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Found 27 results

  1. Apple decided to knock it out of the park with the new Mac Pro. It's one of the best and the most powerful pieces of hardware that Apple has ever put out. But with a starting price of $6,000, the Mac Pro, needless to say, is a pricey affair. That $6,000 price tag (roughly Rs 4.15 lakhs), by the way, is for the base variant of the Mac Pro. Apple decided to remain tight-lipped when it comes to the price of a maxed-out Mac Pro, which sort of makes it pretty obvious that it's not going to be cheap. Nope, not happening. In fact, the folks over at TheVerge decided to play around the number a bit and came up with an estimated figure. They shopped around for equivalent part that Apple announced during the keynote, and turns out, it's going to cost you a lot of money. Like, a lot. Well, before we tell you how much it'll most likely cost, let's check out how powerful a fully maxed-out Mac Pro really is. Once Apple puts it out on the market for purchase, you can configure a Mac Pro with a 28-core Intel Xeon W processor, to begin with. That's significantly more powerful than the 18-core iMac that they launched last year, which is already a beast of a machine. In addition to that processor, you can configure the Mac Pro with, wait for it, 1.5TB of RAM. No, that is not a typo. You can actually get a Mac Pro with 1.5 Terabytes of RAM. Also, you can get up to 4TB SSD and four AMD Radeon Pro Vega II Duo GPUs. That is, of course, if you can afford even one. © Apple As you can see, Apple's new Mac Pro is one of the most powerful computers out there on the market right now. The amount of performance you can get out of this machine is something that's almost impossible to comprehend. So, how much is it going to cost? According to TheVerge, a fully maxed out Mac Pro i.e. the top-of-the-line Mac Pro complete with a 28-Core Xeon processor, 1.5TB RAM, and all that good stuff will cost you at least $33,000, which roughly translates to about Rs. 22 lakhs. But wait, we haven't even added GPUs yet, which could easily bump the price up to around an eye-watering $45,000 i.e. roughly around Rs. 32 lakhs. Now, this isn't an iMac Pro we're talking about here, so you have to buy a monitor separately. Lucky for you, Apple also introduced a new 6K display called Pro Display XDR monitor. As the name suggests, it's basically the best monitor has ever created and it's apparently comparable to reference monitors out there that cost upwards of $40,000. © YouTube So, if you add that to the price to make it a fully maxed-out Mac Pro setup with Apple's best display, then you're looking at at least $50,000 which is roughly Rs 35 lakhs. Oh, you know what? Apple is not including the stand for the display inside the box, so please add that as well. That'll cost you an additional $1,000. Go figure! Do make a note that these are just estimates based on the prices of the components that are already out there on the market. We still don't know how much Apple is going to charge you for a fully maxed-out Mac Pro. But looking at Apple's history of pricing, you can expect it to be more than the market standard. And if you're planning to buy one in India, then you'll also have to factor the import duties, which is only going to make it more expensive. That being said, the new Mac Pro's, at least a fully a maxed-out Mac Pro, isn't meant for average everyday users anyway. By the word 'Pro', Apple is targetting the 'true' professionals like cinematographers and filmmakers. We can totally imagine the folks over at some film studio using a fully maxed-out Mac Pro to edit huge chunks of files.
  2. Start reading this article only and only if you have watched 'Game of Thrones' Season 8 Episode 4, for there are major spoilers ahead. Now, with that out of the way, let's get to the point. Episode 4 was all about the build-up to the final war against Cersei Lannister, and it ended on a note that left the audience hanging and hungry for answers, not to mention distressed. Daenerys Targaryen lost another dragon, but that perhaps is not the death that will haunt everyone. We lost Missandei of Naath, Dany's advisor, best friend, and confidante that she trusted more than anyone else. She was undoubtedly one of the most liked characters in the show, who was intelligent as well as loyal beyond measure to her queen. Just as her love story with Grey Worm started blooming, she met with a gruesome death. © Hotstar One question that everyone is asking, however, is what her final words meant. Cersei asked her to say her last words before ordering The Mountain to execute her, and Missandei uttered a single word, one all too familiar to us: 'Dracarys'. As we geared up for Drogon to rise up behind Cersei and rain fire from the sky in a possibly badass twist like Arya's attack on the Night King from the previous episode, we were disappointed because nothing happened, and The Mountain sliced off her head leading to a miserable, anti-climactic end to the episode. © Hotstar We, however, think that her uttering that word can have far-reaching implications, that are enough to turn around the fate of the Seven Kingdoms. The word 'Dracarys' means 'Dragonfire', and it also is the same word Daenerys utters every time she wants her dragons to attack with fire. Before we get into how and why it will possibly change everything for Westeros, let us revisit a scene from season 3 episode 4, where Daenerys frees the slaves in Astapor, and kills the master. Missandei was the translator, and that was the first time she saw the rage in Daenerys - something so ruthless and destructive, that even the most formidable leaders sometimes lack. She wanted to remind her of her own power at a time during which she was at her most vulnerable, having lost two of her dragons, the entire Dothraki army, as well as Ser Jorah Mormont. © Hotstar She knew that Daenerys has it in her to burn everything down to the ground and raze anything that comes in her way, and that is what she keyed in, as a final goodbye to the realm. She could have said goodbye to Grey Worm, the love of her life, but instead, she chose to give one final piece of advice to her queen and her best friend, which is to burn everything. © Hotstar She wanted Daenerys to get rid of all the diplomacy and all the hesitation that prevents her from raining fire down on King's Landing, and she made sure that now the barrier is broken. Daenerys, as well as Grey Worm, will now spiral down a path of vengeance, and that might just lead to Daenerys ignoring all the advice from Tyrion and Varys and she will perhaps turn into something everyone always warned her against transforming into - a mad queen. She is now anyway susceptible to her rage, something that runs in her family and ended up consuming her father Aerys II Targaryen, famously known as 'The Mad King', who had shouted "burn them all!" during his final moments. © Hotstar Missandei, by uttering 'Dracarys' just before her death, essentially told Daenerys to ignore everything else and burn Cersei down to the ground, just like she obtained all her major wins along with the Dothraki and her dragons by her side. It was a reminder, as well as a solid piece of advice.
