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Found 62 results

  1. We are home-bound in the present times and sometimes life can be gloomy, as social distancing is the best bet we have to save ourselves. So, in case, the only entertainment you have in life is a daily âgediâ with your friends, then here are six fresh Punjabi tracks we suggest you add to that list. 1. Red EyesKaran Aujla fans are already blaring and dancing to his latest number. In case you still havenât, send it to that chick with billi eyes today. 2. ShikariGurlez Akhtar is one Punabi singer who is giving many male colleagues a run for their money with her swag. This is her latest track, so add this to your list. 3. Dolce GabbanaItâs true that Punjabi singers are obsessed with their brands and sometimes go ahead and even make a whole song about it! Thatâs exactly what Karan Randhawa did with his latest track. 4. Jee KardaThis song has been out for over a month now but surprisingly very few people know about it. Perfect song for those âcar-o-barâ nights with friends. 5. Teri KhaamiyanIf you still have not discovered the Crossblade acoustic series then you are in for a treat. This is one beautiful Akhil number re-sung by him and Gurnazar to soothe our souls. 6. Jatt RuleThe title of the song is self explanatory so just find it, stream it, and add it! View the full article
  2. Oily skin combined with acne is probably the worst skin problem one can have, especially during the summers. The excess oil and the hyper-sweating cause breakouts that scar us for life, literally. Using the wrong products can worsen your acne problems. From face washes to face packs, here are the five key ingredients you should look for every single time you buy a skincare product. __ECOMLOOKS__211__ __ECOMLOOKS__212__ __ECOMLOOKS__213__ __ECOMLOOKS__214__ __ECOMLOOKS__215__ Explore More View the full article
  3. If youâve been wanting to use a trackpad with the Apple iPad, your wish might just come true this year. Apple is apparently planning to release a new iPad Keyboard that will have a trackpad built-in for users. If the cover exists, the iPad can potentially turn into a proper laptop similar to the companyâs MacBooks. The rumour comes from the website The Information and according to them, the accessory is expected to launch alongside the new iPad Pro. © Unsplash/Danaiel Korpai iPad users have been requesting some form of mouse support for a while and this keyboard would be Appleâs next move to making the iPad a good replacement for laptops. iPadOs already has mouse support but is currently limited to certain functions. Of course, we still have to see how it would work with iPadOS and how Apple integrates the trackpad support. Currently, the iPad lets users use mouse via the Assistive Touch feature that can be found in the accessibility menu. However, the mouse doesnât appear as a pointer but instead as an opaque circle for users. The new trackpad cover could potentially change how we use the iPad and transform it into a fully functional laptop. © Unsplash/Danaiel Korpai Previous rumours have suggested the next iPad Pro will come with a backlit Smart Keyboard this fall, similar to MacBook keyboards. However, there was no mention of the trackpad in these previous rumours. We may have to wait a few more months to see how Apple connects all the dots and implement a comprehensive mouse feature. It seems clear that Apple wants the iPad to become more laptop-like and if these rumours are true, Apple is already heading in the right direction. Source: The Information View the full article
  4. You might think that your hair only needs a good shampoo and conditioner to feel great. You are thrown with tons of options and it gets easier than ever to make it a part of your arsenal. But please, hold on. The downside to this is that you'll end up losing your hair drastically and if you don't want a receding hairline so soon, we are here to help you cut through the clutter. From the right sort of hair oil to which shampoo you should use, here are some best hair products for you that add volume and make your hair look good at all hours. 1. Hair Oil © MensXP MUD Hair oil is one of the most neglected hair care products but it needs to find a place in your kit. If you have dry hair, oils can be your saviour and can make your strands look quite luscious. MUD's Red Onion Hair oil deep conditions your hair and shows some extra love with its natural ingredients like botanicals and vitamins. The best part? It doesn't have parabens in it. 2. Chemical Free Shampoo © MensXP MUD Modern shampoos shouldn't just clean your hair but protect it too. The best example here is Arata's Chemical Free shampoo. The name speaks for itself. It includes an antioxidant-rich formula that's made with a blend of plant-based ingredients that will leave your hair feeling soft. This shampoo doesn't strip your hair of natural oils and that's what makes it a fantastic choice. 3. Hair Serum © Istock Leave it up to brands like The Body Shop or Forest Essentials that have some impeccable hair products like Grapeseed Hair Serum and Hair Thickening Serum Spray that are the most sought after products with natural ingredients. A hair serum provides nutrients for your hair and if you are experiencing frizziness, this product will add sheen to your hair and also protect it from harsh UV rays. 4. Hair Pomade © Istock To style your hair impeccably and shape it to perfection, a hair pomade can go a long way. A unique formula that's infused in this product makes it a great hair styler. When you use it on damp hair, it will give you a good hold. This hair product makes sense for men with medium or short hair, especially if you are a fan of pomade. 5. Hair Cream © Istock For men with long hair, a hair cream is also a saviour on bad hair days. Lay your hands on a product that's filled with the goodness of natural ingredients that nourishes and strengthens your scalp. Make sure the cream is free from any chemicals so that it doesn't affect your hair or leads to hair fall issues. View the full article
  5. Getting ready for Valentine's Day can be a nerve-wracking process especially if you haven't given much thought to it the week before the big day. However, it's not always possible to plan out everything in advance especially if you have a taxing day job. So, if you have a big date on Valentine's Day and you don't know how to make your outfit stand out from the crowd, here are some exciting accessories that will instantly lift your outfit and make sure that your date gives you a compliment or two. __ECOMLOOKS__126__ __ECOMLOOKS__127__ __ECOMLOOKS__128__ __ECOMLOOKS__129__ __ECOMLOOKS__130__ Explore More View the full article
  6. If you ever thought you needed a second display for a smartphone, your prayers may have just been answered. We've seen a new wave of foldable smartphones that offer a similar sort of convenience, however these smartphones are still quite expensive and in early stages of foldable screen technology. However, there is a way to add a second screen to your smartphone with an inexpensive solution that gives you some of the same abilities such as using multiple applications at once, better multi-tasking capabilities, access files and photos from dual screens and more. © castAway The smartphone case is called castAway and can connect with any iOS or Android phone and also works when detached from your smartphone. It comes with a dual boot option where you can turn the second screen into a keyboard, a trackpad or even use it for playing PUBG. In addition to these features, the case comes with an SD slot to expand storage and WiFi, Bluetooth, front and back-facing cameras & an audio jack. The battery in the case can also be used as a power bank to extend your smartphone's battery life. © castAway The second screen of the smartphone uses a hinge design that makes it easy to support various smartphones. The smartphone side of the case is a custom fit for each major model type. The case currently supports smartphones with below screen sizes: one/S with a 5.8” screen for smartphones with screens of similar size one/L with a 6.3” screen for smartphones with screens of similar size one/XL with a 6.9” screen for smartphones with screens of similar size If you are interested in getting this case, it is currently up for crowdfunding and you can find more details on their website here (https://castawaycase.com/). The castAway case is being showcased at CES 2020 and will soon become available for commercial sale. View the full article
