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Found 14 results

  1. Game Of Throne's final season is just around the corner and I bet every 'GoT' fan is sitting at the edge of their seats, wondering what to expect for the next one month. In India alone, people are throwing 'Game of Thrones' theme parties, doing season re-runs and taking one quiz after the other to catch up with whatever they've missed out on, so they're in tune with the latest episodes. It's phenomenal really, how the most watched show on earth has put people together in such an awesome way. HBO Just recently, Instagram came up with some interesting data concerning Indian 'Game Of Thrones' fans and we believe it to be absolutely true and alarming at the same time. The data was gathered by Instagram depending on the relevant GoT conversations happening on the platform since the last 30 days and a lot of information regarding fan theories and watching habits were revealed. HBO In the data summation, it was gathered that India ranks fourth when it comes to discussing 'Game Of Thrones' on Intagram, and of course it was the fourth country across the globe which is most excited for the final season! The number one to be most excited about GoT is USA, then Brazil, Great Britain, India and then Germany. Which means, Indians on Instagram do interact about what they're looking forward to the most or about probable theories that could come to light in the final season. The level of attraction where GoT is concerned is a lot higher than any other topic on Instagram, according to the data. HBO The influence of GoT across all channels is so prominent that even dating apps like OkCupid have a relevant GoT feature on their app. They have made it possible for daters to date each other according to their favourite TV show and since GoT ranks the charts, users have been allotted GoT badges to help them find their perfect match based on the favourite GoT character or kingdom. I think that's fairly innovative and a great conversation starter to say the least! HBO Another fascinating data search found that many Indians also have favourite characters and are looking forward to their screen time in season eight. The most talked about GoT characters on Indian Instagram are Jon Snow, ranking number 1, followed by Daenerys Targaryen, Aarya Stark, Sansa Stark and Tyrion Lannister. So three Straks, two Targaryen's and one Lannister, who probably is a Targaryen according a popular fan theory, is who people want to watch in season 8! Not bad if I must say so myself. The nominated characters on Instagram actually all have a wise fan theory behind them, that's why their demand to see them again is most talked about. Well, most people just want to see what happens between Dany and Jon next TBH! HBO So, in case you're a GoT fan and you have participated on Instagram discussing the show, you're responsible for this apt and accurate data accumulation a day before the final season is out and we're happy we're progressing towards pop-culture in a slow yet steady manner. Here's to hoping all your theories and wishes regarding the series see the light of day!
  2. Deposed prime minister Nawaz Sharif (left), Maryam Nawaz (centre), and Captain (retired) Safdar Awan (right) are imprisoned in the Adiala Jail following an accountability court's verdict that handed them prison sentences of eleven, eight, and one...
  3. LOWER DIR: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan on Friday labeled corruption as the country?s biggest problem.?Corruption was and remains Pakistan?s biggest [plague],? he addressed the public in Lower Dir, referring to the...
  4. African migrants wait in line for the opening of the Population and Immigration Authority office in Bnei Brak, Israel February 4, 2018. Photo: REUTERS JERUSALEM: Israel will release about 200 jailed African migrants in the absence of a final deal...
  5. GAZA CITY: More than 50 Palestinians died waiting for Israeli visas to travel for medical treatment last year, with only around half of all applications granted, new figures showed Tuesday. A total of 54 Palestinians died awaiting permits in 2017, the World Health Organization said, in what rights activists called an overly bureaucratic system which deprives Palestinians of their right to healthcare. The WHO said it did not have a directly comparable figure for 2016, but Al Mezan Center for Human Rights said it had recorded only a couple per annum in previous years. Israel argues rigorous checks are necessary for security reasons for those coming from the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian enclave ruled by its enemy Hamas. Gazans require Israeli permits to leave the enclave and travel to Jerusalem or the West Bank for treatment which the Palestinian Authority, the internationally recognised Palestinian government, pays for. High-quality medical care for conditions such as cancer is not possible in Gaza, largely due to a shortage of facilities and Israel's restrictions on imports of key medical technology it argues could be seized by Hamas for military purposes. Of more than 25,000 applications to travel for treatment in 2017, only 54 percent were granted in time for their appointments. This was down from 62 percent the year before and 92 percent as recently as 2012, the WHO said. "There is a worrying decline in the approval rate for patients to exit Gaza, with 2017 the lowest rate since WHO began monitoring this in 2008," said Gerald Rockenschaub, head of WHO offices in the Palestinian territories. In a joint statement Tuesday, Al Mezan, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch (HRW), Medical Aid for Palestinians and Physicians