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  1. [embed_video1 url=//stream1.jeem.tv/geo/geosuper/playlist.m3u8 style=center] The day...
  2. Actress Saba Qamar (left) and Sarmad Khoosat. Photo: InstagramIt is known news that Sarmad Khoosat is going to release two films in the coming months. One is called Zindagi Tamasha that was recently screened at the Busan International Film Festival...
  3. Dressing up the right way may not be your strongest point but fashion blunders are a thing and if you have been committing any of them, believe us, you are constantly being looked at. Unlike socks with sandals or semi-formal outfit mistakes, there are others that are less obvious and yet they get noticed. It's time you stop making fashion crimes. Check out this list that will give you clarity on rookie mistakes and help you dress better for all the upcoming occasions. 1. White Athletic Socks © istock If you have been wearing your athletic socks, well and good. But the plan to wear them with your classic Derby or dress shoes? That's exactly where you lost your brownie point. Keep athletic socks aside for gym hours and pick up classic black or brown socks that dovetail well with all your shoes. If you have a knack for OTT, go for quirky socks. 2. Fake Branding © istock Sorry to say this but if high-end brands are not affordable, don't buy it from any random brand. You are genuinely wasting your precious money. Buy it on the basis of how it looks and feels instead of the brand name emblazoned on it. 3. Baggy Dress Shirt © istock The ultimate mistake that men hardly care about has been wearing an ill-fitted dress shirt. But, let us tell you that a baggy shirt can make you look stumpier and definitely not good. You need to make sure that the collar is stiff and the shoulder seams sum exactly at the end of the shoulder. Take this trick into consideration so you never get raised eyebrows by your boss at work. 4. Visible Undershirt © istock The undershirt is called undershirt for a reason. It shouldn't be visible once you have your shirt on it. If you wish to leave a few buttons undone, go for a V neck undershirt. No peek-a-boo in such cases is acceptable! 5. Buying Clothes For Future Purposes © istock The biggest mistake of all times is assuming to buy clothes based on what you will wear next year. Staying motivated to gain/lose weight is a good thing but buying clothes that you don't even know would fit or not is sheer mental torture. Reward yourself when you have ticked off your goals and not right now. 6. Wearing Large Pocket Jeans © istock Firstly, this trend is not meant for men to wear. The big size pockets were made for a reason to fit the criteria of blue-collared workers. Wearing pants with large pockets can make you look sloppy and you don't want to garner unnecessary attention. Stick to chinos or straight jeans. They are your best bet to look fashionable. 7. Jewellery For Men © istock The ideal way to pull together a perfect look is that you stick to two items maximum in your clothing. Going OTT with accessories can end up in a disaster. Avoid that and stick to minimal aesthetics. View the full article
  4. The basic truth of life lies in the fact that it is transient. In many ways we're all born with that knowledge. However, if there is one other thing that is synonymous to such 'overnight' changes, it is politics. And we are not saying this merely based on the recent political fiasco that we all witnessed in Maharashtra (or maybe we are… *winks*). Given how the kissa 'kursi' ka played out in the Maratha state over the course of the past month, it wouldn't be wrong to talk about the impermanence of power and authority that comes with politics. What one has today might be taken away from them overnight, and figurative overthrowing from 'power' shall still reign high so long as we live in a democratic country. © Getty Images But while some politicians enjoy the 'quirks' of satta or popular mandate for years on end, there have also existed ministers who have held important positions for just a couple of hours before having to resign. We've curated a list of top five such ministers who have had the shortest tenure as Chief Ministers of Indian states. 1. Jagdambika Pal (1 Day) © BCCL Back in 1998, former Congress minister was made the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister after the then governor dismissed the Kalyan Singh government before restoring them into power again. Which meant, Pal assumed the chair for merely a day's time. 2. Harish Rawat (1 Day) © BCCL In 2016, Congress MP from the state of Uttarakhand, Harish Rawat, had to step down as the state's CM only 24 hours after assuming the chair. This happened after a number of Congress MLAs pulled back their support and the Congress-led government became a minority. President's rule was, eventually, imposed in the state. 3. Devendra Fadnavis (3 Days) © BCCL The most recent addition to this list, Devendra Fadnavis. He was recently (and kinda secretly) sworn-in as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra before he finally resigned from the position, having failed to maintain the majority. Uddhav Thackeray, following the Shiv Sena-NCP-Congress alliance, is all set to formally assume the position now. 4. BS Yeddyurappa (3 Days) © BCCL Last year, Yeddyurappa became Karnataka's CM for three days before he lost the opportunity to continue due to his failure to gather the set numbers ahead of the floor test. HD Kumaraswamy-led JD(S)-Congress government took over post that. 5. Nabam Tuki (4 Days) © Wikipedia Back in 2016, Congress minister Nabam Tuki served as the Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister for four days before resigning due to internal fights within his party. View the full article
  5. All about that Turkey: Every American's dream on ThanksgivingWhen American vegetarians, pescetarians and flexitarians sit down at the Thanksgiving table this week, there?s one thing many agree they would be thankful for: a tasty, plant-based...
