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Found 335 results

  1. In New Zealand, currently, more than 100,000 people are facing food shortages and are relying on food grants and parcels to feed their families every week. This is amid the Coronavirus crisis that has affected the entire world. In these unprecedented times, the Sikh community has stepped up and fed over 15,000 families from Auckland right down to Queenstown over the past fortnight and continue to do so as hundreds of people line up daily for help. In fact, the line for food begins well before the stall for food parcel pickup even opens and extends till the end of the road and keeping on extending throughout the day. © iStock "People from any ethnicity and religion are welcome. We are all one and in this difficult time, we are all New Zealanders. We should all stand with the wider community," says Daljit Singh, from the Supreme Sikh Society. © iStock Unfortunately, each day the number of hungry families exceeds their worst predictions. "On the North Shore we expected only 350 yesterday and 750 turned out," Singh says. He adds that they're serving 12 tonnes of food a day to the community. That over and above the 70,000 food grants given each week by the Ministry of Social Development as compared to last year, when the Ministry was only handing out less than 15,000 a week around this time last year. With an increase like that, even smaller organisations are providing as much as they can in this time of grave need. New Zealand Sikh community has really stepped up mid this crisis and we laud them for their help. View the full article
  2. Government is utilising all possible resources to bring back stranded Pakistanis to home in a phased manner, says FM Qureshi
  3. Punjab government is using cellphone data and artificial intelligence to track people in the province, an official earlier said
  4. Governments across the world are debating how and when to ease lockdowns that have kept more than 4.5 billion people confined to their homes
  5. Worldwide more than 2,28 million people have tested positive for the highly contagious virus
  6. The move comes as governments around the world grapple with overcrowded prisons as fears spiral of virus outbreaks behind bars
  7. Prince Harry, Meghan Markle will in total donate a sum of $112,000 to food banks and local food organizations
  8. The 55-year-old leader will not be immediately returning to work, on the advice of his medical staff, says spokesperson
  9. Governments have forced businesses to close and limited the movement of half the world's population
  10. Johnson 'able to do short walks, between periods of rest, as part of the care he is receiving to aid his recovery', Downing Street said
  11. The pictures of Drake's huge AF mansion are here and well, it's at least ten times more extravagant and luxurious than any of us would've ever imagined. Honestly, it's not surprising since its Champagne Papi himself we're talking about and every single thing he does has to be over the top.His massive 50,000 square feet mansion in Toronto is the star of this month's Architectural Digest and it's almost as if all the pictures are basically calling us all broke b*tches and we're just okay with it. I mean, just look at it! © Architectural Digest From a full-sized indoor basketball court crowned by a 21-square-foot pyramidal skylight to a 4,000-pound tub in the master bathroom made of faceted black marble carved from a single block, this house is definitely the epitome of luxury. © Architectural Digest It will be a historical landmark 100 years from now, I can just feel it. © Architectural Digest © Architectural Digest Lastly, Drake said, "I think the house shows that I have true faith in myself to take on this task when I was just 27 and see it through. I also think the house says that I will forever remain solid in the place I was born." Well, all we can wonder is how will it feel quarantining in there. Source - Architectural Digest View the full article
  12. Zapier is a service that allows you to connect over 2,000 web apps. In Invision Community 4.5 we are launching a beta service of Zapier integration for Invision Community in the Cloud. What does Zapier do? Zapier acts as a bridge between Invision Community and other apps, such as Google Docs, Twitter, Facebook, Slack, Trello, Facebook Ads, ActiveCampaign, Zendesk, Asana, Salesforce, Hubspot, Discord, Stripe and more. Zapier has over 2000 apps registered currently, and that number grows every single day. Let us look at a real life example. Right now, if you wanted to add a member to a Google Sheets document each time a new registration was completed, you'd need some fairly complex code to be written that was "triggered" by this registration event. This would take days to write at some cost. Zapier simplifies this by allowing you to connect Invision Community with Google Sheets without needing a single line of code. Zapier allows you to streamline your workflows in minutes. Zapier has two types of events, triggers and actions. Triggers When a certain thing happens on Invision Community, like a member registering or a topic being posted, a trigger can be sent to Zapier to then run actions in other apps. For example, you might create a zaps to... When a member registers, add their email to a Mailchimp list. When a moderator posts a topic in a news forum, share