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  1. ‘Bold movies beget bold reviews’, a piece of advice that was doled to me long back when I first started minting reviews. And honestly, it was as true as it gets. While Bollywood is largely dominated by masala movies that harbour dance, drama and all that jazz, a select few come and hit you with a dose of reality that gets hard to shake off. © Zee Studios A recent and resounding example of it has been Vivek Agnihotri’s The Kashmir Files. Based on the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits back in the 1990s, the movie The Kashmir Files has been an uncomfortable masterpiece that is being appreciated by the audiences for shedding light on the true events that preceded the 1990s genocide. Crossing the 200 crore mark already in just 2 weeks, as more and more people hail the movie and its success, there are also a bunch of them who have polarising views about what is shown in the movie. So as per @vivekagnihotri , anybody who is critical of his film #TheKashmirFiles , are terrorists. pic.twitter.com/A56etn82Rr — Indelible Human (@NolastnameSingh) March 25, 2022The Kashmir Files Director Vivek Agnihotri said that those critisizing his film are ones who support terrorist groups. #TheKashmirFiles #VivekAgnihotri #Terrorism — Vikas Kumar singh (@VikasKumar529) March 25, 2022 Commenting on the same, Director Vivek Agnihotri recently responded saying, “It's a great service to democracy that you polarise between the evil and the good. Actually, I will not use the word polarise, I would say differentiate and segment people who are pro humanity, people who believe in human values and human rights, and the people who are from the terrorism industry.” He went on to say, “People who give ideological or intellectual or media support to terrorists. So, today on one side, we have a huge number of people who believe in humanity, and the other side has very small numbers.” The Kashmir Files director Vivek Agnihotri says people who support terrorist groups are criticising the film https://t.co/WTfwdM5psR — News7 India (@news7indialive) March 25, 2022This man has always showcased women, taking undue advantage, to move up the ladder of success. He is a shame to humanity. Presenting half truth is dangerous. He is a witty fox. — Domnic john dsilva (@distesandom) March 25, 2022Claiming how the audience here can be categorised into ‘Ram and Raavan’, Vivek said, “Out of the 2 crores people who saw this film you won’t find a single person who will say this film is a polarising film. People who support terrorist groups are the ones criticising the film. The Kashmir Files is not dividing or polarising it is differentiating between Ram and Raavan." "Why should I say anything to terrorists? I would tell the people who believe in humanity to defeat and destroy the terrorists." Vivek told ETimes. The filmmaker has received critical acclaim for his film which has done exceptionally well at the box office and is still going strong. View the full article
  2. One reason why we all grow up wanting to be movie stars, rockstars, or sports stars is basically because of the crazy money you get for being the center of attention. The money then buys you fancy cars, amazing houses, and exotic vacations, some things we all want to have in our lives, because why the hell not? Well, Bollywood stars truly live that dream, as tops actors in the business charge 40-50 Crore rupees for movies, ensuring that they then enjoy a wealthy lifestyle. Having said that, wouldn't it be fun to find which Bollywood couple has the most money in the industry. Well, you should definitely check out this countdown then. 5. Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor © Twitter There is no denying that the marriage between Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor is nothing other than pure royalty. While both Saif and Kareena have been Bollywood superstars, the fact remains that their families - The Pataudi & the Kapoor Khaandaan - are instrumental in them being a super-powerful couple. The two actors own massive mansions, beautiful and spacious Mumbai flats other than many more expensive things. According to reports their combined net worth is close to Rs 740 Crore rupees, which is insane. 4. Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan © Twitter This is no joke. It's the Bachchan Parivar Plus! Abhishek Bachchan despite being Amitabh Bachchan's son has his own stack of money that he has earned from doing so many movies. He currently possesses around Rs 222 Crore according to reports, with Aishwarya then having around Rs 740 Crore of her own. Aishwarya was said to be the biggest actress in the industry before her marriage and she now has an empire alongside Abhishek. 3. Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna © Twitter People have been joking on social media about Akshay Kumar, stating that 'The rate at which Akshay is doing films, it feels like he has a big loan to repay'. Well, it really does feel like it. Akshay Kumar does a crazy number of films in a year and obviously charges a lot for it in return. His net worth is said to be around a staggering Rs 1,850 Crore. Insane, right? Well, combine it alongside the wealth of wife Twinkle, said to be Rs 222 Crore, the couple is really living the dream. 