  3. With the Indian Premier League in its second half, fans have seen quite a stir with the points table with respect to the position of the eight franchises of the league. While Virat Kohli's Royal Challenger Bangalore has shown signs of revival in the later days, other teams like the Kolkata Knight Riders who were considered to be above average, have slumped down the order. But that does not mean that a T20 match between the below-par teams like KKR and Rajasthan Royals cannot fill the stadium with a jolt of excitement and loud cheers. After losing the toss against Steve Smith at the Eden Gardens arena, Dinesh Karthik and team were asked to bat first. The Knight Riders openers, Chris Lynn (0 runs) and Shubhman Gill (13 runs) played small, underwhelming innings before getting dismissed at the hands of Royals' Varun Aaron. In came the KKR skipper, who had been under the microscope ever since India's 15-man squad for ICC World Cup 2019 was announced a couple of weeks ago and Karthik was chosen to represent the nation over a younger Rishabh Pant and people were sceptical about the Tamil Nadu-born cricketer and his ability as a batsman. But DK showed to the world that he is more than capable as a finisher and has the potential of becoming the backbone of the team that could support the entire batting innings of a team. And yes, this was an Indian Premier League match and sure there is a huge difference between a national-level T20 league match and an ODI match at the stature that of the World Cup, but this is about Karthik's characteristics as a fine cricketer. Scoring just three runs in the first 10 deliveries, Karthik realised that it was time for him to take hold of the steering wheel and become the leader in terms of building a respectable total for their opponents when other batsmen around him failed to stick to the crease. Fours ð7ï¸â£ Sixes ð9ï¸â£ Runs ð9ï¸â£7ï¸â£ Strike Rate ð1ï¸â£9ï¸â£4ï¸â£#DineshKarthik had a boundary percentage of 84.5% in his splendid knock. ð¥ð#KKRvRR #VIVOIPL #IPL #KKRHaiTaiyaar pic.twitter.com/KNdwZKG5Kd — KolkataKnightRiders (@KKRiders) April 25, 2019 The next 40 deliveries saw a completely different Dinesh Karthik than before, scoring the much needed 94 runs which included seven fours and nine sixes in an unbeaten 97-run innings to bring up the KKR total to 175. Did @DineshKarthik just prove his place in the World Cup squad with his performance for @KKRiders? Fans think so. #KKRvRR ðhttps://t.co/ZaThRNNBLx — Twitter Moments India (@MomentsIndia) April 25, 2019 Even though Riyan Parag and the rest of the Rajasthan batting order were too good to handle for the KKR bowlers, Karthik's performance was recognised by the Indian fans: Dinesh Karthik 97* from 50 balls 9 sixes Thats fantastic Captain innings !! Debate ends..Pant or Karthik !! Well done DK !! U proved enough — Rajkumar Sekar (@I_Raj13) April 25, 2019 97* off 50 balls by Dinesh Karthik. What an inning. World Cup se pehle lagbhag sab form me aa gaye hain ððð#KKRvRR #RRvKKR #DineshKarthik pic.twitter.com/SKlK93lbIZ — Sir Jadeja fan (@SirJadeja) April 25, 2019 What a knock @DineshKarthik! More relieved for India than #KKR — Saurabh Malhotra (@MalhotraSaurabh) April 25, 2019
  4. It was a bitter-sweet day for Indian opener Shikhar Dhawan yesterday when the batsman played the best T20 innings of his career, scoring 97 runs off just 63 balls but could not achieve his maiden century in this particular format of the game in a Delhi Capitals win against the Dinesh Karthik-led Kolkata Knight Riders, as his teammate and South African cricketer Colin Ingram decided to steal the show on the final moments of the matchup. Deciding to go for a maximum instead of letting his partner take the strike and try for his first T20, Ingram scored a total of 14 runs in just 6 balls sealing a seven-wicket victory for the Capitals. However, yet another highlight of the evening came after the match ended in favour of Delhi when the team's wicket-keeper and the official babysitting mascot of the name, Rishabh Pant was found chasing Shikhar's son Zoravar all around the green field of Kolkata's legendary Eden Gardens Stadium. The five-year-old seemed to be having the time of his life as Pant put a towel around him and began swinging him in a circular motion right next to the pitch. Dear @tdpaine36, Pls be careful next time you ask Rishabh Pant to babysit. ðð#KKRvDC pic.twitter.com/EQMIFgCwxo — Sir Jadeja fan (@SirJadeja) April 12, 2019 Known for being absolutely fantastic around kids, the wicker-keeper-batsman has made a name for himself as a great babysitter ever since India's five-match Test series in Australia back in the final days of 2018, thanks to the extremely entertaining banter with the then Aussie skipper, Tim Paine. Adding to his narrative, Pant even posed with Paine's wife, Bonnie Paine and kids for a picture which would go viral for all the right reasons in the coming days. Tim Paine to @RishabPant777 at Boxing Day Test: "You babysit? I'll take the wife to the movies one night, you'll look after the kids?" *Challenge accepted!* ð¶ (ð¸ Mrs Bonnie Paine) pic.twitter.com/QkMg4DCyDT — ICC (@ICC) January 1, 2019 Watching the cricketer get along with Dhawan's son so well, the Indian fans of the game reacted with extreme joy: ððððððð perfect babysitter — Geetika ðð(@Geetikatuli) April 12, 2019 Abbe bs kr bhai. Gabbar k bete k sath pange mt le 𤣠— Aadi Sharma ð®ð³ (@aadisharma1900) April 12, 2019 Aur bulawo best babysitter. — chiku (@sjchiku) April 12, 2019 The best babysitter in the world isn't for everyone ðð — Dhananjay Saxena (@DhananjaySaxena) April 13, 2019
  5. Alright, I know the Galaxy Note 7 jokes are a thing of past now, but I couldn't help it. Samsung's subsidiary brand has made a flower vase that also doubles up as a fire extinguisher? Seriously, how can this not remind you about the Note 7 debacle? Called 'Firevase', the vase essentially works as a fire extinguisher when you throw it at a fire. The outer chamber is filled with potassium carbonate that quickly cools and suppresses oxygen when the vase is thrown at the fire like, well, a grenade. Don't worry, it also has an inner chamber to hold water for your flowers, so it works fine both ways. According to architecture and design magazine Dezeen, only 100,000 firevases were originally produced to promote the use of home fire extinguishers in South Korea, where having at least one home fire extinguisher per home is mandatory since 2017. © firevase - YouTube But since the promotional campaign was a success and it helped increase the number of homes with an extinguisher by 8 per cent, the company decided to produce more.
  6. The MWC 2019 was abuzz with discussions around foldable phones and their future. With every brand trying to grab the spotlight, foldable phones are said to be a major leap for mobile technology. At the same time though, the other side of the tradeshow was all about one thing - 5G. While hardware makers were trending foldable phones, wireless equipment makers and telecom operators were going crazy over the next generation of wireless communication. Chip makers like Qualcomm have already announced platforms to support 5G, and companies are now in a race to launch at least one phone with 5G support in their arsenal. Here's a list of all the phones that shall support 5G and are expected to launch soon! 1. Samsung Galaxy S10 5G © CNET The recently announced S10 family has already received a lot of attention from the media as well as users. Celebrating 10 years of the S-series, Samsung has tested the limits of technology this year. The Galaxy S10 5G was announced alongside the rest of the S10 lineup last week and it sports the same display, battery, and camera as the mainstream variant. But, it runs on an Exynos 9820 processor, coupled along with a Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 modem for 5G support. It shall come in 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB internal memory configuration only, and does not support expandable storage, possibly due to larger 5G components. It shall launch in the second half of 2019, exclusively via Verizon in the US. Pricing hasn't been announced yet and we don't think it'll sell without a contract in the beginning. 2. Huawei Mate X © BCCL This phone blends the two most interesting aspects of technology right now, bendable display and 5G. Huawei isn't only a phone maker, but also a major force behind the manufacturing of telecom equipment. Hence, the brand says the Mate X will be the world's fastest 5G foldable phone thanks to its expertise in the enterprise segment. The phone houses an in-house Balong 5000 5G modem, though we aren't sure when and where you'll be actually able to use it. American carriers are expected to roll-out 5G in the coming one year, and considering recent Huawei - U.S government turmoil, it's a possibility the Mate X never makes it to the USA. Even this phone doesn't have an availability date or price right now. 3. Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 © Pocketlint Instead of launching a brand new phone, Xiaomi is choosing the wise path of launching a 5G variant of an existing model. The design, display, and camera continue to remain unchanged, and the processor has been upgraded from Snapdragon 845 to 855. Further support is added thanks to the X50 modem. Xiaomi has been transparent and says it'll retail for €599 ($679) in May. This is among the cheapest 5G phones we are seeing right now, and even Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon said he didn't expect 5G phones to be as cheap as Xiaomi's device. 4. LG V50 © TrustedReviews Even LG chose to launch a 5G variant of its existing phone, the V40 "ThinQ". And, LG wants to be extremely noisy about it and has added a glowing 5G logo on the back. The design has gotten a little bulky, presumably to make space for Snapdragon 855 and surrounding antennas. Even the battery is slightly larger at 4000mAh. A price hasn't been announced and the company said it'll be available by March-end, or whenever a carrier partner is ready to roll out 5G. © Twitter These are a few phones that are confirmed to ship soon. A few companies like OnePlus, OPPO, and Sony showed off prototype phones running 5G. These were just meant to show us that they are ready with a 5G offering and are waiting for the right time to launch. Incorporating a 5G modem right now is not only expensive but also challenging from a design point of view. Hence, until 5G is rolled out to a sufficient number of users worldwide, it makes no sense to launch compatible phones.
