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Found 1,826 results

  1. It is very easy to be offended these days. And the internet is a great place to do so. The latest to jump on the bandwagon of controversy is filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma. The ‘Rangeela’ director is known for his oft-crude comments on Twitter. We all know how the map of Andhra Pradesh has been reason for much amusement on the internet, after a Reddit post went viral. RGV picked up on the issue at hand and tried to give it another angle, or make us look at it from another angle, but like his recent films, the joke too flopped. Now it’s a gun I love it that Andhra Pradesh map looks like a Gun ??? pic.twitter.com/30Iz8p8yiM — Ram Gopal Varma (@RGVzoomin) January 31, 2017 Sir, what is YOUR point here?! It looks like Gun or something else is not the point but what it shoots is the point and what comes out is the main point ..Sashyashaamalam? pic.twitter.com/yICobJZB8m — Ram Gopal Varma (@RGVzoomin) January 31, 2017 Blessing the state with a gun? Someone’s been smoking it seems Am so happy with the Great Godesse's blessing ..Lucky Andhra Pradesh ? pic.twitter.com/iOEIQgfJFI — Ram Gopal Varma (@RGVzoomin) January 31, 2017 Okay, there’s more I don't know why but Andhra Pradesh's map is reminding me of power and happiness and am feeling a supremely tremendous pleasure in it pic.twitter.com/J2Ta2U5gBF — Ram Gopal Varma (@RGVzoomin) January 31, 2017 Still not stopping. Twitter diarrhea. Never saw her so happy with even Veena in hand than how she seems to feel with AP gun in her hand ..May both the Godess and Gun bless AP pic.twitter.com/X8sNHlhh3D — Ram Gopal Varma (@RGVzoomin) January 31, 2017 Oh God, please stop. You stopped making sense when you signed into Twitter. I luv it that AP is standing up like a gun nd pointing straight to its objective nd it has ammunition of various kinds purposes to shoot pic.twitter.com/3ioMesJvz1 — Ram Gopal Varma (@RGVzoomin) January 31, 2017 And here comes the backlash in 3..2…1! Nymphomaniac? Someone has read Freud here. @RGVzoomin I'm shocked you Portrayal yo mother like this. . Jis naam ki khata hai usi ka apmaan . U nymphomaniacs. — Dr. Kaushal Rajput (@mogambo_khushua) February 2, 2017 Pic editor must have left the country @RGVzoomin Humble request: please don't bring such religious things into u'r tweets, never play with people's hope. RIP PIC EDITOR! — kanna (@kanna72) January 31, 2017 For the sake of your and our mental health, we’ll stop now. Let’s just be the voice of sanity and conclude that the shape of the map of Andhra Pradesh doesn’t make any difference to the progress of its people. It’s the people that make a state, and food. Like biriyani. Any Hyderabadis out here? Say ‘I love biriyani’ in the comments section below if you do! Make biriyani, not war.
  2. Method acting is the key to any success these days and actors go through rigorous physical and emotional changes to suit a role before they movie starts its shooting. Be it Salman for ‘Sultan’ or Aamir for ‘Dangal’, today you have to literally get into the skin of the character to cater to the role. Ranbir Kapoor is on the same lines these days as he is preparing for his role for the Sanjay Dutt biopic. © Twitter Ranbir is currently undergoing some strict dietary and exercise changes to look like Sanjay Dutt. He is being trained by Rana Daggubatti’s personal trainer. Remember how Rana beefed up for his last movie and was looking like a beast machine? #biggermeanerstronger for Baahubali with my trainer KunalGir!! A photo posted by Rana Daggubati (@ranadaggubati) on Oct 4, 2016 at 2:51am PDT Kunal Gir is the famous celebrity trainer behind that body and is now taking care of Ranbir as well. His diet includes a lot of vegetables since Ranbir primarily fed only on meat before this. Since Ranbir will be donning three looks for the movie, he is currently gaining for the first look and then will eventually go lean for the second look. Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success - Henry Ford And so the adventure begins. #ranbirkapoor A photo posted by Kunal Gir (@kunalgir) on Jul 17, 2016 at 1:36am PDT Kunal explained in an interview that Ranbir was always fit and lean, and since he never was a weight lifter, training him was challenging. We can’t wait to see how justified his portrayal of Sanjay Dutt is going to be. Here’s wishing him luck for the movie.
  3. Sony announced the arrival of one of the most anticipated gaming consoles today, The PlayStation 4 Pro and VR. They revealed that both pieces of equipment will be available for sale in India during the months of February and March. The PlayStation 4 Pro is the second iteration of the original console and supports advanced imaging technology and 4K gaming. These advancements help making games look richer and more detailed as compared to the original. The PlayStation 4 Pro is expected to be available for INR 38,990 with games that take advantage of the imaging technology on board. Games like Uncharted 4, The Last of Us, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare amongst others already utilise this feature of the PS4 Pro. © SIEE In addition to the console, Sony will also be launching the PS VR which enables players to experience virtual worlds from a first-person perspective. The PS VR bundle which also includes the camera will retail for INR 41,990. The PS VR will be available for pre-order at select stores and a PS VR without the camera is also expected to launch sometime later this year. The VR headset without the camera is going to be available for INR 37,990. PS VR is already compatible with games like 'Resident Evil 7 Biohazard' , 'Batman Arkham VR' , 'Driveclub' from the PlayStation’s extensive portfolio of titles. “The launch of PS4 Pro is an immensely exciting moment for PlayStation. Never before have we introduced a new console in the middle of a platform’s lifecycle. By providing developers with a new way to showcase their creativity, the PS4 Pro enables us to prove our commitment to innovation, as well as deliver captivating gameplay experiences for the players,” said Jim Ryan, President of SIEE and President of Global Sales & Marketing, SIE. He also added “PSVR puts the player right in the centre of the action, immersing them in extraordinary new worlds. PS VR is a milestone in home entertainment and it very much needs to be experienced to be believed.” Playstation 4 Pro and VR Specifications: * Compatible 4K HDR TV required for 4K and HDR support. Dynamic 4K gaming outputted by graphic rendering or upscaled to 4K resolution; support varies by game title. 4K entertainment via 4K video streaming services only. *HDR and faster frame rates not supported by all games and video content. *2 Information as of February *2nd , 2017. Release titles may differ according to country/region. Release dates may be changed depending on individual titles.
