin. He was the nation's heart and soul, but things took an unexpected turn in the 1994 FIFA World Cup. In a match against USA, the defender scored an own goal after getting his slide to cut off a pass horribly wrong. The host nation went on to win the game 2-1 and Escobar was being scapegoated unlike any other player in the past. After returning from the World Cup, Escobar, despite several warnings, stepped out to meet with friends on the bone-chilling evening of 1st July 1994 and visited two pubs in town. Later that night, he was surrounded by three men and a woman in the parking lot of El Indio bar. Pretty soon an argument ensued, and Escobar pleaded for his innocence, claiming that the own goal was a mistake. But despite his protests, two of the men pulled out their guns and shot him six times. After the incident, reports claimed that one of the killers had clamored "Gol!” after every single shot. Escobar's legacy though, still lived on as his funeral was attended by over 120,000 people. The shooting took a heavy toll on many of his teammates, as some quit the national team while many hung up their boots altogether. 4. Marc-Vivien Foe © Reuters Cameroon midfielder Marc-Vivien Foe died after suffering a heart attack during the Confederation Cup final of 2003 against Columbia in Lyon, France. Foe, who was 28-years-old at the time, collapsed in the 72nd minute of the match and was stretchered off after various failed attempts to revive him on the pitch. The medical staff tried both CPR and oxygen, yet all efforts were in vain. He was taken to the medical center in Gerland Stadium, barely alive, but passed away moments later. The cause of his death was not known at the time, but a second autopsy stated that a condition called “hypertrophic cardiomyopathy”, known to substantially increase the chances of death during any intense physical activity, was the reason behind Marc-Vivien Foe's death.
  13. The hotel where the explosion took place. Photo: Geo News screen grab MULTAN: At least three people, including two children, were killed and 25 injured on Friday in an explosion at a hotel located in the Gulshan Market area of the city. CPO Munir...
  14. Tired of looking for the best deals on online shopping portals but end up empty-handed always? Well, we, as a team of expert bargain-hunters, have scouted for the best Prime Day deals today, to make your shopping experience easier. The products, that cut across various categories, are more affordable as they are specially discounted for Prime Day. So on that note, here are 7 Amazon Prime Day deals on denim essentials that will give your wardrobe a fashion-forward upgrade. 1) Jack & Jones Jeans © Amazon If you've been planning on getting a new pair of jeans from a premium brand, but didn't want to burn a hole in your pocket, then look no further than this Jack & Jones deal available at a discount of 50%! Made of a cotton and elastane blend, you can team these navy blue slim fit jeans with either a white shirt or a white tee for a casual yet modish ensemble. Current MRP: Rs 1,749 Original MRP: Rs 3,499 Buy here 2) Levis Men's Slim Fit Jeans © Amazon Levis, as a brand, needs absolutely no introduction. From the original inventor of the jeans, these slim fit ones will perfectly accentuate your casual or smart-casual ensemble. Featuring a cotton, polyester and elastane blend, you can pair these stretchable jeans with pastel colours for a contrasting yet modish look. Current MRP: Rs 2,099 Original MRP: Rs 2,999 Buy here 3) Lee Skinny Fit Jeans © Amazon Skinny jeans have often been a point of contention for men, but with the right fit, a pair of skinny jeans can make anyone look trendier, polished and suave. And that's exactly what this pair from Lee does. So pick up a pair for yourself this Prime Day, and give your closet an easy and effortless touch of style. Current MRP: Rs 1,499 Original MRP: Rs 2,499 Buy here 4) French Connection Men's Slim Fit Shirt © Amazon Anyone who likes to keep up with the world of fashion knows French Connection as a brand that is synonymous with style and comfort. As such, this denim shirt from their catalogue is no exception. Available at a discount of up to 60% this Prime Day, your wardrobe will be incomplete without this casual yet fashion-forward shirt. Current MRP: Rs 1,079 Original MRP: Rs 2,699 Buy here 5) Symbol Denim Chukka Shoes © Amazon Denim shoes have been a rage for quite some time now. And if you don't own a pair, it's time you took this Prime Day offer seriously because it doesn't get more budget-friendly than this. Get your hands on these dapper denim shoes by Symbol, and be ready to have your next Tinder date go gaga over your sense of style. Current MRP: Rs 1,149 Original MRP: Rs 2,299 Buy here 6) Levis Men's Jacket © Amazon Be it a movie date or just a casual chilling scene with your friends, a denim jacket can really make you stand out. As evergreen as denim jackets are, it can be really difficult to find one that fits you like a glove WITHOUT costing you a bomb. But fret not, as you can gift yourself this Levis jacket at a super-affordable price, all thanks to Amazon's Prime Day! Current MRP: Rs 3,759 Original MRP: Rs 4,699 Buy here 7) Aeropostale Men's Denim Shorts © Amazon From being the ideal pair of bottoms for summer days to making for the perfect vacay outfit choice, denim shorts are an absolute essential. So if you have been looking forward to buying a pair for yourself, here's your chance - these Aeropostale shorts are super-swanky and affordable, making them just what you needed this season. Current MRP: Rs 999 Original MRP: Rs 1,999 Buy here