  7. Eggs are one of the cheapest protein sources in the market, and are also one of the highest quality ones. It's very common amongst bodybuilders, powerlifters and fitness enthusiasts as a staple edible. With this piece, there are some myths which I would like to debunk. 1) Eggs Give You Acne And Pimples Well, it's not true. You have to get it to check with your dermatologist and get a food allergy test done. There is no evidence yet, so you can't blame eggs here. 2) Too Many Egg Whites Harm Your Kidneys There is a study that claims that if you eat more protein over time, you will not face any kidney issues. © Thinkstock Images 3) Eggs Are Only For Fitness Enthusiasts And Bodybuilders An egg is a food which can be consumed by anyone. It has no relation with fitness enthusiast or an ordinary human being. 4) There Is A Certain Limit To Consuming Eggs Well, there is no limit when it comes down to consumption. It all depends on your protein and fat intake. Nutrition facts in an egg Protein- 6g Fats- 5g Carbs- 1g Calories- 73 Nutrition facts in an egg white Protein- 3.6g Fats- 0g Carbs- 0g Calories- 14.4 Here are some top reasons why you should eat eggs when dieting: 1) Eggs Are Low In Calories And High In Protein One large egg contains about 73 calories and has 6g of protein. A meal consisting of 4 boiled eggs and some vegetables contains only about 350 calories. 2) Eggs Are Very Filling Studies have repeatedly shown that egg meals increase fullness and reduce food intake during later meals, compared to other meals with the same calorie content. A high-protein diet has a higher thermogenic effect when compared with a low protein diet. © Thinkstock Images 3) Eggs Are One Of The Ideal Foods To Start Your Day A study from Nutrition Research in men showing that an egg breakfast significantly decreased calorie intake for the next 24 hours, compared to a bagel breakfast. The egg group eaters also felt more satiated. Furthermore, an egg breakfast caused more stable blood glucose and insulin response, while also crushing ghrelin (the hunger hormone). 4) Eggs Are Easy To Cook Incorporating eggs into your diet is very easy. They are cheap, widely accessible and can be made within minutes. Eggs are scrumptious and you can make them in any form, but fitness enthusiasts often prefer boiled, scrambled, made into an omelette or baked. Author bio: Yashovardhan Singh is an online fitness coach with www.getsetgo.fitness, an online fitness platform. Along with lifting weights and building his physique, he is also a motorbike enthusiast, an animal lover. You can connect with him on Instagram or drop him an email on yashovardhan@getsetgo.fitness.
  8. We all still listen to and love The Beatles, but their legendary songs could easily become a thing of 'yesterday' and be gone forever. Yep, that's the world of the movie 'Yesterday' where only one single person remembers iconic songs like 'Hey Jude' (and not dude, please) and 'Let It Be'. It's honestly hard to 'Imagine' (ha!) a world where John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr never came together to become The Beatles, but it does make for a unique and interesting movie idea. Basically, the movie is about Jack Malik, a struggling musician who realizes his accident was actually a miracle in disguise. He starts singing the song Yesterday and surprises everyone with his songwriting talent. After realizing he woke up in a world where The Beatles never existed after his accident, he sees a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and obviously takes it. Claiming all the Beatles songs as his own, he becomes the greatest songwriter in the entire world. I've seen the trailer so many times and I will continue watching it because it's that good! And, the best part is that in the trailer, at one point they show two men walking in who claim they have written the songs. Notice something? And notice something here? © Twitter Although it's not directly stated that Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr will also be in the movie, who else could it be in the gif above? One of the guys (Paul) is barefoot for crying out loud, it's a dead giveaway! I'm so here for Paul and Ringo coming to fight, honestly so ready for this movie. It will be a hit, for sure. Danny Boyle's 'YESTERDAY' looks absolutely brilliant. This premise is so extremely clever, and goes to show how influential the Beatles were & STILL ARE in the 21st Century. Newcomer Himesh Patel looks phenomenal! Add on Boyle's directing talents & we may have a surprise hit! pic.twitter.com/t9ROUwFCl8 — DR Movie News (@DRMovieNews) February 12, 2019 A very good point! Oh my god this looks amazing and they cast a South Asian as the LEAD, in a movie not about being South Asian, who all the girls are in love with. This. Is. Goddam. Progress. â¤ï¸â¤ï¸â¤ï¸ Oi Oi @HimeshJPatel â¤ï¸â¤ï¸â¤ï¸ https://t.co/c7MKjxbNSh — Jameela Jamil (@jameelajamil) February 13, 2019 The coolest concept. I don't know if I have ever been this excited for a movie like: #Yesterday about IF #TheBeatles never happened and this guy was the only one to know & make himself famous, my gosh what a cool concept &... THE #BEATLES #Music so ðð»ðð»ðð»ðð» @MsIndiaSummer you see this babe? #FuckYeah https://t.co/WcJmjvnMi9 — Jack Lawrence XXX (@JackLawrenceXXX) February 13, 2019 Yes, please. Wait so if the Beatles weren't a thing in the world of Yesterday does that mean John Lennon is still alive there? pic.twitter.com/oWfXpX3V4t — ð¤ (@anotherdownpour) February 13, 2019 That's a good point. Not sure how I feel about "Yesterday" The entire premise is interesting, but I'd find it hard to believe that without the Beatles that the entire pop culture landscape would be exactly the same. — Michael J. Gleason (@MichaelJGleason) February 13, 2019 So many new original songs, can't wait. These songs are pretty catchy. Can't wait for the soundtrack. — mcbc (@mcbc) February 13, 2019 So happy. that new Yesterday trailer (which I loved) made me listen to The Beatles on my amazon echo and now I am so happy we live in a world where they exist pic.twitter.com/MTZa8neyhA — john b (film critic wannabe) (@johnbizub) February 13, 2019 What a great line. This looks perfect. A seemingly diverse film using the Beatles art for what it is – a once-in-forever collection of absolute genius. And mocking how dreadful ears and the “industry” currently are. “It's not Coldplay, is it? It's not “Fix You.” I lost my shit on that line. ð — Stewart Blake (@stewblake) February 13, 2019 Good tweet. I think a better title would be Yesterday: The Noel Gallagher Story #YesterdayMovie — Bradlei (@BradleiGriffin) February 12, 2019
  9. Seeing the world through the eyes of an explorer soothes more than just our senses, it feeds our soul. There is a renewed sense of vitality that comes from seeking the world with an avid lust of a traveller, who wishes to discover new places and gather experiences that turn out to be nothing less than Aladdin's treasure. This becomes all the more poignant when people say that the world is an oyster for those who know where to look. Tryst with the travel bug is made memorable every time we witness the lush hill stations, or snow-capped mountains and pristine islands sitting in the lap of nature, that are scattered around the world. © Instagram Yet, such amazing experiences would get heightened manifold if one could witness the teeming beauty of this world in the company of someone they love and wish to share their life with. It is a life that most couples would kill for, and there is no guessing why. The possibility of discovering the captivating beauty of the earth with the person who makes your world go round, would pretty much be like living the dream life. And let us tell you that Vidit and Savi are living this exact life. They are lovers as well as travellers in love, and this is exactly how their story unfolded. For Vidit and Savi, their love for travelling and discovering the world together first began from the backseat of their school bus rides at DPS R. K. Puram. Talking about that time of their life Savi says, “we met in high school in New Delhi – we were friends for years, dated for ages, and then got married!” © Instagram Even their first date involved the outdoors, and even though it was a long time ago, Savi remembers it like it was yesterday, “we went for a long drive and coffee at a newly-opened coffee shop in the city! I'd happily do that on a date even today!” Even after having seen most of the world with Vidit, Savi is more than happy to take him up on a similar date even today - who said little things don't count? From that first date to a gazillion one-of-a-kind dates later, Savi and Vidit have come a long way. However, it was back in 2008 when the couple took the biggest leap of their lives. From travelling as a couple to scaling thousands of miles to get married and travel to a new place every month and amping that up to travelling to a new destination every few days and leaving their jobs to make it possible, Savi and