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Found 2,618 results

  1. In his nondescript shop, Nikhil Jain is fastidiously showing attars and ouds to a Turkish couple. His father, Surendra Jain, looks at him with a smile. Nikhil is the third generation perfumer, owner of Jain Perfumers in Delhi, one of the largest producers and distributors of the highest grades of attars in the country today. © iStock(Representational Image) “There was a time when our customers, both retail and wholesale, were largely Muslims, owing to the importance of attars in their spiritual practices. Today, we get people of all faiths and nationalities to try something,” says Nikhil. The Challenges Of Making Attars & OudsSelling attar is not easy, especially given the price at which the really good ones go for. “Pure attar has a base of sandalwood oil. Making good attars without that is not possible,” he says. But, given the current regulations on sandalwood, several workarounds are needed, not because of cost, but because of availability. © Mehul Reuben Das “Because of these restrictions, we are forced to use oils from the inferior Australian and Egyptian sandalwood or other synthetically made, chemical-based oils,” says Rachit Dubey of GS Products, one of Kannauj’s leading attar and essential oil makers. The Egyptian and Australian sandalwood is almost identical to its Indian counterpart; however, the staying prowess of the essence from these attars is significantly less, he adds. © iStock(Sandalwood is heavily regulated in India, and therefore expensive. Indian exporters have to rely on inferior Australian and Egyptian sandalwood for sandalwood oil, the base of many perfumes) The other important Indian perfume is the oud or perfumes made from the oil of agarwood. The world knows it primarily as Arabic oud, but it is a misnomer. Ironically, no Arabic country has climatic conditions to sustain agar trees. It is stipulated that from 70 kg of wild Assamese agarwood, only 20 ml of oud can be extracted, making it extremely rare. © GS Products (Vats at a perfumery in Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh, where perfumes are distilled. Kannauj is home to several large perfumeries such as Rachit’s, and hundreds of micro-perfumeries.) “It is also a time consuming and ultimately an expensive process,” says Yawar al Hindi of Indicana Ouds. It means that pure Indian ouds - Assam ouds as they are known - of the highest quality are astronomically priced. Moreover, wild agar trees have been harvested rapaciously, making them a potentially threatened species. The only viable alternative is to have agar plantations. © Indicana Ouds(Naturally infected agarwood is becoming a rarity in India, since they have been harvested rapaciously.) So, what makes it so rare? The answer to that question lies in the process with which the essence is created and collected. The bark of agar trees is infested with a fungus called phialophora. As a response to it, the tree releases an enzyme which turns the bark darker in colour. Only the darker portions of the bark are then scarped and distilled to make oud. “Changing even the slightest thing in the entire process - the tree, environment in which the bark is infested, or distillation - leads to a change in the fragrance, which is usually not good news for us,” Yawar says. © iStock (Assam Ouds, which are considered the highest grade of ouds, is very expensive given how rare they have become. At auctions, pure Assam Ouds can fetch up to Rs 15,000 for as little as 10ml) Giving Indian Perfumers A Bad NameThe extremely intricate processes and high costs also mean that the market is infested with fake or impure oud or oils that are not oud at all. “It is common for sellers taking advantage of a buyer’s ignorance to pass off any good quality attar or sometimes even cheaper oils as oud. Only a handful can differentiate between highest quality oud and a fake one,” says Nikhil. © iStock Yawar believes that among many manufacturers and their suppliers, it is a norm to hasten the process, either during the infestation of the trees, the distilling, or the ageing process. “Luckily, we have been able to weed such people out,” claims Yawar. He feels that the consumers need to be more vigilant as well. © iStock While there might be a lot of misinformation around oud, once someone experiences the real oud, they can learn how to differentiate for themselves. Double Standards In The Beauty Industry?This is also what vexes most people in the industry. While the all-natural, chemical-free, organic cosmetic industry is booming, the mainstream perfume industry is still deeply entrenched in using semi-natural, and sometimes, synthetic oils. © iStock (Synthetically made attars often have a heavy, overwhelmingly musky smell, and a shorter staying power.) What does this mean for the traditional perfumers? Is large scale quality attar manufacturing, and oud distilling, on the verge of extinction? Some say not yet, while others believe that it is. © iStock (Cheaper synthetic alternatives and dubious practices by certain traders have dealt a massive blow to the perfumers of Kannauj, who have been working in perfumeries for generations.) “We have a very specific clientele in mind. We will not degrade our quality just to push higher volumes,” says Nikhil. Several industries, other than perfumeries, use attars and ouds as an ingredient. “Even if people do not buy them for their personal use as often as they used to, many brands buy our produce,” Rachit says. Indian Attars & Ouds, And The Global Perfume MarketAnd then there are exports. Even though they are not as high as they were, say, in 2010 (worth ₹ 1000 crore, wholesale), they still constitute the majority of the business. The Jains and Rachit regularly export their produce to Australia, Poland and France to well known and reputed perfumers that they didn’t wish to name due to their non-disclosure agreements. © iStock (Think of any major, luxury perfume brands in the world, and you can bet that some of their products use Indian attars and ouds as their core ingredient.) The manufacturers also have state emporiums and other smaller brand outlets to cater to. “They source it from us. Because they have the logistics and outlets in place already, they are able to get it to various places all around the world, efficiently,” says Nikhil. One such state emporium is Biswa Bangla and their collection of Chitpore Attars. Their aim is to provide a global platform to the perfumers of the Chitpore area in West Bengal. In High Demand, Domestically As Well As InternationallyNikhil believes that people have not given up on attars. “People still buy attars for their personal use, and not just foreigners. Half of my (retail) customers are Indians from the upper-middle to moderately upper class, just the clientele we had hoped for.” © iStock (Ouds will always have a dark colour and a musky note. Because it’s appearance and fragrance is easy to replicate, it is hard to differentiate between pure ouds and synthetic ones. ) Oud, however, has a different story. Not only are people being fooled into buying cheaper and inferior quality oud as the real thing, with the dwindling numbers of wild, naturally growing agar trees chances are that many people, who are paying to the tunes of tens of thousands of rupees for as little as 2.5 gm today and will not be able to get a whiff of the real thing, ever. “Yet, they are in high demand, especially in the west,” says Yawar. Given the whiff of fragrance emanating from these shops, as someone just passes by, we can imagine why. There is something about these fragrances that enchant the senses and the soul. View the full article
  2. They say gifts are genuine tokens of affection and are symbolic of the perceived value of a relationship two people share. It is because of this reason that people always say that it’s the thought behind a gift that counts, not the monetary valuations attached to it. © Pexels Wedding gifts in particular have to be picked rather carefully because in most cultures it signifies your blessings for the newlyweds and what you wish for them in this new phase of their life. Now, as mind-boggling as gift-shopping for a wedding may be, what does one do when somebody goes all out to present them with the most unexpected gift? Take for instance this Pakistani lady who presented the groom with an AK-47 rifle as his wedding gift. The incident came to light after Pakistani journalist Adeel Ahsan shared a video from the wedding reception where the lady could be seen giving the AK-47 to the groom. Kalashnikov rifle as a wedding present pic.twitter.com/BTTYng5cQL — Adeel Ahsan (@syedadeelahsan) November 25, 2020 For his part, the groom doesn’t seem perturbed by the unusual gift and accepts it graciously with a smile on his face. The bride also plays along and can be seen demurely smiling as she witnesses the exchange of pleasantries from her seat. The clip has since gone viral on social media as thousands of views and likes poured in on the video. Indians especially are having a hard time digesting this, so check out what they had to say about this wedding gift. "...not for the purpose to harm anyone..." So what purpose does a gun serve? To celebrate Deepavali? — Yamuna Harshavardhana (@YamunaHarsha) November 26, 2020Why such an old Ak-47. If it is a wedding present, it should atleast be the latest Ak-12, Ak-15 with modern optics mounted on it. — Aniruddha (@MI6GB) November 26, 2020Is it legal for a civilian to own a gun in Pakistan?? And that too a Kalashnikov??? I mean with Pakistan a global terrorism hub, there must be millions of weapons around, but can a civilian sport these kind of weapons around? Are authorities blind to this happenings?? — Jayesh Patel 🇮🇳 (@jrpatel19) November 26, 2020What the fu... this makes me fearful for the Pakistani people and how the F do you just get an AK-47 for gifting. In India they keep making licensing a farearm more and more difficult aur ye Kalashnikov gift kar rahe hain... — UrbanDhoti (@UrbanDhoti) November 26, 2020Of what use will be a Kalashnikov rifle for newly weds? Nothing. Just shows gun culture in Pakistan. Gun as a show of supremacy ! — Rajesh (@RajeshHandu) November 26, 2020Well, we really do hope there is some logical explanation to this, and although some people in the comments have claimed that it’s a part of “tradition”, we believe that traditions like these are best when given up. What do you think? View the full article
