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Found 10 results

  1. Wriddhiman Saha has decided that he won’t be revealing the names of the journalist who threatened him for not agreeing to give him an exclusive interview after he was dropped from the Indian Test team. The veteran wicket-keeper had recently shared screenshots of disturbing WhatsApp messages that he received from a ‘so-called respected journalist’ who rather than requesting tried to coerce him into giving an exclusive interview. After all of my contributions to Indian cricket..this is what I face from a so called “Respected” journalist! This is where the journalism has gone. pic.twitter.com/woVyq1sOZX — Wriddhiman Saha (@Wriddhipops) February 19, 2022 Saha’s tweet had left everyone speechless and the 37-year-old veteran received an outpouring of support from fans and cricket experts. From Virender Sehwag to Harbhajan Singh to Ravi Shastri, everyone came out in support of the West Bengal keeper and urged the BCCI to get to the bottom of the matter and punish the culprit. Former head coach Ravi Shastri went as far as saying that this mistreatment of Saha was not a one-off treatment and this had been happening to the Indian team “too frequently”, He added that it was time for the BCCI chief Sourav Ganguly to act and expose the name of the journalist in the interest of every cricketer. Shocking a player being threatened by a journo. Blatant position abuse. Something that's happening too frequently with #TeamIndia. Time for the BCCI PREZ to dive in. Find out who the person is in the interest of every cricketer. This is serious coming from ultimate team man WS https://t.co/gaRyfYVCrs — Ravi Shastri (@RaviShastriOfc) February 20, 2022 A report published in The Times of India, claimed that the BCCI was already looking into the matter and it would approach Saha to explain the matter in full detail and also reveal the name. After this news came out, people started thinking it is only a matter of time till the identity of the ‘respected scribe’ is revealed in front of the whole world. View this post on Instagram But it won’t be the case anymore as the 40-Test veteran has taken a different stance on all this matter and decided not to reveal the name of the journalist. Explaining the rationale behind his decision, he said it was never his intention to “harm somebody’s career” or to “pull a person down”. “I haven’t received any communication from the BCCI yet. If they ask me to reveal the name (of the journalist), I would tell them it was never my intention to harm somebody’s career, to pull a person down. That’s why I didn’t reveal the name in my tweet,” Saha told The Indian Express. View this post on Instagram “That’s not the teaching of my parents. The main purpose of my tweet was to expose the fact that there’s someone in the media who does such things, disrespecting a player’s wish.. “It wasn’t fair, which I wanted to tell through my tweets. He who has done it knows it very well. I posted those tweets because I didn’t want the players to face such things. I wanted to convey the message that what has been done was wrong and no one else should do it again,” he added. View this post on Instagram Saha may have his own reasons as to why he didn’t want to expose the identity of the journalist. But now people who were lauding him for not sitting silent and revealing the mistreatment are now feeling cheated. The fans are disappointed and they are now questioning what was the need of putting out the screenshots if he didn’t want to take the matter any further. Then you shouldn't have created this mess ig . You took Dravids name , selectors name but can't take the name of a journalist? That just creates doubts imo — Kaygee18 (@Kaygee1803) February 22, 2022Wriddhiman Saha could easily take Rahul Dravid's name, the current National coach & an Indian cricketing Legend. But he couldn't name the so-called journalist! Which begets the question - Is the said journalist more powerful than the National team coach? Such a scary thought! — Akash patel (@Akashpatel233) February 22, 2022Saha sympathy game khel Raha hain — Ranbir Dutta (@Ranbir012) February 22, 2022Yes, then why did he come out in the open about his private conversations with Dada and Dravid either? — Rajesh Rai (@rairaj) February 22, 2022But he can happily reveal his personal chat with Saurav Ganguly & also taking Rahul Dravid's, the head coach of Indian Team. Because it's about his career... — Pitabasa Hota (@imPitabas26) February 22, 2022To pehle chats public hi kyu ki? Ajeeb pagal hai. — Pritish Dinesh Sathe प्रितीश दिनेश साठे (@Pritish_s_) February 22, 2022Disappointing, as it putting other athletes in harm's way from abuse this and other journalists. The important thing though is there the BCCI puts policies in place to root out this abuse. — Lloyd Peters (@lloydcpeters) February 22, 2022Funnily this teaching didn’t apply to Dravid. Happily named him. Hypocrisy, no? — Hamla Harris (@HamlaVeep) February 22, 2022Tu bahar hi accha hai team se. — Nikhar Srivastava (@iamnikhar) February 22, 2022Many even argued that he had the courage to reveal the private conversations he had with Ganguly and Dravid but couldn't gather enough courage to expose the journalist. The whole country stood with Saha on this whole issue and by not revealing the name of the journalist he has let everybody down. View this post on Instagram By concealing the identity, he managed to save one journalist’s career but what about countless who would be facing unnecessary intense scrutiny from here on. View the full article
