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  1. Most men don’t shop often but when they do, they don’t exactly get what they want. It might not be false for younger men since there are ample styles and options to choose from, but men over 30 and 40 years of age do struggle to find decent casual clothes in the bundle of uber-cool, street style fashion meant for the younger generation these days. © iStock Also, a lot is discussed on a daily basis about how brands don’t make clothes in all sizes for women and what a struggle it is to find an XXL or 3XL in most labels. However, the discussion for men’s apparel doesn’t get any spotlight. It’s the same for men and someone brought it to light with a hilarious tweet. © iStock The former editor of a leading business newspaper, R Srinivasan put up a post on Twitter addressing the issue. He said that there are no decent jeans available for an average Indian male and all he can ever find is skinny fit, low rise or ripped pair of jeans. Most desi dads would agree to this. © iStock He tweeted, “It's tough living in a country where two thirds of the population is under 30. I can't now get a non-skinny fit, non-low rise, non-pre-faded/torn pair of jeans for love or money! And most stores don't stock beyond a 36 waist. I mean has anybody seen the older Indian male?” It's tough living in a country where two thirds of the population is under 30. I can't now get a non-skinny fit, non-low rise, non-pre-faded/torn pair of jeans for love or money! And most stores don't stock beyond a 36 waist. I mean has anybody seen the older Indian male? — R Srinivasan (@srinivasanravi) March 17, 2022 Well, we totally agree. He speaks for all average Indian men when he says there’s limited waist size in menswear apparel in most stores while obviously, people come in all shapes and sizes. The response to his tweet is proof that desis relate to it. © iStock While some said they struggle with the same thing, others suggested places they shop from, hacks and tips that they’ve come up with after going through the same. Here is what they said: welcome to the club! — Abhinandan Singh (@abhinandan_ks) March 17, 2022Exactly... I think no one mfr these type of jeans anymore..for us-type poor souls. Ultimately i hv to go to one size up to get a comfortable fit and manage the waist by one step down belt — Kunal Chattopadhyay (@Hicoonal) March 17, 2022The only option left for you now is tailor made then — Ronendra Singh Sapam (@ronendrasingh) March 17, 2022That’s bn the case for at least a decade! Turn to amazon and discover elastic at the waist — nandita sengupta ‎نندیتا ‎ ‎سینگپتا (@nandibull) March 17, 2022Lee's Rodeo fit is non-skinny — Noel Edwards (@noeledwards79) March 17, 2022Same story with my dad. — aditi (@SilverMagicChip) March 17, 2022 Although it was funny, where’s the lie? It does happen to men and this needs to be discussed more. Not only regarding more sizes but also how there should be more options of regular clothes that cater to men of all ages. © iStock Indian menswear brands and designers, are you listening? View the full article
  2. Channing Tatum highlights the real reason he continues to feel traumatized by the movies made under Marvel
  3. The actor said he would 'not use real guns ever again' after 'Rust' shooting incident
  4. It really has been a testing month for Aryan Khan, the eldest son of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan. Having spent almost a month in jail after being arrested by the NCB in the cruise chip drug bust, things had become very hard for Aryan whose bail was repeatedly denied by the court. © Twitter However, just before Shah Rukh's 56th birthday, the Bombay High Court announced its decision to release Aryan on bail, so that he can be reunited with his family. This was the same in the case of Aryan's best friend Arbaaz Merchant and Munmun Dhamecha and others, who too were released from Arthur Road jail on the condition that they had to follow certain set rules in order to stay out of prison. Now, with Aryan back home, you'd feel things would be back to normal. Well, not really. Seem like all is not well with Aryan and best friend Arbaaz, whose father Aslam Merchant has revealed that the two friends have not been talking to each other since being released. © BCCL In an interview given by Aslam, he said that the actual reason as to why the two have not kept in touch is not because there is a rift between them. It is merely because of the conditions of their bail. According to Aslam, the duo is not allowed to communicate post their bail, and are following suit as they don't want to go back to 'hell'. “It is tough for him but Arbaaz told me he will follow the system. 