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Found 7 results

  1. It's been almost 24 years since 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge' was released, but the memories are as fresh as if it was released yesterday. It fact, fresher than what most of us ate last night. © Rash Raj Films Jokes apart, when most of us were beginning to forget the movie, Shah Rukh Khan and his onscreen dad, Anupam Kher, came along and refreshed all those memories, and now my mind is playing the reel all over again. Anupam Kher is currently in New York and while sitting miles away he was missing his onscreen son Shah Rukh Khan. So, he shared this post on social media to let him know how much he's missing him, "Mere pyaare, Shah Rukh! Baas aise hi... New York mein tumhari achanak yaad ayi. We have had some great times together. And then we all grew up! Love and prayers always." मà¥à¤°à¥ पà¥à¤¯à¤¾à¤°à¥ @iamsrk !! बस à¤à¤¸à¥ हà¥!! नà¥à¤¯à¥ यà¥à¤°à¥à¤ मà¥à¤ तà¥à¤®à¥à¤¹à¤¾à¤°à¥ à¤à¤à¤¾à¤¨à¤ याद à¤à¤¯à¥à¥¤ We have had some great times together. And then we all grew up!! Love and prayers always.ð#DilwaleDulhaniyaLeJayenge pic.twitter.com/GDrJnZCKca — Anupam Kher (@AnupamPKher) April 17, 2019 This hilarious GIF of Raj and his pops doing their hook step of high-fiving and hugging sent everyone on a nostalgic trip, including Shah Rukh Khan who was quick to reply to the message from his 'daddy cool' and wrote, "Arre nahi, Daddy Cool! 'Grow up' hon aapke dushman. Hum dono ka dil to baccha hai ji. Come back home, let's start with Snakes and Ladders and we can move to making sand castles in the air. Miss you." Arre nahi Daddy Cool! 'Grow up' hon aapke dushman. Hum dono ka dil to baccha hai ji. Come back home let's start with snakes and ladders and we can move to making sand castles in the air. Miss you. https://t.co/asgWd1N5Cb — Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) April 18, 2019 Anupam Kher too replied to his message and wrote, "Aate hi milta hoon, bahut bahut pyaar!" à¤à¤¤à¥ हॠमिलता हà¥à¤à¥¤ बहà¥à¤¤ बहà¥à¤¤ पà¥à¤¯à¤¾à¤°à¥¤ð¤ https://t.co/2zqP6a1UGR — Anupam Kher (@AnupamPKher) April 18, 2019 Anupam Kher and Shah Rukh Khan were and will probably continue to remain one of the coolest father-son duo in Bollywood, and their Twitter conversation is proof that nothing has changed in all these years.
  2. Vicky Kaushal is already an established actor, right? I mean, he was one of the biggest names in Bollywood last year, he had built his reputation as one of the best actors way before 'Uri: The Surgical Strike', so it would be a little weird if someone called him a newcomer. Well, that's what Anupam Kher did, kinda. He tweeted a nice message for Vicky Kaushal praising him for 'Uri', and also took the opportunity to welcome him to the 'actors world'. The intentions were probably great, but a lot of people felt Vicky had proved his worth as an actor way before 'Uri'. Or, maybe we're reading way too much into it. Dear @vickykaushal09 ! Welcome to the 'actors' world. You are FANTASTIC in #UriTheSurgicalStrike. Real, gutsy and a performer. Remember!! You are your own competition. The more difficult you make your jo, the more you will explore it. Love and best wishes always.ðð pic.twitter.com/grlvt3QxSn — Anupam Kher (@AnupamPKher) January 21, 2019 It was obviously a great gesture, something even Vicky himself acknowledged and appreciated. Thank You so much Sir. Words of appreciation and encouragement from you mean a lot to me. Thank You! ðð https://t.co/qwisOkdihB — Vicky Kaushal (@vickykaushal09) January 21, 2019 But, it's Twitter we're talking about and Anupam Kher still got trolled in the replies with people trying to remind the actor about Vicky's much-appreciated performances in so many of his previous movies. Vicky Kaushal has always been an amazing actor. Since the 1st act. — Moujhuri Guha (@Megha25) January 21, 2019 Agree. #UriTheSurgicalStrike has given @vickykaushal09 stardom but he is class apart in all the movies he has done so far .. watch #Sanju, #raazi, #lovepersquarefeet and #Masan.. he is like a breath of fresh air, as non challant as @ajaydevgn — shalini gupta (@gshaloo) January 21, 2019 Okay, going right in. Dear @vickykaushal09 ! Welcome to the 'BHAKT' world. You are FANTASTIC in #UriTheSurgicalStrike. Real, gutsy and a performer. Remember!! You are your own competition. The more difficult you make your jo, the more you will explore it. PEDDLE HATE AND DIVISION ALWAYS ðð — Raghu. (@BolRaghu) January 21, 2019 Apparently not. Welcome?? Have you watched or heard of Masaan, Raman Raghav, Raazi, Sanju? — A Thousand Thoughts (@1000_Thoughts) January 21, 2019 Umm. Vicky is way better than you, considering his choice of films n their message. Atleast he signed a film with some educational value, unlike