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Found 1,111 results

  1. Hira Mani’s husband Salman Sheikh all praises for wife as he lauds her acting prowessPakistani actress Hira Mani’s husband Salman Shaikh sang praises for wife and called her a ‘brilliant brilliant actor’. Salman aka Mani’s comments came a day after Hira was nominated for best actress at Pakistan International Screen Awards for her outstanding performance in drama serial Do Bol. Mani talking to Instagram shared photo of Hira and appreciated his wife. He wrote, “Pakistan mai shaiyad he koi hou jissnay As a Host start kiya hou Comedy kee hou ,Showbiz mai aanay sai pehlay Shadi kee hou 2Bachoun kay baad Serious acting mai top position hasil kee hou (There is hardly anyone in Pakistan who started out as a host, did comedy, got married before entering the showbiz and achieved top position with serious acting roles after having two children)” He went on: “u have achieved everything in limited time... U are a Brilliant Brilliant Actor." He further added, “aur mazay ke. baat yeh hai kay Action sai pehlay aur Cut kay baad tum aik humble se Normal see Gharalou see Hira hou......aisay he Sir Jhuka kay chalte reho.. (and the interesting point is that before action and after the cut, your are back to being the humble, and normal Hira). Hira dropped an adorable comment on the hubby’s post saying “I love you Mani”.
  2. Beards are amazing, when you know what to do with them. Styled and maintained right, a beard will reward you in ways you probably would have never imagined. One of them is, it makes you more desirable (at least in the popular narrative). However, there are some terrible style mistakes that do the exact opposite, and then your beard goes against you. The result? Your selfie game goes for a toss, and getting right swipes on Tinder becomes a nightmare. © Instagram/Ranveer Singh Here are seven beard style mistakes you need to stop making ASAP! 1. Let it grow into whatever shape it wants to Yes, we have always reiterated that one should be patient while growing a beard and not trim it all the time for optimum growth, but finding that balance is crucial. Not giving a shape to your beard from time to time makes it look scraggly, malnourished, and overall just ugly. Trim it and comb it into submission. 2. Weird trimming angles Sometimes, we ask our salon wale bhaiya to embrace his inner artist, and go ham with his creativity when it comes to trimming the beard line near our cheeks. Please avoid zig zag lines and weird angular aesthetics. Just don't. © Twitter/TimesOfIndia 3. Ditch the French beard and the Goatee They have had their run, and it's time to say goodbye. Really, they just make you look unnecessarily ominous, and sometimes creepy. © Twitter/TimesOfIndia 4. Don't dye your beard Please don't. No one can carry it off. If it's greying, just go with it. Natural salt-n-pepper is classy, and it's in. 5. Don't shave your cheeks too deep down This just makes your face look weird, and doesn't do justice to your beard. Who wants a beard that barely is the extension of a chinstrap? © Twitter/TimesOfIndia 6. Beard without a moustache If Hugh Jackman couldn't carry it off without looking like a werewolf, neither can you. © Twitter/TimesOfIndia 7. Beard accessories Are you a hip Santa in a holiday calendar? No? Then don't even think about it. View the full article
  3. Companies are now innovating or re-inventing the design of smartphones to pave way for the future. Weâve seen brands make full-display smartphones to devices that fold. However, Xiaomi made a smartphone straight out of a science fiction movie that is wrapped with a display from all sides. The smartphone was first shown off last year and we got to see the smartphone for ourselves this week. © MENSXP/Akshay Bhalla While it may look like a concept device, the smartphone is actually going on sale in China soon and if converted to Indian Rupees, it can cost up to Rs 2.5 lakh. It uses flexible OLED panels just like folding phones, but instead of being a foldable device, it has screens all around it. At first glance, you might think the Mi Mix Alpha is some high-tech device from the movie Minority Report but it actually works as advertised. The #MiMixAlpha is action. Resisted really hard to not pick it up and play around with it. pic.twitter.com/vTpLaZzjEh â Akshay Bhalla (@Bhallanator) January 16, 2020 Xiaomi has termed this technology as âSurround Displayâ and it has a 189.6% screen-to-body ratio. It has almost no bezels at both the top and bottom of the device and has a vertical stripe at the back that houses the primary camera and all the necessary sensors and antennas. Notably, the smartphone does not have a selfie camera as one can simply flip the phone and use the primary camera for taking selfies. The second screen at the back is used as the viewfinder for selfies and will automatically launch once you flip the smartphone. © MENSXP/Akshay Bhalla When it comes to availability, only around 500 of them exist as of now which is why it also comes with a hefty price tag. Xiaomi is currently evaluating whether the smartphone should be available for Indian customers but we will only know for sure in some time. When it comes to the durability of the smartphone, Xiaomi says it has used a titanium alloy frame for the chassis while the strip at the back has been made with ceramic. Naturally, being an all-screen display, one has to be careful while using it, but Xiaomi has provided a special case for the smartphone to protect it from fall damage. Since the smartphone is all screen, there are no speakers or physical buttons to adjust the settings of the phone. Instead, Xiaomi uses capacitive buttons on the stem of the smartphone to control functions such as increasing/decreasing volume, control other features such as WiFi and other shortcuts that you may want to use on the fly. Since there are no speakers, Xiaomi has embedded an earpiece into the display that also functions as a proximity sensor. In fact, this technology was developed by Sony and the Japanese company calls it âAcoustic Surfaceâ. It is the same technology Sony is currently using for some of their high-end televisions. © Xiaomi When it comes to the specifications, the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha comes with a Snapdragon 855+ chipset, 12GB RAM, 512GB of internal storage (UFS 3.0) and a 108MP primary camera. The smartphone also Haas 5G connectivity capabilities and supports power delivery fast charging. Interestingly, when charging the smartphone, the Mi Mix Alpha has a unique animation that converts the entire display to a battery status indicator. It starts with a red-orange hue when it has low charge and goes all the way up to bright green when it reaches full charge. The Mi Mix Alpha is definitely not a smartphone that everyone can afford and is reserved for the affluent. Which is why Xiaomi is considering whether it makes sense to sell the smartphone in India. However, if the brand eventually brings the smartphone to India, expect it to come in very limited quantities and with a hefty price tag. Nonetheless, a beautiful smartphone that is also one out of five hundred is probably worth more than the monetary value to some people. View the full article