  3. Most of us have experienced something called a bad hair day or a bad haircut and when that happens, it literally feels like the end of the world. But some people, have been at the extreme end of the spectrum and have experienced epic hair disasters with hilarious mishaps. At this point, we are just thanking our stars that something like this didn't happen to us. But, yes, you've got to take a look at the following epic haircut fails because they are downright funny: 1. Bangs Or What? © Youtube/Funnyhairfails Baldhead and bangs, that too in layers? This couldn't get any creepier. The fact that the entire noggin has no hair, with only bangs in big and small layers looks like curtains on the forehead. I mean just shave it all off, maybe? 2. The Most Confusing Hairstyle Ever © Youtube/Funnyhairfails The man looks as confused as his hairstyle and no, we don't blame him. Firstly, there's a huge crop of hair on the top with bald sides and then curly pigtail on both the sides, neatly done with rubber bands. Also, he is trying to sport this so-called 'mullet' look with a goatee. Hats off. 3. Hat Hair © Twitter/ManoMaestro Ever thought of turning your voluminous hair into a cap? Creativity is flowing from all the sides for this guy who turned his hair into a designer cap. Imagine the amount of hair care and conditioning this hairstyle would take, just to maintain the bad hat on the head, all the time, even while sleeping. 4. Wifi Signal Hairstyle © Twitter/Kanyewest_FC Even Kanye has been a victim of a bad haircut, it seems. We don't understand the message he is trying to deliver here with his shaved head. It legit looks like wifi signals coming straight out of his noggin. Kanye has done some hilarious hairstyle experiments in the past, most of which have left people in splits. Still, points for going all out. 5. Life Revolves Around Tennis © Twitter/JohnBranchNYT It would have been okay if the colour was a bit subtle with no detailing, but the neon shade has gone way too overboard here. This guy's enthusiasm for playing tennis is so visible that the hairstyle has the aesthetic of the tennis ball as well as the court. 6. Ratty Hairstyle © Youtube/Funnyhairfails It is okay to be innovative and prove a point to look stylish, especially when it comes to the haircut. But as far this hairstyle, with a huge rat design, on a slightly shaved head is concerned, well, it looks nightmarish and awful, tbh. On top that, such a long rat tail, we are speechless. 7. The Koyla Look © Film Kraft With a disastrous look in the hit movie Koyla, even the King Khan of Bollywood has been a part of epic hairstyle fails. Sporting a mix of hair trends including that floppy hair with a fussy hairstyle which reminds us of Taarzan, Shah Rukh Khan's look here was really questionable at the time. 8. The Real Meat Head © Twitter/Joe Marler Looks like the man wanted to write savage but ended up with sausage. If you want to prove that you are funny, then just get a hairstyle like this one and you won't have to do much to tell the world about yourself. 9. The Very Famous Robert Pattinson Hairstyle © Instagram/RobertPattinson_FC Okay, after Twilight, Robert Pattinson went bonkers with his hairstyles and was seen in some of the most hilarious looks. This totally looks like a rebound haircut, the sort of style one gets, after a breakup. Messy bowl cut with a mysterious, random chin curtain on the back. What was he thinking? 10. When You Decide To Go Green © Twitter/Universityfox This man took the hairstyle game a notch higher by turning his hair into a garland. Well, this is what we call eco-friendly and imagine the amount of money he would save, buying the flowers. All he needs to probably do is keep watering his head. 11. Noodles On My Head © Instagram/Funnyhairstyles When you take the noodle hairstyle too far, this is literally what you get. It clearly looks like an advertisement for a noodle brand with hair sectioned and then finger-combed, to give the shape of noodles, all over the hair and also the eyebrows. That coupled with a thin goatee is just uproarious. View the full article
  4. Micromax recently launched their “In” smartphones in India that have now started to appear in the hands of some of their customers. However, to many people’s surprise, some devices have been found to be faulty out of the box suggesting poor quality control. Customers took to Twitter and posted videos, pictures and their experiences with the new phone where some of them happen to have major issues. In two instances we found users who received a phone that had the back panel detached from the main body of the phone. This tends to happen during the quality control of a smartphone at the factory and it seems like some phones were overlooked for their unreliable build quality. I hope #Micromax is problem ko OTA update se solve kar dega ...........!! pic.twitter.com/Rt0wBbJFdi — Rakesh (@GyanTherapy) November 26, 2020In some cases, users also found that the display of the phone was either entirely misaligned or “popping out” causing durability and quality control concerns amongst customers. The misaligned screens with gaps have been the most common complaints we’ve seen from users online so far. Was just checking out my IN Note from the edges and as you can see, the display panel is not aligned with the frame. Showing you a close up of the right bottom side and the left one. There’s a gap with glue visible here. A pic.twitter.com/PUZP0jN1Xa — Nimit (@gizmoddict) November 26, 2020Well @Micromax__India you need to look after your quality control. And this thing is going on YouTube soon!! The phone coming out from the frame lol Smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes #MicromaxIsBack #MicromaxInNote1 pic.twitter.com/EVgslT0b5Q — Saaquib Neyazi (@saaquib_neyazi) November 25, 2020 Some users are also reporting that their brand new devices are coming with dents and scuffs out of the box. While it may be minor at first, the fact that the phone has a dent right out of the box, is yet another testament to Micromax’s lack of quality control. Having said that, many phones are tested at factories including drop tests from different heights which could be the reason behind this user’s dent on the phone. Having said that, this is no excuse for letting something like a dent pass up in the final quality check of the smartphone. Devices that are used for drop tests at factories aren’t usually meant for sale as a final product, however in this scenario, we suspect this might be the case. View the full article
  5. Hot on the heels of Steam's annual Autumn sale, Epic Games' Black Friday sale is now live as well. The Epic Games Store is considered to be the hotbed of some kickass gaming deals and frequent free game giveaways. While we don't have an exciting free game giveaway now, there are some really sweet deals to check out. We suggest you head over to the store and check out the deals yourselves. But here are some suggestions to get you started - View the full article