  7. Men, itâs that time of the year when you and your bed have a better relationship with each other than with anyone else. Winter mornings are all about waking up and then wanting to snuggle back in your cozy blanket to take another long nap. If only we didnât have a job and didnât have to step out in the cold to interact with people, ugh! Sadly, we do and itâs time to prep up for those inevitable winter outings. Winter fashion is simple â itâs all about layering. Keeping that thought in mind, weâve picked some of the most essential and stylish layers from Monte Carlo thatâll keep you warm and remind you of your happy place (your bed). 1. V-Neck Pullovers For a casual look, this v-neck pullover wins all the brownie points. Itâs trendy and dapper. Made of lamb wool, the pullover keeps you warm and comfortable. Pull it over a classic white shirt and complete the outfit with a pair of jeans and white sneakers. 2. Sweatshirts The winter starter pack always includes the basics â sweatshirts. You can take your winter game a notch higher with these stylish Monte Carlo sweatshirts that are available in 8 different colours and come with a hoodie attached. 3. Tracksuits Nothing compares to the joy of soaking in the sun on a winter morning. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy in the harshest winter breeze. And the perfect outfit to step out in is a tracksuit. This tracksuit is a trendy addition to your wardrobe that can be used as separates to layer up 4. Bright Jackets Winter fashion is all about trendy jackets - ultimately that's the first thing one notices from all the layers of clothing you have got going! So why settle for boring, gloomy colours when you can stand out from the crowd with bright tones. At the same time not only are these trendy but also do the job and keep you warm. 5. Checkered Coats Checkered coats are the perfect extra layer that you never ask for but always need. And they work for just about any occasion â from formal workwear to winter wedding wear. With checks making a huge comeback in menswear, this wardrobe essential is sure to grab some eyeballs. Ready to add to cart? You can grab these items off the shelves of Monte Carlo's winter collection and stay prepped for the winter breeze. View the full article
  8. Taylor Swift re-recording her past hits could add to her troubles: reportTaylor Swift after having a bumpy year with her guns pointed towards her ex-record label Big Machine Label Group, is now planning to re-record her hits. The Bad Blood hit maker, who is contractually authorized to re-record her greatest hits and has full plans of doing so, may face some challenges after the process rolls out. In conversation with the Rolling Stone, Glenn Tilbrook, front man of acclaimed musical group Squeeze, who went through the same process gave his advice to the Love Story singer.“My advice to Taylor Swift is that it takes an awful lot of time, trouble, and money to [re-record hits faithfully], and I would question what the intended outcome would be. If she does it and gets away with it, of course, I support her efforts 100 percent,” he said. Founder of Better Noise Music, Allen Kovac gave his take on the fiasco by sharing an example of Mötley Crüe, that he manages, purchasing his masters from label Elektra. “[Swift] already made the decision to move on [from Big Machine]. The minute she did that, she lost her leverage. . . . Something broke down. She didn’t get the kind of advice that would allow her to have a win-win,” he said. He further said that when Mötley Crüe sat down to negotiate with Elektra’s then-head Sylvia Rhone, they agreed on a deal akin to the one Swift was offered by her ex-label.“When Sylvia Rhone decided not to believe in the band, I said, ‘Well, instead of paying them an advance of eight figures [for future recordings], you keep that money — we’ll take $2 million [instead], and we’ll take all the masters.’ That’s a deal; that’s a transaction,” he said. “What’s Taylor Swift’s transaction? Is she saying, ‘I’ll give you six more albums, let’s split it?’ Or did she just want her masters back because she’s Taylor Swift? Why does someone who invested in her as a teenager have to just give them to her? Even the Beatles don’t own their masters,” he added. “When you re-record, do you ever capture that same atmosphere? Do you have the same band, the same studio? What is it you’re trying to do — say to your fans, ‘Don’t listen to the music you already love’? I don’t know fans like that… If you could show me [one artist for whom] it’s worked out well, I’d say it’s a great idea and everyone should do it; I just haven’t seen any evidence of that,” he said further.
  9. Hundreds of students, most in masks and carrying candles, lined up in silence at UST to lay white flowers in tribute.? Photo: Reuters HONG KONG: Hong Kong students held a candlelight vigil for a university undergraduate who died on Friday after...
  10. In case you were wondering, Kanye West hasn't forgotten his presidential ambitions - the 42-year-old artist recently announced his plans to run for the White House in 2024. Speaking at Fast Company's Innovation Festival, West spoke for half an hour on several topics - although his presidential announcement definitely stole the show. “When people say it's crass to call yourself a billionaire, I say I might legally change my name to Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West for a year until y'all understand exactly what it is,” he said. “It will be on the license plate.” From here, Kanye moved on to his campaign plans. “When I run for president in 2024 —” West said, to laughter from the audience. “What y'all laughing at?” he asked, unflinchingly. Much like Trump, Kanye informed the audience that he'd “create so many jobs.” “I'm not going to run, I'm going to walk,” he said. “What they're saying is Kanye's crazy — one and three African Americans are in jail and all the celebrities are in jail also because they can't say nothing because they're so scared.” Kanye segued into voting demographics as well, and how society's rich and powerful exert control over America's black population. “As black designers out of America, you can't have an opinion,” he said. “You can only be the consumer… you can only be a demographic.” “And that a boardroom says 'this is the black demographic…This is who you're supposed to vote on,” he continued. “This is what you're supposed to buy. This is your Popeye's chicken sandwich you're supposed to eat on. I have seen the boardroom and back. And it's completely the concept of a demographic.” Naturally, anything involving Kanye West and politics becomes hot shit on the internet - Twitter immediately took off, full steam ahead. Some pointed out the seriousness with which he mentions the presidency run. Kanye is so serious here. Just look at his reaction when people continue to laugh: pic.twitter.com/Km9xfpvjda — Ù (@NYYDJ2) November 7, 2019 Your guy has some reps... They Didn't laugh a second time — KingsManð (@AgyohPhilips) November 7, 2019 Others pulled up the question of his music career, If he makes Runaway the national anthem then that's okay — raph (@TG817) November 7, 2019 While some debated his political leanings. Probably not cause he likes Bernie Sanders policies so most likely Democrat — Tour ð»ðð(@TourVersion) November 7, 2019 Some concerned fans questioned the rapper's mental health. 1) I'm a life long Kanye fan 2) Kanye needs Meds & Therapy not Enablers — Lagbaja Season (@LagbajaSeason) November 8, 2019 Although the most common reaction of all, was definitely… pic.twitter.com/Rz8kbj44Pa — Sophia Turdunkin (@sophiatwrites) November 8, 2019 Eventually, Yeezy switched gears from politics to his fashion brand - also named Yeezy. “We don't put a timeline on things,” West said. “The idea of competition that's out there helps present a timeline. It makes things be better. Forces as creatives to bring things to market because Yeezy is the Apple of apparel. There hasn't been an Apple of apparel —there hasn't been that thing.” View the full article