2. Aditya Chopra and Rani Mukerji © Twitter Rani Mukherjee has been in Bollywood for a very long time and is still going strong with Bunty Aur Babli 2 that released just recently. Combine that with the fact that she is married to Aditya Chopra, the head of Yash Raj Films, one of Bollywood's biggest production houses, and one thing is for sure. There's definitely a lot of money between them. While Rani's net worth is around Rs 88 Crore rupees, Aditya owns around Rs 6,586 Crore, according to reports. Damn, that's a lot! 1. Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan © Twitter Could you really have any other actor than the Bollywood Badshaah himself, Shah Rukh Khan? There's no denying that Shah Rukh not only is the top actor but a super-wealthy one too. Having done more than a century of films, with many being the big daddy of blockbusters, Shah Rukh has amassed a lot of wealth. According to reports, Shah Rukh's net worth is close to Rs 5,550 Crore, and that is only bound to increase with the actor coming with newer films soon. Add that to the Rs 1,591 Crore's net worth of wife Gauri Khan, who is a Bollywood producer at Red Chillies and also an interior designer, and you have the most powerful Bollywood couple. King Khan, through and through! View the full article
  3. This pandemic has not only tested our physical health, but also our mental health. From having to work from home to not socialising enough, the transition wasn’t pretty for any of us. Most of us have rough ideas about what a therapy or counselling session may look like. But how accurate can this perception be, especially when we have to rely on movies and TV shows for it? As someone who has been to plenty of therapy sessions, I think I can vouch for the fact that a lot of these representations are inaccurate. Here’s what actually happens: 1. Sessions Don’t Take Place In Public Settings © Red Chillies Entertainment Remember the iconic ‘samundar se kabaddi’ scene from Dear Zindagi? While the movie got a lot of the things right, this particular scene can be misleading. Yes, some therapists can suggest taking sessions outside the office, but it’s a rare occurrence. More so, doing an activity together is even more rare. __ECOMPRODUCT__2420__ 2. The Office Is Warm & Welcoming © Amazon Prime Video The therapy scenes from The Family Man 2 showcase a setting that’s more like a doctor’s office and less like a therapist’s. The way the clients are sitting across from the doctor is very professional and opening up in a setting like that will be very uncomfortable. __ECOMPRODUCT__2421__ Most psychologists will have a warm and homely environment in their office. Some shows and movies that get the setting right are 13 Reasons Why, Never Have I Ever and Dear Zindagi. The clients are seen sitting comfortably on a sofa, not stiffly on an office chair. 3. You May Not Always Smile After A Session © Red Chillies Entertainment Dear Zindagi romanticised the idea of mental health in some ways. For instance, Alia Bhatt’s character walked out feeling happy and content after every session. In real life, that may not always happen. Sometimes you’re confused, other times you’re sad. Sometimes you are frustrated and other times you may even have some homework to do. __ECOMPRODUCT__1538__ Movie scenes may set an unrealistic standard for what to expect. Just because you don’t feel happy after a session, doesn’t mean that therapy isn’t working. It simply means that you had different expectations, all thanks to movies and shows. 4. Limited Time Sessions © Amazon Prime Video Most depictions show therapy sessions as an hour long affair. While that is mostly the case, the timings are flexible. If you want a session that’s longer than an hour, you can consult your therapist or counsellor. __ECOMPRODUCT__2422__ Some may be open to sessions that are 2 hrs long, while some others stop at 1.5 hrs. The truth is that it completely depends on the psychologist and your own preference. 5. Being Pressured Into Talking About Things © Red Chillies Entertainment In reference to The Family Man 2, it was obvious that Manoj Bajpayee’s character wasn’t open to therapy and clearly was uncomfortable diving into some private topics. This may have been a funny scene, but was far from being accurate. __ECOMPRODUCT__2419__ The first session is mostly about trust building and most therapists will not pressure you into opening up right away. If you are uncomfortable, they will probably help you be more comfortable, and not keep drilling you with the same questions. The Bottomline Even though we are grateful that mental health is being depicted in mainstream media, we still have a long way to go. We barely have a few movies and shows that are showing mental health in a realistic light. However, these depictions aren’t always accurate. Let’s not forget how important a storyline is and sometimes, the accuracy is compromised to make the scene funny or more entertaining. In conclusion, ask around and talk to real professionals to get an idea of what mental health truly is, especially if you’re considering seeking professional help. Explore More View the full article