  2. Having established herself well in the Telugu and Tamil film industries, Samantha Ruth Prabhu is one actress who's seen her stocks rise high in the Hindi film industry as well in recent times. This is obviously because of her stellar performance in the Prime Video TV series The Family Man, alongside Manoj Bajpayee. © Prime Video Samantha played the role of Raji in the second season of the hit television series, with her acting really striking a chord with many fans. The actress has since then been in demand and is reported to have had a lot of offers from Hindi cinema. However, for all her talent and on-screen persona, one can only wonder why Samantha has kept a distance from Bollywood. Well, it looks like the actress herself is finally ready to answer just that. View this post on Instagram In an interview with ETimes, Samantha revealed that the reason why she's not done Bollywood films till now is basically that she wanted to have a proper footing in the South. "I was finding my footing in the South and gained confidence in my work only in the last two years. I was still making bad choices and not doing the kind of work that satisfied me," said Samantha. However, she says that she's now ready to accept newer challenges, with Bollywood definitely looking to be one of them. "Things changed a great deal in the last two years, and now, I am confident about accepting challenges. I don't try everything and then see what works. I usually take time to perfect something before moving on to another challenge. That's why it has taken me this long to get this far." said Samantha. She also admits that right now is probably the best time for an artist looking to switch across to a different film industry because of the language barrier getting thinner and thinner. "I think it is a great time to be an artist. The lines are blurring, and the opportunities are a lot more. I love the place we are in now, which is so encouraging for artists from other industries." she said. And as per reports, she might just make her Bollywood debut soon, with it being said that she could be starring in a Taapsee Pannu-produced film in 2022. What do you think? Are you excited to see Samantha make her Bollywood debut? Source: ETimes View the full article
  3. Samantha Akkineni is one Indian actress who has seen her popularity rise to crazy levels since appearing in the second season of the superhit Amazon Prime tv show The Family Man, which had veteran actor Manoj Bajpayee in the leading role. Samantha was absolutely sensational in the role of a terrorist with her performance really striking a chord with so many Indians. © Prime Video Soon, she was swarmed with offers from both Bollywood and Hollywood, having already carved her name in the Telugu and Tamil film industries. As things go, her fans really can't seem to get enough of her and are dying to see more breathtaking performances from her in the upcoming films. However, did you know that she admitted one interesting thing during one of her older interviews, thereby establishing her credentials of being brutally honest about everything in her life? The actress was actually asked in an old interview that if she were given a chance to choose between food and ***, what would be her answer. Now, remember, this is one question that most celebs would think a lot about before answering. However, to Samantha's credit, she did hesitate a little before actually answering what she honestly thought she'd want. She said that while she could afford to go hungry without food, *** would be something she would not be able to live without. “***. I can go hungry any day,” she can be heard saying in the interview before breaking into laughter. Honestly, it's actually a fresh breath of air hearing her honest admission, especially at a time when Bollywood stars and other celebs have to be very careful about the things they say in public. On her personal life front, Samatha's separation from actor Naga Chaitanya has been garnering headlines in the media for quite some time, with many even shamelessly trolling her for some reason. Replying to those trolls, Samantha put up a lengthy Twitter post where she wrote: “People have said that I don’t want a baby, I’m opportunistic, I’ve had an abortion, But divorce is a very painful process. Give me time to get out of this. This is a big blow to me; But I will not break this, this is my promise." It's really sad, to be honest, but we are glad that a strong person like Samantha is very vocal about the things she wants in life. We wish you luck and can't wait to see your incredible performances in other upcoming projects. View the full article