  11. When it comes to style, it's what you make it. And the new rules are pretty much, that there are none. While winter colours have traditionally always been earthier, toned-down hues, of late they have been veering towards a more colourful palette. And, thank God! We went through the list of the most trending hues, and found the 10 that we could see ourselves flaunting this winter. Earthy, with pops of colour, electric blue, baby pink, and more, fashion in winter 2019/2020 promises to be anything but boring. Off-white White with a hint of beige, off-white anything is versatile enough to be worn with just about everything, and is a welcome change from boring pristine whites. Wear an off-white shirt with matching pants, and a slightly beige-r blazer, and add a pop of colour with a bright pocket square. __ECOMPRODUCT__257__ Hazel A more seasoned, softer offshoot of brown, hazel or tan to simplify it, will be the go-to colour for many a stylish men this winter. Mix 'n match with darker tones, or just go for it head-to-toe. __ECOMPRODUCT__258__ Avocado Green It was only a matter of time before the ever-popular Avocado would inspire its own trend, and the surging popularity of Avocado green this winter is a clear nod to the same. We can see ourselves wearing this green shirt with a printed blazer and linen pants. __ECOMPRODUCT__259__ Deep Purple This regal tone is a cross between a deep brown and burgundy, and one of the hippest colours fashion has thrown our way this year. A velvet deep purple blazer worn with a white shirt and jeans will floor everyone. __ECOMPRODUCT__260__ Orange-ish Red A brighter, lighter shade of red in a sea of deep reds, this orange-ish red hue is perfect for every fancy shindig you're headed to this winter. So be it an orange-ish red silk kurta with matching churidars or an orange-ish red crewneck worn under a blazer, or even a silk shirt, reinvent and wear this however you please. __ECOMPRODUCT__261__ Baby Pink This soft, feminine colour is the perfect way to add a touch of softness to your look. A well-tailored baby pink shirt tucked into grey pants, and a blazer in either grey, blue or white is how we'd do it. __ECOMPRODUCT__262__ Powder Blue We can't quite put our finger on it, but this colour takes us back to the 60s for some reason. A washed out hue of blue, but still dapper, we could see ourselves wearing everything from shirts to turtlenecks and blazers in this tone during the day. __ECOMPRODUCT__263__ Bright Yellow Eye-popping bright yellow is just what we needed to combat the dark, gloomy days that winter so often brings. Wear a printed bright yellow shirt with pants, or go for a v-neck sweater worn over a polo tee and light grey jeans. __ECOMPRODUCT__264__ Electric Blue Electric Blue took centre stage at all the biggest fashion weeks across the globe this year, and we were in love. Not for those who don't like their clothes flashy, we'd sport this colour as a rich silk shirt, tucked into matching long shorts, but in tweed. __ECOMPRODUCT__265__ Royal Purple Royal purple is another of Autumn/Winter 2019's more regal shades. More night than day, wear royal purple shirts in silk, and also get matching pocket squares to go. __ECOMPRODUCT__266__ We hope this was helpful if you were looking to inject a bit of whimsy and fun into your wardrobe this winter. Here's hoping your winter is as colourful as our guide! EXPLORE MORE View the full article
  12. While some of the trains operating in India already have WiFi services, the dream of seamless connectivity still seems a little far-fetched. However, the Union Minister for Railways, Piyush Goyal has shed some light and noted that the central government is planning to provide WiFi service inside all trains. While speaking to ANI, Goyal noted that they're trying to provide WiFi services at all 6,500 stations by the end of next year. But when he was asked about WiFi inside the trains, he said they're working hard to make it a reality. © Pexels Goyal noted that WiFi services inside trains is a complicated technology subject. As you probably already know, having WiFi inside running trains will require dedicated towers and even equipment inside the train. Well, that's exactly what Goyal pointed out. He said adding all that will require investment and they might have to bring in foreign technology and investment. That being said, Goyal also pointed out that it'll help in terms of security as the technology will allow the deployment of CCTVs and the footage can even be live-streamed straight to a Police Station. It'll also allow enabling other things like better signaling systems. © Pexels However, Goyal also pointed out that all systems will be in place in the next four to four and a half years. Of course, it's a long time, but adding WiFi inside a running train is no easy task, so it's best if it isn't rushed. Source: Livemint
  13. "I will kill them with success and bury them with a smile" - That's how Mithila Palkar's character has been introduced in Netflix's upcoming original film 'Chopsticks'. The trailer has been dropped online and the content is quite fresh and yes, also engaging. So, the story is about a talented but insecure woman who takes help from an enigmatic con to get her stolen car back. The film also stars Abhay Deol, who is known for his unconventional choices. Not just Abhay, the film also has the powerhouse of talent, Vijay Raaz, on board. Mithila and Abhay teaming up for a film is surely a visual delight for a movie fanatic. Both are such actors who believe in putting out their best on the big screen. 'Chopsticks' has been shot in Mumbai and all the locations from Colaba to Virar have been covered. In an interview with Grazia, Mithila and Abhay spoke about their experiences shooting for the film in Mumbai. Abhay said the shooting process was effortless and everything went pretty smooth. He added that working with Mithila was fun as she is full of energy. Adding to it, Mithila said that they have tried capturing the essence of the city. If you have seen the trailer, you would agree with us on the fact that the fresh pairing of Mithila and Abhay does add to the chunkiness of the film. Here's the trailer: Did you like it? Let us know in the comments below.
  14. No, this is not a late April Fool's joke or a prank by Apple. According to a new patent filing submitted by Apple, future devices such as the iPhone and Apple Watches may have “smell recognition capabilities”. © MensXP The company has been trying to detect air pollution levels and other harmful particles with tiny sensors that could be embedded into future devices. The new patent also shows that Apple could use other multiple sensors that will be able to detect body odour, rotten food and maybe sugar levels. The patent is called “System and Methods for Environment Sensing” and it explains a system where sensors could be used with an “artificial intelligence engineer to recognize smells associated with certain chemicals.” The patent also shows how an ionic liquid sensor would be tuned to specific ranges and enclosed into an SoC. How Sensors Will Work? The system would have an in-built that will be able to raise temperatures on the ionic fluid in order to reverse any chemical reactions. Patents show that Apple is going to add the smelling technology to the Apple Watch and the iPhone. © YouTube Previous patents show that Apple wants to give owners of their devices to access air quality data. This would be highly useful especially in areas where pollution levels are off the roof. The previous patent by Apple shows that Apple wants to monitor the ozone, carbon monoxide and other harmful gases. © MensXP For diabetic patients, it would be awesome to detect blood sugar levels without the need for withdrawing blood. This would be a game changer for people who want to get rid of the tedious process. As for detecting body odour, that would help everyone from being embarrassed for sure. Being a patent, we cannot expect to see these sensors and features on a new iPhone anytime soon. In fact, there's a good chance we may never get to see it. Having said that, if this patent comes to fruition, we can all be excited about the future.
  15. For the longest of time, we've wanted the education board to add more meaningful subjects in the school curriculum that would help the students in the long run in the future. Well now, it looks like it's finally happening as the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is introducing Artificial Intelligence (A.I) as an elective subject for the high-school students. © Pexels The same was confirmed by a member of the board's governing body who spoke to The Hindustan Times. According to the official, the decision to introduce Artificial Intelligence as a school subject was taken during a session held at the NITI Aayog. The subject would be introduced in classes 8, 9 and 10 as a skill subject, and the board decided to modernize its curriculum to help the student stay abreast of the latest developments. In addition to the introduction of the subject, the body member also noted that the board will also help building schools for the teaching-learning of the new subject from the next academic session in its capacity. The member said, “Syllabus for the new subject would be drafted for all the three classes. If required, the board will also help in the capacity building of schools for the teaching-learning of the new subject from the next academic session”. © Pexels In addition to artificial intelligence, the board has also decided to introduce yoga and early childhood education as elective subjects at senior secondary level. The CBSE has 20,299 schools in the country and 220 schools in 25 other countries affiliated to it, so we're certain that this decision will benefit a lot of students in the long run. Now, we hope more subjects like this would be added to the curriculum to help the students studying the other boards as well.
