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Found 276 results

  1. We are at a loss of words following the coordinated series of deadly terror attacks in Sri Lanka that ripped through some churches and hotels, killing and injuring hundreds of people. Well, you know what happens when a nation gets hit with terror attacks? Spread of misinformation, violence, and God knows what else. Well, it's not happening in this case, as the Sri Lankan officials blocked several social media networks, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Viber, YouTube, and more. It was done over concerns that the attacks would trigger waves of misinformation, violence and hate speech. © Reuters Presidential advisor Harindra Dassanayake told The New York Times that the decision to block access to social media sites was a “unilateral decision”. As of now, it's not entirely clear as to when this ban will be lifted, but it does make a lot of sense since most of the panicking often happens on or after reading dozens of articles spreading fake news on social media platforms. The move to ban social media, however, isn't unprecedented. Sri Lanka itself issued a temporary ban on social media sites after the riots fueled by Facebook misinformation spread. In fact, we've seen something similar in India too, and networks like Facebook and WhatsApp were blocked in the wake of riots. © Reuters But is the ban really helping? Well, there's no way to tell, but resorting to such measures does make sense since a lot of countries do struggle with viral and violent misinformation spread on social media during such events.
  2. On days when the nation's bravehearts are not risking their lives to protect us, they are still saving lives with their selfless acts and heartwarming gestures. Constable Gohil Shailesh from the 53 Battalion of CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) is one such braveheart who has now become the nation's hero too, after a photo of him donating blood to a young woman was posted on social media. Pexels (For Representation) Constable Shailesh not only saved the woman's life, but also saved the life of her newborn child. According to the post, the 25-year-old pregnant woman from Kashmir developed some severe complications (and blood loss) during her delivery and was in an urgent need of blood. Reportedly, the woman's family contacted CRPF 'Madadgaar', a helpline that addresses the medical emergencies of people living in Kashmir. The relation of blood. Constable Gohil Shailesh of #53Bn donated blood to 25 yr old lady of #Kashmir who urgently needed blood due to complications during delivery. His blood saved a mother, a child, a family and created a bond for life. pic.twitter.com/kUM92pJQAy — ð®ð³CRPFð®ð³ (@crpfindia) April 19, 2019 Constable Shailesh volunteered to donate blood to help the mother and it's because of him that both mother and her child were in a stable condition. CRPF wrote in the caption, "His blood saved a mother, a child, a family and created a bond for life." People on Twitter too were in awe of this jawan and couldn't stop praising him for his selfless gesture. Actor Anupam Kher too took to Twitter to applaud the CRPF jawan. Jai Ho.ððð https://t.co/x7riHlLST8 — Anupam Kher (@AnupamPKher) April 19, 2019 What an exemplary and exceptional human act. Many appreciations for the life saver. https://t.co/GWPATteZHs — Raghavendra Sh (@65b0479e700749b) April 20, 2019 A place & community without religion & politics! Just to serve nation & humanity. Citizens should learn from this. #DarlingofHumanity https://t.co/A44PX73Y0M — SUMTI JAIN (@sumtijain26) April 19, 2019 Thank you CRPF. Jai Hind ð®ð³ — Salman Nizami (@SalmanNizami_) April 20, 2019 Wow nice gesture salute to u people — Anant the great (@AnantKN) April 19, 2019 We are proud of our soldiers and their sacrifice for Humanity.They feel proud to DONATE each and every drop of their bodys blood for the service of the Nation and for UNIVERSAL PEACE. Their thoughts are beyond IMAGINATION. Jai hind. https://t.co/4w21yxjjZk — Rajendra Kumar Rai (@Rajendr61990322) April 19, 2019 Nice gesture sir for the efforts. Long live humanity and a warm welcome to the kid.. ðð®ð³ð — à®à®¨à¯à®¤à¯ தமிழன௠#à®à®¾à®µà®²à®©à¯ (@KumaranShan1) April 20, 2019 Salute to gohil Shailesh. You're real superhero. Jai Hind https://t.co/p9CbL3R9Zw — Adarsh Chauhan (@IamAdarshh) April 19, 2019 Thank you very much @CRPFmadadgaar you're doing a commendable job. Thank you @Co53Bn for the help. ð — Tripathi Padmakant (@Padmakant_) April 19, 2019
  3. Ever since 'Captain Marvel' was announced and Brie Larson took on the role of the strongest Avenger, she's received way too much hate. If hardcore Marvel fans actually don't prefer her in the role of the superhero, that is still understandable, but most of the trolling she faced was mainly from sexist dudebros who personally had a vendetta against Brie or were just too intimidated by a badass female superhero. Whatever that case may be, I feel like she has been judged very unfairly by a lot of people. But, guess what? That doesn't matter that much because the entire Marvel cast has welcomed her into the Avengers family with open arms and couldn't be more happy with her or the character of Captain Marvel. This press tour has already given us so many iconic moments of everyone together, probably for the last time, joking around and having the time of their lives. It also gave us so many great moments of Brie with all her costars. RDJ loves her. robert downey jr being the biggest brie larson's supporter out there pic.twitter.com/V6UwvAgs1V — baru âï¸ (@ironjarvs) April 15, 2019 RDJ is a Captain Marvel stan, pass it on. Sir Robert Downey Jr adopted Brie Larson the moment he kissed her in the foreheadpic.twitter.com/l9gO6SztpE — Becky || ︽âµï¸½ Spoiler free! (@xBreeTanner) April 15, 2019 Just look at that! Robert Downey jr and Brie Larson, that's it, that's the tweet. Thank you for coming to my pep talk. Bonus: BRIE LARSON'S BACK MUSCLES.#AvengersEndgame pic.twitter.com/VFN4FrrMJS — Captain Steven Grant Rogers ︽âµï¸½ (@LisaRogers90) April 15, 2019 What a friendship. let us all appreciate the superior friendship in the history#caroltony #avengersendgame@brielarson @RobertDowneyJr pic.twitter.com/YHMK29rnDO — rose | spoiler free (@Iyncholy) April 16, 2019 Jeremy stole this one. If you guys could do your signature Avengers pose... #RobertDowneyJrâð¥, #BrieLarson ð, #JeremyRennerð¹ pic.twitter.com/cYR60z5n8J — Say The Magic Word... #Shazam!â¡ (@Joshbryan321) April 16, 2019 This is so cute. Brie Larson: “i didn't steal anything from set” Chris Hemsworth: “you stole our hearts” pic.twitter.com/Vh6G1Swsc9 — michael (@thorsbrvce) April 16, 2019 They've known each other for years. friendly reminder that this photo of chris evans and brie larson exists pic.twitter.com/IilleZuVnl — ð§ð¢ðð¡ð¢ • [ð ð¨ð­ ð¬ð©ð¨ð¢ð¥ðð«ð¬] (@bvckitasha) April 17, 2019 Oh Captain, my Captain. Captains @brielarson @ChrisEvans â¤ï¸â¤ï¸â¤ï¸ pic.twitter.com/yIh0C3KtvC — ÙشاعÙð¥ð¬ (@MashaelF94) April 11, 2019 Look at Mark Ruffalo clicking pictures of everyone. View this post on Instagram #AvengersEndgame press day 2ï¸â£! Love being with these incredible people ð A post shared by Mark Ruffalo (@markruffalo) on Apr 7, 2019 at 2:49pm PDT Obviously the ongoing flirting with Tessa Thompson cannot be left out. WHAT. we so cute @brielarson https://t.co/LGVXRoQbMy — Tessa Thompson (@TessaThompson_x) March 18, 2019