  6. If you have seen Anurag Basu’s Ludo, you would have an idea about his love for absurdism in cinema. He infused the idea of existentialism with absurdism to showcase four stories that are interwoven with each other. Ludo is a genre-blending movie and every character has a story to tell. It’s not an easy task to have all genres in one movie, get so many actors on board and then execute it to perfection. The movie stars Pankaj Tripathi, Abhishek Bachchan, Rajkummar Rao, Aditya Roy Kapur, Rohit Saraf, Fatima Sana Sheik, and Sanya Malhotra as the lead characters. The movie was appreciated by critics and viewers alike but days after the release, the director has got into trouble as a certain section of people decided to drag him into a controversy targeting him and calling him ‘Hinduphobic’. If you have seen the movie, you might have noticed Rajkummar Rao as a part of a modern Ram-Leela which was a sarcastic take on several things happening around us. The scene features Rajkummar as Ravana’s sister Surpanakha and her encounter with Lord Rama. Here’s the scene that is being criticized: Use of Abusive Language while showing a scene from Ramayan..! Rajkumar Rao who is playing Surkpnakha is seen abusing in scene..! This is defaming of Holy Scripture Ramayan..!@Av_ADH#Hinduphobic_AnuragBasu pic.twitter.com/Xv9ht86BMk — Harshad Dhamale™ 🇮🇳 (@iDivineArjuna) November 27, 2020 As soon as this reaction and the video got viral, people started bashing Anurag Basu left, right, and center and started to trend #Hinduphobic_AnuragBasu. Here are the reactions: #Hinduphobic_AnuragBasu WHAT THE **** IS WRONG?! I swear if I could, these shits would be out of my holy land right at this moment. Yes, Bharat is intolerant against the abuses, misinterpretations and mocking of the Hindu culture. #intolerantindia https://t.co/SQv3nIgyxi — शूर सनातनी (@shoorsanatani) November 27, 2020#Hinduphobic_AnuragBasu#BanNetflix Wake up ! Disrespect to Hindu Gods in 'Ludo' movie aired on Netflix! When will the government take action?#BoycottNetflix @HinduJagrutiOrg @SG_HJS pic.twitter.com/l3lFATMUQw — Swapna (@Swapna25March) November 27, 2020#Hinduphobic_AnuragBasu हर बार हिंदुओं को ही लक्ष्य बनाया जा रहा है अभी नहीं जागे तो बहुत देर हो जाएगी ।#Hinduphobic_AnuragBasu #Hinduphobic_Bollywood — अभय पंचोली (@Abhay_Pancholi) November 27, 2020 Mocking Hindu belief and insulting them is that only way to entertain people ? Does @basuanurag dare to do the same with other religion?#Hinduphobic_AnuragBasu @Np_Hjs @Gp_hjs pic.twitter.com/okxe4verCb — Jayaram Poojary (@jrmpoojary) November 27, 2020#Hinduphobic_AnuragBasu why we watch this type of movies? Boycott such movies so that film producer next time may think twice before doing such movies. — ak (@Ajithuchil) November 27, 2020#Hinduphobic_AnuragBasu लूडो फिल्म के माध्यम से मेरे धर्म का और मेरे पूज्यनीय देवताओं अवमान करने वाले अनुराग बासु पर अब सरकार क्या कार्यवाही करेगी ? — Jitendra Rathi (@Jitendr39805802) November 27, 2020Do you think it’s valid to target Anurag Basu in such a way? We call it creative liberty and as a storyteller, you do need a space wherein you can tell your story without any judgments. With OTT platforms, directors and filmmakers did get that space to experiment and we hope they continue doing so without any biases. Before attacking the film or the particular scene, it’s better to understand the vision or the context behind it. What do you think about this fiasco? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  7. Most of us have some affinity with certain toys and games, even when we grow older. While it may not be “age-appropriate” for us to play fantasy games with action figures, or small toy cars, we can certainly build our own toys. Or, we can certainly indulge in games that require us to actually use our intellect. This is where hobbies come in. © iStock Several scientific studies have actually proven that there are certain hobbies which tap into your brain and make it sharper, enhancing one’s cognitive and problem-solving skills. The best bit about these hobbies, though, is the immense sense of joy and adulation you feel, when you finish a project. © iStock And thanks to Lego, who have finally officially launched their products in India, we actually have tons of options to indulge in such hobbies. Here are just a few such highly rewarding hobbies that are not just affordable and super fun, but also help you sharpen your mind. Building & Flying Model Planes & Drones © iStock At some point or the other, most children have thought of being a pilot. Then, life hits us, and most of us simply give up on that dream. Well, you can actually buy small DIY kits of remote-controlled planes, build it yourself, and fly them. The same goes for small, amateur drones as well. Even if you don’t wish to fly them, as an activity building RC planes. Building Car Replicas © iStock If planes aren’t your thing, and you’re more of a car guy, you can also consider building car replicas. If you’re worried about options, rest assured, there are options galore. From model cars to building replicas of actual cars, there are many things that you can try. Heck, there are several options for ‘working models’ from various makers. © Instagram/victoriabeckham Fun Fact: David Beckham is a massive fan of the Lego Technic line of cars, and often spends hours working on a project. And if it’s good and exciting enough for him, it surely is good enough for most of us. Jig-Saw Puzzles © iStock You seriously have to consider jig-saw puzzles. Jig-saw puzzles that are designed for adults are proper fun, and they really force you to think. Jig-saw puzzles work really well to improve your cognitive and problem-solving skills. Furthermore, they also help you exercise the part of the brain that deals with complex shapes and colours. Board Games © iStock Now, we’re not talking about board games like Scrabble or Monopoly, although basic board games such as these are also pretty dope when it comes to sharpening your brain. Boutique board games like Shasn are really fun to play, and really force you to think about your strategy. Then, there are games like Decrypto, in which you try to decipher coded texts that your friends come up with. Apart from being great party games, games such as these can keep you engaged for a good time. Building Your Own Robot © iStock Finally, one must consider building your own robots. There are several DIY kits available on all leading e-commerce platforms, or you can collect some scrap on your own, consult a YouTube video, and get started. And if you want to take things to a whole new level, and involve some computer programming, you can always add a Rasberry Pi computer to it, and carry out some complicated functions. Building a toy robot is not only a great way to have fun, but it is also highly rewarding. View the full article
  8. Remember the good ol' days when someone had to do something huge and outrageous to be branded an 'anti-national'? However, now, just saying and doing anything that mildly offends a particular group of people can earn someone that tag. As part of the Dilli Chalo protest, farmers have been marching towards Delhi to peacefully fight against the Centre's farm laws that would curb their income, leaving them at the "mercy" of big corporates. © Twitter Well, even though protesting is a constitutional right, farmers are getting treated in the most inhuman way possible for dissenting, which includes being blasted with tear gas and water cannons. Soon after these atrocities were thrown towards their way with the Haryana borders getting sealed to prevent them from reaching Delhi, people had the best suggestion for everyone who is against farmers, the very people who feed the entire nation, fighting for themselves and their livelihood. © Twitter Since the easily offended people love boycotting everything that causes mild inconvenience to them, some people suggested that why don't they just boycott food if they can't stand with the annadatas at such a crucial time? The farmers are protesting against our beloved supreme leader, we will never tolerate his disrespect. We will #BoycottFood till the farmers wouldn't go back to their homes. Team Baan please avoid lunch pic.twitter.com/tBXNhxj7dg — Rofl Gandhi 2.0 (@RoflGandhi_) November 27, 2020The sarcastic trend soon caught on and became one of the top trending hashtags in the country. Bhakts when they see food around today #BoycottFood pic.twitter.com/l3DkcdpH5V — gosht rider (@Tabishaslam) November 27, 2020 Maybe fasting would help. #BoycottFood is now in trend because Farmer protest against Farmer bill/ Modi government Le bhakt: pic.twitter.com/EqzN7CenlL — Riya (@riyasharma_4) November 27, 2020 Go for it! Let's teach the anti-national farmers a lesson. Everyone #BoycottFood now — Dumbit Patra (@DumbitPatra56) November 27, 2020 That might help. These anti-national farmers should meditate more instead of protesting all the time #BoycottFood pic.twitter.com/nqPz7wPtmy — Rofl Raut 2.0 (@Desi_Democracy) November 27, 2020 Yes, just boycott humans and be done with it. Wake up Eat Boycott something Sleep Repeat 🔃 Today #boycottfood Tomorrow boycott humans is loading pic.twitter.com/B0obNveatU — Dreamer (@dreamer_in_dark) November 27, 2020 Hmm. #BoycottFood *Me and my bois after seeing so many boycotts everyday and now it comes to food : pic.twitter.com/7C2kHTETbd — ☆ 𝙝𝙪𝙢𝙖𝙣•शु ☆ (@tereMaalKaYaar) November 27, 2020 What happened to Jai Jawaan, Jai Kisaan? Our Jawans are fighting at the border but you still want food? #boycottfood By the way they are fighting at Delhi - Haryana border, with our farmers. — Rofl Gandhi 2.0 (@RoflGandhi_) November 27, 2020 A taste of their own medicine, perhaps? IT cell trolls are getting superbly trolled. #boycottfood is trending on twitter. — Anshu Mor (@anshuMor) November 27, 2020 Go for it. How dare these anti national farmers protest against modiji, I appeal all members of sagh to #boycottfood — cuckshay (@imakshay001) November 27, 2020 Oops. Everyone:Why are you trending??#BoycottFood Le bhakts: pic.twitter.com/oUnPMlpxn8 — Gaurav Gupta (@g48660305) November 27, 2020 Not fair. Boycott Amazon Boycott Bollywood Boycott Zomato Boycott Tanishq Boycott Netflix But when the time comes to #boycottfood Bhakt* pic.twitter.com/SRZ2I23bqj — The Bad Engineer (@Satirical_Dhruv) November 27, 2020 Yep. If you don't like farmers, don't eat food - SC.#boycottfood — Narundar Parody (@NarundarM) November 27, 2020 Good one. I won't eat any vegetable till farmers go back to their homes. I am taking this bold decision just for modiji's new best policy and ready to support modiji at every decision. Till then I will only consume non-veg and eggs. #BoycottFood pic.twitter.com/24YxNWwesv — Y-Dot (@Yusufismm) November 27, 2020 Yes. How dare these anti national farmers protest against modiji, I appeal all bhakts to #BoycottFood 🤣 Sanghis show your strength — Vinila krishnan (@Vinilakrishnan) November 27, 2020 Hm. Godi media should also #boycottfood as their stable diet "pedigree" contains Wheat & Rice — Mr.Fixit (@yippeekiyay_dk) November 27, 2020 Sorry, Babu. Broke up with my girl because she likes food and I am going to #BoycottFood I am sorry babuuu pic.twitter.com/ysr8QeYaFV — Rofl Raut 2.0 (@Desi_Democracy) November 27, 2020 Oh no. Me eating paper coz farmers are opposing our beloved modiji 🥺#boycottfood pic.twitter.com/k17B9fUFz9 — Dadda Tyagi (@Swamyadityanath) November 27, 2020 View the full article
