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Found 11 results

  1. Wedding season is once again around the corner and even a pandemic is unable to stop people from getting married. Coronavirus has not been able to stop people from leading their regular lives and the matrimonial sites and newspaper columns are flooded with advertisements by people trying to find a perfect match. However, every time you look at the matrimonial column in the newspaper you come across bizarre demands such as ‘looking for a tall, slim, fair girl’. © BCCL Recently, we came across an extraordinary advertisement by an advocate in high court whose demands stunned many of us. IAS officer Nitin Sangwan took to Twitter and shared an advert from the matrimony section of a newspaper. The ad said that the advocate is looking for a ‘fair, beautiful, tall, slim bride’. Now, this statement is problematic in many ways but that's not all, as he also mentioned that the ‘wife should not be addicted to social media.’ Check out the ad here- Prospective brides/grooms please pay attention. Match making criteria are changing pic.twitter.com/AJZ78ARrHZ — Nitin Sangwan, IAS (@nitinsangwan) October 3, 2020 Here’s what people have to say about the unique matrimony ad and the changing demands of the people with time. So, here we go- He may search every hook and corner still difficult to find one — swapna (@swapna1822) October 3, 2020That's funny! Chatterjee won't get married. — Pravalika Patel (@patel_pravalika) October 3, 2020Destined to be a chronic bachelor. — Vijay Krishnan (@vk_appu) October 5, 2020Dwaparyug me ji rahe hai — kirann (@rhythm99_) October 3, 2020I think... "गाँव की गोरी" is best option. — UP के चौधरी साहब (@ypsingh26) October 5, 2020May be family's past experiences were kept in mind while printing prospective — Mikii Naila (@mikii_naila) October 3, 2020As if picking from catalogue, Kunwara hi rahega ye vakil — rajendra godara (@rgodarahlf) October 3, 2020In today’s time, most of us are well-informed due to social media and it’s almost impossible to expect someone to not be on social media. This is a very bizarre demand, isn’t it? What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  2. Pornography has been a part of our lives for a really long time now. Before the rise of the internet, porn was created and made available to masses via magazines or VHS cassettes or DVDs. But with the growing popularity and easier access to the online world, accessing porn sites is just a click away. The pace at which technology is growing has also made it more immersive than ever, especially with the dawn of Virtual Reality. © iStock The decision to watch porn boils down to a personâs personal choice. However, is it harmful to your health and wellness? According to a 2014 research by the Max Planck Institute in Berlin, the part of the brain which is responsible for triggering pleasure, that is, the striatum, is smaller in those who are regular porn-viewers. This essentially means that they need graphic material to get aroused. It is important to mention, however, that the researchers could not come up with a conclusion on whether the smaller striatum of the test subjects led them to watch more porn or was caused because they watched so much of it. They âassumedâ that the latter is true. © iStock These 7 alarming signs suggest that you might be getting addicted to pornography:If the amount of time you have been spending on watching porn continues to increase on a regular basis. If you feel that you HAVE TO watch porn at least once a day or else something feels missing or your day feels incomplete. If the guilt of watching porn takes over your brain and you continue to do it despite feeling low. © iStock If you spend long periods of time surfing through the internet even at the cost of missing out on other responsibilities or urgent work. If you donât feel aroused by real *** and prefer masturbation over it while watching porn. © iStock If you expect or start asking your partner to âdress like a pornstarâ or behave like one while in bed, during ***. You canât get over the urge to flip out your phone and watch porn even if you know that it is disputing your relationship both sexually and emotionally. © iStock You have to understand that what you watch online isnât real. The people you see âenactingâ sexual pleasure are professional performers who are simply doing their job. The viewers often mistake that as reality and start expecting similar things in their lives and when it feels nothing like what they see online, sometimes they choose to lose themselves in the virtual world. Just keep a check on yourself and if you relate to any of the above mentioned points, act on it for the sake of your happiness and that of the people around you. Also Watch: How to Stop Porn Addiction View the full article
