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Found 122 results

  1. YouTube experienced widespread broadcasting issues, affecting YouTube, YouTube TV, and YouTube Music, with the Google-owned streaming service down for almost two hours. YouTube said it was "working on resolving this and will let you know once fixed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and will keep you updated." Soon enough, the company announced "we're back!" and said, "if you continue to experience issues, please let us know." Almost two hours after the planet experienced the terrifying outage, the video streaming service reassured us all that the natural order of the world had been restored. The popular site rarely has an outage like this, and they're usually resolved much faster. Here's a look at some of the reactions people shared: 1. Here's One From Us! © Yash Raj Films That moment when YouTube stops working, in the middle of the week, and we can no longer binge-watch stand-up comedians and cat memes! Anushka Sharma has depicted our condition in the most precise manner! And that's everyone's reaction when YouTube is finally back up after a couple of hours! © Yash Raj Films 2. Celebrities Went Missing! YouTube has cultivated its own set of celebrities who have gathered a huge fan following thanks to their videos on the platform. Within a second of YouTube going down, they found themselves without their empire. Obviously, the outage has been temporary and they'll continue to operate. Many already faced a similar nightmare when Vine went down and took along all the stardom a few users had earned. 3. People Vent It Out On Twitter © Twitter It's become a norm now, the moment a major site experiences an outage, users shift to an alternate social network and it becomes a hot topic in no time. Some people considered the #youtubeacalypse and wondered what would happen if the site never came back. Here are a few outrages on Twitter! 4. Bollywood memes © Twitter How can we not bring in our precious collection of Bollywood memes! Here's one of Kangana Ranaut! 5. #YouTubeApocalypse © Twitter Are the Simpsons again going to predict the future? But, Google brought back the site in some time and everyone calmed down. The platform is back, our entertainment remains unhindered, and we can again go back to being a couch potato! Things always come to a good end!
  2. Ever since the accusations against Utsav Chakraborty have come to light, All India Bakchod (AIB) has been under major fire. A few days ago, in a Twitter thread, a woman shared accounts of different women who have come forward with their claims against Utsav and how they had received unsolicited explicit photographs from him. Allegedly, he also sent those pictures to underage girls. Following this controversy, AIB released a statement about the matter. Statement pic.twitter.com/eLpthXifwf — All India Bakchod (@AllIndiaBakchod) October 4, 2018 This was followed by an apology statement, claiming that they 'messed up'. A statement ; We're sorry pic.twitter.com/Lpa9HKyORb — All India Bakchod (@AllIndiaBakchod) October 5, 2018 Even Tanmay issued an apology on 5th October. After confronting Utsav, he said he sent the picture by accident, later called the victim crying, apologizing, hence harassing her further. I should've ended ties then, and I didn't, and it is my fault. I'm truly sorry. I should've acted stronger. — Tanmay Bhat (@thetanmay) October 5, 2018 And now, another AIB member has been accused of sexual misconduct. A woman, who chose to stay anonymous, talked about her experience with Gursimran Khamba and her statement was shared on Twitter by Harnidh Kaur. Gursimran Khamba from @AllIndiaBakchod. The survivor wishes to stay anonymous. #MeToo #TimesUp #BelieveHer pic.twitter.com/B9PTYJT8LE — hk {on a hiatus} (@PedestrianPoet) October 8, 2018 After a couple of days of silence, AIB has again released a statement, and finally, they have taken action instead of just apologizing. Statement pic.twitter.com/KR5tM2sYuX — All India Bakchod (@AllIndiaBakchod) October 8, 2018 According to this latest statement, both Tanmay and Gursimran are no longer working with AIB. While Tanmay, who is the CEO and Co-founder of AIB, has stepped down, Gursimran has been put on a temporary leave of absence. Even though they finally took some action, people are still a little sceptical. Until further notice = Until sab thanda nahi pad jaata — Vijay Poriya (@mazakiya_ladka) October 8, 2018 Here's something positive. I hope all other organizations can remove people with the same swiftness that's shown by @AllIndiaBakchod no matter what the post of the person is. — Vikrant Joshi (@WidefaceViki) October 8, 2018 Okay then. Do you think anything will happen to you? pic.twitter.com/o6DLyxxcUG — Viral (@v4world4v) October 8, 2018
  3. October is going to be one of the most happening months for mobile enthusiasts because we're expecting many new top-tier phones to launch. A couple of years back, March used to be filled to the brim with launches at MWC Barcelona and all the big names tried to take down one another. Samsung's S-series has established itself as a leader and all OEMs are now focusing on improving their product and launching it at the end of the year. This way, they have an edge in analysing the market trend as well as the following holiday season helps in boosting sales. This year, the hype has been more about price sensitive phones like the POCO F1, Mi A2, Vivo X21, and the Nokia 7 Plus. Now, we are looking forward to seeing the flagship phones from makers like Google, OnePlus, LG, Nokia, and Razer. 1. Google Pixel 3: Since you guys keep asking... https://t.co/DpRqzsyRem">pic.twitter.com/DpRqzsyRem — Evan Blass (@evleaks) https://twitter.com/evleaks/status/1043276447094333441?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">September 21, 2018 There aren't too many secrets left to share about Google's upcoming Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL phones. Both devices have been leaked left and right, so we know the smaller Pixel 3 will have a notch-less screen, while the larger Pixel 3 XL will have a notch on top. The Pixel 3 is expected to have a single rear camera, while the front has a dual camera setup. The Pixel 3 XL will also have a similar setup and the duo will be powered by a Snapdragon 845 SoC, 4GB RAM, and 128GB storage. Google has started teasing or trolling, depends on your perspective, and things will go official on October 9. 2. OnePlus 6T: (c) Onleaks Continuing the same launch timeline, OnePlus has confirmed it will be launching the 6T by the third week of October. While the 'T' series phones from the company are supposed to have minor upgrades over the May flagship, rumours, and reports suggest OnePlus has some interesting new things coming up. This includes a much smaller water droplet style notch on the top, an in-display fingerprint scanner, and maybe, a triple camera setup on the back. These additions are sure to offend quite a lot of OnePlus 6 buyers, not just because a new and better flagship has been launched within 6 months, but because they are also removing the 3.5mm headphone jack. Yes, OnePlus intends to go the Apple way. 3. The Mystery 4X Samsung: (c) Samsung Honestly, this is the phone I'm personally most excited about. The core reason being, Samsung has managed to keep the lid on, and everything we've heard about it so far is extremely unreliable. This is how phone launches are actually supposed to be, exciting, not leaked multiple times again and again. As far as the details are concerned, we are guessing it'll have a 4-camera setup on the rear. A much bigger guess can be a foldable phone, but that's a very big if. Samsung will be making everything official on October 11. 4. Razer Phone 2: (c) Twitter Razer too has scheduled a launch, nicely fitting between Google and Samsung. We know the new phone will be focused on gaming, (obviously!) and will also have a dual camera setup on the rear. Leaked renders of the phone suggest it will have sharp edges and slim bezels too. The Razer logo on the back will be glowing, and the phone will have a 6-inch AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 120Hz. We are also pretty sure the phone will be powered by a Snapdragon 845 SoC and will be backed by a 4500mAh battery. The phone will be launched on October 10. 5. Huawei Mate 20: Twitter / @rquandt The Mate series is typically the larger version of Huawei's flagship smartphone ranges, and this year's Mate 20 will feature the new Kirin 980 platform and make its debut on 16 October at an event in London. The Mate 20 series will continue with the premium design found on the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro, though it is likely to adopt waterproofing and the notch design of the P20 and P20 Pro. ReplyForward
