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Found 26 results

  1. Do you happen to remember that really hilarious scene in the TV series 'Friends', where Joey wears all of Chandler's clothes, including his boxers, just because they were in an argument? Well, of course, you remember, that scene. It's downright funny and we've seen it at least ten times already! But here, you can still refresh your memory: Why are we even taking about this scene? Well, because a woman did something similar with her clothes and we think she pulled off a 'Joey' pretty damn well! A woman in Manchester pulled off a Joey by wearing at least 4kg of clothes on her because the flight she was booked in gave her a tough time! 30-year-old Natalie Wynn was travelling to Fuerteventura via a flight with a friend and the airline official weighed her bag and found out it was 9.4 kilos, which was 3.4 kilos more than the actual limit. The woman was given no choice than to pay £65, which is INR 5,800. She obviously refused to pay such an exorbitant amount and started emptying her bags and wearing all her clothes one by one! © Instagram “I put on four dresses, two pairs of shorts, I tied a dress around my neck, put a skirt on, I shoved two dresses down the dresses I had on, and two pairs of shoes as well, and a cardigan” she told a popular international publication. With so many clothes on, it wasn't easy for her to breath and it was significantly hot but people around her were cheering for her, so that gave her hope to travel wearing all her luggage! “There were people around us cheering us on because after I did it my friend decided she would do it too because her baggage was also overweight. We were definitely a sight walking on to the plane” she added. © Instagram While other passengers did offer Natalie some space in their luggage for her clothes, the airline officials didn't allow that. So Natalie had no choice really but to face the heat and that too quite literally! But as soon as she got on the plane, she started taking the extra clothes off one by one and it was quite a task. She had to do it because otherwise, she would have passed out from the heat! © Instagram This is seriously such a great reminder of the iconic show, which we still happen to catch once every while! Looking at Natalie's dedication to resolve this matter by wearing all her clothes instead, one of the airline spokespeople said, "later this month we are increasing our hand baggage allowance to 8kg. This will hopefully help her travel a little less like Joey from 'Friends' next time!” © Instagram Well, good job Nat! You actually changed some airline rules around by pulling off the Joey stunt. So proud of you!
  2. Remember the good old days when you used to make excuses just to avoid exams? Yes, they never used to work for the most part, but do you know what kids are ready to do these days to skip an exam? Take down the entire freaking wi-fi network. That's right, two 14-year-old high school students of Secuacus High School in New Jersey, USA, decided to go all in and bring down the entire Wi-Fi network of their school so students could not access the online curriculum. If only they had put so much effort into studying for the exam! © Unsplash After talking to other students at the school, the authorities found out that the duo was using a program or app to attack the school's network and cause it to crash or become too congested to be used by the others. NJ.com's report says, “Students interviewed Monday afternoon believe the boys used a Wi-Fi interrupter program, or an app, to send so much traffic to the routers that the system would crash, which ultimately caused connection failures when students tried to log on, do class work or take exams on their computers.” It has also been brought to notice that the duo was taking requests from friends to bring down the Wi-Fi. However, it is not entirely clear if they did it as a favor or they did it with intentions of making money. The Secaucus Police Department said both students were charged with computer criminal activity and conspiracy to commit computer criminal activity.
  3. Getting a haircut at a neighbourhood salon is one of those things which Indian men are so accustomed to, that they still prefer it over fancy salons, sometimes in spite of being able to easily afford the latter. The reasons are aplenty, but the bottomline is, the local neighbourhood salon will always score one up against the fancy salon chains, so it's only sagacious on our part to make the most of it. Sometimes, however, things can go wrong, but it can be prevented easily by being a bit vigilant. © Thinkstock/Getty Images How, you ask? Here are 3 things you need to do as soon as you enter a local neighbourhood salon, in order to be able to avoid a bad haircut. 1. Make sure you don't enter it during a rush hour, in other words, avoid a crowded salon. You know how neighbourhood salons work - they earn purely because of their volume of work. They want to be able to attend all the customers, and as a result, the quality of work obviously suffers. No one is at fault here, because India just has that many people. An easy solution? Don't go to the salon during peak hours - for example, weekend afternoons and weekday mornings/evenings. As soon as you see a huge line of people waiting for their turn, please reschedule. This automatically will ensure a better haircut. © Thinkstock/Getty Images 2. Once you enter the salon and sit on your chair, tell Mr Barber to wait for a couple of minutes. Before he picks up his tools and starts the process, communicate to him what exactly you want from him. Be extremely didactic, and don't just assume he knows what to do with your hair. Yes, it's his job to get the haircut done, but it's not his job to read your mind and figure out what you want for your hair. Make sure he listens carefully and understands, before letting him start the process. © Thinkstock/Getty Images 3. Be assertive during the process, but not overbearing. Keep a close track of the process by looking into the mirror, and see whether it's going towards the direction you want it to. The moment you see some deviation, immediately but gently point it out. Often, we just let the barber take over, and start watching the hilariously dubbed Tamil/Telugu movie on the TV kept up on a shelf, losing track of the process. The result? Often things drastically go wrong - trivial things that could have easily been prevented, and because it's on your head/face, even the smallest mistake can make you look horrible for a few weeks. Being a little vigilant can help you ensure that you never end up with a bad haircut at a local neighbourhood salon.
  4. Going to parties becomes a constant after a certain age in every guy's life. And especially after you start working, drowning away the sorrows of work life with alcohol becomes a necessity more than a leisure activity. © Getty Images However, for those of us who still live with our families, walking home smelling like ten bottles of alcohol (even when you haven't had ten bottles of alcohol) can be incredibly embarrassing. And yet, sometimes you might've noticed that no matter what food you have after or the number of hours that have passed since the alcohol consumption, your mum will still find out that you have an alcohol breath. So here are a couple of hacks that you can take cue from so that the next time you smell like flowers and not the stingy alcohol that might get you in trouble. Let's start with the basics: 1. Never Forget Your Munchies © Getty Images Make sure you're eating before or after having alcohol or while having it. Food helps balance out retention in your body and prevents puking if done correctly. The last thing you want is going home stinking of alcohol and puking. That'll get you grounded in no time. 2. Hydration Is Key © Getty Images Alcohol dehydrates your body. You need a hydrating agent to bring back the lost water. This not only helps with hangovers for the next day but also lessens the chances of the alcohol breath. 3. Carry Handy Mouthwash And Mints © Getty Images If the party-life chose you, in return you've to choose to carry a handy mouthwash and mints. Ten minutes before reaching home, use these so that your breath doesn't smell off at all. This is a prime fighter in driving away the stench that can get you in trouble. 4. Never Mix If You Have To Go Home Right After © Getty Images If you're not sleeping over at someone's place at night, definitely, do not mix your drinks. Different drinks have different odours. If you mix alcohol, for example, whiskey with rum or beer with whiskey, it can make the overall odour worse, you'll definitely get caught. Stick to one type of alcohol you like for the night as this can lessen alcohol breath. 5. Try Onion And Garlic Based Food © Getty Images Foods which are aromatic can help overpower alcohol breath. Red onion and garlic both cling to your breath for a long time, reducing the smell of alcohol. You can order bar foods that contain onion or garlic. Garlic-infused items, such as garlic fries or garlic bread, are often popular bar items.