  3. If you have been looking for true love and are unable to find it, there are chances that you're addicted to being single. Yes, it is as crazy as it sounds. Once you have been single for a long time, you become comfortable with singlehood. The freedom is addictive and to figure this out for you, we talked to a few men who have been single for a while and they told us why being single is addictive. So, here are five reasons as to why being single becomes addictive after a while and you don't even know it yet! 1. No one is good enough for you © Dharma Productions Everyone you look at is either too immature, too weird, too cheesy, too annoying, or clingy and much more. No one is good enough for you and you start finding excuses to not fall in love or to just reject people. Jasraj Singh, 25 years old, always thinks that he can find someone better, “I have been single for the past five years now. It's just difficult to find someone like you or someone who is equally intellectual or mature and many more things. I haven't found the one and I think I am happier this way.” 2. Always attracted to the unavailable ones © Dharma Productions If you only want to chase the unavailable ones or people who are already with someone else, don't you think that there is a minor problem in the whole scenario? Maybe, you don't want to get into a relationship and that's the only reason that you're comfortable running behind unavailable ones. Vansh Kohli, 17 years old, says, “I have never been in a relationship and I always have a crush on girls who are already with someone else. It's not like that I don't want to get into a relationship but to be honest, I am not very eager either. If it happens naturally, I might take the plunge and take a chance of dating someone.” 3. You're addicted to your work © Naidadwala Grandson Entertainment You're too busy to do anything else as you're busy focusing on your career and you don't find it worth-while to invest your time into something temporary. 4. Staying In Your Comfort Zone © Dharma Productions If you've been single for a while, there is a chance that getting into a relationship sounds like a task to you. And why wouldn't it if you're happy being with yourself. Afterall, we are finding happiness in life and we have it within ourselves, so why'd we need anyone else. This psychology plays on us when we start to reach a completely different level of self-love. After a while, knowingly or unknowingly we become addicted to being single. Anuj Trehan, 23 years old, tells us why he thinks singlehood is addictive. “I feel singlehood teaches us a lot. One such important learning is *self-love*, which is hard to value when we are in a relationship with someone. In fact, when you are single, things are poles apart from being dramatic and messy as you don't have to maintain a balance between your desires and your partner's expectations. And once you feel comfortable with the fact that you are on your own and happy, there you are - taking solo trips, solo food outings, and doing absolutely everything that leaves you with happy vibes!” 5. You're a social butterfly © Dharma Productions All you do is fill up your calendar and go out every night on meaningless outings without realising that you're just letting time slip out of your So, it's time to sit and introspect what do you exactly want in life. View the full article
  4. How far will go you to 'eat' something you love? Order a pizza twice a week? Go to Starbucks and get your dose of a special shot of coffee once a week? Okay, but what if one craves something which cannot be probably ordered on Zomato, for example, talcum powder. Lisa Anderson, a 44-year-old English woman who stumbled upon Johnson & Johnson baby powder while giving her young one a bath, has been addicted to eating it and can easily devour a 200 gm tub by herself in a day. © Twitter/DailyMail Lisa is addicted to the point where she needs to lick it off every 30 minutes and sometimes wakes up during the night to eat it when the pangs of hunger attack her. Also, she has spent over 8000 pounds (around Rs 7.5 lakhs) on buying talcum powder for oral consumption. She kept this a secret for over a decade before finally seeking professional help for this disorder. One might associate with Pica, which is a disorder where a person is obsessed with eating non-food items like paint, clay or in Lisa's case, talcum powder. Mother reveals she has an addiction to eating Johnson's Baby Powder https://t.co/8acknKdn9p — Daily Mail U.K. (@DailyMailUK) January 6, 2020 In an interview, she explained her undying hunger for talcum powder. “I've always had it [talcum powder] in the house and would douse myself with it after having a bath or shower. I'd use it on the kids after giving them a wash no problem. And then one day I remember being in the bathroom and the smell was just overpowering. There was a bit of dust that had come off the top of the bottle. I had this sudden urge to eat it and I just couldn't fight it. I just licked it off my hand and really enjoyed it. It just hit this spot. It was satisfying a craving I never knew I had.” Let's hope she gets all the help she needs to fight this addiction as her life is important not for her own sake but for the sake of her five children as well. View the full article
