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Found 7 results

  1. Jason Momoa has established that no one could have played 'Aquaman' better than him through many, many ways that are pure brilliance, but it might have been destiny after all. Did you ever notice the huge triangular patterned tattoo on his forearm? That tattoo perhaps holds the key to the sheer perfection that he brings to the role. (c) Zimbio (c) E There is a hidden meaning behind the tattoo, that seems just like the plot of another movie. The triangular tattoo is a tribute to his family God or crest - which is called 'Aumakua'. According to Hawaiian mythology, the 'Aumakua' is a benevolent ancestral guardian spirit or protector who has died and come back in a different form to protect the family. In Momoa's case, his family's guardian spirit is a shark. “It's supposed to take the darkness out of your heart and bring the light in,” Momoa told in an interview. (c) Popsugar He says the tattoo is supposed to keep him safe and help him when he is under water. It will make sure that the sharks recognize him as one of their own. (c) Warner Bros. (c) YouTube All we can say is, this one definitely takes the cake when it comes to badass tattoos.
  2. You know Jason Momoa. I know Jason Momoa. The world knows who Jason Momoa is. Hence, no need for introduction and let's cut to the chase- have you seen Momoa's beastly chest? Well damn, he has pectorals to die for. Now, if you don't know, for Momoa, fitness is just as dear as his people. He's been a lifelong climber and an outdoorsman. Right from surfing, to lumberjacking and hitting the weights, Momoa does it all. Though Momoa is an overall finely built man, his chest sure does stand out. And that one my friends, isn't built by outdoor work. It's built with hardcore hustle with the iron. © YouTube Before I get to the exercises that you should do in order to build a chest like Momoa, please understand that nutrition plays the most important role. More than that, you also need to see to come to terms with the fact that Momoa's diet may not really work for you. Why? Because everybody has a different body composition and one diet will never fit all. So, here's how to figure your own diet. Now, here are the exercises you can do to build insane pectorals like Momoa: 1) Pressing (Incline, Decline & Flat) © Pinterest Incline, decline or flat with dumbbells or barbell, whatever's the safest for your shoulders and allows you to lift maximum loads. Pressing work should always set the foundation of your heavy chest work, as it does for Momoa. But don't go crazy with a million sets and reps. Instead, try reverse pyramiding- lift the heaviest weight first and then follow that up with 2 sets with lower weights. The point is to achieve maximum fatigue within these 3 sets. 2) Flat Bench Dumbbell Flys © Bodybuilding-Wizard Remember Arnold going ham on this exercise? Chill, you don't have to unless you already have experience doing it. If you have shoulder issues, avoid it. For those who don't, try this. Try to achieve maximum stretch through the movement. The load is important here as well but obviously, you can't overload like on the pressing. Choose weights that allow you to keep good form. 3) Weighted Push-Ups © YouTube One of the BEST chest exercises, you can toughen up the push-ups by adding external weight. 2-3 sets of weighted push-ups with full range of motion can put your chest through some serious sorrow. Just like I always say, don't do a ton of reps. DO limited reps with the best form you can achieve and add weight to it as you get better! 4) (Chest) Pull-Overs © GenerationIron An old-school staple and a personal favorite, pullovers were once famous as the 'squats for the upper body'. Though it works the back equally well, you can make a few changes and feel it more in your chest. How to do it? Read this.
  3. I still remember my first encounter with Aquaman in the comics back when I was a kid, and I must admit, I did not find anything 'super' about this superhero. via GIPHY That orange costume and blond hair were just not helping. Plus, something about being in water just did not get my motor running, as compared to Flash or Batman, both of whom were my ultimate DC superheroes. Remember that scene from 'The Big Bang Theory' when no one wanted to dress up as Aquaman for Halloween? Well, they had a reason! via GIPHY I never imagined I would be associating Aquaman with the word 'cool', I mean, come on, Atlantean King with a bigass trident? Talks to fish? And that god-awful orange and green outfit was never going to get Arthur Curry on my list. Little did I know I was about to be sucker-punched by Jason Momoa. via GIPHY 'Batman v Superman' and 'Justice League' already introduced us to a badass Arthur Curry, listening to rock music and downing whiskey like water. However, 'Aquaman' took it a notch higher and ensured that DC was about to find its coolest superhero ever. via GIPHY Now, I knew what to expect before I entered the hall. Crazy visuals, a super beefy Arthur Curry, bad fish guys and the usual rigmarole involved in a superhero flick, but I was also wary, because it's DC so there's got to be a heavy dose of angst, and also I had been tripping on Marvel for some time now. Which is why 'Aquaman' hit me so hard, as nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to watch. via GIPHY The multiple trailers had already whetted my appetite, with Momoa having my complete undivided attention (can you blame me?), but what the trailers did not even give a hint about is what makes 'Aquaman' the coolest DC movie ever: Visuals. via GIPHY Believe me, when I say this, the CGI is so damn good that at one point my vertigo and hydrophobia started acting up. Also, since most of the movie is about Atlantis and about being in the ocean, I was ready for some passable effects but James Wan has pulled off such a brilliant job here, that you will have a tough time pulling your jaw back up from the ground. via GIPHY Every single fish, every seaweed to even the details of the very water is so perfect, that it lets you forgive the slight gaping holes in the storyline. I mean, I really wanted to see more of Arthur's childhood and the origin of his powers, but I did not mind it because damn, his training sequences were so spectacular, that I just had to forgive this teeny-tiny flaw. via