  4. 'Game Of Thrones' first premiered on 17 April 2011. The season 8 (beginning of the end) of the show is premiering on 15 April which is right here. But looking back to the first season, we realise that all these actors were babies when they started out. Jon Snow, or Kit Harington, has now taken major spotlight in Hollywood. We will see the last few episodes of 'Game Of Thrones' in just a few days. We don't know if he'll survive or not, but we hope he does. But before that, let's step back and appreciate Kit for all these years of hard work. Clearly, his style has evolved, and how! Here's Kit through the years parallel to the production of GOT. 1. 2011 In 2011, we saw a young Kit sans beard. He's clearly become a mature version of himself now. © Reuters © Reuters 2. 2012 Jon Snow had only started to become popular and teens would use pictures like these for posters in their room. © Reuters 3. 2013 Balancing a fine stubble is tough. Here is Jon Snow pulling it off casually. © Reuters 4. 2014 A scarf with a coat is an underappreciated Winter style that men should wear more often. © Reuters 5. 2015 A classic two-piece with a black tie can never go wrong, courtesy Kit. © Reuters 6. 2016 Using black on black to his advantage again, here is Kit with a black bow tie that complements his outfit seamlessly. © Reuters 7. 2017 Here's the thing: a blazer can be worn casually without it looking extra, and here's proof. © Reuters 8. 2018 While we think that this is a stellar outfit, we hope to see Kit try and embrace other colors like yellow. What do you think? © Reuters 9. 2019 Kit Harington at the premiere of 'GOT' in 2019. He is going to move on from his Jon Snow appeal and we'll miss this aesthetic. © Reuters
  5. After waiting for close to two years, the finale of the most-watched show on the face of the Earth, 'Game Of Thrones', is finally dawning upon us in less than 48 hours. Who gets the throne? What happens to the Night King? Does Arya finally find any happiness? Will Khaleesi's dragons survive the battle? These are just a few of the numerous questions we need answers to. It's quite possible that all your GOT nerd friends started way in advance and have probably caught up and brushed up their GOT knowledge, while others are now trying to connect the dots and read online summaries. However, fret not because we have the recaps for all the seasons ready for you right here, so just spare some time and go through them: 1. Season 1- This was all about the Stark family, the patriarch's murder, little Sansa growing up and Khaleesi marrying Khal Drogo amongst other things. 2. Season 2- Tyrion becomes the hand of the King, Theon reunites with Yara, Khaleesi ventures into the house of the undying and we spot the army of White Walkers. 3. Season 3- Joffery falls for the beautiful Margaery, Tywin Lannister tries his hand at match-fixing Tyrion and Cersei for his own good, and we finally see the dark side of Mellisandre, and the horror of the Red Wedding dawns upon us. 4. Season 4- This rollercoaster season is mostly about Ramsay torturing Theon like there's no tomorrow, Tyrion is betrayed by Shae, and Joffrey dies at his own wedding. 5. Season 5- King Tommen marries Margery, Baelish starts travelling with Sansa towards Winterfell, the High Sparrow wreaks havoc, and poor Shireen is burned alive followed by the shocker of Jon Snow getting stabbed to death as well 6. Season 6- Jon is back, King Tommen takes his own life, Bran Stark is being enlightened by his own new found wisdom, we lose the poor Hodor as well. 7. Season 7- Khaleesi loses her dragon to the Night King, The Wall has been smashed, Jon Snow and Khaleesi have apparently fallen in love and Cersei is pregnant with Jaime, who is now leaving her side. The season ended on a gritting note and obviously, the battle for the throne begins now! So, there you go. You're all brushed up and prepared for the ultimate showdown. Let the finale begin!
  6. Running a marathon isn't easy. Unlike your regular morning runs or evening sprints, running (and finishing!) a marathon requires an enhanced level of stamina, endurance, and commitment. Of course it also requires you to harbour the knowledge of which marathons you ought to be running in to begin with. After all, you can't just expect to leave your house and randomly chance upon a marathon you'd want to take part in! Well fortunately for all you avid runners out there, we at MensXP have done the required research for you, and as such, have come up with a list of the best marathons in India. So whether you're a beginner or expert at running, here are the top marathons in India that you need to check out. 1) The Hell Ultra Race © Official Instagram / @thehellrace Now here is a marathon that should pretty much be on every runner's bucket list. The Hell Ultra race is a truly unique sprint that will challenge your skills and endurance levels like never before. As you run through five mountain passes, reach an elevated height of 9350 meters, and encounter Himalayan rivers and streams on your way, you are guaranteed to indulge in an experience that you won't be able to forget anytime soon. Besides making you run a truly one-of-a-kind marathon on the Manali - Leh Highway, the Hell Ultra is also going to take your fitness game to new heights, making it one of the most exciting upcoming marathons in India that you ought to know about. When: 15th - 23rd June, 2019 Where: Manali - Leh Total length: 480 kilometers 2) The Solang Sky Ultra Race © Official Facebook / @thellrace Fair warning, this race is not for the feign hearted. After all, the Solang Sky Ultra race is considered to be India's only mountain running event. Don't let the total length of this marathon - approximately 60 kilometers - fool you into believing that it's going to be a cakewalk. In reality, you'll have to be properly prepared, both physically AND mentally, before you run this marathon. The run will take you to an altitude of 3,650 meters, and will be the ultimate test of your strength and endurance. Before you decide to run this extreme race, make sure you are carrying the proper equipment and gear. This includes two pairs of trail running shoes, a wind proof jacket, sunglasses, hydration pack, headlamp (with battery cells), reflective vest, and a whistle. When: 6th October 2019 Where: Solang Valley Total length: 60 kilometers 3) Uttarkashi 2019 © Shutterstock If you wanted to run a marathon that also brought you just a little bit closer to your spiritual side, then this is the perfect race for you. Making you run along River Ganga, peaceful villages, and lush hills, with the Himalayan mountains giving you company, running this marathon will also require you to climb a total of 34,000 feet! While the main marathon will let you run for up to 220 kilometers, those wanting to opt for a less exhausting run can opt for the 160 kilometers or 100 kilometers variants instead. When: 6th - 8th September, 2019 Where: Rishikesh - Dehradun Total length: 220 kilometers 4) The Kaveri Trail Marathon © www.myracephotos.in If you wanted to run a marathon and get close to Mother Nature at the same time, then you'd be pleased to know about the Kaveri Trail Marathon. As the name suggests itself, running this marathon will get you close to River Kaveri, but that's not all as you will also get to run past the Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, and even natural waterfalls! There are three different versions of this race that you could opt for, including the 10 kilometers, 21.1 kilometers, and 42.2 kilometers variants. The best part about this marathon, however, is all the wildlife you'll get to encounter along the way - including wild ducks, wooley cranes, and even otters!! This is, undoubtedly, one of the best marathons in India that you could take part in. When: TBA Where: River Kaveri, Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary Total length: 11.5 kilometers 5) The Delhi Half Marathon © Official Facebook / @runadhm The Delhi Half Marathon is probably the most popular marathons in the country. In fact, if there is one marathon that most runners (even beginners) would have participated in, it's this one. As such, it makes for the perfect option for all those who are either looking to run their first marathon, or just want to take part in a run that won't be too challenging. Having first begun in 2005, taking part in it has become no less than a ritual, one which not just Delhitites, but people from around the country excitedly indulge in. When: 20th October, 2019 Where: New Delhi Total length: 21 kilometers 6) The Mumbai Half Marathon © Official Facebook / @MumbaiHM Just like its Delhi counterpart, the Mumbai Half Marathon too is incredibly popular and attracts a large number of participants every year. The 2019 edition will be its fourth iteration, and is almost certain to be bigger and better than ever before. And just like the Delhi Half Marathon, the best part about this run is how almost anyone (above the age of 18 that is!) can