  5. I've had this similar conversation dozens of times in the recent past when someone has taken an interest in what I do. Person: So what does Invision Community do? Me: We develop and sell an independent community platform. Person: Oh. Neat. I used to say the F word. But this used to cause some confusion. 'We develop and sell a forum system'. This used to elicit a response similar to this: "Forums? They're still going?" This line of thinking is quite prevalent among those who frequent Facebook, or use Facebook Groups to manage their micro communities. Even though they probably use forums regularly, or end up on forum topics when searching for things like "Why is my iPhone not charging", they don't realise this. I recently guested on a podcast, where we spoke about "Facebook or Forums?", and I received this comment. It appears, then, that the word "forums" has a lot of legacy connotations attached to it. It conjures up images of the past when Netscape Navigator was the world's favourite browser, and AOL was still mailing out CDs. That is all ancient history now, and we've moved with the times. The product we have now has roots in the product from the early 2000s but it is wildly different and much more capable. When you explain that you can segment discussions into separate areas (aka forums), and even set up independent micro-communities (clubs), you can see lightbulbs going off. "That's amazing! I had no idea! So you mean I don't have to have my community in a single stream struggling for attention among adverts?" Nope, there is another way. Why not try an independent community platform? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Do you avoid the F word too?
  6. You obviously want to always smell good down there, but there will be times when you probably won't, particularly at the end of a heavy day. However, if not smelling good down there is a regular occurrence you should check this out. ( https://www.mensxp.com/grooming/wellness/50404-how-to-smell-good-down-there.html ) Alternatively, if you find your underwear stinking constantly, then here's what you can do about it. 1. Always Choose Cotton In terms of the fabric for your briefs, always choose cotton. Other synthetic fabrics not only have a tendency to stink more but can also produce rashes and become a breeding ground for bacteria. If you find yourself itching your balls too often, you should read this. ( https://www.mensxp.com/grooming/wellness/50566-how-to-get-rid-of-itchy-balls-or-jock-itch.html ) 2. Don't Reuse Your Underwear Instead, wash it. Have at least seven pair of underwear in your wardrobe so you never have to reuse your underwear again, Make sure you're washing and never using reused underwear. © Getty Images 3. Clean Up Well After taking a leak, a few drops might end up wetting your underwear and subsequently making it stinky. Clean up well by making use of the tissues in the washroom. Don't just stare at them. © Getty Images 4. Washing The Underwear Well Make sure you're washing the underwear well. If you find that the washing machine efficacy barely amounts to anything, wash them yourself on hand. This helps in making the washing more effective. © Getty Images 5. Get Rid Of Your Underwear After Six Months After six months, your underwear is probably worn out already, get rid of it. You need a change of underwear every six months so that you don't drag around briefs are already worn out and destroyed. © Getty Images
  7. One of the first prerequisites to date someone successfully is seeing how you're first date ever went with them to give them a second chance! That's how dating life get's a lifeline if you don't screw up on the first date or avoid a 'red flag' situation; then there is a bright chance for you to be a part of the second date. (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images So, in order to have the 'perfect' first date, here are 5 prominent red flags you can and should avoid and get to see the girl you really like for the second date! (1) Don't Act Miserly It's a date for heaven's sake, not a night out with the boys! So, if you do get the bill and you're splitting it, don't become a miser for the last rupee she may have left! What I mean is stop splitting the bill to the T and making sure she pays every penny of the split. Offer to pay and if she wants to go dutch just let her decide how she would like to. Either by paying cash or splitting the amount on the debit card is her call and you don't have to do severe math and waste time on the bill! (c)Pintrest (2) Do Not Treat The Wait Staff Like Shit If you're out and about and don't show any decency to the support staff at restaurants and hotels then you're in for trouble my friend. Let me tell you, the biggest red flag is unkindness and if you act like an entitled man where you shouldn't be acting like one, she's definitely going to strike you out. Women determine a man's character by the way he holds a conversation with other people as well. So, if you treat someone poorly, she's going to show you the door! (c)Pintrest (3) Don't Force Anything Women have a mind of their own and they like to speak it whenever necessary. So, there isn't a point in you telling her what to do or how to do it really. In fact that's a big turn off. Of course decide the evening unanimously, I am not saying let her take charge of the evening but steer clear of the things she rather not like you do. Understand consent and what it really means before taking any steps forward. If she doesn't want to come back home with you or invite you to hers, don't force her to do the same, it'll really not go down well. Have fun on your first date, don't dictate terms or be forceful. (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images (4) Keep A Check On Your Alcohol Intake First dates are markers for the second date. It's a good time to realise for both you and her whether or not you'd like a second date. So, it's best to keep your inhibitions in check and maybe not splurge on alcohol and get absolutely wasted. I mean if that's the plan to have some unadulterated fun, then go ahead but if you really want to get to know her and remember it the next day, it's wise to hold your drink. If both of you decide to get wasted then I guess that makes for a successful good first date too! (c)Pintrest (5) Misogyny Is Never Welcomed Misogyny could come under any form. You describing your ex in bad taste, you generalising other women, showing off about your work and putting others down, it takes all forms and shapes and more often than not we don't realise when we're being misogynists because of our conditioning. So it will be good if you're mindful of how you structure your words during a conversation with her. Even saying something as simple as ' you're not like the other women' can be termed as misogynistic. You may not realise it and you may think you're praising her but in reality you're insulting all the other women. Honestly, it's offensive to say the least. Give her more prominent compliments and keep the misogynistic comments in check! (c)Pintrest There are other red flags such as bad grooming and table manners, lack of confidence etc. but these 5 are very prominent because they tell a woman a lot about your conditioning as a man and talk more about your basic inherent mannerisms. A girl does judge a man by the most basic and fundamental manners he may possess and if you have these all sorted, you're definitely a liable candidate for the second date!
  8. Nothing spoils one's mood more than a bad haircut. Every time you visit your hairdresser, you shouldn't have to leave feeling like you are dying a little from the inside. Sure, it's not the end of the world. But at that exact moment, it sure feels like it. Well, hair sure can grow back quickly but it still doesn't undo the damage. Reassuring enough? If not, you could expand your hat collection. But what's key is to amend these little errors while getting a haircut. Follow this step-by-step definitive guide to avoid getting an awkward haircut: 1. Research Properly © Gettyimages Being people who don't even buy a piece of clothing without doing a fair bit of research, it is surprising how many people go to the salon without any information. Do a fair bit of research about the type of hair you have and what kind of cut you should go with. You can even go to your hairstylist for a consultation prior to the day of getting a haircut. 2. Consider A Little Show And Tell © angieslist Fancy a haircut sported by an actor or an athlete? You may as well get it. Do a little social media digging and find a haircut you like. Show your barber that image and ask if it can be replicated with your hair type and face shape. Keep your options open and keep backups. The only way to fend off a bad haircut is to make sure you get a good one. 3. Pay Attention To The Finishing Touches © liveabout Every man knows that more than the process, it's the last 10 minutes of the haircut that actually makes or breaks a look. The finishing touches can do more for your haircut than the cutting part. Pay attention to the finishing touches, men. This is the perfect opportunity to get some styling advice. Even the most impressive haircut wouldn't be helpful if you don't do it justice by using the correct styling method and products. Ask your hairstylist for styling tips and products to keep your mane as good every day! 4. Don't Be Afraid To Mix It Up © gettyimages When men find a salon, tailor, barber and even a bartender that they like, they never go to anyone else. These are men's ride-or-die people. If you're one of those people and are sick of sporting the same hairstyle for years, maybe it's time to switch. To be able to communicate to your barber is a task in its own that you shouldn't skip. But if you've tried to communicate with your hairstylist about that and keep getting the same old look, switch. Don't be afraid to take the plunge. Bonus advice: Schedule your haircut appointments every 4 weeks to keep your trim fresh AF. Follow these guidelines and you will definitely save yourself the pain of looking for new hats to cover up an awkward haircut.