  6. Kareena Kapoor opens up about bitter remarks: ?Who does all this and who says all this??Kareena Kapoor finally opened up on her relationship with her son Taimur Ali Khan, the paparazzi, and the criticism she faces in a recent interview given to...
  7. While we'd love to defy being the bearer of bad news, here's something terribly heartbreaking to digest on a Monday night. The recent large bushfires in New South Wales, Australia have killed more than a thousand Koalas and burned 80 percent of their habitat, making them 'functionally extinct'. The news was broken by Deborah Tabart, chair of the Australian Koala Foundation, earlier this week and we're not liking this piece of information one bit. © ABC Now, let's get into what functional extinction really means. It doesn't mean they're extinct as a species but that the reduced population of that particular species no longer plays a significant role in an ecosystem function and that the population is no longer viable. This only happens if the population is tremendously lower in count and after the massive bushfires that took place in Australia, a huge chunk of Koala habitat was destroyed. While bushfires are common in the dry lands of the continent, this year they were a notch up. The reason though is absolutely tangible and cannot be revered anymore. The bushfires occur due to the changing climate, with extremely dry weather, rising temperature and strong warm winds. © RTE Also, Australia is quite equipped with warning its population about the wildfires, the animals around the forest suffer a lot more than the human population does. This time though 2.5 million acres of forest land has been burned down and more than 400 structures have been lost. Just last week, the news broke out about a rescue mission carried out by a woman to save a Koala. She entered the bushfire zone, took off her shirt and wrapped the injured animal in it and saved its life. The Koala was obviously safe but that's just one account of rescue for these lovable animals. Sadly, most of the Koala population residing in NSW succumbed to injuries due to the bushfires. A good Samaritan this kind lady who risked her life to save anotherðð This woman saved a koala badly burnt in our Australia's recent bush fires by taking the shirt off her back and wrapping the precious animal in it. ðð¨ð Awesome lady, thank you! ðð»â¤ pic.twitter.com/Sg2Q9sqdhQ — Angie Karan â ð±ð¾ (@angie_karan) November 20, 2019 According to experts and reports produced since the ongoing bushfires, the prolonged drought and deforestation has led to Koalas becoming 'functionally extinct' and that's rather sad. Apart from the fires that is a big cause for their death, the destruction has also taken away their main source of nutrition-the Eucalyptus tree. An adult Koala consumes up to 2 pounds of Eucalyptus leaves per day as its main staple of nutrients. While the Eucalyptus may grow back in the forests after the fire, it will still take several months which will leave the Koalas starving for food and proper nutrition. © ABC For now, Australia is doing whatever it can to save the Koala population. There has been an increased donation support, hospitalisation and full recovery for burned Koalas and people are urging the government to bring back the 'Koala Protection Act' of 2016. It would ideally work to protect habitat and trees vital to Koalas, as well as protect them from being poached. Apart from this, there are drinking stations set up for Koalas in the burnt areas of the forest and a rehabilitation centre