participate in it. So the next time you want to do something to increase your stamina and endurance, or just want to adopt a healthier and fitter lifestyle, you should get yourself registered for the Mumbai Half Marathon. When: 25th August, 2019 Where: Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai Total length: 21.09 kilometers 7) Pune International Marathon © Shutterstock The Pune International Marathon has been taking place since 1983, and in the process has helped raise funds for many good causes, such as HIV/AIDS research. In 2006, the marathon attracted a whopping 50,000 runners! It also attracts a lot of international participants, and was even the host for the Asian Marathon Championship race in 2010. The route winds around Pune's historic and scenic locations, while spectators line up to cheer participants on. For those who might not want to do the full marathon because it might be too challenging for them, this event also offers half marathon,10 kilometers, and 5 kilometers variants as well. Moreover, wheelchair-bound individuals can take part in the Wheelchair Run as well. When: December, 2019 Where: Pune Total length: 42.195 kilometers 8) The Nilgiris Ultra 2019 © Shutterstock All aboard the fitness train! Hosted by Globeraces, and organised by Townscript, the Nilgiris Ultra 2019 is an intense and incredibly challenging marathon that will be in its seventh iteration this year. What sets this race apart from other marathons is the fact that you'll be running in the Nilgiris, which happens to be one of the most scenic places in India. While the main marathon will take you on a sprint of up to 100 kilometers (a treat for every fitness freak), you can also opt for its three other variants - the 75 kilometers, 50 kilometers, and 25 kilometers races. As it's scheduled to occur towards the end of the year, you have ample of time to start training and preparing yourself for it. When: 16th November, 2019 Where: Ooty Total length: 100 kilometers 9) Ironman 70.3 Marathon © Official Facebook Page / @IRONMANAsia Yoska, a Bengaluru based fitness-technology company, is all set to bring Ironman 70.3 triathlon to India, that too for the first time! The iconic IRONMAN series of events is considered to be the largest participation sports platform in the world with more than 230 events across 53 countries.The IRONMAN 70.3 race (also known as 'Half-Ironman') which involves 1.9 kilometers of swimming, 90 kilometers of cycling, and 21.1 kilometers of running is the ultimate test of endurance and stamina. The race will be flagged off from Miramar Beach, with a two loop swimming course in the Arabian Sea. The cycling race will pass through the city, for three laps of 30 kilometers each. Finally, the race course will begin and end near Miramar beach. Ironman 70.3 series and race is a trademark asset of the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC) and popularly described as “the Oscars of endurance sport.” As such, it won't be wrong to state that it's one of the most exciting upcoming marathons in India. When: 20th October, 2019 Where: Panaji, Goa Total length: 113 kilometeres 10) The Hell Race Budha Trail © Official Facebook / @thellrace Nothing is more scenic and zen for a runner than sprinting through mountain forests, while soaking in the exquisite views of the Himalayas. The Hell Race Series is committed to taking runners through different terrains, with the 3rd race in its trail series, The Buddha Trail, taking them to the forests of the Sandakphu region near Darjeeling, which stands at a whopping elevation of 3,636 metres! The race, which is set amidst these forests, is scheduled during the month of May, and will take you through the Singalila Ridge, which actually crosses into Nepal! You will get to catch a breathtaking view of Mt. Everest, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Lhotse, and Mt. Kanchenjunga, making this not only one of the best marathons in India, but also an experience you cannot afford to miss out on. When: 11th May, 2019 Where: Sandakphu, Darjeeling Total distance: 60 kilometers
  7. One of the country's most coveted examinations to make it as a civil servant, the Civil Services Examination (CSE), which is conducted by UPSC every year, announced the CSE 2018 results recently on 5th April. While we all know about the exam topper Kanishak Kataria, who had thanked his girlfriend for his success besides his family, there is another candidate from Assam who has achieved nothing less © ANI Hailing from Assam's Sivasagar, Rahul Kumar Gupta is one of the thirteen candidates from the state who cracked the prestigious exam this year. With AIR-286 in the competitive exam, Rahul, who is the son of a small paan shop owner, has shown the world that nothing can stand between one's hard work and ambition. © T8N Rahul has become an inspiration for hundreds of young boys and girls who are preparing to crack the exam. Rahul thanked his family, teachers and other well-wishers for their support and encouragement. He told the media, “I thank all those who have supported me, this would not have been possible without their support." © Flickr Rahul's father is on cloud nine after his son's achievements. Mr Omprakash Gupta runs a small paan shop and admitted that it's been difficult to maintain a family of eight with his meagre income. Mr Gupta shared that, "I really had to work hard to run the family with this small paan shop, Janata Paan Bhandar. I open the shop at six in the morning and continue till 9 pm." However, today he feels nothing but immense pride and joy, and all his struggles are long forgotten. He said, “It was really hard because I had six students in my family. However, today, my son's result has waived of all my hard work over the years.” © Representative Image-Wikipedia Even Rahul's mother cried tears of joy upon hearing the news and shared that Rahul had always been a sincere and bright student. Even Rahul's siblings cannot contain their joy and are flooded with congratulatory wishes. Rahul's younger brother Abhishek was quoted as saying by Time8, “We are proud of bhaiya. He has been a Civil Service aspirant ever since he passed his Higher Secondary examination. This was his third attempt." It has also been reported that Rahul is currently pursuing his PG from JNU, after completing his graduation from DU. Rahul has had an incredible journey and strove hard to fulfil all his ambitions. He is indeed an inspiration for all of us!
  8. It's a great month for every Marvel fan and not just because 'Avengers: Endgame' is just a few days away. No, it's not just because of seeing everyone onscreen on April 26th but all the build up and promotion till then. Recently, the cast, along with The Russo Brothers and Kevin Fiege, had a fun press conference in LA and talked about so many things, including Cap's beard. Honestly, the press tour for 'Endgame' has just begun and we've already been getting so many hilarious moments from the cast - are they trying to make up for a lot of people probably dying in the movie? - but it's still to see how much everyone loves each other and how much everyone loves to troll each other. Starting it off well, Chris Hemsworth showed some love to his fellow Avengers by straight up vandalizing their 'Endgame' posters. In the caption, he wrote, “Helping out some fellow avengers with new fresh looks. I can now add make up artist to my powers.” The first victim was Paul Rudd and he got a cool new moustache. With so much discussion about his beard, Cap's new look makes sense. Did you know Tony Stark has a Thor inspired face tattoo? Neither did we. Gwyneth Paltrow got a pass because “she's too pretty”, bur Chris so are Evans, Paul Rudd, and RDJ. The grand finale was none other than Hawkeye! Here's the video. View this post on Instagram Helping out some fellow avengers with new fresh looks. I can now add make up artist to my powers. @robertdowneyjr @renner4real @gwynethpaltrow #avengersendgame #marvel #picasso #presstour ð¥ by world famous producer/director/writer/hair stylist @luca_vannella aka splinter A post shared by Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth) on Apr 8, 2019 at 10:08am PDT Well, Jeremy Renner loved it. Not so sure about RDJ.