ua misleading # the accidental prime minister... a propaganda. — Rayees S (@rayeesray) January 21, 2019 Yep. hasn't Vicky been in the actors' world long enough already? been consistently good, film after film. — y v o n n e âï¸ (@Justa_Sojourner) January 21, 2019 Shots fired. "Welcome to the 'actors' world" is amusing. We have already seen @vickykaushal09 delivering high class performaces. I am afraid I can't say the same about @AnupamPKher who does try hard though. There is that fine line between great and good. — Vallabh Kargathra (@Kargathra_V) January 21, 2019 Isn't this a bit too harsh? Oh yeah, before #Uri , Vicky did not exist and welcome him to the world of spineless bhakts ! His half a dozen films with some excellent mind blowing performances doesn't count who has shown more talented than you have in last 20 years ! Vicky know your friends well ! — yaseengani (@YasPhysio) January 21, 2019 This too. "Actors" world??? Make it make sense...I believe masaan itself was amazing beginning for him as an actor, p.s. After your accidentally horrible mimickery you should take sabbatical from "actor" world. — Ishani Mishraâ¡ï¸ (@IshaniMishra18) January 21, 2019 He really was great in that movie. No appreciation of Vicky acting after sanju. It shows what mr Kher is stands for. — Ali MG (@aliasgarmg) January 21, 2019
  3. One of the most awaited movies of early 2019, Vijay Ratnakar Gutte's 'The Accidental Prime Minister' released today and it's already creating a mighty uproar amongst the audience. The movie is based on the political journey of our former Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh from 2004-2014, and since its first trailer launched, the film has gathered a lot of controversy around it, especially from the political front. A lot of people are calling it 'propaganda' before the general elections this year and while we're wondering why these doubts weren't addressed when the book, written by Sanjaya Baru, was released, we're also hoping the movie does fairly well. © Rudra Productions (UK) Amongst everything else, the audience is appreciating Anupam Kher's portrayel as Dr. Manmohan Singh and along with a few celebrities, the audience has tweeted some extremely positive things about it. Here are some Twitter reactions from celebrities and people, who've already seen the movie, just in case you're looking for a quick and on-point review before you go and watch it this weekend. Well, from a renowned journalist's point of view: Saw #AccidentalPrimeMinister and felt very uneasy at the end of it. Just like after reading the book. I wish the book had never been written and the movie never been made. I don't want to remember the the 10 years of Dr Singh this way. — Smita Prakash (@smitaprakash) 10 January 2019 Divya Dutta appreciates Anupam Kher's work in the movie: Watched #AccidentalPrimeMinister .the supremely gifted @AnupamPKher performs the toughest role with such elan..m speechless.respect sire and big hug! Loved the way you say https://t.co/ZCBkydQFM3 real vulnerable n yet strong. And another brilliant performance by #akshaye khanna! — Divya Dutta (@divyadutta25) 10 January 2019 And he tweets back... Thank you dearest @divyadutta25. Praise coming from a national award winning actor like you is so heart warming and encouraging.ðð https://t.co/g6tneELOP2 — Anupam Kher (@AnupamPKher) 10 January 2019 Shekhar Kapoor says it best: Two very strong performances make #AccidentalPrimeMinister a must see film. Akshaye Khanna and Anupam Kher. Anupam creates Manmohan Singh as a man who seems weak but carries great strength inside. Yet ultimately finds that principles and politics do not go together @AnupamPKher — Shekhar Kapur (@shekharkapur) 10 January 2019 What @AnupamPKher has done in playing Manmohan Singh in #AccidentalPM is to create something that could easily have become a caricature, into a breathing relatable human being that you want to reach out to and hug. That takes a lot of skill. — Shekhar Kapur (@shekharkapur) 10 January 2019 Thank you dearest @shekharkapur for being so gracious and magnanimous in your appreciation of my work in #TheAccidentalPrimeMinister. Coming from you it means the world to me.ðð https://t.co/KbutGvjoHr — Anupam Kher (@AnupamPKher) January 10, 2019 Thank you dearest @shekharkapur for being so gracious and magnanimous in your appreciation of my work in #TheAccidentalPrimeMinister. Coming from you it means the world to me.