'Who wants to go back to hell? I will follow the court conditions religiously’. He is best friends with an Aryan and will never do anything that will get him or Aryan into any kind of trouble. So they will stay away from each other.” said Aslam. He also revealed how the whole experience gave Arbaaz a reality check. “He has learned the real facts of life and the reality he saw inside the jail, the pitiful conditions of prisoners inside the cell. He has vowed never to come across any situation that may get him into trouble with the law.” View the full article
  5. No matter how new or old your relationship is, there are different phases you go through. From the initial phase where everything is rainbows and unicorns and you can’t get your hands off of each other to the comfortable phase where you don’t mind looking shabby in front of her. However, the harsh reality is that not all relationships have a happy ending and some just get doomed along the way. © Dharma Productions When the relationship runs its course, one of you either outgrows the relationship or falls out of love. While it’s excruciatingly painful to see your partner drift away, the wise thing to do is know when to let go. Of course, if you two have been together for a longer time, they probably don’t pull the plug so easily. They will stay in the stale relationship while you figure out what’s wrong. © Excel Entertainment Here are some subtle signs that will tell you that your partner doesn’t love you anymore and is considering ending things: 1. She Doesn’t Call You By The Pet Names She Gave You © iStock Even if you two aren’t the most lovey-dovey couple who give each other sweet nicknames or secret names, you would certainly address each other affectionately with few terms of endearments. However, when there is no affection in her heart, she would treat you as an acquaintance and stop calling you by the names she loved calling you with. Also, pay attention to the reduced use of love and heart emojis while texting. 2. She Isn’t Interested In Your Day © iStock If your days started and ended with her asking you about how it went but now, there’s a deafening silence in your chatbox, she’s pretty much done with the relationship. She doesn’t want to know what you did, why you didn’t text or call and neither would she be interested in telling you every little detail of her day, like she used to. 3. She Dodges 'Future' Talks © iStock She doesn’t want to give you hope about being together till eternity while she has no plans to do so. Some women simply break up in their heads way before they break up with you physically. So, if she dodges the topic of a vacation on New Year’s, movie plans next month or bigger things like ‘where do you want to buy a house together’ you know it’s over. 4. She Avoids Meeting Or Video Calls © iStock If she’s terrible at faking it, she will avoid your routine video calls or make excuses for meeting you in person because she doesn’t want to face you and give you a chance to figure out that she is just not that into you. Also, she would resist making any plans with you and her friends or family together. 5. She Doesn’t Appreciate Your Efforts © iStock When you pamper her but she not only is indifferent to it but also tells you not to do it (often by saying “you don’t have to”), it doesn’t get more obvious than this. Everyone wants attention but when a woman specifically tells you to not give her the most important thing a girlfriend seeks from her man, the ship has already sailed. View the full article