  4. If you are a beginner or have recently joined the gym, you may have been given a cookie cutter training plan which would be one-day weights, one-day abs, and cardio, repeat. And there is a good chance that you have been sold a standard personal training plan along with this. You go to the gym and follow this plan religiously, following the cardio and abs workout. Doing 15 minutes of cardio on three different machines followed by hundreds of ab crunches. But, is this doing you any good? © Pixabay Here are a few reasons that why cardio and abs day are a waste of your time: 1) Too Much Cardio Can Be Detrimental For Your Recovery As you are dedicating a completely different day for cardio, you get the itch of going all out on the same. You go at it with full intensity and thus increase the risk of an injury as well as delayed recovery. The next day that you get into the gym, you are too sore or fatigued to do justice to your training session. Your performance will eventually go for a toss later which in turn can have a negative effect on your muscle and strength gains. 2) Defeats The Purpose Of Doing Cardio Cardio is good for your cardiovascular health and if you are someone who is interested in gaining muscle and looking lean and ripped, cardio is better used as a supplement to your training and not your entire training session alone. If you are interested in building an impressive physique, you should focus more on lifting weights and compliment it with 2-3 mini cardio sessions per week. You can do 2-3 LISS aka low-intensity steady state cardio sessions for 20 to 30 minutes each or 1-2 HIIT aka high-intensity interval training sessions for 10 to 20 minutes each. 3) You Are Already Working On Your Abdominals The main function of your abdominal muscles is to provide stabilization when lifting free weights. If your workout routine consists of compound exercises, you are engaging your core already. It only makes sense to double down on it and do some direct ab work at the end of the workout. Dedicating a separate day to it just does not make logistical sense. © YouTube 4) Your Trainer Is Escaping A Dedicated Session With You By Cheating You If your trainer charges you per session and includes the cardio and abs day as one of the sessions in your training, better change your trainer. He is simply looting you by charging for a session where you can independently do all the work without his assistance. A trainer's job is to ensure he teaches you more about exercise safety, form, technique, progression schemes and the likes. Not telling you that hop on three different machines for 15 minutes each and run like a bunny. 5) You Can Use These Days Instead To Break The Monotony Instead of dedicating a day to cardio and abs, you can rather pick up an activity or a sport or a hobby that gives you a break from the monotony of being in the gym six days in a week and it became all the more boring for you to stick to it. If you lose the inspiration, you may start skipping sessions and sooner or later fall off the fitness wagon altogether. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram and join his FREE Facebook Fitness group.
  5. One name that will always feature in the 'fashion-forward' list in Bollywood is that of Ranveer Singh, who has proven time and time again that beneath the snazzy, flamboyant, fearless demeanour, there lies a super enthusiastic man who actually understands fashion and knows what's up. He qualifies as a true-blue sneakerhead - one who deserves to be looked up to, not only because of his collection that is essentially eclectic, but also because of the fact that they are all extremely 'statement'. His latest appearance in a classic 90s, retro-inspired pair of sneakers just reiterated this fact. Take a look. © Viral Bhayani Ranveer wore a pair of Adidas Originals 'Torsion Dimension Low' - a '90s classic that was brought back, to our delight. It released last month, September 1st to be precise. The vibrantly coloured accents, the teal and pink panels to be specific, along with the bulky, chunky mid-sole that also has a purple patch detailing, definitely spells 'classic retro'. © Sneakernews © Sneakernews One thing that we are pleasantly surprised about is, how affordable they are. They cost $130, which when converted to INR translates to Rs 9,500, approximately. Well, super affordable by 'celeb standards', for sure. © Viral Bhayani What we love about this particular pair is that it's not only meant for comfort - given they were originally released as a training pair - but they also have the edgy but familiar style element of a pair of 'dad shoes' that got a colourful, functional makeover. © Sneakernews © Sneakernews Coming to the rest of his outfit, we absolutely love the white base. The teal and purple detailing in his outfit is most definitely not a coincidence, and a well-calculated fashion move. He seems to have chosen the outfit based on his sneaker aesthetic, which is something only he could have pulled off without looking 'too coordinated'. © Viral Bhayani All we can say is that we love the pair. Good going, Baba!
  6. There's an old saying “The body won't go, where the mind has not gone first”. The mind has the power the drive you towards the destiny decided by you. Brain is the only machine in the body which is driving majority of our actions from moving our hands, to reading, dancing, etc. But do you know how to enhance the mind to do better? We All Have This Super Power Known As Visualization Visualization is a process of mentally putting ourselves into places and situations using only our imagination. We re-enact reality as a mental images. By visualizing ourselves overcoming certain problems we become more prepared to deal with the real life situations. The changes that occur in the brain when we mentally practice an action will train the brain to perform the same action in the same way over a period of time. How Is This Super Power Going To Help You For Your Workout? Suppose you're a busy young entrepreneur or someone just getting into a challenging job after college. You want to engage yourself in fitness but seem to have trouble getting a good workout due to numerous tensions. Visualize and think of yourself as a fit person handling the business or work even at the age of 55-60 years with the same physical efficiency. It's just 30 minutes a day to keep you working for the rest of your life. On the other side of the spectrum you're an unfit old retired man with certain heart issues and disease, you aren't even able to play with your grandchildren properly, which situation seems the best choice for you? Obviously, a fit personality with lot of work and lot of energy and who is full to life! Visualizing How Clearly You Want To Live Your Life Will Translate Into The Commitment You Require At The Gym © Allmax Nutirtion Training in the gym is a long journey within itself. There are good days and some bad days. The key primer is in the mind. The most important part is you visualizing yourself getting through training plateaus and overcoming psychological setbacks. There are lots of successful people from all walks of life who use visualization as a way to rehearse their success. Try doing that! Through visualization they are able to be ready themselves for the upcoming challenges. Some specific examples include Connor Mc Gregor, Michael Jordan, Frank Zane and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Just by “day dreaming”, these people have significantly improved their chances in achieving goals. They saw themselves in their minds as much bigger, better in the skill, taking their performance to the next level. How Will Visualization Help You In The Gym? Start From The Moment You Walk Into The Gym, To The Time You Pack Up And Leave © Pixabay The power of mental imagery extends beyond the mind and affects our body. Through positive and constructive imaginations we can grow stronger, heal faster, become more skillful, and all without moving a muscle. Lets suppose you're performing a squat on that day and you pushed 75 kg for 6 reps, visualize yourself doing 80kgs for 6 reps the next time. Try It Now Find a quiet place, the perfect time and think about your goals! When you perform creative visualization, you will project a bigger and greater yourself. Good luck! Helius is one of Mumbai's most promising fitness professionals and part time kettle bell lecturer. His knowledge on nutrition and trainer soft skills management is well recognized. To know more about him CLICK HERE, and mail your queries about fitness to heliusd@hotmail.com.