  4. Ever since Xiaomi's POCO F1 became a huge hit, people have been flooding Xiaomi with questions about the next POCO phone. Unfortunately, there was a lot of evidence suggesting that Xiaomi has ditched the brand and we won't be seeing any new phone from POCO. In fact, people had lost all their hopes when Xiaomi launched the Redmi K20 and the K20 Pro in India. There was no way Xiaomi was going to compete with their own device. But now, it's a new year, so we're pretty positive about the POCO F2. And thankfully, we have some evidence suggesting that the POCO F2 is happening after all. Yes, we now have some solid evidence that there could be a POCO F2 in 2020. As spotted by a Twitter user who goes by the handle @_the_tech_guy, Xiaomi has filed a trademark application for a device named POCO F2. Yes, check it out - #Xiaomi files trademark application for POCO F2 So the POCO series exists and POCO F2 is coming soon .....#xiaomi #pocoPhone #POCOF2 pic.twitter.com/3JDwplv9IJ — _the_tech_guy (@_the_tech_guy) January 11, 2020 The document is a clear indication that the successor is coming. And a similar trademark for "POCO" showed up right before the launch of POCO F1 as well, so we think we're very close to the launch. If it's really happening, then we think the phone will come with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865 SoC. However, it's worth making a note that the Snapdragon 865 is 5G chipset, which means the POCO F2 could be significantly expensive. But we're not sure about that just yet. The brand could very well launch the phone with a different chipset. © Akshay Bhalla/ MensXP Sadly, that's all we know about this phone currently. We hope to learn more about it very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for more details. View the full article
  5. It's okay to admit that it is, in fact, impossible to smell good all the time. It goes without saying that none of us naturally smell like fresh-cut roses. However, it is possible to create an arsenal of scented products that make you smell really good, should you want to. So, here's a quick guide to help you smell good at all times. 1. Use A Good Tooth Paste You need a toothpaste with a formula that's safe and gentle but also leaves your mouth feeling fresh. This is the first step that you need to start and end your day with to nix bad breath. 2. Rinse With Mouthwash © Getty Images Now, we all know that brushing your teeth may not be enough for the entire day. Carrying a handy mouthwash then saves you in times of crisis when you want to fix that bad breath in the middle of the day at work. 3. Never Rub In Your Fragrance © Getty Images Spray your perfume on your wrists, the back of your neck, or mist it into the air and walk through it. But don't rub it in, because this will make the fragrance disappear entirely. And for a long-lasting scent, you must know that you should avoid this step. 4. Try An Essential Oil-Roller © Getty Images With an essential oil roller, not only do you get 48 hours of sweat protection, but you're also left with an extremely calming scent. So, you could experiment with rollers with formulas of lavender, tea tree, oudh, and eucalyptus essential oils. 5. Wear Strong Perfume © Getty Images If you're not comfortable with rollerballs, try keeping this solid perfume on you instead. You can always keep travel-minis in your bag for a quick fresh-up in the middle of the day. 6. Don't Forget The Body Cream The body cream will not only hydrate your skin but will also leave room for absorbing the perfume, further enabling the scent to last longer. View the full article
  6. KARACHI: One particular vendor at the Karachi East 2020 came all the way from Texas to help his friend try selling sumptuous cookies to Karachiites. Speaking to Geo.tv, Ahsan Patoli said he had come all the way from Texas to help his friend Sheza Qureshi set up the Pink Beans' stall at the Karachi East festival. In response to a question, Patoli said a big crowd had turned up at the festival. "We had some electricity problems at the stall but they were fixed real quick," he said. "A lot of people have come here so it turned out pretty well." Sheza spoke to Geo.tv and said it had been a wonderful experience for her. "It [the experience at the event] is better than expected," she said. "Honestly, I was very scared. The response has been very good." Sheza said among all her items, people bought Tres Leches in cups and Nutella stuffed cookies the most. "Our stall is mainly about cookies. Those are my main items," she concluded.
  7. Barely five days after winning the 'Best Actor' award at the Golden Globes, Joaquin Phoenix has made headlines yet again for getting arrested at fellow actor Jane Fonda's climate change protest at Capitol Hill, Washington D.C. The actor was invited to the weekly protests - which aimed to raise awareness for the cause through a civil disobedience movement. Phoenix went onstage in front of around 300 people, giving them the following address. The speech was short and unplanned with Phoenix choosing to highlight the importance of food choices and the hand of America's meat and dairy industry as a significant contributor to the ongoing global warming crisis. “Sometimes we wonder what can we do in this fight against climate change, and there is something that you can do today and tomorrow, by making a choice about what you consume,” Phoenix said. “There are things I can't avoid. I flew a plane here today, or last night rather, but one thing I can do is change my eating habits,” he added. Despite the well-meaning sentiment, reactions on social media were largely mixed. Some criticised Phoenix for being unspecific and somewhat inaccurate about his message. Climate change is real but get your facts straight in what the largest contributors to it are!!! — Clint Ellis (@ClintEllis9) January 11, 2020 While others called him out for using a private jet to fly into D.C. - a practice that he criticised just this week during his Golden Globes speech - "We don't have to take private jets to Palm Springs for the awards — and back," Phoenix had said. ...after lecturing ppl for flying to climate change events, Phoenix flies from CA to DC to get arrested at a CLIMATE EVENT. Terrible #duplicity #Hypocrite — IntegrityCounts (@3mdive) January 10, 2020 While most of them criticised Phoenix I can't stop commenting everytime I see this today. He is absolutely out of his mind — Accountant4trump (@Acountant4Trump) January 10, 2020 Let me know when these woke actors go and protest the pollution in China and India. I'll wait. — Tony Semeraro (@Redeemed54) January 10, 2020 They flew in to get arrested. And will fly back on private jets...but okay whatever gets you thru the day. — Maureen (@maureen7579) January 10, 2020 Some shared their commiserations We are arresting people for protesting? — Benjamin Bradshaw (@benjbradshaw) January 10, 2020 freedom to protest ha — r/Sino (@SinoReddit) January 10, 2020 Besides Phoenix, veteran Hollywood star Martin Sheen also turned up for the protest and got arrested by the police. Actors Maggie Gyllenhaal and Susan Sarandon were also present. The actors and around 147 others were detained by the police for 'crowding, obstructing or incommoding' - all of them were later released. View the full article
  8. Bollywood’s emerging queen Sara Ali Khan’s fan left all in shock when he crossed the limits and kissed the hand of the actress. The Simmba actress, who returned to the gym following Maldives visit, was asked for a photoshoot by the paparazzi where one of her fans requested for a handshake. When Sara extended her hand, the man kissed her, leaving the actor in extreme shock. The security guards of Sara threw the man away and retreated the actress's hand. The incident took place after Aaj Kal actor posed for paparazzi following her Pilates session. Sara Ali Khan returned to gym to shed the extra weight she gained during her vacations in Maldives. The actress returned to India after vacationing in Maldives with brother Ibrahim and mother Amrita Singh last week. On the work front, Sara will be seen alongside former beau Kartik Aaryan in Aaj Kal. The film will hit the cinemas on February 14, 2019.