  6. After conceding a huge lead, the Indian batsmen batted with great grit and determination and reduced England’s lead to 139 runs at the end of Day 3 of Leeds Test. Rohit Sharma once again proved his class and saw off the new ball with his gritty knock, scoring 59 runs off 156 balls. Apart from Indian batters dominating the play, there was one particular incident that caught everybody’s attention and made all of us tickle. © Twitter A British prankster named Daniel Jarvis aka Jarvo 69 intruded the pitch for the second match running. After taking the field as an Indian fielder at Lord’s, Jarvo walked out in the middle padded up as an Indian batter, wearing gloves and a surgical mask beneath his helmet. Jarvo #IndvsEngpic.twitter.com/brHpnVpA1w — Golden Snitch (@mustafahaji__) August 27, 2021 He made his way to the middle of the pitch without being noticed by any of the security personnel and as he was preparing to take guard he was pulled up by the security officials, who literally had to drag him off the field. How can someone do like this with our Batsman hey , leave Jarvo 69 alone .#INDvsENG #ENGvIND Pujara Kohli pic.twitter.com/kztJ6GMEEp — Himanshu (@virooting) August 27, 2021Jarvo69 is a legend#jarvo #INDvsEND #ENGvIND pic.twitter.com/cv3uxlpu2T — Raghav Padia (@raghav_padia) August 27, 2021The incident occured in the 48th over of the innings after Rohit was trapped in front by Ollie Robinson. It was time for Indian skipper Virat Kohli to come out to bat but before could come out, Jarvo rushed towards the pitch wearing Team India jersey, with‘Jarvo 69’ inscribed on his back as fans cheered him on and clapped for him. This same guy had invaded the pitch during the second Test at Lord’s, walking out in the middle disguised as an Indian fielder and Mohammed Siraj and Ravindra Jadeja couldn’t stop their laughter. pic.twitter.com/gL0GQDx5zA Meet Jarvo, the new Indian player at Lord's — 𝐒𝐰𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐤 𝐏𝐫𝐚𝐬𝐨𝐨𝐧 (@SwastikPrasoon) August 14, 2021 As the visuals of the incident went viral online, it left many of us in splits but at the same time also raised one pertinent question as to how a serial offender like him was allowed to get near the pitch so easily. For him, it was a cheap publicity stunt but it endangered the safety of the players and match officials. Jokes apart. This is a major health and security threat. Ideally such behaviour should lead to a permanent ban/jail time. #jarvo https://t.co/Kw1qEJEGIM — Nikhil Naz (@NikhilNaz) August 27, 2021Was that the same Jarvo as Lord's? Whatever system English cricket has in place to prevent pitch invaders, has been shown to be completely hopeless this summer.#ENGvIND — hypocaust (@_hypocaust) August 27, 2021How the hell was this idiot Jarvo not banned from attending matches? His acts are potentially dangerous for the players’ safety - especially in these COVID times! All those liking tweets of his photos or videos, please note- it is not funny! #ENGvIND — Nishad Pai Vaidya (@NishadPaiVaidya) August 27, 2021Utterly ridiculous that he did. Time for long bans from all cricket for pitch invaders. — Simon Best (@simonpjbest) August 27, 2021After this whole drama, Kohli and Pujara took charge and strung together an unbeaten 99-run partnership for the third wicket, taking India’s second innings total to 215/2, before the bad light forced an early stumps. A shambolic first innings performance, which saw them getting all out for a meagre 78 runs, means that India are still 139 runs behind England’s first innings total. If they want to salvage a favourable result, they know they have a long journey ahead. View the full article
  7. Video sharing website OnlyFans, known for hosting adult photos and videos for its creators, will now prohibit sexually explicit content from October 1st. First reported by Bloomberg, the company says it is making these changes because of pressure from its payment provider and banking partners. © Reuters “In order to ensure the long-term sustainability of our platform, and to continue to host an inclusive community of creators and fans, we must evolve our content guidelines,” OnlyFans said in a statement. While content creators will still be able to post nude images, creators will now need to comply with the site’s acceptable use policy. The website will make additional information available soon and added, “OnlyFans remains committed to the highest levels of safety and content moderation of any social platform.” Previously, OnlyFans claimed it had over 2 million creators who had earned more than $5 billion on its platform. Last year, the platform generated $2 billion in sales out of which the company got a 20% cut in revenue. OnlyFans has been trying to seek investors at a valuation of more than $1 billion but has been facing trouble finding investors according to Axios. The company has not been able to get investors primarily due to the nature of adult content shared on its platform. It is also worth pointing out that OnlyFans did not mention pornography in its pitch to investors. © Reuters OnlyFans saw heightened growth during the pandemic as content creators connected online with customers. During the lockdown, the platform was responsible for providing a livelihood to many creators who either lost their job or wanted a safer workplace for *** workers/porn stars. This is not the first time a website has been forced to change its content policy due to a lack of investors. Verizon had to ban adult content on Tumblr in 2018 as the company was unable to attract investors at the time. Apart from announcements regarding sexually explicit content, OnlyFans also published its first monthly transparency report for July, earlier this week. Source: Bloomberg, Axios View the full article