for the burned Koalas to lead a healthy life here on. © ABC What tigers and cows are to India, koalas are to Australia and they definitely make an integral part of the animal kingdom. The Koalas are being dismissed as 'functionally extinct' today due to atrocities caused by us. Global warming and climate change is the biggest reason for these bushfires and we have more at stake in the coming future. While it may be too late to reverse the effects of climate change in an ad hoc state of existence, we can still save what can be saved and make the world a little more livable for humans and animals, alike. View the full article
  8. Acne is like a clinger that you can't get rid of. And let's face it, no one really likes acne. Besides the onset pain, it also leaves out long-lasting scars. But if you have chest acne, it can be rather annoying, because you don't want to come across as someone who constantly scratches their chest in public out of acne-itch. However, chest acne is slightly different from the acne one experiences on the face. Usually, the underlying factors include, trapped dead skin cells in pores, overproduction of sebum, the usual bacteria that leads to breakouts. Other than that, habits like: 1. Using Harsh Products © Getty Images Using harsh body cleansers or scrubs can contain potentially pore-clogging sulfates that give the wrong kind of exposure to your pores and harm them in the long run. 2. Eating Junk Not cutting back on sugar and processed foods can trigger a sky-rocketing insulin level production, which in turn can cause inflammation. Cutting back a little can significantly decrease acne. 3. Not Showering © Getty Images Not taking showers on a regular basis makes you more prone to breakouts. Also, if you don't wash your bedsheets, shirts, workout clothes, and towels frequently, the built-up bacteria will cling on to your skin easily. 4. Not Wearing Breathable Fabrics © Getty Images Not wearing breathable fabric can also significantly lead to the chance of sweat and bacteria buildup which is a great atmosphere for acne breeding. So, pay attention you guys! View the full article
  9. Selena Gomez digging into pasta has 'relateable' written all over it. Photo: InstagramSelena Gomez, one of America's most acclaimed stars makes fans fall head over heels for her over every little thing she does and the singer is at it again.The...
  10. While we do love our sneakers, and could wear them with practically everything, there are certain occasions that just call for one to adhere to certain social diktats, including what you wear on your feet. We've rounded you up nine of the best kinds, done in true celebrity style that will help you charm just about anyone at job interviews, investor meetings, weddings, that date, your grandparents' 60th, and so on and so forth. __ECOMLOOKS__60__ __ECOMLOOKS__61__ __ECOMLOOKS__62__ If Shahid hasn't set serious shoe goals for you, we don't know what will. Go on then, explore to find one more in line with your personality, and your clothes. EXPLORE MORE View the full article
  11. [embed_video1 url=http://stream.jeem.tv/vod/4505bb06659eec5f43a3165a4121ccbb.mp4/playlist.m3u8?wmsAuthSign=c2VydmVyX3RpbWU9MTEvMTYvMjAxOSA4OjMzOjI4IEFNJmhhc2hfdmFsdWU9ZHNqZlJmNVVoRm9nZ1AyNEZ5REd6dz09JnZhbGlkbWludXRlcz02MCZpZD0x...
  12. Sara Ali Khan on all the ways her mother Amrita Singh inspires her. Photo: FileBollywood?s favourite mother-daughter duo of Sara Ali Khan and Amrita Singh are once again leaving all fans in awe with the endearing bond that they have.Speaking...