  4. Manoj Bajpayee has been part of the Bollywood industry for over 30 years now. The insanely talented actor has always maintained how he learned over these years to not let his professional achievements or failures define him as an artist. Manoj Bajpayee's latest project, The Family Man season 2 received massive praise. View this post on Instagram He recently told PTI, “It's been 26 years in the industry and I have been through so many emotions, excitement, success, and failures. All this has just become a part of my life. They don't define my craft or me as an actor or person. I'm a realist and don't get swayed by success or depressed by failures.” Manoj, who plays the role of a middle-aged investigation agent in the series, further said, "Audience expectations are welcome, they should expect good work from me as I also do the same from myself. I believe in having strict discipline and doing a good job every time I step out to work. But I don't feel compelled by the expectations.” View this post on Instagram "When I choose a project, I always look for what new things I can offer as a performer and how I can make this whole experience unique for myself. And if I'm excited about something I'm doing, that excitement gets transferred to the audience. This is what I'm known for and people's appreciation has proved that I'm on the right path," he further elaborated. He also said that it is an honour for him that now the series is among the 'four most popular shows in the world'. View this post on Instagram “It's so amazing that a series which started in 2019 is still going and creating so much buzz all over the world. It's among the four most popular shows in the world and we are getting so much honour because of this series. It's so humbling," he added. View the full article
  5. Ever since I’ve been watching Bollywood movies and bingeing on shows on OTT platforms, every time that I come across a kissing scene, I tend to wonder what it must be like to shoot it behind the screen. Is the chemistry real? Does it feel awkward? Are the actors uncomfortable? Seems like Family Man actress Ashlesha Thakur, who was seen donning the role of Dhriti in the hit series, has finally answered our questions by opening about her own kissing scene in the show. Spoiler alert - it was 'no fun'! © Prime Video Having gained quite a bit of critical acclaim and an outpouring inbox full of rishtas, Ashlesha Thakur has been the talk of the town. And as she basks in the glory of her recent success, she also opened up about her experience of shooting for the Manoj Bajpayee starrer show, touching base on her kissing scene. “I was very nervous. It was a very new thing for me to do. I had to bring maturity to the character and not have that kidd-ish way of acting. I wanted to make it look very natural and spontaneous. I watched a lot of web series where there is a love interest involved. I researched and studied a lot,” shared Ashlesha in an interview with a leading daily. © Prime Video She went on to say, “Shooting the kissing scene is very technical. It is no fun. It is my work and whatever the requirements are as an actor, I should be comfortable with it...I trust my directors and did not worry about what it would look like on screen because I know how meticulous they are with their writing." © Prime Video The young actress also got candid about the much talked about kidnapping scene in the show as she said, “It was exhausting and emotionally and mentally challenging for me. Getting kidnapped was something that was making me very nervous. I did not want to do that scene. I was telling Raj and Suparn sir, ‘let’s do it another day’. When I did the first take, I was confused whether I was doing the correct thing. When the directors supported me, I knew I was on the right track." View the full article
  6. The Family Man 2 was released on Amazon Prime and became a big hit amongst the audience. While Manoj Bajpayee's role received a lot of love and appreciation, we also couldn't miss out on other actors on the show who gave stellar performances. One of them was Ashlesha Thakur, who played the role of Dhriti Tiwari. Ashlesha's character on the show sees her becoming rebellious amid the growing problems in her family. Season 2 also introduced the romantic relationship of Dhriti and Kalyan. © Instagram/Ashlesha Thakur © Instagram/Ashlesha Thakur In an interview with News18, when Ashlesha was asked about playing the role of a romantic interest opposite Abhay Verma, she mentioned that she was indeed nervous and had to bring maturity into the character. She said, "I wanted to make it look very natural and spontaneous. I watched a lot of web series where there is a love interest involved. I researched and studied a lot. Shooting the kissing scene is very technical. It is no fun. It is my work and whatever the requirements are as an actor, I should be comfortable with it." © Amazon Prime When she learned that she has a love interest in season 2, the directors asked Ashlesha and her father to come to their office. After some discussion, the actress finally decided to go ahead, as she wanted to evolve as an actor. "I am also evolving as an actor. I trust my directors and did not worry about what it would look like on screen because I know how meticulous they are with their writing." she concluded. © Amazon Prime This isn't the first time Ashlesha and Abhay have worked together. They were earlier seen in TVF, and Ashlesha mentioned that she was lucky that she already knew him. Even though love scenes are hard to pull