  8. Bollywood in the early 2000s was an interesting time for Indian cinema. Far from being aware, most of us viewers were still young and free of the burden of opinions. Basically, we were able to enjoy anything that was served on our platter with a smile. One such relish that I enjoyed back in 2003 was Hrithik Roshan’s blockbuster Koi Mil Gaya. Between the ET-inspired storyline and scenic landscapes that we were convinced was Shimla, I was drafted into a world of make-believe. Koi Mil Gaya was special in so many ways. Its purity, simplicity & Jaadoo captivated not just us as actors, but an entire generation of kids & families. For me, it was really special because it brought out the kid in me. Playing Nisha gave me so much joy pic.twitter.com/VGQ3tqbYo8 — Preity G Zinta (@realpreityzinta) August 8, 2021 The thing with make-believe and fantasies is that, at some point, the cracks start appearing. As Koi Mil Gaya turns 18 today, let’s take a look at 5 things from Koi Mil Gaya that we loved as kids but make zero sense right now: 1. Alienware Edition 1 First and foremost, we really need to hand Rakesh Roshan a contract for building what could be the most sturdy piece of electrical equipment ever made. Not even Apple can match this level of quality. 2. An Inspiration For NASA As a species we’ve been trying to contact aliens since ancient times, however, who would have thought that all one needed to herald friendly aliens to Earth was create a series of ‘Om’ sounds that make up a melody eerily similar to this backing melody from a hip-hop classic. 3. Fast And Furious...In Kasauli © FIlmkraft Productions This movie was definitely made for kids, and in hindsight, nothing gives that away more than the fact that they’re able to outrun the bad guys in jeeps and bikes using their simple wheeler scooters. I tried this when I was a kid and the only thing I got were bruises on my ankles from it. 4. Movie or Advertisement? Rohit is supposed to have developmental issues due to the car accident which killed his father. The resultant brain trauma stunted his mental growth. However, it still doesn’t explain his affinity for Bournvita. The sheer amount of times Bournvita is mentioned in the film made it feel more like an advertisement than a Bollywood movie. #KoiMilGaya is not only famous ‘Jadoo’ but also Bournvita. No movie has ever promoted @BournvitaIndia better. The partnership was so successful that it was followed by Krrish and Krrish 3! A product placement success story! 17 YEARS OF ICONIC KMG @HrithikRules #HrithikRoshan pic.twitter.com/ZI6Gp7W8BG — Rupz (@KrazyGal92) August 8, 2020 5. Jadoo Ka Glow-Up © Instagram @hrithikroshan The blue alien did for Rohit, what modern-day medicine and fitness influencers couldn’t. Jadoo somehow undid an entire birth defect, suddenly transforming him into the most wanted hunk in Shimla. Everyone could do with Jadoo as their wingman. Koi Mil Gaya is a classic, undeniably so, but even for a movie about aliens, it took creative liberties to the next level. What do you think? View the full article
  9. Conceding runs at the hands of opposition’s tail-enders is perhaps the most annoying thing for any bowler and this frustration was visible on the faces of England fast bowlers on Day 2 of the ongoing first Test against at Trent Bridge in Nottingham. © Instagram/Mohammed Siraj Indian tail-enders, especially Mohammed Shami and Jasprit Bumrah, batted superbly to add crucial runs down the order, propelling India to a healthy first-innings lead. The longer they stayed at the crease, England bowlers started losing their cool and tried to get under the skin of Indian batters by sledging them. © Instagram/Mohammed Siraj However, the move didn’t yield any result, all it did was motivate Indian batters to spend even more time in the