  7. Apart from the yearly updates on the company's latest Laptop, Surface Pro and Studio devices, Microsoft also announced on the most interesting Bluetooth headphones. The headphones come in light grey and will be available to buy for $350 (Approx Rs 25,000). © Microsoft The Surface headphones come only in one colour similar to the Surface products and will be available only in the U.S. this December. The headphones are slated to compete with Bose's QC 35 ii and Sony's 1000X M3 headphones. The Microsoft headphones not only offer premium sound but also has a unique feature i.e. adjustable noise cancellation. Users can control the degree of noise cancellation by turning the dial on the left ear cup. This will enable users to let in outside noise according to their own preferences. The dial on the right ear cup can be used to adjust the volume which is probably the most convenient way to use when compared to other headphones in the same category. © Microsoft The headphones are of course wireless that supports Bluetooth 5.0 but can also be connected to a device using the detachable 3.5mm cable. It uses a USB Type C port for charging which means it will juice up at a faster pace. The Surface Headphones also have support for a digital voice assistant i.e. 'Cortana'. Users will be able to give out hands-free voice commands by simply saying “Hey Cortana”. “They slip comfortably over your ears to surround you with spectacular sound quality and 13 levels of ambient noise control,” Microsoft's press release says. “Designed with collaboration in mind, there are 2 beam-forming microphones on each ear cup, 8 microphones in total, all helping you focus on the sounds you want to capture allowing for excellent call experiences.” The earcups also have touch control which can be used for playing/pausing music and skipping tracks. Microsoft says that the Surface Headphones can last up to 15 hours on a single charge (wireless) and 50 hours when using the detachable 3.5mm cable.
  8. When it comes to alcohol, the general idea is that it is a complete no as it only harms your bodies. While there is no benefit from consuming alcohol or it has no relevance in the terms of your diet from an evolutionary or performance perspective, it is still a part of many people's lives. Some drink it out of habit while some consume it to socialize; the bottom line is that people consume it. If you decide to booze, that is totally your decision. Now the general perception among people is that you have to totally avoid alcohol while dieting. © Youtube This extremism comes with a couple of fallacies: 1. You have to totally restrict while on a diet. 2. Point 1 translates to drinking like a sloth and get smashed on the so-called 'cheat' days or go all out when not dieting. Not very conducive to long-term health or your relationship with alcohol! So if you decide to drink alcohol, moderation should be the key. How do you do it on a diet? Read on. 1. Alcohol Has Calories One thing that people fail to understand is that alcohol is often called the 4th macronutrient. Just that you do not talk about it in the context of a healthy diet as it has no evolutionary or performance significance. One gram of alcohol has 7 calories. Coming to the drinks you consume, spirits often only have alcohol in them. Whereas fermented things like beer or wine have carbs along with them. By understanding that it has calories, you can do the math. If you drink and yet are in a caloric deficit, you will lose weight. Thus, alcohol does not get a free pass and needs to be accounted for. 2. Go For Lower Calorie Drinks Now that you know alcohol has calories, your aim should be to make choices based on your calorie goals. Spirits, dry wines and beers, in general, have lower calories. If you are drinking spirits, mix them with plain soda or diet sodas if you add mixers. If you drink it neat, you need not worry about this. The calorie bombs are usually the ones mixed with sodas or the fancy cocktails. Avoid them as much as possible. 3. Manage Your Calorie Intake For The Day Aim that not more than 15% of your total calories for the day come from alcohol on the day that you plan to consume it and actively reduce your total calories or calories coming from other foods for the day. Reducing carbs and fats is often a good approach as protein is the last macronutrient you want to cut down from your diet. So on the day you are drinking, dropping your carbs and fat to accommodate alcohol would be ideal. © YouTube 4. Drink As Per Your Goal If you are drinking to get sloshed, drink on an empty stomach and gulp your drinks. You will get drunk in fewer drinks and hence fewer calories. If your goal is to socialize, sip and take your own sweet time to finish off a drink. That way, your goal is fulfilled without going overboard and wrecking your diet. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.
  9. Joining a gym and watching your diet are the two main things everyone knows that need to be done in order to get into shape. When a beginner joins a gym, they are often left confused and are overwhelmed. That happens as they do not really understand what needs to be done, or what others are doing, or what they exactly should be doing? Here are some rookie gym mistakes that you can avoid: 1. Only Using Machines While machines are really good for beginners and I have emphasized this in my previous article as well, doing exclusively machine work should not be the goal. You should also learn to lift with free weights and get better at it as: a. It has a higher motor recruitment, b. It strengthens your stabilizer muscles and c. It is better suited in certain situations and has a carryover effect. © YouTube 2. Doing Too Many Isolation Exercises So many times I have seen beginners doing just isolation exercises like tricep pushdowns or bicep curls or overhead tricep extensions and the likes, dedicating their entire sessions to just arm work and isolation exercises almost all the time. Not that isolation work is bad, but just doing isolation exercises will only take you so far. Compounds or multi-joint movements are the strength builders along with building skill. They recruit more muscles during the movement and have a carryover effect by strengthening you in daily movement patterns. Do not ignore the compounds and give them an equal chance. 3. Using just lighter weights The claim of lighter weights for cutting is dumb. So this may be the reason you lift light. Another reason would be that you are scared of injuring yourself as you do not have the skill or the strength to lift heavy. Understandable! Here is where you apply the principle of progressive overload. Not even the strongest dude in the gym started lifting as heavy as he may be doing now on his very first day. You start light but you build up. And this is absolutely needed if you want to grow your muscle size and get stronger. 4. Not Carry The Gym Essentials What are the essentials you absolutely need? A bottle of water, a deodorant, a towel, clean socks and shoes. These are the things that are 100% needed inside the gym. The bottle to avoid dehydration as it can lead to fatigue or even losses of energy. Clean socks and shoes as nobody would want a pair of stinky feet exercising around them. The deo as things can get messy once you start sweating and the towel to take off the sweat off the bench or piece of equipment you may be using. Not carrying any of these and leaving benches sweaty and areas smelly can leave you on top of the hate list at the gym. And you should respect everyone else's hygiene as the gym is for everyone. © Thinkstock Images 5. Not Asking For Help Though it is not cool to be told what to do and how to do things, the gym is a different type of place altogether. A simple mistake or an unwanted jerk here or there and you would be resting with your foot in a plaster for weeks. Though personal training may not always be an affordable option for you, asking someone who seems to know what they are doing for help every now and then should not hurt your ego. You are at the gym to get in shape and to become stronger. If someone can assist you to do that, there is no harm in it. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.