  9. People say there's something good in everything. I guess the writers of the show 'Californication' had this in mind when they wrote its script. We have a male protagonist who drinks like there's no tomorrow, smokes like a chimney, occasionally does drugs, sleeps with random women, pisses people off, and can never get his shit together. via GIPHY But, no matter how much you try, you just can't hate his guts. In fact, you would find his antics charming. He's a fucked up guy who lands himself in fucked up situations but somehow manages to come out of it using his charm. We're talking about Hank Moody, the writer who can't write. His cheeky smile, dry sense of humour, and the will to enjoy life just won't let you hate him. via GIPHY Let's see what we can learn from his fucked up yet adventurous life that can benefit us in the real world: 1. Never Say Never Karen, the love of his life, was no longer with him. But he didn't give up and always tried to make himself a better person so that he could deserve her. via GIPHY That's what dreams are for. Don't stop chasing them and always make yourself better each and every day to achieve them. It could be applicable to anything; career, love, passion, or hobby. Don't give up just because there are hurdles on the road. Get yourself up, dust off, and keep going until you achieve them. 2. Never Stop Living For Yourself The man did whatever he wanted to do, whatever he thought would give him just a glimpse of happiness. He slept with random women, drank his guts out, and never gave a **** about what people thought of him. He was simply looking for happiness in his own ways. He didn't participate in any rat race and didn't live life by society's rules. via GIPHY Whatever you do in life, keep your happiness a priority. You don't owe anything to anyone, so work towards being happy. Live for yourself and you might just enjoy life. 3. Don't Let The Child Within You Die Behind Hank's occasional portrayal of a matured persona, there was a child who came out every now and then. And that was the child which made him fun. via GIPHY Never become too serious in life. Plan your tomorrow like a matured man but live your today like a child in Disney land. It's your innocence and the eagerness to have fun that should never die. 4. Be Calm On most situations, you wouldn't see Hank agitated or anxious, no matter how bad it was. He was (almost) always calm, composed, and believed in thinking of a solution instead of worrying about the situation. That's what you need to be if you want to have a smooth life. Worrying doesn't solve anything and being anxious doesn't make the situation any easier. Be calm, MADAFAKAAAA. 5. Love Like Your Life Depends On It No matter how much of a p***y eater Hank was, he never cheated on Karen. He never stopped loving her. He never thought of loving someone else. If you're going to love someone, give it all. via GIPHY Feel the pain, the pleasure, and the journey of this shitty thing called love. It's always worth it, irrespective of how it ends. Never be afraid to love, find someone who makes you happy, and love her like she's the happy ending of your life! Hank is the guy who would live for himself but would die for his loved ones if needed. Be that guy!
  10. Fashion is becoming all-inclusive, but once in an odd while, something pops up that makes us go 'Nope', without missing a beat. The latest example? Goth Crocs. Yes, it's a thing and we're very confused and scared. © Etsy © Etsy Goth Crocs are Crocs with spikes and chains, that look like torture devices to be worn on your feet, to torture your fashion sensibility. Crocs on their own, have been treading on thin ice for the longest time because let's face it, they aren't the best looking footwear around. In fact, the rubbery, chunky aesthetic reminds us more of flotation devices that you can hold on for dear life during a flood because these monstrosities aren't designed to drown. However, that clearly doesn't take away from their popularity because of the comfort factor. Who doesn't want to laze around inside the house (and sometimes even around the neighbourhood if you hate your neighbours hard enough) in a chunky pair of crocs that effectively shields you from any kind of (even inadvertent) social interaction? © Etsy The Goth crocs, however, are not officially manufactured by Crocs, and are sold by 'HeavyCreamStore' on Etsy. They cost about INR 17K without shipping. © Etsy All we can ask is, 'Why?'
  11. He is the jack of all trades when it comes to acting! Jake Gyllenhaal exudes a superior form of acting talent. His performances ooze idealism and his heavy dramatic stints can easily move one to the core. Time and again, Gyllenhaal has proved that he can effortlessly slip into a role and come out of it without giving a hint of it. From his Oscar-nominated performance in 'Brokeback Mountain' to a darkly infatuating role in 'Nocturnal Animals', Gyllenhaal's career trajectory has only seen a rise. If we breakdown some of his most remarkable performances, we could easily spot that he has completely immersed himself while playing a part. In Hollywood, if there are only a couple of actors whose expressions say a lot, Gyllenhaal has to be one of them. We recently analyzed some of his best performances and found that Gyllenhaal has done much as an actor and one can expect a lot coming from him in the coming years. Take a look at some of the most enthralling performances by Jake Gyllenhaal: 1. Nightcrawler (2014) Dan Gilroy's feature directorial debut 'Nightcrawler' turned out to be a dark tale of crime and thrill that had all praises for Jake Gyllenhall. Gyllenhaal's career-best performances have been debated over the years. And out of the many incredible roles he has done, this one stands out from every aspect. Louis "Lou" Bloom, a thief establishes himself as a freelance photojournalist, after witnessing a crime scene. In the film, Gyllenhaal can be seen playing a very dynamic character, much different from what Gyllenhaal could ever be. One can experience the life of a journalist covering crime scenes through Jake's acting prowess. The film is full of action and portrays Gyllenhall in his best form as a charismatic sociopath. The film earned many prestigious award nominations including the one for the Best Original Screenplay for the 87th Academy Awards. 2. Zodiac (2007) David Fincher's 'Zodiac' established Gyllenhaal's image as the actor who was not taken over by Robert Downey's flamboyance. Gyllenhaal turned out to be more of a chameleon! As a newspaper-cartoonist and investigator, Robert Graysmith (Jake Gyllenhaal) showed us that he was evidently everything more than 'an extra' (as Fincher described him). Gyllenhaal's character is constantly chasing the Zodiac killer as he discovers more of himself in the whole process. 'Zodiac', a collaborative effort by Downey and Gyllenhaal, turned out to be a memorable one for Gyllenhaal's fans. 3. Donnie Darko (2001) The world got to know about Jake Gyllenhaal's acting talent when they witnessed him in and as Donnie Darko, a teenage boy receiving future signals from his nocturnal demonic rabbit. Gyllenhaal's performance in this film established him as a new age method actor in Hollywood. Donnie dripped a different kind of confidence, throughout the whole film which created a paranoia. Jake's performance was well received by critics; while Empire magazine included 'Donnie Darko' in the '50 Greatest Independent Films of All Time' list. 4. Nocturnal Animals (2016) 'Nocturnal Animals' is one of the best Jake Gyllenhaal films. Tom Ford's directorial endeavours made sure to put Jake Gyllenhaal at the centre of his film-making. In the film, Tony's (Jake Gyllenhaal) quest to find the murderer of his wife and daughter (as depicted in his novel) takes over his ex-girlfriend Susan Morrow (Amy Adams) only to leave her consumed by the dark nature of the novel. Gyllenhaal's performance received a BAFTA nomination for playing the lead actor. Not only has his stint received mostly positive reviews, but the film has also been claimed as a masterpiece. 