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Found 13 results

  1. Every guy’s ultimate dream is to customise his own car according to his needs. If you could, you would build a car that looks beastly on the road and has everything from a gaming room, bedroom, a kitchen to a bathroom (so you can run away and travel for days without ever missing your bed), and probably cleans itself. Well, barring the last part, a Sheikh in UAE has built a hummer that is all that and more. View this post on Instagram Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan’s Instagram page is filled with his vehicular creations that can make any man go weak in the knees. His latest work though is a bit different and equipped with everything a guy wants in his automobile. View this post on Instagram He has built the world's largest hummer named H1 X3 which is 46 feet (14m) long, 20 feet (6m) wide and 21.6 feet (6.6m) in height. The Sheikh who holds an impressive collection of cars shared pictures and videos of this beast which looks at least four times bigger than any truck or car on the road. View this post on Instagram Talking about the features, it has four diesel engines, one for each wheel, has a two-storey interior plan which includes bathroom, kitchen and bedroom and is in progress. The first floor though is complete with hardwood floors, a toilet, sink and stairs to the second floor. The second floor is where the driver’s seat is and would accommodate guests when it’s complete. View this post on Instagram It can run at a speed of 20 miles or 32 kilometres per hour and is ‘three times bigger than Hummer H1 by the scale and 27 times by volume.' It will be displayed in the Off Road History Museum, Sharjah, UAE along with a couple of Sheikh’s other automobiles. View the full article
  2. Cricket fans from India and Pakistan have been extremely competitive with each other ever since the two nations started competing at an international level. Be it a world cup clash or an Asia Cup match-up the rivalry between the two teams and their respective followers continues to rage on through time. However, there is also a lot of political involvement between the two nations due to numerous unfavorable incidents that have happened in the past, both on and off the field and any kind of support or compassion for the players from across the border is often categories as “anti-national” and against the pride and sovereignty of their own country. Moment of the Year #MaukaMauka #PAKvIND #PakistanZindabad #TeamIndia pic.twitter.com/lavH9VuBVS — Qaisar Kamran Siddiqui (@QaisarCamran) October 24, 2021 Back in November 2021, when India and Pakistan were butting heads in the league-stage of the T20 World Cup and the Men in Blue lost convincingly to their neighboring rivals for the very first time in World Cup history, ex-India skipper in the format, Virat Kohli could be seen mixing up with some Pakistani players and was called out on the Indian social media for the same. After the match, Kohli’s video of hugging Pakistani batter Muhammad Rizwan had gone viral for all the wrong reasons. He was called anti-national and was abused on the internet for about a week. Obviously, such a senseless social media outburst was senseless and absolutely uncalled for and when Kohli’s fans stood up for him, they were lauded as well. MS Dhoni has gifted a Chennai Super Kings jersey to Pakistan fast bowler Haris Rauf. pic.twitter.com/hGiB6jzGCg — Johns. (@CricCrazyJohns) January 7, 2022 Now however, the same Kohli fans have once again decided to take an exception on Twitter when the story about the former Indian skipper MS Dhoni giving an autographed Chennai Super Kings jersey to Pakistani bowler Harris Rauf surfaced on the internet. Reliving all the times their idol, Virat Kohli was cursed and abused for doing anything with the Pakistani players as a friendly gesture, they raised the point about being politically biased in favor of Dhoni whenever he does something similar. When virat hugged rizwan He was anti-national Waiting for rw trolls to tag dhoni now — Rakshit thukral (@Cricket94583075) January 7, 2022The smile and hug to them after tremendous heartbreak to all indians !! That was shameless and attention seeking act by Kohli. Off the field it doesn't matter. — True (@nonetet) January 7, 2022When MS Dhoni gifted a jersey, everyone saying GOAT, humble and down to earth but when Virat talked to Babar and Rizwan, Deshdrohi, Gaddar, Anti Nationalist. Why this hypocrisy? Why is it like Virat should get hate for each and every activity he does? PS: No hate to MS Dhoni — Surya (@Surya_One8) January 7, 2022When Rizwan hugged Virat, then so much hatred for him. The same people are saying it's MS greatness. I want people to have same visual for every players. Both of them are Indians so please learn to respect these legends. — abc12334 (@Abc78134968) January 7, 2022Dhoni tha is liye Jane dia Virat hota to deshdrohi bana dia hota usko abtk — Ravi bhai high on bear (@Ravi_beer_69) January 7, 2022 The last time the two sides played in a bilateral series, it was a decade ago during the 2012-13 season when the Pakistan cricket team had traveled to India for an ODI and T20I series. Pakistan won the ODI 2-1 while the T20I series ended in a 1-1 draw. View the full article