middle. Watching others score runs, Mohammad Siraj, India’s No. 11 batsman, also tried to free his arms against none other than James Anderson, England’s all-time leading wicket-taker in the longest format. He swung the bat hard but missed the ball completely, which Anderson didn’t like at all and he said a few words to him to rile him up. © Reuters In his short Test career, one thing that Siraj has established is that he is not someone who gets flustered by such altercations. In fact, he loves to give it back to the opponent and he did exactly that. As Anderson was walking back to his bowling mark, Siraj stood firm and clashed shoulders as he crossed path on his way to the batting crease and even gave him a stern look. This incident took place after the completion of the 84th over of the innings and in the next over India were bowled out but they had already taken a vital 95-run lead. Shami - 13 Bumrah - 28 Siraj - 7 The Indian tail made 48 runs at the end. This is new India, where tailenders make runs too. #INDvENG #ENGvIND pic.twitter.com/DpxcJzTBB7 — 𝙨𝙤𝙝𝙤𝙢 ४ (@AwaaraHoon) August 6, 2021Now that's the thing which makes the whole difference.. The same thing let us down in the WTC final but the way they played today #Shami #Bumrah #Siraj #IndianTail #Tail #IndvsEng #ENGvsIND pic.twitter.com/tVUBTxQbvX — GARVIT_GUPTA (@er_geet_gupta) August 6, 2021#INDvENG Siraj and bumrah to England bowlers : pic.twitter.com/lKM6ApljmC — Mr_Snowy_07 (@07Snowy) August 6, 2021#EngvInd INDIA All out for 278. Again a physical contact of shoulders between Siraj and Anderson.. All happening at Nottingham. Englishmen are getting mad and ready to fight. pic.twitter.com/fTAi2bZWLv — Anurag Sinha (@anuragsinha1992) August 6, 2021 As Jasprit Bumrah was going hard from the other end, Siraj played sensibly and gave him as much strike as possible and walked back to the pavilion unbeaten, which showed that the sledging had no effect on him. The rain interrupted the play for the second day running and only 11.1 overs could be bowled in England’s second innings. The hosts were 25 for no loss, trailing India by 70 runs, when the play was abandoned due to bad weather on Day 2. View the full article
  10. There are tons of videos on the internet, challenging you to hold your laughter but we know how difficult of a task that is and where we all end up by the time the video ends. Most of us don’t even last the first half of the video and cave in rather easily, while a few samurais among us, somehow, manage to go all the way and complete the challenge but such people are few and far between and a rare commodity. Australian cricketer Usman Khawaja definitely fell in the second category, at least, this is what people thought till a few days back. Khawaja’s interaction with former Pakistan off-spinner Saeed Ajmal went viral on social media and fans were surprised how he kept his composure and didn’t break loose, despite hearing him say stuff like ‘science is the man’, among other things. View this post on Instagram Ajmal’s spirited reply came after he was asked about the ‘doosra’ -- an unconventional delivery bowled by an off-spinner, which instead of coming back into a right-hander goes away after pitching. “I can bowl, I ready the guys like within a month any youngster can bowl doosra within 15 degrees but ICC ban straight away said nobody can bowl, science said, why science fuckin man, what da scance, science is the man,” Ajmal can be heard saying in the video. If you still can’t guess what we are talking about, you probably belong to a different age because the video was such a big hit on social media. Here’s the video and we challenge you to control your laughter: props to @Uz_Khawaja for not laughing out loud and keeping his composure 🤣🤣🤣 — Ghumman (@emclub77) June 15, 2021 Khawaja’s initial reaction in the video earned him huge applause on the micro-blogging site, while some people commended his composure, others demanded an award for his brilliant performance. However, Khawaja’s tough-guy image lasted only a few days as he let loose after coming across a meme, featuring his picture and Ajmal’s now-viral quotes. 🤣🤣 https://t.co/Vm8IPisyDV — Usman Khawaja (@Uz_Khawaja) June 17, 2021 Apart from this video, the other thing for which Khawaja made headlines was his powerful century during a Pakistan Super League match. Captaining the Islamabad United side in the absence of their regular skipper, Khwaja led by example and blasted 105 off just 56 balls as his side posted 247 for the loss of two wickets in 20 overs. Chasing a mammoth total, Peshawar Zalmi also came all guns blazing and almost got over the line eventually falling short by just 15 runs. View the full article