5. Brokeback Mountain (2005) Ang Lee's 'Brokeback Mountain' is not just a film that gathered multiple Academy nominations, the film has been deemed culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant due to its theme. 'Brokeback Mountain' remained both a critical and commercial success. The film is centred around the story of two shepherds played by Jake Gyllenhaal and late Heath Ledger, who get romantically involved with each other. Gyllenhaal gave a moving rather mesmerizing performance. He brought his emotional side up and the softness in his character was well received by the audiences. The film, however, lost the Best Picture Oscar to 'Crash' in a contentious Oscars upset. 6. Enemy (2013) Denis Villeneuve's psychological thriller shaped Jake Gyllenhaal's career in many major ways. He played two different personalities in the film, both intense in their own ways. Playing a doppelganger is always believed to be a tough task, however, Gyllenhaal did it with utmost perfection. At times he is subtle and mostly full of pep. He understood that the film has to be a thought-provoking analysis of the subconscious and that his characters demanded absolute attention to detail. The film has been compared to Christopher Nolan's 'Memento' and offers a complete package of adventure and thrill. 7. Stronger (2017) Playing Jeff Bauman in 'Stronger' could have been one of the most challenging roles in Gyllenhaal's entire career. The film explores Gyllenhaal's potential to its highest levels. Jeff Bauman loses his legs in a bomb explosion only to embark upon his life's biggest challenge. The extent to which the actor has pushed himself to play the role is remarkable. Gyllenhaal is fearless in the film. He went on to win the Hollywood Actor Award for his role. 'Stronger' risen in the critics' eyes solely on the basis of Gyllenhaal's poignant act. 8. Prisoners (2013) Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal gave a tough competition to each other in Denis Villeneuve's 'Prisoners'. On one hand, where Jackman's character was brilliant in his most persuasive self, no one could have played Detective Loki better than Gyllenhaal. He perfectly captured the very complexity of his character which was too convincing. There wasn't a moment in the film when Gyllenhaal was out of form. Neither had he let his co-actor take too much credit for his leadership. The film looked more like an ideal collaborative effort. 'Prisoners' is a highly recommended film especially if you are a Jake Gyllenhaal fan. 9. Jarhead (2005) Jake Gyllenhaal stars as Anthony "Swoff" Swofford, a trained US sniper who narrates his experience of the war-waged Kuwait and Iraq. About Gyllenhaal's performance, the Washington Post wrote that he just refused to show off in the film and didn't mind when the attention of the camera shifted towards the other actors, especially in their long scenes. Gyllenhaal's act simply made the film a visually polished work of art. He consummately highlighted the perplexity of being a modern soldier. Gyllenhaal was nominated in the Best Actor category for the 10th Satellite Awards. Sam Mendes received praise for his compelling direction of the film. 10. October Sky (1999) Jake Gyllenhaal was merely 17 years old when he became quite a heartthrob through his stellar achievement in Joe Johnston's 'October Sky'. In his pursuit to launch a rocket in the sky, Homer Hickman (Jake Gyllenhaal) goes as far as possible while he is just a school student. The film gave Gyllenhaal a major break in Hollywood and since then he has acted in many notable films. 'October Sky' clearly showed us what Gyllenhaal could make possible in the coming years as a Hollywood actor. As a young actor, he put his heart in the film and managed to give a classic execution to his work. The film's impact was substantial, so much, that it inspired Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon) to start his private aerospace manufacturing company.
  12. Robert Downey Jr loves being a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and he has never shied away from showing just that. He loves his character, he loves his costars and he just seems to love his life and his job so much. We all know how much fun he has with his Marvel co-stars off screen, we have the 'Science Bros' and of course the ongoing Twitter bromance with Chris Evans. Everyone simply loves him and I noticed one recurring thing in almost every picture he has with all the other Avengers - he's constantly kissing them and showering them with love. View this post on Instagram Happy Valentine's Day to all the shippers out there! â¤ï¸ð A post shared by Robert Downey Jr. (@robertdowneyjr) on Feb 14, 2018 at 9:37am PST I'm not even kidding, these pictures are everywhere. © Twitter Science Bros! View this post on Instagram Happy Birthday, @robertdowneyjr! Thank you for your kindness, leadership, and generosity all 50 years. You are the best ð A post shared by Mark Ruffalo (@markruffalo) on Apr 4, 2019 at 6:11am PDT Wait, what's their ship name? Pepperoni? © Twitter Does this count? © Twitter So cute! © Twitter Killing parents and everything is all in the past now. © Twitter RDJ and Mark are like couple goals. © Twitter Here's an entire collage as well. © Twitter
  13. They say that God often heeds the prayers of young kids. The reason cited is pretty simple and straightforward. Children are innocent and their hearts are pure, uncorrupted by the world's twisted ways of existence. Their earnest wishes, and innocence make them God's most favourite subjects. Not sure about the bit involving God, but everything that has been said about young kids being truthful and full of innocence and goodness is absolutely true. © Pixabay They will share their chocolate with you without a second thought, throw a fit of terror and shed a tear for the deer that lost its life to the leopard on National Geographic and hoot every time the hero wins over the evil monster and save the day! Above all else, kids are honest about their thoughts and selfless with the love and kindness that they have to share. A rather strange incident from Northeast is proof of all this that we just pointed out. © Flickr A little boy accidentally ran over his neighbour's chicken while cycling. Heartbroken and sad, the boy rushed the chicken to the nearest hospital along with all the money he had. A picture showing the boy carrying the chick has since gone viral on social media. The silent plea for help on the kid's face is heartwarming. We hope this boy and many others grow up feeling for every living being around them, and grow up to be young men and women who respect and care for every life on earth. The comments section of the post is filled with praises for the boy's kind gesture. A user wrote, “this kind of humanity, innocent and pure”, while another blessed the young boy in the comments. Many others have praised the little boy's parents for raising a child who knows how to care, while another user suggested that adults take a lesson from the kid. How a thoughtful act has brought so many people together.
  14. The much-awaited trailer of Karan Johar's magnum opus 'Kalank' is finally out after the teaser created a lot of buzz recently. Before we dive into dissecting the dichotomy of the trailer, let's just have a look at it first. Now first things first: If we basically had to just sum it up in a few words, looks like it's an ode to Sanjay Leela Bhansali and his wonderful, intricate style of filmmaking. The movie is set in 1945 in the pre-independence era in the backdrop of a complicated love story in the front. We see Sonakshi and Aditya being happily married, then there's Alia who also gets married to him but is actually in love with Varun Dhawan , who plays the role of a guy called Zafar. © Fox Star The screenplay and the direction is handled by Abhishek Varman and towards the end of the movie, there is a train scene which looks likes a cathartic, Aristotlean version of the iconic 'DDLJ' scene. © Fox Star Even though it looks like nothing that we haven't watched before, the whole grandeur and the magnanimity of the movie looks like it will be a crowd puller. The movie releases on 19th April, so watch it if it catches your fancy.