  13. It would be fair to assume that almost all of us grew up watching Scooby-Doo and well, we're all about to get very very nostalgic. The first trailer for Scoob! is here and it was the entire gang as adorable little babies. While the entire trailer is there to make us feel nostalgic, the best part is how Scooby-Doo and Shaggy actually met and became BFFs. Fun fact: Scooby-Doo was named after the Scooby snacks. It also shows teenaged Shaggy and his best buddy trick-or-treating and meeting Fred, Daphne and Velma, completing the gang. All of them are back to do what they do best - solve mysteries. Moreover, the movie has brought together some great actors to voice these iconic characters. From Zac Efron to Amanda Seyfried to Gina Rodrigez to even Mark Wahlberg, there are very diverse and brilliant actors lending their voices to the main characters. Here's the trailer: While some people have a few issues with Scoob!, people are mostly very excited about it and can't wait to relive their childhood. scooby doo will forever be the classic, hell yeah my 18 year old ass will go to the cinema and watch this #SCOOB pic.twitter.com/FV0jI5WCaF — yaffa (@aweyaffa) November 11, 2019 Yep, they look like twins. Am I the only one seeing this?.. #SCOOB pic.twitter.com/AL2AmPyJqv — ᱬ ððððð ᱬ (@vizwandamaximof) November 8, 2019 The main reason why people are upset. #SCOOB is missing someone very important. MATTHEW LILLARD. pic.twitter.com/KtVzH124wM — Michael Bell (@That6uy) November 11, 2019 Yep. My crush on Velma has been awoken once again #Scoob pic.twitter.com/4shdJeIvYv — ð¸Bitch-Senpaið¸ (@neetfriek) November 7, 2019 There's criticism. Yeah, sorry, not feeling the #SCOOB trailer at all. Character designs are great, animation looks decent - but I hate how they've tried to make Scooby actually talk properly in recent years, the voice of Shaggy isn't right, the origin story looks dull and uninteresting...not sold. — Jim Caddick (@Caddicarus) November 11, 2019 Adorable little babies. I gotta say, I think Scoob looks exciting! I definitely want to see it! The VA for Shaggy sounds odd but this movie seems really heartwarming, I'm gonna love it haha #SCOOB pic.twitter.com/Dcntgi6D5X — Antoine ð SONIC TRAILER HYPE (@hedgehoglover26) November 11, 2019 Details. I haven't seen anyone point this out from the #SCOOB trailer yet but the bowling center is called "Takamoto Bowling" Iwao Takamoto is the person who came up with Mystery Incorporated's iconic designs#ScoobyDoo #ScoobMovie pic.twitter.com/ZkzjCsSLti — NegiKitsu (@NegiKitsu) November 11, 2019 It's so cute. Loved the trailer! Plus, the flashbacks is giving me a Pup Named Scooby-Doo vibes ðð¾ #SCOOB pic.twitter.com/CLW2xLx4mr — Devin (@DevinScott64) November 11, 2019 Mayhaps. Did I get a little too emotional while watching the #SCOOB trailer? pic.twitter.com/3xNNKG40oi — Chibs @ Go watch Fist of the Blue Sapphire (@little_chibs) November 11, 2019 Can't unsee it. i see it. #Scoob pic.twitter.com/6KTANBAnE2 — jaden _(:3 ã∠)_ (@brxxyshorty) November 8, 2019 I know, right? don't know how I feel about the voice acting or story yet BUT THE ANIMATION OF THEM AS KIDS IS SO CUTE!! IM CRYING #SCOOB pic.twitter.com/touM1bx49M — â julia called kj apa old â (@areadersworld) November 11, 2019 Yep. I'd be okay with this if Fred didn't look like a fucking Chad in the new Scooby Doo movie #Scoob pic.twitter.com/4iKMkRqf7L — Chris Montes (@chrisEmontes) November 7, 2019 Can't unsee that also. I dunno, is it me or does Shaggy look like a cartoon PewDiePie?#Scoob pic.twitter.com/mILl8yDpNe — Ben Mills (@Benjanime) November 7, 2019 View the full article
  14. ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan paid tribute to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on the occasion of the Eid Milad-un-Nabi, on Sunday. Taking to Twitter, the prime minister praised Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) calling him the greatest human being of all...