  9. We all have been in a place where we have struggled with the range of motion, knee pain and lower back pain while doing barbell squats. Then comes the gym Bro who mocks your squat depth or load without understanding the possible restrictions you could be having while performing the squat! Do you relate to above squat issues? Want to squat max weight with impeccable technique possible? If YES, this is a must read for you. 1) Mobility & Flexibility During a squat, we need adequate mobility (range of motion about a joint) especially around the hip, knee, shoulder, and ankle joint. Everyone is aware of the previous point but doing it wrong, especially when performing exercises to improve the range of motion of the above joints. Whenever you introduce a drill to improve mobility and flexibility, you should test its translation in the squat. A squat is a dynamic movement and will require dynamic (moving) flexibility and stability. Only introduce the drills which improve your squat, not your static flexibility. 2-4 specific dynamic stretches after your general warm-up, no need of mindless static stretching before or after squats. © YouTube 2) Tempo Beginners do this all the time, diving into the bottom position of squats without control. Not only does this potentially affect one's balance in the squat but also can cause injuries due to load shifting forward or backward. Tempo is an important tool which beginners, intermediates and advanced gym goers have applied successfully to enhance squat technique. Tempo helps to gain control of the movement and makes the person more aware of his or her body position WRT space. 3-4 Seconds on the eccentric portion of the squat is good for most people to achieve the benefits of Tempo. A brief 1-second pause in the bottom position can also be added 3) Progression Without fixing the above two points, beginners jump on to the barbell squat and then perform it poorly. Don't get intimidated by heavy squatters or jump on the heavy squat wagon just yet! You can always utilize squat progressions to improve slowly and be able to perform the barbell squat without any hesitation later on. Feel free to use the below progression depending upon your current stage Wall Holds--->B.W box squat---->B.W squat---->Goblet squat---->Back squat **Utilise tools such as tempo, box & kettlebells for above progressions © Quora 4) Video Analysis Although this point is super important, most seem to neglect it or use it sparingly. Always record a video from a side angle to check your bar path, knee, hips, shoulder, and ankle movement. Compare your video with the optimal position for squat and work on improving the same every set and training session The bar should travel mostly straight, balance should be maintained over mid foot, hips and knees should move in synergy, knees and ankles shouldn't be collapsing inward, and shoulder blades should be retracted and depressed are some of the crucial aspects you should be looking at. 5) 80-20 Heuristic Regardless of the changes you implement to improve your squat, there will be minor issues. On one end of the spectrum, there are people who run behind the perfect technique and on the other end who do not care about technique at all. The one running behind perfect technique misses out on micro load progression and the other risks injury. It's better to find a comfortable ground between those two extremes to keep constant improvement. The technique will be affected and you have to accept it and move forward. 80% lift performed correctly with no pain or discomfort is probably good to go. Yash Sharma is a former national level Football player, now a Strength Coach, Nutritionist and Natural Bodybuilder. He also runs a YouTube Channel Yash Sharma Fitness via which he aims to educate all the fitness enthusiasts to maximize their gains by methods that are backed by science and applicable easily. Connect with him on YouTube, YashSharmaFitness@gmail.com, Facebook and Instagram.
  10. A good beard is an asset, and every man wants one (well, almost). But the trouble is, it's not something you can buy. You have to grow it and the situation isn't exactly even like growing muscles, which you can manage by working out and following a proper diet. Growing a beard can be a challenge if you're not gifted, and most people try to avoid being hit by this truth-bomb. Plus, some personal habits coupled with an intense disregard for patience result in super slow beard growth for some unfortunate souls. Keeping that in mind, we have compiled a list of 7 things one should strictly avoid doing while growing a beard: 1. Excessive Trimming © Birchbox There is a beard myth that says the more you cut/trim your beard, the faster it grows. Please don't pay heed to such myths. If you don't let your beard grow out physically, it just won't. It's that simple. 2. Using Hair Shampoo On The Beard © Beard Style The composition of hair shampoo is not suitable for your beard. It will strip your beard of its natural oils, and give rise to dry, scraggly strands of hair, which will definitely hamper healthy growth. 3. Not Washing It Altogether Or Washing It Too Often © Scotchporter The beard is a tricky territory, because it's a patch of hair that's located on your face. Your face needs to be kept clean (duh!) but it must be done without causing damage to your beard. How do you do it? By coming up with a beard cleaning cycle and sticking to it. Use a good beard wash/beard shampoo to wash your beard instead of soaps/hair shampoos, but don't do it too often. Depending on the growth and density, washing your beard every alternate day or once in three days should be fine (provided you don't let food get stuck in it or roll around in the mud, face-first.) 4. Ignoring The Existence Of Beard Oils/Softeners © Fatherly As Indian men, more often than not, we attach minimal importance to grooming. Please don't let your beard suffer because of that. Use beard oils and softeners to facilitate a healthy growth. They do work, if you use them religiously. 5. Not Brushing Your Beard © Balding Beards Brushing your beard, irrespective of its size will make it grow with a proper shape. Plus, brushing improves blood circulation at the beard base, thereby resulting in much faster growth.
  11. We already know that Microsoft and Sony are both working on future consoles and are getting ready for the next generation. There are rumours that both companies are working on multiple consoles that will sell at different prices. The next generation of Xbox consoles is set to replace the Xbox One X and will be able to offer 4K gaming natively. © YouTube It is said to have improved hardware and better graphics than the current generation. We've heard rumours of various features that will come on the next generation, however, we want to talk about certain mistakes Xbox can't afford to make in the next generation. One of them includes making India a huge part of their strategy and here's what we think the gaming company needs to do: 1. Nail The Launch Event © Reuters Gamers are very vocal and Microsoft had to learn the hard way when the Xbox One was announced in 2013. In fact, it was a disaster as it wasn't presented as a gaming machine but rather as an entertainment box. Executives failed to talk about games and other features like “always online”, DRM and other issues that had gamers concerned. Messaging plays a crucial role in getting gamers excited and that's where Sony prevailed. The next Xbox launch needs to appeal more to gamers than casual users so that it has a great ecosystem right from the start. 2. Pro-Gaming Features © Microsoft Xbox One has already become a machine that provides the best features that any gamer could ask. The Xbox Game pass makes games more affordable and also lets users play Xbox exclusive games on day 1. All for a subscription price that works like Netflix and lets players play old and new games for a fraction of full retail price. In India, gaming is already an expensive affair and this new feature will make it easier for gamers in India to get access to the latest games for a cheaper price. © Microsoft Xbox already has a huge library of old games that are compatible with the Xbox One. Backwards compatibility is crucial for gamers as we generally like to visit old games. Rumours suggest that the next Xbox consoles are said to have backward compatibility for Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One titles. This would definitely bring a huge advantage to the new console, as Sony has been shying away from providing a similar feature on the PlayStation platform as of now. 3. Better Exclusives © Microsoft There's no secret that Sony PlayStation 4's success had to do with better exclusive games for the consoles. With games like God of War, Spider-Man, Last of Us, Uncharted and other exclusive games made the console a huge success all over the world. In fact, Microsoft has already bought new studios to effectively compete with Microsoft, however, the platform will need a good exclusive at launch to sway gamers to the other side. 4. A Budget Xbox For India © BCCL India is going to be the next big gaming country in the world as we've already seen great success for games like PUBG in the country. Consoles are generally very expensive in India due to import duties that made it exclusive for a nice audience. Xbox can change its fortunes by making a cheaper model just for India or manufacture/assemble all consoles in India to drive the price down. Indians love a bargain which is why it has made companies like Xiaomi, OPPO, and OnePlus super successful in India. The strategy is simple, undercut the competition with aggressive pricing. With a population of 1.3 billion and potential 200 million gamers, Xbox can capture the Indian market with affordable pricing. India is the next big destination for anything technology and gaming needs to follow suit. Rumours are already suggesting that Xbox is working on a budget console, however, we will only know for sure when the next Xbox is made official. 5. Release It Sooner © Reuters The Xbox 360 was the winner of last generation's console wars and there were two main reasons behind it. The Xbox 360 was cheaper than the PlayStation 3 and it launched six months earlier. If Xbox manages to launch the new console before Sony at E3 this year, there's no doubt it will be able to capture the gaming market faster. Do you think Xbox can make it big in India? What do you think Microsoft should do to win the Indian gaming scene. Let us know in the comments.