  16. A day after launching the 'Main Bhi Chowkidar' campaign on Twitter, Prime Minister Narendra Modi changed his personal Twitter handle name to 'Chowkidar Narendra Modi', following which a number of senior party members also went ahead and prefixed 'Chowkidar' before their names. (c)Twitter PM Modi, since his reign in 2014, has been calling himself a 'Chowkidar' from time to time reiterating the fact that he has a prominent role in protecting the nation's interest. But unfortunately Congress has turned his campaign into a jibe, with its 'Chowkidar Chor Hai' campaign, accusing the PM of corruption in the Rafale jet fighter deal. (c)Twitter The campaign came to the forefront on the 16th of March 2019, following which Modi changed the name of his Twitter handle. So far, Amit Shah, Piyush Goyal, JP Nadda, Harsh Vardhan, Smriti Irani and Dharmendra Pradhan have also prefixed 'Chowkidar' before their names on their Twitter accounts. As Chowkidars of our nation, we are committed to creating a clean economy by using cashless financial transactions. The menace of corruption and black money has adversely affected us for decades. Time to eliminate these for a better future. #MainBhiChowkidar #ChowkidarPhirSe pic.twitter.com/y44vwyM4xs — Chowkidar Piyush Goyal (@PiyushGoyal) 17 March 2019 à¤à¤¿à¤¸à¤¨à¥ बनाया सà¥à¤µà¤à¥à¤à¤¤à¤¾ à¤à¥ सà¤à¤¸à¥à¤à¤¾à¤°...वॠहॠà¤à¥à¤à¥à¤¦à¤¾à¤°à¥¤ #MainBhiChowkidar à¤à¤¹à¥ दिल सॠ#ChowkidarPhirSe pic.twitter.com/jLqn6atvXR — Chowkidar Amit Shah (@AmitShah) 17 March 2019 (c)Twitter PM Modi announced that everyone who was fighting corruption, dirt and social evils, while working hard towards the progress of India are all Chowkidars. "Your Chowkidar is standing firm & serving the nation. But, I am not alone...today, every Indian is saying-#MainBhiChowkidar," the PM said. The phrase caught on quick the day after he announced the campaign and #ChowkidarPhirSe has been trending on Twitter since. #ChowkidarPhirSe- -He is 100% honest -He has given houses, gas, electricity to poor. - He has made India cleaner. -He has made India fastest growing economy . -He has made India safer -He has reduced inflation. -He has built more roads. -He is India's pride.@narendramodi — Pradeep Bhandari (@pradip103) 17 March 2019 This the Difference between BJP & CONgress! BJP - Loves country CONgress - Breaks country #ChowkidarPhirSe pic.twitter.com/RekHdQLEYO — Chowkidar Srikanth ð®ð³ (@srikanthbjp_) 17 March 2019 #BJP Knows how to deal with SOCIAL Media. #ChowkidarPhirSe pic.twitter.com/Cg6DPQWFyD — Deepak Jha (@d1pakjha) 17 March 2019 दà¥à¤¶ बà¥à¤²à¥ दिल सà¥#ChowkidarPhirSe — Chowkidar Tajinder Bagga (@TajinderBagga) 17 March 2019 Perfect example of Transforming india under @narendramodi govt. Akbaruddin owaisi before 2014 and after 2014#ChowkidarPhirSe pic.twitter.com/jbdnNzxzHP — Chowkidar Karan Sharma (@IKaransharma27) 17 March 2019 Alertness of Chowkidar saved our money. 80% reduction in black money stashed in Swiss bank. Now we know why chors are crying foul.#ChowkidarPhirSehttps://t.co/FBp9OQmn3n — Rita ð®ð³ (@RitaG74) 17 March 2019 RT if you want Trump To join the moment as well #ChowkidarPhirSe pic.twitter.com/ogB8aUNSwG — Chowkidar Srikanth ð®ð³ (@srikanthbjp_) 17 March 2019 My Chowkidar is my Hope My Chowkidar is my Safety My Chowkidar is my Strength My Chowkidar is my Hero My Chowkidar is my Captain My Chowkidar is Desh Sevak My Chowkidar is Hardworking My Chowkidar is Trustworthy My Chowkidar is @narendramodi Ji ð#ChowkidarPhirSe pic.twitter.com/lK9DsRV8fG — à¤à¥à¤à¥à¤¦à¤¾à¤° दà¥à¤¬à¤¾à¤°à¤¾ 2019 ð®ð³ (@punebjp) 17 March 2019 To make this campaign more efficient, the Prime Minister has sought a tech innovation called 'conversation cards' on Twitter, whereby people will get personalised messages from him on Twitter if they participate in the campaign. Well, to be honest, we're not sure how effective this campaign may be but seeing people change their own Twitter handles by prefixing 'Chowkidar' in front of their names tell us a great deal about how well they've taken it.
  17. The Apple Watch has been dominating the wearables market ever since it was announced and is now considered the best smartwatch there is. The Apple Watch has added many useful features over the years, however, it lacked one feature that has been absent for a while. © Pillow The Cupertino giant is rumoured to be testing sleep tracking securely and according to insiders who spoke to Bloomberg and detailed Apple's plans. The Apple Watch is expected to launch the sleep tracking feature in 2020 and will essentially also kill third-party apps that are currently offering the same feature on the Apple Watch. Currently, apps like Pillow and Sleep++ offer a similar feature where it tracks a user's sleeping patterns and habits. Smartwatches that tend to have a sleep tracking feature usually last for days due to a larger battery. This will be a major hurdle for Apple to overcome, as the Apple Watch can last only for a day on a full charge. Apple may have to outfit the 2020 Apple Watch with a bigger battery or add a low power setting for speed mode. © Beddit Apple recently bought Beddit, a company that makes sleep tracking devices as well as apps for iOS and the Apple Watch. The company also launched a sensor strip that can be placed underneath a bed seat to track sleeping patterns and snoring habits. Sleep-tracking has been one of the most requested features by Apple Watch users, however, Apple will have to either increase the battery capacity or come up with a different solution in order to run this feature. We can only be sure when the new Apple Watch will be announced this year and its capabilities and see if it hints at the upcoming feature with a larger battery or a new power saving mode.