off as a teenager, with the support of their directors, both of them were able to break the ice on-screen. © Instagram/Ashlesha Thakur Ashlesha also shared that after the show, the actress started receiving many marriage proposals in her DMs. "I have a lot of 'rishtas' in my DMs and people are sending me the creepiest and the sweetest of messages. I like the attention but I don't know how much of it is true." © Amazon Prime The actress spoke about the kidnapping scene and said it was emotionally and mentally exhausting. As for choosing the scripts, Ashlesha would discuss it with her father but would take the final call if she was comfortable with the scene. She also mentioned that even if the character is grey, she takes it up as she has an open mind about it. © Instagram/Ashlesha Thakur Ashlesha is no longer just identified by her role as Dhriti on the show, as she enjoys a mammoth following on Instagram. Apart from the show, she debuted in the TV industry with SHAKTI- Astitva Ke Ahsaas Ki and was also seen in Pagglait opposite Sanya Malhotra. View the full article
  7. The Family Man Season 1 received glowing reviews from both fans and critics. As soon as its Season 2 released on Prime Video recently, the show garnered massive viewership. From Manoj Bajpayee to Samantha Akkineni, the entire cast stood out with their acting skills. But one particular character from the show that's making noise at the moment has to be Chellam Sir. © Amazon Prime Video The Family Man is a series that talks about a middle-class man, Srikant Tiwari, who works as a spy for an anti-terror agency, played by Manoj Bajpayee. While he is a part of the agency, he is also dealing with his own problems in his family as well. The role of the antagonist is played by Samantha Akkineni in the second season. © Amazon Prime Video Tamil actor Uday Mahesh enacts Chellam Sir's character in The Family Man 2. He is shown as a retired member of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) who helps Srikant, and other members of the Threat Analysis and Surveillance (TASK) Cell. a character that had roughly 15 minutes or less in a show but had a huge impact on it 🤯 pic.twitter.com/UiPbFCQHfd — amazon prime video IN (@PrimeVideoIN) June 6, 2021 While Chellam Sir's screen time in the series is quite short, he still left the audience impressed with his acting chops. And, to such an extent that he has now become a part of the meme-fest on Twitter. Many people have lauded his character, and they have come up with some rib-tickling posts that will leave you in splits. © Amazon Prime Video The hashtag #ChellamSir has been trending on Twitter, and people have come up with various memes, some calling him Google while others are comparing him to Money Heist's Professor. Take a look. Only Chellam Sir knows whether India will actually face a third wave of COVID! pic.twitter.com/tPHeBxXkY0 — CA Chinki Jalan (@ChinkiJalan) June 6, 2021Can we have him in 3rd https://t.co/IZtw5WOXHj — Bitching Films (@bitchingfilms) June 6, 2021 pic.twitter.com/JcMtC2ZYen — ARUNKUMAR (@akumarmahi) June 6, 2021Everytime TASC looking for any lead/Information.#ChellamSir be like:#Familyman2 pic.twitter.com/otukT7nID3 — Proud Indian (@ProudIND1508) June 6, 2021Me asking to chellam sir.. when would i get my girlfriend??#chellamsir #FamilyMan2AgainstTamils #BoycottAmazon pic.twitter.com/ckLs2zB8mI — vardii wale bhaiya (@expensivenasha) June 6, 2021If you know you know #ChellamSir #Familyman2 #ElonMusk pic.twitter.com/UBjK3czpAD — Dipanjan Datta (@idipanjandatta) June 6, 2021Google and Wikipedia to Chellam sir pic.twitter.com/faV7HtZmvg — All India Memes (@allindiamemes) June 7, 2021Whenever Shrikant wanted any Information #ChellamSir pic.twitter.com/KOpiaN2ySg — Kaushal (@KaushalChhabra4) June 6, 2021Huge Respect for #ChellamSir.#FamilyMan2 #AmazonPrime pic.twitter.com/QOWB4ZzZUX — India Trending (@IndiaTrendingin) June 6, 2021#ChellamSir #TheFamilyMan2 Kids Google it Legends CHELLAM it pic.twitter.com/3FlsVYDY1B — Aniket Kumar Pandey (@BeingAK27) June 6, 2021Everyone to Chellam sir In #Familyman2 pic.twitter.com/ysnbirD3I7 — Dheeraj Kakade (@HOEshiyaar) June 6, 2021Meanwhile Srikanth Tiwari in KBC, Phone a friend : Chellam sir Expert Opinion: Chellam sir#TheFamilyMan2 https://t.co/JbRTH8Pe4B — The CineMatter (@TheCineMatter) June 6, 2021Chellam sir is the new professor#ChellamSir #chellam #Familyman2 #familymanseason2 #MoneyHeist pic.twitter.com/Ajaza0Iq95 — Crypto_King🇮🇳 (@prince_rinesh) June 6, 2021 View the full article