  11. The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) in its 2020-21 Approval Process Handbook has released new rules for the eligibility for undergraduate engineering courses, and people have some serious concerns. If you’re not sure what the entire issue is, read on. According to these new rules, students are only required to clear three of the following subjects in Class XII to apply for B.Tech or BE programs: Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Electronics, Information Technology, Biology, Informatics Practices, Biotechnology, Technical Vocational subject, Agriculture, Engineering, Graphics, Business Studies, and Entrepreneurship. Both academics and the public are now raising concerns over what this would mean for the quality of our engineers. Maths, physics not a must for engineering! Are you serious? Indian students already fare poorly in #engineering #math . Your want to worsen this further? https://t.co/aoF1oepsCY — Viraj Kulkarni (@VirajZero) March 12, 2021U can’t even survive one semester of Education in a Tier-1 college if u r not good in Maths & physics. With AICTE making PCM no longer mandatory for engineering education, it is only paving the way for further degradation of STEM education. — Pikachu (Pika/Pika) (@zLaTaNPiKaPi29) March 12, 2021WTF!! Maths & physics are fundamental subjects in engineering pic.twitter.com/S2O809Jb01 — Neha (@NehaKoppula) March 12, 2021MBBS not a must for Doctors. Maths and Physics not must for Engineers. These guys want other professions to be run by useless, incompetent people, just like they run the country. — "Loin King PM" Lion (@Loquacious_Lion) March 12, 2021Engineering without Physics and Maths is like cooking hot food without Oven, cooker, stove... What morons are ruling our country is beyond embarrassing now.. https://t.co/WEPd1S0Yw9 — Vinay Kumar Dokania 🇮🇳 ️ (@VinayDokania) March 12, 2021The All India Council for Technical Education has scrapped the mandatory requirement for maths and physics at the 12th grade for admission to engineering colleges. Scrapping maths will definitely affect the quality of engineers produced. However scrapping physics is debatable. — Daniel Davekumar James (@DanielDavekumar) March 12, 2021However, the organisation said that those with insufficient background in any required subjects will be offered bridging courses in universities. This includes subjects such as “mathematics, physics, engineering drawing for students coming from diverse backgrounds to achieve learning outcomes of the programme”, according to the handbook. And some others think that’s fair enough. “If a student without maths is admitted he will be required to do a lot of math courses in first year.” This approach should be good enough no? If a kid wants to study something else in school and then is motivated enough to work extra hard to study engineering, it’s good only. — Harsh (@harsh8848) March 12, 2021They have relaxed the eligibility to join an engineering course. They are not removing those subjects from engineering courses. — Pradeep Ananth (@PradeepAnanth_) March 12, 2021What are your thoughts? Should maths and physics be compulsory in 12th or will the new rules help us find better engineers? Tell us in the comments! View the full article
  12. Actors Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan welcomed their second baby on February 21. The good news was first shared online by Manish Malhotra, and Kareena's cousin Riddhima Kapoor Sahni. Congratulations to my dearest #KareenaKapoorKhan and fabulous #SaifAliKhan — Manish Malhotra (@ManishMalhotra) February 21, 2021 Kareena and Saif got married back in the year 2012 and are parents to four-year-old son Taimur. Last year, Kareena Kapoor announced her second pregnancy. “We are very pleased to announce that we are expecting an addition to our family !! Thank you to all our well-wishers for all their love and support,” she had said. © Kareena Kapoor fans/ Twitter In an interview recently with Zoom, she had said, "Unfortunately in my house there is nothing filmy as such. Because Saif is very normal and relaxed. Of course, he is always happy to hear it. So like I said, it wasn’t planned but it was something we really