  9. Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday launched the "Hunarmand Jawan" program aimed at the skill development of the youth across the country. Salient Features: 1-Development & Standardization of 200 Technical & Vocational Education & Training (TVET) Qualifications 2-International Accreditation of 50 Pakistani TVET Institutes and initiation of Joint Degree Programs with reputed international TVET Institutes 3-Strengthening of NAVTTC’s National Skill Information System (NSIS) and expansion of National Job Portal 4-Establishing 100 Smart Tech labs across Pakistan for distant learning programs in Technical & Vocational Education and Training sector including introduction of soft skills, Business & IT and virtual skill development 5-Establishing 10 country of destination specific facilitation Centers in 10 cities across Pakistan with high outflux of Pakistanis in the international market workers abroad 6-Establishing 70 new labs / workshop in Madrassa(s) to introduce skill development activities all across Pakistan 7-Skill Development Program for 50,000 youth belonging to less developed areas of country especially Balochistan, GB, AJK and newly added districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Ex-FATA), Southern Punjab & Rural Sindh 8-Skill development training of 50,000 Youth in High-End / High-Tech. technologies in reputed Universities & state of the Art TVET Institutes of Pakistan 9-Apprenticeship training of 25,000 youth in industry under Apprenticeship Act-2018 (Formal & Informal Apprenticeship) in collaboration with provincial TEVTAs 10-Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) of 100,000 youth to certify informally acquired skills inside the country and abroad and training of 8,000 Assessors 11-Establishing National Accreditation Council at ICT 12-Accreditation of 2,000 TVET Institutes all across Pakistan 13-Transfer of Technology through Foreign Training of 500 TVET Teachers in Technologically Advanced Countries and In-country Technical Training of Training of 2,000 TVET Teachers 14-Establishment of 50 Business Incubation Centers to promote self-employment and entrepreneurship in skilled youth
  10. The Motor Vehicles Act, amended by the Parliament last year, simply states that if you violate traffic rules and regulations, you will definitely pay a much greater fine, and might also face longer imprisonment, than what existed before. The several penalties for violating traffic rules have been hiked up to five times under this amended act. Most penalties are a reiteration of pre-existing traffic rules, which the public is aware of, whereas some of these penalties are new. And now we have a crazy challan incident yet again. Remember the helmet-less man on the scooter who paid a challan of Rs 23,000? If you think that was huge, read further about this incident in Ahmedabad. According to a report in NDTV, a Porsche owner was stopped at Helmet crossroads in Ahmedabad as the car did not have number plates. On being questioned by the traffic police, the driver also failed to produce valid documents of the vehicle. The car was issued an RTO memo under Motor Vehicles Act in November last year and was initially fined for a huge sum of Rs 9.8 lakh. However, later the RTO found out old records and many more violations and finally, the driver was imposed a penalty of Rs. 27.68 lakh. Check out the Ahmedabad Police's tweet https://t.co/KDjkhssFhO — Ahmedabad Police (@AhmedabadPolice) January 8, 2020 If you're wondering how did the amount sum up to be this much? Well, here's how. According to Indian Express, Police sub-inspector M B Virja said, “This car was imported in 2017. Though the owner had initially registered the vehicle in Haryana, the number plates were missing when the car was impounded." "Since the car is now in Gujarat, the RTO calculated the lifetime tax, interest on unpaid tax and penalty at Rs 27.68 lakh. The owner took back his car on Tuesday after showing us the receipt," he added. The owner of the car, Ranjit Desai paid Rs 27.86 lakh to the RTO that were pending and took back his Porsche 911 sports car from Ahmedabad Traffic Police. View the full article
  11. With the success of Ghost Stories and a couple of more ambitious projects in her bag, Janhvi Kapoor is currently on cloud nine as she officially entered the '2020 will be my year' club. She maybe only two projects old, but she's already proved that she's here for the long run. Recently, the Dhadak actress graced the cover of iDiva and had what can be called an honest conversation about herself, her stardom, people's expectations from her, her strategy of dealing with social media trolls and her idea of an ideal man. While the rumours of Ishaan and Janhvi float on social media once in a while, Janhvi just revealed who her ideal man is. When asked about who she will kill, marry and date; she conveniently dodged the options of 'kill' and 'date' but she did reveal who she wants to marry. View this post on Instagram Stylist - @devanshi.15 Makeup & Hair - @eltonjfernandez Photographer - @rohanshrestha PR Agency- @hypenq_pr Social Media Marketing: @shivanichatterjee, @akankshasharad @shawali_gupta_ Video Editor: @sushiljaiswal2013 Styling Assistant - @20simran A post shared by Janhvi Kapoor (@janhvikapoor) on Jan 7, 2020 at 11:30pm PST She said, "I think I would marry Jack Lemmon's character in this film called 'The Apartment'. I think I would be happy if I married him. He's super cute and I also think he has a great sense of humour which is very important." Take notes, guys, take notes! Every time people talk about star kids, they assume that things are pretty easy for them, they don't have to work that hard to stick around in the industry. Well, that maybe true but so is the fact that they sometimes have to work extra hard to prove that they can survive even without their family name. Janhvi said, "I think of it as a responsibility. My family, my mom in particular, got so much love and appreciation from the audience. As a consequence, I have also got some of that love. I now have to work doubly hard to prove that I deserve it, on my own, also." She further said that she's not vying for stardom, she's here to do good work. While she has yet to learn a lot about movies, she's cracked one thing - dealing with social media trolls which is not everyone's cup of tea. Janhvi has been a constant target for trolls on social media, who seem to be always looking for reasons to take a dig at her. He pro-tip: she doesn't care. View this post on Instagram Ghost Stories ð» now on Netflix! A post shared by Janhvi Kapoor (@janhvikapoor) on Jan 1, 2020 at 2:00am PST "You have to be brave to put yourself out there. In the beginning it was really weird, but I have gotten used to the social media hate. I am just trying to be as authentic as possible," said Janhvi who has 7.1 million followers on Instagram. She further added, "I don't care if you think I am wearing too much makeup, even though I am not. If you think my gym shorts are too short, then you probably don't sweat on your legs as much as I do. I am sorry, my sweat glands work like that. You probably don't work out as much as I do." On the work front, she is currently working on Takht, Dostana 2 and Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl. View the full article
  12. Kangana Ranaut is thankful to Deepika Padukone, Meghna Gulzar for ChhapaakDeepika Padukone's, Chhapaak after gathering thumbs up from Karan Johar and other fellows from the media industry, has now left Kangna Ranaut impressed as well, who has thanked the Padmaavat actor for coming up with a film on the issue of acid attacks. Apart from that, the heart touching story line has also impressed many other eminent media personalities and new to the list is Kangana Ranaut who has not only praised the story line but also thanked Deepika Padukone and Meghna Gulzar for shedding light on this topic. Taking to Twitter, Kangana’s sister and manger, Rangoli Chandel, posted a video of the Queen star thanking the filmmakers on throwing light on an issue prevalent in society that her sister has also fallen prey to. The video was captioned as, “The pain still lingers. Our family thanks team #chhapaak for a story that needs to be told!”, shows Kangana expressing that the film’s trailer has reminded her the heart wrenching acid attack on her sister. The 32-year-old actor also hoped that the unchecked sale of acid would be banned and society will get better. Moreover, Tanu Weds Manu star also shared that the film is not only a slap on the faces of the attackers but also a source of motivations for the victims. The Bajirao Mastani actor will play the role of an acid attack survivor in the film that also stars Vikrant Massey in the lead role. The film is set to release on January 10, 2020.