  8. I don’t even need to tell you why we have a list of recommendations based on this theme, because chances are that you probably have binge-watched Family Man 2 and the scene where Srikant vents out his angst and frustration on his not-so-cool manager has made you echo ‘same’ or take a sigh of some secret cathartic relief. Anyway, not all employee-boss relationships are sour and here are some movies and series we recommend you to check out in case you have been missing your boss too much during this lockdown: 1. The Office Well if you have a manager like Michael Scott, then I truly hope that your personality type is similar to Dwight Schrute or Jim. A manager unlike anyone we know, this series mocks the hell out of a quintessential office space and paints how your manager, who feels he is always right and has your best interest at heart, is actually painstakingly wrong most of the time. The Office continues to be one of the best series out there because of how 'real' it is. 2. Horrible BossesThe title is kind of self-suggestive but if you need more context, then, it is a movie about three employees who plan on killing their evil bosses. In a comedy of errors, havoc ensues and chaos follows. 3. The InternThis is a heart warming movie which shows the evolution of a wonderful relationship that a boss shares with her intern, who is infact a 70-year-old man. This one teaches you an important lesson about life that the employer doesn’t always know more about than the employee. 4. Yes Boss A movie which conceptualises what loyalty means in the form of an employee named Rahul ( SRK) who whitewashes every lie and takes bootlicking to another level to keep his boss (Aditya Pancholi) happy and satisfied with his work, in order to climb the corporate ladder easily. 5. Jassi Jaisi Koi NahinBased on a series named Ugly Betty, this one was a big hit back in the early 2000’s when it was released. This series not only preached loyalty between an employee and her boss but proved that sometimes, you can also find love in your own ‘sir’! Jokes apart, this show sent a message that how one should not hire people based on their looks but calibre instead. View the full article
  9. Yes, Virat Kohli is coming back home in the middle of arguably the biggest bilateral series for Team India for the rest of the year. JUST IN: Virat Kohli will be granted paternal leave after the #AUSvIND Test in Adelaide. He will return to India after the first game. pic.twitter.com/EFQfajppbE — ICC (@ICC) November 9, 2020 Yes, he would have been a huge asset to the squad and the likelihood of India getting whitewashed 0-4 during the Border-Gavaskar Trophy without his presence in the team is very high. Yes, back in 2015, Mahendra Singh Dhoni refused to go home to his family to experience the birthday of his baby girl and had that he was on “national duties” during India’s World Cup campaign. So what? Kohli should perform his National Duty because he is a Soldier and Soldiers don't get maternity leaves when your country needs you. We know seeing your first child is the best moment but National duty comes first. @iamVkohli @ — SUNNYMANNPRODUCTIONS (@SUNNYMANNPRODU1) December 19, 2020 Does that make Virat Kohli’s decision of taking paternity leave a wrong one? No. MS Dhoni had skipped the birth of his daughter to compete in the World Cup in Australia, saying: "I am on national duties, so I think everything else can wait". Virat Kohli put his family over cricket and will skip the test series to attend his child's birth. — Krish (@PentaEdgedSword) December 6, 2020 First of all, it is nothing short of hilarious that people are going crazy about something as basic as an employee availing paternity leave, a provision given to him by his employer. I highly doubt that this would have become such a big argument had someone of a relatively smaller stature than Kohli had done the same. Secondly, Virat Kohli is just a sportsman, a cricketer and the notion of ‘Country Over Family’ applies to him just as much as the next employee of an organisation. Wearing the Indian jersey, hustling to win as many games for your country as possible, sure comes along with a sense of patriotism, a devotion towards the country but not at the cost of one’s family. Or will we start calling him, Virat Kohli, the captain of the Indian cricket team, an anti-national, as well? “Sehwag would have never returned from a tour. The game has given you everything. Sachin Tendulkar returned to play the World Cup (1999) within two days of his father’s death. I can give it to you in writing that Sehwag would have never returned as cricket comes first for him,” said AN Sharma, Vireder Sehwag’s former coach in an interview recently. Maybe Sehwag would not have taken the leave but we know for a fact that Rohit Sharma did the same back during the 2018-19 India Australia series, does that make Sharma less of a country-lover than Sehwag? Update - Rohit Sharma to join ODI squad on 8th January India batsman @ImRo45 left for Mumbai on the 30th of December to attend to his wife who has delivered a baby girl. The BCCI congratulates Rohit on the beginning of a new chapter in his life. pic.twitter.com/7jokivuLGT — BCCI (@BCCI) December 31, 2018 Guys like New Zealand captain Kane Williamson and Aussie pacer Kane Richardson recently took paternity leaves too! I guess, it’s time for the New Zealand and Australian governments to cancel their citizenships? Everyone bashed Virat for not playing the whole test series n told that national duty comes first .. y isn't anyone asking Rohit that — PainKiller (@antiSocialdebt) November 26, 2020 “National duty comes first,” India's former cricketer Dilip Doshi told Sportskeeda on Wednesday. No it doesn’t, not at least for Virat Kohli, not at the cost of his family. As much as we like to say shit like “cricket is war,” it really isn’t. Cricket is cricket. It is a sport and that is exactly how it should be treated. View the full article
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