Vidit's journey has been nothing short of an adventure. © Instagram The couple decided to document it all on their blog 'Bruised Passports', which today has a great following online. So, when Jaime Lynn Beatty once said that, “jobs fill your pocket, but adventures fill your soul,” we suppose nobody could live up to this saying better than the makers of 'Bruised Passports'. As of today, the couple has travelled to 90 countries around the world, with many more to go as per their itinerary. However, their journey as travellers in love began when they were teenagers. Recalling their journey as a couple, this is what Savi had to say, “we travelled a fair bit in South East Asia as teenagers when we had just started dating because Vid went to university in Singapore. That's when both of us fell in love with travelling together!” © Instagram Soon, life caught up with the young couple and “as we grew up, we moved to London and got married. At this stage of our lives, we would save our salaries to travel together each month. We spent almost 8 years in London and would try to travel to a new place every month! This is how we ended up exploring Europe, the US, and parts of Africa.” However, the thrill of exploration and discovery rubbed off on the couple and they began to seek much more of what they had already tasted of life as travellers. Savi shares more and says, “sometime along the way we fell in love with travelling and savouring new experiences. Eventually, we ended up working towards travelling full time. Experiencing remote corners and busy cities of the world together has brought us a lot closer. It's like being partners-in-crime at a whole new level.” © Instagram Yet, when we asked them of their most cherished memory, this is what they had to say, “Finnish Lapland - the feeling of lying in a transparent glass igloo and looking out at the Northern Lights is incomparable. A trip to Lapland offers so many bucket list items - riding a reindeer, sledging with husky dogs, seeing the Northern Lights, cruising through a frozen sea, swimming with icebergs - and for that reason, it is second to none!” Just reading about it is making us daydream about all the glory they might have witnessed, and that sure as hell would be one of the most romantic ways of spending a date night with our significant other, don't you agree? © Instagram But this journey that Savi and Vidit set out on over a decade ago has taught them as much about each other as individuals, as it has taught them about relationships and life at large. Vidit shares how he learns something new from Savi every single day, “I have learnt to be a fighter when it comes to achieving goals. Savi has a meticulous rhythm of working and because of that, I learn something new from her every day. She juggles so many different roles and does it all with perfection.” As for Savi, she claims that “I've learnt the art of prioritising from Vid and never settling for anything less than 100%. He strives for complete happiness, in work and life, and isn't afraid of spending hours, days, or even years to achieve something. But it has to look exactly like what he had in mind! I'm also really proud of the fact that he's passionate about gender equality and is always talking about how important it is to fight stereotypes and respect women.” © Instagram And when you ask the couple what their relationship has taught them over the years, they say, “loads. But mostly that a long term relationship isn't always about flowers and candles. It's about adventure, experiences, mind-numbing compatibility, and consciously CHOOSING to be with someone every single day. And marriage isn't about duties, being 'tied down' (the one stereotype we hate the most!) or becoming one soul!” For them, love and marriage mean nothing else than saying that, “it's actually about celebrating your individualities, being two financially independent people supporting each other's dreams, giving each other strength when all hope is lost, and most importantly having fun!” © Instagram Savi and Vidit may have travelled far and wide on the face of this earth, but they have also managed to discover themselves in the process, and grow as individuals as well as a couple by coming in touch with myriad people, places and cultures which only helped them to appreciate life and each other a lot better. Why? Because this world can be the greatest teacher, and when you know where to look, it can surprise you with some of life's most splendid experiences.
  10. If there was ever a character whose dressing sense enamoured every man, it was our very own Barney Stinson from 'How I Met Your Mother'. He would 'suit up', and every man would follow suit - because of the sheer class, and more importantly, relatability he brought with his sartorial game. He might have been a playboy in reel life, but IRL, he's very much a 'family man' who is married to the love of his life, and has a beautiful family with two children. This might be a shift, but his sartorial sense has remained as killer as it was in the show. In fact, his husband David Burtka too carries this trait. Together, they make the ultimate super-dads, whose style game is legit #goals. Here are 12 pictures that establish our claim. 1. Barney always suits up, even when he's taking his children to watch 'The Smurfs'. © ABC 2. Look at them rocking their semi formal outfits, even on the streets while pushing a baby stroller. © Radaronline 3. Winter layering goals. © Justjared 4. Halloween is never boring with two dads and double the fun. © Radaronline 5. How to be fashionable when you're jet-lagged 101. © E 6. No words here. © London Fog 7. Some post-party zen realness. © Billboard 8. Let's just say now we know who calls the shots! © Justjared 9. The tropical theme always works for brunches. © E 10. 'Formally casual'. Or 'casually formal'? You decide. © Artspace 11. Find a better dressed family, we dare ya! © ABC 12. Let's just say Barney might not have found a happy ending in reel life, but the story ended differently, in real life. © London Fog
  11. Ever since the so-called 'special' episode of 'Koffee With Karan' aired last Sunday, the lives of Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul have turned around for all the wrong reasons. Owing to their misogynist and sexist comments on the show, the two Indian cricketers have already faced a lot of backlash as they await fitting punishment for their actions on national TV. After the Committee of Administrators (CoA) chief Vinod Rai's recommendation of a two-ODI ban, the duo was charged with misconduct and indiscipline before being suspended from all forms of cricket pending a detailed inquiry into the controversy. The two cricketers were later forced to return home from Australia where the Indian cricket team is currently engrossed with the ODI series. Amid the uproar on social media, Virat Kohli made his stand clear and stated that the comments made by Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul are not are not acceptable and the personal opinions are not the view of the India team. "We, definitely, as the Indian cricket team do not support views like that and that has been communicated. I can definitely say that as the Indian cricket team and responsible cricketers we definitely don't align with those views and those are purely individual views," Kohli had said ahead of India's first ODI against the Aussies at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG). BCCL Following Kohli's strong stance on the demeanour of the two cricketers, Harbhajan Singh, too, came out all guns blazing against Pandya and Rahul for tarnishing the image of the game and those who play it. even went on to add that he won't be comfortable having Pandya and Rahul around his wife and daughter. "I will not travel with these two guys in the bus if my daughter or my wife are travelling in the team bus with me. How would they feel? You are looking at women in only one angle and that is not right," Harbhajan told India Today. The veteran Indian spinner also pointed out that the duo's comments have now put every cricketer's reputation on the line. "We don't talk about all this even with our friends and they were talking on public television. Now people might think was Harbhajan Singh like this, was Anil Kumble like this and was Sachin Tendulkar," Harbhajan added. Instagram/@hardikpandya93 "Pandya has been in the team for how long to talk of the team culture in the manner he did. I think this is the way to go," the 38-year-old said, when asked about the suspension. "The BCCI did the right thing, and this is also the way forward. This was expected and I am not surprised," Bhajji said. Following the nation-wide outrage, Pandya and Rahul, in response to the BCCI's showcause notice demanding an explanation from the two cricketers, had regretted their actions and apologised for hurting the sentiments of people. However, the BCCI officials unanimously decided to suspend the Pandya and Rahul while ordering an inquiry into the row.