  10. When you're trying to seek out a woman you fancy, you cannot expect them to simply fall into your lap, because you've got the looks for it or enough bank balance to pamper her with. While we all feel great when we come to know someone loves us, women usually like to go a step further to size up the compatibility they share with the other person. Listed below are 10 such habits or personality traits that every woman usually looks for and appreciates in a man: 1. Thoughtful Mannerisms © Dharma Productions One of the things women notice very early on during their interactions with a man, are his mannerisms. By that, we don't just mean things like holding the door for her or paying attention to her when she speaks, those are basic etiquettes anyone should follow. But an easy trace of thoughtfulness and kindness in a man's mannerisms (that aren't merely pretentious), always catch a woman's attention. 2. Willingness To Mend Things In the present times of easy availability and abundant Chinese goods around us, thoughts of ditching something when it stops working and replacing it with a new one, come quick and easy. But women aren't a fan of the idea, until it becomes absolutely necessary. Women love it when men show signs of being willing to fix things, rather than abandoning them, the very first chance they get. © Dharma Productions 3. Holding The Pace Most people are unaware of the fact that women really appreciate it when a man consciously makes an effort to hold the pace during conversations or even when they are simply walking together. Rushing a conversation, meeting or constantly walking a few steps ahead of her seems a bit crude. 4. Respecting Time Yeah, it's a no-brainer, and yet half of you fail to follow this simple rule. Punctuality in every aspect of your personal and professional life is a major turn on for women. Your respect for time comes across as an indication of meticulousness and thinking ahead of time, which women absolutely admire in a man. © Jhoom Jhoom Productions 5. Positive Vibes You may think it isn't as important, but trust us when we say that your whole game will change if a woman gets attracted to your vibe before anything else. Women love men who make them feel welcome and calm. They dig men who exude positivity in the way they look at things. Your vibes can be a total game changer for you. 6. Passion & Discipline Having a passion that's close to your heart and making it a point to follow up on it, is something every woman seeks in a man. Nobody wants a man who only works, eats, sleeps and repeats it all over again, day in and day out. So, whether it's a hobby you're passionate about or it's gymming that makes you happy, following it with a discipline will surely make her admire you all the more. © Sunshine Pictures 7. A Vision For The Future Goes without saying, but women find men with a vision for the future extremely attractive. Women directly connect it to the fact that the man is dependable and can be trusted, not only with her heart but her own visions for the future, both personally and professionally. Men with a plan come across as sincere, invested and action-oriented, and women totally love that. 8. Eating Often & Eating Right Women love food. Well, mostly. Regardless of whether they are into cooking or not, women enjoy the company of good friends and delicious food at all times. So be assured, that she'll have her eyes on you when you take your call on food. If you can cook it, superb, that's a winner right there. If not, she'll score you on how much you appreciate good food when you taste it. © Viacom 18 Motion Pictures 9. Regard For Money & Finances This is something you feel we'd rather not mention, but this happens to be an important factor for women. If you're into the habit of taking care of your finances and closely monitoring your expenses and investments, while you indulge in a fair share of goodness that money provides, then that's going to be appreciated. Women don't like men who throw around their money simply because they can/want to. Dependability and security are crucial. 10. Initiating Open Conversations/Discussions If you've heard this one before, then you should know that it's true. It may be a common stereotype that women like to talk, anytime and anywhere, but the truth is, most of them want to stay away from futile conversations just as much as you do. Hence, if you can initiate open and quality conversations or are willing to initiate discussions on matters of mutual interest, she'll want to come back to you for more of it. How many of these do you think you have been blessed with?
  11. The iPhone XS and XS Max will be available for Indian users to buy from today from 6:00 PM onwards. Users can buy the new iPhones on both online and offline platforms. The iPhone XS is exorbitantly priced in India and starts with a price tag of Rs 1,09,900. Customers can buy the new phone via Flipkart, jio.com and the Airtel Online Store. Since these smartphones cost a small fortune, retailers have come out with attractive offers for buyers that include cash-back options and EMI plans. © Twitter Here are the prices of the new iPhones, in case you plan on buying them today: . iPhone XS (64GB): Rs. 99,900 . iPhone XS (256GB): Rs. 1,14,900 . iPhone XS (512GB): Rs. 1,34,900 . iPhone XS Max (64GB): Rs. 1,09,900 . iPhone XS Max (256GB): Rs 1,24,900 . iPhone XS Max (512GB): Rs. 1,44,900 Deals: © Reuters If you're looking to save additional money, you can avail offers from various outlets. The Airtel Online Store is offering a 5 per cent cashback on online orders if you use Citi Bank or Axis Bank credit cards. You can either avail a 12-month or 24-month EMI option. You can have the iPhone XS either delivered to your home or arrange a pickup at your nearby Airtel Store. On Flipkart, you can avail other rewards such as an exchange offer that will save you up to Rs. 13,500 on any of the new iPhone models. If you pre-order on Flipkart using an RBL Bank credit cards, HDFC Bank credit card or an Axis Credit Card, customers can get a five per cent discount. If you prefer to buy on EMI, offers start at Rs 4,149 per month. The iPhone XS and XS Max come with a 5.8-inch screen and 6.5-inch screen respectively. All models are powered by Apple's proprietary A12 Bionic chip and come with a dual camera system. Both primary camera lenses have a 12MP sensor with f/1.8 wide angle lens and the second lens has an aperture of f/2.4. Both models come with iOS 12 out of the box. Will you be buying the iPhone XS or the iPhone XS Max? Let us know in the comment section below.
  12. If you happen to travel a lot to work every day, I feel you. I am also in the same league as yours. I spend almost 4 plus hours in traffic every day. It gets frustrating when you want to stick to a regular workout and dieting schedule. It seems that all the valuable time was spent stuck in the traffic. Well, it is what it is. The job puts the food on the table and you have to show up. No way around that. Now what you can do are these following things that I have devised over the past 3 years of struggling with travelling for long hours and still getting in the best shape of my life. 1) Always Cook In Advance. Always! Cook all your meals a night before. I do that and it works like a breeze. Wake up, freshen up, pack your meals and you are good to go. No cooking hassles in the morning. If not at night, do it whenever you find the time to do so. But do it a day in advance. This will save you time, energy and mental peace. 2) Leave Home And Work On Time Now this is one of the most crucial aspects. Give your best while you are at work but don't overstay unnecessarily. If the day's work strictly demands your presence, do it. If it doesn't, don't stick around and waste your time small talking to your colleagues. Pointless smoke and coffee breaks won't get you fit. Same applies for showing up at work on time. Try this and you will see an ocean of change in your daily life. © YouTube 3) Stick To Your Diet Like Glue. Office Snacking Can Quickly Add Up Calories Without You Even Realizing Dieting will make or break your health goals. It all boils down to how strictly you diet, even in tough circumstances. Office snacking, a couple of pizza slices, a can of coke, all this will only add up to extra calories. At work, temptations are many but you have got to stay strong. Stick to your daily caloric limit with bare minimum cheats. This will keep you on track and guilt away. 4) Sleep On Time, Almost Every Day I won't stress on how important sleep is, you already know that. Sleeping on time will save time in the morning, kill the feeling of sluggishness at work and make you very, very productive. © YouTube 5) Have A Workout Plan To Follow. Don't Waste Your Time At The Gym Probably the most overlooked thing. Walking around staring at the mirror, small talking with gym monkeys and walking on the treadmill isn't time invested, it's time wasted. Get yourself a training log with all your workouts listed down. Walk in with an aim and walk out satisfied.