wanted to celebrate and we are really enjoying it together,” she had added. © Kareena Kapoor fans/ Twitter Saif Ali Khan already has two children from his previous marriage, Sara Ali Khan and son Ibrahim Ali Khan with Amrita Singh. Saif Ali Khan too had spoken about taking paternity leave. He had said, “Who wants to work when you have a newborn at home! If you don’t see your children growing up, you’re making a mistake. And I can take time off from work—it’s a privileged position. Rather than follow a 9-to-5 routine, I live like an actor. Your dharma and approach to everything are based on your career," he had added recognising that sometimes it's not possible for both the parents to take leave once the kid is born. © Kareena Kapoor fans/ Twitter In another interview to Times Of India, Kareena had said, “It’s just that I have never been that kind of a person who would sit at home and say, ‘Now I want to put my feet up’. I am doing what I want to do. Working — whether it’s during my pregnancy or post-delivery — has been a point to just say that when has anyone ever said that pregnant women can’t work? In fact, the more active you are, the healthier the baby is and the happier the mother is. After delivery, too, once you feel fit enough, one should do what they feel like doing, and try to balance it out between giving time to the child as well as your work and yourself. I have always been very proud of being a working mother,” she had said. There were quite a few reactions on Twitter when this news broke. Considering the massive attention Taimur received in his early days, people were concerned that people won't read any other news now. #KareenaKapoorKhan and #SaifAliKhan blessed with their second baby boy. Reporters of aajtak, ndtv, zee news waiting outside hospital : pic.twitter.com/ovjYaNZCkx — Palash Jain (@bhut_tezz) February 21, 2021 People were also wondering if Taimur will take time to adjust to the idea of sharing the spotlight with another sibling. #KareenaKapoorKhan blessed with a baby boy Scene inside Pataudi Khandan rn: pic.twitter.com/fsQdWhNpER — Vicky (@Stephan53457462) February 21, 2021 Some even wondered, what the baby boy's name is going to be and will it be inspired by another royal ruler of India. #TaimurAliKhan#KareenaKapoorKhan Kareena Kapoor Khan and SaifAliKhan blessed with baby boy What will be his name? Aurangzeb or khizra khan ? pic.twitter.com/cjKKE6e8V5 — Vℹ️KÏ️ËDℹ️Ã (@vicky_sharma___) February 21, 2021 Lastly, people thought that there might be some respite for Taimur in terms of media attention. After the news of #KareenaKapoorKhan and #SaifAliKhan new baby boy.#TaimurAliKhan to his popularity: pic.twitter.com/sja3tZv7eo — Kumar (@nobuddy772100) February 21, 2021 View the full article
  13. Sahil Khan rose to fame with comedy movies like Excuse Me and Style back in the 2000s. The movie also had Sharman Joshi in the lead and both the actors, with their brilliant acting skills, ventured into Bollywood. While the latter continued to be a part of Bollywood, Sahil left his acting career and opted for an alternate career. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Sahil is acing the monochromatic look here, which seems to be a good sartorial example for the airport. We have seen many celebrities nail this trend and Sahil too looks good in it. He has paired an oversized leather jacket over a hi-neck T-shirt. He has teamed it with black pants, that has a side slit. If you also notice, his pants have diamond studs on the pockets at the back. This elevates the overall aesthetic of the pair and it doesn't look basic anymore. © Viral Bhayani Overall the look, despite being understated, has striking elements, which makes the ensemble look dope indeed, according to us. In all, even though Sahil doesn't make a lot of appearances, we hope that we get to see more of him. Keep'em coming! View the full article