  12. With the Australian Open - first Grand Slam of the year - just days away, the tennis fans and pundits across the globe were busy picking the probable contenders who could taste success early in 2019. But, on 11th January, the tennis fraternity suffered a massive blow after Andy Murray - one of the most popular and influential players of his generation - announced that he will retire from professional tennis this year. A former World No.1 and three-time Grand Slam champion, Murray has been hampered by a hip injury since his defeat to Sam Querrey in the Wimbledon quarterfinal in 2017. Since then, he has struggled to regain fitness after undergoing surgery a year ago. Breaking the news in a tearful press conference, the 31-year-old admitted: "I have been struggling for a long time. I have been in a lot of pain for about 20 months now. I've pretty much done everything that I could to try and get my hip feeling better and it hasn't helped loads. I am in a better place than I was six months ago but I am still in a lot of pain. It has been tough". The start to Andy Murray's press conference was very emotional ð¢ pic.twitter.com/hObwoj71uo — #AusOpen (@AustralianOpen) January 11, 2019 "During my training block, I spoke to my team and told them I can't keep doing this. I need to have an endpoint because I'm just playing with no idea of when the pain will stop. Wimbledon is where I would like to stop playing but I am not certain I am able to do that. I'm going to play [in Melbourne]. I can still play to a level. Not a level that I'm happy playing at. But it's not just that. The pain is too much really and I don't want to continue playing that way," Murray said. Driven to tears as he shared his ordeal, the Scot left his fans shell-shocked when he revealed that such is the extent of his pain that he cannot put socks on without struggling. Overcome by emotion, the tennis star briefly had to leave the room full of journalists before returning and confirming that his career could end as soon as next week. "I spoke to my team and I told them I can't keep doing this. I needed to have an end point..." -Andy Murray#AusOpen pic.twitter.com/wLEplbKXOV — #AusOpen (@AustralianOpen) January 11, 2019 Asked if the Aussie Open could be his last ever tournament, Murray admitted: "Yes I think there's a chance of that for sure because I'm not sure I'm able to play through the pain for another four or five months. I have a severely damaged right hip. Having the operation last year was to give it the best possible chance of being better. I can play with limitations, but having the limitations and the pain is not allowing me to enjoy competing or training". Murray now has to confront another surgery to repair the damage he incurred nearly a dozen years at the top of the game. "I have an option to have another operation, which is a little bit more severe than what I've had before in having my hip resurfaced, which will allow me to have a better quality of life and be out of pain," he revealed. "That's something I'm seriously considering right now. Some athletes have had that and gone back to competing but there's obviously no guarantees with that and the reason for having an operation like that is not to return to professional sport, it's just for a better quality of life," Murray added. © Reuters Owing to his troubles, Murray played just 14 times at tour level in 2018 and just two of those matches were at Grand Slams, both coming at the US Open. His heart-breaking announcement comes after he was convincingly defeated in a practice session with the World No. 1 Novak Djokovic on 10th January, wherein the Serbian won 10 out of the 12 games. He has also slipped down to 230 in the world rankings and, now, faces the daunting task of overcoming 22nd seed Roberto Bautista Agut in the first round of Australian Open on 14th January. For a man who stands tall alongside Fred Perry as Britain's greatest ever to grace the game, Murray's career might have reached a sad end, but the Scot will always be remembered for his achievements in an era where he competed with icons such as Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. Thus, there was no surprise to see his tearful announcement prompting a volley of tributes, fond recollections of a historic career and encouragement to serve up a fitting farewell (likely at Australian Open, and if another surgery goes according to plan, then probably at Wimbledon later this year). If this is true, I tip my cap to @andy_murray ! Absolute legend. Short list of best tacticians in history. Unreal results in a brutal era ...... Nothing but respect here. I hope he can finish strong and healthy https://t.co/FZbwmvRC2r — andyroddick (@andyroddick) January 11, 2019 Andy, just watched your conference. Please don't stop trying. Keep fighting. I can imagine your pain and sadness. I hope you can overcome this. You deserve to retire on your own terms, whenever that happens. We love you @andy_murray and we want to see you happy and doing well. ð — Juan M. del Potro (@delpotrojuan) January 11, 2019 #Andy Murray ðð #foreverfavourite #foreverachampion @andy_murray — Sania Mirza (@MirzaSania) January 11, 2019 .@andy_murray You are a champion on and off the court. So sorry you cannot retire on your own terms, but remember to look to the future. Your greatest impact on the world may be yet to come. Your voice for equality will inspire future generations. Much love to you & your family. https://t.co/AQUOP3LGec — Billie Jean King (@BillieJeanKing) January 11, 2019 My heart breaks listening to @andy_murray during his press conference... Hope he will make it through to Wimbledon and have the farewell he deserves . #greatguy — Kim Clijsters (@Clijsterskim) January 11, 2019 The @andy_murray that I know will absolutely make it to Wimbledon to play his final tournament. Not many with more heart, effort in the history of the game. Was always a pleasure to share the court pal. — Mardy Fish (@MardyFish) January 11, 2019 A wonderful message to Andy Murray from @NickKyrgios ð (via Instagram) pic.twitter.com/JbbdJoHoJz — #AusOpen (@AustralianOpen) January 11, 2019 My thoughts are with @andy_murray and I really hope we continue to see you fighting on court so you can retire on your own terms. Get well soon... Tennis is better with you. pic.twitter.com/0z1401hKXe — Kevin Anderson (@KAndersonATP) January 11, 2019 So sad for @andy_murray . Hands down one of the best guys on tour. So much respect for him as an all around athlete and person. Hope his body can recover. If not, he will be missed by all. ð — Vasek Pospisil (@VasekPospisil) January 11, 2019 Tennis will come to an end for us all but the friendships will last a lifetime. What you've done for the sport will live on forever. I'm hoping for a strong and healthy finish for you, my friend! @andy_murray pic.twitter.com/Bcs0cdllJp — Grigor Dimitrov (@GrigorDimitrov) January 11, 2019 The realest ðð» https://t.co/wy0Rh1gp9N — victoria azarenka (@vika7) January 11, 2019
  13. One of the most annoying things about travelling is lugging around your suitcases at Airports. You need to carry it everywhere with you and sometimes, it's a major cause for fatigue. However, now this could become a thing of the past, as this new 'smart suitcase' is designed to follow you and can also avoid collisions with obstacles on its own accord. © Ovis The smart suitcase is made by a Chinese company called ForwardX and is known as Ovis. It was unveiled last year at CES and has come back to the show with some major improvements. It uses an array of sensors that allow it to follow or stay by the side of its owner. These sensors also aid the suitcase in avoiding collisions with obstacles or other people. It works using Artificial Intelligence to ensure that the suitcase is never left behind too far. You even switch to the manual mode in case you need to take it through security, escalators and stairs. © Ovis The suitcase even has GPS tracking embedded, so that owners can track Ovis if misplaced. Ovis is also approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) which makes it easier for travellers to use on flights, however, it still depends on various airlines whether they allow it on their aircraft or not. In the event of losing the suitcase, the Ovis comes with a smart wristband that vibrates when your luggage is more than 2m away. That's a neat feature that comes in handy, as there can be instances where the smart suitcase could fall or when it runs out of battery. The suitcase is expected to be available in the first half of 2019 with a retail price of $799 (Rs 56,420).