  13. Have you ever noticed that during winter a perfume is less noticeable? It's an unknown fact that perfumes don't linger on for long in winter and that's due to the drop in temperatures. Your body's natural moisture level causes the skin to get drier. When it's dry, it is merely impossible for your perfume to last which is why people with oily skin are benefitted here. But, even then, there are ways to combat this issue and not let anyone go 'nose blind', irrespective of the season. Here are four best ways to ensure that your fragrance lasts longer than ever, especially in winter: 1. Pick Heavy Fragrances Summer is for light ephemeral fragrances but for winter, they are an absolute no-no. You need to opt for heavier scents since your skin will be comparatively dry. Picking a scent that is heavier is one of the best ways to smell good all day long. © iStock 2. Pay Attention To Notes The base notes of perfumes are very important in winter. Being the heaviest part as compared to middle and top notes, having a good base note is necessary. Choose perfumes like sandalwood, patchouli or vanilla as they are common for winter. If you like some other heavy fragrance, you can lay your hands on that as well. © iStock 3. Picking A Category Think about spicy winter perfumes that have a strong fragrance of cinnamon, cardamon etc. They mainly fall in the oriental perfume category. The fragrance is rich and quite exotic that will definitely last all day long. Need more? Try woody or earthy fragrances. They are a good choice and will let you reminisce of beautiful winter days. Try labdanum or oakmoss as they hydrate the skin with their gentle texture. © iStock 4. Shopping For A Fragrance Scents work differently on every skin. A perfume that smells good on your friend may not necessarily react the same way on your skin. To properly shop for it, you need to try it out. The simplest way to begin is to leave your house without any sort of scent. © iStock Next, you can check the fragrance on four different places, left wrist, right wrist, and both elbows. Take notes on how the fragrance develops with time. If the fragrance fades then the fragrance is not for you. But if it's still active even after a couple of hours, you know you have found a winner. View the full article
  14. With all eyes on ISRO's upcoming 'Gaganyaan' mission, it seems that preparations for the space mission are in full swing. Recently, it was announced that special food packets have been prepared for the astronauts that are part of 'Gaganyaan'. The menu includes Idli-Sambar, Upma, Coconut Chutney and much more. A Mysuru lab has prepared special food packets for the astronauts who'll be travelling to space. The Astronauts will also have special food heaters to warm up their food. Here's what the food packets looks like- For the Indian astronauts scheduled to go into Space in Mission Gaganyan, food items including Egg rolls, Veg rolls, Idli, Moong dal halwa and Veg pulav have been prepared by the Defence Food Research Laboratory, Mysore. Food heaters would also be provided to them. pic.twitter.com/gDgt9BJpb2 — ANI (@ANI) January 7, 2020 ANI took to Twitter shared the above post along with a caption saying, “For the Indian astronauts scheduled to go into Space in Mission Gaganyan, food items including Egg rolls, Veg rolls, Idli, Moong dal halwa and Veg pulav have been prepared by the Defence Food Research Laboratory, Mysore. Food heaters would also be provided to them.” The Twitter post has more than 1.2K retweets and a string of funny comments that are a downright laugh riot: Why not biryani and sevaiyyan? This is discrimination towards minorites. This calls for another nationwide protests. — THE SKIN DOCTOR (@theskindoctor13) January 7, 2020 Leave everything aside.. It's a great achievement for our country. We should learn from this that if need arises this country can produce anything from astronauts food to bulletproof jackets. We have that ability just we lacks in confidence..kudos.. — Ranjit Jaiswara (@ranjitjaiswara) January 7, 2020 Waiting for outrage by leftist.. Why only Veg Pulav and not Beef Biryani. Food Impositions on Astronauts ð — King in the North ðº (@skywalker8901) January 7, 2020 Now that the difficult question of food is solved, let us focus on the easy part, how to go into the space? — HypocrisyUnlimited (@HypocrisyUnlim1) January 7, 2020 Just out of curiosity . Arent they suppose to have liquid diet ? . Becoz they cant poop in space . — . (@xyz_varun) January 7, 2020 Great!! It's tigh slap on the face of @Harvard who says Indian food is worst in the world. #ProudISRO #ISRO — BraveBanda (@SatishKoaan) January 7, 2020 According to India Today, ISRO Chief, K Sivan said, “ISRO has identified four astronauts for the mission and their training will kickstart in the third week of January in Russia.” The 'Gaganyaan' programme will enable the astronauts to go on a seven-day space flight in low Earth Orbit and will safely recover the crew members after the completion of the mission. View the full article
  15. India's biggest festival for the four legged took place a few weeks back in the capital, on the 28th and 29th of December 2019, and people made their way to the NSIC grounds in Okhla, to witness a life changing experience for their pets. Pet Fed is India's biggest carnival for pets, which usually takes place in an open area where people can spend adequate time with their four-legged. This time we saw a lot of people in Delhi bring in their cats and dogs and have themselves quite an adventure. Now Pet Fed is ready for round two, which will take place in Mumbai on January 11th and 12th, 2020. © Pet Fed Apart from all the amazing activities that were planned for two whole days, and adoption camps that were set up at the venue, we also got a chance to interact with actor/model, Dino Morea, the ambassador for the event and also one of the main investors for Pet Fed. Dino, an animal lover himself, is a proud father of two fur-babies - a labrador named Maximus and an Indie named Ganpat and he himself promotes the idea behind 'adopt don't shop', which mainly talks about not buying breed dogs when you can adopt desi dogs around you. © Pet Fed Here's what we spoke to Dino about: MensXP: What are the causes you're closely attached to and have actively worked with? Dino Morea: I've worked with a variety of causes ranging from betterment of stray animals & spreading more knowledge regarding adoption of pets through my association with Pet Fed to starting up "DM Fitness" which provides health and fitness solutions to young kids from the streets who want to come and work out on the streets itself. Apart from this, I've worked independently with various NGOs who provide education to underprivileged kids. MensXP: Do you have any pets? What's the most basic need a pet may have? DM: Yes, I'm a father to two pets at the moment. A Labrador