  4. Following the Uri attacks by Pakistan that created a nation-wide stir that refused to die down, the India Pakistan rivalry became a pressing issue. While the nationalists and patriots discussed how India should avenge the attacks, MNS inflicted a ban on Pakistani artists working in India. Much to everyone’s knowledge, Karan Johar’s ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ came under the scanner and suffered brutally. © Red Chillies Entertainment Following suit, most directors either refused to work with Pakistani artistes or found replacements for their upcoming projects. This led to another uproar in Pakistan as a result of which, all Bollywood films were banned in Pakistan. This decision was taken on September 30, 2016. 3 months later, Pakistan has decided to lift the ban. “Federal government is pleased to continue the existing open policy to display all international movies (including Indian films) in Pakistani cinemas and is pleased to take the following decisions for revival of the Pakistani film industry,” the Ministry of Information informed. The Federal Government of Pakistan has put forth a set of conditions for every Bollywood film to be screened in Pakistan, with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s approval on it. © Twitter Indian filmmakers will now have to submit a request to the Ministry of Commerce to get an import license if they wish to screen their films in Pakistan. “For the import of an Indian film on DCP/Digital drive/CD, the importer will submit a request (including name and cast of the film) to the Information and Broadcasting Division,” the statement says. Well, looks like, everybody needs a bit of Bollywood in their lives!
  5. In what will be a big blow to IT firms in India, a legislation was introduced in the US House of Representatives today mandating that the minimum salary of H-1B visa holders be doubled to $130,000.If the legislation is passed, it will become very difficult for American companies to use H1-B visas to hire foreign workers, including IT professionals from India. The BSE IT index slumped over four per cent at news of the introduction of the new legislation. The legislation "offers a market-based solution that gives priority to those companies willing to pay the most," said Congressman Zoe Lofgren, who introduced it. "This ensures American employers have access to the talent they need, while removing incentives for companies to undercut American wages and outsource jobs," he said. © Facebook The legislation, called the High-Skilled Integrity and Fairness Act of 2017, prioritises market-based allocation of visas to those companies willing to pay as much as 200 per cent of a wage calculated by the survey. The legislation also proposes eliminating the 'lowest pay' category. The raised salary level - to more than $130,000 - is more than double the current H-1B minimum wage of $60,000, which was established in 1989 and has since remained unchanged. "My legislation refocuses the H-1B programme to its original intent - to seek out and find the best and brightest from around the world, and to supplement the US workforce with talented, highly-paid, and highly-skilled workers who help create jobs here in America, not replace them," said Lofgren. © Twitter The Congressman said the legislation also proposes removing the 'per country' cap for employment-based immigrant visas, so that all workers are treated more fairly and to move to a system where employers hire the most skilled workers without regard to national origin. It raises the salary level at which H-1B dependent employers are exempt from attestation requirements to a new required wage level of 35 percentile points above the median national annual wage for Computer and Mathematical Occupations published by the Department of Labour Occupational Employment Statistics (roughly $132,000), which would be adjusted in the future without the need for new legislation, and eliminates the Master's Degree exemption for dependent employers. The legislation sets aside 20 percent of the annually allocated H-1B visas for small and start-up employers (50 or fewer employers) to ensure small businesses have an opportunity to compete for high-skilled workers, while still being protected from outsourcing. © Twitter Among other things, Lofgren's legislation removes visa hurdles for students and other temporary visa holders by building a bridge from F-1 student status to Lawful Permanent Residence. It also removes paperwork burdens by streamlining H-1B filing requirements and reducing administrative costs. The legislation tightens employee protection by stipulating that employers may not reduce beneficiary wages, regardless of whether the deduction is in accordance with a voluntary authorisation by the employee. It makes exceptions for taxes, garnishments and deductions that are reasonable and customary in the occupation. In a related development, Senator Sherrod Brown announced the introduction of an H-1B and L-1 Visa Reform Act in the Senate. The Act, he said, would close loopholes in the H-1B and L-1 visa programs and provide increased protections for both US workers and visa holders. © Facebook "We need to crack down on the fraud and abuse that allows corporations to avoid paying Americans fair wages and exploit foreign workers," said Brown. "During his campaign, President Trump promised to increase oversight of our H-1B and L-1 visa programs and reform starts with this bipartisan legislation to ensure that American businesses are giving American workers a fair shot at good-paying jobs," he said.