  14. His 'dhaai kilo ka haath' gave many a screen villains a run for their lives, but when it comes to 'cool' things like fashion or dancing, Mr Sunny Deol, unfortunately, has never been at the forefront. However, it finally does look like things are changing, at least on the fashion front. Mr Deol just stepped out wearing an insane pair of hiking boots that proves this. Take a look! © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Don't you just love these hiking boots from Gucci? According to Gucci, these sneakers are inspired by the hiking world and designed with an oversize shape sole. For Fall Winter 2018, these sneakers are presented in dark green and black, featuring a dynamic mix of materials--rubber, leather, suede, and technical canvas. A recurring detail of the latest collections, the Gucci logo is displayed in the graphic font of SEGA—a fixture in the colorful arcades and coin-op game rooms of the eighties. © Gucci © Gucci The studded detailing on which the laces are tied gives the pair an endearing retro look, plus the military olive accentuates the combat shoe aesthetic. Not a pair one would ideally wear with an outfit composed of a shirt and jeans, but Sunny paaji sure is carrying it off like a boss. © Gucci When it comes to accessories, we love the brown leather bag that he's carrying. Perfect for an airport look, especially the kind of relaxed aesthetic he's going for. © Viral Bhayani All we can say is that it's good to see that Bobby isn't the only fashionable Deol anymore.
  15. Seems like New York City is the place to be for the hotties of B-town right now, because maybe the Mumbai streets have become boring? Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor have been spending some quality time together with Ranbir's parents and it's not everyday you see your favourite stars let their hair down and roam around the streets and stores shopping like regular people. View this post on Instagram #ranbirkapoor & @aliaabhatt Spotted shopping together in New York ð . . . . Follow "THE YOUTH MAGAZINE" | To get yourself featured TAG us on your pictures or use HASTAG #TYMindia . . . . . . #India #Mumbai #Delhi #Kolkata #Chennai #TYMindia #Theyouthmagazine #storiesofindia #bollywood #aliaranbir #alia_bhatt #ranbirkapoor #ranbiralia #alia #ranbir A post shared by THE YOUTH MAGAZINE (@tymindia) on Oct 17, 2018 at 7:23am PDT New York is also the place where our 'desi' girl lives and hosts her Bollywood friends whenever they are in town. So, when Alia was in New York, it was only natural for PC to sing 'In My City' and take the gorgeous girl for a day out. View this post on Instagram Priyanka with Alia earlier today in NYC. ðâ¤ï¸ (PC: @priyankanetwork ) #priyankachopra #aliabhatt A post shared by Priyanka Chopra News (@priyanka_chopra_news) on Oct 17, 2018 at 11:46am PDT View this post on Instagram Priyanka was seen with Alia earlier today in New York City. ðâ¤ï¸ (VC: Daily Mail) #priyankachopra #aliabhatt A post shared by Priyanka Chopra News (@priyanka_chopra_news) on Oct 17, 2018 at 11:37am PDT Looks like they dumped their boyfriends for a day to have a girls day out, because sometimes, it's all about sisters before misters.
  16. The bandana has always been a staple when it comes to making a playful style statement. No matter how it's worn - be it around the head, like it's intended to, or around the neck as a scarf, it always manages to turn a rather 'bland' outfit into something funky. Clearly, some celebs like our own Jackie Shroff still swear by it. However, Sidharth Malhotra just devised a whole new way of using the bandana as an accessory, at a place no one would have thought of. Take a look. © Viral Bhayani Sidharth just stepped out with two red bandanas tied around his sneakers. Now, that's something we have never seen before. Who'd have thought you could tie bandanas around your perfectly stylish sneakers and actually make it look like a style statement? © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani But the occasion was the 20th anniversary bash of 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai', and everything had to be 'filmy' in there, including style statements. Clearly, Sidharth didn't miss the memo for that. © Viral Bhayani When it comes to the rest of his outfit, though, we love the ensemble. The Diesel trousers along with the hooded jacket pair perfectly, and the bold but minimalistic white stripe detailing is giving it a super funky runway vibe. We love the black and white tone of the outfit (which the red bandana is complementing perfectly). © Viral Bhayani All we can say is, if this ends up becoming a trend tomorrow, you know whom to thank.
  17. Damn it! It's like my social media feed has been hijacked by some guy named 'Kaleen Bhaiya'. Everywhere I look, every scroll I take, I bump into at least one mention of 'Kaleen Bhaiya' who is apparently calling out to everyone on my feed. View this post on Instagram Jana toh padega...Kaleen Bhaiya ne bulaya hai A post shared by Nawazuddin Siddiqui (@nawazuddin._siddiqui) on Oct 8, 2018 at 5:37am PDT When Sir Ravindra Jadeja calls people, they come running. But yeh Kaleen bhaiya kaun hai? Woh bulaaye toh jaana chahiye kya? — Sir Ravindra Jadeja (@SirJadeja) October 8, 2018 View this post on Instagram Sab kuch chod ke, chale hum Kaleen Bhaiya se milne. Wish me luck! #KaleenBhaiya A post shared by Faisal Khan (@faisalkhan30) on Oct 7, 2018 at 11:31pm PDT Now, who is he? What does he want and why is he online? Well, I went into an overdrive and have come up with these 5 very convincing conspiracy theories about the man himself. Let's go through each one of them: New age Tamraj Kilvish? Chrometechny For all die-hard Shaktiman fans, a little birdie told us that Shaktiman might be coming back. Do you remember the arch nemesis of the most famous superhero, Shaktiman – Tamraj Kilvish and his killer tagline - “Andera Kayam rahe”. Maybe Kaleen bhaiya is the new super villain to our new age Shaktiman? A great superhero deserves a great supervillain after all! An Underground Don Who Has Finally Resurrected? Vectorstock So from my day-long research on social media, I feel I might have cracked this mystery about Kaleen Bhaiya's identity. He could be one of Mumbai's very own don/bhai who has finally resurrected- straight onto the lap of our beloved social media. Do you think Chota Shakeel might be the brain behind this? Is he the reason why millennials are running helter-skelter on the internet? So who could be his target? Indian Version Of 'The Ring'? Fanpop Is Kaleen Bhaiya a desi, 4G super speed era version of the ghost from 'The Ring'. You get a phone call and then you die in 4 days? Is It An Android/Computer Virus? The IT Guys What if this is the work of some malicious virus that is wreaking havoc in our lives? This infected virus could be the reason why our lives are acting up in the worst possible manner. So that's how viruses are named in 2018? Bigg Boss' Wild Card Entry? Twitter Oh, why did we not think of this? Bigg Boss is already gripping viewers all across the country. So could Kaleen Bhaiya be a wild card entrant on the show? Well, these are just some of the conspiracy theories around Kaleen Bhaiya that we can think of. If you too have seen social media erupting with Kaleen Bhaiya's stories, then do write in the comment section who you think he is. C'mon, reveal your identity already Kaleen bhaiya!