  9. As the COVID-19 spread continues, we are forced to consider re-usable and comfortable options for our protection. A transparent face mask checks off both these boxes. Apart from the skin infections and other forms of physical discomfort, it’s also difficult to communicate in masks. In these times of social isolation, the least that we can hope for is a smile from a familiar face. But thanks to the masks, basic communication is now all the more difficult. These are only some of the many reasons why people are actually moving towards transparent face masks. These masks may be more expensive than regular ones, but they are definitely more comfortable and cheap in the long run. In case you’re still not convinced, here are some facts highlighting many more benefits of these revolutionary masks. Full Face Recognition Daily tasks like opening your phone or meeting a friend are made easier with these masks. If you’re someone who is still stepping out every single day for work, these masks will be a saviour. ©Aarmr NanoTech & NanoSurge Advanced Air Filters These masks will keep you safe from the virus as well as the pollution. They come with in-built NanoTech and NanoSurge filters which keep out micron particles and free radicals with equal efficiency. The Nanotech and Nanosurge technology uses air filters that have a 93% and 97% Particle Filtration Efficiency, respectively. ©Aarmr __ECOMPRODUCT__902__ Re-Usable & Washable How often can you say that your mask is as good as new. Well, with these transparent masks by Aarmr, you can wash as well as UV sanitize your masks as and when needed. This will not affect the quality or the durability of the mask. However, you should avoid scrubbing the surface with harsh scrubbers. ©Aarmr Clear Vision With Fog Resistance Designed for clarity, the premium surface of the mask is resistant to dust and pollution. The mask comes with a D-fog solution that makes the product resistant to fog as well. Pour some D-fog solution on a dry cloth and apply on a clean and dry mask. Another brilliant pro for this mask is that you can easily wear it over your spectacles. ©Aarmr Adjustable Bands For ComfortIt’s been almost a year since we all started wearing masks on a regular basis. If you have been wearing them every single day, you know that they are no friend to your ears. You can be protected against the infections and cuts by using these masks. They can be adjusted to suit your needs. They are extremely lightweight too. ©Aarmr __ECOMPRODUCT__903__ Complementary Filters For ReplacementThe recommended life of a filter is about 3 months, but it would also depend on the usage. In case you damage the filter, it will need an earlier replacement. Regardless, they will make your life a whole lot easier and safer. The masks come with 8 complementary filters for replacement which you can also buy separately. ©Aarmr Final Thoughts There’s a reason why these face masks are becoming most people’s go-to option. Even though they are slightly more expensive, they are totally worth the price. Do let us know about your thoughts on transparent face masks, in the comments below! Explore More View the full article
  10. What an Oscar is to the film fraternity, a Grammy is to musicians all across the world. Why the Grammys are so valuable lies in the fact that it serves as a global recognition for achievements in the music industry. © Instagram/Chesky Records And while getting a Grammy nomination itself is a big deal, winning the real thing is definitely priceless too. So what do you think would happen when an upcoming artist finds out that their maiden album, yes, the very first, has been nominated for a Grammy? Seems almost impossible, right? But Brooklyn-based Indian songwriter and singer, Priya Darshini, has made the impossible come true! Priya Darshini’s debut album, titled Periphery, has been nominated for this year's Grammy Awards, under the ‘Best New Age Album’ category. © Instagram/Priya Darshini Sharing the news and her utter disbelief over the nomination, Priya Darshini shared on Twitter that she had recorded the Live album entirely on one mic and that getting a Grammy nomination almost feels dreamlike! I can’t believe it!!! My debut album PERIPHERY is nominated for a Grammy in the Best New Age Album category! A Live album, recorded entirely on ONE Mic getting a nod from the Academy is really quite surreal. https://t.co/zhPRYuwgYJ — Priya Darshini (@priyism_) November 24, 2020 She also shared how, “Writing this record and diving into such a deep authentic vulnerable space with you has been one of the most beautiful & powerful experiences of my life.” This comes against the backdrop of Priya Darshini’s attempts to form her idea of home and identity away from her motherland. Speaking about her very own dream come true moment, Priya Darshini tweeted, I’ve dreamt of this day since I was little, but I never really thought dreams like this could come true for someone like me, tamizh ponnu from Goregaon, Mumbai! Thank you for all your messages of love, and support. I feel so held! — Priya Darshini (@priyism_) November 24, 2020 We are glad her talent and hard work have found the recognition they deserve. And of course, congratulations have been pouring in since! Well ain't this something to celebrate: Congrats to Dr. Joan Morgan (@milfinainteasy) on your Grammy nomination for Best New Age Album as a songwriter on Priya Darshini's PERIPHERY. For decades, you've been an inspiration as a music writer, scholar & now, Grammy-nominee! pic.twitter.com/2h9rUIj9SA — Dr. Steven W. Thrasher (@thrasherxy) November 24, 2020Appreciating Anoushka Shankar for Best world album and Priya Darshini for Best new age album! More power to you both! You made India proud.🇮🇳 #GRAMMYs thread ~ pic.twitter.com/6RLuoSvVm5 — ᴮᴱSaayu⁷ (@saayu26) November 25, 2020Congratulations!! We're so proud and happy for you!!! Love the album btw. I had goosebumps while listening to it. 🥺 — ᴮᴱbee⁷||♡ (@daechwitahoe_) November 25, 2020Indian's priya darshini is nominated for #newagealbum for periphery. Proud moment as indian 🇮🇳 @ot7religion pic.twitter.com/AINCRsHjIe — ᴮᴱEuphxrial⁷ (@featherlysin) November 24, 2020That has to be the best news of this year. Heartiest Congratulations. Well deserved ️ — viveick rajagopalan (@viveick_r) November 25, 2020 Here’s hoping she ends up winning too! View the full article
  11. Today is the 12th anniversary since the dreadful day in 2008 when as many as 170 innocent people were mercilessly killed by Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists in Mumbai. Even today, it isn’t just fear that surfaces at the mention of 26/11. © BCCL A tornado of emotions acts up and boils over within the heart of every Indian as soon as the 2008, 26/11 Mumbai terror attack is mentioned. There’s pain, there’s loss and there’s trauma that hundreds continue to live with even after 12 years since the day of tragedy. Seems like it isn’t just Indians who wish to ‘Never Forget’ the 26/11 and demand for a closure. Israelis too have come forward to organise ceremonies and pay respects to the victims of the 26/11 attacks. They are also demanding that the perpetrators be tried and brought to justice. Today we remember the victims of the terrible #MumbaiTerrorAttack of 26/11, which targeted citizens of #India, #Israel and the world. This painful chapter in our shared history only strengthens our bond and commitment to stop global terrorism together. #NeverForget pic.twitter.com/wMefPbQrAx — Ron Malka 🇮🇱 (@DrRonMalka) November 26, 2020 Condemning “Pakistan-sponsored terrorism” and remembering the innocent lives that were lost on the fateful day, Israelis and Indian students paid their respects to the victims in Jerusalem, Rehovot and Tel Aviv yesterday, while more ceremonies have been scheduled for today in Beersheva and Eilat. That’s not all, Israelis in Eilat are hoping to build a memorial square in the memory of the victims of the Mumbai attacks. © BCCL Speaking to PTI, Isaac Solomon said, “Israel opposes every country that provides financial and logistical support to terrorists. Peaceful countries should come together to boycott diplomatically and financially those countries that support terrorism.” He also added, “It is a matter of pride for us Israelis to have a peaceful country like India as our friend. We pray that our friendship continues to grow strong.” Indians have also appreciated Israel’s gesture. 