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  1. 12049134_1689033301329587_58721531886405


    When our love for something or someone takes us out of the boundaries of Islam, that ‘love’ that may once have been pure, becomes polluted and tainted. :)
    @waqas dar @Noshi Noshi @Safa Marwa @umair @Ainak_Wali_Churail 

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    2. waqas dar

      waqas dar

      kahne ki battain hain.. per her banda apni rahhh talash kerta .. kaya larka or kaya larki.. per meri baat ka jawab abhi b nahi diya u :D ager larki dhoka de tu kis ko dekhye wo =)) 

    3. Ayesha Mirza

      Ayesha Mirza

       agr larki ki mohabbat sachi hu na tu wo apni mohabbat ko lazaton k sahre ni chorti :)

    4. Ayesha Mirza

      Ayesha Mirza

       is kainat k ik asool hai @waqas dar:)

       jo kisi ko dhokha deta wo infact apne liye dhokha tyar krta :)
       so just wait and watch :)

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