  15. The character of Bhallaldeva is perhaps the only 'villain' ever, that got more attention than the 'hero' himself. The reason? The sheer charisma of the actor who played it. Rana Daggubati has it all - women want him, men want to be like him, kids idolize him. And why not? The man, apart from being an actor worth his salt, is quite the looker, add to that his raw charisma and inimitable beard game - and we get 'the full package'. His style game is super strong as well, and fashion designers and stylists know it. With a height of almost 6'3", he has slayed it on the runway multiple times. Here are some of those instances. 1. Can you picture anything else but this, when someone says 'sophisticated royal elegance'? © BCCL 2. We're digging the sheer kurta and scarf, along with the voluminous dhoti. © BCCL 3. What's royalty if not a bit extra? © BCCL 4. Who else can make such a simple, relaxed ensemble look this fancy? © BCCL 5. If this doesn't prove that men can wear colours while not compromising on their masculinity (not that it matters), nothing else will. © BCCL 6. He looks as tall as those designer sketches! © BCCL 7. We're all for the Lord Krishna vibe going on in here. © BCCL 8. He looks like he was born for the ramp. © BCCL Bravo, Rana!
  16. Last year, Irrfan Khan shared some really terrible news with everyone on Twitter, the news of him being diagnosed with Neuro-Endocrine tumor, which came as a shock to him, us, the entire country. Now, it's been a year and one month and we finally got some good news - he's healthy and he's back! Ever since everyone knew about him battling such a serious illness, he's received nothing but love and support from people and he's extremely grateful for that and he said that even “soothed him in his process of healing.” Sharing a heartfelt and emotional message on his Twitter, he thanked everyone and announced he's back. pic.twitter.com/d4Osol3NvP — Irrfan (@irrfank) April 3, 2019 Well, it's great to have you back! In this entire year, he's opened up about his journey only a couple of times and it's great because he got his privacy and space while receiving treatment and healing. But, now he's back in India and people couldn't be happier that he's here. Welcome! Missed you! Welcome! ♥ï¸ https://t.co/U2kS7Uevpm — Bhuvan Bam (@Bhuvan_Bam) April 3, 2019 It will be soon. We look forward to cherish your enigmatic persona and talent on screen. can't wait for the wait to get over. — Abhishek Jain (@cinemanabhishek) April 3, 2019 Yes. Welcome back brother!!! @irrfank ð¤ð¤ð¤ — KayKay Menon (@kaykaymenon02) April 3, 2019 Soon. So glad! You are healthy now, can't wait to see your next work — Sandy (@Sandy94170181) April 3, 2019
  17. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) has been in hot waters for a while now in India. From being banned to people getting arrested for playing it while the ban was in force, there has been a lot of chit-chat about the game. But now after a lot of criticism on social media, the ban imposed by the state of Gujarat on PUBG Mobile has finally been lifted. The decision came straight from the police commissioner A K Singh, after taking feedback from the public. © PUBG Corp. “Today is the last day of the proclamation we had issued. Yesterday, this matter came up for review and we decided that as the exam session is over and the direct trigger to initiating the action is not valid any more, we will not renew the proclamation. We have also taken public reaction into account, said the commissioner.' The game, in case you don't know, was banned for being violent and for inciting violence. It was also leading to accidental deaths, kids stealing money to buy in-game items, and more. Of course, banning the game wasn't an ideal solution, but that's apparently what the majority of people wanted. © PUBG Corp. Well, now that the ban has been lifted, let's not get carried away and spend all of our time playing it. It's high time that we, the players of the game, give it some thought and take some responsibility of our actions. Unless you are looking to dive in professionally, gaming is just a form of entertainment. Too much of it is not good for both your physical as well as mental health. As it turns out, you may even end up getting a game banned or end up in a jail for playing too much. So, let's focus on creating a healthy gaming environment, and enjoy ourselves while we are at it.
  18. A new 'Avengers: Endgame' video is here and this is literally my mind right now. So, apparently, Marvel and the Russo Brothers were not done yet with toying with our emotions and decided to give all Marvel fans a special look full of reunions and emotions. Tony makes it back from space and is reunited with Pepper. The biggest question was about Tony Stark actually making it back alive and a lot of people were still not convinced, even after the last trailer, so this video is here to tell us that yes, he's safe, for now at least. The special video also gave us something we've wanted since 'Captain America: Civil War' - the much awaited Tony Stark and Captain America reunion! And, it's a great one at that. There's also a cute yet heartbreaking moment between Nebula and Rocket Raccoon. They've lost everyone they knew, it doesn't get sadder than that. We can also see Tony looking at a picture of himself and Peter Parker and the memory of his painful dusting is coming back. **** you, Thanos. Wait, is that Doctor Strange? Did they just give us concrete proof of everyone dusted coming back? Okay, there's still so much more happening, with all the characters gearing up for round two with Thanos, but here's the video.
  19. While you are chasing the best diet and workout program to improve your performance in the gym and boost the results, the reason for your underperformance could be something else. via GIPHY We often neglect small things that also have great impact on our overall performance while looking for the bigger picture. I am talking about the quality of your sleep. via GIPHY If you believe that sleep does not have an impact on your performance at the gym, then let me show you in this article that how it may be the reason of your sluggish results in the gym: 1. It's A Booster For CNS Have you noticed that your head feels a little heavy if you don't sleep properly for a couple of days? Well, that's because your Central Nervous System hasn't received the rest it needs. An overworked CNS is not able to recruit as many motor units for muscle contractile strength as a rested one. via GIPHY This, in turn, leads to lesser contractile strength in your muscles. So this, in simple terms, means that you will not be able to perform at your maximum capacity in the gym. Thus, less sleep has a negative impact on your performance at the gym. 2. Release Of Growth Hormone The science of human growth hormone says that your body releases natural growth hormone when your body enters the Non-REP deep sleep (there are various stages of sleep according to sleep duration). via GIPHY Lack of sleep has an adverse effect on your pituitary glands and your natural growth hormone secretion declines. This reduction on natural growth hormone is then responsible for the loss of muscle tissue, increase in fat mass and reduction in exercise capacity of the body. 3. Testosterone Production Lack of sleep has an adverse effect on your natural production of testosterone levels too. People who are able to get proper sleep have better testosterone levels than those who do not get enough sleep. Of course, your age, diet and workout also play a crucial role in testosterone production, but sleep is also a big factor that has an impact on your natural T levels. A lower T-level would mean lesser muscle mass and which in turn will have an impact on your workout efficiency. 4. Muscle Recovery If you feel sore all the time, I would recommend you to check your sleeping cycle once. A little soreness will be there if you lifted heavy weights in the gym, but full body soreness for the whole day is uncommon and needs attention. It impacts your lifting abilities and you will see a steady decline in your PR's and 1RM's. via GIPHY Body rebuilds the broken muscle fibres only when you sleep. That's how your body grows. With those additional muscle fibres, you are able to lift more weight or the same weight feels lighter and you are able to pull more reps at the same weight. This will not happen if you do not give enough time to your body to build those additional muscle fibres. Therefore, sleep is very important for gains and performance in the gym.
