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  1. 10577174_996541427094000_807952351801319? HUm saaf DiL vaale hee Badnaseeb Heinn#M0HABBAT mein ..
    Mene hrr Dhoke Baazz kee Baahon mein Yaarr Dekha hai  ? ..  

    @Noshi Noshi @waqas dar @Ainak_Wali_Churail @umair @Kainat Khan

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    2. Ayesha Mirza
    3. waqas dar

      waqas dar

      wese ae nahi wo aj kaya ? bechari job ker ker k pagal hu gai hy :D 

    4. Ayesha Mirza

      Ayesha Mirza

      phr unka no. lain lain jab zarorat mehsoos hu tu bula liya karin Churail ko


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