  12. One of the most annoying things about travelling is lugging around your suitcases at Airports. You need to carry it everywhere with you and sometimes, it's a major cause for fatigue. However, now this could become a thing of the past, as this new 'smart suitcase' is designed to follow you and can also avoid collisions with obstacles on its own accord. © Ovis The smart suitcase is made by a Chinese company called ForwardX and is known as Ovis. It was unveiled last year at CES and has come back to the show with some major improvements. It uses an array of sensors that allow it to follow or stay by the side of its owner. These sensors also aid the suitcase in avoiding collisions with obstacles or other people. It works using Artificial Intelligence to ensure that the suitcase is never left behind too far. You even switch to the manual mode in case you need to take it through security, escalators and stairs. © Ovis The suitcase even has GPS tracking embedded, so that owners can track Ovis if misplaced. Ovis is also approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) which makes it easier for travellers to use on flights, however, it still depends on various airlines whether they allow it on their aircraft or not. In the event of losing the suitcase, the Ovis comes with a smart wristband that vibrates when your luggage is more than 2m away. That's a neat feature that comes in handy, as there can be instances where the smart suitcase could fall or when it runs out of battery. The suitcase is expected to be available in the first half of 2019 with a retail price of $799 (Rs 56,420).
  13. 2019 is almost here and so is the reason for a host of 'new year new me' fitness resolutions. But instead of really abiding by the process, people unfortunately succumb to the lure of taking shortcuts to get fit. Here's a list of what not to do in the name of fitness resolutions in 2019: 1) Running Marathons Or Running Long Distances Regularly In Hopes Of Getting 'Fit' Running mindlessly on a treadmill or weekly marathons will not get you anywhere. It definitely wouldn't help you build muscle and look lean, which is the aim for most. Yes, you might lose a bit of fat but believe me that would be a lot of water weight. This will come at the cost of elevated cortisol levels (stress hormone), poor joint health and at best, a new skinny fat you with 'problem fat areas'. Mindless running is often coupled with crash diets or some stupid 'detox diets' which makes the case even worse. © YouTube 2) Following A Fitness 'Guru' Who Propagates A Specific Diet As 'The Best Diet' Do this diet and see the magic. If your trainer/guru tells you this, best believe that you are in for failure. There's no best fat loss diet and never will be. That's the very basic of fat loss. One size doesn't fit all. So if your fitness guide tells you to do a detox cleanse or a 7 day fat busting diet, look for a better coach. 3) Doing Aqua Zumba, Dance Fitness Or Aerobic Dance Classes The trend of zumba is so dumb on so many levels that I can literally write another article on it. They make people dance like mad cows in these classes without taking into account any injury, activity levels or the diet. People sweat tins and think they burned many calories and are getting slimmer. Of course, that's not the case. Of course you will lose a couple of kilos because before this you were not doing anything this physically demanding. But soon the weight loss will halt and all the lost weight will come back. 4) Cutting Out Carbohydrates And Shifting To Salad Only Diets The lowly informed main stream media has demonized carbohydrates so much that everybody thinks it makes people fat. Well, it doesn't. Excess calories coming from food makes people fat. Your overeating is making you fat. Salad diets are the absolute worse and eventually, if done for long, can land you in a hospital. © Thinkstock 5) Ketogenic Diet If you have a job, a budding social life, friends or family, this diet will take a toll on your interaction with all of these. In short- it's extremely hard to follow, makes very little sense nutritionally and the results it offers can be replicated by a normal 'carbohydrate inclusive diet'. Hence, think a hundred times before doing this.
  14. 2019 is round about the corner and so are New Year fitness resolutions. While some people would just want to lose weight, also present in large numbers are young gullible dudes trying to put on muscle in a very short span of time. This article is for those young guns that often incline towards steroid usage. 1. To Avoid The Shut Down Of Natural Testosterone Production Let`s get this straight. Whenever you put any anabolic steroid in your body (inject-able or oral), your own natural testosterone production gets shut down. Though the body is very smart, it will still be able to produce testosterone again when you go off steroids but you will never ever be able to get to your natural pre-cycle levels back. © YouTube 2. To Testicular Atrophy ( Shrunken Balls) Also known as 'testicular atrophy', this is again very common during steroid usage. A study found two third of 500 steroid users experienced this type of shrinkage while using steroids. It`s simple. When you feed your body testosterone externally (in form of various steroids), your testicles don`t feel the need to produce the same by their own. Just like they say 'if you don`t use it, you lose it'. Hence they shrink. 3. To Have A Healthy Heart It`s a proven fact that long term steroid usage weakens the heart. Usually people end up doing more and more just like any other habit forming activity. Even several years after discontinuation, increased heart size was found among steroid users as compared to drug free athletes. The left ventricle of heart which is mainly responsible for pumping blood was found to be quite weaker in anabolic steroid users. This is also the reason why many bodybuilders do more cardio to protect heart when using steroids. And if you are an average desk jobber who doesn`t have much time for cardio, you are fucked even more. 4. To Avoid Having Man Breasts Steroids also cause increase in the estrogen levels. Yes, every man has both kinds of hormones- male hormone (testosterone) and female hormone (estrogen). Due to spike in estrogen caused by certain steroids or a combination of steroids, you can develop Gynecomastia which makes your nipples to swell. Now this resemblance is not exactly like that of a woman's chest but good enough to embarrass you as a man. Many steroid users have to go under the knife to get rid of it. © Pixabay 5. To Remain Sane Since steroids throw hormones inside your body out of place, it`s common to see extreme aggression in some individuals also known as 'roid rage'. I`m not saying everyone who takes steroids experiences this but if you are generally very moody, or short tempered, anabolic steroids can amplify that. That's it folks! References- https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15084541 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15817752 Daman Singh is an internationally certified sports Nutritionist and an athlete competes in Strongman and powerlifting without the aid of Anabolics .He also runs a YouTube channel named :- SIKHSPACK and you can follow him on Instagram and trains Drug free population .
  15. We're all indecisive at some point in time in our lives. Be it a big decision or a small one, sometimes it's alright to be indecisive, so you can get clarity through the confusion. But more often than not, being indecisive is not that great a thing if you're a constant at it. It shows to the world that you're under confident and a scatter brain and that's usually not the best impression to have upon someone. While you can take your time and ponder upon things, which are probably more impactful because they're more important to you, you shouldn't display your indecisiveness in places where it can pose as a potential misfit for you! © Pinterest By that I clearly mean when you're just getting to know a girl, the little things that you do with regard to being indecisive can really play against you and you may end up annoying the girl you're with. While indecisiveness is okay when you're making bigger life decisions it's not okay while you're with someone and have met them for the first time and here are three ways to absolutely avoid being indecisive (1) Have A Plan In Mind Usually if you're asking the girl out, it has to be a planned effort and you definitely shouldn't act like you don't know what to do or where to go. Have a plan in mind. You don't necessarily have to tell her the entire plan but can let her in on the details step by step. Or you can narrate the plan to her and if she has any inputs or changes then she can tell you straight up. But don't be a guy without a plan. That'll really annoy her. If she's asking you 'what are we doing'? and you answer 'I don't know you tell me', you're just in for a world of abandonment by her! © Pinterest (2) Don't Have Multiple Plans That's another problem if you're indecisive. You can never decide what to do so you end up making a number of plans. Which isn't a bad thing. It's always good to have options and plan B's in hand . Just don't get confused or give her too many options. if you can't decide then go with your gut or just lay out the best plans to her and she can take a pick accordingly. © Pinterest (3) Don't Change Plans If You've Made Them If you've already made plans, then don't change them last minute because that reflects badly on your ability to carry out plans. Stick to plan and if you have to have a last minute change then make sure it's comfortable for her to adjust to, so she doesn't feel pressurised in any way. © Pinterest Indecisiveness is alright to an extent. Serious life decisions do take time but if you have to bring indecisiveness into your dating life on such a basic level then it can pose problems with the girl you're getting to know because women prefer men who don't rely on them to make decisions on the first date. Either decide what the two of you have in mind together, or plan a good evening with her.