  18. If tying a tie comes across as a herculean task for you, and you would much rather avoid it than go through this hassle every single day, then this article is for you. Here is a definitive guide to learn different kinds of tie knots which makes learning it breezy: 1. A Full Windsor Knot With the most prominent triangular finish, the Windsor knot is great for interviews. An easily intimidating knot, it can easily be tied without any difficulty. Here is a map that'll show how you should tie it. © MensXP 1. First, raise your shirt collar and drape the tie around the nape of your neck, so the wide end is on the right and extends around 12 inches further than the narrow end. 2. Next, cross the wide length over the narrow part. 3. Now, pull the wide section up through the opening at the neck, then down. 4. Then, pass the wide section underneath to the right of the narrow section with the other side facing out. 5. Cross the wide length over and to the left of the narrow one with the correct side facing out. 6. Pull the wide end up through the opening at the neck. 7. When bringing it down, pass it through the loop at the front. 8. Holding the dangling parts with one hand, slide the knot carefully up toward the collar with the other hand until snug, then lower the collar. 2. The Half Windsor Knot The knot, in presentation, is smaller than a full Windsor but works great with medium length ties and dress shirts. © MensXP For a Half Windsor knot: 1. Cross the wide section over the narrow one. 2. Next, cross the wide section underneath the narrow one so the wrong side is facing out. 3. Bring the wide end up and over to the left. 4. Pull through the opening at the neck so that it lies on the wrong end to the right. 5. Then, bring the wide section over the narrow part from right to left with the correct side facing up. 6. Bring the wide end up through the neck loop again. 7. When bringing it down, insert it through the loop at the front of the collar. 8. Adjust the knot by sliding it upward with one hand and holding the tails with the other. 9. Lower the shirt collar to complete the look. 3. A Pratt Otherwise known as the Shelby knot, the knot is best suited for lightweight and medium length ties. © MensXP To get this knot, follow these steps: 1. Firstly, raise collar and drape the tie wrong side up with the wide length hanging on the right side roughly 12 inches lower than the narrow end. 2. Next, cross the wide part of the tie under the narrow part. 3. Then, bring the wide end up and loop it down through the opening at the neck and tighten. 4. Then, you should cross the wide end to the right with the correct side up. 5. Pull it up through the neck opening. 6. Bring it down through the knot loop. 7. Slide and adjust the knot gently and lower the shirt collar to complete the process. 4. Four In Hand The complicated knot works well with heavy fabrics. Just wear it with a standard dress shirt and it'll look good. © MensXP 1. To cop this tie, drape the tie around the neck so the wide end is on the right side and extends roughly 12 inches below the narrow section. 2. Then, ring the wide part of the tie across the narrow part. 3. Next, bring the wide part under the narrow part. 4. Bring the wide side back over the top of the narrow part. 5. Bring the wide side up through the large loop at the neck. 6. With a loose hold on the knot, insert the wide end in a downward direction through the loop in front. 7. Holding the bottom narrow part of the tie with one hand, slide the knot upward with the other until neat and snug.
  19. Lakme Fashion Week has been a great platform to showcase the best collections from all over the country. With an array of celebrities being their muse, the designers put their best work forward each year. Kicking the season off with their spring/summer 2019 collection in association with the mega textile brand 'Grado', Ashish Soni's work is an ode to the 'New Age' man. The use of colour is commendable and the perfect way to add some pizzaz to your wardrobe. The fabric and colour range from Grado is perfect for the look and feel of the collection. Spanning across a range of diverse occasions such as office wear, formals, resort, casuals, sporty and ethnic, this collection is all about utility with style. Here are 10 outfits from Ashish Soni's collection at LFW that would inspire you to experiment with colour in your wardrobe: © Viral Bhayani Different shades of blue are bound to beat the fashion blues. This two-piece suit decked in windowpane checks is edgy and classy. © Viral Bhayani Nothing like some colour block action to make a sure-shot style statement. The black and beige suit in cove check print acts as the perfect canvas for the asymmetrical neck shirt underneath. The pop of colour with the pink dress-shirt and the yellow bomber jacket looks like perfection. © Viral Bhayani A lounge suit in pin checks with a monotone colour scheme is giving us super chill vibes! Absolutely love the touch of mint colour with a the dress-shirt and the unique *****-bow collar. Multi-colour open toe sandals complete the look. © Viral Bhayani We love the play of colour here with red and pink dancing in merriment. The pink kurta with an asymmetric hemline gives a new spin to the urban-desi vibe! The use of a single-breasted coat to enhance the colour effect is a huge plus. © Viral Bhayani This olive number is a gem on its own. Paired well with an angrakha style striped shirt and camouflage slip-ons, this outfit is a big yay! The lapel detailing and the wide-legged trousers are comfort and style max. © Viral Bhayani Who would've thought a solid orange coloured suit with something as basic as a white kurta underneath would look so elegant and chic. Amplified Indian-wear for the modern man, indeed. © Viral Bhayani This blush pink number is perfect for a wedding by the beach which requires taking one's shirt off. Well, this outfit doesn't even require a shirt. Handy much? Gorgeous all check pattern in powder blue and pink, a three-piece with hot pink button details and a scarf around the neck makes the outfit stand out. Millennial pink done right, tropical style! © Viral Bhayani A bold choice of colour is all you need to make heads turn. A classic two-piece silhouette re-structured for the modern man. The intense raspberry colour adds the oomph quotient to the outfit. Addition of a basic longline kurta underneath is a great way to accentuate the bold outerwear and keep it desi-chic at the same time. © Viral Bhayani This two-piece suit with flared trousers is the way to go when you want to up your style quotient and stay comfy. The cornflower blue adds a great dash of colour. The black and white checkered kurta underneath acts as a great way to break the monotony. © Viral Bhayani When it comes to the art of making the perfect cocktail of Indian and western wear, Ashish Soni is unbeatable. This hazelnut beige bandhgala with flared ankle-length pants and a longline kurta with blue floral details is definitely one to make a statement. Paired with leather open toe sandals, this one is a game-changer. Targeted and dedicated to the likes and choices of the well-travelled, modern global man, Ashish Soni is serving class on a plate!
  20. When it comes to fashion, accessories are as essential as clothing. A good-looking bag can make your casual outfits also look super stylish. As men's fashion evolves constantly, there are a few styles of bags that are here to stay. Bags aren't overlooked and labeled as a women's accessory anymore. More and more bag styles emerge for men's functional and fashion needs. Here are 5 types of bags you need to build a contemporary yet practical wardrobe: 1. Backpack © Viral Bhayani A backpack is the most versatile bag a man can possibly own. It comes in super handy and its multipurpose use is perfect for men on the go. A leather backpack for business casual or office look, a sporty backpack for the gym or for an everyday commuter and a rugged one for traveling, there's a kind of backpack for everyone and everything. What to look for: For office bags, look for an internal laptop sleeve and an extra padding to keep things secure. Gym bags need to have extra compartments and if you're planning on riding a bike wearing one, then watch out for reflective panels. 2. Briefcase © stylebistro A stereotypical image of a man wearing a crisp suit with a hat and a briefcase has been etched in our memory from watching multiple James Bond films. Investing in a good leather briefcase to go with your well tailored suit for business meetings and trips shouldn't disappoint you. What to look for: Look for enough compartments for your essentials, paperwork, laptop and hard drive and you should be good to go. 3. Laptop bag © Pinterest A laptop is always the most expensive item we carry around with us everyday. Our dearest gadget needs the utmost care and the right bed to be tucked in while you commute. A smart laptop bag is not only feasible but can add a whole other dimension to your look as well. What to look for: First of all, get a bag that is constructed to carry the dimensions of your laptop. Secondly, zip compartments for charger, cash and other items come in handy. Look for padded shoulder straps for extra comfort. 4. Messenger bag © Zimbio These babies were actually used back in the day to transport mail and now they are a staple fashion accessory. Today, designers have evolved the look of the messenger bag to suit the needs of the modern back and look super cool. These can come handy to store files, books and other items and what's best? You can go hands-free. What to look for: Go for a leather or mesh messenger bag as per your requirement. You could choose between zip , open pocket and other closures. Adjustable straps and buckled fasteners are also an important aspect you can look out for. 5. Weekender bag © Purseblog These bags are your solution for a short getaway where carrying a luggage could be a hassle. They provide ample space for enough essentials for a couple of days and can also be used as a hand-luggage for flights. The one large compartment provides maximum storage space for all your stuff. It's regular use variant, the duffle bag can also be used to carry gym or sports gear. What to look for: If you intend to use it for hand luggage only, check the dimensions before buying a bag so it fits in the airplane's inbuilt compartment. Choose a leather one for a business or leisure trip and a canvas version if you're going camping or hiking as it can handle more wear and tear. Well, now you know how to at least have a rotation of bags if not build an entire new wardrobe dedicated to them. Cheers!