named 'Maximus' and an Indie named 'Ganpat'. I've always had indies around me at any point of time. The most basic need of a pet is love and care, just like us humans. © Indtagram MensXP: How can a festival like Pet Fed encourage more people to adopt dogs or cats? DM: Just talking about it is not enough, you have to experience it for yourself. So I suggest visiting the next Pet Fed carnival - either Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore. Through this, people get sensitized to knowing how loving pets are, how good they are and how they make us into better human beings. As long as adoption is concerned, festivals like Pet Fed are important as it encourages more pathways for knowledge towards indie breeds, how hearty they are & how they aren't any less than any other dog or cat breeds. MensXP: What do you feel about 'adopt don't shop'? DM: "Adopt Don't Shop" delves & tackles two important issues: 1) It discourages breeding which is an unhealthy business in itself, especially when it's done in the wrong way possible. You stop that by adopting strays. When you need a pet, you don't really need 'em to show off, you need them as a companion. Second good thing about this cause is that when you adopt, especially a stray animal, you end up with a furry companion and you also give a deserving home, love and care to an animal in need. © Pet Fed MensXP: Do you think a festival like Pet Fed should take place in every part of the country and that too frequently? DM: Yes! Every city in India needs to have a Pet Fed happening, because we have carnivals for human beings & for every liking in every small part of this country, so why not have a carnival for pets? Besides knowledge and awareness, it's also a lot of fun. Kids, people and pet lovers alike, would love to come and experience something like this. It's the most wonderful experience and according to me, every city should have it at least twice a year. After reading this I am sure either you're convinced to adopt a pet or you're going for the next Pet Fed event happening near you. Whatever it is, make sure you register for the event and give your pooches the time and effort they truly deserve. View the full article
  16. Hours after dropping his new song, Justin Beiber sent his fan into frenzy with an Instagram post. Bieber on Friday released new solo music – for the first time since 2016 – and fans can’t get enough of his new song titled Yummy. Hours later, the singer shared a video clip on his Instagram account with his 124 million followers. While fans were already excited to finally hear Yummy, his "WUV YOU GUYTH WIF ALL MY HAWWTTT” took the excitement to a whole new level. "WUV YOU GUYTH WIF ALL MY HAWWTTT‘ hit me hard since he hasn’t said that in ages," a fan said on Twitter. “WUV YOU GUYTH WIF ALL MY HAWWT” I’M ACTUALLY CRYIN RN DON’T TOUCH ME I LOVE THIS MAN SO MUCH WITH ALL MY HAWWT," said another. While expressing the hope that fans are loving his new song, The 25-year old singer asked them to follow him on TikTok too.
  17. Well, it's 2020 and people are still crazy about the show Friends like they were in 2002. And, since it's finally the year that was referenced in the show back in 2004, everyone, obviously, is even more excited. Remember Emma's first birthday party where Ross and Rachel were recording a video to give to their daughter in 2020? And how Chandler and Monica were really impatient because they wanted to leave for their weekend getaway? Let's recap what Chandler said - This also inspired a great New Year's Eve plan, because, of course. If you start S10E04 of Friends at 11:48 PM on December 31st, you'll begin the year with Chandler saying, "Hi, Emma. It's the year 2020. Are you still enjoying your nap?" — Netflix India (@NetflixIndia) December 29, 2019 While it's a little too late for this plan now, but it's finally 2020 and Emma herself is here to tell everyone she's woken up. Noelle Sheldon, who played Emma, shared a hilariously photoshopped picture of herself with the best caption ever to commemorate the new year. View this post on Instagram Just woke up from the best nap of all time, happy 2020!! (ft. my poorly done photoshop) Hope everyone has an excellent year full of family, friends, and laughter!! A post shared by Noelle Sheldon (@noelle.sheldon) on Jan 1, 2020 at 3:53pm PST She wrote, "Just woke up from the best nap of all time, happy 2020!!" I bet it was the best nap ever and Chandler would be happy to know she's finally awake. Emma was played by a set of twins, Noelle and her sister Cali, and even Cali is excited she's finally up. And, Friends fans are sure that this caption is an instant classic. View the full article
  18. The past decade was full of some great sports moments that we will never forget. Underdogs winning championships in the most dramatic ways, legends coming out of retirement to prove that they still got it, athletes making bold statements on big stages, some of the all-time greats calling time on their careers and a ton of money being generated in the process. There were so many timeless moments that took place in the past ten years all around the world and there is no specific way to categorise them as the “best ones” but still, the man's got to try, right? So here we go. Here are the ten greatest sports moments of the decade from all over the world without ranking: 1. Andres Iniesta Wins Spain's First World Cup In 2010 Date: July 12, 2010 116 minutes! It took 116 minutes for Spanish legend Andres Iniesta to find that one moment to place the ball in the nets and change the landscape of football in Spain forever. After practically winning the first FIFA World Cup for his homeland, the then 26-year-old celebrated with a T-shirt as a tribute to Dani Jarque, former Espanol defender who tragically died aged 26 in 2009. 2. India Winning The ICC World Cup In 2011 Date: April 2, 2011 We have got to put some personal bias here. After all, that six that the former captain of the Indian cricket team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni hit marked the end of a 28-year-old wait and India were once again the cricketing champions of the world. 3. Sergio Aguero Saves Manchester City's Premier League Dream In 2012 Date: May 13, 2012 If you've watched this game, all you will recall is Martin Tyler shouting “Aguerooooooo!!! I swear you'll never see anything like it ever again”. With the score between Manchester City and Queens Park Rangers tied, Sergio Aguero did some fine magic work, and provided his team with a heroic goal in the final seconds of the game and realised City's Premier League championship dream. 4. LeBron James' Cleveland Cavaliers Winning The Championship In 2016 Date: June 20, 2016 The face of the National Basketball Association for more than a decade, LeBron James returned to Cleveland with a promise to win a championship with the team in 2014 and he made it happen in 2016. Losing to the Golden State Warriors 3-1 in the NBA Finals, James' Cleveland Cavaliers made a historic comeback and won the next three games to win it all on June 20, with his iconic block and a dagger by his teammate, Kyrie Irving. 