🇮🇳India’s all weather friend 🇮🇱Israel stands with India asks for Justice and to Punish perpetrators of #MumbaiTerrorAttacks 26/11 #MumbaiTerrorAttack : 🇮🇱Israelis pay respects to victims, demand justice for them - Oneindia News https://t.co/W6yjjsNDXs — vishal mehta🇮🇳 (@vishalnautamlal) November 26, 2020After 26/11, Israel has helped & co operated with India regarding intelligence & defence front. — Madhu🇮🇳 (@Madhukshara_C) November 26, 2020It's really wonderful to see you @MayaKadosh paying homage in the remembrance of great heroes of #MumbaiTerrorAttack on 26/11. This shows how much #Israel is connected with #India emotionally also. Bonding hopefully will get strengthen many folds in the years to come. — Kingshuk Mukherji (@KingshukMukhe13) November 26, 2020# Terrorism is a global disease! Needs immediate treatment globally. — Mukesh Agarwal (@MukeshAgarwal64) November 26, 2020I remember someone wrote after 26/11, Israel offered help. Truly, a friend indeed. — जीव मराठी 🇮🇳 #StopHindiImposition (@JeevMarathi) November 26, 2020Bless you Israel 🇮🇱! — Shajieel Ravindran (@shajieel) November 26, 2020Wonderful gesture @IsraelinIndia @israelinMumbai — विक्रम मोहन पत्की 🇮🇳 (@Vickypats66) November 26, 2020 Never forget. View the full article
  12. Vidyut Jammwal's acting career is soaring high after he gave a spectacular performance in Khuda Haafiz and Yaara. If we take a look at his Instagram feed and appearances, the actor's fashion game is fused and injected with the right amount of suaveness and he never fails to grab our attention when he steps out. © Viral Bhayani As for Vidyut's style aesthetics, he is usually seen wearing baggy silhouettes and has cracked the code right, each time he has stepped out, trying to ace the hip look. This time too, when he was spotted at a cafe, we couldn't help but notice Vidyut's uniquely styled outfit. © Viral Bhayani While it looks very basic, we like how he has experimented with the silhouette here and has managed to turn heads with this outfit. Firstly, let's talk about the oversized T-shirt that he is wearing here. The T-shirt, even though it is a basic black-hued one, has a quirky vibe going on with the text on the sleeves. Coming to his pants, he has coupled it with a pair of black harem pants, with a drop crotch silhouette, that looks comfortable for a casual outing. The long side pockets with neatly done pleats on the sides make these pants an uber-cool addition. © Viral Bhayani While these are the details for the outfit he wore, the pièce de résistance here are his sneakers, to be honest. I mean, just take a look at the pair and the way he has donned the shoes. These are the longest pair of sneakers that we have seen in a while and that coupled, over the harem pants, looks spot on. Here let's look into the details of the pair he is wearing. © Rick Owens He is wearing Rick Owens Hood 'off-the-runway' dirt Grafton Sock shoes. Perfectly designed with dark, alluring style aesthetics, these boots are crafted from pure leather and feature a round toe. The chunky ridged rubber sole of these sneakers comes with a contrasting tan-brown detailing and is finished with detailing at the ankle. © Rick Owens When the pair looks this good, even the price of the shoes will be extravagant, without a doubt. These sneakers are approximately worth Rs 80,000 and this won't include your regular customs and import duties. Hence, this pair is bound to be an overly expensive pair of shoes, if one wishes to get it to India. © Viral Bhayani All in all, that's one heck of a way to step out, and with Vidyut's way of pairing these sock sneakers, these can easily give Ranveer's long sneakers a run for their money which he wore in 2019. Don't you agree with us? View the full article
  13. India’s been tightly controlling incoming goods from China which has been directly impacting Apple’s latest iPhone 12 imports and holding up products from other companies such as Xiaomi. According to a Reuters report, applications to the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) would be processed within 15 days, however currently it is taking up to two months or longer. © Reuters Companies need to get their products certified by India’s regulatory body BIS but application processes are taking longer than usual due to the ongoing border tension between China and India. Products that are entering the country from China are particularly facing delays by two months or even longer. India has been on an offensive ever since the border clash between the two countries and has taken measures such as banning apps that are of Chinese origin. The Indian government has banned apps like PUBG Mobile, TikTok, and more recently Ali Express owned by the Alibaba group. © Reuters According to Reuters’ sources, Apple’s iPhone 12 has been caught with these delays which led to Apple India executives requesting BIS to speed its approval process. The company has given assurances to the Indian authorities that it will be expanding its assembly operations in India. Apple has already set up manufacturing and assembly plants in the country, however newer models such as the iPhone 12 are imported from China at the moment. We could see Apple assemble the iPhone 12 Series in India sometime soon in order to avoid future issues with BIS. As of yesterday, there are over 1000 applications to BIS for devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Over 650 of those devices are pending for approval for more than 20 days, according to BIS’ website. “While the BIS is delaying approvals for products like smartwatches, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology is pushing companies to make these devices in India,” a source told Reuters. Other companies such as Samsung Electronics and Xiaomu are also facing restrictions for inbound shipments of TVs. India’s trade ministry now requires importers to have a special license which is now hurting companies such as Xiaomi and Samsung Electronics according to Reuters’ sources. Xiaomi was recently denied a special license to import 30,000 or units of TVs “while Samsung has faced similar import hurdles," a source told Reuters. View the full article
  14. People have differing opinions about everything and when it comes to something like Sanskrit, we already know people have some strong opposing viewpoints about it. Recently, Gaurav Sharma, an Indian-origin doctor who hails from Himachal Pradesh, was elected as a member of the New Zealand Parliament. © Twitter While a great thing already, the online debate started because he took oath in Sanskrit. History Made: New Zealand Member of Parliament (MP) Dr Gaurav Sharma @gmsharmanz takes oath in Sanskrit. Sharma hails from India's Himachal Pradesh. pic.twitter.com/a4qnGw4WBf — Sidhant Sibal (@sidhant) November 25, 2020 A lot of people questioned his choice of the language when Sanskrit perpetuates "religious oppression & caste superiority". A journalist from New Zealand directly questioned him on Twitter. How is it that new Labour MP is sworn in at New Zealand Parliament using a language of religious oppression & caste superiority? Sanskrit is mark of Hindutva - mark of fundamentalism. What of Labour's working class values or is @gmsharmanz a token?@Gaurav Sharma pic.twitter.com/gL3cTXZ9Qx — Michael Field (@MichaelFieldNZ) November 25, 2020 Explaining his reasoning behind it, Gaurav said- 2) I studied Sanskrit at a small school in a rural part of India where it is a compulsory part of education curriculum for every student, not just one class or culture — Dr Gaurav Sharma MP (@gmsharmanz) November 25, 20203) If you do want to talk about oppression and class divide, a bit ironical that your mother tongue and your tweet is in English. Colonialism... — Dr Gaurav Sharma MP (@gmsharmanz) November 25, 2020 Lastly, here's why he didn't choose Hindi over Sanskrit. To be honest I did think of that, but then there was the question of doing it in Pahari (my first language) or Punjabi. Hard to keep everyone happy. Sanskrit made sense as it pays homage to all the Indian languages (including the many I can’t speak) https://t.co/q1A3eb27z3 — Dr Gaurav Sharma MP (@gmsharmanz) November 25, 2020 While these two men calmly sorted out their doubts and issues, people on Twitter have a lot of questions as well. Absolute BS. What is the need to take oath in a language that no one uses for formal communication? — Rajesh Raj (@QrajeshR) November 25, 2020 Hm. Mandir NZ mein he banega — Salman (@salmanaly24) November 25, 2020 And, the reality. Bhakts are feeling proud that a Parlamentarian of Indian origin took Oath in Sanskrit in New Zealand. Meanwhile in India, Municipal Corporator Musharraf Husain was assaulted for taking oath in Urdu and Police had booked him for “malicious intent of outraging religious sentiment” — Joy (@Joydas) November 25, 2020 Okay then. Sanskrit in the New Zealand Parliament. Nice touch. https://t.co/bjkNquYzeW — Aashish Chandorkar (@c_aashish) November 25, 2020 This is pretty diverse and cool. We had 12 languages spoken by MPs in the Commission Opening of Parliament today, including English, Te reo Māori, Mandarin, Samoan, Tongan, Rotuman, Korean, Dutch, Cantonese, Arabic, Sanskrit and Cook Islands Māori. https://t.co/2VuQC2lqPF — NZ Parliament (@NZParliament) November 25, 2020 Uhh. The one who work for their language and nation. Faltu ka gyan nahi pelte nukkdon par.. https://t.co/z9OOBqENRn — NRatan (@Deepak14296046) November 25, 2020 Okay. Oh my God. Upper Caste’s fascist bigoted Hindu Vadi RSS ideology now has spread its cancerous infection in NZ also. Let’s start campaign.. किसे के बाप का न्यूज़ीलैंड थोड़े हैं। https://t.co/QOKHgR6XSV — Urban Sadhu (@urbansadhu_) November 25, 2020 Interesting. Such a liberal society and open-minded people unlike us where a muslim professor of BHU was forced to resign for being too good in Sanskrit. https://t.co/gWb5vr1Of9 — Rajat (@rsrajat365) November 25, 2020 Wow. Yeah. This guy Sidhant is happy that this dude Gaurav has taken oath in Sanskrit language. Well he swore about allegiance towards “Queen Elizabeth”. Why is Sidhant Happy? Some Indians have very low IQ. 