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Found 1,744 results

  1. Priyanka Chopra said, "?In The White Tiger, Pinky is the catalyst of change for Balram"
  2. Priyanka Chopra contemplated on her eye-opening experience of living in lockdown with Nick Jonas
  3. Well, this is kind of a tricky situation. Gita Gopinath, the Chief Economist of the International Monetary Fund, is obviously an extremely accomplished person and deserves the praise she gets, but the kind of appreciation she recently got is being questioned right now. © Reuters It's no surprise she was part of a question on the game show Kaun Banega Crorepati as her picture was shown and the contestant was asked to identify which organization is this economist part of. © Sony When Gita got to know about her little unexpected cameo on KBC, she was over the moon as she's a huge Amitabh Bachchan fan. Sharing her excitement on Twitter, she talked about how special this moment is for her. Ok, I don't think I will ever get over this. As a HUGE fan of Big B @SrBachchan, the Greatest of All Time, this is special! pic.twitter.com/bXAeijceHE — Gita Gopinath (@GitaGopinath) January 22, 2021Well, she's obviously happy about the entire thing, but people have found Amitabh Bachchan's remarks about her on the show a tad bit sexist. When her picture was shown on the show, Big B said, "Her face is so beautiful that no one can relate her to economy." thank you Gita Gopinath ji .. I meant every word i said about you on the show .. said in utmost earnestness .. https://t.co/VuyJCjfyCI — Amitabh Bachchan (@SrBachchan) January 22, 2021Actually, that does sound extremely problematic since it just perpetuates the notion that women can be pretty or smart, and never both. While I'm sure Big B didn't have any bad intentions with what he said, if you look at it objectively, it does sound rather problematic and people were quick to point that out. I didn’t like the comment about linking beauty with brains. Stupid of Mr. Bachchan to suggest that beautiful women can’t be economists. — Namita Gidwani (@namita_gidwani) January 22, 2021It doesn't make any sense. Don't you think he was being sexist here? Etna khubsurat face or economy!!! What does that mean? — RIP_My_Emotions (@beautifulgirly0) January 22, 2021 Hmm. So sad that he just had to mention your looks while pointing to your earned achievement. Bet you he wouldn't have made a mention if, say, @raghuramrajan or @kaushikcbasu were on the screen. Anyway, congratulations to you @GitaGopinath : keep the flag flying high! — Jaideep Mehta (@jaideep400) January 22, 2021 Uhh. His comment is sexist, and Chief Economist of the IMF is okay with that? https://t.co/tBzCjZx1qk — #DalitLivesMatter (@AmbedkarCaravan) January 22, 2021 Oops. "Maha"nayak ji is surprised at the fact that someone with a face that complies with the "conventional standards" of beauty, can also be smart and hold a stature that high! Deviyon aur sajjanon taaliyan bajti rehni chahiye! https://t.co/m4x5Cj5ts7 — Supriya Tiwary (@solely_supriya) January 22, 2021Yes, it was very unnecessary. Most sexist remark though. Indicative of the limited knowledge and regressive outlook of this so called great man. Beautiful people can’t be economists and vice versa ? And why even comment on the face ? It’s a quiz. — Minnie Vaid (@minnie_vaidyhiy) January 22, 2021Apparently. Rich old men can be sexist and seem cool https://t.co/fAmmEg0hus — sidthestoner (@sid_thestoner) January 22, 2021 Please help. Did he say Itna khubsurat chehra hai inka, economy ke saath koi jod hi nahi sakta!? What does it mean? What's her job got to do with her looks? What are looks to do with economy? Pretty people can't be accomplished? What is the point of that statement? Someone please help. https://t.co/j8kj5VpoaJ — Ginny (@Velvetyvirgo) January 22, 2021 Yes, he should. Itna khubsurat chehra economy ke sath joda he nai ja sakta. @SrBachchan should avoid such sexist jibes frankly @GitaGopinath https://t.co/qma6v6EepB — ®️aman (@RamanVirdi21) January 22, 2021 View the full article
  4. HEC says for verified information, people should check its official Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts
  5. Prince Harry issued a warning about not repeating Princess Diana?s ?unbalanced? and ?hysterical? mistakes
  6. According to HEC Chairman Tariq Banuri, the new policy will be effective from January 1, 2021