  21. While women don't have to worry about finding the right grooming products that will help them combat skin and/or hair problems, men have to look a lot harder. After all, they don't have a plethora of grooming products available at their beck and call, which only increases the chances of them investing in the wrong products for their skin and hair, ones that may end up causing more harm than good. Well, fortunately for all of us men out there, The Man Company has actually come out with a range of premium products that will help safeguard you against a plethora of common skincare and haircare problems. Not only are their 'Defence Theory' products tailor-made for men who lead an active and hectic lifestyle, but they are also highly functional in nature, and are made using natural ingredients that won't cause any side-effects (all of them are sulphate and paraben free). In fact, all of these products come with their own natural score - a percentage of the natural ingredients in each product. But the Man Company's 'Defence Theory' isn't just a range of products, but also a call to implement some lifestyle changes that will help you lead a healthier lifestyle. Whether it's eating healthy and maintaining a balanced diet, working out at the gym, managing your stress levels, going easy on your alcohol and caffeine consumption, and getting a good night's sleep, 'Defence Theory' also means adopting a healthier lifestyle while you upgrade your grooming game. And so on that note, here are some of the best grooming products for men courtesy of The Man Company's new 'Defence Theory' range. 1) The Man Company's Moringa & Shea Butter Anti-Ageing Cream © The Man Company This anti-ageing cream is infused with the powerful (and effective!) combination of moringa, shea and cocoa butter, making it an incredibly useful addition to any man's grooming kit. It penetrates deep into the skin and works from within to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and crow's feet overtime. The shea butter in particular contains vitamins A, D, and E, which help protect your skin from signs of anti-ageing. Additionally, it also aids in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while ensuring your skin remains looking firm and tight. The Cocoa butter is high in antioxidants, which help fight off damage to your skin. USP: Combats fine lines, wrinkles, crow's feet and other signs of ageing. Suitable for all skin types MRP: Rs 699 Buy it here 2) The Man Company's Neem & Coconut Anti-Chafing Cream © The Man Company If you live an incredibly healthy and/or active lifestyle, chances are you've experienced chafing. It's pretty common to experience it if you happen to be a runner, a cyclist, or just someone who sweats a lot. Often seen as a red rash, chafing is extremely uncomfortable and painful, and can often be challenging to cure. Fortunately, The Man Company's Anti-Chafing Cream is specially formulated to help protect your nether regions. Enriched with the properties of coconut and neem, it prevents skin irritation, absorbs excess moisture, and brings back your skin's lost texture, while simultaneously protecting you against outbreaks of blisters and sores as well. USP: Absorbs excess moisture and prevents Itching MRP: Rs. 699 Buy it here 3) The Man Company's Neem & Tea Tree Anti-Acne Gel © The Man Company Acne breakouts are never pleasant. While dealing with them during our teenage years was still tolerable, it's downright infuriating to have to tackle them when we are in our 20's. Well, considering the rising levels of toxins and pollutants in the air, as well as the fact that some people have more acne-prone skin, and acne breakouts pretty much become unavoidable. So investing in this anti-acne gel from The Man Company makes a lot of sense, especially since it's perfect for oily skin, foams perfectly, smells good, and does not cause skin dryness or irritation. While the neem removes impurities and excess sebum, leaving your skin cleaner and fresher, the tea tree clears existing blemishes and prevents future breakouts. USP: Formulated for sensitive skin and repairs blemishes MRP: Rs. 699 Buy it here 4) The Man Company's Fenugreek & Moringa Anti-Hair Fall Serum © The Man Company Dealing with hair fall can be a lot more challenging than it actually appears. Whether it's the air pollution, or the quality of the water itself, hair fall is becoming more and more common in Indian men these days. So this Fenugreek & Moringa Anti-Hair Fall Serum from The Man Company pretty much ends up being a godsend. Not only will this serum help stimulate and reboot your hair follicles with moringa and fenugreek, but the high protein and Nicotinic acid content in this serum will help treat a gamut of scalp-related issues including, but not limited to, hair dryness, baldness, and hair thinning. USP: Prevents acute hairfall and suitable for all hair types MRP: Rs. 699 Buy it here 5) The Man Company's Moringa & Vitamin E Anti-Sweat Lotion © The Man Company If you are someone who happens to sweat a lot in your nether regions, things can get incredibly embarrassing, especially if you're at a social gathering or a public place. So you probably shouldn't be thinking twice before investing in the Man Company's Moringa & Vitamin E Anti-Sweat lotion. As the name suggests itself, it is formulated with the nourishing properties of Moringa and Vitamin E, controls perspiration and reduces the likelihood of contracting skin infections down there. USP: Moisturises your skin while keeping it dry MRP: Rs. 699 Buy it here 6) The Man Company's Multani Mitti & Cocoa Butter Skin Brightening Cream © The Man Company This skin brightening cream implements a powerful formula of multani mitti and cocoa butter that makes it a great tool to add to your grooming regimen. A powerhouse of antioxidants and rich minerals, this cream will help add luster and shine to your skin, will help reduce acne breakouts, and will even remove blackheads from your face. An absolute winner. USP: Sulphate and paraben free, and suitable for all skin types MRP: Rs. 699 Buy it here 7) The Man Company's Apple Cider Vinegar Anti Dandruff Shampoo © The Man Company If your scalp and hair are constantly plagued by dandruff, so much so that it has started causing hair fall, back acne, and are affecting your overall standard of living, then you ought to check out this Apple Cider Vinegar Anti Dandruff shampoo from The Man Company. This particular shampoo comes enriched with antibacterial properties that help eliminate dandruff, as well as reducing the likelihood of it coming back to haunt you. The additional neem and reetha extracts also work towards hydrating and helping your hair retain its vital moisture, while the wheat protein works towards making your hair thicker and shinier. USP: Keeps your scalp and hair moisturised MRP: Rs. 699 Buy it here