🤣🤣 What kind of fool feels happy to declare that he is a slave!! https://t.co/HjskZ1nt91 — Sandbags (@odradesh) November 25, 2020 But, at least some people are happy. Proud moment for india as well as for Himachal pradesh https://t.co/NUvonbI1GQ — Manuj Nandan Sharma (@ManujNandan) November 25, 2020 View the full article
  15. The trailer for Bhumi Pednekar’s Durgamati is finally out. It is the official remake of the hit Telugu film, Bhaagamathie, that starred Anushka Shetty in the lead role of a female IAS officer who gets possessed by the ghost of a dead queen. Well, in the trailer released today, you see two major themes ruling the movie - revenge, and justice. The trailer starts with some politicians conspiring against a leading politician Ishwar Prasad, played by Arshad Warsi. Mahie Gill is seen in the strong role of a police officer who asks Chanchal Chauhan, played by Bhumi Pednekar, to betray Ishwar Prasad. You also see get to see Jisshu SenGupta and Karan Kapadia who will also be seen in prominent roles. Things take a spooky turn when Bhumi’s character gets possessed by a ghost. Sharing the trailer, Bhumi tweeted, “Waited so long to share this one with you. Our sweat, blood & hard work.” Talking about the film, Bhumi had earlier said, “It is the first time that I am helming a film alone and it is exciting as well as nerve-wracking. There is a lot of responsibility on me. I have been very fortunate as an artist and I’m proud of my journey in cinema so far. So, I’m grateful for this opportunity.” Here’s the trailer: As soon as the trailer was unveiled on YouTube, people started comparing the remake to the original, stating the fact that Anushka Shetty is far better than Bhumi. They are not pleased with how every Bollywood movie is copied from movies down south. © Instagram/Bhumi Pednekar © Instagram/Bhumi Pednekar © Instagram/Bhumi Pednekar © Instagram/Bhumi Pednekar Akshay Kumar is one of the producers of the film, which is releasing on Amazon Prime Video on December 11. Are you guys planning to watch it? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  16. Bollywood has given us a versatile pool of fashionable actors. On one hand, we have celebrities like Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor, who have proven that they are bonafide style icons. And, then, on the other hand, we have someone like John Abraham, who, despite being the most dressed down actors of B-town, knows how to make a statement, while stepping out. That's what sets his sartorial choices apart from the rest of the actors. © Hypebeast John is seen wearing Nike's The Zoom Pegasus Turbo II 'Pure Platinum' sneakers. The pure platinum and the black colour scheme of the shoes adds to the graphic swathed upper. The mesh upper is lightweight and there are no chances of irritating seams coming in the way. The heel has a flexible fit, with branded embellishments and technical computer-style text placed around the swoosh. View the full article
  17. The coronavirus pandemic continues to be a major concern all over the world. While news of more good results regarding promising vaccinations are making headlines, the number of positive cases have increased once again in certain cities of India. To those who believe that the ones who have already recovered from the deadly virus are completely safe to live the rest of their lives normally, it might not be all that great… at least for now. © iStock We got in touch with Dr. Md. Shakeel, Head-Emergency & Trauma, Hiranandani Hospital who gave us some insight into what happens to a recently recovered Covid-19 patient and why some of them are being rushed back into the emergency ward. Dr. Md. Shakeel says: “A study conducted in Italy showed an overwhelming 87.4% of patients, who have recovered from COVID-19, reported persistence of at least one symptom - particularly fatigue and Dyspnoea (laboured breathing); this was reported even after two months of being discharged from the hospital.”Some of the recovered patients had returned to the hospital complaining of low oxygen saturation levels despite being admitted and treated in medical care for at least 10 days and were only discharged once they were free of all the symptoms. © iStock Dr. Shakeel adds: “These patients came back to the hospital emergency with a whole spectrum of Lung diseases – from Fibrosis (formation of hard fibrous tissues as the Lung heals from an injury) to secondary infections and Pneumonia. It was also noted that, after recovering from COVID-19, some patients came back to the hospital’s Emergency Room with reduced heart function, Heart Attack or even Stroke.”He continues: “COVID-19 is known to attack the Endothelial Cells that line the blood vessels, leading to excessive blood clotting across the body. Now that the disease has been in the country for over five months and we understand it slightly better, we need to start looking at post-COVID rehabilitation, which has become a must, especially after having dozens of patients coming back into the Emergency Room with post-COVID symptoms.” © iStock These long and short term impacts of COVID19 are called ‘Post COVID Syndrome’. This means, after the acute phase of COVID19 is over, patients come back to hospitals with symptoms such as lethargy, body aches and itchy throats even four to six weeks later. Patients are also seen to have had psychological impact of the infection, leading to Anxiety and Depression. It is of utmost importance to monitor such cases, and a proper post-discharge rehabilitation plan be put in place, to monitor the patient’s health, so timely intervention could be done. FAQs About ‘Post-Covid Syndrome’ © iStock Why Does Post-Covid Syndrome Take Place? The extent of post-COVID distress would likely depend on the extent and impact of the infection the patient suffered. Other factors such as smoking history, advanced age and comorbid conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension, Renal Disorders also come into the picture, which further reduce the immune response of patients. Do Men & Women Report Same Issues Post Discharge? Men and women report the same post-COVID issues, but the incidence of Post COVID Syndrome is seen more amongst males, than females. © iStock What Are Some Doctor-Recommended Checks That Covid Survivors Must Undergo? Daily check of oxygen saturation, it should be maintained at >94% on room air;Watch for respiratory symptoms i.e. persistence or worsening of symptoms like cough & breathlessness;Persistent rise of body temperature above 100F;Watch for signs of lethargy, drowsiness, and altered sensorium;Regular monitoring of blood sugar in known diabetic patients is needed. COVID infection (as any other infection) alters blood sugar levels of the body. Strict monitoring once in 3 days and regular consultation with your doctor is required;Regular blood pressure monitoring in known Hypertensive patients is required to avoid accelerated Hypertension-related complications. Weekly blood pressure monitoring in case of controlled Hypertension, or more frequently in case of abnormal readings is required;Follow up consultation with your doctor within 7 days of discharge;Blood investigations like CBC, CRP at first follow up, and subsequent follow ups, if advised by your physician;Repeat CT scan of chest after 3 months to look at the extent of Lung recovery post the COVID infection.What Are The Potential Dangers of Ignoring These Assessments? © iStock Patients may go into ‘Cytokine Storm’ - Immune cells flood and attack the Lungs they should actually be protecting;Blood vessels could leak, or the blood starts clotting;Blood pressure could plummet and organs could start to fail;Secondary complications are highly common in post COVID infections like Pulmonary Fibrosis, Pulmonary Embolism, Renal Failure, Liver Dysfunction, Coagulopathy (excessive bleeding or clotting), Acute Stroke, and Myocardial Infarction.~With inputs by Dr Md. Shakeel, Head-Emergency & Trauma, Hiranandani Hospital View the full article