  7. On Tuesday, January 19, 2021, the Indian cricket team did the unthinkable when they not only managed to defeat the mighty Australian side in a four-match Test series for a second consecutive time, but also did so at the Gabba, a stadium where the hosts hadn’t lost a single Test match in the past three decades. CHAMPIONS #TeamIndia pic.twitter.com/hintWt3MEe — BCCI (@BCCI) January 19, 2021 The most commendable quality of this Indian roster was that it continued fighting against all odds, going toe to toe with the rivals, who were at full capacity, even after losing some of our top-tier players one after another. Names like Virat Kohli, Mohammed Shami, Ravichandran Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja and Jasprit Bumrah kept getting struck off from Team India’s potential Playing XI list as the series progressed, either due to personal reasons or injuries. Look away, India fans #AUSvIND https://t.co/KIHgW6U2w2 pic.twitter.com/QN6IVSSW6K — Cricbuzz (@cricbuzz) December 19, 2020 The Men in Blue endured the losses and strived to achieve an agreeable outcome. In the end, the outcome was that India went 2-1 against the Aussies Down Under and retained the Border Gavaskar Trophy in a dominating fashion. Honestly, not a lot of fans or analysts could have expected such an epic conclusion to India’s struggling adventure in Australia and there were some legends of the game, who went all out on calling the series against the Men in Blue. Here are five comments made by cricket legends that backfired after India won the Border-Gavaskar Trophy 2020-21: 1. Michael Clarke View this post on Instagram “Can you imagine this Indian batting line-up without Virat Kohli for the next two Test matches? They are in deep trouble. At stages it was very hard to watch,” former Australian skipper Michael Clarke had said after Day 1 of the Adelaide Test. 2. Ricky Ponting View this post on Instagram "There could be a good chance (of a whitewash). Let's hope we do get a result in Melbourne and if we do, I think India are going to find it really hard to bounce back and win a game," Ponting had told cricket.com.au during the second Test at the MCG. 3. Mark Waugh View this post on Instagram"I thought Adelaide was the Test that they could win on paper and with Virat Kohli here for just the one Test. I thought the conditions would suit them. I just can't see how they can bounce back (after) Australia whitewashed them on the third day… four-nil to Australia,” Michael Waugh had declared ahead of the second Test. 4. Michael Vaughan View this post on Instagram“Told ya ... India are going to get hammered in the Test Series ... #AUSvIND #4-0,” former England cricketer Michael Vaughan had tweeted cockily on December 19, 2020 just two days into the series. 5. Brad Haddin View this post on Instagram “I thought their only opportunity to win a Test match was the first Test at Adelaide. I thought the conditions suited their bowling and I thought they’d get enough runs. But I don’t think they’ll be able to turn it around. You’ve got one Test up at Brisbane where no one beats Australia. These next two wickets will be suited to Indian cricket, but I don’t think they’ll be able to turn it around,” Haddin had said after India’s 36-run innings at the Adelaide Oval. View the full article
  8. There's nothing people love more than roasting the Kardashian and the Jenner clan, oh I mean klan, and most of the time, they make it so easy for everyone. We've seen that everything they do or say gets trending online soon enough but today, the reason why Kylie Jenner has been trending is actually pushing it too much. © Instagram People can't stop talking about her this time because of her shower's water pressure, yes that's why she's trending worldwide on Twitter. Basically, she shared her shower on her Instagram stories and the weak water pressure has everyone weak. © Instagram For a change, people have something better than Kylie Jenner and they are absolutely using this to flex and it's hilarious, to be honest. Kylie Jenner could spend $35 million on a house but can't even take a satisfying shower. Oh no Kylie, what are you doing? Why aren't you using your billion dollars to fix this? Yes, the people trolling her would never be as rich as her, but I feel like calling her out this time is completely valid. It's such a sad shower and it should be called out. Let's hope people don't start donating money to her to get her water fixed like they did