  4. Jamie Spears accuses Britney Spears of not ?knowing or remembering the things she?s ?complaining about?
  5. The world of fitness can be intimidating, especially for a beginner. From finding the right type of workout to eating enough protein, there’s a lot that you need to take care of. No matter what your fitness goals are, protein intake will always be an important part of it. However, your regular diet may not be giving you sufficient protein. So then, how can we increase protein intake, while eating the things we actually enjoy? The answer is simple - by adding protein supplements. We get it. The amount of myths about its use may lead you to believe that they aren’t healthy, but that’s not true. Today, we will not only bust these myths, but also help you understand how they work and why using them is completely safe. 1. Protein Supplements Are Only For Body-builders Or Gym Enthusiasts According to the Dietary Reference Intake Report, an average person needs about 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. Protein helps in cell recovery and is the building block of every single organ in your body. This includes, but isn’t limited to, muscle recovery. __ECOMPRODUCT__1697__ In simple terms, you need protein, with or without workout, for healthy functioning of your body. __ECOMPRODUCT__2340__ 2. Plant Protein Isn’t As Good As Animal Protein If you’re a vegetarian or a vegan, you have surely heard some of your meat-lover friends say that your diet doesn’t have enough or high-quality protein. Well, that isn’t always true. __ECOMPRODUCT__2341__ The reason why some people often say that is because animal protein is considered ‘complete protein’. This means that it has all the nine essential amino acids. Whereas, not all sources of plant protein are complete. However, with the right research and diet plan, you can easily get complete proteins in a vegetarian or vegan diet. __ECOMPRODUCT__2342__ 3. Protein Supplements Aren’t Natural Be it whey, casein or plant protein, all of these protein powders are naturally derived. Their main purpose is to filter out the protein from whole foods, and allow you to increase protein intake in your diet. __ECOMPRODUCT__741__ However, a lot of the brands do add artificial sweeteners and flavours in their product. Therefore, make sure to research well and make an informed decision. You can always consult a professional before choosing a brand that suits you. __ECOMPRODUCT__2343__ 4. There’s No Such Thing As ‘Too Much Protein’We have often heard the saying that anything in excess is harmful for our bodies. Well, in this case, it may actually be true. While protein is extremely important for our bodies, too much of it can be harmful too. Some common risk factors include dehydration, weight gain, constipation, diarrhea and kidney damage. __ECOMPRODUCT__1064__ 5. Protein Shakes Will Magically Increase Muscle Mass Protein powders are dietary supplements that help your muscle recovery and strength. If you don’t accompany this with strength training workouts, your muscles just won’t grow. They aren’t a magic pill to bulk you up or help you lose weight. These products may be marketed to only ‘help’ you in your fitness journey and that’s it. __ECOMPRODUCT__2344__ Final Thoughts: Are They Safe? Yes, protein supplements and powders are safe, especially when consumed under supervision. Take advice from your trainer or nutritionist so that you can find the best suited supplement for your body. As long as you read the label and take professional advice, you have nothing to worry about. Explore More View the full article