5. Michael Phelps's Gold Medal Streak & Retirement In 2016 Date: August 12, 2016 Coming out of his retirement, Michael Phelps' return to the Olympics pool in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 was nothing short of a spectacle. At 31 years of age, the swimmer was made USA's flag-bearer, won five more gold medals and finally said goodbye to the sport with more medals around his neck than 161 other countries. © Reuters 6. Usain Bolt Proved That He's Still The Fastest Man In 2016 Date: August 14, 2016 For three straight Olympic Games, Jamaican speedster Usain Bolt proved to the world that there was nobody in the entire world whose feet moved faster than him. This iconic image of him laughing at his “competition” says it all. Bolt ended his Olympic career with a 100% success in the finals with eight golds at the grand stage. © Reuters 7. Roger Federer Wins Wimbledon In 2017 Date: July 16, 2017 At 35 years of age, Roger Federer defeated Marin Cilic in one hour and 41 minutes and became the oldest man in the Open Era to win at the All England Club. Winning his first Wimbledon since 2012, Federer recorded his name as the man with the most number of Wimbledon titles (singles) with eight of them and only second to Martina Navratilova in the overall list. 8. Floyd Mayweather Vs Conor McGregor Date: August 26, 2017 Even though the “boxing match” between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor was nothing more than a gimmick, it has to be considered one of the most iconic moments in the decade of sports because of the sheer volume of money it generated. Popularly known as “The Money Fight”, led to Mayweather earning around Rs 1900 crore, while Mcgregor earned roughly Rs 600 crore. That's Rs 1900 crore and Rs 600 crore in less than 30 minutes of “boxing”! 9. Tiger Woods Returns To Win The Masters In 2019 Date: April 19, 2019 Two years since the aforementioned date, Woods has confessed to his friends that he was “done” and to be fair, with the way things were going on with his infamous arrest in 2017, everyone thought that he sure was. But Tiger being Tiger not only returned to the grass but also won the Masters 11 years since winning his previous major. 10. US Women's Football Team Hosts A 'Tea Party' Date: July 3, 2019 When US co-captain Alex Morgan brought the 'Tea Sipping' celebration after scoring a 31st-minute goal against England in the World Cup semi-finals, people interpreted various meanings behind it. Was she mocking the Brits? Was she making a statement against President Donald Trump? Was she talking about the fact that the German women's team was given a tea set for winning their first European title? In an interview with Time Magazine, Morgan clarified that she wanted to protest the thought of 'women needing to be humble in their successes while men can celebrate in the wildest ways possible'. View the full article
  19. Indian cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar welcomed 2020 with an extraordinary video of a little boy named Madda Ram. A boy who has unbounded love for the game of cricket and is willing to take the most difficult of ways to stay in touch with that inner passion of his. But what sets Madda Ram apart from the millions of cricket fanatics in the country is the fact that he is differently-abled and can't walk or stand on his feet. But when you look at him bat at the crease, it simply astounds you as to how he doesn't let his problems come in the way of playing the sport he loves so much. Start your 2020 with the inspirational video of this kid Madda Ram playing cricket ðwith his friends. It warmed my heart and I am sure it will warm yours too. pic.twitter.com/Wgwh1kLegS — Sachin Tendulkar (@sachin_rt) January 1, 2020 “Start your 2020 with the inspirational video of this kid Madda Ram playing cricket with his friends,” Tendulkar tweeted. “It warmed my heart and I am sure it will warm yours too.” In the video, Ram can be seen standing on his knees as he waits for his friend to bowl. As soon as he connects with the ball, the boy quickly crawls across the pitch to complete his run. After his single, he crawls halfway across the pitch again to give his partner the bat and then returns to his end. Even since the Indian master blaster shared this video, Madda Ram has become an instant hit and a figure of inspiration for scores of people: I seen him as a soldier, how loves and passionate on this game.. Also should appreciate other kids, they accept him as ordinary player.. Spirit of game called cricket.. — J G Pandian (@JGP_OSSI) January 1, 2020 Madda Ram is great but he has best people around him, his friends. — Gobinda Thakur (@Gobinda_Thakur) January 1, 2020 I am overwhelmed by the spirit of the boy and his teammates I wish people in position like you the Hero could help him get a wheelchair. Happy new year to all. — Atanazio Bwongyererwa (@AtanazioBwongy1) January 1, 2020 Physically handicapped is not a hurdle for any success, only when ur thoughts and moves were handicapped!! — Manikandan (@manarm1234) January 1, 2020 This will warm anyone's heart. Thanks for sharing this today. Happy beginnings. Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year, Master Blaster! — Anushtup (@Anushtup2K) January 1, 2020 Never seen anything like this,oh!God,So beautiful,other boyes r good to play with him,@Sachin-rt — Swapan Kumar Saha (@SwapanK80261297) January 1, 2020 Amazing..!! Kudos to that brave kid.. — Bittu kumar (@Bittu11990) January 1, 2020 This short 55-second video shows how people like Madda Ram, who have problems that are so much bigger than us, the “normal” kind, are living the best life that they can. Everything is more difficult for them by default and he knows that but despite all of that, he is just another kid doing what he loves. And kudos to his friends for letting him be and not behaving any differently with him just because of his physical problems. One of the kids could have become his runner. His partner could have walked across the pitch to get the bat. But the fact that they did not do any of that is probably what makes Ram feel like a regular cricket-loving kid. View the full article