to help her wealth reach a billion dollars. But, you never know, people really are pretty stupid. Very pathetic, indeed. me judging kylie jenner's $35mill shower from the comfort of my parent's house pic.twitter.com/XtEfCR30VS — sask (@uncommonsense) January 18, 2021 Great flex! flex of the day: my water pressure is better than kylie jenner’s pic.twitter.com/IPEMQ9kuPd — kelly ✰ (@tpwkkellyy) January 18, 2021 *Kim Kardashian voice* Tragic. Kylie Jenner in her shower: pic.twitter.com/OG02Dmy4oS — Nathan (@najaco) January 18, 2021 The resemblance is uncanny. Kylie Jenner’s shower: pic.twitter.com/U64brZpfYT — 𝐿𝓊𝓀𝑒 (@AVFC_Luke) January 17, 2021 Maybe it's an elaborate prank on her. the plummers after the installed a shower w/ that sucky water pressure in kylie jenner’s mansion pic.twitter.com/KmyFD48GMZ — yeehaw🤠🇺🇸 (@holymolymemes) January 18, 2021 You can achieve anything! Something about having better water pressure than Kylie Jenner gives me a little hope https://t.co/m73IbbmeKS — johnny palmer (@J0hnny_palm3r) January 17, 2021 Oh, definitely. kylie jenner look how much better my water pressure is in my shit shower pic.twitter.com/mULZeqIZ8D — Paige Chester (@PaigeChester2) January 18, 2021 So deep. Y’all are very concerned with Kylie Jenner’s water pressure but what about the PRESSURES of every day life? pic.twitter.com/SeuFq4DkP6 — nathan (@868nathan) January 18, 2021 She definitely does. I was sitting in bed last night waiting for my lagging wifi to load my Netflix & I sat there wondering if Kylie Jenner had to deal with internet lag. Now I’m thinking she just might lmao. https://t.co/sRIQXI7i2f — carolyn (@Caroleeeeeeeen) January 17, 2021 That looks so good. Cant compete when you can’t compare ms. Kylie Jenner pic.twitter.com/Q0aH9agFg3 — skskskskhj (@MissMoves) January 18, 2021 Weird flex but okay. My tears came down with more pressure than Kylie Jenner's shower — Mofinho Original (@mofinho) January 18, 2021 The entire video is here. I loved the walls and how big it was but the pressure was NOT it. And I would prefer a different shower head ... like a I need more water lol DROWN me please. pic.twitter.com/l03n3akirh — Alsharay (@HippieSpiritt) January 17, 2021 Kylie can get people talking about anything. we out here talking bout water pressure https://t.co/CjjYkDrtl3 — 🦧 (@JayZOverrted) January 17, 2021 That person was just trying to flirt and got roasted bad. no offense but this doesnt look super strong either — Igor M (@igorporai) January 17, 2021 What a tweet! Actually, no. Most of us can’t afford something like that. The USA is a third world country with a Gucci belt. — Dylan Brozyna (@DRBrozyna) January 18, 2021 Definitely. It’s the little things in life, like knowing I have better water pressure than billionaire Kylie Jenner — IT (@TreeBeardGuy) January 18, 2021 All the plumbers, go get your bag. Why is nobody talking about how shite Kylie Jenner’s shower is? The water pressure AND the size of the shower head. Someone get that gal a plumber pronto pic.twitter.com/SY4l9q7Txf — Caitlin (@caitlinsincs) January 17, 2021 Our relatable queen. I never thought I would have anything in common with Kylie Jenner https://t.co/XHeJzKGzCa — chu (@chuuzus) January 17, 2021 Money can't buy happiness. Bothers me that Kylie Jenner just posted her shower and her rich ass can’t even fix the water pressure. — mackin (@macadeliic____) January 16, 2021 That's a good point. kylie Jenner is trending because of her mf shower head rn???? y'all make these sisters trend for the bare minimum istg. pic.twitter.com/KkAgLeV3rf — jack harlow stan acc. (@UGHSFENTY) January 18, 2021 Because people love to stir up drama over nothing. WHY ARE YALL DRAGGING KYLIE JENNER'S POOR SHOWER LMFAO — eian (@eianxo) January 18, 2021 That resemblance, though. kylie jenners shower: pic.twitter.com/dQMUvmIje2 — ً kayla (@KIWIBL00M) January 18, 2021 Oops. My uni house shower has better water pressure than Kylie Jenners and that’s saying something — ciara (@Ciaraob01) January 18, 2021 View the full article
  9. Saif Ali Khan opened up about becoming a father again as well as his likes and dislikes
  10. Blake Shelton plans to go on a health kick to lose those last 10 pounds before his wedding to Gwen Stefani