  6. Let's admit it! Growing up in India, our earliest ideas about basic things, be it the difference between good and evil, the magical feeling of falling in love, or just true friendship (yaari dosti), have all come from watching Bollywood films. Now, friendship is something that can be between any set of persons regardless of age, gender, or any other criteria there is. However, Bollywood has surely specialized in showing some true bromances throughout its existence. Be it Jai-Veeru from Sholay or others after it, Hindi films have been very successful in portraying the love between two men, making us feel ke kaash, humaari dosti bhi aisi hi ho. © Prime Video Well, on this International Friendship Day, let's take a look at some modern Bollywood film guy-friendships that are destined to survive anything. 1. Uday Shetty-Majnu Bhai In Welcome © Netflix We might have seen Akshay Kumar's 'Welcome' thousands of times before, but you know that whenever it comes on TV, it's such a feel-good movie that you can't help but finish it again. Now, while Akshay's comic timing has a lot to do with it, one of the main reasons is also because of Nana Patekar and Anil Kapoor's portrayal of gangsters Uday Shetty and Majnu Bhai. The two really made us laugh and love them for the chemistry between them and for what they did for each other. Whether it was fooling Rajiv to get him to marry Uday's sister, Sanjana, or destroying an entire film set because someone called Uday a 'Bewakoof Gadha', Majnu bhai really showed that he will do anything for Uday bhai. This is definitely the kind of friendship that we all need in our lives. 2. Munnabhai-Circuit In Munnabhai Movies © Prime Video Bhai! Whether it was helping Munnabhai (Sanjay Dutt) become a doctor without passing medical exams in the first movie or literally believing that Munnabhai could see 'Bapu' Mahatma Gandhi in real-life, Circuit (Arshad Warsi) proved he was Munna's main man throughout. While they did sometimes end up fighting or having an argument or two when it came to having each other's back, you bet your a**, you couldn't have picked a better friendship than theirs. This along with the friendship between Uday and Majnu went on to prove that even if you are gangsters, friendship can really end up running thicker than blood. 3. Rocco And Hunter In Desi Boyz © Zee5 Desi Boyz was indeed a fun movie that we all loved watching, especially due to the long ongoing on-screen chemistry between Akshay Kumar and John Abraham. The pair played Jerry and Nick in the film, who because of the financial problems of the 2008 financial crisis, had to resort to becoming male escorts Rocco and Hunter. Their friendship in the movie goes through a lot of tests, with both ending up having a big fallout because of the circumstances. However, when it mattered most, both went on to prove that they will do anything for the other, even if it meant John losing the girl he loved the most in the world. Now, this really was some friendship! 4. Sonu And Monu In Haseena Maan Jaayegi © Prime Video Who did not love Sonu (Sanjay Dutt) and Monu (Govinda) from Haseena Maan Jaayegi? They made us laugh so much through the years for the stupid yet hilarious things in the movie that they did to fool their loving father and getting the girls. While the two were brothers, what really reflected was the friendship between them that made them be there for each other at any time of need. I mean, Govinda literally disguised himself to play the role of Sonu's uncle (hilarious) so that he could finally get the girl he loved. While the movie made us laugh right out till the end, we were left amazed at the bond that both Sonu and Monu shared for each other. 5. Sonu And Titu In Sonu Ke Titu Ki SweetyHere is a tale of another Sonu (Kartik Aaryan), but this time around he will do anything for his Titu (Sunny Singh), his friend that he loves more than anything. Sach batao. Aankhon me ek aansu nahi aya kya kabhi when you heard the song, "Tera Yaar Hu Mai"? The movie really took the whole "Bros Before Anything" concept seriously, with Sonu going on to extreme levels to ensure that Titu didn't end up marrying Sweety (Nushrratt Bharuccha), who is out there allegedly to break the brotherly bond between Sonu and Titu. This movie showed the bromance between two Delhi boys who loved each other so much that they would literally be rather heartbroken themselves than let the other go through the same thing. Aisi dosti sach me hum sab deserve karte hai! View the full article