  16. As part of my profession, I take close to 100 flights a year. It is always visibly disturbing to see everyone so well behaved on board. This paints a very bland and depressing scene thousands of feet above the sea level. I have often sensed the inner urge of certain passengers to freely express themselves and endear their magnificent personalities on their neighbours. This article elaborates ten golden commandments you can follow to be highly appreciated by your neighbours on a flight; especially the ones that depart before sunrise: Rule #1: Thou Shall Be The King Of All You Survey For generations, we have been programmed to control our territory. It is an insult to your manliness if a co-passenger invades your allocated territory. The best practice always suggests that you take complete control of armrests on either side without conceding an inch. If you are really in the mood, you should ensure your elbow pokes into your neighbour's soft protruding belly! Rule #2: Thou Shall Always Be On 911 Mode The world is progressing at a very fast pace. And for all of us, time is money! Hence it is imperative you manage every second onboard efficiently. I highly recommend that you start taking calls as soon as the aircraft lands and barge your way through to collect your luggage before everyone else. Even if it damages someone else's bag...or head, it is understandable. What if a Fortune 500 CEO ends up calling you in the 5 minutes you are on the aircraft after it lands? Rule #3: Thou Shall Use The Washroom The Way You Used It During Your Hostel Days Certain passengers seem very fond of the washroom on flights. They seem to not let go of the washroom. In light of this warrior spirit, it is advisable that you bang hard on the washroom door screaming, “jaldi karo bhai, kitna time lagega” and then lock your self up inside for the purpose of meditation. To fondly remember your college days, you should treat the washroom the way you maintained it during your hostel days! Rule #4: Thou Shall Repeatedly Call The Air-Hostess Most airlines pride themselves on providing best in class customer service. But airlines should not take this premium imagery for granted. Hence, as a responsible customer, you should repeatedly call the air-hostess to check if she is still up to the mark. Ask her for yesterday's newspaper, ask her for mouth freshener, ask her for cotton earbuds, ask her for tissue paper, ask her if she can explain the evacuation instructions in Bhojpuri. If nothing else, ask her for a selfie with you! Rule #5: Thou Shall Watch A Movie Without The Earphones On © Hope Productions Entertainment is best relished when it is enjoyed by all and sundry. Your co-passengers will be highly appreciative if you play the latest episode of 'CID' featuring ACP Pradyuman at full volume without speakers. After all, who doesn't like a little thrill early morning? Rule #6: Thou Shall Constantly Feel Lighter In Air After the gymnasium, the flight is the most appropriate place to feel lighter in the air. Repeatedly attempting to relieve gas accumulated in your alimentary canal is a great way to lose weight 35,000 feet above sea level. In addition, it has the added benefit of all your co-passengers knowing what you had for dinner - garlic, onion, radish, mutton! Rule #7: Thou Shall Burp, Belch & Yawn Repeatedly Actually, there are other ways to relieve yourself in addition to the above. With the right discipline of belching, burping and yawning every 90 seconds; your body is guaranteed to feel light by a couple of pounds before you arrive on land. It is advisable to burp and belch in a rhythmic pattern so that they resemble the latest Honey Singh blockbuster. After all, everyone would love to experience a live Honey Singh performance! Rule #8: Thou Shall Make Your Neighbours Smell Your Aromatic Socks A great anonymous writer once said, “A man is known by the stinky socks he keeps.” There is no better way for a man to express his personality on a flight other than by removing his shoes and making his co-passengers smell his aromatic socks. After all, who doesn't like the smell of rotting onion combined with dog poop? Who knows, if the stars are aligned, Calvin Klein might select it for its next line of perfumes! Rule #9: Thou Shall Peep Into Your Neighbour's Laptop Knowledge is omnipresent and everyone is a source of learning! With this gospel truth in mind, you should always peep into your neighbour's laptop repeatedly to understand the industry and the work they are up to. Who knows, your neighbour might have quality inside information which you are missing out on? Rule #10: Thou Shall Attempt To Play Agony Aunt To Your Neighbour The world is very depressed. Everyone should do their bit to make the world a better place. As a result, it is always advisable to lend an empathetic shoulder to your neighbour. If you see a lady in her late 20s without an engagement ring, she will always appreciate if you ask her “abhi tak bachche nahin huain?” In conclusion, it is not easy to be a difficult pesky co-passenger. But with the right amount of dedication and blind faith to the above commandments, it is only a matter of time before your inner dream is realised! About the author: The author, Sandeep Das, is an MBA from IIM Bangalore, a management consultant, author of 'Yours Sarcastically' & 'Satan's Angels' and a columnist.