  18. Often considered the best player of his generation and regarded by many as one of the greatest players of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo needs no introduction to football. The Portuguese has won 26 trophies in his career including five league titles, five UEFA Champions League titles and one UEFA European Championship. For someone who has scored over 670 senior goals for club and country, it's not surprising at all to see Ronaldo boasting of a record-tying five Ballon d'Ors. Needless to say, Ronaldo has won almost everything there is in football. But, despite that, the 33-year-old is still hungry for more success - a trait that sets him apart from other footballers. It was his hunger to overcome financial adversities that saw him emerging from the Portuguese island of Madeira and taking over the football world with his impeccable skills. At a time when his arch-rival Lionel Messi was leading the Ballon d'Or race with four wins against Ronaldo's one, it was his hunger that pushed him to level the proceedings at five wins apiece. © Reuters And, as it turns out, that same hunger echoed inside the Real Madrid dressing room as Ronaldo delivered an inspirational speech to his teammates ahead of their UEFA Champions League final against Liverpool last season. History was on the line as Madrid aimed to become the first-ever football club to record three successive UCL title wins in Kiev. Seeking some encouragement and wisdom, Madrid turned to their talisman Ronaldo who told his teammates: "It's time to win, not to play". Urging his teammates to put everything on the line, Ronaldo added, "Let's run and fight, and then our quality will show." "It's worthy dying tonight to make history. We will be the first with three titles: play, win and make history. C'mon!," Ronaldo said in his motivational speech, which was caught in the recently-released documentary 'In the Heart of the Decimotercera' where Madrid re-lived another successful Champions League campaign. While Ronaldo couldn't get his name on the scoring-sheet, his words eventually inspired Los Blancos to a 3-1 win over Liverpool and allowed them to create history as the first club to win three consecutive Champions League titles. Savouring their historic win, Madrid were dealt with a big blow after Ronaldo dropped the bombshell about his desire to move away from Santiago Bernabeu right after their win in Kiev. Since then, Ronaldo has moved to Turin-based Juventus and is currently seen plying his trade in Italy, while Madrid saw Julen Lopetegui taking over the reins from Zinedine Zidane as their new manager.
  19. There was a time when money was spent wisely and not recklessly. Our parents' generation realised the importance of money soon and made sure they started their savings even sooner. Most of their income was invested well and a large chunk of it was saved. Cut to 2018, where the millennials are headed towards utter financial chaos. With easy access to credit cards and a social media led lifestyle, the youth is somewhere losing the mere essence of what saving truly means. As a result of this, there are a few conversations that we, as the youth are too afraid to have with our future selves. What Are My Savings? Unsplash Doesn't this line scare you? As soon as we get the message from our bank, 'Salary credited', all hell breaks loose. From buying stuff we don't really need, to ordering excessively online, we try to buy happiness from material things. But what if our 50-year-old self asks us about our savings? Do I Spend More Than I Make? Unsplash A lot of times, we are so enamoured by the kind of lifestyle our peers are leading on social media, that we lose focus of what's important. Millennials tend to take loans for vacations and branded bags and clothes. If this doesn't hurt you, we don't know what will. Have I Defaulted On Credit Card Payments? Unsplash With the onset of plastic money, expenditure in our country has literally tripled. Now whether you have money in your account or not, there's always an option to buy today and pay later. This is a vicious cycle which a lot of youngsters fall prey to. Defaulting on credit card payments and then incurring huge interests on future payments is a never-ending cycle which one must be wary of. How Many Loans And EMIs Do I Have? Unsplash Ask yourself this, have you taken up too many loans that you feel you are incapable of paying off? If loans are stressing you out and you feel you are under a lot of debt, then it's time to re-think your finances. There, I Said It. I Need Help To Manage My Finances The last and the most valuable point is to realise you need help to manage your finances well and to make sure your future is secure. Talk to your parents and siblings. Understand what secure investment you can make to safeguard your future self. Relying on the oldest and most trusted investment like LIC can make you more relaxed and sure about your future finances. LIC is a safe, secure and reliable investment to fall back on whenever you need it. With a legacy of 62 years, LIC has always had our parents back and it's time we catch up too. Trending with the times, LIC is extremely millennial-friendly with their multiple digital offerings and online transparency.
  20. How many of you have played the sexy cop fantasy in your head? Most of you I am assuming? And more than once? I don't mean to sound prudish when I say you certainly can't imagine playing the fantasy out loud here, but there are some countries where the cops are hot enough for you to want to get arrested. Imagine being stopped by a really hot cop, who asks you to get out of your car and show her your car papers, as opposed to the 'thullas' you encounter here, with oversized stomachs, trying to swindle money off of you. Yeah, the scenario is quite different here but there is no harm in absolutely checking out some really hot female cops around the world! © Facebook Here's a list of 6 hot female police officers from across the world and we they're complete a badass at their jobs! I am sure the law and order is literally on stake, everywhere they're in charge. (1) Sasha Henry © Twitter Look at her, I bet you want to tap some bong right now. No, but all sleaze aside, she's from Jamaica and also one of the first police officers to participate in Miss Jamaica 2017 and she's a constable. How often would you want to get into trouble just for her? © Twitter (2) Haley Drew © Instagram I think female cops can really make a difference in the world and in a good way. They have the sass, the style and they have a brain, along with that gorgeous bod. Don't believe me? Check out this Texan beut working in the Texas sheriff department. I'm crushing real hard right now. © Instagram © Instagram Follow her here (3) Rianna Conner © Instagram If every cop looks like this then I am surely going to break a rule every day of my life. How does anyone get their work done wherever she's policing around? Another one from the USA, she's a marine and also goes by the name 'Combat Barbie'. © Instagram Follow her here (4) Adrienne Koleszar © Instagram Adrienne is a German police officer and she's a true blue fitness inspiration for a lot of women across the world. She's tough, she's hot and she's a complete badass! © Instagram © Instagram Follow her here (5) Samantha Sepulveda © Facebook She was a cop from Long Island and in 2013, when her friend invited her to participate in a fashion show, there was no looking back for Sepulveda then. She started modelling for lingerie and swimwear (have you see that gorgeous bod?). She's not a cop anymore but a full-time runway model. She's popular on Instagram if you want to check her out (@sammysep) with around 300,000 followers! © Instagram © Instagram Follow her here (6) Leticia Faria © Instagram The fabulous Brazilian Civil Police Officer from Goias is a complete looker and she is pretty much on point with her cop game as well, which is her truest passion (7) Crodia Maximus © Instagram Her real name is Christine, and she's in the Naval Reserve, but have you checked out her form? Oh, she's also a part of 1st Phorm Legionnaire. Tattooed badass who loves to lift, she's one heavy duty officer we can't get our eyes off of. © Instagram © Instagram © Instagram Follow her here (8) Koral Malol © Instagram The Israel-born hottie has a real strong Instagram following. She loves her fitness as much as she loves policing around. And she's just 24! © Instagram © Instagram © Instagram Follow her here (9) Nochtli Peralta Alvarez © Instagram She's not a police officer anymore but when she was, she truly kicked ass. Don't believe me? Watch her fight bad guys on her Instagram page! She's now a fitness freak and a model and she loves what she does. Half Dutch and half Spanish, she started working as a street police officer and she's loved all over. Those eyes though... © Instagram © Instagram Follow her here (10) Anya Sautinsky © Instagram She's a cutie alright. A police officer from Israel, she takes her work as seriously as she does travelling to exotic places and clicking some fabulously hot pictures of herself! © Instagram © Instagram © Instagram © Instagram Follow her here That's all folks. Make sure you don't get drool on your screen.