  7. The first time we saw Pankaj Tripathi on-screen was when he made an appearance in a Tata Tea advertisement and asked Indians to 'Jaago Re'. From that very moment, Tripathi has undoubtedly come a long way. For someone who used to be an underdog, his story is quite inspiring. After being a part of Bollywood for a while, his stint in Mirzapur, Sacred Games and movies like Gangs of Wasseypur, Gunjan Saxena and Ludo earned him recognition. No matter what role or character he has essayed, he leaves no stone unturned with his excellent acting skills. © Instagram/Pankaj Tripathi © Instagram/Pankaj Tripathi For the unversed, Pankaj comes from an ordinary middle-class family in Bihar. Recently, he opened up about his days of struggle and mentioned how he used to wander in Andheri, looking for work. However, it took him six years to start with something. He also revealed that he didn't earn enough money, and it was his wife who took care of the expenditure. © Instagram/Pankaj Tripathi Speaking to a Hindi Daily about his journey, Tripathi said, "To be honest, I did not earn anything between 2004 and 2010. She bore the burden of all expenses involved in the upkeep of our household. I used to roam around in Andheri and urge people 'koi acting karwa lo, koi acting karwa lo'. He further added, "But no one listened to me at the time. Now, when I go home, I find movies being offered in my parking lot." © Instagram/Pankaj Tripathi The directors used to ask him in the parking lot where he was as they wanted to do movies with him. They would ask him to sit down for a narration. He said, "Earlier, I struggled but found no jobs even when I searched for them in Andheri, but now there are queues of movies being offered." He also praised his wife, Mridula and said she took care of everything, from house rent to other basic needs. © Instagram/Pankaj Tripathi Pankaj was recently seen in Mimi, starring Kriti Sanon. The movie is a Hindi remake of the Marathi movie Mala Aai Vhhaychy. It was released on Netflix recently and has received rave reviews for its storyline. View the full article
  8. Dutch teenager who went into space with Jeff Bezos and became the youngest space traveller told the billionaire that he never ordered anything from Amazon. Oliver Daemen, an 18-year-old physics student went along with Bezos and 82-year-old aviator Wally Funk on a 10-minute trip to space. View the full article
  9. Feeling sexually insatiable? Imagining erotic scenarios that may or may not happen? Been there, done that. That seems fun though! Not concerning. It’s normal for your libido aka *** drive to fluctuate. There will always be days, weeks, months, even years when your *** drive is higher than usual. Most of the time, high libido or a higher *** drive is not a problem. Desiring *** more often is human. It doesn’t make you a weirdo. What Is Libido?The sexual desire or the emotional and mental energy associated with *** is called libido. A higher or lower than usual libido can be influenced by: Psychological factors - stress, anxiety or depressionBiological factors - testosterone and estrogen levelsSocial factors - intimate relationships__ECOMPRODUCT__1899__ What Is The “Normal” Libido Level?There are no scales, no universal baseline for measuring libido. You can, of course, have your own personal “normal”. But that too will be a range. A lot of factors can lead to a little or massive shift in your libido including: Sleep, diet and workoutDaily scheduleMood and mental healthAge Relationship statusHormonesMedication and physical health__ECOMPRODUCT__2120__ How Do I Detect High Libido © iStock Since there’s no baseline for “normal” libido, you can’t stick to a number. One person may desire *** once a day while someone else might have zero *** drive. Some people desire more *** when they’re relaxed, on a vacation as compared to when they’re working and commuting. It’s different for everybody. The questions you need to ask yourself are—“Do I crave *** more than my personal normal? Have I been feeling friskier than I was earlier? Is my *** drive suddenly higher than my partner’s?” This might give you some insight into your libido levels. But other than that, there’s no doctor-approved quiz or test you can take to confirm if your libido is high. Why Is It “High”, Unexpectedly?Congratulations! Despite all odds you’ve discovered that your libido is, in fact, high. But why? Perhaps: Your stress levels are lower than usualIf you’re going through a time of low stress, your libido will likely