  13. Are the vegetables online fresh and consumable? I just worry I’ll get a bad bunch of vegetables.
  14. Most people have this complaint that their training schedule is too boring or too hard. In fact, one of the major reasons why people discontinue going to the gym is because they do not find their training schedule realistic or sustainable. More often than not, the fault lies with the trainers. They put everyone who walks through the gym door on the same generic one body part a day cookie cutter plan without taking into consideration a client's lifestyle, goals and preferences. © Thinkstock Images The first thing that should to be considered when you are charting out your training routine is your schedule and time frame. Everyone starts working out with a goal or a target in mind and your workout schedule be planned in such a way that it helps you achieve that goal. For example, if you are a competitive bodybuilder or a physique athlete and are planning to compete in 12 weeks, your plan should be realistic enough to help you achieve the physique that you would like to present on stage. Even if you go to the gym, just to look good in general or lose some fat and gain muscle, you should still plan ahead. A correctly set up optimum training plan which you can realistically follow in a consistent manner can greatly augment your results and vice versa. Although this may sound really simple and obvious but most people get it wrong. People look up the internet for a workout schedule and download a generic 8 or 12 week cookie cutter plan. However, this plan does not suit your needs, nor has it taken into account various factors like: 1. Health Markers 2. Fitness Goals 3. Training Preferences 4. Time Dedicated Towards Fitness 5. Training Age Now, let me get this very clear. The person you might idolize on IG is a full time fitness professional. You aren't. You have a family and a regular job. That means you can't stay shredded 365 days a year and can work out twice a day. You should be realistic about how much time will you be able to dedicated in the gym on a day to day or week to week basis. Remember that optimal is not necessarily the same thing as realistic. You need to begin with what you can do, before you choose what you ought to do. © Pixabay Always consider fitting your training schedule to what is practical and realistic in your life to begin with, before evaluating anything else. In the event that you think that a 5 day training schedule would be immaculate, you can realistically dedicate 4 days a week towards training - it is anything but a choice, let go of it! Try to focus on what you can do in the days you have available. It's essential to think about what we are realistically able to do in the long term as well. That which on paper looks the best but makes us fall off the wagon on a regular basis is going to produce a worse outcome than something slightly suboptimal that we can adhere to. Remember, consistency is what makes progress rather than perfection. Nav Dhillon is an online coach with GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company that helps people with fitness goals right from losing weight to competing in bodybuilding shows. Nav is an avid bodybuilding enthusiast and heads the NABBA (National amateur bodybuilders association) as a General Secretary. This innate passion and position has helped him work with a lot of bodybuilders to help them take their physique at the next level. He also has a lovely pet called Buster whom he enjoys playing with in his free time. You can reach Nav on nav.dhillon@getsetgo.fitness to take your fitness and physique to the next level.
  15. I started my fat loss journey when I was in college due to two things. First was to stop being teased for the way I looked and the second one being that I wanted to prove a point to everyone that it is you who is in charge of your own fitness if you are really serious about it. A lot of college dudes give a very similar reason to not go on a diet and focus on fat loss. The reason usually is that 'I cannot diet as it is EXPENSIVE.' This is a stupid reason and in this article, I will show you that if you really plan things well, setting up a fat loss diet is not that expensive. If you are a college-going student, there is a good chance that you have a slightly active lifestyle. The diet given below of 1700 kcals will benefit almost anyone who follows it. Certain dudes will have to increase or decrease their calorie intake due to individual factors. © Pixabay Let's assume you go to the college in the morning from 9 AM to 3 PM. Let's break down your day into 3 meals and 2 snacks. Breakfast - 1 whole egg + 3 egg whites + 1 banana or any other fruit Lunch - A chicken sandwich + 1 cold coffee Pre-workout - Half a scoop of Whey protein + 1 fruit Post-workout - Another half scoop of Whey + 200 ml double toned milk Dinner - Soya/Chicken Pulav made with 150 grams of chicken or 75 grams of soya chunks and some veggies Here is a calorie, macro and cost breakdown of the meal plan mentioned above: And before you go ahead and brand this as expensive, one coffee at Starbucks costs 350 rupees. © YouTube A couple of bonus tips: 1. Do not waste your money on supplements. Read this piece. 2. Give sleep an equal priority as that can screw your progress. Read this piece to optimize sleep. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.
  16. 12 Years ago, Google bought a little known operating system still in development by Android Inc which was later transformed into the leading OS in the world. Android was first unveiled in 2007 and launched officially in partnership with HTC on 23rd September 2008. Since 2011, Android has been the best-selling OS in the world and has over two billion active users today. It has the largest installed base of any operating system and today the Google Play store features over 3 million applications. The first smartphone that was available over the counter featuring Android was the HTC Dream, also known as the T-Mobile G1. In celebration of Android's 10th anniversary, here are 5 ways it changed our lives. Android Made Smartphones Affordable © MensXP Android as a platform is now offered by almost every technology company on the planet. Android launched as an alternative to Apple's iPhone which was priced exorbitantly even a decade ago. Android enabled companies like Xiaomi, Oppo, OnePlus, Samsung and many others to develop smartphones that could be sold at a much cheaper price. Being an open-source operating system, it let companies take advantage of Google's offering and deliver products that are now loved by consumers all over the world. Android Re-defined Customisation © Wikipedia Commons When Android first launched, it let users customise their home screen on the HTC Dream, a feature that was absent on the newly launched iPhone. It was a way for users to customise their home screen to their own liking, which was not a feature that Apple offered on the first iPhone. Apple later caught up with Android and today lets their users change the home and lock screen wallpaper. Android was also the first operating system to allow users to manage apps into folders which was later introduced by Apple to iOS. The open-source nature of the platform, also let developers and smartphone makers customise launchers, themes and tweak certain features that we still cannot do on iOS today. We Got Bigger Screens © BCCL Android-based devices started the trend of offering big screens even before it became the norm today. Android made it easier for smartphone makers to introduce larger screens at an early stage and today we cannot imagine smartphones having a 3-inch display. Larger screens meant a better internet browsing experience, better video content consumption and more real estate for managing apps and functions. Thanks to Android smartphones, Apple was forced to rethink their design ethos and started offering large-screen smartphones. Android Made Navigation Easy © Pexels Android introduced a dedicated Google Maps application to all devices which changed the way we navigate today. Google Maps on Android made it convenient and accessible to every user regardless of what device they were using. You no longer needed a fancy device for your car in order to use GPS to get around. Google Maps today can also be used to estimate your travel time enabling users to plan their journeys well in advance. It paved the way for companies like Uber and Ola and today we can't imagine travelling on the road or the streets without Google Maps if we don't know where we are. The App Factor © Reuters Even though Apple announced plans of launching the iTunes App Store for the iPhone, the HTC Dream already had a marketplace installed in the smartphone out of the box. It paved the way for the Android Market which was later renamed to Google Play. The rudimentary app store on the HTC Dream already let users download some games and applications. Today, the Play Store features over 3 millions applications that serve a variety of purposes. It may not be as good as Apple's App Store, however, it has come a long way ever since it was first introduced.
  17. When it comes to looking for premium sneakers for men, that happen to be fashion-forward, stylish, comfortable and get a 10/10 on quality, Adidas as a brand is pretty much unrivaled. After all, there's a reason why they are considered to be the go-to brand for men's sneakers. Most of Adidas' collection comprises of some of the most trendy, modish and uber cool sneakers out there, but they've recently launched a new pair of sneakers in India that has pretty much grabbed all of our attention and taken our excitement to the next level - the Adidas Originals Atric sneakers. © Amazon The Atric sneakers, that feature an intricate and colourful design on their bespoke Merino wool upper, are built with the template of what would happen when the specifications of trekking shoes clashed with the style trends of an urban lifestyle. As Merino wool ends up acting as a perfect tool for moisture-wicking and water resistance, along with harbouring anti-microbial properties as well, these sneakers won't make you compromise on breathability or comfort. And if all of that wasn't enough, the CONTINENTAL rugged sole that it comes equipped with gives it the type of durability that is mostly seen in trekking shoes. Additionally, these shoes also implement Adidas' Primeknit technology with suede patches, an incredibly soft and comfortable PU midsole, and a heel pull tab for easy entry. © Amazon But it's not just their specifications that make these sneakers so damn special - just one look at their effortlessly stylish design and you know they'll make for a pretty modish and fashion-forward accessory for your attire. You can pretty much team them up with any pair of solid joggers or checked trousers for a party-ready ensemble. You could also team them up with a pair of washed jeans and a simple tee for a casual yet stylish ensemble. Simply put, with these bad boys in your sneaker collection, you'd be taking your style game to the next level. © Amazon So if you too want to get your hands on these kickass Atric sneakers from Adidas, click here. Additionally, you can check out the latest sneakers from Adidas by clicking here.