  6. Iris Mittenaere from France just got crowned Miss Universe and man, she’s something! Miss Universe 2016 (@irismittenaeremf) moments after being crowned at the Press Conference ?✨ #MissUniverse #MissUniverse2016 #65thMissUniverse A photo posted by Miss Universe Fanpage (@missuniverse_fanpage) on Jan 29, 2017 at 9:46pm PST This 24-year-old, who has taken the whole ‘universe’ by a storm, happens to be studying Dental Surgery! En route pour notre premier show Miss France !!! Nous avons hâte de monter sur scène avec Julia Gennifer et Morgane !! ❤️ à ce soir en Franche-Comté ? #missfrance #show #franchecomte A photo posted by Iris Mittenaere Officiel (@irismittenaeremf) on Apr 22, 2016 at 5:22am PDT With the title of Miss Universe 2017, Iris has become the first Eurpoean winner in the last 27 years! Je partage avec vous ce soir un souvenir de cette belle croisière, une soirée quelque part en mer ... ⚓️ #missfrance #croisieresdefrance A photo posted by Iris Mittenaere Officiel (@irismittenaeremf) on Feb 5, 2016 at 10:46am PST She’s undeniably hot and we can totally see why she went on to win the crown! Force jaune ? #missfrance #jaimelejaune @orza_luxury_swimwear_paris A video posted by Iris Mittenaere Officiel (@irismittenaeremf) on Aug 21, 2016 at 2:21am PDT She loves to travel and we’re really hoping she gets to travel a lot more so our Instagram feed is never dull. Ca y est ! J-1 ! Demain je m'envole pour Manille ❤️ Hate de représenter la france ?? merci à tous pour vos messages qui me touchent énormément ❤️ photo @cerfwill #proud #france #love #missuniverse #missfrance #roadtomissuniverse A photo posted by Iris Mittenaere Officiel (@irismittenaeremf) on Jan 11, 2017 at 11:44am PST Iris is very sensitive to the environment and wants to work for children’s rights and women empowerment. Un million de baisers depuis les Philippines ? maillot: @orza_luxury_swimwear_paris photo : @cerfwill #missfrance #france #missuniverse #universe #roadtomissuniverse #gold #swimsuit #confidentlybeautiful #philippines A photo posted by Iris Mittenaere Officiel (@irismittenaeremf) on Jan 17, 2017 at 9:29pm PST She desires to complete her education and become a dental surgeon and we couldn’t be more proud! Je ne sais pas vous mais moi le printemps ça me donne envie de partir en vacances ??☀️? #spring #sun #instamood #throwback @orza_luxury_swimwear_paris A photo posted by Iris Mittenaere Officiel (@irismittenaeremf) on Apr 10, 2016 at 3:45am PDT Well, looks like she’s already ruined every other woman for us.
  7. ‘Bigg Boss’ is like that bag of peanuts, which once opened, cannot be sealed back. You start the series and you take the journey till the end. Ten seasons down, the fever has not gone down one bit. This season saw a plethora of contestants ranging from the much loved Bani J to the dearly hated Swami Om. © Colors TV The special feature of this season, however, was not the arguments and the eviction tasks, but the entry of commoners, who were unknown people to the public eye , but left the show as celebrities. The one that stood out of this lot was the friendship of Manveer and Manu. © Colors As if making it to the top 3 was not enough dose of fame for the beloved Manveer, the commoner boy with simple dreams and a warm heart ended the show by winning it! The boy from a small town with starry dreams is a stellar example that to win hearts of the people, you don’t need any cheap thrills, but sheer determination and hard work. © Colors Manveer Gurjar will take the trophy and the prize money of Rs 40 lakhs with him, out of which he is planning to donate around Rs 20 lakhs to the Being Human foundation. He is not just the winner of the show, but has won all hearts as well.
  8. Virat Kohli proved to be a superhuman in all formats of the game in 2016 and not many will contest that right now he’s the best player in the international arena. However, Glenn McGrath thinks that despite his heroics in 2016, Kohli would not be able to touch Sachin’s test records. Twitter Speaking to Sportstar, McGrath said, “I don’t think anybody can beat Sachin’s record or get close”. Earlier while in India, McGrath had emphasized that the growing influence of T20 cricket could deteriorate the quality of the test matches. “The batsmen are not prepared to bat through the tough periods of play, not prepared to do the difficult job of grinding it out. They are trying to play too many shots, their defensive play is not good enough,” he said. Kohli has played 53 tests till now, since debuting in 2011. The amount of cricket being played all around the year limits the test matches in a scheduled series and thus Kohli will need to be in top form to match Sachin’s feat of 15,921 runs in 200 test matches. Twitter While it may be difficult for Kohli to deliver the kind of longevity Sachin displayed in his career, it is not entirely out of his league. The kind of form he’s shown last year tells that he is slowly but steadily reaching the peak of his career and if he can stay fit for another five years then who knows Sachin’s records might well be in danger too.