  20. Armed with an anomalous, sling-arm action and natural pace, Jasprit Bumrah first arrived on the cricketing circuit as the bowler, with an unorthodox action, who had everyone wondering whether he was really bowling legal deliveries. But, the more we got to see of this speedster, the better he got with his bowling skills. Today, he is not just some guy who bowls with a weird action, rather the 26-year-old has become a vital cog in the Indian bowling department. His deceit in line and length and variation in speed has established him as one of the most effective bowlers in the death overs in international cricket. © Reuters He might have struggled with his lower back stress in the past few months, but the right-arm seamer has had his fair share of glory this year. Bumrah won the twelfth edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) with Mumbai Indians (MI). He also became only the third Indian to take a hat-trick in Test cricket earlier in August. And, ends 2019 as the world's no. 1 bowler in One-Day International (ODI) cricket. 2019 has been a year of accomplishments, learning, hard work and making memories, on the field and off it too. And on the last day of the year, I'm looking forward to everything that 2020 has to offer! ðªð¼ pic.twitter.com/YishbcuYWO — Jasprit Bumrah (@Jaspritbumrah93) December 31, 2019 But, he is neither done, nor satisfied with all that he achieved this year. In fact, the Indian bowling spearhead is already looking forward to whatsoever 2020 has to offer. Taking note of his accomplishments in 2019, Bumrah tweeted a series of photographs with a caption that read: "2019 has been a year of accomplishments, learning, hard work and making memories, on the field and off it too. And on the last day of the year, I'm looking forward to everything that 2020 has to offer!". © Reuters The right-arm seamer has been India's go-to bowler across all formats. He has so far represented India in 12 Tests, 58 ODIs and 42 T20Is, taking 62, 103 and 51 wickets respectively. After staying away from the field since August, Bumrah will be eager to set the ball rolling when he returns in Team India colours for the three-match T20I series against Sri Lanka which is slated to begin from 5th January in Guwahati. He has also been included in India's ODI squad for the three-match series against Australia, scheduled to begin from 14th January. View the full article
  21. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are going to kickstart a new generation of gaming in 2020 and the only thing we know so far are the names and what the next Xbox looks like. However, new leaks have surfaced online that paint a clearer picture of both consoles. These leaks are not yet official but it gives us a better look at the power of each console. © Twitter/The-Driun According to a report by Digital Foundry, the PS5 will reportedly have a 9.3 teraflop GPU. The report was published by Eurogamer and it also details the GPU specifications of the Xbox Series X. The PS4 is capable of maximum 1.84 teraflops which means the PlayStation 5 will be leaps ahead in graphics prowess. The report also said that the PlayStation 5 will feature GDDR6 RAM, identical to what you can find on AMD's RX 5700 GPU. © Youtube Apart from these specifications, the report also claims that the PS5's GPU will be able to switch between three modes for backward compatibility. It will be compatible with PS4 and PS4 Pro tiles while a “gen2” mode is reserved for PS5 games. The other modes have been referenced as “gen 1” and “gen 0” modes to allow backward compatibility. The “gen1” mode runs on the same clock speed, GPU draw power and other metrics of the PS4 Pro: 36 compute units, a 911MHz core clock, and 218GB/s of memory bandwidth and 64 ROPs. © Microsoft In the same report, it was detailed that the Xbox Series X GPU is able to achieve 12 teraflops, however Digital Foundry describes it as “frankly ginormous, with signs pointing to a possible target of 12 teraflops.” If these leaks are to be believed, the Xbox Series X sounds a bit more powerful than the PS5, at least on paper. While the leak details both consoles and its components well, it is still unofficial information and needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Source: Eurogamer View the full article
  22. As Simmba completed a year today, Rohit Shetty and Akshay Kumar decided to treat the fans of the franchise. Akshay took to Twitter to share a video where fans get to see Singham, Simmba, and Sooryavanshi in one frame. Akshay wrote, “#RohitShettyCopUniverse celebrates 1 year of Simmba with the power-packed trio Singham, Simmba and #Sooryavanshi. Get ready...aa rahi hai police, 27th March 2020! bit.ly/RohitShettyCop… @ajaydevgn @RanveerOfficial #KatrinaKaif #SaraAliKhan #RohitShetty @karanjohar.” Check out the tweet: #RohitShettyCopUniverse celebrates 1 year of Simmba with the power-packed trio Singham, Simmba and #Sooryavanshi. Get ready...aa rahi hai police, 27th March, 2020!https://t.co/jpqz6qsDql@ajaydevgn @RanveerOfficial #KatrinaKaif #SaraAliKhan #RohitShetty @karanjohar — Akshay Kumar (@akshaykumar) December 28, 2019 Minutes after the actors dropped the teaser on the Internet, it went viral and fans started to pour in positive comments for Sooryavanshi, calling it a blockbuster already. Baap aa rha h ð Masss ora Mass ð¥ð¥ð¥ð¥#Sooryavanshi pic.twitter.com/6yigleX05W — Kumar Ashu (@KumarPraful786) December 28, 2019 Baap of cop aa rha hai #JaiJaiSooryavanshi pic.twitter.com/e8ugIEcdVq — Rajbir Kumar (@Akshay_fan01) December 28, 2019 Sooryavanshi Mass ð¥ð¥ pic.twitter.com/rFt1GT4KBM — ð¥ðªð»ð­ð±ðªð· (@AkshayxRohit) December 28, 2019 OH MY GODð¥ð¥ð¥ THAT ENDING SCENEð±ð±ð± THIS MOVIE IS GOING TO BREAK ALL RECORDS — Aditya (@MeAkkian) December 28, 2019 Box office per bawaal machane vala he#Sooryavanshi — Veer Gurpej Singh #GoodNewwz (@GurpejVeer) December 28, 2019 Aag Hai Aag ð¥ð¥ð¥ð¥#Sooryavanshi — Armaan (@haryyaanvi) December 28, 2019 The teaser starts with the journey of Singham and ends with glimpses of Singham, Simmba, and Sooryavanshi taking on the bad guys side by side. The makers have also announced the release date of the much-awaited action film. It will hit the theatres on March 27, 2020. It will be interesting to see Akshay being inducted into Rohit Shetty's Cop Universe. It was earlier rumoured Sooryavanshi would be a Hindi remake of Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru. However, director Rohit Shetty released a statement, dismissing the rumours, highlighting the fact Sooryavanshi is an original project. The film went on floors in May. Do you think it will be a blockbuster too? Let us know in the comments below View the full article
