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Found 712 results

  1. 'The Simpsons' hit the headlines once again after Kamala Harris was sworn in as the vice president
  2. US President-elect Joe Biden is set to issue several measures aimed at rolling back some immigration policies put in place by Donald Trump
  3. Apple’s next iPhone could include an in-screen fingerprint sensor that we’ve been wanting ever since it was removed when Face ID was first introduced. A new report by Bloomberg suggests the new fingerprint scanner will coexist with Face ID instead of being a replacement for it. Apple has been developing an in-screen fingerprint scanner technology for years and might finally be ready to implement it. © Youtube_Verge Android smartphones already use an in-display fingerprint sensor for years alongside some form of facial recognition. iPhone users have been asking for the feature to make a return and Apple has managed to bring it back on the new iPad Air as it is side-mounted on the power button. Face ID is quite fast and reliable when it comes to the Face Unlock feature. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been a problematic method of unlocking the smartphone as the world embraced masks for protection. With the Touch ID, users will be able to unlock the smartphone relatively faster without having to remove the mask much like how it is on Android smartphones. Having said that, it isn’t certain whether Apple will use an in-display fingerprint reader on the next iPhone or whether it will be side-mounted on the power button like the iPad Air. Other rumours suggest that the next iPhone will finally incorporate a 120Hz ProMotion display and remove the charging port in favour of wireless charging exclusively. © YouTube Other reports have also suggested new hardware upgrades when it comes to the next iPhone as it is rumoured the smartphone will have a more capable ultra-wide camera. We have already seen a huge leap in the camera department thanks to Apple’s computational photography feature. However, the next iPhone is expected to come with significant hardware improvements this year. Apple is expected to launch the next lineup of smartphones in September this year with the phones going on sale in October or November. Apple might move the launch of the iPhone permanently to October as there was a delay for the iPhone 12 due to Coronavirus pandemic. It could be possible that Apple might make the change permanent similar to how it was done for the 2011 iPhone 4s. Before the iPhone 4s, new iPhones were launched either in June or July. However, since then Apple has been known to launch a new iPhone every year sometime in September. Source: Bloomberg View the full article
  4. Pakistan government felicitates the team of Nepalese mountaineers for making history by reaching K2's summit in winter
  5. The FCO says that the UK police cannot arrest someone in the UK on the basis of non-UK court orders
  6. Transparent elections are the basis of democracy while voting against one's party is dishonesty, says KP govt
  7. Remember Vipin Sahu? You might remember him from that famous paragliding video that went viral in 2019. The same video, in which we saw a man, fearing for his life, and becoming a meme and of course, a star, overnight. Well, he’s back with another video. © YouTube/TheParaglidingMan Vipin’s life was never the same after his video was picked up by websites. As hilarious as it was, it must have made his life hell, thanks to our collective schadenfreude, or the tendency to enjoy someone else’s troubles. We as humans tend to enjoy someone’s misery, especially when it is hilariously presented to us. © YouTube/TheParaglidingMan Well, for his second attempt, Vipin was much better prepared. Right from the start of his second attempt, there was a sense of confidence, which was completely lacking from the first one. In his first attempt, Vipin held on to his GoPro for dear life, and had his eyes shut pretty much the entire time. This time around, he not only enjoyed the view thoroughly, he actually made a decent paragliding film all with the surrounding views and everything. In fact, there were numerous instances across the video, where he said - ‘ye hamara ilaka hai’ or ‘this is my area now.’ That’s how confident he was. © YouTube/TheParaglidingMan Heck, he even had some tea from a flask, while paragliding. © YouTube/TheParaglidingMan So confident was he this time around, that he actually urged the instructor for a longer trip around the skies. Vipin believes that it is actually about enjoying such experiences with the right experts, people who know what they are doing. The instructor too seemed much more relaxed as compared to the last guy, who at times was a bit panic-stricken himself. Between these two videos, Vipin was also a part of Roadies, where he confessed he had acrophobia or a fear of heights. Considering this, his first attempt seems to be a very brave thing. Given just how wonderfully well his second attempt at paragliding was, his feat should indeed be applauded. View the full article
  8. Jessie Cave had revealed, ?I watched the news about lockdown from an isolated room in hospital. Poor baby is covid positive.?