  9. Apple is winning the slow and steady race in India to gain a considerable market share in the second fastest economy for smartphones. Apple managed to sell 2.5 million iPhones in 2016 and while many might think these are baby steps in India, it cannot be ignored that a premium phone sold that many units in a market that is defined by price sensitivity. These numbers released by Counterpoint Research tells us that most of these sales came from the iPhone 7 launch. Apple came in at 10th place when it comes to phone sale rankings; however, Apple remained the firm favourite in the premium phone category. © Pexels Since India is a very price-sensitive market, most smartphones bought in India cost around $150 or less, which suggests that Apple has achieved an amazing feat given that the company sells one of the most expensive phones in the Indian market. Companies like Xiaomi, Vivio, Lenovo and Oppo have enjoyed good sales figures thanks to their aggressive pricing and remain on the top of the mountain due to their low price driven handsets. Apple is reportedly considering manufacturing phones in India, in order to compensate high prices that the company faces due to tariffs and middle salesman. This will also enable Apple to save on tax thanks to PM Modi’s ‘Make In India’ initiative. Source: Cnet
  10. If you’re not familiar with the Japanese cult anime, Dragonball Z, go and brush up your cartoon knowledge on an urgent basis. You’re going to need it come 2020. The main character of Dragonball Z, Son Goku has been chosen as the ambassador for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. According to sources, Goku beat his counterpart, Pikachu and many other Pokemon species to bag the spot. © Konbini In a bid to appeal to a younger audience, the Japanese character will feature on all the official Olympics 2020 merchandise, and has earned a place alongside icons like Mario, Naruto and Sailor Moon. We can’t wait for the awesomeness that will be the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
  11. BlackBerry fans can finally rejoice as the company is all set to launch their comeback phone dubbed, the ‘Mercury’. BlackBerry confirmed the details when they tweeted the announcement date i.e. February 25, which makes it clear that the phone will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress. 25.02.17 #MWC2017 #BlackBerryMobile pic.twitter.com/uChVjp62TJ — BlackBerry Mobile (@BBMobile) January 24, 2017 BlackBerry fans turned to other phones as they could not connect with the company’s outdated operating system. However, TCL, a Chinese company is now using BlackBerry’s licensed name to manufacture and distribute BlackBerry phones. TCL is also responsible for operating the Alcatel brand. © Weibo BlackBerry will continue to work as a software organisation and will work in collusion with TCL to deliver a high caliber Android phone. TCL is currently working on phones that will range from affordable entry-level phones to premium phones and we assume that the ‘Mercury’ will be part the upper echelon. ‘Mercury’ is currently the project name for the device and the official name will be confirmed on the day of the announcement.
  12. It’s not every day that you hear inspirational stories of selfless people, but when you do come across them, you just can’t help be in awe of their actions. One such person who has inspired many people with his good deed is Firoz Merchant, a Dubai-based Indian businessman who has pledged to spend $1 million i.e. nearly 4 million dirhams to help free the prisoners in the UAE. Now, before anyone starts having any negative thoughts about this guy, these people including some Indians were put behind bars for not being able to pay their debts. So, he is not helping any bad guy. Merchant, who is the founder and chairman of Pure Gold Jewelers, has in fact, already paid 150,000 dirhams to free 132 prisoners from Ajmaan Central jail. © Thinkstock/Getty Images The money that Merchant is going to spend will not only be used for people who are in jail for non-payment of debt, but also those who couldn’t come out of prison because they didn’t have money to return home despite completing their jail term. What’s more, Merchant will also buy tickets for them to go home, “I decided to pay off their debts and get them air tickets so that they can go back to their home countries. Funds to be made available will be against cheque bounce of up to AED 30,000 for rents, school fees, medical, car loan etc.” Apart from the tickets, Merchant will also be giving 100 dirhams equivalent of local currency for people to reach home. He further added, “Most of these prisoners told us that once they land in their home countries, they will need public transport to reach their villages. It only made sense to give them some petty cash so that they manage the last leg of their journey.” © Thinkstock/Getty Images Sympathising with their situation, Merchant said, “These people are unfortunate victims of circumstances and are not real criminals. They have ended up in jail because of debt-related cases and I want to do my best to send them back to their families.” These prisoners are said to be from India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Ethiopia, Syria, Yemen, Oman and Ghana. We truly appreciate the efforts Merchant is putting in to help those people. Source: The Times Of India
  13. These days, it has become very easy for people to draw ‘anti-nationalist’ connotation to anything and everything that others say and blame them for the same. That’s exactly what happened with the External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj, who was accused on Twitter of helping only the Muslims. The tweet that was posted on both Swaraj’s as well as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s accounts, mentioned that she was only helping the Muslims with visa issues while the Hindus were getting harassed. Modi Ji @narendramodi Your Sushma @SushmaSwaraj,Only take care Of Muslim Visa. But Hindus are getting harrased to get India Visa. VERY UPSET — HINDU JAGARAN SANGHA (@HinduJagoran) January 20, 2017 Being a true sport, Sushma Swaraj replied to the user in the best way possible. Calling Indians her people, she said that religion is not relevant for her. India is my country. Indians are my people. The caste, state, language or religion is not relevant for me. https://t.co/z59339vjGt — Sushma Swaraj (@SushmaSwaraj) January 20, 2017 This is not the first time anyone is criticizing Swaraj, a few days ago, author Shobhaa De tried to troll the former and got hit by ‘Karma’ right in the feels. Had Swaraj done anything wrong or was shady in her tweets, people would have had a field day seeing her get trolled, but she has been doing a commendable job and has been appreciated both in India and abroad for the same. © BCCL From helping a man get his wife’s passport to helping a son come back to India for his father’s last rites, Swaraj has always been prompt to not only reply but make sure that people get the needed help. Earlier, she came to the rescue of 10,000 migrant workers going hungry in the Gulf either because their salaries were withheld or they were laid off. She was even ranked in the 15 ‘Global Thinkers’ of 2016. She even warned the Amazon officials when they were selling tricolor doormats on their e-commerce platform. Well, time and again, Sushma Swaraj has proved her mettle by helping the citizens and to say the least, she has put Twitter to good use in a time when politicians are using it only as a medium to malign the opposition and the establishment. Source: The Times Of India