  17. Air purifiers have become immensely popular in the last few years because of alarming levels of increasing air pollution in major cities around the country. In the northern parts of India, the winters bring along a heavy dose of smog that contains a mixture of poisonous gases. With depleting forests and uncontrolled crop burning, relief is nowhere in sight. It makes perfect sense to buy an air purifier right now because it not only takes care of allergies that come along with the changing season but also helps in preventing respiratory health issues. Due to bad air quality indoors, people especially children and the elderly can become vulnerable to lung diseases and allergies. Air purifiers can improve the indoor air quality within a span of 1 – 2 hours. They are efficient in removing remove ultra-fine particles, dust, pollen, harmful gases, bacteria, virus and other irritants. We've made a list of recommended air purifiers keeping in mind their HEPA filtration, clean air delivery rate, sound, and price. 1. Mi Air Purifier 2S © Xiaomi We have been using it for the last few weeks and it's among the best you can buy in India. The recently announced purifier perfectly purifies air and makes it odour-free and allergen-free within a short span of time. It a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 310m³/hr and can effectively clean air in a space of up to 37m². The particulate matter sensor detects particles as small as 0.3μm and boasts a 3-Layer filtration that removes large airborne particles such as dust and hair as well as micron-sized particles and harmful bacteria. It's more than just a purifier though. It packs a dose of smarts you don't see in most competitors, such as Wi-fi connectivity and remote management from the Mi Home app. The fan never stops spinning unless you power the device down and Xiaomi says, the custom-made motor draws a mere 4.8 watts in normal operation. A small OLED display quickly shows the Air Quality Index (AQI). BUY IT here 2. Honeywell Air Touch A5 © Honeywell It comes with a washable HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arrest) filter that removes larger dust particles and combined with a carbon filter it also removes any microscopic pollutant and allergens above 0.3 microns. It covers an area of 30m² meters and has a CADR of 250³/hr. A small digital control panel shows the AQI and the purifier can be completely controlled from this panel. The purifier has approximately 3000 hours of filter life. The design is sleek and premium, though it hogs in power at 53 watts. BUY IT HERE 3. Philips AeraSense 2000 © Philips Compared to Honeywell, Philips air purifier spreads clean and fresh air to a maximum coverage area with higher CADR rate. It has 3 automatic purification settings- general, sensitive allergen mode and powerful bacteria & virus modes to clean air within a range of 35m². It has a CADR of 333m3/hr and uses HEPA filtration along with a nano protect filter for eliminating the dust particles. The user can customize the fan speed in 3 turbo modes: high, medium and low. The device is made with Vitashield IPS material in an aerodynamic design to prevent from breaking. BUY IT HERE 4. Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350 © Atlanta Healthcare It is ideal for use in homes, offices, hotels, hospitals, as well as other commercial premises. It sports a 7-stage air purification technology consisting of a pre-filter, HEPA filter, carbon, anti-bacterial filter, photocatalyst, UV, and ionizer. For ease of use, it comes with a remote control and requires lesser power at 43 watts. It can clean air within the range of 30m² but has a lower CADR rate of 170m³/hr. It is built for usage over a long duration, though the purifier is made built with of polycarbonate. BUY IT HERE 5. Dyson Pure Cool © Dyson Packed with IoT features, voice commands, diffused air flow mode and more, the device is recommended for those who want a premium offering. It has a fully-sealed filter system combined with a Tris-impregnated activated carbon filter to remove gases/VOCs/ odours, and a Glass HEPA filter. The combination can capture microscopic allergens and pollutants as small as 0.1 microns. It can oscillate up to 350 degrees, cover a room of 600 sq. feet. with a very high CADR. Other features include easy scheduling, 10 air-speed settings, auto mode, night-time mode, sleep timer, and an easy-to-clean aperture with no fast-spinning blades. BUY IT HERE 6. Blueair Sense + © Blueair The Sense+ isn't power hungry draws around 7W at the lowest fan speed while scaling to about 46W at its highest. It has a feather-touch display on the top that lets you toggle through the different settings. The panel also notifies you when it's time to change the filters. It can also be connected via WiFi to toggle settings. A single filter can last up to 4380 hours of constant use and it can cover an area of 300 sq. feet. It delivers high-performance thanks to HEPASilent technology, which combines electrostatic and mechanical filtration technologies. It is also available in multiple colour options. BUY IT HERE 7. Philips Series 3000 © Philips The Series 3000 AC3821 air purifier by has a digital display to show you the current PM2.5 levels in the air. It also comes with a humidifying feature that can increase the humidity in the air by up to 60 percent. It can remove particles as small as 0.2 microns and work in a room larger than 90m². With advanced AeraSense technology, the filter lifetime is accurately calculated based on indoor pollution level, airflow and operation time. It also has a very high CADR of CADR of 393³/hr. BUY IT HERE
  18. Relationships are great. Until they aren't! Sometimes, even the ideal relationships start becoming toxic. Out of nowhere, you start feeling that you aren't happy anymore and it might be best to part ways. © Warner Brothers At times, it's true. When you spend a fair amount of time with your partner and get to know them better, you realise that they aren't the person what you are looking for. In that case, you can consider parting ways. But at times, the problems arise because of petty reasons which are quite normal and can be dealt with easily. Following are three such subtle sighs which will tell you that your relationship is turning toxic and you should work on it to avoid a bad breakup: 1. Unnecessary Fights Every couple fights, this isn't anything to worry about. But if your fights become regular; and when you are with your partner if most of your time goes arguing over unnecessary things, then there is something to worry about. You should find out the actual reasons for your fights. Communication is the key here. Talk to your partner; figure out what is it that you want from each other and then work on it. The whole drama can be avoided with just one healthy conversation. 2. Less Physical Intimacy When you two have lived together for a long time, then it's completely natural to not get intimate as much as you did at the start of your relationship. Daily *** does turn into twice or thrice a week when you have lived together long enough. But if it has become non-existent, then it is a matter to worry about. You need to figure out the cause of it. © Dharma Productions It could be the mundanity, or maybe the emotional distance between you two. If it's the first one, time to spice things up and go '50 Shades of Grey'. But if it's the latter, you should take a deep look into your relationship. See what is driving you away from each other and then deal with the problem. 3. Unavailability & Ignorance If you feel like your partner is ignoring you, then it's a serious issue. It's completely okay to have personal space and some 'me-time', but if the interactions and communication are seizing to exist, then it means the relationship is going on the wrong road. And there's definitely a reason behind the growing distance. © Warner Brothers There is a good chance that your partner is no longer interested in you and that's why ignoring you. In this situation, the best you can do is calmly talk to them and tell them to share whatever is on their mind. And accordingly, you can work things out. It's not easy to find the right partner. If you think you have found one, work hard on your relationship to make it work. You never know if you'll get it again or not!
  19. At first glance, it might seem like it shouldn't be all that hard to dress up for the Diwali festivities, and so, naturally, the chances of you committing a fashion faux pas seem low. But that's a rookie mistake to make, especially since it takes just one misstep to majorly screw up an ethnic ensemble. And so, to help make sure you don't make any fashion blunders at the next Diwali party you attend, here are 4 fashion faux pas Indian men should avoid making at ALL costs this festive season: 1) Skip The Excessive Bling, You're Not Bappi Lahiri © Youtube While it's understandable that you'll be in a festive mood during Diwali celebrations, there's a fine line between wearing a little bling and downright transforming into Bappi Lahiri. Needless to say, you need to avoid the latter at all costs. So, make sure you skip the excessive bling and that you don't wear kurtas that make it seem like you're cosplaying your own wedding! 2) Get The Right Fit For Your Kurtas © Official Instagram/ Kartik Aaryan Even the best Diwali kurtas out there will be completely wasted if you don't get the right fit. Just like suits, how good a kurta looks on you depends a lot on how well it fits you. So, make sure you've got your Diwali kurta's fitting sorted out, and you'll be good to go. 3) If You Are Layering Up Your Outfit, Make Sure The Colours/Patterns Don't Clash © Official Instagram/Shahid Kapoor One of the best ways you could possibly ace the fashion game this Diwali season, is by layering up your outfit. Opting for Nehru jackets or ethnic waistcoats will make for a great Diwali attire. But layering up your outfits will ONLY work if you make sure that the colours or patterns don't clash with each other. While it's always good to be inventive and a rule-breaker, it's also important to make sure you don't go overboard by opting for clashing and/or uncomplimentary colour combinations. 4) DO NOT Pair Your Kurta With Sneakers © Official Instagram/ Shahid Kapoor While this one should be incredibly obvious, it's surprising just how many people actually end up committing this glaring fashion faux pas. I don't care how cool the type of sneakers you're rocking may be, or how cool you think they may look, it's NEVER okay to team them up with your Diwali kurtas! Instead, you should invest in a pair of jootis that will properly compliment your ethnic ensemble.
  20. PS4 owners have been facing issues with their consoles due to a message that contains characters, which reportedly crashes the PlayStation 4. In many cases, users are forced to perform a factory reset on the hardware to get it working again. This sort of bug has been previously seen on smartphones, where a text message can basically freeze up your smartphone. The message that is being sent to numerous users is likely being sent by online rival players to shut down the console and have them booted out from a game. This is not an isolated incident and has been reported by multiple users on Reddit and other social media platforms. © Reddit How Can One Avoid It? There are a few ways to avoid this problem in case you get the message on your console. You can either delete the message from the PlayStation Messages app on iOS or Android. You can also follow the instructions below to avoid getting messages like these in the future. Restrict Messages © Pexels On your PS4, you can go to Settings > Account Management > Privacy Settings and then click on “Personal Info | Messages”. It will open a sub-menu where you need to select Messages. You can now restrict receiving messages from Friends which will block out any malicious messages from players you do not know. As of now, Sony is yet to confirm this issue officially, however, it seems likely that the Japanese company will roll out a firmware update to resolve this problem.