  18. You are a busy dude with a very hectic schedule. You want to hit the gym consistently and your work does not give you the liberty to do so. And even if you make it to the gym, you just do not have the energy to endure a grueling 1.5-hour session for the day. What do you do then? Is getting in shape, not an option for you at all? Do not worry, I got you. In this article, I will share with you a training split that will let you be out of the gym in 45-minutes while getting the work done. How To Do It Perform all the exercises for 8 to 15 reps in a circuit fashion with minimal rest (or as needed) between different exercises. Once the circuit is done, rest for 2-3 minutes and repeat the circuit as mentioned below. Exercise 1: Lat Pulldown © Thinknstock Sets: 3 Reps: 8 to 15 Exercise 2: Incline Dumbbell/Machine Chest Press © Pixabay Sets: 3 Reps: 8 to 15 Exercise 3: Leg Press © YouTube Sets: 3 Reps: 8 to 15 Exercise 4: Dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts © YouTube Sets: 3 Reps: 8 to 15 Exercise 5: Bench Press © YouTube Sets: 3 Reps: 8 to 15 Exercise 6: Seated Rows © YouTube Sets: 3 Reps: 8 to 15 Exercise 7: Triceps pushdowns © YouTube Sets: 3 Reps: 8 to 15 Exercise 8: Bicep Curls © Pinterest Sets: 3 Reps: 8 to 15 This circuit repeated three times would not take more than 45 minutes inside the gym. Take a day or two rest between the sessions. That way, you will have to just be inside the gym for 90 to 135 minutes per week. The benefits of this workout: 1. Time-saving, obviously. 2. Good for fat loss, when coupled with a caloric deficit. 3. Can be used during a muscle building phase too. 4. Trains all your major muscles. 5. You do not have to wait for your turn at the gym for long, especially during the busy hours. It is also beneficial to be adequately warmed up before you begin your circuits. A 5-minute cardio walk at a semi-fast speed along with a bit of dynamic stretching at the beginning would definitely help. Also note, having a day or two rest between sessions can be optimal as you will be adequately rested to perform your best during a session. So now a busy schedule will not be an obstacle for you to get into shape. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.
  19. I recently got to see the Oscar winning 'Call Me By Your Name' (I know I'm late to the party, but better late than never, right?) at a friend's place. Needless to say, I was overwhelmed after watching the film, so much so that my friends started wondering if I was okay. But after I had calmed myself down and fully processed the movie, I came to a disheartening realization - Bollywood has a gay problem and it's time we started addressing it. Barring a few rare exceptions, LGBT characters - in the long history of Bollywood movies (especially in mainstream films) - have simply never existed. And in the rare case that they made an appearance, they were shown in perhaps the most homophobic light possible - they were either used as a punchline at the expense of which jokes were made, or worse, they were shown as being these predatory people who are out to 'convert' straight guys. If I start listing all of the movies in the 90s, 2000s and even this decade where LGBT folks were represented in the most homophobic manner possible (Sajid Khan's movies immediately come to mind), I'd have to write an entire book. So instead let's look at the most prominent examples of flawed LGBT representation and why it's time we actually started addressing them. 'Kal Ho Naa Ho' is one of those beloved films that most of us have fond memories of watching. In fact, for the longest time, it was my favourite feel-good movie. But I recently realized just how low-key homophobic that film was - what with Kanta Ben's outright disgust at the mere implication that Saif Ali Khan's character might be gay. Even in a feel-good movie with no LGBT characters, Bollywood found a way of being homophobic. Then we have 'Dostana', a film that is widely considered to be the first mainstream Bollywood movie to have introduced homosexuality in a relatively positive light. But that movie's portrayal of LGBT folks - as well-intentioned as it may be - is extremely problematic as well. For instance, Abhishek Bachchan's portrayal of Sam (a straight guy pretending to be gay) went about just as badly as you'd expect it to - playing up all of the stereotypes that straight guys tend to have about gay folks. And John Abraham played his character (another straight guy pretending to be gay) as if he were completely asexual. But you can still give a pass to these two because they were at least 'pretending' to be gay. What's absolutely inexcusable? Boman Irani's portrayal of an actual gay guy that reduced his character to the most blatant and offensive stereotypes about gay men. And even when the portrayal of LGBT folks is not done in a stereotypical manner, it's barely given any significant substance apart from being used for the sake of a potential plot twist or punchline. Think of 'Kapoor & Sons', one of the few mainstream Bollywood movies I could think of that featured a gay character in a main role. While Fawad Khan's performance was nuanced and commendable - and it certainly helped that the movie itself was well-made - his character's sexuality was only reduced to a mere plot twist for the sake of heightened tension and drama. Did we get to know anything about his character's boyfriend or the relationship they shared? Were the two of them given even one moment of intimacy in the movie? Did we even get to know his boyfriend's name? © Instagram/ Fawad Khan Speaking of which, have we EVER had a single mainstream Bollywood movie that showcased LGBT intimacy of any kind? Emotional or physical? Just this year alone we've had countless rom-coms centered around straight couples - why can't we have one that actually has a gay or lesbian couple at the forefront? And if things are bad for the gays and lesbians, they are even worse for transgender folks - who are not only confused and cluttered together with India's 'hijra' community (they are NOT the same people!), but also never given ANY representation of any kind that is not confined to making them dance at weddings or beg on the streets. © Instagram/ Janhvi Kapoor This is not to say that there hasn't been any positive representation of the LGBT community in the movies. Deepa Mehta's movie 'Fire' - that featured a lesbian couple discovering their sexuality in rural India - was a masterful portrayal of homosexuality. Recently, Hansal Mehta's 'Aligarh' (that featured a tour de force performance by Manoj Bajpayee) accurately showcased the harrowing stigma that section 377 was nurturing against LGBT folks and 'Margarita with a Straw' finally acknowledged the existence of bisexuality. But these are not mainstream films, and as great as they may be, their positive impact is sadly limited. © Instagram/ Manoj Bajpayee So there have been some examples of positive representation, but we still have MILES to go. We need to have more positive (and more importantly, more substantial) portrayals of gay and lesbian characters in mainstream films and we need to see that bisexuals and especially transgender men and women actually exist. With the recent scrapping of Section 377, something tells me there is a big, bright rainbow waiting for us at the end of this tunnel.