  9. Xiaomi was one of the first ones to make fun of Apple when they had announced about the new iPhones not having a charger in the box. But soon after that, they announced that the Mi 11 won't come with a charger. An interesting turn of events indeed but now the company says they had been planning to do that since 2015. Yes, Xiaomi's CEO Lei Jun has assured that they did not copy Apple's move to make this decision. It looks like Xiaomi has been planning to do this since 2015. Jun just noted that they waited long enough to implement it because it wasn't sitting well with the consumers. © Weibo That being said, he didn't mention what made them implement it now. We're pretty sure a decision like this isn't going to sit well with consumers ever. We're also not sure why Xiaomi decided to make fun of Apple when they had their own plans to implement something similar. Not including box content isn't something new for Xiaomi, by the way. In fact, they were one of the first ones to stop adding in-box accessories like wired earphones and cases. © MensXP/Karthik Iyer Overall, we definitely think this move to not include the charger in the box seems like it was inspired by Apple. We just have to wait and see if they stop including the charger with all their devices. It'll be interesting to see how the consumers will react to not seeing a charger in the box with budget phones. Source: BGR View the full article
  10. In the digital world, it’s very to pin-point people sitting behind your laptop screens and Twitter is surely one of the meanest platforms where people have no limits when it comes to trolling. A doctor dragged R Madhavan into the NCB controversy and said she was once a fan but the actor is ruining himself as he is now addicted to drugs and alcohol. She commented on a picture shared by Amit Sadh with the actor. BROTHER ... MADDY SIR ... you have inspired me with those ( THIRTY MINUTES) yet again ... love you bro ... more when we meet next pic.twitter.com/ecyk9szr1r — Amit Sadh (@TheAmitSadh) January 3, 2021 She wrote, “Maddy was once my heartthrob, But, Now It's so disheartening to see Madhavan ruining his brilliant career, health & life behind alcohol and narco drugs... While he entered b-wood in RHTDM, he was fresh as a blossoming bud Now look at him, his face & eyes They speak it all..!” Maddy was once my hearthrob ️ But Now It's so disheartening to see Madhavan ruining his brilliant career, health & life behind alcohol and narco drugs.. While he entered b-wood in RHTDM, he was fresh as a blossoming bud Now look at him, his face & eyes They speak it all..! — Anoosha Bhandarkar (@AnooshaBhandar1) January 4, 2021 R Madhvan noticed the tweet today and gave it back in the wittiest manner. He replied, “Oh... So that’s your diagnosis? I am worried for YOUR patients. . Maybe you need a Docs appointment.” Oh .. So that’s your diagnoses ? I am worried for YOUR patients. . May be you need a Docs appointment. . https://t.co/YV7dNxxtew — Ranganathan Madhavan (@ActorMadhavan) January 5, 2021 Soon after his response, people came in support of the actor and slammed the doctor who made such a statement. @ActorMadhavan I think NCB won't need a hair sample of this "doctor" to tell that she's stoned af. pic.twitter.com/0vZehOWDM8 — Abhi (@TheAbhiSpace) January 5, 2021What a great doctor...she can detect if a person is alcoholic just by looking the face..rare gift — karthi (@karthi151) January 5, 2021Lol from which angle is SHE looking at that pic anyway? virtual diagnosis at a whole new level, this! — Ramya Ramkumar (@ramyamusic) January 5, 2021 May be this is one of her techniques to get noticed. — Maddyholic (@Blossoms301) January 5, 2021She must have seen her husband for once whom she married thinking he resembles maddy. #GoneCase — Anon (@nikbhojal) January 5, 2021On the personal front, Madhavan and his brother Subayogan started their eco-friendly project earlier this year when they came across a barren land in a Tamil Nadu village. The land has now rejuvenated and the greenery is back. Madhavan told Mumbai Mirror, “It was wonderful to see the land rejuvenated and yield what it was meant to in the first place. From preparing the land with the right mulch to putting the right kind of fish in the well— every bit of learning has been priceless and so worth it”. Meanwhile, on the work front, Madhavan has completed shooting a biopic on scientist and aerospace engineer Nambi Narayan, The Nambi Effect. View the full article
  11. Hailey Baldwin claps back to clear the air regarding the ?bad girl? reputation always flung in her general direction
  12. We will provide full support to promote export culture, says PM Imran Khan to Pakistani exporters
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