for Human Rights-Israel called on Israel to ease restrictions. Omar Shakir, Israel-Palestine head for HRW, said they had seen "wider and wider" use of security justification to reject or delay permits for Palestinians. "It is not based on security but based on a political strategy to isolate Hamas that uses the people of Gaza as collateral in that calculus," he told AFP. No answer Five-year-old Aya Abu Mutlaq, from Khan Yunis in southern Gaza, was born with severe brain deficiencies. Her parents say she died after three appointments in an east Jerusalem hospital were missed. "We repeated the same process three times, but her condition deteriorated and she died 10 days after the date of the (final) appointment," her father Ghaleb told AFP. Israel has fought three wars with Hamas since 2008. Last year a cancer patient was caught smuggling explosives for Hamas through the Erez crossing, allegedly after being duped into taking a container. "Hamas operates every day to take advantage of the civilian measures that the state of Israel promotes," said a statement from COGAT, the Israeli defence ministry body responsible for coordination of such permits. But rights groups argue the knock-on effect is collective punishment of two million people effectively trapped in Gaza. The border with Egypt has also largely been sealed in recent years. Faten Ahmed, a 25-year-old mother of two, died of brain cancer in August 2017. She had once been given a permit to travel to East Jerusalem for treatment but then returned to Gaza as agreed. She applied for a new permit to continue treatment but did not hear back in time for her appointment and eventually died, her mother-in-law Nima told AFP. "We submitted three new requests to cross ... and return to the hospital and complete her series of treatments, but we didn't get any response."
  6. Fans of Shah Rukh Khan?s Don series will need to wait for an unidentified period of time for the third instalment but can take solace in the fact that the movie will be made. The producer of the series, Ritesh Sidhwani has confirmed that the team is just waiting for the right script. ?I am eagerly awaiting but I think we need to find the right script. Are we going to make it? The answer is yes. I don't exactly know the time.? Ritesh added that the production is seriously thinking about Don 3 and are formulating ideas. Ritesh and Farhan Akhtar had bought the rights to the Don film which was released in 1978 and starred Amitabh Bachchan. The first two instalments of the series were highly popular with audiences when released in 2006 and 2011 respectively. The remake of the movie featured Shah Rukh Khan in the lead.
  7. The Federation of International Cricketers Association (FICA) is waiting for a response from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on details of proposed security arrangements for the World XI tour next month. According to media reports, FICA remains skeptical and wants to know further details of the security arrangements before making the final call about the feasibility of the tour. Executive chairman of FICA, Tony Irish, was quoted as saying that the players? representative body is in communication with the PCB regarding the World XI series and wants to see the security plan for the proposed matches. PCB calls back players from CPL, county cricket assignments Decision made owing to re-scheduling of the ICC World XI series He said FICA?s security experts have already been to Pakistan to get briefed on the security plans for the tour. The PCB, meanwhile, remains optimistic that it would be able to convince FICA on the security arrangements. An official of the board said a detailed report on the security plans would be shared with the FICA soon. A team of international cricket stars is scheduled to visit Pakistan for three T20 matches in September. The dates for the proposed fixtures are yet to be finalised.
  8. Pakistani Ambassador Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry said his country will have plenty of economic opportunity in coming years that could be at risk from violence in neighboring Afghanistan. Photo: APP/file WASHINGTON: Pakistan's Ambassador to the United States, Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry said that Pakistan Army has eliminated terrorists from the tribal areas. Pakistan is no longer a safe haven for the terrorists, he remarked in an interview with The Washington Times. However, the success of the operations could be compromised if the border with Afghanistan is not brought under control. He also said Pakistan is waiting for the Trump administration to clarify its strategy for the Afghanistan conflict. He further remarked that Pakistan?s image as a ?source of instability? and haven for militants is ?out-of-date.? India suspended talks with Pakistan, says Aizaz Chaudhry Ambassador says since both countries had suspended talks, it further exacerbated bilateral relations Pakistan on path of economic prosperity: Aizaz Chaudhry This was the first public event of Ambassador Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry. Pakistan?s economy is on a sharp upswing and relations with Washington are also stronger as compared to some times back, he added. ?There are some perceptions which are not fully up to speed with the new reality of Pakistan, a reality that has changed only very recently,? remarked Chaudhry, adding ?We have reversed the tide of terrorism, which had come down heavy on us.? Chaudhry also maintained a neutral response to Trump administration?s foreign policy, he remarked that as ?an honoured guest? of the US, he is looking forward to work with the man who was chosen by American voters.