it on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms. When a member posts something that requires moderator approval, send a message to a Slack channel for your moderators. Invision Community Integration with Mailchimp through Zapier Actions You can also set up Zaps so that when something happens in an external application, it triggers an action in your Invision Community. For example, you might create a zaps to... When you add an event in a Google Calendar, create a Calendar Event on your community. When you receive an email to a feedback email address, create a topic on your community in a forum for moderators. When you create a task in Trello, add a record to a Pages Database on your community. Invision Community Integration with Google Calendar through Zapier Self-Integration In addition to using Zapier to integrate with third party services, you can also connect an Invision Community trigger to an Invision Community action. For example: when a member registers, create a topic in a welcome forum. Self-Integration through Zapier Frequently Asked Questions What integrations are available? In the beta launching with Invision Community 4.5, Zapier will be able receive a trigger when a member account or content (forum post, gallery image, etc.) is created and send actions to create the same. More triggers and actions will be added over time. Why is this only available to Community in the Cloud and not on-premise licenses? While we assess the needs during this beta period we are limiting it to Community in the Cloud only so that we can have more control over the communication happening between each community and Zapier. When will this integration be out of beta? Later this year. Will third party applications and plugins be able to create Zapier triggers and actions? Because the integration requires an app hosted with Zapier (which is written in Node.js) and this has to be submitted directly by the vendor, it will be difficult for third party applications and plugins to integrate with Zapier through Invision Community's integration. In the future we may be able to provide basic abstracted integrations for third party applications and plugins through an extension API. In the meantime, third party authors can of course write their own Zapier Apps if desired.
  13. Many of us have been intrigued by the stars and galaxies that lay beyond the reach of human eyes. We are fascinated by the mention of the presence of life on other planets on our solar system and cannot seem to get over the mysteries that surround our beloved natural satellite, Moon. © Facebook But while most of us interested in astronomy donât end up going beyond star-gazing or owning a professional telescope at home, others turn it into their vocation and continue to fuel their curiosity for years. Astronauts happen to be one such group of individuals who are willing to devote their lives for path breaking research and experiments. © Twitter/NASA So recently, as many as 12,000 aspiring astronauts sent in their applications to become future NASA astronauts for its Artemis generation that will undertake its upcoming Moon and Mars missions. Recently NASA revealed that it received applications from every US state in a span of a month from March 1st to 31st. Now the agency plans to interview the most qualified applicants to make the final decision post medical clearance. This development has left people on Twitter intrigued. Astronaut applications were due today... I'm not going lie, I kind of want to know what the requirements are 𥺠@NASA â aaayyyyy.sami (@AnginiSami) April 3, 2020 Others think itâs to run away from coronavirus. Just read #NASA got 12,000 applications for a space mission. Motherfuckas trying to leave the GD PLANET to escape the #coronavirus. 𤯠â Mike Fly (@mfly1971) April 2, 2020 Second largest number of applications ever? https://t.co/j4nUraUSkV More than 12,000 astronaut applications in to #NASA, the 2nd-largest ever; for missions such as returning to & helping lay groundwork for trip to Mars" GOOD LUCK, Y'ALL ð§âââ<< May the next group change what the default #AstronautEmoji looks like â Kay Savage (@Kay_the_Savage) April 2, 2020 Many are still hoping to make the cut. I made it under the wire yesterday. My application is in for the next NASA Astronaut Class selection. My odds are up! 1 in over 12,000. Last time it was 1 in 18,300! Under half selected are civilians. So the odds are even less. Space, here I come! â Ginny Mauldin (@GinnyMauldin) April 1, 2020This is the highest number of applications received by NASA and this selected generation of astronauts who make the cut will lead an extensive expedition on digging more information about the Moon. The selected list is expected to be out by next year around October. In a world where people today are trying to make some quick bucks via social media, it is interesting to see the spike in applications for a profile which requires a lifetime of hard work. View the full article
  14. More than 600,000 cases of the novel coronavirus have been officially recorded around the world
  15. Shah approves purchase of 290 ventilators, 3.2 million personal protective equipment, 100,000 testing kits
  16. France ordered the closure of restaurants, bars, cinemas and nightclubs from midnight but said food shops, pharmacies, banks and tobacconists would remain open and local elections will go ahead on Sunday