ðð https://t.co/KbutGvjoHr — Anupam Kher (@AnupamPKher) January 10, 2019 Anil Kapoor too lauded friend Anupam Kher's performance: Just like every role you do, @AnupamPKher you have done full justice to this character as well. You're such a great story teller! This definitely was a difficult film and could only be done by an actor par excellence. You are impeccable! #TheAccidentalPrimeMinister pic.twitter.com/tWogx1zSXL — Anil Kapoor (@AnilKapoor) January 10, 2019 And of course the audience who had to share their reviews on Twitter had a lot to say as well: For a while, I forgot that he is @AnupamPKher not MMS, what an actin by kher. Just watched #TheAccidentalPrimeMinister — Tushar Makwana (@tusharmakwana5) January 10, 2019 Every Indian Should watch #TheAccidentalPrimeMinister Superb Acting by @AnupamPKher Ji A must watch movie The movie has many villains but Dr. Manmohan Singh will be a Hero after this movie for sure — Mrigank Tyagi (@TheMrigankTyagi) January 10, 2019 Forget the pols.... #TheAccidentalPrimeMinister is one of the bravest film to happn in d recent times. After seeing the film,it makes my heart swell wth pride that @AnupamPKher is an Indian actor and one of the greatest in the world .... (followed in the thread) — Priyanka Ghatak (@priyankaghatak) January 10, 2019 3 Hrs to go for the much awaited #TheAccidentalPrimeMinister show the anticipation has been good. @AnupamPKher Sir's acting on top of that. Maza aayega à¤à¤. Jai Hind. — Ultimate Blunt (@BluntUltimate) January 11, 2019 #TheAccidentalPrimeMinister #FirstDay #FirstShow @AnupamPKher @barugaru Youtube Link- https://t.co/uLFOd7bqkB pic.twitter.com/a4YX7h8D8K — Subham Gupta (@subhamgupta_) January 11, 2019 Hope @ArvindKejriwal will watch #TheAccidentalPrimeMinister soon and provide his very valuable feedback. Would love to know more about Sonia Gandhi's role and performance by Suzzane in the movie. CM sahab, awaiting your review. — Delhi Boy (@vipulIT) January 11, 2019 So far the reactions have been positive and most of them have been towards Anupam Kher's performance in the movie. While Kher sets the standard way high by giving an excellent performance, we also have people talking about Akshaye Khanna's role in the movie who play's Sanjaya Baru. © Rudra Productions (UK) In case you're looking for a movie to check out this weekend, we believe this one will be your best bet. The movie should be a good watch for how the characters have been caricatured in the movie and of course the story line that can eliminate all possible doubt, ever, if you haven't read the book of course!
  4. Even before its release, 'The Accidental Prime Minister' is making headlines almost every single day. Earlier, the movie's trailer was removed from YouTube, then cases were registered against the actors and to put a ban on the release. However, beating all odds, 'The Accidental Prime Minister' is finally releasing on January 11 and ahead of the big release, actor Anupam Kher aka the reel-life Dr. Manmohan Singh has been constantly sharing updates with his fans on social media. View this post on Instagram Dear @akshaye_khanna!! I know I will get many opportunities to thank you but today being the release of our trailer of #TheAccidentalPrimeMinister I want to say that you have been an amazing and most giving co actor. Your brilliance rubbed on me and it helped me bring out my best. You are an inspiration. See you at the trailer launch. Jai Ho. ðð @tapmofficial A post shared by Anupam Kher (@anupampkher) on Dec 26, 2018 at 6:22pm PST Ever since Kher's first look as Dr. Manmohan Singh was announced, people were in awe of how the two looked like twin brothers. Anupam Kher deserves all the credit for portraying such a complex character and adapting Singh's silent yet strong mannerism with utmost brilliance. Check out this 20-second video of how Kher transformed into Dr. Manmohan Singh. It used to take two hours everyday for him to get this look and Kher thanked on social media, the team who made this possible. View this post on Instagram Making of #DrManmohanSingh: This is a 20sec time lapse video of a two hour job done by my great make and wardrobe team. Thank you dearest Abhilasha for your brilliant costume design, #SurindrasNaturalHairTeam Bala, Pranay, Deepak, Rishi, Mangesh and Jaspreet. I couldn't have done this role without you. ðð #TheAccidentalPrimeMinister #SwipeLeft @tapmofficial A post shared by Anupam Kher (@anupampkher) on Jan 6, 2019 at 8:41pm PST Not only his transformation video, Kher also shared the making of the oath ceremony of our former Prime Minister. View this post on Instagram Making of the oath ceremony of #DrManmohanSingh for our movie #TheAccidentalPrimeMinister. Releasing on 11th Jan. ðð @tapmofficial A post shared by Anupam Kher (@anupampkher) on Jan 7, 2019 at 7:07am PST The movie is based on Sanjaya Baru's controversial book, 'The Accidental Prime Minister: The Making and Unmaking of Manmohan Singh'. Apart from Anupam Kher, actor Akshaye Khanne too has impressed us with his brilliant portrayal of Baru. Directed by Vijay Ratnakar Gutte, the film is releasing on January 11.