  14. Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 46th US President yesterday and we have been wondering where the world went wrong ever since. Media information and misinformation that we receive daily on our smartphones is on astronomical levels. 2017 has just begun and the world is already becoming a scary place. We all curious as to what our future holds and we try every little bit to find out about our future. © Reuters Step in a man from Southampton who predicted Donald Trump’s victory, Britain's decision to exit the EU and the Nice attack. Today he has published his predictions for 2017 and some of them are crazy as hell. He published his prediction on psychics.co.uk and some of the predictions include: • A crash in the Euro and Denmark and Italy leaving the EU. • A worldwide flu epidemic. • A political divide in America between east and west with riots and gun crimes soaring. • A large fire at the Houses of Parliament, caused by "bad maintenance," not a terrorist attack. • Ancient Giant Squid making the news - found frozen in ice. • Hillary Clinton's resignation from politics after a release of documents. • A toxic or biological attack on a school in Europe. • North and South Korea becoming one country as Kim Jung-un is overthrown • Assassination and kidnap attempt on the Pope at the Vatican. Swiss guards killed. © Wikipedia He added: "I feel that 2017 and 2018 are the years when miraculous spiritual things will be revealed to the world as it finally breaks the yoke of the Age of Materialism." However we’re still not sure that all his predictions will come to fruition and given that he’s been predicting some incredibly accurate scenarios, we believe some might just even come true. Let’s hope it doesn’t though. p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Cambria} p.p2 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Cambria; min-height: 14.0px}
  15. Ranveer Singh is hands down the hottest male actor in the industry right now. No matter how he fares on screen and off it, he’s still the most wanted hero of our generation. While Ranveer might be busy making his next move, a Pakistani lookalike is slowly blowing up on the internet. Yes, the dude’s from Pakistan and looks exactly like our Ranveer. Here, meet Hammad Shoaib. The filter is black and white but life is colourful. #beardgamestrong #blackart #blackandwhite #lahorediaries #goodday A photo posted by Hammad Shoaib (@hammadshoaib1) on Dec 19, 2016 at 6:17am PST He says that he doesn’t say it but the people around him keep pointing his resemblance to Ranveer Singh. Dress to impress, not to express. #goodday #Ootd #beardgamestrong #dapperstyle A photo posted by Hammad Shoaib (@hammadshoaib1) on Dec 5, 2016 at 7:30am PST To hurt you more, his Instagram followers are steadily going up. This is something big. Thanks a lot @soha.nvd29 and @parhlo.com_official for publishing a blog on me. @ranveerfanclub @ranveersingh @ranveersinghfeed @ranveersingh.news @instantbollywood @bollywood.reporter @bollywoodhijunoon #bollywooddoingthings @bollywoodhappy @bollywoodstylefile @pakistanstreetstyle @pakistanvogue @divamagazinepakistan @hellopakistan @vogue_pakistan @straight_outta_pk @vogical @f @islamabad_styleicon @classy__people @pak.fashionistas @arynewstv @arynewsofficial @arynewstv @hum.tv @humtvpakistanofficial @hum.tv.official @paknewsbeat @pak_news @instalollywood_ @lollywood.bollywood @galaxylollywood @lollywood_updates @instant_lollywood @lollywood_superstars @etribune A photo posted by Hammad Shoaib (@hammadshoaib1) on Jan 18, 2017 at 12:46am PST But look for yourself, he DOES look like Ranveer. A photo posted by Hammad Shoaib (@hammadshoaib1) on Dec 28, 2016 at 7:04am PST He recently blew up on internet and this is just the start. Remember how the Pakistani chai waala was everywhere? I don't know why but I always look serious in pictures.#goodday #beardgamestrong #poser A photo posted by Hammad Shoaib (@hammadshoaib1) on Dec 11, 2016 at 5:59am PST
  16. Today marks the day when Xiaomi revealed its first smartphone of 2017 – the Redmi Note 4. The budget smartphone has been highly anticipated since the huge success of Redmi Note 3 broke all records imaginable. The phone will be exclusively available on Flipkart. The Redmi Note 4 sports a premium metal body with anodised high-gloss aluminium lines and symmetric design. In addition to the classic Dark Grey and Gold colours, the Redmi Note 4 will also be available in Black in a sleek new matte finish. Hugo Barra, described the phone as a game changer and elaborated on a few features that will be onboard the new smartphone: Redmi Note 4 has a 13MP CMOS camera with Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF) for faster focusing, f/2.0 aperture, and a Backside Illuminated (BSI) sensor with 1.12-micron pixels, which captures more light than its predecessor. A 5MP, f/2.0 aperture front facing camera on the front makes it great for selfies. © YouTube The Redmi Note 4 has a fingerprint sensor on its back and can also be used as a selfie clicker. The phone has a 4,100 mAH battery on board which can last up to 70% longer than most smartphones in the market today. © Xiaomi The Redmi Note 4 doubles the storage of its predecessor, offering 32GB of onboard storage in the base model, and up to 64GB flash in the 4GB RAM variant – a first in the Indian sub-15k market – all of which are expandable up to 128GB via an SD card. Here are some key features of the Redmi Note 4 • Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 with 14nm FinFET technology (Octa-core 2.0GHz) • 4100mAh high-density battery, 25% longer battery life than Redmi Note 3 • 13MP CMOS camera with PDAF, 5MP front camera • Premium metal body, anodised high-gloss aluminium lines • 5.5-inch Full HD display, dual SIM (Nano- and Micro-SIM) • LTE and VoLTE support • 4GB RAM + 64GB Flash, 3GB RAM + 32GB Flash, 2GB RAM + 32GB Flash • Up to 128GB microSD expandable storage • Rear fingerprint sensor • IR blaster • Available in Dark Grey, Gold and Black • MIUI 8 beta based on Android N will be available soon The Redmi Note 4 will go on sale at 12pm on January 23 exclusively on Mi.com and Flipkart with no pre-registrations, starting at INR 9,999 (2GB RAM + 32GB Flash), INR 10,999 (3GB RAM + 32GB Flash) and INR 12,999 (4GB RAM + 64GB Flash).