  3. Bollywood controversies are way too murkier than one can fathom and due to great PR strategies in place, we usually never get to see the dark side of the cinema world or it’s rare that we get to read about celebrity spats. However, that doesn’t mean that miscommunications or arguments don’t happen even between the most well-behaved celebrities. © Anil Kapoor Films Company Back when the Sonam Kapoor and Abhay Deol starrer Aisha was released, there was a buzz about the actor not being okay with the Kapoors, who were also the producers of the film. In an interview once, Abhay Deol spoke about how his film was supposed to be inspired by a Jane Austen novel but ended up becoming a 2-hour fashion show. He was apparently not happy with his role and the way the movie has turned out to be. The rumours of him being miffed were further fuelled when he was mostly absent from the film promotional activities, claiming he was filming ZNMD at that time. © Excel Entertainment In an interview with TOI, he said “I would like to say today that I will never ever be part of a film like Aisha in my lifetime. It’s not the kind of film I’d like to do." His co-star Sonam was upset at the remark and soon, a cold war began. When the father-duo came on Koffee With Karan in season 4, Anil Kapoor went on to say “Abhay Deol needs help”. On Karan asking in what way, he replied "in every way! There's something terribly wrong with the guy." © Star World The war of words further escalated when Abhay Deol made a comment on the statement. “He's right about me doing "all the wrong things". Aisha is the biggest proof of that. And yes I do "need help". Help not getting affected by people like him. He's a waste of my time." According to IBT Times, Abhay was also upset over the fact that the producers paid more attention to spending money on Sonam’s wardrobe over other aspects of the film. While the animosity was loud and clear post this film, fans were surprised when Abhay and Sonam worked together in Raanjhana. Guess that’s called being mature and professional. Source: Zoom View the full article
  4. Salman Khan is Salman ‘bhai’ for a reason in B-town. Everyone who is in his close circle has a tale of never ending friendship, loyalty and love to share. He recently showed up like a wall of steel for his fellow colleague and good friend Shah Rukh Khan when the latter was occupied in an emotional turmoil as his son, Aryan Khan was in jail after being caught in a drug scandal. Salman Khan has been friends with some people in Bollywood for over three decades and one of his oldest and closest friends is director and actor Mahesh Manjrekar. View this post on Instagram Since ‘bhai’s relationship status continues to be a hot topic for everyone, from his family, to friends to his fans, his industry buddies have a slightly more personal take on this situation. In a recent interview, Mahesh spoke about why he wants Salman Khan to get married and how it bothers him a lot. “Sometimes what happens is, there are some things that I can talk to him which normal guy can’t talk. I always feel, even now I feel and tell him also, ‘Salman, tu shaadi nahi karta uska issue hai mere ko (I have an issue with you not marrying).’ I really want… Tomorrow I want to see Salman’s son. I feel I can actually talk to him about that. Half the time he just brushes me aside but I really feel he needs someone to come back to”, he said. He also added that Salman’s big smile actually hides a lot of loneliness. “Sometimes I feel there is, in that whole happy exterior he shows na, sometimes I feel he’s lonely. Ek toh na usko kuch shauk nahi hai bahut (He doesn’t have any desires as such),” he added. © Instagram Salman is known to be a rich man who is always helping those in need but Mahesh insists that there’s more to this guy. “Sometimes I really feel that behind this man, itna success hai huge success, uske peeche jo aadmi hai na wo typical middle-class aadmi hai (The man behind the successful facade is a middle-class person). Sometimes I feel he needs someone to come back to because everyone who is with him, his friends, they are all very very good friends. They really love Salman Khan”, he mentioned. View this post on Instagram Mahesh is the director of the upcoming movie Antim which stars Salman Khan and his brother-in-law, Ayush Sharma. View the full article