  22. Fitness has been a popular industry in 2018. It has become lucrative to be a part of it, as people are endlessly spending their money on fitness products and services like coaching, supplements, personal training, etc. At the same time, charlatans have made quick profit as well, as their sole purpose is to mislead people and take their money. They go to extremes like launching a Ketogenic Whey Protein to injecting steroids in young kids who want to build some muscle or lose some fat. Like every cloud has a silver lining, there are still sensible, helpful, and smart people in the industry who genuinely want to help people out giving the right information. If you do not want to go down the rabbit hole of misinformation and potentially hurt yourself in the name of fitness, you need to follow these accounts today (in no particular order). 1. Martin MacDonald (@martinnutrition) View this post on Instagram Post Day 1 of L2 Fitness Summit gym session culminated in this epic dream team photo. â â Roll on Day 2 with Sohee kicking things off and me closing out the show! â â Can't wait! â â A post shared by Martin MacDonald (@martinnutrition) on Sep 30, 2018 at 5:05am PDT Martin is the founder and CEO of Mac Nutrition Uni, a one-year evidence-based nutrition course which has been endorsed by doctors and industry experts equally. He has a good sense of humor and delivers information in an educative yet funny way. The biggest highlight of 2018 would be his debate with keto proponent Prof. Tim Noakes on Sigma Nutrition Radio. If you have not heard it yet, I would highly recommend you to do so. 2. James Smith (@jamessmithpt) View this post on Instagram Day 1 - White girl wasted at not one but two brunches. Fat lip and sore elbow from what I assume was play fighting on a giant inflatable flamingo at the first brunch. - Not even sure how but came home wearing the wrong flip flops, another day in fitness. - Today's agenda? Survive another brunch. TBC A post shared by James Smith (@jamessmithpt) on Nov 27, 2018 at 10:32pm PST A personal trainer from the UK, he has a unique no-bullshit style of delivering his information. Due to his upfront and honest personality, he has been the subject of a few lawsuits for calling out brands on their bullshit and celebrities selling useless products to people. He runs a subscription website where he aims to educate people and make them self-sufficient to stay fit. 3. Spencer Nadolsky (@drnadolsky) View this post on Instagram Want to have a doc who can help you with your blood sugars, cholesterol, and blood pressure through lifestyle changes? I'm right here. Not only that but I'll actually have time to spend with you since I got out of the regular inefficient medical system. - Right now you go to your doctor and you get about 10 minutes with them. They tell you what you already know. You already know you need to eat better. You know you need to do more physical activity and you understand that your weight may be causing some of your issues. Problem is, the doc probably doesn't know how to help you and if they do, they don't even have enough time. - So here's the deal, @steadymd asked me a couple years ago to start taking patients via online to help with this madness. I've capped myself around 220 patients for about a year now but I'm opening it up to more (about 30 more). - How does it work? You pay 99 bucks a month and you get an initial hour long video consult with me. I have my license in most states now. Sorry rest of the world I don't have power elsewhere. - After the initial hour long consult where I get to know you, I can order labs and even medicines if you need refills (no controlled meds through the internet like adderall or testosterone sorry). You then have access to me via your phone or computer similar to text messaging. - We do not take insurance. This allows us to spend time on you without the insurance hassles. - How can I do physical exams? Technically I don't. I can do most things I need through talking to you and looking at labs but there are new cool gadgets I can recommend that allow me to listen to your heart and lungs better than if I were in the office with you. - Who is this for? This is perfect for those who have blood sugar/pressure/cholesterol issues along with hypothyroidism. Those tend to be the patients that love it most. I have gotten many patients off their sugar and pressure meds using lifestyle. - You will also have the option of adding on my amazing nutrition coach for an extra fee once you sign up. - I wouldn't sign up if you're healthy and don't have an extra $99 a month. - Ready to start? click link in bio to sign up A post shared by Spencer Nadolsky (@drnadolsky) on Nov 23, 2018 at 7:28am PST An obesity medicine physician by profession, Dr. Nadolsky has the necessary education and the experience to deal with issues related to weight and obesity. He tries to simplify things for people struggling to lose weight and advocates the message of 'there is no one size that fits all'. 4. Jeff Nippard (@jeffnippard) View this post on Instagram When posing practice ends at 12:30 but you gotta rob a bank at 1 ð§ð­ð¦ð (comment other funny captions ðð»ðð¼) . Hope everyone has a great Halloween! ð¦ This was a thumbnail for the interview I did on @kofgym channel. Also don't miss my latest Hong Kong training video!! Link in bio A post shared by Jeff Nippard (@jeffnippard) on Oct 31, 2018 at 12:04pm PDT A natural bodybuilder and YouTuber, Jeff puts out the most engaging and informative content on his YouTube channel. He has series' like Myth Bust Monday, Science Explained, etc. which delve into the topics and look into scientific studies and the latest evidence. 5. Eric Helms (@helms3dmj) View this post on Instagram 7 year offseason + mini cut + second refeed day + post upper body pump + structure turned up to 100 = I almost look like I lift. Not but seriously, I'm 4 weeks into the final mini cut of my offseason before I return to the stage in 2019 for the first time since 2011. Two more weeks and I'll get convincingly below 200lbs so that when I get my food back up and gaintain until December when I start prep I won't be over 200lbs. Really looking forward to prepping and getting back on stage, which in my opinion is the only mindset you want going into the process. For the unedited picture to see how actually C+ my physique is just swipe ð A post shared by Eric Helms, PhD, R&D Officer: (@helms3dmj) on Sep 8, 2018 at 1:02pm PDT A Ph. D., researcher, bodybuilder, and a coach, Helms is one of the most respected and popular figures in the industry. His most notable work is the Muscle & Strength pyramids, which are books you should most definitely read if you want to strengthen your basics and focus on what's important. Go ahead and follow these personalities today than your desi gym trainers, who are doing more harm to your health than good in the name of fitness. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company and the founder of Mars Nutrition, a nutrition supplement company. Both his companies are geared towards providing you the right information and products without any false or fake claims. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram.