  9. KIEV: Portugal won the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time ever early Sunday with a melancholy ballad performed by a singer who suffers from a serious heart condition. The fado-tinged song "Amar Pelos Dois" was performed by 27-year-old Salvador Sobral, who is awaiting a heart transplant. It scored a crushing victory, winning top marks both from the televoters and the countries´ professional juries. The black-clad singer took to a small separate stage for his minimalist performance of the song composed by his sister Luisa. "I don´t know about national hero," Portugal´s first ever winner told journalists afterwards, adding jokingly "I think the real hero is (Portugese footballer Cristiano) Ronaldo." "I just wanted to sing a beautiful song as it is -- it´s in Portugese," he said of his decision to sing in his native language despite speaking fluent English. "If I can help to bring some change to music, I will be really joyful." The ceremony in the capital of ex-Soviet Ukraine began with a glittering light show as the contestants took bows on a stage lit up in the colours of their respective national flags. Jon Ola Sand, executive supervisor of Eurovision afterwards praised the "amazing set-up" in Ukraine and Sobral´s performance. He said the winner was "bringing music back to the Eurovision Song Contest." But the glitzy contest was marred by the ongoing fighting with Moscow-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko opted not to attend after four civilian deaths. The annual celebration of catchy europop, ludicrous costumes and glittering divas watched by some 200 million TV viewers was being hosted by Ukraine for the second time. Bulgaria´s big-voiced 17-year-old singer Kristian Kostov came second with a confident performance of "Beautiful Mess". Third was Moldova´s SunStroke Project with a raucous song called "Hey, Mamma" featuring a saxophonist in sunglasses and dancers in wedding dresses and veils. The latest edition of the contest, that began in 1956 with just seven countries, offered the usual wacky stage acts and cheesy beats. Italian Francesco Gabbani, who came sixth, invoked Hamlet and Desmond Morris´s anthropology book "The Naked Ape" in his song while a gorilla-costumed dancer boogied alongside him. Romania came seventh with an unlikely combination of yodelling and rap while Azerbaijan´s act that came 14th featured a man wearing a horse´s head on a stepladder. Macedonia´s contestant Jana Burceska failed to make the final but stole the show during the semi-finals by receiving a televised marriage proposal and screaming "Yes!" as her boyfriend knelt down with a ring. Britain may be experiencing a post-Brexit vote chill in Europe, but pulled out all the stops with a big ballad performed by Lucie Jones, coming 15th. Portugal was celebrating their big win Saturday with President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa saying: "When we are very good, we´re the best of the best. Congratulations Salvador Sobral." Garlands, rainbow flags Ahead of the show, fans streamed into the venue, an exhibition centre outside the city centre, wearing flower garlands and draped in national flags while some waved rainbow gay pride flags. "It´s just so great. Everyone loves it. And you just wanna be here!" shouted Jasmine from Britain, wearing a garland of ribbons and flowers. For the contest, Kiev´s main Kreshchatyk Street was transformed into a Eurovision fan zone with a large stage, beanbags and European Union flags. Fans with flags painted on their faces snapped selfies, danced, sang and drank beer. Amid heightened security, some 10,000 police were deployed on the streets, some carrying semi-automatic weapons. Impact of war Ukraine was hosting Eurovision amid a continuing armed conflict with pro-Russian separatists in the country´s industrial east that has now killed more than 10,000. A top Ukrainian official said Saturday that "Russian invading forces" had killed four civilians in shelling hours before the contest started. And that news led President Poroshenko to cancel his appearance at Eurovision. He wrote on Facebook that "due to the shelling of Avdiivka and the death of peaceful civilians, I took a decision to cancel my presence at the Eurovision final." Russia was also conspicuously absent. Kiev barred Russia´s singer Yuliya Samoilova because she had illegally entered Crimea to perform there after Moscow´s disputed annexation of the peninsula from Ukraine. Russia responded by refusing to air the contest and viewers in separatist eastern Ukraine were also unable to watch. Russia has vowed that Samoilova will compete in 2018, placing Ukraine in a tricky dilemma over whether to participate alongside her. Ukraine first hosted Eurovision in 2005 when the contest symbolised the country´s quest to open up to Europe after the 2004 pro-Western Orange Revolution. Last year its contestant Jamala won with a song called "1944", referring to the Stalin-era deportation of her Crimean Tatar ethnic group from the Black Sea peninsula. This year, Ukraine has used the contest to take tentative steps to soften the climate of homophobia prevalent in the ex-Soviet Union. The authorities handed out a map of gay-friendly venues to fans of the contest with a massive gay following.
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