GIPHY " It was like a kid entering a candy story!" via GIPHY The fights and the action scenes, especially, have been executed brilliantly, ensuring that every single movement looks realistic, which is damn hard considering 90 per cent is happening under water. via GIPHY No power on earth can drag my hydrophobic ass in a submarine and take a tour of the ocean, but 'Aquaman' came real damn close to give an almost similar experience, that's how good the details are. via GIPHY Okay, let's get to the real star of the movie here- Jason Momoa. Man, he is making it so hard for me right now to stay devoted to 'Wonder Woman'. I can't believe I am actually having a mental war over my loyalty to Diana, thanks to the entry of another royalty. via GIPHY But Momoa has done a brilliant job of having just the right amount of angst a DC hero needs, along with liberal doses of pure awesomeness. via GIPHY The natural swagger that he displays as Arthur lets him pull off even the cheesiest of lines, especially when he is with the gorgeous Mera (Amber Heard). via GIPHY Being a superhero means having some heavy-ass lines talking about 'revenge' and 'glory' and in some cases, 'Martha' (please don't murder me in my bed.) But those lines roll off Momoa's tongue without making you cringe at all. via GIPHY Can I say 'Aquaman' is the best DC movie ever? Hmmm, well, no way in hell is Christian Bale moving from my No. 1 spot. But is 'Aquaman' the coolest DC movie ever? I can't see why not. Yes, 'Suicide Squad' had its charms but 'Aquaman' has ticked off on all categories to become DC's new saving grace. via GIPHY Okay. Mild spoilers ahead, so please proceed at your own risk. The ending ensured that 'Aquaman' will have a sequel and that is nothing but good news. Also, people, get ready to see the best on-screen kiss ever. I mean, this is going to the first time in history, where people are going to be focusing on everything else but mostly the kiss. Yea, you'll understand what I'm saying when you see it for yourself. Also, most importantly, there IS a post-credit scene, so please don't walk out like muggles. Please!
  4. After the abject failure that was ‘Batman v. Superman’, the second trailer of the much awaited ‘Justice League’ has just dropped. A bit of history, folks. Back in the day when I was a wee little lad, we’d die to get a superhero film that actually did justice to the characters. Sure, there were the occasional hits like ‘Blade’ and ‘The X-Men’, but it wasn’t till Marvel got their shit together and unleashed the Marvel Cinematic Universe on us. Since then, DC and Warner Brothers have been trying to play catch up to their competitors. Source: Warner Bros. Let’s get one thing straight, WB have shot themselves in the foot in the past so it’s not unfair to be a little sceptical, given their track record. As far as their intellectual properties go, WB could seriously just pull out anything from their back catalogue and they’d have films, TV shows and games till the end of time. Think about it, Warner owns all of DC comics, including Vertigo comics. That means they’ve got a thousands of characters to choose from and they still managed to **** things up. Source: Warner Bros. So, fast forward to 2017 and Zack Snyder has been curb-stomping the DC Extended Universe into the ground with his asinine mix of bad storytelling and concussive action. I’ve been a DC loyalist for decades, DECADES, and this is probably the last line I’m drawing in the sand as far as DC comics goes. Source: Warner Bros. The trailer shows us more footage with Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash kicking ass kinds of ass, smashing what looks like Parademons (minions of Darkseid) and coming together to form the titular team of superheroes along with Wonder Woman and Batman. Source: Warner Bros. If the ‘Justice League’ fails to impress and wow, I’m done. The newly release trailer looks decent, but then again so did Suicide Squad and look at how that piece of shit turned out. Check it out and let us know what you think.
  5. Following up the major hype surrounding the Justice League movie franchise is yet another teaser trailer; this time, featuring the superhero we’ve all been waiting for the most—Aquaman! We finally get to see Jason Momoa play the role of one of The Justice League’s most prominent and powerful key characters, Aquaman and he looks every bit the part. It will be interesting to see how beefy it actually gets. Although, Batman has been a bit of a let-down, honestly. Ever since Zack Snyder gave the world Batman Vs Superman, there’s been a whole debate on whether or not Batman has become a bit of a floozy. I’m sorry, it’s only true. Here’s the thing: After you see Christian Bale as Batman, you don’t really see beyond that. And then, in walks Ben Affleck, looking beefed up, older and well, rather sedentary for a billionaire playing Batman. Nevertheless, there’s a lot to look forward to with the Justice League which will see the superheroes unite for the first installment in the franchise. Amongst the other key characters are Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot, Flash played by Ezra Miller. There have already been three teaser trailers for Batman, The Flash and now, Aquaman; aside from the Comic Con trailer that was released some time last year. To say the least, we can’t wait for this one! Apparently, the full trailer will be released on this Saturday. Keep your eyes open, because we sure will!
  6. You already know about the hype surrounding ‘Aquaman’, the Jason Momoa starrer DC action movie. Well, while the first trailer for the movie got the heat going, director Zack Snyder has just tweeted some behind the scenes footage from the movie. Jason Momoa can be seen swimming underwater towards another character in the scene. While the clip lasts for only about 6 seconds, it does showcase the amount of precision Snyder is putting into directing the movie. Here’s what Synder tweeted. Working on my birthday pic.twitter.com/tLidlUrcyn — Zack Snyder (@ZackSnyder) March 2, 2017 Another character is still unknown but we are best guessing that it could be Orm, Aquaman’s half-brother who becomes the supervillain known as Ocean Master, and will be played by Patrick Wilson in the Aquaman solo film. Till then, we hope that the movie comes out soon!
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