  23. I feel like Zayn Malik has always been the most controversial member of 'One Direction' and even after he has been long gone from the band – a band that doesn't probably even exist anymore – he is still the one making headlines for all kinds of controversial reasons. In an interview recently, Zayn revealed that he doesn't call himself a Muslim anymore. He said, “To be honest, I've never spoken publicly about what my religious beliefs are. I'm not professed to be a Muslim.” But, is it really a surprise? No, not at all. We haven't ever seen him be religious except for sometimes wearing desi clothes for Eid. Well, that's pretty much it, so obviously it's not a big shock. But, some fans are still upset about this revelation. zayn malik: leaving islam. fully understand why so many things are haraam in islam, the music industry and alcohol being an example. they just distance you from your religion till you've lost all faith. zayn's a prime example of letting fame get to his head. cancelled. 𤮠pic.twitter.com/qhghOfw2XK — bismah𥰠(@bismah_x) November 9, 2018 Exactly. so I've just been informed that Zayn Malik is not longer a Muslim and i'm honestly surprised you all didn't see this coming like why are you shocked lmao — sara (@sxmos_) November 8, 2018 Almost everyone – Zayn malik was muslim??? pic.twitter.com/p5Sti0gGBT — SpanishKash (@SlickSavant) November 8, 2018 It's Twitter, so there are obviously funny reactions. Zayn Malik about to put “ex-muslim” in his bio — Sk Jr. (@ajosdonbilivitt) November 8, 2018 So shocking, right? Me pretending to be surprised that #Zayn Malik doesn't consider himself #Muslim knowing that he's been drinking, partying and dating for years and expressed zero Islamic sentiment ever about anything. pic.twitter.com/3eawPwG8Kk — Salafi ð®ð·ðºð¸ (@PersianSunni) November 8, 2018 So confusing. You guys really expected Zayn Malik, a singer, someone who drinks, smokes, parties, has tattoos is every edge of his body to consider himself a Muslim? What are you all shocked about, Im confused ð­ð­ð­ — swoopzy (@rxiamah) November 9, 2018 Thank you, next. Zayn Malik doesn't consider himself a Muslim. Muslim twitter: https://t.co/NFUycqeh6A — Priyanka's wedding ð â¡ (@Shezaahmed17) November 7, 2018 The best reaction, tbh. Just cos Zayn Malik sang Allah ke banday once, you lot thought he was gonna be next Khalifa of Islam?? even before this statement it's not hard to see that he doesn't claim Islam in anyway, he was in a boy band, has tattoos & drinks fs, why is everyone shocked LOOOL — Ra'naaldo (@RvNaa) November 8, 2018 He's just a 'gora' now, apparently. The Paki community no longer claims Zayn Malik, his actions will now be referred to as "goriyan de kam" — McBaÅÉ (@TheMcBang) November 9, 2018 Well, did he? I wonder if Zayn Malik got rid of his lota when he left Islam — McBaÅÉ (@TheMcBang) November 9, 2018 Oops. i was fully convinced that i was gonna end up marrying zayn malik and now he isn't a muslim anymore life's peak sometimes uno — dua (@quruxlaay) November 8, 2018 Nope. muslim twitter is getting pressed about zayn malik leaving islam like this boy hasn't been smoking, drinking, getting tattoos, and singing about f*cking his girlfriend for ages... when was he ever the poster boy for islamic values??? — ÙÙÛØ­Û (@maleehagha) November 9, 2018 Okay then. zayn malik left Islam? feel like i'm going through a break up, my chest is hurting must be my heart ð­ð­ðª — Aliya (@_baaali12) November 8, 2018 Yeah, don't be mean. Wait so I just read Zayn's statement about leaving Islam and it's a nice piece BUT like did he need to mock muslims and their practices while doing it? Gross @zaynmalik — Georgette Smith (@GeorgetteSmithM) November 9, 2018 Okay, some people are angry as well. Who are you to leave Islam? The Islam has left you when you started drinking, became Playboy, going to parties for one night stand. The Islam has left you when you tattoed your whole body. No one abandoned Islam but Islam abandoned people like you.#ZaynMalik pic.twitter.com/ZrMIX1jqZf — Waqar Gohar (@WiKiGohar) November 11, 2018 A funny jab? Perfect. Zayn malik first left one direction, now he left right direction — Umarzð¸ð¦ (@JonSunow4) November 11, 2018 Oh no. Zayn Malik, a singer who drinks, does drugs, has tattoos and a live-in girlfriend: I'm not Muslim Entire Muslim Ummah: WhATTtt??!??!??? SHOOKETH. BUT YOU TWEETED BISMILLAH 6 YEARS AGO ZAYN ð­ð­ð­ï¿½ï¿½ð­ð­ð­ — miss vanjie (@Rameezay) November 11, 2018
  24. The festive season is all about love and happiness, but with all the celebrations and the never-ending stream of relatives, comes the stress of dressing up for the occasion. And dressing up in a heavy silk kurta would probably be the last thing that you'd want to do. So this year around, we've got some different breathable festive outfit options, that even you couldn't say no to! The best part – they are all made of linen. Easy, breezy looks that'll keep you cool and stylish amidst the festive madness. 1. Go Classic With A Printed Linen Jacket Linen Club A pocket square to match your kurta and a printed linen Nehru-collar jacket to make your look stand out – that's all you need to pull off the baap of looks this festive season. 2. Layered Sherwani To Add A Color Burst To Your Look Linen Club Go bold this season with bright colours and prints, all available in breathable linen material! You can go crazy layering without succumbing to the heat of the season. 3. Turn Basic Into Smart With A Printed Jacket Linen Club Turn your regular office wear pants and shirt into a classic look with a printed coat to add that festive vibe to an otherwise dull look. 4. Simple Printed Sherwani For The Season Linen Club If you don't like experimenting, go straight to the basics with just one subtle twist – opt for linen fabric to maintain the festive look yet stay calm amidst the sweltering heat of the city. 5. Suit Up For The Occasion Linen Club If you are someone who loves to suit up at every occasion, this season make sure you at least experiment with different colours and fabrics. Opt for more breathable options and lighter colours like greys and pastels to add a new look to your wardrobe. If different and breathable is what you're looking for this festive season, then join the Linen Club and explore their various options. Made with the finest European flax, the linen fabric is an excellent choice for the Indian climate. #MadeForTheDifferent, they have a lot more than regular desi looks for you to choose from. Regular shirts to formal party wear, everything that you ever need in your favourite fabric. Go, experiment right away!
  25. If you come from a typical Indian middle-class household, you know that your breakfast is never truly complete unless it includes a yummy maa-ke-haath ka aloo paratha. And it doesn't stop there. Gobi ka parantha and paneer ka parantha are the icings on top of this feast. So, it only seems fair that you compliment this homemade delicacy with a chatpata twist. Ditch the butter and opt for these exciting new homemade pickle varieties: 1. Olive & Jalapeno Pickle By Goosebumps Pickles Qtrove Your mother is probably going to freak out when you mention this to her, but trust us, she'll consider getting over the traditional pickles and instantly fall in love with the spicy taste and experimental style of this homemade and all-natural pickle. Made of olives, jalapenos and lime, this pickle is free of preservatives. 2. Aata Majhi Satakli By The Pickled Chick Qtrove Intrigued already, aren't you? Here's another twist – this pickle has chicken in it. True to its name, this spicy pickle is made by blending 14 different types of spices and Kolhapuri chicken. The pickle is made in small quantities and adds that extra tadka to every dish. 3. Chana Methi Pickle By Goosebumps Pickle Qtrove We weren't kidding about the vast variety of pickles available in the market. This sour and spicy chick-pea pickle tastes wonderful with just about everything. Naturally processed and preservative-free, this pickle leaves you licking your fingers after a scrumptious meal. 4. Tomato Pickle By Jyo's Farm Qtrove Made in a small village called Ayodhyapatnam in Andhra Pradesh, this Tomato pickle is a refreshing new addition to the pickle family. The best thing is that they taste just as yummy with rice, crackers and bread as they do with paranthas! 5. Green Chillies Pickle By Goosebumps Pickle Qtrove Would you dare to try this? Trust me, when the maid forgets to add your much-loved lal mirchi tadka to your food, this pickle makes up for that kick of spice that you're missing so much. And you can find all of these wonderful products and much more at the one-stop-shop for all things good- Qtrove.com, as they make sure they deliver only the best to you. This curated marketplace exhibits and sells only natural and sustainable products from passionate sellers across the country. The products are made naturally and consciously by local sellers which intends to bring their products to the national audience. So, it's time to say bye to mass-produced and boring factory-made goods. The products are made in limited numbers, either by hand or in small facilities with individual care. Spread the good karma by embracing this ultimate shop for all things good and natural. And for a limited period, if you pay using your PayTM wallet, you will get 10% cashback up to Rs 100! So hurry up and get to shopping!
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