  17. Move over Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, this guy has created some kick-ass Indian versions of ‘Transformers’ and we are already hoping that some car manufacturer helps him turn this into a reality. These designs are the brainchild of Anirudh Singh Shekhawat, a concept artist for video games from Jaipur. © Anirudh Singh “I have always been fascinated by robots and science fiction and this obsession began when I saw some Transformers at the local toy shop,” said Anirudh who thought that the robots were some sort of sorcery back in the day. From using an ambassador to a rickshaw, the designs are as desi as they can get and brilliant, to say the least. © Anirudh Singh “I take a lot of inspiration from India in my designs as I feel there is so much to be explored and experimented with,” said Anirudh on his decision to chose Indian vehicles. Not only the designs, but the names of these Autobots are chic as well. For instance, if you were fascinated by Megatron or Shockwave, then allow Bhoomiputra and Rajdoot and Chetak, to sweep you off your feet. © Anirudh Singh Each Autobot has its own unique style and the designer’s quirky angle to each car is really hard to miss. For instance, one of his designs Daddy’s Boy is based on the Scorpio that carries a hockey stick as a weapon, and another that he calls Lawmaker aka N.E.T.A is based on the classic Ambassador which depicts an evil and corrupt politician. What’s more, there’s an Autobot called Shakti that is based on an Indian lorry or truck which resembles a goddess and portrays a sense of power. Anirudh has even visualized the way these Transformers would talk, “Like the Classic Fiat Transformer, I could imagine it being voiced by Jackie Shroff and that reflects in the design of that Transformer.” © Anirudh Singh Here are the rest of the masterpieces… © Anirudh Singh © Anirudh Singh © Anirudh Singh © Anirudh Singh Well, these designs are simply killer and we can’t wait for them to be incorporated in a Bollywood movie or a comic book where these desi version of Transformers beat the shit out of each other. You can check out more of this artist’s amazing work at : www.facebook.com/anirudhsinghshekhawat
  18. Salman Khan had been dealing with the black buck case for almost 18 years when today, a Jodhpur court passed the verdict and the ‘Bhai’ has finally been acquitted. He had already earlier been proven ‘not guilty’ of possessing weapons and using them. © Twitter When the verdict came out, Twiterrati, of course, went into a frenzy of opinions. #BREAKING:#JodhpurCourt Acquits Salman Khan In Arms Act Case. Of Course The Blackbuck Commited Suicide.The Gun Was It's Own Too.#SalmanKhan pic.twitter.com/V5xpObnoSy — Sir Ravindra Jadeja (@SirJadeja) January 18, 2017 Just Salman Khan things. pic.twitter.com/IRhb4O038Q — Godman Chikna (@Madan_Chikna) January 16, 2017 The verdict has divided a ton of people regarding the law in the country. Salman bhai accidentally running over a lion sleeping on the pavement pic.twitter.com/F3cwUevALI — MedievalReactionsIN (@MedievalRxnsIN) May 8, 2015 2015: "Salman Khan wasn't drunk" 2016: "Bhai didn't kill the blackbuck" 2017: "Actually the blackbuck was driving Salman's car that night" — Akshar (@AksharPathak) July 25, 2016 When you talk about corruption in the system, how can people forget our CM, right? #SalmanKhan Is Innocent In 1998 Arms Act Case. I Have 370 Page Evidence That #Blackbuck Died Due To #DeMonetisation. PM Modi Must Resign. pic.twitter.com/VSJgXeWInE — Arvind Kejriwal (@TroluKejri) January 18, 2017 I Sud Better Remain Silent On #SalmanKhan Arms Act Case. It's A Tough Choice To Choose B/w Dalit #Blackbuck And Minority Superstar. #Jodhpur — Arvind Kejriwal (@TroluKejri) January 18, 2017 And then there were others who were celebrating for him. Justice has been done. #SalmanKhan acquitted from Illegal Arms Act Case. Congratulations @BeingSalmanKhan — virender sehwag (@virendersehweg) January 18, 2017 After 18 years of suffering, @BeingSalmanKhan stands Acquitted of all charges ? Alhamdulilah can't explain how happy this has made me ???? — Sana (@SanaAfsal) January 18, 2017 @BeingSalmanKhan Good people deserve good always. You have been kind to many, one of your effort is Being Indian Foundation. — sachin tendulkar (@Sachin_rt_10) January 18, 2017 So did the black buck commit suicide or did it accidentally walk into the path of the bullet? Too bad, it is not alive to tell the truth but in our country, fame and name can take you places, including straight out of the court.