  5. One of this year's most anticipated movies 'The Accidental Prime Minister' starring Anupam Kher in the lead role, as former Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh, has yet again made headlines, after being constantly entangled in controversies since its trailer released last week. If you are wondering what the film has gotten itself into this time around, then we'd ask you to hold your horses right there. Why? Because it seems like “somebody” has made sure that the anticipation and hype around the movie be cut short. Perhaps in the hopes of distracting the audience and Indian citizens from the can of worms the movie is set to unravel. © Rudra Productions Last evening Anupam Kher who plays the lead role in the movie, pointed out that the trailer for 'The Accidental Prime Minister' has gone missing from YouTube (or most likely it was taken down). The trailer had over 37 million views since its release, and was trending at #1! Audience have openly appreciated the performance of Kher and Akshaye Khanna who shall be seen essaying the role of Sanjaya Baru in the film. The possibilities seem to have irked Kher quite a bit, since he took to Twitter to share his concern regarding the issue. Dear @YouTube!!! I am getting messages & calls that in parts of our country if you type, trailer of #TheAccidentalPrimeMinister, it is either not appearing or at 50th position. We were trending at No.1 yday. Please help. #HappyNewYear. #37millionviews ðhttps://t.co/TUu4AtaRzk pic.twitter.com/KhoZJuxmmu — Anupam Kher (@AnupamPKher) January 1, 2019 Not just the actor himself, but hundreds of other users on the platform have tweeted to share their stand on the issue, and honestly the public seems pretty miffed with the political angle the situation has taken. Here is what they had to say: Is it something that Congress playing dirty politics and Paying @YouTube for Hiding trailer of #TheAccidentalPrimeMinister ? If true, Shocking. — Sueing Machine (@SueingMachine) January 1, 2019 Yes.. to see trailer you need to add PEN then you can see original trailer. seems something wrong #YoutubeHidingTAPM — Dilip Rai ð®ð³ (@dilipjrai) January 1, 2019 These all @YouTubeIndia engineers motherFu#kers get paid by political parties First day first showð — unknown (@HumanSucks0) January 1, 2019 Hey @YouTubeIndia , the trailer of #TheAccidentalPrimeMinister movie is coming at 46th place when I search in YouTube app even though it watched 39 million times, did you make an algorithm to hide it from people? #YoutubeHidingTAPM pic.twitter.com/TYM71vQN5Z — Rama Shanker Verma (@RamaShanker30) January 2, 2019 sir we cant find the trailer of #TheAccidentalPrimeMinister ...plz do something sir ... opposition making propegenada against this movies and @YouTube removed this trailer after trending on 1 ....@AnupamPKher — Mahesh Sharma RSSð© (@Mahi2625745) January 2, 2019 do @GoogleIndia,@YouTubeIndia have some propoganda for not letting people see the trailer of #TheAccidentalPrimeMinister in the search though it have reach #37millionviews and keeping it at 30th possision in search result. — Kush patel (@t_r_i_g_n_o) January 2, 2019 @RahulGandhi the nation isn't stupid like u and @INCIndia r, if u hv proofs then go the the court. Let's also show full #TheAccidentalPrimeMinister movie in the house on its release day so that the public can know how your family captured @PMOIndia of UPA regime.@narendramodi — Ajit Singh ð®ð³ (@ajitsourot) January 2, 2019 @YouTubeIndia Why are you hiding Accidental Prime Minister Trailer? No. 2 search engine in world unable to index this video properly.. strange! Something doesn't seems right here.#YouTubeHidingTAPM #TheAccidentalPrimeMinister #YouTubeIsHidingTAPM — Ankit Gade (@AnkitGade1) January 2, 2019 Can't see Accidental Prime Minister Trailer when searched on youtube. Congress trying to hijack social media. @BJP4India @rsprasad pic.twitter.com/TpLOSGKX8w — The VVIP (@MrVVIPAK) January 1, 2019 Gehri Chaal.... Nice movie... — arjun thakur (@arjun183) January 1, 2019 @YouTube and @Google in their political biasness not only removed the trailer of the movie from trending but also the search results are skewed. This is infringement on the freedom of expression. Ppl need to be fired for this breach of Constitutional rights. Fix it @Google