  5. Following the arrest of Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan, in regards to the possession of drugs at a rave party on a luxury cruise, people haven't really held back from sharing their opinions on the case on social media. There is a section that is brutally trolling SRK and family, while the other section is defending Khan. When it was reported that Aryan had been arrested, people attacked SRK’s association with education technology company BYJU's and wanted the platform to remove him as an ambassador. Now, BYJU’s has temporarily halted the advertisements featuring SRK. A source told Economic Times, “They (Byju’s) have paused all SRK-related promotions for now. It had to be pulled as the company which is in the area of education wouldn’t like to be seen in promotions with him given the controversy (over the drug case involving his son) These ads were booked in advance—as is the process—so it took some time to stop all of them.” Rohit Ohri, group chairman at creative ad agency FCB India revealed that SRK's brand value has helped Byju's in a big way, and pausing this association will definitely affect the ed-tech firm. He said, “Byju’s has benefited immensely from its association with SRK. Shah Rukh’s association with the edtech brand has been so intrinsic and so deep, that even if Byju’s is pausing the advertising, for now, it will be very difficult for the brand to delink itself from SRK.” People stand divided on this decision of BYJUs. Supporters are not okay with this as they feel they got to know about the platform only because of SRK and slammed the app for its hypocrisy. Others stated that they support BYJUs' decision as he is the father of a drug addict. Here are the reactions: © Twitter © Twitter © Twitter © Twitter © Twitter © Twitter © Twitter © Twitter © Twitter © Twitter © Twitter © Twitter Aryan Khan, along with seven others, was caught after NCB raided a luxury cruise ship on the night of October 2, where the agency seized 5g of mephedrone, 21g charas, 22 pills of MDMA, and 13g of cocaine along with cash around Rs 1.3 lakh. Meanwhile, Aryan’s bail plea was denied by Chief Metropolitan Magistrate (CMM) RM Nerlikar. View the full article
  6. Following the dramatic proceedings in the case of Aryan Khan being detained by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) on Sunday, social media was abuzz with people scouring the internet for more information on the case. Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s 23-year-old son was detained and questioned after the NCB raided and detained a few other people from a cruise ship, just off the coast of Mumbai. © Instagram_Aryan Khan And now, actor Suniel Shetty has come out in defence of Aryan, saying that people must not come down on the star kid just yet as proceedings are going on and it is too early to come to any sort of conclusion. “I would like to say that wherever there is a raid, several people are caught. And we assume that this child must have consumed drugs or this child must have done it. But the proceedings are on, let’s give that child a breather,” Shetty said at an event. #WATCH | When a raid is conducted at a place, many people are taken into custody. We assume that a particular boy must have consumed it (drugs). The process is on. Let's give that child a breather. Let real reports come out: Actor Sunil Shetty on NCB raid at an alleged rave party pic.twitter.com/qYaYSsxkyi — ANI (@ANI) October 3, 2021 Calling on people to refrain from coming up with their own versions of what actually happened, the actor further stated, “Whenever something happens in Bollywood, the media scrutinises everything and jumps to conclusions. Give the child an opportunity. Let the real reports come out. Baccha hai (He’s a kid). Taking care of him is our responsibility.” Soon enough, several people on Twitter jumped onto Shetty’s comments and called him out for defending Aryan: Jus shut up #SunielShetty Shetty. Dont talk about 23 yrs old being a child. Capt Saurabh Kalia,Vikram Batra martyrs of Kargil wr 23/24 years. Neeraj Chopra Olympic Gold Medalist, Juvenile throw, is also 23 yrs. Don't support Bollywoodrugists #SunielShetty https://t.co/pteDsu3cxA — Adv.Vivekanand Gupta (@vivekanandg) October 3, 2021 23 year old kid? KID? So you saying something wrong? He never reached adolescence and maturity? Why was the kid out without parents at night? — SaraSushant 🇮�� (@SaraSushant2021) October 3, 2021 He is telling us to have sympathy on a person who has been caught using Cocaine, MDMA, Heroine ect. in a cruise ship. — Pluto (@VocalVoiceE) October 3, 2021 More over when these Bollywood actors are lecturing society about our customs and festivals then no one reminds them their boundaries. When they need to have their house in order they start defending each other. — Narasimha M Hulgi (@NMHulgi) October 3, 2021 22-23 is an adult normally, but is a child when it comes to celebrities, politicians, activists. — TheIntrovertGuy (@IntrovertGuyIAm) October 3, 2021 “During the operation, the suspects were searched and different drugs were recovered from them, which they had hidden in their clothes, undergarments and purses. The detained persons will be produced in a court later in the day after the legal formalities get over,” the NCB official told PTI. Apart from Aryan Khan, the other detainees were identified as Munmun Dhamecha, Nupur Sarika, Ismeet Singh, Mohak Jaswal, Vikrant Chhoker, Gomit Chopra and Arbaaz Merchant. The NCB further informed that different drugs like MDMA, ecstasy, cocaine, MD (mephedrone) and charas were also recovered from them during the raid, which was carried out on Saturday evening. View the full article