  20. It's so funny to see new fancy workouts popping up on the internet every day. One would claim extreme fat burning and the other would promise a chiseled core. Let's call these tall claims with short walks. One common thing or as I like to call it, a flaw each of these stupid programs have is the absence of evidence and science. Burn these many calories in these many hours. Put on this much muscle in this time and what not. Look, a lot of things in the fitness industry just don't have precise answers. It all depends. It's all very subjective. But some questions do and their answers will always remain the same. New Fancy Programs Will Never Replace Proven Exercises © Pixabay TRX this, BOSU ball that and ZUMBA, my god. These are just outrageously idiotic additions to a workout that could have been sensible, otherwise. Look, if you want to look good naked, the drill is simple. Reduce body fat and build muscle. To build muscle, you need to lift weight and overtime add more and more weight. Our body is an adaptive being. It adapts to loads. The more comfortable you get with a given load, the lesser the chances of building new muscle tissue. Hence, no muscle built. And best believe that all these circus type workouts won't help you look good naked simply because they don't load your muscle enough. Moreover, half of these workouts are downright illogical. What's the point of trying to flip a 100-kilo tyre when you can't deadlift your own bodyweight? Exactly, no point! They might be fun but well, the results will never be what you wanted in the first place. Stick To The Basics Of Pull, Push, Hinge, Hang And Carry © Thinkstock Our bodies do great when we make them do what they are built to do in the first place. For centuries, humans have used the pulling, pushing, hinging, hanging and carrying movements in daily life. And not to mention, back in the day there were hardly any cases of lifestyle obesity. People were strong and lean, naturally. These same movements were carried over into the gym rooms and in the form of push-ups, pull-ups, rows, loaded carries and deadlifts. People did them and got results because these exercises made sense. Just like to lose fat, you have to eat in a caloric deficit and expend more energy; you have to focus on the proven exercises to build strength and muscle. Don't expect to do acro-yoga and zumba and get jacked! What Are These Exercises? 1) Deadlifting 2) Rowing (different variation) 3) Overhead shoulder pressing 4) Squatting 5) Pull-ups 6) Pushup 7) Farmer's walk
  21. It doesn't matter if you watch cricket matches or even care about the game. If India is playing against Pakistan, I can guarantee that almost the entire country is glued to the television, waiting for India's victory. Everyone obviously already knows about the most anticipated game of the Asia Cup that took place yesterday, and to say that everyone was extremely excited for it would be an understatement. In fact, even before the match started, the hashtag 'IndvsPak' was already active. Moreover, it was the perfect opportunity for India to avenge their defeat at the Champions Trophy. All the people from both the sides of the border didn't hesitate before taking a dig at each other but as we all know, the winner takes it all and Indians won the meme match on twitter. Oops, shots fired. Don't get disheartened Pakistan. I know its not easy to be the son of a successful father.#IndvPak — Abhishek Bachchan (@juniorbacchhan) September 19, 2018 Wow. Pakistan fans watching their team's batting right now. #IndvPak pic.twitter.com/N4o6HiPLRO — Pakchikpak Raja Babu (@HaramiParindey) September 19, 2018 One word. When Pakistani fans try to remind Indians about Champions Trophy Final #INDvPAK pic.twitter.com/yNZjlia0mW — Bade Chote (@badechote) September 19, 2018 That editing, tho. Mauka-Mauka 2018. #INDvPAK pic.twitter.com/Stpb8M4Jst — Deewan. (@Spoof_Junkie) September 19, 2018 It's getting more brutal. Q.Why pakistan don't produce good batsman? A~ pic.twitter.com/X0LLyRW2mA — Bruce Wayne ð¦ (@WaizArd20) September 19, 2018 At least Indian can make fun of themselves. Indian Bowlers Indian Bowlers Against against Other teams Pakistan pic.twitter.com/tUicp00hLS — Mask Indian (@Mr_LoLwa) September 19, 2018 Circuit is happy. Pakistani batting ðð#INDvPAK #AsiaCup18 pic.twitter.com/i4hbDDibty — Singapore Sheikh (@sircaustick) September 19, 2018 Great observation. Aaj ye Bhai apna fir bahar Sofe pe soyega ð¤£ð#INDvPAK pic.twitter.com/HajnbG13uw — Yo Yo Funny Singh (@moronhumor) September 19, 2018 Accurate. Summary of #IndvsPak match ðððð pic.twitter.com/VsOczTa1Rf — Mask Indian (@Mr_LoLwa) September 19, 2018 Good idea. Udaas Mat Ho... Chal Champions Trophy Finals Ki Highlights Dekhe...#IndvPak pic.twitter.com/HDb91SEHdQ — Babu Bhaiya (@Shahrcasm) September 19, 2018 Peace out. “India won by 2 runs as they scored 164 chasing Pakistan's score of 162..” #IndvPak pic.twitter.com/Kar8TMaKXZ — The-Lying-Lama (@KyaUkhaadLega) September 19, 2018 Exactly. Imran Khan said "If India will take one step forward , Pakistan will take two" Kohli decided not to play against Pakistan, and entire Pakistan decided not to play against India. ðððð#INDvPAK#PAKvIND — Mahesh Vikram Hegde (@mvmeet) September 19, 2018 Umm. Year 2099. World cup, India beats Pakistan for the 50th time. 100 yr old Pakistani Fan: "But the Champion Trophy Final in 2017..."#INDvPAK — Gabbbar (@GabbbarSingh) September 19, 2018 Leave it to people on Twitter to turn a nice moment into this. Hence proved.......#INDvPAK pic.twitter.com/1zcN1H6rV4 — PhD in Bakchodi (@Atheist_Krishna) September 19, 2018 Baap is baap. Be It War Be It GDP Be It Economy Be It Kabaddi Be It Football Be It Hockey Be It Olympics Be It Asian Games Be It Cricket BAAP Baap Hota Hai, Beta Beta. Itna Kaun Haarta Hai Bhaið¬ðð#INDvPAK #INDvsPAK #PakvsInd #PAKvIND #IndiavsPakistan — Sir Ravindra Jadeja (@SirJadeja) September 19, 2018 Oh no. Dear Pakistan, You Can Now Start Celebrating Your Customary TV Breaking Ceremony. #INDvPAK #INDvsPAK #PAKvIND #PAKvsIND #IndiavsPakistan pic.twitter.com/cmmvZ9SrWS — Sir Ravindra Jadeja (@SirJadeja) September 19, 2018 Great comparison. #INDvPAK After every defeat , Pakistanis satisfying their heart with Champions trophy win be like pic.twitter.com/bYVQcGWmGg — BrainHumourð¤ (@orsunabhai) September 19, 2018 And, ending it on a good note. A Pakistani cab driver just dropped me off at my hotel in Sharjah and said with a smile, "Mubarak. India jeet gaya". This, when I had no clue that there even was a match! People are friends. Politicians are the real enemy. #INDvPAK — Akil Bakhshi (@akil_bakhshi) September 19, 2018
  22. Samsung smartphones are known to get leaked well before its official launch and sometimes the leak comes accidentally from the South-Korean company. The next flagship to launch for Samsung is the 10th anniversary Galaxy S10 and some details about the smartphone has surfaced online. © Twitter The upcoming device is expected to have an all-new design, an unconventional triple camera setup and a new 'ultrasonic' in-display reader. It's also rumoured that Samsung is working on a proper Face ID alternative and will probably incorporate it on the Galaxy S10. The leak was spotted by reliable leaker Ice Universe, where he came across a benchmarking test for the Galaxy S10 and it seems like the leak comes straight from Samsung. The test revealed details that give us a clearer picture about the new smartphone. According to the test, the Galaxy S10 has a new 19:9 aspect ratio with a resolution of 3,040 x 1,440 pixels. To put things into perspective, the Galaxy S9 has an 18.5:9 aspect ratio. Reports suggest that Samsung will not be making the phone any bigger than its predecessor but rather make the screen taller by removing top and bottom bezels. © MensXP We know that Samsung tries to hide their Galaxy S model by using different code names. For example, Samsung uses names such as 'SM-G4x5' to hide smartphones from the general public before launch. This particular Galaxy S10 leak had a similar code name and was referenced as 'SM-G405F' in the benchmark tests. There's a good chance that this leak comes directly from Samsung, albeit accidentally. © Twitter Of course, since this is just a leak based on a benchmark test, it should be treated with a grain of salt. Leaks generally turn out to be true especially when they are based on a benchmark test. However, one never knows that this might be a prototype device by Samsung that may never see day of light. We'll know more about the Samsung Galaxy S10 near its official launch and that seems a bit far away as of now. Source: Forbes