pic.twitter.com/mk3UIbPjfZ — Sage (@the_sage_7) January 1, 2019 It's not appearing.Its gone. No trailor only news debate related to films.This is absurd.Who is controlling this from behind the curtain?Is First family of congess so powerful that they have arm twisted a big corporate giant? pic.twitter.com/1Uieir26N2 — ð®ð³ Prabhat Yadav ð®ð³ (@prabhatkumar76) January 1, 2019 I tried searching, but haven't found anything sir. Instead your interviews are showing up. Congress ecosystem is too powerful. — AndroidAnalysis.com (@Grabspopcornn) January 1, 2019 Moments ago, Anupam Kher tweeted this video on Twitter, sharing the link to the trailer yet again, and urging with his followers to share the tweet and watch the movie they have worked so hard on. While we are dealing with the trailer issues of #TheAccidentalPrimeMinister on @YouTube, here is a small request from our team with the link. Please retweet as much as you can. Thanks.ð https://t.co/3eEp6xiZaw pic.twitter.com/s7aoOOIgPP — Anupam Kher (@AnupamPKher) January 2, 2019 'The Accidental Prime Minister' has been directed by Vijay Ratnakar Gutte and is based on the 2014 memoir of the same name by Sanjaya Baru. Much like the book, the movie tries to trace the journey of the former PM, while he ruled the nation on the behest of the Congress party, and Sonia Gandhi in particular. While we smell something fishy here, let's wait and see what else the movie holds in store.
  6. In 2014 Sanjaya Baru, Indian policy analyst and media advisor to former prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh, stirred up quite a storm by releasing his controversial book, 'The Accidental Prime Minister: The Making and Unmaking of Manmohan Singh'. © Rudra Productions Fast forward to the present and the reel-life Baru is all set to stir up a storm at the box-office with his incredible performance. We're talking about Akshaye Khanna, who has already won us over with his portrayal of Baru in the brilliant trailer of 'The Accidental Prime Minister', which dropped today. © Instagram Anupam Kher as Dr. Manmohan Singh looks amazing in the trailer, but it's actually Akshaye Khanna who has clean bowled us with his sassy and shrewd narration and owned the trailer in the truest sense. But, of course, Anupam Kher too deserves all the credit for portraying such a complex character and adapting Singh's silent yet strong mannerism with utmost brilliance. While the book certainly gave fodder to the opposition as well as the entire nation to question Manmohan Singh's powers, and Sonia Gandhi and the Congress party's impact on his political decisions; the movie is a bold and daring attempt at answering those accusations and Dr Singh's alleged conflicts with the party. Suzanne Bernert too does a great job as Sonia Gandhi, who persistently tries to push for her son Rahul Gandhi to become the prime minister, while the country was going through a political crisis. Directed by Vijay Ratnakar Gutte, 'The Accidental Prime Minister' will be releasing on January 11, 2019.
  7. "This is the Taj Hotel, you're very safe here," says Dev Patel in the chilling teaser of 'Hotel Mumbai' that is set to the bring back the haunting memories of 26/11 attacks, which shook both Mumbai and the country from its core. Presenting the teaser poster of one of the most important films of our times #HotelMumbai. ð pic.twitter.com/gAaUae8Aqs — Anupam Kher (@AnupamPKher) December 10, 2018 Directed by Australian filmmaker Anthony Maras, the film takes us back to 2008 when some terrorists opened fire at places like Chhatrapathi Shivaji Terminus (CST), Leopold Cafe, Nariman House, the Oberoi Trident Hotel, and the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. What goes on inside the hotel and the minds of the staff and the guests, when innocent lives are being brutally taken away by the terrorists, weaves the rest of the plot. The movie stars Dev Patel, Armie Hammer and Anupam Kher in prominent roles. Dev Patel plays a waiter at the hotel, Anupam Kher is the head chef and Armie Hammer plays a tourist who is staying at the hotel. According to the synopsis, "this story celebrates humanity, compassion, courage, resilience and the unwavering desire to survive." The teaser is intriguing and bone-chilling to say the least and the movie is expected to release in 2019.