  19. Achhe din are finally here, people. The Bombay High Court is more than compensating for all grievances we’ve had with law and order in this country for decades and rules are finally starting to make sense. Here are some priceless orders and regulations by a parody Facebook page called Bombay High Court we hereby pledge to abide by. Hmm k. Look Ma, I’m going to be a Padma Bhushan awardee soon. Get your Netflix subscription ready! A big salute for this big social change. Ma, are you listening? High time this happened. Justice prevails! I’m finally going to have a real job! This should be a real thing, not even kidding. The nation has to know. Issued in public interest. Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear ghagras. Most important of all. We all know that one friend. Can’t believe it took India 67 years to get here. SO MANY I’d like tested for this. Ugg, not even kidding. This’d be the most prestigious award ever. Okay that explains it all. Individuals who do not write CA, Dr or Er as a prefix in their name on Facebook shall be stripped off their respective degrees. — Bombay High Court (@2OFFICIAL4YOU) January 16, 2017 God bless those souls. Students who explain the whole subject to their friends just one night before the exam shall be given Dronacharya Award. — Bombay High Court (@2OFFICIAL4YOU) January 4, 2017 Fair enough. People found using dog filter on Snapchat will be made to eat Pedigree for the rest of their lives. — Bombay High Court (@2OFFICIAL4YOU) January 8, 2017 George R.R. Martin on the judge's chair, I'm guessing. People who haven't watched a single Game of Thrones episode will be made to join The Unsullied. — Bombay High Court (@2OFFICIAL4YOU) January 6, 2017 Those MOFOs! People who always crib "Yaar kuch nahi hua padh ke" but score top marks in every goddamn exam shall be hanged. — Bombay High Court (@2OFFICIAL4YOU) January 5, 2017 Tell your BFF he's in some serious danger. Singles trying to give relationship advice will be hanged. — Bombay High Court (@2OFFICIAL4YOU) January 5, 2017 A legit warning. Girls who make duck faces while clicking selfies will be released in their natural habitat i.e. Arabian Sea. — Bombay High Court (@2OFFICIAL4YOU) January 4, 2017 The only way to do it, if you ask me. Exam scores will now be displayed on Tinder profiles of all boys to improve literacy rate in Mumbai. — Bombay High Court (@2OFFICIAL4YOU) January 3, 2017 Never loved my country more!
  20. When Reliance Jio launched, it sent shockwaves through the Indian and world telecom industry as it presented very affordable plans for the 4G LTE only network. Reliance Jio is the only network that provides true LTE services and they have amassed over 72 million users in less than 4 months. The service was launched in India 4 months ago where people stood in line for hours just to get their hands on a Jio SIM card. The company expected to garner 6 Lakh subscribers every day. © BCCL However, it is not performing that well according to the company’s forecast and expectations as Ambani hoped to see over 100 million subscribers within these 4 months. However, Reliance Jio’s impressive ability to amass 72 million subscribers will cause a major disruption for the existing competition. Airtel, India’s biggest and oldest network carrier has over 260 million users, followed by Vodafone who have over 200 million users. © BCCL India is a very price-sensitive market due to which Jio was able to gain popularity amongst the youth. In fact, the company offered 1 GB of free data for free to new users until December 31st, 2016 (Now extended to March 2017) which was touted as one of the most customer-friendly welcome offers ever. Although the company has been offering free data, it has also faced some major issues since users are unable to make phone calls to other networks. Being an LTE-only network, it also means that a lot of phones were unable to receive any signal due to the absence of LTE towers in many regions.
  21. The moment we hear someone say ‘The Great Wall…’ we instantly think of China and the historic significance it holds. Well, fair enough, our textbooks have taught the same. But, thanks to some archaeologists in India, we now have a ‘Great Wall of India’ to be proud of. This marvel, discovered in the heart of Madhya Pradesh, is supposedly 80 km long. Well, this discovery is definitely worth cherishing, given the fact that this mysterious ‘diwaal’ as called by the locals, managed to remain intact and hide its existence for so long. © HT If historians are to be believed, this wall that stands halfway between Bhopal and Jabalpur and is India’s largest fortification. The wall is said to stretch from Gorakhpur-deori to Chokigarh in Chianpur Bardi in the Raisen district, and cuts through Vindhya valleys, teak forests and even runs through a 20-year-old dam. Talk about an archaeological marvel! © HT Well, this discovery has also brought with it long-abandoned dwellings & debris from magnificent temples and statues and if historians are to be believed then they have just scraped the surface of the secret and there is much more than what meets the eye. Historian Narayan Vyas estimates that this wall might be from 10th or 11th century when warrior clans ruled the world, but there is no solid proof to back that fact up. “This could have been the border of the Parmar kingdom,” Vyas added, while referring to the Rajputs that ruled west-central India between the 9th and 13th centuries. Check out the video of this amazing discovery: What’s more, the wall itself speaks for its rich infrastructure. For instance, the wall is made from large evenly-sized stones that interlock like Lego bricks, without even using mortar. Reportedly, the seals or inscriptions don’t connect it to any king or a time period, so it’s hard to decipher how old this wall actually is. Source: Hindustan Times