  21. A healthy relationship, to begin with, is to go with your gut instinct while finding the right person and avoiding the ones you think are not suited for you. But that is something you should figure on your own and we can't help you there. However, we can surely tell you the kind of women you should stay away from, just so you don't waste your time chasing the wrong people. While you do want to date someone and settle down, it's absolutely okay to wait around for the perfect woman. © Abhishek Pathak As we said, we can't find the 'one' for you, but we do have a list of women you should try and avoid, just to give love or whatever emotion you're feeling at the time, a chance. This, in no way, is a 'women hating' article. At least it's not attributed towards that and just to be fair, we will definitely write about 'guys women love avoiding', soon, just so there isn't any apathy towards any of the sexes! So much for disclaimers, eh? Here are 5 kinds of women you should definitely avoid dating: (1) The Man-Hater I am not sure they're called that. Maybe the word we are looking for is a woman who is 'misandrous' in nature, perhaps? Her Traits: She's always abrasive and critical of every man she meets. If he's a confident man, she'll see him as cocky. If he's being his usual gentlemanly self, she'll misconstrue that as him not treating her as an equal. If his t-shirt is tucked out she'll think of him as a slob and unkempt. Basically, everything you do or don't do will be overtly criticized and get this, she'll always use the phrase 'you men', collectively, for all men to show her anger towards the gender. Okay, maybe someone broke her heart a while ago but someone needs to tell her it's okay to give life another chance and that not all men fall under the same purview as 'you men'. She can be a handful with her criticism and you definitely don't need someone like that in your life! (2) The Princess Syndrome Okay, if you're in any big bad city, you'll find princesses everywhere! Her traits: She's very attractive, perfectly dolled and manicured but scratch that manicured surface and you'll see why you don't want to be with her! She lives and breathes drama in her life and she's really high maintenance. Works fine if you really want to maintain her and of course, worship her and treat her like royalty. We think she's too much work and maybe you need someone rather grounded? Oh, and she's definitely the leader of a clique and the clique is full of mean girls! (3) The Cripplingly Insecure While it sure is a callous term for someone who has no control over their emotion, it's the only way to describe such type of women. Her traits: She may have been in a string of toxic relationships before and, of course, it's possible that the men she's been with might have cheated or did not treat her right and now, she's a boiling pot of insecurities and emotional instability. It is not entirely her fault but you don't want to be with someone who's still cleaning their mess right? She has a long way to go until she can be in a stable relationship and by long we mean, she needs to get over her past and it's not your job to make her do so. So, if you ever meet this one, you'll see her insecurities brimming to the surface the minute you start hanging with her. Like she'll always want to know your whereabouts or things from your past and will throw a fit the minute she can't understand the concept of 'space'. (4) Wannabe Trophy-Digger This one's a combination of a gold digger and a trophy GF. The scariest of the lot, we believe. Her traits: She needs to get a job because she's looking for a rich boy to take care of her every need and want. She will dress up and be as appealing as an eye candy, but she's just there for your money and all the other perks that go along with it. It'll start with her expecting you to pay for all the dinner and lunches you go together for. You might even enjoy that, because you know, you believe men should pay anyway. But soon it'll progress to shopping for her, buying her vacations and eventually giving away your hard earned assets to her. Gold diggers are manipulative and shrewd and they know just how to turn the key around. So, be careful of this one, if you're aiming for a bright future with someone nice. (5) The Clinger While she makes the bottom of the list, she's not easy to deal with either. She's an equivalent of the 'needy' guy. Get the drift? Her traits: She's overly emotional about the relationship and needs constant attention and reassurance at all times. She's a serial texter and she'll definitely text you 20 times a day just to make sure you're still her boyfriend. She wants to be with you every chance you get; be it at family gatherings, boys night or even when you need some time out, because guess what? She doesn't believe in any time-out! She's quite a handful and if you think you're the same (someone who needs constant attention and reassurance), then you guys are a match made in heaven. Otherwise, red flags everywhere, mate! So, if you ever happen to meet these 5 types of women in your life (and chances are that you'll definitely come across them), then either avoid them as much as you can or maybe it's time you friend zone them!
  22. Joining a gym and watching your diet are the two main things everyone knows that need to be done in order to get into shape. When a beginner joins a gym, they are often left confused and are overwhelmed. That happens as they do not really understand what needs to be done, or what others are doing, or what they exactly should be doing? Here are some rookie gym mistakes that you can avoid: 1. Only Using Machines While machines are really good for beginners and I have emphasized this in my previous article as well, doing exclusively machine work should not be the goal. You should also learn to lift with free weights and get better at it as: a. It has a higher motor recruitment, b. It strengthens your stabilizer muscles and c. It is better suited in certain situations and has a carryover effect. © YouTube 2. Doing Too Many Isolation Exercises So many times I have seen beginners doing just isolation exercises like tricep pushdowns or bicep curls or overhead tricep extensions and the likes, dedicating their entire sessions to just arm work and isolation exercises almost all the time. Not that isolation work is bad, but just doing isolation exercises will only take you so far. Compounds or multi-joint movements are the strength builders along with building skill. They recruit more muscles during the movement and have a carryover effect by strengthening you in daily movement patterns. Do not ignore the compounds and give them an equal chance. 3. Using just lighter weights The claim of lighter weights for cutting is dumb. So this may be the reason you lift light. Another reason would be that you are scared of injuring yourself as you do not have the skill or the strength to lift heavy. Understandable! Here is where you apply the principle of progressive overload. Not even the strongest dude in the gym started lifting as heavy as he may be doing now on his very first day. You start light but you build up. And this is absolutely needed if you want to grow your muscle size and get stronger. 4. Not Carry The Gym Essentials What are the essentials you absolutely need? A bottle of water, a deodorant, a towel, clean socks and shoes. These are the things that are 100% needed inside the gym. The bottle to avoid dehydration as it can lead to fatigue or even losses of energy. Clean socks and shoes as nobody would want a pair of stinky feet exercising around them. The deo as things can get messy once you start sweating and the towel to take off the sweat off the bench or piece of equipment you may be using. Not carrying any of these and leaving benches sweaty and areas smelly can leave you on top of the hate list at the gym. And you should respect everyone else's hygiene as the gym is for everyone. © Thinkstock Images 5. Not Asking For Help Though it is not cool to be told what to do and how to do things, the gym is a different type of place altogether. A simple mistake or an unwanted jerk here or there and you would be resting with your foot in a plaster for weeks. Though personal training may not always be an affordable option for you, asking someone who seems to know what they are doing for help every now and then should not hurt your ego. You are at the gym to get in shape and to become stronger. If someone can assist you to do that, there is no harm in it. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.