  5. There have been numerous reports of PUBG addiction in the last few months and we've even seen people resorting to physical harm after getting addicted to the game. A recent report by the Quartz states that a PUBG fan spends more than 8 hours in a week on an average on the game. Institutions have sent out circulars asking for a complete ban on the game, and people have even sent requests to the government for initiation of a ban. While we'd laugh at a ban, the situation is actually getting serious. More than 120 cases of PUBG addiction were registered at Services for Healthy Use of Technology (SHUT) clinic in National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS). © YouTube Games are supposed to be a source of entertainment, and getting hooked onto them at the cost of work or studies should never be a choice. The symptoms of addiction include deprivation of sleep, loss of real life interests, and subjectively lower attendance along with poor academic performance. If you're a victim of the game's addiction, here are a few steps you can take to ensure healthy usage of technology. © Razer Firstly, you need to start accepting responsibility and know that you are addicted to the game. We cannot solve an issue without acknowledging its existence. Secondly, you have to understand the impact it's having on your day to day life. Are your studies getting affected due to the game? If you're working, has your performance and focus at work changed? If the answer is yes, start thinking about your other hobbies and activities. PUBG was launched nearly a year back, what was your entertainment back then? How did you spend time refreshing yourself? Finding healthy alternatives to passing time can help in distancing yourself from the game. © YouTube You also need to stop blaming the game for captivating you. The phone, the game, the developer etc. aren't responsible for getting you hooked. And no, we don't mean to say abandon the game completely. Overconsumption of anything is hazardous, draw a line between entertainment and addiction. Set yourself time limits and follow them. A good way to understand how much time you've wasted is to keep a track and calculate how many hours you've lost in a week. © Pexels Also, don't be embarrassed to ask for help. Share the issue with your close friends and family and ask them to give a hand. PUBG could also be a distraction you've chosen because of other stressful situations in life. Lastly, even technology can help you out thanks to rising awareness of technology addiction. Both, Google and Apple have recognised that mobile phone addiction in the modern world is a serious problem and are trying to bring a viable solution. If you game on smartphones, you can easily follow the below steps to self reuglate your gaming addiction: For Android © YouTube Last year, Google launched the Digital Wellbeing program with Android Pie update and it aims to help you reduce your smartphone usage. All you need to do is download the app from Play Store, and head to the "Settings" menu. Scroll down and tap "Accessibility", you'll come across two splash pages. The hub has a circle at the top, and the number in the middle shows how long the screen has been turned on. With various colours, the circle shows the apps you spend the most time on. Using these analytics, the system knows which apps you use the most and it tracks your usage over a period of time. © Google Now, you can use the "App Timer" to restrict usage within a certain period of time. Let's say you mark PUBG for "30 minutes", after 30 minutes of gameplay, the app will minimize and a popup appears saying you've hit your allotted screen time. Even the app icon will turn grey indicating it's not available, and taping it would open a screen reminding you about App Limits. Lastly, you can set a "Wind Down" mode that basically makes your phone go grey-scale and the Do Not Disturb mode is automatically switch on. Even a blue light filter is switched on to help you actually wind down to sleep. All you need to do is set a time period, for example 10PM to 6AM. The phone knows that's your sleep cycle and winds down the phone to prevent you from using the phone. For iOS © YouTube Even iOS has a similar feature called Screen Time and it's natively supported on iOS 12. Just go to the "Settings" app and scroll down to "Screen Time". Switch on the feature and it'll start collecting usage logs in the background. You can see when you used your phone, on which apps, and how for long for. You can also see how the overall time you spent on your phone compares to the average. To set up "App Limits", just hit "Add Limit", choose a category, and set your timer. When you hit the wall, Screen Time will let you know with a full-screen notification. Assume this to be your warning message since the notification gives you a ignore option and 15-minute extension. © Apple Unlike Android's Digital Wellbeing, you can select a particular app and need to select a category like social media or gaming. It has a "Downtime" feature that will restrict usage of external apps within the set period and only a few stock apps will be accessible. These are just a few tools that'll help you remind yourself, "You're playing too much!"