  23. OnePlus is expected to showcase a concept smartphone at CES in a few weeks, however it seems like another OnePlus phone was spotted on a certification website. OnePlus generally launches a new smartphone sometime in April/May which is still months away, considering the listing has just appeared. It was spotted on China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) certification website by Twitter user Sudhanshu Ambhore. OnePlus 8 Pro 5G (IN2010) launch nearing soon, as it gets certified by MIIT.#OnePlus8Pro pic.twitter.com/ZvJCzjjuX6 — Sudhanshu Ambhore (@Sudhanshu1414) December 25, 2019 Ambhore tweeted out a screenshot from the website that gives us a sneak peek into what the smartphone could feature. While the main specifications were not detailed in the screenshot, it does have all the basic information about the phone's frequency bands. According to the screenshot, this OnePlus device is said to come with dual-mode 5G connectivity with support for a range of frequency bands. The listing comes with a model number IN2010 and is tipped to be the Pro variant of the OnePlus 8. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla Given that the upcoming smartphone has been listed on a Chinese certification website, it is still too soon for the smartphone to launch. Previous rumours have suggested that the OnePlus 8 Pro will launch with a 6.7-inch curved AMOLED display and have a refresh rate of 120Hz. The smartphone is also touted to have a punch-hole camera instead of the pop-up mechanism on the OnePlus 7/7T Pro. There are three models expected to launch where the Pro variant will apparently be powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865 chipset. In addition to the triple-camera setup, the new OnePlus smartphones are also expected to sport a ToF (time of flight) sensor. View the full article
  24. Salman Khan rang in his 54th birthday with his "closest friends and family members" on Thursday night at a party hosted by his brother Sohail Khan. And now, pictures and videos from his birthday party have started doing rounds on social media and we can't help but wish we were there too. View this post on Instagram #SalmanKhan cutting his 54th birthday cake with family and friends! ðâ¤ï¸ð #HappyBirthdaySalmanKhan @beingsalmankhan A post shared by Salman Khan (@salmankhanfanclub) on Dec 26, 2019 at 10:51am PST In the above video, Salman can be seen cutting a four-tier cake, holding his nephew Ahil Sharma in his hands. Salman's parents Salma and Salim Khan can also be seen standing next to Salman while he cut his birthday cake. You can also see Salman's sister Arpita and his rumoured girlfriend Iulia Vantur in the video as they cheer for the Dabangg Khan. © Viral Bhayani Salman's birthday bash was no less than a grand affair as it saw celebs like Shah Rukh Khan and many other popular names attending the big bash. Sonakshi Sinha took to Instagram to share a picture with Salman and SRK from the birthday bash. View this post on Instagram S..S and S!!! Happy birthday @beingsalmankhan ð¤ A post shared by Sonakshi Sinha (@aslisona) on Dec 26, 2019 at 10:52pm PST In one of the photos, he is seen cutting a cake with Sonakshi who plays the role of Rajjo in the Dabangg franchise. © Viral Bhayani One of Salman's closest friends Katrina Kaif also graced the party in a beautiful yellow dress with nude heels. © Viral Bhayani Salman's rumoured girlfriend Iulia Vantur also posed for the paps in her stylish outfit. © Viral Bhayani Vidya Balan and her husband Siddharth Roy Kapur also marked their attendance at Salman's big day. © Viral Bhayani Pulkit Samrat and his girlfriend Kriti Kharbanda also attended the big birthday bash and posed for the photogs outside the venue. © Viral Bhayani Tabu also made sure to be a part of Salman's birthday and looked gorgeous in her pink dress while posing for the paparazzi. © Viral Bhayani Raveena Tandon was also there. © Viral Bhayani Randeep Hooda, who was Salman's trainer in Sultan, was also clicked by the paparazzi. © Viral Bhayani Popular singer Guru Randhawa also made it to the big bash and posed for the shutterbugs. © Viral Bhayani Bobby Deol who was a part of Race 3 with Salman was accompanied by his wife to the party. © Viral Bhayani Sunil Grover was also to Bhai's birthday. © Viral Bhayani Salman's birthday is indeed a big affair as #HappyBirthdaySalman is one of the top trends on Twitter today. Fans are also wishing the Khan a happy birthday on social media. Happy Birthday Bhai .. there are so many things I've learned from you @BeingSalmanKhan #HappyBirthdaySalmanKhan #HappyBirthdaySalman — Farhaad Shaikh (@farhaadshaikh7) December 27, 2019 Here is the journey of @BeingSalmanKhan from struggling days to now in a single pic. Love You Bhaijaan♥ð #HappyBirthdaySalman #HappyBirthdayBhaijaan pic.twitter.com/o0VvOmB3wu — DEVANSH PATHAK (@devanshmax) December 27, 2019 happy birthday salman khan. You are the spirit of Indian cinema that we are following today.#HappyBirthdaySalmanKhan #BeingHuman #BhaiKaBirthday #PandeyjiKaBirthdayWithPVR #HappyBirthdaySalman #loveyousalman. — PRADHAN BHUSHAN (@PRADHANBHUSHAN1) December 27, 2019 Kisi Ko Deewana Pasand Hai Kisi Ko Parwana Pasand Hai Lekin Hame Toh Sirf Aapka Muskurana Pasand Hai .#HappyBirthdaySalman @BeingSalmanKhan @SKFilmsOfficial #TrendingNow #salmankhan#bollywood #Megastar — Chulbul Pandey (@Chulbulpandey27) December 27, 2019 MensXP also wishes the Dabangg Khan a very happy birthday and a healthy life ahead. View the full article
  25. With protests going on throughout the country against the Citizenship Amendment Act and the entire country divided over it, here's a heartwarming story of an Indian helping another Indian just for the sake of humanity that perfectly shows the spirit of the country. In Uttar Pradesh's Firozabad district, Ajay Kumar, a policeman, was surrounded by a violent mob and was getting beaten, but was rescued before any injuries turned fatal. Hajji Qadir, a local resident of the area, became his saviour and rescued him from the mob. © ANI He didn't stop there, though. He even took Ajay Kumar back to his home before taking him to the police station. Talking about the incident and the injuries he sustained on his hand, the cop said, "He came like a God. If he hadn't come, they would have killed me." He added, "Aise log bahut kam milte hain, sahab." It's kind of bittersweet hearing that last line since everyone should be like this, helping another person in need, but it's honestly so rare. Ajay Kumar further added, "He gave me water and his clothes and assured I will be safe. He took me to the police station later." © ANI In an interview, Hajji Qadir said, "I was told a policeman has been surrounded by the mob. He was severely injured, I assured him that I will save him. I didn't know his name at the time, what I did was for humanity." See, this is how it's supposed to be, helping people just for the sake of helping them, just for humanity. Massive shoutout to Hajji Qadir for just being an incredible person. For sure. You are a Saviour Hajji Qadir. Take a bow. https://t.co/WiDCcmzpd9 — Ravikant Rai (@RavikantRai2) December 27, 2019 Hero is the right word. Here's another conscientious soul, another hero, Hajji Qadir: https://t.co/LyPfnEt0dx #standunited #Indiaunited #againstCAA #againstNRC #NRC_CAA — Maaz bin Bilal Ùعاذ ب٠بÙا٠(@Maazme) December 27, 2019 Yep. India is alive in angels like you sir! #HajjiQadir — Karthik Ganesan (@Karthikgtweets) December 27, 2019 View the full article
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