  15. When it comes to street style and athleisure, no one really pushes the envelope like Ayushmann Khurrana. Thanks to the immensely talented stylist that Isha Bhansali is, this should not come as a surprise. However, that does not mean that his outfits no longer turn heads. © Instagram/ishabhansali On the contrary, his ensembles are getting more radical and idiosyncratic by the day. © Instagram/ishabhansali At a time when all major fashion brands and the industry itself is desperately trying to come up with more sustainable practices, Ayushmann, in his outfit for the New Delhi premiere for his latest film, Bala, seems to be showing that sustainable fashion, and clothes made from recyclable materials, can not only be extremely fashion-centric but also the necessary way forward. © Instagram/ishabhansali Ayushmann was dressed in a very basic set of white t-shirt and pants, and coupled a rather sweet looking pair of white chunky sneakers with it. On top of this basic outfit, he threw on a rather dope looking translucent, dual-toned shacket. © Instagram/ishabhansali The shacket, t-shirt and the pants come courtesy of SIX5SIX, an up and coming sportswear and street wear brand, that has been doing some really interesting experiments and coming up with some mind-bogglingly good sartorial pieces. © Instagram/thedrip.six5six What we love about the jacket is the fact that how each of the dual layers pops up and stands out, thanks to its neon colours. We also love the quasi-functional vibe that the shacket lends to the overall outfit. © Instagram/ishabhansali Coming to the sneaker, they clearly are one of the most aggressively panelled pair we have ever seen. These are the Original Track Trainers in White from Balenciaga. These Balenciagas, when they were new, retailed for about $895, or Rs 65,000. Let's just leave it at that. © Mr Porter Luckily, the simplistic colour of the sneakers does a really good job of hiding the number of layers and panels that make up the body. © Mr Porter The colour, however, does add some awe and further aggravates the 'chunkiness' of the sneakers. The technical panels do make a rather interesting silhouette. © Instagram/ishabhansali All in all, we really like the technical clothing-meets-street wear vibe that this ensemble is going for. Kudos Ayushmann and Isha, job well done. View the full article
  16. The Government of Pakistan has fulfilled a long-awaited demand of the Sikh community and Prime Minister Imran Khan is going to inaugurate tomorrow (Nov 9) the extended Gurdwara Darbar Sahib and the Kartarpur Corridor.Gurdwara Darbar Sahib, situated...
  17. “Hum aapki khubsoorti ka raaz hai, aapke sarr ka permanent taj hai,” - yes, the narrator is talking about your hair and the very quirky voiceover by Vijay Raaz, in the beginning, sets the whole mood for Bala, and you are assured that what you have signed up for is not some half-baked dish. Amar Kaushik's new movie, which highlights the ordeal of a prematurely-balding young man, asserts on how our society is obsessed with one's appearance and almost neglects everything else, irrespective of how one is from the inside. Interestingly, the movie kills two birds with one stone as it's not only talking about the woes of a man who has lost his hair at the age of 25 but also targets the unhealthy obsession with fair skin, particularly for women. From attacking age-old, bizarre 'solutions' that help you make your hair grow back (like applying cow dung on your head!) to how fairness creams are being sold by luring darker-skinned people, the movie touches all aspects of our society's obsession with 'looking beautiful', without paying heed to the cost it comes at. © Maddock Films Ayushmann Khurrana, who we know by now has a knack of picking out-of-the-box scripts, shines bright once again in Bala. He is the perfect fit for a script like this, as his character is convincing and relatable. A man consumed by self-loathing and his continuous hair-loss makes him even more miserable and he desperately looks for a permanent solution to get back the perfect hair that he had in his childhood. How would you react if you were the hottest person in the school because of your hair and cut to the present, you are struggling to keep a lush mane on your head. It's pretty common knowledge that men are obsessed with their hair and premature balding is a subject which was neglected earlier but now, the movie is trying to create a healthy discussion around this matter © Maddock Films Khurrana adds a certain vulnerability to the character and makes a point to convey the message with some well-written dialogues in the movie. In the movie, Bala falls in love with a TikTok sensation Pari (Yami Gautam) who is only obsessed with looking good all the time (in a way, the movie also attacks the whole social media culture). Following a failed attempt to tell Pari the truth about his