  14. There's no doubt that Nora Fatehi has become one of the most desirable actresses in Bollywood after she rose to fame with the remake of Dilbar Dilbar song that featured in Satyamev Jayate. She has found her perfect man and it's none other than Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan's Taimur Ali Khan. She told Kareena, on her radio show, What Women What, that she wants to marry him when he is older. Kareena complimented Nora for her dance movies. In response to this, Nora thanked her and said, "I am hoping that soon when Taimur gets older, we can think about an engagement or marriage between me and him." Kareena laughed and told Nora, "Well, he is four. I think there is a long way to go.” Nora replied, "It’s okay, I will wait." This conversation happened three days back and now, people have started to bash her as they have zeroed down the conversation around the concept of feminism and equality. So #NoraFatehi says she wants to marry #TaimurAliKhan who is 4 yrs old and she is 28 yrs old...... Intresting while women and men are it finding cute or making jokes about it on social media. Let's switch their gender for matter of fact.......and Watch The Whole World Burn Down. — Aryan Gadekar (@AryanGadekar6) January 12, 2021Now days Nora Fatehi : Kya Karu mai mar jau? meri koi feelings nahi hai... Twaada babu pati parmeshwar Sadda Taimur, bachha ??#norafatehitaimur#NoraFatehi — __ᴄʜᴀʀʟɪᴇ_03 (@__charlie_03) January 12, 2021Recently #NoraFatehi jokes about marrying #Taimur who's 4 years old and people are so cool with it but imagine if it was the other way round, if a 28 year old man jokes about marrying a 4 year old girl, will everyone be so cool like they are now? Even girls can be pedophiles. — Ammar (@AmmarRazvi420) January 12, 2021I wonder how people will react if we changed the gender of #NoraFatehi and #taimur. — Schrödinger's cat (@Araja47) January 12, 2021So nora says she wants to get engage or marry taimur who is 4 yrs old and she is 28 yrs old interesting while women and men are finding it cute or making jokes about it on social media. Let's switch their gender for a matter of fact and Watch the whole WoRLd burn down#NoraFatehi pic.twitter.com/pyuPTjgDdj — Dr. Mustafizur (@Dr_Mustafizur) January 11, 2021I want to puke all over my screen. #NoraFatehi So disgusted. He’s a child!!!! Stop sexualising someone that is clearly tooooo young — Abeer Mahadi (@AbeerMahadi) January 11, 2021We wonder how Nora would react to this hate pouring on her on social media. What do you think about the whole conversation around Nora and Taimur? Is it fair to ridicule her over this or do you agree with people's opinions? Let us know in the comments sections below. View the full article
  15. SRK has taken a long break from the silver screen and his fans are waiting to see him act in a film for the past few years now. Also, due to the pandemic, there has been a delay in shooting of films and it is only getting worse. According to reports, it is being said that SRK will return to the big screen with his upcoming film Pathan which is an action thriller and will also star Deepika Padukone and John Abraham. Not only this, but we will also get to see Salman Khan making a special appearance in the film with Shah Rukh Khan. © Twitter/Raj Singh According to Mumbai Mirror, the two superstars will reunite and will make Shah Rukh Khan’s return to the big screen even more special with Salman Khan. This is not the first time that Salman Khan was seen in a cameo role with SRK. Earlier, he was seen in the movie Zero which failed to impress the audience and couldn’t perform at the box office either. Both the Bollywood superstars have kept the audience hooked in the past with their special appearances in each other’s films time and again. © Voot Salman Khan has appeared in many films starring SRK like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Om Shanti Om. On the other hand, SRK was also seen doing cameo performances in Har Dil Jo Pyaar Karega and Tubelight. However, people on the internet are still planning to boycott Bollywood and aren’t really concerned about the reunion anymore. Bhaad m jao.. Kisi ko ni dekhna 🤬 — IStandWithArnab (@ShrutiR31050743) November 6, 2020Kyu?? Logone boycott shuru kiya to karan-arjun banana hai kya wapas.?? Emotional plot. Hmm won't work... — Aappa (@JitendraNikam17) November 6, 2020Kyu?? Logone boycott shuru kiya to karan-arjun banana hai kya wapas.?? Emotional plot. Hmm won't work... — Aappa (@JitendraNikam17) November 6, 2020Puke 🤢 — Gargi Karve (@gargigk) November 6, 2020yaa we DROPPED the idea of watching such movies anymore. — मसालेवाला (@chota_vyaapari) November 6, 2020Exactly! — Avinash N (@Optimistic586) November 6, 2020Looks like people aren’t that excited this time. Let’s see what happens when the film releases in the theatres. View the full article
  16. WhatsApp for Business: The application has taken its initiative to continue building a business of their own
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