  23. Arnold Schwarzenegger is considered the godfather of bodybuilding. Mainly for his contribution to the industry of bodybuilding by making it glamorous and propelling it to unthinkable fame. In his prime, he was at the very top for nearly a decade and his fame has only risen after he retired from the sport by having roles in movies, the TV industry, and even holding a Government position in the US. Fast forward four decades and came another man who would not only have a similar physique as Schwarzenegger but also have a very close resemblance to him in overall appearance as well. The man is called Calum Von Moger, an Australian bodybuilder of Austrian and Dutch ascent. © YouTube He had two Mr. Universe titles by the age of 23 and his career only seemed to be going up from there. He then started promoting his videos on YouTube, which added to his fame. He is currently even set to play Schwarzenegger in an upcoming film on the Weider Bros. And in a bid to getting some views and more subscribers on his YouTube channel, he started doing things that recently cost him dearly. Things that can be called outright stupid. For example, after his second-place finish in Arnold Classic, he hit an arm workout with Chris Bumstead (another prodigy in modern-day bodybuilding) and they decided to do a 400 lb bicep curl, just for fun. Curling nearly 200 kilos for fun! They managed a cheat rep and forced the second one where he felt that his bicep snapped. And this is what happened. View this post on Instagram DONT TRY THIS! last night I had this crazy idea that me and @cbum_ should attempt a 400lb barbell curl. Was all fun and games until I tore my bicep. I really should have known better, I forgot to warm up properly and should have used #koalafreak pre from @staunch.nation instead of the stim free ð Bicep: Pretty sure it's a Grade 2 tear going off the web and the symptoms. Can Take up to 3 weeks before I'll get strength back. I'll try and see a specialist and get their opinion on it too. Note: Learn from my stupid mistakes! You can see half the arm workout on my YouTube ch. A post shared by ð¦ðºCALUM VON MOGERï¸ï¸ï¸ ð´ð¦ (@calumvonmoger) on Nov 30, 2017 at 1:49pm PST After having a surgery, the doctor suggested him to rest and recover but he could not stay away from the gym as he did not want to lose size. He kept training his lower body while his arm was recovering. Things seemed fine until he went rappelling and had another accident. That accident left him with a ruptured quadricep and a dislocated kneecap. During this time, he was still recovering from his bicep injury. And that injury led to his legs looking like this. © YouTube Now on the path of recovery, obviously he is losing his size and is nothing close to where he used to be or what his potential was. © YouTube All of it for the sake of some views, some more subscribers or some fun on YouTube, is it justified? Are cheat reps or lifting with your ego worth the Instagram likes? The story of a (hopefully not) ex-pro says it is not worth it. The lesson to learn here: keep your ego outside the gym. Author Bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.
  24. Having to suffer from acne-breakouts, oily skin or other skin problems can be an incredibly daunting task, especially when they end up becoming a chronic issue. Now there are a lot of things one can do to help combat, or at least curb, these skin issues - but perhaps the most simple, effortless and cost-effective way involves investing in a quality face wash. This is where Clean and Clear face washes become a great boon as not only are they a reputable and reliable brand to opt for, but they also curate products that cater to different skin types. And so on that note, here are the best clean and clear face washes for men in India, all of which deliver the goods without burning any holes in your pockets. Check Out The Best Clean And Clear Face Washes For Pimples, Acne-Breakouts and Oiliness 1. Clean & Clear Morning Energy Apple Face Wash, 50 ml © Amazon India Priced at just Rs 65, this is probably one of the most affordable face washes of premium quality that you could get your hands on. Infused with apple extracts that help combat oily skin, using this face wash will help balance your skin's natural PH levels, while the sodium hydroxide helps combat signs of ageing. Best suitable for: Oily to normal skin MRP: Rs. 65 Buy it here 2. Clean & Clear Morning Energy Lemon Face Wash, 50 ml © Amazon India Infused with the richness of natural lemon extracts, this face wash is perfect for removing dirt and dust particles, as well as other impurities, from your skin. It also comes equipped with glycerin that helps provide added moisture to your skin and helps unclog even the deepest of blocked pores. Best suitable for: Oily to Normal skin MRP: Rs. 66 Buy it here 3. Clean & Clear Pimple Clearing Face Wash, 80 g © Amazon India Those of you who are in a constant struggle with pimples and acne-breakouts need to check out this Pimple Clearing variant from Clean and Clear. Infused with neem and lemon extracts (two of the most beneficial natural ingredients for your skin), this face wash will help you fight pimples at their roots, all the while being gentle on your skin. It also happens to be infused with an oil-free formula that'll help you unclog the blocked pores of your skin. Best suitable for: Acne prone skin MRP: Rs. 99 Buy it here 4. Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash,150 ml © Amazon India If you're looking for a face wash that'll last long, then this 150 ml variant is just what you were looking for. This Foaming face wash from Clean and Clear will help combat oiliness and pimples in equal measures, and will do so without causing any skin dryness. In short, it'll make for an incredibly useful addition to your grooming regimen, one that you won't regret using any time soon. Best suitable for: Oily to Normal skin MRP: Rs. 137 Buy it here 5. Clean & Clear Natural Bright Face wash, 100ml © Amazon India Finally, we have this Natural Bright face wash from Clean and Clear. It is infused with a formula of rose water and honey, making it a great tool to help you unclog blocked pores and remove skin impurities. Using it just twice a day will be enough to help keep your skin fresh and hydrated, making it yet another effective option to go for. Best suitable for: Dry to Normal skin MRP: Rs. 110 Buy it here
  25. A security researcher has found a new bug that will effectively crash and restart any iOS device. Sabri Haddouche tweeted about the bug that is basically just 15 lines of code. The bug is not only limited to iOS devices as it can also freeze Safari on Mac when opening the link. Haddouche posted the bug on GitHub along with the source code that is basically a few lines of HTML and CSS. The bug was tested even on Windows 7 machines where users reported the Safari app freezing and crashing. However, the bug did not crash iPhones when rising the link using Chrome or Firefox browsers. How to force restart any iOS device with just CSS? ð£ Source: https://t.co/Ib6dBDUOhn IF YOU WANT TO TRY (DON'T BLAME ME IF YOU CLICK) : https://t.co/4Ql8uDYvY3 — Sabri (@pwnsdx) September 15, 2018 Why does it freeze iPhones, iPad and Safari? © MensXP Haddouche told TechCrunch “The code exploits a weakness in iOS' web rendering engine WebKit, which Apple mandates all apps and browsers use,” He explained that “nesting a ton of elements — such as "div" tags — inside a backdrop filter property in CSS, you can use up all of the device's resources and cause a kernel panic, which shuts down and restarts the operating system to prevent damage.” “Anything that renders HTML on iOS is affected,” Haddouche told TechCrunch, which basically means that iPhones, iPads and the Safari browser can get affected when someone sends the link via email, social media and as a text message. 9to5Mac goes further to explain that the bug basically overloads the WebKit renderer that leaves the system crippled. This, in turn, leads the system to reboot as it can only recover the kernel. Here's how the system reboot looks when one clicks on the bug link: pic.twitter.com/GJ61XvM1FE — Sabri (@pwnsdx) September 15, 2018 pic.twitter.com/RoWRKC1IPI — Sabri (@pwnsdx) September 15, 2018 We sincerely advise you to click the link at your own risk as it will most definitely reboot your iPhone until Apple finds a fix. Source: TechCrunch