  7. When Ravichandran Ashwin was involved in a heated exchange with Eoin Morgan and Tim Southee during an IPL 2021 game on Tuesday, nobody thought it would spiral into such a big controversy. R Ashwin fight with Southee and Morgan: Ashwin and Rishabh Pant exchange words with Southee and Morgan in KKR vs DC clash See here : https://t.co/HU5x57dBKp pic.twitter.com/WK394HOH8x — imRD007 (@im_rd007) September 29, 2021 With the cricket experts like Shane Warne hell-bent on making Ashwin the villain in this whole matter by questioning his spirit of the game, the veteran off-spinner, through a series of tweets, addressed the whole issue and hit back at Morgan and those who are targeting him for not abiding by the spirit of cricket. 1. I turned to run the moment I saw the fielder throw and dint know the ball had hit Rishabh. 2. Will I run if I see it!? Of course I will and I am allowed to. 3. Am I a disgrace like Morgan said I was? Of course NOT. — Mask up and take your vaccine (@ashwinravi99) September 30, 2021right to take a moral high ground and use words that are derogatory. What’s even more surprising is the fact that people are discussing this and also trying to talk about who is the good and bad person here! To all the ‘Cricket is a gentleman’s game’ fans in the house’: — Mask up and take your vaccine (@ashwinravi99) September 30, 2021 What happened during the match? During a league game between Delhi Capitals and Kolkata Knight Riders, Ashwin and Morgan were seen exchanging words after the former was dismissed and was on his way back to the pavilion. Morgan wasn’t pleased with Ashwin for running an extra run after the ball had deflected off Rishabh Pant’s bat. Ashwin was dismissed on the very next ball and as he was walking back to the dugout, Morgan started saying something and Ashwin responded appropriately. © BCCI/IPL Since Ashwin didn’t break any rules, several former India players and experts have sided with the spinner and hit back at those who are questioning his morality. Among them was former Indian opener Virender Sehwag who called out Morgan’s hypocrisy and reminded him of his own actions during the 2019 ODI World Cup final. This whole controversy has stretched for far too long than most people anticipated it to be and Sehwag blames Dinesh Karthik for all this. View this post on Instagram Addressing the issue on Cricbuzz Live show, the former explosive opener said that according to him, the “biggest culprit” in this whole saga is not Morgan or Southee but Karthik, because he was the one who came up in the public and revealed what was said in the middle by the players. “I consider Dinesh Karthik the biggest culprit in all this. If he had not talked about what Morgan said, there would have been no such uproar. If he had said, “It was nothing much, just an argument, it happens in the game, move on,” then it would have come out in that sense only. What was the need for an explanation that someone thinks this or that?” Sehwag said on Cricbuzz Live. Sehwag further asserted that people started making opinions only after Karthik revealed in the post-match conference that Morgan didn’t think Ashwin’s actions were in accordance with the ‘spirit of the game’. What had Karthik said? © Twitter “Rahul Tripathi threw the ball, it hit Rishabh Pant, and then it ricocheted off that. Then Ashwin called for it and they started to run. I don’t think Morgan appreciates that. He is somebody who, when the ball hits the batsman or the pad, expects them not to run in the spirit of cricket. It’s a very grey area and a very interesting topic. I have my own opinion on it but at the moment I’d just say I am happy I played peacemaker and things have come to a good standstill right now,” the KKR wicketkeeper said at the post-match virtual press conference. © Twitter/Dinesh Karthik While it’s true that most players don’t run if they know that the ball has ricocheted off the bat but every player thinks differently and he shouldn’t be vilified just because he decided to go against the norm. Moreover, why does only a bowler have to be the custodian of upholding the spirit of the game? Nobody questions when a batter steals a yard or two before the ball is delivered, that’s also a day-light robbery. Nobody questions the batter who never walks away despite nicking the ball, isn’t it against the sportsman spirit? Words exchange between Ravi Ashwin and Eoin Morgan. pic.twitter.com/IEDLV42vOA — Mufaddal Vohra (@mufaddal_vohra) September 28, 2021 What Ashwin did was well within the laws of the game and if the authorities or whosoever feels what he did was wrong why don’t they just change it? View the full article