  6. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one of the most tech-savvy PMs the country has ever seen, and all the parents and students who attended his 'Pariksha Par Charcha 2.0' will unanimously agree. How often do you see a PM or any minister discuss the wildly popular game PUBG (Player Unknown's Battlegrounds) with kids? Well, PM Modi not only knows about the online games, but has also sort of coined a new term, 'PUBG Wala' for all those kids who are addicted to this game. © Wikimedia It all started when a concerned mother complained to PM Modi about her son, who was so addicted to online games that he has started avoiding studies. When she asked for his advice, PM Modi gave a reply that filled the whole auditorium with laughter, as kids started hooting for him. He said, "Yeh PUBG wala hai kya? Ya fir Frontline wala hoga." PM Modi sure knows how to connect with kids, but we wonder if he lowkey likes the game too? © Battle Royale Games He then said, "Technology is both a boon and a bane. If we try to take kids away from technology, then they will start going backwards in life, which is not right. We should encourage kids to use technology, but how are they using that technology? Is it making them a robot or a human?" He further added, "If parents show some interest in discussing technology and the latest apps with their kids. So this will make the kids feel that 'what I am doing, my parents will probably help me in it'." #WATCH:PM replies when a mother asks what must she do as her son, a Class-IX student is distracted by online games “Ye PUBG wala hai kya? Ye samasya bhi hai, samadhaan bhi hai, hum chahe hamare bachhe tech se door chale jayen, fr toh vo ek prakar se piche jana shuru ho jaenge" pic.twitter.com/uDjqVd4RZa — ANI (@ANI) January 29, 2019 He also pointed out how kids today are so hooked to their smartphones all the time, "I can see that almost everyone here has a mobile phone in their hands. Some may be listening to the what the PM is saying, but others will be busy texting their friends that they are sitting here." He asked parents to encourage their kids to accept and understand technology, "But remember, technology should be used to expand our horizons and not shrink it. It should not narrow us. Technology should be used to expand ourselves," he said. He also spoke about the upcoming Board Exams saying, "the board exam is not the exam for life." Exams are important, but they don't stop one's life and neither should one be disheartened.
  7. There have been numerous games that have proven to be extremely addictive. CS: GO and Dota were known to be among the most addictive multiplayer games out there and the gaming craze has now made its way to mobile phones. Mobile phones themselves have a record of being very addictive, whether it's for social networking or just killing time, these portable gadgets are a core part of our lives today. Since the launch of PUBG on Android and iOS, users have been known to get exceedingly attached to the game. Playing a multiplayer game with your friends takes this a level further. Addictions come from a lot of things and substance abuse has been leading the charts for centuries. Today, we have become victim to portable games like PUBG and Fornite. © Android Authority PUBG Mobile has been bringing out constant features and updates which can lead to anyone getting addicted to the game. New additions to the game include maps, guns, and even challenges. In an attempt to prove supremacy, we often forget that games are built to relieve stress, not add more. In a disturbing new development, a fitness trainer from Jammu has reportedly lost his mental balance after playing the game for 10 days. According to The Indian Express, the fitness trainer got addicted to the game and played it for nearly 10 days in a row. He had to be hospitalized after he started hitting himself with blows and caused significant injury. © BlueStacks "The patient is unstable at the moment and has partially lost his mental balance," a doctor (neurologist) treating him said in anonymity. The doctor further added that even though he was recognizing people, his mind was not very conscious and still under the influence of the game. The hospital sources claimed that it was the sixth similar case to be reported in the city. Doctors have appealed to the public to keep a close watch on children who are playing the game very intensively. There have been signs that those who are playing the game so intensively are often left ignored and not understood by their loved ones. © PUBG Corporation Jammu locals have appealed to the Jammu and Kashmir Governor, Satya Pal Malik to ban such “life-threatening” games in the state and the country as well. We all want to grab that Chicken Dinner but shouldn't forget that these are simply minor virtual pleasures of life and not worth being taken so seriously. Source: The Indian Express