  17. One wonders whether the young, 13-year old computer hobbyist from Seattle, Washington knew just how far his passion would take him in the decades ahead. William Henry Gates III ended up forging a path that didnât just make him one of the most powerful and influential men in the world, but also simultaneously changed the course of humanity. From hacking campus software to signing deals with IBM at the age of 25, Gates knew how to play the game, and he did so with ruthless tenacity - behind the coderâs screen and in front of the entire world, as the 65-year old tech titan steps down from Microsoft's board of directors this Friday. Here are some of the most incredible things heâs created and achieved over the years.. BASIC Interpreter © CNBC Gatesâ early career was one hell of a story to begin with - somewhat reminiscent of Mark Zuckerbergâs actions in 2004, Gates dropped out of Harvard University on a mission to start his own company. It all began in 1975, when, on reading the January issue of Popular Electronics, he noticed a demonstration of the Altair 8800 microcomputer platform. Partnering with Paul Allen, Gates set up a meeting with Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems (MITS), while doing three very important things - writing code to emulate Altair, creating the BASIC interpreter software and finding a name for his new company - Allen named their partnership "Micro-Soft", a combination of "microcomputer" and "software". The IBM Partnership © Washington(dot)edu Perhaps the most important, crucial catalyst for modern computing to bloom, this key series of events began with IBM approaching Microsoft in 1980 to develop software for the original IBM Personal Computer. After learning that IBM was interested in getting someone to develop an operating system for the iconic machine, Gates and Allen cut a deal with the owners of QDOS, or the âQuick & Dirty Operating Systemâ. Soon, âPC-DOSâ was delivered to IBM for a one-time fee of $50,000. This deal spurred massive global interest in Microsoft, which sold âMS-DOSâ to the tune of 100 million copies in subsequent years, and truly transformed Gatesâ life. The Launch Of Windows © Microsoft The mid-eighties were a trying time for Gates. He had already lost one of his best friends to a mountain climbing accident in college, and after heated fights over assets with his partner Paul Allen, he learnt that he is suffering from Hodgkin lymphoma, a form of blood cancer. He then left Microsoft in 1983. It was during these dark days that Gates presided over the development and launch of a program originally known as âInterface Managerâ, that would eventually form an extension of MS-DOS known as Windows 1.0. Introducing Calculator, Calendar, Cardfile, Clipboard viewer, Clock, Control Panel, Notepad, Paint, Reversi, Terminal and Write, the new operating system duelled against Apple until eventually dominating 77% of the worldâs computers. Becoming The Worldâs Youngest Self-Made Billionaire © Fortune Magazine âI don't think anyone at the company is in it for the money," Gates said in a 1984 interview. Just 3 years later, however, he would make it to the cover of Fortune magazine, as the youngest person to make it to a billion bucks. Still, despite the fame and (pun intended) fortune, Gates kept his focus on bringing accessible computing to the world. "It's a much more exciting field than trying to measure exactly how much we're selling or how much it's worth,â he continued. âThe creation of these programs is something you can sit down and see people enjoying and solving real problems.â The Launch Of Windows 95 © Microsoft Looking back at the history of computing, Windows 95 truly was the gamechanger that led to the experience we have with using PCs today. The original Windows 1.0 OS was essentially a graphical version of MS-DOS, born to compete against the GUI on Apple's 'Lisa'. In comparison, Windows 95 was designed to replace MS-DOS and enabled revolutionary features such as multi-tasking, Plug and Play and a modern desktop experience we can still effectively use today. Becoming The Worldâs Richest © Reuters Bill Gates became the richest man on the planet at the age of 39, and he stayed at number one on the Forbes list of the World's Richest People until 2007, just a year before stepping away from the CEOâs office. Gates was worth more than $101 billion in 1999; while Wired reports that, when Microsoft stock hit a high in 1996, he was earning $30 million a day. To Becoming The Worldâs Most Generous © Reuters If revolutionising the world wasnât enough, once Gates stepped down as CEO in 2008, he and his wife Melinda Gates put all their attention towards charity work, focusing on building up global initiatives in healthcare, agriculture, gender equality and especially education. With a total donation grant corpus of over $50 billion, their foundation became the most generous charitable organisation in the world. View the full article
  18. The houses are being constructed for low income groups and salaried people in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Quetta
  19. 'There can be no dispute or doubt over the prisoners' identity now that we have handed over the list of prisoners to the US'
  20. The 12th draw for the prize bond Rs 40,000 (Premium), draw result: March 10, 2020 - List of draw
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