  8. Mumbai Indians’ last pick during the IPL 2021 auction, Arjun Tendulkar has been ruled out of the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League due to an injury he picked up, presumably during training. Being selected by the reigning champion for a Rs 20 lakh base price during the auction, Tendulkar could be seen running into the field as the 12th man and water boy for the batters. However, he is yet to make his IPL debut. And after the niggle, it looks like the 22-year old will have to wait for another season before he can work his magic with the ball. View this post on Instagram Being the son of arguably the greatest Indian cricketer of all time comes with a lot of pressure on his shoulders, especially in the eyes of the highly critical cricket fans of the country. One little mistake, one minor mishap, and the trolling spreads like wildfire. Getting ruled out of his debut season without playing a single match was that one mishap for Arjun Tendulkar and the critics stuck to it like white on rice: Bina khele hi injured — Bhawani Garg (@BhawaniGarg4) September 29, 2021Sachin's ladla out:D — Shobha Sharma (@shrua_sharma) September 29, 2021Bina khele chotil ho gya bc — Daksh kumar jha (@Dakshkumarjha3) September 29, 2021Talent wins over nepotism — KING KOHLI (@Doc_Cricketer) September 29, 2021Isse chot lagi ya jaan ke bahar kar diyr https://t.co/HQmysiVPcJ — #WearMask (@oii_ammy) September 29, 2021 For a change though, there were also a few people who believed in giving the young cricketer his props and stand behind him in support, not because he is the son of a legendary cricketer but because he has been paying his dues and putting in the work just like his more experienced teammates did back when they had started out. For god sake don’t troll Arjun Tendulkar now even he is a human and can get injured — Himanshu (@himanshu_jain12) September 29, 2021There's a thing called training Hope you understand — Hrithik (@Hrxthikx) September 29, 2021Disadvantage Mumbai — Sleeper Cellz ™ (@nithish_pant_17) September 29, 2021Setback for MI — Kislay (@kislayj97) September 29, 2021In terms of getting some early experience at the pitch, Tendulkar Junior has played two T20 matches for Mumbai at the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy. With Tendulkar out for the entire season, Mumbai Indians have decided to replace him with Simarjeet Singh, a right-arm medium-fast bowler who has already started training with the squad after completing his quarantine. Singh has played 15 T20s and also accompanied the B-string of the Men in Blue to Sri Lanka as one of the five net bowlers. View this post on Instagram At the moment, Mumbai Indians are at the fifth spot in the IPL 2021 points table with five wins and six losses so far in the season. In order to keep their dreams alive of getting a three-peat, MI will need to find a spot for themselves among the top-four sides. View the full article
  9. It’s sad that Neeraj Chopra, after his big win at the Tokyo Olympics 2020, has been subjected to constant pestering by famous media personalities. The star athlete who made history by becoming the first Indian to win a gold medal at Tokyo Olympics 2020 with a throw of 87.58 meters in the javelin competition, has found it hard to stay away from the media attention following his incredible achievement. View this post on Instagram After his big win, he soon became the talk of the town. Notable journalists are seen asking him about his relationship status and now, Red FM’s popular RJ Malishka Mendonsa has taken it to a next level by making him uncomfortable with her dance performance. She shared a video of her and the Red FM staff dancing in front of the ace javelin thrower. Despite Chopra looking uneasy and forcing a smile on his face, the radio jockey and her team continued dancing to the tunes of Ude Jab jab zulfein teri. She wrote on Twitter, “Ladiesssss…Yes, I got the hard-hitting, deep answers too but..Take the first 4 secs before the cam moves to the zoom call to guess who we are dancing for #udejabjabzulfeinteri, and then tell me I did it for all of us.” Here’s the video: Ladiesssss..Yes I got the hard hitting, deep answers too but..Take the first 4 secs before the cam moves to the zoom call to guess who we are dancing for ;) #udejabjabzulfeinteri and then tell me I did it for all of us #gold #olympics #neerajchopra @RedFMIndia @RedFM_Mumbai pic.twitter.com/SnEJ99MK31 — Mumbai Ki Rani (@mymalishka) August 19, 2021 After the video went viral, people started to bash her for objectifying the male athlete. People also questioned that had a female player been subjected to similar harassment, how would pseudo-feminists have reacted. This shameless objectification has made people lose their calm and question the whole idea of gender equality and sexism. Here’s how they reacted: © Twitter © Twitter © Twitter © Twitter © Twitter © Twitter © Twitter A while back, he was trolled for wearing cargo pants, and before that, Neeraj Chopra was bashed for his speech, over his support for the current regime. To be honest, he doesn’t deserve all this mental harassment. He has made us proud and it’s time that people and the media let him celebrate in peace. View the full article
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