wig, the two get married and when Pari discovers the truth, her reaction is just epic. Truly, Yami has done a brilliant job and you will end up feeling mighty impressed by her work. © Maddock Films As I mentioned earlier, the movie has also dealt with how our society tends to look down upon darker-skinned women. In the movie, it's through Bhumi Pednekar's character, Latika that the director touches upon this much-talked-about, but often neglected issue in our society. Bhumi doesn't believe in outer beauty but focuses on the idea of accepting the real you. But somewhere, I feel the movie had more potential in terms of showing the predicaments faced by the dark-skinned people in our country. Well, I cannot really complain here since the movie is about premature balding and still, they have tried to incorporate this issue. The movie boldly attacks the idea of using fairness creams that promote the concept of fairness being equivalent to being beautiful. © Maddock Films All the three leads have given their messages loud and clear but it's always the supporting cast that helps the lead actors shine. In Bala, we have an ensemble cast that includes Saurabh Shukla, Abhishek Banerjee, Seema Pahwa, and Javed Jaffrey. They help in bringing the extra laughs and have given justice to their roles and somewhere, without them, the movie wouldn't have been this interesting. © Maddock Films Now, moving to technicalities, the movie's music and score blends perfectly well and glides smoothly with the narrative of the movie. It has been shot pretty well and there are no such bumpy rides in the film. To sum it up, Bala is a light-hearted comedy that hits the bullseye with the message being loud and clear, which is to accept the real you and overcome the fear of body shaming. Takla, Nata, Mota, Patla, Gora, Kala are just tags and they don't define the real you. Bala is a must-watch indeed and I strongly recommend you to check it out at the earliest. View the full article
  18. Are you one of those slogging on a nice winter day just like us and handling all the work pressure at office? Then, I am sure you would need this piece of advice coming from a man who handles pressures on a daily basis in the industry which is quite known for it. MensXP got in touch with actor Sidharth Malhotra for our November cover edition and we asked him how does he handle the pressure of looking good all the time and always be aware of what's happening around in the industry. For Sidharth, the key is to balance things out. “Well absolutely, that's a very relevant question today. Mental health, not only in our profession - whether it's students or people working in corporate jobs, anything. I think all of us have become, as I was saying before, ambitious, but you need to learn how to balance it,” said the actor. “I mean, there are days and weeks I would not say that I'm not guilty of constantly thinking of work; I definitely am during release week or important outdoor sequences. But then there are weeks when I make sure, definitely, at the end of every year I don't work for 10 days - when there's family, on a holiday. I have to be in some part of the country - one family trip for sure because I don't stay with them,” added Sid. View this post on Instagram Don't call it a dream, call it a planâ A post shared by Sidharth Malhotra (@sidmalhotra) on Nov 4, 2019 at 4:47am PST He also said that we need to know how to manage our time because that's the most important factor to keep things in check. “I think that time, time management comes into play. I think now is when I realise the importance of having weekends off, or a Sunday off because you need that time to detox from your work as well. I personally feel - I might look like it, but I'm not so socially active in the Bollywood fraternity. It's not that you'll see me making plans every second day. Diwali may be or somebody's birthday or film success party, but not quite where I'd have dinner and have the same conversations, so I tend to make relationships outside, where we talk more about the other stuff which is happening,” said the actor. View this post on Instagram In between interviews! ðð»‍â Are you guys excited to watch #MarjaavaanOn15thNov? If yes, comment below with "Aye" A post shared by Sidharth Malhotra (@sidmalhotra) on Nov 1, 2019 at 4:58am PDT We totally relate to the idea of the weekends being off especially Sunday because you need one day to detox and rejuvenate for sure. Don't you think? On the work front, Sidharth Malhotra is all set to entice his fans with his upcoming movie, Marjaavaan. Stay tuned to MensXP for all the latest updates. View the full article
  19. Thousands of protesters have converged on the federal capital under the banner of the Azadi March, seeking to send Prime Minister Imran Khan packing.The ?Azadi? March caravan, which set off from Sindh on October 27, left Punjab?s city Lahore...