  20. If a list of 'fail-safe' outfits for men is ever created, the Tuxedo definitely will occupy one of the top three spots. A man just can't look bad wearing a tux, and you know you agree. However, because of the 'too formal' tag attached, men, especially in India, tend to avoid wearing tuxes, and that's just unfortunate. Well, if we can count on one person to drive a style trend home, it has to be the effortlessly classy Vicky Kaushal. Here are some pictures of Vicky in a tux, jumping on a bed, without a hint of discomfort - that perhaps can make you believe that tuxedos aren't all that formal after all, and will make you consider wearing them more often. © Instagram/vickykaushal09 Vicky is wearing a tuxedo by Manish Malhotra - a gorgeous piece in black that stands out because of the intricate textural play throughout. © Instagram/vickykaushal09 We're in love with the interplay of glitter and satin throughout the piece, that has been brought out conspicuously by the pleated white tux shirt. © Instagram/vickykaushal09 Even though a tuxedo can be worn without a cummerbund - one should definitely invest in one if 'nailing the look' is the goal. © Instagram/vickykaushal09 The velvet bow tie and the fit of those pants constitute the cherry on top of the glam cake, something our homies should definitely focus on while wearing a tux. © Instagram/vickykaushal09 Moral of the story? Don't be afraid to wear a tux outside of a wedding, and when you do, go all out. It will reward you in ways you'd have never thought of. Good luck!
  21. Remember the time when the most bizarre thing Elon Musk had ever done was send a freaking car to space? Yes, that is still so cool and memorable but it feels like everything Elon has done since then has been an attempt to outdo himself. Wait, maybe I am on to something, a new conspiracy theory. It seems like the only solution for his outright bizarre and unexpected behaviour, especially on Twitter these past few months. He's been busy smoking pot live on a podcast, becoming a meme because of that, asking people to send him their 'dankest' meme, fanboying over Ranveer Singh and 'Bajirao Mastani', and now he's apparently a SoundCloud rapper. The term SoundCloud rapper is basically a meme now and since Elon is slowly turning his entire existence into a meme, this seemed like the next logical step for him. On 30th March, he dropped his hot new single 'RIP Harambe' and tweeted the SoundCloud link to his millions of followers. Isn't it a little too late to pay your respects to Harambe the gorilla who was shot and killed by a zoo worker when a three-year-old boy wandered into his enclosure? Better late than never, I guess. Emo G Recordshttps://t.co/zsuB2NDl48 pic.twitter.com/anVkKeFMGr — Jung Musk (@elonmusk) March 30, 2019 If the reference to one of the biggest memes in the recent internet history wasn't enough, he also called his record label Emo G Records. The song is actually as weird - and autotuned - as you would've imagined. But, soon after dropping the song, he had a crushing realization - his record label, Emo G Records, failed because of some other emoji. I'm disappointed that my record label failed — Jung Musk (@elonmusk) March 30, 2019 Who would've thought? Duck emoji defeats Emo G Records. Crushing victory. — Jung Musk (@elonmusk) March 30, 2019 Btw, here's some context. Just look at the number of retweets and likes and compare to the song link. 𦠗 Jung Musk (@elonmusk) March 30, 2019 I feel like he's more proud of this than anything he's ever done for Tesla and SpaceX. Making The Onion articles real …https://t.co/O7855d9BWu — Jung Musk (@elonmusk) April 1, 2019 He did get the response that song deserved, obviously. What even is that gif? pic.twitter.com/7Fx6oBm2z1 — Chotto Matte â (@noty0boii) March 30, 2019 He's getting more dank memes now. pic.twitter.com/qVkyCTdt44 — ðï¸ (@trashydrakefan) March 30, 2019 No idea. pic.twitter.com/2jDNGZEtYd — â¡Maria Nâ¡ (@x_RiaMaria_x) March 30, 2019
  22. The average middle class Indian belief is that you should either focus on studies or give up everything to make a career sports (provided you're privileged enough). But we might just have found someone who's breaking this convention. Prayas Barman, the youngest debutant to appear in the Indian Premier League (IPL) is managing his class 12 Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) board exams while playing for the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in this year's tournament. Conceding 56 in his four overs on debut, the Bengal teenager stumbled in his first RCB test along with all his teammates on Sunday. Jonny Bairstow (114) and David Warner (100 not out) stole the show as Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) posted 231 batting first and eventually won the game by 118 runs. Prayas, who is a commerce student at the Kalyani Public School in Kolkata, appeared for his economics paper a few days ago, and on Sunday made it to the front pages by becoming the youngest IPL debutant at 16 years and 157 days. Earlier, the spot was held by Afghanistan spinner Mujeeb-ur-Rahman at 17 years and 11 days, debuting for Kings XI Punjab in IPL 2018. © Instagram RCB play their next game against Rajasthan Royals(RR) on April 2, following which, the 16-year old will again be back in Kolkata for his entrepreneurship exam on April 4. He will again join the team on the eve of the match against Kolkata Knight Riders(KKR) on April 5. “It's tough but he is managing it. He has the full support of the team,” Prayas father Dr Kaushik Ray Barman told PTI. “[Virat] Kohli, AB [de Villiers] and [coach Gary] Kirsten are obviously encouraging him at the nets. Obviously they have seen some potential in him to pick him ahead of experienced duo of [Pawan] Negi and Washington Sundar.” His selection was a total surprise for the young lad. The team's think-tank had decided to go for a seam-attack first, but skipper Kohli informed Prayas of his debut just minutes before going for the toss, his father revealed. “We were shocked to see his name in the line-up in RCB's very third match. But he was not nervous,” his dad exclaimed. © Instagram “He told me 'this was not my standard. I could have done better,' I told him not to lose heart and keep his focus. This is just the beginning for him. First, he has to cement his place in Bengal then look beyond.” Prayas gave six runs in his maiden IPL over against the likes of Warner and Bairstow, but things went haywire after that. The senior Barman said Prayas had a finger bruise that affected him in Sunday's match. “He was not nervous. He told me the first over was okay but his finger got a bruise in the second over with the seam of the ball and he started bowling over pitch,” he said. With many games ahead in the season, it will be interesting to see how the young leggie can help RCB to end their win drought. What are your expectations from him? Let us know in the comments.