  11. Making feature-length documentaries is certainly not an easy task, given just how well researched and accurate they have to be. However, as far as filmmaking goes, it is the most rewarding of forms. Just ask Anthony Wonke. © Anthony Wonke The BAFTA & Emmy winning director is a legend among documentary filmmakers. Although he has made some seminal films, in India, he is most known for his 2015 documentary, Ronaldo, which chronicled how the Juventus star and Real Madrid legend came to be the man that he is. © IMDb For his latest project, The Man Who Walked Around The World, he turned his attention to Johnnie Walker and their master blenders, and how, a simple local grocer became a global icon, whose concoctions are in great demand all over the world. © Anthony Wonke We had a chat with him about the film, and his style of filmmaking and the research that goes into making a documentary. Following are the edited excerpts: The film rightly points out that the world doesn't know much about master blenders, and the fact that there have been so few master blenders. Why do you think that is? That’s a hard question, but I assume it’s about how specialised a job it is and the need for continuity that it requires. As an outsider, looking in you really get the impression that the team at Johnnie Walker feels like a family and that they are really attached to the brand and what it represents. I imagine the same sense of loyalty goes both ways. © Anthony Wonke These men and women in the blending team are essentially the alchemists who create these amazing flavours from thousands of different flavours and ingredients, something that takes years of experience and support; so one can assume they are looked after and appreciated. They are if you like almost like the rock stars of the whisky world. What do you think is the reason, that in spite of the popularity of Johnnie Walker the label, Johnnie Walker the man has remained somewhat anonymous? Well although Johnnie Walker was the first of the walkers to start the business, it was his son Alexander Walker who really transformed the brand into the global enterprise that we today know to be so popular. © Wiki Commons It was his commercial and marketing skills that catapulted the drink into people’s lives around the world. He capitalised on the brand’s name and called it Johnnie Walker, he also commissioned the Striding Man logo and his distribution skills moved it around the world. Stylistically and thematically, how is The Man Who Walked Around different from the other documentaries that you have made? Were there any challenges and difficulties that you had not expected with this one? Without a doubt, the pandemic threw up lots of challenges. When we started the film the plan was to travel around the world and tell the stories. However, with the travel restrictions in place, we had to film remotely and work around different COVID restrictions and safety measures in different countries. © IMDb While it did add in extra time and pressure to everything that we were planning, it eventually made the journey truly inspiring as everyone had a similar shared experience. How is the industry responding to the COVID situation? It was amazing to see how the industry managed to adapt and harness new technology quickly and efficiently to make things work. I would sometimes be filming across 3 continents in one day to work around different time zones. It was exhausting but exhilarating at the same time. No matter in what part of the world you are in, Johnnie Walker is an aspirational as well as inspirational brand, including places where alcohol is prohibited. How much of it, do you think, can be attributed to John Walker, the founder? I think the Walkers themselves had a very expansionist and internationalist view of the world from very early on. They wanted to take the drink out of Scotland, and the first thing they did was move to London. And then from London, at the turn of the 20th century, the Walkers managed to take advantage of the Industrial Revolution and spread their whisky and their brand all over the world. © Anthony Wonke It was an incredibly forward-thinking and open way of looking at the world, and it made them realise that this is the way it should be distributed - so that it was on shelves everywhere. And that was very much a part of John Walker. Even though he started as a humble grocer, he was always looking to the future and looking how to expand globally. View the full article
  12. Sara Ali Khan detailed the precautionary measures that are being taken on the sets
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