  20. The official season of wearing boots is here and even the B-town celebrities are making the most of this trend. As the new season rolls in, we are sure even you might be hunting for the right pair of boots that lets you score brownie points. © Instagram/viralbhayani Kartik Aaryan is a great example when it comes to levelling up his fashion game with the shoes he wears. He is someone who is seen wearing classic suits for events and the most relaxed outfits for casual outings and has legit injected a perfect dose of style inspiration for us, not just with his impeccable sartorial choices but also his shoe-drobe. © Instagram/viralbhayani While promoting his upcoming movie Pati, Patni Aur Woh, he made a head-turning statement with his high tech ankle boots. The best part? These boots are not just winter-friendly but are also for mountain climbers. Exhibit A: © Tods © Tods A pair of suede or leather boots go a long way when winters hit. Kartik here is wearing ankle boots by Tods with suede inserts and leather detailing. These sneakers have a relaxed silhouette that will make it easy for the mountain climbers to wear it while also making a statement with its stylish construction. Given the umpteen design of these boots, they are priced at Rs 50,000 in India. © Instagram/viralbhayani As for his outfit, the Pyaar Ka Punchnama actor sported an orange jacket with a basic white tee and blue jeans. His accessory game here is on point. Must say, these are by far the best travel companion we have found. Taking notes! View the full article
  21. ISLAMABAD: The ?Azadi? Marchers remembered to remain all charged up as, according to a picture viral on social media, the protesters were seen huddled around a giant socket board where they had plugged in their phones to boost battery...
  22. In this time of fast-track living, nothing comes easy. Gone are the days when 'slow and sweet' would meet our preferences and soothe our souls. The current trend of living a fast-paced life has impacted every aspect of our life and dating is no different. Amid lectures, assignments, meetings, deadlines and whatnot, going on an elaborate date with our partner doesn't happen too often. © RSVP Movies But don't they say there's a solution to every problem out there? And you can trust us to come to the rescue this time around too. We've curated a list of 5 super lit Delhi metro stations across the major networks that make for the perfect place to meet up with your partner and sit down for a quick date before giving in to your daily hustle once again: 1. Nehru Place © iStock Nehru Place Metro Station on the Violet Line features the Epicuria Food Mall. With Nando's, Nehru Place Social, Fio, Lord of The Drinks Forum and many other options to choose from, it's the best place for a quick, cosy date. 2. Rajiv Chowk © Pexels One of the largest metro stations under the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, it serves as a major interchange for multiple networks. The station has a food court called The Tapooz, and has outlets of multiple eateries such as Hot Mess, Wow! Momo, Burger King, Keventers, Chai Point and Café Coffee Day. If food and good conversation is your thing, this could be your place. 3. Huda City Centre © RSVP Movies Located almost at the heart of Gurgaon's corporate jungle, the Huda City Centre metro station on the Yellow Line boasts of the Metro Park Food Court where places like Starbucks, Eggers Madhouse, Dunkin' Donuts, Zaika Punjab, Fruit Inbox, Burger King, Tunday Kebab Express and Gabbar Meals and the likes, that can give you the perfect spot to grab a quick bite with your SO after work or college. 4. Kashmere Gate © Pexels The Kashmere Gate metro station on the Red Line is spread across several floors and is sprinkled with a number of eating joints that serve as a great option to just chill with your partner and catch up over junk food! 5. Dhaula Kuan © Dharma Productions Dhaula Kuan Metro Station, which falls on the Airport Express Line, is also connected to the Pink Line and features the Palate of Delhi food court with options such as Burger King, Khan Chacha, Wow! Momo, Baskin Robbins, Chicago Pizza, Domino's, Berco's, Chaayos and even Moti Mahal Deluxe. It could also serve as a great option if you're trying to avoid big crowds and just spend some quiet time together over food. View the full article