  22. HTC is all ready to kick-start their 2017 campaign with a brand new flagship phone: The U Ultra. This 5.7-inch device is the latest addition the new U series of smartphones by HTC and sports humbler specs. It even has a new Sense Companion i.e. their very own AI assistant. Much like LG’s V20, the phone will also have a second screen on the top of the device for quicker access to apps and other settings. The phone also follows in the same footsteps as the iPhone, Moto Z and HTC bolt, as the U Ultra will not be featuring a headphone jack! However, the most prominent thing you will notice is the design of the phone. It is shockingly glossy which might be a turn-off for a lot of HTC fans out there. HTC has incorporated an all-glass exterior, which they like to call ‘Liquid Surface construction’. They have apparently tried to mimic a liquid surface as they created materials that would compliment the design property. The surface of the phone is very smooth which means if the phone is covered with a case it will probably slip out of your hand. The second screen that is on top of the phone is a 2-inch strip that resides to the right of the front end of the phone. The 5.7-inch main screen uses the Super LCD 5 display which enables it to project Quad HD resolution. The U Ultra also has a Snapdragon 821 chipset and 4 GB of RAM. It comes with two different storage options i.e. 64 GB and 128 GB, however, the memory can be expanded up to 2TB as the phone has a MicroSD slot. © BCCL The camera on the phone has been upgraded from the previous iteration i.e. it now has phase-detection autofocus. Apart from the camera remains unchanged as it features a 12-megapixel ultra sensor with an f/1.8 aperture. What is a little baffling is that the front camera of the U Ultra has a 16-megapixel sensor? The phone has a 3,000 mAh battery that might prove to be on the small side since the large display might consume it super rapidly. The phone will ship with Android Nougat on board which might be a sign of relief for HTC fans. © HTC The missing headphone jack will be compensated with the bundled Usonic earphones, which will use the phone’s USB Type-C port for an audio output. In a statement by HTC, the company said: “We removed the headphone jack because we believe the audio experience on the phone can be so much more than just the simple transmission of sound. The sonar-like capabilities of USonic wouldn’t be possible with a 3.5mm headphone jack. We have microphones built into both earbuds that “listen” for sonic pulses, which can then adjust your audio to match your ears’ unique architecture. We believe the market is ready to push audio into new innovations that benefit consumers’ listening experience.” © HTC There is no further news as to when the device will be available for sale in India, however the U Ultra was announced for $749 in the US.
  23. The entire fan base is currently awaiting the release of ‘xXx: Return Of Xander Cage’ and with Deepika and Vin Diesel looking like a sizzler together, it is only legit we wait to watch them together with excitement. The movie is all set for its release and Vin Diesel has finally arrived in India with our own queen bee. © Twitter They were given a grand welcome in true Maharashtrian style when they arrived in Mumbai. What's a welcome if it's not done in full Indian style? #VinDiesel, @deepikapadukone & @deejaycar are here people! #xXxIndiaPremiere pic.twitter.com/upTBIq9tEX — Paramount India (@ParamountPicsIN) January 12, 2017 © Twitter The crowd flocked the power duo, as they happily walked hand in hand. © Twitter © Twitter Vin has already been pretty vocal about his excitement to come down here and his stupendous admiration for Deepika. She has obviously returned the mutual love. © Twitter MUST WATCH! @deepikapadukone & #VinDiesel arrive in India: "Deepika made it possible" pic.twitter.com/aOdwbb5w0L — Bollywood Hungama (@Bollyhungama) January 12, 2017 They were accompanied by the director of the movie, DJ Caruso. They were welcomed with dhol and tilak, full Marathi style. © Twitter © Twitter Another video of Deepika Padukone, Vin Diesel and director DJ Caruso in India for #xXxIndiaPremiere ? pic.twitter.com/LuoDnRkP5e — Deepika Addicts (@deepikaddicts) January 12, 2017 The movie also stars Ruby Rose and Nina Dobrev in pivotal roles and is hitting screens in India before anywhere else.
  24. Samsung has finally announced that the company will be launching the Galaxy Gear S3 in India and it will be available for pre-order starting 10th January 2017 and will start shipping on January 18th, 2017. © Samsung The Gear S3 will come in two variants i.e. Classic and Frontier which is packed with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. The Frontier variant will also support LTE services. The smartwatch features a circular bezel, which in turn can be used to accept/reject calls and even install applications. The smartwatch also has a built-in GPS, NFC for mobile payments and IP68 certification for water and dust resistance. It even has a built-in speaker so that you can make phone calls directly from the smartwatch. © Samsung Both variants will be running the Tizen operating system that has been the reason behind Samsung’s success in the wearable technology section. © Samsung “With the Gear S3, we continue to build on our wearables heritage of offering diverse choices to enhance consumers’ unique lifestyles,” said Manu Sharma, Vice President, Mobile Business, Samsung India. “The Gear S2 achieved meaningful progress in the smartwatch category with a personalised watch face and a versatile rotating bezel that provided an intuitive smartwatch experience. Now with the new Gear S3, we expand our Gear collection and introduce not only a great smartwatch but a great watch. With smart capabilities and sophisticated, elegant design, the Gear S3 marks a significant addition to our smartwatch portfolio.” © Samsung Here are the detailed specs of the Samsung Gear S3: Both the Gear S3 Classic & Frontier will go on sale from 18th of January 2017 and will be available in all leading Samsung sales channels at a price of Rs. 28,500/-.
  25. Ronda Rousey’s return to UFC was a disaster. She looked out of sorts and couldn’t deliver even a single blow to Nunes inside the octagon. Nunes completely decimated Rousey and her career seems to be over as of now. After taking a shell-shocking beating like that, we don’t know how many actual careers would survive? But Ronda is not giving up yet. In an Instagram post, she shared her state of mind through a JK Rowling quote and it looks like she has finally hit rock bottom. A photo posted by rondarousey (@rondarousey) on Jan 9, 2017 at 1:37pm PST It will be very difficult for Ronda to overcome the 48 second knockout but you can never really be sure of what might transpire in the future. Being a champion is a choice and life is all about putting up a fight to make a comeback when nobody believes you can do it. We are rooting for her to pick up the pieces and fight back, are you?
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