  23. When it comes to watching a film based on a religious cult theme, there is a natural tendency in most of us to at least try and get a taste of this genre of cinema. The pull towards such films is natural! Call it the excitement and thrill that comes with this genre or the inquisitiveness to get a bit psyched, only to recover stronger later. As one's heart is often in his mouth while watching a religious cult film, simultaneously his mind begins to question the very existence of occult practices, the talks surrounding the paraphernalia and its relevance. For a brief period of time, the dark elements that are often represented in such films connect us to the theme, so much, that we keep coming back to it, every time another version of the film is released. That's what a religious cult can do! In this post, we have deeply researched some of the best religious cult films that have succeeded in capturing our attention over the years and made us talk about them. Here are the top 10 highly recommended films in the religious cult genre. 1. Wicker Man (1973) Robin Hardy's 'The Wicker Man' is unquestionably the mother of religious-cult movies. The British film is an ultimate representation of folk horror and offers a terrifying experience. The film deals with the subject of Paganism and throws light on its multiple consequences. One cannot ignore the uniqueness of the film and the artistic touch it offers. The film stars Edward Woodward, Britt Ekland, Diane Cilento, Ingrid Pitt, and Christopher Lee in lead roles. 'The Wicker Man' is inspired by David Pinner's 1967 novel 'Ritual' and depicts how Police Sergeant Neil Howie leads to his own death while investigating the case of a missing girl. The film is believed to be the 'Citizen Kane' of cult movies! 2. Rosemary's Baby (1968) Over the years, film-makers have debated the relevance of Roman Polanski's Oscar-winning film 'Rosemary's Baby'. However, the film has remained a phenomenon and a popular choice under the horror and religious-cult genres. As one tries to delve deep into the hysterical world of Polanski's creation, it only gets more complicated. Rosemary (Mia Farrow) ultimately loses her baby to Satan as her husband (John Cassavetes) and neighbours plan terrible things for the mother. The film offers sinister twists and keeps one glued to the couch. Polanski's masterpiece is largely entertaining and succeeds in creating sheer psychological terror. 3. Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple (2006) Stanley Nelson's widely acclaimed documentary 'Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple' is a detailed analysis of the mass murder (led by Jim Jones) that happened on the 18th of November 1978 in Jonestown, Guyana. The documentary film is a collection of archived reports and real accounts of the survivors and previous members of the Jim Jones' Peoples Temple. Jim Jones, an American religious cult leader created an organization for the social good and persuaded many to be a part of it. With more power, he became addicted to drugs and even abused many of his followers. He ultimately persuaded them, a group of one thousand people to move to the remote jungle of Guyana in South America, and promised them a utopian life. Jones was obsessed with the idea of revolutionary suicide and in a final ceremony; he served his people with a fruit punch spiked with cyanide which eventually killed most of them. He later shot himself. 4. Hereditary (2018) Hereditary can be termed as the scariest movie of this decade, but not to be forgotten that the film is inspired by demonology at large. Toni Collette gives a tour-de-force performance in Ari Aster's directorial debut which has already become a horror phenomenon. The film revolves around the lives of the members of the Graham family and narrates how a cult leads to their sinister fate. There are scenes in the film which display the highest form of cult practices including the one when Annie (Toni Collette) performs séance and another one when Joan's occult paraphernalia comes to light. The film is physically exhausting to watch and is deeply terrifying, it is one of the best religious cult films that have ever existed. 5. Children of the Corn (1984) Nothing could be more terrifying than kids killing an entire adult population of a town, as a result of a ritual. 'Children of the Corn' is one religious cult film that has inspired film-makers to keep coming up with more refined horrific versions of it, however, the original has established a huge following over the years. Based on Stephen King's 1977 short story, the film has scared the audience and made them understand the fact that a religious cult practice can eradicate not just families but a whole town! 6. The Master (2012) Joaquin Phoenix delivers the performance of a lifetime in Paul Thomas Anderson's 'The Master', a film that combined Scientology with philosophy. Unlike others, this film is free of supernatural, horror, mystery elements and throws light on much deeper subjects. Freddie (Joaquin Phoenix), a World War II veteran finds himself incapable of dealing with the post-war conditions and seeks help from 'The Cause', a religious movement. The film had performances from heavy-weight actors including Amy Adams, Laura Dern, and Philip Seymour Hoffman. Even after much criticism from various Scientology groups, the film was nominated for multiple Academy Awards. 7. Don't Deliver Us from Evil (1971) Directed by Joël Séria, 'Don't Deliver Us from Evil' is a French film loosely based on the Parker–Hulme murder case of 1954. Anne (Jeanne Goupil ) and Lore (Catherine Wagener) friends at a boarding school dedicate themselves to evil and seduction, ultimately leading to self-destruction. The film was banned in France due to its disturbing nature, however, it was later screened at Cannes Film Festival. The film's controversial theme gave it much highlight, the unsettling ending can't be ignored! 8. Suspiria (2018) Suspiria (2018) is inspired by the 1977 film of the same name. The film stars Dakota Johnson (Susanna "Susie" Bannion) and Tilda Swinton (Madame Blanc / Mother Helena) in lead roles and is directed by Luca Guadagnino. The screenplay of the film weaves motherhood with the cult and gives it a display of psychological horror. The film takes the audience back to the cold war affected Berlin, and appears more like a stage play. Susie enrols herself in Tanz Dance Academy run secretively by witches, only to find out that she is Mater Suspiriorum, one of the three witches. The highlight of the film is witches performing 'Volk' followed by the Sabbath. The film is powerful enough to leave one disturbed! It is nauseating. Let us tell you that Dakota Johnson had to go through therapy after filming 'Suspiria'. 9. Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011) 'Martha Marcy May Marlene' is a grim expression of the fact that a cult may haunt you forever, even if you want to get rid of it! Martha (also Marcy May/Marlene Lewis) finds herself delusional and paranoid after she makes her way back to her family. After spending some time under a cult, she tries to make her way out, however, fails to do so. The film outlines the ruinous effects of a coordinated cult hovering over the central character. The movie is highly engaging and was named the best film of the year by Associated Press in 2011. 10. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) Steven Spielberg became more experimental with his themes surrounding the Indiana Jones franchise. 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom' remains one of his most discussed and controversial films ever. Set in colonial India, the film features Amrish Puri (Mola Ram), a savage priest who worships Kali in a cult practice and performs various harrowing cult rituals. The film was banned in India as it majorly clichéd people of brown skin. Heavily criticized for its child unfriendly graphics, the film still remains one of the most watchable cult films on the planet.
  24. Whispers are rife that Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor are ready to take their relationship to the next level, as the lovebirds are reportedly set to tie the knot on April 2019. Both remained tight-lipped about their relationship, in the beginning, and made it official last year with their first public appearance. However, when Malaika was asked about her impending wedding rumours on a chat show she replied, "This is all media made. Media is responsible for it." Ever since his entry in the industry, Arjun Kapoor has been in the news over his relationships with his female co-stars and rumoured affairs. From dating Salman Khan's younger sister, Arpita Khan, to his sister-in-law, Malaika Arora; the 'Gunday' heartthrob has had a list of prominent women in his life. Let's have a look. © Twitter Arpita Khan Sharma Salman Khan's youngest sister Arpita was reportedly in a relationship with Arjun and the pair dated for over two years. Speaking about his relationship, Arjun had once said, "My first and only serious relationship so far was with Arpita Khan. We started seeing each other when I was 18 and it lasted for two years…” © Pintrest Anushka Sharma Though it was never confirmed whether they dated or not, Arjun's affection and love for Anushka was not concealed from anyone in the industry. A few times, on the 'Koffee with Karan' show, Arjun had overtly expressed his yearning to marry the 'NH 10' girl. The duo was seen several times together at theatres and coffee shops but never admitted to anything. © Twitter Sonakshi Sinha The fact that Arjun dated Sonakshi has been one of Bollwyood's biggest tight-lipped secrets. Not only did they both date for a while, but they also had an ugly face-off while breaking up, according to reports. In an interview with Mumbai Mirror, Arjun commented on his unsuccessful relationship with her. He said, “There is no pressure on either of us to maintain an equation beyond a certain amount of time." © Twitter Athiya Shetty Soon after her debut in 'Hero', Athiya Shetty and Arjun Kapoor were seen in public together more than often. However, none of them ever acknowledged or confirmed anything. Arjun had once said in an interview, "She (Athiya) and I have known each other for many years. I don't understand why there is sudden speculation. But it is part and parcel of the film industry and I am getting used to it as that it is how things happen." © Twitter Now, we don't really need to elaborate much on what's brewing between the 'Chaiyya Chaiyya' girl and Arjun. If the reports are anything to go by, the duo seems to be pretty serious about their relationship and will probably tie the knot this year.