  18. All award shows do is highlight how much they don't appreciate the talent and hard work of some of the artists and will always pick a mediocre person over someone well-deserving. Well, at least most of the time. Keeping up with the trend, the Grammys decided to snub the insanely talented The Weeknd as he wasn't nominated for any category. The list of nominations for Grammys 2021 is out and literally no one is happy about it. © Youtube/The Weeknd As mentioned above, The Weeknd was very well deserving of a few nominations this year. Blinding Lights is not just a great song, but it was one of the biggest hits of the year. Even Abel himself called out the Grammys for this bias and everyone is behind him. The Grammys remain corrupt. You owe me, my fans and the industry transparency... — The Weeknd (@theweeknd) November 25, 2020 And, if that wasn't enough, Justin Bieber got a nomination for the most generic song with no substance - Yummy - and even he wasn't happy with that for pretentious reasons. View this post on Instagram A song that just repeats one word over and over again shouldn't be Grammy material in the first place, but expecting an R&B nomination instead of a Pop nomination? That's some next-level stuff. image 2 (Justin Bieber/Youtube) Come on, Justin. And, this is not surprising since he literally begged people to stream his comeback song a few months ago and it was hilarious and sad at the same time. No one is pitching two artists against each other, people are just angry at this inexplicable unjust behavior. Justin Bieber: Yeah, you got that yummy-yum, that yummy-yum, that yummy-yummy The #GRAMMYs: pic.twitter.com/SseyLgVv9T — dexter (@dexjennings98) November 25, 2020 Hmm. Grammy the weeknd: 0 nominations katy perry: 0 nominations selena gomez: 0 nominations LOONA: 0 nominations halsey: 0 nominations nicki minaj: 0 nominations miley cyrus: 0 nominations rina sawayama: 0 nominations Justin bieber: 3 nominations for a trash “Yummy” song pic.twitter.com/lUgBtVxbOx — SUPERFIRMTOFU UPDATES (@superfirmtofu) November 25, 2020 Yep. Justin Bieber got an album full of Nokia ringtone beats and he calling that shit R&B — geil nails (@sabrinaaleeyah) November 24, 2020 Abel deserves better. the weeknd didn’t get any nominations and justin bieber did... don’t hit me up #GRAMMYs pic.twitter.com/rmRG6PQ98Q — nadz :D (@nadjiasenee) November 25, 2020 Wow. The Weeknd: Justin Bieber: If I OD, I want You got that yummy you to OD yum yummy yum right beside me yummy yum yum The Grammys: pic.twitter.com/NhBGQmB5Ao — Cube Stan Account (@Nicholatte34) November 25, 2020 I would pay so much to watch this happen. "And the Grammy for Album of the Year goes to...wait...is that the Weeknd? Oh my god, he's got a steel chair!" pic.twitter.com/dO7Xx4unXW — Tupac Minion (@TupacMinion) November 25, 2020 It seemed it was done out of spite. The Weeknd did NOTHING wrong. the #Grammys are so corrupt... pic.twitter.com/AmeoE3tQIQ — King Wow (@wowthatshiphop) November 25, 2020 King! The Weeknd comes from being a homeless kid in the streets of Toronto, to one of the greatest artist of our generation, and there's no award that can take that away from him. KING SHIT pic.twitter.com/zfpjlueRTA — 𝑽𝑨𝑳 (@vlnxotwod) November 25, 2020 Exactly. no gram for the weeknd ???? pic.twitter.com/ySq1knonds — flacko (@jimysff) November 25, 2020 Can't wait! The Weeknd will yell “**** the Grammys” during his Super Bowl halftime performance. — Predictors (@ppredictors) November 25, 2020 He is. idgaf what the Grammys say, The Weeknd is that guy ! 🖤 pic.twitter.com/fJSh8SVcUa — 𝕯𝖆𝖗𝖗𝖞𝖑𝖑 ✞ (@darryllflores) November 25, 2020 Hmm. still can't believe that the Grammy's nominated yummy by Justin Bieber by excluding legendary songs like Blinding Lights by The Weeknd. #GRAMMYs pic.twitter.com/hdSvNPayQC — Naya🦋♡'s senju,shivi (@ilovelarents) November 25, 2020 It's so unfair. the way justin bieber and john legend got a grammy nom while doing the bare minimum while tinashe & the weeknd literally released the best albums of their career so far this year and they didn't get a single nomination... pic.twitter.com/TaI1MeLCaV — m (@marcustaduran) November 25, 2020 Uhh. Kanye was right to piss on his #GRAMMY. How the weeknd ain't nominated? Blinding lights is the biggest song of the year? pic.twitter.com/BfL2dOFy88 — Cynthia Samantha (@CynthiaSammee) November 25, 2020 Abel, come thru! All I want from The Weeknd is for him to perform in the Super Bowl half time show and say “Never need a Grammy I’m what the Grammys neeeeeed” — mariano 🦦 (@TheRapAgenda) November 25, 2020 View the full article
  19. Prince Harry, Meghan Markle have reportedly confused the idea of being a celebrity vs royalty with recent antics
  20. The naming or rather renaming of Indian towns, cities and now states isn’t a new occurrence. In the recent past, we have seen a number of Indian cities undergo changes in their names for a number of reasons. Gurgaon became Gurugram, Bangalore became Bengaluru, Allahabad became Prayagraj - people came up with a number of justifications behind the changes, right from revamping the city’s image to others blaming Hindu nationalistic trends. © indiarailinfo Now, the most recent name to join the list may be Hyderabad, which is being called ‘Bhagyanagar’ by some political figures. Case in point, Bengaluru South MP Tejasvi Surya’s recent tweet related to his Hyderabad campaign ahead of the GHMC elections, where he addressed the locals, “Dear young people of Bhagyanagar.” Dear young people of Bhagyanagar, Join us in large numbers in launch of 'Change Hyderabad' program tomorrow at 11 am at Swami Vivekananda Institute of Technology I also look forward to engaging with you in Qutbullapur, Jubilee Hills & Madhpur-Lingampally in Hyderabad. pic.twitter.com/advsVvdfHj — Tejasvi Surya (@Tejasvi_Surya) November 22, 2020 This incident has since divided people on social media with people choosing sides on the basis of whether they welcome this renaming or not. Now, regardless of why the renaming is happening and who is authorising it, the fact of the matter is that these old places getting christened with new names is making people think it may be an attempt to rewrite India’s history with a Mughal past. Whether that's true or not is debatable, although it may be recalled that back in 2018 Yogi Adityanath too had called for this name change during his visit to Hyderabad ahead of Assembly polls. Check out what people are saying about it: Memes toh hona hi tha... For अंधभक्त, Its not Charminar. pic.twitter.com/xmTABOWPmL — Unofficial Soul (@Unofficial_Soul) November 23, 2020 When memes are around, can trolls be far behind? Starts with "Dear people of Bhagyanagar" and ends with "In Hyderabad". This is what Whatsapp University students look like. — Hooda Patel (@hooda_patel) November 23, 2020 People have suggestions too. Sounds High.. Just change #Ahmedabad to #Karnavati. Later you can think about #Hyderabad or #Bhagyanagar. If you really care about names. @narendramodi@AmitShah @CMOGuj https://t.co/1e6tk1oykD — శ్రీ ஸ்ரீ Sri ಶ್ರೀ (O+Ve🩸) (@srinath_adv) November 24, 2020 Many are against it… Bhagyanagar? This is Hyderabad. The city founded by Quli Qutb Shah in 1591. https://t.co/y5426Ju4Pq — Natasha ‏ نتاشا (@nuts2406) November 23, 2020It's Hyderabad and will always be Hyderabad. https://t.co/orhNZjr3tU — Asif Ali Zaidi (@mullawasti) November 23, 2020While others support it. #ChangeHyderabad is a step towards a newer #Bhagyanagar and a self reliant India. Thank you @Tejasvi_Surya for your inspiration to the good youth of our great city. https://t.co/lFDa3aQHxL — VenuG Parkal (@parakala_venu) November 24, 2020You know where to find the best biryani in India #bhagyanagar #BhagyanagarWithBJP https://t.co/pue0zQ3cew — Priyanshu Ashiya (@pashiya) November 23, 2020Which team are you on? Hyderabad or Bhagyanagar? View the full article
  21. After teasing fans with a poster, Amazon Prime Video has now dropped the trailer of Sons Of the Soil web series which will take you through the journey of the Jaipur Pink Panthers, the pro kabaddi team owned by Abhishek Bachchan. The trailer shows the ups and downs of the team. It begins with the montage of failures and it shows how Junior Bachchan kept them motivated in bad times when everyone was questioning their capabilities. View this post on Instagram Abhishek shared the trailer on Instagram and wrote, "Sons Of The Soil Official Trailer. I've always been inspired by their game, but their journey has touched my heart in more ways than one." View this post on Instagram In a statement, Abhishek said, “Kabaddi is one sport that cannot be played well without teamwork, and that is the ethos of our Jaipur Pink Panthers family. I am delighted to team-up with Amazon Prime Video to tell the inspiring story of Jaipur Pink Panthers to the global audience.” He added, “I had made my digital debut with Amazon Original Series, Breathe: Into the Shadows so sharing the unfiltered story of my team, Jaipur Pink Panthers, through this global service made absolute sense. Sons of the Soil: Jaipur Pink Panthers promises to take the audience on a motivational ride as the players and the team aim to win the seventh season of the Pro Kabaddi League. I believe we have created a show that will engage and inspire the audience.” Fans are loving the trailer and are left emotional after seeing the struggles of the team members. © Instagram/Abhishek Bachchan © Instagram/Abhishek Bachchan © Instagram/Abhishek Bachchan The show is an unscripted sports documentary series directed by Alex Gale and is all set to stream on Amazon Prime Video from December 4. View the full article