  8. We all know we are addicted to social media. For most of us it's either Facebook, Instagram or (if you're more millennial than the rest of us), Snapchat. Our day doesn't end without laughing at memes, without righteously liking a socially relevant post or without sharing a funny status. Tagging friends in funny or inspirational posts and memes has become the new benchmark of friendship. It's no longer “Chal, chai pila”; it's “Chal, meme dekh”. For most of us, browsing Facebook is the first thing we do after waking up in the morning and the last thing before we go to bed at night. We don't stand in balconies, doing nothing, anymore. We can't go through a meal without looking at our phones to check for notifications. © Unsplash/Nathan Dumlao The recent controversy around Facebook's leak of private data to Cambridge Analytica had us sit and take notice at the mad obsession we have for the socia media platform. Most of us have been using it for over a decade – we've marked milestones on it, we have old pictures we've long forgotten about, we have old friends we have long forgotten about, but are still connected through Facebook. There are old memories that keep cropping up to remind us we were having a good time since college. There's too much at stake to just break up with Facebook. It has more information about us than our employers do, it has more pictures of us than there are in our family photo albums, it knows more about our exes than our current partner does. We can't lose it all, we can't go back. Deleting our Facebook account will mean losing all that information we built over the last decade; we've invested too much emotion in this. We're trapped. © Unsplash/Javier Cañada I can't imagine how, without Faebook, I'd pretend to be busy in a bar when I'm waiting for my friends to arrive. I can't imagine how I'll stay up-to-date with whatever's happening in the world. How will I form an opinion just by watching a news channel or reading the newspaper? Ironically, I read about the Facebook controversy on Facebook itself. It's my newspaper, chat box, notice board, friend, photo album all rolled into one. We should have had an intervention long ago, but everyone was too busy posting on Facebook. We diss clickbait culture as the lowest form of online journalism, but we never realised we have been living as clickbait human beings all along. We post things that will get us likes; we treat our selfies to filters to make them perfect, we use the right hashtags to reach the maximum people. We are a walking-talking 10 Ways Humans Are Addicted To Social Media. © Pexels Today, even our parents and relatives are on Facebook. And they are 'liking' and commenting on pictures of each other and their long-lost friends. Facebook is probably the reason they've left us alone now. It's the son or daughter they never had. It's frightening but it's catching up on the previous generation too now. We conducted a poll on our Facebook page asking readers if they'd delete their Facebook account if their privacy was invaded. An impressive 60% said yes, while the remaining 40% (and most people I know) said they wouldn't bother deleting their Facebook accounts. Even though a higher percentage are in favour of deleting Facebook, nobody did. I said yes and I didn't. It's as difficult as breaking up with someone you've been seeing for 10 years. You are so used to them you can't imagine a life without them. © Pexels In this world where perfect waistlines and fat bank balances are the highest measures of someone's worth, we are armed only with our magic filter cameras and Facebook check-ins to preserve our self-esteem. An expensive meal, an exotic vacation, a friends' get-together, the perfect selfie – these are the things that make us desirable and popular. Virtual reality is the only way we can get to live the cool life, by proxy. Because real life is too humbling and harsh. Who feels good about themselves after eating khichdi? Facebook has given us the opportunity to be someone. In our identity-deprived egotistic minds and middle class existence, social media is our superpower. We're not nobodies anymore; we're a cool friend in someone's friend list. Even if we run the risk of our privacy being invaded, we will continue to indulge our insecurities and fears by sitting behind the comforting mask of our Facebook profiles. We will always choose it over being an anonymous nobody.