  23. After the successful run of Housefull 4 at the box office, Akshay Kumar has taken a much-deserved break to spend time with his family. He decided to take his daughter Nitara for a morning stroll and guess what? It turned out to be a beautiful lesson for the little one. © Twitter/Akshay Kumar The father-daughter duo came across an old couple in the village who helped Akshay and Nitara in the sweetest way possible. © Twitter/Akshay Kumar Akshay took to Twitter to share his experience through photos and wrote, “Today's morning walk turned into a life lesson for the little one. We walked into this kind, old couple's house for a sip of water and they made us the most delicious gur-roti. Truly, being kind costs nothing but means everything!” Check out the tweet here: Today's morning walk turned into a life lesson for the little one. We walked into this kind, old couple's house for a sip of water and they made us the most delicious gur-roti. Truly, being kind costs nothing but means everything! pic.twitter.com/UOwm2ShwaX — Akshay Kumar (@akshaykumar) October 31, 2019 Akshay's post, especially, resonated with fans and his Twitter account was flooded with positive messages for the actor. Bade dilwala â¤â¤ You r a gem sir ð¥ð¥ð¥ Proud akkianð Bleed akkismâ¤â¤ — ð¸ ððððð®ð® ð¸ (@Khiladi_ki_saru) October 31, 2019 Best human being ever ♥ï¸♥ï¸. Great lesson sir — Arvind Ganesh Iyer (@itsAGI16) October 31, 2019 Even on Instagram, people appreciated his post, with some users saying that Akshay is indeed a real motivator. A family man through and through, Akshay has always been close to his daughter Nitara and makes sure that he takes some time out to spend time with her. On her 7th birthday this year, he took to social media to wish his darling daughter in the cutest way possible. Posting a picture of Nitara nestled in his arms, Akshay wrote, "She's happiest when she's in daddy's arms and so is daddy, evidently.. Wishing you all the happiness in the world always...Happy birthday darling, Nitara.” On the work front, Akshay Kumar has a release this Christmas with Kareena Kapoor Khan titled Good Newwz. View the full article
  24. On days when Amitabh Bachchan is not having fun with his contestants on the sets of Kaun Banega Crorepati 11, he's busy posting about it on social media. While some of his previous contestants earned huge cash by answering some of the toughest questions, his latest contestant couldn't even clear the fastest finger round and was left rolling on the floor. © Instagram Amitabh Bachchan was shooting on the sets of KBC for his next episode when he was greeted by a super adorable cat who probably came there in hopes to make money. Bachchan posted pictures of the same and joked how the fastest finger got the cat rolling on the floor. T 3534 - ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£ ठबिलà¥à¤°à¥ , बिलà¥à¤²à¥ बिलà¥à¤²à¥ , à¤à¥à¤²à¤¨ à¤à¤²à¥ KBC à¤à¥à¤¸à¥ à¤à¤ Fastest Finger, लà¥à¤ पà¥à¤ हॠà¤à¤¯à¥ वहà¥à¤ ~ à¤à¤¬ pic.twitter.com/3pq49UfSXR — Amitabh Bachchan (@SrBachchan) October 30, 2019 Well, we understand. Clearing Fastest Finger First round is difficult, even for a cat; even though gatecrashing the sets was a cakewalk for her. Is it just me or are cats really the most badass creatures of the planet? As soon as he shared the post, fans started commenting how even the cat couldn't resist meeting him. Recently, Amitabh Bachchan, technically his Diwali party was in news after Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's manager Archana Sadanand met with an accident at the party. Her dress caught fire at the party, where she was rescued by Shah Rukh Khan. Both are now recovering from the injuries. View the full article
  25. I LOVE YOU When I look into your eyes I see everything true. When I hold you, I feel all of you, When I kiss you everything goes right, When I hold your hand, I have to hold on tight. When we first met I didn't know what to do, When we met I didn't see the true you. We have been friend and the best of friends, Now we are together I hope our friendship never ends. We are together now, and I feel we shall never part, But baby remember always and forever I love you with all of my heart.
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