  22. For everyone who has grown up watching World Wrestling Entertainment, it's a sad, sad day. The Undertaker has finally retired after a long and enviable career as a professional wrestler and people are bidding farewell to the legend. © WWE Mark William Calaway, better known as The Undertaker announced his retirement yesterday and since then, people have been feeling way too emotional about his departure from the sport. "My time has come to let The @undertaker rest ... in ... peace." #SurvivorSeries #FarewellTaker #Undertaker30 pic.twitter.com/Mg9xr8GB94 — WWE (@WWE) November 23, 2020 A generation of people grew up watching WWE when it was actually WWF, and wrestling provided them with the perfect balance of violence and entertainment for everyone. Some of these wrestlers were people's first heroes and it's hard to let that go. The final bell tolls... #ThankYou pic.twitter.com/4TXao9floB — Undertaker (@undertaker) November 23, 2020 Thanking him for all the memories over the years, people are saying bye to him. There are none better than & like him. #ThankYouTaker! pic.twitter.com/fkjhBPaV1B — Ananthpatel (@Ananthpatel441) November 23, 2020 Yes! Thanks for the memories #ThankYouTaker pic.twitter.com/8OwqP70FAJ — 🖤Austin🖤 (@RatedRAustin_) November 23, 2020 So wholesome. Thank You for giving us 30 Years of Greatness. Of course not only the greatest wrestling character and performer, but the greatest Man in Entertainment history, #ThankYouTaker. pic.twitter.com/VFMMSYyTVz — #ThankYouTaker ⚱️ (@WWEYazanTaker) November 23, 2020 Hmm. Did you really thought Undertaker was dead in a coffin and then he came out of the dead just to strangle a wrestler? Or when a couple decided in the ring who will have the cutody of their baby? Really? LUL — Sebas Cabrera (@MrOjitos1) November 24, 2020 So many good wishes. Thank you @undertaker for making our childhood awesome 🥰 sir you are the true gem of entertainment we wish you good and healthy future ahead #ThankYouTaker love you sir always 🥰 https://t.co/Yi49wzX39E — Ashwani Chauhan (@Ashwani79294823) November 24, 2020 The impact. He was one of the big reasons I liked and preferred wearing black or dark colored clothing... https://t.co/aYo70w9ZJh — Lumina Shirai ️‍️ Bumbleby 復讐者 (@kabuki_bee16) November 24, 2020 The Rock's tribute. 30yrs ago today, he made his iconic #SurvivorSeries debut. Like EVERYONE - I was in awe as a rookie in the @WWE when his first words pierced my soul as he walked in the dressing room and said, “Muthafucka” True story Honored to share the ring w you, my brother. #ThankYouTaker pic.twitter.com/ULlppOQlCa — Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) November 22, 2020 Aww. The Undertaker : "My time has come to let The Undertaker Rest In Peace." Me who grew up watching him:#ThankYouTaker #FarewellTaker pic.twitter.com/W2H3iN18Mc — Rasik (@RasikBhatman) November 23, 2020 Definitely. The GOAT-in and out of the ring. #ThankYouTaker pic.twitter.com/XXa1D0sqTb — John Layfield (@JCLayfield) November 23, 2020 Yep. Chills. #ThankYouTaker https://t.co/mxCB1qXRdz — Nikki Cross (@NikkiCrossWWE) November 23, 2020 For sure. This picture will go down in the history books. This is a legacy. This is respect. This is honor. This is loyalty. This is love. This is passion. This is the Phenom. This is the Deadman. This is The Undertaker. #ThankYouTaker #Undertaker30 #SurvivorSeries pic.twitter.com/jDzJ5XN7t1 — Shivam Jain (@Shivamjain013) November 23, 2020 What a career! #ThankYouTaker what a career! What a man. Phenom. pic.twitter.com/jt9WEkrXby — Dave Mastiff ‘Hoss of Hosses’ (@DaveMastiff) November 23, 2020 View the full article
  23. The coronavirus pandemic has made our lives come to a standstill as far as travel plans are concerned. Not that one can't travel anymore, but the fear of catching the virus is always lurking. Hence, social media is giving us a chance to treat our eyes with the extraordinary picture of places from across the globe that have been on our go-to list but unfortunately seems like a dream no. Earlier, Shillong’s cherry blossom flowers took over the town, and now a village in Kerala’s Kozhikode has turned the whole town pink due to the extensive growth of an aquatic plant known as the forked fanwort blooms. Kerala’s village Avala Pandi has enticed the locals as the image of the aquatic plant spread across the village has surfaced on the internet and also intrigued people’s attention from across the country. The photos of the rapidly growing plant have also been doing the rounds on social media and have also attracted a lot of tourists who have been visiting the village to look at the sights. Check out the post here- Kerala: Forked Fanwort blooms in Kozhikode; people visit to see flowers of the aquatic plant. (23.11.2020) pic.twitter.com/XLIZBpbovz — ANI (@ANI) November 24, 2020 The pink flower is locally known as ‘mullan payal’. The flower is also a source of income for several local vendors who have been using the pink flower bloom for making easy money amid this economic slowdown. Not only this, it has also become the go-to place for several party candidates who are fighting for votes. Dr. P Dileep told Indian Express that the plants might look beautiful to look at but are a huge threat to the local water bodies. Dr. Dileep said, “Plants may have been from aquarium escapes. Lesser number of people in the water bodies might have contributed to the increased growth of the plant.” Here’s what people on the internet have to say about the unfavorable flower growth in water bodies- This plant not so good for the eco system it seems... — midhun sb (@midhunsb) November 24, 2020Simply wow — Anjali Sharma (@AnjaliSharma797) November 24, 2020It's used in aquariums too.... Its and invasive species — chomtu (@NLCA33) November 24, 2020— AkshayaAchu️SK uyir️ (@AkshayaAchoo1) November 24, 2020Simply wow — Anjali Sharma (@AnjaliSharma797) November 24, 2020 What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  24. While we were planning a fun and exciting party season for this year, little did we know that the virus would still be around. Well, by now we know that there isn't much that we can do, except for accepting the situation for what it is. We understand that social distancing is more important than ever now. However, we also understand that isolation isn’t easy. Which is why, calling some friends over while following the correct hygiene protocols is the best compromise. It’s time to turn up the style quotient and celebrate in a smaller yet powerful way! Here are the best party shoes for men for intimate winter parties. 1. Green Canvas Espadrilles Espadrilles are one of the best party shoes for men this year, simply because of the unbeatable comfort they offer. The green shade that we have picked is neutral and will go perfectly well with all your winter outfits. __ECOMPRODUCT__882__ 2. Red Pin Striped Loafers Loafers are the perfect footwear for men who love to dress casual even for a party. Loafers can be paired with a shirt, kurta pyjama as well as a suit. Versatile, right? These red loafers are a great pick for the holiday season. __ECOMPRODUCT__841__ 3. Purple Velvet Roman Slippers These slippers are a dream come true for every lazy guy. Not only are they comfortable but also look pretty stylish for a pair of house slippers. These slippers feel super soft and are perfect for a lowkey get together. __ECOMPRODUCT__883__ 4. Black Slip Ons With Band Detail These shoes are one of the best party shoes for men on a budget. It’s hard to find a good pair of dress shoes for men at a reasonable price, so go ahead and grab this one. __ECOMPRODUCT__884__ 5. Black Solid Flats Apart from teaching us about hygiene, this year also taught us that you can never have enough comfort-wear. Flat sandals are one of the most underrated footwear options for men. This year, they made quite a comeback and we couldn’t be happier about it! __ECOMPRODUCT__885__ 6. Maroon Velvet Stitched Oxfords While we are talking about party shoes for men, let us give a special mention to the classic oxfords. If your style is more sophisticated than street, these shoes are for you. Rarely do we find a pair of such unique oxfords that can be worn with casual as well as formal clothes. __ECOMPRODUCT__886__ 7. Hudson: Navy Blue Mesh Active Sneakers Lastly, we have a pair of must-have party shoes for college going men. I have enough sneakers, said no guy ever. Be it dancing all night or long for a late night romantic stroll, these affordable, active sneakers will not disappoint you. __ECOMPRODUCT__887__ Final Thoughts There you go, these were some of our favourite party shoes for men this year. Go ahead and make the most of your year-end celebrations. Oh, and don’t forget to take precautions! Explore More View the full article
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