  23. If you are attempting to lose fat or get shredded, there is always going to be an ever-increasing need to do it fast and do it the best. You need to do all the things that would take you to 'Shred City' the fastest. This approach, most of the times, falls flat on its face and the worst, you'd end up looking like a starved homeless person and not a lean guy who has an admirable physique. If you want to be the latter, here are the three fat loss mistakes you should totally avoid. Mistake #1 - Cut Out All The Carbs © Thinkstock Images This is the general notion being promoted by pseudo-experts and weight loss gurus or magicians that carbs and insulin are the enemies to fat loss. If you eat carbs, you are doomed to be fat and to lose that fat, you have to cut them out completely. Firstly, your weight loss comes by creating a caloric deficit and if you want a majority of that weight to be fat, you need to consume adequate protein and do resistance training. What are carbs? They are a source of energy. What do you need to do to preserve muscle? You need to train. You see how one is linked to the other. If you cut out the carbs, your training quality will end up suffering. In its absence, your body can definitely use fats or protein for energy but that will be sub-optimal. So if you want to maintain your muscle mass and performance during a fat loss phase, do not cut out your carbs completely. Mistake #2 - Avoiding The Big Lifts © Thinkstock Images This non-sensical notion is often promoted by uninformed trainers who swear by this 'Lightweights more reps = fat loss, heavyweights fewer reps = muscle gain.' The amount of calories you burn in a training session is minuscule and comprises of not even 15% of your total energy expenditure for the day. And doing a lot of supersets, drop sets or lighter weight training will lead to nothing but you burning out and losing strength in the gym. Losing strength would then mean losing some muscle as well and when you transition to a bulk, you will not gain much muscle as a majority of the time would be spent in bringing the strength up and building the destroyed base again rather than constructing things on a base. So it is a loss on both ends. Prioritize doing compounds and maintaining your strength while on a cut instead of the non-sensical light weight more reps. Mistake #3 - Going Faster And Rushing It Weight loss comes with energy balance; so the fewer calories you eat, the faster you will lose weight. Right? Partly right. Why is that? In the initial phase, this will work out well and the further you go into a diet, the worse you will feel doing this as your stress levels will shoot up, hunger will go up, lack of sleep may happen, irritability will increase, your energy in the gym will go down making your training quality poor. All of this combined may even make you lose muscle and you might as well stop dieting for good as you won't really feel that great being on such a diet. So if you want to get into your best shape, do it sensibly and avoid these three mistakes. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.
  24. Nice guys don't always finish last, but if you're way too nice then there are chances you can come off as boring, giving women a chance to walk all over you. So, being a nice guy or being too nice doesn't often play as well as you want it to. I am not saying be an ass**** or have any bad boy traits, all I am saying is, play it cool and don't be naive when you're trying to woo a woman you like. (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images I am sure you've heard women say at times 'yeah he was okay, but he was just too nice'. That's the sentence that eliminates any challenge or chase that she may want or expect from you. So, in order to cure the 'nice guy' syndrome, here are a few things you can do to save yourself from an unnecessary rejection and get that second date: (1) Stop Being Predictable Women often recognise a pattern that men may have if they like them. Like for instance, if you're texting her all the time, asking her out for coffee and movies and generally being predictable with your actions, she knows what's in store for her. Instead, do unusual things every now and then to throw her off her game, or to keep her from finding out yours. (c)Giphy (2) Don't Be Needy That's the biggest red flag ever. Too needy is also too boring. You don't want to be the needy clinger who is always there trying to get her attention. She will definitely run miles away from you! Do your own thing, have your own life and include her in yours whenever you get a chance to. No one likes needy clingy boys. (c)Giphy (3) Don't Be Too Available That's almost the same as being needy. It's when she feels like she wants to see you, you're always available. Try and be a little less available and mysterious for her. She'll definitely want to see you more and will find you elusive and less boring. (c)Giphy (4) Don't Let Her Walk All Over You If you're too nice to her she will definitely want to take advantage of the situation as much as she can. Not in an evil twisted way, but all women at most times are confused as to what they want from a guy. So, if the guy is readily available, fulfilling all their wishes all the time, then they will take advantage of that. They may not necessarily want to walk all over you, but they will find you boring regardless. (c)Giphy (5) Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone Women like adventurous men who are risk takers. They like men who love exploring new things and taking risks. So, I guess it's time to change your lifestyle. Go out of your comfort zone and take a few risks and break that boring 'nice guy' pattern. (c)Giphy There's a lot more than just being 'a nice guy' all the time. If you break a certain pattern and let her see how you can have different shades to you, there is no way in hell she will ever find you boring.
  25. It's that time of the year again, when poor, unaware folks get sucked into the dark hole that is called 'Bigg Boss'. Now, if you have clicked on this article, I'm taking this as a confirmation of your pure, unadulterated hatred for this toxic show, just like me. I confess I have never understood the fascination behind this mindless drama. I mean, sure it has all the ingredients for an entertainer—love, anger, jealousy, betrayal and the works—but watching people locked up in a house, acting like animals thanks to a diabolical script, designed to prey on the minds of innocents, is not my idea of 'entertainment'. Every year, I find myself surrounded by this name--'Bigg Boss'. Even though I have no interest in it, even though I go out of my way to never watch it on TV, it somehow manages to crawl into my life. Makes me ponder over my existence altogether! This made me realise that I need to find a way to steer clear from this evil this year, and made a set of guidelines for myself, which I am more than happy to share with you: 1. Stay Away From Your 'Bigg Boss' Loving Friends Literally. See, the harsh truth is that, people who watch this show are often overwhelmed by an uncontrollable need to actually discuss the show in detail. You WILL find yourself getting sucked into the drama without even knowing it. 2. Say Goodbye To Your TV For The Next 3 Months It's not that hard, to be honest. Heard of this gorgeous creation called Netflix? Or maybe even Amazon Prime? Well, the internet is going to be your bosom buddy for the duration of this show. Now, you must be wondering, 'why can't I just turn off the TV when the show comes on?' Umm, there are these things called promos and the never-ending ads about the show, which might just plant a harmless bug in your brain to watch the show. 3. Surround Yourself With As Much Good Web Content As Possible Like I mentioned in the point above, staying away from the actual TV might force you to dig online into some really good shows. There is a goldmine of content out there. All you need to do is scour the web, or simply ask your pals for some good recommendations. 4. Interrupt 'Bigg Boss' Chat Sessions Around You With Sudden, Violent Explosions Of Anger It works, trust me. In the next three months, more than often, you'll find a small buzzing group right next to you that is constantly discussing the show and its oh-so-juicy details. Instead of splashing a bucket of water over their heads (which is ideal), just unleash a string of curse words, or even better, threaten to fling them off the building if they bring the show up again. 5. Simply Walk Away When Someone Tries To Bring Up The Show Simple, yet so effective. I've done this countless times and it has worked perfectly. My hyper-excited bro will spot me across the hallway, walk up to me with that manic gleam in his eyes and open his mouth saying “Yaar, kal kya phodu episode tha. Tune dekha jab usne…”, and that's where I make a 360-degree swivel, and simply walk away. Do this a couple of more times and see how they get the message that you simply don't care about the show! 6. Filter Out Keywords Like 'Salman Khan' & 'Bigg Boss' On Social Media This goes a long way in blocking out the obnoxious content from showing up in your timelines and feeds. 7. Hope The 'Bigg Boss' House Inmates Get Rid Of Each Other In A Week Sure people won't stop talking about it but at least the show will end sooner and put us out of our misery. Also, can you imagine what the TRP of the show will be? Since that is basically the goal of the makers. 8. Keep Chanting 'It Will Be Over Soon, It Will Be Over Soon…' Forget 'all is well', switch to this one. Whenever you see a promo, hear a discussion around you, watch your poor family glued to the TV screen, keep chanting this fervently to yourself. 9. Do Social Service By Telling People To Find Better Things To Watch In Life You will only be solidifying your ticket to heaven by doing this great deed. Most people who watch 'Bigg Boss' don't know how much toxic content they are inviting into their minds. Tell them, and call an exorcist if need be, to help them see what a sheer waste of time in the name of mindless entertainment this show is! 10. In Worst Case Scenario, Have A Salman Khan Movie Marathon If you still can't seem to get over the temptation of watching the show, just watch 10 of his movies in a go. All that Salman overdose will ensure you never watch him and his show again!