  15. Being the most-watched sport across the globe, football undoubtedly translates into several benefits for the clubs and players. More viewership means more revenues from TV rights, sponsorships, and endorsements. With so much of money flowing in, clubs are able to match up to some crazy wages demanded by some of football's greatest superstars. Here's a look at the weekly wages of football superstars: 1. Graziano Pelle (290,000 Pounds A Week) © Reuters Move over Middle East! China has become the top destination for players looking to make a fortune. Following the footsteps of Hulk, Oscar, and Anelka, former Southampton striker Pelle joined Shandong Luneng. His desire to switch can definitely be attributed to the wages as opposed to improving his game or seeking bigger challenges. He reportedly earns about 15 million pounds every year. 2. Paul Pogba (300,000 Pounds A Week) © Reuters Manchester United had to literally empty every last bit of their pocket when they brought Paul Pogba from Juventus. His transfer figures of 89 million pounds created a furore across social media, with pundits and fans having the unrealistic expectation of him scoring in almost every game. Pogba's presence led United to a Europa League, and an EFL Cup. He reportedly draws 15.5 million pounds annually. 3. Kylian Mbappe (305,000 Pounds A Week) © Reuters Paul Pogba's compatriot earns slightly more than him. After all, PSG is becoming the economic powerhouse of football, and can match up to the crazy wages of superstars like Cavani, Neymar, and Mbappe. The 19-year-old striker has already drawn comparisons with Thierry Henry and if that's true, then his wages are fully justified. He earns 16 million pounds a year. 4. Hulk (325,000 Pounds A Week) © Reuters Hulk, true to his name, has created a pretty Herculean dent in the Chinese Football League. He joined Shanghai SIPG from Zenit St. Petersburg in Russia and has since then banged 34 goals in just 52 games. He's drawing wages of 17 million pounds a year but is now reportedly looking for bigger challenges, possibly in the English Premier League. 5. Cristiano Ronaldo (355,000 Pounds A Week) © Reuters Many would have expected either Ronaldo or Messi to top the list of the highest wage earners, but Ronaldo is not even in the top 3. If sources are to be believed, this goal machine's contract at Real Madrid gives him 18.5 million pounds a year. Ronaldo moved to Juventus earlier this week and has apparently taken a wage cut. 6. Ezequiel Lavezzi (385,000 Pounds A Week) © Reuters Argentine attacker Lavezzi plied his trade for big spenders PSG between 2012-16 before moving on to join Hebei China Fortune in the Chinese League. He failed to bag even a single goal during the 10 appearances that he made in the first season. However, Lavezzi redeemed himself with an astonishing 20 goals in 27 games in the very next season! For his services, Hebei China Fortune are paying him 20 million pounds. 7. Oscar (405,000 Pounds A Week) © Reuters Oscar created quite a storm when he left Premier League champions, Chelsea, to join Shanghai SIPG. He was at the peak of his career at 24 and given his performances for Chelsea and Brazil back then, he could have easily gone on to play for any big European club. His move cost him both his fans, as well as a place in the Brazilian national team. He was conspicuous by his absence at the 2018 World Cup. If we could assign a price to this, it is 21.5 million pounds! 8. Alexis Sanchez (450,000 Pounds A Week) © Reuters Alexis joined Manchester United from fellow league rivals Arsenal in the January transfer window in exchange for Armenian winger Mkhitaryan. He's a proven talent in the Premier League, scoring and assisting in double digits during the 2 seasons before this one. He earns about 450,000 pounds per week, which is about 23.5 million pounds a year. 9. Neymar (600,000 Pounds A Week) © Reuters Believe it or not, PSG are reported paying weekly wages of 600,000 pounds for Neymar's goals. And it seems like their monetary incentive is paying off. Neymar has scored 24 goals and provided 14 assists in just 23 games. He may not earn the Ballon d'Or this year but is earning 31.7-million-pounds a year. 10. Lionel Messi (770,000 Pounds A Week) © Reuters Arguably the greatest player on Earth, Lionel Messi earns 770,000 pounds per week. While his wage figures have often been criticized, one can never put a price to the invaluable dribbles, through balls, and moments of magic that he produces. The Barcelona talisman makes about £40.5 million annually.
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