  21. Human trafficking (largely prevalent in India) is one of the harshest realities of the world that has destroyed millions of lives. The trailer of 'Love Sonia' brings to surface a harrowing tale of an innocent young village girl, who gets entangled in one such vicious world of flesh trade. Tamasha Talkies Sonia, played by Mrunal Thakur, is a 17-year-old girl who gets separated from her sister when her father sells her off to pay debts. Sonia then sets out on a journey to rescue her sister from the clutches of *** traffickers. As she tries to look for clues to find her sister, she finds herself slowly getting trapped in a global network of *** trade with no way out from it. Tamasha Talkies This 2-minute-42-seconds trailer is packed with a powerful star-cast, brutal yet emotional scenes and hard-hitting performances which brilliantly portray the trauma, horror and fear that the young girl goes through when thrown into *** trade. "Inspired by real events", the trailer narrates a powerful story of a girl who puts up a strong fight against human trafficking, only in hopes that she will get closer to finding and rescuing her sister. Directed by Tabrez Noorani of 'Life of Pi' and 'Slumdog Millionaire' fame, the trailer packs brilliant performances by Rajkummar Rao, Richa Chadha, Anupam Kher, Adil Hussain, Manoj Bajpayee, Mrunal Thakur, Freida Pinto and Hollywood actors Demi Moore and Mark Duplass. 'Love Sonia' is releasing on September 14.
  22. We are more than aware of the state of our roads in India. Name any town or city, big or small, the number of wheels speeding on an already brimming road at any given point in time is truly testing on many levels. No, we aren't just thinking 'time', we're talking more along the lines of keeping our equilibrium together and reining our wayward tongue in such moments of civilian weakness when the roads threaten to get the better of us. Since that seems pretty relatable on an everyday basis and we hear some unanimous muttering of “been there, done that”, we may all come to agree upon the fact that cab-hailing services may (and have, on multiple occasions) come to our rescue during such testing times. One such platform that's an absolute hit across the Indian subcontinent is Ola and every Indian must take pride in this homegrown cab-hailing giant that's made everyday commute easy and a LOT less aggressive, to say the least. News hit the wire last afternoon with Ola Co-founder and CEO Bhavish Aggarwal's announcement that the ride-hailing service is all set to launch in the United Kingdom very soon. The news comes after just a few months of Ola's successful operations in Australia since February earlier this year. Now with its impending launch in the UK, which also happens to be the company's second major global launch, things are looking up for the company like never before. Spearheading the company's globalisation spree is Bhavish Aggarwal, the brain we're all set to anatomize today. From Humble Beginnings To The Ride © Reuters Born to a pair of doctors and hailing from the small town of Ludhiana in Punjab, Bhavish is a 2008 IIT-Bombay graduate in Computer Science and Engineering, who ranked #23 in his entrance examinations (little to his parents' disappointment, we know right?!) and went on to work with Microsoft as an Assistant Researcher for the next two years post graduating from college. IIT-B was also to be the place where he was destined to meet the future Co-founder of Ola, Ankit Bhati - the two shared dorms in college and were the first friend either of them made on campus. Though the rest is history but to cut the story short, that first introduction led to innumerable escapades together and exchange of ideas which culminated into the fathering of what was to be known as Ola Trips. At a raw age 24, Bhavish along with Ankit, co-founded an online weekend trip-booking portal in early 2010 with a personal pain point they sought a solution to. BTS Scoop You'd Wanna Know © Reuters In his own words, he was 24 when he started, had a girlfriend but wasn't married and had no money so that eliminated the risk of huge losses - and this here folks, formed the basis of his first startup. That's some way to look at it, right? However, while all might seem up and pumping to an onlooker, Bhavish often admits to having lived through numerous hiccups at the initial stages of Ola's inception. Back in the day in 2010, the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India wasn't as hot and bothered as recent times which posed as a struggle for them to breakthrough. After being in operation for 6 months, Ola Trips metamorphosed into Ola Cabs harnessing on the need of the hour. Built with an aim to build urban mobility in India, Bhavish stood by his belief that startups should be established to solve big, important problems and that's how Ola Cabs came into being. Then came the funding which was slow to come by but was it worth the wait? Sure as hell! Tiger Global came onboard as their first major investor and they have never looked back since. Fast forward to 8 years, and what started as India's very own ride-hailing service has now already travelled overseas after successfully catering to the needs of Indians over the past few years! Going Global: Taking Ola Westward © Reuters 2018 marked a new phase for the company, one that came as a welcome change, mind blowing enough to leave any founder elated! Starting with the launch of their services Down Under in Australia at the beginning of this year, Bhavish is now all set to ride over to the UK and target “one of the most sophisticated transportation markets” in the world for its new challenge. As the company spreads its wings and continues to soar high, we wonder what continues to fuel Bhavish's vision everyday. Right from expanding to newer markets and exploring ways to contribute to the government's Vision 2030 by planning to introduce EVs across major towns and cities in India, to launching Ola Play and relaunching Ola Cafe, there's no backing down for the budding entrepreneur. Backing Words With Actions © Reuters Bhavish lives by ideology that their company must always be about the consumer and partner satisfaction first and we have no trouble taking his word for it because he continues to give us major reasons to place our trust on him. For every other aspiring entrepreneur, he has one advice - “don't wait for the perfect time, the perfect team or even the money - just jump into the fire”, perhaps much like how he started.
  23. A policeman inside a polling station in Lahore during the local government elections in 2015. Photo: AFPISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) released details on Friday about the number of polling staff and security personnel that...
  24. The power of social media is such, that it can make or break a perception and spread rumours like wildfire. Something similar happened to the speculations of MS Dhoni possibly contemplating retirement, after a video of him taking the ball from the umpire post the final ODI against England went viral. Here's the video of the MS Dhoni taking the ball from umpires after the game. #ENGvIND pic.twitter.com/C14FwhCwfq — Sai Kishore (@KSKishore537) July 17, 2018 After watching this rather cryptic video, fans were pretty sure that some devastating news was in store for them. I am scared now....it is not the time for DHONI to retire ...please Dhoni ...stay ... Dont make any announcement ...please please ...it will be end of my Childhood ... — abhishek dwivedi (@abhishek_srkfan) July 17, 2018 MS Dhoni took the ball from umpire after the game !! His last game in England ?? #ENGvIND pic.twitter.com/vuevBkuLjd — Nibraz Ramzan (@nibraz88cricket) July 17, 2018 Amidst these floating rumours, coach Ravi Shastri took the opportunity to flatly rubbish all the speculations in his statement, and decrypted the video for everyone. “MS wanted to show the ball to Bharat Arun. He wanted to show him the wear and tear the ball had endured," Shastri said in an interview with TOI. He further explained that the 'retirement' speculations were all rubbish, saying,“That's rubbish. MS is not going anywhere.” © Twitter Whew! Seems like all the critics and fans can now breathe a sigh of relief, for there is still hope for another helicopter shot in the future!