increase. __ECOMPRODUCT__1538__ You’re working outWhen you exercise regularly, it boosts your confidence, reduces stress and improves sleep. These factors can be responsible for your higher *** drive. __ECOMPRODUCT__1702__ Your *** life is goodThe more good *** you have, the more your body craves it. All thanks to your hormones. So if someone’s been rocking your world, it’s natural to want *** more often. __ECOMPRODUCT__2121__ Your mental health is getting betterGrowing up in a sexually repressive environment can disconnect you from your libido. But going to a *** therapist or mental health professional to work through the awkwardness can help you reconnect to your sexual desires. __ECOMPRODUCT__2122__ You’ve started, changed or stopped certain medsAntidepressants and beta-blockers can have a huge impact on libido. You shouldn’t alter or stop such meds without consulting your healthcare provider. Substance UseConsuming alcohol or smoking can lower inhibitions which can result in increased libido in the short term. However, in the long term, alcohol dependency can decrease sexual arousal, performance and satisfaction. The use of stimulant drugs like cocaine may also increase sexual desire. __ECOMPRODUCT__1297__ When A High Libido Is Actually A Problem? © iStock When you think your high libido is a problem or when it starts leading you to act in a way that interferes with the rest of your life, your higher *** drive actually becomes a problem. For instance, if it’s making you skip work, engage in risky behaviour, cheat on your partner or invest a huge chunk of your savings on *** gadgets, that’s a problem. If you feel distracted or unsatisfied even after having *** and masturbating, this might be a bigger concern. Work with your mental healthcare professional and come up with a game plan in such a case. How To Control Sexual Desire If it’s been bothering you, you can try a few things. Do some self-reflectionIs the libido spike actually bothering you? Is it interfering with your life? Is it making your partner uncomfortable? Or is your upbringing making you feel guilty about these urges? Practice mindfulness*** is stress-relieving. Try to find other, non-sexual ways to de-stress like meditation or yoga. This will bring balance to your life. __ECOMPRODUCT__1819__ Include more anaphrodisiacs in your dietAphrodisiacs can increase your libido—anaphrodisiacs do the opposite. They’re foods or medications that lower your libido. Consume liquorice, cilantro, corn flakes, Graham crackers, soy and Mediterranean diet to lower your testosterone levels. __ECOMPRODUCT__1772__ Direct your energy somewhere else That’s a hard one but sustainable. If you pick up a new hobby and truly commit to it, you won’t have hours to think about ***. You can get used to something as energy-consuming as a high-intensity workout or as calming as gardening. While exercising can help you in investing your physical strength somewhere other than ***, a calming activity will allow your mind to regain control. Both have long term benefits. __ECOMPRODUCT__2123__ Interrupt your urgesMuch like a cigarette or chocolate, your *** craving also passes when left un-fuelled. When you feel aroused, don’t act on it. Instead find a way to divert your thoughts by counting the stars or perhaps, cars. Play a game that will require you to concentrate. Make a list of all the things you love about your partner. __ECOMPRODUCT__757__ Communicate with your partnerIf your partner’s *** drive isn’t as high as yours, chances are that your partner is feeling guilty about not being as interested in *** as you are. Be honest with them and see if they’re open to frequent date nights. Discuss that you want to connect with them physically and intimately but in a way that makes both of you feel good. Make your partner feel like they’re an important part of what you’re going through. The BottomlineA high *** drive can add more spice to your love life if your partner is on board. But can it get to a point where it starts interfering with your life? Yes. As long you’re not hurting anyone or stepping away from your responsibilities to get off, all is well. Explore More View the full article
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