  9. Coffee (caffeine) is the second most consumed beverage after water. The soft drinks that you enjoy in the summers also have caffeine in it. While the kick that a cup of coffee offers is unpaparallel for coffee lovers, caffeine is also a popular ‘pre-workout’ supplement. Some drink it straight up while some take it in the form of pre-workout supplements sold by supplement companies in the form of powder. Some even prefer to consume black coffee shots before their workout. But, things get out of hand when people can’t workout without caffeine in their system and are confused as to why. Here, let me make it simpler for you. How Does Caffeine Work In The Body? © Twitter When you consume caffeine in any form, it is quickly absorbed by the body through the gastro intestinal tract and enters the bloodstream within 45 minutes. Caffeine makes the body release the antagonist of adenosine receptors that does not let the body enter the ‘relaxing’ zone. Caffeine blocks the effects of adenosine so that the body does not enter relaxation mode. It’s forced to stay alert instead. This is how caffeine affects your mind. Caffeine also increases the stimulatory effects of the heart by increasing coronary blood flow. Caffeine As A Pre-Workout © Twitter Every pre-workout supplement contains caffeine, since caffeine freshens you up, even if you are feeling tired. So, when you dunk down a scoop of pre-workout mix which usually contains around 200 to 300 mg of caffeine, you feel super charged. It is this psychological effect that helps you focus and push harder, even at times when you don’t want to. Also, some studies suggest that caffeine can improve muscle contractions, improve endurance performance and increase tolerance to fatigue. Use Caffeine, Don’t LIVE On It! © Twitter Pre-workout abuse and addiction is pretty common. You must have heard gym dudes complaining that no pre-workout hits them anymore. That’s because they have developed a tolerance for caffeine because of prolonged usage. Instead of keeping it steady and cycling it, dudes start increasing the dosage with time. This is because the body gets used to the same level of stimulants and start releasing more adenosine receptors, making the same (100mg) dosage less effective. Then they increase the dosage to 200mg and 300mg and ultimately plateau. This is how caffeine is abused. Safe Dosage And Alternative To Pre-Workout Upto 400mg of caffeine per day is a safe dosage for a healthy adult. However, some people start getting heart palpitations with dosages as low as 300mg per serving. Therefore, dosage is a personal choice. Though people have consumed pre-workouts that contain a lot of fillers along with caffeine, a natural cup of coffee will also offer the same advantage. The only condition is that you need to take this cup of black coffee without sugar and milk. It will give you the same kick. The Best Way To Use Pre-Workout Supplements The best way to use caffeine as a stimulant is to take a lower dosage for a few weeks and then go off of it. Get the drift? It’s called pre-workout cycling. This will maintain your body’s sensitiveness towards caffeine and won’t get you addicted while giving you all the benefits. Anuj Tyagi is a Certified Personal Trainer , Certified Sports Nutritionist and Therapeutic Exercise Specialist From American Council on Exercise (ACE) . He is the Founder of the website where he provides online Training. Though a Chartered Accountant by education, he has been closely associated with Fitness Industry since 2006. His motto is to transform people Naturally and he believes that the secret formula for Fitness is Consistency and commitment towards your Training and Nutrition. You can connect with him through Facebook and Youtube.
  10. If you are a hardcore cricket fan, you must have definitely come across the famous “Champion” song by West Indies all-rounder, Dwayne “DJ” Bravo, during the ICC World T20 winning celebrations. It became quite a rage when it was launched in India, which is not surprising since India is a cricket-crazy nation. Guess what? Everyone is going all crazy about the remake of this funky song for Skore condoms’ new range- Champions, which seems to be an interesting and out-of-the-box idea. It features Dwayne Bravo and Chris Gayle singing and dancing to its tunes. So, plug in your earphones and listen to this peppy song. Warning: It gets stuck in your head and you would find yourself humming it all day long!
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